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?. ISIS, h. Th? Trihurip Associ?t loti.]
1. V 24,248. I*ir,?^^ NEW-YORK, SUNDAY, APRIL <i. 1913.?SIX PARTS?SEVENTY PAGES.
jail Delivery of Strikers Fol
. lows Release of I. W. W.
Leader on Habeas Corpus
Writ at Paterson.
Police and Mill Owners Cha?
grined ?it Justice Minturn's
Decision Tb at Arrests
Were Not Justified Un?
der Any Statute.
- . ?'-.-.--.
ftteraon, N- ?'- April k?WHHam D.
Hayaro? I '? ' of th.? Induatri*i]
Workers of the W orltl, and Adolph L? - ?
??ig, . of the sti Iking silk
weav? i.-- ' ? -?i from the Pas
County Jail r**r**on by Jus?
tice Mlnturn, of the Bupromc Court.
The justice upheld a v rl1 of habeas
corpus. ta?***eby upsetting the conten*
lion of the police au!horitins that lliiv
?inodnr.i L?esslg "riolated the "unlawful
asseinbla-*e'' a? I of 1635 when they led
.i craard ' Utrou-fh the streeta
leading trota I.a fa.vet to uval fn Hale
ton, s **> ialistio connntinity in an ad?
jr.jn.riK tow nshlp.
Then' was n grcal d?*-monstratlon out?
? d the eourthouae when Haywood and
LsSBll a lk?*rd OU! fror? mon Strik?rs
and tl .ithizt.-s who were ti);
gusted with the dearpotlc attitude bf
Chief Blmson gel up ? gi*eat
shout. They closed m on the tall form
of iiuir lrad-T and followed him down
tr?*et, cb?**erlng v ?'?,l all their
mitrht. The poll ?. who had arresstesj
i ?_? strikers during the morning an.I
afternoon for picketing and "unlawful
were cl agiini ?! when they
saw Ha.wvoiifi march oui of the court?
aftor tho decision of Ju
: i; !">?? ..rii? r ?'arr?^l. who ron- j
Us ?.i and i.' saig for ???- :
conduct r,n the march t" Hal?
. :.d h<-!ii them each i*i So.?MM? bail
on the "unlawful assemblage'' ch-urge.
releiru-ed all of I i? 142 -*trikers thai
rowdlng th? police celia and the
Little Jail. The police authorities say
they lire p<*w?*Tteets to doal adequately
? ?th th'- Industrial Work-*ra "f the
(VorM strikers in viejg of to-da; - d?
Haywood Lauds Decision.
'"This ?-i? ' ?skm." aa!d Haywood .-ift.-r
lease, "is the most Importaal In
- f..r the cause of labor, it civt
u ihr- right t" m'.' ?? I discuss our
poll? ?? Interference,
end la n the i ? ? ?
Hay-.d and Lesalg are both ou! on
1500 bail ?-n the r-itsrge of disorderl:
condu<*t, a wm ol etsrtioral has been
granted by Justice Mlnturn, and s
c -v* ill be giren the leaders n<~xt
May. A? the dleortlerly conducl al
? ? d St tii<- v?.in<- timr.
as the '"unlawful assemblage" off?
b regard I as ? ertain thai tas ? tae
a to tn.ii anil Haya ood
i able to remain In "**ntt****on
and addr meet 4e
? t.- the .-hostility of ?!,' mill owners
ii'iii th?* pott? <
?'m*-. cntor Ml? ha? i ? n and Clt ,
, m iin h arguments
igsinst Haywo I, . itablished that he
- st*t*est< 'i after se had promised
I Blmi "?? thai he s ould not call
a Sunday meeting on the o el The
poll?** teatimony show?*?" that a crowd
*mth?--red befor? Haywood arrived
??at Ifa*iyw<*od offered to **ssist th^
a in dispersing the striken by
. ?, |tl him alon? th?* r. |
to Hsl <? evidence she iho "? ?!
?i.ntimiKl ?? *?? "?ni pac?", fifth < ?Ilium.
This M?+emmVlg's AVlVS.
.? i la a -N?<II i '? Aft?-: noon . 1
-?m Ju?lge ri?'v- Hsa irood. l
? \\ ill I igl t tUciV?. 3
l'iHim.,1. ".
I:;irr,ar.l. I'.?I?., f ' ?linvs. . . I
.? ' ? ..'-'.. glatS. 4
i Ri i..; andum Ow?*?ed. 5
Bull an1 "?? i ?Vai Paint.... *
'Maaaly' al UuTMh-wa 7
geiser Mai ? Reform. 7
i>on PatM-uele" Has Rerlrsl .ll
. .,??1 Duel Covot Dent..11
Mary c.wiW gcolda May?*?."??*
?Thangi H. Nam? to "*?*ed .?*?
