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Bryan. After Conference with
Wilson. Orders Investigation
by Embassy in London.
Americans in British Capital ?
Make Collection of Utensils
Used for Forcible Feed?
ing of Women.
? ? ?
. ton, Api 'i Ai InvMttgathm
? ? indlng the im- ,
mment oi Misa /.-'." Emerson, of De
troit. In Pondo', loi window smashinS
red by th" Dt partment of
following .i conference between the
? ami the Secretary of State,
? aid m behalf of the imitant sui?
te was sought by Senator? Smith
? .. ... Ml
Embassy bas been .,
?o i- ike a report on th? ? a e preliminar]
to any possiblesctlon, it being charged by
? .-? - ther, a r?sident of
? It, and others thai she ins ix-, n su
. ? ; to ' ?"!? and unusual punish?
ment." TI dispatches, the only
information about lbs ? Bl - th? St t<
II tin?m now lias are to the .
.Miss Emerson ;s ? h inger
strikt "' and that th- '.?il othVials are
preven! - ? atai ring
her?! If.
- ?. - es to ?!:-< usa the
,.s. ii.- ?sill have nothing to
announce .1 lo possible action . n 111 1 ?
report of th" American Embassy m I
? h-n tins been ? ? Ivcd
London April I. TI ?? 1 smps
half of Mis? Zehe Bmerson, the Amerl
i?r militai,t suffragetti Boa Impi ?
In Holloway Jal g eontl ed with
?rreati thar ? i er A ? abl? ?
patch ws sent to TheodOr? Roosevelt bs
the well known
author and suffragette which said:
"1 .... that An men.
s numbei ol whom rxprisesd to m? dui
lag my recent visit to America their bor
? -a ol fon Ible f< edlng, will
1 n ndlfferent when they ?'art: thai
? fellow countrywoman, Muts ?Celle
Emerson, la now h??inir fordb fed
Holloway iaii ami is in .1 pr- rariout eon?
Bun I) Um m rlsh to protest
sgalnat s continuation of thla barbarity.
KoUowlng a Buggestioi mad? by Baron
\on Horst, of Ban ]'? ? Iseo, a numbei ol
fl ".lists ar.llecUng vari?
ons Instmmt nti ed I the for 4e fi ed
rbese include sa ?-? ?
:? ri to ... ?? n.. iaws spart,
ng t'ih.? and ui..--: utensils. Several
t- uniente In 1 a e been
. nt I ?? doctors trie idly i" the BuflTsj
aril] i>. ? ?:'.?? 11?. 1 Brsl in New York
then In other American cites. ar,?t
will afterward l fl ? ? . -, .
nian InstH itlon
Militant Leader Faces Most
Serious Charge Yet.
ii- ?' iblc to TI
? v pi || The trial oi Miu.
Pankhural on s charge of InclUng ?
tain persons t,, place explosives In the
house bull! for Mr. Lloyd George at
Walton 1 ?" ith will be >'i" im d at the
Old Bailey to-da) The maximum ?
: " ? ? : .::.? - u li charged with
urteen years' penal servitude.
There ha? been ?? great desnand for
places, bul no tickets .will be Issued,
gnd only people specially Invited and
those having business In ??mrt aill be
gdmltted Women v?.in be allowed In
'unit nt the discretion ol the official .
hut tbey v, ?ii be warned that no Inter?
ruptions, cheer ??! spplause will be
it is untlerstood tha! Mr. Dickinson
win nreaent ths bin raising the ottos?
il? n of woman BUflfragS On which the
House i* to decide without pressure
from the party whips, i.? ?re th?? end
of this week. The bill will propose to
enfranchise every woman more than
twenty-five years old who is tim occu?
of .1 dwi if passed it
?rill ridrt between flvi ai d six million
woin? n to the Parllamentai ? register.
English Suffragette Finally Al?
lowed to Enter U. S.
" : \pr 1 Mas ; :?.-. nee Word a
militant English stttTragette, win aol i>.
barred from ti try bt ca lac she
bed a few windows in London ?????
retary ?Vllaon .-.. ruled to-day and SjJsa
Ward ?a- ? 1 fret Bh< bad been d? ?
tab I ainc? ? snivel 1 si '' ids . fol
lowing action bj a spe 1 ? ..ir#i of in
ojulry. which had ordered her to ba de?
Bssrted be aune of in r militant activities
for which sha admitted she had served
?montha in latl
I don't bhUBM thi United r-'uit. s gu
tboritlea far my detention," Miss Want
d ftei ? releai ?? The whole
thing was rmglneered from th? other aid?
may t.? Ban that mi frl? n Is th? ra
tut it."
Miss Ward Isfl t.> stall 1 sich Mend,
' I ' Ol h. r visu f,, . !,
. ? untry.
Klaw & Erlanger Give Exhibition of '
Amsterdam Roof Show.
Talking BBOtion pictures of a kind not
-' own before in tins country were exhib?
ited privately by Klaw ?v Brtanger last
night as a fon tust?- of tin- coming ? av
Mni ai the New Amsterdtus Root
Dialogue, singing and rmisi. ware rsfg ?
liin.d by an Instrument designated si ?
