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^tto])<irk ?ribunr.
Till IIMI.W. \ruii.
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B l*X DA)
The Mayor's Pleasure al Uncover?
ing New (?raft.
"!.<?? them go ami tell everything lhal l? what
?re all want," saya Mayor Gaynor ul the s l-nlgut
rastauranl proprietors who are going to Distriol Al
torney Whitman with evidence thai they paid grnfi
for the privlle . ping open after i a. m.< ?
privilege is taken away from them by the Mayor's
nt- i ord?
Of course thai "as what the Mayor wanted li
w.-is to aid the District Attorney In bis effort? 10
?.id.mi evidence againsi and to convlcl the crooked
pottos that the Mayor clapped on ihe "lid." He
?.new thai this would make the restauran! keepers
wh.? bad p.id for Immunity In violating the Ian
sritnesse* for the state, By the way of Indicating
his Immense satisfaction with the result im call
tin? restaurant proprietors "vulgar and vicious pro
piietors of these all-night carousing places." n?- Is
an much pleased with them as be ;- with the "rag
bag press-- which print- the news about nolle.?
The Mayor lias always exhibited this sort of sat'
Isfaetion when ns a result of hlg ruthless policy In
'enforoine the law dlswderJy persona have gone to
Mr. Whitman with evidence of graft. When I:
lhal told his story againsi Becker the Mayor showed
hi? pleasure by denouncing Rosenthal as a common
?gambler ?uni indicating that- he was unworthy of
belief. When one of the witnesses on whom the
??use against Sweet.ey depended w.-nt out of ulie
Jurisdiction of the court the police, al the Mayor's
instigation, sought to have blm brought be u on i
charge of unmentionable crimes. Buch a charge
won M naturally make the witness In question ex*
tremely useful to th?? Dlstii i attorney. The Mayor
rating with the pros.itors ol grafters
srlth ?11 his customary energy and enthusiasm.
"Vulgar und vicions proprietors" la extr?mete
mild language for him to apply to the prospective
aritnesees ?gainst the poll???. As they come forward
with their testimony and as Indictments begin to
pile up be will gradually wann up in his epithets
their credit as witnesses is thoroughly setab
in the minds of cttisena among whom the
?juries are found it may be that in spite of bis
? starting a new trail of graft the Mayor
: do as much to make the all-nlghl restau
. : valnahle as witnesses sj pe did ?n the
rase of th?> sritj ess Slpp, hut he will rarely nor rest
content until he has al least put them on the lev.-:
- . t? and editor?."
For Good Roads.
pee recommendations ?.f the Good
Roads Advisory Commission to the Governor are gen
?rally admirable. Boms or tiiem axe ?.f great Impor
stach ?s that roads are to be constructed or
Improved not solely for the benefit of automobile
vehicles and that new methods of construction
siionhi got be extensively adopted until their m?rita
ara ntJafaetorily aecert?vined. Thorn is nt least one
of them whlcb dessWvea to he written If not fa go d
then In asphalt, macadam or some other gppropiiate
medium of preservation It 1s that maintenance ?mi
repair work ghonld receive ns much nttentlop ?is new
That is ?m ahonld no* (.niy makei good roads, but
also and equally keep ronds good. Too often a con?
trary policy Is pursued. An Improved road is built
and then Is l>etglactX?d "until through wetr and tear ii
he??om??s ro bad ggain that it must be pretty nearly
r?bn?t. The result 1s no*- on'y an expensive Job
every five or ten y??irs. whatever the period may i.e.
but also two or Ihren yean Of poor tOm? In the clos
lnt? part of that p*-;i?i.l. and some we.-'as, or perhaps
months, of glmosl Impgssaibtllty walls the road i
holng rebuilt or .-if leji?r resurfaced.
