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1 To-du.? . fHlr
I ? np?.
;J:^U;r?rudiNI':w*V()l^ APRIL l', im:,.?SIXTEEN PAGES. ?? PRICK ONE ?XT,nri,y>A^?
With Ships o? Three Nations
Ordered to Her Littoral She
Yet Refuses to Cease
Declines Also to Evacuate
Northern Albania? British,
Italian and Austrian
Warships Close to
loi ' .
1 f-ndon, April I' I '? ? It to I latl DUT
tjart nifht there ?ma no confirmation <>'
tfc? ?Atr. Ill' 1" pol I tll.,1 \ ;
iii - '"? ? pi had en - ? ? -.. Mont? n. -
Irin front nd It not believed
!h;ii Ih? rumor had an) foundatl? ?
then anj coi robora 11
tin -? ? ' thai Austrian trooj
? ? -1 ?? i convoyan'
it ??.Ti:."t. h'??? .. thai the
position ' out 1 Monten? **ro -
? v,.-' ?ed Intent ? ,u of
Europe intl continue her efforts : i
? Beut irl, ii r? s| ? ?? n i. of th. . \
:. !i ..f the powi i< tli.it the
l" rais? h. li docldedly g
. . val foi
legrin coast, wrier?
: i"ii h III lx can I? 'i out v. ith
?'? ? - "i "?' for? Ing the pluck) little
. lom to r. cognize thai migl I
It is .->? lieved " ? ? Austrian fleet
rrii it at ers i
n thai theii .n-ri-. al i- only a
Bom? British
loo, ni" Corfu, wlthl - hour ' j
ing distan' ? ?? Kn\ \\ ai I, nd the |
It ? i also Is ' ind Rua?
no ararshi] in the M edit? rran
?? ? present, and Prance, It Is undei ?
I, will n.-?t 1 >.* rt i ,!.:,!. in th? .in II -
? ? bul both th?i:? pom ei hat ?
ffnll ? ith the ?'tl" ru
i.- Ing made to ex? n Is?
i" n'-' <.ti the t'ettlnji government.
Cet tin Je, Apiil i. in repl: to t:.>
na not? Monti negro ex?
presa? regret <h ,\ It Is unabl? t..d"f'r,
to their wtahea '?? eeuae hoetilltles at
'? rritoi I? n allott? -l
' powers to Alba .>ia
Mont?*ra? gro rared I he
demand of th? [".v.!-; regarding th?
withdrawal <>f civilians from Sou tari by
statins: th:tt tinny U? H?i<i?otrt. i = ha ?
refttaed lor militar-. DJ BU permit
.n 1" thfl < "liltiiaiiiJaM
i.? w.iL-ni'i i town of a cipher dis
pat ' from his got ? rtiMi? tu Th? Mon
.'lti sjovernment, however, hau of
i? i-, ?i ir. submit t" headquarters ,i re
<iu< -t for tin tranamisal' n of a meaaage
in plain languag?.
Belgrad kpi II i Bp< i Lai dial atel ? ?
fr-im the Tr-'ii: aaj th.t th<- Servian
an?) M? ntei rxln forcea ?re bombard?
ine ti;.- Bcutaii forts with Bucceaa, and
thai their sum ? ??? ? I expected a 11in..
a d.irf or two.
vi' : i VpriJ i Part ? v i
ladroi i t epurt? tl to i"i ? i
the Montenegrin i'-.n <.i Anti
aarl lb? remalnd? r is hi Id In n a? r\ >?
a- Cat tare, Transports, ??ith Ihre?
thousand Infantrj aboard, ?Bccompany
the ?
It . that ml? ?e the si? r?c
if.-,- ... -.. lorroa th>
?Aval d< mom ? ? 'i begin.
wv iii rti \i'iii I.??John Burki. fc?r
pMw ?? ? ?VortTn Dakota tooli the
oath of I. Is t as Treasurer of
th- United Btab ' .:1 N
Thor,;.?. ho turned over H,l I
i" .. , ? .-. ,,f th? new Demo
Brstl "? " ? Irds of h cent is
I ?? tat? bond held i"
th? assets rernmi nt,
This Mornings News.
LOCtL I'?-."
1 ? Drown on TU| . ?
Polk? Thro ? D nei Out . l
Morgsi Funeral Plana. 3?
Musi im Heini Moui n. 3 ;
sforgan Wing for irl Museum . 3 I
,?l . ,,.,-. i? ?.-.i i ndei Blu? Lats, 4
?' Bdward Addirk? .t Pi laoner. ? ? ? 4 '
Mor? II? ;-. foi Urs es. 5 ,
| Kund Abov? $?'."''.MO. ? ? 5 j
?talc W. Professor Taft. 7 |
?tadersori Ms: Be Llbrary'i H?sa4..?? 7i
br, hYicdmann's Cur? Doubted.II |
Gould S? Hin? Wubash.W
'???:. ti'.r i; laxes Curfew Edict.16,
Mayor \dmii Pollci Raaeallty .161
'" l Bi ? Predict? '1.l?
