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Baseball * Boxing ?* Lawn Tennis ?* Rowing t* BilKaids
Automobiling ?_* Games J> Other Sports
Tightens Up Just in Tin
Beat New Orleans Tea
by One Run.
Shafer and Doyle Do Mo
the Hitting?Meyers,
Form. Blights Hopes
of Base Stealers.
li-YO!.) a si.,ff ? 0T"-i'"iiil?*n1 of Thr 'I.
New Orleana, March tl Theodor?
lait, the voting plt'het whom Me?;
trying on thla spring, went into
foctly good same bete thla afternoo
?CUM within an a??* of turning i
victory to the New Orieana nine
("mu? aooee waa ?? to ??. ;?n?i tiie
Waa the cloawal and most iiit?r??stin
the ??t.intM have waged thla pear. \
Inning rally by the Pelicana looked
boding, but Goutelt lightened up, a
Btrihtng ??nt th.? last two batten
throosh in safety.
j? if Teareau was m ehargs "f >
tot tin? first ?ix lnnliiRS. and twlr!???
ins utmost skill, allow in?; only tari
and handing over t?> ids auccaeaor ?
??f four runa. Warren, the hrst m*
ma l? ;? clean hit off Jeff? but from
point ?>n to the beginning of the
frame every h.itsman was retir*
Three reached first liase two on j
and the ether by dint of a ?cratch
but all died when they braved the al
Hip Chief Meyers and tried te
Second. With none out In th?? sixth
real! hand? ?I ont a couple of more pt
which, with an error by Herzog a
Morifiee fly. netted two runts. Th?
spit t>;?'1 pit-her stiuok ont foin BM
passeai as many
?'.??ulalt allowed only three hits dl
his ?reign, but waa ? trille >'iid. am
liberality got him into trouble \ pa
alnale, an error by Wilaon and ?
piteh tel In two ""tana m th? a?svi
while a alnfle and a double, with
out. m th? ninth netted aaothei
the jrounaater arr?te out another ?
but menaced te ?strike ?out the neal
men. an?i pulled "in "f ti..? 'danger
in II.? nick "f time
n was the first appearance of
? liants here In sa-vera! year? Tro
?aver aa empire arose on their last \
and M?**Oraa led his tram from the
in the middle ..f the game. It was in
.lavs when the little Napoleon and
(. indicator holders were rever on sp?
1 hag ?terme The "fans" that came
r to-day remembered him ?ha the B? ra
"Muggay" "f old. although he was
most tttei ted person on the Held, e
though the umpiring was of a snfl
Color at times
The ??.Manta atarted off the game wit
?-?i?ii. and scored four run? in the 1
two lnnitik's. ? ?liai llllg six hits in t
tune off the delivery of Brenton. T
they ?-?'litte.! down, until Arthur Sha
in UN fifth frame, made his second hl
the day an?! Larry Doyle batted the I
??ver the fence for a horn?- run. nett
Xn i, more count??.
?Doyle and Shafer between them m;
four ?.f the eight hits which were eredi
to the team. The others made a hit r
.-in?] then, but the cautious New Orb;
oiitti? lders play.d deep and gathered
long flics which carried them nearly
the f??:,c
I i was the t*rst time this season t!
McGraW had his full team In action, a
the men aaeaaed to be In excellent for
?Chief Meyers did the best throwing tt
h-? has vet shown, while Larry Do
played brilliantly around secon?! be
Both Minns and M?'r:av looked cood
the outfield
Some of the CUvtlaii'l players, who ;
training here, called on the Nati-u
League champinns to-day and -Came do?
t" ?-?. the ??lim". The Giants ?left set
this afternoon for Mobile, where th
Will play three carnes. beginning to-ni?
r?.w afternoon.
The score follow |
M.W YliKK hrUW ?"?KlaKANS.
abi h j". a?" ahrh p?>
s. . .??r .-? f " ' ! IC Wairen. if. I'll 0
Kbafer, m I?2 ? 00 Kibble, Ib.. ISS !
Burn?, If.. ?101 i ?0 Hen lr|cka.cf 3 n o i
t ?.,-,!.?. "*b.. ?l- 1 BO Bptncer, If. 4 00 3
Murrav. rf. -4 0 ! i 0" 1U *_?.. .3102
.?. lb. 411 '?' 0 0 siif'1r?.,r. lb 4 '_' I' 9
li? r_???.\ lb 111 o :i i Knaupp, f? ?mo
Meytra, < 311 ? ? o M.,?th. ?.?.?.. clOl I
w v.? .. . .... o : oi Brenttm, p i i o o
Teaman, i-, s o o .. lalwiliUma, p. ooo i
?...ulali. <,?. 0 0 0 o 1 Oi'Krat ....100 0'
Totals ? ? S ST M1 T?tala '-'6 r? l zt i
?Batted f??r William? In th. ninth inning
Nt? V?,rk. 1 3 0 0 ? 0 ?>0\
ttow frrttaai.o o o o o I _ o i
. i.?- ..,-. M 'fror N? w YiirK. 1 lettl I
La??? N? a Ortoeaa t; New York. 3 y\,
? ... '.?ii? -?.fr Brent .1. ., ?.fr Teareaa,
orr ?iouhiii. ? struck ?. ? a t ? i ?v>- brenton, f>, !
wnitaaaa, 1 b) Teareaa, 4. i>> ??.uiait,
llene > un -Do>le. Tw?.-Ki.'? hit! Knaup
Shaf.r. M,->eri s'a? rlfl? hits ---n'?i(riah-. Kt
Me 1S1 s.?, rlfl. r fljr?HendHeka Stolen baaet
Snaf?r. At_. .-n??'? or Double t!.i- s'ni'ig:?
an?i M.rwie ?Paaaed ball MMtbewi tVI
?pitch ?.oilait lilt by pit? ha 1 b.-.ll B) Wll
lam?? iit??rz<??{. Hita-orr Brentea 1 in flve i?
?nias, ?.ff T?irf?'i. ; tn six Inaiaaa; ?at <??>'
Uli. 3 In thr.e inning? I'mptr? Bra-ltenaU-ll
1 1 :.n
In Better Condition Leavin
Augusta than a Year Ago.
[t TBBaasassi la The Trepana 1
AUgUOta, ??a , March _7-Itatli? r thai
take any etmaees arttb his plajeta work
-.:.(, out in a ? <?I<1 wind that blew ?all ?day
r.iii Dablea allowed the guperbaa to spam
the time In ?getting r?a?iy for their ?Ie
l-arture to-m??ir"W in-anin? f.,r .Savannah
\n Um players are in goad cendltlm
after their three <1h\? of good j ; wt - -1 ! ? .
?:i?ler ideal < ?in<l.tlon(?
1 h. t?a.n l.a.a be? n lucky thla si'iiiiK. ?-r
'ar as a? < l.l. ntn are . ?m ?, rne?l Not a
man has pay it with an a?-.idt in ?Btefllclenl
to keep hin. ? ? ?it 01 |.|i,?t|. .? f,,r ewn ..
hair ?lav The plat*fs*ra llManesttea de n 'i
ln-ltate to sin that lilt) ar.? .ti pa, seal
heller than the?, were thin time last ??h?
