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? "FANS" KEfl
Major League Pennant Ra<
to Begin with a Rush
This Week.
Special Opening for Supere
on Wednesday, While the
Giants Will Make Bow
on Thursday.
"New is the ??inter <if our dlscont
n," ? glorious summer" by the en
uf bal against ball and the shout
umpire: "The batterie? "ill
Th? flaga will i??* flying at J
i i ?'il Wodnesil.iy for Hi?' a
? "? ntng ?if tin* National Leas
? era tha 8up?*rba8 ? ill .?ti
ntlj to properly chriaten Unir n
v nil 11 victory over thi
Al tha Polo Orounds, In this boroni
and In Beven other cities through!
the land which iMMMd of major leai
i'.'iii',. the aeauton will begin en Thui
day, providing, of cours?*, the n
??n?.? n little ahowere' of April do i
spoil tha fun.
The 'fans' ara hungry aim?
atarv? unhapp* condition
plainly indicated by tin* crowda whi
nave turned cut to ?ee exhibition gam
m lh" Various i-ities. Il lias lir?n
long timo ilnce Inet October, a
everything points to packed stands i
Hi?, openinf day and the moat ir
? ? ua and aiKceaafol y?*ar in the hi
tory ?>f organize?! baseball.
Tha Qianta win make their bow u
.lor the loo of Cot?fjtxn'g Bluff again
Unsinn -n??! tho Rod BOX Thai hap]
occaaton must bo posti?inril until ne
fall, and the reference is not made
recall that little unpl?B8\n8mtn?*aa of la
i'. t"hor. Tho Bravos will be here
open the soasen with a defeat, it
hoped, it would ho hard on th
if iho haughty Giants, fresh, from
brilliant whirl from Martin Bpringa
New Torfc, should i>iio thp ?ins! befo
thousand clamoring "fans" at tl
? nie of thi K'ani which fn.ish.oil :
far !?>? hind a y?ear a."?0. BUH
Mill be no eaay victory. Ba
t tain, and Uni? Purdu?
? - Btallinga la grooming for il
fray, la a real plt?ch?*?r.
McGraw May Pick Tesreau.
it la Idle at tin.*- time to fora
pitcher who will i.o in Une boat for n
?liant?. John ?' McQraw would hard
t.-ii i;' he knew, but? as ha hlmaelf h;
? I 80 many timos, su, h .t di
? annot be made until he seea h
up. Some in.?ratii.n of whi
bis plana ni I .K.-iy lo i
own "ii W ? when the Glan
will face the rala team In a
ralaer, so to speak, to the start of ti
: ; |g Jeff T<M**eau woul
nol I ? a bad t the honor ma
; .1! t?> Matty, as ho app ara to bo f;
dvanced than n*aa the case
??jo, aa Indicated by bii going th
full nil,.
a eek
The v.- ? ? will nol be aeen In
? at their *? quai
tera on the Polo ?'?rounds until Apt
17. inn they will do their pari I
making a baseball holiday for th
Washington 'fans" on Thursday, whe
they take the field against the Bt na
torn. The follow ?is of the game her
wiH Mutch the result of that Kam
Mith keen Interest. They resont fjlari
?Irift'uh's eonfld<BBl assertion that tl,
Yankees aril] be aaay pray, and tha
his learn ahould win futir of the 111
.six gamos play? d wtUl New York am
Philadelphia as opponent*?. If C"ham
and his men can Jump off with n vie
tory it Mill be accepted aa a g*-*"**
?men. There is reason to believe tha
auch will ht? the case, too, all
Walter Johnson looms up, and ever*
, thing else being equal WaJtei Johnsoi
i.? a mightly hard pitcher t 1,-ai.
Double Opening for New York.
New York is favored thi.s year with i
doubl?* opening. It was brought abou
by Charles 11. Ebbet?, chief owner ??
the Brooklyn Huperhav, spendlm
three-quarters of a million dollars .-.;
thereabouts 10 build one of th<* I ?
and most approved baseball parks ii
lhe country. It Mas ?inly fair andel
tho clrrnm.stan'?s that the other own?
em in the National League shouk
recognize tho entorpriso ainl r*OUraga 0.
