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^?ainst it. men and women crept along the :ablcs to safety Oth?
lets daring, saw darkness fall and gave up hope of rescue.
Those willing to risk their lives in the attempt to rescue foi
themselves helpcs:. in the f?ce of the watc
Seventy thousand I Dayton's population, it ia reported,
home less
The National Cash Registei plant, on a high hill, offers the o
have? in the Smith End Three women became mothers in the hi
Thousands of those who we:c fortunate enough to have escat
th* first rush of t1"- ire being fed tfl nighl on short ratic
and appeals foi help are being u t oui by many of the leading rr
. tie ,??
rhrei i foodstuffs have arrived from Xenia, hut
t there has been ? I e to delivei them and suffering fro
veil -,v' t???? p is bound *o occui within the next f<
Tiir rain continues nd '^r waters are till rising.
The Union Railroad bridge that admits all except r,"r ol I
railroads into the cit namited this afternoon, but the r'i<
was no1 fei' to any marl r ee.
In ?.he woodv department ol the National Cash Resist
Company bo.ii were rned out at the taie of ien an hour, ai
trie ' ers had 11,: sed Main street in
wate the si I the i m rent was I
l. - ? ? they were the besl thai cou
. hur? v
Tun iftei tn made and hundreds ol :iir refugees we
t 11 ? tret
rted at Vii - treei i, rhe fire jumped Mi
? i and the ' the othe sei ! - in Ramc.
In t te middle of th? ? , it r hi uses thai had been wash*
fron ? ere swirled about lor a time and, sa thouf
to -, F tht ? .r- they were > it into ihe rath ,
Person i ; ps, where ihey had been driven by tl
Rrx d. to th?
Then the in rent los I,,r. veird light from the fit
bho ving as from i ne isol?t? i the sk)
i ... ? ... ..... ,u .|,f telegraph t onduit
men. The first of t te women wsa Mi l.uell
She lov - boy in knee breeches.
|i- gHity O? i CSt was BOOn aiios:
But the Widow M< ? at hei boy, and possibly more swar
of the d ' ' ?" ,!lv boiling torrent beneath sh
swayed a. ihough (aim the crowd stood by with batrd breath.
?y 9 lu? me back to her in time so that she ccul
- p one of the ?? ?
H ind ver hand she " pull hersell to the nearest poh
?."here she resti II " again making the trial. This tun
the did not falter, but - he was picked up py ihe rescuers at the forthos
pole ? ? ? she was limp from nervous and physical exhaustion.
rheit io had watched the performance of th
Meyi md under the sdvice of the people standing on safe groum
they kept lookii ? not subjected to the faintnesi of the fus
woman passenger. Then c ". man and his wife. The wife he sen
first, snd r ' he refused to get into tho ambulance with
out her !
ind her husband had bee:i brought OUI to saf?
ground p in a pillow slip and the youngster celebrated hit
?val to safe ground 1 y yell Others followed to safely.
Vt The worst oi the Hooded district includes all of North and West Dayton
Wl lection, the South Side as far as Cakwood and all of th<
* r?sidence suburb of Glendale. The district has a normal population of mort
than fifty thou
Rescuers and those at the hospitals said an estimate of five thousand dear
ccurate sa an estimate oi one hundred.
At the edges of the inundated districts the water ran from eight to ter
feet deep. Judging by this, that would be twenty or thirty feet downtown
While those marooned in the offices and hotels are in no immediate danger ol
drowning, thete is no way food oi drinking water can irai h them until the
water re e
The body of one gray haired woman floated down the stream only a few
feet from the watchers at South Park street. It caught on a guard tope, but
swept clear snd was gone before it could be recovered.
The flood came soon after daylight this morning, afier the residents had
ipent a nic'nt in terror. The main levee of the Big Miami broke at Webster
Mteet at about 8 o'clock. An hour later the water was through in a dozen
places and a wall of water ten feet decn swept through the main street just
above the juncture of the Big Miami and the Mad River, and where the water
of Stillwater River poured into the Miami the flood reached its height and
rolled into the business section, a wall twenty feet high.
"The Dayton News" was goon Under twenty feet of water, the flood rose
to the second floor of the Algonquin Hotel and all along Main street occu?
pants were driven to the third floors. What has happened to them since, no
or.e on the outside can tell.
House looting began ea-ly in the nigh- and while the local militia arc on
duty, tl ey are wholly incapable cf handling the situation.
