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Lawn Tennis A Baseball A Boxing A Billiards A Automobiling
Trap Shooting ?** Bowling
Other Sports
Four Women Reach Semi-Final
Round in the Singles in
Lawn Tennis Tourney.
Miss Wagner and Miss Kuttroff
Beat Miss Marcus and
Mrs. Weaver After
a Struggle.
Mi?? 'Erns Marcus, alias Mart?! Wagner,
th'' playlnj through champion: Mr*.
? hark? N. Beard Bad Mrs Bpeac? r.
WfaviT aroa their pla<Ms in the sand-Anal
round of the ?vomen'a national indoor laam
tennis championship y?Mt?s?*toy Sa the
rouit?- of the 7th Ucginierit Armory. 66th
Street ami I'ark avenue. Miss l\ May
Plsli .in?! Miss Alice nah, of tin- Iiam.il
ti'ii Oranft Ciob, resabed the Baal roood
of the championship doubles, so thai
::- Stirling laith-s hi Id the ambition of
the sallery in tioth matehea
ah of the .-?neks competitions aran de?
rided m straight acts. Miss Marcos al
?rajrg driving BtlsSdl.T ami with tricky
variations <>f speed, dtf.-at?-?i Miss Edith
M. Handy, ??f Hie stat?n Island Ladles'
Chlh, at n_2. ?*?l. The rallies wore dea
perately fought in this csatast. hoi the
?huiiges of pme which Miss Marens USSd
? -i BCd Miss Hamiy t" overdrive-, and so
ios.- the majority of her points on ?.ut-;.
Misa Wagoer, sending her drive? stincinp
to th? baai Un??. trHmlnated Miss Oertrod?
I'?;ia Tone, of the West .uide ?'1;;'.. at
" I I, and so OOUpl?*d in the semi-final
round with Miss Marcus.
Mrs. Chart?-? N Beard can:-" oft" th?
dllBcull task "f ?i.featiiur Miss Cist?
Cased, of tha Bronxvllle Athletic Asso?
ciation, by the acora of I I, ??2. Mrs
Beard ? ?ontlnually forced the forehand
shots of her opponent Sue also hi?? k?-.l
tiu sw ift retaras at the net, croas coort
Ing the boll tor point?, in f ? closely
fought games.
?*11 a flaegsuri |f|sa PsbbsI vva? Crippled,
for the t?aaac gripi*4ni of the raoqael In
her gruelling matchas of tl?c previous toy
ha?l BO Mistered her hand that it was
? eassry for bar to play aith her hand
siratlted In tap- banda?gea. Mrs. Weaver
?oniilei! ?rith Mrs. Heard tor the final
round by disposing of Mrs. h. K. Cook,
at S??i e?i. the latter playing Btaadll}
and aith a ha of snap ,ir.,l dash.
??I.'taiuiar three-set matches et,livened
tha doubles, the Misses Pish -?inning their
brachii in the anal round by eUmtnatlng
i MlSB Polly Sheldon and Miss France?,
' Wright by a acosa "f tv--.'. ."?f.. B-t The
Order of :he --orvi?-? in this mat' h ara?
Mis.'- f-h.-ldi.n. Miss F. Mav Fish. MtSS,
Wright and Miss Alice Pish. Straight
through the three sets Miss BheMon. of]
iho Monicia r Athletic Club was splen-1
?lidk sggresslve, Miss Wrtght was a lut
unsteady, hoarsvar, and this turned the
tide "f victory in favor of th? Mlasss Fish.
The vietory of Mis- Wagner and Miss
Clara Kuttroff was one of the most spec?
tacular Of the dav. They ikfeatei] Miss
Marcus and Mrs. weaver al i?t, t- ?s. ?- I
The ttr't -?-i aras fought at a heart
breaklng paca. Miss Wagner and Miss
Kuttroff scon'd the Brst two games, and
thon Mi-s Mar. ?b an?l Mrs. Weaver fairly
them from the court, tsMng the
mai four gamSS with the lo-s of only 4 |
points. Th? order of th? service was Miss j
Marcus, Miss ?Vaguas, Mis Weaver and
Miss Kuttroff. Backed by her swift ?lriv- ,
mi: and Mr.-. Weaver'a smashing Mis?.
Mareros csptured the fifth game at love, j
At the beginning "f the scmnil set Mis?: i
at/ago ' twgs?* to go lato the nei more
fir?|:i? m'.;-. Sli?' slashed and volleyed with
terrific ?peed against Miss ,\ia-<:.s and
fairly played her off hn feat Thais ivsa
a lot of shift?, playing from the winners'
sSds of tiie net. but the rteadiness ?if Miss
Wagner carried it thro gh, Miss Kuttroff
finishing <>ff a run . . -tiair?-ht eam??
by soorini a - - ":' bar nsrvlce,
the last point
Miss Marcos managed to make goo?]
her -'-rv.ie at thi start "f the third set.
But Miss Wagaor, fighting out th? raines,
almost ?ins'?- handed, ic<i,.,j off six
?traight games for th.- set and match.
The la?-t gam? <>f the contest was also s
>o\e game. Misa Wagner and Miss Kutt?
roff smothering the hall for ?.?.?- im; shots
down the sllej ? i a Mr* Weaver s servloa
Mlai Wagner and Miss K.utroff aill roast
Miga Elisabeth C. BoaCS and Mrs. Hear?!
|g th? semi-final match this morning.
?n,r ?-core by poiats in ?pme? and ?et?
tollo? b:
?as! Ban
PolBtS ',?'11? s.
BUSS Wacne' aj.d Mi-,* Kutlr-ff.
14 S S S 1 ? S 1 J --' 4
Mu Mai -i- ai 6 Ura Wear? i
ZS44443S44 H ?
:-i;i OSD SET.
M -r Waamat an-i Miss Kuttrog:
J 4 4 S 4 4?SB ?
M:?? Marcas *nd Mrs Weaver:
:? i j 4 z t>-?14 g
Tillr.U BSkT
Mies Viaitrei gad M,?s Kirtroff:
B 4 4 4 4 4 4?SI fi
Mis? *lst<us sr,'i etrs Weaver:
.'. il 1 1 I 2 S?1J I
t mnr?? Mas Tasaaa T. k ??er
The summary follows:
Third round?Miss Erna Marcus def?*ated
^|?.^^ }>l|t!, M. llaii'lt. B?3, ? -I: Mis? Marie
tVacn?"- ?'"feare,! Miss Osrtrud? Delia Torr?'