?'*v Curfew Order Is Bplta.W
Uof r.irpa Km? aped. 16
J!"' - to 1 mpeu? h Hulsi I .*
?tllwt-H Ac? us? d of Aaklng llrlbs? i
'"?""i' rntl? Tat ?ff Bill. *
?lerphy Called \lban) DlcUtOI. ?
?"aal ngt?in Order? Tribut? 'f? HorgM 3)
tllaoi Vork at Ma.*?
**"?[> In !.. .. - at ? ?li". s I
Tr ??? Tal? s from l?aj Ion. 5 I
Rurt,,n ,,, ? venttRale Klood. ?!
ktlson Would ?tu-'i Monopoly. 7I
''?ni-,, r,,.,, v. ?.m- n ni War. ? '
Ssataaegro Dalle? mi Buropa. ?
My of i P. Mefgaa Bmaadaaed. 3
fot /? lia i'iiKTKon. ?
E<lf'ir.^! . ?
*Wl# i v . ?
al . 1
Wiisl. . 7
" I . 1
N'*- f< ' "? "i. ?
!*?** n s .i . ?. 9
?"?on,, . a
?-kipp .'.'.'...'..9
?port,.to and ii
tlnaticial an.l Markets-11. I? ?r,,i 13
R?sl |.,
Suction Draws Battleship ?
Steamship Together.
Philadelphia, April 1. The battle.
?>hio aas in collision ins. night i
the steamship Prederich. of the v
chants and Miners' Lin?. while proc?
Ing up the ?Delaware River, in pam
tin.- FYederlch, which was steaming,
the same direction, the battleship,
h"r waj !.. the Philadelphia \:
1 ard, was draw n toward the i ii ar
by the suction.
The conta? t was not heat ?.. and
moat serious damage d? ne was ,i,,. ,
mantling of a ??-in. h gun i>n the ? ?
and ?i i?nt in the plates of th? PY
? rich shot ?? tin -.' utetfine
Radium Trica for Cancer
Philadelphia Patient.
' Megrapl a
Philadelphia, April i. Huir.:
us- ?1 .is g , ,;r, --,,,. <,.,.,. , ,. ,?.,!,,
first um. in Philadelphia h *er
In .i small sllv? i' I'll.. . tw? ntj mi
grains of radium, valu? d at 12.500, ?
' ltd .n a can? ? r on the liv? ? df Male?
'v ' ?? " Method?1 Hospital
Di 0 ?' f* '.v . i ?:. . Pittsburgh Bl
>.""ii II is i- lloved the radium ra
i on I hi ' .n ? ?? r ..- ih?
?'urletj ? k ;. dis?.-?;?? . nd gruduu
ktll it.
.-??v .i-..! ? ? . .
"'??is ...i\4 tli?? ..|.. "m. .;
took much inter? -t in Hi? ? ? atm?
m ?! are hopi ful of H -
The only sna^sthetic up d in i
? : ition ? . cocuinc, ajipll? d lu il
Reports Tlnit German Airs?.
Had Fallen Ner.r Rheims.
Kin ItTgS, Vpril I, h ?m il m a | ..;
si irtl? n Iti )?? ad? is !.. d? bj th? pu
ii- i'i.'ii ..(" .i . latemi nt tha ? < term.
In -i Igl ? balloon, after crul
ng over i in f? n i Toul ui
v. i dun, had i omi to earth t ?
Khelma barracks, having ins' both
hi r pro| ? .
Knormou erowtli ? tetl i.i
I to tl -!'??: Ind ' ?
no /.- ? i"" Un. 'ii i ??",. i,.,, i-, m? n
? ? -I thai It was tl ' rat oi Ipi
The i" opl? look Ih? Joke ! ? r
and lnri:? fore?*? of poll ? and g? ?
'.linn- s had i"
!.. dispers? them. It altl thai tr
i ties ? in I'fu.-ecut? i' .
i m,? r nt. i in - I argt ,,: publl
likel] t" ' nii.'-i- a br< <? of ? 1
s ? ?
Anti-Vivisectionist Presses Li
bel Suit Against W. W. Astor.
1 ,< Im . April |, l?i oppni It tor to
formidable arra? of Kr.:.- ? ,.ui, ?
vv i.m.in ,i, , I ...,t Uirn I , ?
in ill*- King' Bench Division yenterdi
'?? Halm damage? for tvhat she allege?
, Merlou? libel. PV?r m n?
? ?UgUMl i,,i?- i.-- Inl i:
... s . ndant of old Bwedl i iblUt; b
; itur !,/' -I Eng lish ? "im.n. i a? i?"
,tii \4 it ii various so? lai moi ?
menta ?n tins country. More particu
li'tly s|)i Ins Ii?-. ti identified with t!i
m.- ags Insl v H laection.
Miss Llndaf-Hageby claimed dam
? r ?: 1 >I i '. V? . Mh l.?l'.\ .
known writer on medical nd s< lei till
Bubfects, and William Waldorf A ?toi
proprietor ?-i "Tla P ill Mall ?
