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Woodford in Spain.
; rieht IP',.? bv Q W Bs ? |
London, March 4
.?entrai IToodford'a death breaks an
???d ariuaiiitai h perhaps was
icvar quite a friendship We were at
ro?a together bill not in the sump class.
At times, much later in life but at long
...paS we met; always on good If*
;, v.r intimate terms. Woodtord's nat?
ure -v;?s expansive, and two ?>r three'
tin]?.- he honored me with his ?oiifi
.J.r.i-e In respect Of public affairs In
b? had been concerned.
The most importan! of these related
selon In Spain. He narrated
it length ids very curious experiences
,.? United States Minister. II.- de
itllnc t'ae course of thoae
ttetlons between Spain and the
I'nit.-i States which preceded the
Spanish war. He cavo ;in a> count.
whicl ml) ? an startling, of the
? s in a lung diplomatic eon
in ei abruptly ended hy g declara?
tion ?i war. a.s he spoke with great
frei lorn i said that i supposed i was
regard these revelations as confi?
dential. He answered:
"No. they are part Of the history of
those times. Some of the causes which
tht OU the War are Well known.
What I give you is g ?statement of the
ns why there oucht to have been
ST? As I think there ought to
been noa .?? ns to ne that
? ?mericsn people are entitled t.-? the
' la, The dtspatchea which support
" 'liston are on file In the State
'?epartment. They must some day he
* u'nlishcd. Meantime, they are known
in part to the Spanish Government. If
( chose to believe what the Spanish
1 ?ovcrnment tells up, it would be ?lear
to everybody how mueh of the re?
sponsibility for war rests m their
?moulders and how much on ours. You
? ?t iiheny tu make such use as
OU think proper of what I tell you."
Nevertheless, I did not at the time I
make any use at all of what Wuudiord \
hen told me. The mischief hud been
done. Public opinion In America was
n an inflamed state. Mr. kfoKln? !
'? vas still President and pr? s? otly
andidate for re-election, and !
was re-elected, and then mur- :
No montent aeemtd t.. be op-'
??"-?:-fine. Dssldee, i thought it ** as for
'.V'...?ford blmaelf to make public hie I
? :nent if lie thought it tlesirable. !
So far as I know, he never did. There
apon him .? certain amount of j
censure, a?- if be, s minister acting en i
instructions from Washington, had :
or left undone something which I
* i;a\e averted arar. He deserved i
ensure. He deserved praise, i i->c- !
ths fact t.. be that he went to th? ;
f dipl"mati-. dll r. -
th? ?Pi ' skient and ihe ;
U ?? from a pr- -.. ntabl? dtei
ia v> ,u ?s always e d:s- ?
i ? essential facts may almost
a sentence. The ??? ? ,
Id coene In an official form. Butt
th,-. Ti?< Presl
of the United States had made
ertaln demands upon spam with ref
to Tuba. They had been re- ;
Spain aot to have ba?
il till ihe last moment thai w<
should make arar In order t?> compel
r lo govern Cuba as we thought she!
?ughl to gov?*m It or !?> let her go. ]
?nviii?-e?l St last that we meant to, (
nsde up h.er mind t<? yi- Id. As Is
n |p that country, she ma?Je It I
owly. Bhe was so slow that Presl- j
HcKinl? y I -l '.?? ? ome con*?
? "uid not giM* way.
\ akanffi h? had been himself i
Igalnst war: desirous t?i use all reason- !
Is ? hi point by pei
. ens t ough his notion of ;
peacef-.l diplomacy included mea: .
and n? ns? ?'s which In any European
' ountry would h.ive h-'ii thought 11k? Ij
lo Uta?, and tetended to lead, straight
te boatiUUea. He aras aurrounded b;
adviser.? who ti:.y by day and hour by j
bour assured him that the AmeriCSn ;
i i r?s >l\ed tO fight.
His friends *ai?i of th?- President, and
perhaps he sa.d of himself, that bl r >
??as always to ths ground. C?tmgreas '
was white? bot; and with t'ongres.s Mr.
McKinley'i relstJoiia w?ta*s. more Inti?
mi!*' than sny other President ever
?alntslnsd, The sum sphere of Wash?
ington was sup? rhsated. Into the grsv
tSt iiestion OS which a great people
could be called OH to decide, political.
I snsl, arid purely ?motional influ- j
ware allowed to intrude Yellow j
j urnallam practlcslly took oommami I
of the situation: which was |aot what
of the situation: which was |*oi wnat
"tres Jefferson bad In mind when he |
Itterod his. rnis chtev? is dlct-gri about.
government by newspaper?.
Buch wiis ?in- ? Iste of thing:; In which
the it. -,,if i. ? hi:- message to Coi -
gre*-s unr.ouniiiiK in sff?*S*d that Spain
bsd final]) i-j? t*-?l the ultimatum of
the Unit? d Btat
?In fsct," said General W?t>?odf?rif*a,
thy o.iimatum bad not been rej?*? t? d.
till negotiating, i sms ('?'1
Vlneed thai th?* .'panlards must give
. ioe a free hand, I Mksd
I never ?eased t?? Strive for
n ?.,... .. . i again I tjeblsd the
l*r*a*ddent that his oun-os?- could be at
? i ithoul war I ln*?pl?*ired him w
be pattent, i '?old him i knew- what
tWt .t? th? minds of the Spanish gov
Tnini-n'. that I hnew th? ir methods:
that th. y WOUld hohl out to the last
iiK.ru.int, but thai i't the last moment
?M con? sde wuhfiu! bloo?ish< d
? U ?h II he . ?. ild hopt to gain ?>>' aWtOn."
Wo dford ha?i i g'>*-'?i ?teed r,f ,;"
PoUtl? tel, in him. bUl in this OSSS he
had dropp? .1 politb's lor patriotism. Ho
?POk? With absolute un? erlty. Ha had
better nasim <>* knowing than any?
body in Washington ha?) He ba?l laid
facts before the Presblent. who at
tlmt time was a? ting as hi? own Beere
tsry of Stale; g post for which neither
he nor Mr. Day was particularly well
ltte& The President knew that Spain,
?ell avare of her unreadlnens for ?war.
arouid .vleld in ths end And I am
afraid u must be said that her willing?
lies? to coin-ode IhS vltul point in ?f?STM
?.is knows t" him Imtor- the llrst *mot
?.as fired. H<* tSsTa] BOt baW* l" ' '?? vr
h^may not have considered himself at
? Ut time, a free BgMt The power of
I'i'-i'.ri,.,- wai rented with Congr?
