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ready to enter upo: iht duties tht
i : ti > certain thai you will proceed t>
carry oui th. tiling.- which have been
determined on. Sincerely yours,
\\\ .f. QAYNi 'K.
Robert a. c. smith. Esq., 100 Broad?
way, New York CM)
Mr Smith has been Interested in
-hipping matter? tor man-.- years H?
it? a member of the stat?- i-omniission
appointed ?orne tima ayo to Join with a
similar lonuiussion from New Jersey
to work out ;. satisfactory solution of
the demand of steamship companies for
longiT piers. He was horn in England
in l^rvT. i>ut has Itved in this country
since H?7<>. For yean he was inter
??sted in railro.nl and lighting promo?
tion in Cuba
He is now president of the American
Mad Steamship Company, president of
the Albany Southern Railroad, trustee I
of the American Suret) Company,
director <>f the American Tobacco Cora- ;
pany. the Brothers Valley Coal Com?
pany, the Connecticut Railway and
Lighting Company, and a member of
th?. Chamber of Commerce ami of the
Hoard of Trade and Transportation.
if. formerly lived m Brooklyn, hut his
bom? is now at No. 12 Weal 72d atreet.
Mi. Tomklna bad been Interested in
reform movement? for many years be?
fore he waa ?elected a? Pock Commis
?loner bj Mayor tlaynor as ^>?>u as he
an gone Into office. Tbe commis- |
sloner is Interested m several brick !
'Miking plants up the Hudson
? ? ? ??
%Vhite Slave" Investigator:
Finds Some Pictures Indecent.
i htcago, April 2, -Charge? 'hat tb? la
??,.- ,i exhibition ol r uMal ;<?? '
futurists pictures, no? being shown
h?re. contains say Indecent canvass?
and sculptures, w?i be Investigated at;
. ., .-. b; ttv Rllnoli legislative "white
slave' commission, a visit "i ?n Investi*
enter to th.- show and his report on th?
pictures caused Lieutenant Governor Bar
rat! 0*Hara to order an Imm?diate ex?
amination of the entire ezhlbltloi ,
Mr. (? Hura sen! th.- investigator to look
ox 11 the pictures after h? had received
many complaints "Wi ax? not condemn?
ing tie International exMMtion without
nn impartial Investigation." said th.- Lit i I
tenant Governor to-day. "' bav? received i
many . omplatata, however, and we owe u I
to th<- public that th? subject be looked]
Into thoroughly."
Th. Investigator reported thai a gum
bet oi the pictures wen- "immoral oud i
mggastlve." Benators Woodward and]
Bealt, "f ti?" commission, will visit thel
xhtbitlon. 1
One Misjudges Landing?An?
other's Plane Upsets.
Amiens Frsnce ait-: L?A military
relator, Sergeant Phansoux. was killed I
to-day. He iiad just arrived from Rheima
and mad., ?n error cd Judgment in effect?
ing a leading. The machine tut.'.i and
th? aviator was thrown out.
Versailles. Prance, April I Yv.s !
I'aure. a military aviator, was killed t?i- ?
day by th' overturning of his biplane ;.t
.? height ol three hundred fe?l He ?ras
crushed to death boneattt the motor
" 'v ' H Btl UCB the earth
Belgian Princesses Worsted in i
Suit for 814.000,000.
Braasels Belgium, April i The Appeal
? ourt rendered Ita decision to-day in the
mit brought h> th? daughters <>f the i
'-?t. King Leopold for th? entire Congo
property left by their father, ?slued at
?14,006,616. The court decided against t .
pri'i ? ... m (KUtlon to losing
their case, ?n mulcted In thi ?
Recently th? princes?? rejected the
propoesli of the Minister of Justice that
they accept ii W\i?'?o as thatr share.
? ?? ? ?
_. _
Suit of Granddaughters Against Soap
Man's Wife Again in Court.
Th?? retrial of th?- proceedings to set
iskU the transfer of |t66,66l worth of
--eal est.tte b] UK late Themas C. Higgle?,
the soap manufacturer, to hia wife, Mrs.
Gertrude s. Higg ns, wa begun yesterday
iWnre Justice Kell: . Of the Supreme''ouit.
Brooklyn The proceeding? were star"d
hy the Missel Mary H ? ?.ok iind Edith
rook, of Blngbamtoa, \. v. Mr. Hig
gin?> graaddaugbten
Mr. HlggtOa was seventy-thre? years
old when he remarried, in 1*94. Hia wlfn
was twenty-three He died In May, 1909.
