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Washington Irving Girls Kindle
First Fire on Hearth.
Mrs Thomas Churchill Answers
Some Frank Questions About
Her Husbands Hair.
' M ' *-* ' and Washing,
Ik? W 1 H B family eat. ?mixed Up the
BSflw I ' h?n pipe ?Otherwise the
ksasawarmlng si the Weehlngton irvins
B ?"! for ??irif. yesterdaj sfter
the flrst Hr.? kindle?! on the
heartJi Of the new school building, and
"? ? ' made great prepare?
r the o remony, The log waa from
? which Washington ?Irving is
IV< Bat at any rate, they
?g from the Bchermerhom
Isle-on-the-Hodson, ? here
?? ng ??it. ?i \ Islti i
Mi ! H" r n Ouilch ?same t.? ths
hei Campflre ?iris.
tume, snd they hnell be?
lore I earth h great comfortable
nd went through th?
bj rut.hjn? dry
sticks ethei Bui it waa Mi 1 ???
'? of th.? president of the
? i . ilion, arho lighted the Bre
In the Are] did it with ihe
? Ing, handed her bj ont of
th- ' n Irving glrli
- ?? -?: and ? omfort?
? ,;s present *i p short
B] co tume, snd Dutch coal
and sailor costume?that was the
?.?Thai?.- Si not
place n the i amme, butted In snd
Th< ' islnesa
111 class wl seled ;T; tj pewritera ,in?i '
".'i\ ? exhibition of tha
? ; log Thi
? l in ees ing nu hlnea snd
e. six girls ? ach madly try
, eat- with strings m the
fewest number "f minutes. ?One unfortu?
"kf her thread and fell out <>f
lallt; ??f ? ? ?? ,,?i the
; ..'??? bU) S f?T Ii . M e ,,r
heralds annoum ?
i ? ? ?
Th? ? ? .?
Hating Mrs Churchill a member of
? liad m? art ?Bo 'letj of th. tout
tun Irving High ?Schoo Dr. High, i"
'. . three gli
lia? k, Will OH their ?
Mi Churcl mai
I ? ? o : ?mai ? '
? ? ? of yout husband's
"**?? T ? ' th? v had her s bt n
e, but ah? ?came
, ? ith th. f ?
"He hasn't . ? -aid.
Th? n th? . Mrs. < hurchll l
? ? th? ??.ikinK
t - ? gave s practii U?on bj
' ng refreshi m prepared bj them?
Executive, in Letter. Joins Miss
Wilsons Appeal for Funds to ?
Prevent Goucher Closing.
trap? lo The Trtbw ?
March tl - Cheered ?on i y
egi | and women, Miss Jessie
???v\ Wilson, dsughter of the Presi?
dent, mad? rrtof ?al for Goucher
? r??rd .- ?Opere House this .
B. fl ? bt r> to aid In th? ?soHac?
I ? ?? fund '???? her alma mater. Be
read s letter
from the ?President, In which be ex?
ed reur? t ;.t nol being ente to he
nd sa:?! he wuuifi be verj h'-**1
? '. if any wo:d of hla could tix thi
? of liberal m. n and women upon
the net ' i ? lag that this- iv
tion should not pass c?ut ?' existe! ? It
would be an evidence thru our great edu?
cational public doea ?not fully understand
. esta If an InstltuUoa which
. h distinction it, the
??' womai s ?education should be
I ??.?-i'i to break up lor laek of money
i bopsd tha funda would be forthcoming
In l!!,?ra, .
i Wllaoa then mode an addrei n
sh< dwell on the great work
lou? I ge had done am] dec?an d
it mfe'N gitlt bOttei Clt Isen Of ? it'.' and
?Mate. I ? each, and when
?ho eoncludi i waa sccorded an ovation,
svealng a dinner was glvm In h?er
honor by I?r hilllan Welsh, and laier ?-?lie
attended a the.itte ?party.
Protests at Removing En
croaching Wall St. Columns.
i?.o.-r Ideal McAneny re stved
authority from the ?Board Of Estimate
yesterdaj IS remove all encroachments In
Wall atn ?Broadway and Pearl
' in Heaver i-tre? 1 between White?
hall aid I'e&ri atreet and Bxchaaga
? Broadway and Hanover
Jeiu, a (Server, repr. Mntlng tha Ne
' n?? Bank, protested against the
removal <,f in.- pedestals supporting the
? ittful monolithic coluaans' ol that
structure President McAneny replied |
that tha columna arouli not be touched,]
but the |,ede8tal-? encroached upon the I
? fei four feet and ouKht ta he
?hav'd to that amount
West Park Presbyterian To Be Known
as the Washington Heights.
seting of membera of tha Waat-Park
1 r? il tallan Church In tha temporary
.'. r>! roth atreet,
a alght, decided to "an." the new
?eg built in Wadsworth avenue,
MS 17?Mh an?l I7..ti? streets, the Wash
? ? Haigbti Church ?>f How r?srk City.
Ijrs. Anthony II Kvans and
gnsoa P Att? rhni ? . Chosen a ?fSW weeks
rt^?, b) the N.w fork Presbytery lo or
gsitf* a new church, had eharga ot the
ni?-. Unit Henry M l'lxon and James
Calder were elected ieaooas. and formel
COagreosmaa wniiam ?& Bonnet, Wil-am
J laakasa and ?Waltai H Isaph won
? ?*. ? ;?l?:t
Thi eeraeratoas oi the new church,
?Thick -a ill ?SMt more than IBM*, will be
?-??j on April it. Th- Mttdtag la sapsosad
t?j b<- ready for usa "" Wov?bsr ?
I "mi Th* < lirmllan I ? ? M I '??"''' ?"'
a ?, . am?, i m been laeeeted
i. -. . lypg w* ? seed os '"' be kam Me
tha? f..r ?teenaMersfehj un?" at'?' lie anafe
iiiinii*ni i.it in,- ?jingle type hoe Hi pieraUef
?t r?/|u1r. ?I o.,, SSW h ?l?"' le hunl .il? ih? ' <*rl
. Hewevi r, tfee ble? ?
?. i>-v.in*, i.,*-, im.. Bsssethlag scetptafele t?