Bsagnaphone, soeui-ately ayiKhrontaad
with the filma The apparatus, latensi
: esasfUlly itiat th? audi- i
i-i,-" na astonished at th? rlgoroui p. 1- ,
..a? of a hanjo plsyst rsTssisd on
the S'-r?-?n tor the fiTSl of fourteen mini- I
CITY MUST PAY $1,316.458.
Justice P.'ii'-diii. of the Supreme Couri
Brooklyn, confirmad sa award ??f h.::m. r.s
yssSardai to ths Neponslt fl salty Com?
pany foi tin condemnation ?>t MBJg .01.??
or lurid al fa western end of ths Rocit
away Penln uls The dty will develop
it Into a public plavKfimd, 10 be known
-? asid? Park Commissioners wsresp?
[M.tntiij a year ago to aogulrs the i""p
?erty. I
Wofui Lack of Harmony Developed in Plans
for the Breakfast in Honor of Mrs.
Wilson and Mrs. Marshall.
Washington, April I. The great Dei ?
i . it to he glvei
Mi Woo? roa Vi llson and Mn
U. M Monday. Api H ? Is del
lined to tx Demo? i atl Ir. nam? onl:
then by hangs a tal? o? bl< kei Inga trs
?lucementa and t?
The dlstiicl branch ol the Scut! ? n
. . .- of Wilson ai d M irshall organl a
!i..ns has Issued s notl? ?? annoui
II aUI take na part ?rhatev? i In ! '
breakfaal In Iiuboi ol Mr* Wilson end
Mra Marshall
Mi ? . ???? - ol the ? si organli
wished to Join ? ::"'"'
t . Women'i National Demo
?even B. ?.)? r?
up the breakfast, and ' eins ?1? ';";
aaked that at leaai tb? > be permltt? d to
ti nd the ?'i- akfaal In b body ai d ?ho?*
their might to tl a Prei Id? ni i ? ' ?* '
lag unahl? to give the local organisation
quired room and at th? same time
have guest? r< presentatlv? of all ?actions
.m.i nil political parti? a, a ?Insle ta i
was offered them, and from ,:-';'' "" '""
,. . mu r? to
ten ?omen to sit et the br? ikfast. Th
(be} , u? iron I do." L'nle?? th? ? can
. .,? ,, | ,u strength, they "aron i go
neai the old breakfast; so ther? . now!
?Anyhoa fs Just - <" 1'"*""
Mrs. Ayera foi offlee." :."li"~ u[ ??me
of th? more dlsgruntl
n, v. mi eless nearlj foui I undred aesn
m all] ru?e! at the breakl urt, "vpreeenta
tivcs ?.f all poll?cal partiel ai I all - ?
Uons of the coustrj
The plan outiuted '?:? Mn Ayers at Brsi
to have ihlrty-flve round tables, with
.1 hoetesa snd aim guests it each, but so
many applications were received thai the
? r ?i.i i.i; outgroart) the Ural limita?
Amoi ?-? the ?rom? n who s 111 entertain
parties are Mln Mabel Boatfdman, Mrs.
Henrj I" Dlmock, Mr? Matthew T
Scott, pre?ldenl gen? ral Da waters of the
? ran u- volution; Mr? lasses W
Ph.. h..t. Mrs. t'haries Boughton Woods;
Mrs. Bugene Van Batusaelaer, Mrs John
Ha* - Hammond, Mra Arthui L-ee Mrs.
William E. Andrew? and Mis Philip An
-. ?rill be a -i" cial compllr? nl to
Wilson m the arrapgem? nl al varl
roupi '?' ?roinen Interest?
,.-.i in educational afta iJ. ai t, music, lit?
? erature and the phllantl ropl? - of th?
Th? J oi m w omi n'a Chrlatlan A? o
lion has secured a table, and th? worn? n
aha will represent thai organ?uitJon In?
. i ..!?? Mt- John Hay, Mra Pen
Heath, Mi I ? '? ? ardaon, Mrs
l>. n Bayl Mi ? W Mlam F B? oi
,: - ....... F Brown, Ml ? Ora? "
K-ii.i ill an? Mi - R.rl Lanslni
At ? ? round tabl? i si rang? d loi
lili be the Misses Wilson and
... ing women who are In sympatl l
? with iii-m In m ist? . srl snd m ttlemenl
\< "I k
S< ? al wl ' II
be seated Mrs Wilson. Mrs. Mai
and th? wives ol the Cabinet nu mbera,
be Mrs. !<? : n, ? Ife of Benatoi Kern,
of Indiana toastmbjtress, end Mr? Chan p
? 'lark, s If? ol 11 Bpeakei,
Woman's Club Show at Bei
ley Up to Cabaret Form.
There wai inotl.I tl. woi
. lub entei talnments, aith perf? I
apectable v. omen d? . "al "
>i sterday. Reall). th? w?
?uffrage < en's ? lub?
Though "getting" Isn't tl ? pi
term, for presumably they were ah
ther? i' u ' he e ?< I he? .? i
tb? mselves!