?i -o ?i S: Mr?, ?'bar?es n. Besni defeated
Miss rtsre ? ?ssel 8?1, S -S: Mrs. Spent er i
!-'. Weaver defente^l Mrs II. K. ???.V. ?; i,
.. i
Wotti'n'i national ehampionship doubles
??eoon.'l round'--M'ss Rllsabetri r Bunee j
.-? 11 .-I Mrs. Charlara v. Ttei,r?l defaated Mis?
Qertrude I>eiia Torre and Mrs OMtare y
Toachard, S-?1, S- I: Miss Mnrle Waicner
.n?! Miss flam KiMiroff defeated Ml-s Brna
Mar us nn,i Mr?, Bpenoer v. Weaver, 4 ?',
?' ". ?4-1.
.s. mt-flnel ro-jnd Miss F May l*,?!i and
Miss Alien F,sh defeated Miss I'olly Sheldon
sad Miss Ftaooaa Wright. 8 -'. 3 a ?; -.
Consols! ion stnifp-s .rirsi roandl?Mrs
Art bar lylunan defeated Mis?? Hewitt. S?4,
?11 Mi>.? Iran'.? Wriglit defeate.l Mr?
Lindlsy / Murray, r, -.'., fi- 'j. Mrs. I.. ?;.
Morris defeste.t Mi.? Itu'h Husli bv default
Second round- Mrs 1- ?; Morris defeated
Mine rharlolie Iielofletd. fi?1. ??0. 1
Standing In
Billiard Tourney
High HiRh
Won. Lag** a-eroge. run.
T. P. ? onklin .1 0 17 S-SS ?1!?
K. *?V. ?.ar.ln.r ..4 0 II 10-M ?9
J. Mayer.4 ? Ti 4-IS 10*
P. F. f olllns . I I II ?-'-'6 W
?I. 11. lope Morton. I .1 11 lt-2? ?
Sr. r. liunina.?_ i ;t 1111-3:; ?i
Dr. W. F. I ffen
helmer. ? ."? S ?>*.-** .*>?
Gardner Catches Tartar in
Collins, but Wins.
Lead Alternates Until Twenty
fourth Frame in Class A
Philadelphia. April t v.. w. Qsxiner,
"f EJSal ?iran?;?'. .V. .1. fefetsted PBTCJT
?^cllins. of ChicagTO, by a s.-orc of I'1" io
.uz in ths att?--rnoc>ii same of the natloDaJ
enrntexn bUUard championship tourna?
naaat hern to-day. ?...miner had a high
run of M and an averac?- of i" SS?3<i Col?
Uns''- high run vas M ami his aveia,:<
? 1?SS.
C?*aUtsjg fgavc '..irrt'irr by tar the 1 .ardest
tram?- the lauer has ha<l to play in tour?
nsnient. and at Btnraral fstfsasaai it appSSrsd
as thouis'ii tho young Chlcsgio player would
?lislrxipo the former chsunpton frorjl 1 is
place with the lea?l?-r^
The match was nlp-and-tuck Oardnar
tool?: the lead with runs of M, Sv nn.l :'.:
early In the irainc, but ?'..Hins responded
with strings of II, ?1 and It,
in the twenty-fourth irinin>; Oardner
secured i lead "i" .'"? points when he made
a run of I?, ami k< pt alidad until the end
"i" ii.< uaiii?- The cloMnma '.:' the score
prevented either of the players from tak?
ing (?hances and t!:.-r<> was much safety
play. In ihc thlrty-flftb frame, when
??ardnot n? eded Mil] nine points t?. . oin
plete tils string, he failed to gel the balls
out o.? balk after hi-- second shot in, gnd
was obllfftNl to end the inning lor g total
? I only tan.
Both playera na^i their ghare oi had
hick, maklns many .?rn-uii shot? and
being Missed out <>' apparently easy ones.
The gummary follo?rs:
Colltaa- -??. n. S S, i. 7. IS 11. ?> M. I* "
- ? '?'-'. ??. 1. o. S. <?. (?. <?. 12, 31, s i : n.
0, '?t, i, 0, :'.. I, it, ". n. S, S, Total 11
High run, SI. Average, ni M.
?..irriii. r ?l T. :;. S, ?, SS, B?, 28, 0, .'? 1 7.
s i. i. i. ?-'. s t. s, sa, o. as. s, s. ??.
la. 21, 17. 14, 0, ::?.. ; i". 2, ". 7. Total, t<">
Hlgl ru i, M w. rag? le jo-".?
Joseph Mayar, of Brooklyn, dafested
Dr. Walter B. ?ffenhrtmer, of Philadel?
phia, by a acore of MN to US In th< eren?
in? p?me.
In dataaUng Dr. Walter K. L'ffenhelmcr
Mayer established g new best average
record for the tournament. rompltHlng his
-trin? in the eighteenth Inning. Thla
mad? his ?verane 12 4-lt.
Mayer played the best frame "f btillarda
ever s.-r-n :.t Um Untan l^auue, ao?**ordlnc
i to many of the experte who wlUMBSsed Um
match, iroin the fifth to the gixuenth
liming be <iic? not have g blank, and mad?
two runs of ?;.',. one of "1 and on? >-f M
The scon- follows :
Mai er -S. "?. <>. s? n m g, r.e,. te et II
la. 51. 1". SS, n. :,. 4 Total. ??<>. High run
M. Average, -jl? ?-I fi
rffeohelmer?".. 0, r,. i:,, -.'.;. 3, g* n i 7
1, I?. ". Il, ??. <?. 1 Total, ! 11?. T.i.;. ..r- of
for misa la Bfteenth Inning Higa run 32.
Average, 6 1S-17.
Columbian Nosed Out at End of
Bowling League Race.