*-l?i in tl. wiy of a keyfeeSfd.
I "liliniiNI from Hr.1 ?page,
?w? of old labels vin be preva-mted.
***** Kate Brennen, head of the
d**-**earoaklng firm of Mrs ?? ?Dohovan <??.
Co. appeared real May before John A
Shields, United BUtes Commlaaloner,
"after having confeea? d to participation
1,1 thi gr?ai amuggling scheme, and
was held m K.OO0 i?-,n for examination
Oil April J,
While Miss Brennan's .:..> feaaion did
nol involve directly ?any other lar?.
Importen <?f Vans t;n<'r>. her story fur?
nished the authotiUes with auffielen)
Information t.. make r?r.'i.;?t>i?- ,( num?
ber of raids on faahlonable dreesmaklng
'atabllahroente in the larger cities "?'
the East Her account ..f the ?manner
m which ih?> smuggling waa done
show<ed tinn Bhevlin, former), a deputy
collector ;?'i?i now in a minor position,
'ii<- brains an i th? strong-arm of
id" s\stem.
Bhevlin .-uiii lus v.r. Anni? W Bhev?
lin, v.? i-? arrested yeaterday m if"
charged with conspirac] t" defraud the
?governmeni bj aiding m th.? ?smuggling
rchandls? *
An Inveatigation haa been begun into
|the buslneaa .?f several large firms with
? ' llahments m or near Fifth avenue
m h.? for some reaaon, thus far unknoe n
to th?? cuatoma authorities, have mi
ported gonna .im! milliner) thn
?Boston since th?? great "aleeper trunk"
? o ns piracy m N. w York waa ? xpoaed in
l?*1.' a?' a'.i chargea appear to be
equal, the customs authoritlei iran? to
knon what Induced thoee importera '??
gel tii-lr supplies through ?Boston, ?is it
would have bot n more convenient to
r?ter ?them through th?- port "f Neu
Tin? proaecutlon <?f this lateel smug
KimK was ?put int.? Hi?, hands ?.i ?carl
Whitnej and Addleon ?Pratt aaalatanl
United Rtateg attorneys They said
yeaterday thai the ?nee frauda were .?.
continuation "f the <>i?i "aleeper trunk"
? i ? nd appeared t?? Involve
finer3 worth l?verai millions of dollars.
Old Business Revived.
The practl? i ?? ??? - In vogue y?
Miss Brennan aaid yeaterday, and waa
revived m 1905, when the late Mrs.
Den ovan ?...is head of the (inn of Mr
1 ? ? ,.??. n ,?, ? '" After her '!? ath
Brennan became presiden! ol th?
? : prise, ami fill? made trip I
? ;..? t " ?,.?? a?<. ? \, ar, each time
bringing In merchandise free ol dut)
bj means of thi arrangement whicn
. ! v it 1? H...
nr- |i?, ,, ?<?; ?don ?ahlch led t" the
? ?... me, Mis- 1'rennan
a*as returning from ISurope "ti ths
steamship Carpathia, and landed In
Boston "ti March it Bhe trat ?
under the name of Th*>maa, and h?*r j
nal ?baggage waa declared under
that name, Blje had another trunk
?... it h her ' iwever, which boro the name
EHIIson, though there was no paeeenger
?-?f that nnitic on board.
\\h? n by ? mere chance ? trunk
??a as discovered by Deputy Bui??
Mann and was <i?*taini*?l. although
?Shevlln l?-? ?-i ?managed In the meantlm?
t?. have an in*' ectlon label paated on
the trunk, ?gowns, aalats ;.n?i lingerie.
made by the beat known firms In !'? ris,
? ?? fourni In the trunk, repreaenting
a purchaae price of more than IS.OM
After the ownership ..f the trunk wae
ertalned, the eatabliahmenl of Miss
Brennan in Bast 56th street, was
? i by E R. Norwood, deputy sur
r, and books, papera and ?? conald
erable quantity of dreaaea ami lingerie
thought to hav? been smuggled were
B? .; <"i
Ion, Mar? ?fl Ter? ? '?? Bhevlin?
erh in the local cuatoma offices, for?
acting depul I ir, and his
Ar.ni" vi Shevlii were arrested t'.
day, charged with baring conspired with
Kate A Brennen, ol Nee York, and
?.th'r.. to defreud tha government or ?cue?
terns duties OUmi ?arresta are expected?
The Bhevllna we? arraigned and held In
B,000 bondi aa? h for e hearing tomorrow
Tr.bune Story Stirs Tre.nsury.
! .-. wan
Washington, Mar.-h _, ti.? Tribune's
exclusive and remarkably circumstantial
dispatch from Boston ?regarding the sys?
tematic smuggling, "n th.? trail of whi h
tii?* ap?ela! ?agents ol ?the Treasury ?De?
partment have been working f"i ?some
time, 'treated eettaternatlon In the Trees*
ur'. ?Department to*daj ?Early this ?morn?
ing Jam?' y Curtis, th<? Assistant BOCT?
? ? in ' harp'- of customs, sought the
?leeretary of the Treaaur) end he an?i
Mi M< Ado?, wer.- In oenferencs for more
than an hour
Vor a time the forcea of th? Tree
which hav?- been devoted to uncovering
the * muggltag system described In The
Tribuns were diverted to an attempt to
discover tha authority foi The Tribune's
Mapatch, and ever.?, effort ?as man?- 10
aacertaln ?the source "f The Tribune
f'.rtnatio.*. Which, ?t was admitted, was
so accurate aa te ooovlnce Becretary M? -
A'loo that it ?an?'? from insi.ie BOUl M
and of tin; hlgheet authority. The charge
whs flatly ?made thai The Tribun could
not nave procured such accurate and de?
tulle.l information in Beaton, a.ei thai
in? story must have come from Washing
ton, t'Ut the SffOfl to dteeOVOT thwSOUl I
of Information w?- flnallj abandoned
it was admitted thai svery detail given
m The Tribune was ? c?rr? ? t, ami II wir
ifiiimat?'! thai forth? ?and Mnaattanal
dlsclosurea would !>?? forthcoming, Whal
theea were, all officlela declined to say,
but one of them aarcaatleatty renmrked
thai i' was rather a superfluity for h
raprsasaitsttTi of The Tribune to ask for '
news regarding a mutter Concerning
Which It ObVlOUSly hail bettor Informa- i
lion than the Becretary ef tha Treaaury !