In some places they bava adopted a plan of main
tenance patrol. A man with wheelbarroWi shovel
and o*hcr too's is asslirned to n section of. say, Bve
miles of road. He patrols It ?tally, und Immediate])
repairs every Utile dsfejfet that appears. The rest i
Is that tho road never gats out of condition, but is
always as e<>o?i gg now, nn?l the total cost of Inces?
sant, maintenance la a mere fraction of that of
periodical rebuilding. That 1s ihe system Which
business common sense dl??tatea for genera: adoption.
The Sul/.er "Impeachment."
I here is no harm 1n ?loverpor Sul/.er 'a regarding
himself as ? reincarnation of Silas Wright. Bul ii
n^yoJd be i m intake ?for tiio ?tau? Renais t.> try to
immortalize bigg as a ?wwin?! Amlre-.v Johnson. The
rerdlct of history is that it was unjust to Impeach
President Johneoa on the oVmhtful charges brought
.:iist him by his political enemies, n would be i
r deal <>f a bnrleacjne for the senate ?I Albany to
to Impeach ihe "friend of all the people'' on the
md that be promisini t.? ?Jga> or Intimated lens
definitely that be wntjld sign a Mil ?>f a public char
? ??-. affecting directly or Indirectly a gTSSl majority
nf the .dlcr-.
h 1s not comn ??? to ?contend tiiat when the
'. ernor on Insnguratlon Day takes an oath thai
or prondeed to give ?none? or any
<-r valuable thing as a consideration for the
or aithholdlng of rotes the declaration which
.,?? makes extends to promises or conalderatlons <>f a
piirciy political nature, it i- against public p
that a candidate should solicit rotea ?>n u purelj
uercial basis, dealing with rotera not as citlxeut?
Interested it? the common weal but as Individuals
trying t" lay bj something against a ralnj ?lav. Vet
ever] candidate i- eutlttad lo make strictly |M.iiii<-ai
promise? and lo pledge himself i?. slim hill? >>f a
public character or te reto them
it would be Just as logical lo try la Impeach Presl
."?nt Wilson for promising lo vi^n a downward revi
..n tarif! bill and thus attracting the rapport of
: -, who hope t" see the cost ?>i living reduced in
that way, ?i suxli a thing is posslblet as to say thai ?
Governor huilier should be uetaphoricallj tarred,
feathered aud drummed oui of Ihe People's House
fur promising to sign a "rail drew*1 gill Tin? "full :
cl?w saaj '"' WISgflg in Principk) and injurions In j
its effects, Lut it Is legitimate leftolatiofl "f the god
on which ? candidate for oftVce has g perfect right
!.. declare himself In sdvance.
if Hi?- Impeacbers .i? Albanj bad their way tin? I
oui; gafe candidates fur public office In Mils state I
would be deaf mutes who bad never learned to read
Upa or t.. use tnj form "f the glfn language.
The Cos McGombs.
\>. debutante with her Aral proposal of marriage
could be shyer or more hesitant than the jroong and
once rallan! Mr. McC.bs river bl? niubassadorabip
i ?? Prance.
We -a> "bis" ambassadorship, for the lateal dis?
patches from Washington point to bis acceptance ol I
the appointment Bui be ii:i- accepted and declined
th" i osl -'. ?di.-ii in the last month thai n. will i
feel sure about Ibe young man's intentions until Ibe
bargi in l> sealed by the Senate and eiecuted by Mr.
McCombs's taking ship for Paris, Prance.
Why this strange onduel on Mr. Met 'ombs'i pari 'i
il" \.:i- swift enough in action In ?? certain caui
palgo not so long nu" There have been e?untle**
rumors by way of explanation rnmora of proinli*e??|
mail.- .iii.l promises broken, of n noble friendshipI
gone to ? mash "ii lite rocks of pre election pledgee
each and everj Item of which lias i.p cquallj and
i promptly denied.
\iim Hiere we lire, Mr. w llsou sit? ? Itli n rather
-...-.?,i countenance, ;? Is ?aid, In confidence pickiu?
i bin daisy t" pieces, and murmuring, "8bc loves me,
sin? loves me not." Washington waits with n ?mile.
