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iYrtti .lurk (Tribunf.
: -
On ? Tribu?
? .. ? ? on; < '?-la-n
M i: ' :
?. *? 1 - - A?l.!re?.i, Tribune '<
? I '. ? 1 '?*?
i- I Mall, lostag??
l'uni, oui ? . Her Ne? fork.
rr.ontt..S '"?
? ". ? '-' ?
I . *
. ' ? '
onlV. hit ni":.tl;?i. f( ""
. ?' " '
. '-' '" ?
? ? ? . Tie. In the j
- . i idlni POitr -
. I ? - - .$tS ?I<1
? ? thi - .M.14
1? \u.y ONLY:
. .. il ???_?? ? .112 SI
. \N \t.i \n RATES,
? ? ??? ... || '". ?One ? aai |1 M
month.* ? at.$?*..oo
$ .:,n On?. >anr.14-91
at the ] toflce al New York ?".*?
? iae Mall Matter.
Phe tornado la an old enemy of man
n ill" Mlsslaalppl Valley region and
? thai do knowledge or foresighl can
?l?'f??iit. Th? hurricane ti ses ?has losl
-"tue of ils terrors for the ?ship in Its
irnck. for with the development of
meteorology the captain who keeps an
eye -on "the glass" and a quick mind
In his bead can dodge the worsl of
? yclonk* ?condition?.
Bui for ti;.? ?city or tillage In tiio path
of the land itorm co mich precantion
aralle, The ruin that came to Omaha
?nd the other til-fnted communities of
i ho Middle W?eat remain? part of thai
? tntng nni tempest*1 from which
inati. however wise, cannot deliver blm?
Wo fentnr? to ad?l that UM American
spirit tn ?M lac? of disaster is mor?
than wisdom and hotter than safety.
Th? whole country t??-day throbs with
sympathy for the hard Ml rttl*?? and
towns. The prompt telegram of Presl?
?lent Wilson said well whal each of
r.- | of all. the whole coun?
try shares In the pride and pluck
with which the Mayor of Omaha telli
of a stricken city rising from its ruins.
?-.. reads the story all along the line. ?
The case of ?San Frandaeo is still j
; In ?-very Otae'l mind. It will al- '?
ways reflMln the great example of
-._-.. ?before overwhelm? ;
mg disaster. The country helped then. ?
um u mus? help now. it i* no ?time t?> ]
, .mi. - ly, ahd i;i ?many ways i
ral authorities, the bordering
?-?nt?'?.. the private association? of re
? (be business world ?is well can
111 be of real aasistance.
Mr? Inspiration f??r the nation, how .
? ? r. |<? tii?' ahtH>r American pluck ?ith
. mmunlty ?bakes Its
, ni n to tii?* flght t?f such
.- -.. think. Is America
dins lo ti"' message transmli
? ; ?ri of < lOYernor Sulsi?r'a
i : stive nYcstigatlng commit
Hie state's business methods are
u; nntiquatcd and lax.
? i.-lusion will surprise i.?..?y
? h? ? . had anything to do with
departments al Albany It is al
j - "next we??k" there.
'.'he committee cites the fact that the
?i ?ear begins on October 1, but the
tes f??:? the year have t?? be sub?
mitted on November 15, eleven months
and a half ahead. Th? test <>f the
time until tii?? l_egialature adjourns In
May or June Is spent trying to catch
ui? with tin* nee?!?; of the state govern?
ment as they arise und providing for
then, through deficiency estimates
The work of th?* ?estimators, like
woman's, is never ?lone. Mr. ?Suiter's
coinu.iit.-e sensibly ?recommends thai
the fiscal year be made t?> begin on
.inly i Instead of October i If the
change is effect? ?i reporta on th? doings
?f 1913 li will he more likely to get
into print before r.'i'.-'iT
Other promising suggestions are thai
the appropriation bills be classified
and ti'?* so-railed supply billa be (ii
????ntlinied, that the l>??ar.ls having su
?lurviblon over prison affairs he (-?insoM
datod, that tii?* administration of th??
prison and highway departments he
improved and that th" state printing
system he ?reformed.
Th?? stute government lms been ?run?
iiin^r al loos? ends for many years. Its
operations are slow and costly, a
most any change in n.etlK?<i<j would ?be
for the 1 ?'tt?-r. and the Sulzer Investi?
gating committee bad easy work dis
covming Improvements which ought t<>
be worth while.
II i- mi at h? surprising that, as re
t < ? r i ? -. i hj our Shanghai ?correspondent
In Hunda? s Trihnne, there ar?? ih<.-e
China who mlsinterprei the with?
of the United states from the
six-power loan negotiations and ?regard
it either a confession of American
weakness or a desertion and betrayal
. f China in ber time of need, such
v lews are n<?t. however, by any means
i iilrersal. Then? are those who regard
? ? '.?.???l ?..an pp ;i ?grave inciia<v
t? th?? fiscal Integrity and lnd<*>pendenee
??I the Chinese Republic, and who will ;
. fore feel grateful t.? this country ;
for tiikin- ;i step Which m;iy wholly
t th.it project. Thus "The China ?