\ft? r tn? gaaass rildaj and laturda]
Si.\annab. the t?am will l?-a\e f,,r I'i?
n.ond \a seaaa tame Sunday, for two
?i..?.- 1 '??in in?..' ?h??> ?ah? go te tVaah?
mutain. reaeblag Brweklya lai?? t.. . ;,
The \a.htm?. tu- nos ..f ? ..i,im.,.|.,i. .)
Htuart Hla? kton of th ? \tl:?i ti. Vh?Ii?
? In... win? will -at_.il f,.i- lai'oi?- ..n S.iln
?la?. h\ the st. a...ship ll.rlm. held a "flMI
{??lee" becf?it??ak dinner 1?. hla bono? i., *
nltfht at Itels- -w. . .. . .,, Iatkw.i>
Hot? I
Tl.?? 1 ' Included 1 ?:minodori ;??.'!
.Mr? ?Maeartoa. Waii.?.., \ a?. N'netrand.
M. ??nd M? w Ra ?i and Mn
Al\.?h Nbkeiaon an?l Ml and Mri? Mar
tin l.ivlliKMton A v.I'l.b \i!l . nl? Hallt- j
ii.tiit and Uan'in? t<>I'.<j?* ? 1 ti. .?.mi'i
New York Yacht Club Pai
on Challenge of Lipton.
?^embers ?>f the New Tort Tacht <
at th.ir se?im?l R':,.-rni meeting al
clubhouse. III 41th street, last Bight,
nv?i the ?refusal to socopl or recoa
tin- Rojal Ulster Yacht <'lull's chati
fur the America's <*up by a unanii
Th? members of the recently ai?poi
Ameelcs'e <"ui> committee present
Commodore t'allas h Pratt. ex-Con
dore ?'. ?Ledyard Blair and Rear-Con
?lore ,1. p, Morgan, jr. Others pre
were James H. l'on). K. Walter ?
and H. ?lo i?. Persona Twenty-eight
membera were elected. Th.? smendtn
t?> the racing rulea adopted at the n
inj; of January r? were then ratified.
That part of Hule I relating to "I ?em
n??w reads: "When in trim, both ui
?Cruising and raclnK restrictions, the
BSl floating on an even keel In sen W
"f usual density, l>??tli sld.? marks r
be ?'-it by th.- surface ..f the water.''
Th.- last paragraph under th?- Iva
of "Rules ami IVnaltlcs" DOW re
'Th. ?displacement limit, tin- brtdglni
any ??oncavitlea in the measurement
length, ami the limiting ?1? finitions
hoonera and yawls shall nol sppl]
yarhta in exlatence, or contracted for
January I, U'l::. pr??vi?ie?i n?. ra?i
change in hull or rt| be made aubseoji
t.? that dab "
Columbia Out of Pennsylvan
Harvard-Princeton Race.
! ? '?ilntnlda will n??t take part Hi file 1
? vard-Pennsj lvsnls?Prlnceton regstts
? the Charlea Rlvei ?on May N This
: noun 'em. ni ?as mill.- visier lay
! Walter M Moht, manai?er -if the Coll
hi;? 'varsity craw, after he bed i*ecd
a letter from ?'aptain ?Charit? F Al"
??f Harvard The Including "f Colurn
in th.? three cornered regatta waa pra
cally assured, snd erben both Prince
and Pennsylvania gav.si?ent it se?
certain that the Hlue ami White wo
have a place 1n the rac?.
when th.? Harvard autborltlee came
measure th.? course, however, they f"?
that there waa not r<>"m enough f??r f?
?revvs at th?- start ?if th?' on.? ami BOV?
eighths mil? course ?>v-r which th.- n
waa t?i i?. rowed; in fact, in order to i
four right-oared erewa in the race
would !"? inHtBSBij i'1 begin near I
Harvard bridge, which would make i
lav?- only u trille more- than .. mile
length 'rids both th.? Columbia and Hi
vard authorltlea thought would be han
worth v.lui.-, ant coneequontly Crduml
win not send its crew t<? Cambridge.
No ?other race lias ?been srrsnged for t
Blue and White crews b<-M?li'S th??S"
Which they Will take part at the Am?
can Henley and th.- Harlem regatta ??
cording t" dlapatchea ?from Princeton, t
?managemenl <?f th.? Tiger'a ?crew Is <?<
?idertag th?- ?advisability <>f having ?Colui
Ma roa against the Navy snd Prlncel
there. Should this be acheduled, it v.
tie the only preliminarv college l*sce
which tiie Columbia crew will take pa
before the r-**ga?ttS at POUghkoepsIa ?
?lune B.
Staten Island Eleven to Met
Philadelphia Team.
The SOCCSr players ?if the BtatCB Isla:
?'rl?-ket and Tennis ?Muh will noel li
Belmonl team of Philadelphia, headed I
George Orton, In th<- annual Inter? r
match for the Crescenl Challenge ?',',?'
morrow. This match will be free ?,, tl
puhllc. The teams selected are th.? ft
?States laland- Vas iet '/??-. Binds
Huiler. Smith leapt, i. Manning. Ledgar
\'an l>aar. Mines, Nh-oll, Ma? W'liinn
and Kaufman.
Helniont ?I'oult'i? r. l'aies. ?Bot?tomle
?Coulsle, < ?rton (CSPtSln), Harlan. Ulan
phln, Wood, <; I'. ?Bottomley, ?McPet
an?i Meiviiu- Referee ?Pred Davtea
Now Secretary to Board o
Rowing Association.
Morton <>' HoKue, chairman ?.f ti
?board ?f stewards of the Intercolleglal
How in? Association, announced yesterds
tii.it Harry A. Fisher, graduate managi
??f athletics at Columbia tia?J been si
pointed seer?, tai y of th?' hoar?) ?and WOUl
hav? <'har?f! ?"?f th.- details "f the Intel
?collegiate regatts si Pougbkeepeie o
dune -1.
The ..; p...i.tn.ent of Fisher to til?? ?e<
retaryshlp of the ij?.ar?i will reHeve th
chairman of a great deed ol the d?lai
which in other years has been attende
t?. by Mm Tin- mak?a-up of the board
however, win remata the sain?, wiih Mi
Bogue re presenting Columbia, Judg
Prank Irvine ?Cornell, and Thomas Reatt
ar. Pennsylvania,
Fifteen Contests for Columbk
Lawn Tennis Team.
Fifteen Contests have been arrange?I loi
'th?- ColUmtdS lawn t?nnis team for thi
Coming stasoli The lirai will be pla.v e?
| with tin- 7th Regiment team on the 7tt
Regiment Armory court?, on Saturday <>!
this W?*ek. The outdoor s?a-soii <1?j.?s not
begin, however, until April H, wh? n UM
Hlue and White me. ts the LolleK?- ?if tin
' City of .?few York on South VMd
, ?Following unit nitticii ?ibera an- thirteen
contests with college tea ma aeven ?>t
Which Will be played on South Kiel?!. Th?'
