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Comment and Gossip
on Sports of the Day
Giants Picked to Win National
League Pennant ior Third
Year in a Row.
New York Is the Place for the
Army-Navy Football Game,
and It Looks as if
Time Had Come.
By Herbert
M...... I ? ? It?
en camp snd ai * ? 01 k?
Ibelr waj toward the North toi the
n| "i th? ? eiinant races on \prii
la The Giants left Merlin Springt ?-a
Km].... im a long string of exhibition
\. in. ii John .1. >!? Si ?' will put
the finishing touches to the team with
i., win m- third Nal
Leugu? championship in .-r..'.? s-i.??i. Krom I
;?ll account) moal <?i' th" r.-?_u!.i'- ar? In I
? \ . II? i ? i . ? ,i?i >? t?. ;
? ?a itch marked
play ?.' year ago. \? h? n ih? j earned
-r oiiinianding lead \\ hlch ?1.1 th
_......i ,. ad i ' : ?'? i ? ? light wai
Mi'i :? ?iv. tu ?,? fea pei "".? Into lu
?i. i ?. . but II quit? at two
ig? will be made In i!??? line-up this
.?n, with Shafei replacing ?Fletcheral
Ihoi i and If ?i us in one of th? o
?" ; i"n . This i?- onlj ?i sn nu ? . r
anj i little Nai ol??on Is quit? as
well bittend 'i 8 yeat ago. It not
r and Shafi ?
? but li
? ... i m. from ? ? ginning to end to
?hold .' g Kurther tl sn that,
s lias slowly bul ?urelj been getting
i need nee to man? ilm ??
valuable man In the outtl? Id und to
.. ? ,i" working m i""
In aiixwer to i -.n
,ll till;- ll
thai In i '.runts
.ir. There is n?> telling, ol o
; tr,. Plillli? - if M"-i ??r the
1'tn.? ??! ? sn keep out of 1 il. ;?
then i mui th li
? , loo an uncertain
i ?? i
i r?, .'1..-1I uctlun ? im ms o may
.?. ?.i rather ?m
? ri'i-t deadred by ?'liarle Webb Murphy,
11 -1 ii.. . m, . f ???.?. ? win
d n-i'ii riti'ii? ol i rank
? 'han? ? 'i
. | ? tl" eld? ? ? ?? ?
?n?,- uble iirst baseman und,
eine ?
i Ulan! ? ? ?
-? ?n- !
lime, but ??ven ,*? ugn? r ?. ill
no) go ou f? ' ke Tennj.-? ?i? s ?
end ii must l* ? emt mi" r? d i lia)
| yearn of age. Uu^
f the mi
Tin -i hardi; be ai?; weaker
i th?-> were las) ??? ar In i
fact, an nl < ?hi ? ? ' ok? I ? r, I
m bile there l? i m hit?
? ^ F -
ly to effeetlv? inyl
?big Jell i ? -?? au has had hi.- baptl
mt ..r.?: she |<J
. - i
'. Matt* :
? II
Red Am?
end '? etter conti ? rom tin !
be ;???'?' ni-'!, wl reat Ihing
are p In mure?. who look -
another "rind." "i ? andall !
-?? \\ HtSC in :.-' i ..i r
t- u, elth? r. Baseball Is un. ? i lain m
bul "ii paper then ? ins t?> '
Im no "ii ??? hy th? ' ?i.tiiis should ;
?not a In aiic-lh? r |x nnant
In comparing "Big Bd Bweei
and Johnny KH
? " eno? ? ou d give no gher la ? in. nl !
Training aenai n promises '!?? not r, < a ?. ? ?
.?us, but New 1
? i"? ? entatlve m ihe t.an i.? .
.???ar watching this y? ?
? ? '.. the i '."i ol dii
ti.'ii. He is ? -Inning i?> d s] >;r .?r bring
Ing .- ??! i he con?
dition so ne. - ' . .' flj inr. sin !
?_f_._.'vu. Durand, o the Chicago Al
Ai ""-xiatlon water polo tee
-. '? boastful challenge to
the New 1 "to a mamh
for the n;iti"riai title under tin? rules
': were In force when we played our
It? d -rame in ?PUtsbui gl Is S mat?
? der a hlch thai
? ? ? ? ? abro?
?gat? ?i by th? ?. at? Athletic 1 talon and
?ear ?Mies substituted, s U needless to
-.?-.. ;i -.in.?- for tb? r lonal title i ouid
i ? played i?i?i? under the direction "t" the
governing body. Captain Durand is the
m.m who nut s.? long ego exjM ssed sur?
prise that the ft nits of a victory tnoxet
Won in the way <.f met?ais had n??t hen
i.?.?. nid by the tnembers ?if his lean tut
gnsn* in ?Pittsburgh. Appan ntl* !.?
lad never read nee beard of tb?
t ? Amateur AthJetk Unkm la detterlngl
that gane m. ???'nti-s'. in refunding t.?
muney ??> ti.- Pittsburgh Athletic ?
?jrhlch i.ad ''..n <>.;/. n?led for prises and
in sui'Stltntin?; so-soer fe* so-? the*I Rugby
??ater polo. Now be boeetfully offers to
?rive the Now York Athletic ?'1 b a ban
?liian et Ore goals f??*- ? niatcli wblcb
??ouui not pnaaltdj be arranged for no
other reason appan-ntly than t" add in
miit to injnrv. Buch a ebaUenga can bg
arisTveio.l only by the silence Of contempt
n ?-loe? not assm t?. b?? er fair
tu lay mort Of ths blame 08 the "literary"
'?Rsebriii player for b.in'oim, the "li
will storing a hicli tbey never a rote, Tl ?
howepapers and magaatnei which buy the
names an?l anaign BOSaebod) tiles to ?h? tbe
work should bear a full Stiaie <?f the re?
KlM.ri.-lhllUy. Iti any ? :?-? , the pl*S
should bo eh'- h"l. and II It hoped thai
the efforts ?if Kan Johnson, j.r.-s,.l?nt of
tha Ameri:?an League; Torn Lyn . ; ?
dent of the National league; August
Herrmann, ebalnnaa "f Um National
Haseball romrnit-M<>n. i;n?l the ?aElhsll
Writera* Aaaorlatton to dla-jtMirags tbe
giowlog ovii wiM bear fruit it has been
?aid that the average ?ran does not mind
?_*? ERTTHlNO !?'? ?It
______^-___? f'1"'' '* aad tanas ?J^v
*\\\\W \ to ?'-il: ?**?rf__?W
1 be Briiii-ui.k-L?alkc Collcnilcr Co.
;o-.,, W?-.i gM Ha near H'ii.ii, .New luik.
i?? i -- fooled If he ? an i?e dletracted or '??
