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1+ LXXII..N* 24,236.
To-day and to-morrow, ?mettled
-either; t>rt?'h ?-rind?.
* *
l>r?l/?ii /T.XTl.i ?r<lj',XTrr In ?THy of New York, .fewer ?Tity and Hoboke?.
Conference with Underwood
Notice That Executive Will
Join Legislature in Prep?
aration of Revision Bill.
President Will Parley Further!
with Horse and Senate Lead- ?
ers and the Democratic Bill,
When Introduced, Will
Bear His Indorsement.
??va=i.' - March -I. An adminls-j
trauor nade tariff bill was tth ?
int?. tenti ? to~nlgh1 al the i
White He ?? where President Wl -
and Chi ? ?- ? w. ?Underwood
of the House Ways and Means t'>in
mittoe ?held an Importanl and un isu-l
ttStOTt '
With the announcement th.n: air.
Under?'?'" ? ?'??i'l ?been called t?? the
Wh;"- H ? " - <ss the moasure
- i Waj ? and M-eani
1 committ? ? all d??ui>t was removed thai
the Pi' solely to the
?e?-i.?vi i ? h of tho government
ihe tfl--^ ' riff revision. Tiio IVm?
cratic tai '' scheme I? to be ?known as
ihe l> ? bill; in reality it will be ;
the W ' ??? rwood bill Wh- th?r
th* Di ' rank and die approve
??r got ihe Ej la going i" piny ,
?I eonap rl In the re?
oth- ? bet wi an the Pi al?
lai and :?. ra of ih? House and .*-'???>- '
jte .?:? nd ? hi 7i th<
?if Hi ? i ' mo rata la ? onvened th?'
maj?:' ' :? i will |?? ? - ni to th;..
galh- ' ' ft "bill which '??? Bl -
ippro*. al.
The Pre* ? | - : Mr. 1 n?l< rw.1
???r? itil shortly ?bel
midn:*: I stu lying th.'.'
tar;''. more than three hours.
?Tl ? i and I are In hen ly
Kterd, - ', :' ? I:- mocratic leader ??? i
he left the Whit? Hou ?. Wi d -
thr i - ? ry fully."
.v.r. i tai? i w.! ? -a I ? ther
th" P ? ' favored a ?schedule bj
ahci I? ; ? i .n-- m v or a single !
l?? i ran aay." he replied, with
a ?uni!? s that then . ?? no ?mat?
A-', : ? ? ?
Average Democrat Mystified.
11 erase Dei l doei not un
der?! ?? t.f the
P-. ? ..il ?be consult? ? In
?. ling lh< ??laus of I hi
ap hram-h ??f ihe ?governmi
On the ? ? ? hand, th< re Is muttered ilia- ?
a?jf r- -ai of -i;?h actl*. Ity on the
o? th?- f th? White House.
On the oth? r, ? i r. *c '
it eond ???????.? ? ; ? ? n- '
tire ad in ? Btration la on trial ;? :i?l th.'?: !
Mr. Wilaon will either stand or fall
with th? ??? Islon ???!??
Th? i ? ? ? ? ? thai he bai
?char, ? regarding the ip?eciflc|
rates tl ? tariff ??ill ?-li??'!!?! conl ill Hi
hua g ha? tl ? i " mocra?-y |
U ??n trl I thai ;? revision down? i :
it bupei ? <? m ?, lew of i ?la ? foi m pn>m- ?,
ist?, ar.fi that it is "up to" the ?part) I ?
make g. ? The conference to-n
with Mi rwood was the most im
portant ' ? President haa ? t had oi
NT-tag thi .'?'ails of tariff r?-v.
?nd ?< ? ? ?<) f"r th" ?part) n i
come of it.
The It? id -? expectg to stand bo- j
hind th< i : ff bill, which the Waya
Hi M-?an?: Committ? e ? ill report t?i | ha .
House a* ih? beginning of the extra ?
???asi'-n. Mr. Wilson will maintain an
njen rr. ? it.- will be amenable t??
Sj^gMtion ?? hen ti e bill Ii n ad: '"
t-Mrge fi ? . the two houses In perma?
nent sh. : ? th? rnaiii th<- scope
\t$ tks Dei tl? re\ i. i??n Is to be de?
fermir.?-?! . i ???.-? ? f ? oof? r? nces
?'??':rh begsn when Mr. Underwent
?r?nt n . th the Executive
l oPtlnu? ?J mi fi.irll? goto, tOUOih ??ilninn
This Mornings Sews.