H' ason ClOSSa vvith u trip to New Eng
land .arly in June, when Columbia me, tv
Dartmouth and Trinity un lune ? ?and t
reapectlvi ly.
1 Th?- schedule ir> aa follows
Mar? !. '.1?. Ith llxglinein. Bl 7'.?i ItlglMUHl
Arm iiv
April t:i ?Caliese of Hie ? It) ?.f Ne? Ver?.
en South lull April M, Wesle; ,n. on South
Field Vprll SB, Mon Utow n l'ir|.| i,,,|, ?i
v;,. rlstown April i>. New Vori i inrrsii
on ftouth Field April Tin, Hutiffr?., on South
! ?
M? | Williams, en ?South KleM; Ma. s.
I. if.,, <-ii. ?i? l.itstoii. 1'inn Mil- i? 1^ i iBi,
hi s,,?ii:, n, <i leiiein. Ma) 10, Cornell, al
Ithaca S t . M_.' It, Princeton ,.,. south
Ma- 17 Vale. <>v South Field Mas 90,
1?, in,?' I Mia ,,n SoiUi Ylel'l
im, Dartmouth, ut llaaovei Jum 4
I 'iiv. m : l?iti,.n!
\t Richmond, Va ?Philadelphie tNa?
tioi ni League), I; Richmond (Virginia
i.. agut I. i
\i Baltimore Mount Bl Jooeph'a i'ol
loge, 7; Hol) ( 'rosi. I ?six Innings)
At Wake Poreot Wake Koreat, I Trin?
kt) of Connecticut, l
?W Raleigti Agricultural snd M?chant?
cal <?f North ?'anilina. 10: Lafayette, 3
?Cricket pl.i . rs of th.- ?Mates Island
'in kit un.I Tenate ClUb ?'ho?e their Bold
? ?III ?is foi Hie oomlng season > ??ster?l. iy.
Walter Kesnsn will fin tn? po.-i ..f cap?
tain of 1l,e first eleven, altd f* \ w. I,,
land, v i'?'-eaptHiii.
ll.i? rv Manley, beoldea bring aecretan
<>f th, cricket committee is captain o( th?
Thurada) eleven, with R. St Qcorge
?Walker elee-captaln.
IMo Chance of Brooklyn "Fans"'
Dropping to the Cellar..
Pitcher of "Fogel's Fragments" \
Fairly Scintillating on the
Training Trip.
When tha "fan.?." assemble .?i the nee
home of the ?Superbos in Biwtl?yn ?and
I eea .lake I ?aiih.it slam oui a bom?* run
! they can stamp th. ir l.?t and .lump about
! with every ?assurance that the stands will
not collage? . ?ven should they groan.
This cheerful aanounceeaenl ?as made
by ?barbs H Kbhcls, jr. secretary of
the club, \?'Mt?rday, in the folloaing
: words, culled from a mathematical and
! not a baseball vernacular:
Bj the direction of P. .i Carlin, aupar?
Intendenl <>f the Bureau of Buildings, ami ,
t?. aat la f y all peraona Interested In the
new Btanda al ?Sbbeta i*i?Ui. a t?-: t -has
been made, under the aupenrialon >.f John
?'. Snak.nl.erg. of th?? carrying capaclt*
[Of differ??!)! parts ??f til? ti.?o?. Ib.- ob1??t ;
being t?? note what th? maximum dene?
i tion would be :.-i each Individual panel ai
twk-e the allowable aafe load.
I'ndei the building ? ???!? g itructure of
? Oils ?les'-riptioii is required t.? ?arry ?aafely
i at a factor ??f eafeti of four ninety pound*
?or .??.?i.?. sup.?rll. ial foot thereof This
1.1? ans that, as tested, IV? pounds BUpei
Arial foot wee placed ovei the area of the
ronerete floor slab, ihe else of which was
II feet i. linios t>> f. f?-? t ThlB in? ant a
; total load a.f 10,100 pounds, and ior dell..
tion as -howti b\ the Instrument, ahowed
ro-iom xxf an inch.
\s n.? Bteel train.? is ?calculated :?t .'
factor of 1 and an elastic limit of ;',_.'"?'
pounds an inch, this not.-d deltactlon Indi?
catea that as fat as aafet) of the stand
th? r?- ' .?n ?be n?. question
i?t io> h?* unrestrained There is no
chance ??f the "fans" dropping to the cel?
lar, et ? n il the Superitas ?Jo
Mr i;i.betn also announces another In?
?spectlon day ?if the i??-i? atands and offle?
on Bundey from ;a o'clock in the mornlna
until t, in tn?- evening. The marble ro?
tunda is now completed and "-?.ni be ele?
trlcall) light.?i ail ?Jal Tteha-ta for the
exhibition Ramea with th? Yanheea on
April '? ..nd ; and lot the sp..iai opening
"f the National \e ?ague ?-?a OH With th?
Phi 111? b "n April I ??-? sill' .." ? Bit -i the ;
Bpeaking "f Tom Beaton, who won -'??
Its n games .?nd lost twelve f?w the Phil?
lies lust year with a team behind him
lit? rail, -h?>t (.. pi? ?,?;.. "Jim Nasni'ii"
s..?s in "The -Rhlladelphla Inquirer":
"Tom is a wining work't and t?.??-- ?
duttoa Beriously, and whlk lita worh f??i
Fogel'a i i.. -lu. nts during our last .sum
mer "f discontent bor? ampk ? vi?i? n? ?? t ?
ti.ft.???? that ha la same r? ? t? h? r, lak.
ity and large, be has ??? ? n Bplatt? ?
m.h aplendld form .no..ad in? long i?af
pit..' bell down here thai th? r. appears lo
be aa much difference btriweea th? Beatoi
parson of thla giadsom? aprlnatld? and
thai of last Bummer a** there is between
anj finish?.i pi"<i.i't and ti.? ?ran mat?
i ial N.. Phil ?pit? In i .a?, evei
during i!.?? iprina training frolic with
HUch bllinllng brilliancy a?a ,S?.i!".i li
showing "
?One .-.m ?almos! h?..r the ??? ?I.? ?-t i v.?
kin? s of the National League batsmen
?rattle at these fearsome ttdlngi Mr -?
bin mu -1 be watch? U
Frank J Phrrell tecelxed from ?Bei
J? hns.'i.. pi' sldent of th? Am? 11? .m
League, yesterday, a glass cas? contain
ing the pen with which Prank Chanee
algiwd hla ."-itra't to manage th? ?aa
kees, with the wish that tM p?n ??
omen of ??'.I luck and thai ihe American
LeaaiM In Now "iork w?ould ?be hlghli
Buccesaful under th? nea ?. <i? ? of thing*
Mr. Karrell vlaitt-d Klng*?brldg< r*-stei
day aft?*rnoon and i?.?-,?.? t?-: th? --?"tk on
the n? w park I'.spit?? ihe wel eeth?
tha? ta??k ..: Illllng In Is progiraslng rapl?!
ly. and assurance? wer? given thai II
would be completed by June i
In s ? able m< aeagc t;? Tim Davl
terday Arthui Irwin said lhat th? '..?:
k? en would leav? Bermuda next Tu?
and ..trl\? at I'l? I Ig, N.'tlh |{|\. I. on
Thursda) afternoon.