B?>cg mm Rotaavflle went to East Orancel
last ni??ht an?i won sll Uimm grunca from
ti,?- ?*olumbtan Club, the Now York .?? -
ktlc ?'lub {.?cornes < hamnion .,.' the Ath- '
lotie Bowling I*eague for the second yeta '
in biiii aasloii
?'. lumiiiari, prevloui to last night, had
j, gi almos' Irvln? ihl" at home, go |
lUiMBBVillo'fl rlclory t?*>i the mor? rnish?
Ros?r\ille needed three gatnei not ?
to preveni Columbian from nrinnlng the
titi" but also to tip the Bast Orang< ram
iiinoenp ?o- aecond place The <iar?* for|
the roll-off v.'.'' be decided by ih< Icagu?
. omtnltte? In ths near future.
RostrrvUle aalled bom? ?n tie nral ?
teal .- nd *on by a titty pin margin h? Um
Second. The homo comhination krd b] g
hundred ping in the third frame ??{ th?
?n:}?;. ar.'i migb< have won out, I bl<
would have tied the Nan iork Athletii
Club for cue lead, If i.'.uf. Smith an. iJaj
'.ad not tfjaeountared -niit- ?n -?^ tenth
fnnrM I?-.'? nit wai gjBparentl* perfect,
hut the ten pin stood for Mm. "tait va--,
the vis.ior.? won by more than thlrt: plni
Ti.c s?-i.!'.-s follow:
. ou mu?an. Rosan'il-lk.
I ?i, ?; |M Hs 210 A\n<,- . r.'.i IT? 171
I Riatchle: IM IT2 !'?' Negl? 801 211 2?
I Hmlth i*?4 1f?'-' ,^,' Hammacher is- !?>. !?;?*
; iiH- 212 200 ?:?1 Moffs't. ISS 171 1W?
l,;m. 1SB HI IBSjVas S?n 213 1<M MM
Tntsls ..S44 SSO WS| Traais ...fMSSSSSl
Beats Lurich in Straight Falls in
Wrestling Match.
Kansas City, Mo , April 1. Frank QotCh
retalnad his title a? i?r?-siijnR ehnm^lo?!
of th?- world to?ntght ''i defeatingOsors?
I.iii ?? li. ": lius.?ia. In tao StralS*b| ir?.iis
at ' '?invention Hall.
Ootch ?eeurad the fjrat fall in is mlnuteg
;.i ggCOSMlg gad the second in ?"? m1nut?-s
:?'. ^?fonds
I?r. \'. <">. Ilammil won the mat h last
nicht in the im balkllne haitdlirap tour
naiif-nt at Jioyh'H CM Street arad'-my.
Dr, Ilammil compl?-t?d hi? strl?iif of lift
points with an av?rai;?- of :.',-'?*. and high
runs of 17. 11 ami 10, leaTtng his Ofsg-onant,
Nell B. McKen?ic. with the mark ?>f ;f?
point?, with only 132 to his ?r^dit. Me?
KanaJa'S Hverace was an even 3 nnd hi
? best run IS
Chas. Baker & Co.'5.
Largest and Best Stores in LONDON for
Lett her Nat Boxes, Trunks, Bags, etc.
271-274, High Holborn (illustrated pinion book frf.b.j
41-43, Llitigate Mill close to stpalls.,
137? 140, Tottenham Court Road <*rar British ml*eum>
Owners of Giants and Yankees
to Inspect Ebbets Field.
Philadelphia Athletics Waiting
for the Gong and Keen for
Fun to Begin.
\f Invitations t" in?pect Bhhets Field
on Priday havo ?">eeu aw I i?-. Prraident
Hrmpstead of the Olanti and Pi-4-eldenl
Karnli ol the vmil eta, the latter poat?
poned Ma pr?ip.ise.t ^ ?Mit t.> the Brt?okljrn
ha ai ha 11 park yesterday. 0?*orge Solomon
??' the Newark Indians; Jsmes Ullis, of
the Jerse) < Hy Bkeeters, and other base?
ball men have also been Invited, a'hlle In
ail probability Prank i"hane? and the
v mi..' - ? -,:? be on hand t" Induis? in
?om? batting and Beldlng practice.
Th?- playing surfaee si Ebbet? Y ? Id
wii.s ready for s Barne yesterday. The
diamond waa m Bn.ndltlon, ?rhll? the
baas paths wer? rolled ris smooth a* :i
stun?? floor. The work <?f painting ad?
vertising signs "ii the c-sncrete walla alao
neared completion, while the big electric
-n-nr.-bnur?! i-i !? ft field Was put in place
Prank Panel] sddressed a message i"
Ban Johnson yesterday, asking for th?
i ss: un m. m ?if Thomas Connolly, us the
American Leasue umpire for the games
between th? Yankees and Buperbaa on
Batuiday ami Monday. Connolly snd
Email? vviii make a esmpatsnt pair ol
Held Judges
Chance esbled from B?rrmxida Jual be?
fore the Ynnk.-cs sailed v st- ril.iv Unit h? '
?speet<>d 'n have the men practice to-mor- ?
row afternoon on their arrival hen Th< f
w!i: m-' either the Polo Oroond? "i Bh
bett I'i'i.i. ?rhichev? r Chance selects. The
team la -?xpected to reach Pier <-'. North
Rlvi r, to-morrow morning sho it W;
The automobile arrangemenU si .<?: ? ? ??
ni" n with Police Commissioner Dillon for
the game? In Brooklyn, with the \.'nki..s
on Baturday and >vith the Phillies en
April I, for the special opening "i the
National League championship
ai-- us foliotas,
au automobiles will pr.i ?long Bed? I
ford avenue, enter Sullivan street snd
thence neat to marble rotunds sntrance
nt tin- corner ol Cedar Plac? and Bulll an
,-t-. .t. then continue along Bullivan street
t.. Waahlngton avenui and park '". vial-i
bone Mr'-ft between Waahlngton avenue
and Rogei avei m
Altai til- ~':itn" *?ii sutomobllei ?viii
???ut. r Bullivan atreet frotn Bedl rd ive
11D4- and i'i'i?'''-? weal t" th? em a
\~ eacl car ai rlvi i nt tin
?ut? r?lant v?iu hai d the owis i a i he? k
v*ith number thereon snd ?iit.-i th? game
th? aan ? .?u. ndant aill take up th? '
??li'-cks ?nul maki -n nouncem? nt si ? i ?'?
