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Drainage District to North of
City Slowly Filling?River
Rising and Main Dike
Threatens to Give Way.
Embankment at Shawneetown
Blown Up to Ease Pressure
-Half Population Has Fled
and Virtual Martial Law
Now Prevails.
' rll I. a fifteen-fool gap
opt n,--,t tonight in the Big Pour I? '? ????
?n the ?h trlct t.. the nortn of
this city, and the lowland district will
gil from '"'i i" twenty feet, The
?jon i- of aboul aoven thjonaand icroa
,.;,.i ban many big manufacturing, uiail
,.rd-1 and lumber distributing planta
jt waa H.led last j i ar, a |tfa ,( ;,.- of
Bbool $7,000,000!,
in tbia .n-it in? ?? the n aid? nta had
j.i j of warning and have aband
Will ? v| tSHi,.
?m?. II Im said The lowlanda will be
two li.i' a filling, ii is pn di?. t? .1.
I'll,- i.;.ih i? \ i ? t Sha** li.-.-iuwn, in.,
? Mom n up ih.s afternoon i" rel ?
ii.- pre*? ? ? hern No llvea were krat
?j'. ? mag? I en was about S1UO.UUU.
Despite tins aafet) measure, the <?h,..
rialm ? and the i?-\???
protecting the city hi endangered. The
thai ih?- ? real ... the ti.i m ill
here has '??--n puedlcted varlousl)
for to-morroa morning, to-morrow
Bight and Thureda*.
A w< in ih<- i< \. ? ra - found
JubI abov? lyih Btreet late iins after
noon by District Superintendent Moore
of ti.- - ? i I ?in-. Railroad A troop
train and passenger trains were h. i?i
?jji fi than .m hour while the
place was bolstered with sand
Tl ? rtuaII] is niiik-r military
I ? ivlth Colonel Daniel J,
? Ttli Regiment, Illinois
National Guard, In i harge. Soldiers are
ling the sir? .-is and requiring all
? give aatlafactory a?1 ?
of themselves. Tralnloada of peraona,
principally women and children, hav?
to pointa bey? nd the flood watera
ation lias left the city, it
Subway Walled Up.
hieb n as ihe only
m Cairo Into the "draln
listricl i ..... - eked to save
The place waa board?
and ? ? ? ai loada "f bi ?? bag*
to hold it a?
The Greenfield - ? on the Missouri
mall affair, waa repon? d Ik r
i O ro aituatlon
not i"- relieved In any way by Ihta
levee m front of Keelfoot Laae
:. below Hlrkman, Ky., la I ?
w Ith rock, it Has floode 1
last year and is report??'. now to '-e
\ break there, it la -aid..
would mean th<- flooding of about four?
teen ...muas, it would giv? great lin
rrift current <?f
tho ??hi.? Rivt i- and probably would
m'-:in great deatru? tlon along ih<- lower
??? a
Th.- i:, v. m. n. Isovo, "f the Meth
odi-t church, who baa had charge ol
rcii'-f work In former yeara, la rig tin
at iii? head ?>f the r? li?-f committee, 11
will have about twenl aeetetanta and
a tei capital, a hi? h has oeen
arrang lona large wharf boat.
Sprint'-- 'd, 111., April 1 Among the]
fWl development? reported tonight I
' eal from Epa orth%' '111., White i
Ormnl . r ? nd motor boat
ton ? ? irooned In the \\'a
keah bottom*
Tr. i.; being sent to Mound City
i t?. go t?. Cairo on account of rail?
road ?? ,,nd to make trip from
Cairo to Mound ('.iv on 111?.
Tramps Interfere.
M Pult rets tltat a 1 and
ndred tram i a Intel ferlng ?
witii v...: r a protecting the i it y.
it? -, ? le to 8? retar) of War |
ta ? ' nlted Rtat? - boata on whleh
te bous? 1 "HBi state troopa on duty at
? ? phone Colonel E J. itv
from ?'air.? this after
... bl? help had he? n
the deatru? tlon of
tha i- . i. ?-/til? h protected the i ity
paper. ' Por twenty blocka the levee
'a Ir. a :? rl? i ondllIon," ('"i m*?l
?Wui an d "with the ?rater Btaadll)
Itafcig. 'i rt? r? la ala mil? - i" ba pro
tectf-d, and everybody, aoldlera a*.'l
tna alike, are working like l*ra
jan? t., -.,,?. th?- City."
Th< | of the Cairo drainage
?aatri ; ha inundat? d all tracka, ;?n.l
The World's
iii*- universal popularity o? Bass
Alt i? dur to it? rrrnarkahlr rom
baMakra of nutritive proprrti??? with
? mo?t (l?ligliifiil flavcr. 1 li?* com
I m?--] ?on'unir.tion of al! other A.?-?
doc?, .,?? r.^uhl tliat ol
On Draught and
In Bottle Everywhere
?Mela i y. ,,, Baiionsi foi t?n?ii>
?"* ">? di lughl ..' horn?. from am ?? -
.r.. ?i,.,].? ,,. (ubbar.
?O***'* ''o.. Import?? ?"? w .-':? i? i ' N v
all Cairo tram service has been an?
Cincinnati, .?prll 1. The i -hio Riv? r
at this point has in?n stationary sin e
?-any this morning, and Indications ;.r.'
thai it will begin slowly to rocade :o
Huntington, W. Va., April I. Fire
rirr.K.- out In th?- flooded residence dis?
trict early to-day and threatened an
entire bio? k, bul the flames wi re
eh* ked by dynamite.
Eleven persona were rescued from
tin- burning buildings Pire engin?
placed on barg? pumped water on the
Mayor Appeals Through The
Tribune for Contributions.
