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Trials of Sweeney, Murtha,
Thompson and Hussey To
Be Rushed.
Writes Gaynor Long Letter At?
tacking His Statements Con?
cerning Her and Ask?
ing a Few Whys.
Beliavlng ins cases clindMd against Bis
et the paHctaten under Indictment, We
lri?*l A?*?. :.. **mitman will n eve the ti isla
af formel it >????? a8w?wney.Jamea
1. it iaae-i. Jan ?? ! rbomp on and Join- J.
Murtha and Patrolman Thomaa V Robin?
???i snd Sers, m : Peter J. Duffy ilil*?
?reek. Th? pistrlct Attorney'? plana are
le ?r-t rnove f.'i* the trial of Robl .
Duffy and Murtha. This -??.ill ba moat to?
rnorroa*, and the remaining three ?rill
have their -..s'-s moved for trial Tueaday.
if tl i- plan is followed th? .ases of
( Robinson, Duffy snd Murtha will be set
lor trial on Monda}*, April 14, and of th?
othw i on ? prit IC. Mr, White
:. i 's to ?. ,, (??st. H?
put l'iM...i... Murtha on trial and follow
'en; with Duffy. The other Inspectors,
? n? -v. Thompson and Hussey, ai"
duled to be iri?.i lu that ord? ..
Mr. Whitman believes that th.- ?rose
ration ta ?n art s.nt its sld. lit each <?f ?lie
inditated policemen's esses lti one dav. It
is not tln.tiKlit that Under Ihc most dlsad
vantageoua t*t?n?MtJf*ne the tr?ala "f any of
the policemen ?Till hist mort- tliiitl four
Mary Goocle Rebukes Mayor.
Mary fJ-*ode, vvho confessed to th?
?'t.-rr-in asa>rmank committee that she
paid ?irafl 1?. the police that She niicht
ran her dtso-rdertj hoosca unmolested,
wr?.'? a letter to Mayor Gaynor yester?
day, taking him t? task for many of hla
rtatementa apropos ?>f vice and the coin..
which h? mad? a coup), of days ago when
he spoke about "tea time trotting." Mrs.
'i.le*S lrtler follows:
in your statement to the publ ? press
j"u say: "in th<- same way when the
Commissioner permanently dosed th*
? dens cf the Good? woman snd had
convicted in court, she came befoi ?
.-il.|.-rni..in. committee with h?r
t w ent? ' > srs' craft ?t..r\ "
Th?- above statement is absolutely
''?'-? and "-i know H. No Commis
..f Police ever ronvl t?*d me o!
s? misdemeanor or crime In anj court,
and ?mi were well aware of tins ,n-t
when v .?j made the sbove statement. ?
rhallenge >'?u to produce any record
where l vas ever convicted In any eourl
Why didn't the Commissioi.i I
? .?.:-? the remaining sixteen "vie? dei
?r, the same hutldlne ".'mr. Mar> Good*?
oc-ur-i"! the seventeenth? Why?
? dti. ?i Mulvaney san me for the 1
time m Ins Ufe a? Polio? Headquarte -
during the so-called trial of < ><?'.. ??
shell.?? Notwithstanding this fact, lie
Btatod, under oath, that I Was tii<- wo li?
ai i he ?..w and talle? d ? 1th at ?o
\*> ?st .". j.i street some two weeks befo ?
and the longer snd louder he s-v.,..
more serenely hi* brother-in-law, the
.-'lav., smooth, trial Judge, looked 01
Saved from .Jail by Whitman.
i f I hadn't sppeal? ! to ih? i Hi
Attorney, a*ho saw in me onlj a
defenceless woman wronged and about
t.- h?- railroaded t" ?il, l probabl? would
b? ther? now
You state ni ? ommlssionei of
Police closed the gambling dena of the
m.i n. Ros? il t wi Ivt
feront tira tab
..f graft
didn't the ' '?
hundreds ol othei gambllni dew that ne
allowed to run'' \\ I! \ :
You siau : "In ilu* sam< rhen the
Commissioner < '? .s??i up t).<- vile hou
8ipp snd pul him permanently ?a.' ??:
business, he went i" I he a l ? i ? -1
rril?ee with hi- gi ?ft ?t"i v-."
Th? lestm ony tak? n tx aid? i -
l! ? i- ..- folio? *
Th? Baltic Hot?-] n'as run hj Mr. Sue
for year? and n? ver closed by any Com
- .. ? ? ..f pon . nor by an) m?
"1" th? poltC*? : 0 ? -"hl it to
the H?chst ein crowd In IflO a i
n.an was put In charge t? ? u d sis
? ont .i s<;ld by
Mr. Sinn, but nevei while Slpp ?
control of the hotel Is this I ? i
V.y th? i ?.iii-:i?- on? ' Police : ha I
The ? '?-ut i si Hotel, i!?;tl: -
? . Thli ? ? nui . was opened by Mr
81 pp and running onb fou w?*ek? when
???i .'irrest was nirffle Notwithstanding h?