Railroad? sum I'm ?n Arbitration.... 11
firm t.. Women Luxurlou?. . A
Progressiv?? Behind I" Mlchi***n. ?
Wilson ?o i ix Taiiir Dutlt -. ?
, I;, Bubiiean? 0?! T??< th? r. a
:? ,. , Kinl-.M??.-.-^ NfUMaa. ?
TOP" Celled ? My*1?***'* _
i- ins ? omposrr PI?) foi lne*u?e Wire ?
Mffct of I'lli-I. :?' '.?!">.
Ms] . ?? . ? Mili i l.? "?*P?^,. *
-:.,- Kill Auburn Indu?try? >
?ble??? "Ar?on Tru?i ***** Hit.-i M
. h Bondi 1 i Bul? Id?.
?'..i i'i?.:i Society Bu**".
in ti,?- London Th??trei.
Mena-?<? o? Btrlk? ?M Wal?--.
Astor m righl A?*ali ? Ptotb*?1". *
T.. Toil Pimm Coael History.
Borop? Aftln on V?rf? "f U;". .
t**4**lg?ncc for Miss Km? '?OB ?. *
I r.-,?,., Object? t" T;? vi"'i*"1 '.
?"oiiimit' Crime (<>r Os?oSsm.
? ?' .*.10
M torUI ..j
""? .;'l'an 2
?porting S" t.?.n . b
?VrailKT- l'a: t a. 6
Kipping Pert 8 .1"*~a t
'Ira. I,,a.? .Mr. 4.4* 5* t T 10
ttnencisl an?! Market? P?rt * *< s'
Raising of Flag Won by "Giants" Starts
Play of Eight-Team League Among
Convicts at Atlanta.
Atlant?, Arm ... -am. n.!. ii i,y ?in the
conventional ceremonies <>f ?.no of the
Lis leagues, the baseball season of 1013
w.-?s Inaugur?t?**] at the federal peni?
tential*] here to-day. There was ? pa
rade through the prison grounds behind
lip- pi i i-iii band) a map h ai roi the
field ?nil the rtusiiiK ?if the champion?
ship pennant ?'?' 1912.
Th?- flag light las! season at the
i rison ?gain provi .1 n ii there is some?
thing m a name, for the pennant wa
win by tii" "Giants," ;? team composed
??f men <>f tho ?tone cutting shop.
The i" v season started with eigh.
i- ams, an.I to-da) thei e a as a duubl ?
header, in which the "Tigers" beat the
is, ' Ii* !" -'. snd In v hlch the
hamplon "Giants" defeated ihe
"Crack? rs" ?., t.. 1.
The "iliants" had as ihelr pitch r ?
. kiln?? a ?-s ?? Seoi jla," ?iin n ore
often referred tn i>> the prisoner
"Black Matty." This pitcher won !if
?tralghl games lasl season, i"
ad.lit,mi to the trams competing ?a to?
day's double bill, iin- i>ris'in league
membership Includes thf "Athletics,"
t ho "Pirates," the "?Climbers" and the
All the Birj League Features.
All of iIk- more than elghl hun I
prisoners were given the freedom of
the grounds to-day. The rial "fans"
gatht n d ..s ? lose to the diamond ? i
they could snd "rooted" with all the
inn am) enthusiasm of tb?lr prototype?
..n the outside, The umpires, ?el? I
from the prisoners, were freely 'I ?
nounced as "robbers." In fact, 1 re
wa?-, not a featurt of outsidi baseball j
missing in the prison contests. Btmw
?if the plays would have dnn?-' credit to
| a major league team.
\\ irden lloyer ??as called on to pitch
ih?- Aral ball, but the task was turned
over i?. h? rit? Warden Hawk. The
partisanship among th" "fans" was In
t< n-" at lim?-.
"Take Mm oui ?nd i>ul In "OB!1 "
: riled one enthusiast.
"Come im. ?ni ..|.l moonshln? r. '
.'-' i ? ' I,, -l snotht r.
Two former ball players were the
opposing catchers In i>V ?econd game.
Both handled themselves with the grace
and confidence of big league men.
"Lifer" Calls for Home Run.
Tht r< ?;. ral i rl n boasti of .- bt II
I wether among the "fans." ii?- is ? fa!
dark] called "Old 8am" and be is ?
"lifer." This fact, however, did not <!??
; r Bam from c tiling upon "Fatht ?d,"
:. '. nd i'.: 'man of I he "' Hants," to
knock a borne : a.
