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Railroad Tic-Up Is Complete.
While the Ohio River Has
Broken All Records.
Thirty-six Men Floating Down
Mississippi on Broken Sec?
tion of Dike?Situation
Grave at Paducah.
t'airo, Mi , i The 1
ei Irai, tin- Mobile
a Ohio and ii ? iron Mountain have been
i i of coi Thla mak? i th<
and mall Into
m ? le. < 'airo is cut
? from the outside world, and In ?ase
????? lor the Inhal Hants, not I
? ? emaln hi
to be I
' 'aim is at a ? ...-. ?tan? y
never bel ? ne d TI
? ? k to-nlghl stood it
tenths of an Inch hiah? r than an) : ?
??r?i. and the r till rising.
Seal everj I u brough
'?le in oth? r ci:: the moal
to reach here a is
tptali B. A Martin, ???
quartermaster, and Captain II. \. Jamle
,.->!-. -if the cth Missouri national Guard,
who were rescued In s launch from a as
I'm' "f levee which broke ii?'v.' a! Bird
; I Mo ? lusl ' oa I
Thirty-six Men Adrift.
Thlrty-sls of their men, the) said, ar?
know on the |i . m, which Is 890
lyarda long n^ii v> feel wide, and i1
Viown the \]
Commander McMuan, of the naval r??
serves, at ono red fer a i
inch end startM net toi ? ? M1J
.--our! soldiers, a pilot who understood
iee rivey - taken aloog to ?lli<le
the reesrvea Then
|the river, nr-.d ths safety of ths men Is
? causing their com? fleers much
worry. The regiment was on military
id rty in the town, which has been threat?
ened for several days an account of the
' ? ici', witers of the ' (hi '
In ths drainas" district norm of I aim
-waters ar? on a level frith thOSS
Ohio River, aad are prevented from
[flooding into the Mississippi only by the
Mobile ? O? lo levee. Ths greater num?
hrr of Industrial plants in the Portion are
to second storj wh
ths complet? ly, under
The Illinois Central tie-up will prevent
Cairo from getting further supplies of
?and over this route to top ths mala
Is a flandbar In th" Mis
Ippl here where a supply can i>e oh?
? :t th.- quality of It la sal ?? i I
V. ? s
Rcadmaster Near Death.
1 Ifford, i "er, who | ?
: to Investigate conditions alonar
erged tracks, was thrown into
?t.. until sad bad s narrow ?scape, ba?
by werkmsa in an
I'.? lucah, Ky.. April 2.?The flood rdtua
i a ig worse h airly. AI I
ch to-nlghl Brsl floor.?? ?>f over)
retail ? ?
r ? ? iver roa? bed a stags
ad I hi for four
? ???i mor? BhouM this occur on)] five
Iriocka m the ?ity will b?- out of water,
i.kuk! .mi s. b Buckner, Jr., U. B. A .
two naa-etanmlssloBed ofHcera of the
regular army to-day commandeered the
? ?' Rapids and every power ho.it
it* could Ret and, artth three I
ted for ? ;?ro. la accordance with
??piers from tho \V;\r I)e?iartmenl.
BvaaavUle, Ind., Apni i?Lewer Ohio
Bood relief by federal and state
gui "'ritics was oentred hem to-day.
Mayor Hell-rum estimated that four
hand ? liles of thl? ? H
driven from hoi
? >n the Illinois skis ?*>f the Wahaah di*
treeo is worse than on the Indiana side
Near CarmJ nn<i Maanie, famines have
? ? ? ;i without food thte?1 or four days Al
?iirn.t the Wabeah and tl a Little Webs h
;ne (gat str. am for mUSS. The mouth Of
til.- Wabaah is mem than thirty-five ?
Unlontoarn, Ky , on the, Ohio. |aat above
the mouth of the Wabesh, iw ten to twen?
ty Cast dsep f:i water, which Is nearly ft
f.'.i above ths .w mark. Every Inbabl?
tant has 1? ft the town.
Loulevflle, Ky., April :.- The Ohlc River
?wan fallln?? here to-nipht at the rate of a
Jlti> more than one-tenth of a foot in
twelve hours.
Lake of Whiskey Freed.
Be Wags oorps te?nlght wem keeptag a
wat*' ?it several big cn?tiiior>- ware
houf-es. which am In danser of tnllspss
a arara ? sf th? Rugby ?Distillery
Company collapsed late l;?f*t nlKht. r?>
leaaliip to the river about &S30 ?arre!? of
whiskey, valued at UM fgf
gfiaaraeetown, in. April 2?All that is
left ta-edght of Bhawneetown sr? i
gahatantlal hrleh and stone i rtldlngi b?
hind the main levee. gad Chey are con
red unsafe. Less than one hundred
persons remain In the former foe
three tho isand.
\ forty?Bve atile-an-hour ?alo la
the broad Ohio uatfl breakers dashed
.?ver the airea ? srged lev?es a
break In the northern levee nlso added t..
the danger Daring the alx loirs' atora
th? btg yawls of the navni reserve re?
moved doseas of famllteefrom the seeood
? ? s of homes ptevleualj cemddered oa
h ground.