Uui n tYoodfordi dlapatchei had b<
publlK-hed aa they were received, or
the suhatanoe of them had been pi
IHhed, who can -,-.>? they would i
havi turned the course ?t ?venta
peae? v it u alleged that the cab
ultimatum of bar government was,
order of the Spanish Mlnlatry, del?*
m in nsmlsslon, and reached our ra
' ?-i. - late. An indefensible a? t. but
ntaj have had more motlvea than o
Woodrord'a record, at any roti. -. cl<
That th.- voice ol Continental Bun
waa agalnai uj in this bualnesa
known The attempt t.. organise
canal sgsinet us waa the ? bar proof
that ?>niy the refusal ?-: England
be a party u> that man?uvre prevent
its aucceaa. The refusal has b<
I ? >? ? 1 t.? ahow that England, or (
English government, approved ol o
policy and method? and of our atta
?-i' Spain, What |i really ahowa la th
.ne friendly good will of England
the United States overbore all otli
h "dderatlona She atood by us b
?r.u.. she was our trier,j. perbapi I
much our friend i-i Inquire too oloa?
Into detalla Than the Spanish w
never was there n more striking ex u
!?!?? ?>t the saying that war it broug
: "t by specific err? vancea bul i
a statt 91 feeling in one or both of I
-? lllg? ?? nti An : th,' conduct of En
at corollary to th
maxim, alnct her aupport ol our cau
eras also due to a Mate of feeling.
Later 1 discussed th" auhjeel wl
I*rsaid?nt McKinley, i had rece??
back from England and hue
something or the English rlew.#lt ?m
s pieassnt morning and th-* Preside!
proposed a walk. So for an hour, fro
1 to 1:30. we strolled about tl
White House grounds The Prealdt i
irdlal In his acfcnoa :? dgment ?
th< aervlce England had rendered u
but when I explain? ?i what i belli ? i
the :? al Kr ?und of it, her tri. ..
linesi to us, and uol mainly her ai
provai "i Ms war policy, hla sgei gr<
dark I was obliged to explain furthi
why I suppoaed t',f- war waa than:':
to h.ve been an avoidable war; an
his fa.e s-rew ?lark"; -till. II
launched Into a passionate '!? teiu-e ?
? induct, He dealt with one quei
tlon after another bul with the quet
ti'.-n whether his purpose tnipht n?
have been attained without a confli?
be refused to deal. He wrapped it ui
akllfully, in generalities
Angry as be was, his debating now?r
? forsake him. He state.; -
with more 1 n ?ic man parllamentar
the tide oi poasion t<
rising So far ? i ?uld, 1 avoid?
arguing, bul m? aofi answera could no
.turn away hi wroth, He was like Ml
Gladstone; able to ?onvince himself o
i n;. thing; and I
and argui?i nti ?? hi? h did n?i
. re a Ith hla o**. n ? lew, Thi Gr<
id?.. of Pate m em l to have p.
? hit mind I 'rum the
hM time it had n-?-.i decreed there wa?
to I"- thla war; h? waa only an Instru
? ? In the hau la of an In? xorabit
il.- did '? ?1 ? - :i uie Woodford
He did ; "t contradict him. H< i
by o . ti,e ..?;-.? r ?.j. Thi. last
only pleasant mem >ry I have of .? Ii I
tvhi? h waa all storm and tumult
N >t t" end on a tragic note, | ?,?.,
mention a conversation between Geil?
em I Woo Iford and Sir Henry Drum?
in<-.p.j Wolff, F'.nti-h Ambasaador ti
The? met Pai
' what are you going to do with th?
??it- n?.t for m? to aa - Have : ou
sugge i
"I? lt'^- no alfair "l n..
'Tetrhapa not, but I thought Englsn?!
might po Ibl; :-.; to take th? m of
our hands."
And Wolff, with his Inimitable, good?
natured cynicism, answsred;
"N". England i- . ol lust non In the
I Cor any more Islands."
But perhapi neither of this pair if
dlplomatlsta waa unite in Jesi or quite
in earnest ,; w ;
Class of '85 To Be E. W. Rob?
ertson's Guests for Week.
Thirty membera r-f 'be ?lass of 'II ?.f
Tale L'nlvt ralty will le.-.v. the Pennayl
vanla station at noon to-day for Boutl
CaroUna in a apectal train, aa the ^i">i^
'.., ? week at their claaamata Edwin W.
lO'hrrts'.n. a banker of ?Columbia
The traveUera arm spend a day hi sight
1 feriiiii at Charleston, two daya at Co?
lumbia and two daya at Bportanburg,
Greenville an?l r,th?-r towns in tin- iiv i"
mina In each placa fiienda of Mr Roh
f rts.-n will entertain tb?; party.
Faculty and -And? t.- of th? Booth Care
Una Unlveralty. >?t Columbia, will give a
reception, al which Professor Wilbur I?
Croa* of fata, will ap-iah foi the visit...*.
American Library Association Forces
Premature Opening of Hotel.
Mmonneeinrnt is made b- th- oAcera
of the ?\merleea Ubrary Aaaodatlon that
their Ittl eonventlon will be hold at the
,,?,,., Kaaterahill, Cataklll Mountains.
June ? ,0 -*?
Tin- WU convention promiaea to be the
largest la the hletory of the aasodatle ..
o-.er twelve hundred membera having al?
ready algntleil their dealre to attend.
The Hotel Kaat' i llalli opena a week* la
advance of Ita regular aeaaow t?. socom
modale tn. Kan i,, .-ui Ubran A ????? latlon
delegates so that convention will not In
anj way Interfer? with Ita formal open?
ing to the public on .lune 28.
Tentative Plan Provides That 'Tech'
Cooperate in Instruction.
Beaton, April ."?.-A tentatlv? plan for
oo operation between Harvard University
and ?th? Msssaehasetts Instltub of Tech?,
oology in the teaching ?>f advanced and
post-graduate atodenta is ander eonald? ra,
It provide? that when either Institution
a ?j. partmsnt head recognised as ?.
., ; ?n his atady the atudenti of tin
otb? i lastlfutioa may attend his ?la I
And the Hamburg-American Line Thinks It High Time
Ximcnes's Statue Was Taken from Hoboken
Pier?Conti Asks Patience.
The Mg Xlmen? ^ Btatue oi I tanb
. i"i | lain mouldering on the pier ul
the Hamburg-American Line, in Hoboken,
la airain assuming tb? proportloni ol ?
a hite elephant.
