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poses as mm
I. W. W. Leader, Pleased, De?
clares His Sentence Will Add
Members to His Organization.
Paterson Officials Disappointed,
as Arrests Fail to Break
the Deadlock at the
Silk Mills.
I I ' k ei-ai 'i to Ti.e Tub'.M 1
lai? is.?ti. n. j., April 1?William D
Ha\v\oorj, Ka,!,r of Hm I. W. W. 11 ??
aesnrenf strlk?, i'ass..i Um ?lay In Pas?
e lie Count*/ .ia.il in a state ?.f irroat elation
?ivr his sentence ?,i gig ln.'iitlis for viH
lathic la? unlawful ??sembla**? act of 1835.
"It 1 could niatiai;?- to |?l arris:.d six
timos a yt-ir on stach tramp?*?* up ?-barges
as tills ?me thg liniiisti-iHi Woraera of
World WOUM take OB a hundred tlimi
i.in " mi rabera per anm m." said Hajrarood
h-nty Muii-lll. his rouns. 1, to-day.
Haywood and \s ssiir, the 1 W. W. B?C
t? ury. -re ?-nnfnl? lit that they will b? re -
le??d on habeas corpus prof?ft<MHnia Sat
The authorities of patirson are disap?
pointed hooaooa ti a swresta of Haywood
?ad I.essU- Invr ii"t wo akin? d Um <i?ter
rilnation of ih.e strlk??*?. Tl.e gtrlk? Is
HOW In Its sixth week, with both sides
.i-?adtocked and no prosp?tc1 > f sett] imenl
la stjht.
Haywood in bis cell lias turned COn
s. 'vative. ll<- dcn"'ini"e.l the i"flaniMia'"i -?
utterances of l-Ycl S Boyd, who t<>l?l
the ?Hikers last night tiiat the stars In
the American tlajr repfSSBl "polio-men's
sh!? Ids" and th. ?trlptes stand for the
"1 ars of Um prit0? ? el'"
Commissioners Are Satisfied.
The Mparti> in ,'?? aid ? I i ? ? ? * i ? ? ?com?
nlssii.nt-i s, on. ol whom Is a tnill own? r,
Fiends pa! "ii th? decision >.f Recorder
?'arrol!, their . ??. who Sentenced
Haywood ami 1.? BSlg m six mont
bard labor r,,r permitting strikers to
ptUMf on the ba?eball park last Sunday.
They t.?iHere that K?-.-,.r?i.r Carroll's sen?
teac? an.i til- | ,088 ball were not exc?s
Fi\ r.
"Haywood promised Chi?! Of Police
iimi?'in that lie would not call a meetlns
la Hie park Sunday afternoon." said
Thomas V" Morir?n, chairman of the p"
]i?-<- ?-..iiiiiiissioiirrs, today, "He ?Ullji
i;rat?-i.\' bfokc his promise, BereraJ hun
drerd I W. W strlk?rs ?rere there ready
1" list? tl t" tl.e ??;?.,
"?'hi.f Bimson brain up the nioctiiur
ami B?ywood started for Haledon, an l
by the tiiii?- the crowd raaclied the out?
skirts of the city there ?rere more than
two thousand of them, blocking the
?tra?is ami acting in a disorderly man
"Some bare criticised Cblef Bimson Im
i.i'is.. be did not ?rrest Haywood lone
befora ?a ?JUd. Th?1 strike leader bad
gire? vent to inflammatory ri-niarks, and
had COndU?*ted llllllBSlf In a most SXaS?
peratlng manner. The arrest Sunday was
til?- culmination of ;? wttitg of outbreaks
Of lawl.-smss ami disorder on his part."
?Commission? r Morgan said the raer
< liants and many of th? mill owners nv
Ofljnlsed .lusti.e in some of the di-mands
of th<- strikers. Th?- only reason why
the owners would not confer with Ute
strikers was because they were deter*
mined rif.t t'i recognise Haywood and the
I. W. W. had. rs. Pally half of those
on strike, a? said, had been intimidated
by Um imitators.
Want General 24-Hour Strike.
The oftieiais of th.- Am.-ri'-an Federation
of Labor ha?? volunteer?-?! their s<-rvle?>s
to settle the strike, but the I. \V. \\"
leaders will not aoc.pt. The latt<r Insist
that ihe A. F. Of L, shall tirst order all
their members to join the *B,88I silk work?
ers and have a tWenl| -lour l.ou- strike
This has ben refused and th? t w?> ?.r
panlzatlons are pr.parit.a.' to BSjhl it out
To-morrow a mass msstln? has been
?called at Haledon by the I. W. \V. to ad?
vocate the twenty-four-hour strike in all
Industrie? The ??MCSMg* or failure ?>f this
meetinp may determine th?' fate of the
entiro Pat? rson strike. Both bides ?re
?grand, however, that no settl'-m'-nt ran
be arrived at before next week.
Grant indignation was shown on ths
part of employers of all classes to-day over
the <-ri1 Icasma from the outside airains t
the potion of the authorities in ?ITSSUng
Haywond It Is contended that communi?
ties much larger than I'aterson would
have arrested the strike Pader lonK ???
fore <"hlef Ilimson did, and on much k
Boccini, Who Was Arrested at
Little Falls, Sentenced.
I.ittl" Kalis, "ff. V . April 2.?Philip P.r.e
cint, recently eonii,rted as ? rioter ?lir
lnK the tsadle strike di ?turbar.'", s last
fall, was S'('nt?'iieed to on.- year in tin
Auburn state prison to-day by Jtldg?
Ball at Herkim.r.
Alienations that the Jury's deliberations
Were not In accordnm.- vith CUStOm wire
contained In affidavits fll.-d In Bo
aUorneya Judge Bell 11 ?elsnal thai Boc?
.-lui had had a fair trial, and le vigor?
ously r? fut?-d ?a affidavit Btatlng Um bs
had characterize?! th<- Imlustrlal Workers
of the Wtirid as ai an*MslS to Dtstl ?
Attorn? y ]"Hrr?!l during the trial.
Delegates to Intercollegiate Civic
League Convention Plan Trip.'
The seventh annual convention of th?
