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Hu late James I. Keen?.), .?n?J :;i*?
-? lliiig -' lake?.
A glance at these will readily show
ilu < ?-'lnmuiilti of interest of the va?
rient, associations, a s"ni" prevloual!
?ere ma at QraTaaand Later other
stake-, ,?s Justly lamou? as any of j
. those named, will l'C add? il to tl"' MM
Th.sc tature?, with the ?-.v eiiti-ui o
the ,-ellmg stake.-, will liai?- 841 ?dded
mone) lulne o? from ?-.?MS) t<> *-.'..?"''?
Unfortunately, Boaae of the fortSBef
features of the Weatcheater Ha. Ina As
oclatlon have b?iea 0js-t*fe**?***> off, but
With th" adoption o? ieatu.it.**> of other
asfeuviatioii.. a trul\ notable B**l] ?-f
8p?BClala in as-.-u?'. d.
1-Ted Kohl?.-ig- r will m t as racing
st-cretar* of all <?t' the aaao? latton- He
baia been at work on tentative pro?
gi*an**nea f"i three week?, ami within
.? short lime UM ValiOUS stakes Mill
Le "poned and entries in\it'?l
The atitT'iinit-m?.m ??f Hi? ownera*
finid, as made by Alge**nofl I?.>inn?i
licld, assistant secretar.? of the .!??< kc>
?'lui?, yitaterday, "as as followa:
\\ . , as -..w la t s "1 i ... ? ia.'" -'s
nur that ?he racing .??- OClatlona on th?
ont hand will bav? .? veirj arduous lass
m ra-estsblishlDg racing in the Btat? "'
\<u Vork hi reason "f th- great ea
pense under which they will labor in hold
in? raie meeting?? end lb? tun. which th?
publie win raquera to become ?ceustoined
t.. ?nd satisfied ?rith Hi? new order "
things v. in. ii must prev?ll a' th? race?
eoursea In the State ol New York
?m th? other hand, w? recognise the
difficult!?*? and hu'drn- tb?1 thi own. ra
>>f moderate un ans have sustained in
their Btruggle? to keep ?Uve hors? -
?nd the sportsmanlike msnner In which
they have i,.,rii. their part In th? f?c? "?'
misrepresentation and legislative perse
. 'iti'ii
Therefore, to ?void the neeeraltj on
t a. p.n | ol tl ' i>-"- lation for charging
>i ?ri ? ? and burdensome ? ntn fees t.? horse
owners ami tin further necessity of re?
stricting the ?mount "f ?dded mone) t"
ihr-ir ?takt. ..nd overnight event In oi
-l.-r that they continue to keep their
Kitr;. open we have decide?* lo rain? this
fund, oui "f which win be added ??> th?,
-?ak> - offered by th? raring associations
during th<- coming '?" "ms. such
?mount? as in our opinion will assist ai
th?? dif?-p*?ied re-establish mrn1 >.f the mail?
grant ?a. in?. \ei,i which the public,
v.i.th in ami outstdr ,,f Ih? state, had be
????ine for many y?rara pas? Intereated In
and familiar with
n Is hoped thai the public as well ?a
barsemen in general, im" e?rnestly sec?
ond the.-r effort* o? OUr par? 1" Liihiu
to the .isi,,,i;itinii- which will endeavor
t,? r.-, stahiish the great sport of racing
in this >tat? their active and enthusias?
tic support.
in 1900 much ih" same km?i ?>f a
fund ?rats raised. but al thai tini. it
ws? u ??'! ?i an Insurance against loas
and waa nol offered outright to th**
Butler Buys Aqueduct Stock.
lam?*? Butler pur? haat d 600 shan a
nf str.,-k yeaterda) In t?i*-^- Queens
Ooamty Jock?) Club, with ? track at
Aqueduct. There are 1,000 abares ??f
str? k. <"n "1 thai number the Brook?
lyn .I'.-k. y Club, "f which Philip J.
Dwyer i= the controlling aplrit, ? ?>n
trnis '_'.'_' <? shares The stw k pur? haa? .1
? Mi. Butler was held by David Hol?
land. Thr remaining Miare, are o?r**?d
bj various sportsmen.
The racing day* ai Beimonl l'a k
win be go arranged na nol to conflict
with tl"- amaten?- tneetint: ai I'lpitiK
Rack and Belmont Park Terminal,
date- toy which have been announced
District Attorney's Confidence
in the Strength of His Case
Causes Change in Plans.
roca-isc of corroborative evidence which
reached hin* y?*sterd?y la th?? strong si
casea he had agalnsi insp.-.-tor Dennis
Sworn?-? District Attorney Whitman siel
sal night he was nfiw planning to ? it
?weeney on trial as saeai as lie finished
th?- ?ase ?gataal Hohms.m ?nd afurths
it had been hla intention to try Berg?*an1
r>uffi. Sweeney's .oiiertot before putting
the Insj'?ictor "ii trial, but Mr. Whitman
was .-cm meed in- th?? reports of lis m
ir?mtlg-ators yesterday that he could con?
vict Sweeney without referen? to the
Puffy case.