Paris waits without n -mile.
There is only one possibly tragic aspexi of Ibe
ease. Thai is the old danger which ha* lasfallen
coy maiden* since the world began. Suppose Mr. |
Wilson should gel weary of lapping the question
ami go off i" fasten hi? affections elsewhere!
Th" world might -till go on bul Mr. McCiaulia
? arould no! bestride it.
"How I?? Make I Hog ('limb on to a
It is .i;it.. uii ... secure s serious audience In s dty
for any rural subject of large Importance, ret
we think a little consideration of the weight] prob i
lein outlined above will convince the most eonflrmed
night worker of Broadway that vast quantities of
pungent, homely sense lie in these unexplored do?
mains of thought.
\v?' are indebted to "Farm and Fireside" for the
proposition In hand. And n??i t<> keep 11 ? * - harrowed
reader In suspense we give at once the literal]
testlmon* of the farmer who solved the problem.)
Says he :
"'On.' ..' | lie l.e-t i.'i'.i- -a\in- .?cvi..-. limi I ha\e
"used is a u-i<i??-? basket over the bead of ?< hot*
"when loading. Place the basket ?.vor the hog's bead
"and back him into \\<o chute, The bog win continue (
"to back, and is retry quickly and easiij oaded
in making an application of this satisfying lore'
wa face again the Ign ?ranee of the cockney. Along
Broadway, in th.lor of gasolene, the hog is re
garded with feelings of contempt tinged witi) amuse
ment. How these sentiments slander a worthy and
In many resjiecti delightful member of ancietj any
farmer's boj can swear.
Therefore, II is with no slightest suggestion of
ill-favor or d.gatory connotation thai we present
the i ise "f the hog going sternwlse Into ihe wagon
for iiif consideration ol the fanners of Tammany
Hall touching on thel.* effort t<> suppress, with all
due polltenes* and respect, Mr. Rhicelander Waldo.
The Idea iv fo ba b Mr. Waldo gentlj off Ibe map,
we gather. The precise execution of the task we leave
?'. those In authority. Bnl clearly by thrusting a
calm it ii?1 enveloping |ob at Mr Waldo's head? a j
ate in Zanzibar might serve as go excellent
bushel basket, for Instance?-and pushing firmly as,
Mr. Waldo resisted and retreated almost anything '
might be accomplished
We ore rerj hopeful for the bog precedent.
Senators by Direct Vote.
Tennessee and Pennsylvania have just ratified the]
, amendment to the federal Constitution providing for!
the direct election of united States Senators Ac i
cording to Associated Pro-- dispatches, but one
morn affirmative rote Is needed, ami that rote may
be given by Rhode Island, where one branch of thel
-tur?" lias already ratified and action In the
'< other la close :it band. If Rhode Island falls, a tub
Btltnte may be found in Florida, whose Legislature
? win meet i ??*;( Week.
in case the necessarj tbirty-siith rot? n ae tired
? early In April, the amendment will have been be?
fore Ihe country only eleven months. Two prerloua
' amendment* Ibe Twelfth and the Thirteenth irert
ratified more promptly, Hi" former in nine months
I and tlio latter In ten and a half. But only thirteen
state legislatures were required to approve the
I Twelfth Amendment and only twenty-seven the
The procesa of amendment la as ess* and exped?
tloua now as :t has been at any other period In the
Bi public's history, it the rotera want to change the
? Constitution they can accomplish their will without
i any material impediment.
The populai method of electing Senator* has bad
n pretty fair trial by virtue of direct primary nom?
illation-: ami other devices to make Ibe action "i
? legislatures merel* perfuni tory The new plan baa
become popular and has never been abandoned
where once used It ui\"s freer play t?. publie opin
?.?n ami eliminates many undesirable middlemen,
There Is no reason to think that ilm Senate will be
lea* capable or less representative under the new
m than it has been under the old.