?ad run the other hotel foi years, har
d only by ? f? w "friendly" ai i est ,
.it at no Tin.?* e\?-r clos,,] |,\ youi Po
.m< i. although he ?Su.: i o? n? d
and carried on bush during' t<
? ' S ."ir- t.-ria ?a ??fli. .? ;. ?,.! pa--i
for police prs-tectlon it couldn't hav?
became such a vile place In foui ?
Ti??* hotel um kepi open even sftei tin
- -t had been made, \>it?i??n th? Inter?
nee of a ''?.niniission. i of Poll**?
lly Si!?i? closed it of ! is own volition
in December. 1M1, mor? than ?> yeai prioi
the aldei manic
? ? n.rr't*. <
Calls Sipp Statement Faise.
v.. . se?! Mi Ma; or,
ng of Mr. 8
itatem? egs ring m?
' u 11-.. *-:,!.. .,, ; : a .? Be? n
i ;. -_ aft snd ref?M m the ?
? ..-, < mrtSt ........ and
if o hav? be? n tying t< ? minat?
graft, why was the ftrst ett?
su regarding U< i enanl Becker1 graft
ilgatton? *fi
Whv v..,? ? ? nd let!? -A. || ten you
lepaitiin?. Be< ker'a grail og refen
QfRet -? \\ ; Ite snd Bt< In? r( IB?
a ? hand man! foi Investigation? Why?
w w,?- vi- ? i Ambe! arr? ?t?*d be?
cause f ?'? told the truth to th? l?istn<-t
v- as ne- thai she had |pecn paving grafl
n i,?" she W.I- ? mmoned lo lila ofjlce?
\\?-,? "
wi,-. was Mi - sl?o knonn as
' - Johnson, w ho lived -m th? v< i -..,. ?
building with '.Mr* Lambert, allowed to
, ondn t hei ilisord? i lj hous? mmo ?
me at West 65th street. and
'a: t week graduated from ? small flat
'. ?.? to a large, i ret? ntlo ouae at
We?! ?>."'lh street ? Whv ?
Tet you t? s .???!? fa mlng
? for.e end exterminating graft!
The Mayor war not at his ofllee ytt
day, so ii'- will iiof n-'-'ivi- the letter un
?il Monda-. AI th < It] Ha? yest?
n was said ihn' the May<a would prob?
ably not make i re? ? to Mr? Goode'a
One of Society's Founders Is
Guest of Honor at Dinner.
The si\ih annual meeting ei the Theta
N? Epsilon Bocletj ended iasi night with
a dinner at the Hotel McAlpin B -
-e.-sion- arete betd during Um nsornlns
and afl<iii""?i S?'.nt\-tiv. delegate?
and members 8ltrti?iet! th? i???'ii.i-n of the
Tin- Rsv. Benjamin E. Garst, of Brook?
lyn, one- <>f the launders of Hi*- society,
was the ?nest of honor. C m\ S. at!. -
good was toastmai-fteri and speeches arara
made by Charlea B. Tetantlaiion, Joaeph J.
Il?rtigaa, Proltaoot Thomas ?). Braull, ??f
Ohio Northern Unlveralty; Heiberl it
? tost?n and Mr. Hi I
The .'olio ring <.tt"'i? 'i?- iloctod: Pro?
[ prt -a?eul. Georg? B B? ? ?
?a. ?,r- , m i> <?.!" ?. treas ir? i
i. ion?... historian, and J. IV,
loss. J M. Mage? snd Georg? H Btui
r *e|.s.
Mrs. Guggenheimer, Twice Married, Won't Meet Third
Fiance at Altar Under Cognomen of Last Husband.
Who Died on Eve of Divorce.
Mrs, Charlotte B. Qaggenheimei ob?
tained permission from Justice Guy yes?
terday to .-hange her name to Charlotte
I!. Tuihl. which was h'-r maiden name.
Tw| ?? before she bad ha?i her name
changed by marriage, and she sai i in her
petition that ahe would not long retain
the nam? ol Todd, i?u she is about t->
marry for the third time. But bei flane? |
bas objected to her present cognomen,
Which was one Which she got When she
married Moaea B. Quggenhelmer. The
latter is dead.
Her Bret' husband was Hay Lennox,
from whom she obtained a divorce, and.
as Mis. Ouggenbelmor said In b< ; p?t;
lion to the court, she would bave t;?.' a
divorce from Quggenhelmer If he had
not died, and then she arouM nave re
: pet mission to n sum" i."i maiden
Mra. Quggenheimei Ines ai No
West '.--?J atreel and is not yet thirty
yeara old. Bhe is a native of Ulyeaea
P? i Her father ?us .John TV. Todd.