Bpnng Ii-.ij: ?-?.I? a hihi; or. to b.- COfTe?Ct,
apring pier cleaning?on ibe piera In Ho
boken bas made the oflldala feel that It
i: no* about time t" gel rid ol the Ital?
ian l>,-u,t". The statue, aritb its baae of
basa reUefi ai.?i it ..b.i!-k. i?. i on the
Hamburg-American pier In sou:- - -
? 'oba ? b.- and dual ha? i covered
? up the op' n plat ? - In the crab b, and
a keg of Pllaener and hundreda of
other thing) bearing the mark "Hade In
Oermany' could be atowed away In the
ipaci now taken up by parts of the Danta
The Hamburg-American Une bas h?-'-n
. \. ? edlngl] patient with tbe great poet'
Btatu? it waa tranaported t" thla coun
try from Sapl? i In May ol la< ? ! ear ?-?ni
.th? steamshti Moltke. and .ver ?ine? it.?
arrivai th? eompanj has been Itoptng th?
rity "ih'-iii- would decide to And a place
I lor th? fllfse beauty.
Cesare Contl. agent of the Lloyd Ka
I ami.. Line, La chairman of tb? Pant.
monument committee. H? re-reived a i*-t
t?rday from the Hamlmi-g-An*?-*!.
ran Une, asking that those bit? rested In
th? statue remove it from the pier, as H
bad i? en an en?umbral* ?- tor almost a
*. ar.
Mr Contl, who has remained neutral m
the conflict between the Italian aubscHb*
lera to the fund, sent s cable metssagi to
Ettore Ximenrs vest?-rdav .iMaIh?; that he
forward at ono th? r?p?-?*4flcatlona of his
til"?llii--allons of th? statu?, in the hope
"i hastening the a?-**?*?<ptan<.t the gift
to tiie City ..i Kew Terh Meanwhile
Mr. Contl asked the Hamburg- A met i
i.in? t.. be patient a little teaser .?mi that
efforts would be mad? to relieve it of ,tM
l mai Me and I ronze lodgi ;,
Miss Ruth G. Davis Married to
Theodore Steinw?iy.
Sdiaa Ruth Qardner i>a'i?, daughter of
Mr and Mra. Howland Davir, waa mar
? t" Theodon Bteinwa:. of thia city,
re?tenla? aftei - on In the Church of th<
Incarnation, th? Rev. H-rber-t m Robblna
? ofn? latin? Tl ?? color scheme of the wi d
'.-.ni; waa gre? n and y? Mow. and the
Ichurch was decorated with palms and
jonquils. The bride v..-,s escorted to I
?altar ' 1 . father, Who cave her Bf
B ? a*ai in a gown "f white satm wbl b
waa worn by her sister. Mrs Mows, a
?war aKo at he: own wedding, and a veil
ol old duchesse lace which has been In
?the family for man) generations ?she
carried a pray: bo,,!? Miss gybll White
l '.-..- .: ; oungi. lat ? of tb? bri le, waa
maid ol honor, and th? bi id? - maida wi re
Mil s Katb? : ;? ? Davis, ai ath r atob r;
Mli i Ina Ki-. ? I, Mil - Mi ta von Bernutb,
Ml>s 1 i'ir..tl ? liar. ' i ? Al Itna
Beeg? : Itlai Don tl Bull Mia Bybll
? 'm i- wore a | ? 'i"'s - ath
tied a ' "?? ? ?? t of maldenhati fern, ?
the brid n aatln with
>. Ho?? alraw hab baaded with
, ii i-, of Jonquils.
WUUan F1 Bt a.,- bi thai ??'? I
waa I ? and I b< ???
were Rowland : ' '
? ; , w.
Herl ert Ada ?
th? re wa t th? bom? ol
and Mr i-.tv! . No W MadlaoS avenu .
Ill ? ? tlj oppoatta ihe .. ur
.,. nd brid rill go la
..?i theti retui
live In ! ? Ti
Ar. . I
HI ?:??:. B evell Mra Uuig
?ioii Oeer, Mrs Albert Btetnway. Mr and
Mi - : 'rederi? k Bt? Inwa: i dward N
Tailei Mr-- Rob? rt R. U Mlaa
! aura ... km... l: - m i:
Mr. and Mrs. 1
??on. Mi
.,.-,. Kli Mr*. 1 Mr
William ?- Outl Mi
Mi S Btanwood M? nk? M and M
Randolph Hurry, Ml lamea H 1
. -. ? . d. Mr. and Mi I
i/o B? ? Mi and Mra Hoi 1er
Mr. and M Mr
and Mr* II. W Ford, Di and M
!|. . '?....; fit ;,,,,! M| - Ad
? tor Mi a i "? ? ? W ?"'? Mr
and Mn Hem C Qah ? j and M
andl? ? Robl .us
The manias,- ol Mi- Harriet Hurd
daugl ? '...t. Mr and Mrs i; N
Hurd, P. John Kinedal? B< hi We, pi Titua?
ville, P? m . look pla . ir day .,t
ti,? . ..m?- uf b<. broth? i.???"? k- Pred?
|. i; Hurd, at Cedarhursl lx>ng Island
The ? .i i..oi -v.? ; ? , !?-. .i ? i ... the pr<.
? nee .a ... ,,..! fort) relative! and '??' i
friend It? ??? i ?i n oi !...?..- :
t:. -. llberl I.? Bill D an Mr
and Mi a. Beheld led I -. B?. muda ?
terday. Da tb?atr *?turn they will motoi
until the middl? ol lune, a h? n th? | ^^ 111
ko to Titusville, abara th? l will maki
. ime. t
Mn J .i.-- hal '?? irtei -, theatre
part) ? ,'?? rda) afternoon foi Mlaa T-s
soi, Ti.a>ir ai.d Misa Voulettl Pro
Mis. ? ai t< r took h? r gueal ? see I h<
Ma i- ' Mind .?i the Harria 1 leati
Among oth< ra In th? part) were .'?.'
i.uith Logan Mlaa Andrej Osborn, M
Mercadea H da Aceota and Mi-.? Q
%. j ?- -. - - i _ Banford. Aftei ibe matinee Mra
? irtei took th? ? ?? ins ?i>mi n lo th? l'laaa
(??i tea.
Mr i 'harli M? rrill i liapln gave a
small dance last night at her boma, No. !
-. i asi '..?. -? ? ? t rot bei daugbtet
Mlaa Mart? Btevena Chap?n The dai Ii .
begai '.-;-' and at midnight a aupper
waa aerved Mra l*hapin*i : ?esti wrr*
y<aung girls tdiu ha\e not been Introd k ? ?'.
to aoclet) and book of '!"? dancing met
oi the young? r s? t In bo? lety.
An auction bridge pan, will .,?? glvao
on April .'i ii, the aaa tnbly room ol tl ?
? 'olon) Club !?? courte of Mn An hi
bald Alesander, f." the benefit of ,st
?athaiint i Home, Jersey ? Ity. The pa* :
tronessei Includ? Mra Alesander, Mis.1
Qeorg? B Poet, |r., Mrs Frederick Pre?