Mr. Ebbets l>>- making an exception ir
his favor. Tho Superhas might hav?
suffered in cwifliet Mith a game at th?
Polo fjhrounda and the National League
. hatiipions as an attraction. Al ? is
BUI DaHen ami his men will hav?* lh?
hold to th? msi'ives, and If tha weathei
pods smile they are .?tire to make tho
most of it.
Th? a?!\:in-o sal.- of seats ind?cales a
world's S4*ri?*e Crowd. Mr. t"""->bot? baa
pron .''I that the playing 11 * ? i ?? will be
kept cteau*, which meana that tin- com*
modioua atanda will he tavxod to i i.?*?r
mil capacity. B*vei*y.body aranta to be
?m hand for what aaay be called the
form;! I opening of the now park, ami
? 'i be aurprtalng if a ringle rani of
I he L'5.n??? is \.*u ant.
BUI Dahk d, nianager of tin Superi-as,
said on Friday that his men were In
u.H.ii condition conaldiMing th? fact that
?.i much um had b?B?Bn kwt and
ui.n dajn -.\a*t? ?1 b"oau*-?' ni rain, rain,
rain on the Soiuh.rn training trn>.
The playera looked and .-.< ti-.i w?-ll in
Ihel ? Unat the rank?** a yee
t.i'iay, and while Mr, Bbbeti and his
? not making any prora
?1 Ma*' plain In taJklng to thon;
that they have high hopea for ih<* com?
ing .*-'-.:*<<". Th<* final il.-tail- for tin
opi-ning ??i lh?- new pari, bava been
ariang??!. and the 'fans'' must be |.i
!i?.|l! for till'*?* moro il;i> ?.
it mg** be nu ntioiioii h'-t'c In pa
that th? m- t ?lit? ' t way to the park
I r the Brighton Baneh i???'? of the
I'.rtioklyn Rapid Transit, to ?'?insumers'
I'ark slalioii. Th?' approach?^ to th.
grouniis bays not yet bean flnislied, ->'?
that tha "tan-" ara ;,,|(. '?? d to i< a*a
?h? *rtaUon phrtfora ai the south ?ml,
m hi? h is ii'ar.st to the mam f?ltrame
in thi? way ihty will uuve them-elvos
a short walk through s dusty .m
rather confined alley.
Ghnts Get Horre on Tuesdny.
The Giants will not arrive In thli
city until Tuesday evening, ,-?s thej
have f< couple of games to i?ia> wit.
the Washington Senators to complet?
their long hike from Marl in Spring? t?
own diamond. They will be ai
the 1'"'" Grounds on H\'?ednesday for ;
.ni'- with Yale, as said before, ai fins
? ? ition t?i the opening of th?
son ?m Thursday. No team In eithei
ell f>\"ii-ii w?t!
weather. The playei
workad hard ni " earnestly without los?
ing :i single full day fron ; r;n I
judging from what the baseball wai
? orrespond? he men are In th?
same good condition as s year ago
when they jumped ? n to .t long lea?
In tiie pcnnanl rai ??
The march from Martin E
been <>no long line ?.f victories. Win?
bltion ?-?..m? ?
In .1 row ?s nui hing a ondi i ful, p
but it shows thai the players are prop?
?r!;. keyed up snd read) for the more
? battles '?<? come Thi ti
1* iji in' i beer erj .*- ? -11 *- ?
..r ;!i?. word, and the Little Napoleon
W ill h;-1 ? ?m i v .- .? !.. iiiak?' !f 1 j i ?=
Giants do i the pace fi "in the
On 1 . own a ord, the
..i <? in*-1 aboul i eadj foi i he
firsi clash with the enemy. The damp?
ness in Bei muda s s b sligl I
back, bul on the whole he has ex?
il himself as ^?-11 pleased and
? n ouraged al the outloo The
- *.\ i]i --ii i.. Washington ?in
Wedm sday w i> h some oi ' ?han<
spirit nol to accept defeat, as
t" be the attitud? ? : lm< i ? ;
y**ar, lint to beal the Senators on theh
nu n diaraoi d.