The Tribune retselved the following dis?
pstch ) -st'' rda) :
"Catlettaburg, Ky., April L Ohio nood
place? is in desperate need of th? help
of the public Please send contributions
to m?-. J. .1 MONTAQl'K, Mayor."
Legislators at Albany Find Sign
Is Not a Joke.
Albany, ?.pri! I "No amoklng In th?
Capitol!" Leglsl itora, si it- official?, dt
partment employes snd others smiled and
m< d ?pi ii fool!*' ? h? n it waa gta
si]'.?I about the ?".??.it?.i toda) thai th?
trustees "i public building! wi-re a!.I
to issue an order agalnsi smoking But
n was no Joke
Sunday night a Might fire ?as discov?
ered under the state street drtvews] of
in? eastern approach to the Capitul John
I Bowe, superintendent of bulldhigs, r
|i"iri?ii to Qovernor Bulsei to-da) that i
? ' ? ? opinion "f th?..-?- ?? ho Inveatlgat? d lb?
I lire a ra ? d b; bo] ? smoking clgai -
ettes and Ihroa Ing match? ? Into deb?
"it has been my observation," wrot?
Mr Bowe, "thst the Indktcrimlnst? thron
Ing of lighted "icai-. rlgarettes and
matcht i sround the i 'apltol building I
\' i ? much of a m mensc?. and, In \i'ia
???' this fa"!, won 'i respectfull) recourt
mend thai amoklng be ? ntlrel) prol lb
M.. Bowe lu's issued an ordei prohibit?
ing employ?? In his department from
smoking In the building, am) Qovernor
i Sulz-1 sa..! to-da) th? trust ? would
! com pi) with Mr Bowe'a r??commendation
thai all smoking In Ibe Capitol be pro
1 hibited
Democratic Senators Assert
Measure Is "Harmless."
All' ? tpril 1 By a ? ote of ?6 to 17
the Senate to-day passed the Wagner Mil
? ated to create a State Board ol
? ? it? to asslal In framing t1-- snnual ,
sppropriatlon hills
Mlnorit] Leader Brown declared the |
ig? "i the bill would '? "a frank
acknowledgment of the fa? t that tuts Leg.
islature is not attending to us own bual- I
Rena tor Cullei ol Brooklyn was th-1
onl) Democrat ?'? \..t?' sgalnsl the meas? ?
l nu .: ? of hli - "'.h .??-'" i, In ex?
plaining their affirmativ? votif?, ?tedatsd I
111 "barmleai "
Bill to Aid Suppression of Vice
Paspes Senate.
All . ' ? ?Vprll I. TI ? -- ? .'?
' . " I. I 1. "
: . ? i : ? ng th?
?!:!?? Io dispOSI : ? 1. ?
? s . -, ,| j,,r Immoral i"irtn.-? -
PI i Asa mbl! paused thi Pol? ??
gero I ? M. 1 iw which
i n-;-' ? '. 11 ? Benat? rester?iay, and th?
i er bill i" ??"at?-' a atata board "f
??siimat?-. Both meaSuri now go to the
| . ' -, ? i 01
Th? ? ? ? . ? ? i-i. -"'I th? Bui
? ? i tl ? .-alar-. ,,! the majoi general of
: .1 guard at ts,tM a -. ear, with
. peni es.
Men Advocating Gaynor's Re
nomination Distribute Circular.
Without m?Mitloning any name?, the pro
' - of the movement i" b?kui ?? i be re?
nomination ol Mayoi Oaynor distributed
eaterday a thlnl) relied attack opon
? -1 ahoi ni ) Whitman. The pro
i oten call ibensselves the committee ol
?.n? thousand. They have engaged head?
quarter? fit No SSI Fifth avenue The
circular i-sn.ii sraa beaded with s half?
t i.? ai ths Mayor marked "For Mayor?
William J. Oaynor" it sayi In part:
a group "i cltlsens has recently been
formed with the avowed purpose of light?
Ing the next Mayoralt) on the ls?u?-? of
the brothel, the gambling ?i-n and the
saloon, and of nominating foi the bead of
i', munlclpallt) s man whose whole pub?
lic life n.is been spent In ? untu'-t with tin
erworld Aa polies mar! trate and as
District Attorn?) he has rendered some
m i??. i?-.- to ti,, community, but can It be
doubted thai hi? long contact with vice
in its varioiu expr? si?,us has giren him
any one doubl what kino ol g campaign
hi? ?upporter?, if he ihould be nominated,
will wage m his behalf? The "brasa
checks" of th? discredited Jerome win be
Hum:- once mon on th? harm public opin?
ion to Influence morbidly Inclined voten
Then that apology is mad? for the Mayor
for not having taken bold "i the police
mvestlgation Instead of trying to block it;
Tu. suppression of the underworld, if
s:,.h wi r? possible, bj restrlctit i legla
latlon, is not the sole task of a gr? it city.
The execution ?i the areal proj? cts now
under wa) for the development <.f the city
is a matter of rreat Importance, The
Mayor was "?needed by all who wer? In
,, position to know to have eliminated i
,, ,, h of the poll? ?? graft which presi nl
prosecutions are bringing daily within
our view, and he was proceeding to f i
ther eliminations, il" km w how llttl?- <rf
.,,,?1 had L"'" ?< compllshed In the paal
by mere exposure? ol graft. Witness the
Lixow ami Mnsel Investlgstlons! His
attitude is still the same. With the same
. hern-. ? hi'-h he showed to the mi? |
Ktildeij maniac who tti?'?l to assassinate |
him he refuaed i" Join In th<- hu? and cry
ngainst the policemen who have betrayed
th? city, fur he knea thai is not the way
in which r?-R ?oration lie*
Th.. Mayor acknowledged that be had
received one of the circulars, but ??aid he
did not know where It came from, and
wished the tmwspapsrs would not print
anything sboul It
Given la New York Theatre with Big
List of '-oi-.nteers.