Ijiter.-olli-Kiate ?'Ivie T^eaKlie Is to he held
nt < 'olutiihia I'niverslty 'i'hursday, At.ril
1<?. ami in Washington on UM followliu,
da". Hetween t?<> hundred and ihr?-?
hundred r? prcsentatlves are expected to
h? present.
The programme for the openirur day in
clu?l?-a a luncheon In Marl Hall, Columbia
I tils erstty, where an ?fldfS will !,??
)nade by Nicholas Murray Hut 1er, presi?
MafMf If |8 he setved In the Holland
House, at which Assistant Hlstrlt Att?ir
nev l-'rank Moss, William A Prend? r?-m-t,
William P. M?*CombS, Major Henry Ims
Hlgglnson, of Boston? and the itev. in.
("ail IMIaiid, of BJt ?!e??rges ?'hurch, will
be the speakers.
The d?leixat.'S will th?-n take the mid?
night train for Washington, wh.-i? tiny
will m'-<-t ?'hlef Justi. ? John Whips and
Amh???dSf Hr.v? <? early In th.- mornini:
Hspr?S?DtStlTS Oscar W. IJadWWOOd Will
be the host of the ?tudeiits tn the ("apltol
President Wilson will tcciiivo tho del?
?atos in the VMnte lioua* early In the
aftornooM, '
Nassau Sheriff's Kindness Outraged, but Guard's Pipe
Cows Fleeing Convict, Who Gets Iron Ball and
Snubs from All Other Prisoners.
MI "u.'. Loi i Island, April !? *Vh? n
Jo eph Grelle placed a plank agnlnst lbs
wall ol th.- Nanean County Jnll yard thin
evening, inn up it ami Jumped over, th?
other prisoners begged hin not t.i run
.tu.i>. as it would hurl their good nsm?
a Ith Ihe Bh? rill, a ho had b? en kind to
t'n?m, reeding and bedding then welLand
they feared 't would hurt his feelings if
one of tbc gang deserted In thai manner.
Grella, however, was deaf to their
pleadlnga, and, jiiini'inpr over tho fifteen?
fool wail, made off over the level tienp
stesd Plalna toward St. ?Paul's bchool, at
Garden City. ?VlnneM H"\, s guard,
quickl] drove the other? Into their cells,
then stooped s man who was paaslng on
a bicycle, and, Impressing the machine
started aft. r Grelin.
Gells kepi en ni'.til Bos was within two
hundred feet, when his tire blew nt'. ?"in-.:
Ioff liU' a revolver shot. Box Jumped oil
land started after Grelin, pulled ?? pli"
from his pocket and told the fugltiv? that
?f he ?li'i n"t st"i> he would Bre. Grelin
atopped and was handcuffed.
When he discovered that ho had been
eaptured with a pipe, be was In .1 rage,
but being handcuffed could do nothing. A
{ number <>f Ihe boys from St Paul'a School
had Joined In the chase, and they acted
| as an eecoHl for Bot and Us prisoner
back to tii?- jail.
Grella is non In disgrace with the other
prisoners f??r violating Ihe hospitality <.f
tho Sheriff, ami h? ncefoi t h during
term ?will ho ostracised b* the hobtieawlth
whom be had been kept
As extra punlahment Grella vrtll now
have an eighteen-].nd ball shackled t"
his f..";. which be will have t<> haul
around while lie is working on the st"?'"
pile Grella'a sentence of f.? months
would have been up on Monday, and why
i., wanted i" escape is a nystery. Ils
was convicted ?.f abducting tlfteen-yenr
Iold Mary fin. ii.? at Rosljrn last Octobei
Detective Believes He Has
?Found Cause of Admiral's Death
i Bj Tetegr iph I ? 1 Ik Ti II aac ?
Boston, April 'J. Slat." Detective John
H. Scott, <-f Bratntree, chief Investi?
-.".'!? r i Tl UM Ivatiiti irust-tv .- said to
dny that ho believed "rough on rats''
was th" form "f nraenlc which killed
Rear Admiral Joseph ?'.. Baton, of \s
slnlppL This is tho tint siat. ment from
any officia] in tho Investigation, which
nnmea s sp?cifie arsenical prepnrntion.
Un the day ?>f Mrs. Jennie May
Eaton's arrest, charged with th?- mur
dor nt' her husband, Dlstrii i Attorns]
Albert l". Barker said that some form
?d nisii??.- kiiiod the ndmlraL The in
<ii< im? in went s?i far as i?> mention
"white arnenlc," but that ia as f.ir ssi
tho S|'<'-ilir;it'"Ii has gone. If Ulis Is
tho right theory, chances <?( ascertain?
ing who bought the poison nre much
more difficult T., buy arsenic stmight
Involv?** considerable questioning, .siirn
in?; a book ?nd other formalittes, bat
tiiis tat poison may be bought without
Outcome Muy Depend on Inter?
pretation of "Bribery."
John u. Btnnchfleld continued yesterday
i Is argument before th.- Appi Hate i?i\i
sion ?in tho appeal ?if Charlei H. il>?io,
forneri) City Chamberlain, from bis i ?
vi' ti"ii "u th.- charge of bribery. John
Klrkland ?lark repreeented ths District
Attorney in opposing th. appeal a de?
cision is expected at the i mi oi n? m week
The out?eome "i" th.- appeal ma) hinge
en th.- higher court'i Interpretation ?>f
tii.- word "brtbery." Joseph ?; Robin,
chief witness sgnlnst Hyde, testified thnt
th.- former City Chamberlain a-k.-ri him
t,. i.-i.-i *::,",?.?. ..f th.- funds <.f th?- North?
?m Bank to the Carnegie Trust Company.
Hyde promising t<> deposit ths same
.i "int in city funds with the North? rn
Justice s. ?.tt Intenupted Mr Clark t"
ask: "if Hyde had told Robin that he
wanted him to loan the money m the Car?
negie Trust Company because the city
bad 1808.800 en deposit und that he was
. n would not have been a crime,
would it.' it would haw been laudable."
Mr. ciatk replied that Hyde ?ii?i not do
to conserve th? larger amount on d? -
with the Carnegie Trust Company,
but to help ont his friend's.