LOCAL lac?
"i?*dmar?r. Patient tMea. 1
'??h itel : " ?Bill. 5
li"<? Phi ... ot) Ti ? - . ?
'???i Chan?. *or Hartlgaii. 6
Wtoee) ? ..? ior Tragedy. 8
'- - I .ni' Man ?fcfore Jury.. e
???t? Kai, a, the Plaaa.7
'"'over Lent I toad ? "an I Quit.13
**?"?Xtiiir . to Up Again.18
Healty g* . . |?;,.,,|S Quilty.18
r'nd Aged ? ? pie Dead. 18
?"'' H?r.?- ,. | ,,.;i,i T'?-?la>.18
^"?nad.ii. Qreal Sweep In Wesl.
a Rial on Tariff.
??hie i.. v, ai Ilk? 1 oward Morphj
Thr!lli_?? Tal? Ktoi m Witnesse?,
'/<* Jtagi Bill L'nllkel).
""?M : a ton M atei
!___**' ?? i.n.??i.
'''??th M. i-?, ?rent Musics Trial.
n'1 htm ? r T'-iih ?Legleletur?!
****** l: l? Tancl? Mai-hall.
Anthor.y \;,.?, , y,.,,: Death.
'** H'.ll.r | ;,? ?Whit? ll'Hi-?-.
? 8. Action .n China Loan Deal.
**? Herb? ?? Tree In Sow Play.
;N'->> foi Women.
-x'uil. .
?"heatri. _\
?J**"..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.. 10 and
^luai.'lal ?and Markel 11. 13 and
R*?- but. . .
Ar???' ar.u Navy.
mm pat?n!
Professor Ostrander. Who Ri
ceived Serum on Friday. I?
Said To Be Uraemia Victim.
Discoverer of Turtle Germ Di<
owns Quacks Who Profess
to Use His Cure and
Fool Unsuspecting.
i ? ' (?Yedeii? i; Oatrand?
514 W? ' '. Id street, ;i tea? h< i oi lai
g\ .._?. ? ??.,-.. ,.? , of the man) ?i,
?? ... i !, i.? ??. . \r\c\ i ? .
i'i i? dmai ' :? l Belle? u? on i*iIda
morning, dl<ed th? re I .t?- laal nigl
fi..m mi?.???? ni..?--is of tin? lunga, ktdne
;in?l l.laii.l?? Sit u ??? t.ikitiK tlv I ri? ?
;iirii.n treatmenl he I ad I.onflne
in . epa i ;i'?? wr.i?i und? r I he care ?
?Dr. Mills, who refina d to ?its' i
? .-??? laal - Ighi although I ir. Arthu
i'i i' dmann, brother of ih? a\
;?.. s?-i ?< ?) tlirr t hi d? ai li v
iir;?'iTiiri and In no \? ?se the r?
t!i<- i?.? h treatment.
Profeaaor Oatrander had been a tut
ferer from tuberculoal* aci-ordlng I
th?- Bellevue ptfyaiciana, for man:
- < an He had be?, n a tuet hei o
ri.? i, in i Bpanlah al the i rnlv? i. II
??f T< x.? ; ;it A'lstiti. bul K?? I '? 'H> hi
work t year ?ago ??n?i ?saine her* In tin
hop? of eavlng hla life The m-adlca
hlatory ??f ins caae ?show*, however, ac
c-ordlng to tii?? Bellevue phyalclana, tha
thf' diacaae had profrea_HBd ao far tha
hla condition laaceaaltated the remova
??i one kidne? ;? while ?ago, and thai hi:
failure to reapond to treatmenl al it?;?
time had rendered hit- caae compara'
tlvel) li<?i??!? pg.
on F'riiny morning, when It. Pried?
mann ?began hie clinic <??' the hoeirital
i ?Oatrander arrived In ? pri?
vat? ambulance a .id was hurried Int?
tin op*_ratlng room. np araa weak '?nd
had to i>< aaalated to ?the operating
table, but he aeemed to ?rally followlni
the Injection of the ?serum and waa r<
moved i" Ward No. L' and placed under
il.? care of Di Milla. The report <?'
hla death laal nlghl ?aecribed Ita cauae
?to acute iiraemla. Whether the aerum
treatment ?*?f th? German apeclalial had
anything to do with the man'a audden
taking ??ff waa ;? taboo aubjacl among
Hi?- hospital ?phyatctana.