Tiie tlrst theatrical bsnellt performancs
-1 \ ?-? 11 In this eltv in aid of the i ihm (|o"d
sufferers occurred at WilHs? Morria's
New Vork Theatre icslerday afternoon.
Pivs hours were rstyslred to prsssni the
Ansoag th<- artlata tppeartng were
Bei1.11 'lee Morgan and company, In "The
Queen') Messenger": Bdward Blondell
snd <'ompany. In "Th< l?4>al Boy"; Kins
l>a y ne, Madelin? Livingston, l'uni War
ten and . oiil|ia li> . .I.'iek McAUlIffS Slid
Mm??, iideit?- Bt, Lya
A feature of th? |>?-l forma !1?T wan a
?set i.-.* of the flrat motion pictures shown
hereof Incidents ami SCOnaS Of the flood
in Dayton.
Ohio Senator Inclined to Be?
lieve. However. Such Dis?
asters Are Inevitable.
Foreign Rulers Send Messages
to President ? Garrison
Plans Co-ordination
in Ten States.
I I'r.-v Ti. ? Tni.un?. -?,.,.-.-.m. ;
Washington, "sprll i Benator Burton,
who v?;,. , hairman of the National
Waterways Commission, left here to?
night to make a personal Investigation ol
conditlona In Ohio and t.. gather Infor
?nation i?> i.. m.-,i a/ben, as u> expected,
ih? subject of th<- floods comes up for
? ???i?si?i? ?ratl.luring th? forthcoming
?? - '"" of ? ongrt? lie nill go fin t to
x.u.i-.sviii.-, afterward to Columbus, llqua,
Sida. v. Daj ,,,,,, m?|,i?, ,,.,, iini| ,,, ,,,(? |
towns within the tl.i i- gton.
It is Mr Burton'a opinion that advan?
tage should ba taken of the pn aeni situ?
atlon i" make a atudy of the area re?
cent!) covered b) the awollen rivers with
the \ lew t.? devislns a plan, If poaatbl?.
1 "' pr? renting a i ep? UUon of the dla
The Benatoi from Ohio, who ha- made a
stud) ..f arati a : ? Improvem? nt the
world over, la Inclined te bell?v? that no
practicable s- heme can tx arranged to
'-? ? p the Btr? am within their banl ? In
th event "i .1 downpour of ram such as
brought on the n r? ni floods. Kv? n In
Kurope, where much more attention ha>
been given t.? river Improvement, flooda
occur at In ter va la and at times there la
? al Iom of n- opei t] and Iff?
Benator Burton beHevea that a aystem
ol foreatatkrn t?> hold bach ti.id
....'. 11, ,,r i. -, rvoii ?? .-i \\hleh tu
the exceM t!..\\. i> Impracticable h the
n?.t countr? borderlna on th? Ohio rivera
Mitre valuable land would I" used for the
foresti. ?i?..n sites than would be
protected, and the economic losa would
far exceed Um saving
'i he rainfall was mi.I? nt? -i and,
Bccordlm to hla \ lea. all that ? an be
done is r> rn?ik< auch Improvem? iti bj
an practlcabl? and i" hop? that th
.? ii srlll not pi ei all for man)
t., com?
Condolences from Abroad.
\ arloua ? . ? ? ?
ag< a to P nt "il laon to-da) ? 'v? ??
mpathy i.?i the Hood bu ferei
K111 n ' ;.-..i ?..f l?,,. and Ben I thi fol?
lowing i able:
' i am !??? atl] dli tressed at th? net
llsastroui floods and griet m of
l!f?- . ,-i'is. .1 b) them. Id? re to espr? ?
t?. \ our ? v.. ilency my deep ? ?
J ..in-.-If an i I1 ? n- opl? Of
i 'nlted Btat? Isfort iik
The President i- |
" \ii..?\ m? m th? name of th? pi npl?
and go? rnmenl ol I ? l'nited F I
elation of your i
esty's kind ? e of ? ondot? I r
King Emmanuel ..f Italy sent the ioi
lowtng cable m? age
"< m heai Ini I ? n? a i of I I ???? li tl .?'
. ara ?i. \ aatat?
madi ao man) letlms, ] ? to b?
:i> i ?? In the aentlmenl ?.f sir. ere and deep
pat ? ? rl Icli i I-1-. n
ount r) mi
PresM? ni .VII ?on
??T..'ir ma '? t) louchlni ?
pathy In the terrible losa of 'it- and
rty :, i befallt n man!
...r. homes ar? a real aolaoe t.. the gov
ernmenl and people of the L'nlted stat.-s "
Knoxvlll? T< nn., ?.prll I le? tai
Qarrtson ??f the v. n Depai ment, who
pass? -i thro igh l ? - I t< night en rout?
t.. IVaahlngtoi sent an Identical m< >-..
to the Governor of the i- n statei lying
in the ??ill?, and lower M'.s.-i. s!; |.1 -.al?
ia dging fedei il ..
The BBcaaaga wheh rai eni to I eGov?
error of l ihlo llllnol . W rat Virginia,
Ill i onri, T? ? ? ? rtaas, Kenl rky,
Ml nli alpi I, 1/-. ilslana and Ind
each --t thea ??? \.-.-i in? to raise all the
ai.d gathet all thi uppll?
Bible. Mr. '.ar-. i ? iggested that
each Oovernoi appoint ?? reaponalble per?
boo to i<? ir.- ill local appeals (?>-. fad
.ii.i assistance and transmit them to the
War iBtpartment.
"it i? obvious." said Becretarj Oarriaon,
"iiir:i thla '-lin ?id result In co-oi Hi
tlon, win prevent waat? and ?ill insure
in-irh more efficient service."
Football Star a First Lieutenant
by Recess Appointment.