"You mean, thin," Justice Bcott asked,
"if liyiio ha?! made the arrangement
with Robin hi the IMPS Of savin? the
? ity's money, thnt would han been Inu?
dnble, but when he did it for friends that
was s ' rims " *
I Mr. ?lark said Hyde frequently receiv? i
favors from the Cnrnesde company.
Justlee Laughlln wanted t-? know what
th.-s.- favors were. The Assistant District
Attorney said thnt William J. Cummin ,
??i the Carnegie compan*/) had given.
Hyde's brotber-to-lnw s .1 ? ? i > with s eon
psny i'i Hi? Smith and that the ?ham
berlnin sent many men to Cummins tu
help them out.
"Don't you think that you should be
?.M.- to lay your finger on some particu?
lar favi.r'."' Justlee Bcott asked Mr. 'Mark
Patrolman Finds Overlooked
Evidence Favoring Father.
Jam. s Prltcbard, s poUeeman attached
t.. a Brooklyn precinct, whose fkther,
James C. Pritchnrd, is on trial before'
Justice Steubury. In the Crimina] Bran? h
of the Supreme Court, for receiving st<>i< n
goods, testified yesterday thai the police
bad purposely overlooked e**ld?****ce In order
to "??-t s good case" against his father.
Toong Pritchnrd ssM thnt Commission'
er Dougherty stntlonsd him st his fathi ?'
??-?????ind .hard Shop after the raid ati'l that
ho found a hook containing a record of
ths purchase of tho Jewelry In question
lying on a counter. HS couldn't see,
Pritchnrd said, why t!,<- detectives who
bed the plnee had not found it.
Jsmes <'. Pritchsrd la accused of know?
Ingly buying Jewelry which hud been stol
.: from Kkts Franc?*? H Barnes, ?if th?'
Bt. Andrew Hotel. Th? ease win prob? I
ably go to the Jury to-day.
! Copy o." Report of His Committee on
Turberculosis Received Here.
"Presented to Parliament by Command
?.f His Majesty" was the ex**tenntion set
I forth on the ?'ov?-i-<?f a r?-'iurt on tUbercU?
; loels in the United Kingdom received al
tho Department "f Health yesterday from
Waldorf Astor. Tho report s/ns In turo
volumes, and Mr Astor was mentioned si
? hail man of the ?'?'intidlt. .? wlihh had
seen considering ths g?*"neral polies In re?
spect t" the problem of t**be**?**JosJs In the
United Kinn'iotii
it was explained al the Deiinrtnienl thai
Mr Ifcstor, ML P., had visit"! health hesd
quarters here to study methods of treat?
big ami handling luh.'ionh'sls ?anos wh. 8
ho whs in New Fork Isst ***n**.
? ?-??
Tho body of David Hennessey, mats ?>f
II,,. tun Th-niiil? r. ?I'Hrl.n. waK PSCOV?
ered at :? a. m, yesterday opf*eslte the
ond of Pier t". Brooklyn, nhere the
boat "?nk tats Tuesday evening. Hen-1
netey's boms wss st Na M Dsgrnn
atreet, Brooklyn. Tho body srss (pnnd
by ths crew of the William H Flannery.
Nu tia." <>f ths four iithor members ?if
ths orew who were drowned, has bees
Tampa Man Landed in Tombs
After Weeks of Pursuit.
Detective About to Sail for
Buenos Ayres When He
Learned Quarry Was Here.
After a pursuit that I'd f i "in Tampa.
r?a. through ffew Orleans ami sev?
other Southern cities to Ne.? fork, then
down tn Buenoi Ayr?*?, Boutta Atnei
ami Oaall) : ses to th) city, m : H
i;, ad, presid? nt of th? R< ad Pai k? i i
strucfioti Compnny, "i" T?mp?, ?a- nr?
rested ?.mi lock? d un m the Tomb ? i
terdsy. He ws held as a fugitive from
.:';?,? .? th.- arri\ al of ? \ti edition
papers charging him with th.- cmbei
m.ut ..t' a large aim, ,i,t ..f monej
his huslm ss ?asoc?ate ami backer, K m
l-ark. r
'I'll. p:,> s-;;? a,;,I (!) F Read
were conducted b* M. i> i N i ? s. a de
tectlvi - u ; lo] - ?! by th? Flo
! ties. A' ? .;....' !?> I', p. W, K. al v '
ahoiit tliii ly-.'i'. ? ? ? ' I Ml
I'ark.r, an ag< 'I ?nd wealth) ' Itl?
of Arcadia. I'la . t., il ? I
ti ?? constru? non i omp in earing th? Ii
nain..-.. h? ad ?as phured at tin h?*?d "f
it. The ??? mpair.' flou i i I got
numb? r "i big contra? Is, amona ?
Ing tl,. . onstr ictloi ..t n ?? ? i al :
building? ami count??? eo ri ou
Read dSapp'-ar-d ah.nil tl,,- in'..Idle id
January, and an i lamination ..t ti ? ? ?
pany's looks is said to ha'..
heavy i ?ortagw II? wa? traced t,> Sea
,, a,,s, ?rhere :' was ?! irevered he had
.,.'. t? im et a woman named "Mildred.1
W'h n I " peW . Ol tO V '? ' 'i '? at)-, how
ever, the couple had flown ami be tr.I
tin m t.. thl dt:. ? ? ' lo learn that la?*
I a.I got I t" I'.u ?
it waa while pi. p u hu? to Btai t foi ?
port lasl Tut*8day on the Verdi that th?
detecUt? ertalned t.,:,t a mai, ..?
Bwerlng the description .?! th? n?
was looking for had landed from that
-,.. . : ohiv ti..- .m- before, leaving orders
that hn baggag? b? i ? m t" tn? < Irand
R? ad waa found In tha lobl y tl e and
t.ik, u to ? "in t wh-re h-' w.i
t.,| t.. tin- Tombs for thirty ds
p. rson, ?ecordlng t>. i >ep< a ? ? ? ? I
18,800 in stock ?? i im.-.t. s and ?<
diamond?, "Mildred, ' the >h t-1 Uv? ? ?Id,
w,,- ?ISO S lth loin, hut BS th?
charge sgalnst tar she was let go
Sin is --aid to !.. a W"ln all Of : ""'1 tatiu
i in Tamps sin- ws mai i !? d t" ..
prominent buslneei man there, win. >i
VOTCOd l"-r soin.- ti-in .,..? ? 11..uple
travelled under the nam? "i Mi and Mi.