The Thirteen !
The Brat ??:' April ?s always an estimable day,full :
j..f honest guffaws and inerry laughter. Witness
1 es*.?:iiiy tbe delightful plea in behalf of Mayor Gay*
oof's re-election put oui by the celebrated Commute**
I of Fourteen now a Committee of Thirteen through
the subtraction of a chairman who departed In haste.
"Hs baa t*emJered s,,;n?' service to the community"
say these arise gentlemen of Mr. Whitman, moved
i..\ a spirit of generous Indulgence. Bnl "can it be
"doubted that hla long contact with rice la its rarl
"ou* expressions ins given him a distorted rlea of
"human relatlona?"
Si. much truer and liner '!?"'* ou* Mayor shine by
.trast, I* tbe argument. No rice and crime Mil
bis worth* Puritan mind and heart: To avoid "on
tact with rice be Is prepared !<? deny its exlatence,
1?. turn hi- back "?i us expressions, even ?rheu 11 j ? - \
are expressed lu his ?>wn pouce force. Could any?
thing be purer, nobler or <>f better promis,, r<? ih?>
city's sduilnlst rnl Ion :
ug in... ibis exeellenl stuff, it braatbea exactl*
th" same spirit that led tbe Mayor t<> .lass Mr.
Whitman as "the enemy." Mr. Whitman has fought
rice and crime, therefore be Is rice and crime, is th?
delightful logic behind Ibis naive blubbering,
Our eye falls on only one alight error. Thai Is1
tlw fanerallaatiou expUcntorj of the Mayor'g tbaffM]
gad ? haiiicicr, thug egngagfjedi "Many I man who
"will swear nt the Irritation caused by ? persistent
"m?is?|tilto will beat a painful opeiRtlon without a ?
That the Maw?: Bsreani are an prepared to believe, |
if thirteen of his friends say m Bui Ute Mayor
certainly cannot "bear g painful operation without a
murmur." when that operation consists of the separa?
tion of himself fTOtg sulue money In I UbfJ suit. His
bonof is anything but | Btok under such ciivuin
stancea li?- Is far more Ilka ? tender, bleating lamb.
We cougratulate the Mayor on his April Fool COU'
milt?.f Thiriecii.
N'ou is the proper time to .start the public worry- |
Ing about an tee sii..rtaK<- nexl Bummer. Ice melta
in Um rslamit) prophet's Imagination aven faeter
than It does . nder our midaummer sir? oa
Cornl h N li. must seem a dolefully Inaoceaaibhi
spot t ofhYeseekera from Texas and Missouri.
Mayor Gaynor says now that there hi 'only a
handful" of im.-.?is on the police force. The hand
lhal could hohi them all would be aid- t.. pluck up
Ihe ?'n-. Hall and depoeil if In the "?ids <>f St
Jame?, Long Island i
it ?'ouId "i ungenerous to exull In the announce?
ment, b*t *-. that the express companies nave iUf?
fered a loss ol s.I one-fourth of their small pack?
isiness a- ., rest ;t '?; parcel post competition!
1 ul BO far SS It indicate- a gain for the public W?
ma) regard It with s consid?rable degree of satto?
: ..ii
Wit ti] .. ?.i- ol a Democrat! administration be?
hind u . *?< si,.-p.-. t that the patriots who are a-waltlng,
.. a-ati-hing and ?-?'onderlna and a-hoplna for a word
Iront the Whit?? House would be clad If Woodrow would
tome t. th? kitchen wlndo? ?nd -!?>? them a Btgn
;?? i
win are thi Tc-xa patriots afraid !<? tap on the
kitchen window? In the construction of the Wltaon
Kitchen Cabinel Texaa has all the othe atatea
hacked off the map
Seeing that the Sen-lana were permitted t.. taka
Monastlr, the chief inland clt) ol Macedonia; and
the Greeks to take Sal?nica, the second city of B?ro?
lean Turkey, and also Jantna, th? real metropolis
of Albania; and ti,.- Bulgarians t.. tak?. Adriaaopte.
the holy city of the Qsmanll Turks, why on earth
should nol the L'.iiiant llontenegrina be psrtnltted
to take u.mpsrstively Insignificant town of
>? utarl '
r. ? laya foi one atas " The aentenc? often ?
for life.
i Age of M le? In wl IIv< i.a- m id?