Bh? married i^-!k.\ In ISOS, when j? t was
seventeen \ears old. After divorcing him
si"- married Quggenhelmer, which was in
[November, IHR Bhe lived with him until
th?- following March, when her en.nd
buaband deserted her and also ceased to
provide -'"i her. Bhe aaW that her ilfe
with Guggenheimer waa unhappy, and
after sb.. married him he gave evidence
of Buffering from aberratl.( the mind,
from which he died In Beptembti, 1912, In
tb<- state Inaana asylum a1 C? itral lallp,
Long Island.
Mra Quggenheii ei ^.-.i'l lhal he ne ei
mingled to anj extent >\.ii. the relative!
and t'rien.is of hei aecoitd huaband, who
was Of the Hebrew race and f.,itb. S'h ?
was known under th?- name which ahe
now abandopa foi onij .? f? a moi I
Mis. Quggenhelmer ael forth anol
reason. "Not only la ihe name Quggen?
helmer long ami cumbersome," Bald
petition, "bul 11 would Interfere mat?
ly \\itb the petition- l's prospects in life
and her future aell-belng II ahe should be
obliged i" retain II as hei legal surname
'?'hat i;., i a-il.- ..t ' ; igenhi Im? i hat
agreeable, painful and unhappy aasocta?
tlona for herst If and li ul I? ctloi abli p.
all her Intim?t? aa well ai to
her flane?."
Letter "John" Missent Armed
Mrs. Blatch for Debate.
Suffrage Argument Is Neatly
Turned Against "Anti" at City
Club Luncheon.
lira Harriot Btanton Blatch dldn'l as- !
a?tly turn the tablet? on Mrs. John Martin
j m their debate upon aroman suffrage at
j th? luncheon of tbe city <'!u?\ at No II
? West -utii etroet, veslerda?. bul she
I turned a leitet upon her very neatly.
And tb?- letter ?ras fien. Mrs Harttn'a
own husband to Mrs Blatch.
Mrs. Martin's part ?>f the debate ?
the antl-suffrac?- leefure hhe gave at tb"
Colony ?in!, last winter, and at various
and i>!ae> i since. In ii she
with ' ffeetlve . mphaala:
" \d valorem? What doea a woman know
i "".t ad valorem? i alwaya thought it
waa .? drug, like nua v?mica, \ woman i
knoa thoughl it waa .? ??? What
d?> women con about tariffs, taxi
"1 have l.?-ie a letter I received re-1
cently," ?.ii?! Mra Blatch when ahe ?
"It has in it list: .,; Benatora and Repre
tatlvea ii has figure - and statl l
oh, tia.1 are much worse than ad
? m. And this lett? r waa .-? M m i
? ?? .1 - Martin Mi - Martin,
td versa i M
Martin <a'i that V," your .1"! I '"
Mra, Martin t\as dumb, bit Mra Ma -
lohi o s.,; u?',.i hei. lump? d up
B -i of Bducntioi ?
on ?luit?- knocked off hli
r must discharge thai aecretary." he]
i iid
? I " vi'"!- would i
some Otl er ;">";? "..man if it hadn't
to uif." Mi - ; rot? led "Wh j
.!.. you * send auch letters tn helplea I
\?. omen '.' Wh f do \ ou t ouble our : ??? ? |
. n Ith thtnga a ? -. i ?? nol nttcd ?-.
? n Mra Blatch made a few remarks
r ?h.t might happen to women who
lldn't und rstand ad valorem and si-nilar,
tl Inga
"Some ol tbosi women who didn't i%!.o\v j
?i-i i- i' ? Toral ?
,:? m - n Bh? ie- |
turned from b< r last nip to Europe, and
-?. \>a:.: ... a for her declaration,
' : i.. id al him and ?T-. Ing:
' -'jab' way! i don'l a.'1' rstai d s ich
? ?:, thing* Take 11 a? a) !'
"11;;. .????? o i don'l -? ?
caught ai it "
M;. ii:. ',-,.? ii i pon 11" danger
which, ?he said, tin? atened thi natioi
that women wer? being lur? d 1 lalariea
- ,.f the home atai away from it eir nat
? ..-,,' v.." i,, i?,.- :. ..r :;?.:? ..f ? hlldri n
i ask? ?i on.- -i -b v. ornan.' s< ? a d
??if she believed .a I iffragc With an In?
effable Mia)?- sb" said, -| Ihre auffraa?
