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Senators and Representative
Await President's Orders
as to Wool and Sugar.
Bill Expected to Cut More tha
$80.000.000 from Revenue,
To Be Made Up by the
New Income Tax.
Wnul ingl ? \r-n; Ej The tariff ei
.'li't. d back to ihr- w hit? il?-1
lo-day and will probably remain rii.-i
until w<ir<i comes fr?>ni the '
? tin- rates on wi ?
:- dlsputl 'I Items shall he.
? ora, after th? ir el
fort? to Induce the House members ;
modify their d? i h an eJ
nt thai the apparent difflcull
way of f i i the bill :
the upper house might be oh
practically roste,) <>??. tl ? iwn.li
ng th,? Whit?- ii" im ultimatum, Th? i
wns a disposition to leave the
case entirely t" the President, if b
iie.-r that Ihe i >i mocratlc plat
promises call for fret tugar and fit
the 8? nate lead? rs a ill try *
? e tht m through, refusing to iak
the reeponslhilltj llfylng th
Repr?sentativ? s' d< - ?nd? p> ?si
:he ?rratfa of their constituents.
Repr?sentative? from th? sugs
st^t?s, particularly ; ar
making a Strong effort to induce th
President anil th? House leaden t.
i andon their plan ti?
the free list. They have not >?
? eptod the compromise offer t.. cut th
iintv t.? one cent a pound for thro
years, and make it fret ?ml o
?hat time. They still Insisl ths
"Would destroy the Industry as effecl
ball] ai ? r sugai on th? free lia
nt OB
Flour Men Protesting.
The flour milling Interesta ol Nee
fork an - ginning to flle then
protests against the proposition tl
a flour and feed on the free its'
and retain a dul on wheat, Thii
scheme to take the tax off the market
. ket and still protect the I
??in, it is contended, i ghl oi
the flour milling industry in ti i Unlti (
Milling int?r?t
?Vlagara Kalla t that their bui
?a ill be deatre ? arrled
Tl ' "anadian mills, they sa- ,
th an ample supply of wheat, will b.
i ble t" ship their manufactured producl
acre rdei a Ithoul hlndrai
. ? un etltlop wltl t; ? ': '"? of th?
I 81 ? s. who must pay th? i
f proti tlon afforded th. Ameri?
tan ' .: n ? i '.: ?mbera of 1 v ? ;-.
I flooded ? Ith pro?
Important additions to the tariff free
ted to-1 ' i-"'
InS, nie:.'s.
: . timber, agricultural
sewing u
writers, printing pr? In bin?
ery, newsprint paper, rood pulp,
?on bagging, bai bed a ire ami steel ralla.
" ? President a*aa reported to have
" ithste 6 renew ; attat ka on ii.
i schedule ?? ei In the
S'? lirm I? his at tit ?de reported to
n attltu? ? by the maj
..f his party in both branch?
i;re?-s? tl. I gislatora t..
can? us pit - ? the wool
schedule srould net !>?? tolerated.
The President, in talking to-day to
Senators Walsh and M? Mon?
tana, made plain his Arm position, d? -
claring the party could not afford to
pla? e any tariff on n a wool
Senators Consider Bill To-day.
The senate Finance Committee will
'met tO-moiTOW to Ko over the s?hed
tUes aa ?drafted by the *?'???? i and Mean?
Committee, ??n Monday Chairman
(fnderwood ?rill Introduce th? bill, ami
the House Demo? rats bare been called
to eonalder It In caucus on Tu<
The Mil. it : - It In
a loss in revenue ..f from $80,?000,000 ?
?Vi.i'NVi.iitN?. as .mnpared ivlth the
Payno-Aldrlch law. The aavlng to th?
T-ecjie. it is estimated by the l^mn?
"ratio experts. **.iii aggregate several
?imef- thiH loss
The measure Is expected bj Demo?
cratic leaders to product an animal
revenue r.f 9225,000,000 from th" dutia?
ble ?cr?dules, and approximately $100.
,?000,000 mor? from th? Income tax al?
lowing for free1 sugar:
Then la an alternate ?ropoaltlon
read) t" .?amp int.. the Income feature
of the bill if it I? found ne?esssry te
more revenu? i ? ?? ?use of the
agreement reached on sugar. This si
ternatlve i- the substitution of 1 ': peri
. ? at on thai port of th?- Income sch 'me
luxing In? ?'im between M 000 an I
$20.000, Instead of the present pi*?*
pos? d rat.- of i per cent.