Many Changes Over Winter. .
Many changes have taken pi
major league baseball sine? the season
< loaed last year, among ???iii'h muy be
mentioned the death of John T. Bi
. hiof on ii'-r ?if til?-1 liants, und the elec?
tion of Harry N Hempstead as presi?
dent of the club; the elimination ?if
Herr Horace Pogel and th?* sale *>f the
Philtes to a syndli its beaded by Will?
iam .i. Leocke, former secretary of th?*
Pittsburgh Pirates; the taking over of
practically all ih<* stock of th<- Boston
Bravea by James EC Gaitney, and the
appointment of George Stellings, once
leader of Hu* Yankees as manager of
Hi?-" tean th ? deposition of Roger Brea?
nahan as manager ol the SI Louis Car?
dinale and his signing aa catcher with
til?- Chicago ?'uis; ih<- sensational deal
by which Jos Tinker left tii?-- Chicago
club and went to manage the Cincin?
nati Reds m place of Hank O'Day, and
by which Prank Chance, former man?
ager ol the Cuba, ?ame to this city to
ir-aii the Yanki i -
Speaking "i managers, four clubs in
the National League will trj to Im
prove th? ;i standing this yeai ?in<i?-r
new leaders, Johnnj Evera? the wily
second baseman will control the destl
ni?? of the ('ni'S m pli.: Prank
Chance; Joe Tinker, i?t several years
shortstop with the Cubs, will try to
keep the Reds In a forward place, sue?
. eedlng Hank O'Day; Miller Hugglna
was promoted >t the <m" nae of Roger
Bresnahan, and ?ill d<? his i??si to land
the Cardinals In the Oral division, while
George Stallinga baa ambitions t?, <iu
something with th? lowlj Boston
in in? Am.!, .m League the only
really trulj new manager la Prank
Chance, with the Yankees; but George
Stovall, who i??"?*- over th? Cleveland
Napa toward 111 ? ? middle <>i i??st season,
ami Jim- Birmingham, who assumed the
reins "i the Bt Louis Browns laal Bep
tember, ma; also be ranked as new?
(.??111' IS.
No changea have been mads In the
leading tetuna of either league, and
\sini<- every manager bas studied to
strengthen some weak point bare and
ih' re, f? w new faces will i"- noted when
id?- players take tin- Held for the open?
ing gamee, The managers who li"i?l
ov**r are as follows: Boston Red Sux,
Jake Stahl; Philadelphia Atbletlce,
Cornelius McGilltcuddy, better kn?arwn
as Connie Mack; Washington Senators,
rilANlC CHANCE, ^^*- ?/^ VAi.^^a
. ?_/
Full Roster of
the Home Teams
'I Ue r?i*trr of Hie llin-r Ii.iiih- ii-.ini? ?
?tl.ml?. *?. .ml.? ?-? nuil Siiprrliit???.ilh Ihr
l.iillini; a.rtlrr |.?r tlir o|i?-iiiiic ajaSBOS of
lbs BMaaaa un.I battiaa gtsS ti.-i.lini: svei
iilf? of :i \rnr 11Ko. f.ill???? :
MW . <?ltK ?.I \\ I
Kiiitiiix I loMlaa
avasaar*. ?>"??'?
*-n,,ilrr;t4.. r. f.'Ili!? !HH
*?hiifer. ?, ? .;k? Mjfg
linrn?. I. f.-.'?n I.?in??
l>?i?lr. I h .:t:i4? r?4x
Mnrrit?. r. f.?;,', .*??'?