Itepublican." of Shanghai, a Journal i
earnestly devoted t.? the new ?.nier of
slTain in thai country, says <?f the six*
i ower '"?'in proposals :
It ' - doubt-id ? h? ther
- : i ? modern lnt?
lonal Snan? <? an* r. sponslble *,???. -
? i niiKin evei i ? ?' treat? ?i such mon
s i?..m ( ondit ? isl). \. i
to?day the high? ?? authorities al P?
who h:?\" pin p.,.?. |j concealed ti.?
wb.ild lawfully heck oui but
?-how no disposition to do the righl
tinriir. who with their ? ym wide ?
ild <h Uberat? ly ?saddle this young,
republic with an Intolerable burden.
? ho know full wr-ii that there I
the >?ii all? -' reason or ]ustlfl?_atl ? I i
ruahtng inattara .-?t this Juncture ?avili|
plunge the nation lato s Snancial
hen? e extrication aill be both
< OStl. :? "i difficult,
in thin ? low ?,f tin? ca?? China baa
cause to rSfSld as |i<*r frieml the power
m !'i'-ii has a iilvlr.-iwn from lhat loan i
? " il littM done v... amone ?
ma, I.." ?i?i-.? it ?lsapprov? ?I the op
? ?lve conditions which tl.tber
?powers intended io ?in??..-.? up n the !
borrower. If ibal ? Ithdrnwul kIihII Is*
promptly follow?! with n of
lh.? I'liiii?'-.' I:?-;.ill !i?-. i!?? gloom}
ts of some nl Shanghai may ?"? din
Inte! i i th?' ....n?]-. ni
<-??? nmer? ?? ai ?I hones) friendship
tween tbjs country nnd China maj I?*
gre -i Ij ronflnned
President Wilson's frank confession
.?? embarrai ?unont to which ho Is
being pul in asking men lo serve
country abroad ni a "sacrifice of lime.
< f means and of opportunity al home"
cughl lo ?-tir Congress to making more
liberal provision for 'base n Is* aecepl
Ihe higher diplomatic ?posts, it Is h
neath the dignity of a grt nt and op? |
lout nation like lh? L'nited Stati-s lo '.
try to ?-??! people to work for it nl their
<?\vTi expense li ongbi nol to ?be ask?!
when ambassadors and ministen are
appoii.I, '?'.m they ?pay their own
waj '.-" As ?i matter of self respect and
fair dealing the governraeul should pay
; their waj.
Congress made .-i -'"???l starl In 1911
when u authorized the Secretar.* of
State i" acquire buildings In forei?gn
?capitals, where II has none, for Ihe
Iuse of the diplomatic and consular es?
?i iblishtnents. Btii so far no appropria
( lions have been made lo cai r* oui ihe
authorization. All Ihe other great
!p<?w??rs provide homes for their am?
bassadors and ministen and meel Ihe
cost of ?repairing and furnishing Ihem
The embassy is ?pern - Il should
Le. ?uni the ?cost of Its maintenance Is
nol pul as a ?personal charge on th?
cupant. Il 1- only proper for the ?
try to ?bear the expense of observing the
?H; |i math* and mx lal ? i i of the
rnrloos ?capitals to which envoys ?ir?v
sent Definite standards are thus set,
and it becomes a simple matter for dip
lomatk representatives to adjust them?
selves t" them. The country should not
shoulder on them ?personal n -?
bllity f?>r upholding American credit.
ir might nol be advisable to Incr?
rlally the salaries of n ??', ?sad? : -
and minist? rs. 'Those salaries are high
compared with the ""ompensntlon ?>f offl
of the Brsl rank al home, The
trouble Is that the government co
??els diplomats to nse their ?salaries to
pay expenses which are in no way i? r?
sonal M embassies and legal Ions were
to be built and ?maintained ?it i-1
expei ???. an i suitable entertainmeni
funds, varying acrcordln?* to tit.sl of
keeping rip an embassy In the ?: ? ?
capitals, were to ?be provided, tii?> pr?s
< nt ?salaries might serve
The President has found It difficult
pn of moderate Income to go
nhroad. The combination of nidi ?
perience, knowledge of the world
paclty for diplomacy, private i
and the willingness lo use them In thc|
public Interest Is rare. If merit
distinction alone aro to he recog? ? !
i.' filling i Igh diplomatic ?posts ihe
iiiiii.ii?. <>f the ?service will have ?
rllevlated. The President's recent
statement l-eaves Congress no furl
excuse for blinking the facts.
\\. i ave watched a Ith ; gr? I deal
of amusement our neighbor "The Her
1 aid's" lonely efforts to "defend" Sen
York's fame by bnshing up the i?"ii?-i
?Mandai, it reminds us of a famous
attempt ?to sweep ?bach the sea, < ir, to
take a more modern ?parallel, It ;
effectual as Mayor Gaynor's plan t??l
?irush ?Dlstrl? : Attornej Whitman bj
calling him an "enemy."
The Idea of calling every one ? h ?
Insists upon cleaning np the city a de
t'aiiHT i-. not new. The organization
which four yean ago erected a statue
of ?Purity in Titn?es Square as a n I
t?? those who told the truth about
city lia?! n copyright on It. It ought to
? xercise Its copj right or sell it- ?.i?l j
statue i" our neigfal or for erection ten
blocks further downtown, it certainly
ougbl to gel - ?;? ethlng out of thi
lated Imitation.
[f ili?? town would only come around
to the " tatue of Purity" point of
view it would make Waldo its per?
manent Police ( 'ommissloner He Is
tin? greal defender of the city's fair
fame. Out of 285 charges made
against ?policemen during bis admlni?
iivtii.ii 2T0 were Invwtigated by th?'1
offlcen against whom the charges were
made. Trust the "s.v8t?sm" t?? keep the
reputation of the city snotlei !