Memphis April I -The Mis?"- : I IT ? I
bien i foot in the i^t twenty-four
hours. Thonsssata of men arc Werktag
sight and ?lay mehtag toga of Isvsm
Streetcar Running in Capital's
Flood Section?326 Revised
Death Estimate in Two Cities.
? olumhiiis.. Ohio. April '.'.- Although
tnllitla ?:ill Kuanl the flood ?ilatrl'-t. eon
dition?? on the west sida am gradually
heeomiri?; normal a lone ?tres fear even
pile? the section. By next week <?ffiriain
hope to bava th? Broad street bridge,
i he main art?-r\ bttWSSB SaSt and WOSt
Columbea, in operation.
The total numbei of hashes reeaverefl
up to to-nlghl ?- eighty. Co**oaet Bern
kert, who has BladS B wule.-ipread InVSStl
Kation tathnetrl thai si Isssl Ifl bedim
would cveiitiiniij bs recovered,
Governor <"<ix and member? of the
...,,, relief ? .... mlf Ion ?npoli I? <i '? him
i on .1 tour of the state to??!
went first to s?,i iMuii? pi, and
then go to Dayton, Hamilton, Clnclni
? ihlo Rlv< r low ns ?nd then t?? po
Musklngum River \ alle)
i ? . ton, April 1 The t.i-k o! : it al
housands of refug? ? i ? Ith food
an Indefinite pen??! sun confronts the
ii'-f commission, although seven carlo
? .\ islons arrived to-d ?
v ? ed list of the Known dead, ?
tabling eighty-three names, wa
? ...on. r .1 YV. Mi K tn\. I
clings to the belief thai ai leasl two h
? rsoni pei Ished.
. d? i i !vs Booth of the Km
- ilvatlon Army and seven ??
visited Dsytnn to-dS) ?nd mad? s toui
Found Brooch in Old Dress a
Returned It to Owner.
im IWcgrsp) lo 'i Im Trll n?
Wheeling. W. Va., April 2. M
Marl? Pollock, daughter of a mini?
aire Btogie manufacturer, of this u
In am wer to the call for clothing
the ti.i sufferers, gave many of I
old dresses and other garments. Af
the rellel committee had taken t
clothing away and distributed it one
the recipients of Miss Pollock's hour
found a diamond brooch, worth $1,IJ
fastened In one of the .liesses. T
young heiress had missed tho hror
several months ago. and bt lleved .t
have been i<>m or stolen.
Th<- gems were returned to Miss P
lock to-day by s member <>f the Be
reiiei committee.
Medical Officer Says Danger
Epidemic Is Slight.
B radier Qenersl F. Elberl Davla a
. ni of medical officers of t
National Volunter Emergency Servie?., w
have been la Dayton In charge of rel
work, arrived horn? yesterday, Includ
in the party, which left New York Ii
Thursday nicht on a special train ran
Ing supplies were ?'apt,tin P. '.'.. 0?l
ner, Captain Herbert Arnold, Captain
i. Hunt ?'apt.un il i>. Clair, Ueutens
A. M. Carpenter ?nd Bergcanl .i C. Mil
?what the people of Dayton need rrs
i ;. im ral i ?at It declared, Mla to
clothing and furniture. Thi ? have mo
cal supplies In abundance, .iiiit under t
idmlntstratlon of the <'hi" S
Quard ?nd other organlsatlo
there is little or no danger of epldeml
of typhoid or dipththeiia There '
ample supply of typhoid ?arum In tin ell
ai,.i with the efficient work of the \a;i<>
sanitary agencies the chief problem
ihe future lesolves Itself mto a
ol feeding, clothing and housing.
"North ar.'i Weal Dayton were ti
in its of the town ta worst condition fro
the floods The poorest residents llvi
there. lint there ?I els? where, everythlt
'.? was- don.-. Th? v' hOOl t.-.iehers .
the city were an Importent factor In r
lief work, for thej ?rere all trained
first aid. Another agency to whom tt
people were great!) ;- ? bt< I ?.-. '
Patterson, of tin- National ?'ash Resist?
Company, who devoted himself ?rlthoi
any rest to the assistance of tbe WOTIH
ai .? chlldn ? ?"
But 'Big Jim' Donnelly, Campu
Cop,' Comes to Rescue.
, ? ?; i .?? ? ? rlbui
New Haven, April _ >Ex*Presldei
mow Professor) Tafl attended his iirs
meeting in Phelpa Hall to-da]
hut fallt i to fit the Keni chair whlc
lie was ?ailed upon to fill, The Ken
chair is an ordinary professorial chal?
bul as soon us ex-Presidenl Taft sau-1
);?? grinned, be new be woul
never do in that 'hair.