Judging i.> reporta from lb? raining
camp of th? Senators- tha ?<?rk of Clyde
Mii.m this spring ha.?? been abov? th?
ordinary, both In ?.iitii?r: and be ? run
:>ii.K The "TenneBaa? l Iyer." who Bel a
nea ricord for stolen bases In tin Ameri?
can League ?eat your, has averaged two
bus a game ami liaH been fa lei than
ever on the paths
Matt. Mclntj re the foi im i outfield? ?
<.r the l"troit Tigera and Chicago ?Whit?
Sox. has pun h,.s?.i bis r? i....-..- from the
?San l-'raiM 's' o ?'luh of tha r..< in? Coa i
League, and is ?trying to land a berth
with tin Indianapolis L*lub "i th? Ameri?
can Ass... latlof.
Vic Bickers, a young pib h? ; "t tha
Washington Senators, tins be. a nbasi.l
to th.- \\'likes?Barre Club ol ti..- Nea
! York stat? ?League
i George Btovall, manager ol tha Bt,
! Louia Browns, says he will have a time
Clock install,.I In the clubhouse, and tl.?
. **la)era will bave ta pu n h th tlm? "f
their arrival and departure
s???tt. s young shortstop of the Boston
?Red s?.\ has i.e. n "farmed out lo the
Indianapolis club, of tha Ameri?can \ ao
i elation.
? .la.-k Btanahury, an oiitft? .<*.? r dratted
! last fall by the Bt. |_OUla ' 'at dm..I.. fr??m
'i tlie Loulevtlle club, <?f the American a.?.
1 Hociation, lias i.ean returned to the Colo
i neis.
Tha tans' can skip and BbOUl S ri.iin
delay, with baseball only thirteen da
Fleming, Driscoll and Doyle
Win at 44th Street Club.
Kranki?- Fleming, "Toung" Drtacoll and
l-Aidie Doyle came ??ft rictortroua In me
featherweighl tournament at the Fort)
fourth Btrtfet spoiling Club laal nigi.i
Franki? Fleming knocked oui Knock
out' Ja? k I ?'i ?-.inn n In three round.??
l>ris??iii had a little th- better ?>f ?o-...?,'?
Klrkerood and Doyl.itb?x?td on?
"BOOh" Nelson *
All the bouta arara fee* ,,n.| Intereal
Ing, especian?, tuai ?between ?Dria oil ano
Ktrkwood, This? lads are rated among
the clevereel boxera In tbeh claaa, and
.??bowed to their batM test alghl brla
culi, wiiii ins weaving, ln??ane>oul st>h.
bothered IN Bt 'Louie bey Ie no end
and ?? l.'in.l tin honor: m th.- greatOl
Bomber ??f rounds.
nit' nnell ?substituted for Tommy Buck,
of Philadelphia, agalnel Fleming, and ba
was never In the hunt The latter wad.d
In aftir him from Rung ?to gong, and ....on
ha?l him in a slat.? wli.t.? II,. i. fen e ?.va;
forced i" ?all a halt For a youngster
Who is just '?unlng along, N.-lson BhOW-*d
to go? ?i advantage agalnel i?.)>-ie, ami
there were man.?, who predicted that In
B f?*w- BAOnthl he would be up with the
?_.."'! on? a.
Hal Chase Plays Second
Base for the Yankees
Gets Back in Game After an
Absence of Over Two Weeks.
Skeeters Get a Drubbing and a
Drenching in Farewell
to Bermuda.
I Iiv ? -Me to TN TllbSSI i
Hamilton, Dermuda March ".' -Hal
?has?, played Bccond base for the Tanhoea
hi IS to-?1ay in a way to indicate that be
had not been ottl ol the game for naore
th.m two weeks with a badi.v wrenched
ankle He dam'.?! about without the |? ,ist !
aign of a limp, gnd made one Banasttonsl
plaj ;ifi<?r another in the warming up
?practice and m the game with the Jersey
City Skeef.-rs. wMefe tbe ** :i tiK. ? :< ?SOB
by a acore of N to I.
'rims.- who are ?predicting thai ? ha a
will ne. er make I lOCOftd baseman be?
cause ??f the fad thai he la a left-hand?
ed thrower abould bsve *??> n him cover?
ing the bag this .?ft? i n???m. lie ?aecepted
everything that came his way in clean
etlt fashion ?"Vei.-d ?i l'?t ?>t ground and
Mart?,i one double play Incidentally, be
made t??? hit:- in four ttmea al bat.
?'has.? h.i- been taking regular eaerclaa
for iv.r Ihre, day:-, lint this Is the tlrnt
time h.? haa played in a game atnce two
weeks .ik?. i.ist Bsturdsy, whsn tus ankle
was ba.ll> Inlure.J in trying t<> block Oil
a runner ateabng aecowd ban?, lie aid
at th. hotel tin; evening that so far as he
' could ?UdgS the ankle was M strong as
Th.- Skeetcrs did not aspect to play a
gam?' to-day, but ??ne was arranged whan
it was found that they did not have to
?take a ?steamer to Mew York until tins
evening H was a BOTTy farewell for the
minor league men, ??s they not only suf?
fered a drubbing, but a thorough drench?
ing as well. A tropical shower br"lo<
,,ver the diamond aft. r the fourth Inning,
s., that th.- gam- degenerated Into Bome
thlng approaching a comedy.
?Trank Chance again l?.?.krd on Iron?
the bench, bul aald be would play '" tbe
?game to-morrow against tha ssoond team
Isurretl was m Chaaee'a place, al "rst
bas?, ami made bis pre? sea far! by a
home run In the BOCOnd inning
Uns i'ai.iw,.n began pttchti I for Uw
rankeea and allowed only two bita m
four Inntnga prosing ooncluslvely thai
ho is ready f??r the opening <?f 'If Bee
son. BchUto, wh?. took up th? wrk m
the iiftb inning, waa handicapped b] ->
wet ball
The Yankees began bj acortng tour
runs m th?- drat fan.a tour hit'- one
by ?'has.? and a pass Tin" Ml?.?'?! this
lip I'' .1'1'llllg live III the fourth oil tWO
free passea ?? ringle by Dent-eta, a two
?baggi r bj W"ite, .?m.i .? triple from tha
bat "i i.eiiveit The tari named played
m t?,. .?un. id, .?? "Birdie" Croe was aUU
jiighti?. und?-r the w? other.
Tbe Bkeetera acor?ad thelr onl) ru.i ""
n?.?? hita snd an error by Mldklff, whom
Chance used ta the InOrid pari ??' 'h'*
The accore by Inntnga follows:
it H B
raakeaa ? ? I I B o 1 o o 10 IS I
j, r?, ill- .0 11 o i) I) o I O O 1 ,
Batteriea Fot i?'ii?"" ? S?dwoll ??''
Brhuls; Wllllami ?yor Jersey City, McHaM
.1 n I Si hfn? 'ke; ? rluji
Uffenheimer Second Victim
Billiard Tourney.