The committee majority have bt ? ??
., "i, tht assumption that
?ary for the govt rnment t?> i
. ! revenue of at least $810,
000,000 or $315,000.000.
Income Tax fer Current Year.
'.' k th? nes : ""f la? will
I ..t midnight on the date of ap?
proval, tht income tax feature -will lie
?? live for the calendar year 1913 and
? edtng j? ars.
The exemptions in the income tax
asid? ti'ini the $4,000 minimum In
iimit as to persons, will be main
I not almost entirely, confined to
? and charitable institution*
Engages Counsel for Man Ac?
cused of Lakewood Murder.
[By ?..?.:.?? to a Ti
Lakewood, N. J. April .'? Rested from
ordeal of yesterday, when be ems
? ?. d, whirled m Toms Rlv? r fr< m
Lee snd arraigned for i.is prellmi
: nary i i irii s. William ?' Leehan, ? tiarsed
with the murder of Mra. i aroll Turner
two ? .i itepe to
? ? re hla ?
' ? . :. Prank 8 E Ik thai
gh1 I three
? ? during the day. shortly
? the Rev. Joseph A. Un- ?
ton i he prisoner and te?
ma!:. ..- -with him for about half
an hour. The priest returned a few houri |
? . em ged w. Howard Jeffrey,
.- r Assistant Prosecutor, to look
after the ? ? ? it its
Later .:. the morning Mr. Jeffrey con?
?. with Lee tan for about an hour,
ih- announced tl the end of the Inter
? that ti,?- nirai battle In Leehan's
. If would comn ? I Phursday's
ng, and thai instead ?,f waiving ex?
amination, as had been expected, the
WOUld u.ak>
H held for the | iry
.'t waa expe t--.l that Mr.-. Leehan w?
'?m h. r husband In Toms River to-day,
lie did noi i .?th-e Wll?
lard P. Voorhees ol th? Supreme Court,
-??tit word t" Prosecutor Bewinah to-day
??.mill open the April term of
court on Tuesday.
II) to- j
thai Leehan tad conf? --? I
t" him
i hav? ? ed with him an?l
advised him ai his spiritual adviser." the
Id, "and as h? I is been i
without friand?, I have also acted i
In -i ' he has toi.i n s
. ?_.-.:n thai he dl i
? ?t commit this crime, thai he was not
guilty and that he would mall
t to ? ? elf."
Talent for all socials, concert*, and
entertainments will be found on pane;
4, part 5.?Advt.
Happenings" at Lawyers' Club
Were Responsible for Story
ie of the ? tei Im ick of a
[ plan t" apitallse f ?r. Friedrich Frans
i 'rledi : ? med) foi
Asa i -t .r<i Osrd
-? -i en Tl - -i "cock and
bull" stor* ?? iy, as
made b; I
i promoter,
pi ? nted millions,
but the ?an i
tbe rapll Isl wert to bt kt pi secret.
st. wai ? ? v Bird Gardiner
? . Mr. de Fontaine'i utorj
Mr. Stewart called him on th?
?. k and asked l.im if he
could - ? nightfall, aylni
thi Frledi
be could. The
next da] h< "happened" Into the Law
Club, where he met Asa Bird Oardl?
Mr Oardlner happens to be the at
for Mr. Btewart, a? i ordim t.. the
MF*our millionaires" were In an
.n;. and Mr. Oardlner was
.mst outlining, a tentative plan for the
ng "f the turtle jrerms
when Mr. Gardiner's old friend, "Willie"
? S.? owner ?it the
a i i?onla ' also ? - i ?e coinciden? ?-.
walked In. Spying hla friend al s table,
K..I ??hat the conference was about,
?.l when in- waa told of Ihe plan Imme
ld: lounl me In fer .-i
ill Btok? si -i Mr. de PVmtaln
then wei t to the Ansonla and <lraft?-d a
l? ti? r v, hi? h Mr, Btol ? i en| oui
t., thos? wishing to in\?st In a plan to
D P*ri<3dmann's treatment to the
d. Fontaine hai an ofn? ?? al No 48
. ??. her? l m Arthui Frit d?
