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M ROI 10 M
Unostentatious Procession Fol
lows a Simple Service At?
tended by Only a Few.
Mr. ,ind Mrs. Salterie? Accom
pany Funeral Car?Physi?
cians Tell of Illness That
Killed Financier.
B) ',!?:.- to TIm Trie?
Uwtdon, \piii s. \ ghorl fu?era
?, |< ? ? was h< Id in Rome at 10; '?'?
... in, a ihla morning h1 the Gran?
Hotel for J. Plernonl Morgan Th
Mi >? leon, pastor of th? Amerl
r< h, .. rt ? ? ? i,-. 11 - ? :. and onls lh<
American Ambaa?adoi
ias J ( >'Brl h, and a feu Intim?t?
nds ?.i the dec? aaed ?nancler a-? n
Less than twent* perso la h
all ? ? ' ded the service. A memoria
??i'l be held "ii Sunda*. ii
the Am. i lean Protestan? i "h in '??. Ii
Roi ??? i" "hi. ii all Am? ricana a 111 i.?
The removal of Mr. Morgan's bodj
am not decided ui>..ii until noon i?>?
<l jr. as tti" family aras nol certa i i
ii ?i would be better to hav? th?
conveyed to Xaplea or Havre foi
lion i" New fork. Finally ii
? Wed t.> take it t? Havre foi
ronvc) ince bj the steamer La France,
which leaves there on Saturday.
?Heated legal formalities, how
:.saai j t.> allow the body
to pass through Switaerland and
FYanc? special permits being required.
The Paris represen tat ive of the Mor?
gan Arm who is in Rome, telegraphed
personally to President Polncar?, and
?ithoul awaiting s reply, which he as?
i ? d would ic favorable, it waa de?
i tu convey the bod* t.. Havre,
ny difficulties on the frontier?
Kaiser Sends a Wreath.
rations for the removal ..f the
bod* began at "? o'clock this afternoon,
Interrupted by the unexpected
? ii ol the German Ambassador,
ng < large wreath sent by the
Kaiser. Thirty municipal policemen
? Ms oi ci Rome and thirty
militar) policemen lent bj the Home
ed the small square In ? hich
ih Grand Hotel stands. Th.- body was
.: plain hearse and was taken
t., ih? station, followed only by Mr.
Morgan'* son-in-law and daughter, Mr.
Mrs IL I- Satterlee; his niece,
Miss Hamilton; the American Ai
. . i ? ctora T > i N. ? Star; ai d
,. an Vice?? lonsul seal? tl
m hlch was placed In an i rdi
?v luggage van decorated with I
:. all the wreaths and floral
eing placed on the ? uffln,
which waa completely hMden. The
waa pim o?i on th?- Simpl?n ex?
ch leil Rome al 1:15 ?
? Ing. Mr. and -Mrs. Satterlee
? accompanying the i >dy to Havre
? lal car.
1 Parla anxiety Is f< It for thi - -
curlty ol the body on the journey t>e
posslble dangei from floods
Heine is rising rapidly end tre?
raendoua rains at? reported to-daj la
pper valley.
Rome, April 2. -The Eternal Cltj
lav? ? fare*ell this evening to
i. Pterponl Morgan, whoee bodj sraa
from the Grand Hotel to the ,
rellwa* station and placed aboard s
tmin for Havre The body will be
transported t.. the United States, prob?
ably by the steamer Prance, sailing for
New York on Saturday.
The German Emperor senl tins mes?
sage of condolence to Mrs. Morgan:
"Accept the expression of m* sin?1
Where the both ol the lau- financier, u?>v\ on its w.u to this country, will rest.
??otos* ?>4y 4fim<in /J,f,rj
<?? i"st sj mpathy in your irreal bereave?
ment Your husband's death is a loss
not only to > "ii. your family and your
country, but hi? many friends In all
p.nis of tin world shall never forg I
The texl of the message has been
sent by cable to .i. Pierpont Morgan,
jr., In New York.
Italian Government Courteous.
At the request of Ambassadoi
O'Brien, ihe Italian government Imme?
diately granted ?11 the necessary con
cessions to have th?- body taken on an
expresa train, which lefi here si 8:15
..'?lock, an.i which, proceeding through
Switzerland, ? ill reach the Blmplon
Tunni i to-morrow morning.