%t his hom<\ No ?fl CarroO street. Hrook
!vn The transfers complained of wer
rr,ade in the last four years of thf SOSP
manufacturer'a lif> The granddaughters
began proceedtni te ; r ? the transfer set
befen Justice Marean, of the Su
nieme Court in 1611. The) won, and
Mrs. Hkjglna appealed, the Appellate ln
> ision reversing the lower court and order
lag B new I- lal.
Phi granddaughters bass then- action
?? t?.i assumption Ihsl Mrs. HiKKins ex?
ercised ondus Influence over her husband
?Toeeter, Ohio, April 1 risfs?ui w. n
Krsmsr, of th? ststs ?grieultaral expari
lent station, hen IohIs predicted tbe
alano?! total ruin of th? Ohio wheat eru|i
??. nili ol i"" flood
"The only was foe farmers to ?vert
losses of miih .n-." he said, "la to plant
the ground In other ? to; m '
Evidence of Cruel Treatment
Prompts Court to Deny His
Right to See Them.
Mrs. Dahlgren Fled to Europe
in Terror with Eight Chil?
dren When She Be?
gan Suit.
The first details ol th.- home hf,. r,t
Eric B, Dahlgren, Mrs. Denigren and
hi r children. Involving alleged brutality
und Ineobrietj by the bead of the fam?
ily, became public yesterday through
the Tiling of affidavits in the Supreme
<vurt. Mis. Dahlgren obtained a di
vorce from her husband, but because ol
the triiil or th- case before ? > referee
not all the details wore obtainable.
\fter the interlocutory decree, Dabi
aren applied to the Supreme Court for
it modification <>f tie- decree, so that he
would h.- permitted t" se.- his eight
< hilaren at convenient times. The] are
no\v in Europe with their mother. Jns
tlce BIJur <ieni.<l the motion.
Because Mrs. Dahlgren is abroad, the
affidavits were made by Mrs. Josephine
Drexel Emmet, a steter ?' Mrs Dabi*
(ren, ani aflea Cornelia Redmond.
"Terrible When Drunk." Said Child.
Mr-. Emmet told ..f her own knowl?
edge ? ; the yeara of anguish which sh"
.1.1 tin children suffered at th'- hands
..: Dahlgren. tollina: of one occaaien
when he choked his eldest daughter,
Lucy, now twenty-one years old, with?
out any canee, On tins any, aa on
many others, mid afra. Emmet, Dahl
gr.-n was Intoxicated. The affiant
quoted Joeephlne, the ten-year-old
daughter of the Dahlgrene, as eeylng:
"Father is terrible when he la drunk,
:ui?J he i? (irr.nk most of the time."
The normal happiness and geyetj "i
the ciuifir. n always subsided as aoun
as DoJllgn D entered the hOUBC at No.
'812 Ifadlaou avenue, said Mrs. Emmet,
and they would g>> up to th' ir i" .in?
to a\oid their father, it was larguly
through her fear for the saf> ty Of h.-r
?elf and children thai Mr.-. Dahlgren
got u divorce and saii'd tor Europe on
the day tiie papen were served m th ?
divorce suit, taking the eight children
with her.
Mrs. Emmet said. "1 n<-\.-r aaw ??
woman .if refinement and m social po?
sition so frightened as she was at the
beginning <<f this action." Mr-. Dahl?
gren returned from Europe to pr.
? r,te her suit hefore the f feree. She
was accompanied bj Miss Lucy D
gren. They went i-a^k to Europe after
the hearing.
Mrs. Emmet w< nt on to ?*? thai ..
the court desired direct Informatioi
the "frightful performancea" ot Dahl?
?ren in th. familj circle, sh" would
- :gg?-st that th'- court send fr>r Mil
I Dahlgren and the family nurse to civ.
such details.
Mischief Feared as Motive.
sh- expressed the i.eiirf that th?
plication "f Dahlgren for permission to
see his children was actuated lern by
paternal affection than by "unpaternal
I mischief making." Bhe said that iwo
years ago one Setoi, Henry w.i:- a i aller
at the Dahlgren hum', when alisa
I Dahlgren was juat entering society.
He roid Mrs. Emmet that Dahlgren
had spoken to If. BT) about his own
daughter in ;. way that wa "too vile
to repeat."
, The Dahlgrei family Is widely sepa
rated in Europe. Mrs Dahlgren, Miss
Dahlgren, the two children next oldest
and the youngest child at in Rome,
Itwo others aie m convent boarding
m hoois in London and Belgium, aid
I two more ;,re :n charge of a governesi
m Heidelberg.