??nt. rtalned ..t the same tim?-. and posslbl} '
? ere la some truth In this, bin aftei all
.< mighty poor t ??n??-.? to i ai?-r i" I '
. thai there : "?one bom ? v?**rj mln
Judging from my ?iwn expert? n ?
the "fans" take t ?. ? ? i ? spoil might;
rl. an?; oi .-?? th? ;. i? alise thai the)
?n?- o.-,11 i. oled th? -? v.iii quickly turn
?t those who sre playing <?n theli
credulity for profll There may be no
local way to stop this growing evil, bul
publi? ? : a powerful \\?.'i?)i?'ii
Bii 'j-ii?>in;:. Upton mus? be bold, In?
deed, If I ik?ed the New fu ? ?
Yacht Club t?> reconsider tl"? refusal ?>f
hla challenge for the Ameri-ce'a Cup with?
?ut withdrawing the stipulation g: t?. the
i /? of the defending yacht On? is led t"
eve fioin ins statement made abroad
that he is trying to convince th? voting
members of th? New York 1'achl <".ii> i?>
? ;?t his Interpretation ?of the <i?-?'?i <?f ;
lift i?.? mlghl Jusl as well ?baj at the ;
moon, for all the good 11 will da Certain
yachtsmen hi re are much "sol In theii
s r Thomas evtdciitl) is too good
s sportsman t?? pul the Nee York facht
Club ?n the ridiculous poslt??n o? racing ?
90-foot? : againsl his 7?-foote . If thai
ehould be his purpose, which is hard i"
by 1 isistlng, on<*e the cballeng? la
acci i'i' ??. on Hi-- clause ? hi th i rovldea ;
. time .ill?.wan?. Tommj Upton, as
he < alls hi ? ' wanti r m ?, nol a
inpfoiii on,.
The Austi alian laa n lei i player*
?be applauded for th< Ir good feeling
in agreeing to pla) ?one ? I th? | ? liminary
? i,, i for the ?Davis Cup In tins ?sou?
try. it will t??" a stimulus to the aporl
? andina) save the ?Vmericans a Jour?
the At.aim - ? ? contii gene*
however, which I, for one, do no! an?
tl< Iputc.
N? w Y"i k Is ti"- pla? Ihe Ai mj ?
Nav) football game, and Sea York wanti
lt. I'lv re n ? -?? many adi i ??>? ''
t'hlladelphia In the wa) ol mor? seats
????i i., tt? ? hotel acoomm??datlons Ihal lh<
Naval Academy authority an .1
i? dlsudvaut
hoiin mi 1 Iraiu for the i
This v u iW ?ol aff? ? t th? p ...-? rs, as
; lent] -.' lim. I? ,ii!?.,v. d for th? h coming .
to AnnaiHi - . b it Ih? two
v mus? ret irn th? n ? daj The |
? ? ? |.I for Hi greatest nui
.1 be consldei ? ?i. ?uni ! ?? doub! n ?
. , .. J? . ?i. in m. i. it looks nt this
writing ai II the mosl ?<? tacuiar ??f all ,
.... | tttles would i" foughl oui ?? '
Polo ? ?i ounds in this city.
i am told .?n - that Jak?
... ,i, ,.. i r? im n ?u - oach ??f th?
.Ye-.li yai< football eleven n< \t fall Thin
. ? " ? n ? ?? if re
cunt for anything, th? form? r
Brown play?
ictoi m much shoi tor I
ti?.m reanonabl) could be rxpected. We
ice? ssl ul ?easun
;, n (viiinliiti seven games and
two Vmoitg Ihe team d<
?t n Ich, Kowdoln, Brown,
N? n Vori ' T if . i ilion and
,, h< Id to as? ?
..-,' m to The only ..tii? r ? ? ' ?back ? i
\\ i ii.iw- w? n ?? hard fought gam?
. ,. scon ol 10 to 7.
? ...? of con ? . '?? longed
;?, High, who look up th? work aftei onl)
In ? ua?-hlng Tulane
i nivi i -it .?i New ? ?rleans. i have
? i ,\ ii ?i ,i numl r of VV< c ? j an m< i
, ; , . . i ? hivhest ti i in-' of Hi? i
his work, and i ha1 Is th? ? ? ?son I
i., l v.u his i-.iiiirii. t has
to) renewed v'- ?
houkl i ??? soin? bod) 'ii ? gain
ami unless I am sadl) mistaken th? rol
\. -, res hli -??' vives a ill liavi
? ongratulatlon.
i . Bros , ? ? ?
d? tented Yale In IMO b) a ?score
of .1 to 0 i know him only slightly, but
ihal lltl enough i" mak? in? f? ? i
? iv from again before
?.ii t-- i'\' r. Wl..'t I Ilk? ?i
moi t ul ??ut hi nel od was ila absolute
\\ lllle Hoppi is the l-'raiiK l\? of Ia1
?? ? ,:.,-, billiard? ? ?nee mor? he hold
both worl l'a til a< IM and 18.2 and so
far a cai ' ? ? idg? ?i he will k? ep on
holdli g th? loo, so long a? h? ke< ?pa
m |ira? lie? . Ther? a time abo il s
ago a ? ?? ? ? ? "? ltd? nee to some
extern m himself, from wlial appeared to
alight nervou ?r? akdoa n, bul the
ti?-j w iii'-h mi i ? ?? 'in? ol hi"
shots nt thai tim? i>.?s now disappeared
ainl one i ? In u i .--.?>' thai he Is in a
class by himself.
Kor ? Ight? ? n y? ara tin- Hock? y ? 'tub
?.t Nea > "i k has i?? en ?striving to win
the ? hamplonsl Ip ?.f th? Amateur Hockej
J.--.Igu? , and ai la I th? hai ?l woi h and
earn? , ? v. ? v rev ard? ?I. It |>ayi
to tl. while one waits.
Columbia hobt up now and again with,
an ii ampionxhlp, and nos
it Is lencing. Captain Clough and ins
men proved their skill and rii-'ht to th?
title m no ui ? ?? i tain aray.
Filly Wins Prix du President de
la Republique at Autueil.
Paris March 23, The Pria ?lu Pr?si?
de la R?publlqu?. a steeple? h.is? iiun
dicap ut two tniiis six and a half fur?
u ii wo ? io-?i.iv at the Auteull track
by M. Couvellle's brown ?lly ?Sybille.
Bansovino (Inlshed second, with Mak?
H '? II third and Frank J. Qould'aConti
B Ile fourth.
The -titK?- was %.?. .t ?i ;:t 112.400, with a
trophy i?i?J??i
Owners of Palmetto Park Had
to Overcome Handicaps.