In -\ hich she ;?il? ?<???) that the I
.mu from ib?- ? ?iit-'r and print?
.,f the i apt i '' fad thi I M 1st Lin
d ?? Hagcb? sould ? onducl ber oai
. and have against her some ?.f th?
mo ' brilliant memtx ra of the bar i
came w Idelj knoa n and sen ? d t.? croa i
the court. A modern Portia proml
piquant n ?v?!t.\ in the palaci "f hurtle?
and alias Landaf-llageby did not dis
appoint Hi" crowded bouse, which, rip
preclatlve ami enthralled, followed bei
melodious and well measured phrase?
The Junior bai a i- aatoi ished ai hei
flow of ? I'.i-n. in ?- and hei ass master:
nf technicalities and points of law,
Bhi had Btill n long was i" go ? hen
the court adjourned for a das and the
jurj went off In taak abi to examine
If 1st Hageby'a anti-vivleecttonial shot),
m ru adill]_
Brooklyn Chemist Has Been
Missing Since Christmas.
h.m Henntg, tweaty-ooe ."mv old,
\. |.. ... |,il? Studying ftW BJI ?m'lain- r.i
r. ? r. Ii living ailh Mme Vesurer, In So.
14 Gramere Park, is ansJoiia i" find Dr.
? hsrlea Thiwaiorc H? anlg. her latin r,
who has I"'" mlsslag since Christmas
Da* i". H?MMilg la ?? ch< mist
Tin' llsnnlg i"""?% Is i" N'"- '''-'" N' *
v,,rk av.iiiii'. B.Elyn. Th? daughter
has found ao trace of her rather, si?
though she has apanl all her Mme. when
not at study, seeking ?"'?"'? T'"' i'"1"'' tnUi
far hav? not boon aaked to kind a hand
Dr, Hennlg ?v??*1 """ ?maultlng chemist
f,.r the KrupjM, In Bas? n, Oewmany, and
consulting ehemlsl i"i the Bethlehem
st.-1 Company, In Bethk hem, Penn h.
was known us an <"Xi.?-rt in metallurgy
and was Interested In mining property In
Lynchburg, Psnn. He has Influential
friendi In Ottrmany, and is ssM t" bs i
v? alttiv ninn.
Fielder Signs Full Crew Bill,
Despite Railroads' Protests.
in-, T<i.f.-i.ii'i' le H"- ''ii"1"
Trauen, N ?' ?. April i ?Q?wsrnor
JainSS I". ri?-!'i'r ; Ignsd tin- Kgafl full
rrew Mil iiii? ? viiiiif-'. thus naaklng th?
i;i4v ?if Norm Jersey an set practically
similar to ti.at signed bj Oovernor Bulsei
of X.-w VhiU ami MM tliat )..?s bSSfl In
operstlon in pennsytvanls foi several
?. .us- in siKiiitiR the Egan i"'1 ??"v un"
ci, i !, i upplled th ? nii)< thai connected
Sew Vor*. V4ttii Pannsylvanls, ?-?? thai
lti.it) now 641 It will bS ?..in|.ills?irv fin tli
railroad c?9mp4uiles to carry fufl crews on
Ihr-lr ItalriH In th'- thr?e States whi-h ad?
juin on?' another.
? Democrats Preparo Measure
Radical in Some of Its
Features and Protec?
tionist in Others.
Formidable Free List Designed
to Meet Campaign Promises
to Reduce Cost of Living
Raw Woo! Left for
C?m.cus Derision.
;?; ..
Washingtoi \;.i., ! The ?. ntla i
| "; the i'. mo? rat . rlfi II n ?:??,'! In
SOme f< ;.! ||*| ? I",, .,- . ,,,,,)
? ' ? 'i i rot? ' I? i, i i otli? - ?. .n- ; '?
-? niotl h? reu ith, 'i,,. hill ,. ;, middle?
of-thr rond m? , g high rate?
"' lUTIll :? ? . :? ;. .. ? mu
' ? i Hi i and '?? ? '.i ? on tl ? ???
Th? i 111, \. . i.i in bu far ? it i I l<
? '" l:"A ?ool, i.pm asid? n?
' i h?..' i.? the Wa nd ?;? n* I '? n
mitt?'? Its rat? ni. no? " :;? to* Pr<
nt V any ? le erfth
1 < hang? > will I. .?. ration ol tin
mil I.. - ..i i . ,...,-, i,
.btful tii. i th? 1.11- fi in he
mad? i ?idriini! I r? I ? m ni? ?sui i
for many ? ih ral tarried
i nd? : ? ?. ?. in? . i
: ii lonal :
As th? i ? ? i of th? bill ;.!?
- I ? i-'ii from ???
Internorin? i ?w? timoni I ? ? ?