In hast" ii janitor vas called, hut h
knew of no chair t?ig and str?m
enough, 11 ti t i i some one finally though
of "Jim" lionne y, guardian of th
college campus, whose dimensions < or
respond with President Tait'o. "Jim
smiled sympathetically, and oui ol bl
famous room where the Midnight Clul
sits brought hia famous leather eh !r
formed oui of two enormous eik horni
f..r jrears been used by member
of in?. Midnight ?"luh when assemble!
in ".lim's" room, and usually held tWl
at once.
Chairman of Boom Committee
Resents Whitman Attack.
Loula Ar.nm Am??, who was- ehairmai
of the committee of "G?ynor cm
la going to get out. He was nol ?I ?1
I ?it tbe a'ta.k upon District At
Whitman circulated Tu? sday ovei
his name and those of th? Other mem
I ben of the comn
"I win have no connection ?ritl
body who Indulges In senseless, unbridle?
and iinealleii.fi,r ?ttSCkS ?ipon men it
publie ofllce who have done bon? st. cleai
Herv?.'?? for the community, whether It
II Mayor 01 as District Attorney. Al
a mattei of fact, there is nobody wh<
Igh? r ..pinion of Mr. Whitman
than i. Ai d al th. asm? time i think
Mayor ?la-, nor has done Rood work I
think it is wrong to attack elth? r <u them.
Men whom I know asked me to Join thi
committee to rewsrd the men who mad.
th.- subway possible. I am oui ol ii nou
and am torn that my name has ever
bei n ui ? d In conn, ctlon with if "
?'l don't i >??? ni;, ihli r v rang In attai h
ins Whitman?" said William Lustgarten,
the a.-t e ? of th? committee.
? i ? ? i ??: ?. fact that he I? willing to ?band
for nomination to the mayoralty proves
that his campaign against th? poUc? bs
I been conduced foi political purpose? and
not oui of a desire to benefit the public."
Women Do Bulk of Speaking at
Housewarniing of Headquarters.
Manj ?peaches, much yelling ?nd th?
con.- unfpi ion ol gallons >.f Innocuous
h and pile? ol sandwiehos marked
th.. houst warming at the miw state and
county headquart?ri of th? Progr?
party, No, S3 Washington Square West,
ia.si night
Colonel Roosevelt sea nol there, bul
N., in u Robinson ? a and msdt a
?i. Bo did Mrs. Robinson. 'Women
occupied th? .tan.i quit? ie much sa men
did, aid got more applause There wa
! ; ippli | when Miss Almee Ifutchln
son, In a i>i m silk i-v, nin? gown, pre*
?anted County Chairman Bird, In th?
nai.t tin- aromen member? <>i Um
count] committee, ?rlth a mahogany
I 11. i.
Th? men liked her si.h s., un,, h lhal
they mad? bei give another before th?
evening waa ovei Misa a.? Rhoodao,
?rosnan organiser foi Ne? rora. Btate,
was another who spuk?? amid much ap
Almost $50,000 Added to City's
Half Million of Relief Con?
tributions Yesterday.
Red Cross Director Says Money
Is Required to Re-establish
Business of Sufferers in
Devastated Districts.
i tough it baa been prophesied dal!) for
the las! three days that fies fort had
reached lis limit in giving to ths flood
sufferers in th" Middle ?feet, contribu?
tions continued to now into the rarloua
agenrlea engaged in the worn of collect
Ing yesterday. Almost ?>."?? waa added
i., th? ??;?? fund of half a million, being
several thousand dol?an more than srai
.i? d 'M iii.' pn ??? ding da).
Bmphaali was hud by those engaged In
dlattibutlng the relief money on the fact
thai the danger of actual starvatioi
now largely eliminated in the stricken
reg!. and thai the greater tosh of set*
ting the homeless ami destitute on i ? ?
f.et Sgain was at hand. Tins point was
bro .^!it .. i learly in a telegram r.
? d from FSrneel P. Hi' knell, nation il
dir.?-tor of th?- American Red Cross, who
anaging the relief campaign from th.
state Housi ; ' lolumbus, 01 lo. The
telegram read In perl :
"The wort ol r? ii la new a. ??
pleted. in a fea day the etnergenc)
d of rushing '??? food and clothing to
atop instant suffering win sad Then will
begin ths enormoualj more expensive an.i
equally Important aorii "f restoring the
many thousand flood sufferers 1" a ?-mit?
in which the) may be ?et sgain **o>
' - . lunt"
An appeal fot- i ? merchanta who lost
:.. srlj ? ??? i rthlng In the floodi came t"
tie Merchants' ?association from the sec
retan ol tin Han Ion < 'hamb? r ..f ? iom
.. , i .-.
Mayoi Qi ? wived two telegrams
. ? ? hing Iran ? il for Day?
ton, Ohio, and i 'atlettsburg, K \ Tl ?
? ? from John m Patterson emphasised
, ..... . :? : . ? ? bn
and t ? ' lid: "t ihio ft.i
1 la placed us in desperate condition Help
us." it was signed "?! J Montague,
.Mayo-." Both wer referred to the Red
Croes, t.. which the Msyor has trans?
ferred all cent! I I Inti lated to aim
The R< d Croa? fund n aunt? i te n
? ? itcrda) ? a? lualva of th? W.M0 whl? h
will eon." to il from th? Mayor's office.