! from Thi Tr!l oi ? Ban i
Washington, April : Charles D Dal
of Massachusetts, famous football star .-.t
Harvard and Weal Point, who resigned
from th? army after one year's service,
v.H appointed to-day first lieutenant In
tho United States Field Artillen from
civil life by Ihe President, and orders
were lasu*d by the \\'.-.r Departmenl <u
rectlng him to report at Port Myer not
later than April M for temporary duty,
i ..t exeeedini Ihre daya, and then t<> j?iin
the .'-th Artille!*) al Port Mil, Ohla
a hill ?as nassisi ai tin- last aessBon "i
Congreea reinatatlng Mr. Daly, hut th? ?
uas vfgoroua opposition on the par! ol
Senator Brtetow and others, who Inal ted
that he should be required to tak.- an ex?
.?'???? Benator i?.-Ik- succ??ed< d in
lull paaaed, but when Pi i I
mil Btloi
having ti
ha\inK the inn i-a--s.ii, nut wi.-ii Kresi
ii? i.i Taft aeni tl"- appointment to the
Benate i' waa held up i?y the Military
Committee as a resull ?>( aVnatoe Brie?
(ow'a opposition.
\la |ur ? lenei al Wood, ehlel r?l atari and
.aii.i orneen recommended t.. President
Wilson iii.it Mi Dal) receive s re? - - -
appointment, it Is believed that Benator
Krlstow ran bi persuaded to irdthdraa
Typhoid Epidemic Not Expected
_Flood Waters Have Receded.
Indlanap'-Il- April ? Main peraOBB In
the Vfeal Indlanapolta tioo.i dlrrtrtct arere
treated nith antl-l?. I'U'.i.l va?, in. lO-da).
I,, -i- \- Keene, la charge <1' the in???ii
.-;ii r?-li?-f. said ?" feared no <i>i?w-nii?.
Knough ?'f i'"- vacrina la on hand to treat
t?Mi ihoiisaiid pa t i? nl -
Honoris to-dsy shew that flo...i watera
bave iiia<-ll?allv (lis:?|'|'e.-irrd rx?-?-J't In
tin- oxtromt aaaUarrn part ?.i Um stat<\
[B, i issp -i'i ?" '''"? Tribuna, !
PhllatUlphta, April i. -George Arllaa
and company, it--" Uebler Company ...an-j
Bgerm gave a benefit performance ??i j
?'Disraeli" In thr Bread Btreel Theatre
this afternoon for the Ohio flood auf?
u'ver- Tha nouas waa well filiad.
The proceeds, ??'?""? **???? **??"??? ?'?.
,'?,,,,. hm Atkinson ?ting nuuuurer of
aim.!...' t?? S"???' ')? V J?*00'
relief .???mmli-elon?*. ?? ? olnmbus.
Springfield Youth Had Made
Perilous Journey to Dayton
to Save Sweetheart.
?Little Girl Picked Up Playing
"Home, Sweet Home," on
Piano in Street Re?
stored to Mother.
I n? Tet-jsrapli hi Th? Trttmae.1
Dayton, Ohio, April 1 Tear-compelling
Btorlea of ths good n" heard hourtv.
.lohn Barte!!, a roung man who live? at
Springdehl, entered th? '?ngfeltow School
ou Sunday night. Hi was covered with
mud and he io iid hani!? stand. He wss
engaged to Martha DevMson, who was
among the missing when th?- waters r?
in sted.
lie tea iie,] Martha's home jri -i boat.
in the attic in- found th. girl ?lead John
I'll by her side, and when the militiamen
caught him he laughed. Reason had Bed.
Hagel s.ii"tturi was married to Henry
K I'lti-kv on Bunday evening in the boa
priai ward "f ?< church. Bh? aied after
ih- rerrmohy and her husband left hot
I-? dshl? s eeplng..
"We had planned le ?? married to
ilay," he said, "and w? were."
William Hetfner found his moth? In
the \ sn i li ?? ? Ian i School. "Win n
fati ? k.'.i "i don't know," hi?
mothei said, Both wem away. Tie father
In the morgue at th? Nati.mil Cash
i tegtf ter ? 'omps ]
i ? ???! Schaff?r staggi r< ?"? Into a htmee In
Fall -. h w i\. nue Tli-ic were SCI eral r? f'l
gees sitting b) the wjhdoa "Is my wife
nie"" he a.sk'-?l "ll.r nani" || Mr.-.
KIM- Schaff! r."
"She's in th? bed rotan bach there," one
..f ? -i.- '? ..men b ru v. en d
.lohn found hi? wife, She uns In bed
sleeping 'tul a bab) lay bj het Bide. Th?
' had been born on the boat that
fa the n other.
Mar. ? Bald? In s ?iked and s .<d> ?]
gh the cits for Ihre? da) ? lookii ??:
tor I ? :?.:? d ' Ith? II" writ . v.-r; -
when esc**pt the morgue. The elder
Balda ln*i body :s thi n . hut no on?
i | . mi
One .,f tii" militiamen heard some one
T"<t. A llttl?
girl .s picking out "Home, B? ? I
Horn? Blie was "arrested" for being at
large artthoul s militai ps and wss
?., . ? the Pn Chui where
i . ?? put to I- ' ' IVhl ..??.dke
. When man
? i m - i,u want i mamma ? asked a
in near h? I was s mamma, but
l lost tii'
The two k it th? ? hurch log? thai II
egg the < ' I moth!
ii.ht- n P .-?.-? i ? ? Ident of th? re.
li. i com? (ti wl "'i s. r? tar) of War
I ha I t .? foo. ? ??
was n ' ? I ' .'
Mii?i that tl mitt.i-i ooh to Ih?
itlonel govei nmi nt for I i
? ?? . ' -t i ? ?" ? ?. .: '1 : ??