car arriv.s ?it the walk
gpt sail i "' II ? mi:'' th - o? ?
of the pennant tac? a Phlladi Iph
siii -? :
Desplt? tbt i.i' t t... ?Vthlel
quite ;? setback In th? laat w?i i ol I
training Uip, the Old Bi?ort
-hem look txrttei
? I hi BC
'II* * * l< M i|\ . .' I , >-| l . i , i.l I . : . . ..f .-..
son. I'ti- Bk. '' . the . egulai i appeal to
rinht tu :i im..:'. '1 IM W? I. "? th- .
sll through il;- n.:' hi i i" ? n ai
ever, snd then sppar? ntl - n
which the outfleld can ?"? I ?'"k-?i .?
wroiifi, bo matter whal Managet vi
tln-4! selection may be. l?ast ?'ear, H will
l.. i.-i-.ii!.'ii, i. pal i ..f n,- i imp "' ' ?
foi mer i hampiona a : - attributed to
uncertaint) n th.- outfleld sft r th?
fortunat? accident i" Captali Murph)
an une? rtalnt - v?. hlch pre?. nll>*d
Watah .ii"i Eddie Murphy were at
from Baltlmoi ?? Thla y?mi there i?< no
.-ha?"'' .-f .. slip m In i'.- outi. gardei
??ven if l ?annj M n ill la unahl? ti
?- m..- rita ?' tea In right The i"'1
the cat? hing ? .: .;? relop oi . ,
snd Lapp, with Bgan ; ght oi I ?
In coat snythini si n ild happ?
of them Bchsnaje, th? ????? ? bb ?i.i
th.- earmark? "? a ?-? .u.. r. but ?.?;:' n?*e<]
another year in th? mlnoi Plank, .
? '.i-ifiii'. snd H? ridel lool i la! i sn?l ?
declares he la right, snd .. Houcl si
Brow. ni" th" Im| o Ing kind, the
Mack men ar.- pretty w? . foi tilled m th? |
box. Then th?-: " - ?. i ham t'-r.
two "f th ? youngstei v ? omlng thm
Peni och Wyekoff end liuni ha ?
something, snd Burning b) h - work
against l^ouisviile ? ntltl?*d i.nsl I
lion. So fai th? t? un I .. hit?
ting up ion- : " mi i '?'. ? thai ne? ? ! oci .?
.-in., no alarm st ihli stage ol th? game
When tit-- have the rhfince in look over
t ii. i -a i t ii ng the; . 11 bound to u> t
? 'hat i> s Webb Mi rphj - m ?? -ii a
ksa i" say soniethlng which aill get
name In print, he announced in Chicago
yesterdai that Orval Overall, "th? pitchei
who would rtncti th'- pennant for the
Cubs." would atgn a contrsct this week
?i-..-i.iii mad? i la i.i r sppearanre in a
Chicsgo uniform m the world', ??<'??
i ?10. After th,.i In refused '?> ilgn, ;? il
i<?-tit himself in M-'.i.ta n bj pitching
-.-. ; ? n?; gi m- a around Loa \ igei? i
Johnnj 11. :-' i ? ho . dire? til | the
[tweive-rolle road race in Hudson Count
N. ?!.. "ii Baturds . isld reeterda; that
t i ..?- t i.r m- dl t; ?? runn?*ra had entered,
Including Hatm. Kolehmalnen, the flying
l-'inii ; I/m?a Scott, "f South Paterson;
' ;., iton Strobli " v?, : o ??on third pun t m
the Olympl? Marathon in Stockholm t.- |
summer; Harry smith, the ten-mil? chai
[no;,. I'.ili- Rosette, th?- wtnnei of the
Brooklyn-See ? 1st? Marathoi ii, ? In
sen, '.vii. ran second: Johnny Reynold?,
the Tonkers Marathon winner in I IBS;
? Johnny Stack, "r i he Broni < "hureh i lout ?
?ii"i J, .1. McNamars of tin Irtsh-Amei
lean Athletic ? "lui.
The tan- srill Matt in I finn, Mill ?nul
wilt cover a Iwel e-mllt course ovei tra
Jersey [toulavard and tlirough Jera
City, Hol,,,).;.:. \V . .1 Hulink.11 fl.inti Hill,
North Bergen end Weehawken
.;?.?' T:nk. i, oi th? Clndni in ?:? ?l*
It-eleaaed fa i Prs I i" the Montreal eluh
I of the International Leagu?
i Word loini'- from tii.n,i that Claire
Pstterson, an outnelder, drafted laal
fail by the st. i/'ins Browni from Oak?
lurid, is dead m thai city from tubercu?
losis which followed tjrphold-PMumonla
eontrsetcd last October. Patterson -?.i
one of ihr i.rft ?iia\eis turned ont by tin'
PactAc ''oast LeSagU? anil WS? ?\|ie,-t.-.| in
Shin? In tin' majors, but In- rtevei repoti
ed to the Brow isa. Ha i-- Burvted by a
widow and ;i child.
Man.-, Mclntyre, the veteran outfielder
of the petrolt ligara and later tin i hi?
asga White Sox, ha? ?.iKiied \\?t|i tlv
I'rovid'nee club, of th-? International
The baseball ??gr-r?ber" of the Kavtrrii
Assoelatton Iihm- torme? an organisation
mixieiie.i on ihe Pssthall Wrifora' Aseo? I
i i.i mu? nf Ameri a
Nine hi? daya loomed np bafora Um
"fans." "ne ?Jcsj SWajr, and then there
Wars but eight.
FlIC FM 1 G?:
_ I
Play Maryvillc College Nine and i
Score Nine Runs.
Slams Out Three Hits Just to
Show He Has H13 Eye
on the Ball.
I n Telegr n. i i? Bm 1 Ibuee
Knoxvilie, Tna. At.ni i -The OianU
found the Ifaryville College team ?any
prey thifl afternoon and walked SWaT
wttta a \i' lorj by a score ,.f :< to I. it i
was a gala tuts f"i it"- "fans.*' who gn?
tcrtslned the champion- of th.- KaUonal
;.. igue ?Or i1" Hrsl Urne in many '??ar^.
and nearly MSI crowded Into the ?mail !
paik lo look o\. r the (tea Vmk star
The fame of sfcOraar'g men has pene?
trated eren Into these pans, and every
one wanted to see ths players who have
male has.hall history 'liirlnj; the hist two
-...mus. Th-. pork was so crowded that
ti..- whites tnvad? d that aectlon of the
bleachera se? aside for the rj-egrocs. and
when a thing like that o?****urg In the South
it shows that gotroethlng out of the ordl?
nai ' I - going on.