To the Itt,el4) of the day tl a Mi rcba
. latlon ? oati buted I1S.0B), the ( totton
Exchange 13,825 and the Chambei of Com?
merce ' ! ?? Othei large contributors
were lb? National lewellera' Board of
Trade, tl.-i'.".. t'
tmny. 12, ??? t1;.- \ lllagea of Leal
Rndlcotl and Union, N T WO snd an
? ? ' ??? ? . contribution ol th? asms
Tne uptoam bram h, ai I
.t. sent 17.17] to the mam offli ?. In
. ludlng 12,511 from th? Brooklyn i baptei
.? from the ties fort brai I I
National League of Coi i h Mer
? '? sad 'di from I - ?? dtls? m si I tics
Mr w Bayard Cutting sen! t*M
The New York Stock Bxchang?
??? i an Inci ease of $4.! fund
th? last total of V ? :?'; ?? a an
noun? ? d. and J dge Altoi B Pai ? ?
Iitlsei i omn ??:??. i d irlng
the 'i ' Ittee a Ired 11 SO to
the < ' ke amount
to Ma. or Dahinten of < im.? ha foi lim ?
d?ate tmong eighteen names added
to the committee were tt." ?? ..i Oeaeral
T C. Dupont, James <?. Cannon, Qeorge
i. Ooul l. Paul D. Craval ai d .1 id) ?
Morgan i O'Bi len.
The American Museum of Ba/et; meet?
ing nt the Engineering Bodetiee Bull?5tng
yesterday, pea ed a resolution expr?s Ing
Its esteem .?:.?i appreciation of the dele
heroism and Dsh dei otion displayed
by John II Patterson, president of the
National i Register Company, In su? ?
coring the afflicted thouaanda el Dayton
Such patriotic social service, typical of s
long Hfe devoted to social welfare, ahould
not be accepted by ih<- publt? in silence?
the resolution said Mr. Patterson is a
gold medallist el the museum this rear.
Pennsylvania in Line and Only
One More State Needed.
Harrisbarg, Penn., April { rein yl
ranis ratified to-day ?lie proposed .?meid
menl i" the federal I institution provid?
ing for the direct election of United
States Senators, making the thirty-fifth
state to fail in lin--. The letal resolution
which previous!) named the House was
pssssd by the Senat? unanimously The
vote of only one mom state i needed to
make the amendment effective
Benstor McNIchol, Republican leader of
Philadelphia, aim introduced ? i.iii pro
\idin?? that Benators be elected m n,,.
une manner as the QoVemor. In case of
vacanclea the Governor shall have the
right to make a temporar) appolntmenl
until the following general election,
Pennsylvanls electora win rots foi a
i nited Btatea Senator In lb? fall of IMf toi
succeed Boles Penrone, whose term ex
pues Mar. h I, ItU
Washington, tprll I -Of the statt
ahleh have not flaall) acted upon the
direct ??'?.'ions Constitutional amendment.
the l?gislature? of two CosMMCtJcut and
Rhode I-land in.- BOW In >-e.snlon In
Rhode Island the House adoptad it
Ambassador Anderson Believes
Our Trade Will Increase.
: in Teleavask lo Tree 1 rtbuaa I
San I'tHiicisco, April 2. i.arz Amlssaes*,
American Ambassador to Japan, who ar?
rived hers rooteiday fr?im the '?ri?ut. ha?,
i. ft San i i .Mi-is? ? for TTsshhiglou
?if the paeathlllt) ?.f trade with Japan,
A mbai aador A nderson aald
"(u course, the future trade betareon
japan and the United States win depend
in h measure m the tariff, Daring my
ata) In Japan as smbaasador, having hem
appointed auccesser to Charlea I'hk?
Bryaa, i hu<i an txct Heat opportunity to
study conditloBs there. Aa ambsissador
I was in Japan Mil) ?lout a y.-ar. hut 1
had mad? tWO previous visits.
"It Is my opinion that .lat?an mtettalag
a klndl) feeling for the Hatted Btatea
and We should Incnase our tmds SSCh
I mr
'i left a most sympathetic post when
i left Japaa. \^ leag as my measery
aervm me i shHii rememher ths kindly
niiifiifeuiatiuiiH of frlefjdshlp ?how. red
upon Mr^. Anderson ami myself hy Japan
War Department Alarmed and
Relief Expeditions Are Ten?
tatively Organized.
Army Officers To Be Distributed
in Missouri, Kentucky, Ten?
nessee and Arkansas
i Protn Th?> Tribune Bun .1.1 |
Washington, April - Alarm Is felt by
War Department offlcisls over th? threat
en Ins situation In lh< Mississippi Valley,
as there aie fean thai the Inevltabl?
hoods win cause a greater ?" 1 of lif*
?nd damag? to property than reeulted
from th.- ?ieluKe in the Ohio Valley.