.. -? ?of it Ifi Luther 1 ni i ickless
d ? K- -..m no m"i- wondrous 'ban hii folding
und f"t Bata And yel He r. i.-- life m
ail thai Wlti ? - th? ? v "'m? nt ? er Mr, Ch? lea
Pnatchem's solution f"? th? servant pi Noth?
I i stem Is mpllclty
\. u fork abe me! It ' i by a glttterini
? ing dand ? ho lift-- hi ntroducea himself
. ;. th? Blood and pron taea to in her off
murdei k. de?! d-.'-e in
to? n. Vat trail) ah? doe? rprlngs
I ' ? ? R< d fue. i
luirn mual Fifteen i
? In! r kitchen, run Into
? ? ? ? I In a distinctive i a s al - dai ?
not .- n! n? out, and ? ondemm d to .. fa of ndua
nd morality, ? orld ? Ithoul end amei
\nd no? Wi v. , ?.,,,. ip th? IT ? ? d
if' c ? I.
? ? ?
There ih a pom . Five-Mile B< ok?
ahelt "f 1913 fl tion air. d i li thai poll I
? ? paraaangi nd gi
Ish? rs, wh somehow find It dlffl
to mm ? reedei thai ther? ind m
than ..f M" i- ..... ? ? . of us who ha i ?
? nuble i" exist Por It Is da?nlng up
thai li ? ? ? ' : ? ? ? ? one novel Title I
Pello? and a ? ; i Plol 'In i pit? of ?II, ihey
? er-' ma n
it '.... i.a . perused M Pair! ?
"Will True HVomanl.I ?' mp Through Hoop
perhaps ha it th? t mlnin?.i
t Ingen I si Madison Kquar? Garden, wherea
listen u th? ?? atlmon? of Mi Mick? ? Plnn, th?
veteran ? reui a toi Th? other morning Mi Plnn
: ? ?. euch i noted i of o n
?i. qualntan? - Km the r?v?rer gentlei
til Mi Fin? w?a no! ?wa i
aatl<..: ....'? ' ai on clr?
nd th? n. ? po| and tie- pi.... . i.ei pro
fes ? - but t p. ? omen, tu? i Ircus
women!' hi? friend put in a ?'ell meant word ??
? arnlng '?Ha don't ; uti get r< sh ? ni d? m ad
De) ii stand off an' linht \ uh like .. n an ??? ?
So doubt you reniembet the hspp da when
p. i.-?.i.. ?>: Intellect would back ou Into a corner
and explain the Fourth Dimension Balking .??
homicide, you raerelj answered "in m) youth i
was passionat? ttached to th? Fourth Dimension,
? hougl of tat? ears I ha t?'< bu? ed m sell ex? u
alvel) with th? Fifth.' This a*orked; the personi
of Intelleci ran for Men livi But hon sn you to
lefend rsell no? lbs! those selfesame Intel?
lectuals are backing you Into th? self-sam? corner
ami bidding you "follow" while the) expound 'he
Philosoph; of Po I Impressionism? Better bike Mr.
Cortissos's advice ?nd 'it. Lord Bowen'i objection
to going down cellai ?I mldnlghl without i r?ndle
to look for a Mach ? ?1 that tan'l there
How? >i. there ?re some ?a I ully Ml Intelle? t
i'.iis. Poi m tanc? Chesterton. He is a little rax
nshlne, thai man, and our poet hai devised ??
at?- ...... i,i reading him
Wh. o ??! ?nth th- weird p.?. idus Ira I i-|ewa
< n.. . r ... mi. i ... i..' .loi i's Illustrated \.
i m i >.t etnpti '.kvt? . d itand on yotit head
To dis?rour?gi I ? ttnntsl nverslon rou dread
i 'or, h pu.- Mi ? ' ? itei ton' ? lid weekl; .. i ?