??r.'t.- .':?? rleveloplnf M r P
to Bti |l Into III- :-i h to
i'.i'i' I ?? ii- rats v ho .i'i'.'t to the
1 ?- Ing o ? rates oi farm prod
? ?? I I Kill ? ? ' Wool Bl . I
.'? mi In the big
The ire? formldabl?
' ' ? raw a. a I
. d< ? ?! < mi. of the last ?? ti,.
Waj i .? nd Means I'ommltte? ....
ate? ' rail!. ,- ' iw .i ? ' ?
'!!:? i? d Iron "ii ii" ir? ?? || -, I-, ? .
i ? di m ""i l?l 11, a ?? "h failed last
. ' ? of 1.
.??i .i rem
Caucus *o S-ttle Wool Duty
The caucus wil
!t. ? raa \\"?.1 uni? -? I ; nt ob?
lo that ' "'n -? v. i" n thli ?? i
vi Ural ? "'? 'i on In lh< W
Meai < 'ommitl I i
? i? spit? t. i".r;- i., th? eontI i
won, and pu . ??? ?? ???? tentai ' on :
i; ? fre? i"" 'i !?? n ihere wai i n
...i un. ?ti i . duty of II* pel
? :ii..|?'in - ,t- m
?/as taken ip ind th? i ? ran !
men gain? ?I t? ?.> i : u? ? ndat ? To
? n i frl? lioi ? ?!-.'. it
Hnall detei min? i? to put th? '?>.-? i . u ?
np i" Ih? caucus, the commit ?
Ing to re? omm? nd tentative! i IT? per
rent rnl a bile Mr. Harrison and l
ti?-?- traders a III offei .? frei a ? ?? i
\ 30 i" r ? enl ad ' nlor? ra d ? ? ha
i etained on ? " n? m id? a noil? "i :
-, i ..i ? ..i wooL
'? i,, ii ? rag? di l on knit fabi
. loths, ? ?" ?? '? ?" ?"i st? d fell ',
plush? h and other pile fs >ri< K) per
>. m ,;.i ? .n?.i?m
i m th? pi mi Ipul m 'i. ?i i lure ..i
wool, it" ludlng ?!'? is go ?ds mud? !
whullj "r m I'M' "t aool, hi ta, knltt? >i
articles, ready mad? clothlni ;"??! th?
higher gradea "t flannels, in? bill rr..- |
posea i? ?im- ai KJ lo ?!?"> pet rant ?><i |
valorem. Blanket? w.?\ bear > 30 par
. ? nt ?i'ii \.
Taking Brfneduk K aa b whole, there
[h t.? be ?i reduction of slight!] more
than i" par cent in the ratea ol tha
Payne law, which wan Ihe same as ih?
Dingle) law.
R.Tdical Aencultural Schedule.
Paaaing t>. Um agricultural schedule,
?i more r."ii'ai revision la apparent all
along ihe line, with 111?- exception <?f
the it'tiis ' oveiing rattle. i ?i- ased I
m tats are put on the free list, but the
near-protcctionlsl members "i the
Ways ii'"1 Means Committee lin\> suc?
ceeded In retaining ?' doty on cattle, I
rdwne ahd sheep. Tie rxsnisromlae re-j
ductionmemm an average dut) of|l30j
?i head <?n catUe. W < > nta a ii< ad <>n |
hogs iitul .i cut <'f 10 per cent ni the I
rates <?!" hoi's-? s mules and sheei>.
?'?.rnriKMi. buckwheat flour, semin?la
and wheat flour, rye flow and other
offals of gnrJn are to be free.
After .' flghl in ' onunltti ?. aided on |
in. outalde bj mi mbi ra from th? agrl? i
cultural states, a Btnall duty will be ra?
talned, principally for rmvtwtui i?nf
rx-aea, on mains.
Butter, **gg*ti **??***, .u;i^. 1:"'i ;in''
land s ibatitutea and tallow, all of which
^,, into Ihe "mirk' I baaki t," have be?i n
made free
unions will bear a'dut) of -?? renta ?t
bush? i. deaplU afforti made by the ra?i
? ,,i revisloniata i<? pul them <>n the
non-dutiable liai
a reduction o! M pi r 11 ni in the ratgi
?,n oltvaa and macaroni la provided.
Citrus fruita have been bard hit, and
..,,,,,,,: narrtra I) eeeap? d the free liai
owing n. ii"- harhi '"."I" by Repr?sen?
tative Harriaon. who haa long da?
,.',,,,,,?., ,1 that all duties should be re?
moved fr-n? I"?""-- The committee
lopped oit two-thlrda ol tha dut) on
i.tn'.n.s and W '"'? eeni "f ?**? ,lu,-v on
i>tl|(|. citrus fruita, but the Benab La
,.x,?.. te.i i--? r.-M'-r?' ? rate r.f .1 1*0*1
threewiuartera of ? ?< ?< .. pound on
lemons. In ??? * ,!" ?%???.< rat* now
pre*i ailin?;.
To Cut Living Co*ts.