Ti .liege bo] ? pul up a er? dltaWe
? against th.- Mi fellows A loi of
errors, largely the result "f tiervousneas,
were spilled in tin- Brat fea Innings, but
they Anally ste*>dled down. Their work
was largely <>f a defensive nature, as the
youngsters were lMlpl<taa ngsinst the spit
ball of Jeff T-si.-aii and the ipeed Ol
?huilai: The bear hunter atruck on?
eleven batsmen in all. while Ooulalt st
ta.-h.-l \ ?alps to his ball in the last
three Inntnga. Thfra gave Wilson ?even
teen of the twenty-seven BUt?oots None
of th.- three i*?uf?f*ektera had a .han." t>>
do anything hut recover .. f< ? grounderg
t; .i ? raised t:.i..>i^.;? the Infield
Seven scattered hits wer?- picked up by
Maryvllle, live of them being mule off
Tegr? i ? local tram would not have
acored exrapl fen an .-iior of Judgment
ob .hu- pun The latter Interoeptted ??
One throw i,? Bnodgrass to catch a man
? - plate an.i i. layed th.- i all to iI'T
SOg, who fall..I t.. fail a iinti'-r Let"
.'? end and third, leaving ail hands gafa
..ml a i in a? in-1 th. i
TI ? local pitcher? did sont? good ? "rk
beai > bitting ? ba?il kMia,
Lorry Doyle mad- Hu..- hu? gnd Burns I
two Th.- i.-? of th.- players did ntti? ?
..i' an ?uni onlj bIih aa attoa In all
ii ?'? ? .?.. ip. d t ? vi- ?? th? n acor?
:riK m lh< f'rsi rminKT. When f"'ir rung
were ."ii: I? : ??" two ?ingle? Merkte on?
? ??.; tor a tim-l) triple With a man "ti
fir-1 ,i- ii.. third Wilson rapped "?t ene
Of llkl nio|..,rti..i: ? n n.' M \- nth. huf
: t., -. ,,?. being t':n doa : a' 'h'
plate on a weak drlv? lo InHV Id ?'?'
.. ,
?| . ?, . ? ?-i.,-. . . until io
-.? gft? : ? \ practice game will :
p.- play? d at I d i srk In tie m ?> i
Ins between picked i gnu of rh. agasd.
Ti i g?n re foih.w.
? .- I. I .1 H -
II Ml J '
i:i : 3 '>
3 I
? 3 ? ? '
-.: ? i . .. ' . 'i ?? 3 1 l
? :
: ? ?
I I Kussi ' I? 1 ?
| t | ] Keeves. If I l ?? "
tee e si
i Va - i " i i ? '
fo i o s s i . ?
lile ?> g . I ...... I ,
M-: i
I ? ? ? ihafi ?
i , ? .. Hill
. In '! ?rnl!,. ?
. m I '
nff Pili i.i- Ras.
? ? i alt ? i ? ?
ill ?Pa | ein? ' I ,
; ' I'oiilall i ' ; ?? .
KllO I t: ? n I ..-? ? \?U
:?' ?Ii I ? - i: - ran ? i jo
. ? . irOraw
Shuts Out Phillies for Athletics
in Spring- Series.
P.Iphla, April : The Philadelphia
I? -?n gnd Nation,.1 League bg ?
i pla: .?I it..- ;hst gam? ?>{ lbs "?Bring
for th? . ? ? , . loi bip here thli
afternoon and the former a*orfd*a i h m,
pions won I,y g BCOra ..f ?- to ?V
Connie Mach gram? to have w.-earthed
??. pit? bins find m Eddie \\ y\ koff, of
r Itnell the college thai gav? Msthaw?
to si sbal . <;.v. th.- full route of
nine Innings, .Vyckoff, who Ig g right I
? ind? ?" id th.- Phllll? i to ?1? hlti He '
did nol end with ?uperb pitching, but
? d HUl a dO Ibll .,: .1 ., n t,|. ;,?,'
I ..r. d tin ??? i m
Taylor and l-lewellyn were in the box
.' th? Phllll? - and i Oth ? . r? hit hard '
? a- the .\thi'-ti<- getting a total of
th rteen lafetli a
Baker led with four ?Ingles ont <>f Qv?
Uni? - up. Two of hi? slngl? a? ? t- ?
drive? that hit the top o? the short faaoe
? i i field ai -l boui ?I--.I bai k.
Tin -? or?
\i HUCTICs I ? m i i.i.i i .
ab . ,.??*? ... rk i a
KMurphy.rf ? i I 0<> i apron ? t 10? 4 ?g
OMring if I 1 . ? i l-ttbert, Hi i?? i
i? ? i i ? ? >..j,i.,,,,. o, | ? i |] ? .
Maker, lb ? i ? . Mag? ? ? II .4 " " i I I
? - -ii. if | ? i n
et : . i :: >'" K:i.! ? . ... mill?
III " i ;; D i.Ian, ? l?l g ; ..
Kg hi, ? 10 11110 Howl, v . - ? i i ,.
w .. koff. i ." ;: ? i I ?|l.a)ongi ? H | ||
- r?j lor, |. i na i 11
lljewellytl, p I 0 I | | r,
?Mill? i I I 0 ?1 ii i.
-i..i .,? H ?13 JT91 ' Halt ttetr, i. '
? '. ."? i tar Taylor
Ml i, n. . n i n o | I n : n v
Phillies .I.
Lefl ..n base? Phinisa, I; Athleik*, !>.
i In ? basa .m ??!...' Phillies, 1 T? o b is?
I'oltlns, Strunk, Kgan, U'-i.-ifi i n.i. i ij
? ?? |.?iv> Kit WyekolT Sa.-rlll, <- hit Strunk.