Incidents without number are narrated o? persons in the flooded district
waving handkerchiefs md otherwise signalling for aid. being swept away
before the eyes of the watchers on the margin of the waters. Many of the
rescue boats v/ere swept by the current against what had been fireplugs, trees
and houses. They were crushed. How many died in this way no one knows
to-night. Canees and rowboats shared the same fate.
What life exists in the district which the water covers is in constant
danger and helpless until the flood subsides.
THF A! I FC.HANIF?, fi nnnrn
Mar h IS?. -Sw< pi by ?rind I
aii.l rain ?
thx ? "i the MI
> ri R er t.. th??
All? gh il Mo inl lin ? ? nund it?ed
| , I
; I ? Indiana] oils and f.;i!.<> -
? ' ? ? r>:i\ ton,
Columbus and Hamilton, In Ohio,
In a'I of I
life, sod in ?sch ?
was hi
Tn I ? . Mom T.". to 100
? :?? hav?
" disostrou
- tw99ed^Bo?^
IF you want to think clearly se?
that your bowels work prop?
erly. Your aucoeas depends
upon a clean ayatem and a clear
took Aft?r yoaraelf every day
and remove the waata which
precies upon your nervou? eya
tsni. Don't wait?take a remedy
which acts at once, gently and
surely?H U N Y A D I J A 17 0 S
WATER Is the ideal laxative for
a Buslneaa Man. Uj glaua in the
morning or at any time on an
empty atomach acta within an
b?ur or ao.
Oet a bottle at any Drug Store
was parti) inun
' ?: to-.!;, . , '[ '. | f, , |ng \l I'll tbt "
moving of stricken families. Th? <!'?;?in
lisl still remained ;it twenty, s/hil? th?
Injured aggregates 230.
At I .n.St..i,. ? ? 1 ? i. . a horc t!,r. . : /(?ft
Miami, Bttllwater and Msd, and
? other stream, known as Wolf Cre? k
.??m. then was t. n II I IIf?,
- i" ?iime t. porti . .1 heavy
?tin i ion of property it Is known
th?! th. I? 'II? ;it ),;,. I | 'A o |l 1) I ,i I ! <?'I
I The citj lies ",, ;, |?v? l flat, -.vit h
th? (...ir streams meeting almosl ?;i th?
hi art ><f th" plat ?. Th? stream s i
proti cted bj leve? s t s/anty-fl ? f? ? t
protecting the Miami
Rl ? ; i " Ice aboul ''. 0'< 1". 1. this nmrn
r.? and tii?' flood was augmented by
th? rapidly rising waters of other
streams, Th?- situation ws mad?
worse bj th?' breaking of th." Laraml?
i: enolr, t?11v mil"." sbovi Ds: Ion
Th? s nt. rs swcpl through '!
Hall >f i?;? >t.-ti is now under tin"
t.. ?..ri v feel > f water.
Bridges Swept Away.
' i!:l"...l and WSgOfl bridge* seros?
t?o Miami Rl er were ss/ept away, and
others w?r? m momentan danger of
collapse, "ill. river still wss rising :<'
.. ,ii. h ! . nd i. .h - ? ere > nt? rtalned
Hint several other towns between Day?
ton mi.i ti.? Oblo River would suffer.
Cohimbm siso suffered enormous
damage from tii? flood. Railroad traffic
uros paralysed early m Hi?" day. ' lr<
ii, ihr?? large fa< toi I 'ragi 'i i"t man
hours, and lor .i time threatened ?*
!? rabie portion of th? distrt? t
Because ?f ill" flood firemen wer? un?
to n spond lo ih- .i|.|.. ni., lor as
'i' ?.
Conditions ?t lndlanapolh\ Wot\
in nu
north, and one o( tht prin ?pal ,r
. the death Its? may reach ;.<""
.. vftfTt
I he Mayor of Dayton
\\ i.. . Kokumu snd oth? i pis es In j
m ? ere t he worst m
rs in . \. r part of th< stst?
there ? ? n repol ted diss Iro Inun- ]
dation? \t l...t'?>' ette ' ? o s] sns of .1
wenl .nt.
Tw 0 pel ? ? led dead Weal
1 ,t r-tt< ? ' ? 1 ? Purdue University Is '
? lati In 'ii" sftet
. . o ih? 1. . ? wen broken b*
the t..'...tt.. \\ abash
1 : . , 1 two n ' "
\ ? 1 nd ia 1 I ' ' ? 1 rs 1
been di ? froi h liomi The '
1'iirrii ne |.l;mt ?va? fon . .1 1,
: 1 ? ?