Captain W?l?h, who ?rill be th?* chief
wltnsas agalaat Bws??ey, telephoned ^r.
whitman yesterdsy, am] reported that he
W?s improving steadily and felt certain
that lie would lip in condition to po on the
? Itness stanil when called upon. Tf Walsh
tontwui?* to gain in strength it is unlike
l> that the order for his conditional ?-x
aminatiol). Ksiu-'l la*t u?;Ji by Justice
Beabin') . will be executed..
Information was brought to the I?i*trW
Attorney yesterday t?? the SBTect that r.-i
iroiman H-u-tlgan. th?* Bweeite) heaicb
?nan, convicted of pc-r.iury, was merely
-maltlnc the decision on his *ippli?-at!-in
for a certlftcr.t-? of reasonable ?loiiht. and
that if he ?"ailed to K?ln that, as Is ex?
pected, he would nor endeavor to protect
Sweeney any further.
Thomas Llo>d, Indn-ted reeeatly for ex?
tortion in connection with the liai, a
Kraft exposures, applied to .Indite eta
lone in General Hessions yeaterday foc
permission to inspect the minutes of ?he
?".eneral Sessions srand Jury ?Thick in
dlct-.il him on March la. Lloyd's claim
is that he was indicted on the basis of
his own admissions before th?* Supreme
''ourt grand .iur>, and he belli:v<s that
the fieedom with whleh lie talked before
that ?rand Jury should be a Rimraiiti?
of immunity for h!m. even though th?
indictment waa voted b\ a grand Jury
other than the on?* before, which he testi?
fied. Judge Melon? re-erved decision.
e i '
Justices in Special Sessions
Decide Test Case.
The flrat eonvt'tion under Section ],.i30
of the g-unblln?; law, making; Knmt.UiiK a
iMJblle nuisance, was obtained ***s?t?are*ay in
the (lourt of Hpfelal Sessions, l'ait I. in
the ease of Albert 1.,'jvy. who was s?-n
tenc?d to pay a line of **8B8, .Justices Rus
?ell snd FleminK votlne for his con\ieti..u
?nd Juntice. Moss dissenting
The principal aritasajj for the juosocu
tion was Pelice Inspector Thomis M
who testified that a house in Btuyvea
ant street had lona been listed in the
police books as a suspicious placa before
lie h.-Ksn i* systematic wat? h last Jami
?rjr to obtain evl<)< n? a *>f Kumliling there.
Th?* Inepenloi sw? ??i be detail-si twenty
m?-n to this work, win? saw man-, m.-u
enter and leave tin- phi? e i\ horn th,.i
knew lo be disreputable eharairter?, bul
that they had tiied In vain t? Kaln ea
trance to the house, even aftei they had
enlisted the aid of th? Landlord, iiHin.'l
Blerrnan. for ihls ?airpoaa
it was noi until lnsp?*ctoi Meyer got
i'irf i ommlssioner Johnson to send In
speclors to the house that be ITS ?Ms
to iibtaill COnclUSlV? ? i id? ll, < . he sai.I,
of Hie fact thai ii ?"utaiM-d a quantity
?.f gambling p?raph?*ra?lta Prim t<> that.
however, the Inspeetoi had tappiBd Ihe
lelephoiM wires t" the hou > and h.??i
Bverheard a role? a>. "Hang up, Tom
m?. the>'r? ou to m '
Andre Bustanoby Says He Will
"Obey Like a Soldier"
and Others Follow
His Example.
Only Those Places Having Fifty
Rooms Remain Open, and
Even These Are Sub?
jected to Gaze of
Waldo's Men.
Mayor Qaynor sslled Int? th?* restau?
rant men In such g?"?i earnest y?**i
lerda] thsl even the most hopeful
smong them began to feel thai his
honor mean! business. He est litt
broom swinging about their ears ?n
three directkms si once. In the Hi '
place the plalnclotheB squad, sent oui
from Hesdqusrters t.. keen tabs foi
him on the "t?'.i dances,*1 srere ?in thi
Job sgain yesterday. The] were watch?
ing the "turkey trotting" In thou
places technically within the hotel law
allowing dances without spe isl lio n ?
proi Idsd ?'" re ai e lift* bt drooms In
the - stahllshmenl
Then, not ? i i tent a Ith this the
Mayor ordered oui s special squad of
inspectors from the Bureau of Llcens?
to sweep down snd stop dsnees in all
i- staurants that could not '?oust <?f the
required rifts rot ms On top of nil this
came the announcement from the City
Hall thsl he bad sent to Albany bills
by stitch be sought not only to have
all dance halls kept i losed between 1
a. m and noon, nit also to revoke the
st at m? >i> exception permitting the
"fit'ty-r. ??m" hotels to have dances
it Ithoul ;i licensi,
Proonetors Prove Lamblike.
l'ut amid .ill the clamor the restau
rant men were ss docile as bleating
lamb**. There was not one of them who
?a.-iv rosdy t?. volw ;? word of protest
One of th^ places arhich the License
Bureau nun -Arre Instructed to close
?? ? ? Georg? Rector's. .\s ???on a^ .Mr.
