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Passengers Terror Stricken on
Tram Following Whirl?
wind's Track.
Travellers See Houses Crufable
Like Paper or Go Tumbling
Along Ground?Escaped
Because Late.
81? - ? both thrill
sen related t??-?i.?\ by
i torn ni'? whk b
v ? - ? ioa : and
? ? ? i ? .
. ? ig
?.? ?? R illroad t.'.iin,
?atfhins '? '* ?''ou?T ?"' I ' - ton
elpe? up tlic
.lead and '
? i wer? pis ? i ??t.
Hie car?
era until the trail
way In
? ? ? of i
fff'-u ? ? all bul t ill
n. K ....
? ? l ? viewed II
? ? . . ?
Out of Clear Sky.
? 1 a-- t'.
<?.<? train re being
?tana \v
\. ? ? i ;i str?ng? . ? ! -
? . toward the a
; ei ' u Th- ? loud
??r ra; travel!??! at tremei
H -
QUR Catalogue
*"5J11** will help
you plan that new
office equipment?it'll
save you money too.
275 Canal St.
v, -
?the one piano "?old
at a moderate price
that ranks with the
highest priced and
hct known instru?
ments in the world.
>')-?J I ' ft MS
23 West Forty - Second
Special To-Day
I <ed (irand, 1500
A Spteiol Purihate
$2,00 Negligee Shirts
at $1.25
?mportid Madraa. Crepe and
Pwttle.pleated and plain
??*-* tod _tiff Cuffs.
They are the
*mple line of a L2>^ ' " ****\
high-class m 'fr. LJfxW&
-*?! Werwear. Medium and Light Weight.
?Mfnat-i Vi I, Middleman-* Profit? Saved !
50c. Silk Socks at 29c.
_,|?'n ami ,.,, ?r.|i?,i ??.?tr nil islsis.
Wfewin-j afternoons at 2:30 P. M.
***** Thur?day and Friday Evening*
???"W- ':; hihi :?. ?h |?J| ?-. l<?< U.
41 Mi-O?.| I I AI ? THIN
Silo's Fifth Av.
Art Galleries
"SILO in I M'I.??'--. '
,Hl II fi. Aire.
It 3 hihi .i t*if>i Ml IT.
Tbe Entire Valuable Collection of
Antiques and
Oil Paintings
^** English and Irish Silver, Rare
***-** Porcelains and Bronzes, Beau
?^?l Pieces cf Furniture of the Louis
XV? and Loui* XVI. Period?,
Belonging to
?* <*> lifth Atenu?. \,w V?Jfk
*t* totti ?? geepunt ei.f tht tltmoUtion nf
_mwsUAint, preeleut to tat erettion a> tat
?***>t.<>r?d layloetOire.,
hn. jami.s p. SILO, fisrttsaaar.
?M""! It assuma.I tin? f?.rm of a "unntl
and the air was t ? : i ?. i with ? sin ill, ?.? ?r*
i':?-p Ing nolae. Then tha funnel wem?
:" prom Ma? k. 'i"ii?? -?mailer end thai
near the ground waa aboul a half mile
in diameter, it awlahed ucrou th?? rail?
road track ,n.<i awepl upon it.?' lit11?? t"?.' n
"Houaea ?.?Hat's.?i us though the) were
?f Piper. Roofa \??in aalHng awn?, and
walls '?h m. The ?pajwengera aat a
though glued xo their scats wh n tl
cloud s;i'?.;, Then, aa they compre
hended the deatrurtlon wrought, a fry .?r
horrtrr arenl up from ? - ? ry ??i" it vas a
t.'vr?'if Bight
"Then the engineer brought Ihe angina
to a si?.], and th" paaaengera ran over to
the wr-t-ckage "f iv h.?..s. >. We could
1 hear the groana of dying men and th?"
i wails and ahiieka ??f Injured women an?i
< hlldr? ?
Place Injured on Train.