Vou ma hop? n. k.-. p san.- i... inverting th? papei
i ion. Tl Boston n. mid
Ko? ti.. German wai cheat in thi Jullui Tower, .t
ii 1.1 hoard ISO.OOO.OOU ?u Id!? mon?) ?ntMjgh
t.. ii.e.-i .i ? ..t .. i'..i foi ti. i,, i four and a half
But such an otvj? t 1? bci i ? oi t h i good d?eL
i i?.m Th Ban I ran? lace ? 'hronii I?
Jus) wh) th? Dei.ratte membera ..i thi w a - md
Mean- Committee abould wan! t?. tak? the dut] com
i-i? '? i "ti ? d te sa? \ i ' raoi si of th?
duty ?royli ill In no dhTerenc? In th? retell price
of lemoi - i thla i-ountr) ?nd would make }u?l enough
dlffeienci in it. ?boleaeU price t-. Injure sn Importan!
I orm ??.: ' i low? ? ??;. hon li ?ti ? ar? no! on?
"i the things thai Um Dcrnoernte, ?xcepl Individuell)
when theh own districts ir? sn*w ted, ?eetn te can muh
Prom Th- S| I'lnRfl? In U? puhlicnn.
Th.- ?????.?linn atory that the German A mho ae ?dor ?" lbs
i nlted Stetea ?ni hsvs i.ttr? bsesnss as and Pre?!
den! Wltasa d" et aki'.-e on eeononuc ?nd polite al
question? ?ill appall the President as i new r?*?tatlon|
Of hip pOW?1 In SnamaaSrdOf 'hasn't hn\p to aeree
wllh th? head of the no\einment to which h? IS a?.r??I
Itad. All that la leuuued uf lilin is to lie persona ??lata.
Does She Adorn Her Person to Please
Man or Herself?
. ? - of -i . n i in ?
I suggest that th?
met ? to th?
i th? ??' mil
? ? .
, . ? ....
? ..rtli th? I
v v.ii;. \ vrTc.v ?TION
Untiling, Fearless and Honest. Say;
an Admirer.
- Tribune
? not ii- qualnted srlth Ileni j A
v -i ti,mu that even from ?
.. ?. . ... , l of pi
. ..iif. ir..i lipoi
i -? . ? ? \i;..i
i . o . ? .
? ' rants and
i h ?i , o --i..m for iii." inemorj at
! foi gottei
i .,? -.., it?
? ?? ? i adml istratlon ? -: Henrj \ \VI ie
sii?.iii?i sine|y flnd a | .in- !??
.mory. for nun like him ere fully ??"
? i they u iil s. . Iv .i o'.?o W..1I hv
?" ,ii ?!??: taki ihe ta k
\- .. l: , h an I am p ? .., ..' i ,
!? gl It) ." ?! til?.I li.him' Im
?hi,l h v. ill : ..i b nefll t.. il,.- Republican
part) tn take cognisance of Ms splendid
.. ii-i .-i him for his devo
.;-.! ;:i
Mai h -."i be '?" k ? hen the it. pul
part) offers ii rua" to the public ami
plac? i in In .< i eaponatble poaltloi
? i ? i MJBPH LBWIfl
N'ear Tori v : ? .
A Reader Culls for More Facts from
Dr. Rytlop ind Die Spiritists.