? n M : lb b? rt M. Mc< "urdj u.?i
Mrs. Robert L Btevena Tl? k? at ?.
ami tablea ut ".lu may be Obtained from
any of the patron? n ? i or frotn Mi ? John
La?is ii.?-. No MS Clinton avenue, New?
Mifs i"oro-lbi BU moi w Mt? ah . ?.f
Mr and Uto. Bdarard Bawaon Peck, ?I
?"bieHf"?. and Ban Praactece, was married I
to iiarobi Brown Bvana of Hudson, N v .
? . !, tday moriiini; at tb" ||?.t, i m, hnoi.t. '
til,. Ra? Irving McGrew, rectoi of Bt. |
Mark'a Church, Newark, oOctatlni Mlaa
\ Mana, of Buffalo wa - maid of
honor ... ? ' ""?' l,ua If. Brans Id, a
' ?. a- I. ! a besl
? rotb? i "f "'' brliti
ii? cer?
served, ,-.tt.
Started ..a
breakfa I a ia
bridal coupl?
trir- ? p"u their ratura they
bom? In ilud??.,n. -"/here
Mr. Bvana is eonnm ied with u? btunneea
estabtlahad by ?*?? *?'''? ?'"-?':""i!..ti.->r. the
will muh- ' ?
Bvana is eonttt
?i t,v hi
founder of tb? B ana ai. i;,, ...
[Bj rt\frot* toTbi Trl
South Orange N '?? *Ptl\ : Mkaj EM?
abeth Miller Kesebey. daughter oi Mr.
and Mr* O?aorg< MaeCttUorti Keaabay, <?f
Brielle, waa married to i:,,!,,,. ,.. ,,?nil|.
?on, of rbibi'i'ii''1-'1- "-'s aftetrn.i m
the Church "f sr A".lr' r? '"? rillaga
Thaoflkdattng cl*g>,nlr ***t\ ? Rev. fl
Herbert Dennis" "f Philadelphia,
brother of the br*a.m
a re? eptlon t"!??r"1 at ?hi boats of the
?btid? parents tor ine rnembera of the
two familles! Th.- bride'a fath?i gave her
in marriage and she ?rai attended by her
'cousin. Misa Marterte Kaaabaya of Bar?
I keley avenue, Orange Otlbert U. Burdstt,
of Englewood, a couala of 111 * - bridegroom,
|waa best man. Th? asnera ven- Harry
ICoIlum, of Atlanta City, and 1 :r;u sit
1 1 irdley, William T Btroud ano Jantes
Ai thui Hayes, of Polled? Iphl i.
!'?? T< lecra pk lo Th? i ribsae,
i oaton, April i Mb ? Con ?tan ? B?r?
r uiii, tl.i ?Retir of Mr, and Mr.?. Kr?nz
Beirabn, ?.t Milton, Mass., and Cnartei B
Bradtey, of Morrtetown, N. J.. srere mar?
ried .it ?.o.'i? to-day b) Bishop William
Lnwrcnea m the Churos o the Ho?y
Spirit, at Mattapan. The hrid?- is a grand?
daughter ol lb? Late Carl iJerrahn, ??
Boston musician. ?She is also a t*raad
daugbtei of Bterton P. vu-.it.-. memb? of
Ifi ti-"I'oiii.in Park ? !om*-**jatoa
Bishop Lawrena *?...? i by the
p.. v. WllUam ?. T ..- ? -, be "i masti ol
Bt Mark's Bcbcol, Bouthboro and th?
Allen ''???? Lu. re t-.r of the rhnrch.
? id v. ,? ;,tt. nded b: ? ?? i
M tabeth B? rrahn, a It beat n an
? Rob? it i: Bradl? y, broth?
r rrapb la
\; rtl M
lames C
Peel Sor! i '? nd ?Sdwsrd
. ' I Mi
? > ? ? ried to?
night ..; ? ? ne of I
Tl ? Ret t*r '' M And? rson, past
11 ? i i - ? j i. ?
offici?t? d Misa Don thy Riel
V"i i<. .?i .1 ' ' i ?
. . . ?nor.
of n
I 1.1 ? ??? V . f '"? ?? J
M . . leril M : .lith M? I
" ? Te ? i
m ... the 1
v Interbotl .
i : ? ? ? - l i? ui
.. i m . .t.-i i
termai lohn I P
.... , . . !
rl Glover, i
;. rjiei
I ? . . gradual
\ ab in
'i- ' .i- pat?
?at? -, I., . ;
M and Mi* lohn IVa to Pari
avenu? i . bins i .t\.
sanounc? .1 th? rnssg?
daugl ?' : '?' Helen Pari to v. .,rr<*n
Smth. son Ol Mr .?:.?! M I .? i ?<<? '
of Sea I -i
|Hv ? , .
Kewpon April I Mi- Henrj W. i it
1 ? ?gain I? i-* i on? "f
ti,. r..... : eon .?-. ai i ? ? it - ' p. int. for.
t!.nin| ? ?' oi
Mi* Th.m?.,? r ||.ir' \> , *
tertal it th? nai ??! toi p? do : latlon Ihl
? ? i Co
Mr:- ? 'I .ri. .- legfri? 'I ?ml Ml lieg
f ri* -j le ? i-1 ??i ned fi ! * and
?.re .it th? ? ?- son ? ottagi
Austin I. Handj snd v*? ill lam
Kendall a*ho .?"* ill ?rere rep<*rt<ed *i
ng to i.i-.
in'the berkshires.
|H. r?l< S'.ll.:. '
I.? t."\. April ?'? Tie- marrias? of Misa
Mary Meld rlchenck, ?laughter of Mr?. J
I'?.-.i.-ri. K H? i ?n? k, of Valle] bead, snd
Hsyden Chsnnlng, of Boston, will ac?eur
?I the country bom? ?.f the brtde'i moth
ei .it noon on Baturday, April -?'? Th?
Re? Artbui E. Oammack, rector of Trtn
iiv Church, will ? ?rti late. Th? bride'a
. ; attendant! will b? bar ?? cond i ?mains,
\ i. in,, i: ?ir., ni. .if, daughter of
Mi end Mis- Jobs C Qratmteaf* of New |
V'-uk. snd Master ?'?? '?: B?*sis Lowering,
son "f Mr .-m.} Mi Joseph F, f." -Ting.
of ? : < ? - s *-> ? : Mi. Channlnga best man willi
he l.alhrop Bi"wii. of Met* VfOfrh
Mr? ltaii.|..lph M \|.|.l. ?.m. Wh? 1
In W? ? V"i i-., bai r? turned to the
Curtis Hotel
l?r and Mr.? Henry P. .I.i'iur-* ?rill ar?
rive th? tir; : "f nest ST??! I? Th. y are now !
in Milton, Ma" ? riaRlng Dr Jacqu? ?
in.Uh. r, after a Wlnt.-r in Purls
m Hetei Pari h artll arrive nest weak
*., .,;. n her oeunti y pi ??'?"