"I entered a bouae, or, rather, what had
be? h a houae, and b? math me lay a
woman, l looked and I ?
w?- ?_,.t all ..f the Inji r?-?) out ol
; the i ? ght them to the tr iln.
W? were atMMit t" leer* th? place when
ittentlon wa all? ? to a llttlo houa?
kir? dlataac i from tha othera it I ??-1
i?, ?ii v. :. >k? 'i and ?mov? .i f ? ? ?*?? its found i?
tlona, bat we fourni a inother ami hei
'!tt!?' baby lying opon ? bed uninjured
"Another man araa in a baaement HI?
'"?:.-.? was carried away bmi?v, and he
waa left atandlng, auprlaed, hut unln?
"Th? re waa ? 'ic: thrashlnc machine
atandlng near one ?if th" houaea, and
k ; it sh??t straight
i . ilr au?I waa rat rio.i : b >ut
fort* roda Houaea went rolling and I
tumbling along th?? ground. I ???>?. ?? bos
car carried alona by tho terrific air cur?
rent for a quarter of a mile. When h
: ? ? ? t o? :?? \en m? *:. w ho turn? ?'
? il i.'x !??? part of a repair gang, dl : '
.? i* Bon a? ?? them lay ?? ry : till.
? ? ?. ? ?? ? crawled about
"Th?. next atatlon our train
through wa Benaon, when the acen?
wer% atlll more appalling Th.ro ??ere
nevera I I 1ea ther?. un.) they
were all atr? a n In h? apa Wa
a l.'t of Injured, an,i I don'l know how
many dea I we !? ft bei Ind.
Limbs Torn Off.
"Th? cloud had wheeled and made tow?
ard South Omaha. Wa were not far ?be?
hind, but OUr way was M ick? I hv th?
debria the tornado had throarn on th?
tracki Then, t<>". wo atopped frequently
t" pick up t':<? Injured. Boma had thoir
llmba t ?: n off, an i all w< re ? ut and
? ? ? ? nger a Mi George J
H Ah.? : wnt. of Byracuae, wh?. t??<?k the
? . | I.in? Oln.
When the h?ouaea began t'? fail, aha
?said, i n ?.?? -? ?:tt!o girl urcaacd In whit"
atari fi "P. ":.f th" h? 1 run
down tin- atreet, with her hand? abo i
J iat then the i Id? ?>f a I
? ng through the all, and. ahoot
? p .?- ; ?;? : Ij downward, it stri)?'. ? ?
?? ?i her ban? ath II i cloaed
. ? !
?kit-other eyewltm u was a < hkag<oan,
wh?> withheld his name to avoid poi
.. to an ?f. ??::?: wlfa li" told ..f the
? ??* at Omaha when th- train atoppad
th? :?
"I ?.?. recoverintj 'i"tn what i t.-"i
? ? ?) ? tra.ii. ? h?' ?jald. "when a?
i .-i into Omaha wit h the injure], it
v - night th? li, hut .-;'?! a night! Th"
tad with .i great rod glar?
and ti.?- atreeta ware Hilad with ?people,
who ,-i't'd a?- though they were n:a?J. it
- v. ? , i veril ? ? ? ?ige. i '?
Uy tii" cri?a of the wo inded un?
loaded at tha station were drowned bj
t? - rifle ; ? da of thund? r.
Like Gigantic Torch.
The town la burning! We'll i
killed " --???.'? !.? pi cryl i| Th? ro wa
... that night foi man) ??1 th? pa
and in? women on th? train wan
half alck with terror. \? oui train left
Omaha wa co Id aee a big hotel burning
i flamea shot Into m**- air like th?.?-? of
. eat torch."
The graj coat of ?eo ?-?? Peckham, t '
all? ora i taina >.f blood
? alighted at th- Burlington station
hi :. He liad lent it t<> a nulo- gil i t"
?.. ., - ., pillow ?m which t?> tent her
bleeding hi ?ad.
