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Loca! Dealers Consider Merc
Display of Little Value.
Arthur J. Slade Thinks That
Outdoor Exhibition Might Be
of Value to Makers.
Local dentera ta m..t..r tru-*ka apptt-ar to
,. ?rita ii" National Association of
\;itctr,oh??. Manufacturera ::. the decision
ikal truel ?? -i mweAssem expense. ,
At a ? Of Hi?- Moior Truck !
:? the rnatter was discussed, and the
opinion was that th.se
I new business in the
-to the exhibitor.
M l ' thai me manufacturer
t ii.?"? In the New Y'.rk show (or
-, ?;. ? . ? MU prospect he obtain-,!.
- Uli, il trag clear that some sort of na
- of motor trncKs might
? ;.'Ct!c.ihl?4_for engineering
comparison, for conference of trade lead?
ers and as a comparison ground for the
prospe-tive buyer? if staKcd under the
' nces and if bucked by the
rifl ? ? When such an enterprise
will be *iartea and by whom is n'?t as yet
rjna ad u ? apaahara at the moaning waa
Arthur .1. Sla-ie. of the Atlantic Vehicle
Company, whose long and active connec?
tion wi?h the Industrf renders h!s views
cf vnli.c In part. Mr Slail<> saM:
On exhibitor repaid by direct Balea
made through the medium of the show?
The Answer to this query is decidedly
'Nr.' If ?? except the possibility of a
aannufactnrer accidentally coming In
eanta? I with an .'n?'*nt or daaler wlt*a
Vhotn he 's- enabled t" make .'in apmy
ft is weil known that a sale
lo a ti?.. a ? d irtng th?- show.
and c-ontiibutable In any way t?> tha In
boa lias exerted on
tomor, la extrtn.ely 4are.
'Is the show ... meat,s of placing in
the banda of tha exhibitor new proey
- V The winter show of lf?M. hold
i-nt Armory, was the
first show with which I was connected
h ozhlbitor, the ootnpanj with which
1 was at that tun?. identified having a
? in. The nunilier of
m bid araa s?*?cut*ed at that ex?
ii]i'iti"ii was surprisingly larec At the
nal shows during the next few
i the number of prospects prew con?
tinuout-ly l'-ss ami it became more an?l
n,..re apparent that the value of a show
the purpone of aecurlng ptroopecta
rapidly decreasing. In my 0]
for tic- 'as* two <>r thre?- ypar-t
have I'fen practlc-ally of no valu? to the
exhibitor in f ' ilar direction.
'Is the > Khlbltor rapald b* the genera]
publicity Risen to motor triuV.s by it-.c
. ? the show and the resulting Indi
? i.? netit which his Individual baai
through this Kineral pub
? ? Tin.? is a nuestion on Which
don * an ? errat deal of dif
??-.n. When motor trucks j
.i novelty h was donhtlaaa very de- j
:'ate puhlic interest.
'-' ? raenibera will i-ecall the,
? ?i truck competitions conducted ten
by the Automobil?
' lu.. Of J ' ? 'T'.wds which
? i the curi'.'-.s \. ?
which took part m the contests. A- : ?
was con? ei ned,
mart srely ?n?.tor tru>k parades,
i.? a great extent, and attrat*tod attention
purely ti.i ? novelty, whereaa our
? ?: ? . j ira'!- ? attra.-t at?
an by )..?s"n of the lari-*e number of
- taking part.
"Has not the moto: truck in?-! ?try
..i a point e.'mpatabie with machine
tools and electi *oi- factory use,
f.>: office
SUtllC bUildlngS, StCS H I
.?wer and? heating, typewi Itera, '.?si?
similar labor-savin?; .1. -
lure S'-rvice? Would ;
? ? | ?? similar UM ' ?.?:.:' al ?I?
find a more extensive noe throaah ?
?edluni of shows? Personally, I ,
"With manv members of th? Motor ?
Truck Club r have held the opinion for [
a i yean past ?hat if show? wen ?r> i
?Id tl.ev shnuM j.e ?n !h?* nature of
r**rtratloi ? at? ? ? than m re exhibi
Of Inanimate obj.-ets. If It IsthouKht
the motor truck in not yet suffi- i
c.ei.tly Wall known und generally ui-ed to
l?e nble to dispense with the rn<itor truck j
. t)i<? outdoor d?monstration or exhl?