Miss Redmond said in her affidavit
! that sh" ?lined about a ?lozen times at
the home of the Pahlgrens in this city
and at Lenox. Cm most of these <
?tone, she mid, Dahlgren was obviously
, intoxicated, and t.s< d shocking lan?
guage in the presen? c of his children
On on< <.a h ?on. according to Mi.
Redmond. !i ? sal?! to his daughter f?!ga.
? twelve years old "Damn you, what
makes you s?. white? Don't you get
enough t.. eat'"' The child trembled in
fright and burs' into teara Miss Red?
^notid said there were man ..tier su. h
i ..n;hursts by Dahlgren.
Mrs. Dahlgren, who is a daughter ol
: the late Jos ph Drexel. of Philadelphia,
i recently a tripped the Dahlgren family
, house of rill her belongings under a
1 writ of replevin The.', wer-- valued at
180,000. Dahlgren Is a ir..k?r and ?
.son of the iat" Admiral Dahlgren, In*
ventor of the gun b? aring ins name.
Il1 v"?:,'??? ZZHFOUNDED ISbblL-^J^^^Z^
Your grandfathers wedding coat was hand?
made in every stitch.
We put hand-workmanship into every pan
of our Men's Clothes where shape must be.
permanent. To do more would be unneces?
sary?to do less would be deception.
When you buy here, you see exactly the
Suit we will deliver to you, its fabric, style
and fit.
We are ready to meet every demand for ?
Spring Clothing.
Astor Place &l Fourth Avenue
?"'. . -rr?i
. .ill ii ......,-.? ,.-i
I mitiniidl from rlr?t n"?'
?ent since i left Berlin; Mr. Plnlay
never offered me fl.000,000 while i was
in Europe. I never knew of such an
offer; I did noi kno? ?boni the $1,000,
?"??i until i landed, and when Plnlay
mad., the suggestion t.. me I rejected
?:. i am paying mj own expenses and
I th? expenses of thns. e ho ?ci ompanlt ?1
' me t.. America."
Hr. Priedmann substantiated an old
rumor thai Plnlay, the .anker, bad
urged him by cable to come to America
for the purpose ..f treating his son-in
law, flex Lge fans, no? In th Adiron?
dack? Plnlay denied sending such a
message oxter the arrival of Priedmann.
'1 had aln edy deb rmlned to ? otn?
here when i received ? communication
from Mr. Pinlay asking me to treal his
son-in-law, Rex Lee Paris, Mo mono;
?as asked and none ?as offered. That
was the onlj written communication i
hsve ever received from Mr. Plnlay."
"Whj have you not treated Res Lee
Paris?" It. Priedmann was asked,
! The doctor replied: "1 do not km ? "
I n baa been rumor d lhal Res l.
Paris has refused the Priedmann treat?
Repudiates Associate*.
The doctor was rerj mucl.r
that some one In his confidence had
made public a statement t.. the effect
that he would nol treal the patients
nho had i>.. n prepared for him at
Beton Hospltsl on the ground that
I hey wren canei which were so far
advanced thai recoven a-ai Impossible,
nd lhal ih< got ernmeni tuen under
?'hose susplces the t.^i ?.!- to be held
had <;..in> t..i. far bi thi Ir snxii t? I
test his remt dj
"I have n" friends i on Dr. Fried
i tarn." h* v ild 'i have ... i ->?
clati s, i am not re? pom Ibli for ?hal
any one besides myself says. Id; as?
BoclAtea are my cultures i stand on
m; own feel end I lellyouthstl could
not ha\e i.n able t.. progr?s? so far
| if i did not have a character i?f mj
OW ll."
T'e Priedmann party Is no
Up, .le ! .' nbei ..-. OtlStltUted a
"hsppv fai ill: ' thi earlj I -?
the t'lrtl- germ nan's Vmerlcat vlsll
being ' Idely scattered. J?r. Arthui i
H. Priedmann, the brotl ?? i so
closely Dsoclati d aith Ch rlei R F n
lay ii: the daj s wl en the II..,.
. ? ??...' fl< ati il, left ? broi oil ??:
t,, "Room .,,:." vidai Ivlng
i in a different pai I ol thi t< rn, and 1 >??
}'- iijamin. the onlj man who bl in i
the doctor's "se? ret," at thi
[?elites, in 163d street Dr. Priedrich
? Pranj Priedmann "stam ? owi
I feel" ..ll alo ? Il Roon . ?