Pitching ree-ard lilis ofl Tayks ?? In '? Inning
?... it hat I; off i.l.w..|i\n. T In 4 Innings .Pi it
bail stru.-h nut Bj Taylor, ?-'. to iv? ?off,
i ':..-? mi balls ??ff 'iti- im-, :.. ..n i.. ?i
at* W - kell 1 frud ptti h Wyclufl
? ?f gam? i ?">". i naplr? * Kl? ni sn-l
tV.nnoll), Atten<lanca, 3.004)
At Charlotte, N ?' Buffalo (Interna?
tlonal l.eaii'i.-i. '?, Itoslon i.National
Lttakfua), I
At Washington nrashlngton (Amort
eg i League), IS; Catholic University, I,
\t Chapel Hill, M, C Amherst, ;.; Uni?
Ity of North Carolina, -'.
M .Ma. on. ?;.i Toronto i Intern.ition il
I.e.tgrga), 11; Ma-on 'South Allnm!,;
L?ragua), n.
At the rnaaUng of the baaketball taam
Of New York Unlvareity on .Monday af
ternoon Bdirard Kisarnoy? it. was elect*
? ?'. i- captain of *tir team for next ?..-h
son. Charles II. Houghy. m. was sloet
e.i mairagei and Edward Kohlenbergsr.
'i."., a^-istaiit msnagyr_
Tks Lsaaiag HoUl * So?hI? Csalrs. Lsisrv
S Cs-sforl. Ss??rb Visa ?f Lakt W Maaalaias,
Yankees Break Camp and
Sail Away from Bermuda
Will Arrive Here To-morrow
in Good Condition for the
Pennant Race Now
at Hand.
in?, ?'able m The Trlbeas.1
Hamilton, i'.-nmuia. April i. Prank
Chance an?l hi? Yankees broke camp here
tO-day and ail.-.l away for New Yoik.
The An a.ii.n.. of the Royal Mail Steam
Packet Company, headed tor the north
at ni o'clock this rnornlngi kradnl to the
last berth. fonte "f th? playera ?it?adad
:itnith?-r tussle with "Pi Neptune, and
were pssying for at-MOth seas which, ac?
cording to one "f ih" stewards, the] am
not likr-'.v to Ret.
if looks count f? r anything, lb? men
an- all m fine condition tor the American
League pennant race, which !"'kuis on*
week from Thuraday. Their looks do not
belie them, either, Judging from the way
rnoel of them talked. Jack Warbop <-x
iir.-ss,'.i what aeemed to t"- the foaling of
ail tin- veterana w?i?-n be said:
"v\'<- are further advanced, bo rar n*
condition goes than we wen- In lbs raid?
die of May Inst, after .? tup in the S<>ut:
that was pist S?M rainy ?lay after an
other. \Y.- mav not win the pennant till
year, bit it will tint be from lack o
trylna or lach ..i" tiRiitinu. Anyway, w?
will have fewer tXCUat* to make.''
Prank Chance was hustling ak-aut look
Ing after hi- m- n. ami consequently wai
I not ?n i talkative mood. He is lik.-iv t?
I have mors to pay t hen he tanda m Man
York. He reiterated his o?ft-rep?sated a
, lertlon thai he v?.as feeling better ass!
stronger than at anv lints m lin. year?
I and that he will be at rust baas when tin
? a fa so n opens snd in all probability when
i it cloesa.
| Hal 'liase is still wearing a bra?" on
i his ankle, hu! insisted thai he will be
1 reaih tn on hi? paii v-.lt? ii Un- bell run.?'.
! ii.- 'ms rrdssed ?' i"' m pr*w*oce, but
I looked to in- m ?inite as g.>.?i condition ?
th" - ther players, Bonis of th?- r?**? mt-^
i sa ni goodby to Bermuda with leellngi ??'
regret, knowing tiiai their doom waa
sealed, so far as th.- big ahow was con?
With ?-bur sailing tin- Arcadian win ar*
ri\e in New York on Thursday rmn-nlng,
and Frank i bane., is planning t?i haVS his
men work ait their see i?-ks that same at
I ternoos at tin? Polo Orounda.
Not Easy to Beat Richmond in
Pitchers' Duel.
B i etssrepfc ?" : Im Ti i ine |
Hi- lu.nui!. Va . April I. -Th.- Sup?-: Im-?
found th" Richmond team a much harder
proposition to-day than they did yeeter?
day, bul won by a acore of I t" i After
tin? first Inning the ?ame settled down to
a pitchers' battle between Curtis and Hall
for Brooklyn snd Btralo for the Vir?
Curt?a, who pitched ??"> first six 11111,:.;
onl] sllowed two hits. Hsll, who relieved
i im. wen) well after he got wanned up,
letting i'" home learn down with one h?
and striking "Ht three men In three Inn?
Bi ookl) n - "i'' ?: all ihre? 1 un? .n lbs
iir-r frame mi ?? single b) Cutsbav two
I..: . .,11 '.alls, a i|..nl.|. s?... 1 ai.-l tWO Of
ron by th. local ahortatop After this
the) n.ad.- flvs bus. n it ti."?" war? dis
ited through as many Innlnga
Rli i.tti..!.ff'4 only mu ?ras mads In lbs
(list Inning, too, on two base? on balls, s
.i .1 wild thro? bj Pkw lu i
? ?...n -i Stengel, Cutshaw and nmlth
made sil the hli for Bruoklj n ? i b
; ..,- ?" o 't ? . tWO
Thi Superbe? ?rill leave e?
row -aoralng tot -? aahlngton f?r tw .
... r|| the Sena tot Thla ?rill ? ind
up the Southei ti trl|
'ib. :.i or? foil?
.' ??
, . i . ? ? ? i - IS
i I S?1II Ml ? I?
Me)*i 114 4 ?? PU rf ?.
. . ? ? '
i?...-'?? ? ....
I ? '
!.. | I ' . ? i ' II
M . ?
Hall, IS 4 14
ill . ? . .1
' . ? ?"?
: I '. I. i
-. .. ? . ? be. a ei
i ?
s Brooklyn, ?
Htialn ?' . o ?' it-. < iurtl ? ? " ?
?itral I II ? ?? balls--OS ? ?
- -? i ? .' Hit? Off I III -
? ? ? ... 1 : . : :. .