I'll ? ? I ' ? . ,
reived a frani 1
' I that th<
White Rlv? id I
and lhal I ensued
' I ? ? ?
snd pari of tl eetlon
Ifl Uli'!' 1 ? "? ..' ' I ? : ' ? ? rt.il
dr..'M? <i No 1 1 ?? ' rperi
ed from ? ? ? ? 1 , ?ourt
place in tl . 1 ? .,.,;.,?,
a ith refuge? had n .it Iven
fror Iheli
Cin< Inm tl < la? loudhui I
rly I - ? ?lui. .: Un < ?hin
Rlv? r rl- Ing 1 and (1.1? .1 n
I of th? treet I ' ?
1 ?? 1 >??!??? ' imed In
t ?m> and fled to hl|
? I aw? ? ? reached
\ big ??? 11 'it distance 11011 I
tikron, ' >hlo, bui t this afternoon an?l
... I 1 ?
valley In liffen dlrectloi
: thi Impendii ..
Hundreds of fai m< rs ???? ith th? Ir fai il
li?s fl?.l to ! igh< 1 gr
The great brldj the Miami
Rlvei llddl? '??'?'? 11, ' >hlo, ?? ' 1 it oui
1 ! aften 1 lft< en rs
1, 1 ... ? , Ke ve ra 1
s?, nt.. : iv< r.
? v... a raglni I rn '
Bwei ping ip th< 1 ?hlo Valk ?? ft ora 11 ?
m , 1 th? ; bird : torm In ti n ? a d<
vsststed different sentions between
Louisville .m..1 ? m. ?iiii'tti. in Ksnl ?
an.1 in extensive dit Irlcl 1 In lllinol
Bouthwestem Ohio and Indiana. At
Louisville tii. wind maintained s veloc?
ity of slst; miles su hour.
a number of persons were reported
killed at Makanda, III , although the
p port could not be confirmed a
freight train s 1 off the track
|ol tii? Illinois Central Railroad and two
; o- the ' n s wer? Injun d,
; Communication Beyond Water's
Edge Impossible.
IPhoneton, Ohio March 8 IV'm thl
place, which consist principal!) of * lei?
? II'" ? ?? ? '.?,.;. M . ,' I. U '.01, . ,
n rth "f Dayton, It ' rm Ibl? le
rlrh ? '" ii" ? dg? "f H ? ''? ' d-strl s?
rit) "f Dn) Ion, l'ut rommtinlc itl? n 1 ?
rond tha? point o fei hat |?i.' in
i ? . ?
??-, :. i ? roi
> . ....
, , . , . ? . I
top of a f?
Pant tl " ? ? . ?lii- hi Dl '?"? -?' IS
? i
1 . ? ran ' I II
? i i ?. ? ? ?? ? ? A ? rhlltl
while tht i ? ? ? '
? ,|
. ? ' ,:
Ti ? ? I
iwriily n
?? . .
. ?
?i . i that i
? ? ? .-. "
t the
? ?
Ii . for I
. In II It
...... . . , ?
? ?
. I th<
t of I
? i. ,l
,, . ...
? ?
? ?
Phon? Ion, Hehl
-flrl ;?> i ? ?? !?? Bol
? ? i ? ? ? i netoi M ? R? '?
i ? : vorked
Between 300 and 400 Families
Homelesr. in Town of 10,000
it. ;,iw.it.. < ihle liai eh .? B? la en
n-\? iitv-iiv'- and on hund?? i lost
tii'ir lives in Ihe swirllns watei .,r the
flood? ,i Olentangy Rlv? r t,,-,i, . .,.. ordlni
t<> soUmatea made i ;? th? polio t" n i *>-111.
More eonservativs reporta pi.? the mim
bet ?,f i!. ;ni between twenty?flve and fifty.
Scares of persons ?ire still clinging to
topi of trees roofs ol hou ? - an I oth-?!
? i labl? fooUna To?nlght big fir? i
? ?f bull! ahn | it,- banks ol th? i Iv? r to
? ? r th? ??.im -i on? a, a bile des
? i th? m eontlnu
Mfesavlng crews I rom Toledo
? 'i. ? land lak? letton hav? been ? k? d
foi and i en exp? ?? 'l from Tole i"
c".n after nii.inii.-ht \\ hen thej ai rl? ?
breaches buoya will be i ? ? - ? * i from ran
net to those In Isolst? ?! hou si snd ti
Communication with ths main ? ?- ? 11.. ? i
of ths 'if. wa Mill unobtatnabl? to?
night Ths rennt..! ..i deaths on that
When we say, our
card and filing equipment
is absolutely adequate to
the needs of the modern office
we tell the whole story.