.. ? . ... ?. he 'I'n
St i i ?? i -1 ?? m ' Is .o.f th" strti
traita ?" human net??! and ii is ui
true thel encver we take an Interest I i
things a? :,.i. i ? (for! posslbl? to
.. i. n t\ i-r> at ; ?i ii.ii fact. But In tii ?
most important s ibj? 11 of all. ihe
w m n i . m .aii\ shed sons ii?-:ii
i pon a rutui ? llf?. we u".i at it e Ith ? ? iish
and th? n at? i
\\ lia ? bec? ut all the psychical caaea
,i" a." i .i,i .m.- tO lime" \\ h] i-.
the) all? w? d to drop out of sieht a It bou I
in ? thl . ?. . i ?
W here an h-.- , ., . . that l>r Hyalop
tun !'? en telling ui about for tna past
i ,, - ?,,,i w hers is Illas mili r
i . tn ? I'll Of A'al'l.li. it. i
v. iiv ?in these Strangs persons gel i to
pi ,:?! a hen nothing t irther la ever don?
11., r. alt] .i. - ?. ine 'he esacl nature >.f
Tin itlonal Introdut toi
Isn't ? ? o if only gives us ,-i
?lesli s i" ii ? .i ',.i fee ; - >ma r. aaon
or ether we are never allowed t.. know
mor? I'K.vN'K HOKHMAN,
s?. H ? rhlrd avenui, April -, ?11
He Receives Some Compliments and
Is to Have a Dinner.
To the Editor of The Trib*jne.
Mr: The Itnnsr which la t<? i.e given on
April !" to loll?, tor William Loeb, Ji.. is.
In ui> opinion, no ordinary c\eiil. It im
; . ...??'
to U "
. ? ?
! . . llave be?
? ? ? ' '
\ '. NI'
\. . ? atreet. Ai
A Wit:.- relia ot Seeing Two Girls
Carried Oft. Bcrgajsjllf, m Autos.
To ?'
th? ad off
is! t n ? b a few night? ago Th?
? is i,e ing .1. a toward River?
?,. . b tmpo to i
t out. Not a 1
within hearlnj ? '
after ! all
f th? ?.
the girl's n
i. ti .1- ??-.
, ?raa tight ? ? '
,!...-. i oi like to think of ?
i. ? . u in n thai failed her
And thti ?d t.- I e a eh i?7.. >i
... ? ti ? ... i u la th? t went lei
When gre the police st i
. r< d that s vei esi na i ird
on ail nlghl In the chaufl
?,, . , ; ....... rsge ind trust the
?.'a- . i a ..: a ot ? :' -
N'eu V..-U. Me.
She Pleads Her Case and Warns the
i To th.. lain..: ol Tl ?? Trlh u i
Sii Bund i] Trlh me, und? i th?
in? "San.-.- for th? '?..ose." comment
til., d? th? Ippeltate i?
? . . ? ? It sa)
(the ? ? iled and hs
. .
, . n. ?. n th s full
.i vot? i do not admit i I av?
'i ... ..i.:- not i
th? ..pmion oi five men < >ur ?mei le in
n . or) is thai e\, a ludges make nus
t iki i Thi y have done so ? h? n th?
? Th? i.- is m. question of h or
of "pnte -?.m Invobed In this ca
this case is SOlol) one of the .1 n ? '
I OlltlCal flee -p. ..ii tO an Aniel lean I .ti
/. n
"VI hat Is sauce foi tl . noose Is san, ?
tor in.- gander " w ui Tas Pribun? point
oui sn) gnnder who was arrested, Impria
oned. ii id and lined m th.- Is?! MUSpalgn
for skina a pollU? si question ?.f a can?
dldste? lia u gander? held converaationa
with Roosevelt, Bulser and ?ven Wilson
. Acre .n BWered
From th? leai . si ol th? Ap?
pellate i'i\ -?ion u ?- plain thai th? d? i
?Ion mlshl hai ? t.. en dl fer? nt if the
.ind;. s had not fell it their duty to punish
me for th. ? militant ?Uftrsglat? Who are
produ? inn a reign ol dom??atte terror hi
1 ngtand." as the) put u The ease wa
not tried OH ils merit, tail on a !'. ,u ol an
Ehgllab Invasion.