Dutj is not t?? bo measured a Ith dol
Ian. Tel there are those who take
sordid views of tome of x l ? ? - most sa
cred ?obligations of the country, and
win? ask concernlnjj them the question
Imputed to them by Webater -*enere
fions ag ?, "What Is all this worth?"
We art? not sure but thai the Philip] Ine
pollfj of the ?government hns i??-?-n al
tacked on the ?ground of Its ?pecuniar)
cost and unprofitableness as often as on
an.', other. We have ?been reminded of
ili?- expense of holding and governing!
? Islands, and have ? een told i bal
Di ? tat Ions oi their ?becoming com?
merdally valuable were empty dreams.
v. bat are 111 * - facts'/ The eo nnii rci
of tbose Islands last year was about
three times as great as ii was In liluti
It was more than la Ice as great as
that of all the (iermau colonies, though
the latter arc about twice as impulous
:??? ili<> Philippines. Ii was nearly twice
at large its that of Slam, though the
tu?? countries are nearly equal in ?popu?
lation, it aras conslderabl*. larger than
that of French Indo-i 'bina, though the
latter Is more i han tu Ire n - |*opulous
as our Islands, Il was 11 per ?cent of
that of the Dutch Hast I miles, il.gli '
tl ?? latter are five tin? - more iiopulons
than Ihe I'billppines. In other wo
since our .upatton and control of
them iii.- Islands ?have far KundMMd In
coiumerce all other countries which are
lieIngly i?? be compared w Ith them.
This Increase Is, moreov?rr, aim ?at
entirely i tw? en the Philippines ami
Hi?- t'nlted states, in ?both directions.
in 1000 the share of this con itrj In
Philippine commerce was inconsidera?
ble, Non It i- Kl [?er ????nt <?r the wlio <-.
Bud In ;.tber year or two i?- llkelj
to t.?- more than onohalf of It. Our
trade with the Island?, divided almost i
equally between imports and exporta,!
\... - n.u.?h larger i lian ? Ith l'u->i.i ??
vitli Austria Il tingar? : innre Iban one
i bird ii> ? y, ami as
Il '. Vol H H.! !lll?l Kll*
! ??;? n 11 pui i"..? thor.
- are u ?t urn?..,, rj r??r 11."
ut ion ol : !,'?? nal Ion'? p ?He* in t hc
l'hili. : ? Bill I - '"iii
niei .?- .i te i r .-. ihril Ij ?"in- m ho ?l
. ?? doing "f dnt.t !"-<\ii;-e .
? ??? i her? "i "h ' ; ?\ "ni su s?
? ? ??? '
th?? mini! ei -;'r. ..i ihe I I
?angle Wulsl ? 'oinpii nj 's lire Tiv?i
\.. ? - hin ?? Tuitwt 'I since Ihn I Icn Ible
. .-iLi-ir..phe. and j??! it i- ?possible for
the ? ''Uiiiiiilii.f Snfelj In i ??(?? ?it. ns
it ?I?.1 th?* other day. thai t here are hun?
dred?? nf fi.ries? in this ?i:y lo ?i. ?
where tin? Triangle lir? might lie re
p?';it'*'i. hundreus of factories over
erowded, wllh unsafe, inade<|unte i?r
obstructed exits, with pile?? of "Till
hisli nnd In fin m mal ?le material in them
t hnl are ?-i mena?*e t" i he ii? ?**? of ' he
work? rs.
'I he I egishtture ha-? nn e-? i -__.-? t ? ? i
I argel.! upon The Tribune's- Insistence,
und Imis passcd laws l?i make work In
factories safe, li : nl???til l?i pas?
more lav ?. Bu1 whal i? n ? ??. ? 1? ?< I I? the
enforcement of lliesc Ian *. vv hn1
i.led Is ;i vigorous ??nn pnign ngnin t
i he fa? lorj ?.w ner w lw Imperils t he
lires of hi- workers Kines and Im
prison ment s would make greed careful.
Thai explosion ?n :i shingle fa< lorj
iti i displayeil an " \ Nude De
RcendJUS a Stairway'' in the ('iil.i>t
show very Hcctirate j f< reca? : th?*
anil of the simplified spellers
upon ??tir mother tongue
This is no mild, old-mntdisb snipping
of :i i"..???' ".?" here or h dangling "gh"
there, Al last ihe reformers have
caughl the splril of their task. Tbey
have waded through knee-deep in gore,
hacking fefl and right, and th<* man
gleil ren il I sliock anybody nol
a cannibal or a matricide.
'i ? ?? - naturally something mag
niti.fiit ??n.I stupendous about I
final onslaught. .\ t?..l ?rel we cannot
. feeling n tinge ol melancholy In
ill.* ?
?Who do th? lithe
beginnings nf i he moi eincnl ! 'I
nrj. ii'.ti
Ing swift, nothing tetrll ,(
word, letter by Ictt? l .merb'iiti
re t?> be Incident? 'I In Ihe gen
rt <?f murder. ? ?me happj morning
we were lo wake un und lind thai ?
i..?!.i\.- ! mother longue I
liflo?| lnt" another und hit
. ? .