The Secretary of War ha taken ?Very
precaution to meel an) emergency and
relief expeditions have been tentatively
organised in the Middle West and South.
Major .1. 1: Normoyl? has been plsced in
chsrge <<f th.. ritustlon in the hooded re?
gion and will also commsnd the relief
fen ?? should expeditions be sent,
Secretar) Garrison, Major Oeneral
W.1. chief <u' staff, ?nd ail other mem
bera <>f the federal relief expedition to
Ohio, except Major Rhoads, returned t.>
Washington thta foren. Major Rhoads
remap s in Chaig? of the sanit?r-, sitia
lion at Dayton.
Major Sormoyle, a; Cincinnati, tale
graphed t?> Oeneral Wood to-day that hi
hsd jUSl had a lent; dll tan?'e telephOO?
talk With Ma.ior Logan, his iasSiStSOt, at
Louhviiie. and outlined their plans, The
t- legram continu??
"W? are going to set commissioned or
non-commissioned officers Into Cs^uthers?
rille, Chari??tOn and New Madrid, Mo.;
Hlekman. Columbua and Wyckltff?, Kj
Dytsburg and Tlptonvtlle, Tenn., and
Helena Ark., and have ?U.n InatrUCtlOt
to ship from Columbus, Ohio, 1,000 hlaii
kets, 1000 1 ?its ant -??' tenta t.. rllckmaa;
MO tents -'.???' ? ' n.i .'.<?". blankets to
Menu.ids end MM anketa IODO cots and
? 1 nta t.? Heien,
100.000 Rations ?n Reserve.
: win have at Loulsvlll? 6M teni s.000
blankets, .'?.'"" b?daaeka and 16.ration?
that is fiv? care, 6k000 rations m each
car as a reserve! ?bto h reeerv? of 'wo
!?. ration-, at COlUmbUS, Ohio,
and sum the remalndei "f the PMtade ?
jina. si.ii menta of tents, ?"t.- and blan?
kets I a-s une that Inrther food I ipplieS I
for I 'Oluml ! m - tOI ? " I "ther points In
Ohio win i.e forthcoming from th? \..
rtoua rell?f - ?" imltb. .?' -i Red Cre?.
of th.- reher t inda ll a' bav? be? n poui
Ins ?nt.? ti... Bute ?.f ? >hio
"Logan has i- ? to get m touch
with a'l of th- dang? r pen.?? ? ? tat?
reor ottiei
Governor of Missouri arlth a vie? to -??
ting e line on th? tuatlon in i
. 11 , ..? hora ' iptaln 1 - fortl f I
...-.,. ? ? ' ' fry- :
ii .??...-.! 1 line on the ?re s<
Missouri.? for I
. .
i:. genet ? teima, Logai
c 1 .. : ? -
.. will throw ofll? ? r? ?nd
. . ":??.??.
1 ? ? ?orl.-ion of tr
wili throuf ? .; '? ? \ 1
.? Bupi lee left bu?
1 aval offleeri In barg? foi Ma
and I.'.':- '
' I ',.,- . . 11 r.-. ted ' apt.r.n M t? '?? ..'
Parkeraburg. to ?end th<- w- tndotti and
t? o bargt to-moire? mot nii 1 le ?
the naval ?uj t ed '" Marietta.
Thi.- fioiitiiiK bai.' ipi ? will worl
doarn th.- H?? er ?s f?1 ..*i TI a
rematad? r ..r the twenl - f 1 toth
furnlshed I
lioulavill? -?m... time to-morrow, ?nd ?
i .? mei there bj I ? ? ? neei boal Ki
lucky, two bargei from Madl >n Ind.,
and additional barges tf necessary, and
? 1.. -i supplie on aboard will 1 onol - ??
a second n tattng bas? of supplli s t ?r
nlshed by th? navy, and win op.-rat.. :.
...%.: pomta on th? Ohio south of Cin
Confident of Ability.
1 hs 1 a ornan d Lieut? ant Reaga
Ihe i.-th 1 '?-.air- and bl ? n comml?
stoned men Into Loulavllle from Peru,
Ind , for duty further south \\ , are
looking f"r trouble In the lower Ohio
Valley, bol think we wi 1 i?- sM< t.pe
with the aRuatton Msrkhata, of th?
engineer corps, is very peseimtotlc in bis
report tO-day. In th? li^'ht of what w.
knew about thi valley through expert
enee we arc prepared to ns.- th? necea
Mirv method? to m?-..? the situation, and
believe thai w? win be ?Me to handle |<j ??
Burgeon Oeneral mue. of the Publie
Health s.rvi'-e. returned to Washington
t.. ?hi' fron. Ohio and Indiana, w h? tv he
Hi eted sanitation measures H? saM
that, generally speaking, in- was not ?p
prehensl.f serions results, a? pre?-ail?
lions were being token ?gainai typhoM
Bhermen Mien, AashiUtnt Becretarj of
the Tressury, has authorised th? three
llfesavlng craws from ?outhern Lak?