!;?. t-,? heard th< y were headed li i ^ era?
hi rallc-d ofl the afternoon dance, and
did it"' even look cross about It
All the oth? rs srere of the same mi ? k
spirit, snd declared they would obej
th. law, obey the Mayor, obey tho p?>
and, m feet, obey almost snything.
real philosopher <.f the situation
\?as Andr? Bust noby, hi of the flowing
black beard, who runs Bustanoby's, in
"if the Mayor **a* i *?top dancing, I
win stop," he said, ss he stood watch?
ing twenty cooptes swinging sbout the
cleared floor of his restaurant under
ihe sickly glare of ;? spotlight. "When
m. elected )>ini Mayor ?re ?i"i so be?
cause we though! t" had senst enough
to rim tin- . ity right. I WOtt'l question
the Mayor's order, but will obey like ??
soldier, \f thi Mayor has made ?,? ml -
take be will find it ?nit.
All Right for the Skilful.
No?, isn't that nice dancing?" be
said, ?v th<* Rhin laid down their ciga?
rettes und set don n their cocktail
pin?;???: t?. swing Into the mssos <>f tne
tsngO with the >""tig and old men who
hsd done likewise. "Whal danesa do i
allow ? i will allow anything so lon,
iis it is not vi ij?ar or suggestive. A
year ago s?.me of them were vulgar be?
cause they wer- Ignorant how to do it
right. But they ha\?- been dancing la
front of mirrors since than and are
graceful now."
Andre's brightest bit of philosophy,
however, S'SS that which proved thi
afternoon tea dsnees to be ;? tenus
prslssworthy institution.
'it is a -whole lot better fot women
to <ome here and dance snd keep %\\m
thpn to sit around all afternoon \ lav
it. sr bridge, fating pastry and getting
f;?t," he said.
Patrons Are Plentiful.
Although the spirit of the 'ten ?lain ?
proprietors was universally tamed, there
\> ras no intention manifest smong them
ysstsnlay of quitting until they had to,
in fact, the first apparent n-suit ?>f the
Mayor's war on them was to triple
their patrons. All of them were turn?
ing folk away from their doors for lack
of floor space to accommodate them.
i.onis Martin's, m Broadway, near
Times Square, aras overflowing. Reisen
areber's, up near Columbus Circle, had
dosena more than they ? -oiil'l han?
dle, as did Bustanoby's, In 89th street.
Th?- Msriborough-Bleahelm, at .':?'?tb
?street and BroadWsy, had I Idg CfOWd,
as did numerous other leaaer phv i -
Broadway will not be the onlj re?
gion to f.*ci the effect of the Mayor's
bills in regard to ?lancing, if they be?
come law, it will mean, as well, quiet
and darkness for the musk* halls at
Cone) Island and other ????id? resorts
linn summer after l o'.cks k.
Saloonkeeper Who Tried to Close
Promptly Has Place Smashed.
Frederick P1sb?tr, t ssleonk<teper, of No
M Kent avenue, Brooklyn, Is severa! hun?
tfred dollars poorer to-da* n.-ans. he
obeyed Mayor Oaynor's I o'clock rloalng
order Customer! were playing plnochls
m in- salooti on Thursd?* night, when
th? oktch struck I JosVph Miami, i
arsiter, letd them it asi time t?> go home.
I'strolman Bchser heard Ihe .rash <?f
telling glsM s f?? minute lat? r. When
i.?, si'iv?.i .?t tin shIo.,ii h? found the
window shattered, .?nd Martin Tyborg, :?
oooper, ?if No. ??-' North 7th street, an?
Miutctoos ?m ti" floor, knocked ???it b] sns
of Braun'i pinn'ii? t Braun seid Ihsl th?
othei men escaped aft? i throwtng stones
through the aindows, Two |arg< ||,lr"
;,, .?.i.; :-i,i .\?..i.- aren i mastufd.
Tyberg ???? arrested, charged with ata
iii-ion^ mis? im f. ahile Braun ?u hsM
foff assault.
i Finance Minister Reports Ab<
$7,000,000 Available.
? Mi sit o I It] April ? Tin- Mi si
! Finance Miniater reported ? ? Congret
| d?} that the balance In tne Tregsuffj
th.- en.i ?.r Januar) ?^ >!'?.'?'?'?'."""? *
; V':ii..^?' more distributed smong thi pe
' and telegraph ofllcea.
! This amount, he MM, no? what
mains ?>f the so-callel reserves of
! M< ?lesn ?r< asm j. und Ol tills ^?mi
4IS.UB la ih? monster* commlssles f?