? tn that woman's ?arnl*l|
I her liii.L-. bul lhal Ineffable Bmile ?as
I an insult '
, Mrs Blatch Ball ahe didn't believe rat
it Mis. Martin and ah? aal down and
? ti inga o? ??!? thej would And lhal
1 ihey differed In the essentiel
'I do wish thai Mra Martin ?as up m j
Albany, a full-fledged legislator, to wres?
tle with Aaron Levy and Al Smith on the
i ?a pensiona f." widowed mothers,
'i..; m. :<-!!iifiii Mra. Martin that the h
i ?liana i-? gialal re i..- voted *?:'?."-. to Im?
prove the breed ?.?' hogs, and refused i"
a bill, whi? i. tbe .1 ibwomen d? al ed
Ito appropriate t.'.."''? for the study of ci ?
. taia ?hu.us con<*ernlni babies, if ti". ?
I women baa been voting conatituenti
? .?'" n't Mra Martin think their <i?-sii"s
I wo ild have had more ? ? Ighl !
Police Invade Place on Bowery
Where Aliens Are Swindled.
a place "i. iii. Bowery called the
"ii.,us.-- of Myetery." in which, th.- police
iay, foreigner have been ewlndled out o?
ttb.OOO in ti.? last two months, wss raided
bj insp? !"? Myers and twentj policemen
last night, ami two mea ehargod with
malntainlni a gambling house were ar?
: rated.
PlXtj '"a.,a,nut- r. i'-i\'-<' at tbe l-'iltn
? polic? station rocently led to do?
t. tivea being aa Igned to th" "House ??r
Mysl ?'. " which i-- on t:.-- alte of ti" old
Lyt.na restaurant, a favorita bannt >.f
fbeodora Roosevelt wben be woo Police
Commiaakmer, to get evidence, it ? irai
discovered, the polte? said laal sight,
that foreigners arer? .-nti'''! within the
doot t?. play a new gambling game of
tin- "you ? are - bound-to wln-oomettalng"
1* pe !\,r .tl h disk bearing a number was
baaed, and ?-u ti," wail.? were aup
poeed to bang objecta ranging from abat
?uns t" cut glas* pltchera, one ?>f them
bearing a correapondlng number. The
oretlcall) there ?ma a ^ifi f?.i all, but
the pah.? aaj th?- nurobera on the disks'
?ild not tally with those i,n th?' Objecta
latins RetUtt, who gave iii- ablr? ss BS
No. :?;: Hro..ni" BtTOOt .ml "Mik. " gih "i -
berg, ?.f No ' ;: Montrose avenue, Brook?
lyn, w?are taken into enotody ?iui?hk th?
; 'id. and a number of watCnSS, gUlia and
bill- of small denomination were wised.
Talent for ail socials, concert* and
entertainments will be found on paqe
4, part 5.?Arlvt I
Elisha Lee Explains Why Fire?
men Ask Toe Much.
Expenses of Flood Alone Will
Wipe Out Many ? Surplus,
He Tells Arbitrators.
Laws ... ndlng in ? .,
? ew snd "unn< on j
t ? railways, undei . ? ? ? I??'
t rai. n?. ' were lh< pi Im l| il ?
forward ? E chair?
man of th? I. ' '? ? n Ral ? -: ? ?'
ic?-.. w, v the arbitral >n I ird
: ;< id to the demai of the fin nu n
?Sin? ?? the .ni.m stlon i. ?.? ere
begun tic- situation ?
: . I ? ' _ . ? i . ? -. ? '
The ? nil; ? . . ., .
Indisna wa pracl it oui
... -id i
pi .< ?? Hi.- rail? ....
"Th. 11- vv .1 | ? < . , ' ?
more un<x n- I I
to earn
? and enab
... ' ? i .?
II? th? ?' point? d to
N>w Jerse? pro
n... ala. Thl I cost
. . .. i
in N? s York
?. ... , ? . .
this i *
t.. irar.t t ?
loc imotlvi
roun the rui
? ?
? the rail?
? ?
? ?
The fit
aid tht
bul ait. i le.l In obi -
r< vv " l.i -.4
in t! ? en 1 ? ? t ?
should ;...: ? ? thi pxtrs mi n t ?
.;.? r
laid, but the real ict rsenl
? ??
tra n
..: .
on, exact f
organisait? of
...... ......
m tit . ? ?ii . ? ol
ir t ?
W. 8. Carte)
? "i ol i.i.. nd 1
m? n, finished a immii - ,? .. ?
flremt ? moi?? 1st oi
ev< r before he ?aid as the 1 er ?
? ?
would i..- a groa l ed, to ?
remen wor|
,t ? i .; ? i ntll *
.. ? , ... elopt .1 to pel :? i lion Tli
not h? forced <
It was si
stag? a
.1 dg? i han i-. ? - then anno a. ? i an ad?