Mr. ?and Mrs Undsaj KSlrfsi ?u<i Mr.*.
\\ iiitam n Hiadf.-ii will i Pari next
? ? . ' ?nd on their srrlval In New "ferk
?rill p.. .lir. th to U'syslde, their country
;.i i.. in Lei "\
m Atarander Bedgwlck baa return??-!
|a I! . ton
Former Miss Roosevelt and ?
Husband Start for Italy.
i': Richard i"!"'". ... -amps rd?d by his
bride, srho w-i" Miss Ethel Roosevelt,
sailed for Italy I ssSertay on ti>?- Hatn
burg-American llne?| Hsmburg Mrs
Derby wai pleased td travel on th? Ham?
burg, .-i.-- it ?rsi the Bteanv-hlp In which j
t olonel if"' ? ??? It ,:''"* "" hte K**i**"??y to
Africa m IMS
Dr and Mrs. Derby ?r?ml aboard the
vessel on Friday Bight, and trew at br.-ak
f..6t yesterday when the ship -tews r?
?-ortera found tharn Tna imy-rieiaa ?i?
i.i. .j ins Identity, snd seemed surprised m
learn that his owrniKin trip to "fftett-sktui
had b?eesns known.
The Pride's eocsin. I 1. I :- 8 Ship BjeWS
i.-j.ort.-r. t?<und lu.? Idaawonuui and her
husband and inlrodii?*<l the? '" h,s ???"1
Thrn l?r. I?erbv and In- "tlf* ?TSW real
, ice, snd chatted until me gangplsak wem
hauled Mhare '
Bishops Gr?er, Brewster a
Lawrence to Officiate.
Mam detalla ara -.?t to i>- arranged
the rum rai "f J. p. Morgan In Bt Ctoor
Church "n April ii. John Reichert, .-1
of th" vestry of Bt Oeorge'a, said yea
day (here would I ? i eonferenc? to-n
, row between mefbbeni ..f the Morgan f.
Hy and tb - omn Ittel appointed by
?reatry to asstai In arranging the tune
Th- lug of honorary pallbearers artll
announced after the conference It ?
The clergymen who ?-.?i ofBctate al
funeral were announced yesterday. T
are Biabope David H. Oreer, of New To
Cha incey k. Brewater, of Connecticut, ?
William Lawrance, of Massachusetts,
Islsted by the Re? Karl Relland, r?.
'"f St Oeorge'a and th?- parish clergy
Mn .1. i-i.Tpoiit Morgan and her daw
'? Mba a- i..- Morgan, went to tb
country house, Cragston, at Hlghli
Palla yesterday. They ma le tb?- rrn.
automobile it i?. understood they \
remain there until the arrivai of Mr. m
Kan'.-, body from Havre, next Priday,
Tb.- managen <>f the Beamen'i Chui
'"? titule i , Bed resolutlona y. aterday
tb? n- ??...,. appr?t latlon "f Mr Morga
"Invaluabb Ben ; >. and generoull
??? iargeh coi ti Ibuted to the groa
and progress of that w I? ?;? r. i
,:' ;i';' of Mi-. Morgan the ao? lety lot
one "f lu gn ah il and old? al friends ?
oni who i.i tilma If to bt In I
truest sense the Bailor*? friend, they >a
Mr. Morgan aerved on the board i I ma
agora of tha institut" from 1816 to is:
?i i after ba re.sUn.-d from active pi
tl itlon In Mm.it t 'i affaln he i
I li r? r. i and : rmpath: In its ?,? oi
M waa annoui i ? -I ? -?? -?:., - that t
ft i ool of I ;. ? d Design fo Women,
So. i*o i., dngto ? aill be ? '?:
? da? of the fum ral, end -.\ ?li :
flags at i slfmasl Mr, Moi ,,-, waa "
??' Hit pi In? .?...i p..i. oi ? ??.,..'
Mortuary Chapel on Liner Ha
Filled with Wreaths.
Havre, April : -Ti." i :-. neb T.it
M?-.,r:-.p.- Prance, wltb ?h?
Pterponl Morgan aboard, left h
o'clock thla i renlng "i. ti
X- a York
Th< *? In whlcl the coffl
, ' . ? ? ? i
s, r,t bj th-- French government, Ami..-,
M) ron T. Herrick
frlenda lb Ing m Paria and Lond
The ateamer train from Pari to-da
hundred pasaengei
among ??.bom
Hi ?? late Mr. Morgai partner i
' ? ? ,1 th.- funeral party ??
i.,..,r,l . ? . ? ' Ml
| ? ??. . taw ?:?
' ghtei
Report of New Structun
Planned to Hold Treasures.
. . ? :., of the ?'
, ... whi? ':
??., current ' ***
... Horgai horn?
law, Herbert t
: ? ' '??
prop? : I
I the ad
d it wa;
led out I In Of the i
: ?,, ib.. i.,-. i a Ume he
I tb?
in con cctlon with l t wa one
the art
;, n i,, .) !? Morgi !h- tin*
. ? , i,. t!i" Met
: \.t WOUld II
. ? l.-.i
'i, . . hoi? ?
ms? um m?a
itter wbi'-h h ? auat foi
niton Hen BKaln th.n ih spoken
ol .? a probabl? ' aeveral
other n ai.? ? ha??, ai ??? '"- ? n mention? d
Th? vie? ? ? ? ' ih II. i Ihoato,
and thi dem
li :? li i..... : i u ... Kon t
R?-hI Estate Holdings of Finan?
cier Assessed ;it $(J,161,500.
I, iv Moi gai ealt; lohllng - are aa?
... it i,,]..: ...i ? >f thu .- um hl
rtj al Broad and Wall
? ? ? ? * and <
front u; M .-?i on a ?ta ? en JSth
and :?tM ? -.v hi? > aland i li bo ne
and librar) ?md ids son's home, ..i ?..
? ??
The other holdings of Mr.
Morgan In 1 cltj wei li the
thi Plinth? k i:... ?? i on pan; and few
? ? propertl? ?.? .: ? .??? acqul?
sttl? na on Mr. Morgan i part Thej were
t.?u? n ?.-..?!' b) him inder fon i ?