"Wets" Hold Their Own or Gain
in Western Elections.
(?mal,.!. April t Mm.i, ?pal ?lections
??.r.- held yesterdaj In all Nebraska cltl?
ami towns asid.- from Omaha ami Unco n
llxiept in a l'W Ii stances, political he
wer.- not drawn, th?. chief i m b? lag the
'?.e^iloti of saloon license ,\ot mans
notable change were made, hut m a f? m
. , there wer? sarar? - \t Auburn,
i.raid..) reliably "wet," the "dry?" had ?>
substantial majority, ami Major Church
How?., for many, y ?Mrs in th.- diplomatic
si'i'vice in ?ii. at Britain ami Canada, waa
.?Ii cted Maj or.
The Y?? lory of ti,. t< mperance adv., at?
at Auburn was offset by saloon ?dvocatea
at Friend, heretofore no license, who won I
by a pronounced \ ota
Sunday has.'.?ill was mad.' an ISSU? a ml
In every Instance where the queaUon
I t to a vote Sunday hall won.
Poise, Idaho. Apni :' An Initiativ? ordl
nance designed t.? redure by one-ball the
number of saloom ami Increaas the ,,, i
of liquor llceni e 0 i- r i?? nl ws d? .-i
slvely d< feati d In ? ? ?? ? elccUon
Arthur Hodge? nr?a re-el?*cted Mayor
in opponent bad mad? a Md foi th.
port of women b) proml Ing t" ?ppoinl a
? ornan ?>ii i la- poll? ? tot ?
Dearer, April 2. Prohibition ?nd local
option were Issuei In most ?>f the elec?
tions held in Colorado towns ?jreaterdayI
wlnn local ticket.- were chosiii and liquor
amendments voted on. The nnti-prohib|.
la,1,i'Is WOT? victorious in a ii?; majoiit)
of the pbaes?.
Library's Lonely Figure To Be Sup?
plemented by Two New Groups.
Por man] month? "Phltotwphy'' has
look.-?! down ?m fifth avenue and us
throngs from ? plaee abova the entrance
..t th.- Sew York Public Library, Now
the |0<B?t*l liuur- l:i to hav. coiiipany. Its
nebjhbora will b< pot In place at the
northern ?nd southern end? "f th? Fifth
avenue facade. Preparations w.r. under
way > ? Bterday to sied Um n? e? 1 ,i
The pediment al th? southern end will
be n setting f"i s group known as "Th?
Arts." wliil?- th? muth. in ?ml ?rill I.i
naiiieiit"?! by aiioth? r L-r.'iip entitled "llls
tot.i.'' Both am tie work of the sculptor
fjeorgc Gray Bernard The groups will
...st |12?08 ?pice- Th. \ w.i" ?pproved
i.\ the Muiiiiipai Art Commia km In Ian?
Whitman May Ask Further I
clictments on Strength of Stat
ments Made by Newell.
Justice Seabury Denies Mc-ti
of His CounBcl That Condi
tional Examination of Cap?
tain Walsh Be Vacated.
Two proprietors of woaloVba nil nit
restaurants conferred with represen
tin of the iiiMri t Attorn? >'? ofBc? y
torda**, and while they mad? sflhlni
which tended to throw a peculinr Hi
??u the aituatlon with re**n**d to nil nil
Hocuses thi-y did n.'t produce snytbl
ih.it even threatened to had to graft
qulry or prosecution.
in ih. mean lime the Dtstricl Attorn
working on s matter developed In t
sta?. m. ni- of BSdwnrd J. Newell, whl
It aubstantlated win lend to fnrther i
diet ments of the three former Inspect!
m th.- Harlsm district?.Hnsscy, Thoo
m.ii and Al III tha.
Justice Seabury denied a motion sss
by Inspector Sweeney's counsel ss,.<
.t i.rder for the ooiMfttioiinl o
.iiiiiiiati-.n of Captain Wslsh in t
Bweene) csse bo vncnted Oeorgs Oord
Battle, who ?in be "i esnnsei for Bwi
ney, snd Alfn ? ! .1 'i .i'i-1. who bsa ra
1 ? 1 nt? ?! Sweeney in ths prellmlns
morn appeared i"i the Indicted Inspi
lor Mi 1 alii lated thai th? ? had ???
.1. nee n. .t w ai: n had bi en oui in .
automobile last Tuesday ai ' Thursda
ail.I .11 tar.I that if \\ al- n WS In COW
ti..it 1,1 fo ?on ?n thni 'a '? ih' '? v..? 1
for hi ' unditlonsl 1 ismlnatloi
ih. coui 1 declin ?i to rs< ate tha orwU
? ? ? ?. .!? ?: t ? ? ??? ditlonal . snmlnntl?
of Wal ' 1 fB* - ?>'<?'"' k in-in.irr?
.it. K?On. Ti.-- pi 1? " I I ?? .! ' id? 'I I"
1 it? r ul n ? III I- ? Ithev m ii" m u:
\tt .-1 ? ? offl?i --i m Walsh' hon
Bween? y snd 1 Ins era will be pros si
and "in have Ihe right <>i confront?t!?
? \. m, (nation H Walsh IS
1 ondition 1 ' ? srltn?
. ' ? ; . ! e will be p
..n the stand bul if ho ? t,.,t the i?r
? ???im--- ??! the session to morrow, 1
?t iii?i, ? will p---.-. n
t.. pui in ? \ id- ? ? -
1 11 bompi "n were srrslgn?
.1 ? Seal ury ?. ? st? rd.-i\ f?
11.-;. p|< aded nut guilty 1
m with in lb? 1
and extortion. Thompson, t.i ..
r ti In n in?
1 ? fl . ; m > t..
er thai enouW all??
him until mon Ing.