Last w?t< k a sut) igist In l
kicking al " ? N- ta v. k I
w ornan Si fTi age '-? ? ??';
N- w w ?-.? k suffragist ?
| .;..: pjt .?t the Polll '- I
elation benefit v. Bterday. at I ??? ''?
ley "Theatre, M.ss Helei Varick Bosi
ti ? htghl* respe t< d presid? ? ? ol
\\ ornan'i For im, and Mn Bo;
tcher, an ? Quail hl| . reap?
aperlng ab tut the st .?.?? in
b I? rest ol we l one had knl
' 01 ? somi thing thai
' ?1 lrf :.- i ? l( Mil Mlllini
dancing In xvhat io"k?-?i ?:k?- ?. small
..'ii ;. nned ? re ind ? I ?.?' j.h>
klngi ?? shoe? ni all Mlaa B i
and Mi Fletchei ?;.?! weai Urin "i
well. It a er that i mild i
who i ?t u itti his Tvif?- in the s
? i t., the ?"i> "f lis ?mo? '
Bui lie used U '. .. ^ When t
Bos? ! gnd Mrs. Fist? hei cu ett? -l -
and re mai
? . uslasm ' Wei . i wouldn't
gl t worn? n In the refoi mini
- ould 'i?--, elop such fine ca eh
f? li i U v. it- - eyei ?.-. ' Im rt ?
?,'?>"<' Httll "-Mi.: m? .M Wh.it "
Tl - Hi ? plaj tb? one in which al
.1 nt.-l Mrs i ? ed, ?'a
i ? ting of the Woman'? Foi
and ii \?;i- done In ?? way thai convi
tin- :.? '.?? -|- -? .rt -
m? ? tint - of great at iptdli .
na hav.- feared
lubwomeu dMn'l knoa hoa funnj II
wer? torn? Urn? i nd the wa
of] ? ? ?terdi i roved tl
they di?].
The aer? ?se i lu s ?
.u .'-. and ihi had i good I
thing* tb? ave k<
bottled -i- a lonf -i ? I
? ?? , ai Mi v m Palm
?? .. ? ,-:? - ? ol '
Bain) i ?al lei ever si
Miss Mary Wood l?in<i?i one on Ml
-. ? r i ? pre ent f th?
F? d. ' ah? il I ei grabbing nil th? <?":
m sight and everybod] laughed ai *l a
Bol ??? ' ? '? Mr? Fletch?
the dub - nildrer Thai s
danced. They were detnonstratl
? .? . ildance committee th?
? .i?i -i out of the Woman
\\a- im t ut.-, for ? ?? h pui pose? It wi
unanimously <i<- Ided, - Ing the
? to ti all them for Ih? rtai
? oi ? ? . ogratnmi waa
Btltlon of the one ?-'?v?-ii
?'s T'oi in entei tainrn? r.i li
t i orrigible '
;? bet ?-?. --i ?. :. - ?? a : loti - haract?
MUllngtcn, the nat? fo?
Miai Dorotb: Mc?Qowan Mil
Kathei n? ?oye and M m u g? ?
Crawford Mih* Dorol Hermanson tan
Swedish ff'!. ? Misa Zal
rah V. i'i? hie. ii. Indian i ostum? Intel
preted orne Zunl song? in .? w-.iv tha
? ? ?>
Lieutenant Governor Reynolds Pre
vents Defeat of Ballot Amendment.
Ill- . 'II.. IrllMin.- ?
llarrlsburg, Penn.. \i>rii i Lieutenan
< ,i.\ ernor Rej m.i.is cam? er?
suffragist) to?da) hi.iI prevented iii?- de?
feat <?f their efforts i?. sei ire the paaaag?
i., g - - "''?li.iti pi ol Idlng '"i a ' "ii i
raendm? iii l he ' ?.nt.?.'' south?
? .:i.i!. vote ?.n Ihe resolution ami
? ; . .-. na ? was a tie when the Li? u
; nan i <;..\? t ti'i voted tot h postpone?
s ITi iglsta declare thai when the r? -??
i , come? up again thej
votes to -ft-. ? Its pai sag'
No Opposition to Measure in Pennsyl?
vania Legislatur?,.
:< ;.'Ki.ii-1 t.. i ba '?' ..i um i
Harrlaburg, Pann. ?Vprtl i Th? BueaU
don bill, v.?hi h i ? '> i'i? 'i for
monthly ha-, rntaats by counttes, has i i ed
flrst reading In the House After passing
B? nate finall* ll i ame i ?? foie the
lower body last night, ?n.i ?a> advam-ed
t.. iii- second reading calendsi with.mi
Th.- hill Introduced by Benator Sheets
rea all counties to make payments
t" m.H?.:? m widowed m ibandoned moth?
ers for the partial support of their chil?
dren in theli own homes, h.si.a.1 "i ? - - ? s ? ? - ;
pelling them ihr- .?h stress of povert) i<>
be seal i" mhtiiuti'in?. ^
; Mrs. Boldt and Mrs. Baird, Vet?
erans of Gen.' Jones's Army.