T)li, ,.x,,.nI to which tha IDenuicratJc
tariff re>ialon?sU aaeh t., nahe k.i
,anUM?8-ti promises to reduce the liifc-h
I ?nli-iued SO fe?nh P??'? ?'??h r?l.imn.
\\ hose resignation ;i? state Senator is demanded by Governor Sulzer
ft il lo wine charges thai he demanded bribes.
Riot in Tenderloin Resort, but
1 o'clock Closing Order
Is Enforced.
Inspector Dwytr Finit.-, Church -
ill s and Rr-rtor's Tiirhtlv
Oloted ai th? Witch
iug" Four
: " ? ' n Di.
tl ?):? ? ;,r.|' n , : . ..
(I S' ? , ?III '.
marl l |
vi.., ??,.,?
' ? it I .i this mom
r Waldo, ?mil?
lly, s;,t i,h u m ., Police I ??
;, it 'in. ni ..lil-i-. ?,':,- 1 i , | ? ? ||
light in tl ? ? ? efoi
i i .
Th?- proprictoi "i lh< Harden ahul
down his bar si It n mlnuti s i-? tur.- th.
"i i:rt- m ?oui ? -i and told his ;
troni th? ?? v\ ..'ni .i :i hs v ?? to les r? .' I
i ii ,i him. \t i
..i lia k tun poll ? m? n ? nt? r? -i and ..i
? ? . n ? . Din Th? polli ? ? Wi r?
i ..i.
? ir.? . i ? ? i ?? -m? n teli phoned to
Ihe Weal 17th atret I police Biatlon for
, ? i?-..- i et The? i .-tin.-. With thi m
un inspector Dwyw The i ? Ben ? s
rushed nit?, t'n?- Garden. Captain Bull?
v m i ordered) all tho patrons to les ?
Then ? i ? i i ?? ? from im>me that they
i. . not nnlsht d i sting, und thai tin \
would like t" -??? .ni' "ii" pul tin-in out.
i, pretor Dwyer walked over to a table
where Iwo men, who r-nlfl the) were
lawyers, and were loud In their defi?
nnces, and naked them to gel out They
refused, Then Inspector Dwyer seised
. a. n bj ni" collar? of iii. n coal . md,
Il r Ing iin in i" th? lr te* *. ran Ihem to
?.n exit m -I put hed Ihi m Into Ihe atreet.
Rlmllar eni ii re enai ti <\ In many
.ii ? r parts >.i the r< i laurant, s here
unwise persons proclaimed Ihey u.r.
Am?*rlcan cltlsen? and would ea1 what
t hi ? had ordered. Bui the). loo, ware
ted out by Ihe polio and told to
argue their rights In s court, If they
wanted i".
Final.) tin crowd, when it r.-"i on th?'
.< ?ni :. n, gnn '" aing, "Hoa .ii i i am!"
Ever) other place along Broadway
was i im.-I haii-.it i o'clock. At a f?? v\
mlnutei after I o'clock Inspector Dwyer
was si Churchlll'a, and there was m.t
a patron In the place. Tins was true of
Rector's and other restaurants along
n,. (treat Whits W?iy, which rsasmbled
a r-..?? path more ihsn ?' did Its old elf
al i :t. in to-day.
i I'tiiini - min i- Waldo and Deputy
Commissioner Newburger vi-in-.i the
Wesl 1. Hi. Wei t 88th and Weal ISSth
street polio station? eai Her in the I
night, ?un? had confersEcea with the I
-i. v. t .?l captains.
11;. Tel? grapli '" re? 'i ni"!...- i
Philadelphia, ?.prll I.? Mr.- w .....imv
VVtlaon'a two landscape sslilbtttd in the
innual ? ahlbltl! n of ths A. b4? raj ??i tin
Kin, vit- :' malmd unsaid al the <*tt?sal
if me exhibition lo-day. "i"- was pi i?-.-?i I
ai ?.'.'>?' 'I'tiirty thouaand dtdWfg Wh? r.al
? /.. ,i n..ni tin ssk "f other Bastares in
ti,. exhibition.
,-? s
Ottawa, A'"H i A aiaioal t-"rt plsanai
OI, ti,. |i m. siiiiilur to that In ih.'
I ,,|f,.,| S'i'. . . ? i""l'"S"l f"f '"ana-la.
,-,, ,., .,..,, .;?; eral Peltrtler .-.t:n..unr.<l |
to alghl that h- >""ii'i ?""' ''""? -;,"!-"v' I
tin neeootmn t' *--t-1;??toi?. Tan Canadian
i'.istiiitif. Deportmenl has ?sasaflad ?r?at
,|i?antiH"- Of n.-nininu: pereri I'?'?? Bsatta*
-BSMM .January I. v.lthout receiving any
lienprtt In return
five m on iy
Little Craft. Hammered by Hi
Heavy Tow, Sinks in
East River.
Scows. Heavily Loaded. Pour
the O'Brien Under Waves
When She Was Almost
? it Destination.