?erbio, i i>.fasJ .?mo
Haaatagi :{ h.tat '?*?:
tgajerm, t-..".:.- '?;::
'I r?rr;iu. ,, .II?. .-'.;.'.
I'll? lit-r-?Mullir?.on, Mnr<|ii:irtl. \nir?.
( raadall. ?WIMao, liVaaaave, irbapp and
i illii? slarora?Pavosa, Coaas***. BeCer?
miik, I lii.rpr. .lu'-obson, 4.roll. Starb,
I Irtrhrr. Mil-.,n i,,,l lliirllr?
Miiii.iCrr?.lohn .1. Mi ?.rut?.
NBW rOBB *< WKi.i.?>.
Battiaa i IfUlaa
HvrntK?- avoraajo.
Ilmiirl? r. f.171 *M|
- \\?.|l?r. ?-. f. ? ?
Marl/?-I. .'! b.II : line,
I rre, I. t.it;;: ?ua
t lia??*. '.' Ii .114 Mit)
?( li?init*. I h . ? _
laraaaay, ?? .MI .-i,:,
llf-rrit I?. H.s .Ml H?!
1 iililufll, |i .M7 jaBJ
?4 linn? f mu? Wi.llrr pliiwil in toi? frw
2.11,,.? lo tir Inrluilril in Ihr H?rr-.i|*c.
l'iltlnTK?| uni. Wiirhop, M?! ?innrll,
Knilinj;. l?shi-r. llofT. I>:i?i*. l?bala
I lilil? nlinrr??l.rli.HI. llurr?. M-irlin.
tratet, m?.ili??. tamaaj, Maaren, Barata?'?,
\t illinni? mill tHeewett,
\|:in iKrr?l'riink 1.. I ham r.
BBOOKL1 N si Cl.icit V*
Hutting I IrliltiiK
il? rniar. ittrrnjcr.
*?I?-|IK?-I. ? f .:il? .?II?.'
? nUlim?. .' b..8(1 .!?.?.:t
Mf>-r. r. f. ?.ni;! ?.9?|
\\lir;il. I. f .30:. JH
llmihrrt. 1 h.80? ?l<l;t
???nil h. ;i l> ."M HUH
i isi lirr. ... .'.?:!:: .il i;
Miller <?.".:* .??;.-,
lin? kir. (i Ali .081?
BsyaS'a ?nrniur nnitlr in Ihr Intrriiil
llaaaal i.-.un?-.
l'itt ht-r?.?< nrlis. stoSh. It.lgnn, \ t.E
lina. Allen. Kent ami Hull.
Illlil? plH.KTH?< rtllnli.in, lliiininrl.
Borna, Wagaa*?, kirkimtr?. k i*ii.-ii>? an,i
I r?. in.
Miinicri?\\ . I. Il.ililrn
Clark Griffith; Det**?*-H Tlgera, Hnghie
Jennings; Chtea*go White Box, Jlnunle
Callahan, all of the Am?B*tcan i.?-agii...
New York Giant*, John .1 II?**Graw?
I'litsbuigh I'liat.-s, ii.ii Clarke;
Brooklyn Buperbaa, BUI Dahlen, ami
the Phllliea, ? "hurley Dooln. the f?.ur
lasi named of ih?* National fioagua.
Seventy-two Colleges Entere
for Pennsylvania Carnival.
... te red ? ? unn .?i i si
nival of re?a
11 . i ? ? , . ? : on Api
?C \\ itfa i!:?- ? i" ? f entri?
? i.il . . Idle ?.f thi
that the nu
. ?? rd will be In? reased
in i - ? ni .-uni colli i reis
; "i ?i.-. Hai. srd, Pi Inci toi
< 'i.i'iiiiiii.i. Byrai use, Dartmo ih, Ml? bl
...m. Chicago, Illinois, Mi-?-., irt, Notr
Dame, Virginia, Northwest, Massachv
Dstltuta of Technology, Wesleyai
Broarn, Ohio State sad Colgate win b
represente?1! while the rents ruler of th
, allege ? s '.l \? found In iii?> ssvi rs
group ?