n als? baa an office srtd where he an?
til recently represent? i the American
Hoc 'i Company De Fontaine Ii an ?.f
In n Batti i- 8? II ?'! hreading B? n
: i ny, the 1 <abor Sa?Ing
Machinery Company, Uf< Baver Manu
? ,. mi and the West India
_(fur Storage
at the lowest rates consistent
with proper care and modern
Remodeling and Repairing at a
substantial saving during the
toporlinS - (IttnufflcniiinS
Between 35th and 36th Sts. Tel. :044 Grcclcy
A Lively Get-Together Spirit;
Marks Caucus at Which Mr.
Mann Is Made Leader.
They Decide in Conference to
Strjy with the Regulars, but
Not To Be Bound in
Legislative Matters.
, i fro i Ih? 'i rll int Bun i
Washington, April ."..-Th-* Republican j
members of ih?-- Houae nun In cau
to-night, nominated .lamfi k. Mann .
for the Bpeakerahip, delesated t., him
arity to recommend minority com?
niittf^- aealgnments, and refus?td to i on? j
? i .?. the '-iiiiin <.f th?-- Prosr? i Ive on- '.
tinp-i-nt thai "th.- Republican party la
Although somewhat reduced in num-l
bera, the Republicana pul up a lively
exhibition ??r a set-together spirii and
enthuslaatlcally net eded I iggta
ti n i?y Mr. Mann that the party's con?
ferences hereafter shall be frequanl
and that a sAiid fronl ?hall bt pre?
sented whenever i?.is?-ii.'? agalnal the
political enemy. Several so-called in?
surgent Republicana won preaenl and
will support Mr. Mann in preferenct I
Mr. Murdoch, the Progreaalve, for th.?
Th?-" caucug nominated the Incum?
bents for the several mlnorit) i
tions under the control of the Repub?
lican aide of the Houst
Another caucus will be h? Id
week, followlns the report of the
Democratic tariff bill. Al this m ond
caucug tho queatkm ol opening the
door.? of the party .our.. II to tht ?
and tii*- public will be conaidered. The
rollcall to-nij-h' show -.i thai i,s of ?lie
lu?? Republicana In th?- n. w H ?uge
?:-"<'nt. Among the progn I ? r In-1
aurgenl Republicana U*bo fall? .? to heed
tin-- .-.-ill ?.f the Bull Mooat
arere Mesara, Davis; Anderson .'?..J
.Mill? r. of Mini ? m i Prouty, w ?
an?i T ?-,' nor, of loa ? Lenr ? I f -.Vis- j
conaln; Miller. ?,f Bout D ? ?ta; Gard- ;
nei, of Maaaachu ? us. and Hayea, of
< 'allfortoia.
Mr. Mann Gives Ad?.:e.
In accepting the nom nati?
?Speakerahlp, which carrlea with II
actual dutlea ?.f mil r leader,
Mr. M;)-..n told his colleasuea thai "no
I olltlcal part) can au? cet i a hlch
no1 respond to the settled
? intt lltgenl people or a hi? h t< i
, Hy folio?? the ?fxti .-? .i?-. aces f 1
paesing whims <.f i v. ,\n) propai i
After briefly analysing-the indu trial
problema of the preaent, M:
concluded :
TI ee of our p tica ? .
nenta would injure r?r destroy the pros?
perity r.f our land. Wt would i
the proaperlty of th? country and aol
divide It t!.;.t all might, II tht ?? ould '
? :-. ? ? tnd parti
"Th^ Republican part) la to-daj as
it has i.?*en tot man? ?ears in th<- :
the greati I ntel ? itual and na irai or
.-d fore? In the country 11 rat ins
?.?, preserve that poaition it glori? In
? its post, bul n face the pn ?? and
ihe future firmly determined to ri|
solve ' he preaalng probl? n
?.in) to maintain those principles ??
mi an national "tuces. - and pro peril
and Individual happincaa and omfort."
To Stand with Reqularv
Earlier In the evening a acort of the
i progreaalve Republicana an * lern? n!
dlatin? t from the Progri a ive third
party, aaaembled In the offl.f Rep?
i ? aentatlve And? raon, of Minn?
and dlscuseed Republican conditions.