..t petei 1 i ' ?" 1 f.> l
additional Indictment, and Patrolma
.: ? .. formerl) a ptali
. ? "i .. ? ; ? ? ?? ? ? ii
ktment I activities in the 1st It
?,...' . . ,. . . ?
t del
<? hi? h ' If ? li? ? t.
ibed hoe he san ?Vlnfteld ?
ta I I n I th? n tlio 1 ? ? ? r. II
. . ? ? ? ? ""1 ,1 ??? and th?
' t ?::??! .t '?'.?: ! 11.1 I .?
Bamlx '. ? ; Mr ti r-.^- rger, h< :
. tained the l|?*ense foi blm, and for ths
? .| .a-.- .
| tanobj > xpl I a i s th! tat?
| m? nl of s tory thsl bad bee
I? h Intim 't- i ths! i ?? ' ad pal
, *e .?? | ?oo i?, ,,,,i. ? t.. g? t I license.
Mayor Says Threats of Graf
Disclosure Come from
"Vulgar and Vicious."
Mayor il d ?< ?tatemen! yes
upholding the poll? ?? In th?
I ? | restsorsnti
Id h? a ? h om< d sny threats mndi
bj ths proprh tors lo din loss ths pa*
of KiKfi for the prtrilege "i n
% op? n after i o'clock in the morn
inn lie complimented the police on th?
work done on Tuesdsi night, when the*
entered the Garden Reataurnnt and sthoi
iii'' that remained open snd ejects*
ti,, i etroni
Hi wss emphnUc In his sspn ?? i li
;.t,ii"n i" refuse i" Issu? anj more al
n addition t" the sigh
aln dj i? ?: even In Manhattan and
one in Brooklyn lying, "All nlghl gus
ziitiK and vulgarity i* at an snd In Ksn
<i ,,tk forever, I hope "
in the statement be said In pnri :
? i ???.?.- the wore! of the proprietors mi>
they an- going i" thi Distriet ?ttornej
lo maki- grnfl ?ii ?' i"-iii. - ?toodl Lei
u,. m . ,i and t? d everj thing. That li
what w? all wsnt n sny ot them pnld
graft n hss no! ssved them Thej Ihren
n n t.. th? wsste basket.
??ah m the grnfl din le iur? i * ?? havs
ha.i ums far have been from persona
il.I up and PU! OUI "f business hs ?Mir
Polie? ? 'mi,mi': ion? i. And ) .-t the Po
h."m" lo i n n" credit for
th. ?? things ? vri't bj Int? lllgenl ami
thoughtful people And non II the vulgar
and v I' 1??ii proprietOI i "I ; .mi.' ?if Hi. ? ?
ail night carousing |.ia<-< s want t-> unfold
thi n graft ?? lorli I? i them come rlRht
along Th? "?ak >.f polio r*t*fortn, which
i undertook when i cam? Into this office
and Which has hi-, n i-ari'i. d un day |,\
daj under Commissioner Cropsey uu?i
Waldo ami which can bs done only by
patience and little by little, hss not been
and "Hi n"i i? abated one j"t or tittle by
threats "i grnfl disclosures. That is what
ws want, an,i ih.- more ?.?f it the bettor."
?- ?-.
Methodist Conference Protests
Against Walker and Duhamel Bills.
The 114th annual conference ot the
Kai lei n Nee fork i Hi u lei <>f the Metbo
?list Episcopal Church, which began .?t the
M. lr"i"illlaii 'I'.-i 111.1. . S.v.nth a v. mi. ?i nd
Mih street, yesterday n*rornlng, [issued
unanimous!) s resolution protesting
sgnlnsl the Walker snd Duhamel billa,
nota pending before the Btate Senate, pro
irldlni Cor the Isgsl opening of rotoons on
ti.?.tiior.n???? ptedged Itself t,. rslss
t!....-.i ror I touch? i ''"ih K'. Bsfttmore.
Mori than three hundred ministers at?
lended the opening ssssson, over whieh
Bishop Luther B VYIIson presided, in the
all. in?'"ii Bishop AinhrM.ii, Who had
landed from Burope two hours before,
made s brlsf apseek In praise "i i?hkiIsIi
Methodk m, whleh bs d?ielsred mors j?f <?-,
gresstVS than Ainorl. an Mclhudlnii.
His Advisory Commission Re?
ports in Favor of Changes in
Work and Methods.
Would Have the Highway Chief
Investigate All Contracts and
Limit Construction Until
Best Types Are Known.
Albany, April 1??8ugg??Uon? i??r
changes not on!) In future highway con?
BtrUCtion and maint? nance, hut also In
th?. administration of the Highway De?
partment, ?re embodied in the report ?>f
the Oood Roads AdVl?ory Commission,
submitted to Qoranwr Bulser to-?iay ami
signed by ten of the commissioners. Borne
"f the metnbera have not siKue.i the report,
while others have submitted Individual
'i he commission deems it "Inadvisable
ami inipracti.-ah?? " to suggest to the Gov?
ernor any one for ?ppointment t<? th?.
office of Commissioner of Highways r<
cenUy created by th" Highway lvpart
m. i,t r. organisation bill.
Th.- r?p..rt r."|Uest.s that the attention
<>f tin- public he ?ailed to the f;nt that
tin -i.at difficulties III the ptohl. m ?'t
highway renstruction and maintenance
"at-- due In part to the chonga and In?
?r.a.se in th. vehteutar traffic, as well as
In pail to mistakes' In construction mud?'
at various times sit. the establish!?? i.t
of th" ?P-pai tin? rit."
.\t the start th.- commuasloners point
?.ut th. dlflcultles brought into the good
toads problem by the automobile, ami
..-p.'ially II'.? ?utomobile truck, and tin:
trouble in Unding a road that ?rill me? l
Ha m ? ami ti" Tri?-r conditions.
Recommendations Made.
H? , oiiii.i. ndations made h, the report
Kxtenslv? new <*onstructlon w?.rk should
"??i bo pul ander . ontract until the ? 'om
mlssloner shall have ascertained th? typ**!
uf road that nave sirred] I.ron
structed m the state that have worn and
al.I ip t? ?. ??earing In mind th.idi?
lio (is, character and volume of traffl .
Itm? ?nd - 'st ?,f the construction ?nd
m iitif.'ti .in.. so such Jata win be utilised
m determining th? standard tyres t?> be
ui ? d m the t uture s un such nwnlil ?tloi
i- tin rx ? i .. mon trat? d practU ?