?o i nment, wltho ? ? f?.i
forthei hearlngi 11 ? .. a srd II tx an?
noun?. 'i not lat? r II an Api
Meet Journalists and Hour Real
Newspaper Editors.
lallt... - of Icir!... :, c ,...., i ,
newspsp? - took pai l *.nf? rene? it
Columbia t'niveraltj vesterdaj undei the
?? es <?? ' Th? ? 'olumbla Rpectatoi
The obj ?ct wds to bettei i ?.
operation .icen;; tbe paper? snd to -
Idea? ghoul gathering and handling col I
Ii g? news. Dr. Ta ico11 Wllllanu , din
loi of lb? ? 'olumbla .- bool ..i ... rna -
Ism, welcomed I I? .-?? journalist? ii !
a luncheon In th? un? ei Ity com.??
Columbia and latei showed them <>\.-r
the BCbOOl
Newa and servie? methods, newi com
petition, editorial board and administra?
Uve organisation wer? some of the sub?
jects discussed, i. ii Groser, of "Th?
Cornell Dally Bun," led most of the
cusslon. and v.,i Bocondod by ii ??ii
.m i-t of "Th? **i Illlama Be? ord' . n \
Laughlin, of "Th? Dally Princetonlan": I
i: c. Welling, ??' "The ?ale Daily Nea -. j
and .1. K l.asii.i . of ' The t 'olu n,l.:.i
gpectatoi ' Last night the ? olleg? d ;
Itora dined at th> ICaiserhof, where the; :
listened t?? talk? bj Don C, Belts, of "The \
Man fork World" Goot-ge Ban-) Mallon,
formerlj of "Th.- sun"; Boberi i:. Mac*
Alaxney, formerly ? - ? t > editor of "Thel
r'venlng Post" and now professor <?f
journalism at Columbia and Dr. Win-1
Naples, April "? Itanl nark's annual
. raising part i ol about sis hun?
Anieri.an arrived from E-Tgypt this morn?
n th? Bteamei Laconla, and ai b
. . ??,,. shout s i ees In l e Int? i il
? :.,. tourist ?rill risll Bom? Po ipt II,
t ?..','i ' and th? man) Interesttn? p
around the Bsy of Naples Thl
,,,, |aii?. gart) lhat baa snivsd tin.?
. ason.
will plate on sale tomorrow, an jvxtraordiiiary Purchase of the newest models in
loi' Morning, Afternoon, Bridge, Theatre and Evening Wear, consisting of about six hundred garment! of
imported Cotton Voiles, Crepes, Brocades and Linens, also Japanese Embroidered Nets combined with Char?
meuse, Moire and Foulard Silks, Canton Crepes, Shadow Laces, Plain and Dresden Chiffon Cloths,
Actual Values from $*23.7.> lo 17-5.00, which will he offered at
Extremely Low Prices, Ranging from *11.50 to 89.50
For Monday and Tuesday, they have prepared in their
Trimmed Millinery Salons
An entirely new collection of
Prior to removal to their Xcw Building, West Forty-second
Street, Continuation Clearance Sale of
n. j t -i j u . 'At One-Half to One-Third Less Than Original Prices
Dressy and Iailored Hats, ..." ~
comprising Reproductions apd Adaptations of later Paria Models, Included in the collection arc
also original stvlcs from their own workrooms, ? !n , ,. n
t?eloochistan Kugs,
Specially Priced at $12.50, 14.50, 16.50 to 24.50 2 to3 ft. wide by 4 to 5 ft. long, at $7.85,9.75
Formerly SI 5.00 to 22.00
Narrow Persian Hall Runners,
is t.? 30 inches wide by _? ? ___, ?? _._? _._.
15 to is ft. long, at $24.75, 29.75, 35.00
Formerly (42.50 to 65.00
Actual Values from $19.50 ??, 32.50
bird Moot Main Building
To-morrow, Monday, an important Offering of
Crepe de Chine,
most fashii ?nable c< ?I? >rs,
D.-.I.. p.;... i") nu v..-a
.i n.45,
?i11 inches wide, in the most fashionable colors,
;il o black and ivory, Regular Price $2.00 "Sard.
Satin Charmeuse,
"?n -unir finish, ni a complete lin?* o? dio leading
< s, al o ivorj and bla< k, Regularly $2.75 Yd, \
2700 Yds. Imported Fancy Crepe de Chine,
10 i hes wi'l?'. in floral, Balkan and Parisian designs,
Reduced from $3.2 . 3.75 and 4j00 Yard, to
Also Tomorrow, an Exceptional Sale of
4800 Yds. Imported Silk and Wool Faille,
Persian Mahals,
sizes 9 bj 12 ft. to 10 by 13 ft, at 95.00
Formerly $175.00
Persian Ghorevans and Serapies,
sizes 9 by 12 ft. to 11 by 14 ft. at 100.00 to 195.00
Formerly $195.00 to 335.00
Kirmanshah Carpets,
sizes 9 by 12 ft. to II by 15 ft, at 168.00 to 295.00
Formerly $350.00 to 675.00
American Rugs and Carpets
arc shown in the most desirable makes, including Wilton. Axminsta
and Smyrna Rugs, in new effects and colorings; Shakii, Homespun
Rag and Grass xRugs, Algerian Porch Rugs, Imported English
Mohair Rugs, also ?Carpets in plain colorings.