Representativea Anderson, Volatead
i and Bteenerson, of Minnesota; n?-ice
! son, of North Dakota, at,?i some of
the other memben who have aligned
themaelvea artth the progres I wing
lof the Republican party In th.- paat
I surveyed the situation, and mo I of
them Indicated their purpose of taking
pari In the caucug of the regular Re?
This a as done on an understanding!
among themaelveg that the? would noi
feel themselves bound by caucus action j
a? t?. leglalatlve matten There waal
g general gentiment, however, thai the
policy of maintaining g party quorum
should be recognised, and there wag no
disposition i?, oppose tht regular
nominas of ths Republicana for the
Underwood Agrees to Give
Them Committee Places.
STsshlngton. Arm (.?Plans for etreau
on leglalatlve eampatgnlag during the
eomlng eeaalon "t Ooaareas were outlined
to-day by the new organisation of the !
Progreaalve party in the House. The Bf?
t'tn Progreogtve ineniher? gpeot the day
In i aerteg of ronffrm.-es.
The recognition of the new party la the
II..us?- wa?, ashiired till.-, afternoon, when
the majority leader, Oaear W. Under
?rood, In conference arlth Repreaentatlvea
Murdoek, Hinebaugh and Btepheoa, the
Prograaalve committee on commltteea?.
agreed ts allot t?> the aew party Ita pro
portion of eommlttsa places Mr. Undei
wood gald he wsuM ??iv?-- the Pn i
placea on ai least two Important com?
mitte???. Ways and Means and ?
Pragraashrea won Jubilant aver thin dt
. I.-I..I).
Tiiro'ior?* Rooaevelfa leur:- t?. the
Houaa Progresslveg wag read to-day at
one of the ???inference.?. "In CongTSM
you will find the ?'?id? nKaitiMt ?on v<-ry
i/reat. but *1*n**1*tg the people at lar>:. I
firmly believe tnat the Dbanees ar- stead?
ily In your favor, ' said tin- aatoneL II
B*Med :
"We cannot amalgam?t? ?*ith ?-?thrr ef
tiV other bOM ridden, prlMl??ga controlled
parties ?Where th?- rlghta ??!' the people
can only be secured through the ?x.-rriH?,
?.f ths national power, then we art com?
mitted to the doctrine of ualng thr> n;i.
tional power t.. any rxt^nt that tht ri^htn
of thf p> opie demand.
"Thla ?-t its.ii sondera u?. from ti?,.
D?mocratie party."
Delicate Situation Confront
Administration Because of
California's Land Bill.
Secretary Bryan Told He Wi
Have a Hard Time Blocking
Measurc ? Cabinet to
Take Up the Matter.
r?, m Th? Trttmt*! Baisse.]
lit gton. April ,'? -a d? Heats sltoi
lion confronts the **rt**ion sdmlnlstiatli
.?s h re? ill o the protest <?f the Japan?
Ambassador agalnsl the ptopoam? alk
Land bill .n the California Legislature, ?
word i.- i. ui.'-.i the Depart meal ?
Btat? that ther? ?.- a ?tr?>nK aentimei
4 oui C*adlf(*rnls for the paaasag? <
a in . ?i-i that ;t ha? ii - appro**.
"t Governor Hiram Johnson, arbo an
ugresa i i andidsti for 11? ? -Pre?
i :? ; . ? ? , ive? Raker, Ki ttner, Curr;
Knowland and lia-, s called on the s>-<
retal of Btat? this aft?wnoon snd t"i
him of th? .???ntin..-n existing in Cal
foi While th.- members of-Congr i
would not discuss tii" subject for publica
made it plain that a mejotit
?glslai a hi? h i* ? .i.|.n'.'-r
. and further Intimsted iba
i*: ,:? ?*.? ul I have a hard lira
blocking tii- pssssge of the bill.
Meintx a ol the delegation drolarad tha
regardless of ? om-, .'."?,,.... the people o
California arer? tetermin?*d t,, breas i
lese ? olonl?*s In the farmln
? ? ? reserve th? stats fo
ll al -id Atn?Ti.iin landlord.-.
in insists ihm no forma
ill ? ?i? inn ?n rruestlon '?? i
? i bj i .. Js| snei ? Ai ?
hut n la known Hint the ambassador po
. ? t,.| BMd M u tii.i* SU? I. i"Ki -la*:,,i
lonablc t,. Japan ***Or***ia
protest ? ?" fort ?