Re-enlist as Paraders.
B? sum Mitt .\.:.a Rapport, ihi ?
Idati f:or the p?>-i ol ."dost Beautiful
? t? ivouldn i go man king it: Ihe
? ? ts, not ? v? : to advel tlse th?
? ball st T<.:.,'.- Qard? n on Api
:?. radei- rest? rd? roped In Mrs.
Mai Balrd ' i a
iv o It will be rim t
.-?ii/ beauUes ol 11? : ? ?? Roi
Mol M ? - .' ? : ? ?:?? Of
h i a ws tlieii irogi estei ds ?
.:? \I: ? I : ? .".v.l. i,
. i . ,, .
loak ' Shi had ew ?pi
R - ? . .
.'?/. a ?
: ' .
tve ? ?ut the pill
sstei ds
? 11 mal? i a' from Ive to ?Si
IcKi ni i-- srai ...
Mil Malaie M- I
? :. (i-i ? .ui Mnong the rh?
Miss i Ion ? ? mon ai rl
! Mi-- Bari iii'
? Fair New Yorkers Uphold Bill
at Albany Hearing.
he Ti "
\ rh? bin i t"vi.. .
, .., ? . n New York and s
mai ? : '
lab i I to-ds befon
,v . mbl i Cltle? i Its? bj ?? di lega?
tion of Ni ?? ? ' ' II ? ? omi a
member? of th? "? Pi hron
\- ? . :' . ? ? Th?
... ir. pi ov ld< I ? ?
'.'. eai blu? uni!"' i ? ? ? - era ol
t,;.- i. gulai f"- ? and be sssigned I -
,.,:,, ipall i dan? e halls, parks i
? ... ?j .,?,.- n .. otbei ' Lai ? -
m i i ahi re glrb :,rH llk',v '" ' ' '
?|-, , .,. | di be - a'.i.-'i ipon t" do p
.m, s Portai ol ? ? ? irii on i ommltt? ? ol
it),,. \s' ei sloi Church I oi im thought
that in handll a v?.,' ward Kitls policemen
,,i,i noi ? thi ? ? ' '-i n .. woman
.., \ word from a woman, ihi be
,-.. d would r? de? ni th girli
the. tai tl? SB treat mi nl the ? re? slvi d at
the banda of the ordinary policeman onlj
them de pe? ? ;" a Ife "? iban e
Miss rissen, ol the House "f Mercy,
told ol Ha gatlM : Ingl Ol bO>a arid gll I'?
ll! N'.-u Vorl. ' It; parks. Which, Bh? Bid
often : Ited In glrli ^r??i?,k ?
Koi - ? ' ceded to thss? i ? ??
. said. Thi '?? "I'l Ol a WOIM*! K- It
: siati n. girl to think
Sai "i in- m-1?- boy? who go on th?
poll? ?? force rind thai i hi li promotion
di penda on i he numb? i of arr<
make. This reaulu often In tbeli ar
i. Btlng ?:."?'! omen, who i.-. tin- ,,i t
.,.- mi drivel to II ? ??-1 of i hstne,
? I ? .n i? deemed i>y
a UtUe tact "
Misa Has? - aid thai sn In ? atigal on
of glrli reformatorie sliowed that their
age a! Ui? lime ut Iheti downfall ras
general!) Ihlrte? n "t fourteen ? ears
' I.at- r Im a - "' i ' ??? rl ? In the famll ?
I she said thi knowing ? n.it ?-?>. ,,,.
j is. turn t.. the streets to rnaki a living
i Mi-- lia- i thai poli-. om< ?
; irould Btop man ol them In the!) doa n?
: ". a I d coui i ?
, i ith? is wl " .ui" .'I'-'i foi *h" bill wer?
i Vs. .-mill-man Lewis, who Introductsd It'
I Dr. Jane L Bei ry, Mis? All? i L w.iod
I bridge and Ml?? Parojuar, of th? Worn?
I en's Prison A-.-., . |g ' jot)
"Talking Pictures" To Be
Shown at Colonial Theatre.
if it's disconcerting r?, ?.. yourself .'us
Other? .?"??? you, what mus? il be to In-.w
yourself a" others bears you? But Mra
lames [?eei Latdlaw, Misa Harriet May
Milla, Miss Elisabeth Pi.lan Mr?
Raymond Brown, Mrs W, Holden Week
and several otbei auffraglsta sill have an
opportunltj "f doing both on Monda)
night st the Colonial Theatre. %nd Ih?
, .n nee uiii have a suffrage meeting
sandwiched In between othei and mor?
frivolous "talking movies "
Por ti?' firai lim? suffrage ?rill be pri?
sent-, i p.-r the klnctophone. Thi? ii tb?
talking picture for whli h auffrsglsts posed
and orated at the Bdlaon > t- ? i. i ?.. - Borne
\' eeka ago.
It is to be released on Monds] Timm. -
lMls.,11 has seen it and Is mu.-n pi. ,,' ???!
So are the sutTragists A number ?if them
have taken boxes and seats for tin? per?
fi : mam ? .