Imgle end. Hccnlling how
t he - pllli? ha 11* remain?*?! dc-plti* :
. ipien? ?? ?i '?? l "ii" * ???in
n.it help I ? ' c now. In
? ?
ti.'.i -i piling fa?"torj bul Inn ??
d, rlthlng ? ' ? ?
into i1. rn| oi n "*??< '
\\ ? . ? f.?r a.n
ivoi kern in their true light ?on I
i we hi ???'."! ? ' ? ? ? ? ??' il? ?
lion lliiil ihe Illinois luv? ?lizi I
brought up M? i ; eli d? ??t?*d h n?l
? ??n h I..-- her "'.? n
?Mimen ivorki ; ? nnugh i"
live on, fewer of tbetii w - rone
If i he l llinoisai I i??k?-d Ihe Ark i
?.f t he ' '??venant Ihej ?\ ou d nol have
come In for such g?*ncrnl abuse
? ?nr progressive neighbor " i I ??
". ' ? \\ ? i hem for going t?. |
Washington nnd trying lo enllsl I
in n uno ?-n.. ?;? ?.'. hi? h would
cet genet
imderi ?.i'i his? a omen worl ers t.> l
kind of publl? ity m hi. h has for? ?? I
-..Ii.f I he ? 'hi.?;!_?" ? of I
?'?n In rai-e Ihe v
Says ?"! ' " World"
l loll
D Ipil???]
th? ii
< ."Ml} ' lient.) : \.. one snj ' liai
ir every girl worker wer.? :it":???i ;.
tin? half Hiarvatlon i oinl i hese n lb
would i" "cured." ?Ml t hnl i - serl
(?ii-:.\ :ili._.?i| ?- I hill If thi-- wer,' .|"li"
m e source nf temptal ion x onld ? ?? n
Mnreover. il i- i." en \ thing In ai
ta? K -u?-'. ?fullj p.'ir-iiii" ?'. nial eco
i."mi.* wrong, nt? Ihe choros ?.f ahn-'?
n eel Ing Ihe I llinois i'1
Attack ii and n powerful body will rise
up nnd show you somehow thai you
.n?- attacking morall'j Itself, Juxi i
Ihe nlNilitionista were proved In he al
tacking religion Itself when they at?
tucked slavery. You win spdedilj learn
I?, your sorrow thai low wages are one
of the last props nf ? ?Situe; thai H
w..n,en were paid enough t.. Ilv.i
Ihej w rtuld nol enjoy Ihe splendid
moral discipline of fighting ?'ft' tempts
ti"i! w hen half starving, nnd Ihai If the'
world unce mnceded that some women
fell !????.?m-" ihej hadn't ?.ugh i" live
nn who might otherwise have kepi
traighl it? own supitorilng principle
would lotter t.. destruction
.\. a Fork's ii n't such s bad ? l?mate
wit n you think of Omaha, T? m n ? ?
and ? other W< tern cities, "Lit?
tie ? ild Sem i ork" heav? n hi? -. ? or
s] s i ' ? her in somi x
Mr Wilson ei Idently i h inks thai
i h< r? is a dls1 Inction a Ith a differ? n? ?
betwe? n a part* platform and ? Pr? .
denl promise.
r?" ton's tj pographii al in ion is
strongly hacking Polira Commissioner
O'Meara foi Mayor Whal i ?I.r? n
'twlxl the i im. ind I he m? tropoli
The ? laj nor ?? olunt? ei arc ei idently
th? Mulligan ' luardi of lh m inlclp ii
.-ii uatlon.
Only l.;i.."..".o ?persona hi ?? applied for
ii"- 10..38. Jobs in the gift of the n< .\
i a1 Ion. 'i he I20.?fjuu a ho < in
nol i ' a? cot?omodated will be able t"
work off their enthusiasm later bj tak?
es minai ona for the classified
? ; ? .
Il i ? to be hoped thai lbs deadlock
? ? land valutas si ?Panama will be .?-? i -
tted on a different basta from that
which prevailed hi the day? of Lesseps. I
questi? n wot not s bat the I
?and was worth, but !!????? much could |
. . jtorl ?i from iii"-?' to whom a? -
l ion of ii v? n '.??''' ess ;" ?
Mr. McAneny li right at I? asl In |
holding that there should Im room
,,,,,,., ?,,?? ,11 ??he news-aUniis that are
m ? ?i. ?i. if Hi? re wen no mon ? r
worse obstruction ol traffic th
i i.\ n.- little "! tnts
would i ?? ?m ? asler loa n to gel (
iround in 11..i n u Is.
lv Id? nl Wilw n'i halt I of ?soins
reh when ' ? : ?
t ? i ; i k ? ? Washington |?astoi dig '"'?>??
into ; he ?sermoi ?' h more h ? ?
than ? ' i.
r... ihe si i ? of Ihe p? i oni I coi
of the ; ? 'i lo I ? hoped that !
the ? ;? rman Kali ? : autobiography ?
a ill t?>- posthumo i . ? i-' I bed.
"Twi m ieth ? ? nt' v hash ' '- ,
scribed as s revelation" In the art of
? ..i'i|.. n ir an ... n nn
?gatherum" of the 1 ei I t any j
l.-ss iii.in iis pi d? ? --?-i ol the ? .??
nturj. "iii- ? Id? v ? ?.?' things
"hoped foi. Hi.' sub it mce of things an
the A i ? ?'
nffei nt to I he *i .inl.?"
n.? Bayi ? onsul ? ?? npral
hue, writing from Tl.
The litt
of th?