??.?..? faun?! m Ralaton to?.j mo thai
1..: a w?-?-k he had had a |?i "monition tn.it
?something wa- going t" happen, and wa
red (?T tin? worat," ?ai?l Peckham.
?il?- had been atandlng "n *'i" dooratepa
when h? noticed th?. funnel Bhaped cloud
Ha called hla wife and four children, and
they nil sought refuge m a cyclone >'<?::.?.
whl n i ?? had Rnlahed digging the day
before. Five mlnutea later thou- houae
??. ent Bailing aa ay?
? .?f :s paaaengera ware iu?'k'. ?.>'??
were ten mlnutea late when wa neared
Ralaton Had w< been on timo, wa would
havo been st,?n<inm at th" lutio atatlon
whan th?- atorra atruck."
Every Structure in Berlin, Neb.,
Suffered in Tornado.
Lincoln, Nab., March St. Bevon peraona
ware killed ami ?seventeen Injured a'
Berlin by tho tornad.? which atruck that
villa?,?, last evening, rhe tillage waa a'
moat completely wrecktMl, every one ??f
th?? bulldlnga being elth? r totally <? pai i ?
Th.? dead imiud'd Henr* Koch and hla
w.f". Albert ?Koch, John Koch, Sylvia
Tiede, Mrs t : r i? t n I ? and an unknown mail.
f*mpl03 "'I an a s<?<*tlon hand.
Bvary building was deatroj _ with the
?->,? .-pilon of ?i?<- ?-hin?:, and parta ?>r two
rMldencaa Baverai ?.i the i*aaklenc4sa t""k
tiro and the wreckaga waa burped.
Physician? arrivid Irani A'.?.a ami
Bjilacua? and tho Injured received medi
. ai attonth?!!. Tin? i'?"ii?s of the victima
were planed in th" eburch, ahtch la ?being
us??i temporarily hs ?? .hoik i?-?
j,,,ot Mnatatlng al tu.eas worn. ..f
uwela and ? draft for ?IMM found in tho
i.os:-?-.?.-i"i? of three young men wa*?
claimed yeaterta**1 by Mrs. Martha iiami
pa., ?f N" tM Weel ISOth atreet, who ?-aid
,ii(. (rea ura ?betowtad to her ward, Miaa
Mai-;..i?t UaatriCi Uddall. Tho man were
arraigned y-sattwday m the Weal s..i?
?our! and baM in J?-?"'") hall ?a? h on ???
charge uf graml Urcny.
Gl ORGE \ X 1SU v> "i' VST1 ' "
Our nf Omaha's shoa plat . which nrai tvn Iced by tlic ?storm.
?Omaha, March i Latest ri porta t<
nicht ?jav? th.- following llsl ol Mentlfl?
dead ai < ?mal . and Rali ton:
BARBER .- ??
BARNES. I- ' I I. 1
BBJEIJ'W Mi i il. So 2527 Casi atreel
i 1. \: \ i.i. i ii? i ? ? I | ? llncmai
N< -'?I- I?
I? . .i. ei ?? ,?? So lit \orth 3Sth al
il:. NiKS. Jm I 241 h an
) i ? .
? 111 : i.- . I tin
v ???-." ?
?'HI'I-- ' "
.... treeit
I, Man
I . . -. ., . ? ? 24th street
I'AMKI..-' Ml ' ?? IStl u
DANIE1 ? ?? ' IStl
i ? a N' i ! : i _- , . .- - - uight
i?.\Nii:i.- ? ?
, ?? ? .
i? wir Mra Prsnk, No 4110 William ?tree!
DAVIE, ? ?tarletta, No ?H" Wl II i. I
! 'A\ I,-'. Mi- 1.7- ?t.? ? "" ' '
DAVIS, Mra . ?'? sa I H ? ltd ttret it
I ? 11.1 ? \ ? ' W . ; '
1.1 \? ? \ N. ?. or* ' 4101 1 ?treet
i" l .i
?; . ? ?
' l ?? ?-i i.i l -
? ? , it 4SI " a etr?