' . ? ? dju tui'-nt "f hit- ; ? '
The plol .n M."lis"ii avenue ?.u which
,, librar) ?'aa bought In
;..,, (,. ' ?? ? e pur ihaeed the
Dodge proper!) adjoining for tGOQ,t*"tf, and
h ;.e u- lat? t ti.. ? Id Btokea -a in-Ion, it
ib. ? kdj?
home In Hth sir- et h? b ill! a B? I
for but daughter, Mra Batterlee,
Flower Show Feature 6 Feel
High and 30 Round
Tulipa with steaaa like the ?terns ai
American Beauty rose., two feel ten!
and rnore are at th?- tnternattonal
Flower Show, ?rhlefa open-Id Last nlsbt at
tl-.e ??rami i.-ntril l',,!,iee Th.se blOOmi
?rere grown from bulbs loaned by the
Tulip Boclet) m Holland, an?! an* in th?
care ol th? Pet? r Hend-*rson ? lampan]
|*|B*i] amateur grower? of ftew-*r? :?
t. v\ from abroad, but mostly from this
country, are represented In ihe ?xhlbt?
Hi i. |gi i 11 m K Twombl) senda frei i
her gre?mhous?*a In Ctorham Park, He?
. some splendid ftet-topped bush
../..ileus, red, v? hit. and pink But the
ill-.??, pris? in this claaa eras carried o?
by Clement H. Hewbold, of Philadelphia
His prize .... Inner is said tO bo the biggest
azalea Hi th? world It is six feet hlRll,
and Its vvai.-t line lie asm. s thirl > fe,.|
it? blossoms, pure 'vhite. number more
t llR.ll IVVO lll.l'IS.ltlll
Samuel Untermyei "' ronkers he ? ?
hire? exliilut ..f ro.se.? in pots, snd Mrs. I'
Willis .lam'*, of M.i.hsor. N. J. shows ,i
rainbow card? n of amaryllis. I.'roni John
Wanainakci'.s greeal****ase ...nie hydran?
gsaa and palnM und "ther fotlag? plant-.
Howard Gter-Jd, Richard fT-ntaftold. ol
Tuxed?! park. Patty Ctrabb, of Oten Cove;
:r v. .mi Pish, Mrs. Thonias .i Emery
and Mrs. (?liver llo.vt are a few of the ex?
hibitors Mrs. P. H. Van Yorsl, ..Mia. k
trnasrh. N". .f. Rot lits-t prtaa In the etasa
for three or.-hids. distinct rarlettee, and
Mr. l'nt.-rniv. i ran her S Close Bfirpnd
The BhOW will b<- open from 11 ,,. in
to ii p. m., ami each da] at i p. a*, and
at 0 p. m. !h?'ie are lectures t?y authori?
ties on flow?*rs. Th?- S... ?. i;.- of American
tflortats co-op?-rates with the Intertiatl.'iMi
Expositten Compati?- m holding Uajaj as?
Toscanini Gives Fine Matinee
Performance of Old Opera.
Mlle. Bori Comes Before Foot?
lights, in Storm of Flowers,
Carryin-r Two White Doves.
Italian opera buffa* baa received bul
leant recognition of lata reara st the Met?
ropolitan, partly boeauss of tb" lack of
sincr.-i-.s train?.I in th" ol?l tradition and
parti' becauae the taste of the opt
going public has changed with the Chang?
:n ?li?- thr.os.
The Cerberoa of democracy - greed
for strong meat, whether that meat be of
literature, of painting ?>r of music, in
many respecta tins la indeed the dn>- "f
th?* Cubista In muak as wall as in Um
graphic arts-an?) baaut] ?u' line, Kiac" of
movement, unity ?>f imprraalon. seem ret?
? gated t.j the category of the obvious.
Ai.d th' old opera produced at the Mat?
ropoUtan yesterdaj afternoon for th''
first time in several s?a>ons is in truth
lo la?obvtoua in its <? Irtues.
it was Donisettl'a "Don Pasguale" that
Mr. Qattl-Caaaasa ehooa as the red rag
in the ?ace of tb" modernista, and DO
a master than Arturo Toscanlnl ge-VS
hlsaself heart and soul to th" task of
showing a pubUe oveiatlmulated by us
Puccinli and Maacaguta that ti. -r?- is to
: ? found m the ton often despised works
of lia Italian composera Of tb- W? a '.;??
ft. siim.?it whbh. w.tl-, al! their color and
? ail tb'eli orchestral pilings of Pell.?pon
I ?sea our latter-da* mu Idana hav? failed
to off? .
! Mr. Tos anini i i' toi iou.-iy ac oinphsli^d
his task. From under his baton the music
sparkled as Champagne, rippled and
trilled and disported Itself in entirely
recklsss and entirely delightful fashion,
utterly oblivious to anything bul ti?. sim?
ple Joy of beim; music, music In- t
gentle and boisterous, busaoroua .?'i'i
amorous. At.d the audience, tl.ougb i.ot
a lar^'f on?- (or a Saturday aft? i noon,
.-.. mad tor once to forget that an Knrlco
?'aniso ever exist.','
Mr. Toaoanlnl'a sp.rit was manifest aa
well from t:.. -t.,?.. It? :f. The action
?' .:.i a BUap (hat "as ISTI , a:.l til?
artists gave their par!-, with a gUStO that
did not "oil", a! It was Antonio
I Otti S ; 0 v ..; t!.. I>; MslSteStS, an?l
who Indeed but be can sing tb.-' part? it
la no' ..a eaay part t.. .-Inc. but to Mr.
Bcottl it appeared a-? a joy unalloyed.
?? ? eard him ! - rtet*day n. ist
have learned man) a lesson in the ?coloring
m ? Hit trioi Icallj i be? a
always or... ol his .>?-st hla best b?a<eauaa
m n ' . ample ehan-ee i"i tn" d --
play >d thai diatln<*tlon ? v. ? , ? oml
v? m. tiiat Bubtlety "f m
? ? tala
Th" I '"ii I' ..-'|u:i?. ,,f Mr I'
tpable f"il. being fat-wilt"! ?r.-".?.'li
av? i m fat body. Mr. Pit .
' ? great m? filan bul he I i Ing r
??.-. II versed in huiT?. traditions He mad?
oi hla -?kill yesterday Mr. Mac
owed a certain Btyle in ?
of Ernesto'* nus!
. per thai a aa not of
a moi' lus? loua q a ?
fia r? wa?, hon ?
reala I ?hat she
I . fai howi ? :?: ,-i --?..ir. d ua t
i'..- her imi ? ' She
mu?; the music with > gquieiti ? " ? m all
hut tb" inorf f1??r!?l pooootie? which
Is '."t ',? '?? hop? i for ::i thli ?.a.-, and ,
gen? rail in; . ?i her ;i^ in ???
formed with grace,
i ?' ? aprii i".-:. so f- minlne. I
she ??'., - altog? thai adora
overwhelmed with Rowers, and the ell
came when she stepped i-t?>-. the foot-l
llghti holding two ?'hit? doves, >:.\?-ii berl
b) a Spanish idmlrer, according, li was
said, to a custom thai ??. r na
I : I ? 6
Gives Up Prominent Part lor 111
?Singer's Minor Role.