D mir?t profitably take the place of
the show for the next few ye^rs until
show? or exhibitions could b<- entirely
sod with."
De Dions Give Fine Results in
Government Serrice.
II Dascaris. manager of tBal De Dion
? .n branch, has reclved the annual
fj'irt eat the Director of Public Works of
the government of the Philippine Islands
' l the fiscal year t*nd<d June V), ir?l2 It
'??mains high commendation of the Do
Dioa Bouton trucks purchased in New
Vork three years apo. The report is hb
''I?until?' the year this line carried over
???' ?.aus? ; || rs without accident or in?
jury to any ol them. t'onslderlng the OtMa*
?litlone under which this automobile ?cr?
is maintHlnetl, this result Is oottasi
?i..l re inark.-ii.le and niay be attribut?-.] to
the st?'. t discipline maintain? ?1 and to
following ralltoa'l pr;?'-ti'<* In running the
-nwUlea in trains an?) ululating the
". nrttfe regular Hock system, with
gatas? -?te kempatn an l telephones.
"The main reliance ?if Ihe line I? placed
li-M-'ii tucks, of which ?event? ?ii
arara aa*f*ec*lally built by the well known
l?e Dion Ponton firm lor service on the
JlenglUa road an?l one by the ?same firm
for use In "aaJagUaO as a 'bus. Thes?> cars
baVi glveai splendid service and have
!.. -tiling to be .1. -ii id.
During the rear :..i?.t tons .?f 2,<*y> pounds
each arare rs-uri-M under the direction of
the automobil. Hi,.. for the greater part by
Da Dion lowing trucks, although a portion
by bull carti and mule teams. Our expe?
rience In op? rating the line has ?liown us
where ??onalderablo saving can be ina-le
In operation, and the coming year we an?
ticipate that there will be a substantial
mat surplus at the end of the year."
Thla i ?port la remarkable, conslderltiK
?he difficulties under which De Dion Bou?
lon trucks do the vvoik. The dlslan? c
'rom Camp No. 1 to Bagnio Is tw.niy-two
mllen, and ihe different .- In altitud.- is
L Ml feet. It Is, therefor?-, a Steady climb
?v,ir a v.j!,'j...? tom?. '
Rear Door Type of Simplex Are
Hard to Wear Out.
kutamoMloo with root door entr??eos
have ions paaaed Into the discard, and
when one of this t>>,. appaan on a high?
?A.iN it is an object of wonder and ridi?
cule, inuiii the aame aa an <?i?i iiifci'
wheeled i i lycle. .?. fear of ti a rear doo
cara an -till in commission, bol the ma- !
Jorlts nave disappeared. Ilanj have
parted company aitb their original oam?
i ra and hav< either touch? d the htgb
apoti m ihr ruu'oii?- distrlctti, replacing '.
the pl?no-box buggy, or have been pul
lo i tintar?an pw poses,
Boma clew to the dlsappearan.f '.hli .
typ? from *ii? touring Held i^ afforded by
the fact thai ;t suburb oi Denver bai
:) o?d Bimplea macblnea converted
Into Hlghtseelns wagona Daytona, Pia.,
also boasts an old rent entrance cai of
the same make. Tht real do i may be
obsoleta, out the cara continue to give
m i vice.
New Route Available from
New York to Washington
Thirty Miles May Be Saved
and Good Roads Found
via Wilmington.
Motorlsl making tin trip between Mow
fork and Washington will no longer find
it necessary to follow the route via Lan?
cast? r, I 01 li. Hi nover and Uttlt town. A
more dire? i route b? tween Philadelphia
and Baltimore via Wilmington is now
available and la adi laable at thia time.
The route li along ihe Delaware Rlvar
through Darby, Bddystone, Cheater,
Brandyarlne Centre i -i several othar
?mall town?-, and I about thirty miles
shorter than the mute via Lancaster. The
seenery la afa ?< the average, and th
i...ids are in cod condition. I? Ir.g for th^
mo t part macadam.
The touring department ?.f th<> automo?
bile Club of America baa prepared a route
batwaen Now fork and naltlmora or
Washington which offers aa esoallent
week-end motor trip aver roads that nr?;
v .;i m tu? 'i and arnica should
cause no toconvenlena to the tourist.