' which eannot be dlebui sed
: The Minister report* d that the Mad
government had i? ft Itemt totalling m
? i B|| ?tjuojSto, tot ? in1'? no a?ccounl
I recetpta appeared lie exptalmd that i
did not in?ii.iii?? mlaapproprlation, but
oiitstendlng debt ot tho Treason and
difference due i<> Buetuatlon m the t
of exchange, etc., sccount?td foi ?>
U6O,000 of thi? ^inil lie intima?? ?I Ih
wa a poastMNtj that documents bear
?m ih? disbursement arouM come long
The Minister saM the Madero ~"vr
! m? ni bettrees .Tni?. IMS; and the date
Ita fall last February, bad spent |t7.fiSS
over ?h.- budget spiJ-roprtstlow, Includ
th.- iiit-rra-?<? voted bj the lest ? 'ongn :
Noce, Arlsons, tprll I. fj-?nera1 Pe<
Qjeda, With tine., hundred lighting I
.1.1. Iste to-day sttscked the line
ala hundred state troops aurroundl
N i? o Sonora, For s few minute? ?* I
n_h! progressed ? iret miles re I of Ms
Hullott struck store building m Na
OJeda failed t" rut through bul h
in.- position.
Thaw Inquiry May Result in
or 5 Indictments.
u illiam l' ' i.h s ecrel irj "f Ihe re
i..ui.. which Governoi Bulsi i appoint
t.. in.,..o? Into ih- all? -'.'l Than bri
..o.i Mfr.'-i if.in- i..\m magasine writ
t. tin? .i ) ? .-t.i-.ia-. before th- grand |u
?> in. h la seeking to tin.I out it an? brlbi
look i-i.?', .?mi ??h.? wai reaponaihl? for
li be am. . i. .-o | ? it? "i.i? hoe ? Itl
three or Uve Indtetmenta might h? i
turned. There li aomi evidence t<? ah?
that three men entered Into a conspira
I to get Thau ..in ..f Matteawan ami
??it money in theli own i.keta therel
, r*r .lohn w - Un,.-, li. former h< id
Matteawan, hai leatlfled that an offet
JC0.OOO ?..- mad? t-- lilm to declar? Th.
..ne \.-? ordtng to om sto ihn
,,r.. responsible foi th? brlb? a -i h i
!:?.? . ii ;?? - \> Bl "" ' ? i Mm,
Th? other two are asid to i- men *i
after Dr. BusseJI hsd refused th- bill
entertslned him lavlshl? .?nd sought
persuad? htm t.. v,,v- tin monej Bo f
t nt i >? Is i'."? .i i ?? . ? ' ? ? agalnat l
three m? n s ho s re ltd t.? h. responsll
fer the hr-h. and th?
..th. r two i - largely .. mattet
l'-etur? 'I >. >. ? ? ?? Indi? tmenl
the two entertatnera it would
?or) to shoa k of
t? i,t ?m t h'-.r pa ?
The grand lu
last through most of nest week Lea
will be recalled ??n Monds It ?a? ss
? pat? rday that I Question
Oori-rnor Bulser ie leatlfj had not eon
up before the grsi i lory
_. _
Sulzer Had Authority to Dis
miss Scott Aid --Carmody.
Albsa ? April I Oovernoi Bubs t. i
sctlng Superintendent of State Pi ???
i id thi . iihorlt to dlseharg? Jol n ?
Mel kts ? II of Elmlrs s ehh f clerk of ti
st.it.- Prison Department, accord
opinion by Attorn.? General Canned) ti
daj Tl ? Utoi..- i ?;? neral ' oM t: i
Buch dlseharg? effectlvi until otberwli
?jr.I? red bj the ce
McDowell, who left the I ??
after Colonel Scott had been removei
contended hs ws removable onl
Sup? rlntendt nt of Pi ont im ?
: that thi atats pa) him from the tint? ?
hit dlamlaaal
"it i?. Imp? tarn sayt Mi i trmod\
"to - onsldei the fa? t that aftei recel i
..f the letter fdlsmlaelng McDowell) Ign?
r.\- th.- representative ..f th.- fJov?-rnoi
Mi McDowell I? tt th? ofll? .? nt t* . Sup? i
intendent ??t Prleona ot.i baa not
performed ?>i attempted ti.form an
..i the ?Piths of hi- formai office, thus in
ii . sting hit a?sq ileai ene? In thi r> mo? .?
and a waiver ??! anj obji nUon on hla par
t<? th<- method bi win. h notice thereo
aras communlcat?*d to him."
Action Against Allege?. "Ljghtmi
Trust'* Dismissed.
The action In equity for treble damas?
amounting t" I :/??? rur?. brought bj whi
?am M Pleltmsn, ss stoekhold? r of thi
Consolidated Street Llglrtlng Gompani
agalnat the United ?la^ Improvcmcn
Compsny, the Welsbach str?-.-t Lightini
Compsny and others us an alleged "light
Ing trust, wai dismissed yesterdaj b
Judge ? 'ox* m Ihe United Btati - i >i try.
Com t
The dismlaasl was mad? on the ?nun..
that nnd<r the Sherman lau a alngla In
dividual could not pr.??! In -?quit:
Section 7 of the act referred only t?> ?r
action at Ih\?\
Mr. rieitman rharged that ti.-- all?g?e
trust had ?-onaplred i<? monopolise Btreet
lighting in lhia country, and In it- effort"
? had deliberate!) wrecked the Consolidated
i snot Ughttng Compsny, of which h?