-. . . - . ?
Bryant Boats Newtown High Nine (
Alter Seven Hard Innings.
?:?. snl nig. W !?'<?! In a hai I to?
even-Inning baseball game d? eated ths
\. win. n High School ??t Recreation
i' k. Long Island iity, )? ,-t? may ... a
SI Ol ? Ol T !.. |
A com? ).? of erron ? the fin In I
gave Newtown tour i in snd it was n. ? -
? asm - '?? '?" Millet ih" Bi rant pit
t?. strike oui four batsmen before th? . Is
was retired Brj snl played sii -tight ball
thereafter, tlelng thi scori In the third
and moving Into ?? two-run lead in the
neat Inning Mill? twirled site ii\ ??!\ for I
Ths acore h unit.j? fol a
it II.B I
: ?? i see ? : i ? \
N.u t...' ? " I .. I n o i, 7. |
B iit-i,. m ..? I lot Mi -, ? I
? . '
Bl Paul, April i -n? ? rot? of 11 to
I ' th? lowei buns.' ..r th? Minnesota
LeSgislatui ? lo-da; passed th? Moe||?i
bin legallalng ilx-round boxing contests
with elght-ounc? gloves and creating ?
State \thieti, Commis?!.i three
m. mbera t.. supei 1i*-.- all cont? I J
Scores Five Runs in.One Frame
and Beats Colgate.
In the first game 'he two bava ?.lay.-J
in ?ears. Columbia dei?ated Colgate "??
.South Field yest.-rday h y a SCOTS Sf M to
I ' olumbta lumped into the lead at the
start. Although Colgate mads a desperate
j rally in tii" i.is? few Innings of Um Sanaa I
th.- Blue ai.i wi.it.- ?*ame back strong.
an I by ?..-orine; live runs in the etghtb, \
utter Colgate had tied th?- ?cora, mora
t ..?: made bum ol the gai
Colgate ouihatied Columbia elevan hita
to seven, hnt in neldlng and aii-aioin.i
..- eralsblp th.- latter team had the upper I
band and had little trouble in ?rlnnlngl
when a bunched its hits.
? 'olumbla si i dm t.. ha i a un ovsre i
pitchar of th? drat watei In Ueorge Smith* I
who twirled l ie full nine Innings -a a I
w..\ thai promise? much foi his futura.
im.: the sixth Inning he held Colgati to
three hit- .?..i then he i.ned up ;i
tut. hut kept th.- -??'? :?. i ? ?i - at- j
t? I'd that deS| ;'?? lUPpOl : tli.it was |
ragg -i ? '??:?? I ?ugh In I
splendid Btyl? Even in 1 ie eighth Inning,
when Colgat? began Ibis ?e?teery,
- - ? ?*rt .tin?--? saved th.- da) gltbeugh
.- ? ?.--i the
1er, t ? ' ' ? ? ? ? ? ?? ' ?
. ? | to ' ?'??? the Maroon
nine. bu| ins arm. ?vbtcti he strained in'
th.- ?: ?.. ? ? ?? arm ? hist W?*N h
:?:i gore, -?> McLaughlin wen! int.?
t> . bos ?i- was ??? ;i<i. and i u furtnarl
? ippotfl w.-nt t-> !?? ? ?
if < ora two rui
th.? Brat from? In the third Inning the
B ? and White began to salve I - ? ;rv.-s |
a- i ? red thre?
: una
?d on th?
Kordh -, ,
ed Colgati
? ? ihi . . ??
? :. and a. geiton'a alngk
: un in the seventh,
h three bits off 1
ai ?. : ii : ?id ed tl ? '??? i e la
In th? hall th? eighth Coin :.
,- i. .i Ml. kughitn hi: ?I ? ? I
? ? ? . ? e on I
and an ? rror
fol lows
? i.' ttlHI ?
? .
Moore ? l It?
Wat? i 11 g SO ?
... . f i J ? . n.mi i, i. lb - i :
f S t 1 I 00 K|
ru.-1 , . ii > ? i : i I
' ? ?? ? t ? i
? i . . . m ? l ]?
Maloy, <? J 1 i' .
? . - ' -4 ... -
? .. . .
. 1
Tin-.- ' Two
? ;
in? II. I'u -? i , - .
i I .....
10. hi ' VI ..?..-.. i
? ? M
j i?fi Broil I i . - M.
l'arth) v Id pit? h M i iugl Its i?
|n.l? - \ ? II . ?.: I.i II >?!? l i
Hun. ??? I in?.n.- Mi Haiti ?- TIlOl of
:.-.?? : IS
u . -?hut?, i...ni. Island April i a half
dos? n riders were ..t the m< etlng place of ,
iin Meadoa Brook hounds this afternoon
t.. . njo) .. brisk nlne-mtle -allot, sftei
th-- draghoundi
Tii.. .- v ; o stu? k in th? Mmsh aere the
gi tin?.' m. r. ii . Jam? s Park; J? r? Beat?. :
w Russell Grace, Henry K. Drier gad
?mi- man ai ?! ?b Ips
Everything Dene to Make Box?
ing Benefit a Success.
Tickets and Music Other Con
tributions to Aid the
Good Cause.
Willi.? Collier win give up acting f.?- on?
'lav. at least, and take ever ihr f,,s, ,?,,.
Ing ?-lutif? of an .?iii.'tii.n..." n.- i.fT.re,|
hi.? s.-rvn-.'s .?. sstarday to th?' .'otnnitte.
which Is arranging the big boslag earnirsl
? ??i Pride j night i?. rakM fund? p.- th?
Rood sufferers In Ohio. Hii otTer ?Vas nr.
cepted, and he will stand an the bkiea an,|
~?t ail in- can for bos seal si t-:- .,
tion in the AstOT Theatre at .; :;u ,,-.
t'l-inot row afiei noon,
l?iwreiif?. MaUtadsSld Matt. ?in., t... 0f
th.- Sfd Begimsnt Band, was aitother who
was anatous to ?lo sonaethlng fo- th
wm 111'.' ia :s?- lb- ap;i"a>ii| befoiS the
committee at th?- oAVas of lit?- state Ath?
letli Commission, in the park flow Build.