All requests for further light on the j
subject m?*t with an emphatic refusal to
say an.MhinK whatever, accoeapuaiatMl byl
tii? bastetenl explanation that further i
ii-.?tosures al this Uma would balk ?the
onds of ?taetlee bj giving warning t?. the
guilty on? f. Who. it is earnestly hoi" .1. j
nlll'ba Implicated beyond tha posslblllt* ?
? ? ..???
ii ? obvloua that the ramiflcattoM ofl
n.. lystem ?lis? io-e,i by The Tribune thtal
morning ar?? eatenslv? and are the occa?
?loa "f BonMderabla analatj to the
Treasury ofltatala. win. art ?betidtag sverj
? <n ik' to <iis.o\.?r theea Implicated and
t,, | r... ur.? evidence ?hi h srtU tutntra
Ih? .. '?<?iiv1' lion?
j Greatly Reduce Cost of Livin
: Says Alderman Committee.
i -_
Tax of $1 a Week for Ea<
Wagon Would Bring City
$75,000 a Year.
'i he special sldermam committee a
?????? to Investigate market! bs fov
thsl "pushcarts" are .,n ..-,,,? ?.?, ,,,.,..
-;l aa the] tend gn .?:,, to reduci l
high ?cost ?>r living ?Cof'S-*quently, t
committee favors finding i*ermanent mn
keti for thrp] Owing ?to the length
time ?required to ?acquire land and en
?market buildings, Un ?? immltti ?
? '? ?i open anaces In th i eil In whl<
'" "??agr?gate ' the i <? temporartl
>i?i? are the sites:
Th.? ..id Esses Market Couri iio.s?- tl
-:;- nd Alle-. I* Ing tween the <?i?i i:
?Mai ket si d thi a endonad schoi
house; the available ?portion <?f the o
Union Markst snd the .-;?.?? ?es und? i tl
Manhattan Bridge, bounded b; t*hen
and Monroe atret ts
Thei ? are man) ?push? i n men sin s?
the approa? h to W illlamsbui
I Bridge, s ho are ?paying t) a p et k to tl
'?it>. but ? lontroller ?"Pre id? I
lj gel i I ?? ? ? ..i complaints front thei
licenst holders against pushcart m<
w h.? si.m,) ?i, o,, adj i icnt street
compete with them without paying
? ? ? t to ?the city.
? f ??'?i the ?push? art i>? dli ; s on tl
?-est Bide wen
scribed, the rommltti ? syi the] woul
turn in from ?S5O.OO0 t.? yeai 1
committee think ? ? ng undi
in?- ?Park avenu? tracks <?i the Nt s 1 ???
'entrai g Hudoon Rlvel
v . . p_ v. . foi i ishcai
? ' -. bul thi '?>i poration i *ouns<
Rndi that the ?aldermen ban it th
powi r iimi.r the cltj ? tuutei t< ?pi ?
?mpt a publli hlghwa] ?i anj part th.-r.
of f"i a mi ?et; there! ; -
to th.- charier would hi - to ?
S.-llll ? ,)
T'n? commltti ? ?? ? ? through tl
? Bide on i????i last sumn
? . ? ;
.... .
'i ? ? ? found ? ??h?" km
precautloi P"
?it. ie?l foi sal* were often ;??a ?? I on th
of garbagi i ' : ? ? ?
dren played among the fruits and v.-..-.
. ? " . ? . red ?.
sal?. The drippings i row thi si I
caused ; tagnai I ,. to form, tnt?
which the refus? si ts w.i
thi os n Indlscriml it? ? ? left to U
. ? ? ay until SU
? !? anei i ? ould .h In mo*
' ?
i: would ' -? ??f Ore
for thi engines to I hell wai
through without a '
b) th??-? o ' ? trample
upon I
the i??i.m. ? ? i
iiv.- ?and six tho ; . ?
tei city. About I.SO0 ??i thes? an
..,-' Bid
!*..'?"?' on the ipi ? i ;' ? \:.?,ui ;.?
per cent are ..???.-? 1 > ?
? - ., ?? well organised and
Improi ? theli condltl -n T i |
? ?f The Brona Ri? h mon i i nd <-." ?
? fronted by the put icart pi
In i Irooh lyn ' hi s? ? ? oni ..???>. ?
Siegel, :?' -? ? treet and ? e I i avenue
and tl ?? Brownm lile ?' ? t ' ? are moi ?
or i< -.- ? ongi ted
pedl? ra
Has Man Who Was on Her Trail
Arrested, Then Escapes.
v. i ?n. n's wit prove i mi ?re I
f'n the aagai .; ol . Bui na ?!??
? .est? ? da an I ??? i.-...e tbi ? I
ii.? slip aftei i" bad ?tracked ?her through
seven stat? ? The woman was wanted on
a chargi ??f having violated the "white
lavi a? t, i -'? ?Insti .??i ??i i?? Ing pis? ed
? ? arrest hi r ?<?.!, the womai
. . ? ha ng th< rat? letectlv?
I;? fore ) ? Vga ?.. -? barged In the
.;. r. is.,? m -v. t m i the w man bad
mad? bei ? s? ape
The u oman. w g Mrs
n. \ Pun ell and '?? ?? ? left Klmlra,
.v y . Bcv? i il moi I ? nhi n ? w..r
rant wa ? lo.? l Por two
th?? Bun trailed bei
mini ?Sew York,
at the Ulalre spartm? nti 1 I IVesI
:.. i r, vi," t the an f thi
necessar) papera, t'harlei F Kirchner, ???
iliirns ?i? tei Iiv? 0 g? h? ; t to Wl.?
Klrchni i h:?i Ii th? ?... 11 w a -. ?>f ths
, . . ? i whll? ' ? ??? waa srn ted I
Patrolman Plynn, ??f the W-est '7th atreel
station Klrchnei protest? i ?riolently, but
Flynn ild a a ??man h.i?l t? lephoned to
ti,.- . ? ? ? ise a fea ralnutea befor?.