The entries for the one wile two-mil'
mu? four-ml nsl - rela eh implon
?hips are the besl In tlx- histo ? ol th?
i ..n. 'i i rs are 11 In th<
Borstrom Sets New Interschol
astic Mark at Game.
c kale] Cal . April I Charles Boi ?
mi. ..i ti..- Cnlverstty of Southern Call?
foi m i Preparatory s< hool, broke the
world' Intel ?chola itk. i cord f"- Hi?- pole
vault yesterday, clearing the bai al
tut i '? I-M In? hes, He was a competitor In
tii. Pacifie Coast Inti n cbolaatle track
in?. i.
'i bi foi mer mai h aas 12 feel i Inch?
madi oi Igln ill ? |"- Ro? Mercer, of M? r?
c. i i.m | ,\. .ui. in . Mai ?? land, .?t the
Princeton Int? r i holastlc meel In IM
and tie i .n Itll b\ Rngt !'?? Si nobtngi r, ol
i larvaiti s? I.I, ? "hk ago,
Crimson Marksmen Capture
Rifle Championship.
Washington, April ?"? Harvard, without
.i il. feat, won the Bastei n League Intei -
collegiate rifle si.ting championship to?
ds m taetts Agi leultural College
was second, will, dim ?i? ft at, iti'i Prince?
ton University third, ?'?tii two defaal
in ti ? u ? tel n i?eague, the et i Im re?
sulted ir .i tie, which must be shot off,
betwi en the w eat Virginia Unlvi i ill?
and lows State University, both having
grot) twelve matches and lost one. The
team winning the ?.i-olt '-.in g|.;
agalnsi Harvard to determine the United
States Intercollegiate championship
Tin Minimal v foUoWSI
Baatarn (?sagiM- Harvard MS, to, North
Georgia 938; Massachusetts "Aggies" MS,
\ Massachusetts Tech WO; Princeton
IBS, ii Dartmouth Bi; Norwich HI, rs.
I.?high x'.l: Cornell MS. vs, Maine, default?
ed; Vermont 922, va Clemson, defaulted'
Rhode Island 122, rs. Columbia, de?
Wt.it. m League West Virginia ???.-. \>
Purdue 832; lows State Kl, vs, Wisconsin
Michigan "Aggies" !'?.".. .s. Nebraska I
N?; Washington State 908, va Kanaan I
Ml, i 'all font is 984, \ - I nlted Ktates
Veterinary College, defuultcd; Ml.-..u
K0, va Missouri Defaulted; Oklahoma v I
and m ISA to, Louisiana, defaulted.
Ten Thousand Schoolboy
Athletes in One Meet
Plan Monster Demonstration to
Show How Work Is Done.
Track Events To Be Conducted
on Wholesale Plan in
Central Park.
The greatest demon tratlon of school?
bo ? .n m- it? ? and ph) steal tralnlr i, and
ut i1 ?? gme time the largest held ds.
? i held In the world, will be put on In
Central i'.nk "ii the afternoon of Prklay,
June ?;. bj tii.- Public Schools Athletic
On the huge fli Id "f the green tea iii??ii
sand grammai grade boys from the pub?
lic school ol ill boroughs will be assem
.tinl simultaneously perform various
?iritis aii'i compete h* s programme of
atblette events. The boys will bend,
l.i.iti:.- -li? I. Ii and go through the n? W
two-minute drill and the exercl ???- of the
i. ?? publti .-< ii""i course,
a ringle |.i t"i shot win Mart from
t.? ?oo rela) teams of lift) boys each In ? '.