-, .. port?n nee ol Lohengrin last
? .,t th? M? tropolltan ? ?i- r House '
-a v? t-.-.. . ?i.. ng< :-, i ii-- annoui ? ??? ? ist
oaring to tin- sudden Indisposition of V
mu? Hinsha**. who was t.? have aung tl
ii. raid. \t <????' Mr Hinsha? leb phoned
? ? .. . , tld not sing ind for a i
M ' ,,?ltl-< ji-aZ/ . *< :," at >>::- ?
Mi Buen. ? he was to hav? -
tl length consented to take the
. r part ? ?: the Herald, as Mr. ?;-? I
tb. ..iiy other German barytone, did i"'
know n. Mr. Gorits, who waa hurriedly
Bummoned from hit dinner, in?-' ?"t Into
ta.- clothes ot Telramund and ihe <>p?ia
.. , onl) ten minuten bite. Mm?. Prem
stad "a- a radian! Bisa, Mr I rlu i less
v.,.haul Lohengrin and Mi a Horn? -.-.? < n
: -.,, Mr. n t/. < induct? d
Methodist Says Heavier Collec?
tions Would Result.
Th? tii'tii ??ssion "f th. Seat Y.>rk ron?
fei*enee "t tb? Methodist Church wa? held
yesterday m the Metropolitan Temple,
?Seventh av..nue and nth r-treet Wrtrd
?ma received during the session that
(toucher College, "f BalUmore, had
raised the last dollar of Its tlMajOSt en?
dowment fund A telegram "f t-oagratu*
lat? >ti w.is *?nt to tti? Official of the
Th.. greater part of the dlscuMlon was
.?. ct.-i m sus*ge?tlons for systematlslng
church ?-"ii-.-iioii.? Dr O. O. iCnynetl r-atd
that if ever* member of the Methodist
Church would pul asista a cent ?? day
mere than Hve Mm? ti.. amount now
given would b? raised Bishop Luthsr B.
Wilson will preach the . onf? retire ser?
mon ii. '!;? Tempi? t'?-inorrow momio?.
- -? m
Grand Lodge to Hold Memorial on I
May 6 in Cathedral.
Rochester, April Announcement Is
mad? by Charlee Bmlth. of Ontronts? grand
roastst of th? Oraad i.o.ii?'?. of Masons,
that a service in memory of Bishop
Henry ?'odm.ui I'oiter will be held m N. w
York City on vt.iv ?s. h the Cathedral of
.-i. .lotm th-- Divine, Moroingstd? Heights,
? >n that day the ?.'raml lodg? will C..I1
vene, the convention t<> last three day f.
HERMANN J. 1.<M1M.\N\. far Bro reara
city . h. mist Of Jersey <*ity and gsaa Of
the I'tiiv.rslty of New Jersey, riled at his
lionic N" M Monticrilo avenue, Stemmt
City, <?ti I'l'b'V tiliiii!. lb was born in
Chtlllcothe. Ohio, forty-nine years alto.
MKS. ISAHIT.l.A CAKl'KXTI'.i:. eightv
flve years old. widow of ,**he|.loii <'at|>eii
|ar, ?Itad yesterday at the home of her
daughter, Mra Charles it. Pardtr? Ma. 7i
Chestnut street, M?ntetela N. J she
I. .i'?.s four Bons and two ?laughter*
Thomas i. Pearaall, whose defeat foi
tii" ftuprmn? Court bench opened t:
for William .i. fJaynsr t?> bsgbi hla Ju
? ll'i.il . arcr a M "M- of years a?o, died
yeaterday morning .'t his home No. ?.
iSighthtavaaae, Brooklyn, after sufferim
several montha from diabetes He uaS
practlcaMi liven np hla Ian practice since
?osini? a |?g in "?fovembar, IMA
Ha was born m Brooklyn fluty-rim*
yeara agb. Aftsr being graduated from
tn?- public Behoofs ii" entered the law of
th "i fudge ?bin i .-"ii. Tl I Ins of Mor?
ris _ Parana, of which be bad bsesssa h
member, was retained by Theodore Tllton
in his s ut against Henry ward p?echsi
! POr many years betorS his d"ath Mr
PeerssJ" was a member el the firm ??
| PsaraaU, Kapper .?.- Pearssll, which area
changed to i'.^arsa'.i * Pearssll when
isaa? If, Kapper uas elected to tha 3u
; premc Court s few. yeara ea*o.
Mr. Pearssll handled many importai '
Cases and Waa one of tl-.?- best known at
torneya of t;.?- borough. Though kteati
Bed with the Democratic organization'?-/
the county most of his life, the only pub
Hc OfftOS be ever held was that of As?
sistant District Attorney When Mr.
? Ball was nominate?! for the Supreme
Court on the D?mocratie tickst his parr
aeeaned to bave s dear read to rietc-ry
Mr. Oaynor, brought Into prontdoeaea h:
?lie McKane case, wss ?elected by tin
Republicana te eppssa bim. Many Demo
crata ilasritsd their ticket to vats for
Mr. liayrior. and Mr. P?-art-all **.a.s BOSeasi
Mr. Pearsall belonged to the Brooklyi
club, th<- Montauk ?"lib. the National
Union and the Royal Arcanum. Thro
aona .-tn.i a daughter aurvlve him Th?
funeral sill be hei.i to-morrow alterosos
at th? EEighth avenue address The He
John Barlow, pastor of the Manorial
p ? terian l?h irch, will onTciate.
ESrneat M. OreenflaM, a member of th*
firm cf Krne-it GhrceahabfS Sons, ? hoco
late manufacturer?, with oftW.-t in life
Fifth Avenue Building, <i?c?i yeaterds)
morning at his borne, No. us i;.<
itroet, from heart dlseas?-. He wa.'- flftv
fOUr \?-.irs old and a "tl Of the '..?t'
Ernest Qrsaallehf. who Mandad the Ann
Me wan a member of th?- Basai fount
Country Club and the Kaaaau Countr:
Club Me leaves a wife and a daughter.