Baying a bUrgUU was tr;. Ing lO ?'nlir the
pie ? PI] mi ?look bla pi h ont i t?? apei I
lie :.l NO -i. Wh? re the . ,. 11 h.vl -
from, and tha dooi waa opened b ??
?i. w oman
At boos as aha ? a Klrchnei tl a
won.an (-.???i "Why, Huta the ?burglar,
dill :ei and KJn btn i w... taken to tha
poll!,. pi itlon charged with unlawful
, ,,i ? i :>j,:i told the woman, w ho?
n st Kirchner Hercelj demand?ed to ap?
n < oui i ?and proeecute tha <i? ?tacti -?,
?She promt-******- to be In court, snd amUed
gi eetly i" Klrchn-ar'a face a? be w.,* led
At the police station Klrchnei *?'<?' Into
communication v?.ith the Hums agency
gjK* was discharged by Magistrate
Preach!, who refused to sntertaln say
other charge than that of dtsordsrly con
duet ?against him Ffheb otbei detective
from tha Burna sgencj wenl t?? the Al?
lan?- apartment?, they discovered the
woman they wante.i ha.i ?ii appeared.
SUICIDE WILLS $3,000,000
T B. Dale. Who Had Been Ar?
rested, Left Hospital $10,000.
Theodora Brodald Dal? ?? ?tailor, who
committed aulclde on Wedneeday, Just
i?.;,,r- he ?waa t?? spyeai In eeart m ?ut
sw?-r t" a charge of being a disorderly
person, ha?i a lawyer draw up a will nn
March V,'. dSClSriag that he was worth
nearly IMMK "
In the will ii- appointed bla uncle,
Maurice Brodskl. of ?London, h??!.? ex?
ecutor Ma left .. bsqaeet of ?lo.nuo to
the Mount Blnal Hospital Nr two free
boda, la aismory of bla grsndfsth?er and
mothei Ha mentioned that ha wanted
to be buried In th?- Temple Israel plea la
Mount Hope Cemetery Ha nsk??i al1??
that ?his mule claim th. $', 'jtO bail under
w\ ich he waa held
Hal?- told the lawyer, ?William **A i.?
jioitit. of the Loagacra Building, that he
\>as bslng bothared by Maekmallera and
that it was .? ?tam cither of gotag to Jail
,,, sui? nie ? i won t ?go ta fall." h?? added
! Dr. Friedmann Examines Thirt
?Treated with Vaccine Week Ag(
All but Two Cases at Hosnitr
for Joint Diseases Said to
Show Improvement.
An ??sommation ?f thlrtj persona wh
*?*?'? treated with the turtle germ vaccin
for tuberculosis a week ago at the 11 ? ?;?
pital f??r Deformities and Joint Dises?
was tinidi yesterday b] Dr prledrtc
- ? ?i l?admann, in the pr sene? o i ?
Arthur ii. Btimsofl and ?Dr. P. n Lavei
der, ol tha Unlti ?i B?tati ? i*.y u Heall
and Marine Hospital s-' v.? ??. ,ind man
ihj -!? lam
it was announced ;ii ?the I.
?h.-it ties.? cases wen not to be ii
eluded .-i m. .nt," th?>? und? r tha governmei
|aurs.V-' ??'(;? i i observation t"" thi
inn. a? ? epted the invitation m !>?? presen
through n - neral Interest In thi poeslbl
progr ??< of th? patl< nt? it could not b
learned a ii.?t their Impr? sloni ??f th,
ei b mlnations u? n .
Besidea the physical Inspection ol ii?
pstlents ih? ' were asked questioi on ?
nunit-.?r ..f point 'a he h resulted In fs
rorable i ? plli ? ti an Instand m th
?. of .? schoolboy, wh.. iaJd he fel
much better since th? treatment, but 01
further questioning Bald he fell nil rlgh
"?? da] h? a*ai treab I
According lo nn anno ?n? < men!
'?? M?nr- \\ ?'..ii.?,tinii. the head ??
thi Hospital f?-! i ?? ?formitfc and Join
Diseasea al the es es excepting tero bat
khown i | ement, and -'?in?- o
them ? marked pi enl
?wevei i al thi ?suit? h
? ? leven patients a ho ? ? ?? In thi s -?'?i
??? the Ii titutlon wort mtn h bet)
lator s sei Borne of the
11 ? ? 111 :s had i hos n in tin
l ? Injection of th< turtle gei : ?
fi ii? (?.?in an?! Increased rs ige >?f motioi
in loin) ? Ti. m ."<??' ....
twei n ??..p . ? ., ? ? . m ? ? i, . i ?i
Krauenthal said, showed the greatest Im
ftei thi ? i ?mu?.? tion of Isj1 w ? ? ?? '
t?.?t.? ni < .1 lai? ? num ? I en -.?.???
? ? Most of th? ectlona wcri
? ?
r mi ? ? ? ? ?
" ? ni ; . .?i.-i 1 " Hrani
Hi'llevu? ? . ' ? . ?
I? lans i?i'? ? ' ?? ? ? l?i Mai
..m. I >r \Va< hsman
. nt n(]| l i ? 1 '. - ?
Thai i ?: T ' ' Rmlth, ??!
? -, , |... . ivilllai
' ?! .1 .1 ' rui ?.mai Hin
' ?? \ N !.. .
ID I ! Ii -?'. ? .
I " I ? ....
|i) lo t Hospital I
? th? hund? ? ts to Im
? ? ? on Momia;
su per v Islon I.. st nigl ? thi doci
tuff went t< ? Yrox
Word Or" in Bill Delays Suf?
frage in Jersey.
?. .?n ?
ion. N. J., Merci
v ? lay that th? i rent n a
providing I ? ? . ;| have
(frage I New Jersey, a hlch
i \ bot h housi
..... .,..,. .....