?. ' ige ?.. ing fed dallj Three
bodi< - ' ?" ? r? covei ? d to-da] ,
the t"i: "f Ih? ti.i ip to a\ i ordlng
. un?a'- b) ' i.t.,t,. t .i v.\ Me?
en tat I v? th
<? ? ?? ???? ? . |s.-?
.- "tk, M I '. i :. ? s... -.i. i
"AI ?? me? ting ol bankei ? at ?! ofBi i
of th? I : Mini ? is thi et
.'. .1 t.. ? ik< SI . ? I ' :
sl sld 'i he bat ki and building a ?
'. ?. a Ih of .. -
. v,:M put up si collateral. W ? :
i.. i thai the d urtei I? an ?met g?
which would Ituitlfy extraordli i ictlon I
on the ?'art of i 'ongn
? \\. mut i ha? ? rations fot than
? .t.? hundred tho laend people foi sn
Its ; ? rlod." Mr Patterson added, in
i Bplatnlng th? ? m< nj ? ae
ColumbtH ' ?? '?? aprtl I Th? loll of th? I
M.i .-.is., :.n the v\ -st 1 ?'.. ? ?.i at TI i
; rhe number ol mil aing n mam ?
snd l ? ? ti.i '? lei ? ? iv? dli d
Il M.- I..-1 IWI nt;. ?four hnii ?.
MsiI i. ma i" ? n i .'lid: at n
.? id? r i :? t'.i t "i t!.-- t:-" 'i ' ? ? '
eres , 'onstructl ? work will now b? the
object "f th-- relief organisations, scctard?
Ing to Qovernor Cos A definite plan v. in
be formulated to-morrow, when th?- stats
relief commlasloa ?ill confer with Ckrv?
srnor Cos, Miss Mahal Boardman, na
tlonal secretary of th? Red Cross and
Erne? P. Mh-Un.-n. national director of
th. Red Cross
fsnaa't Ule I duo ipril i ? Srla promi?
nent in aociet] here are bus) washing
and taking ?are of babtss so thai th?
mother? of ths Infants may Mean their
? ,. ,,.
The Kanesvills Furniture Compan) a
planl "as found twelve mile? beloa her?
Daniel B. Qary. thi own r, whs was con
: Idered wealthy, is p? nails i
a man named Simpson, who i,. t svsry?
tiling) became Insane lo-da]
Th.- damage to ths ?it>- is sotlmated at
<- , i, ooo.
iMontclair Couple May Come to
Agreement Over Children.
Pending negotiation! for" s settlement,
V.i ?i.-'iie.liter Stevens ",raiit?-,| ,i |?,s|.
ponemenl ol ?m? month yesterday In tn.
habeas corpus ?'as.- Involving ths custody
"i th?- two children of Mr, ami Mr.s
William Elder Marcus, jr.. of Montclalr,
It was admitted ?iy counsel that th? ? >. -
1 i ,ed .s.-itleiin nt wa.s not has.,) ,,n ?m>.
hope for a rt-^oneUlatton of Mr snd Mrs
Mari-us. hut on ., possible ai rangent! nl
as to which s?mil have custody ?>f the
children and what win be the bast f? the
youngster .
Cincinnati and LoUlSVill? are being
resthed b) the Boutbern Railway from
New York through Washington ami
Knoxville, Tenu., ?h? re having been ne
del?? In passenger traffic Baverai spe?
rial fains have been operated between
Cincinnati, Washington and ths Beat,
and for Um last three d?i'.s thra?agh
travel baa been coin?,- bj tin? route
.?..i.iar\ ot War Qaritgoa left Cincin?
nati \.st,r,|:,v morning Ml a ipstlsl
train by way of Knoxrill? ami the
Southern Railway. i
The itsaiaboats ot ths PsassS's and
Cltlaens Hues, plying katwson New Toril
.n ,t Alben) and Troy, are again In eoaa?
mission. There was g temporary dlaeon?
Unuance owing to flood osniltlSM In ths
North The new steamer Herkshlre. t?i he.
the large? river steamer in the world,
will he In gsrvtOS early in Muy. I
Interboroiigh Turns In $6,073.
5 Per Cent of Ticket Sales
on Monday.
Collection in Every City Church
Sunday To Be Urged on
Clergymen by Members
of Mayor's Committee.
The fund raised In this city t?. alleviate
Buffering kmong the honn-l. s.- and desti?
tute victima ?>r it.? Ohio ri???>?is paanrd i ie
}.",'??.i.hi mark yesterday, Practlcall) M0,aCa)
In 'ash and checks from various aourcea
wen received at the relief station? about
the ?ity, notwithstanding th<> r.umberless
eontribntlons received Monday ami last
week. The u?>d Cross sortct) to ?itt?-- baa
aeni ?;'?.'?/? ?. to the Washington headquar
tern, the last m,OM having been remitted
Tin? Chinese ??f the city were agi.?on?
tributors t" the relief fund, gfn lielng re?
el Ived at the afll? ?? of the I Htlaena1 ? V>m
mltte, at No, m Rroadway. Late yes
???-d.i- -.fternoon two Chinamen entered I
the ..ti..-.- :imi left iha! amount In bills <.i
small denomination, the money having
h.-.-.i <-..ii. ,-i.-.i, ?i iras, explained, among
members ..r the i >n Leong Tong In China?
town The man win. brought the mo*|e)
- -i h? wai m- skleni <>r th? tona*, an I
asked that an acknoadedgment atlp be
mad. ,.,?t i,, th- Merchants' Association ?'f
th.- m. Leong Tong \t the .?m.-. or
Jacob H s hin. treasurer ?.f the ?t-.i
' roas, t'.,'-. ?n- received from th.- Chi?
neae r*hrisUan Union and Btndenta' Club
<?f ? 'oiiimhla I'nlverslt).