The funeral processk n to the depot,
starting from the hotel al 5:30 o'clock
tins evening, was Impressive In Its sim?
plicity. The hearse wss followed by ?
carriages, In which rode Mr. ano Mrs.]
Herbert i.. Batterlee, the son-in-law
and daughter of the financier; the !
American Ambassador, Thothaa .1.
O'Brien; the staff of the embassy, Ihe
attending physicians, Dr. Nelson, of the
American Church, and a few fri? nd?
Platoons of municipal guarda acted ??
an escort. The people In the streets
routed their hats us tbe cortege passed.
The ?"oflin vas placed on a special ?
car, ' "v ered >v Ith black \ elvet drapei les
with silver fringe. The floral tributes
from the members of th? family, the
German Entpefcr, the municipality of
Rome and the American Ambassador
were placed ?round the coffin. Nexl to
the sp",iai cai waa attached s sleep?
ing car f?jr Mr. and Mrs Batterlee.
Ju.->t before the departure of the train
the French Consul arrived, bringing a
beautiful sliver wreath from the city
of Atx-I< B-B dns. it bor.- the Pren? b
trl-coloi end an appropriate inscrip?
tion. George iJ.?st Wheeler, secretan
of the American Bmbaasy, was thi < nly
one of Ihe part] lo remain until the"
train drew out
Doctors Tell of Illness.
Th. physl bans who were In attend'
anee on Mr. Morgan issue?! the follow?
ing offil lal slalem? nt tu-da; :
"When Mr. Morgan l.f: New Tork he
was a y. ry tired man, physi? ally and
mentally. Digestion agtd nutrition were
Impaired. It was hoped thnt his usual
trip t'i Egypt would be of great benefit,
giving him rest and building up th?
nervous force, especlall] as he had no
orgamc disease. Hi^ appetite, h-.wever,
Through Sleeping Car Service
^J Resumed to
French Lick Springs
"7ne Carlsbad of America"
on Saturday, April 5th
and each Wednesday and Saturday there?
after on the schedule given below.
t<fi i*
g rseeseeat peoterdeg>from French lid Spring* totht
that condition? an wrmnl following f*< recent ''?"??'?
New York ....
French Lick Springs
I.v French Lick Spring?
Ar. New York
12.40 noon
6.00 p. m.
9.10 a.m.
3.45 p.m.
Railroad and Pullman tickets
delivered by Special Mes?
senger without extra charge.
For further information, ad?
dress General Eastern Pas?
senger Agent, 1216 Broadway.
New York 'Phone, 6310 Madison
Brooklyn 'Phone ? ? 167 Main
THI l?< H SI IN i! \U'I i i ?Kl>. V\ HER?' J. PIERP< >N I
Ml lR( ?A> V\ \v !?< >KX.
tailed. ..nd cons* qui nil
and weight did not Im pro v?
"Ml Mi i ?? i. ? .nu icted ?
a iiib- ,.., Eg: pi w ii.. o furl i.- r i ?
? Ti-il him. A stale ol tu- nts ?? .
sion and feebl? ? loped, it' ei -
rived m Cuiro m .. < ? ? rundo? n ?
dltion, bul during threi week i 'airo
h?, imp?o' --'i mi ntall; and p
his powers oi concentration end mem?
ory showing no uni nirmcnt 'i .
t?. K?m. liai i...- fatigue him, .?nd i.'
? ontinued i" gain sloe " for t? n da)
a ? eeb befoi i ins ?l? atb bis streng I
began to fall He was pul to bed on
Wednesda a: rnoon ..Mai. h 20), n.
became delirious ? ".'? extreme exhaus?
tion followed *his continued unid
Bunday evening when he passed Into .1
?-t.it. of . oms Hi died at I- 00 p m.
on Monda ' .
"f'.IfSI'.l'I'i: l: V-TI \.\i:i.i.i.
.;i:<i OE v D1XON
Funeral Service Simple.
. funer:?.|, si ??? ic< ? ?? sn exti em ly
simple but none th'- less Impressive
? har?? 1er, was held over Ihe body ??f
Mr. . . to-day The mourn? ?
presen! wen t erj ?> a Thej stood
n .? lutlful Sowers
. . ?? reathi nd en
as tribut? - b? ft k nds In many
H ?Id? Mi .hi .?i ii. rbert I. Bui
terlee stood Mum Helen M Hamilton,
Mi Morgan's granddaughter, Ambai
; < I Bl i- n ?nd Mrs < i I'.r1.. n. I'r?.