:? ? ? ? . of the n
have to i?? made all ovei again bj the
w . i.e :
.:?)? man Bgai ol Hud
? ? ., tted hi
? ?
of the stsl
told him tn .i ii ? ? ?
worth ?the t apir II ??? ?? a ? tten on 'i he
i:v? n n ' '??ii?' ?and w a ? ?? i in th*?
-? ?... toi l ' ? 11 it provided
? . male or femal? I i
nit? - ?? - id hat e r
hi ? i ??r" Is the stumbling;
Referee Recommends Divorce
for Mrs. J. M. Todd.
v ! :,ki ahem Riad - rep 11 as
? ? ? ? thi Bupremi i irt j Mterdaj.
In w hli h he n ? : ? nd< d th? i ourl grant
Mrs v lois Vh ?.'m Todd ad a from
Madison Todd Thi wlf? mentioned
hi i >t tei. M ,-? i ?' bsl I Ivtsn,
T..,id . al merci I le manii
lalntiff :?? MU. Bhi wai one ol I i
? v ? . ?
the old ban* ol Mrs Todd In ? alumet,
? ? ? ? Todd m? ? ' srif? ?una
,t ??? thi Bret 11 - ??..,
then seventeen reara out end In h private
-, i., in ?Detroit, nd "ti bei ?..?
came t?? ?visit thi Toddi In theli summei
?home si Mo?ti 1st ?e n N i vii- Todd ?
BUll for ?ll v ! ? ? s?"?n loll >WI
Mr. Littleheld Seeks to Expkun Judge
Willson's Resignation.
The Re? Milton I Llttl? '-? Id .-f Br< ok?
1 n, who prepon d Ihe Intel medlati I .
??us which the Presb) 1.1 Ian
?.???nil Aaaemhl] ? ommlttei on graded
-,?. r. ? ? ntl) ordi i?'i w Ithdraa ?
Bued i. Btatemenl leal nlghl In ? ?xpl
Uoa ,,r th. ?? slgnation lai ; T esdaj ??i
judge Robert N tVlllson. ol Philadelphia,
i,,r twenty-live years (?resldeni of tha
i'i. sb] ti r?an Board pf Publication
At tin? um ?assembly, Mi Uttlefleld
ih<- board of pul Ik atton'a commit?
?,, took up iii. mattei <?i the attack upon
the ?graded lessons snd voted it to I to
approve lham. Tha minority threatened
to make ? report To avoid ?? debata a
ompromlae resolution was presented to
the sssemblj providing f<?r the appoint?
ment "f B ?onunllte. to SCl with the
board In ?eonaldering the wholi mattet <?f
the ?graded lessona The reeolutlon wea
asm n?i<"i bj th.- ? Umlnatlon of the board
from tha committee and thi ? ndowment
of tha latter with powei t?? act The
eommlttse Mr UttlefleM asya wsa over*
? helming!] parilssn, and thi k - ?
were condemned Judge Wlllson II is be?
||e-, d witinli.'W lor this r-viM'li
Thrifty Italian Couples Refute to Pay
for Wedding Blanks.
Tha thrifty ?abjections ??i tiro Italian
couplsfl '" paying M eeata before being
eilpwed to got tiinrik marriaga aertlflcatea
i,.,i i,, the arrssl yesterdaj morning "f
Charlea Halprin, a salesman, si No II
East Itk street, wh.? stood, the ?polks any,
I- the hallwaj "? Ihe -Icones Bar? ?
with a ?pocketful of llcansss, peddllni
them si a half dollar ape ????
Th? marriage h??iv-? clerk bounded out
from his cagi and ran Into ti.all He
,,,;,,!, ? dash t?" Halprin, who sprlnti ?1
,,,,, ,,f the door snd ?screes Cltj Hall Park
m the pouring r.?m minus hal .i over
,,, ,t v ??raffle offlcei .?t Broad ?ray .?v?l
Park I",..? caught the fugltlv? and took
?mi to thi Tombs poilci court, where he
wss ?arraigned b? fore ?Maglatrate Camp
i, u and locked up on a charg? ol straltm:
dftj blank certWcates Halprin was held
m ISOO bai1 laar ?_____?I tun to (tag,
l _
[Children Grow Fat and Strong to Fight
the White Plague at Jersey
Thret months ef Pr?ventorium la worth
ear of ? '?re..
Given sx sickly, undsi sisad 'hud. s
father m to? ?-.-. ..mi stag? of consump?
tion, three dark tenement rooms for a
family of six. and piles "t artlfl ia? flow?
ers i?. be pasted each day after school,
j th.? problem hi i" determine the number
! "t reara before that child will develop
I t iberculosla himself, it Is nol a haul
? " m. l'n.!. ? ih? pivt n . ondltiona th.
! end is Inevitable
in tins? wonderful daya when the 'civil
consciousness" It aarakenlng, il la :?ossi
ble ? to hangs th? i ondltlons.
Presto! ?Some fine day a "teacher" tak?'?
iit'ia? Peter bj the hand and leada him
swaj Th? probl? m i- changed.
Olven one little ?boy gaining flesh at the
? .'? "i a pound a week, a hit; open sleep
Ing porcl ,n a pu..? ?grove, "ii?- hundred
and m:, happy children t" play '???n
plenty "t nom I ng food and i"t of
avh.it . hail'?? has Uns I hlld '?> ?flghl
"IT th?' Win'? Plague?
Mar?'; Mai h?- president "f II.? Tuber?
oali i '.itorium for ? 'blldren al
Parmlngdale, N ? ? solved these simple
problema and some harder ones put to
him by Interested listeners yesterday
morning at a led en at 1 be if?-. k>?
?? 'i hi atra und? r th? . ipio of lbs
? ;??! Pol it I. al Edil? ation.
?Oun lirai Institution m the
world i'i'iii of chlidri n
of tub? parents I taking 11?? m
from the Infection before ths germ
baa bloeeomed Into open tuberculoala,'
Hi Mai ks Oui et i la In pit -
thei ? ? ?and abtroad to und? i Lake
... v ??? 1? 'II? ' li?'.irii lue ii'lt-of
TlIi? ? ? al ; ai ?. tudy In
"p. n pavilions, wrapped when necessary,
m many thlcknw ? ol aroollen blankets
in t! ? ? Ines ti..- pieventoriuni ?.'.. ?