Tells Patient Turtle Genii Treatment
Is Not Established Yet.
in .. letter wi ttei . esterds to ''?;??
? Kennedy, an Inmate Rlvi ? Idi lia
pital, on North Brother i buid Health
Commissioner Lederle sdvlsed th?l K?i
Inedy. ?who Ii affllctfld with tub?rculo?!
? tu nt si thi fedi r il health author!
Hi - would .n be ?We t?. t< l a I .??
iralue attao a id to thi claims ol Di Pried?
piann. Kennedy had writ?. ?
Health ' on mli i i ? r explsromg t
v.. ? ti at th? pita ? t
. ufgested thai I ?? Friedmann be i :
niiite.i to treal some of th? patli nts I ?? ??
t., ?-??? ?rhal be could do
it was In replj thai ? 'ommlssi
Lederte said capable physicians rsprs
s^ntini; thi fsdersl government w^re
making ?? thorougl studj ol Dr. Fried
mann i n i thoda and until th.
were mad? and it ?res found out whet i
l>r Prk dmann i i lalms ? ould ? ^ i
i ? tantl it? ?? ' ?? ?? ? be neo
i ? m e.
?Cripple witli Suicidal Leanings
Seeks Light Work.
Things weren'l so bright at th? home
of Harry M. Graves last nicht Qraves
tu th? young cripple who wrote to thi
newepapera ol Mew Vork laat Bsturdai
thai in would ba forced to conunll sui
cide it he dldn'l ?? t a joi, pretty Boon
Hi bom? consist? of a aingl? room on
th? lop flooi of a rooming nouso In IVe I
Upj .mi. ? t
?m T'as.la. . forgOl ?11 ?bOtti his dir.
thresl m hia delight ovei the recelpl of
several lettei which bla novel appeal for
lympathj I.ighl him. Vest. now?
ever, he Investigated th?* Job? offered ..
the letton They didn't look pitmusfng.
Last night he was lusi ?bout ready to
rene? i.is fatal determination
I ?r,?. ?i the "? ? ?irHv. said, wai heavy
ofRci work i'i .i printing eatabttahmeni
where the hours ran from v In the mom
to I m ti.renlng Though i>-. no
moans ? pygmy, standing a* t? d<.e foui
feel elghl Inchei on hi.- crutch??, Oraves
doubted his iblllt) to undertake -n^ .
vere labor, if bs had t.. u.,rk ilk.- that
for thi a v.-i-.-h h< might ?s well i.? dead
now, he remarked, for II would sorely
kill him Boonei or later.
The next position w? -till mor., un?
ible for ?a.. ,.t ? i- deflcii nciea it
involved presiding over th? checkroom In
the Bowery Young Men's chrtsttaa Asso
clan from I .i m. to HI o'clock at night.
and running '-?hi errands between times
Two other letters which b? followed up
I failed ta produce anything d?finit?
I Legislative Committee Flays His
! Soldiers' Home Management.
Th? joint legislativ? oonunlttes Invaa
! tigating th? N?w Jersey Hum., for Dk
ai.i.d Boldlers ?I K?arny mad? its re
puit last night, Its (indines being a BUT
prise- Qeneral E. Burd Orubb, Buperla
tendent 11 tbe boma and one <u the board
? of manne is, is reprimanded by the com
rnittee. which recommends his removal
) and critlchm him for extravagance.
The Investigation has he? n gatas, ?.n for
'several w??ks. Genera] Orubb was aoM
to have gad the moral support of Wo?i,|.
r..w Wilson as ?iovernor of New Jersey,
and It was Believed that he WOOM Win
?nit in the investlRaUon.
Tin re had i>? ? m ftssjuent t notion be?
tween the supertateodeat and the hoard
of paanagera sv?r sinei Qsnsral Orubb
took otile as superintendent, and thib
eventually l??i to the (?line of chargi ?
?gainst the general.
?. S. 10
Secretary Bryan Urges Other
Powers to Join in the
?New Stroke Regarded as Fresh
i Illustration of "Shirt Sleeve"
Diplomacy?Sprung at
Secret Conference.
Si ir. Tl .- THbWM R ??'
Washington. April I Th- United Mates
government baa decided te recognise the
nee Chinese repusse,
Secretan Bryan conferred with Proal
li.'iit VVfUwn for nearly BJI h"iir tO-daj at
tbe White House, eomptettng the details,
.iii.i a note ii being prepared at tbe Mate
Department to i" addrcased t.. China j
through the Chinese minister here.