Monday and during tlic week Exceptional Values in
m the lates! French color combinations,
Actual Value *?-'.< mi Yard
1700 Yds. All Wool French Shepherd Checks
i n.io
?various sizes, in l?la<!\ and white
Actual Value M.?."> Yard,
7qc American Wilton Rugs,
iO | extra liea^ ; high pile, in the very best grades,
Valuei 'from $42.50 to 60.00, al $25.00, 33.50, 45.00
g m 3 by 1" fl 6,
\ alues from $40.00 to 54.00,
i.\ 9 r .
\ aluea from $27 00 to 33.75,
23.50, 29.75, 41.85
16.95, 19.85, 23.50
Silk Petticoats
Also for To-morrow, a Specially Prepared Collection, Scotch Weave Wool Art Rugs,
representing [Inusual Values in this season s 6 ft.. 6 by 9 ft and 9 by 12 ft., o ?re 10*je
newest models in Women's and Misses' Values $4.50, 12.50 and 24.50, al '3.35, 9.75, 18.75
Homespun Rag Rugs,
m sizes from 22 b) 36 ins. to 9 b\ 12 ft., _- 0_ CA
values from $1.00 to 40.00, at 75c to ?f.D\)
.Mcvsaliuc, C liiiioii lat? eta or Milanese Jersey Ion.
Japanese and Chinese Mattings,
? $2.50, 2.85, 3.95' ?n plain and fanci straws,
\ allies $18.50 and J;,"> Per Roll of 40 yd
( repe tie C hine Petticoats, ., . . .
dwithefi Nairn s Best Inlaid Linoleums,
? buds, in evening shades, .?? $3.85,5.50,6.95, full roll? parquetry floor effects, Value $1.65 Yard, at 95c
$12.50, 16.00
West Twenty-third and Twenty-second Streets
Use o? Antitoxin Drops Rat?
17 Pit Cent.
TI ? ? ?sin ha
..... ? t In t
? i ? issue
to fm| f th? ? .........
lies | t out ?
r ol fslsl
... : Inn i ?
??i ?? only ?..
from th? ? '. hatten an?
11.. Mor? than S pel . ? nt ..f lb
I fata
. a thai the n< to th? aei
tito ? - .
: ? the last I Parti)
? .1 numbei
? the an
lid be,
!? ? ? :
.? to admlnlst? r H if the patienl I*
the d? pai I
; ixln free of chai
. ? on ol
.. the dis? sa? ?ill ' tl ? be d.? on
Hopos Btatei Will Go Slow in
Passing" "Blue Sky" Laws.
.I Govei nor Ral
atoi ol Indiana ol th? bl i? ? i las
tin . ? ha been ? u nden? ? In som? tat?
'.. ? .?i..?an i . closely th? propo?H*d
.... Report ha* .? in .n i m . n, ho? -
.i i ? .i Illinois Mlchlsan, Mln?
?Ai? onsin . ont? mplate . naet?
m. similar s? is pi i"i to odjoui n?
I n conn.-eli.m v? i n this, < leoi -,.? II.
' '?Idw? II, ni- si.:, m o| th? Investira ni
Banket - v ... latlon of In
?? da
i hav? been In tout h s un the status
of the 'blue ?ky1 l?fgl?laUon In man) ?.f
tht states, apd am pleased t" observe th?
'Ion "i: the pait o| most atatea .??
give a wide ht-aring and close study !>?
itter ol protecUng th? In i rting
fi "m fi audult nt offeringa ?it a -
?initi* - i bava i.e.ii disappointed, how?
to oben . ? that man) of the atatea
have joined th? rngd lasn t.. imitate the
Kansas sot arlthout closely observing IU
unfalrnes? t?? 1-agiUmat? b ism. as, It ?
points ic questioned r*onsUtuUonsllty and
parti? ularij th? effi - I Its of*?tratlon v> ?i
hav. on ;i ..tat? .? in.iusiiiai progr?.?
A good 'I'lm- : l?v ' law is lu I In- int. |
..f I'.iniiai tiv-t- buslnesa as mueh sa it i?
m the ?nt? real ol sn investment dealer
v< ho s.ll.? tic -? emit,es. A had law no
..nit?, and no such legtalstlon should
it is i" be ii"i"?i thai "'n't- atatea
??n cop] in?- indi.ma pn codent rather
thsn that of the Kan su act, snd rat r
.n to a i ommln Ion t.. (. rrsider !
and i ? poi t si the nest 1? glslatlv? ?? ..,
Mon. ' 1
Chicago Grand Jury Hits Hard
at the "Flame Trust."