Health f*ommlsalon?rr Uederle oould n?n
begin in.- "i i? aii up" campaign ySOtorttay
becauae the 1*0.0*0appropriation necea ..i
f,,i the work was nol available Ths re
,,i e-t was befon the Board "t Aldermen
on Monday, snd will now have to no be<
fore ti" Board "j Estimate for approval.
i, ma] ! ? -???' ral day? before the cam
palgn is ?ot undei way. Ml the ftwcea grs
uiijanlzcd nad) to begin. '
^-rv - A nan?? tnat
o^tfeC%Cf4l>" when passed
^?* * down m nta
i,,r;. has stood
for Ihi besl
corsel "f the period. . n*tn? srith
ord?nol an unknown corset
\ name thai itandi for the best ?n
fashion making
t-ound where oil good
coritts ar? told. $3.50 to "{15.00
Tha u in i i Brot i a
\. i? fork <??:?
Seven Macaroons and Surplus
Nickels Are Admission Fee.
Members of Woman Suffrage
State Association at Sea
Over Interpretation.
it' ?'?-. | ..; r\-.ti macaroons you went
: ??-ith the confident tread nf the wealthy,
1 if you hadn't you went with the timid
i o the hui bl< it made no differ?
. ight inyway, yon
? t foot of the tepa by
a ?? i ? ature al ? asi --? vei ? I
tall, in ?relrd robes and blsch mask, who
demanded nl? k. ? id W ? n he
.i ?? o man In y? lo? to? h ? hat
? ? as i. it "? j ?..ir paj envelope
fo i r? I hen el astened In - pii ii and
i purifl? d in hi art abl? to appreel it? th?
on of ti??' 111 > ?ter; pi? ill thlg waa
? th? ?:? "l,i irtei ? th? Sew \ "rk
B1 it- Woman Buffrage Association, No
ISO Madison svenue, last night, it being
April ' .m.i th? * ?i i .i iei ?ufTra?
The play wai -? m: tery pla; entitled
"Pood t..: Thought oi What Became of
the Be? ond \ ?
To i" Kin wltl Mi i. Gertrude Nelson Lee
in .? futur! t gown made ? l s oi k
ansoun? ed that, the ?? t of suf?
? ttes being to smai I ?.they
??: break everj dItlon
they could Th?p) didn't knou then lines;
dldn'l i ope to know tl em Th? y
ed to call I ? -i ? ? ? ? ira ?ees use
? i? ? ? ? .f thi
ig i tar as the | t was ?*on?
ed, il .?il i appened In Mi W oi k ??
? md Mi rt oi i. i off ?
e was My?
?. f ? barm
?' ? ? l.-tl :,..'..
. . :?
rge do It" ? ? f .-.?i
aho worn
? ??? .
-red him Martha \ft
\ ? ? ? ..
? ?
ible II |j
Modesty, who
? . ? ? ? 1
? . - , ? ? I pu 1
er. tike s
Thl? aas th? f act Th?
ed for i
Mrs. I?ee pn nl . i noun? -
and as n had been arltl n ? nl
rpt ?
? .
Mrs. M y sl<
.. ? ,. : II* I
? i OK tO ?
i . .-' . ? , ?
? .
? :' ? in? an ?
, ?
Boa provokli ? ? ? ;
ted 1 il m t?? hook
? ? '
All the ni? kels
wll --?. to lh< ISI i ? ampatgi fui I Bom?
of the audl I tdnted. think?
. ,t u April fool'? da) <rui they ??
,:, i th? ii ? ch ? 1",T ? ' '
Mr? ' II? dear th? da ? .?
rood foi thought V"M k?
,, ? .,t ih? nystei pis ?
: -v. -
,.,. ,, . ,?...-? VI >'
.;..;. tVoi I !? ?I ' RoJ ?
Itolan.l i..'
; i r 1 i ? ? ?? '
P I ! .Il I Id ?
. !?..!.:. Hi ..??
. John Bob
. Dorotli? Peterson
. Bvivpa Keai
. ? ?? ? M ii. ? I.- ?
. Marls Nelson
. . il- r Ben
Jane Potei i.
?i ? .
Woman Suffrage Party Bends
Efforts to Get "Occupational
Groups'" for Parade.
Wanted Milliners, cigar tnakera hair?
ilj-gggiirg and mantcurlsl in mareb In th?
aoman ?uffrag? parade Mai I
Wanted asfpeciall) Women abo will be
.. ganlasr? for esarh el thee? professions
One ?-? tint?, <.f the parade la to i>? mad?
n. ..i ...'i'ii|.iiti..iiii! groups" women who
? ? h behind the banner >.f the bu
in which the; ara etigaged stoat <?( the
groups airead) have their leaders, but .1
? ..ii '.?.??a Issued resterda) i.\ Mra Harrloi
| Btanton Blateh, chairman "i the parade
I committee, i..i ors?aJit?u>rs toi the follow?
oecu] atlonal group?