Philadelphia March tl I- *h Oardn
.?i i.i i ? ?ronge, N J . defeated t H W i
i? ? i: iff.-nli? in.? r, ? f ?Philadelphia,
th.- afternoon gam.- of th? amateur chai
plonahlp billiard tournament ai ia.2 i?*i
line here to-da; The i on ws MB
ttt Uardnei bad .? high run of v; and
..\?!,.?, of II -?'?-.'.i. while Clfenhelmei
high i .m wa .?'.' aiei hla .'V- rage
It waa liai dnei i s i und ri? torj ai
Cffenhelmer'a third defeat The rirugl
vv.is m,,i.- cl?oael) conleated tiian the r
-uit indi? ?i? - il. lead rhai k,mI aev?
? ? . gnd ..? >? ? ? ol ?both the thl
teen t h and the twenty-third innings the
wa-. .? dlfferen - wl ?only one print la tl
totsl Aftei t.ikint; command foi ti
foui th tun.. In the twentj f?? n th Innta
with .. tun ol .''?. It Cffenhelmer aeera
unable lo ?gel the bails rolling to tu? ii
Ing, snd his opponent, with runs ot
and i" m auccearion, f??rne?i shead si
maintained Ihe I? ed until lia ? ; d
? ,? i again ? alaMlahed ?? bien t >
i.t'i ? ? ? tournament ? hen be i"
? . ? ? ? a ?Hing ? '. *?'
'1 h> m "ir follow s
.. ? i, a, i. m " > i
o i : -, ?.? ? i ? ? . i. ? ?
4. 18 t ? ?' it. iota ?)'?". t''.?'
... ? ' 4 ? i. I 4 1
.4 1 I J, tl ' ? I t ??. ? I ?? I ? 7 .
. .?? I .?:??,,. --
- .' I
j i: cop? Morton "f Philadelphia are
th? ? ? nl? ?? same fp?in ?Pan y t'olltn
Chicago, by a ?aeon ?>f IB to :' Morton
.? i .i? i ? .?i.i lu? .?\ ? rage ? I
i. oi .. high um ol M snd .m .?>?
.,.-?:. . ta
? ?. '? i : ? . .
I * 13.1.
? . i .... i
? . - . j ?
Morton ?i.i
? i : ?? I?
i ? - i ?
u ? | .?. . ?? ?? . i ?
; total ? ?? Iga ... i irai ? 0)
Dcicats Harry Goetchius il
Pocket Billiard Tourney.
H i 11 i.i tit V Tilt. \. il It N*-K, fiele iim
i,?i-,ni F ItaynoM won thrii matchi
in tin? continuation ??f the national pock?
billiard rhampionshlp tournament >??
t? :?la?. und? r the din el on ?>f th. sa
ti??.iai ?Voso? tatton of imatsnr Bllltan
PI yen
Till the ?hold? i oi the Sea fork Mb
lelk < lui? tlth . clinched hla pl..<? m th?
i- i ?serlea ri matehi by ?defeatlni
li. u ?. il ?b?? t. h,u? of th. Ani.it? m Ulli
lard Club of Sew York, b) ? acore ??f la
balls to N Till pia>',i atroogli In th.
fourth tilth and sixth framca, puttlni
together a high run ??f M ?baila ?i etchlui
made s hlgb run ?u M balle sad each had
four acrat? h. s on hla rirlng
'li,.? rictoT) ol McKenaie, the Broohlyi
player, at Doyle'a j-?i atreel ?scadcmi
..i a ? nn? ?I him to ?' place In the hnal
matches for th. title II was McKensie'i
la t ???niest ?f the qualifying ?series snd
he defeated ?Bdward F Itaynolda by a
?core ?if u.', bail-, to M McKenaie had .?
high um ??f n bella wiiii? Raynolds'i
?beat ffoii * as 10.
Itaynolda was in i? tt. itroke for the
? Veiling m.iti Iv in Which he defeat? ?i t.?i
ward F Oary by the acore ??f I9J bail? t??
11?. The wlnini v I? st run was II ball.s,
srhil? Oary counted H a* Ma high mark.
The s, or.- follow :
AT l'\t l.'s \< ADBM1
Will. \ Till IS, 4. 1. 1". 14, Il T 7
.' 12 h il n ?i ?.?. iota . ISB i alla: mlnua, t
s? ..?i h.-r v. i total, i-.', tali'-, high run, SB
n m . II ?;,,.-?, hin?, i 10, IS, 1 ?? - I 7
7. s, ?;. .?'., :',. ? t total aa i?-. 11 - mlnua, 4
? i itch? s net total, '.?. baila; vi*,, run, 13
bal ?
Iteferea m?-* PleMa
\t ROI t.t.'-t At aOBMT,
i; M?)K< ii/.u? Trial, 121 bolla; inaii
inn. It i?uli
i:,?A.,r?i y RayaoMi Totsl, :??! baila; tush
ran, l ? bolla
Kdward i Raynoldi It, ,; ''?. '". <? Il B,
."?. ?;. I. II II II. <? 12, 1 7 1' 4, ion Its
i.?ill . mini:h a BcrstcheB; n? i total, 123 baila;
ihkIi ? m. 11 bella
?JMtranJ F lirai I, S, S. t S, 1 M ? v
12, I, ??. .'?, IS, 2, 13, 7. ;.. 4. loiBi. r:n balU;
li 11 mi? 3 m ran In re Incli vie. 111 baila
Referee I W Meyer?
\n Interesting rlvalrj baa develop?-?.!
among the younger membera of tn?'
Knickerbocker and Union duba togs tiling
tin ir stallt) to pta) boekey, and they win
tlk'tit II ?"it at the St. M'liolas Kink this
Among those win? win be asea la the
Knickerbocker Club line-up win be ?di?
ver tarifai, Joseph if ?Bast?a, Major Henry,
M.-Kim Hollina Gertland Mosn. Richard
Patera aad <;. mimiih \\ barton.
The Union ?"lui? win preeeni Persy Pyae,
Archie ivn, Richard Petafteld, jr Dava?
las ami OoOTga \\ aKHtafT. IjouIm onu
tlvla IteRtnuld Rlve.s. jr. and John II
Trent ice Main of thr ptaySTB have had
txperlcn??' on COltega teams.
! Beats Kramer Easily?Drev\
Ordered from Track.
If tu .? inonth'a real Hannes Koleh
meinen th? wonderful runner of Flnlend
defeated William .1 Kramer, ??i the I?om
island Athletic Club, in ? tu.?-mil" rae?
ai in. ?games of the M ?Battalton Nava
Militia tn the armor] In ?Bay Ridge las'
nigh* Ha broke the tape ihlrty-flv?
yarda In front of hla rival In the fat I tlm?
? ' ?? : l :,.
Kramer made the pace and overed th?
lit.?! mile In i 17 bul Kolehmalnen w.?
alwaya within atrlklng distance, und tak.