.u ??
Ph? '..n.'..!-. loner, Immedistel* aft? r
iilalng the department, should Inves?
ti,.- n perl heat tons, plans and con?
>.iti ,.-. of Ihe ? ontracta no? In force, ran? i
? - t It Should " Cancelled,
or plans that
? ii i ? et? i and . Ilmlnatlng su? h
of construction as an nol among
t type? i hlch the i 'omrnls
? Will adopt as (im stimiaid. ???d
should be gone o\.r as w.li a,
a d 11? ? plana and rraurvej s
? ? h< re Improv? menl
? ? "i possible,
In rxperlm? ntatlon on ni w tl pea ?o
long and i-u tl) stretches of road should
?...- ati u led, bul such const] uctlon
? . he limited io short sections
v ,t moi ? ? ? ? 11...us nal mile ? of
? .. ? ion work should be i it un?
ontracl In any one > ar.
? ?? estenslvi tie? ronatr u tlon
should be l.t tn September, October and I
nol more than fh a hun? '
Ir? i miles <?( ??? I ah? i be advert! ? I
n .,-.?. one s - ele
r ? period f,.r advertising should be
t., .r w.. ks iimti id of thn e wreka
The Commissioner should endeavor to
: . | ' ? .' w.,rk pul under contrai t Is
nol ? ? rlly delayed tn compl? - i
and no I i enforce th? r lie? ?nd i?gula?
? latins t? ' ompletlon
Should Avoid Chanqes.
11 ten? tlon a redlrelly changing ti.: I
?? ,, 11.m ol read i und? r c'l- .
i ? ivold? l nd the ' 'on ?
mid detei mln? on an exults
oi contract provision limiting and
. ? mental agreei i I
protecting the state under such as
.lie I . c, ..II X
Th.- deputies and division engine? rs
hould be m the psempl ??ass .\s tin?
? ommlssioner alone is held responsible
ioi Besults t" be obtained under the ap*
proprlatlon and legislation, therefor? he
i i.- fi,-, to have men of hla o?n
?;.,.. for the?? Importnnl places
Th.mpensatlon ol the hist deputy.
wim h Is *>?."?! under the ne? l?w, should
.... material!) Increased, and he should
havi the innrer "f chief engineer, with
complete ?h.iii,-.. und? r the direction of
tin Commissioner, .-f ti.pgineerlng
f,,i res, planning and i onstruction.
The ? ummlmiloner .-hould bear In mind
?i ,i th. ronda ?re nol I ? Ing con itru? t?*d
.a Improved ? olely for the hen. tit ..t tin
,,w:,i^ ol automobil?*? and automobil?
links, and h? should give prop.-r atten?
tion to the location, construction ?nd Im?
provement of market ..r tarin roads, ami
?hould endeavor to hull.I up unconnected
p> lis a- -..on as practicable, with the oh
|ect ,,i hailing a compi'. hensUe connected
-? m.
The ?neclflcatlOnS should he simplified
ami tin-ir Interpretation by the engineers
should he uniform
Proper maintenance ami repair >.f r..a?is
i almost c'i'iai m Importance to th.. eon
(ruction of new ones Perhataa m no
oth.r respe, t ai.- the road departments ol
Kngland ami Prance so vastl) superior t"
those in thl country ,.s in their efficlencj
in making prompt and proper repair?
This, t,, be effective, muai be constant.
Immediate ami unremitting
Hpeclficatlona for hltumlnoiis binder
?hould Kraut m. special privil?ges, hui
should allow for fair competition ?nd
proper bindlnS mat. rial
Payment for Cement.
?'. unlit. Instead Of ??ting paid f.u In
concret? m place, should be estimated
separately, purchased by tin- contractor
un.i pud for oi tin- state, under tin ii
.tlon "f ih'- Commissioner, after it has
been ui ed in i.irat?
iiith.r stone or gravel, and n..t stone
alone, should be sp., und for >?.ni,. In
i.II contract? provided BUCb material con?
forms t.. th.- specified requirement?
Local stone, a-- well us imported stone,
'winch conforms to specified requirements
should he admitted for use m the bottom
coin s'k
Provision Bhould !"? m. de for partial
payment to the contractor for stone,
asphalt, brich or other Imperishable ma
t. i iai deliver? d on th?- sit.- of th/ con?
tiart In the winter ie?aon.
I The Auditing Department should be a
I efficient ami rtgtlant as possible, ami In?
spection of construction should i?- con?
stunt ami unremitting
Th. Commlastonet should be given tlm
power m????-ssary to enforce provision? ?>f
I flection No, -i, relating t?? traffic regula?
I ions
Serious damage to the parements or
highways caused by rigid ?ttaehments to
tin driving or other wbaela of traction
engine? ?>r vehicles of this type should be
paid for "r made atOOd by th?> owimr .1'
auch vehicle or mnchlne, and the Com?
missioner should ?"' empowered to enforce
Hin-li payment ?
Some prompt and h.'tter methoils of se
ruring right of ?rays and settling land
damages should be adopted that win Bave
inone) to the state ?nd debt) to the con?
Short ' oniiectlnir links between roads
Improved ami the city <>r village lni<>
'which they lead should h. Lullt without
The report ?d the eominJaaaon ?m signed
l.v Amasa.I. I'ark.i, ?'liarles K. Treman.
a?org? Il McCuIre, William D. II.
Washington, i??uii<-i B. ruohaaan, John
Mrtlarvey, H?nry ' ' .Mc'onl, Lawrence
W K n wan. A J Deal ami John !?'. M?
? ?
Conference Will Be Held Saturday
at Columbia University.
A conference of the editors of tifteen of
tii? l?ding n?stern nullssj? papers win be
held at Columbia t'nlveisity Saturday.
W?ar Edgewood
2 FOR 25 CTS.
YOlll. ADMIKi; OIB __*__.
tmi.i: FOB NOW.
IfAKJEBg ?'i' Tit"Y S MMI rilODL'CT.
.-tioirr si: -_^^^^_
-, wi.'i; hu?a. 2:18-8:11
?.units OPEN "NU
And Knllrelv Kew BdHtea Beautiful
III?, tlit \K EXHIBIT \ MIT.