Michigan lo k? to Cairo III . if 'he good
-illation wai rants ll
Total !? eeipts of th? Red ?'ros fer the
relief of ii...,ri Bufferera reached 1016,001
Civic Forum Aims to Assure
Him of Public's Support.
Tim citric iiiruni announced yesterday
the plans for "a. meeting In support of
District Attorney Whitman" al Carnegie
iiaii ?m Tnssdsy svenlng, April i?".
Joseph 11 (Theate ? 111 pri ihta The
other speak.-rH will Inelud? District At
torney whitman. Controller William a
PrendeiKaat. Senatar Itohert I'. WognOT,
chairman ?if th?- lagi?larJv? polie? com
mlttee; Praderle R, Coudetl. Dr. Park
hu st and Henry Morgentliau, ?-halriniiii
of th? I n-nioi-ratic national tinauee rum.
mitt?? In the last Presidential campaign
This meeting, like ail maatlnga <>f th
<'t\ie Poru?a, ?rill be noe^partlaaa. it."
ObJ?Cl I? a 1 ?piesciitatlve und emphatic
expression of puhllc opinion on the pa?
Ho? situation in <>rd?-r to Btrvsigtfcea the
hands of the Idsfriet Attorney in hin
?lilthult task and to urge to the limit id'
P0?iSillty th?. in???tig?tien and punish
ment of polie?- corruption, aoeordlog .<?
the Porum'a annoone?m?mt.
Pram The Baataa B< mid.
(lovrrnnr ShUt has sinn. .| the full rrow
1.111'' ?sagsssd t" ?sassi agasajase, a >r.ir. The
l?...pi., of New York must. In the Ioiik run. psj
thin Mil It will Ix- lnt?re?tlns to set: when
tii? ?jasrissa psssts ??.i??? sg to Um r?-ai d"
? mm
Idea to Board of Estimate
Like Tomk ins Scheme.
Two Banking Houses Ready t
Furnish the Money?Route
in West Street to Have
Nine Warehouses.
a plan to batid, with private capital!
auberay, lall and water freight termina
accessible tO all the railroads which hni
their terminals in W?*ehanrken, Hobok?
ami Jersey City, win h?> auhraltted to <i
Hoard of Estimate and Apportionment t.
Ths proposed sabwa) and terminals,
is estimated by I? ?'. tVlllougbby, tl
originator of the Mea, arlll cost ?hot
?n'.,<"|."?i. and be believes thai II art
solve ths freight and traffic problem e
Manhattan island, if the hoard h\
proves the achetas and suitable errang)
monts caa tie made the banking boom
of Ladenburg) Thalmann & Co. and ?
Kissel, Ktnnicutt ? Co arlll oadertaks i
form a ayndl?cats t?. provide ths nee? mi
mon? ??
Ths pian provides lor a six-track sal
?ray to extend alons the marginal are
of West street from qortlandt street I
Md street and theaee nortli under Blet
emit avenue t" fstb street. The Eleven!
avenus section aitl be d?caiNe?track? >i
Tubes to Freight Yards.
To make -!.il way erdceable to th
vsrious rallroada of New Jersey, if wi
he ronn?-''t''<l b* two or four single tub?
under the HudOOB Itlver. fin the Ne
Jersey side they win lead into raBroa
yards, where the freight for MSBhSttS
will he collected and clsastflod
Directly over the main *mba*sy on tl
marginal way of West street, at frequei
Intervals, nine ?tory warshoasss will I)
. ?,. ?.. The streei hoar and th.e Bo?
above srill be used as ''freight yards
, . ?. .a atories sefli bo ffc voted I
ararehou ?? ; 11 oeea, refrigerating i ant
ami manufacturing, in a'l. there ?.? ?," \
?eventsei ft ess nine story structurel
It in contended by those familiar wit
the plants that the] are not in any he
po tent detail different from ths pla
loner advocated by Cahrla Tomklne a
Dock ? 'ommlasioner
Mr. Wllloughby sn!<1 lsst nisht that til
"chief champion" of this proposal i?> Jab
Purroy Mltchel, ?ho ie?.tde.s tu-inc Pre :
dent of the Board ol Alder mea, hi chal?
man ..f ths terminal committee of tl
ol Bsthnate. Mr Wllloughby sal.
tl at he submitted thS plans some t!m
be? ^ to the termlnel committee
Mr -? ' ad to any who *?*
He as that he had no
aubmitti ! Ms Ides tp all the rallroadi af
franori se, ? th ? ' lion to renew it f..
.... ? reara
opees ?.? Mr WI!
In his api l( al on foi ? franel Is? In pan
, i " h ? t^e right ?
at after the . v
? ? n rears from the eon i r"
? |
O.itlines Pl^n for Franchise.
? i . .
the subwa Used so the!
st the end of flfl I ? thereol
Used on th? basla that th?
? ? ?! amorti/ ? !..- . ,
t? -? ?.- | per cei I
the si llxatloi to begin at the com?