Friedmann Defends Cure.
l?r. Frladmann waa found in hla
apartment ?'" the Hotel ?\naonla at
midnlghi ??nd Interned ?>f Profeaaor
Oatrander*! d?aatli Ha became ?greatly
excited, but thla n'oa onlj momentary,
and within a rea minut?e ha had
?alii,??! Buffldently to dlacuaa tha caae.
Ha ?!'"i.'(i ftotlj thai hla treatmenl
had anything to do with haatenlng t lie
petlent'a death, and ?contended thai tha
man l?a?l dl?Bd in >plte <.f. rather be?
??ail??- of, Hi" treatment With hi*?
brother, Dr. Arthur Prledmann, acting
as ?taterpreter, Um tuti?**rcul?**ala expert
\vii?-ii i gave Profeaaor Oatrander
th? aervra on P-ittaj I dtd m ?agalnat
i h?- advi?cc of frtendly ?phyatctana and
purely as ? last reaort Th?. man had
alieed) ?be?W-ne ao aff?*wlad by the ?11?
,.?,???? that one ol hla kfdneya bad been
r?-ni'>v**?l and th?- Other Waa in had ? <?n
dltion. Hla ?''" Wi,s " contlnuoua
rrtriigg1, again?! ?jiwm??< poisoning,
therefore and nis dentil i?1?? nlghl waa,
i ?in: ?free ?" as*/, tha rvtmit ?.t iur_emlc
polatmlng, althougl? I haxra not gone
( ?niimirri on f?nirlh p????, ?lith lolnmn.
\\ ho ?s icth <? in relief v
President Wilson Asks His Old
Messenger to Com?" to Capital.
Ti? i ton v I . M ? ' '-'? Pi ?
Wilson wa nti Sam ' ? ?ordon a' the
Wim.- House, and he " ml h m I ii
loo, j;\ ? i ? ,, v . h Sen it ? knowa
? Bam " '.?!?" hs Ik ? n the guardian ot
the '???"r of ti?" '??"?' mot office for
?omethtng like forty \r-ir*.
\vh<-n 'Sam" |o'?i"i at in mall Ihli
morning he saw ? big ?square i n* el.
with 'he words White House" In Ih?
,,,rti? i h<- ??i?? ned II hastily, and th?ar<
found an aff? i tlonate ?letter from Ihe
President, ashing him lo com? lo ihe
White House Bam" don'l i-.i?1??
Wha1 i" do now. He would hk?- '?? go
lo Washington, bul he hai ? i * Hi
?food buslnesi ??n Ihe aide h? re
When Mr. Wilson ara'a Oovern-ar h?
-re* fond of tii" old m< aenger b
, Hnse of i" loyalt) :"1'1 ''"''.'
??gam" 's siso an espen Irarber, and
could ? ul Mr- Wllaon'a hair as i." ?
,.].,. ,?,i.i.i. The laal time ' .-'am" , er?
?orm-ed Ihli feal waa ? fi w dayi I??
,,?. inauguration, and he carefully
gathered up Ihe hi lr and placed Ii In
ih?- offli ?? Mfe.
D. A. Thomas and Associates
Expect to Secure Big Share
of World's Supply.
?London. March 23 II Is ??nderst? od
thai .?n ?behalf of ? powerful ayndl? ate
I, a. Thomas, ? balrman of the Cam?
brian Trust, will pooh proceed to th?
L'nlted iUtea in order to complete the
negotiations for the purchase of coal
,,,,?,.s there, which he ? ntered into dur?
in? ins visit to several American coal?
lug ?centres la Januar last II \f
Ieared here thai ihe opening ?.f the
Panama Canal will to pome .xt.-nt de?
cr?ase the export movement fr??m the
?United Kingdom, particularly from
South Wales t?1 ports on the weal coasl
of North and Bouth America, bul by
,,?. acquisiti.f coal fields on th<
,,,1,,-r aide of ???"? Atlantic Mr. Thomas
and th-oae otatn lat? d wit* him will be
l? ?, position '" secure ? ?big -hat ? ol
the ?supply.