? Qluseppe BootlanelU, I>r. Allen
M Starr and lu OeorgC \ DiXOtt, the
? ; i aid ins a ho bad attended Mr.
Morgan Mrs MToodwortb, of Sea
v?.ik. and Charles Lanier, of Men Tora
The i;- mi. Ni Non > onducted the
.? r !? e. a
Bj .? stn ng? ?? ?? ;.i' ? ??? th? bell of
t .- adjoining church, Santa Marta degtl
ell, rang ?I Ih? time, ?pproprtately
g i th? BOH i??- for the man M ho
bad often admired Its majestic arches,
Which fot imd at ont time a part . f ihe
Diocletian batha
w h? ': Mi Nelson offered praj er,
.?e... of thoae present could noi re?
train th? It emotion.
Mr Morgan'a pet dog. ?.f the imperial
Chin i ' breed, without which he never
travelled and which he kept as his
constant companion In hia bedroom,
has remained In its travelling kennel
.-'i'.' hia death. rafUSing to ?at and
di playli | ?vident -ikus of distress
Plorence, Italy, April t Th? train ?rtthl
.1 p Morgan'a bod) aboard arrived here]
,.l .1.1. o'clock tO-nighl ll ? I ? met h. ?
the American Consul and ipreaantstlve? I
of tbe municipal ?utlMxruies, who offered
thrii sei vice? to Mr. ind Mn H L Sat
terlw Th?-tram proceeded ?I midnight
Bologna Italy, April 1 The tram con?
veying the bod) "f ?' Plerponl Morgan!
; ??! through here ?bout I o'clock this I
; lornlng. OftVlabi were at Mi station bul !
id ? not disturb tbe moturnt i
Paris, April :. ah tin- nsual formalin??!
respecting lb?' transportation ot hiMlies i
through Prance hav? been waived by the
Pranch Porelas Office m connection with
the i.'t.' ?' Plerponl Morgan at the re- ,
quest ?it th?- PYeueh Ambassador to Ital]
A s|.cr|,i| tr.iin is lo tie made up ?I IMJon
an?i v iii ?rriv? at Parla on Priday. it I
?rSI pass ?round the dt) on tb? circular
rallwaj m order to aun the line running
to Havre, without tin- necessity Of trans i
ferrtng Ike c?tha from one trata t?> au-j
- ? -
Lo?is .1 ?'.rant, a lawyer, whoa prac-l
in, aas defending poHcemen ?harped
with otiicaii delinquencies and who ?lad
? m March :7 in tie- Hotel Somerset, h ft
no will, a.nl his son, \\\\ lie ?'anicioii
?Irani, applied lo th" Surrogat?'? ?'outt
\esi.nh?\ i??r letters of administration.
||, ii>...l tin value of tie- ..-tat? ;,( ?,0tt>,
all personal property.
? s
Th. Para?t) flub at Cdumbts Uni
\.rsiiv gave an Informal dinner for Pra?
te soi* I rank O. ?."odiurw ami John
Bassetl Moor?- in tbe clubhouse at U6tb
su?, i last night, professor Qoodnow has
he. n called t?? Chin? tor thi..- years to
iihslst in th. preparation of the ???institu?
tion for th. new i.'hlnese Republic rr?i
t.s.soi .Moore lias a four years' Icive of
absence sit counsellor of the Department
ol Stal.
... a
Patrolman Joseph Mollee, who was ac?
cidentally shot last October and l?M ui
In lor.lhain Hospd.il. was arrested y<\s
terda) eharged with Intoxication and dis
I nrderly conduct. He whs found stagger
I Ic at th.rner of Tremoiit ami Wash?
ington avenues. The Itronx. by Acting
Serjeant Crosby.
Service Will Be in St. George's
Church?Date Depends en
Arrival of Ship.
No Company Has Record of Pol?
icy?Son to Succeed Him in
Many Directorates?Trib?
utes by His Associates.
itvtiry p. Davtaon. <>f the firm of .1. p.