; ?,,> i BtockboTder. ?n the action ii sp
pesred thai thi directora and m.rltj
I atock holdem <>f the corporation alleged
. t.. have been wrecked declined lo act, and
I Mr. Pleltmsn began the suit alngle
l handed
I -
I Any One with i?0 Cents May Sec Their
"Greek Games" To day.
Ti:. Greek Osmee," ths snnusl si ?>
contest between the frcshnMn snd sopno?
mores of Barnsrd ???iieRe will bs np?-n i<?
"outsiders' thii ?eai f.n th<- first tints,
An admission fee of M cents will bs
charged, and ah fund* bo sscured ?in go
toward the (a.eoo.ttS fund which all Bai
riHni i? exerting nv utmost endeavor t??
I ai>-e.
The games will be held n :- sftetrnoon si
; .?i o'clock m the Colunibis L'nlversitj
i gymnasium. Tlcketi ma? be bought from
i sny student a? the t-otleg?
Girl Charges Him with Spearing
Letter from Mail Box.
Th?- complaint of a young aroman that
nil?, saw him ?]?- \ I? i OUSl) -Mr.i.i ;. letter
from a boa In th? hallway si No i:.;
? in?? n. Bti ? t i-- tpi si big it s nil i i.m
tintnin caused ?he arrest yeeterde) morn
log ?it ai? \andel Karawlts, ? tailor. Me
was heM In ?U*t? ball and the postethct
smheritlea \??-i> n?*rUned.
Miss Rose Herold, ?? bookkeeper sm?
ployed by Benjamin BilvejrS) s cop manu
facturer, went Inte lia hallwaj of Um
| Oreen? atri t house I'eaterda; morning to
?et th< Silvers' ihhH Sh?- boM abe bow
Paratrlts jal. the hatpin Into a letter
which the postman had JubI left, and that
he drew the l?tter from the hox nn<i
stnff.-?l n Into his pocket She k'pt him
in conversation until a policeman rams
along nnd arrested him.
The police aa) thai Psrawits has a 1?iiik
i iseoed of thefts and foigeiie?
Public Halls Must Close at
A. M. Under Bill He Has
Sent to Albany.
Also Asks for More Deputy Co
missioners, So Police Need
Not Probe Complaints
Against Themselves.
Mayor Qaynor sent t,. Alben) yester
the tu., billa 'Irai? n 1" him for the I"
regulation of public dancing. One d
? iwav i\ith the provision i?. Hie ores
la? thai iiiaK^- ii -nu.s,,,- f,n ho
baring Bfti roomi or more lo ??*?
"I" ' I?! III ell e |,,, l, ,|.| In ? lit
io Assistant Corporation t'outi .1 M>??>
11--?., nh.1 i.ir. .-.ni lb? rll ? ?1 Alb?
asking Mm to nav? th.. bills intrndu
and to in-?-? thru passage, th? Mayor M
"When the hm- wa? passed, three y?
-?c... requiring sll publie danc? hall to
ll?. ns-i. b?tela having upward oi h
bedrooms were In expresa word? ex? ? pi
?| 1 .it ' .ni ptlon ought 1? i" ?""i li. -ti-'
oui by this am. ii'liii'-ni Th? r?gulai
tel? bave n" need ol su? I.?se? ptl
Th.- exception ?ras pul In for Ihem
..f mi itak? n m> suttoi . Th? ? liave bi
.....n s, it i.? tri)., but th.-v .h? ii"! 1
1 ubi le da?e? hulls' TI - onlj le? lli
ballroom oui for u 1 v pul Ile ds
hall ? m ? "i" n i" th? a h? le public 01
t,, . ?, 1 ? one ? h.? ?-h"?! mm to come ii| ?
pa? i". enti in?*e fe? Tin bsllrooms
the hotel ,1, ... -,,, ,| ,
1. ,11 \\. ,1., noi need I license I
u. |i
Tin iroubl? 1 Hist ? ? i.iii ' ,
? ?
ord? 1 lo cm? under Ihe ear? ptlon of I
? ? i,. \. Thl ? ac< ptlon ? nables th
to 1 nn public ?1 m? - hall ? Ithout
ii. <n>. Thal should nol ' ? Kirn i?i
lie dan? ? hall should be II? 1 n ? d, whetl
It Is ". .i ?,'. 1 or In m ! oth? 1 1 ' 1 ?
D?nce Halls "Disgusting."
? danc? halls l?? ng run here In N
ihetit a
? \.. ptlon In th? pr- ?? nl slal I?
? ? 1 - ? . .?? heim; run
I railed ot< ? mol
[*hey si ?..?* Bill"??'?? i.t nul '..r .1 nia
' ? ? '
at-re halls, pin ai d 1
nicht .itt.1
The o1
Ihe time that
? ?
? -11 and ! ;i RI Of It t
\? I It. -
Mo doubt it ' ' '
... .
pr.,\ id? d ???? t ? 1 I teens?
. ? ,| ? the aut ? I
?r them to tx ? night
..... trsnge I t
? : ? ? ,
It- i?
?-...,- the except le
i* 1 I have I.It
. ?
Wants More Deputies
?? ? M ? .,- .,? .. . t ... Mi -| ,,.