Only ?n? mon week <?f racing remalni
? m th long ?season si ?Palmetto ?Park,
Charleston, to a close. There liave bean
many handicape to ?overcome, snd it la
?doubtful if .Mr. Pona and his assocUtea
?have ?realised as the) should ?>n the In?
vestment ?bol from the lirst day the mast?
in*-* baa been alngulariy free fron "Mandai
and lii.-t class in every respect
Ons of thi mosl aertoua handicaps was
in delaying the opening of the meeting
until Januar) SS Thal meant .? long
term of klleneu for the horsemen who
raced .?t Norfolk, snd sa a result ?there
was ?? scattering ?>f horses that would
otherwise have come direct to this ?coursa
Naturally the Interest for the closing
days centres In the running <?f the Pal?
metto Derby, which is ??own f<>r decision
next ?Saturday.
John E. M.i'i?!? v. ??.h., has ??-.. : i...,.
"ii" of the optiml tl? breeders, has en?
rtcbed Hamburg ?Placs during lbs masting
bers by the purchaa ??f ?dsstrabls i>r.i
n.??res Charlea Patteraon lias rcpfsaautsd
tba ?Kentucky breeder in these pmrhsaas.
?m?- of Which was K.-.ir Atalanta, a full
si>t?-;- t?. ?Worth, srlnner of the Kentucky
Derb] laat y-tai Patterson has a?s.? basa
negotiating for tit? thrse-yeau'?oM filly
?Lady Ls-lngton, a daughter ?>f Hastings]
and i.,-i?i> i..ni--;iii|ii.
Of modarsta siip The MOTEL LOTTI. 7 4 8, Su?
?astigiiona Placa tsadema. is a raHnsd "hanta I
tramhsrna"amidst tattstulsurreundmgs.tha eat, I
loctmparabla suites spossl ta the be*t ?et?lm |
Chase to Return to His Old
Place on Tuesday.
Lillis Leases Training Quarters
for Skeeters for Two
H.. ? ?able to Th? I
n.un..nu.. Bermuda, Mai i h - ?.- 11 ?
fankeei enjoyed an**Hher <?-. j* of rest here
to-dav. There ?va?? ti?, practice, nor as
there a game with the Jersey Cltj team
??f tu? im? rnatlonal laeague, and the only
exercls? indulged in was walking and
bicycle riding, The lael named sport ha
become quite popular with .-? ?veral mem?
bers "f iti' squad. Paddy Qr?sen i- famotii
all over ti'- ?Seiend f??r his ablllt) at guid?
ing runaa'ay cycles down hill.
The ?nil!-'' Yankee team was In a happj
inood t i-day. tor Hal ?'ha.-.' ?.?.in return to
ih<? fold ?m Tuesday, read) to play his
game at .econd base, Hal's leg Is com
pletel) recovered from th.? effects or tin
nccidenl which pieced him ..?i the hospital
list He ha?! ??.irk.?i along slowly until
sui" that th.' soreness was complctcl?
gun?. .?tul t u afternoon he snnoui.i
n? Frank Chance that he would be ready
!?.'? hard aorh again on Tu? ?di ?
The good fortune to Chase ?::?. nol com.
unattended, for Jack laelivett. win. In?
jured hi.-- aiikh- on Saturday, will '? oui
again m i ?la.? or two it * ?<? f- ai ed al
lirat thai I., iiv.it had torn .1 ligament
m I Is leg and would be laid up for s
couple of we Its. The fears boa.
v.-.. arlthou' ground, and the big fellow
will b? right mi hand making a hard
light ..?r .? regular i?? rtii in the outer
i \ anh ? 'ii." ce .- ? i mpletel - i rippl? d bj
.1 severe atta 'k <?.' lumbago, and no one
knows Just when the ??|".?i?..- leader"
o ?H h. abb t?? ?h?ti the uniform and g? I
into th? ?miii" again Barrett, th?- tralnei
of !'? team, Is working hard trying to
m.?s-a_? tin t r? ?' i ! ?la- awsy, l?.l thu- 'it'
hat m? t vith little su? ce
81 r? ni oui i ni" ? are In ' ? ? for l
v.ti k? ? - during i he next few dit) i lam?
? ill i" play? d a Ith ti" J? rsey t 'it- si.? ? t
ers on Momia!. Tu? da: an I M i di ? sda*
w. .,?! ? ? permitting < >n Thmids ? the
>k? ? ;? ' ?v ill l? ,i\ ? here or I ? '
gtat? I? begin Ihe exhibit Ion gs
? _?.??. on. Hi i" n
the Jer r) i 'Slj team I? ave . Ih? r?gulai
???d ??? It? ol the Yankees >?v ? 11 plaj t gamt
? ? ? i da?
Jam? .1 Llllli part os J
?. ?. ? i ? team les e? ti? | oundi h? ' e
for training uuarten foi .. ? ? ? od ot two
Mi to iple of
.?. ? fron , ank? ? .
und i anxlou to gel u ? a ndt of pit
and an InfleMl r or t\v...
H? ; parti? liai I
i loff, th? . outhpaa. I ? ?? I
fUrl ? r d? ? I";?" ? '.I I r . ,i
. ||d I" mal,.?.- li" boi ? -
l'."i.l' Ureen would I ? ? ? '? on . ,?l ? if
.i. . , Marl m. Ihe ?? n | d? i. hould
... found wanting, Ullis will s u mak? -?
i..., i"i Ms ?erriet .
That Game with Cobb's Team
To Be Played if Luck Holds.
; '? Telegraph l ? inr.]
*??._?:? ;. ?... ?d r? ; Instead ol
ghtseeing th? flood? d dlsl ? thi
did lar t Hunda*. I ?whl? n ai d hi Bupei bs
<i"?:it a qulel Bastei Bei ? M | ?
th? Toronto learn, a Innei of the Inl
nal li ?nal I ?? t. ai rlv? d to-ds .
Probabl) M ? i arlll b? pi ic? d in ri| I
H? Id, ids reg liai position
i b will give l iahten two lefl hand
bitten In the outtl? Id, In Moran
Wheat, and one rlghl : and? i. in '
My? i- Anothi r attempt will be mad? to
morr?n t?> plaj the much
?between T) Cobb'i ?\ll-Gcorgiani and the
Bupi i'r a
This aften.n l tahli n ? li Ited th?
grounds and found them In n? erlj |.? 11?. i
condition. v? fairly stiff wind blew from
the weal to-da* and the sun shone eon ?
tlnuoual) Ars Cobb's team has won the
taro exhibition games they hav? played ??
far. Augusta "fans" are b???kit._r for an
other ?ictor) to-morroa
Il<-Tir<. M?edi< i.-, ti easur? i ol I he Bi -":
lyn iiub ?>r tii<? National L?eague. who ?
convalescing at the Vea n <>t ?v Hospital
finiii un operation performed last net ..
mot reported ai recovering hit strength
rapidly yesterday, li? Is able t?. move
around, and confld? ntlj expeel i?. he
_bl< t.? resume his be efoall ?lutie? nexi
Houston, Tex?, March O. The New !