I V.. live? ran ?? ... lagt l,,?ht wh<
? al oat ThoniMi !?'. ? r*Brl< n, ? ??.
ng thre? - n. id? .1 \? itii bi
- and dril ing agairtel ';
? ? ? i? .' th the B? ow? i;
- "ik m ?ni? ; ?ing Wth sir. .'t. iirool
lj n. Th? i n \? ", '"..tli. r tug, passin
he n les "f the dro-s ntni
.iti.i rushed t.? theli nid, but a i
'.. -.? a n onl) il" ' hptaln and ta
? ?r the ? n v?. ol th? ? >*Bri?m. Tl b tu
Bank ... i ; . ? ind -" ?le? p that I
Ihe time th? rescuing tug arrived nott
Ing of her could b? m en but the top i
her i aat.
The Thomas P. > ?t'-i i- n Btart? J nt
from ti'- Butt? rj. Manhattan, early I
ii.. > \ ? oing ' ?n board a ere ' 'ap?a i
Kii Conine and a crear ?>f seven mei
The thn i s owb a ere I. i >** ? 'I I
iii?- i>i'i si 56th street, Brooklyn.
At about I" o'clock there rame
iuc****aetoa of squalls that burled i-i
waves igainal the aldea >>f the littl
tup S.|ii:ill D.ft*r squall followed :m
th.- ?uves pi-, \? l.irc-r .m?i more men
Btrlng, until the Iowa arere throwi
against her stern. When the CVBriei
Wt\M Within B lli"i"f ilislaii'?' "I lie
il. ?aUnatiori another squall, laatlm
longer than il"- others, hurl- .1 th'
ihr."' Brows against tin :up and thre?
her nose under a huge a n?-. She <;>ni
without one? thrusting her boa abov?
the wat*r.
At the nui?' ..f the . raah < 'aptali
Conine, Patrick Nugent and .-tt??.thi"
sailor who had Just "shipped," an?
whose name a aa unknown ;n the .?tliot
were on deck The] h i re the onl]
on?ta save.i a* thej leaped overboan
they cried '.. those belo*s t.> Juroi
through portholes or hurry up on deck
Their . iii a attract? .1 the attention .?i
the men on board the tugboat vVllllan
li. Plannery, paasini the other way.
The Plannery turned ai.o'it. bettet
able to ??..'?' with the waves, aa she
eras not burdened b] a toa. and made
toward th* faat dlaappBUurtng tup.
Captain William Blmpeon caught
hold "t ?'?plain ?'"nine, whil* his RIM
ropcv ?i Nuajenl and th* other Bailor.
The I'lannery hrotipht tha reacued
m. n t<> i'i. r Ah at ih?- Battery.
Waddell Keeps Lazy Negroes
Prisoners at Hickman, Ky.
in.ilutan, K'- M'i'ii i Tha water
uns t'ipiit''-n Inches above th* top ol
th?- i.v.e at 10 o'clock to>night, and
onl) sandbags, held in place bj a tem?
porary frame arall keep the Rood fr..m
lb* downto* n act ?tton.
Oreal difficulty la experi?n<**d in
keeping n?BgTo ktboreri at frort on the
|**#**a in many InartaJKsoa ii has be? n
nei-.^sar.? to ke?p them in Ilh-kin.tn at
the point "f ? niie. Laal night "Uube"
Wiid.ieii. th.- baa*bal] player, n?>.? here
with hia team, kept several negro? s
julsoiicrs In n po"lro?.m all nlpht.
kuitii?n. S ?'.. April I. Th?- Mtnmia?
si.at fori:i of pnv. rnm.-tu vh.? adopt?***]
to-day by Halrlpli B) a majority of ??.so
\ ot^s Thre?? rotniiilsslonTS at Halar?as
of $3.0? a i ear are to he elected on
May 6.
Senate Adopts Resolutior
rectin?i Committee to De
mine Whether Ante-Elect
Promises Were Illegal
| John Fitzgibhons, Trainn
i Representative. Alleged
Have S?'id Governor Du
ing Campaign Promisee
to Aid Its Passive.
, Movrment for Innniry BtErtSt
, Senator Brown. WBOM "Extrao
I n.iry" Interes-t Bltrpriggg Wa?i
-"Feared saSilrogdl Wogjtj
Speed a Barrel of Money
to Defeat It."
?? i
Uban; \nni i \, t,,
' ' ird th? ?mi eachment T ( ?"V t
HuI-m r ? as takei bj th? s
nlgl t, a hen It ado| ted a n olutlon
sented t?v Elon i: Bros n, Ri publ
lead? r, asking th it ti,.- Judiciary <
mitt?*? ?r ??? ? ? ? truth of a |
Itshed tat? tn- nt that the Govi rnor
mi?' <i i- fore ? i ?ctlon thai he v.
sign thi full ? r? sr hill d? - r? ?
road m ?? 1 bor union ? if In i
Imm?diat? I) th? rea ft er l h? Be
ido| t? d ' - end r* < luiloi . offere?