Whether the note will be presented be?
fore the m.-, fin-- ot ti.Destituent se
-. mblj next Tuesdar. or la intended to
reach tir Chinese government ?.n I ia!
:... I..,:; nol been disclosed, i>'it the
n,. i. pi-.--, ntattoa et tbe note t.. the j
. mii.j? minister and resumption of for?
mal iiit.-rn.iti.iii.il rebutons with the
i , Ines? minister ar> regarded in diplo?
matie circles as tantamount ,?> recognl
N.. formel announcement is expected
fron the administration her.- until the
Chinese government la In receipt of the
American government's not?
With the ohviii. p i pe ? "t ereatli |
Impression that th? ITnlted ftatea
more than a passing interest in th? wel \
fan of China, th? Department ??! Btat?
I . i. ad? i mp ' ed? ?t< -i i] i" al to
other powers to ken thl a re? og<
? . ?
?| ... -i ? tep m ti.- ama! dip omatli \
? .t ng a aa tak? to laj I :? the t
r..|;,: ..: St.it. WltO I UmmOBW '! tO tie
depart?.t the beads of nearlj all th?
forelgi ilssiot In Vl> sshlngton atui
,.? ,,. tor* ,i at s tin*
n. Bach was ?wwm t> secrecy bj
Mr. Bryan, who ?,...?; that he wished
anj ?'i'""i'.ei-m. i l ?h it inhrht b< anule
.,i th.- vubjeel ," come from Um Pr< ;
Proposal Amuses Diplomats.
t e propossl of th? secret i Btat ;
nltho i ' lartled I ? d plea all who ?
Hied m m.-I oui "i hi ? offi? for an bout j
.. ? r on. e' identl] ? rok< d
nl than n ? in* i I
\ ml mlnlstera left the ;
? | Bryai with imtllna ? ?
air "f amo a ment. ,
To t? ? ' en aj api men the; were aik at, j
.... | tsaied I ibellecri tarj el il it?
I among t ? ? ? ' llscusasd t
? ? rhtspen it II
? ? flunk, r I sm ing then*
1st? the evening i i thai
? ..?'?.:? tto te look
, ? SP
., - if any of them
: ? ?Use? ? it Um Beer
,, its* ? a ? --?v Ing to cut -?
akatlng on < aeedaingly
? .- I sa) ??>.
it will be th? o it ?.!!.'? "t a ' ..:
I ended a ??? i a >: dlplo
? ?;. h) Ml Bryan ia n matter for
. on* ' -i- ..-i in W.ish
ngtoi it fo Ign oil ? a ? t.ike
bindli to th? ?- iggestlon from the t',,iteii
ee affecting th?Mr polte] t.. w.u.! China
- ?:?.,. to heii. \r that Mr Bry?
e Int? rpret? ?] at another
manifestation ot ? ileevi or?..i .
?i BO ..ft- i. at" i .'it.- I to Mi
-? .'. n tl ?
Tbe progr una ? <?( Prwld? nt ^\ ?l ? ??
i;i van Is not d< Unit? I) u itllned
\\ i . ther thrr? a 111 b? ? Lat ant in lb?
lit future depend
of s--r. tai v Bi v,.n i hop? that the ot ?
. > i. ? | i o)
n ii ! - dUv overed ti,.it ?
favoi ? rived a statement fr..m tb? |
Whli. H..m e wl n. torthcom- !
i .. dlately
Slrivino for Diplomatic Stroke.
' ?n? ??? -? Id? nl ,.. i aboul lh<
llatln is la that Bet : etar) Bry? i i m ,k
; ? frantl? ? " I I i mai
iroke w| all! put the : alt? i Uta*
t?. the for m Ithoul recedli M
niton tak.-t whet, the ??.., rnment ? s*.r>
pOfi It. tin big loan deal was withdrawn
it appears plalnlj that ha In feeting
w.t\ \.|tli all thr dlpl Mil i'l" Sh. : he H
ah'? to mu ?? :
bo latent wa B? retai Bryan on mala
talnlng absoluta aecrecy and preventing
h-ak ? that hi* secr?*tury reejUOSted the
i ? w paper men net to mak. an) Inejalrlea
"f the dlpkwnata, ieetartag that Mr
Bryan would give out the laJermattoa
Mr. Bryan, however, rsfiaaad to divulge
the sllgbteel detail, and parried ever)
Question aboul the rfctft of the diplomats
pul ,.i him
Diplomatie repreaentatlvea ..f Ureat
| Britain, Oeraiany, Prance, Italy, Spain.