,;,.? line crystal pebble eyeslaaae?. Hi?
Idnfitbataev? t mlat al ?] ? w ? r ?- . -Mail, a M
Expected to Pata ?Over E.i.st To?
night or Tomorrow.
v. lahlnatoi Mar?*l _'i F
* the 1
d< ath and deal .i ?
of ? ?mall ' .1 Ulli v . ?
? t1:? r st..rni ti-.v. ?level? ping weal nt the
': kj Ma ' ? predicted to paaa
? ? th? ?S lal t?.-ni"'T>?., nlgl I ol
w ? dm ?sda ?
-t-.rin i wamini been < rd( r< l
up from Hattei n to I latport on th.?
Atlantic, ?it:<i rold wave ararnlnga m
the weal lake ?reglen, the middle and
, uppei ' "i \ nil' ?
No decided tail in temperature la ?pra?
ted f"i th?' Real until after the
i tag? "f th? i.? ? ?v w ?wit? m si"t ?.i
? ? i'?? pr? ?ii. t? 'i i?. RM m the ttm?
? until the ?storm an hret
They Prohibit Reporting of Fic?
titious Triinsuetions.
j A then*. Man h 24? Wltl out > pota
t ...ti id.- s? nata paai ? ?I the Bill well
?si'.'k (exchange reform billa to-night.
The- are ?I?? Igned In ?pre? ? ni th? n -
?porting or publii hing of flctltloua trana?
actlona In lecurltlee, -'?n?! i<? prohlbll
friis. repreaentationa i on? ? rning ?securi?
The Aaeembly artthoul oppoaltlon
passed th?- ?sana billa which had been
Introdu? ed bj Majoritj Leader l.??\-,.
Action on all other Block ?Exchange
i, h , including the In? orporatli n ?bill,
a*aa deferred In the Houae until to
4-Year-Old, Whose Brother Just
Died, Badly Crushed.
.inn.? Hlckey, four yeara old, *?h?>
, ii\?s u ith hla parents al No. :,i_ Weal
' i iTih street, a-aa taki n to Harlem it.??- -
I ?.it,ii ?/?eaterdaj aftern*. with ? fool
and l-eg ao bed!) cruehed tnal k was
i sai.i laal nlghl hta chan-cea of recover)
? were ??liu'ht The ?boj waa ran over b)
?.. ateam roller as ha waa-Vtaytng In
fr-.tit ?.t his home.
Tha llttla fellow had been confined
i., hla bad for ?? ?nonth artth measlea,
and had been oui only two boura yea?
terday afternoon when tin- accident
happened. Hla brother Patrick, raven
yean old, ??.as in at the aame tina
and 'I'?'" laal ?week
Th? nxiihiT. when told of th?- Injury
i,, ii\.> ..ni?, child Mh? ha?? i?'ii. hurried
t.. the hoepttal ?to which lanea had
been taken, bul on account of her bye?
tcrii-ui condition irai not peinitted to
gee him l
\ non? itaaaof angostura bitters
before meala ? ?ptendid tonic. Advt
i Governor ?ind Anti-Tammar
Contingent Distrustful of Eacl
Other After Conference.
I "People's House-' Gets Chill
When Executive Finds Visit?
ors More Prolific in Ad?
vice than in Votes.
f r-7 i - ? ? t i
? ? ? Borne I n v est
? . o . - ml i ? "?- i ?> m?. ?
?;???.. i? ? s il - i mil of i;??\.Tii'<r s?i
? - ? Tammany I temocra? -? hi
:... the oth?**r, ai
?i: in? Une i to further ? ?