I'orh National League recruil defeated I
th? Houston Texas I ?- -: ? __r ? i * - team here i"
day by a score of 1 t?? I In a loosel]
played ?game
The hitting of Cooper, ' "hori e, Pl?**tch< r !
and Demarco, however, mad" the conteal
At Memphis ?< "hi- ago (National l?-aague),
17; Memphis ifJouthern l?ieagui ), I.
Al l/oiiisvllb? I'hilad? rlphls lAin.ivni.
League), T. Louisville (Amertean Aaaorla
11??,i, >'..
At Mobil? i ?? ?troll (Am rl a i ?League), ,
... Mobile (8outhern i.? ?ague), i
At New Orl?*ans Cleveland (American
League), 7; New Orles is (Southei i
Leagui '? '
Ralph Spotts Beats Father in
Larchmont Club Shoot.
Th.-l. was ?i -food niust. i xxf gunn? I
>?? t?'i?iay up at Um Larchmont Yacht
Clue, ami despite ?the rather adveras
< ?iiiiiition- a ?strong quartering aind ??'
thm-*- full scores were returned In all
but tw.i of the sight eonteati eeehiod
Ralph K Bpotta, ?the twdve?ycar?old I
?son "f i:, i. Bpotta, simt agalnat fourteen
others for a special trophy, and arltb al
handhai? ui 7. returned a full arara "f -?'?.
tbe .?ni. .?ii" in that match, and ??.on th?
i ui? His tether, atotttlng from scratch,
was only abb- t?i bl.-nk & Th? i i,nii.-r-U|?
In this ni.ifli ?vas ?'.. J. CtXbf-tt, v. I .
s.iii?? was -l. With a handicap .?f :'.
in the shoot for Um t.?K?--ii??ii?.- trophy,
y?oung Spott? returned anetner full score,
tying T, xKawta.no, Jr.. and a \v. ntager
aid. in tb<* ?hoot-off. Fltagerald w"n.
ntagerald also captured the \isii?.rs' tre
phy and Ued with W. If. PtUgUSaOO in tin
shoot for tbe uc-cond tako-hoine tiuph?.
They will shoot off for that prize n?.\t
art ? k.
Ralph i? Spotts, in winning the "high
gun" priz?' yiatarday, with ? total ??t I I
out of the poHslbl?-? ISO. Kain??l hin six- '
teenth bar lar Um season, He also aron !
I'd?? leg for tb?* accumulation ?up, bicak
ing S straight I
Tesreau and Wiltse Toy
With Galveston Batters
Giants Wipe Out St;ng of De
feat to Colts.
' _
Burns. Devore and Snodgrass
Get Triples?Youngsters
Leave Big Team.
.1 on i .-' iff Co ? ? -1-, -i ?? :? nt ol ? be i '? lb in(
Qalveston, T< u . ?Man h S. W ill" tba
I surf of tin- Hilf .?i Mexico pounding 01
the nearby ahore, s hoi sun streamim
?down on the Held and an avertlow ??i
atraw-hatted civilians and aoldlera ?iron
the big encampmenl ;? mile away a?- ? set?
ting ? he ?: nuts <i? tV;it?-ii the llalv? sum
team In sn exhibition game to-day by a
??core m >> to i.
Th'- regulara came over hare t" wipe
."o tii" sting ??r the knockout hsnded t??
the Colts yesterda) snd aucc?**eded in
admirable faahion There were several
thousand s|.? ctal.n liand .?"?i i Ik
gatea were ?opened ??? that they could Und
egresa t?> ibt pla] Ing Held a hen the
st.nni ti'Viuii' pa?sked to their capacity
McGraa liad Mg Jeff Tesreau -..med
for the fray. Jeff pastlmed with ths
Texai i -?.?_':? on? season before he Joined
the i liants, so hi fa?n waa familiar to
t h? ci ou .i a hich ?ii?i not .. "in i" i. i h
ins appearance in a Neu York uniform.
Thi "lui:?'' were looking for him to shoe
the wlldnesa thsl wsa his distinguishing
characteristic ?before h? ?became ?i Ml
leagui r,
Tin Galvi ton team soon found oui thai
II ?j pot the sam? i ? reau th.it, ihey
knew i"fo" and were so startled by the
freak) twists of the Mg ?bear hunter's
si? tball thai lh< Hi si four ?batsmen to
face linn struck oui Jeff bn ?ased through
ii\? innings, allowing onlj two ?jcratch
im slth? ugh the onlj ron i isd? b) Ual?
veston was ?-..i.-.i a-hlle h< ruled, an er?
roi :?? \l rkle being i et pom Ibli foi ti
u lit?? twli l< ?i ti last four fram? - and
found the lo?cal hitl.di< ilousl)
eas) t?. fool thai h? ?mer? ly toyed with
th. m \??t until Nagle cam? up '?? bat In
the ninth Inning did they mak.- a hit off
I curvi It ws the only ck an iringte
of th? gai ? a hi? h ?< ?i to th? lot ol < ;.?'
sell a the < Ml mad?? on
tii.- \ ? let u outhpaa Th ee till I
and ii. i- ? -? wai the rec?
? ? ?J of th? Neu ? ork pitch? rs
I...tl Mo i faced tl" Giants ;<t th?
.^ of tli. | \\ ? Were I
t . II. m I :,,i 1 ?. h ?M It II til"
[Cincinnati Reds last season ?and went In
?against Neu fork one da) at the ?Polo
Qrounds n<- w.is pound?ed t'?>t sewn runa
in t?.?.?? Innings Although ?be lu?d pretty
fair ?control to-day, ti.<? visitors nicked
ins benders tor sine hits snd aeven runa
m ?the flrsl ti.? Innlnga of the ganw
bunching Uve Mis for as man) countaw
?n th<- fifth Hani? lli'-tt sin? ?"l< ?I MOOTe
iv iia ?sixth ami was quits affective ??s
i -??"H ??s v. pol under way. He allowed
; .1 total of four hits, which resulted In only
! one run
The ?liant.-- made th besl of lb? hot j
I weather t.. -?> t ,? n?><.?i work-oui and ?re?
covered their batting eyes witit a vim i
j They i?i?-u.-?i up ;. batch of thirteen hits, ?
; five of Hi? players ?collecting turo apl-sce. '
i Burns, v. ?i., iv, been in the throes ??f -'
fearful slump recently, chipped m with
' ?? single and .? triple ss well a- draw?
ing ,-i ?pass, while ?'" h ?Devore Burprls?ed
! himself b) making two safe drive? sn<?<i-;
I ivrass. i?.... hit ??ni .? ti Iple
I Th.- Qlanta n tui ned t?? Houston ?to
; night, a hen Mm y a IB pla) to-moi rou.