Report Condemns Business
Methods and Declares Half
the Fires Incendiary.
? hi? .it:.. A|.i || I -I lf| i? i , tn| ..I" ;i 1
in?- tin - m ? 'hi? >?;" or? ol la ? ndlary
origin, end dlshoneat) <?' certain public
(?i ?? intu? in? ? adjuatei - and laxitj In
bualni - - m- 11."'!-, "f ti.. Are Inau
. ompanl? ?? .n. reaponslblt for the aide
i'i..?.I >,:..utli "I .ii -mi :i- .i.gantsed
business, ??'cording t" ii"- report "f t!;.
tpecial u ? .iii?, Jurj .ai. ?I to Investigate
? I ? 11.in..- I: USl," * 111' Il
? '. 'I il- u.il k t"-'l,l\
Thi gi md m ? i ? en ii'-i iifi\ -uni?, m
dlctments, containing ISO chargei against
. . mi n 'ii Irtj ?on? alleged In? ? u
\re? .n ? m. i. the Insurant ?? aggn
. ,- .i moi - than 11 QW i tn are Involved
m the Indlctmenl Thi lui ? made ita
repoi t i" iii'ii;'- Rt? bard B. Burke, and
declared thai :ii ?<??n had become an ??r
ganii ? ??? ati matli b latm aa In ? 'hlcago
The report crittetafcd tbe Bra Insurance
[ companlei foi las methods, arhlch en
<?>;ii.in. ii in.ii.n\ tii.s. and declared
i That manj publli lire Inaurance adjust?
! era r?gulai I) ca? 11 on the buslneaa <?i
i ? ion
Thai man) rira ina iran? t .ipanlaa
make ? practice of accepting whal ?n
commonly known as "rotten rlaka" from
Inaurance brokers, "? that they can K?'t
preferrad bualneaa fron auch brokors
Thai Ore Inauranc.mpaniaa Invita
fraud i?: the diahoneat aaauradi bacauae
??f tha practice of Writtt.g Inaurance irlth?
..ui checks "i safeguard! to prava"*.! over?
Companies Don't Fight
Thai ti?- in. m iranc? <ontptuilai do
r,"t iikIii vlgotroualy claims f?11 Inaurance
ariaing from In eaidlary Uros
Attot detailing facts arhiob " uncoveiai
|during Ita Inveatigation ami crtttelalng th?
Inaurance compa??as ths gtnnd Jury
in ??i?- Mftmi raoonunendatlona which 11
believes would check th* oparatloni ?if
the "iii?-hiiK ring," Cblot among these
recon**nendaUqna ara:
Kstaiiii-hri.. ?t of ?? "?'l";,1 human,
I similar to s clearing "kooeo, whew all
i Inaurance policios count '"' Iwmadlataly
i. portad.
i an tul Inapootlon ol .'': l""1" "' N""""1
li ba insurg?.
Adoption i,. ,|l(. ma insurance cons
1 pantos "t a Mrong poUof ot *3tb***? **utj
| i"-- believe^ i,, i? ciook? ?1
I That the Inaurance tsfOP***** "s0 <-?e.y
? to obtain Im rlmlnatlng svid? i
, , r.?? d loss. ? and pr?s? at th?
to th? siat. 'a attorn?)
The grand Jui y rep? rted thai
ad sixty-?
:? turn? : In Ml l -nit.' ' ?< '"
Indictments Suppressed.
. Th? Indictment? w< r? suppn -? S st o-.?*
request >.r Prank Johnston, Flrsl Assist
. nt ?? ? attorney, In ord? i "that the
? m.-u named could be ai i ? at? d.
I nl m,.|, not hen tofore mentioned in
. onnection wit thi v ? ?tlgatlon
: ,.;,,. ,i m the Indictment? Born? oi
..ti .is ..i.- airead) undei IndlctntK ? t.
Other? '???? !? irrested ?:? warraate pend
. ? n,.I iur ||
ni.- ?.? grand Jur) ? onve-tssd - "
March "S. Frederick T. Haskell, v.. ? -
. -.1.-1,1 of the tlllnOil Trust and Sav?
in,,-? Bank, vv:,? foreman. Tin lnv?BaUgs
tion "i arson will i... on, it -a- ?-*aaoun??d
t..-.I.iv. bUl tin* ?VldenC? Will I" presente.I
j from i m.- n. um. n. Um n gulai grand
| ..
Ex Judge Choate Reports on
Hearings Begun in 1905.
K refei en? e begui i baa Just i.e. n
finished with the approval b) the Suprem?
Court "! tin- report .mil recommendationa
i m?*i Jtklg? William Q ChOSt?, who
| sel d .. - refei ???-.
Th?* .-.:lt was 1.|gh| b) tin- ?b.?:;-.* A
, r.iii.r Company agatnal th.- Rhinelander
i?: itate i 'ompanj ?t ei a contraol for
the construction of the bullding al tu.?