"Do 11 'Fat," and I'll send you some?
thing when i gel ont," promised Bam.
The this raising was an Impressive
? ,..,n?. The '? a: ? ball diamond la in
tin shadows of tht gr?ai concrete walls
surrounding the prison. Aboui the flag?
pole were gr? iped all of the players,
oundi .1 bj ih?- other prisoners. The
flap w.is bestowed upon the "Giants"
\? it It a pfett; little :-i.U fruiii s pris
. a man prominent In the news of
th.unir? .it one time. As the i i
white and blue pennant, properly let
t? r, ?i as ;h<- championship t?'k.-n of the
i rlson I? ???.-. i". fluttered t.. the bri >?????.
the "i Ison band pla: ed "America/'
< -,t| s '?. re d? ffed ?nd thr el
? .ii In ? sal sound *
against barrier to thi
otitei ?? orld. j
Expected to Run Third tn R
publicans and Democrats in
Elections To-morrcw.
Campaign Against Equal Su
frage Amendment Serves to
Make Sentiment in Its
Favor in the State.
By Ti . ?
Detroit. April :.. Th" effori l i
? Mlvt party to hold their o*-, n
Michigan, the state which gi -. ? Roo
plu t fall ; ti
?M Of til?? <.-,1 Slltll;,;
and tin- activity ..i tl
?.- i Baloon i.' ague have made ti
lampalgn In this stab almosl as livt
?s a Presidential affair. El? tio D
i- ne ' Moi???..
_x-Senator Beverldge sppeared hei
to-night tn answer ex-Governor Hot
U ! ? ?, \< ho spoke im t;
Republl? ant on Thai sda*. ? ?tht
prominent Progressives bavt b i
Into iii" state, Including Roo?? i ?
-. i 'it tv,. indication? are the
I... Republican state tickel ?ill ? In b
? plurallt]. The i m.i I
llkel* t.. : ? ind The Pi
? ei ? unabli to ? ei oug!
; al the pi Imai \o? to gei ih? i
ii, kel on the ballot In many ? ountlea.
Indi? ?tions are thai the ? omen* sul
Frage amend men! will be carri?ed by ?
good majority. Th? campaign on thii
,.:. bt en much broader than thai
r.f 'ast fall. Xot only have the suffrag
m? m-, h more ? ork, bul an or?
ranlsed campaign In oppo?itlon hai
been in profrti ? bandit <i i>y women
seat here from the Non fork headquar
ten ol th?- Asa? latlon ? ippoat .1 to
Women'! Buffrage, Th? Bute Brewers'
..lion also kept ? lobb: In I.
sing trying ??> defeal the reaubmlselon
ol the amendment
The farmer?' organisation?, th?
Qeanera, the state Grange and the
fa***nera' club?, ?re ? unit In favor of
vote-- for women. Th? \'Vr.
party organisation also has campaign?**!
strong?- for the women. Th? opposi?
tion and t? sour? e nave served to erj ??
tallze sentjnent In favor of thi am? nd
maint. In fea? ?iiiiniiv ih<- suffraae In
ten st- and tie antl-esJoon Interests an
unit? d.
-? - ?
To Attend Clinu at Baltimore
and Enjoy Pleasure Trip.
'? C?b|? 1? '! I? 4.,|,ur?, |
i.oiKicn. April IS ?-'?r l*uiism i '? m
galled to-day ?>n the Canpauia with i>r.
j MacDougal, of Oxford bniverstty,
and Dr, P. W, Martin and ?la itbter, <>?
London, to attend the clinic <>r ?tentai
dlseasea uncler i?i Adolph Heye? ;?.?
Johns Hopkins Uni*?Watty this month.
He win atay perhspa six weeka In ihr
United States, tad Include a pleasure.
trip in hi? ItiASrsry. Sir William n. .- i
seemed younger, despite his glxty-four
\<;?is ?uni his thi'ory "f superan
IiU.ll loll
Others on the Campanis wen Gio?
vanni Ells, a retired t^smmander <?f the
it.iimii navy, and Harry "?Votroeater
Smith, who is returning afl r a blghl*
BUrrfjSgful sr-dS'-ii as mastir of the
\V? stmcalh Hounds
Secretary Denies Courtlai
Smith Paid Her to Listen.
A? ' ording lo hit a?*cretar:
should knoa. < 'ourtland Smith, on i
??' nt "i tin- Ameri? an Prosa A
' ?.lid ii"! allow her extra |
g? of b wearing in i.? r pi
Smith la auing John C. Hammond I
>??".'"'" i ? :... .ins.- h< m ??
the < iti a gw<
The tcatlma
Blakl Bl? ? . !ii'
was I :? k? h l.'-fiiH ' ? on U
motion of Smith, snd a ?? filed yeate
i ? l h< denk
; he r?-" ?< ivi i add 11.si ?
tot i" Ing comp? ll?*d t.. laten t" il
t? r. < fui Lu ier i mploj ei S?