? Th" m cond i? .?m baa k it th< Mg team
! for good, snd ?in not m-eel it again until
u ashington la i ? ach? d
? 'randall, s? hupp, Smith and Bad? i ? III
be the pitchers for th? youngsters on th?
triii north, the team lining up Just ss II
h,i ii th. ree <n exhIMtion gam? a No
substitutes i ill ???? ?taken .?ion... .???? Cran
dall i- i - capaM? of plai Ing any ?position
in case o? mi emergency. Harr* McCor
mil I. ?-?ill be the manag? i Joe Bvi rs,
Toi ' y, Kli I i ?? n.? Ja? ob "ii and
?Ooulall ??ii travel north with the n iu
I I. '"II.iV.
|... :. . :,?. h I'?? ?' i
,- :; i i ?. ? - ? . . ii ,. i ? ??.
- ? ? i I ?? ? \i . ... i, :. ?. ?? .; . "
Un |( ?i . ?i u m v. .IL i "" t? '?"
i?.. .. ' - - ? ? '.
i?. ?. ? o . rf. ' w llllan? if i ??" i I
M. ?' l. . iv .i M I : l ... | ... :;|. 1.?
Ii. rma :v - ?? i " 1 " Ko? ?r, ??( 3 0 I " " n
x u linon . : 'i o i ? v :. ivilson, ? . " " ?'? (1 '
?i 10 0 3 10 J? rdai ? i ?. ?? i I 1
.iv. i ? " Moor? t
u Ut-. | i ?? .. ?. '? -M., I |. v
Heltt, p
-., ? retal '?'"? 13??
-i:.i ... . . ,.,
Vort ' " i ? .. i " n ? -
ion . ?i i i?, i. i. n i> n :
1 Irai v.? . -. i; .?.?i.
Im t< e,? i... . .., ...,;
?? ? - I.- ? ? ? ., || ? ? . ? . ,
Wilt?, . i . ? v Hem
I: ' . II?-. 1 Ml ???
t- Hellt, I TI. >-.. ? vu- .- ii
i ? ? ......
Ktoli n hi . . i? i??
M ? Moore and
Ik .11. M.i.ik- Kmlth end H \A I i I
?III) ball -B)
M . -v. . ?,< i , ii,..
I In '
Moore, s ?
ti- i? i . .
ot gam* -.i
111 I i "
| ?? " .
i im n :: "
Roclel-Coffey Bout Only Bright
Spot on the Card.
? .. . In store for l
i t of ihli rlty. The i uai num
i.r?- ..f bout ' ? ? I?hI. It Is Inn
the i .i rater
. ; ? ? rst bout of tb?
. ' . . . . - ?
i ? ? ? . Club, of Th?
i. ? ? ..??'.?
Rod? ? ? . i will m? M Jim t*ofT? ?
the "Li n I ' ?'"I con
? ?
\ i . . lime i ?
favorlt? i ? ? ? ? ? hoe
. ?
t h? I..1 in the Is
? ? ?*?
r. with i
hai d wallop In ? Ithi r hai d and I
., ' bowed Ilk? ?? ? hunipton li
itch e?in Ja? h Mel ?.iland twi
i .- - ' .1 tournamenl ? hi? h
will h? ? ondu led al the Koi tj (ourtli
Sporting < ? ? al I ctlng II
n ..f attention Tl r? e t? n-ro -
rill be held liddl?" Do) le of Phils
delphla, will meet "Boob ' N?-i-?.n. of th?
w ? ? Bide, In th? open ng i.."?t. I ? ?
i ? n. ti . ? fyled champion ol ? fan
...li, will meet Tommj Buck In anothei
. out? i. -? r > ? i ? ;. ?>t ??? K Irka.I, "f 81
I .. will 111? ? I "Young" I ?Hr-'oil m th?
- i. i
i mi ii..) kin of liai ? m, and
"Kii???'k" it" Ja? k O'l Wim II will meet i
,i t< i' ?round ? ont? 11 al the i
?Bee? h ?thletl? Club to?moi roa night.
The bo? ar? fs t, sggi ? Ive bo ? ? i
in two .i i ? i i'i. round battlei ? 'hai I? ?
Oriflln will m* el Hai i i ontlon, and
Padd) Bui.n will fa? ? M Hile s.-'in? n. i
Battling Lan ? i?\ an and "Fighting
Kenned) will loch horns at the Olympi?
Athletic Club, "f ll.'il?'m. whlta al the
p. ddo I- \lhb II" Club W Uli? If'?'' h. I
will tuce ?Danny R d|
-Kddle Bmlth and Bhamu ? ? Bri? n will
mee! t?.r ten rounds nt ti??- Yonkan Atn
i? tic < "mi. lo-iuoi row nlghl
To Meet Cope-Morton in First
Class A Billiard Match.
i;.i\....??I \v Gardner, representing the
Anon S?.?i? ty and the Utlc hold? r ol I '? 1 ".
i? it this city y? ?t?ni.?:. t?> i.?- a competitor
in Um '"" nlng match of the national ?,; i .
\ i?: balk in." amateur i hamplonahlp
tournament to-nighl In 111 ? - Union League,
?if I'liilad.lphia Hi- ..|'P"ii.nl I- I" !???
.i B. ? '"i--Moi ton. .?f the Union Leagu?
who li" w.u. i high place In Philadelphia
[OUI Ii.III.i .'it
The meeting, which win begin tonight
i the thirteenth ?annual iMldlng of Um
cbamplonehip under th?' direction of the
N'r.ti'ilinl A. inli'.n "f Alll.it? II r Kllliaid
Playera The entry Hal Includes seven ?>!
tin* leading wlelders of the cus In Ulis
country, and Is compoaed >.f Bdarard \\.
< lardn? r, .) i: < !ope?Morton < !hai i?, i
? '.?ilkhii. of ?'hi' ago, a former national and
International champion; Percy r. Collins,
Um Chicago play?*"r wiiu.? C Dunlway,
of the Miiltliomah athletic ClUb, Of Port?
land. <ir?-, who la a lu-wi'oini-r t.. the tour?
nament, and Joasph Mayer and i ?r ?Walter
i: in? ni."im. -r. both of Philadelphia
n Is tha iirst Urna thai >Phlla*Jelphlans
hava undertaken t?? hold a tournamenl of
national piomiii"in ?. All ..f tin? niat?hes
win be 4oii pointH. nid the tournanMnt
schedule will Include twenty?ona fa mag
gxclualva of paaalbia Uaa
?'arson ?'it?-. Ncv., Mar. h "?f. Oovernoi
Oddli yesterday signed the act repealing
Um law permitting finish fights In this
stativ Th<? meneurs allows ten?round
boxing ?snatches on payment <>f a license,
Th?* Oovernor ??hs., signed tha nee anti
gambling act, whi.h amends the ??'?l law
b) making ?poker playing s miademeanor
instead of n felon] Percentage ?aims
are made :) felony. Gambling with
?a.ds, formerly permitted, la made a
Athletic Leaciuc Race Almost
Over?New York Leads.