? . ? . ilest h nd of I ? ?
ing ?i kettli ? ? ?"?? in?: Is ?itli^r
s li -? or ?boiling, and n.ls kettli
In tiv Chi
.1 isl Iron I
? .-.,-, d ovei th? ' , and everj ihlng
?ooked then
? ?,, ?.- ? ? ri to. g
] ? n si? i. that he hasn't
t th? ? ? ? ??? ?? ? hired la pretl
t Frei Pn
THE vr.UN' ?VL EQU1 KN< K*K8
\ii-A Hi!? BOlStll
th? tin;:
v ? . .
And ? ?? ? 1 ? ?
... . ...
? ?
r \
? ?
the car distribu?
.... the (
.... ?. .
the mai
? '
, . ? . .
i wi Ifare,
I hav? of time for that!
ijVhy, I I ' '
i red I I
time now, bul
... . t what tl
? ' ?
... -, ? ?
? - ? .
nothing I
' '
? it n
? ..
? ?
? ? , ? ? ?
III \ ! of til?
looked I
? ?
t evil ? ? ? ? ?
? ' -
lien ? I i is of differ? ace
?i tiUtl '
i ill \
lh??* ?vh?i
t<? live than it <li?i
i wou
?lv. ?I th? ?I
It Cannot Always Prevent w.u. a
Reader Accim-tciy Points Out.
To th? i v, 0| -phe Tri n ?
8 r , our ? tlltori i In a : Ich you ? ,?ii.<l
-national I ? t . pre
venl i lure trlf? ? ? red m re of
the le ' d Id Th? Ind?
[???ndeni l of thi ood com ? ? n ?
I'? dl pis .?i editorial col
? ?
A flagrant ?ti is lo rlti on? I) M
8. Jordan? . ?
m ot larr"! .
plon of !-.;...: . in i .. ..i ? :
v' continu? ?i i- petition In the
tic pre and from t ? I? ct lire platform
ted fais? orlcal tat? mem i
.""i ? lually .i? ? i. ??i .i i.,ti i . ,,i,,
th? orl< . t i- ih '?ii bug ib.: .. raj u
and ? Im? rlcal "oi mam? nt Iru
? ' stenl lactl? s of refuains lo look
he face, sll I mp I m ?? u
?? ? .-.. ? ? ,.i. ; ... i hei ild ?i h
: ?? : . ! ' I .
from Mi i'arm
? eheme, ;' ? p .?
?'? ?'? Hon, ?in < xplaln t. hi r?
II ?
In Srpti i our i
frequ? nil? mad? public th?? ?i- uran? i
thai then would I ? no Dal n war, b
? ? fo.th. th?
to I ? I ?
port ? ii,
Oh. deal mi !
N ? ' '-. ? ? ? ' i: - th? w.i i |
everthel? t 11 uitful -?? in ? ol n< ?
tor \?"n ? ? ireh? .i?l pag? ; ? ? evera
monthi i ..s; ? ? ?i the ? . at pow? i
'?ni" ?? ? ad .i? ?I the (lacal king in
ih.it- froani??-, t ii
> our prapoaltloi fal mp| . ., .
no man or ?group ol nn n ? ontrol all the
? i Burope, nor yet "i anj one
gr< ' ; f*w< r Hi? reot this ?-our own argu?
1 ' ??n? m Hi -'ii!?. trn i" during
the ?stttings "f the Pujo eomm ttee 11 i
up t?i |,i".-i;?iiii. aL'?in, hnrsuga Interna?
ti?>nni poUtles ??t1!! take iii.tr color from
Il j i mental ambitions; oottu
again, b?ecai -?? human l?i"?i?i i- still ted
and prone lo heat, so that ?< i???!''''
an uaed v. Ill go to war. deeplte t1"' ''r~
i.i of tii.- monej kings, hen d
? i M. .1 .?.i.-.ii. .?- an lioneal
:.rer* war for
th? Is t wvenl i yean n :?i proi ? ?
?... all v...nt peace Un' ?peace ?i'l
. orne i?, -tu? until every man, and
likewise ? rer? nation, can -????? and. see
? ' eke ivi.? account, lb? rights
..,' vi. w ol olh? r . i."' Iho-se
i?i. .1 ici ??! ? ,i. commentai age a ho ti
. . ir? ..it ilngs In doll irs and who
Iti?i i. ,1 -. iii "i coins ? ?m tern ?i flood ?>i
? ..: ambitions, racial hatreds ??t,?l
humai ?? ? raging ?' high tide, onlj
? ...i 'I I., \ bull :-.??? im? delug?
l; |? <;|,\SStUKN.
:-... ... k\ adewoi th nt >nue, Sam York
Mar? h -'. II13.
A Henglishm-n Looks Into Tammany
all hand Reports.
To the Bdll.i The Tribune.
g in answei to th? ?i n ",p;' **' ;'??
i,, th. Tribune ol Man h II w? H Tarn
win? ii.ih !?-? in., .i ?'it? or St?t?^ ii:?"
loui ..n hire th? ;"??? e for ??? ball snd put
? -, flag, ? ven the Kngll '? flog, o
i, .m ,,, anj thins so i"tiK as .???i ?pay the
i- ?nag? i'.? m ? >n th.ai i Ion ti:- i
, , , , , i,:,'i | v..-)- there, t saw
... Hal ? m - de and didn't
. u .,?,? ptoi hatched among '
"nawst) Irish to ai nes the ?U B No
, ?I...I
i f. t worrl-?d n- the a - fter did. M
i , ould nol I? ? p ?-'" i ??ol up and n'en! !