Last Saturday IK?? was left at t!..
Ma-, m? ..it-,-. !? two i "hi?ese resident?
of th.- Doyen Btreet di trlct, the money
i -i- i * bren ? ollect? ?I in Chlnatoa n.
Mrs. Harnman Aids.
At tl.. IptOV. -i -..I:. ? . ? Hi. l{.-<! i 'ross.
:.i Fourth avei. and Raat .-:\ tract,
M.M6 0 b as received ? aterda . a ? h.-.-k
for ?i.???? from Mrs i:. if, Harrimaa and
?" othet for <? M n con rtltutlnf part of
th?- (..ta! a:,,,.Mid
To ti:?- '-ni." th.- treasurer of tha
i;- i i To - ? ? ? iU. s ;it and Bklrt
?ta- ifictirera Protective Association!
Bent MJK; th. First ? hurch of Christ, 8ct-1
entfa I . in- ? -i- .?f \.-v Briins- j
a i- l>. * i i r ?. ; h Ihi Ma) --r. b*b*b); th- First
[National Bank "i Morristown, i ??-. tim
? ' i;- i? ( Coi : Ittee, '?' .'. and W, I
\ and v M, w hit. (000
The Mayor comn Itte? a ? the i- -
..f |i |,**M :??'.. u hi? h nui., int In
eluded i'."-? from llarr) Payne Whitney
and K"7.; from the Inter bo rough Rapid
Transit company. With tha last contri?
butlon was th? f? II ?a Ing I? let - Igned by
r Hhoiits, ;m? ??<??. t "i tin In?
?? ? i..?..! r.-. dpi from tick? I ?
the Bubwa) and elevated linea "f this
? -. f..r Monda). itareh It, IffU,
amounted t" 1121 10005, which la about
;..*.'??' mor? farea than during an) other
t rant) four-hour period In thai hlal
the compon] Including the abnormal
tram? durln * thi 11 ud? >n Fulton <?? lebra?
??| tak? ; ? ? ? oalni to i ou
i ere?Itl the checa of this compan) for
. n. ina ?'? n- i cent >?i Monda) ?
re? elpta "
The ? ?ecutlve committee of the Mayor*a j
Fl.i It? llel Commltti a met pi tha i I
Hall ? eat? rda n and decided to
In n.Ity i<-> tak?
^?n a collection on Sunday for the benefit
.if tl.? !'?? >d ? ?? t.
\ letter fr.-m William S Bra
read at the meeting In which It waa
Btated that i movement araa <m foot to
iia\?> each ol th? **? theatrical manageri
In the ?it-, contribute IIf*J each t.. the re?
ib i r ind
Lawyers Help Swell Fund.
A! the N.ir.?.nal ' "a lb ReglsfU i Com?
,,,- .. ,.-?,., - terda i n? at *:<'< In small
amount . as wril as a quantity ?>r
?II..1 clothing, w?rre received All were
s.-ni Weal al th? eapense ol on? of th?
, i presa i ompanlea.
a cheel fot I I ? il to Th? Ti lb me ;,v
th? attorneys for William Lennox, jflth
the request that n '...nuI'-ut.-i !.. a re?
lief fund, ? a- turned ov? i t?> the Red |
i fot
At ih. ii?,i? i Plasa Monda) afternoon
a eonceti ?rill be given by Mia Marga?
it Hoberg r*om|i?oscr-pianist, and Mary
a?',.-;? - .r contralto, a aal at ed b) Mil
dred Dllling, narplat Ticket? may i><- ob?
talned from Mra Charle? Wllaon Qregg,
No .'.!" West il'-t'i street The pro?.la
arlll i-?- aeni to Oovernor Balaton "f Midi
ana, win. telearapbad the Indiana So. i
.iv Indorsing the performance. Themen?
agement "i the Hotel Plasa baa given
free uee of the haiii-onm.
At i-.iss.iK-. N. !.. the contributions ? ?:
clothing and supplies became bo numeroua
yeaterda) the combination police patrol
and ambulanc? was pressed Into rs?nrl"*e
to make wlle<*tions. About M.I0Q has been
ral ? d t.? date In that city.
Contribution? to the Merchants' Assort?
atii.n <>t Now fork fund add?sd about
$7.?-?j y.st.pi.i? '?? ih- .'.i'i.'xx? already
raJaed by that i**rtf&n.aatlon.
Th? i itl/.? ns' ? ommittee, organiaed in
Judge Alton n Park.-.-, has Increased Its
membership from twenty-one to <>n>- hun?
dred. The committee as now conatltuted
is aa follows:
"ruisa-1 Alteo B fartt t:.?> Dr Va n Maa
?halrnvai i Bisa
> r, chal? ii ?"
Thomas r It aa
.:,,,!..-?? BTbsri II. <:nr:
I ? \t I. ''Unk
i ii.inn- ? f M I"?|'?w.
? omellu \ and' rblll
m -...u .: Coll
(?harisa II Birauss
Re? i"
i alna
, Rt. In- .'
Hi ?'!> ?'l-iw;
I Rev. Dr Stephen S.
? Wire.
li.nr? I, Morgenthau,
i Re? Dr, Newell
Dtrlght Hlllli
Jttdga Wan li Boor?, Hon IVra A i imk.
Ja.? Huiler. latnea Bpeysr
Trsnk Tin.- o I l:- I" l?. '? liuii.-ll.
l.,n,. ? I. I' .i? I I '! ?? .?k til? i. l!r..,Mi
v Evert i Mary. D??rge ll Cortelyov,
hr i ? llsatef Be-lDr rftrhela? Murray
Alpin i Hutl.-r.
niffoni V iirokaw. I Mum < .'??fsr?-i>lin|in.
Win I' M-?rnhlow. i. [Clifford A. ? ...liiiii??