?.i ? i. v. _*_fu< i-?-' lei i*ome Into n h-1
. ? i. . ill? i thi home tretch I
I i'.'.k for tl liegen
| i. ..... r con I
The 1 itn of th? '? m Athl? tic
l. ud b i twi'l or In ti i th? al?
ia , . .???.?>
\ .. i. m of th nip and tucl
foi th? v ? ? ? ?I tu
? the chai I " "- ? ' '"
i | ?vt.-i m.?i . \. lash. KIlsalM th
? .Vw Yoi '? ? - - v [| th?
win 1 ?' nn mbera
v. in !.-. at Ii? ? ml? ? "olui i roll
or. 1 rid ?? night, a ?
which tin
... ..... t Koset ill
i . ? oliimblan di ? ? anoth? i ?
l ?1:11,? till i?? l"i? ca? i
| The Individual ra? Is in thi i im r? la
; ,i ,i ng ., i ., wi ? N agu i" ?i i ??
.. ?i ?., v, ?/orl .1 tic L'lub, baa
. wld? I? ?ad, ligi Ins UH 13 foi
lieg? man, ?-t Kliaab? th, ha bul his
.,-. . ., ? -v. ;, .,! t., i.. count? d.
i h? standing ai ea folloa .
?DIN'u op i he n-;\M. .
\\ nn la I tverai
i-olunil Ian ? ? ? '? ' '
i:..-,- m ' "i? i
North i.i.-l. i ?
? .lut ...
!.. . . ' ?
??? I
Mm ?? lali '? '?'
t "v
? ,
il .? i, i ? Iza I
?..-i I?
?. her, Ko . ville .
Hai . . j? ra? % ?-itv
i ? ? \. i Newa i lia
Vaa Ni Itoaevl '?
l:?.i erl v ? s \ " II
l-.rl? i. Jerae) CU) M
I , .!.?.?. 1*1
U KIlMbeth i?
It. Wcat. 1 ibel ?s
.?,. ?? iv. -villa ?v
ii ? ? ?lurnl kan M
n tVeat. Kill
Pi .
Day, rol iml I in
I aim, ? 'oil mi.i.m lH
Kaste, m- v . i i i
("mm. North Knd. it
Rial? hi? ?-..luiiii Ian '?
Perrv, v. um,, ha M
W.H.. I. Roeevlll? II
? ;?.-;, I
., Ne? Vori
Meyer.- I:??-?mII? 1.1
pop? Polumbli <?
i"i llol? ?Passai? . '-?;
Noll? KlUahel :??
Mill? v Jei -. Cltj ?i
?'lark, North ?Bad U
Ball P i .<?? .... II
lloh.ll iv ll ;; ? 'illumWa . !??
Kilns?-iii.'if. i. New v?>t.. It
.-? hull? . I'ol imbla ??
\ u In i-.i ali <
i.?? Ku.i. Mont? lull . is
i:-. v.i.f. ? ?? ? irl liai U
??tiii'li. Columbia M
Harta? il. i'olumMa ... ?i
Ii ??????, Kortl Knd. t..
'?y..., ..ti. pai ?v . i
Vii lemte ?'.?Intu? lu. ?H
Ut iititiv N? ?ni ?Say M
.-niitii. M ntclsli M
? Iule, Ne? Vm I. . 4.".
(?lark, Jersey Cil)
|tal?i?in, North Knd tt II
ii.i?. n. Mentelalr < ? i?
n.v, ?. Mont? lait ".:: II
t-.'i 1.1
.. .
li? lu
ii ?
IM ?
is I
I S| I
1 HI .
I ;?? ::
171 17
- ?
IT, >
171 ?i
v. i .
IT.. il
1. . I?>
y... ;;??
i, . ?
IT! i-i
?7 ' ...
1,1 I'l
171 <
;?:?? ? :
?..?i -i
: ?i
? I ?
More Teams Have Chance to Go
to Rochester Tourney.
in visa of tin? announesmsnl Issusd
ysatsrday bj Major M W, dags, ths soc?
ietal y. thai entries for ths annual cham?
pionship toiiniiiiiifm of th?? National
Bowling Association, t<? begin in Roch?
eater <>n April ", will not close until mld
nlghl ??n tVediMsday, William n Valen?
tine, in. si.lotit of ?ths New Vurk BOWltfl :
Association, has sallad a apodal meet
lag of ths hoard of gOVSmOfi Of th?
lot?1 ?body tor to-morrow night at .?
o'clock ?it thi? Hotel Broalifl
Ths masting at ths Brsslln to?morro t
night will snabls th?>s<- bowlsrs ?Air?
have BOl hern aide to Hlllliate wlUi teams
a cha?es to ?Jo ?o.
Yonkers Soccer Team Defeats
the Clan McDonalds.
More than BVS thousand pOTSOBS ?Sit?
nfSSSd the semi-final ^ain?' Of IhS Ani-r
Ican Amateur Football Associa?oo al
?Sdlson Field, Crook!.-, i . '.??.? t?v ?lay. !n
which th? Ih'llywoo?! hin I'oothall Cloh,
of fonkers, defeated ths Clan McDonald
football Club, <?t' Brookljrn, by ?? acors
of :: goala to I. The victor will moot
the ITonkera Football Club In the Bnal
?game for th? Dearer Cup, valued al $..'"->.
it. the ini.iiil?' of Api II.
The ?'Ian McDonald team won the ?tosa
and played with ?? atrong wind behind
them The ha.ll wa - ??i ? git e?and-take
omIii throughout, with Hollywoods liav
uiK ;i ^lii-'ht advantage.
am. i (fifteen minutes' pla*. In the se? -
? ml halt < lampion scored t?n I he I lollj -
woods off .? pass from ?L<owrie ?Five
minutes later McNeill, ;?t centre for?
ward, received thi pigskin on a pass
from <'.iiii,'i"ii and bantged it Into th"
McDonald nel for the second ?tally.
I .tii - retaliated ?nn ,? goal for th.? Mc?
\t tin.- -tam the Hollywood team
i? ode another spurt, and Campion caughl
Wilson, the f*lan ?*oalk?*e|?-*r, completely
-.,, i...- guard and tally No. 3 for the
i lollj v..I ? leven "as chalked up.
The line-up folios
Hollywood lim IJ). ?Position Clan ?Mi Donald (1).
M I -i ve U .....0 . U il-on
,...R, Il.
Martli i-i:. Ho '<
Kwlnu R '
\ aibba 'it. M- ?"aim
Butl .....Li u . ' ? ?
?'..iiii'i"ip . O i: . Cran?
i...? . i i: '
M< N II . '? ? K'"v
I., ,. ?.. ii. narrower
?almond ?? i .
?luii Campion ? ? and M N? III f<?r Holljr
??.,...I Inn f ?' . Petet i??i ? I tn M? ' i
t i ? i.-, r.... o m?an -,\ ? Lin? ?men
for Holl) ? ? -i Inn P ? '? ?
m fi ? Mi I??", il'i V ?