. with blood eyes to cul In the
in..i .ii;-. auch plol ?i ? the snn? sing of
the i 8. to In n?l -Bui lo! to mj oi
-, . was thai
; t e annexed to th? good
old r. ?, .\ the) .-ii data ? I the; would
d them ven ?mei lean
lnsi?ie ? ough thai nas st y H
i i.i? i.i? d was o ? " ?;
Hrookl) :i. Man ! '. 191 : ? '? ICKNEY
A Commuter Tells of a Complaint I
That Produced a Reform.
To the I III a ot The Trlb ? ??.
, r??w- da) i ago
f th? t that a paa- '
ften could nol p ?i \
? : ? . i
ta tion s ? %
it | ? . - ?m'
.i- i. ? ? tatlons, j
OUI in
I ? until train tlm? ? me
Inight, but
r p. i ? ?? '
1 on a1.""?'
ico I wrol ote I ? I
ilao to the ?
li "? tlgatioti
?? ?it that
. . ? ? .? ? ? ? ' .. losed are i
... .
. |. ... | ...... ?
-.??.?. -i -. re certain!
. ?.
i-, i the atl ?? ? M
r.??,?- tfull)
thp Btat
On^ ilven I thii
? v.- ? , es In the depot
w ? . ? Ilv \
I . . . ? (Up|
Mate ol
int as to ti
? tent ? ?
nia and
? .
... | i ?
would ti"t be
. ? ? . ? i ?
M .? , a I)
The Beep, D- Braun Contributes a
Definition of thr Tr>rm.
? ? -i 1.1 read I ?
s reptil itch from ?
i . ? .
tending th? . s will
"C ?.'I ?
Ihe I | used in
'? ? nd
"An li ' the rei
? ? temporal ?
? nt lino ti? ?m ' ' ? An Indul
i Bl !??ii ??i --?TI p??i ,i n ?
to i ..iiiinii hi, ?ind ,.h.. ?,?. ho i-- In
f mortal si in in?
? ?? "
When uni Ihe resentatton of I ?
sixteen! cease?
11 KM; Y A BRANS. P i? .
R? ctoi of Bl Aw. 'a ? "v ?
? ? v.,1 k, March IS. 1911
it is ??censed of Etnining a Fm- Coat.
To th? Editor ??f The Tribune,
sir i that ?? n?. way t?? i?i- ?.? nt ?
rlothinn v. ing sel ?m lire In ? ???
Klrr, t '
To-?a* a i ? -i s lighted ? Igar In >
? u ? whk*h i w< ;ii t" Si. Paul's ?"hun i?
for thi '?u t.itii i had ?be? n In church but
.-. in'" ent whttti on? ?it my sld? ?? ked
\? rou not on fln '
Mi fur coat was on tin . the pe I n n? i
i. ini?. to blase
i ???i tii.it m.m drop .? spark on II.at!
\ i, u
n? w | oi !.. Man h 3, IMS.
'i i? tl ? i.diter of The Tribu?s
Sir: w'.- a ho enjoyed ihe p odu? tl.I
Man Magdal ne" al The New Th? ?tre,
In Nen ?i "i k.lupl? ??! years ago ap? i
pn riate j our cabled description of the !
tatlon of iii-- Maeterlinck ploy al
P .'?? ii v.iii Indu? ?? man} of us to read
.i ;aln ??ni- bound volum? of the play, n<>.?
.i little ?i i', ??'i the eh? if
I' M I. il \.\N.\
?Philadelphia, March a, Uli.
To i... Editor ol The Tribun?
Su The edltoi i il In | oui Issu? to ds
entitled "The Maniac and the i.?u d?
servi i v can ful ? on Ideratjon and ror
dlal Indoi ? m? nl ??f <-.? ry cltls? n "i the
Btat? "i New \?.ii. Plea e i?*t thai dla?
? i ion i??- continuous
u il.u \.\l i: BALDWIN
1 rty, N *. , March -'.'. Ill :
The Woman i Muni? Ipal i.- agua has
? ill? 'i s eontt n nee for Thui da). March
It, ??t " p m . m iii. league headquarters,
?N?'" '?? i '?i. i 9th treat, to launch ?? cam
palgn f?w the opening ..f ?publie school
building .i so? i.ii ??? mt-.. i?r. Pradaric
1'. Hows, director of the Paople'i Insti?
tut? . ? in he the ?principal speak? r.
Post-Lenten Dances and Fetes
To-day for Benefit of Charity.
i nder 11. ? - patronage of Mrs J, H? rtx 11
Johnston, Mra Howard H, Henry, Mrs
i: Ogden Chlsolm and Mra. ?Sdward B,
Knapp s dance srlll ?be given tins evening
at ?Sherry'a it Is an extra dan?*? <>.' the
??crien <>i" three ?given during the aintei
f?.i girls wl.tads ti.'i? dehul s : ear
I tion for the Blind, arranged hy Mlas Wlnl?
' i'r. ii Holt; .? th? dansant given by M
I,, ary at 1er houae. m I Util av.nu.?; the
annual fair "?' the Children "f laoring
?Servi? ?? ?*?"? iti" ben? Hi of ti" Babl? s' Ho
I'ii.l a' Bee i 'lift, Long Island. .?t the
i".'!-. ..i Mr? Charles if. Alexander, No
| t West .?Mh Btreel. a dan? ? ? ?? ?? of the
St.m.lei, Sir? ?I ? 'lUb, a ? ettl? m? nt for
young m? n and boys "ii the lower I
Bid?*, at tie Rltx-t 'artton, and a lunch? ""
"? Mrs Howard ? 'arroll si h< ? horn? I
la? * ?nil alrt-. :
Mi . ?franklin Motl V
lu,:, h.,. , ... forl ? ' t- "i?> ?? at th? I
ion for Mi - Arthur M 1i??- t-a-odg?