KEHUI ? " _-.:.? '??? i"
FIELDS, D i.. No '.*"'- Franklls atraal
.-?-,? k;!n Slti "
| Kit '/.. il \ . No 2723 Hi ????.?
1 ??' m ? i ;? ?
? :.M.|.. Mi 1 F No 2?04 I
? i ... V
? :.? ( '
i. \l:l I.
.i ?:.'.?' GH, Mr* I ?? '? '??
,i ? DIM
GRll ?->?'.! rdetts Si ""
i ? : : ? . Mil
ii win ?;?-.' ; ? ? Oraat atrae
HANSON Ml . 4, | u 1 ?' ?.?
ii \.'..-i:i.i. ?. .? negi
HAN8BN ?? n
ON m . ? i - ... ? ireet
UN .1 ?; . No V'*? Mr
? ? ?. ? ? .pan) ?
n \.v.-i..v Mn i (. , No '??>? m lyberrj
ii .?-.
l< \i:IjV, Mi si '. Mr- , sf ? c lai ?????
m.ivi: Mil as I .?:??-'? '"?? sad M
HEM-HI? KSON. Andrew, 4.v| arvi i.
???.? ?
m.-.- m \.v v- Ellen, Ko m.i ? ?? ?
it reel
HANSEN, Mr? mothet Hai Hsi
boily found al isth ind Mai .-??.'?
11'?-.?;. Ml- .1 I? No 4.111 ? ?:???
m \ ? ?? ? ? HaM, aal?
I ? : |1 i. ? ?
HOI M Mi an I bal nth and
? i.i? .i. ? atn ?
lit i.'i i.\?; Mil - i'v ?Ja No 'jv. r age
at rae i died ?? ? i i :
? ? ue
JOHNSON, T E ?n'irrni
JOHNS? N, Tom, SStli sad ?toward Btreetl
JOHNSON, Mn Ella, K< Mu North SOtl
v?r,.. ?
ii.iv-? in, Miss, tfth ai M um n Btraeta
JEPSON r? in ?.- -?.ir old ?iushter of
i: Iward S. Je\ ton No |0_? g, ?.??i, 4?.-1.
JIMPSON, - ?. workman, Missouri fa-ifl
: indhouae, r?f>th an-i Emmei ttreeta
KIENE M? ?? ?
KIM BALL, Mr? Edith, twsBty-alaa :e?'x
old, Winnipeg, (ranada
kimi: M.I.. i ran? as, tve ?/?ara si l
K BIN -i- ?' Nati as b U ??-, Ne -'?'?' I Nfr?h
??? ?i itreet
i K RI.V8KT, Mi
; I I ? - ? v . Mtdrea
?? . -, _ __ ? ?? ??- ? ? '?
KH ?Mi i: o. us), round ? ? k of th?
?", it i?, i Market, 4"t?, and K.in,
'..\\ I ! ?;??. Ml "? MB rath M
| UAI IIMIE, . tv ? ?... Old '
? I \i:
? ' ? \ \? la, K? ta?S Nori Mtl ? I
i ;.i\i'-i:\ , Marie. No. 141 ! ? ? ?
( M"l. . ? \ ".? ???.?,
" -
: " Mi
| XKU.K1 rfman'f
, ?? . < .;
? ? ?? . killed
M i ; " ? ?
?.. ?
M? in ?i?--. Mi ' '
SORRIS. M ? ' ...
I* A R KI ? ' ? ? . I I.
? I ?
?Mr ? i it
. a..? ? ? ? ? . ?
? ?' -?
ItoXIK ???..??- |
? ?
,' ,
' I
. ? i : ?
i . kexlua itraeta
-Ml'. II. 1 ; .? ? 1. ? ? I
? \\ ? ' \ I
? ?
?. ? ?.
' ? I
. : i i.i\ IN. M
. .
v. ; ?.?. '
\\ \i:T/.l.
. ?