We can demonstrate this adequacy
to you in terms of your own business if
you will give us the opportunity.
We can also tell you some things
about price that will interest you.
Telephone, Franklin 2261.
The highest type of Filing Equipment without
the Fancy Prices
371 Broadway
i di of i ii" ' 11 ' - still un? i ou 'i Wal
? . ii,.,?.'. i, n,i., i ? . rl\'?r ? hei
1 i . ;? i
Dl, . . |o| ? rsugh1
i . .......
und ' i ??'?'
him - . ?
?a I thou
..ni in ;. .h. n< hing i alnci
Phe rlvei
wall of wstei ?ven fe?
g thi ?ush tii? man
? ? . ?? -. . porte?
.1 ? I hH"S" If t?
? ' bed In i
number <
ly-five ai
Ral pi
t on s t.?.
? ?
lo the i house
which ws ? - ...
, i o|| til?
. ? ??
? ? , tnothei
. '? .i .,. ikj
house 'I 'Irlft
. .1 .,? -
t ? l:. l.i
; is. Tas
In ? ?
? > tree i ? ?-. -a the
. . . ..'. ho s i t ii s- \ eral
ill ? !
River at il i
than ? i ?
r i half mil? wide
? ? . ??...!
last i light \- 11m
then t tore hou.??
T? indred
| homi ? ? ? 'si ?
. troyed snd i the) i mod ? ? I i i
and rm ? l ..t. s million dollars la
I :ti.o !... " caused
?$20.000,000 INDIANA
Levee at Indianapolis Gives
Way, Unhoming 7,000?
Hotels All Jammed.
tool March - ? A st it* s Ids
? i ... m its num. n !t\ and 1er
i if ? ? rtnesa with which it
med i |V( r. 11 i.i
!.. ri |."t U m id? i? ?' !" 2M.O00 homeh ?
and I i ? dsmsgi ol mors
than ?.".'?"">. in Indiana to-day snd to?
i. g| i
'i he vVhlti civ. ? ?'. i several creeks
a hi?i, i m 11,mu.i th bu n-. .r ti Ici of
Indlai apolla, ordlnaril) llttli ?ti i ami and
? ii ? In sun mi r, t.. nlghl ? rs ? tor
rents, iwteeplng everything In their path
Hot? i ..i i ? city to-night are crowded
to their utmost. A man) ;?? ten persona
sn ? I? eping In ?i room
Thou snd ' ?f i" ?t.itoi.-. were s stehlni
th? m?r when, with s roar thai could
i" i? .o .i foi 11... u-. hundreds of tons ?f
n thi leve? i rumbl? .1 undi i the pros
sure, and great wall of u.it.r rushed
through Hi? o|.. ning.
During th? <hiy man) reports <>f loss of
hfr were received, bul >i"ii? of these hss
i" ' n verified, i ". .'iuse m u" Ben Ice la
perali ted Seven an known t.. bave ???n
drowned t?.. ,it lasfsystte, three .it f?es
? on? .??( i'r mkfi 11 snd one si Rui Ii
Th? appalling Bwiftnen srlth which the
s st? i - have arisen saughl ti? entire stat?
unprepared Btreama thai ?rere brooks
1 . ii '? morning hsvi I.me rsgini tor?
rent? during lbs last twenty-four hours
Persons who retired In apparent!) ?af?
homes lost nlghl this morning wsr? res
cued from second story windows i>v boats
Lowland free from flood ?am rsuterds)
ora ?;?'t ink. -? to-night
s?"\.n thousand persona v??r? driven
from their bornea here !>?? th? overflow
from Whit? River, Eagle Crssk and
Pleessnl nun Thej sr? being csrsd for
by rhsrltsbla Institutions, th? ?it\ and
in private home* Th? stnto mllltls Is
patrolling, the flooded district, siding tit?
polli '
Pi.rt- of ci Wayne, Lafayette, ni?h
rnniiri. Marl..ii. TetTS Haul? Mundo.