: h it Smith did i."t nul.!*,*? In ' m
Ils* Bit ? said he did, bi
-u, .i?. Ian ?i : h? gol nothing exti
!.. en m the ??ir
ploy of sin | ? ? ? si ? '.un?,
foi i lammond want? 'l to i no? s h th?
i he had h< rtfar on? hm
dred tlmea, and the witnesa aaid *h
? | i Bhe had.
"Hu ?, ou i. au sai two hua
dr? ?i t.ni' - Shi i ? pli' ?i thai she dl
n?.t know tii. ? aact numb? r.
The woman secretary added thai he
? mplo) er did i-": eem to n alise tha
he ws ? ig As lo whether sh
heard him sweai ? ei da . MM
Blak? al< ' did not know.
Didn't Mind Losing Finger Ex
cept for Wedding Band.
Mari? Persult, i Ight ? ears old, wl ol
banda were crushed by an auto truel
? 11 ' rnoon a a she wsa piaj
Ing i.? ??- h? t home, ai No. 247 Caa
110th atr? el boro I he examination <?
in O'Bi I? n, of the Harlem Hospital
with groat fortitude until she observe?
thai the ring finger "t the light h in?
had been i ui off.
i can't n? 'i gel marri? >i nos.
,,i,:,, * the ' hild, a - th? do? toi tri >d u
comfort hei. i aus? no one can'l find
any finger t" ?"it 8 weddln1 ring on."
Only when ah? bad been told thai
wedding ting were worn on the left
snd not "" the right hand dui ah<
cease i rj Ing. The truck a hlch
knocked th? little girl ?Jown was oper?
ated by Kiilpii Haiti, of N<?. -l?J ?ciiii
wick svsnue, Corons, Long Island. H?
wsa t."! ??''" 1?<--'?
Brooklyn Press Club Burned
Out. but 'Bill" Is Rescued.
The r.i""ki>t' PreMChib wag burned
oui shortly aft.r 1? o'i-io. it Issl night
The ? i.P'? " !l"' third ?,|"-i fourth
n.n.is of the four st"ry building si No.
;;r,:, Fulton street i'?i? wag dla*-**o>*?*n*d
m the card room In th<- rear of be
third H""r by a porter, Hone of ti. ?
members wsa In the room.?, when ?h??
fire occurrod. The losa Ig aboui s? ?
1 I N M1.
?il,, Bi it '?""'' "f "?" ''"I'l-ng is in*
, ,,f,- of h, nu.?n Raube, who baa a res?
taurant on tb< -' '""' ??""?"? He waa
temporarily p"1 "'?? "f ''"sinn?s b* -i
d? luge of arater.
Richardson Webi t? r, secreUr* ..f tha
Andrew .larks??? ?'*"''? ??** th.
and P.xh-ii into th? ro?.in.s a.lcj rese?ad
a pictura of Qo*/e?*nor Buhar,
Patrick V. M< ?'??'":1"' f.' I'mm-i.m
of ti?, Board of \l<i?:'':""' ?*aa repiwted as
slightly improved a> "'" r*alyeitnlc n??>
pltal lai-i nigh! Pr* ?'?'''?"'*??'n ?raa em
. rated on i??ii.ia> "> '" CbaaTlea ii. ??i..t
wood, "f So. ii i*?lk ?ve**a*e. HM eomrl
.in, ,n is not i.MisiJ-rc'i seri-a* |
Mayor's Efficient Advertisi
Brings Throngs to Restau?
rant Floors and Smiles
to Proprietors.
Inspector Gets Royal Welcoi
at One Piare Owners Ex?
pect To Be Shut Down,
but Will Make
No Protest.
Ri ?Using that its afteroeon dancl
? i were numbered, Broadway "t<
tangoed" like mad moal ?>f the aft?
noon )'esterdaj. ?nd ei - a Into the si
per lim?' hour. The ?\lili liglggers i
luctantl) gai ? up ?;?. i. a , ,i ant (lot
'hit had been cleared for them ??:
when the music ?topped and wait?
began ;?. pu in u blea among them
thej prepared accommodations for I
Incoming ??itmor croa da
Whlli th?- t- dance propiiett
smiled Joyousl) on th? jam thai I
Mayor's advertising <>t their gatherin
had brought t., th?sm, the --. ? ? 11. ? me
spii it nt ,i, quit cent ' i" hla ?lisa
proval ni thi sffalrs reigned supreme
A? Individuals they disavowed ?