, .. :? ? him- .
.ii.?.l eiiil-ii? n and hav? i ? ?-??? h?"i a ...?
of pi.? urnoi ' I ? ? old not of any in- ?
.',' ? ing would In
un.,. ? lay?m1 with
onth u.'? l?ean
?t -
? ??I gtad? 0 ? '" 'hat
their ?' not
i have the Ber*roua strain nhlch falling ht
hind th'ir grade would entail.
"We therefore ?constructed twt open-a,
ich'txdrooms, whl?*k have been in charg
.f three teaehcra in rainy weather, boa
aver, them looms are reojutood for pia.?
ano vi<? Had it neeeaaary now to construe
a mod? i open-air school building, in wide!
?"Hi' ..!' th? rooms ran he BSSd for In
dustrial training. Of course, wa de na
eiperi to teadi any tra'les. hut we '1'
desire t<? aUmatate a taste in the dir?*c
Uon of handiwork which may in futttn
reara develop :nto a trade. We nov
teach housework, the chlldrea dividing u|
various light tasks m .?or?n-';i"ii with th'
?amps, th.- kltohen and the service. Dur?
Ing th?? summer months the children ar?
instructed in farmtag. i\> have sewtai
? alao. We n???d PMM lor the n?*w
?SCllI ol
"We need aleo $.'?".'?" for two naei
campa, with capacity for rtaty-four ebll?
<lr> t.. Dur waiting Uet, already passed
upon bj the tuberculosia clinics, is now
so long that ii is from three to fix
month before a chUd ?an be admitted.
There ar? forty thousand childrM living
witii tuberculooa (taranta In Mea Vork
? ity to?day."
Mr Marks deecribed In d?tail the daily
life of the ?hildren ander the pines at
Fa.mu,i*?.,ii?? The order of avente le
?ometblng like this.
7 ? ?,: Rielas hell
H . m BrWkt-tJt: ?"??real, milk or coma.
?? ? ? ':iiii iT".?'i ..i. i ?.' 1er
B ., n? ? [eat 'alles :.n! make l""fla
i? m ,x m - School
p. ?:. n n Luncheos of era-ekecs an* milk
10 ??:. a n to 1- '" R<aeeaa and play In the
Heidi "r in the pine an?! laurel grove
l_ ?;<? p t.. 1'ini.? r M,?_l. tab or eg?*??, po
_.c-i] ?. ? ??<? tal ?'? ? : Min?, milk and
I 30 '" - JO I? "i He-?? In bf<1 .no talking)
_ t.? ?.. 1:30 p. m - lid-.
>:SQ t'? t :;.. i m s ,..>0f
a 30 to r..;;o p m
:?. ;? m ?Juppei Onaa rg, gUntut fruit.
....?i batter, i i ?'? ?...?'!?? with mill?
Ing the iprlag .?? . rammer months the
chlldn .... I ... do tarm work In
thi li h ri loal litt le gard? M
0:30 ;? m Retiring during ?xin'er momhi
t :.?? p n. Rfrtlrtng during mmm rooaths?
Th>? membera "t the ?League ?for ?PoHU?
il Education ?are ?irranging nu excuretaa
t?. th.? Pr?ventorium on April_B Ti.-kets,
a? ?_ f?.r the tup. may t"- obtained at the
"f the Pr?ventorium. No t7 We.t
' ,?i itr? ? t
"Ihr Cook Book o? Left-Overs" Is Full o? Them?
I hev I rarttiorm Odd Bits Into
Delightful Dishes.
. : il 'lk?? a
It l too snd
? '"1 1 t'ifs Of
: r:i"k?"l ? - ? a delight) ? de ???
* ? luncheon P I . nd it is
? . ? r Book of ?Left
... |< H ?.?. . ? S'? ikl I ' I. tWO hf."l
cook. i
....k? d rice, two t
? ? ? ird. or il" air.' soft ? "uk? ?1
. ? ?ft from br? akfa il at? am ?
t.ik?? oui th.' bone?
? :t up with the j
Bgg Reboot e,,..K?-d re-?? havine it a
little moist M li'ii It i?? very hot put In
Sgga bti'I h?itt??r, and heat all
up together, Add paprika, salt if necea?
Bsry, and ?serva very hot Smoked ha?i
do? k or white hah recommended for this
Th.re pje "W other valuable PSStpsS in
? ? t?nok.
Presea! this Ce upen ni-h two alhees
snd ?'??'? ceeta ?t the oitire of ti?? New
v ?rk Trlbeae, on the ?round floor, mi
receive "The Cook Hook of Lsft-Ovsrs,"
i ?:nd In wahliable cloth Py mall 4?) centj.
Postal Card Departments
AU corr.mt.n1cat.on5 ?and they are welcome?- should be made by postal as far
as it is possible.
Recipes I ested and
Found Good
Aft reclpei app?ts ring in them ."i.imnii have
been l? ? ?
Level tmenti ??* used sstass ether?
v ?? led
? glad to si sww ?n?
? ' ? ? ??..? i??_?'.. ri sad
v :.
"??.??..? i. I
*. f? 1.". I N. ? .? . ? ? ?
'? *? ? .!-! '?:? aril ? ? I I ? ; ;. : l . tot
.??!? le not ? ? ;...i b itamps
, i ?. ? -.
.? -. : Write on
er and -*?? thai same
-i :: pan ? ea? t. item.
r? a daily luncl.n t" pul up tot
?schoolchildren th? ubjevi "i sandwiches |
. rennial interest Those described
below hat ?? ill be ? ? i ??
the ' ? u unusual
_ i
CHEESE \M' S.M..si' '.N BAND 1
WICHKH Bpr?.... loin tnui all. ? >!
i.i ad a .th . i ? am i he -? and salmon
. !. .pi ?.. lin? Pile them up, with bleed !