Rushville, Kokomo, Peru, Connersvllle,
Petersburg Newcastle, i'nmkfort. Ander?
sen, Tlj'loii, NehtttSVUls, Hartford City,
Blwood, B'inmlnpton BhelbjrvUle, t.oKana
port, Portland and innumerable .sniall-r
town- are under water, with many of th?'
resldenta drives from their heeaes and
others living on upper doors, dreading the
prospects brought b> -**?? sacessdlng
hour Prom in.inv ,.f ttaec places fraatle
appeela for ?hi have been received by Ihe
suti officials, hiit lack "i ell means "i
tiin portatlon ?tul crippled telephone end
telegraph servi? force the submerged
tcwna to rely entlrel: upon their own ",
? '
RI, i,mi,.mi er, the ta/htt? a ?<>< r R ?
night is m darkneee. More thaa ts ot?
brldg? m (\'i)iii Count: havs been torn
<i<>u n
Btate milll s ???^?- "l!i' ~ Ih? "> ??' "f
Kokomo dui Ing the night si 'I day <>"''?
ii. ,i ? n.? \> ie ? nom? ? " ere threat?
en) ,1 |.i ni.e, i to high? I ?: '?'lll'l Mot ?
thai i fu. n hundred persons ar* horn*
?ni' water arid ta-- plants inun?
,1,1, ,| 'II , < if tn-niglii i. Without li = ' '
or lue prut' l i Ion, .""I IhS OTO.Ij lot?
.i ? million dollai
Th? dlk? at ihe ?? atei pi ml In M in? le
broke late this afternoon and the em?
ploj. had to 9? ? for their ii\< This
:. ft the town without fir? protection.!
.lii'i sftet ;t train had passed ovei it th
Big Koui brldg? there collapsed, and a
. h? ?:?? ak< I Ohio brldg? s s ??' ??> d?
stroy?*d Behooli e'er? dlsVniesed.
Sol let ill'- report - Whits Rivet tl
highei tinto In thirl Ihre? reel and In ,
o i tro persona wer? drown??! Tht big
h draull? dam north of the to* n Ii thn al
,,i.,i md maj go out during the night.
i o| ,., port i nil off from t< I? phoi i
snd l? Itegraph romn uni? ation Two deatha
. wning an ' ? port? d n< ar th? in and
ten houses hav? been washed downstr?
Th? ?? tin ! usln?.-? dlsti I? I h id pert
of ih? i ? ? d? .tloii of Rushvllla Is
uiKiei water. The urn In n me oi
the tn eta to da: '?' ? " kf'"''-' that
horses v ??'-.? ^m ? ? i? t ..ff their feet. Th?
eotirthouse was the on.: ?lr) plsce snd H
u.,, crowded with r fUKee* who had
... <. drh en fi. Ih I h' >rw -
v i Marlon ihe hi eaking of a M
,, Hiver levee f??rc?*d ?Mb person to fie*
from their horn? - '? ' ilwootl i break
'ti th. Ditch t !?? . '? ? . ? ;>,]?? I.lie.
\t Lafayett? ?he Wabash River
? i -. nts - of more than ' f< at
ifter rising i fool m ho*n uwl ?-Mil In?
Ing. The Detention Hospital te un?
,;.,- w .t. ? Th? Inra I rea ued ' ???
tor? the w.u. r r- - i ' ? building.
t ? . flood l"s< .it Peru it estimated at
j.-i ,,,.?"1 The watt i la flowing In many
?t'.-.t deep enough t.. swim i hora? 'n
South Peru the wster Is twelvs feet deep
Message Received by Governor
Ralston Tells of Heavy
Los3 of Life.
Indianapolis, Mir'h l'.V Two nun?
dred or more are drowned al Peru, Ind.,
according to s message received by
Governor Ralston fr,<m that place to?
The Governor's Informent, named
Baker, asked thai 200 coffins snd food
un! . lothing i"- sent t" Peru al once.
"Thla probably will be tTi? ? last mes?
"-?? . will gel from Peru," said th.
man. "Two hundred or more ar,.
drowned an.! th.. remainder ..f the rail
dei ta . ie grouped on ? hill waiting ?or
Governor Rolston immediately torn?
municated with state senator Fleming,
it Fort Wayne, and a?-ke,i him to for?
ward th>> coffins and oth?sr auppll?M ns
raqueeted. While the Governor was
talking tti^ wire to pern failed.
' l'r in nhai my Informant! said
there may be as many as BOO drowned
In Peru," fJovernor Ralston said to?