Thai ? ? v.l.. the aalienl r< suit <
Ihe i ? ? ?i? .- w hi? h the ? lovernor ?ha
: ?? ?iple'a ll"u ? ? '*
the ?up of Ind h l<h: ?i
? ompi i ??? about -i I! then
.i? \ i?? ni.? m? '. in Ihli ?stab p
j Util ?I ,-m-Ii?. Iti? ' ; '? M lit
intl Mui i?'v mi n found th<
? - - uiviiii? t?. brins himaelf to
? h? i>- he n-o'ild make a tr ilffht
ipromlslni light again
Mur: hy, and a II thai o** et ..li.-ui.iu?
tu .\ ? -1 r ; ? ' ? tin ih? oth?* hand, th
Governor found th il the antt-Tatnman
I i? -i!?? ios i ..i? I | .?f ^??tll?^ p? if??'1
I -..-.i nam? ? ? I Une n pnl itlon
and ??? ?tradition of ??? Ing Vk?-?i on man
11?- t.?-. ?i to ?count \ .?t< ? l
almost any kind of .-i ?battle sgalns
Murphy from on? In the Senate to on
m .? Sti te < lommltt? i. ind top foum
th? -mi i -,M?n I'lv clemenl wofutl) scant
Hni ? i i cam man, and Isn't ox
po i -? Imiii'? !' to kicks, The mlnut
h? found the antl Murphj men long?
i>( ndvlce and pi otewtat Ions of suppor
Hi,m ol \??t> m the atmo phere of th
r? ipli House" b ?ran t" ? lull.
W??re "Mrs. Sulzer's Guests."
I 'i'lv- < ;?.'. ? i ? i to da i m? .i ?hard t?
ot) ' h? i. ? itei ? ontert rt< ? bj de
' < laring thai II a ? purely .i ?social af
fair? .-t which the guests wer?* r.-all>
ti.? gu? ? of Mi ?Sulser "Mrs. Sui
-.? ? gui I Included Thomas Mot
? laborm and hut ii *? rid, i 'li.nl? i F
?RattIs ? i. in ? i ? ite ? Job for whom th<
? ;,i\ i ?mor n em lo the length of dip
l'harginit Colonel Scott, Superintendent
..i Prisons; G?eorgc Foster Pcsbod)
John I?. Hague, ol Poughkeepsle;
Georg? Van Kennen, ??i ?Og?*tensburs?
.lohn \. Carlisle, of Water!own; Henrj
Morgcnthau, of New fork; Colonel
William Oorham Rice, of this ?-it?., and
Samuel ?9 Beardsley, of UUcaj Th?sri
waa i?i? ? ni ,ii ?? John a. Hhnnessy,
?.n?? ..i th?- <;?i\11ii??r's appointees, who,
of the Governor's entourage?, aeemed
j iim-i ?bellicose toward Tammany.
\? ? ordlng to some of th?osp pr? ??? ml
the t?ik. m which the Qovernor took ?
leading ?part, turned ?it ones on th?'
**war" taillis?. Murphy, ebon' which
the Qovernor lias t.-? ik.?.t much ?before.
Some of the ?.???itm* t?.i? i the Qovernor
thai n he really fought Ifnrpby and
fought him ao that there ?A.is no doubt
nt >11-i sincerity, Inatead <?f merely talk?
Ing about lighting the Tammany boap,
hr would command the support <>t all
the Independenl ?DemocrtttP of the
state Moreover, he would ?have th?
?upper! of the newspapers ahd of Pres?
ident Wilson, as well is th?- fsdeml
?patronage? thay predicted
Thai r?srj nnturallj b?roughi the ?dip?
illusion around the matten ??f patron?
lags. The ?Qovernor t.iik??i with iho
visit?n about thr? varloua Jobs he has
( nniinunl ?m ?uili pagr, fiiiirth . oluma
Omaha the Worst Sufferer from the
Tornado, the Dead in That
City Alone Reaching 1 50.
Terre Haute Also Stricken and Numerous Towns hi
Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska and Other States Almost
Wiped Off the Map?Many Thousands Home?
less?Prompt Relief Work Started.
Number of Known Dead and Injured
Left in the Wake of the Tornado.
While reports of the dead and injured in the tornado are
incomplete and vary widely, the following table gives the num?
bers as nearly as they can be sifted from the conflicting state?
ments received up to a late hour last night:
Place. Dead. Injured.
Omaha and suburbs .152 330
Terre Haute . 20 250
Yutan. Neb. 16 20
Council Bluffs. 12 15
Berlin. Neb. 7 12
Chicago . S 40
Glenwood, Iowa . 5 2
Bartlett, Iowa . 3 10
Weston. Iowa . 2 2
Neola, Iowa . 2 2
Bebbe. Iowa . 2
Malvern, Iowa . ? 2
Walton. Ill. 1 3
Sterling. Ill. 1 ?