. ..m. si for school supremacy. TI.ther
?v. nts. '.a ii as the jump, hurdle and dis- '
.us drill, wi i )"- oa a -mu?,n wholesale I
This monster demonstration of ths work ?
of the public si-ti.?.is and ths athletic
league In numbers exceeds all athletic
gatherings, argeapl the adull turnfest
al Pragu? In IMS, it ? 111 distance an
thing heretofore attempted with boj i,
The field day will .??? In i barge of the
fot owing committee
Chairman, Oustavn T Kirby, president
? ?i the Amateur Athletic Colon; General
? ;. m ge W. Wlngate, presid? ni ?d the Pub?
lic gv boola \iiii. tu- League; 1 '?? Oug-1
?-?'iiii'-ini. ?? v/ard Crampton, director of
phj leal training ?<( the New York public
schools: Vincent Aster, Luther Hal e)
Qullck, and Dr Edward W. SUM, district :
ni" i Intendent of gehofft*
Park Commissioner C. >! Stover, while
not a member of the ?rorklng committee,
baa offered to co-operate la ever) wa)
possible Through Mr. Stover the Public
Schools Athletic League eommltl.*>
taiii.d iii.' n-.,. 0f the ii?'i?i la Central Park
and Um necessary stands for ape. tlal
guasta Btmllarty Thomas W. Churchill,
president ..r n,,. Board of ?Sducation, and
tii'- city superintendent, William H. Mag
well, have s edred the eommltl.A the
??"-<'i"-iati,jn ,,, ,|?. publie schools
While tin- detailed programme is not
yel completed, Dr, Crampton, win? win
have charge ?if tbs bn>* and of school
arrangements, states lhal the imk prob?
lem of mobilising and transporting the
??" i to ?in?] trom the Said ii.?s been sat
tied. Ths Publie dciu/oi? Athieti?: League
will provide th" number of st.ni.-i?.
. ;? i k - of coui at and fuda - i ? ? a-aai t
Wiiii?. the artuai achoola which ???tl -?end
from one to Uve teama of fiftj boya bava
not yet betn Snail) determined, the srort
of drOlini th?* boya began during the last
a.. Invltaticn to aea the ten thousand
futura ? iiiz.-ns in notion arlil be extend???!
by the ?*oromltt?*e to the *T*rea?denl of the I
lin.-,i Btatea, ez?Preaidanta Taft and
I;.wit. lh?- ??ovorn.'ts of N> w fork
and neighboring states, the mayors of
Sem v.'ik. Boaton, ?Philadelphia and other
large clUea, the aldermen and banda al
.ir. departments, borough p**e*rtd<mta and
manj others prominent In civic and edu?
cational affaira.
in dlscussini the demonstration Mr
Kiii,?. chairman ot the committee, said.
w nant to make thla field day ?no of
the greateal object lesaona In health and
cttiaenahip any country haa erar been
privilegiad t.. wltMae. i can imagine n.?
m. Inaplrlna or Imprjtealva Bight than
will in- afforded b) Hi, >? t.-, Oiousand
healthy, happy, well discipline boys
when tii,? all are In action at the aanaa
m? m. m
General Wlngate, prealdenl of the
league, ?aid: "For one thing, our de?
termination to hold tins meet on auch a
Rlgnntic seal.- Bhows our everlaatlni con
ildence m the P?en fork bo) aa are ol the
Public Bohemia Athletic l>*ague have
...n i- i i know him. This ai?o is a com?
pllmont t?i the superintendents, print Ipals
and teacher? who make It possible to
bandle boys In such numbers. U will
o|.,_t, the eyes <>i irany New Tortora a*hen
they aee the manlinesa, ttne bearing,
health, keen-minded ness and absolute
sell reapeel and obedience of ih.-s.. boys,
taken .it random from public schools lo
? ai.ti ..ti easy ways .if transportation m
the park."
Challenge Cup Offered for Big
Field of Amateurs.
\ ftaid oi amMUoua amateura will begin
romnetltiona In i .sinon eairan h.indi
cap btlllard tournamenl to?morro*? mniii
at Paul'a Aca.l.'iny, IWt?t stTOOl and Till
avenue, under the ?iiro.-ti.in .,r the ?u?
t?-,nil As-,?nui,,,! ,,,- \mateur Billiard
Players. Fifteen ? .?inp..titois wHI tak>'
part in tin?.- nwtehaa for v*rdoh .? <*iiui
lenga cup hi offered.