Intention either of sttemptlng t" co
:? orders or of opposli
l.is legishitlon providing more strl
geni rules under vim h he could sh
them down entirely, "Tom" Heal
president ?.f tht Restaurant Ownei
-.. ?peaking officially for t h
? ' it t. titi.in
mm em? nl - n the pari of I
lion to ..|.|... ' l. ' ?? i bills at A
Mayor's Men on Hand.
O n 11 nth? ? ., - ? . i ,. ?
their m%' ? tlgatton ol the dai ? ?
? ral Inspt 11.
i ' i ? ? ? r 1 ? ? ? onsplct
? fl I i I !
m hou ? . ? . . i:? . ?
th? "social
? ?
M ? II.., ',
- 1 1 ' I 1 I ? ' . ! . \ !
in ? enter the i
? 111" r..r tl I
I ? igti ii ?? rule ? ? ludlng ..i m? n ui
,i ? ? ? rigid!
" ? ? ? ? bis cat
!.' " \?.'l
I . I.'I . i
: him.
Tbo ? ? mcei
? i t?.r ii moment In
in, tlnril.il g 11 ? ?. ? ;.. :?
When th? ' ? '
??'.'?. 11 " ?
n-- .it m.i ? b
them ? time, ?nd th?
? Ii lo al i .?!?.;- at '1 ful
a "le
dan? '
Th?- ..'I.' ? Ii" Ma ? "' '? lOV?
i, und? r i- n.- i:- ?*? ??ii.>i ' . y ?
? hi?r ..f tl- M...- r's Bureau i L
was al n .ni' I in' I Wal
lui .- l,m,s.-it ,iiii| ?m ; n.
u.iniic Mi" aft. ; tKHHl ami nigh
i,, i ..-tin .u.:- .imi othot plot ? rhert
. n.- held \i a res ,1? ..f th? "?
-, i us, reports "a twentj t" i of then
v ? n- ?*i\en t" ta- Maj or, 'i
.lit!..n- i?' m?! ?? h. :. dan ' art belt
um", m. ludlng both aft? n
.' n.i ? .. oing
May Revoke Many Licenses.
i. ?.. - ,n?i thai the Ma or woul
:, th? " '? porl tht ti-1 thlni
to-morrow moi nlng, snd thai .is ? ri
suit of th< thii ?-? i"?"ai- .i b Mi
Walla? )?'.- men m man <?'. tht m tht a
- ..iii.i ,," n-, oked at ??m ?-. "i
th.- ground thai the ? aie public nul?
.-.m ? ?mil ;? detl am m to the mural
irelfare of the city.
'i-he i'n. I i "in i ' .-'s.- groa mi' n.:' nf
the attack on th? re taurents m con?
nectlon \?ith the Mayor's closing ?mi- r
?' ? -it again?! the poll? e Mich? tl a.
limns, the form? r n??- captain, whs
no? arrested April l. m Churchill's, a
f?-?? m,!, it? i .itt'-r 1 o'clo i. t"t refusing
t?, '?vamoose" when Inspector Dwyet
order? >i ?ihn t". ?as dismiss? 11 by Magii -
i . :,-, Levy in th" W -si Siilo COUT! ><n
th?- ground thai the svidem ? pre?
sented by "'?- police was "vague snd
unc? rtain."
in handli p do? n ?a- dei Islon th?
magistrate echoed th" Mayor's latest
pet ??Mill, "gusa?e," in speaking ?.f the
statute pro*? Id Ing thai pin'-' - ? ?a-.
toxi? ?til i liquor? .?i " old shall be
, i.i-.ii between th" hour? of i and ??
? ... a i? m orningi
? ri" pulit" ..th. .-i at'? tnpti <1 tn
carrj out thl 11 ?aonabli prohibition
statute." b? ?aid, "by giving due notice
prior to i o'clock ?. tn., and carried oui
tht Ir orders in ; 11.. enable, di ct I
?nd lav. iui i. .im' ;. This st.tiuio i-- it
reasonable en?, and Um state, through
Its Legislature, has indicated that tot
nineteen hours mi tu.ry weekday the
,,.,1,1. . .u gussle Intoxicating liquors
,,, I|1. m beat 'i ' i "i.t'i.t. ?"it it ha i
found it necea?an ami along tit??- Une?
,,f ,t reasonable human direction that
during th ? Uve hours of the night, to
??it. from i to I s. m? they shag ce .
t.. gussle.