... i bottom !?'? xt* logelhet |
..? . u ..i In wax? intll time to
m ? y,. Then trim oil ind lice Ii to
? ? ?? i. ti? i
Tl ?Mil B ?9 \M?\'? ICHE8 i 'I op the j
tongue a ht? h haa be? aalt?ad
water: u?j?! ? llttl? awecl cream, melted
butter and mustard ?Stli until amo ?i h
and i'!-."i "n breed
aiXQKB B.-.NDWICHES Chop pr?
s. nred Canton ginger rerj Ane and add
an equal quantlt) ..f ?finely clrapped nul
n its ?i.'i .half tha quantity <?f finelj
chop] ? .1 candled orang? pe? I. Add a little j
of m? ginger syrup t>> bind tha mixture
an i a lea drope ol i In? gsi Bpi ? ad be
tween rers thin ill? ? s ol ?butter? d white
bread M i: H,
boiled rice pudding ia made b) boiling
hall i cupful ??f rice until soft, then add?
ing a quart <?f miiK until that ?bolls tdd
a few raisins, sweeten to taatej pul a ?
little grated nutmeg and lump of buttei
In .t. and just before taking ofl ?add two j
v.. ?I |..a?. D i'KiVH M i- C
attractlv.? desweii for luncheon was made ;
from left-overs In the Icebos I madu
tw??iv.? tarts from s bowl of lemon oorn? I
starch pudding sauo ?? mimar <>f iii?i?i?* .
sauce and a aaucer <?: cranberrj Jelly I
mix.?.I I lnieil small cake Una with pis j
cru** ?and Mied the little plee erlth tiie ?
above combination and baked them stowlj
until the crust was dona and wa had al
good da -it. win. aerj little expenae or I
i... ibh ?' I. B
Useful Household Tips
? i- ' ? j..' .i.i ia-n t ?III psy for l.nuifliold tip?
|| (.mil mallMl'l?? for its i'iirt"i??e. A.l'lten*
??i wf.il ii.ii?aii..id i H?? DeparWseat," Neav
York THbUae, Ne IM Nan.au ?ire. t.
? ll.\ lt.'? IAL IN THI. I? KB' i\. The
refrigerator may b? i" 11 frei from ??dor
by p?laclng .1 piece of charcoal about two
I Inches long on one ol tha Bbelvea When
cleaning ?the refrigerator rinse the ?har
COOi i;. hol water and let It dr.'' ?and <"nl
? replacing ll In tue |< pbos
REQUIRED.-When making lemon
??? or anything requiring tha juire
? ??f lern M, if tha lemons are allowed t?>
stand In hoi ?eater for a few inimit?s
I mucb more Julee
M .1 ij
all sewing when .? Une needle is r.
. '??i use n long-eyed embroider) needle
as it is much eaaler to thread than th?
ordinal ? round-e) ed ? ?? ? V, B
. ? ? i'i.? ?i.? ?NO THE rsi.l'i I.NKSS , ,|
NEQLIOEE SHIRT! Many men wear
1 negligee ?hlrtS'Wltli ?-urrs attachsd, hut
, illara detached Wltn each shin a ?iu
;?lu.it. ?pall of ?lifts should he ordered.
tha lowei edge ?being mad. nnd stitched
SB usual and the upper adgS whirl. Is to
be stitched on tha aleeve lefl open Tu?
idea Is thai the shirt Will outwear two
;?;?tis oi CUffS, and when the tlist (?air are i
. i' ? ..ti ???? ripped off and the
..th.-? pair Beared In their place, with snip i
1 fee momenta' work \ half doses yean
? ?i . (p?riment with this plan baa prove?!
n a ..-r- practical one, and It can i<?>?
recosB?Maded to the boma *?*,?>, ?y 11
Daily Bill of Fare.
BRBAKFA8T .Malt?.sagsa <?gs
en cocotte, sweet potato paneskea ooffee
LUNCHEON ?Baked mscarooj ?sad
cheese, water creas aande'tcbaa tsa
DINNER.?Consomma pol i".is? ..11
beef. ? reamed parsfdpa lettts e. almond
hi.iv? -ntanai ? cog? ?
Friends Present University with
Qrt?k and Etruscan Vases.
New Haven, March If.?The university
baa eonivteted amusements for the pur
. tins, of valuable contactions of snetanl
Orssk and ??truecan ranea <?n? sense?
11011. ni.nl. bj ProfoSSM Arndt of Munich.
??m-lsts ot M vaso, ?Sating fr 111 Ml B,
C. 10 ti ? Christian era
They Illustrate the history Sf the pot- j
tor's int. ami aie < xi-.|>tlonall> VSlUSMS j
for the heautiful patntlnga of (Ire.-k m> -
thOlOg] ai ?1 dally .if.? Their ?SOSt tnore
than ISOkfftt, araa mai bj a friend of tha
unlverslt) Another friend baaauaacflhsd
1 he amount seed d foi traasportatios ta
New Haves
Tin- aacsnd collset?on is of sh) pieces
Of potter) tolloctod m I'alestine. ami la
tha Kiff ?'f Mrs Francis Wayland, widow
,?1 th. f, rmer ?Iran of the Yale L?w
The Woman
About To
THE NEW ni.YSir.M If during
MX! w.-.-k <?r PS the men SO IbS Ionic
bOOad trains notpe women looking
Hie la-t rOSSS Of summer that luv,
mained ?m the hush ?,!l winter, they n
worry and ofTer ?lolling Halts The
dears have only he?>n huylng their
sprlfitr suits and bonnets, and If the
will only ?glee up their <e?ns on this
ticular occasion they'll have heap
blessings bestOWSd upon 'em. "Why i
they come home before it," tired bnal
man'"" an Inquisitive one asks. ?Te
men, ill?! yju ever pay ?::. for a suit
then next day, in hunting aiouml s
to make suie von had ?got a ban
ass the salf sama thine f..r tattsi
course you haven't, but worn? n who I
once undergone that experience n
again will take ChanOSS, so ev.-rv ?
OB the Htreet and avenue must he rll
before the suit Is DOUght Th.? wo
spent yestsrday getting her outfit.
after she had ? Ilmhe.l the elevated st
and crawled Into the car, resemblm
dripping seaweed more than an?, tl
ease, a good man (rave her hi*? Baal
hopes he will .-e?. this, tor at that
ment that sent was her idea of Byfll
littl" war has a meaning of It.?- own.
the real meaning is probably thl
for exeitement. Every now and then
people of every nation need to let
surplus steum and whoop it up QOVI
ments ought to provide lively oelebmtl
for us once in ho often, and bring en
battleship*? and let us piny with th
Then, perhSjpS, ungodly wars, strikes i
other unpleasant agitations would ee
forev er more.