.... ? si i?,, flftli ? ear frot II
emplet the I rmli ? fn'i.itir
I '; ,,.? T . ' ' ' ' ?.lilt tO til?
compel urn ? p.*' to the unen ortie?
- .f th? ? ?? npan setcual Invest
?? the fuba per ceat foi
?i . toi ? profit whl? ' seid sum of i
. t shell ?le. reas?- during the f.irt' ?
.?io?i Intervening between the tenth
.n,d fiftieth vean of the franchise la a
? tratghl line I pon re aptui ??. In case tl
earnings from the terminal factlltl
equenl lo ths iifth year shall sot hava
been enough to pay the amortisation In*
?talment there ahall ie deducted froi
the actual cash Investment only th'
.m ?.'.ut ?if amortisation Installment
which bave been actually earned.
"The 'It shall have ;he right to re
rapt ?? the warehouses after a period of
twenty-five reara from the completion of
the termina! factllt ?
? The i ompany1 ? a. ? ; i. caeh h aetmenl
in um warehouaes ahall be amortised su
that at the end of Nfty : ? srs the whole
thereof shall amortise on the basis thai
the Instalments of amortisation shall be
cali dated ss bear!as interest at I pei
.??m. the amortisation to begin at the
commencement of the fifth \?ar from 'Me
completion of ths terminal facilities.
"Upon the capture the eit) shall pej to
the company a sum equal to the un?
amortised portion of the company's
actual investment in the WHreholls.;.
11 . i". per cent for contractor's protit.
which .?.aid Mini of 1", per cent Shall <!<?
i i.-ase during the forty-year period in
im anlng between the tenth ami fiftieth
year.-, of the franchisa In s straight line.
Upon recapture In ease the earnings
from the terminal facilities subsequent to
ths tnta rear shall not have been enough
lo pa) tif amortisation Instalments,
there shall !"? deducted from the actual
? a ?i Investment onl) the ai.ml of
amortisation Instalmenta which have
been actually earned."
.\ir. Wllloughby pledges ihe proposed
operating ?ompany to pay the <ity S per
? cut ?.r ail profits after ths total operat?
ing expensas, the amouat sel asteo for
amortization, ami tin Interest, Mi the
? ash invi sted, not to eacssd ?'> per cent,
have base deducted from r 11 ? - earnings.
in case ths deductions in ??nv rear exceed
th?. gross earnings of subaray and ware?
houses, th.. deflcii win be oberged agalasi
the garptas sarnlngs of futur.? years la
advance of the division ,,t tu.- profita
Brooklyn Doctor Asks Police to
Protect Him from Himself.
l>r. Wnll.r Albeit, nf N?>. 287 Lincoln
svenue, Brooklyn, entered Iks Liberty
svenue (Brooklyn) palles station yes?
tcr.lHy and placad Ji pistol on tin- desk
m front of l.leutcnnnt Mfforinark.
"My wife killed herself recently." he
said, "i inar her voice constantly can?
Ing to DM to ?onto to her. I have triol
to l<lll mys.df several times with ,1ns
pistol, bttt it either refuses to go "It <>r
I lose my nerve. | am golnp; inanne. I
thought it liest to give myself up."
An ambulance gargOOfl took Albert to
the Kings Cminty Hospital, after a
Charge ?>f lmvlng n lyiided pl.itol In hla
r censes km had been maeV >j-*tn?1 him
"The Top Notch of Scotch'*
FRANCIS DRAZ k CO.. Sole AgenU. United Mates
Magazine Section
Will contain a choice selection of brilliant featured, in?
teresting stories by celebrated write?, special articles
that are timely, all profusely illustrated by leading
artists, with a highly artistic cover design in colors.
In fiction, fact, and pictures this will be a notable
number. Fiction will constitute its main feature,
since in these days of early spring romance makes
the best reading.
The Girl
Who Had
?- ., ?.ir\ the beauty end significan e ???' which gradually dawn
?p"t< th? reader. The heroine is the advertising < xpert ol s big
department ot? re. who, at twenty-nine years ol age, recei \xg
alary, bul whom romance bad passed bj Thi drama)
point in hei life ia deft!) described This ?a the firsl of a
.be widely read
A Fool and His Money
GEORGE BARk MCUTCHEON. 'he lituation tv
rl ? ? ? ? ting and delightful in that v onderfu
ihe D mubc I ' ?? ? haptcr headings ol the fourth install I -
of th? ii try's ? harm: "1 Resort t" Diplomacy," "1 .v>
?? I Oui 10 Dinner," "I \g:rr t.. Me.t tin
... i ... the next numb? r i- a g
The Cheers o' Men
thrilling ? n nd tend.?? i ted rh? autl
. known as a short itot y n rit?
Edisons of the Ten-cent Smile
tricks, puzzles and jokcra lha* amuse mill -. ;
tented in P ri and else? here
Our Next Illustrated Song
N'uinbcr 50 of this great series is the I ?? "The
'? t ' o* DoonJ| Th? illu itration ?? from .. ? . !>-. ROBERT
Magazine Section
Sunday Tribune
Estimate Board Wants Law
Amended to Let in Rival.