Japan Portugal, the Netherlands, ewe*
dei Brasil, Belgium, fern, Austria, Demi
marl and Mexico were tboei \\h" called
at the st.it. Department te hatea t<. Mi '
Bi i ins appeal.
Columbia University Party
Members Hear Good News.
\i >'? ii.-i\..i from Rhenghal b) the
Student! American Chapter <<( the Chi?
ne... National party in Columbia i'ni
veralt) :o that their party hsj been re
lurned lo power in the National Asserabl)
?n tin recent elections by an overwhelm
.ii? majority.
This party started the revolution and
established the republic, and the eteetkm
retorna Indleate thai the peepta are eon*
rmeed ot the repobllcan goironiiieiil'a nia
btllty. 'i he RJheaghal headquaftaia report
tin- composition of the asm mbij to i>e
. bout M per rent Nsttenallsts, s per eeal
itepuhii. ana and I pi r ot at acattertng. x.?
Imperialista seerel or avowed, have been
ele. ted
Before preceding to Pek?n? to aseen*
M.- for lbs Brat termal opentag of
the flrst regalar Congress <>n April i,
the Nationalists held s party caucus at
Bhanghel, kt arbleh it wa^ decided to sup?
port I'i- nl Marshal HatBOg HmIiir. the
I hero of tfan-Tong, for thei Preasaeaey. in
| the caucas, it was said, Dr. Sun Yat
| sen, former provisional President, joined,
| having Just relumed from hin trip to
Tokio The ether inmdsaates for Presi?
dent are Yuan Shlh-Kal. now provisional
President, and ?lenrral 1.1 Yuan-Hung.
irnnsnanaer in elates af the revolutionary
! forces and now provisional VIOS Presl
I dent
Albany, April I. Oovernor Bulmr to-day
sagged the Burr i*t 11 providing that abena
may held land* In thai state in the .same
manner as native him Hthasas and thai
th ir iielrs and devisees mai Inherit prop?
erty in the '-ame asanner as etttaeni
Frank J. Clute Found Shot to
Death in Ditch Near His
Abandoned Automobile.
Authorities Fail to Find Clew
to His Identity or Motive
for His Crime?Shots
Fired from Behind.
Albany, April - -a blood atalned
automobile standing by the roadside
and the l?teles:; body "f Prank J- Clute,
an Albany chauffeur, lying in a ditch
near by, WOTO found by a milkman
early this morning ?m the yohene?tady
Troy road, not fat from the city of
IVatervllet Three bullet wound? in
the chauffeur's head BhoWCd the man?
ner of his death, hut .-m ail-day search
b) the authorities haa failed to dis
clpse the Identlt) of the murderer.
tboul :?;:;" o*< kick last night, a?'o.r<i
?iiii t?> information given to the District
Attorney, a tail. Blender man. wearing
a dark overcoat ami fedora hat.
stepped up to Clute, whose car was
Stsndlng in front of a Stut?. street res?
taurai t. and said: "Take nie t.. Troy."
Th- stranger entered tbe car. ami
Clute, who remarked tii" t'??' batterfc ?
?rare low, left for Troy after expert
? m;; some difficult] m starting the
Several persona reported having seen
the car standing i,\ th?- roadside before
ll o'clock las' night, bul believing tha
ll had mi t With a mishap made no in
? itigatlon.
A trad ?crOSS th-- road tO-dOJ SltO? c 1
that Clate'a bodj had been drugged - ?
th.- ?in. h afti r tic murder. ? un- of the
front cushions was covered with blood
.in.i there were stains on th" ?tearing
gear. Pootprlnts tn iront .?f the car
Indicated that the slayer, bad made an
effort t<? .-tart th?- car. hat had failed
y., mse of battery trouble.
i'lute ?nt employ?-?I hy his father,!
Richard ?!? Cluta, who conducta ?.'
g.irai;? m Albany. H- was twenty ?five I
:?..rs ?dd. a watch ami ring which be
wot., were undiaturbed. Tin' peiico
ih.. ...hot- uhi.h killed Clute ?'?'o?
Bred from behind.
Steel Tape Hits 11,000-Volt
Feed Wire and Carries Current ?
Into Their Bodies.