Tin i 11:1.- of I ly-ilv? ml" t< ?-?tel
To Begin Season Handicapped
by Lack of Practice.
i B] . i ??? The 'fill un" 1
Wt t Poli t. S. v . March -). The Army
i asel ail tes m --?t oui ?>n t h?-* "plali -
? lerda] for the ?rnt tune this season.
The cadeti ' final ?game is cheduled for
nexl W'edn? ida) irlth Colgate, an?l ttieir
work wat "f the lightest order.
Damn Bti eng, formerly of th?
? " ? i?. en handling the team
i ? last 1 ?'i'???? yoat :. hss been hers
Msi ? snd has i??inr excellent
v..-.;--, lal for tins \ ear.
? '...i i s.-i.iti. r. >.' ho i captain of the
Arm-- nine, ha developed under Strang*
tutelage Into one qf ?the best amateur In
fleldrr il?? plays second be e it I- said
that Badtlei ed a flattering offer
!? ??? ? the <'hlcago i ul . bul he t irned
.;??? m ?.?o--.. li\ .? . '?ie iiir a .-.i
? ? ? in the army. Hi s III be graduated
?v .1 vie.
i ? ', ne will be ha tidii api ei si
the ? ? ? ??' .... i . Ets the
? -v i'.vi and
ail the work haa b< n done In the cage
i ? i t; . gym. Drills, which I
? ? ? rlth practice, and
the oi tin ? ?- .nal I? -I to
I will I on Wedne
tid Haturda ?VII th? daj grt I
til June, when
re twent) -three
. . ? ? i i ; . \ r i h ?-d 111 <
Changes, Too, in Intercollegiate
Fencing Rules.
sill be added to 1
? i ? ? ? || ? nexl
? :ii radical el inges will
il? rhese were th?
i? i ? : !? ? I at th? annual
. i?*en??iiig A
? the Hotel
\ ? ? \ \\ ? . tain of the
Naval v den team ? us heartily In
the time I nored and
thi he was heart ; ort?
? ? ? ? in?.r, the < '??i i? ii ? aptaii .
K. N. i of < , and C. It. Mc
r ,?. nn ? an le i off tl a Indli Idual
; - Ivanis ??ti th?
pit ?- loua nl ihl
i or tl ?? m t time In man) y era the
\\. t Polnl cadets were n??t officially rep?
? ?. ?! al the tiv etli ?--. although the
Militar) Vcademy still retains Its mem?
? I v. :i- ?'? I.it loll. It \V.v-? ! "'.lit
'<iiv intimated, however, that the adoption
nl th. sabre would r?-s.ilt in ths cadets
ugain ????: ? Into ?the du ?i tot eta snd
Th? of West Poli t ?.?..???? ?siso
indi? ated dui Ing I It? dia 'ussion as tu
? h . t?_: - ? thi ul Th.? appointment ?>f
one prof lo al J idge to ???? ' ? lib the
-, ch fen? Ing si rip was prac?
tically adopted, it haa long i" ? n the con?
tention of the Wert Po it fencers that the
lona should ?be rendered bj ? mixed
?if amateur and professional ju?dgea
Another change was the provision t?
. limlnal t. ?? time rale "f four minutes, us
.?i pr?s? m. and declai?? as ths win ?
.. . v i,.,,;i the ? ompetltoi flrsi scoring Uve
tou? i ?
The el? lion of "".';? en of the ssso? I?
. tion for the ensuing >? ?ir waa us follows.
President, A. N. (Hough, ?if Columbia;
\ . .? -tit-??? iii.-i:t. a i?. Cochrane, of the
\.?\.ii Vcademy, and secretary-treasurer,
.M. n .'? ott, of Cornell
Seeks Readmission to Confer?
ence if Rule Is Changed.
Ann Arbor, Muh, March 21 The vm
toi tj "f Michigan ?board In control <>f
athletics late yesterday voted In favor
if returning to the Western Conference
on condition that the ao-cslied boycott
rule la abolished snd the rule concerning
?the university boards ??f control <?f ath?
I? ti? la amended it la expe? t< >i ?thai ;?
Michigan petition for admission aill be
???.f.si.i. r.-.i al th.? ti.-xt spring meeting of
the conference.
The ao-called boycott rule ?provides that
n.? conference college csn compete with ?
"'-t"???' which haa been ?? member <?t' the
conference hut has withdrawn. Among
tin- students to-nlghl It waa generally
wlleved lhal there i huh- no|.f the
L'onfei m?.? giving up the rale,
Michigan would amend the regulatlona
quire each board In control of
have a faculty majority,
subject t?. veto by th?
JAotot* Ttuirs
For louring Great Britain and on th? Contint?.
Ikclvsivi Rare*: No Vt-utiew ?Batas.
Route, compiled (ins to Pa trees).
?.tit- Inr book of M?t.,r i ,,r lour?, in l.reat Hnt.un.
It will ?japlsia h?>w ?ou .-an lure a Luxuriously
Apt?-?ated tar for anv ?period er ?iUtanc?, silex?
pm-??, in? Imir.l. Uur I hallfli-llts air pit ked rii-ll.
Agent, for r>.A.: Ravuono & Wsiicoss Co.
Captures Team Trophy in Big
Open Novice Run.
Wins Race in Fine Style. Beat
ing Pores by Fifty
Th" .?ii,??.. ...imry t.-ain of the ghariiiss
. Athletic Club, ?.f the East Bide, ?.,
boms the.team trophy la the ??pen eovtc?
ii\?-ar.d-a-half-ri,il?- run held iin.hr *_?.
Iauspices of th? McCatJ-Jla i.>c?-ii'i. m
WilUaraaburg; y-Mterday. Ths Ihtnligg
^iihi.t.-s' rtctory was ratlMr fortunate, a<
?after >9n!ahlng runners in ?Srat, second aad
seventh placea the other two gaembers to
???mpl.t?- tha ''-?in strolhd alwi; ha'k ir:
i ihlity-iiinth an?! forty-third placs. Th? .;
| total BOON was '.'_.
The rr<s?-iitatioii ?'lub, of BrookI>n.
! competing for the Itrat time In an op? n
I ?race, follow? ?i ??:<?s?? ?behind with nt point?.
: with the ColMga Point Young Men's Cath?
olic I?>?*e?nn third, only 7 points In its
wake. Trinity ?'inh. <>r Brooklyn, and Um
8t ?fuiee.m'a Athi.th? Club, of The Breas
alsa? tinish.il a full representative team in
tha order nana d.
S;iiini"l BUveralein, who heade?, ttiA
, Sheridan ?.uliitet hunn?. captured the Indi
j vidual honors in line style, broaklng the
tape Bft) yards In a.lvane? of ?'harle?;
]. Pot*es, a clutbmate. The winner's tim?
wa.< ::i minutes ?"? t-S e_COB?fSJ. Harry
Bkellet, ??f the ?pennant Athletic ?,iub.