? used, ,u.'i th
e been t la Mr Bryan
a II t-.- brought up ?t th
. ?xi T ?? day, and tt *
b? lev?*? i*:. Btdenl Wllstrn will th?-, tak<
an . i ? 11 *.. port In ?oh in the problem
to, ' al , A] ril k?Th? pTOP s
, * ? ? Iml i aadoi agal
land Isa li ? allf? n i are
. *. i leadei the U l
i r.-. 1 ? --n ni"*-* act IV? :
Buch action wsa pn
t it? on Ju
it a lees frot
?. wl lapas we il
: ? ??i to-day i ? ad
from tgfashlngl
.:i<1 tui?l
| ".If I?
?. Ml! 'I.
?aid however that 11 ? ptsn I?
? * . ? h" rfY?4<-t|v? anl
? ? erv? ti ? treat
' v |
iw | I
slth th? Attorney General
? .
the !? : ? 88 I
"I ac ild give i ? ? ful
gge from I I Depart
ii' tit. ;? matt? "? ' 0 ,rt.
day, iut I .it d.. s i,??!
i would be ? i " . mi? ?
t.. i ?.v? .. final draft of th? Mil eompl?**?d
Tota! Construction Estimated
nt 400.000 Tons.
v TI ? i . pertinent
>,!??? tro that th? output of
* , g the '.'.'tit
? irll] !,? -r? .?t.-r than :n ar?v of
. .1 equal to ih*
? ?:..... output f.'l ,'i f sei'?'?- of
a?'ti\ ?? ? ??',: ? r . onstru? tlofl TI ? ? eai -
each aW.OOO tons
i ? ring i ?? P. -i !'.??? :. ni a 1.111 rner
? ?*.::.i .? jt ?. ?; t"r.s. have
? ' ad , ompared e-itn l,eu ?,??
ela and l.'.t.'ll t"'!i the BSHM period lS8l
Bteel steamers sggregsted HlJsV!
t 'us. ?gainai ::..'": hist year.
pbulldlng ??n the Greol Lake anowa
little change, bin the t,,t il Atlantic s? i
i ','itt.iit h.-,? iiv-rra?-??) from ??I,".; :
WooOen ??.litm- v, Bsela
il ? ? .' I? a ? d form only a small
fraction (11 Wl lens) of th- t?.tai for the
?i ?
u-is? :::',r,ti. : i -... ing, iteam and on?
? - - els were built, aggregating 24.
?,;s p.. ??? . .
cage, Apr;! S Th" twenty s. .mm
?i immigiani girls r'i??.rteri leal while
? n route from New York arrived here
II w.? snnounred to-?la\ The
train had lawn delayed by a rt"Ad nrnrl
' .i tie, I'l'iiri
< ontiniird from **ir?t pa*?.
that 'he police arrested the leaders
during their exodus mor? for urhat thsy
might do that? for -ahat they had <h>""
"The right of free speech within rea?
sonable restraints," said Juatlce Mln?
turn in his decision, "la Inalienable and
guaranteed by the Constitution. An
unlawful aeacmblage la noi a body
gathered for the dl cuaalon of gri*****
anees, real ..r fancied. The las de?
sciiblng an unlawful assemblage la
.(iiitr cl*ai'.
"Did Not Violate Law."
"Und** that condition ol las and or
der th? eg mon ar<- charged before the
Recorder thu* they ?lid violate Section
215 ?.f the tut tor the puniahment of
? rime. ?>nr statut^ |m based ?-n the com?
mon law. it ?rag never directed in bis
tory of English law t?i an organisation
,,f peopl? aaaemblsd for the pur]
..f dlscuaalng common grievan? es
"it may be that under the lau . f this
state these d?fendante may have ?flo?
ated th" S'n,day law or the disorderly
act. hut the? are not here on trial for
violation <>f .-Ither of these a< t-?-. The
Sunday law refera t.. a parade or pro?
ceaalon thai is an organisation with
.-.?me show of order. That, waa not this
? i-.-. Those m? n. because "f ' i?>- posi?
tion they occupied in this partit
organisation, n'ere followed by men
who were Interested and who wanted
t.? hear them.