Tl,.. -Jim? nit m holding th.- de
rendant Is not with th? law, hut with
th.- ? ? ?'i.-: ce, or, rath? \ lack ?>? i
donee, h- this case. Th.- testlmonj i?
not i l"..r._
Washington. April ?'? >? retai ? G
?-?m ? ?u leave w.- ami;'" i te morro?
night r?'t- N?.-?? v?,rk t?. attend t'" the first
liase tin- ?iiiarterly roeatin? ol the board
-if ?in ?etwa of ti.?* Panama RaBree<i. ->f
vshich ?it l? a nieml'cr.
Anarchist Bandit Ends Life After Marvellous
Climb from Yard and Long Con?
versation with Pursuers.
\RRKST 01 I. v< < ?Ml'.r. THE l'I'i M H BANDIT.
il?' . streets of La Villcttc. a quarter of Paris, on
.. ! the crowd tried t" lynch him. Yesterday he
: f of the Sant? prispn, in l'a-;*. ii\*?n attempt
? ?
P ' -. April .7 ? the "it'aCi
I n M I, 1 I ., !
. ?
': ? . .nul BI
? nd? d hli
? ? i ? -r of I..i Sent?
. ' sut? i?!.' aft? r an In*
! ? | ? i morning h ilf?
I.' i. ' m the eoui ??
ii,, is a prof?
athl? te, su? ang like a
an Iron ?-??. g ? th? oi court?
? ard, and, with 'traordln i
i ? :n ilaed himself t?? the
Iron bars which are live
yards hl| ? ? Ici: that bis I
could not stop h m. Lacombe then bal
snced hlmaelf on the summits "i the
nd, w ith a ret ord athletic leap,
i ..n ihe > -'i Ing Btones of a lo ?*
and i roj? cting part of the roof of th?
: lie thOI !" ?? 'I as |f for ??
photograph? r and biiu] po? h
and made fa? e and Ind? cen? g? - tur a
'i h? n be il' 'i like a
da along the blgh,
eloping roof i dentls Int? tiding ;?>
make a fl ng jump from the roof (?? a
wooden scaffolding for repairing tne
wall, four ?? ai di di tant ti om and ien
yard - low? r than the roof, but, un lack
lly for Lacombe, this scaffolding ha
ed ? nly yesterday,
Bandit Builds Barricade.
La ornbt . now ?I baj. ran ?? k, ind
selecting a strategic position, erected i
?i.itri.-.ici" with quantifie? of largo, re
brick tiles, with which the rod Is coi
? i ? .i M? an? lu?" be pre> i nted .in
keepers from reaching r?
tilt s at them a- thej
ni. ii to mo .a. the ladders,
Th? prison was then ?urroundod bj
nfantrj t" keep aurai
rowd of five thousand spoctaton
mblt.'.. i-'ir men aun?
mont i by the new Prefect of Po!
M. Renn ion, then entered th? court*
yard, and ?'ith their ladders reached
th" roof. The Prefect of Police, di?
recting th.? operation? from the ?-ourt
yard, had given ordert to th?? men not
theli rlflt ?if revolver?, but to
i ? La? oro be all*, v.
Lacombe th -a appeared hi the cop?
:,. ..ml. stamliiit; ?reel deflautl),
nimi" a im-.? tn tin- prefect and tsbouted
m .1 ? lear, ringing ? o. ?-. h? ??tn by
thousands of onlooker?! "As you
If "'Mi try to capture .ii-.- I
shall kill ni.?-"!t'."
a singular conversation took place
I niiliiiiii'il ?in I bird i>ur<\ tilth ?ohiinii.
? ?
Will Get 150,000,000 Pesos at
7 Per Ccrjr.
Mexico Cll . April 5. Mexl? o u
prsi tit ai;, .n angi ,i for the ?!"' 'ti"?
"I a lose of 1.KI/HHIIIIHI |,i go? u Ith a
group of London, Par?s an'1 New York
bankers, according :" information re?
? i hers to-day from London.
Th? i.i''.' ?'" Interest will be 7 per
Aged Woman Dies Rescuing
Youngsters from Runaway.
in m attempt to save the lives "i two
hlldren who w? re din ? tly In the
path of a team ?.i runawa* ho***MS, Mrs.
lia Bllvermsn, geventy years old, of
No. 4?S5 Btone avenue, Broarnsvllle,
gave up bei lit', lasl night She saw
the approaching team bearing down on
th.- children, who were too frightened
to i.-, apt. and i an t" their ai i latance.
.1 n t a ; the in nl'l' ii'-'l h"t-s''s, drag
ging a h' -i ? a ? gon on three ? hi
??? a. I.? ri Butter si n.nd Union atroei
tir i .m up on the sidewalk whei e lb?
children st?.?.<i lira Bllvermsn liter
all) three/ them oui of the path of tba
runaws) .