Hnlshed third, boom sixty yard? benln?!
?Poten. Peter Murray, the ?tar of the
I'i?-? RtaU-On pack Of harrier??, took th?
fourth prisa In mldition to th<? *p??"-i??[
1 ?me for the Brut Catholic Athletic Iaeacu??
m? nib? r homo.
The hairier was raased at Berry and
?South 'th streets, and the entrants fob
lowed I trail along B?dford avenue to th?*
Grant statue at Bergen street, ami then
tinned and retraced their steps.
Tha summary follows:
M -
31 :<*-_
n '
n i
; ? ?? Name ?i:; ;
? ?? .-.i lan A r?
2 ?'. !'? ? -. Sherl ran A ' .
z li, - . ?, pranaat ,v ?'
i r M .i??n <'iub. H "<
.? ii. i ?. -? ?. k ?m s a ?'. U'.tS
I '? . ?i ....! i. Pi nnant ,\. C. :;i *?
; M. ???.- n! ?r_. Hhcrldan A. ?'. M ?'
I?J. A Burr i f'1' ."?;0:
I \ .;...!? ?Ilia?'.,?11 ?'lllb. Bad
10 I I/-KUC. Pauli? ? C."' ?'?
M - ."?;. _?. F?lai v M. C. !.. 8:3
1 ? '? l. i"i. n'ra? h. I ?.?,.?<' . 3'J: ?
13 .1. 'ii : I, .-?. !-. ?.?... H "'
u F Do??ling, "? ?? ?m \. A, :
i ?; , i , ? ericen A ?'.."-'?
i?; .1 l.i ot?, :-- v ?'.
........ s ?. \
i? ?? I .aw lor, il. Presentation Club .. 12
Vx \\ v.- ???.?? ? .? ?
?.?O ?;. K - A. C -
_l l". ?; . ? ? . ? ? r ? ? * at. ?
_? i .i il?-:? rn u - ? .?f st An?
. ? " .3*;
. Ru Uly, -' ?,gn< ? A. C
p |. .,,,. !.. . - \ .
A. I .1
? ??? \ M ?? I...!*
I ,. \ . ?
Trlnl?? ? nt)
?. .
? ?
Ai Roth, the Junior met op ?!?? ???
? try champion of the Mohan ; *??'??
< lub, broke th? course re? ord
m th? in\ Itatlon ?run of the ?
Al biet?.? ? 'lull. Roth COI I ? ' '
trail In ?M mlnut? ? ?
fifty.ih better than I
? ???? Tom Bard? n, heddt r o
? ?"?nil 'cr?OaW-<country titl
The Mohawk athlet? took the \. Hd at
th? mile post, and ther? ? ft? r easllj
,.\s iy t'ro'ii tb? ti? id, to win b) I '
mli'ute from Hugh Honalian,
h . ih?Am? rlcan memb? r. Victor V? ??
of tha ' ?re? k- ?i i i ? -I
was third A Held of tw< nty-fo?
start?.1 and all COTOplet? d th? d tai
The summary follows:
?.. c
n it- - .
:r \ \ oterel in?, lire? ?
I?M. I'o ?en!. ? "
- ? ...
? It, M.ll ?TV. ||0 :?'? I A, O .
, j .vn-r my. ?Pantlme A. ?'.
ft ii. R? li ?. Pean ni \ C.
J. Hui ? ??.
10 H w he? 1er. ?;i<?n cot A. ?'.
.. 31 ::-?
Although h?? .?"?i'-?d?"l a f'ill minute
i.. ?the p.t-'k of forty statte-?.
,1. im J. McNamara, of tlie Irlsh-aAmeti
.nii Athletic ?'lui?. v."ti bis race ;_nd shat
ii? .I the former r.vm.l for the tive-mtle
course of the Mornlngs.de Atbletl?- Club,
McNamara's time of ?*8 minutes 28 ?se? ? I I
\ , seventeen seconds faster than hi?? old
mark tor the trail O'Connor and Taub
held a spirit? d duel for -? cond ; ' ? ?
which waa won by ?tha former by Inchaa.
The summary foltoars
Po iti m Kamm ani clee, Tim??
i John J. McNamara, irish-Air.?*r:-in
a. c.?... %va
.i. O'Connor. Sam York A. C.WSA
:, M, Taub, un,??:.?. h?i...
? .1 Moaning, Mornings! 1 ? A,
.i r lan, Vi\ i. r .\. A_
? ii. McKay. M-Jha?**-, A C
; F. Klely, Mttraln-tslde A. C
- ' . >' M? era, unattactned.
9 1*. Coulter, Mond**4sMe A.
10 ?' !:?. i knan. Paatlm? A ?'
, ""-3*
?. 0
3.? *
:.X :X2
31 rU
s: r
Joasph ?'looii.in defe.it. d Tony 1'aino
in tb? linal game <?f the tournament for
the Junior handball i-bampionship of th"
Metropolltan Roaring ciub >e?-t"r'ia"
?'loon.m was pushed to the limit ?>f his
ability to ?'?m by tha scorces of II -''
and "i II Tha tournament began twa
mouths :i?.? with fifteen compet? tore, and
i loo nan and Dalno were the aarvlvatri
for th" tlnal came.
New ?and Used
A directory of reliable offerings
by automobile dealers and owners?
Tribune readers have the n.ean?
to buy automobiles.
Telephone _<J00 Beekmaii.
Advertlulnif ra??? per BgaSS Un?: On?
lrs.Ttlon. *J5c; thrfo Inaerllons 13 on?
wfelt. tnelii?inc o'.o on Sunday, ?Wc; ?t??n
i or,?, tuil. <s luso'lions, St OS.
hefor? burin? a "U8BD AIT??" In- h?vi?n ?
thorough examination, n will p.iy you W
IlivestlBate. II. DAVID WKHSTKIi. !>??i> Her
s? ii st . B'klyn. N ^ Phon? MM .1 Pr-?sp??**
fin?' ??.niilitloii; sell at fTSat barKuin. i:''?'n
.in.l ih iii.o.Htrateil at
it? ???i.rMitrs avrm'K.
_Teiepiion.". srt'j.; Coiambua_
A IBIS ?'. ?>?l 7 PA88_*tNOBR I'I MAHN Bull
7lf_ mil???, for $*?.*_(?<); lata-st Improvement? a???!
ele.-irl.- -rtsrter. ?>r exatiunne. <?. "g AI'I'I.K
MAN. 106 r+nnimlt ave., rhllltp.iliur-., V .1
TWO riiiX-',? INCH N?N8K?6 IfMI'IH?*
tires ami _ Mleli, In, Inner tul ,-V." neither hSV?
been a**?, f..r $.S?>. , '. y. AI'I'l.HMAN. IOS
?uiiinill a.v , l'hilllpslaurg, N. J.

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