Bookblndara ? Igai mak? i aairdrea -11
and manicurists, rnilllnera, novelt) w?.ik
ers, telegraph operatora, t?l?phona oper?
atora, room clerks, tewardesaea, wait?
resaes ind white k<?>iIs workers
siitti.i?;: i- living outside of New Tors
u. asked i" send in theti nam? nt one?
and i?. m..i orgsalsers i"i the following
B< natoi ..u ?listi ici groupa
2Sth Albany Count)
?it. Bennscla? r ? "mini}
23d Clinton, Eaais and Warren eoun?
Hi g,
?tu st Uiwr.-nn' gad Franklin c.un
II ?
in -Oswego :iti.l Jefferson ?'ountir?
6th i 'ti-i.i.i Count]
r;.i i,t\ Inaatom and St. ?ben
i.tii Monroe ?'ount)
Kith Mom ?i?- ? ounty
Itt h Erle ' 'ountl
rsth Brie Count)
r-t? tTn Brie < "??nut\
Miss Caroline Lassa Ni. t?; Kast ttth
-' " is in dung?- uf the sja-oatorlal
i tilica.
We Have Hot Radiators to Make Home Morej
Bearable in Winter-Why Not Cold |
Radiators to Make It Com?
fortable in Summer?
Dr. Issslfs lun \ n-t stSaaaag,
There are a few greeks ?>n<-h summ!
D whi'ti it Is as important to dlSSJ
pate heat in tii>? household sa it Is to pro
vide BUtheienl heat during the months n
winter Artificial systems of refriger
atlon are provitled in the assembly mom
!"f various hotels, CafSfl and theatres, am
thi-ir installation is contemplated In nos
pttal < onstru? Uon. The Installation of ?
?"ohne system In any private house whlcl
i, already piped for steam or hot watei
I heating Is said t" be a matter of smal
i ? gpense and entirely praithal.
it is possible to maintain the temper
i itiir.- of the drawing room, dining i.i
| and rhSmhSIS Of the lions? during Us
' dog ?lay at ii degree which rond?is Um
[atmosphere sa refreshing as a cool hath.
I it is peas Ibis t" have at hast one arti
I ficlatly cooled room In which th?' family
may sssemMs during the daytims and for
lia ils.
This innovation. Which will be COU Id?
ered a luxury for a Ume, and then be?
come, as usual, a fixture, as furnaces ar?'
?now. is achieved b) the installation of :i
refrigerating plant. The smallest
; ? ?.mi rclal n frigerating plant now on tits
market will "-'?ii enough briae I.ntrc*
the temperature ?>f the usual dwelling
i "Us, -|?,-., , i,ni, ,| brine is pumped
through the radiators, distribution and re?
? turn of the brine proceeding through the
steam and return malM. ?The refrtger?
i sting machine ? m produos any temper?
ature dealred. When the systass is once
I installed the cos? ?f operation is vary
! ?malt
Heat is much moro enervating ?n its ac*
: ta.n than cold. .\t?-ntai concentration is
I difficult "f schlevstnenl when the blood
ms Bimmering through th? brain. 1.0
continued heal always briaga anxiety
th<- bomenasher. She will nrst obeet
that the family, or sosne one of its naet
hers, has developed ; n unusual irritah
it\. whi h 1? soon followed by minor i
nasses. When realataiiee is broken by a
passive and prolong-??-] h?tat perioda mo
serious llln?ssa may develop In the sous
Th.-re are two points which are of val?
m connection with the ventilntkm of tt
Pons.- to -?i un heal dbadpation. Th
t;? 1 is eross ventilation and the sacon
the pi'".- nlon ?,f .-, >enl for lbs heated al
at or rsry near the ceiling of the uppa
The arrangemenl <d' the bouse and II
furnishings vuii help to control the de
gres of beat, as well .is the mental Im
pression of the Inmates. Carpets :...?
ni",- at- almost into!, raid? in hot weather
v memb -r of on 1 of the "hi Km- kerbo kei
faniilh-.i told tli- Writer that no mo-h-rr
bouse a hlsvsd the appearaisce ami real
It] of di lldous ' ooiiH'ss that ? ?
found even at high noon of a julj day in
any "f th.- old Dutch homes along the
Hudson, whose well scrubbed bre Boors
wer? sanded v\:rh gas whit?- sand. Bare
floors, rattan furniture, sn absence of
?irati'-ri.-s snd all ?lust catching hrtc-4
brae 1 01-ist?ut ssssowabte undreaasng, a
diet -no,.-tie,1 until t is reasonably ?alorio
fras and the fr?-e ingastton Of tut" WS
will aid greatly 1 mahli g the hot
w.'.ither tolerable, lessen fatigue and in?
crease sfllcleticy. To have Iceland on tan
in A'ipust, hotsever, it will probably be
necessary m install a refrigerating plant
sad p'imp th?- ??hilled brine through water
pipes ami radiators, as described in the
? BrM part Of the arii- !.-.
His Alertness in Getting on to the New Cook Book of
Left-Overs Made It Possible for the Young Hus?
band to Have His Celery for Dinner, Even
rhouyh It Is Exoensive Now.