Transverse City. Mich. 1 ?
Perth. Ind. ? 1
Totals.227 691
The raging tornado which struck the best residential section
of Omaha on Sunday evening and swept through sections of Ne?
braska, Iowa, Indiana. Illinois and other states did even greater
damage than was at first estimated.
Telegraph and telephone wires are still so broken down that
complete details of the extent of the great storm cannot be had,
nor can anything like an accurate estimate of the number of lives
lost be given.
Of the 202 known dead within the area covered by the storm,
152 were residents of Omaha. The remaining dead are scattered
over a considerable range of territory, with Council Biufts reporting
12: Yutan, Neb.. 16; Berlin, Neb.. 7; Glenwood. Iowa, 5; Noola.
? Iowa, 2. and Bartlett, Iowa, 3. The same cities and towns report
an aggregate of 400 persons injured and 450 homes demolished.
Perhaps 1.500 persons are homeless. Aside from this. 3.000 build?
ings were damaged, many being churches and school buildings.
Eight of Omaha's public schools were wrecked.
No great number was killed in any one place. The wind swept
along, taking its toll here and there. The tornado even jumped
over portions of the city in its path, swooped down again and
dashed obstructions to earth.
No sooner had the great wind passed than a second violent
gale swept over much the same territory, but with lessened fury.
Property losses are enormous. In Omaha alone the damage
is believed to be at least $5.000,000. and many declare it will reach
more than twice that sum.
Reconstruction was begun to-night when, at a meeting of the
Real Estate E.\change, a committee was appointed to take up this
Insurance companies experienced heavy losses, most of their
fire policies carrying a tornado clause.
Several of the smaller towns in the path of the tornado were
practically wiped out of existence. In Berlin. Neb., not one build?
ing escaped, and only two or three failed to be entirely destroyed.
Terre Haute and numerous small Indiana towns in its vicinity
suffered heavily from the tornado. Eighteen persons are known
to have been killed, and the list probably will be lengthened. The
injured number at least 250. and some will die. while probably the
property loss will exceed $1.000.000.
Chicago also caught a taste of the tornado. The storm caused
the deaths of five persons in the city and its suburbs, and fifty
were hurt. About $500.000 damage was done to property.
Floods swept through several Wisconsin cities, damaging
goods valued at many thousands of dollar-, in basements. Dams
were washed out in many places and the released waters swept
over the fields below.
Relief work was undertaken with remarkable promptness in
all the devastated cities and towns. Local authorities appropriated
money to care for sufferers and citizens' committees hurried to
offer cash and services.
President Wilson sent a message of sympathy to Omaha and
asked what help was needed. Numerous other offers were re?
ceived by the city from all parts of the country.
iimaha. Mai i h 1_4.-With thi? ?hath
list tin? tuHtlni? around 100 and in?
jured ?ippaicntly Hi?. Omaha and 'li?'
ciirrounillnK territory In Nebraska ami
Iowa to-nlKht tncod Um problem of
Iuiii?*!?,'" the thousunds rendered home- ?
lestf by last iilf-ht's tornad??. The mini- I
her <?f buUdtBfl >!? .itro\??l was uuki to
l.e in lh?* nelKhl??)rh(???d <>f 1,-iX?. .i?i<1
the property damaf-e lOM is UPTtml 'a
nach neveral million dollars.
l'?lat?-?l i ?in.its COOUBf to ?'tnuiia
teniieif ti? farv?? th?-' ?:ni>rrnLty of __p
?tontado's i...?i7*~-.i-Lu?n ?nil tnd?C"? trd
that a mu? h v. ?1er territory h_d ii-?*.n
in th?* yulh of ths storm than ?as rtrst
shown. .\>.\t to Omaha, whan ths
_aad ?PlO paobahl*" remain around VSt\
Futan ami Ralston. Nah* npoctPd 1??
and 11 lUialha. raapOCtlvely. and Coun?
cil Bluffs ?12
Th?* h".?n?i i als in Omaha tOH-Dght art
full of iniurv>?i. many of whom "iav*a
n??i >et been Ident-Sed, apparently be

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