Ing command ?? quarter of a mile from
li? ?tn?-. came awaj to srln aa he pleased
Howard !* ?Drew, the negro whirlwind
?i,.i ii'.i win the Blxty.yard 'handicap, foi
the rea "n thai thi referee ord-ared him
out of tha- tmai heal for wearing spiked
Ha ?showed bis usual speed in ?in?
ning tWO 'rial li??..is
I I- \v Meyer, unattached, with ? handi?
cap "f fourteen feet. defeated A i? Cola
In the final bj Inch? a
UoniT Maker, ?if th? N"W York A'ht-ti?
? lub captar? .I tl" 1.011 ? srd run from
?rr.lt'-h Hi the fast lima of I II t-5, ?i mw
artii"i> i."I Martin Golden, of the
trish-Ameri an tthietl. Club, ran ?Moond,
bul waa dlsquallfli i f"t cutting the eor?
i.? i a Tins gave M' k ?__gaa th? t ' ?
Tha aummartea foll?n
?Anal beat)?Won
.1 .?. M- . ? .-? lit. \ I.
. -? -,?? \ ?? ' it lex ?. s. \\ i:
it'-? v..... as \ ' lit leetl third
i. indkap) H i b ; i.'-. ' r
j Baker, Sea fork A ' (scratch); i: Kgsn,
.in. -. ' ? ?....? 1-' ?
III" ? ' ? ? ? V M ? ? A .
2 is*? M rjoldi I IHl v
. \ ? '. flnlah? -, t was
Uli ? ?-.. r?.
KM ,. rain ?:,...??
A I. . \\..? bj F P ri-.n... K. :-: I
?- ....:.. n p t >.?? ... ' i,?..
; ? rdi
laDOghlln Lyceum 110 yards), third Tim? 2 12
? ??.. mile run o "\ l> i . W '?ti ba 11 lt< ai '
i . -? - ' ? I.
\ ... i. Dllnakl unatts I : third
i ??'.
?SO)aril run (handicap el ?? ' to t*athollp
\ I.. \?. : si Agnes '? C
. . 13 ? n la) i I ("Skill l>
?2 yard ?? ; ?tot Preeentatlon ? 'lub
ill ? Is), third ? " -?
SO0 ..r . run (han?11 ipi Won bj T F la?.,
not. i*urtli li 'i | '??!?" v a
(lark ii....-?- \ \ IB ysiite), ?????? ..?!. I I
N' II, un .une ?>,?? .. -, third 'i n.... ??
ri.r? i mil" i '? ? i? ? i ' '?'
.. ?.. ?? , i.. i:? k-i?f. n v v ? :?>
..r : -. I I ?? . If? i>lre ' i ? v U h.elin. n
? i is ?? '? i, ?? ? ".i i. .." third Tli .- .'
Tws mil* ru.. ??!" rial) Won i liai m
i? n ? aln?.. Irtsh Amei I? as *? i . \V, .1
:. ? . i, I, .u lalsnd A C, ?????'. I In
- a
Smaller Colleges May Join
League with Graded Classes.
'ihe graduate adi.ry committee ol
th<? Intercollegiate Swimming AsMKtatlon
io.;% up its duties laal ?Maturday, held ?.
meeting and laid oui Its plana for th?
fu tun
Among the que itioi a hlch i ame up
for dtaeuaelon waa one of Introducing a
mi.' forbidding all teama ihe us of fi
m? n In the league meets Princeton wa?
termen have fell i'"i some tlm? thai It
??... ? .miau for other college?! to ?atari
first ...ai students \?.it? n the boma faculty
?I? tii.-.i them -i like privll? go and Ihe)
have repeatedl) tried i" have condltlona
aejuallsed. Some of the graduates aeemed
in favor of the proponed rule, bul othe? ?
pronounced in opposition ->> it, on tl.?'
plea thai tha freshmen bad nol the
I neceasar) funda t?. defray the coet of
meets among themselv<?s and that their
| banishment from the 'varsity BQuada
would deprive them all igether ol rompe?
nu.m The d? ? .??ion ?vas left i" .? let? r
The acnerne ??i if. c m Richarde of
vaie. to sstabllsh ?graded class champion?
??nips under the direction of the aasocls
tion was unanimously comm? nded and
itn adoption will be ?strongl* advocated
i.y th.? ??.nimitie. it is believed thai
i.a-t.in cotlegea nol n??* holding mem
i.? i .?alii i? in the ieegue will readll) loin
when the chance is given .?f ?battling for
?i title ?agalnel opponents <>f their own
calibre. The teams will i?.- dlvld<ad Into
clasasa a? cording t?? their rtrenath
The advlaablllt] ?>f -rubstltutlng a ? ?"
yard BWlm for the plunge or of adding
the latter rae?, was thoroughly thraxhid
?tut and the majority votid !<>i the
i hange.
A revision Of Ihr* Wdtei pol? . ...1' al. >
was thoughl desirable and amendments
win in? presented In proper form al the
next SCSBBtMI.
Whhm the adrieorj hoard alelds n.?
power ..f dOetasoa ami Ita svarj recom?
m? iiiiaiii.n must i??- pasaed upon by the
undergraduates before eoeeptance, it is
expect??! thai tin* latter will be led in
most oaass by the older ami more exi>oii
aneed rmwssllora. srhoee aM and ? a ueet
atioti they have voluntarily BOUght
Mayor Will Be Asked to Make
Exception for Big Benefit.
Leach Cross Hard at Work for
His Return Battle with
Joe Rivers.
Bill) ?Jib on .?nd others Interested in th?
boxing and wregtlfalg carnival prop etsd
by the State Athletic Gouufitastou ?aa a
b? tn nt for the Hood Bufferera In Ohio ?md
| Indiana will wait on Mayor ??aynor t'J
?lay With n request that an exception be
mad??, no that th? ?ntr rtainm? nt ran be
: h? id <?n some Sunday evening. The reason
for this it? : in ths ia? i that Madison
?Square Oarden la nol available except on
thai day. John RlngUng ?aid yestords)
I ib.it he would gladl) donate ths ?Mg ?am?
? pbltheatre if the bouts could he ?held ?on
Sin,day evening.
l'aiiing in thta, ? fforts will i? directed
to getUng ib?- biggest building avaltaWe
for the purpose, Tin following telegram
was addressed t?? the Clovernors of Ohio
ami Indian,i yesterdaj i?- Gibson.
At the auggestlon ??t the N?w Tort
sta?" Athletl? Commiaslon II la proponed
t?. conduct an entertainment here, ronriat?
ink* ?>f boxing exhibitions, the proceeda to
i,. devoted to He i!<??"l Buffer? r of < ?lu?>
and Indiana The largest building avail?
abl? In greater Ne? York will be engag?ed
for the piiii??-? Kin.iiv s;t? [f this meeta
with your approval snd designate where
vo'ir atata'a shan:-? oi ti.- money sh?i'.j.<i
be sent Oreater New >"rk aportsmen
an anxious to I?ml their h? Ip
It is hop,,) to raise between !!?,<??> and
r.'.."?1, Hii?l embitloua plana f??i ?? ro(?.j
card era being msde
with two weeks la which to attain per?
fect condition, Leach Crosa and Jo
Rivera are worltfng 'ike beavers lor their
ten-round bout si th? Bl Nlebolas Ath
letk ?Club ??u April i, t'r?)H.i has astab
llahed hla hesdquarters si the N?sw Polo
Athletic Club of iin.1?-m. ami ?there, eur
rounded i?- s host <?r aparrlng partners
and attendants, he la ?.-??Iuk through th?
dall: grind According to Sam Wallach,
hla brother, Leach la In excellent trim
and needa t.. .i?, n?! enough work t<> keep
II im musclea m ?good condltfam. Ms i??
allghtly above weight, bui thai I caua
in? him tn? worry.