? so un. .i -t corner of Sixth avenue and 14th
I street owned b) the Rhlneiaiider -an?
Mr ' 'hoati .1" id? d that tin Rhine
lander compan) ow?rd th? "fuller com
pan) 11*0,771 Th? plaintiff had paid out
on tic con traction of the building II.?
111,910 'I hi i? :.l .-slat. ...inein n.ol paid
tnilv H.SJn.i.m Which, V? It'll deduction*: of S
little mor? than ftfiSt, makes the aun>tint
ROS due.
Th? costa oi' the long reference was
Net Value of Assets Is $23,120,014,
Against Debts of Sl2.045.5o7.
The Gulf ?>ii ?-oi| oration, win. h i?--1
cent!) authorised sn l**4*raaae m capital
trova |1 i.OOS,.? to *"i". mm,mm, bas Issued I
a stat.-mtnt t.? shareholders, whi.ii saya.
in part
"The .onsolidated I.alan." sheet of tlio
corporation and it- subeldlartea as of De?
i-ember 11, LtlS, -hows, including ail inter
company items, a total lt*deb?te?to*aai ?if
I14.S22.38I Asalnsl this, however, the
balanea Bbeel shows bula sad accounts
receivsble of |2,t7l,8Sl, bMvlng s n.t in*
debtediMsa of 112,945,51?. The balance
sheet also shows that aftci ilt'diK'tlng all
such liabilities end allowing liberal (|0
! >i ? ? i., t i, >n. th? get value ol ausseta was
112,1X9.914. Tins would i.-prcsenl the
value applicable to tin- pr? ?cut 111,291,.
200 of issued Mock."
Fiance of "The Globe's" Pet
Calls Her to Brazil to
Become His Bride.
Pour p"*oop"tcUve bridaf ;? n? I brief
ffTOOmS ?ailed aw a- from this port ye*.
terday on Ihr? ? it< ai lahlpg t.> n try
! m foralffn tanda, Toungeet of them ?1
was Miss H?lna I. BlM hanr.an. -i-li
teen of Newark, n. I., who tm ?overs!
ara haa been a favorite momivr of
"The Mew fork Globe"* staff.
Bhe tailed on the Lamp?n ?< i toit
liner B>"ron foc Rio de Janeiro to ko*
[come Ui?- wife >'f Joseph F, Brow?, of
? thla city, win? la now eetabllehed In See
Paulo, Brasil. ?When Mr. Brown hft
New fork on ? "short" business ulf
he informed ins Ha_c?fe thai lie w>-ji?i
? return In April and mnrrj her. Baal*
I nesa interests, however, compelled h;m
t?i stay in Brasil for ? year? snd bt
cabled Miss Buchsnnan t.? j"?n bun
Irving i.. 11<>?*. an Insurance brok*
?.f this cltjr, who is engaged to
M; - ornee Sutherland, of Newcastle?
on-T) ii?. -*n11. ii for Olaagow on the An?
? chor liner Cameronla with ? party ut
' ft irii?i> and relative? who will etceni
his wedding. Mr. Roe let it be knows
that be would Mil on the Oceanic,,
which lefl perl for BouthampCoa a?
noon. A lar??- part) of bli bu?lneei
associates were on hand to decoiuM
ins trunka and band baggage with pest*
era, but they leaiin d soon after ar?
rival that their quarry had sailed 'a?*?'?-'
hours before ?'it th<* Cameronla.
The Oceanic bad on board, however,
a young Englishman, named .1 B. Met*
calf, Jr., and ins Banc?e, Miss caaelk*
Raynham, who bi ? dnughter of
father's partner In Liverpool
Miss Raynham, who was a protH*
of Adeline Oonoe, the dan? or. pama lo
tins country gaverai month? ftgo ana
obtain???! a place with a COmiC OtOt*
jcompenj as % dancer, Recently obe
wrote t?? her parants saving that tbs
was tired <?f theatrical iif<- and would
Ilk? to return t" England, when Mr.
Metcalf beard of it ha hurried to Amer?
ica, and altar ? ??arch lasting ??vertl
w?-?-ks found his former aweetheari in
tin- flooded ?listri.-t of Dayton, Ohi<),
working for the sufferrrs with the Red
Cross. Th? couple wUI 1?* lueirlod in
i.i\?rpool m May,
Chicago, Aprii ... a deer?? by Federal
JikI^.- Kohlsaal confirma the sale of ih*'
proper!] ol the Illinois Tunnel Conspany
to tha Cblcngo Tunnel Company fat m*
000,001. The sal?1 ?as nia?l?' on ?"OSfSerj
II Cbarlos ?? Da waa and i?a\i?i R >'"""
pan w?T. dtachargod as reeatvers *st th"
Illinois Tunnel Company.

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