.-.. ., i Blufi i ? M I -Kol
Ml Hat of d
? i. . ? earby towni ?
ton*-.' ? in, Mi and Mra
t ? ? ? .i ?.*? ** *???rn
!: ! ? lames It
ri??e, Man
S.'lll I.. ?
?? mm".i. . tat?? ? ??'?*: ?? i
? ? ..???.?? ?
?a ??.'??..in. a? ?Dana? II? ?ri
\t W< .-ton. Iowa
: II' 'MAS M.?< UiTi
?SRMAN. Mr? ?'" M'?>
At \? ola, i"? i
JON ta, Mi? Edward
. ???? m ol Mi ?<? f Un laca
M ?; I'M
a? ?;;? nwo? d Iowa
LAMBERT, kttt if Iwai I
i. iMBERT if11 in. IV?;??* ? ?ara e _
IIKRItITT Clyd? tf ?' " two tout* old
M Mi.\ \ 1.1' Mis ':??.?-_
Two men, apparently Bw?Bdea and river
i oatm? n, w? re net Ment ?if- ? phj alat? d
yesterday In Walaha Hot?!, al S? M
Ocean avenue. Jeraey City i h? i ? ni
.. room at 3 o'cl<?ch In th? mornli . ?.<?
!n the afternoon th? odor of sa wai d?
I,, i..| and the ?loor Ol th? u i""'', wa
' forced _
**r new Vork ^*tr pm*
The most brilliant ensemble
of Women's and Misses'
Outer - dress in America.
It costs no more to possess a Tailored Costume
or Suit?Gown?Dress?Coat ?Wrap ? Blouse
?or Hat bearing the Gidding label than it
does to purchase apparel without this guarantee
of authentic style.
Choice punliasei tunde Indus and during the remainder r,f
this ni'iuth will he tktYFgtd on lulls rendered Ma\ ist.
fifth Avenue, 46ib it 47tb Streets
Omaha Authorities Quickly Pro?
vide Money to Care for the
Injured and Homeless.
PiK'.-idcnt Wilson Offers Help,
the Red Cross Acts and Re?
lief Is Pledged from All
Parts of Country.
' ? " SI.?The Om ths ? it v
? II .1 I .1, ; t ? ?
relief u?-.rk, and clti?
it I orgsnlsed
d mat? ? | ??? The < Itlsei ?'
r? ? ? , <nin
: l ?.f lifts- i \? ??ulive
I? v. --k will? tl.
?, . ? ? Moi notified Mayor
! ? ? : i
? ? ? i. . ?..? for .?.'i
!:'i. ? int im ? : ?
. throughout the ital
? i. i or?
? .i: loons In til vicinity or
fit* trict to remain closed ?un?
? ?
Il et in and
I there
for et ? r ;ill those ? ho
idltorlum The r -
1 to the?
( ? : he i ni"ii Gospel Ml on
?rill pro. Ide * \- vt\ fl\.- m? n with ?
?| ? tteo hss ssked ths
atloni snd l rn
. "? ? ;
? ?
Tl " the Ch* ml er of f*otn?
. i ?.???.,.; m? ?-? of
' Id ?????h i. it. ?- ?
i rivet snd
i .....^
-? ? ? Mar??h ?4 ''? lent'
v ? . m ?. v ? | " ?? lam?
Dahlroan, Mayor of Omaha, as follows: !
"[ ?im deeply distressed at the news
received from Nebraska. Can we help
m any way?"
The President received a^ reply to his
telegram fron Mayor Dahlmau statins:
that assistance iras not needed, hut that
th.. offer iras appreciated. Mayor l>ahl
man'a telegram follows
? We deeply appreciate your offer of
assistant*?, bul our people ate respond?
ing nobly, ; ? ii*l i believe we cas bandit
the situation. Major Hartman, of Fort
Omaha, and his men, ?-??me promptly t?>
o'ir assistance ami are doing great work.
The people of Omaha desire, however,
to express their gratitude to you for
your message <?t' sympathy."