"While theae t"?> men '.?,re obeying
ordera of the chief of police and while
they were almost outaMs the ty lim?
its, they ver?- stopped by the
und arrested on ths ground of unlawful
assembly, i am unable to ascertain
from th? evidence where this unlawful
aaat mbly existed."
The court said II could not bt al the
Oval, whore the crowd was dlaperaing.
Pht plact ? ?: an unlawful aesembly
. ? be Bxed, in s.?i'! !!?? alao atat? d
ths en wd waa not g procession, and
thai 11 acted as any crowd would. Us
tiled attention to the testimony of the
police officers that none of them were
Crighti ned b: the crowd.
Th? . ? .i r said bi fall? d i I that
.. ? : ibly excited i i alarm In
... . "The d< .? ndant, Ha)v
I on a i hargt oi
? ?!;. ? a ith the : - ' i fair trial,
bul he - annot be held on i be i hai ? ?
tul a aid thi
i ? "Whlh .' i" Important that la1-'.'
? :..? r be m*Ii I lined, II I ?
uni ortant thai i ati into the
mlnda of alien?- ?.!,?' have corot to la
tn to makt tht .i bomt thai they
? .- I fall and Just treat
under the ? ionatitui : m.
Hewing the i I I II
I have no
theae tw?
? ? : ? ? . ? ? : ?
thai roast i ?? idgm? ni di
them aho il i be i it? red '
Politics Did Not Bar Engineer's
Trial. Snys Prosecutor.
? ornlng S I . April
made t y Presid? -i Tr lesdaii
Delaware. La ? W? stt i -.. Rail?
road I', a lettt r to Ooren "Bull
;..,nt; ral -.i.fiui :. ? lecu
tlon "t H -
i? ?j.,.i. iMIItj for th? an
.Julj. in arhlch forty-one litres were lost, is
.i . ???: ' ? ? \ idstrii ' y ?????? ? ioiw.n ?'.
Smith. The Indi? tment rot der
?,? ,i- .ii imii sed u H No\ n
??All thai i i an sa? i M - uta,
'ir-, that no one ever appealed to me ?.>
.i-i^tii.-?- ih?- ?.iMe be t.ik.-n up anew, and
tha- i had if part in and do not know
of the exist? -.' ..- .,iit.:.i bargain
i? hi h had for Its aim tht dismissal of
the Indlctm? ii sgalnst Engineer Bel
di r \i tht time the ? ase wg diani I
I gtsted t,. Judge Burrell In court thai i
did no* i.. Id re that a contl lion could
. ? k? ?;:?? d "??ni the evld? nee available."
Albany. April i.? Qoi - tlser has
r. ? ?? |ved the charges aajainal the ad
(ration of luatice In Bteuben County made
by Prealdent Trueadale, ?..f tht Delaware,
Lackawanna ?v w. itsrn Railroad Com?
pany? The Oovernoi said the chargea
would i-- invt itlgated
The ? >i,i ? luard, . ommaaded bj m . |or s
?Ma Briggs, ?-in march down fifth H-e
nue on Aprtl tl on its annual pande to
the Church "t the Heai en ? Re t, al t th
strert, srbere th? ru.rial en ea will
he held in 'h?* evening the annual dinner
will be held al th? Hot? I McAlpln.
Haviland China
Kx'-lnsivo and Onitqpjc
NfAo.ltics tor Wedding
?tiilrts in French Bronze*,
|)ococ.ur's Art Pottery.
Pate de V-arre ?nul
LclliipiC Cihi.s*-..
Haviland ci Co
Established 1840
11 East 361!: SI -10 East 37th St
-Ta>**>*??*?3a**i*a? CCCITh
Fifty-sixth Outage Since Janu?
ary 1 Creates Panic.