1i1iiiI??Ii.ii te OC.- JR. C/? K< ?erved Heel?
Kverytblas ?SOC ?ttt OUC TA . 81. ?i.?*?<?.
i rlvati boa aeata HBO. CblMren under 10 half I
,n aftarn'a?. Boa ?m? ?? ?pen 9 A M t., V P.M.
(Sam? rii'-- i.v Madleon Hquar? .;-??-.I' i.>
BROAD? \ Y ' , I?;" i;'?.-i . .u 120 HI I
OFFICE? 'i 1.1 hl*h \ ?llej Tli k?t "it" ?
'? ? M'l Br? a. ittor? nn-i John Wanamaker .-tor"
?jOWNToWN: World Travel Bureau.World Big
II Wit.KM ' 1.1 W l-'ali HI. ? IS? ? :? I ? ?>"?.'.
?ER \
Tr 8Sl Mat. ai HiiMrrtl?. Farra i
Fornla; Martin, Krottl Rada. Con., Toecanlnl.
To-night at H. Taoahae?er. Daetlnn, Tr*m
'atad ?' i Bra in, Buei - B< ??? ? 'on., Herts.
I'rl. il I. ??ran?. lid . Martin tmato,
Relea, firlawold, ?flnahaw. Cond., i(or?r.
sat. Mat, >?' -' i??n P?semele. Bort; Mae?
ii./ Ki "'ti I ?in I Coral ? mi.I . Tow ?
sut. ?i * |v Poo. ?Mree. lakengrln. Fresa
Homer; d"? v. Itb? r i.n, Biv ,
Uli ?I ? . Coi 'i . IL it?
sun. Erg. t'aaiirt, 80? to $i ?'?" All H??
nrr Pees rasa. Dl ? n ?. of "lifted Her?a Bolo
loliiiiinii (iadakl. Iu??|ii?-- I rln?.
Nr\i Me*, el ? Horls (.iiiiuiiiitT. Homer,
Cum, Maiibourg: Didur, Althnua?, pVgurola,
Bada, Belas. i 'oml . To?cmalnl.
Ton. ??>< I Aiila. Oadakl, Homer; ('aruae,
Amato, 8? aurola, Roaal. i 'ondM Pol? ? >
MTed. ll T "." Meistersinger, ftadakl, I'llu?,
Bu< ?. ?: Its, B? im, Br n ' ' oi d . Herta.
i'hiir?. POP. Fib* >l?t. Im. Bu?li
rnini. Deatlnn Racnea ?? ras Ban I S lei
Ilartl v ma i ?? foi . , !???'..?? ?tHi
fluir-. ? - hiieniK-Mniler. in,:, l? ?!??
?ou, J?rn. ? ; - ? - Itt-taa. I?l?lur. ''..ni., Hertz..
WALLACES' ' &t?%
ANN BOYD^':.'^?,,
Wed .- Bal
?j on tii<- minute.
?v- ?;-M
8JV88 8 _ ? |.,.r ?? Mv Heurt"
ELTINGE ?- ?A5SS:.;';S
II. I . Hill Ml M I .>.
UNION SO " ? '
UBIUR 01". . ? i, . plln?m
It I. Klllll?. tNNIV?RMAln WEEK.
rm flu? ai ?- *-'x,; '?Ts
?i i . hi 11 m s : .. m .- bi
UIDICU Opera "Hie Kaaary."
"MBLLiTI ||(lll? \ ? . I
\MM 1 KXTEIVH i'i Wynne,
?0.73 |l !'' i I ? ittys. H? -t I aalle,
: ? ? **"?? ?0 Frank Fosai tjr; 13 oth.
The conference has been ailed at the In?
stan?.f "Tin? ?"..riiell I>,?lly Sun" nn.l
"The Williams R?*?ce**d.'a in Um e**i
an Informal dinner srtll take place ..t
Louis Martin's
Actiordlng to the ?-nil wMeh was *?nt t"
the editora tli" following pnpers will l>"
i ? ;?? ? tented :
"Cornell Dslly ?Sun,** "1 ile New.-."
"i>niiy rrin.'.-U'tii.iTi." ''Pennsyivunten,"
"iiiiiviir.i Crimson," "Columbia Specta?
tor," "Brown Dull* Herald " "WllUams
itsoord,'1 "Ambers! Student;" "The
Dartmouth,.rhe Lafayette," "ll.iiini
t.'ii Ufe," "H.iv. if"id College tVeekly,"
'Hobsrt il. raid" and i ni?m Conooroien?-*
Ms "
Dr. Tnteotl Wllllsms, director of the
School "f iournsllsm. Is t?i be the >:n?-st
"f bonor at the dinner.
Assembly Rejects Measure for
Jewish Tradesmen.
i ii. Tetegiai i. te TI a i rtbtma l
Albany? April - The Assembly t.i-day,
bj i rots of H t.. 88, again ?i- tented tho
hill of Aaron J. [-??*> t.? permit persons
who observe any ds) other than Bundny
as Hi?" Bsbbsth to purs mi secular business
<>n Sunday.
The mh srss snslgned for the bsnelll ?if
Hebrew tr.id.-sn.cn. Mr Levy il.-lar.d it
mum m the nnms <?f Justice and thai Qov? :
ernor Bulser favored it. He told the ma
j.irity members tie would ti"t hold them t.?
rote for it as a ?party mnssure, and must
?if tin-in t?>?'k sdvantags of the r?tense.
The Bundsy mu Kino rise t.. a heated
debate In which the question of i??iis;i?in
took an Important part. Robert P, Bush,
of Chemung, declared II ?muht soi to i.?
passed bscnuss tin" mnjortty "f the i?.'"),:.
\\.n,t.-,| Sunday as a day of rest. "Mart\ " ,
m?"?'ii?" opposed it because it arould in.ik?>
a largs number "f men ?nrk un Bunds)
and would ennUe Hsbrews t?? conduct
lmiiis ,?n that ds).