Morgan i Co., announced resterdaj thai
th?' funeral <>f Mr. Morgan weald be held
?n St. Oeorge'a Eptecopal Church, in this
city, and the bed*/ srouM be burled in
the Morgan rantll) plot in Cedar iiiii
*'< ii't-iv. ..? Hartford, Conn Mr, ha\i
?"!i said no definite plans had b? en made
?' ? ' aa to Hi? dates aad hours for thel
funeral aervleea and the burial, which
would depend on when the bod) arrived.
Nothing definite haa been learned by
Mr, Morgaa'i sasoclates m the firm ?1? to I
when ii'.-! bod) will strive, u was said. I
According to cable* from Rome renter-1
da) h urea the Intentioa of the femily to
!?ut the body oa th? ateamahlp La France, '
?ailing from Havre on Saturday. Lai
Prance is due here on April II. Members
of Hi? Morgan nun said no d? finit? In
1 formation to thai ff? <-t had been re
I ceived by them.
I Nothing has been 'ici' rel about Mr.
1 Morgan's will sad no action la likely to]
be taken until the funeral, according v>
members of Um Arm. Mr, Morgan 1 son |
??nil probably Lewis Casa Ledyard, one of
i.Mr Meegan's attorney* are believed to *
be tii?- only parsons bavins definite
knowtodga of M or Its whereabouts
Mr Stetson declared yesterday he bad
not drawn .1 will f"r Mr, Morgan and
knew of no will thai be had made since
be bad known him, which covered s
period of lw< nty >?? era
Saya Ha Had No Insurance.
\.i itfv Insuraaca company weuM ad
?mt yesterday thai Mr. Morgan bad sver|
[applied for s policy, and apparentl) none
m ,n force at hla death if so, II was
! nUd to ba rery unusual, for wealthy men
,ny cam beavj Ufa Insurance, to
?provide aa Imm?diats supply of cash to
their executors, tbereb) avoiding the
chanca of lorn by plactaf atocha sad
tonda -i 1 loa market ,
' There was a report in the financial dle
. inet yerterday that Mr. Morgans >??
would probably aucceed him n the
Ljlreetoratea of man) ol th? ?"?rations
parti? ni,11 IJ
ul ?hlch h? waa a director, parii.-u.a.
In the New Verb Central and the Nee
> -....k. Nee Haven a Hartford railroad*
\. 1 meeting ot the director? ol the
Sea York Central* Hud on Rlv? Ratl
...?,. ,,,1.1 m the Orand - entrai rermlnal
. iterda) res? lutlona were'adopted m
? .. deat! ot M Morgan The directors
? 1 Plcrpont Morcan aras for thirty
',, m years a dire? tor of this compan)
During 'hat period II passed through
greal and perilous financial economic and
Industrial prises. l< expanded from a
; ?tat? corporation Into one ?>f the larg
I ,11.1 most important of Ihe Internatloi ??
transportation systems ol th? coui u
In th? cow eptlon snd wise bulldli g
|ol so cast snd Important an enterprise
bis sdvli - In uui councils ?as most ral 1
, nbl? and In the financial supporl a
wa? required from Haas to tune bis sai
1 :? . .? r? :n\aluable
"The greatest probtems ol Una
Industry, or combinations <>'< corpo atloi
01 capital were so simple to him thai the
raptdlt) and accurac) with which he ar
n\..i .,1 conclusions wer? marvello 1 He
had the ran combination ol ai In I
tnnrous a rasp 01 all Ihe factors h ? d -
Tit-nit situation Involving th? welfar? '
mu tltud? ? ol .-t?. kholdei 1 and emploj es
a-, sell h? "i Ihe general 1.He, a quick
judgment almost InvariabJ) 101 re? 1 and
I Um courage to support hla opinions ?mi
his name, his fortune and hla credit This
made him ?recognised aa a leadei of un?
questioned authority not onl) In hla own
country, bul all "V-t the world."
Memorial by Commerce Chamber.