John ? llfton Or?)
n.-m .--?.. n.
I w m Edmund i iirtiA
r m ?tndrew?
lii-U? P II- i.' I lUBTO
lohn .; Mi:.--, ?-.
i it v. tu S n
i William ?? i;r.-oi
\\ m ii.ii. ii?' ; ..i asna
|l(..l....t lytuls Hasnjsl
jiKijrs i?.?? il i.? - nu Itt.
i,?ii^i-ii! r Mat ?'
U \ .? 1 horn.
H H V II: ii\?-rli.>?T
,1,'l.lli? T la .
Il H Hordan
H) man Bonn
Wnt AW"" BBtl?Sr.
u n Data,
Ifenrj ir Tsft.
Tl.is? Rwlng.
w ?? |i. i.?ii.???
rtarenra n Kelse:
\\ B Rrlsto?
y \ Vanderllp
Hila a iiii.,?ii. II.
\\ llllam Mans ?.
??Miiin?! Thorns.
V I?. I.. .. '
V Tu?mik-ii.| Rurdei
Ctisil-?. I'biiI tit own
K\?rluii K ' hii|,|u.:n ?
Mayor F. William r,.niz?--n. ?>f Raaaaay,
N. .1 , has start? d a jilan l<? ml??- not l?ss
than f?;;.<Yi?l for th.- Ohio Mond suffer? r
He iiirom tii,. aii|ioiiitin,-nt ..f cornrhlttees
to noihit fund? in sack <>f th?- staty-four
municipalities in Bergen County.
St. I'anl. April I.-IU g \<>tf> of Cl to ;;.
thr low??i- llo'is? id th. Minnesota la-gis
latin.- pa airad to-day the ?; W, Baraern btll?
providlnR r?>r Bterillsatlon by the Bfate of
d?-f?'<-tlvr?, hahiiiial ?rimiruls and degBW?
crate?. I
Authorities Tracing Poison
Given to Dogs Long Ago.
[By Telegraph la Tas T. lissai I
Boston, April I.?A new poison trail was
followed by state gad town eathoritte?
to-day hi th?- eas,. of the ?tenth of Bosr
Admiral Baton. The ?I'-w was diseov?-i?--l
within half ?? mue of th? Baton htime, ?"
AsMnlppi, live docs- and several foxes
wen- kiiie?' by poison pellets found In th.
Ridge Hill seerhm. These pellet? wan
made of tallow, mixed with a qtUCh and
deadly poison, ti ?uiKht to he areealc
The owners of th. poisoned dogs four.?!
some of th-- pellets in January and gare
them i?. John Beott, a state ofhVer
Th?- InaMllty of the offlctals to And any
record of poison sales applying to the
Baton ease and ih" failure to i nd any
poison ?n the Kulmi household hav BSSdS
th.- poison search widen day by day. In?
quiries un h.iifs- made to see if the pel?
lets which killed tin- r..xes ?ir?! .mes in
th" Rktge Mill district mu b? t.ae.'d.
I While th" poison trail is being follow??!
j in Plymouth Comity, Invemigattons In th?
Baton caae hav? spread to Washington.
The eareers there of Rear Admiral ami
Mrs. Baton are being looked im? rtosaly.
! Grand Jury to Act Before U. S.
Reveals Its Hand.
Boston, April 1 The use of Boston a- a
! I-I..-It ing house b) amugglera of women'?
gowns is to be Inveatlgated bj a federal
grand mi'?. ?> pedal session of which
?will begin nexl Tuesday. Arrests of eua
! Kims employe? in this etty ami their con
i federate in New ?orii are to be delayed,
n was said to-day, i" adlng the comple?
tion of this Inquli v.
'The cas? is assuming greater proper?
Hon.-. than wa at 'irst anticipated," saM
i th. United Btat? Attorne). las P.
French. "W? are working as haul sa
possible i" solve the problem, bul i can?
not ?ay how soon or how man) an la
win h? made Thai depends entirely un
i|. v. lopmenta "
Two gown Importing rum.- in tin.-, ?-?tv
.n- said io have fallen under suspicion
in addition to the sevi n or ? Ighl liouses m
N'eu Volk all' Red to he involved
Tin discovery, which resulted in the ar?
rest "f ?i,:" local customs employ? sad bis
.-if? ami of th? president of a New Vork
dressmaking company, i?'?l ofBciaM t" esti?
mate th. sxti nt ?.i thi- contraband trade
??f th.- port during th? last fir? rears a*.
"millions uf dollars."
Chief VVIIkie of the United Bl ites Tn i
m. agents returned here to-da) and con?
tinued the work ..[ gathering evident*?
Wireless message? to passengers on In?
coming steamer? are being examined bj
federal Inspector? with a rien to check? i
Ing any tt. .-?.,.t by . onfederat? >? to warn
urri.liiK smugglers of th. investigation.
Sympathizes with Women, but
Will Veto Bridge Cost Bill.
Ms ??: ' 'aj n- r scknoa ledged y?at? rda;
I ?'<? be wsi much moved b) tin appeal
"i' a number "t women who ap?peared st a
pi.hli. bearing in favor ..f a hill t.. r-'it
II.il "f the widening of the Brooklyn
approai ;, to the Wllllamahurg B
upoi the entire elt)
'?'?'ii".-?' Importunltlei gr< th? tl nga
? gi i- ske ludges go n roi -," i ?? iieclen ?!.
"i >t course, t sympathise srith you
Ittdgt - must n-1 gire way tu i :.:h t
? '"me :n .nal m ?? me ss a
Board ? f Estimate."