To display the wisdom of her sn
charges the teacher said: ''?Children, v
was the first war I're-ident of our co
try?" "Pefpr Minuit." promptly r??pl
?me lad. However, If ernwn-ups had ti
take some of the publie school examl
tions. even in the grammar grad?\ t
hut they'd be "stumped " Kolks shvjl-1
be allowed to go to school 'tt',1 they
twenty-one. then they'd realiy remem
all thev didn't forget
night the woman spent half an hour t
Ing to figure the Interest on ?Jo that 1
been owing this many a >ear, hut had
give it up and amplOJ SB expert n?cou:
atit. i\Vas tli-r.? ever a w??man tl
could figure?) i-he considers thai Wlllli
Jennings Brvan OWea SST mat ?V Y
see It was this WSy When W. J h\ ?
running hi? SBCOHd I '? esilentlal '.a;
paign. on? da] ii'" aroman was burryl
to catch a tram Ih a Jersey t"wn At t
BtatitM th? re ?waa nn ?MOIUMMIS <T??w?l,
the centre of win? h a man was bei
PulU-d hither and ?thither. ?Ural tnoiig
w.is that a suspect v. is being tahl n u
custody, but no" It was tnere'.v a demo
stration in honor of the PSSriSM <>t
gfter getting through the ni?>b th? are
fOUnd that her brand new MM silk ui
brelU ha?l been DttUsd from her ban I ?
course William the I. II Bad III ?lilt
actually take It, bit it was his crow
and now that he has got a -?.?
be ought to make good, so a bill ??" '
to he sent him! Anvw .?? | ? ?? BO bal
in trying. Is thcte"
Get3 Only 409 Votes for Mavc
of Topeka, Kan.
Ifrx T?-|e?Ti?;ib ?IB " I ' ft* ?' ?
Topek.i. Kar, . Mar-b R The m,
?woman srhe ever ?*k?d te '??? elected
an esocuttve office le Topeke went <i?>\.
to defeat in the noa-partisaa etty to
manes on Wednesday lbs ?wsa M
Kay Taylor, prominent m local
who has sapoussd the eauaa ' 'he ??<
cialists P:.e was a SandtdatS for M.v?
and received less than * DOT ??? at '?
?Votes cast, falling short even ?f th- RSSJ
BorlBllBt vote,
Mrs Taylor had persist??ntlv k>:?t b
CSUSa before the public h'.nee nt.. I
her campaign, two months BgS Kansa
has tried a few women Mayor?- I ? li?
the Mayor of Hunnowell, Kan .
succeeded In ousting all tha
bet City Council for holding meetings i
places whera, as a woman, si?, U
ko S ? Topeka took on kindly to a worn
ans candidacy, and *.n casting neari
:in' v.tes for ih>- *!x eandldatss for th
? til-.? pave her only I ' I
fact that wom.n ?vote In Topeka, es we\
sa m? n. nii'i that Mr.- Taylor ha?i tat
? . eppeeled to tve woum n ??f th
?city for ?support Mrs Taylot aays ?h?
will ti> again
Estimate Board Approves Com
mittee's Report Favoring Plan
Cone) i^ianii will have a boardwalk
Tl ?? Board of Estimate yesterday ay
proved ? repori ef ?? siieciai committal
which r.i:iiii?'i, le?l that the welk h?'
buht Htivi the eoei sssassad epos the ?u
Joining propertj ..wivi- it is likeiv th??*,
there ?will '? ? ? pfytesi on their part
es t.,?" bsd : ??;?? : to got tha ?walk ?? ?tha
? (pense ??f the leenral ?pul ?te
Th?? committee ??.intended that th?.
Corporation Counsel t.?k? stepa b
some tweni ?eeven i trot ot load that Is
now Bobmerged sad thai a sumbei ??*
charitable Institutions thai have boeaoa
along ths baaoh from be ssked to jiiac?
that? at Roekawaj ,; ? I
it is auggssted that U ?? w???ik be ?-*? feel
In Width fl'itn West 7?7U1 stre't t.? Wool
Mth stie.-t end ih.it tha propsrt) ?ho
twsso tha walk end the or?ssn be tdded
to the Dreamlaa4 Park Bita
Real Reporters Will Show in
Play How to Get a Story.
New ape per ? ? i si b 11 ?ft om ihe Ci
? ourts Building w III :..k> ?part In tl
formence of "A Mans Prienda n' the
AStOr Th.-atre t??ni?ir low night
The reportera stti nd? ?i thi
f?rmanos sad t ?? wed with critl
the scene in 0 kick I I I ? - ?. I A toi ne
Bummona the reportera t?i Ms r???.in to
he.ir a Story llvea SUl by Boss Wh,?
i? !? Ta. tha ? ? porters found ' ?
w itii th.- work ??f the ?stage "? I
m???. >o mi It array, msasgei of u,.
theatre, ?nvit,-?i them to shoe how *>.
thing should be done
Tha N?-* York branch ol the Bryn
Ifaerr fUumiMB Association, el its lea to
i?e held this aftsrnoos ..t the reoeddhct
?Of Mrs I, ESBBMti ll??li M \\'.?st ".'?in
str.??t will i.itiiiu't .1 -ale of women ?
new spring fiats. spr;,?.; BoW?S?ra, plants
needlework, books ?n?! beaesware Tk
money raise?! will bS 'urn.l ??..?i to th.?
Intercollegiate Bureau <?t Occupetieni
lor Women.
Among those win. will bav? charge of
the varioua tahlsaara Mrs Arthui ?Scrl
ner. neefllework. Mr? iTHartes KdWai I
KnoMaaoh, ten Hra Ham iiihb_r_
Weist, plants and flow n?. Mis?- Fran?
Browns ami Miss Katherine ?Eoeb, hats,
and Hra Frederick I Vase, braa*.

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