Hi ;? a, i km -. i ,l th? 11? ea ?.*' the two
litti?. girto, bul she had no time t.. es
? pe beraeif ?be waa knocked dorm
snd trampled by the borrsee, which kepi
?.n snd crsshed Into ;. plateglass win*
tow. They were stopped half a Mock
further on.
\\'ii<-ti Dr. Courtnej arrived from st.
Mary's Hospital be s.? i?i the old woman
1 "I <ii?-?l from a ira? tin?- ?.I th?. gkull, !
Mis. s'il\ ? iiiiiiii wag well Known in
Brownavlll for h?er small irharltles
among the needy. Bh? leaves bcr hua-1
band, H**man.
More than 150.000,000 Pack?
ages Handled in Three Months.
Washington, April 5.?Mor? than
130,000,000 parcel poet package? were
mailed during the Bret three months
the syatem am? In operation, according
to computation? announced to-day and
baaed on report? fren the flftj largest
poatofflcea Ancsroxlmatel) 55 per cent
more bualnea? was handled in March
than m Januar]
? blcago l?eads ail other citiea, 6*895,- ;
Ti? parcela being handled In two
months New v rk handled 5,973,075
?nd Boston 1.?;_?T.' ?:.*;
Nitro-Glycerine Injected Into1
Arm Awakens Him.
? ' ?? Trite?.
Boston, Apia! ?'? Frank St. ?'mix. six
years old, of No. 00 Lowell street,
Lynn, who had been ?sleep .sime Tues?
day noon, awoke at 9:00 o'clock this
morning, when Dr. W. L. Burn? In?
jected nitre-glycerine Into his arm. ?
"Dtdn'l i have a long Bleep? mamma T"
?.,.,,1 i,iti. Prank as he stretched his
.unis above hla bead Th? mother was
?ii the bedside.
? i f.-n ?sleep laei night," the boy con?
tinued, "ami i had a dream about
everything, i thought I was floating
?long In the air."
After a wink: Krank \s.is ?tlil?- to list
Mum the bed, t?nd Urda aftarnooa was
playing about th? noua? as if in- had
n< \? r t lU'-n a nap of four -ht.' s.
The doctor? believe that th?- state of
roma "as induced by nervoustteai,
?ri,,. i.. . had been fed through a tuba
il?. i.-ii ;i.s|?'?'p \?iui>- standing in his
mother's kitchen. When Mm. Bt croix
took hold of him In- dfOPPed to the
rtoo-?nnd lliul '" be ?arried to bed.
Cottages on Farm for Aban?
doned Women Have Tile
Roofs. Marble Floors
and Electric Lights.
Governor Cites Institution to
Associated Charities Commit?
tee as Example of "Ridicu?
lous Extravagance" He
Wants Stopped.
inv T>|r-i iph to Tho Trliiun? 1
Albany, April ft,??'owrnor Snlzrr
cited to-day ga an -?-?-ample of Mridlen<
ions extraraganci " in **a******lng on th?*.
state's ?iiarifi.s the farm tor shan?
doned women at Valetta wb?****s, h?* de?
clarad, th?' work non a ay Lndl -
cat?*d that it WOUld >?<??< til?' --tat?)
about j.!.1""? to house each Inmate.
The ? ?"\?Tnor's statement ?rag mad?*
t.? a , ommitti.. beadsd i>'. n?mry
Mo-rgenthaa snd AJtamm I. FSOtus, from
the Aasoctated Charitlea <?f New York;
City. j
The Associated ?'haritirs had adopt?t
a resolution protecting: Sgsinet tin? rus
omm?*<ndati?*rn of the QoferrJor*s com?,
mit tro ,,?? Inquiry that the tramp farm ?
in Dutchsag County be nhtii?s-ajiedi that.
tin? work ?>n the farm tor abandoned
women si Valait?*, Columbia County,
anil Ihr Institutions at Mohatisic ar\<i
Letchwortb Village he held up, and
thai the present system ?>f makim, an?
nttal appropriati? na for .* tat?.* institu?
tions be st, pp. 'i.
Costly Cottages for Women.
As f?jr th. holding up <?f t!ie work on,
t!v farm for abaiidoned w-sjnen, Letch
worth Village and M?*thaj**uc, lfr.thUarer
toi?! th?- committee it was his intention
t?. wait until a definite plan had hern
adopted ami a new Btate Architect ap?
point, ?i. He, however, had no IntenHon
ol abandoning these Institutions. Ha
-. ?d tli" plan on which the si it" farm
for sbandont-d women .n Valatle a
being established v. . g
trsvagant. The cottage pisn had
? ??.! ami two buildings 'na I sir
i?.-, n . onstru? t> -i.