: ;. k -,? ? ? ? ? ? t he ll '"??! ?
mid Ul*g< II 10 p? - I 111, pr?
I'..p.. ? ..ii. nil? i.UK I IIIH
a pool i ' eput poll Is ion? -
? a rcl ? . ..1 , ?
?? 'i. ;.;ilt
the detail ol
... ? i ?. \ ? no w. t h
,.?? to b
? i t., .in,i i Hast?
? ? 'i i < plan, thai ?
nol i?'.-' a v.i t' ?.'? ii--rafter ihe;
?in i..- investigated b) l ? ? extra Jepu
ii- - in thai w.,? . and by ?i.istan
ilon, ? rongdolng ?nd negl?
ore? w ?n h.- ?topp? d
it i* alao i '?". ni. d thai th? alarles o
di p if polie?.niini Ion? ra be In? tes ???
'.,,,,, ti (-g io ti .u ., rear.
J. R. Abney and Charles Stecklei
Fill Vacancies on Committee.
William 1 ?istgarten, chief of m?. ??,,-,?
?.. Boosters, **n,i yeateida) ii?.?t the res
Ignatlon "i it- my W< ??-i snd John it
Hut!, i from his committee would la at
-mi uff.-? t the movement.
"They promised t?i ?, ur an the ? - ? ? j ? ?
mit! ? ' he said, '"nul a i m to have ?mi
cold feet because ?.f th. leitet In ickuk!
to fu?- - ?indhii.. \ of Distiicl Attorney
w hitman We bai e add? d to tl
mitt,,- t,. ink? their pl?rei Jol n H Ab
ney, of tin- Franklin Typ??wrtter Com?
pany, and I liai I?-s St.-cUle? . ;i l;i?i,|,
who la .? membei ??i lha Court House
Mi i.'istj,,ut?.i e.ini the ?"liiiiiiM.. s/as
rec-Hvtng ?? numlter >.f letter? ?ol onl)
supportlna lb? prt**p?Mttlon to secura th?
renomination "i the Mayor, bul .1 ? ? , ? rr ? 1
Ing financial 1 ippoi 1
"My icth It) "u i" half of Mayoi Q?i
nor." Mr |y'istgart?'n said, "la sok-1)
1,....m ? ..f m* friendship fot Ih? Mayoi
There are no polltkal "i h" tin? as r? u
ttona n? two? n us."
Divorced Wife of Slain Gambler
Could Not Get Bail.
im1.1 Davit otherwkM know? .is Dora
?.illicrt. th? tOt in?! wife "I II. 1 m.m I!..
seiithai th?- murderwd gambler, \4.,- at
rested earh tin?; morning'and locked up
m th. LCaial '-"'ih ?n-.-, t police station
charged ?Ith keeplna ?1 dtsorderl) houa?
Sh. failed i" gel ball snd Bpetil the nu?ht
in a < ? 11
Detective Bsumlnsk), <>i the Central Of
in ? quad, m n Ited In? woi. .1 war
unit issued r?j Magistrate MnAdoo In :?
houae al No 151 Kasl "T?th Btreei sin- waa
tak? n t?- the night 1 uurl i" gel ball, She
11 ill he arraigned in the liases Market'
. .Hirt t" d.i'
Trembles as She Tells of Wronrj
cJoing with Darling, and
Voice Almost Fails Her.
Husband Re-enacts His Part of
the Tragedy, Using Revolver
with Which He Killed
Wife's Companion.
i U- ?<". Bteph l? H" l'?',un" !
Si Paul, APtil I. Mis l.illinn ? ; ? ?l-m
wir?- <>r Pro' ."? ? i ca? ? ilnon, "f th?
University "f Minnesota Agrtcultursl <'<>i
\r^r. i,-,?. t.. oaj -n the r?i -m. t ? loiirl
bravel] started througti the gamut ..f
?I, mi. ;,iil ,,i,,iui?, .-,11.111 which -he will
endure m an effort i" save her husband
from prison for slaying Clyde Darting,
driver of a laundr) wagon and an ad?
? mi'. r of ih" ? "iiian
Mi. oieon, win.-, examination ?ill b?
| . ontlnu? .1 "ii M'.ii'i.i . pul forth hen**
efforts '" answer the interrogatlena ol
ii. r hm band's ?ttorn? i bul i" ? role? ?? a
loa and t-ulvei Ing. Il? r mouth I? It? bed
,n .,-,. ?i an a i r, v,ie n ? mbled -'ml lean
oui rd hei fa? e.
An ?udlMe moan of sympath) ran
l h rougit the rourtroorn Although on the
stand onl* a short lime, her opening tes?
limon? indi? ited s resolv? t.. i i*?rlfl?*e lier
-.-..o.l n.un. for hei hu band i ai" Judge
? Mi in foi m.,i hei mat i r need nol
n ?>. , ' ,i- q ? Hon a 1,1,'h ? OUld tend
t,, 11,. , ommla Ion of i ? Im? on h?*r pai t.