Starting from New York ?'ity, the raen?
im run li made throogh Btatan bland t?i
ti ? fcrrj al Tottanvllla for Pi rth Am?
l?iiin this point Um motorist tahas
tv Trenton and Camdan route to Phila?
delphia over roads thai ara now in g.i
? onditlon.
Leavlag Phlladelpnta, r. run of about
tweoty-aeven milea along the Delaware]
River through Darby! Gkmhotden, N'or
wood, Bddystone, Cheater, llarcua Hook.
Holly Oak, BaDevna and Brandywlna
Centra leada to Wilmington On tha routs
between Wilmington and Baltimore aome
Improvement worh Is being dona. (,,i th<
stats road twt : Kikton, (fortl ?
and Pern vil1, -We to take tl ?
alternate run i ia Newark, Pleasant Hill,
Bay View, Theodora and Alken to Perry
\iii?-, connecting with the main route at
tin. itter point. Prom Perryvilie the
route la through Ha? n da Ore? ?. ' ''? ?rcb
vllle, Belalr, Bcarff, Qlenarm and Toa on
t.? Baltimore.
Tin- rout?- betareen Baltimore and Wash- I
Ingtou comprisea aboul forty-three m ? ?*"'s '
of mod maca lam roads The Washington
Boulevard between tin a two dtiea baa I
'.?-? n ? htir-1] complt tad with tbt ? ? ? p?
tlon of a half-mile - ? ?? h tl 'ouch tha
t iwn of EUtrldge. Punda m ill be appro?
priated by the pi si Li glslgtura for tha
Improi Ing of t* Foil i I tha
Washington Boulevard from Baltimore,
tha motorist naaeia through Blkrldge, .
Laurel Cont?e, Beltsvitle, Hyattavllle and
Bladensburg to Washington. '
Exclusive Electric Lar
Garage To Be Opened Here
New York Edison Company
Plans Campaign to Popu?
larize This Type
of Vehicle.
Following an address by W. C Ander?
?? president Of the Anderson El?;ctr!c
?'ar Company, at a naeetlng of tha New
York Edison Company's laansgnre. a
- ? ' lal appropriation ol PMN was votad
for th purpose of establishing an ?'x
cluslva alactrle ? ir garage In tha City of j
New Fork.
Ifr. Andereon rxpiaini-d to th^ N?bw|
York Edlaon Company how it waa aotual?
ly lositR :i considerable Income which
would accrue from tu?- shargmg of alectrla
car?: that this situation OOUld bt rev? reed
in Ka favor U it. as a company, would do
Ita part in the eataMWN"eent of i atrl tiy
high class excluatva alactrli garage,
where mechanical and electrical servios
of the highest eheraeter Might be aecurad
al raaaonahk? priesa,
Tha MMM appropriation will ??? expend
<-??! at th>- rat?' of $1?',???? ,t year toward
?the rental and promotion of an elccwie
ganga along tha lines outlim I : Mi
Andataon. s<? that no partlallt) mlgh a?
shown to any particular make ?
! ear, it wan determined that tin expendi?
ture of the appropriation should l?' 111 d
i the j'.tr Bdlottl n Of th.- New York t c
of th> KU-ctric V shir Is Association of
Atn? rica.
Winter?The dullest season?
was our most active shipping period
THE three deadest months, in the automobile busi?
ness, are December, January and February.
During this period some automobile factories
shut down altogether.
With us it has been just the reverse. We have
been shipping over 140 cars a day for the last six months.
Right now, we are delivering over $1,000,000.00 worth
of Overlands every single week.
Our great factories can make no more than this. The
demand forced us to manufacture as many cars in the
dull season as we planned and prepared to in the height
of the best season?which is from April on.
The urgent demands for the 1913 Overland have
broken and established new production records every day.
In seven months we have shipped over twenty-one
thousand cars.
This is just over 85' more than we delivered up to
this time last year.
Every section, state and town in the country is order?
ing in excess of its contract ? and it is utterly impos?
sible for us to supply the cars.
You can judge the demand from the following figures.
Here are some state and city increases:
Last year North Dakota took 300 Overlands;
this year they have contracted for 755; an increase
of 152'o?and they want more.
Last year Minnesota took 625 Overlands; this
year they have contracted for 1110; an increase of
78%? and they want more.
Last year Iowa took 1595 Overlands; this year
they have contracted for 2555; an increase of 61*Jfc?
and they want more.
Last year Texas took 675 Overlands; this year
they have contracted for 1220; an increase of B4*J6?
and they want more.