Ins. and mo?Seatl- offi n-<i to i-- on ?sal
with bia fut i band of sixty piecea The
programma he offers atone v. ,n be uimn-t
worth th?? price of admission.
Not t?> be outdone by others, the .Amer.
Pan Hank Note Company off.-r*-?I to print
th?? tickets free ?>f coat as Its cnntrihu
tion. Bo it wilt, nobody aeeaaed to want
t" cbarg? ;| cant, ami it only remaina t.on
for the boxing "fans*' to show the larsa
spnit to pack the I2d tteartrnent Annery
to t1:.- doors.
Billy Olbson. tnsiisgar of the r;,iri!-?.
Athletic Club, la working like a beaver
for the success of the carnival under th?
liir-i'tion of the State Athlet!? C0*B8_a
siiin. sad if the boxera who have prom
Issjd to lend their help pul In an appear.
? ? there aill be eno?agh bouts to ke??i
the crowd amuasd for three bous ticker
McFarland may not be able
becSeUsa "i" i ' '.'?till t in dates, but Fr I
Welsh, the lightweight champion of Orast
Britain; .i"?- Rivera, Leach Cross, "Kid"
Williams and other well known boya w?i
?m- on haul to ii?i sons -
Ton Sharkey, Bob Fitssimnvons, Jaet
sk.-]]e\. Tomnrj Ryan, Jack McAuUffia,
?Kill" McCoy, "I'hilaili-lniiia lack"O B
an.I Others also w ill !.? s. . ? ?
win:.- it i" j-:-- i oaslhle thai t
the Philadelphia amateur, snd ICa ??
1 iUr rn.iy i miss gio
tltho igh th? match b? tween '
? 'roas an i .i"?- Rliaf Ian
??ff. the bos | fans*** I time
by th>- forelo? k ? inappli g ip th?
bettet seats like bo cakea dd
?Jssss McMahon, manasen ?
Nicholas Itbletic Club, wl rs I ?? mer
will meet on Tueeday sigh!
nlghl that t!;?? ad,anee aal?
.un..in?.-.I rn more than $'"...
onl) a queati n "f ? spa? Ity, thi
era ?!<" lared laal night, '?
. . ? the la. t ng el
the n ? ? ? Polo G
avi ilgn faili t
ceipts '.v:i'. s mount to more than $
No moi s Important bat?
l?. ! 11 ??? . . ? ?
Ion, has !" en boxed
The ainner will i>. matched with "
nu- in ? in .?;: pro ?
lake thi
snd return t.? tin ? n
? ? ? .- will ir\
He said i?..?t tai
a great extent and that i- '
g dli
foul H rtows th?
? ? ? .'n the fir?!
'i-'.. who iv\ him n..tu?; c - ? the
: ound hav? ? Islons of -
t [mes fn: ? : Croi
Rl vei pooti ' '
t.-i'iiay aft - . sp
pearanc? and weight on the nil I f thi
i-a tt i? .?-cording ? - ?
men sre to w<
o'( I?? k, .i ad mual . '?
a o'clock, so ths thi ?
? ? lunboat' Sml th. who
self I ? :
meet Fred McKs at lb? Falrmoni Ath
loti? CI.I The Broi \ to-nlgfet
t'tll'l. IIIRTPOBD.
i:m i Lsn laul? t
POPK m viiiroKi)
? -
IDO? t Ps. ?-.. . - * '" '
Ti .? i,...' s cars hav? ? oush.y
.?i.'. : pa IIII
port- MOTOR CAB ? ?? .
m " a?i?an:
New and Used
A directory of reliable ofiering?
by automobile dealers and owners.
Tribune readers have the means
to buy automobiles.
T-leplune :??><.') Uerkman.
?<lver?l?ln?r rr.t-? per aesta line: OBI
llSllltoa. 25c: sTMBB Institlor.e BI BBg
\?eek, lacladlas one ss Passier, ?ioj-iitv.p
..?us-.ulive inse-tl.-ns. $10-.
M \ i HKSON .-IX CI i IM'I.I: KO R Ym
.. 1011 ' .
11 :. -i i.-.i .m.I repslnti i .-.|i:ii.i""i win
. m - . ele? ? i lights, new top win; ,
iireaioitl?- istik. -i'?? lomeier, Klaion
Hartford shock ab
mastieto. Sol M.
In In D raonsti itlon ?'heerfull . ?'
BALDWIN, 5IB, VV.-< 117'!. bsM sBai
Rroaiiw.i) suliwa? _ _.
\\ iiPI'tiltll Ml , It) PIRCIIAS"-? ,
rhe ! ?llo?. Ins sra sr* In peri?. ? ,
. mi- hi ?.ill .mil fill1 . 0|U'l p" 'I ? K'l ' ' '' '
i.'pr.-..'iii,'(i i ; luit Packard '?". ??' " ^?
i'?i" ? _0 ' il SB loarlos ' ,; '?'.
i i ii ? jn " to* tsaaeau; IBIS Pad ?? ? \ .
[SI Ittil Silitpl.-? Inn.m.?" rH'i ',*'
ford 1011 lludsoa msitstsr Mapert? vu.?
Ksehsns". ?t**t> W?nH '.till st . 3rd H-"" .
M*' <n NT i?i" i'i.i'.-lVi; AN KHTATB vVllX
- , i Hi fi?llo? It.? ili'.-.- autoi.i.'l. >"*1
? uni ii.iviini ?un aerea p?saetis?rr '""il?
SSOO; Reo 1011 fl ? pa. - sei loarlni %*<
i:.-_n I mil run,.it. with niinW ?''",_.'
rulb- equipped snd ?n n .nt.-.-i I....?tr-.!"*
given Joseph's ?'sra. *tltl Wral ii".;1- .1
t.n/ii:it mi him; l'Ait, with KXTjJ
llm ?usine l....iv . ? i separaieb m I -"''.'.,
st ?he riKlit prtre t.. a prompt buyer VOI >""
A i ". '.'I!? Brand HI.. Xewbursh n "? ~
MONKV TALKS. -Csah wsltln? i" PureMgj
ah mskaa >>f ?etomoSll?M. mh"|""' a*^
K_chai,_'. JiO West Ollii at.. UrU ttwor.

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