The Introducer denied that it arould
hsvs any effect on the |_? governing "-:i
l.i-, while Mr. Cuvlllter called it bypoc
rtel fOf a man t?i OPpOSS a Mil mi th
ground it might oi??-n the snloons for He?
brews ?in Bundny and St the .sann- time
sdvocnte the opening of nil snteoos on
Th. Assembly passed the Uolfshoo bill
compelling the Weetcheater Bleetric Rail?
mad Company t?i laaue trsnsfen to street
ear lines In The Brons trota cars enter?
ing New >"tk City over the White Plains
rond. Thi- minority leailer. Mi. Illnmaii.
in opposing the mensure, attacked the Ht
Utude "f the Qovernor and the ?nstetet
me toward the Publie Bervlce Cotnmte
slnii. He said thLs was th?- twi'lftli lull
that mu? pnssed this year tsking from ths i
Publie Bervlee Commteeten funetiona
a hlch had been delegated t.i it.
There srss a long debate to-day in th.
s. nsta on the ?TttsgeraJd Mil trsnnferrtng
from the M Distrtel Publia Bsrviee
Commission to the ut i?istri?"t Commis?
Mon niri.siii? ti"ii ovsr tslsphons romps nies
in Nsn v?>ik * 'it v or brunehteg ont of
Unit ?ii> H was attack?'?! l.y BfanjgtOf
i:iiin it Brown sa another grab te give
Tnmmsny Hull oont**oi over th.- Ne.wj
yorb Telephone Company? lio ateo at
tackefl ih" Dsnmerntte pontteal policy
toward tin? eommlsslon.
others bttterly OPPOSSi the bill, and It
?mi- finally decided to defer the vot?-. Bs?
CaUSS <'?" tli?: -tl OI1K opposition to It it is
not beltevsd the MSSSUIS ?111 BS ?ailed up,
The "dog in the fable'
risked certainty for uncer?
tainty and lost.
With us, you can't lose.
"Your money back if you
want it" backs even tiling wc
' Spring clothing, furnish?
ings, hats and shoes.
For men and boys.
For the first April shower
Mackintoshes, cravenetted
raincoats, "Whirlwind" um?
brellas that can't blow inside
out, "Double"' shoes.
RoOEII Peet Company,
Three Broadway Stores
at at at
Warren St. 13th St. 34th St
MH \OKK> ll\l?l\t. THEATRES,
EMPIRE li; v* 4'"'" *y''2 ?I \Thia
kMIKKKItlllklll. Hum and ISIh ?('
In Till. *l SxlllNI-: I.IKI.. (iiwlhom.
I VPCIIIi *''tii M.. B'wai Bve 8:80
LlOCUffl m... .. lay A get.. 3:3a
"???Hi: \ l\ ID TH \S ' W? ?RLD, EV.8CX,
HUDSON wu* ,r l
a I : ' ; > l. E
I ' v ? h '
Mala. U.-.l ? - it
The Peer Little Rich Girl
HikUoii I li.-air. Nul T lui r?. Aft. at 1 VM.
HeiK-llt or II.mi- for llllml (.Irla.
FULTON ":- V"V5".fe "ill
What Happened to Mary
?ill. Ol l\ I. M * M?ll \M.
ii \kki-. a. iss at, r ;. Mat.
%/hC JHaSttb/ftttn fi' Bra
NEW AMSTERDAM itats. w??. j
Tli?. 1 ??t Word In Musical ( oni-d?.
GAIETY**?'?'?' * "?"' Kt- ' ,:- " !
UAIE.il S*\\ M.,'in-, Mii,ir.l.v, 2JA
I i.r I uiikIi'mc **?***???*? Only.
yla Mi ?"??
Msllar? ???(., i-.i?.
>l<i|?tgiiliiiTt a ?.tor.?.
Elate .liml?.
':.?? I.a.ly ,,f '.I.. | ; ?Mr,
('Hi 'AUIVI* '1 il v l? . ?3d. Ev. 8:18.
M. wwnaw ?a .... ;.,. M . .? ,, IV .. M
AI?3IUI\ a * ? J 15, Popular Mai Wea"
I N i" .v ?| i.,.v,. .in,i Pol?n i In N T.
flRA\li-:s' i?ii:<?hmoi !
?????'""liAv. I I \KMH?)| I?., .-?i
\ v W .I. I(li-I?:ir<| t nil?- ? f n?tt*^
William?. --Tlir (?Irl from Mont marl rr."
THE \ ?ill'
B'? i I ?: .-?
Dsl Mat?. ..: 2 Pomilsr ?ii *?
rr....,i, Keenan .< Co., Bllaabeth M'irray.
11.11 I'.linlK. Paul l>|. k. v .n, .'.... Plain; A
Novatos, . man 11', an,I W.nrl.l'. Tl-nrbfr A
Mams..., Hwor a Mi, k. Ravno'a uniiii??*
Ota i. ,-gi, l?andon Psla <? Ulrla ?ml
I V N \l'IKKK((W>h\
In -Tin. Han. e of tin |1. a "
Ml- Te 1
REPUBLIC "'-.'..S.r,??;:%;.*, IS
1 asi 1 on. ?ri liles. K?g., I|?r. S. 8:11
AsSSMltaBJ Ar(l?t, Mr. |?n M-htil?.
s. us. sj .'- ?i.*?n. H.i.ii Leve, i Wet Ht?*?
ACADEMY %w5ffifa?
OF DESIGN ::;,\ ?:,?,?,:J vr
EVA TANGUAY &t?t..???
ni nr i ii.n. ,8a 8t.ee*. Clr. Bva .4*8 ts?
r t\ t\i\ M?. ,,.,lU ....... :,?,. t..,?, *???*??
Sun.lu? 2 ?-..in.ria. y.\n Tnngiia.v * ??tsr n"?!
AKOIIW HA1.1- Nc\t Ma?. Aft.. ?I ':1*
loomfield ?Oeisler
Tleketa T3C..8I.81.88A83; ?ogee8l" ? ??'??'
Hall. Mut. Wolfeohn Rureau. Mlrlo???.y_rM?J?*
5TU ai/C Hwmv. NEW YORK'S gVtfi
lu HVK?..sii, Ht. ' VAI'DEVII.l.E Fl?
D*|j M? . 28, ???c | 13 MATCHLESS ACT?

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