Ths regalar meeting ol ths Chamba of
Commerce al '?-"?" p. as. to-day arlll i?<
devoted to ths roemor) of Mr Morgan
.Mr Morgan sras ?? member of the cham- !
ber for mor?- than Aft] years and served
foui terms aa a %'lce-prealdcnl Addn
will be mad? by Senator Ellhu Root, Jo?
seph II Choate, Beth !??>" and Robert W.
de Foreol
Tlie .lit????t??t? of lha National Clt) Bank 1
in a resolution yesterday said of Mi
"He was aver actuated by a spirit <?f !
altruism and luatlce to Ms f?'iio\? man
He won universal confidence through
rugged honesty of purpose and Innexlbl? !
Integrtt) He waa s Icadsi through hla 1
nobility of character, and hin personal I
qualities will ?-v?T live In memon and bei
un Inspiration to all mankind, He waa el
notable force f?>i good In the community, !
in th?- nation .mil throughout the world
The Influence of hi* life and example ?111 '
always b? fell through hla man) en?
nobling activities and his enduring works]
??i benefaction "
Philadelphian So Announces,
and Says There Will Be No
Change in House of Drexel
<fe Company.
I ii* Tektgrasa "? 1 be Tribu?
Philadelphie, April I Bdward T. Btotas
bury, of Drexel k c<< . >>t thta city, and
Partner of the late .1. I'i.ri'ont Morgan,
announced tO*a!gtlt that ha HI the seniOl
member of the Morgan firm by virtue ol
ths death of Mr, Morcan Ha mads ths
statement trith greal care, and seemed to
arelgh his worin carefully, no did not
say directly thai ha would take the place
mail?; recant by the death of Mr. Morgan,
bul the mferei. was plain that be con?
siderad himself a- the bead <<( the meat:
banking house
"While the death of Mr. Morgaa rnakesl
m?- th?- sanlot member of ths Morgan
firm," said Mr. Btoteshury, "there aill be
no change In ih<- PhUadelphis house ot !
Drexel A Co, Affslra will continue a-*
usual I ?m remain in Philadelphia, as |
my laterests require my press?es here.1
Mr. Btoteabury said ha w? ni<? go t..
N.w fork every Tuesday, and would he
nt ihe hotne oil!?? ?if slot pin .\ Co, Tues
da) apparently in the lag day m in?- houas
of Morgaa, when all the partners of ths
great firm K''t togeth * and discusa policy
. ?jii ail larga Bnanclnl Questions, the
smaller matters being k-ft to lha Indi?
vidual partners to adjust t?> lbs best of
their Judgment
Th<- bugs Interests m ihis ? it/ referred
Is b) Mr, Itotesbur) consist mainly ?>(
handling and Snanclng tin- trad on situa?
Hon, in which he became Interested sosas
months ?ko at the reejuesl if the dt)
I authorities. Philadelphia is about to <iin
aubwavya and erect elevated roads, an
nndsrtaklng that srlli cost more than
The hills empowering the city to ' <on
straet, leas?- ?nd operate'1 transit facul?
ties were passed by the Se?ale to-day.
it is generally conceded thai when these
hills become laws the great house .,r
Morgan as managed by Mr. Btoteabury
will build the subways and oilier trenail
fa?-illties. or, at least, win finance the
movement, later to lease them t<> the
??Ity at a comfortahle laopmo on the in?
Little Water to Fight Flames
After Firemen Make a
Three-Mile Run.
Wife of Morgan Partner, with
Her Sons and Their Friends,
Manages to Save
Some Furniture.
(Wen Cove, Long Island. April 2.?The
summer home of Henry P. Davison, of
.1. i'. Morgan A ?'".. .>n Peacock Point,
on tin- Long Island Bound, was de?
stroyed by fir' lat. thi? afternoon. The
loss is estimated al 1100,000 to 6.125,
imm?. The Davison place, winch adjoins
thai of William r>. Outhrte and Is not
far from those oi ./. iv Morgan, jr..
ami Howard Whitney, is one of the
hand meal on Long Island.
Th?' hOUSe, a three --lory Link nil I
vint-- stone structure, covered s large
an,i and ha?i Peen practically rebuilt
last spring
Mrs, Davison, wltb her two sons and
their three school chums, motored ont
this afternoon ?Toni New Vnrk to sp.1
the day. it was .i in th?' house, so i
the boys hud' a tire m th?- fireplace n
the V.i St ?'lid of the house, hilt SO mil'll
smoke resulted thai th?- huis decided
then ?as something wrong with the
chimney and put out the tire.