? Us In Heated a a suld ?,. :,, the
bill, which !?? declared was a m it da
cram ? lolatlon of i ?? 11'n.- t ;'. -.,
II as Id the Board "; Estimate, srhi? ii
had i?si---.',i :,, per rent ? : ;:.- Improve?
ment on 'h.? adjacent propertj owners,
was tie sole authority on that matter
snd t:. i' ti ?? pi.u. .-t-< shoul t have "? en
mad? to thei rattier than to Hi- Lrgis
lature in ah an)
Sugar Man Whose Sentence Was
Commuted Ends CD-Day Term.
Min...la. Long i-laTi.i. April i Ernest
\v Oerbrachl of Ilrooklyn, formerly
connected ???. : t ?i tie Wllllamsburg reflu?
er] "f ti.- American :?'mrar Refining Com?
pany, left the county all her? tin.- morn?
ing, having nerved ths thirty days ro
??hieb President TSft commuted his
original sentence o' two rears i-i th?
a;!.,nta penitentiary and a tine of IS 000
Oerbrachl ' - Indicted and sentenced
m Iflu in connectlog wit!, thi bur tr
: rauda l li? e Ife met hi m :,t ? hi
., automobUa
crus! ?oDipanij
Trui-ee for Per-.onal Trn?.r?
Fifth A*, cnuc Pc >?th Street
New York
R. Al'm?n A O,
GEO. F. n\KF.R.
GssaraBBS ParstMsgssal Rmk
Prea. Bark of the Meohititn Co.
VMiiteA CaaS, Arornr??.
Pre?. Cm'.cd Dr? Cood.Gonjpaniea
H. P. DAVr<ON.
J. P. Mo-am* Co.. Bankera
Bni'Jin? Cormrnirlion
Chairman, I'. S. Slc-I Crr-tnratioa
Pr?.. Firji National P-jrA
.1. P. Mo.-tan ? Co.. Kan-era
Real i tut?
Hlair & '~.o., Bonkera
Pre?. (?aessktd Nition?! BtrL
GAT1-.S W. Mr(?,ARRAH.
Pre?. Mc<-hanic-.A M-taNNal. Bank
Pre?. Mutual Life Iritiranee Co.
r>. f-, POMEROY,
V'ce-Pre?.. gasean Trini Go.
J. P. "^??n?* Go.. Bankera
I'rev LSMWtf National Bank
Rock I?ltnd S\??r?-n
Real Baaaaa
Vice-Pre*. Banken Lrnsr Co.
Vire-Pre?! Tiffany & Go.
Pr-a. American Tel. & Tel. Go.
Prci. Ch?M Nitional Bank
Vi-r- {'resident
I la-hi'r
I rea?iirer
Amitaiit Cesliicr
Interest Par on
Dally Ba' .ices
Public Service Board Changes
Seventh Avenue Plans.
1 he Public Service Conn : rani -!
? t of property or r.
da) i"r a Btai " itreel sad Bei
etith avenue ? .i'.is.-d ? sti to ',? n
i?.. n by the In re>
I. | i '. ; t: ? front Time Bq
down P>venth avenue.
Th" t? ntatlve list .,f Btatlona sdop ? -:
i j t ie ' 'tur lesion last Beptei i la?
? ,. ; - .,'...; u' 14th afreet gi d I '?'
st.- .--. and none b t.?. ?< ?? tl ose point ?
prop? ? ownera and tner? ban! ; of the
? einity. Including Captain ?' B 0.
,,..'.'. ?
. : . .. \ llean
chant: the Slmpson-Crat? ford ? ' i upan
others, | rotes! ,| ag? I nal the ontlaato
,,t ,i station .it 18th street.
TI.imlasivn ? ???.-" ?- * ? ?1 ' ?
,,.. :l,,.' Mi uieil to ;- lud? l?th sti K t is
,,:-. oi ?' ? utation points
?Xsshvli -. T? nn . ?ipril I TI ? T< s?
Tr^--., Set at. to-da) ' om tired I
H, ,... r? so itlon ratlf; Ing the Const
.,' ?n lendmi ni nro' Iding for ?lie i
.; i : ted Statci 0 tiatonl by popular
W "The Rita Lydig Collection
The American Art Association
Announces the Unrestricted Public Sale of the
Paintings, Tapestries, Rugs, Bronzes
and other Art Treasures
of the Gothic and Renaissance Periods,
Contained in the Residence o?
Mrs. Philip M. Lydig,
No. 38 East 52nd Street. New York City.
This Friday Afternoon, April 4th, at 3 o'clock
At the American Art Galleries
Madison Square South, New York, i
In the Grand Ball Room oi The Plaza
Fifth Avenue, 58th to 59th Street,
This Friday Evening-, April 4th, at 8:45o'clock,
Wiser? pi*>aB>acllv? buy?ra will be ???imitt.il by rara,
??Im h inny Ik- lia.l ?ipmi \? ritt.-n ?ippll<-;?iiiui I" Ih? BaaVBaTal? '?
Proactive Purchasers ?*ill be admitted to the Residence TV day *"d To?
morrow | Thursday) frcm 10 A. M. until 4 P. M.
?;., pore <??!". men ??f which ?rill .?.?mit one permm only, ?rill nm *?
lr:in:r?r.-,l.l." and ?My b? ObUllMd of 111.- MbUUIK?**? '><>"? '"'"'" "'''*''_;
r-aliM, ?Alii, h H|ipllratl.iii mi-si .i|.<-ily the ?lay th.- ?ai-l !*? I" ?? '1!i*-?- j1*
<;,, odmi?eiom? on <aeh dmy will i>. ?trietlp limited to tkt eoWmeUg ?'_ '"
The introduction and descriptions in which are reprinted from the O*?
logue prepared for private circulation by Dr. Wilhelm R. VtlenliMr * "? we
assistance of Durr Friedley, will be mailed post-paid on receipt ot )?.w>
The Sales will be conducted by
? Fast ; .id "Vir?se. Madison SJQimrs South. Xrsr York. -

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