'I'h.. etip Is tO I?.- subject t?> * tcn-?lay
challenge at the extatina aautdlcap marka
and tt> b,vorne UN l'i.ip'tny of tho pla>er
ninnlni It three Umea, not na?*?eaaarily In
bug esston. Tha -?cratch mark playera la
the tournament will play n.un.s of nfty
points' diiraliiui, the hamll, ?apa scaling
down to twenty?flva points for th.- weaker
compet? tora.
Anioii?? thoaa who win pia> ?or .?,,.
new tr.ipiiy are Juliua Htrah, i.awrcmo
? 4 ? ? 111 i < k ? i. a if, Krieger, .i nacha, u
n -,i |-**mburf*er, I? V, Bchnebbe, Irving
w. iii. s.ih.st.r Levy, <; a Baldwin, P.
o t'oiiiirii, rjoorge n Brick, J, A. KMntek,
K. Ptereon, ?Captain J, Hi l-'ostcr nad p
ft. McUown. ' ?
New Home of Brooklyn Super
bas Combines Every Idea
for Comfort of Patrons.
Great Grandstand Can Be Filled
and Emptied Through Myr.
iad Stiles and with No
Stairs to Climb.
Judi?is Field is tin- last word In th?- ?-a?
of ?i baseball park. Charles If. Kbbati
president ??nil chief owner of th? i'ro??k.
lyn dub, ims spared ii?-ith?-r money nor
constant care i?> add to th<* oomfort and
convenience of the "inns" and piamii
Nothing has been srirefftooked. i-'roi?
--randstand to playing r ? ? -1 ? i every modM
Improvement has been made, hh?i ^
home of the Brooklyn tuperbas, whet, ?c?
cording to "11? of their moat ar.)??iit rom.
ero, "are Ural In w-ii wishers, firsi in *sa
?n, bul "til' seventh In the .\*a.
tfonal League pennant race," Mauri* out
as the moat completa Held In : ? codhtn
_re<*ted at ? cool of I7SMM i ? pg-a
Includes everything thai could be nought
oui by the fertile brain of a master in
baseball. The grandstand i the pride sj
Mr. Bbbets, and of it i?. has t"f.?i resssg
i?i he proud, as in- prsctfcally d?signai it
him -ir The entrance to the stan.i j*
mor?- ilk?- that ?if tomo vas! theatre than
of .1 ...i: park, .ni'1 the local "fans" lim??
never seen anything lik?* It. The train
gate Is located at th. o (5 .;,,
Place and Bullivan street, named aft-r
i ;.', . i.. i 9 ;ii v ,in ?i; Rcvoli tionar ?fan
T.ie lobby of th? ?*-m- on tkn
eight) feel m diameter, and . i-esp?e-^.
? ?' ? n ' if marble and glased \,r\r^
walls, Its plat?- uli? ? ?' Indo i in the
looths and brs Thsji
are ? dosen tleket s/indows placed essai
? " .'I'll 'a, and . "??i ??*??
.i ,?l uith little i rouble,
all stain have be? ti
a Ith and In? lim ?l runwa) i I I - ? 'i n
? ? tin fs will have no I
finding ti.? Ir seats quickly.
The holders ?if unreserved ? it afj
"iii'-i through the stile, wl
marked, and, a ??? nding the
will .?.m.it m the ? entn of th? iad,
and to tl ?? from of i
?sill be .
tickets for th? ? : i i*m
up to their seats. 1
find tick? i : "??' .i
to Un
knothole the
for a hai it steel gird? sal
solid concret .111
'?ni' -.:' that Will ari? fro
.ph. r ..
I <*a y
1 . ? fit of th?>
New Yo the u ii>.
i?o it not I ths.
iray of res M
ghton Bes ? *
., . tai and wi
i . -
ti a rotunda
? ;? n.'i.ii adm! don ." ? cents; ? ?