Oahkosti, "'is.. April I -Bk bard W
G?nther, formerly consul g.'neral at
Frankfort-oi.-th?-Main, Oermany
lately consul general kl ?'ape Town
South Africa, died hers tO-dS>'. His d?ath
\\as due Indirectly to aa operation per?
formed while be was at Cape Tosrn two
reara a--.-. He obtained a leave of ab?
sence and came horn?, fm g real Mi
j G?nther ?.-.s rtxty-seven yean oM "?'
leavsa a widow and two
?>rz"r Brown, ninety-font
old. dfAd ,-?t th" boms of hla daugt l
Washingtoi I Psrry?bwn. yesterday?
|He araa h?,ni In Osalnlng, but after at
i marriage lived m Bast Visu tot twenty
.?\?..? yeara when be kept a griat mllL ti
' IM i went to T irrj to* .?-a; itari I -
elder mill which ama fan,..us all over the
; country. He aleo I ? gen b illdl ig I oai
and ?'hen sixty yeara old built tb.
propelled team .fi . v.-r launched In
I Tan- town r.lebrato i - ? Ight -third
la] l built a twenty-sevi n fool
i boat ab t" I ?? ... ight? i survive I i
Sew Brunawick, S. J . April S Pr
... Robert ?Woodwanj Prentiss, prof?
..f mathematics and astronomy at Km,.
ge -in"- UM, died at ?? In
Livingston Manor to-da) Prof? i
I't-'Uti.-. -.? a the soi o ?? <; Prentiss,
vii?, i.- Mill living in Washington
was bom In Brighton, Mass., Januar?
M leaves i wlf? snd I m
i'..'- area! Rumania, April k?George
Cantacusene, Pr? aident of th? Bei a-- ? j
reputed to be ti?r rlchi ?I man in Rumania,
died to-day. He became Presiden! of Uli
Senate In 1911 H? ?is several times
of Rumania and also hi d l ?
olll "t Minister of the Interior.
I?:; \I>' . v SERB IHN \: MatU sa MaaJ
. ? ,-. ' ,,? . not, .-; ? ?
Burn*? Mr.. " ? ? NI. un .
? rabn ol Mill ): v \*> lit
. - i- t.
. 1 William ?. .- ' , i ?
Ht Mark'? s
'? . \. ? rsjrior
EVANS '.IIIITi: .-? |SI3, In?
let lis M -?'.r. ?>
v\ hite t?i Mar.,id Bro? n r Bn? ??.
"fsttess <*f tnarrlaae? an<* di-utlm mi,?t b?
mcontpaaJrd 1>) full uamr Mn?) address.
r . , -ur.. ' bauaeey K. i i ? ?
p*!or . tt? oi, "'"' Ulis
Util? i rai i .--.?-r ?
[..????? k ; ? .?i . - -
. i i ?ten, Peter ' Uoyd
Pag.. i ornella I? ! ?II '
Bt'CHANAN snll.nl-. .?? Tut I vu, S y
\... .1 i ipil - i- mi ??? ' Kill ?r, -??-. ot um
?..: vean Puneral rrem his late i
v., i?i| -..nti, Breadwa
et h Ins? it 2 s'i loe** v \o
? ?>,. \r-. -? tel
l?i mon :? ? 'i--- ??! m 'P I ???, l?. ?>"?
I Ira O? Il
.\4<< ,..-. . April T II I .TO i m . '?
) um ..f Aul, Urals, M? -'??
i.iiTi.;; On FrUtay, Ipril * **** ** ?""*?"?*
?..,:. ?., , - . i '?-?-r?
?? ? i it hli la?? -
\?. III Montague si ]<?-""kl>i.. >.M<\a- .
Vpiril .-. .i .-. D [? m Ii ? inn? ni it ?
S. V
I LOWRRt '" Wedneadar. tprll S i!"'l; M
?' ir.) fjOWert, betoved 'ci?h?n?l of M?r>
:?....-r? in ?!.? .".Hi h '.r.n ,.f (. :,?? I'm
? -? from Li.? !???? remitente, No t*. s.-?u?ii
iloll u i ..? ? Rorkaaray t??** S, I I . "n
HtMtlS] . April ?i hi 1 a m
O/BRIBN "n \.pYi! i ISIS H? h'? lasaba? j
N 1*0 l'l- .-? . D.llyi l.-'T 1 < ' Url.n
T'A-IP ? ' l ? ' . V : ' i lets, ?
I*t,k:.- .,,? i ?*. ? ? .irs Panera! aarvleaa to '? ?
h-|.l ..' ; ?***< ? , Ne |*?**| I'4 -iti
i ? ..n Sunday, April ti. i? i
? ??
PBABSAL" On .-?tur .4?. ?mi *v f?l
'i horns? i P. irsall In th? TI?! ? .
n? Pul ?s will be !u*I?l m il
r?aidri < No ?>>.". ?t?hth me, Brooklyn, an
Moate) \,i! 7. hi 1:38 p n Pc.mi.*''
BBED i" i r.matar, N V . Ar*-.: a, ir<i i
WUItsaa B i?'?'l jr, a??d .17 rears. Pu
nrrai ?? r I. . al hi.? late ro?t*?-n.f ?? Bra? -
-??t. N v Sunday, April ?t. :?i IS 18 i
luterni?ni i'.iriii.'l N Y ?'?niiiu.-.? >
m...? train Kavin? Gran.l Central gt?tt?a*f
at l?..'14
SHERMAN- Prlttay avaalas April 4. IMS st
her boose, in Hartford, t*iaaa., tni ?? Hin
ham, daughter "f dw i?te ju.tg,- Renn ?nil
vnna \ Durnham Mi.-raian Panerai rat
lie?? in Trlnit4 ? 'Inn -ti Hart for!. Mon.I i? .
,\|.ri! T. ai :: | m |nl?*rm?ni al WaaSsB?
lon. 1? ?'
THOMPSON M summit. V .!.. Krl-lav. Apr!'
4. ISIS, i;.iith Ct?-****aod, ?if.- at Bdarsrd V
l (i.?iTil?en l'uii?ra! ??rvl.e? ?t No. Igfj
North Bread ?i , uiuab.-th, N. j. T?i?sd?>.
April >?. at -T p. ni
WILLIAMS?Oo Arrll ? WUt ?t hi? r??|.lenr?.
No Stl W?H 7-M M . '.lo*-?1 William?
4'ouns?*t >on ef th? 1st? |rhalx?d T. as?!
l''U?l.eili II. Williams lu th? ISth >?ar of
his it if-. l'iitvral ??rv ?cea at lila honi? on
Binds?-. April li, at |*Sa p n? liu?nn*ni
vv.miI> A: MoirlKK.vvp. N .1 . Apill .*>, .luit?
Wool, riaiishi.-r if Ih? lata ??"ors.- WrxH, of
Nee York, in bar Sftai? year nrstcrsl prl
v?? . Kln.lly omit flou ? r
J;;:;.l St. By Harlem Train an?! bv Trollev
?.?i**?*?*. M i:?j?t .':;.i H . .v \.
FRANK B. f A-HPHKM.. Mt?g West a|g
St Chapel?, Prlvatr Itooma. Privat? Ambu?
lance* Tal. 13.M Chelae? ?

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