S? nator Brov n ?? tiling on th? At
i ? ? ;? neral to ?niv is?- thr- ^-i?-? ?, 11 - - s
Ii gallty of the ? ourse pursued
i lover i "t Bulger In handling the Pt
i?? ; rim nt :;t'fi?r he removed sn?
Int? dent Bcott
Tli? Governor put In as tempoi
. ? rintend? i I his i" i sonal r? i rer* i
tli ?. < ?i? ? n Potter, from tit? execu
department Potter Immediate!] i
charged J< hn i i McDowell, Coli
Bcott's Bccretary, who was acting h
? ii thn department llcDowell i- t
? -tin* tins m ti.?n. and an opln
rendered by Attorney Oensral Carm
m tli? time unit?- t. ,1 hi- belief that
Governor'?! appointe? had no power
discharge M< I k>a ? II
Trouble Ahead for Sul-.er.
Theae two resolutions portai '1 mt
I trouble for the ? lovernor. 11 maj
I that n I?? miirrati." Renate i\ ?II n-fi
! in take, my further action " h
. mlghl in any waj lead to Impr-achnv
??i s Democratic flovernor But It
likely t-> '?? tinn'' to prevent actl
which will Involve the Governor lit
I fine tangh ol red tape over his haudll
? if thr |,ris'iii situation.
The pharges that the < ."V.mi. ?
promlaed to ilgn th? tuil crew I
were rontained In u letter s ritt? n
.1 hn Pltsgll bon i '?- reg?, I? glal
tiv. representative of the Brotherho
ol Railroad Trainmen, snd said to ha
l.i'i n sent ' III to its various offlcti
and lodg? - before the election.
Benator Brown In his reaolutl
trailed attention t" the provision In tl
constitution that tin- Governor befo
taking ofWce Is required to taU.? ??
thai he had not "directly or Indirect
paid ? r promised to pay, contributed
offered to contribute any money i
other valuable thing as s consider!
lion or rewsrd for the giving or wltl
holding b rote si the election al whk
| i u,,. elect? 'l to said office snd hat
I not made any promise to lulls >n& ti
i-ivinis' ?-r withholding of such vote."
When the Governor's attention wi
railed to ihe Kltxgtbbona letter to-ds
he eBiphatlcally denied thai be hs
made the promise.
Brown Asks Proper Action.
?| have simply asked," said Senate
Brown after his resolution was reas!
"thai reference i?- made to the Judtci
ary Committee ??? thai iii'imr; can b
made aa to what action is p?roper Ii
n??- case, i do no! wish to go bayom
fuit?, which speak for themaalvea.
?| have ii" dealre to prejudge th?
Governor'a caae, bul the publicity thti
letter has rscelvsd and ths constitu?
tions] . lUllWlSnt, <"ii|il?-'l vvitli th?
tact that ths full ires *'iii tahas *'-',
i a m ?,? m ? ? from the railroads for ;? certsla
beneflted class of workers, suiko me
gg ssopar matter for Investlgatton."
??what is Intended by ih<' conatltu?
tion and what th.- Governor .?-??ill ;iri
t?74o ?different things," said Elenatoc
Wagner, Ihe msiWaity knkhw, in resdy.
??Th? Governor had s perfect right to
make promises on matters of Interest
to all tin? psopts of ths slat?-, sad when
?i man la up far ofllce ths pootM have a
righi m know ftsr what hs statido. i
do ii"t think thlS n prom r matter foi
mveatlgstlon. i sm surprised si the
Internet which frtonator Br?ssrn Is now
taking In legislation SS COUld not de
f.jit and that h?? now attacks by m
nuendo th?? Governor of the stats."
Ths resolution was- referrsd to tiii
ludlclsry Osssmlttse.
Tin? lrtt?r of Mr. ntSglbbon? WIVa in
th?1 form <'f ?i 'Tr. Dlsr srni to all thr
ofllcers nod meinbers of Um Brothor
hood nf Railroad Trainnsen. Mr. Fits?
glbbona Btates that, believing ths full
crsw ''tn ,vas the most Important leg! ? I
latinii coBcernlng the organisation, he
hail liilh'd on "thr Hon. William Sulzor
I fontlnited an ?erotirl pase, fifth eahimn.
Senator Accused by G. H. Ken?
dall of Demanding $3.500 to
Press IM. Y. Bank Note
Company Bill.
Governor Tells Bronx Man He
Is a Disgrace to the State
nad Senate Orders
Committee to In?
?S?niiel lewis. Jr.. Justed Aft?r
Telling of the Rc.-eipt of |S5f
i'or Draft ins afilMllfB ffgf
mody Probes Alleged Re
?l'ie^ts for Cash to Influ
ene* Legislators.
By T? ?? TriiNin? .
Alb? i ? April I. If (ft n. tor Stephen
J. Btll* ? li, ..r Tht Bronx, Dnkrhea th.
legial ' ? ion ai t m? mber ?>r the
Senate h? m ubi pro e thai hi <ii<i i at
tl rnpi t" blackmail Qeorge il. Ken?
dall, president <?( the Nv? rorh Bank
Not? Company, out of 9t\SOO, and that
hi did not accept |125 for havings bill
dr a o for Kend ill by a ck ?rh a*ho get
u check for f2TiO from K?mhIsII.