It does Mem ? Nth g shame to buy ? si
to bnvi
to tin ? Ut thi
? . |. . i ? .. VI: s N'".v Ij M ?-'1 tO b< r
mlassd his f '-V"i
is dell ? : '
S ?? M N '?? ? ???' ad ipi ?' i ids lit
SI till tl '.".king Ol 11
T ? ? n the i
ind ? ? ' ??-:'".? ?? a hen he tui i ? i t.. s
, ... i ? ?? .., : on ?thing ibout
, ' . ..i-. Booh ? f i,- ft?o* ? t ?" ? Harp? :
h ?'X.'lle'l
m ? ; the I ttl< : oek
? . ? . . f. ? ? :.. 1S>. ,,t left?
, Indeed that ? ?.'"; off al
ai .i made dlraeUj foi
the Tribune on" i s ers be a?k<si to
? '/ okbook and search??! at
r : i re? :i ?? fur using up the 11 ?
hits of celery, and he found three! Tbla
Escalloped Celery.
largi - ?? ?
? ,.k? d ' lut them into
lect Butter a baking dish, p .t
in a la then a I h
? ? anni ?i on? laed) Spt Inkle
over them ' nloo,
a little s.,.t gad ? ? : : er R< ; it, k
toi -t." - Cover aith
ibea "f ' read ai d do! e Ith ?? ;
I m Bas? la hot ovei
an houi
N.-. dies \. a ? ,, |g?| ?
two mor? Trtbi i ? out the co
and ieni l .? I sife
Piesenl ti - aith t? - ..t... ri
u' i (?enta at tin oflli ? "f T?..- blew?
Voik Tribune, on t: ? gn .:,.! Base,
and receivi "Ths Cook Book "f Left?
? o. ??. ? i o ii.,i i-, as table i loth By
i ?" , snta
Bodily Symmetry
hi : ru r,.' lift? ? mil
? ?. ? " . rn i before th
not thoroughly sppreclsted by t '?
,. age woman In oui modern schein
?? ?... s,, much is Brtiflcial am
t.... ., ? dltloas "' ? ?latear* do no
a loa of an entirely natural and healthfu
amount ??' ? ? l ich can be 'i"t ?? '
; ... i ,? ,? Burturs !?? aith ati'i beaut;
b) a simple system "i" development whli i
um not ??? !?? ? th? busy woman of man'
' momenta of hi ? Umi not be a gi sal ts
. , ta ? ? 01 i -' ! For th.- purpoa
I ... ? . bod ? Bupple, > laatl gn
| healthful b number of easy and vary aim
i . exercises have been tested with happ.
Almoi I "V'l-rv g ornan s Ishei t ?
herself as nearly perfs?et as posaiMe, hih
I ..-session of a vw-ll l,al ilir.-d bod?
riear eye end akin la the greatest hell
toward doing one* work and r"aliy en?
loylna hf".
Th. ' u:t ati. n of acili'.v .u.,| i ?a- tu-i:
of til.- hml'. which restores the COntOUl
..r youth at,.i keep? tin- hods healthful
mean in most CSSSS the persistent 10!?
lowing of ?? few ven limpia physical as
There should he plenty of trash au m
th?- room where ti.Berclses are to he
taken, and in?- clothing must ba of the
lightest kind and looss ?'laiUKh nut to r?
atrt? t tu- bod)
Stand aith Um weight "f the body rest
lag upon th?' hails of the feet, beela ami
knesa together, sbdomen ?irawn back,
\ out and head ?rect. Tak.? a . 1.-.-,?
breath, bring the arms out lidawlse and
up over th.- head; >'?a p bands and stretch
upward do not strain; than relax and
slowl) sxhale.
Raise th? aims straight abose the head,
palms together; take g dSSp hr?-aih and
liss Bl the same time upon th.? to?'?; t.ik?
fiVS ?T six steps across UM room, thi'ti sa*
p.i the breath while lowering th.- srmi
' and eomtog down upon th.- beela
With anus bangteg limp Iront the ??heul?
dare, henil the i?k1\ alttewlas a-s far as
i ? lid., first t,, th,- right and then to the
left; repeal ?iKht or ten Uwes. "With the
arms In ths Basas position and hasping
| th.- feet final) togeth?ir og the floor twist
! ths body ss far as li ean be turned from
! riKhl l?i lift and vice versa This Wring
| lag i ?..Trise greatly Bttmulatea the di
gesttva organs, wsarg away fat, gives
tiimuiss to the mnSCteS and helps aspal
stagnant matter.
1 Standing upon one foot, raise the, oppo?
site kn.-e, ami claaplng It with the hands
draw it a- high ami close to the ohasl as
possible, Rsnaal five tlmss with sack
Aftet these fear simple exorcises have
been gone through take the naorning bath
; nd then ml, ,|,,w|| (v|||: a diluted mixture
of tin foiiowim; rinalgre teadque:
nil of h.-iKMiiiot.it gramm? ?
O? "' 'Uroii.10 grammes ?