About I o'clock on.- ..f the , aretakei a
saw amok? coming from the top of the
house, anil he gave an alarm.
Rewlhnhg they could ?lo lirti" to ex- |
tlnguloh Ihe fir?, they turned then at?
tention t.. saving furniture, and a tele?
phone ?all was sent to tJlen Cove, three
miles gWOy, for Bw apparatus. Val?
uable rugs, furniture ami bric-?-brac
Were (allied oit before tie- llames
spread ail through the building.
ll was a long run for the Bremen, and
when they reached the place the house
was doomed. There was little water
end tie- firemen ?lid nol nave hose
enough to reach to tin- Sound. What
littl?' Water they *-'? I was from a small
lak?- on the estate, but the pressure was i
s,, light n ?lid practically no g od, '
Try This
Spring Tonic
iT?k^ pi-rm o- fresh air and nut
door c?rele?, and drink a bottle of
with your meals Von ?ni then experi?
ence the delightful thrill ?if healthful
;" fon and revel in ill?- .i?.v of living
Rvans' H tout i- natun 'a tonic
?Utl'ii: Kl l-i-i.-i |.,i: HOMB L'SB.
irasseaate iieiNit tMh St. ? Itth AveH \. v.
Th? liiuh ?rind carried sparks from
the burning building to several smalt
houses occupied in summer l?\ ser
VantO, and what little Water was to be
had the Bremen used to save them.
Tin- rue burned Berce!) for about its
hours until there was nothing loft hut
four Slackened walls. .Mrs. Davison
?aid thai In all probability another
house would replace the one destroyed.
Have No Idea as to Disposition
of Morgan Art Objects.
While it is generally believed that J.
' Morgan's art treasures now tn
the Metropolitas Museum of Art ?rill re?
main there, it was said yesterday by a
person in I position to know- that the
museum SUthorltiee were equally at sen
with ?very one alss M to the provisions
Of the financier's will rsgurdtsg his art
Object H vas point-d OUI that Mr. Mor?
gan, evei When the new win;; to house
ins collection aro? decided en, did not
state Ids Intentions in ?aye of his death
before the building ?rOS completed.
If th? ;??. is provision made in the will
for the distribution of the art collection
it Is certain, it was declared, that th" mu?
seum will '-till seek to establish the pro?
pos-d Morcan wing, for wliieh the city
has set aside |]S6,6M, The amount of art
Objects 00 hand space for which Is not
bow ?vailaMa ?rouid In any event, make
another addition Imperativ? in the imme?
diate future.
i iv Morg?n? Ir., apea king for Mmasil
and other member? Of the family, asked
Robert W. lie forest, secretary ot the
museum, ye?t?rdsy to reopen on Sunday
the Morgan eoUeetlsn of pamtingay which
waa .?os-.d on the ?lay of lbs faanrhv/6
S. Altem $c do.
Imported Parasols
representing some of the choicest creations
of the foreign designers, are displayed in a se?
lection which represents the most advanced
fashions for Spring and Summer, including
the Minaret, the Cloche and the Toque, the
latter introducing New Art effects In the
Balkan coiors. Silk Parasols veiled with
chiffon or shadow lace or embroidered in
chenille suggests a distinctive finish for a
formal costume; and to accompany the
lingerie frock there are Parasols of hand
embroidered linen, combined with fine laces.
New Ribbons
in a most attractive variety of the fashion?
able color effects, including many reflecting
the New Art influences, are now being shown.
Also among the novelties are Gauze Ribbons
embossed in tinsel, Shantung Ribbons in
Greek designs, wide Printed-warp Ribbons of
satin and taffeta, Roman and Bayadere
striped effects, and a large selection of black
and colored velvets.
Jif?l? Atrrnur, 34ft] uith ?>5tU Sirrr-fs, y.tm fork.
(URevilloii fr?res
Protect Your Furs
We treat your furs/arefulry. Every garment has its
sep?rale cover and its own hook or peg in one of
our Dry Cold Storage rooms, where the perpetual low
temperature prevents development of moth larvae. The
thorough cleaning which furs receive before they are
stored is worth more, in many cases, than the moderate
cost of the entire service. Full insurance guaranteed by a
responsible house.
Call 3761 Greeley
19 West 34th Street New York

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