The franchise eomtolttec of the Board
of Estimate ii?-i<i ? bearing yesterday an
the i.iii it hm? Introduced at Albsny giv?
ing ll the right to issue f'an. Ids. s fol?
l?is lite s t,. r,nnpani'-? Other than the
l'util Avenu? Coach Compon) Tb? com
mitte?.nslst.^l ?il Mayor OsyUOT, Pi
.hut Mltehel of the Hoard ol AMernsen
and Deputy Controller Mutinwson. Bor
ough PresMenl MeAnenj was also prsa
??nt. and Commissioner Maltble repraaent
??d the l'uhlh- Servie CquhiiIbMOB
The nectrlc Coach Cornoratloa, which
IS hacked l?y 0?BOrg? W. Loft, has off.-red
tO establish n?W 'bUB linca all over to?
city at a five-cent far?, tf the bill l?
pasasd ami the city Kt\es It 6 fW?
chlse. President Bhonto, repreaenttag the
N'.-w York <'ity Rsllwsya Company, pro
test.-.! against the estshttahntenl of any
mot? 'bUS Hues. Me said II would ma
terlallv cat down th. profits of the ear
face lima, that the) w?-r?- not making
any money now, .nui to luv the competi?
tion Of 'bUS linen nl| over the city ?rOttld
:.. ri.ni-.ly erlpple the Company.
Borough rre.-nl.nt Ifi Allein sai?! ?he
i-lty >li<>iil?l have the rlKht to ?rant fran?
chises to new comnanlea for transpertav
lion faettltksj wheravar u saw fit. and
?stating compa??a? would have t<? trust
io tin- goad judgment of the Board or
intimate not to nstahltah new transit
lines win-re fhev were not needed.
Mr. Shunts said his company was pre?
pared to place h nutnher of <l??uble-deek
ears on the BUTfaoa Un??, If the city wan
willing He aeknowl?-dge<l It was true
that the Interborough-M? tropnlltan held
a nonaidSrabl? amount of the atock of the
Fifth Avenue Coach Company, tun ?aid
it did not ooostltttte a majctlty, by any
m?as, Jams? t? Quncstsjusassh, oonoaal
for th.- N'.-w York City RsJIWSyg t'oin
patiy, also argOSd WgqfnM the cstabllsh
iiient of more 'bun line?, a* dl?l Howard
Woody. <if the Brooklyn Rapid Transit
^William TT Tilge, rcnre?cntlnc the Fifth
i furnishing ?. ... i sen I? - and should sel s
disturbed. PreaMtml UcAneny rei
I that tfic trouble ?a- that If any further
permission to operate any other Usai
w.rc giren t" them thej muai be granf-i
In perpetuity under tic law WhtCh WBS
passed soase iresrs igo
'*WS are ?rilling to lake a twenty?***"
| ear li'int." ?aid Mr Parfe.
'Hut it can't he don? under the B6W,
?aid Preaidenl McAn? m
The rranehtae committee Anally ?secMsf
to send to Alben] some amendments Is
the hiii mend) to maK.? clearer ?ora?
minor pointa it win urg? th? passage of
the hill
H iv H?lse. ..f the Btaetric Coach Car
peratton, a?Jd that ?nbeldisrle* irer? beim
urg?nJ6od to operate buses from M.?
battaa and Brook)) n t.> ? Ion? f latand, and
a?s.? ?m th.. Hudson County Boulevard.
Jersey ? lt\
The offlosra of the company are: II? ??
i.. Joyo? president; Henry B. Jam.* and
i hurles R.rxTli. vie,-presl.hnt.s. Ilerb-rt
I Denhsnoto, Becrotary?ir?a?nr?r, ess
i ;,.,,rue l> Itsehay, chairman of th.- lea'
?f directora
An affiliated company has been orgat
leed for the purpoM of operating t??>"
??als It was said that the company WOUM
have' some two hundred cars of sn la*
proved typ? In operation by s.-ptemb.-r
Conference Believed to Have
Concerned Appointments.
Senator Oliornian eonferred *',h
Mayor Qoynor at the Clt) Hall yeeterdej
morning. The <.i..ie.-t of Ids ?-?n ?nan
have h.-en of considerable ImporUnc? ??
th.- dt) > ' secutlve left s hesring ovfr
which h?- was preeMtag to talk to >"nl
The Mayor bod nothing to say about th*
talk. At the OChOC of the Senator la th*
afternoon it was naht he had gon? to
It Is believe?! the Senator talked wit?
th? Mayor about nome men who are to
b.- suggested by him for fe..?-ral appoint;
ment.s. it is probable also that tli<>
talked about th.? Mil now h- lore Congre?*
for tho straightening out of the PlerbSSl
line In the Hudson Klver l?elow Svt?
street ?n<1 about tho bill for the app?**
prlation of $3.000.01? toaanl a new fe?lenv
i ...|..?.. . -, ;|. ? ||

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