Port Wayne, Ind., March '_'?'? Th?
? t.her for the Wabash Railroad
Mat. ,| at 12 o'clock midnight thai w
had received confirmation of ? terrible
loss of life si Pel Ac? ording to
Information 260 ar.- dead In B<
Peru Coffins sre being prepared i"i
shipment l.v every undertaker in V rt
Wayne, an.l a carload Of pro* slona will
be m nt out ss soon sa a train can be
arranged for
Loganaport, Md. Mar h 28 rhi
Mayor al Peru, ot ? r long distan ?? tele
phone said at II :.?i o'clock to-ni?ht:
'Tell Goveraor Ralston that from 200
to 100 killed "?i S"-:th side, \\\ want
provisions, < lothinc and rofflnp."
Ohio Governor Fears State Wil
Not Have Tents and Supplies
Enough for Sufferers.
Columbus, i hio. March -,"i "if 0U1
worst fears ere MmnYnsed il win ^
ne**?sasry f"?- ni le call on the outinlj
world for tent? snd supplies in ord?
to mske provision for the worst cahj**>
Itj thai ii?.'? ?ver befallen this state/
said Qdv?rnor James M. Cos to-night
Th? Oov?rnor sum stated that trees*
wi r? ordered oui for dut) In I
t;il . it | and Hi" II ? r-cr-rvei
had be? n -? nl from Toi? do lo PiqUa
The Ds ton < omps nl< were or
tint city, i.? said
Th? * 'Indnnai I rompani?
..hi- . the i ;-" ? rn? - ? Id s ould be r?nt
to Hamilton snd '
h? m th? Misml V'slli -, .
out dlStl ' ? ? nonn
.;.,..? i . i fon late to-night ??
ord? r din ?t ing Brigadier ' U ner il [ ?g>
<-. >? pake t" . all oui the ?nl
Motional Quard to-morrow ?miming fn,
dut in tl flood awept district, s >vi
. ompi????? i r ictlesll) the ? holt itst ?
Th? ti'.ni i will ent their re
?pectlve cities earl) to-morrow, an.
sfter thai will be subject to ihn f,,r.
ther orders of t '.? neral Br*
Jutant tteneral Wood, s '??
th? rh lo lo? atlons act or.ii>;.' I i tiV
l?r;i\ it-, of 11'" Bit US '
Ohio Governor Calls on Borde?
States for Help
? thlo M " ? - the ass
.. ? Governor Co ? ?
hi .11-.| la to hi ted to th?
. row morning b: R?pr?.
the Q,a'e
i loi ? rnoi >????? ? iut to-nii?. ? . ,
f,,r aid to the <;???-?
.... of n . ling Pei -? -. -.
wv-.-t Virginia, Michigan, Indi ggj
Kentuck) "n* *r*
badl) i.i ?" ?rdl | to th? (favenmH
" ? . h :'.'? Twelve ner
-, ? . to han
m bile II
,\f id, esult of i (tas
M im nu River I on frssj
.' t"SjS>
:Ing through < I I %
? t from thn el
?'. M Bsp? .. r-harrt,
san a man an.i a woman fall fn
.lus bous?
? ? ; . n i * s*|
... ....
t., --,i\? ot
To-night the resld
.: dpa! build ?
with tbe oui
ted to a single I " '
i only to <
In total doi knew g to t
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Verify Reported Heavy Lo^s of
Life at Sidney. Ohio.
Columbus, <'!;i<>. March 25 G ?- r
Cox to-night received I
mes telei
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thst ' a. nty-thre? i beon
swei t through Tn ? In i
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This report tends lo ? ? t*H
loos of Ife at Bidi ? - ? ?
which was n port M
Troy are b? lleved 1 from
Hornell N v , Mai
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Valley this ten
and | ' ' - ' ' ? 3d
and t trail
Bha? ? ? fl N" thern F nd th?
una i ? . ? ?
road. Th? Ion lands of thi s dis?
? tan. ? ? f ten mile? si
I of wsu r
loi olhi'r iir?? ni lin- It.io.l >,?.? ..;??
DREICER collection of
Pearls should be of in?
terest to even," lover of
these &ems.
Many of the Pearls, in?
dividually and in necklaces,
are matchless in the open
McGibbon & Co.
Assortment of
Window Shades Made to Order.
Lace Curtains Cleaned and Stored.
3 West 37th St.
Just off Fifth Avenue

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