Tlnctur? of heuzoin.IS grammes
Extract of lavender_10grammas
Pata Whit? a-hM vinegar 1\ pints
I.rt this Infuse for ten day*, then filter
Dilute with four piirtB 0f wute.r 1U)(1 ruhj
the bwLy nun the injure. Thla took is
. scellent for r.;.ivo?i ti-s-;.
skin Of eourse, th-' inornlng '?it!, cai
| omitted f"i those ? ha pn '? r thi i ath at
Daily Bill of Fare.
i.ki: \ ktast Crea
s ni: bacon and wal
LUNCHEON Pish loaf, salad of
watercress and lettuce "crumb top" cof?
1.!?k?', t.-.i
DINNER < naomi ? Italian f
-t? ??? wltl-. macaroni, Bi
rhubarb pi? ? Itl ?::'? ?
Some people hop? for th? beet .?:.'! tiVn
kick themselv? ? I ??? lug? ihcj didn't hope
for something b? tter - Phllad? Ipl I? B?
The Woman
About Town
WEED?, "FILM AND wii bj n
onlyother ->a??nmcer beaMaa the w,,lna^
'" th" ?? ?? ?? lb? aiids of Brooklra
was a lady la deep mourning. Bke ?.
carrying a wood??, bag sad aeetned .,
-???"'?^lr-,s .,,?, .,?..,,y ,,?,?? ,? m ;
May:?.' her hnahand his |ust (.if.,,..
thought Hi?- srosT-uM. ?h,, ask-.i ir ?*.
could be ..f any assistai ?. "Oh nor
was the at ?wer -But maybe t.. talk will
***** "?- ?'"?'?". I'm- had ?ucl.rribU
bobs." "V...I w-r. r?ary f? n.i of hha i
Buppose." ?Not fondl i loved i ha aa ;
shall never love another! i -
allied by an auto while i gat ,,n ?j,,'
porch. Ai .i i ha bj i < bo ig t hi
? .?liar: .v... m,? my husband! I ..
easily a>t another husband, b ?
another Bnlff, Poor do?
:?ll th? war fn.in ChllM I m |
bury him in Jamaica, mj poor
iii- woman i?'t the w< i pin : wlllo
the ear and Bnifl I to i reell
Mitad, nay, ? ?..:.\.>ii gad >.. rged, to Baka
? funny mpeoer." before ?? club <.n u...,
End avenue. Being foarsfl-natured
g| 1er lifintr coazi ?i t.. the right point I
??lins?.ni.-i Befon leaving foi
we "practised the ?p< :I.
fering relatives. "l?cn't forget
..n your toes." gaJd our hushai r.
snr?> to hold up your ebnet," warned ?inr
slater. "Ch it your lungs full of ? - ggg
, ?.'. nii't be Jerky," edi Ised ?? u
ft lend "Stand g ' Bul M ? ? tried to
remember all the rules we'd forget the
h. Bo. after allowing the I
t.. clear our thro.a* with th< ?
? ? .:???? of .in orangi
snd some glyc?rine, a? left for :; ?? :
f- ... | i, m?? Ilk? taking eg
.. ... thing ease.
poorly dressed, prematurely aged a ?
with "toll" plainly stamped all over
A? ws sat together In th?- ?tree!
venation ?prang up. Ear hi ??. ?raj
i?itt--r with the gting "f an "ungrateful
daughtaf." i nttver would lei h?
hi r han.Is .r ? ? ? I tu I : ing h? r l|
.i laddy, an' what thanks do i gel ' None!
She can't even earn her oam br? I si
butter." I'""! d ighti Pi
The case of the "ungrsti :
should be died from many i
Wh? n she was brought up t" be
.ttiii then Inst? .ni ol being
a lad] hi itl?
he o very wroi
.t poor equlpmenl '.'
English ?a oms
.i k. A\ >
"HI ca
my arm could n Hnmei
'.,? Iiance to be Pn
L'nlted Btal .- ' Tl ?
'- :
do? ?n't turn out to I
tion, be aill at
loving thought! I
. er!
Highways Society Report Shows
104 Hurt in City*s Streets.
A? ordlng to I - ! '
!.S ?A- -
i-i ? ? ?? It CD
Mar . ? <:
? fflc. CM
?d 19. I I
.-. , ?
The - ?? for l
w that aut ?a
. - ? tl by
. 'Util "tl t . -
i | and Injun .
i. y? h lied ; and li lured -
Report from Rochester. Minn ?tafl
She Is on Road ^Recovery.
I Hip M Lydia '' Ko. -
rboae wife wa ? ?'th*
Drg Mayo ' ' !;o
eat? Minn , yeeterda
Lydl ?
- ..-i-itii m which i.? wa toimal
that 1
go Mi ? ' ?
? ?:.. . -;? ? ?' ;*~'
- ah? i'.i- been ti ,v '"
V. * inkles
T)uy the ?envine
which bears this label on waistband
Accept no substitutes or " just-as-gooda1
Sold at good stores everywhere in
Cotton (black only) at $1.50 to $3.00
and in Silk (all colors) at $5.00upwards.
You will be interested in th?
KLOSFIT Style Book de Luxe, sent
free, on request to
Klosfit Co.,
Publicity Dept. 208 Fifth Avenue, New York

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