Bul ' ? tld "irmly, i will t? 'i -'i'
,i 11,.m,, ii.-. , hl? i for the
defend isked "U hat i. la t loi ta ?li'l ? ou
ha\e with ilyde Darling Blnce 'Novem?
ber, 1811 ? h. n ? ?? i in t m? i him '"
sin replied thai ah? had had Imprimer
i ? ttlon with i '.n i<><K
!.. ?? k 1. busband ebout
? i ?. : ' ling hugged end kl .
IV?) thai ..It?"
I didti'i ?' a I ?" '? i him an;
Mrs. ? u?,,,, , ;,| i,, nfon d I er h i
bend 1st? : of h? r Improp? i : elation
with Lr-arlli
The ? - ill o ' ??? nervous
. .,ii ipse, r.ieh anawei mad. h? ? ? Ince
ii -. asked to -
. i- might
?.[? ? >i . - ni .m
\ Indifl ? il ? ? m? d lo se y that the
old t" him
1 . . n m.n i .
I ? . . ?
' \\ e h?l ' .1 1 It) g| d !..
Here ? he rried bltt? I] and c?rcel!
??it | l ? ,? ?. , that I wai ? ?' i 1 ??!
Im t" dis? "iiiii. .?
? .ted 'n
g, snd whei
In his a . ? ? Mi i I H
188*1? ?I
? ? - ?xamlnatlon
of 1 U ... lock this af
?called Tl ? ..?
mt repeal of their In.me
and told "i th? pain both h? and
Mi Olson bad iffei of In t
i -..
\\ I . ? .. v
.. I: ... ... 1 ol his
v? if. to him, wl
him but I..n rcfovercd, and
. ontliH -i
Had 'Superhuman" Power.
"My wlf? Darling I a an
human po? ? ovei me, I can'l i
lb t,!.. ? ;? | .,-',-. and
looking Into
me i ?nn afraid of
him Pleai ? keep lilm from me.' "
' ' ton told "f ht* viMt t.. th. office ..f
th? l'apttal l?l'uni1 >. where he waited foi
?in ho ?i i"! I 'a: lui?, to BPP? Bl H
'??.n.,1 bta wife had told him ?1 that time
I th?1 I tie w;il-..;i .11 i\ . r had In hi In I in hi
.11 in? and kissed her. sin had n.>t told
h m then ..f th.- n..m ? threats
i warned him to eta) awe) from my
? di >utf. r the ronsequences," Olson
?.. id h? told Darling In th? pr?*ten?, ..f
i ,i nir.-r ..f th.. laundry. Then ?n>
ws led to tell "f it" nn ing "f the re?
ii-. dwell "ti the threats thai Darling
had made, according t,> bis wife's atari
it. as)a he will kill you II he can'l have
m. in? ? 11. had cud.
"\. Ith lei i or .ii"l aha ne heai j "ii me,"
-aid Olson, "I strov? desperatel) to get a
place III .ninth, i I list It lit I. Hi. I liad IH? ili
t' ntlon "i killing i ?aiiing al thai tune."
He Intimated that from bis wife's sto ?
he feared h? waa helptoss t.. proteel h?ra
;.-? his ?rot i , ailed htm away .?mi h r
.,?"i u ?nd ui.-iitai powera were under ??
"superhuman Influence.
The man ?nd his ? If? Hi ed In ? stat?
<?f terror. Darling, the) feared, might
an suddenly mad ?nd murdei ii"- worn?
.m \ shim ..f a door waa .? pistol .^h"i
Tin- wad ?in nlghl prowling eal L****-*-u*ne
a .??> ream "i iu"i tai .n-"!'-,
Olson Described Tragedy.
Before romplettni his lestl.) Prof.
? Hi.?acted ins p.ut .,f the tragad)
Qrasping the ..une revolver with which
he killed Darling and fairly shaking with
emotion ?'ism, traln?Nl th? weapon upon
?in.. ..f the lurors snd stepped slowly :?>'??
ward ii? hesitated t moment, then
QUtekl) i.ti.'t.'t and pulled the trigs*a?r|
.,? the etnpt) weapon The riefen? e has
contended thai Darting started toward j
? il.s.ni and thai tin latt. i lire.I In sa\.?
hints? n
The siraiu ..f . ighl hours a? the ?und |
with th.- rigid rroea examination '" which
h., wa? aubjeeted ha.i a lelllni effeel upon
the rjefendani and he leaned heavily upon
the -"m of tu atl.y winn leaving th.
.."?i ii'.'.ni
offer* ?if financial aid from farmer? ..r
the Northwest, with whom Prafssaer oi?
son was popular, continue '?? ?-.?in?, in
dally, bul thus i,n ail have been mkrted
_^_____^^__ i
Bell and Wing
Verses of sweep snd scope.? The NtmpJ, Pasadena, C'al.
A savage virility.?/ Unary Guide. F.ngfond.
Jla^ an elegant atmo-pherc of its own.? ihe Oreqoma?, Portland, Ore.
Richness ami IMpfJl ol ?reling.? limes l tumi, Aibtny, ?r. }'.
Remarkable gift of imagery.?Northern H sty* England.
Most *.?*rsatile.?fVdttW, Denver, Col.