Last year Kansas took 313 Overlands; this year
they have contracted for 731; an increase of 134*$?
and they want more.
Last year Illinois took 1690 Overlands; this year
they have contracted for 20*5; an increase of 247c ?
and they want more.
Last year California took 1150 Overlands; this
year they have contracted for 2410; an increase of
101%?and they want more.
Last year Saskatchewan, Canada, took 1<00 Over
lands; this year they have contracted for 2.50; an in?
crease of 150 ; ?and they want more.
Last year Alhcrta, Canada, took 100 Overlands;
this year they have contracted for 250; an increase of
150?; ?and they want more.
Last year Manitoba, Canada, took 100 Over?
land*;; this year they have contracted for 250; an in?
crease of 150Tc ?and they want more.
Last year San Francisco, Calif., took 2500 Over
lands; this year they have contracted for 4000; an
increase of 60'/c?and they want more.
Last year Minneapolis, Minn., took 1000 Over
lands; this year they have contracted for 2000; an
increase of 100'%? and they want more.
Last year Kansas City, Mo., took SOO Overlands;
this year they have contracted for 1500; an increase
of 87'.'' ?and they want more.
Last year Philadelphia, Pa., took 700 Overlands;
this year they have contracted for 1200; an increase
of 61 '.- %?and they want more.
Last year Milwaukee, Wis., took 6?00 Overlands;
this year they have contracted for 1000; an increase
of(56-3'c?and they want more.
Last year Dallas, Texas, took 400 Overlands; this
year they have contracted for 600, an increase of 50%
?and they want more.
Last year Sioux Falls, S. D., took 400 Overlands;
this year they have contracted for ?600; an increase of
SU.??and they want more.
Last year Des Moines, Iowa, took 3<90 Overlands;
this jear they have contracted for 500; an increase of
66*i',; ?and they want more.
Last year Denver, ?Colo., took 300 Overlands;
this year they have contracted for 500; an increase of
66 ,1?and they want more.
Last year Tampa, Florida, took 50 Overlands;
this year they have contracted for 100; an increase of
100',;?and they want more.
Last year Louisville, Ky., took 50 Overlands; this
year (hey have contracted for 1.50; an increase of 150ft
?and they want more.
The above cities and states have been picked, in as many dif?
ferent localities as possible, to show both national consumption and
To reasonable and sensible people the above figures prove
one very important point in particular; that the majority of car
buyers realize that an Overland offers more car for less money than
any other car in America.
This completely equipped, self-starting, 30 horsepower, five
fiasscngcr touring car for $985 is the equal of any $1200 car built,
t has the power, the speed, the seating capacity, the construction, the
comforts and conveniences.
No car is made better. Being built in the largest, most com?
pletely equipped and most modernly appointed factory in the indus?
try, you get in this car the same manufacturing methods used by the
makers of the very highest priced cars. Our methods of production
are just as thorough, just as painstaking and just as exacting. Our
materials and cars are subject to the same rigid inspections and tests
as the highest priced cars made.
Judge the value by the demand?and you'll always save money.
We are now over 7,000 cars behind our "immediate shipping orders"
?and it is still the latter part of the dull automobile season.
Figuring from the present pressure for Overlands, it is difficult
to calculate what the demand will be when the spring season comes.
It is safe to assume that we will be swamped.
We would advise quick action if you want an Overland. Delay
will not only mean a longer wait for your new Overland, but pos?
sibly you will be unable to get one at any price.
Enter your order now, and you may get your Overland when you
want it. We candidly advise you to see the Overland dealer in your
city without delay. And as a final suggestion?take one more look at
the above figure..
The Willys-Overland Company, Toledo, Ohio
C. T. SILVER, Distributor
1,599 Br a way, at 49th treet, New York.
Cor. Bedford and Atlantic Aves. Car Lake and Emory Sts.
Tel, b066-Bedford. TeU 1387?Asbury.
Tel., 5741 Bryant.
30-32 West Front St.
Tel-495?Red Bank
588 Broad St.
TeL, 6450?Market.
F. 0. B. Toledo
30 Horsepower
Touring Car
110-inch Wheel
Timken Bearing?
?Ont?er Control
F. O. B. Toledo
Remy Magneto
Mohair Top and
Gear Vision, Ram
Vision Wind-Shield
Prest-O-Lite Tank

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