Croea made ? great till with tii- boxing
"fans" of Nea Orleans by whipping Man*
dot, and, according t" the bustling Bam,
the Southernera want him bach ther?
Thai Man.lot had a little the better of Ufa
?boxing up i" the time thai Cross landed
th? aleep-produclng punch la ii??t denied
b n it is the r. uli thai count i rosa
reo red off? ? to bos in BL Louta, Kan?
??.i-- City, Memphis, New Haven snd as,
eral other cities, bul be was forced to
?i? . ??? In ordei to gel ready for Rtv?era
?Prankle Burns, the Jersej City bantam?
weight, will meet _ddl< Campl In a ?twen
ty-round battle In Loa Angeles to-morrow
aft.rn??"ii i ampl is a alight foV?
Freddie tVelah the lightweight .ham
?pion "f Oreal Rtitaln, will arrive in this
??ity t<...lay on the Cunard Una Bteam?
ship Mauretanta. Welsh Is oui with a.
sweeping challenge to all the llghtw? | la
in the world, and is particularly anxloua
to meal Willie i:t'?-hie for the worlds
champion 11|
Antoine Pollet, h heavyweight fiom
? ?? ?. ? meet Jsch ITenbroob in a
ten-round bout at th.? New Polo Athletic
<"lub of Harlem to-night
Mart) Allen ?and Eddie Ctio will furntah
? -? drew? ;ks '."i the patrona <>f the
i:.i : V. s York Athletic Club tO-Oighl
Middleweights and "Heavies"
in Amateur Tournament.
Th? middleweight! were the leading per?
forara In th? preltmlnsry round <?f th?
? t.-'i: boxing championahlpa of the
Metropolitan Aaeoclatton at tin? New
v.nk Athletic Club last right Billy Bar?
rett, "f tTie Harbin hnui.'h of the .OUttg
M> n's Christisn Association, ths present
ntlddl? Weight amateur ? h ?mi Ion. defend?
? ?1 hi ; tltl? .la.i'-ii i !' W ebber, of the
Union ?Settlement Athletic Association,
Bucceasfully, ?and P Horty, of ths Union
m.m. outbox? ?i V. Olot n, ot the
Kl.unis ?.I SI Antoiiv
The meeting of Barrett and Webber was
keenl* anticipated bj ths crowd Barrett
via-, esslly ?the better boxei ?>f the pair,
ii. . i .-j .i ?, ? i ?around hla mar. hooking and
iabblng bis punches home ?ith groat ac?
curacy. He ??taggered the Union ?Settle?
ment athlete with .? few ?counters on the
law, and w.bb.r derided thai he waa ?too
gante t?> be beaten io ?bath ano quit
Harty and Olsen pul up a ?-?"?'?l battle.
with the loi nur just a little t.*. good for
hi m.iii
The heavyw-sighta had their Innings too
Ontj two ?bouti were conteatod, and tha
crowd vs.is sorry w h. ri u was ,n ever.
To st.nt th.? fun \ i ?Belch, of tha li i ?fa?
American ?vthletto Club, met one C. .1
it. n . of the Hartlej H?ouae ?Rolla "f tat
hung over Bens'a belt, and it looked as if
training and he ??if etrangera tart ha
waa at least willing Tbe b.-li rani? and
Uelch itroda to the centra of ?ths rinK.
p, ; ? a sddled m ths sama direction \
little sparring followed ?Bens tainted.
Reich ihoi over .? Itefl to ths noae and s
right i?? ib?' Jaw n? n/ ?declared iiKht
then snd th? re thai ii*- ba?i . nough for ? aa
The Bummarlea folloa
IH peond clama iSral b ?ut l P ii?ri> I '-'";i
s-itb'pn in defeated \ ?us. n, Knlghta ot Bl
vni.iii., n, tin.?m ? ??n pointa ?-'???-'?n !
boui W Barn it ii.ui. i?i v M. < v atopp? i
r u,ii. ? i ni,?n Bettlement, in two rounda
i... pound ? laaa iitrat beat) ? A Shaw,
Trtnli ? v ?' . knocked i ol H M Knoa
KnlKhta ?' m tntony, in throe round! Bee
nnd tout W gp-mglei itopped T Coa, i.??iiKii
ini Lyceum, In iwo rounds
ii. .,, | u.-min , laaa (Hi S bouti ?. J It? Ich
I, i li-.Viii- i ! in V i m.? !?? ' .1 I'.- v Hurt
I,. Houae, ?inn in two mlnutea Beccnd bout
I .1 .?a. i, 's?.II A\..lll.i \ V , .1 I, Hie,I ? '..
Qruendlcr, L'nlon Settlement, In three rasada
?n pointa
lai pound ?ii-- (aeml-flnal round Ural lioutl
K Hedlund, Me? Wept Bide A <". ?Jefaated
I.. Ehrln, Union Bettlement, In ihn- rounda
on pointa Second bout F ghanley, I ?..iiiliil.au
Lyceum, defeated B w.u. ,-?i Bartheleiaw
A. ?V. In three roun.lo "" point?
ii.'.-P<?ii!i?i claaa iaeml?flnal round, Bret boot)
E Koine, ? Rarthotomear \ ?'. defeated F
i ?i si Bartholomew \. >', In three rsanda
mi poini: --??,,md i..m \ i Daridaon, pen
mat \ ?' defeated P Chskopty, Young Men'a
Hebrew Association, la three rounda M priais
pome n Ait i ro?o.
I'.n I l ..m?l.mi- ? . 11.300.00
I'OI'l: II Mill OKI.
p.tii T?Paaaens?i Tourlna Car, 11.100.00
POPE IIAItll'Oltll.
i'.mii? t-Paaneager . $;>0(..nn
Th? above eara ii?n?? been ihurouahi>
,., n hauled and r? peint? ^i
POMC M oto it CAB to..
lest Broadway.
New Motoring Organization
Takes Uptown Quarters.
Riverside Dxive Likened to a
Corduroy Road?Little Con
struction Planned.