It ?., ?, ? folios ? 'i i"- ?I;"1 ilng, for which
about thin?, additional gueit* were In
vit.'.i. i luring th.? luncheon tie re ws
music I ? ?- i. ' L : " ?
Al i'.i-' of Mi
lie. No 7 Ks i ??"Hi streel ?
hat -.??:. held yesterd
i.n for ti" ?ben? M ??: th? ' nlon >?
m.'i.t ti.. M ? - Kuller, n ?raatiinie,
n ?
those :.? listing .i' i ? W< i>- Mn
William H ivtc-* Mr John H Fini?
Mr- William Adams Brown. Mra K
l..-..liai'l Kellogg, Mrs ll.'irv I". I?.?.
Mi - Rob? ri I ? v. 11 ?,- .1? n!.- .M. ?? ' "i " I?
n r..?.!.-. Misa Isabel Hastings and
l.ll'ii Marvin
Mr ?Xnd Mrs ?'hat >?? St'.?!'-.
Nancj ai'i mn- Kathryns Btaels will re
tm n t'? the ?ity on Friday ?from ?'ait
Mr at,?I Mil ?Snhtidg? T <:
?all f ?: Mh] tC BB4 :.'l
WMks a I"
M ? and M
. ? - - the Bout
a ? x ifend al t heir countn ? ? al
I /'l g i ils
Mrs Jos?
city from I nd Is at th? I
? in.
\? ? i ?? - . 'otford ai
Irtl ol ;i ,
Mi ??i:.i Mi J Al'!'-!. Weir, of '
Park avenue. to !
Mr? Pi? rr. Mia arrived u. f
? ' ? f rotn t h < S ? i| ?. ?
? -
Mrs. Gust K i -
i?, the ' i? i? "'n i'? r 8oul I
Mr. and Mi
.... . ... , .
l'.-l .? ? lewltl
lew , "i.. "p.
i inls
Rob? rt !.. Ba
' " ? a li-1
??.?:. sailed 1
for New
of th? i
Mi M vin ? ?
?? ? i ?? man lee
will return t
in i . e next we?
la a daughl ? Mrs H
Mrs R? ? i. ? , .
? ? ? Is at the Rlt
Mr. and M Harry W. fl
\i"..':. ..? |
March 24,-Mr. Mrs. A
tree tl .'and.
; ' ? at ( I Farm i
day ami i?*rt hen f?>r New York on v.
? and? rbHt' pi ;\..t.- ? ir v.ayfarar.
Mi. and Mra Oil*/? i Perrln, ?if uw*.
York, who spent a portion ?.f th?* "it.,
here last year, ire t.? retura tiu,
> ' ? ? i j r 11 ? -1 .
Charles M. Oelrlchi baa n turri-??. u
Nea . ??i k. Mi and Mi i rank K. May,
and daughter, Misa Margaret Ha* m
and Mrs. ?;? org? ??? Rives and M i;;?,^
and Mr. sad Mrs. I ^?iy.irxt
.!-.. I"i riiai.i'.-.| m -i,- |;,,. ?, ,. aagag
a nd i ? i ii te ?l tu New fork.
Mi - .1. Mitchell Clai
m a -? l<? ?f i 11 me t. i he f \iri
Bturt rani n hll?j mal , as i_
.-i... ti'.ii .a her ? l "?
\'. aahingtoi M ?? ? it ;?
At the ?VhitS House.
W ii "a ? I all of ti.?
??f ii." ? 'ablnel i ox u.o ea\\\
! an.i th.' .lui.!, en at* the C'a i l fa mill?
with M. h Tumult) and i ? ?
' ami othei i, oil tl" "'ii i. ?"..-ti.r \,s
White House tl i , ?
'?il ' n of tin ? .,
1 I I ? I ???:.! I . I? :
i? night. Mi Wlls ?? :
i-. .Mi ? Wilson, 51
ii.'.-ii W.....I.?.-.v i ? ?gata?
al it?* brilliant spi Ing ? ,,t th?
? na \ y yard b the 1
s ' the ball g i ...
"'". .? "?i Count ?.'?.. Bei :. t??:fT at
The Cabinet.
I avenu?
' ? ? ? a.f tliilr
I nea h? oa la V? oodl? ? Lasa
The Diplomat.c Corps.
The ?;? - * got
? m th?
? Bealdes tha tarai
daughtera of th? ; ? isaitg
In? lai? d th? i ranch Ai basa ??Sot a ,?i
erand, mtmbers of tii?*? Cabi?
tl ?? Etrasltlsa Am?
bassadoi snd ??tiier members of tha ?*iir?
: ; i gad ."';-. R uri H
Townsend l; ?? ?? ballrootats art?.
'ir??*??.it:_- i? wert guy with r^iir.'
niri ?spring 1 r baasaiw
nd t Bei torlt m?r? i?.
? ?. ' the ei staff
?| of the embaas? a-i
? i von ii- eater?
I tha
, ,|
The Brit .mbsssadoi "received mx*
'.?. -?
it draw
? ?
? . ? n--...
??.'. hite House t
. ; .
? ?
? ?
'n Washington Sec e*. ?