Eds ard ?' Fogartj. a - ? nior In the
S (field f* .entitle school, at Tal? Uni
rei it-. ?> i Instantly killed umier the
Division str. el bridge, Hew Rochelle
. terday efternoon, .?s the r ?Uli "f ????
fall ami a ihot h ..f eleven thousand
volt? ot electricity tn.tn a high pos ? i
feed wir? ?.f the Neu York. Hew Haven
?V H irtford It lllrood Donald E
i., geti liso i Bheffleld student, who
was, s itii Fogarty, was badly burr.-'?!
hui will probably re.-over.
Fogart] and Brocketl were doing
? r ? foi < ' i ' Hamilton of \? a
Haven, b la ryer, who -'; going to bring
gainst thi relit nad Th. student
? , mi ii.KT the hi itfht of thi Dlvl
tre< t tu).ii,'. from the tracks
Hamilton ?'aa on lh< brtdg? al thi
tune, directing the work "f hia ssolst
? ? t . h hi!, i 'ogart) B ston?
abutment under th? bridge, bul clo ? ?
lh? top of the cut Brocketl ??? .?s <->ti
th? rail belo? Thi tudenta were
uali K o Bteel tap? mi ?? uro, and
the wind rarrted it agalnol on? ol th
i?. d ?? m i it became chargi d a ith the
? Ill I"- I
Fogart bad old ol the mi ?sure it
th? top and Brocketl at the bottom
Th.- ahocb three Fogarty from bla pa
aitlon on the ?hutment to Ihi tra
thirty !? ?t below. His -.hull was froei
ared and iu^ bod) received the full
voltage from the high fe.d wire
I Brocket! ?ma knocked down and re?
. cetver) burns about ?M hands and lei;s
Brocketl la In the Hew Rochelle Ho
Fogart) am scholarship leader In hli
. 11 He aras a conscientious student,
bul not prominent In any other line ol
college activities Pogarty'a home ?? i
m insonla Conn.
Sends Out Letter Asking Busi?
ness Men to Become Members.
In announcing thai ll had voted '"
admit fifteen hundred new members yes
' rdaj t; .. \.w Tork Board ol Trad?
an.i Transportation In an appeal for i ? *?
member?, a*-ks "if ad thi brain? of all
New Yorkers W?r? at work t.. mak? Ww
ViirU a Hi... metropolitan |.a,]rI ,,, ,|,,
Western llemlsphen ll would not jie too
muck for her, H would help America n
II Is ?"; ?it merchanti .uni manufacturers
cannot Insure wtodom in dvta affairs, how
can they i?,IJO tor confidence in their
business? Those win. know i.ow things
ero lone al N?s v..rk c,n j(i,n ?? ,,l(.
[?egtalatur? i-?m Coairreea m*>- thai this
board la In a dam pj it dt u does Ita
own v. ..ik an.I .loes not poSS ?a I rlv?l
? ?
Fraah Bralnord la the prasldani The
riee-nreeldents are H/llliam H Gibsrn,
I v v. Huntington and Btephen Far
rally: treasurer, lease L Hopkins, and
Frank .J Gardner, secretar) '
Litle Thread .... 49c
Nainsook Athletic ? - - -29c
=1 CA? YO? jg 'MO'
to these questions?
Is your Insurance high?
Are your shipments de
layed on trucks, in the
congested streets, and
at Freight terminals?
Do your carting ex
penses cut down your
Are there dark corners
in your Loft?
Visit the Bush Termi?
nal Loft Buildings and
learn how to say 'no*
to these questions.
Wot infoTMGtion write to Dopt, i ?
100 Broad Street, N. Y.C.
Affable Stranger Had Mer?
chants Roll When Caught.
Carmel Pnuiiot. a manufacturer In
Woonaocket, ft I., displayed g roll ?if
bills containing *7.'?2 t.. Hem;. Backt, ?
?tranger, twenty-two years old, whom
be had met a few hours before. Me
says Backs grabbed the money, rush-to.
through the ?irand Central Terminal
with detectives at his heels and is UOW
a prisoner in the Hast olst street police
station, eharged with assault and .'oh
bery. The money eras found on him,
the police my.
Sa.< ks Ingratiated hlmeeif 'tito Pou- !
Iliot's confidence and let it he known be
was from the South. They had a few
innk?? together, attended church .?id
then returned t" the ?irand Central
Station for I'ouliot to make arrange?
ment?, about his baggage, it was then
that the men liant displayed his rol!
of '..ill.-, directly after Sacks liad laugh?
ing!) suggested that they flip quarters
t.. see who would buy the meals.