On or about April __ ?t,e ItaahettM
Automobil?; ?.lub, now loeataMl at mj
Broadway, will take poaaaasloa uf new
and apa.-iuus quarters in the ?aainsbo*.
lough atudloa, in Wast ?.ith street, tadM
'??entra! Park, just east of Braaawas
n.?- prenant guartera nave proved laad?
i quate ?to the needs of the rapidly iirowin?
organisation, the momhershlp of mum
' now baa ?reaehed the ?f> murk
The new guartera will aiford mcmbtri
j the n.asary regulaitea of a social dab
! There win b?> a lotaaghag room, card
. loom, library and billiard rooms, and a
larga assembly ball, in wMch ?tfaetb ,-,'
I entertalnmentaj saeetlnn etc., may b?i
i held. Kven this change of hicaUoa w*g
Iba temporary, ?h the club t? tu move
| nex! ?i. hoher into the m?"* build:..* te Le
erected on the north side of Loiumlu"
A.-.'.rilmtr to the plana out?i.etj by l_
W ?Bennett, ecretary of the ?Manhattan
Auioinolll. ?lub, the pciuiaii? nt head
quartera arlll be ideal for the ?snelal and
.?usin?es purposes of tn? _aaaabera Th*
aecretary .-? if?> reports that tue ?apple*
tiens for membership are oomlng In rap
idly, and as the purpose? ?>f the club are
becoming better known, motorists ar?
realising the importance of such an or
ganlsatlon in this city unii are support?
Ing it.
The oftl'ers of the Manhattan Auto?
mobil* i "lub are A. li. ?ordr.er. preil
?lent. K K. BehwarakegC vice-president,
and I. W. ??Snnstl. SSCTI tary end. treaa
nr.-r. The board of directors ci'iigiatB of
th.? ""?Beers already named, and also F.
D. Dorm?n, A .J Inderrieoen, C. H
?Paige, I If. rppcrcu, A. II. Whitlnt* and
c ii Wataon.
The touring department of the Auto?
mobile ?'I'ii. ..f America lias received re?
peat?.i complaints relative to the poor
, ? "minion of Hi" park roads la this ?'it;
I notably th? ?real drive in Central l'ar_
and a stretch of road from ll'l.i Street to
tezd atrect on the weel drive Thla utter
Stretch was rectmtly referred U? ?us being
aimilar to a irfougbed ?kid.
?JUveralds ?Drive from ?2d street to
'.'.?tl. .?-rrt-'-t la also In bad ooadllhw Tinj
thoroughfare, which a? "ommooat? inora
h?eavy traAc thun any knowt, b at lion of
unpaved roadway, ha beei I ? Mbjeet
??? much unfavorable critteaaan. la a ?.or.
etlon between two m?
who have ?
the drive quite freguenti) ???.:>
heard to remark that it tli? Driva
in it. prenant o>ondltloi were t?j bt ?com?
_ to a corduro] ?oa?i tu?, .result
would be s decision luifeveraliie tu Um
i ?n-. e 't has m ?? r been oun?. ??: a
*.!? durai le ? '
-.?. ? . ..*"! tear of the heavy t .??'
posed upon it, iiiid hus ?jii!> be?
taced from time to lime, a.; i ndll
? ded.
Th?? Nea Forh City DeiMrtment of
Parks has requeeted an ?appropriatioa of
fUt '??? f..r the pun ' ?- ' :. I
?paving Kiv? t side Drive fioui 7->! _tr?.tt
to i.vth street Th? departm? il aa x?o
r? commended that *-;?'? ? xi ?
?? extending tha ?pavement constjriictMa
on tti?- drivewaya ?In ?Central Push Tin
only construction contemplated In xtie
v r% neat ful ire la on a ?stretch ol ui\er
.si.|. Drive, between ?a-Mth BU*eaai to MM
?jtra et
The attention of ?the louring a*.part
iiunt has also ! I SB ceiled to the ?
tion of the i"ids In Quee C? ???. ai
compeured aith the part - -? m ut this
city. The ?Queens ?County .".els, wm.n
wer?* ?cone! ted '*?' with?
stood ?Um heavy u-uiiic during the winter
and ar'- r."?? In go ? ?Qtteeaa
'Boulevard, : ??.?er.y .?...?.?? ?. ?,-< Heffsass
H"-,i:?'Va:,:. | thOTOUl ll it* PAWd i ? '
greater part of the tim-fl ?? .??eng Ial?
at id, waa ? ? ??- ? ?? thout sii weeks last
fall, ??nd this as well aa pra? I ill} sM
the other roads in '.;:?' ' '" ' '*'
in (ii a* ? lass ? ondltion.
North End Captures Two Garaei
from Montclair Team.
?Rolling a*, home, \ " i captara!
two ?games from Montclair in the Atl?etfc
?Bowling Leagtta tourney last night. The
nr.-?t vas comparatlvel) easy, the wort
ol tiarpei and .Booth t**tnn such a? to
give the bom?* Uve a steady and s-zabi?
It was much the ?atme was in ?lie i-K
"li,' game, the visitors rum Ins into ?an
i.i usual number <>f *i lit*- The) had ?aa
leas tt-.Hti eleven. In the last set-to Moot
cla.il i';.ni. OUI a wlnm r.
Th?* .?-?.ores follow
xmiTH BUD \ix,>.:??: y in
Cram US IN 11 i ne - ?-?'?? "?* ?**
Hatldwin . 19S l"' IK Uroavn i ?? 144 ?>?
??Lark Iff! IM IM >tnith ... lit Ifl ?
11.,-?.. i no US IM Hoar? II US '??' ?
p.?,th .i.'. 161 II Lockwood ' ? FS ?
? ata - M ?HI ?ini r?tala ? ' P
New ?and Used
A directory of reliable offerin|?
by automobile dealers and owner*
Tribune readers have the mean?
to buy automobiles.
Tl-l'h ?ar .000 He-?U.ti?r_
f4v-*?tl?ln, lute* per ??;?'*? '??"?*'? ?n'
iFfWItlea, M0| tbue ln??rtlon? IS ??*?
seek, ln.iudin-t o?k? aa .*-unJ.?>. "???c?????"1
, ... ?. ? ... i ?? lima' tl?.n?, ?105.
betor? buylns ? -l BKD ach?' t?> ,?-l*ln*..,
thorouirti examination. I? will "?" '"},?
Invoitlsatf H DAVID "ABBKTKH !??:? '".
Bcn il . B'klyn \ y l"h...?.? ?W57 J i>">?>J<_i.
The followlaa cara are la ?perfect lunn??
-ondltion ni'd full\ e.pjii i>?*d ?sttar?nl?t?*e
rrpraaeeated): lull Packard "w." ?**-'v *'n"t\ite
:i .?,' Il""r ___.
.-..?.?i 1010 ??_?? ' B< ni. f?ll-, . ?'? '?
II.,? '?_??>.'? to?, tonneau. IS12 ?'n?H'-R-.-. ??
passeaaer 1011 Simples limousin, ttittnm
forai; 1011 Hud-tos ?raatlster Supe-1?**
?Kschana?*. ?-?."??? Wem Mtb si fi ?? l,""r
. . . ...>..? -.?? _
7 f ASSENOBII VVHITB s ri: v 'lh!*?-?
tin?? condition; ?t.-ll Bt ?,-r.at barsaln. >^w
??nd .1 imomtrsted ni
ISO roi.UMBt'8 "iVBNt'aS,
Telephone. ?>??.?.'.! Columbu*
NONBV T*?I.KS. ?-?nit ?aitiiiK t?> parcl'**
an niakeB ?.f satomobllea hopotiotfrr
"Cxchaae*. *_?0 Weit Blth et.. 3rd fit-or.

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