J.Mraordinarily vigorous.??a? Francisco Argonaut.
O. P. PUTNAM'S SONS, Publishers. N. v.
Price $2.80
H. G. Moore Adjudged in Con?
tempt by Court of Appeals.
Albany, April L The Court of Aplat?is
to-day upheld the lowi i courts In sdjudg
Ing iienr\ <; Mil-ore, of Philadelphie, in
rontetnpt for failure to poy alim?n) <?f
|33333 .? month |o bis ?if--, Gertrude L,
The divorce was granted In Pennsyl?
vania and th.- anio'lnt of alimony fixed,
it was sdopted bj th. New York courte,
Bud i><' older WSS tnai|?> requiring MOOTB
t., pH? ?'?'>.'.''ii back alimony and to gira b
MUM bond.
Henry Gibson Moore, no? over sixty
yea fa old, received s >?-ariy Income of
ti:,..?.. and ?-n. third of almost f3.SM.iM at
the deetk in IfM ?>f Mi father, Aftdrew M.
.Moor?-, a Philadelphia brewer.
In IMS, after nine year*" ?"?f niarti'd life.
Mrs. Moore iron ii?'r suit for separation
an?l s|lmony. Some ?ears later she ap
pik<i for the appointment of ? sanity
commission, claiming her husband iras s
\ i'-tiin ?f the ri, h;; habit,
in I'.'in Mrs. M....I-. presented s pathetic
Bppearaitfct In s Philadelphia court, where
she nompsaliwd that she eras forced to
beg, bating received hut tt.T'io in alimony.
A y?tar later Moore was arrested in Mew
Jersej for contempt of court. ln*?tea?l of
being taken |.i Jail he v. as removed to fl
hospital ? nervous wreck. Hf was subsi
quently n U seed on bond
Appellate Division Sustains
Long Term Given Burglar.
The Ar s?llate Division yesterday banded
down a <ie?-ision sustaining Judge (Pass*
livan, of General flsssloita. In Ms rpf.1Sa|
to gram S new trial t<> Alfred V Hfhaltnf.
Bky, who was convteted of burglary _,.,?
? Hsolt and sentenced by .in?iK(. o*8u|m.
van t<? itrenty years as a second offenser
Schtrftofsbyr'a ?-ase whs tshen up by a
\\<?-kly pap-r and S ht-ii th?i BtOtJoa w.u,
argued befbri ths Appellate DiMaMa
Samuel LTntermyer appeared for hint
Thi nature of ths articles whlek bs
peared In the paper championlug Schtrt.
tofeky .vas- sn? h that BOme of .lu.Jcp
U'Sulllvsn's colleagues urged him t., nro
. <<<i againat the writer.
Theodora i-:. Hah. the complshisai
againat Schwltofaky, recently i-oininlttMi
aulrtde under charge? brought h? a boi
Mi- lulls McLean, of No i'>; Kmut
I'.i.th str?t, who Tharsday night admitted
havltiK remained In h?-r bents for t> .
days with th" torpee ol her husband, araa
retnsnded to the Tombs without bail ye...
terday by CimHter Bhongut, wl.suaed
her arrest ?in tin charge <>f criminal n-g
i... i. The accuaatloe Is Based as th?
fH?-t that Mr McLean ?H-i not rsll *
pbysi? ian ?o attend her huabsnd, Joba
aeventy-four years "hi. a Civil IV'ai \?t
eran. when ? he kinw his condition ?o
havf I? ? ti eritlcal, and dM not notify th?
police <>r the office "f th.- Coroner >.f his
?. Altmatt Se (Sic.
Hisses' Dancing Frocks and Even?
ing Dresses of the fashionable
silks and crepes
will be Made to Order at the 'following prices:
at ... $48.00 & 57,00
Models and materials shown on the Seventh
Floor; Thirty-fifth Street elevators.
S. Altaian $c (Co.
Misses' and Children's Shoes
to the selection o? which unusual care has
been given. All Shoes, Oxfords and Pumps
For the younger set are made on approved
lasts, constructed especially to meet their
A feature o? the Shoe Department service is
the individual attention given by expert
The Upholstery Department
la prepared to accept orders for Slip Covers,
Window Shades and Window, Door and Porch
Awnings, materials for which are now being
displayed in the new designs and colors. Also
Venetian Porch Shades In all sizes.
Samples and Estimates submitted.
B. Altotatt Se (En. will hold this day
(Saturday) Special Sa.es of Women's
Silk Gowns, Trimmed Hals, Cotton
Dress Fabrics, Girls' Dresses, Boys'
Suits, Children's Gloves and Men's
Negligee Shirts.
J?ftl) Awiutr, 34U) ?m?t 35tl) Strttis, New forft.
See the Camp announcements appear?
ing in the New York Evening Post
on Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays
Send f'*r t!tr new Evening Post "Camp
Directory." ztving cctnplsts Hat and
cost of rummer ramps. Glvs us the
facts about th? kind of a camp 70a
want and we shall be glad to ad vis?
you on th?? basta of Id Investigatloo?
*Se have nade.
<?hr Jberang Pojsi
24 Vesey Street, New York City

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