''ii;irg. s rn* this nature in re died to?
tlaj bj Kendall with Oo*?-ernor Bulxer
who ha tran mltted them t?. Benatoi
W agner, rnajoi Itj I? ad? r "f the upper
hoiis?. ."?ni to Attorney General ?'?.r
mody. But before he did tins the <;<>v
rrnor called Senstor Btilwell, who la
. halrman et the Codea CornmUti ?. into
iii? Executive Chamber and oVmanded
that h?- realgn from the Srat. aa a
"disgrac? to th? state." Btilwell, fee?
ing Ruiz r and Kendall, flatly refused
i?, realgn.
la .' lawyer of mair ??ears1 expeii
ence, I aa; t" yoa tii.it he look'd guilt;
and aaid very Nttk*,*1 deeter??. the ?'i??v
? rimr In descrlhtng the Interview aft.r
ward. "The Attorne- <;? nersi thlsa?it
la ? clear cas?." h? added.
Senate Will Investiqate.
Btl ? has t-. n In ??? r.tr.v ail
day, ?I'-ni. >- the entire "story, it?- hna
. ked for an Inveetlgation bj i e Ben
ate, demanding that it "vindicate bb* <?r
I ran-i m?-." Th* B*ltate r.'f. rr.-.l his rc
queet "f th? Judiciary Commute?,
which will draft ;i pirtn of proc*edure.
It undoubtedly ?nil follow tlie ?onrj?.
t tk-n ?ti th?- .mi.is bribttry ease, \'<
which the Renate, Bitting in eenrimlttes
of th* whole, Inveatigated th? charaj*
that he had aoUcited ?nui accepted a
bribe which waa proff?r*r?d by B*na
Conger, a fellow Ifenator. Bui in th?
Btilwell .-a?.' evidence will be < <?it?-.-t.-ti
and pr? ?ented t>> th.- Renate by th* .\t
tornej General, who la no* engaged In
obtaining material t<> cofTOtwrate Un
story told t.. li?iit and the Govr?rnorand
Sen.i Mr Wagner by .Mr. Kendall.
Th.- Judiciary < 'omtnltt? e mot 1,1
nlght, discussed th. . av, and d?legsted
to a sub.remittee, constating of Ben
.it.irn Murtaugh, Blauvelt, Pollack;
Walter? and Thorn??, tl"- task <-.? ?-.ijt
lit.itiK proot~*dure. This sub-commltt?*
sill look t"?? pr?c?dent* and report to
the Judiciary Committee probably to?
The charge thai BtlhreJI divided the
proceeds vf .? $260 cheek with b clerk
is- denied by Samuel Lewia, jr.. the Indi?
vidual in question. His denial la varj
formal, and la understood to rontradkrt
Btorles he admitted t" Benator P/agner,
?.?-, tin- strength <'f ?rhlch \V?agner <l?>
manded his r*mo?val lYom his Senat*
job. He was removed to-night Lewia
is a clerk In th? ro*/l*ion room .?r th
Senate. H" admits thai he was Intro?
duced bj Btilwell to Mr. Kewdall and
t. Ivad th.- |230 clMck i''?r drawing a
i.ill for Kendall
Lewia haa engaged ? a??a>nalor B?rlgar
T. Bracket! to tight the risrht of Clerk
IfcCabe of ti"' Senate t.. remove hina,
Benator Btilwell to-night asked Ray
w. Smith, ex-clerk "f the Aaaambly, to
represent him if be decided t<> have
counsel in th* B**BSt*'a investigation
Kendall insist.-, this $280 was given
to Lewia .it Btllweira re?iueat, and *ra>
handled In thai way as ? niind. and
thai L*wla sdmlttsd t.. him and ft*
Benstor Wsgncr thai Btilwell got half
the rnoney. it is th* andiiratandlng >?f
th? Cuviiti.T and the Attorney General
thai this check va? apllt between th.?
two, This ttransactlon, without any?
thing eise, would h?-? enough t? warrant
BtilweU'a illamlaasl from the Sonate.
Senator Waqnsr Reticent.
s? inator PTsgner tonight doctlnad to
Bay ?-nether L?wts ever admitted to
him that he kam- Btilwell half the pro*
i.da "i th? check, <m the ground thai
probably he ?ill have to testify etottf
this matter ?'hen the Senat* Inquiry i*
under way. snd that it would not he
pr per for him to dlecuss it In advance
of auch testimony,
Kot alnce the AIMS scandal has any?
thing so stirred laglalatlv? life as the-H
charge* against Btilwell. Most of the
leglslstora decline to expreas any opin?
ion about th* mat tor or to dlectlM it
tor publication, refrslnlng from i?re
J'.dging it. as the Governor re. m* to
have ?ion*.
A few of the tried and true' Tam?
many men like "Jack" Fltsgerald and

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