?eats i low? !? tier), first nun I
,- ,
da , I csee4s.fl ?es p ttSo?
wot to upper tier, i -?? 1i
ion, ti boa its. Ill
Pavilion: ? ?> neral admissioi ,
? ata.
- ? ? Mart a i s la
? ? aft? rnoon. ? ? Ba r-'rar,
d -ring the moni
? . will be . la ..vio*.
? n Hat ird lya during I
April, May, September and I
brat bal a thi r at 3 i lads
un holtdayi ai d Mr Bbbeu looki d thai
all up, pla) will it '?"??'? o dock
In thi morning ar.a ai : ?.'? kx k in tie
Among the conven?an m ? ni'.i b?
l'uni I at ths new* ra?"!*? a""?' ? ?'?'?
which Is locate?] ?in ti-.r* lower "er of ths
mala framfrtand. <*onsistini-; o1 s rarior,
prhrats n-tirini; room, wtth n <****}
phOOe and Writing desk; a CBS -kroom.
when :?; sit?eles will be chcrk-'i tree of
.: Incocalng t?-i?*piione aciessagai ""?
and omhrel <s loaned at :..e nom?
inal charge of i" ? i nt>.
Brooklyn owes the fact th I **'"* c**
boast of the ?? ?0UD*
trj i?> Charles n. EEbbeta, ..fur whomth?
park is namt-ii. Mr. Kbbets annouaaw
? would buud a :: n home f< r BE
s iperbas <m January -'. ItlS, snd oa that
date i.?* ais.? announced thai I
pla* the tlr.-i uni'' vn ti.?> new pel* os
either June 11, l'an Pa? or oi ' - ''
one hundred an.i thlrty-sisth "SSJ
nlveraary <>f tiie Battle ol Long I asm
Ths battis of Lang (aland ? - ***M
punt the territory r..>\' I by tht
ball "Ark, an.i Mr. Ehbeta has )st*4
down on ??? ??? tips
a*ar one reason or another ?? v***
was n,,i Snlsbed. Krora time lo i ? ?'??'
Bobeta entertatasd ths m*?mbera vl die
Baseball Writers' Association and i0"*
them en ni'rsunally conduct?*!
the gr?i mis. an.i ti << fair ritv oi
I* n No? all is ready, nil Hi :1 "*?"
one of th? most m.i?ti i
in the great aal lonal g im?
Dual Team Matches Scheduled
with Seventh Regiment.
Lawn tennis ti-inis representing *"**
! nlveratty ami the 7th llegtment **"
in?'. 1 in th?> aiinu.i' dual matChSI **
the outdoor courts of the N'ew York l-?*n
Tennis Club, at aoth str.-.t and (Jus f,[!'
Road, ?>n April u The competitions _f
been acheduled to ix- pisyed upos the
armory courts, but several ptistpon*-****^
wars neceasen because of the .?t'|1<,,|C
games Through the courtesy ?-'?' *
beard of governors of the n< n York ?j"
the courts at Wltltamsbrtdgc were off**"****
The team that Val.- Will -c'"1 ** ?5
mat? lus is a most formidable one '? *'
in* composed of Alrtck H. Man. Jr.. B. **-.
r?asi<'\. Manley Wainwrlght -*v"-3
?:\.iii? .uni w. Dlckaon Cunningham. *m
7th Regiment team has not b?>en ?.? l< ' ,e~!
but it is expected that Walter M<,''?,??
Hall, ihe recent winner ??f the .?hati'r'on*
ship, William B. Cragln. Jr., ami Q*-*_?
;. M,.or?' Jr., will be Included. Tb? l-0'*
iiitt-. m charge of the matches iii'-lud?*
Hoben I-'. Putnam, A. H. Tlemeye?"? lu"t
I. Kenney, Oeorge g Hauck, H n?t***_
?'nit. fJfMrge Lee und William CunuinT

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