The ilccisioii also saw-. "It must I.
borne ta mind thai the ?!? f? ndani ?li.i not
seek to Interrogat? th? speak? upon an
otnsr mu?.le.-t. sn! aeratoted to push the
Inqulrj upon in., same topic." Prom this
if soansi the ludgas admll thai the same
i" rao? ma) ask tiro questions oa different
Mil-).',it? in ,i BJSSflnii but not two ?? Utej
? .... er, m
.._??? M .? I al? "
r the facts:
i '? moeraf*) was held \a '
Mr \\ i 01 . ?'," ! '
ver th? suffrag? , i "'
pner.wbo ?irst threat? seda
? ? ? ,s ? - - ? ....
a Is ? Deaeoci
M ? II? f
. ? - - ill
n? r a
I offer the Dei i
,..- - raged
try la sl . ?? I
you hat it ."in- ; ?
fou hav? .. pportunll I
?? funds.
? ? ?? urtlsei i >? mot rats Ha
sresaat - frage*
., , ... . (,
" I Bel ?.";-,.. etkSJ If
of I
for ti.- '
rou In if ><>?! fall dewa or.
" " " h to *?
I ? . i the i misstoe of 01
amendment to the fed?
' ? . ' ? r ?;-. '
Bj I . . ?1 to d?
i| onslbillt) :
?? .i.. h ? Thia at i - - ? I ??'^*'>'
\. i 1 ork \i'ii ' im.:
k nd '
"?Hang lin.is..-, remarked i ; irlst m
?. ? -? '
most ? rere ever though
of. Th?
rely t ? beeasw
em, but far th'
;| . .Ti- BM
so current I i rrj it has r-*
few r*r'
n attempt to vary H n?w'
.... ? i sard s srial os that eP
- i ajMtsa
nkle.' but '1 ??houM
? ? lot si ii build a nous? "? i' v'"
?? foi Its
lian f..? ? "Ir "
? ?
sir, i m : i.- done -?i sm
(N r.lal Squii \ thai
. o- Well. I ?
life, -.. i i . takin' r... *
P i '
;,.f the v a \ ?? k gtate Coll? p ??' 1Vr'
,i s-1.... use, ars n
. ? ... t of
which .I l ? ?
? 'ranberr) i ake i ?Vaaak?
school has s ce npleti outfll ??- -!"':"
buckets -?i ?? et aporators and Is I
' \v,.ii ,-,,i r p. .i to -nake mai
,. t'i.. m m k ?.r making thh - :<*:
,,,, t ni the * in... lnstru?*tto*i
..mi'..iii.m. Ths students sre I i
.i, . \ en opei ui m. from the tapi IM.
t,?. tres i" I -? anal s "ru >>f bottllai ?
I syrup. Other subjects la which the S9
,?,-o?s are k<- ?>? ?<' werh as ? Jj
- -,, esi utilisation are stadlea "' ,;t
,-. (ton of e-ast? mat? i ?I from **? J'.,.
tnd the tan bark sad the P9**9^
. m.- rhrtetmas tree imlnstry ?
the s. hoot tbe m< n rec live mstrm'tie" ?
doing the actual work in the weeds.?
thai th j a?ay be readj to take up sm
i?ai work at once upon the com**lstl"
tbeli ? ours? a
fat Man (taking Turkish bath. <?&
t...iHiiii Whet is tbe isadeae** or w
baths ..- regards fteeh? (1n|r
Vttendant The) decrease Oatv ?
treat nent that ?ill t.'ke awa>
Klthout Injuring the paih-nt. |t.
i, ,,, Man (taking Turkish beth. 9*
tendsnt. - What is lbs sfbcl *w *"? '
Ish bathY ... (??ii,
Vttendant Increases a mana
gil Tii-UiU?.

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