[?rector ?Blcknell, of ths Rod Cross,
lift to-d.iy for Omaha to take personal
? barge of relief measures, lie previous- .
|j had Instructed Rod ?"ross acents in
?li; ?o and ?-?t- I.?mis to hurry to Urna
h.? altea?! of him.
gurgeon General Mlue, of the Public I
Health Service, has ordered Blrgeon ?)
? ?. Cobb, uf the ?United Btatea Marine
Hospital, Chicago, t?> ?hold himsoif in
readiness to ?.'?? to Omaha to assist the
health apthorltles in preventing the I
pread of disease which might follow in i
the WSke of the disaster
As the jd Division, ?'?ntral Department,
??i' the army, headquarters of which 1?
L'hicago, i? now mobilised in Qalvestoo,
the only federal troops gear Omsha
available for relief w..rk th?-r?- are ?me
? ompany of the signal corps, comprising
about a hundred men. stationed at old
l'.irt lima!,a
Colonel Hoyle, in charge "f tie division
?headquarters at Chicago, in notlfybig the
War Department of tin- disaster at
?hii.ilia, said he ha<! Instructed Major ?'.
F Hartman, at Kort Omaha, to place the
few troops there at the disposal of the
civil authorities This action was ap?
proved by tit?? department War Depart?
ment Officials said If more troops were
J necessary they would he ?Jrawn from th??
I Bastera Department rather than from
the mobllixatlon ? amp.
?Chicago, March 2I.-Emery P. Walker,
representing; a committee of huslness and
professional men formed almost spon?
taneously when news of the fflssilor at.
1'-?..?ha became known, teleRraphe?l
Mayor Dahlman to eount on relief from
all class's In tills ?-Ity.
Albsny, March ?M. ^vvrfi'ir Sulzersent
the following message 1? Mayar Dnhiman
of I Una ha to-night:
1 ??m deeply grieved te ?learn of the
terrible disaster which lias done so much
?damage to your beautiful dty an?) de
It's not this, that or the other
thing?it's tobacco g-oodness!
This great, sale-eclipsing brand of
cigarettes was gotten up to please
smokers. A quality "distinctively
individual"?will please you!
stroyed so many valimhi?. lives. Through
you I extend my heartfelt sympathy to
strtrkon families and to all the sufferers.
M Now- York can rendor nny aid, let ma
St. Loot*, Marih 24.-Th?*? follo-vlng m?s
aaga was sont to-day to Mayor Dahlman
of Omaha by Mavor Fredorick B. Kr?*ls
niat.n of St. Iannis: "Tho city of St. Louis
d?eply sympathizes with you and your
people In the calamity that has befallen
vour cltv. What assistance, If any, can
St. Louis render?"
Boston, March 34?Mayor Fitzgerald j
sont the fo! I o win er mo?=?aRo to Mayor i
Dahlman of Omaha to-day:
"Beaton extends heartfelt, sympathy to
Omaha. Can wo do anything to help
Il ~H FOUNDED 183b l?l'^: I
Timely facts briefly put.
Our ample provision of Spring Clothes
Thousands of Spring Overcoats,
fancy effects, oxford and black.
Thousands of Spring Sack Suits,
fancy mixtures, blue and black.
Spring Derbies and Soft Hats,
the newest colors and shapes.
Spring Furnishings,
in a Complete Variety.
Motoring Clothes,
both for owner and chauffeur.
All in full accord with our usual high
standard for style and quality and priced
on a basis of true value.
Astor Place &JFourth Avenue
E ' ??
"Walking is Waste"
Says an Eminent Efficiency Expert.
ORGANIZATION that is econom?
ically managed is equipped to handle
all its business without waste of time, useless
moves and confusion."
Such an organization must have adequate
telephone facilities to help cut the corners,
to eliminate wasteful walking between desks
and departments and to create order.
Are your telephone facilities adequate?
We will gladly send a representative to talk the
matter over with you and to assist you to fit
telephone service to your needs.

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