Tha ??' mraitt? ' \ isit. <i ?
and found them equipp? ,1
roofs marbl? floors, electric lights and
al! th" luxuries Ol a Wealth? man'*?
home. Tha lioiriiinr isiitiiiit.il that.
judging from the number <?f ares
that could be a."? oniiivilat, ?I. it would
. ?? s;;?niit for each one, if th" pt-esent
plan Ma* carried out h?- does no!
lleve thai the archltet*! arho conati n b i
the cottages had sny conception of the
purpose of the Institution.
Governor Bulser seid th? members <<f
the committee were with him In atop?
ping this work, and they would do
everything In their power to help him
Th?-* Governor t"M theaa be did nut
want to curtail any of th?- Institu?
in th-- i.. thi.? n. gat ii. hm a wag
ins Intention not to appropriate mor':
than they could use In a year. He said
many of the institution?; now bad VOtft
money ?ti tbeir funds than they ootald
expend in three years, yet they mpi
ssklng for mete,
This condition wss brought shout, ha
believed, ho? ause of th?? haphazard, un?
sygtemstic way in which tha gtate ap?
ir, ?priated its monej.
The financial hills ths ?"?ovrrnor bag
lo.'ommiT.d.il and which are now be
fore t**?* legislature prnvnio tor re?
mitting back to tin* *f*re*asury
money that is not expanded bjr sn tr?
BtltUtlon In th?' yiiir in wl.'.rh it is ap
proi.ri?it.d. th?? auditing by the State
Controller of nil spprop-rmtlona msde
by the l.oi/lslat ure, ?ml the chan^ir-g;
of tin* beginning of the Be? al *rear from
? FCtOber t<J July.
Wants Self-Supporting Institutions.
it la tii" i?iivi-nmr's Intention ton-site
th.- institution? of the s?t.ii" self-sup
porting, particularly th." prisons. He
said h.* v ..s aurpritsad "> find a large
wsrahouse si Auburn prison wag BUed
with prison made chairs and <!-sks. und
another appropriation hud been asked
for snOthtBT w,.i? hotisi?. aiso to b?> filled
with furniture. Aid a!' tii- time, he
ioiiifd. th' stiUr was paying out t,>
Michigan firma good money f?>t Just
such furniture.
The Cover mar -as not yet made up
bis mind as to what be win do ro*****ern
?ng th? tramp v oiofl* ,
The ''ill providing for I tat lot
worn? n wai ? nactsd m the ?(
tii.. Hughes administration, an?! ? ?i
.,;? n . ich i !orn< ii ?Hupet -
Intendenl of Prisons, was a men
appoint'.I t.. ?"l.-< I a Ml'' 'ii,.
sit?- was choeea ,i: almost tr.*? Isst month
"f Govei nor Hughea*? term
After tii" sit" w.i
..<..?? t.? th, Jurtsdl rtlon "f ?
t"ti(i"iit ..t Prisons, snd ? '??!"?
pointed John n. M.?!'>. ef tJrj ? aa-t-aa
Wuhlngtoa County, who was ? Seas te
Oov?*rt*or Dix, s ? ? al in t-harge
nt tli?? farm.
luirme t ??? i Ha -aiming ti illas '
?..>,.,, v.., i i,-,!,!-,,... loti i tot th? tai 'a and
tw,. luxurious cottage? ?rere bull? ou
plans made !?> th?* foi'tn? r ?Slat?' Ai I
Mr War.
Thr i"poit <?f t:*." Sulz?*!- cemaaltba al
Inquiry stated that if th" pian lu n?
original form wars r-airied ma H werstd
cost th" Blata til"-?.-*?, and Giraernar
Sulzer li;?s iuliinuted tliat th" Iumii .'?u?
gssjB of the two biHsdlags woui.i ha *
proper sulij""! for a **mOd piry ?xainui.i
tioii. Pri.-?>n ?oinniisMon otihml>, SO?**
"\"?. ?1. ii'- that UM ?mannt n"''"?-.-?try for
tii.- farm utt-fer UM praaanl plan woafci i?e
ssywhera rtaar *??.'??'.'?*'
? ,
reacted via Ih* BOl*TIlfSRN i:\HAVAV:
l??pillar "Memphis S|><-. ?al I? ivi Se?
York dadly, I ?'" P. M.: ?hin???-*, sleapinc
h ml ot*-*ervatk*n car* N. v. Obbssb, UM
Fifth Avc- A?Jvt

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