Later in the evening a large tournis
car with (?v.. well dressed men drove
up to tin- Baat ."il-t street station and
th.- men got out. They asked Lieuten?
ant M< Callutu to accept hail on l
? barge of dlaorderly conduct, hut be r? -
fused. The money is being held as
evidence, and the whereabouts of the
merchant, who Is the complainant, Is
withheld by th.- police for fear bo
might he kepi from the Harlem police
?.. ir; in press th.- , barge against Backs
to-day. I
Merchants and Newspaper Men
Long Patronized Her Place
in 'William Street.
Mrs. Katharine BChlsgBl ?Ii. ?i ' e?terday
St her home at Beverly Road and o a-.
Parkway, Brooklyn. She was sixty.f,,',
years ol?l. To the present geuerauei
and to many others the newa
Mrs. Schlegels death will bsMS ,lnth.
bag, hut if it be mentioned that gj.
Bchlegel was the "Katar" who for nut
iras aaaociated with "the Bwonuy* res
tanrant. at No. IT!? William Street, |fas>
hattan, later called "Katies,- merehpita
in the leather district and newspaper ?.p.
tora win recall the good times they i,^
at "Katie's" and the good advici "Katar
gSV? them.
It was more than lifty reara ago Ihaj
"Kane" ?am?- to this country from ?;,.r.
many, and soon after Hcary Btender, hw
brother-in-law, opened the William Btrerl
.Ntahlishmeiif. Th<- yOUBg 'ernian ??tr|
bright, attractive and always Ko...I i ,lT.
ured, and th?- cooking, which waa preakb
ed ovnr by her slst'-r. BOO? attract* . a
larg? patronage
"Katie" waited on tablea and i
general favorite, and when tin- st< .
gave up Business she t- ok charge ?f ire?
restaurant and successfully conduct? I ,
? i nt ti ten years ago, when sh? ?nurial
John Bchlegel, a Brooklyn bualae? Basa
After their morrfog? they went t. ?;..,.
man:. Intending to remain there, but 0m
,.,i ,,f Hew v.irk was one itreag, ,,ns
they returned to the etty wh.r?- they bsj
both mad.- taeir soeeeas in aft, .\jt.
Bchlegel died two years ago.
The newspaper men ?The aie ROW sib
fors or are holding positions aj |
departments In tin- city of N?W fork ?jj|
In ottier c!t!?a In thus country will r-metn
h-r "Katie" and her good ?dvi? a r, th-rn
tn their "cub' days.
If the ?cubs" were called gOW? by their
dty ..mors, to "Katie" Ussy a si * f. - sag
Bolatlon and advice, if they i.-t: troualaj
of any ?und "Katie" was their ce | ?
If tbey were hungry and thilSt] .. .1 m?
cashier couldn't 1-e in.lie -.1 to loOBSI
Up" until pay day, to "Katk they u?>r,t.
"Katie" never tailed tn?-m. hat:' wa*
mother, counsellor, advlaer and friend ta
thousand^ who have fOTgOtten her, bit
srhoes memory win bring back the jaya
when they were young
Association Names Sub-Com
mittees in Subway Fight.
The special subway comn
Broadway Aoaofletlon met In the u0m
UcAlpin y.'st.t.lH. and n.inie.i sul-com
mittees on membership ?nd ?
shaft altes, temporar: I i! ol ran?.
coafereoce sod co-oparntioi .
Square station, ?nd atth si
It is the jnirpos. Of th? On H
take immediste action t.. prevent
rapt...n ?a buainesa during -
atructlon ? hteh is ?bout t. h-gin.
Old World
Furnishings for the
Country House |
"\TOT only in its out waul scm
* blance but in the care-free
orderliness ol its household activi?
ties is the Country House oi today
an echo of the old English Manor
? louse.
So, tor its furnishing the English
Kurniture <>t the XVII and W1?I
Centuries may he laid under ju?
dicious contribution, and recourse
be safely had to our Hampton
Shops Reproductions of the Oak,
Walnut and Mahogany Kurniture
ot the various periods.
Furniture Company
34 and 36 West 32c! Street
Between Fifth Ave. and Broadway
New Vork
Always Works
Hartshorn Rollers can be depended
on to work easily and quickly, with?
out any annoying jerking and pulling
of the window ?had?. Kvery spring
is tested before leaving the factory
for strength and accurate adjustment.
Hartshorn Rollers, either wood or tin, are the perfected
rexult of over 60 years of continuous experiment in shade
roller making. The Improved Wood Rollers require no
tacks for adjusting the window shades.
Sold by all hading sVaSjaSb Look for (A? HarUhorn ?gnatur*

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