; :. .
. 'I th?-? si irlt
? '? ? ; .
? . , .
A tnf -
? ?
.1 Mrs. I
.? ; land is espaeted ta
?? *.
? . ? -
Lectures To Be Given ?it Cost
of Two ?nul One H;i!t Cents.
? seri? - of ti.r... i, indred ? I
? tertalm ? ? will lie open? 'l In ?Oct
In t!. n dei
? t ? ? .
i ?? mor? than two si I et nts tot
each lectui Thl Is i lid to s the first ?
ted by i
Mill?n I. I >.i\ i ?-, foi ?
? and ? ? ; is ?r the Brooklyn In?
? ? who has i.. n made s ss latent t"
Professor James ?' Kgbart, the director
? it i \t. n don t? .1.-11 ' nu. ?a iii have charge of
th.- i ???turcs .nul entertainments Mr i ???
vie? was .?i o ? i v? ? s? ?i? tar] to ? '
.lent \ Incent of the < 'haute ique Inst
lion Si?.-,iItIng of the new ?proj?scl ? -
i? i'i.i-.. he said
"The unlverslt) recog? thai adull
11.?n is iiii.i?? and i.?"'? ir) f??:
i ' .? proti ?ti"ii of our democratic In I I
lions ;?!..I the aim ot this ustltute
i rnlsh ?? platform for the free and un?
dit "ii "f ?'in renl social and
.m"' i ? ? tloni ,i "i?? ..'.," 1.1 ,i thor?
ough programme for general culture and
to give the i ubllc something of the '? ol
leg? outlook.' ii will provide a system of
adull education and ?rationalised n res
n.if ?m educational nature for busy
Ex President Plans to Start for New
Haven Next Sunday.
? ? ist i, ? ;?? . March Si Bx?Pr?**sl?lenl
'i afl snd pai I ? plan to I? eve August i foi
See 11??\?'n n? cl Bunds] Theji have
lu?? n 'aw BtS ol thl ? il | -i i to March l
The ex- Pn sldenl ?has a? eptcd en Invl
talion t" deliver sn sddresi before the
,,. renl Ion ol the ? leorgla i laughtei
the v ' " .i - Re vol ut i?.;i here on ?SI ?? In? ?
? s
Navy Aviators Return Alter Practis
ing Fleet Manoeuvres.
Annapolla, March -i Under command
of Lieutenant 'I'l.W'is. the navj avlatloi
corps returned t?> the Naval ?\?cad?emj to
da) from their winter camp ??i Quanta.
v.iiiin, Cuba, where they have been en?
gaging, during the erlnter and ?.?ii?.
rprtng, m ti??-t manoeuvres \?uii the bat
tleehipe <>f ti"? Atlantic Hei t
The ?airmen, together with Ave Rytm
machines, were brought to Annapolis <>t
i he ii.i> ??i ? oilier Neptune
Consul General of Colombia
Finds Misstatcmcn'
Ma In thla '"
e, -.'??
? rt nrmO
the decretal
and ?rhlch was I "1
i - ' Tail
Mr. fSa.'iii.iir'i M??'r ?.
la dated *; ?
?;???? ii .?1: itss from Mr I
us f?''.:
"Within fort? i ' '
pro? lam itlon of Ps . - ?
? ? \, ? tin? ,.( x ? ?
the lit :-.s had dl red ' '
people of Pai . * .*????:??
rot ? of their municipal!! to, ha
the repul
In reply to thli Mr if
? ?
?'. i unquallfl '
proved t" the fa? l that ?
I ......
two hou
lime ?? hen no election had
when she had no const li utio
??te-ii the n? WB of lh? ??*?? all? ? '"'
dei ??'? had not rea? hed an)
I. ' ? ?a tOWnS of I ' ' I ft tl
Biddin;' for Porcelains at Fifth Ave?
nue Galleries Is Brisk.
Old KtigJIah nil I? ' .
D ? Kngltsh snd <?ri??tital pot
. Btairord ' Ira plate f"in??'? "'
t.? .?..i, b "f Hi?? (in ' i ?ton of f1"* *J,)*
yesterdaj at the Fifth kxwhwt Al- ,;'''
i. it. s. of the ' oil? ' '?"ti of nat?a ?*
loncing lo .i"i.n Kennli .
\ larg? throng of .'?? Id? i ' -*|N'""
t \e? the galleries, atmeag the best *"*2
being ti n i*. II, Mra. i. V i--1*-?"*"1
Mrs K. I Win..ark. Mrs. I' ******
j..ii?i ran. J i:. Bulger, J Lan? ?? ?' ':
? aptaln .1 fmlrnnt ir, n \ McKataa? *nd
Ft rtk ii'.v.t? ?a
Tl ? i ?tal ?.' tl ?? -.-? .-fu aras ?"?'??,;
it-is ?jtmoiml ?i !?? 'ii."mi...? ?gave Ml?""
a marble bust <?r i.? uli XIV; Irvlsf ?
?.* not paid |f ? tot ?< pal-* "' "l,! "'"*,*
church staJla; David Wagsi ilf ??'??' '?"'
t.?r ??.'". . dosen Wtsdgwood ilaasr pUhw*
ami ?; i.. Helm? rdlnger gava f ?? ?'?" f,,r J
Chinase ?i??? orated vaaa an?t cover. ?'?'?'?L
Mltehell'a p-in-ha???* ?aus airo a < l"ne~
vase, for which ha ?paW tSS

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