Near York':-; fifty-sixth bomb explosion
sin-? .January 1 o""urr?*d early ycst?rdiy
morninc, when une ?.nt r,fT ??nd arreched
| the ??hop of Lutgl Ventila a wine im- j
porter, on ?h?* first floor of the double |
i tenement houae ?it Nos '2",f> and ZSf Hal*
i berry stiert. Almost .-ve-ry window in
the b-oUdlng ares rmashe?l, nhile ..onail
ersble damagi a*aa don? t.. ?dass ln a
tenement house a irosa th? ^tre.-t. van|e.
stri'-lien tenant? till"! th" rtreet, but -n
being assured bv th? pollre that ther?'
was no diinger returned ?luietly to their
Versllle told tue police he bad recelre?!
a letter a month ?itro threatening th?
demolition of his atore unless he pai?i
|1 (?00. The missive wsa 'it*viKn?d, lui,j|
rl?lmcd. ?nd contained no dtr-xtJosa fot
delivering the amount_
The master-pieces of the most
distinguished style-creators of Europe
have been reproduced with absolute
fidelity by our own dressmakers and
tailors, while clever designers, inspired by the chic
French modes, have produced a host of charming
models to meet practical American requirements.
Beginning tomorrow we will feature these new creation?,
also demonstrating that our values are as attractive as
our styles?
Fashionable Dcmi-Tailleur Suits
of cloth and silk, $65, $75* $$5 t(> $450
This superb collection of Two and Three piece Costume
Suits includes all the season's smartest novelties?-of silk
and wool matelasse, broche and other fine imported
materials, either plain or in combination. Original Pari*
mode's, reproductions and our own exclusive adaptation?.
Also offering unusually attractive values at $$0 &? $j8.
Foi Misses, at $jj, SjS, $4j
Unusually Attractive Values in
Afternoon and Evening Gowns
Reproductions of the newest Gowns of Cheruit, Doucct,
Premct, Lanvin, Robert, Paquin, Poirct and Callot, with
all the cachet which distinguishes the exquisite creations
of these famous couturiers. (Original models of these
Gowns may be purchased at very fou pr?tes.)
Evening Gouns?$85 and upuard.
Charming Afternoon (rOuns for reception, falling, "hndge"
parties and re^auran! wear, in ?ii! the newest materials and shades?
$55,$?*?, $J5 an? UP
Special Values at $35 and $45.
Misses* Party Cio'd ??., atid Dancing Frocks,* ?j,?V5?**o
In the new r*alon devoted to COATS and H'R.iPS we offer
Mo'or and Sport data. $J$, $45, >*."?- In these useful over?
garments we are showing a wide rang** of distinctive new etlect*.
hand-tailored of ruh. serviceable materials?stupes, checks and
mixtures in all the new shades. Misses' CeOti sA $>i, $JG, $3$,
Afternoon and Evening Wraps, *45* *55 to$05
Very late Trench styles and our own adaptations, of chirfons, metal
cloths, brocades and rich broche materials.
French Blouses, 5/5, */-*?, -jj to *45
The most complete showing of beautiful and exclusive Blouses we*
h,i\e ever made, including late creations of Callot, Premet, Doucet,
Paquin. Cheruit and other noted French artists, together with
adaptation?. .Mso smart S^rt Blouses and Toikrfd WeWStS,
Authoritative French Millinery
sensibly priced?*al&* *3g9 fy?J
A wonderful profusion of ultra-fashionable Mil-*
linery modes for all occasions, as well as practical
Mats for street, outing and sport wear.
The showing embraces the best conceptions of the fore?
most Irench modistes, together with reproductions and
adaptations which possess all the charm of the Paris
chapeaux which inspired 4hcm.
Special Values at $18 $22, $25
\m flwwe, 46tb & 47tb Streets
nr-' now hciti|> received in larpe quantitiei Tclr
monr Murray Hill 5888 an?l v,,ur> ?rill be ??nit for
We t-tiar.iiitf- against tire moth, and theft.
The Storage of Household Goods by S Sale DspOSlt
j ompany implies increase! reaponsibility. Ware
houses absolutely ?repro.?f, efficient psckcri
careful tnovcr>, with moderate ?-barges.
?sen?l for Br?mate.
?Let U? Sto e Yo r Silverware this Summer. Its
safety is guaranteed from your door until return.
Safe, in Burglar Proof Vau?t. for important and
valuable papcrv ?f5 per year and upward. In
sp-Ttmn invited.
Lincoln Safe Deposit Co.

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