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"mm a"
h suffrage triumph
Veterans of '"Army of the Hud?
son" Capture Recruits on
Mount Verncn Tramp.
Seoul Finds Gypsy Camp Full of
Friendo of "Cause," Even
If They Have to Put
Muule on Jumbo.
t trim
? '? ? ? Thli h i. Mount Vernon
?. t? i day I"- .[,!?,? ??? 'olonel" Ida
??i n?.! m.m h ?,, r ? aptl? ?
? r into th?- | - ill- I
rhere would hav? !?? > Brut
?mi. not ? Ither, but proud of
.?w friend, .?:,! ".i..." .?: 'ni i. ?t boy,
\\ u!: ' plaatered a i 111 dii ' and mo?
id Jumbo, tii. gypsy bear, which
\*.i?iii.l have hugged Mrs. i*<>Mt. and si\
.-.,.ik. ? ?uni two billy ?;?'--i! i from th? past?
of '?'i-.. Bronx and an) number of
Bwartby, eai i logea native? ol those
?trans? countries through whl b r
iirinv ??:.! a wide Bwsth <>f triumph,
It ?vas th.- first of th.- "Saturday
sortiea" aa oi*ganlx?*d by th? veterai
t1..- "army of the Hudson" for th- glor>
of th.- "cansa and the conquesl of West?
. hcMer."
With ???",,ion' i" ?'liitt :n rammand. the
litt!? army aallled fco th In th?* warm
spiing samshln? at ji o'?*totk from the
377th s;lf.,.t station of ih?' Bubway, taking
? ? White Plalna Road foi Hounl Vernon,
where the aMitial < .invention of the West?
bester County Woman'i Buffrage An
athaa n;iv m tha -sche?ule
Scouts Reports All Well.
Th? etscsmpmcnl "f Brusla, ti,' |
u;is Sighted abOUl noon
Kllaabath Freeman, 11>.- army "gypsy" on
iii?' Washington pllgrimai int to
:??? onnoitr?. pi? i titly the familiar voice
was heard from b?***ond the gypajy huta:
?i'otno. on piris; it'a all right*'
Thon down the bank th. ? plunged, war?
ms suiTrac?' l. ati.-ts .-ni,i brandishing
esmeras, catillng on each
i?> dedsre her sentiment? on the aubject
of \otes for women, One? in the camp,
? ? "ion. i" Craft disappeared behind n cor
ii? r of the chicken coop in bar? her i?>rt
uie toiii. Miss Paula Milton. 8 young and
pr?'tt\ ?? it ranlahed In another direc?
tion s.. Mrs. I.,?:,it i,> Id | be . ? m ?
Ihe staue when * imho, th? bear, irsa led
Interrupt Jumbo's Meal.
? ' . Ira t i ? ,;- ' ' ah? cr.'ed, ;? aping
forward to pal him.
"Walt s ml ? ! gel his
as; he
? finish-*] i .s dim
. -*psy man of all work wi,. n the muaale
v.a*-- adjusted JUI ? : lltl 'I M.'s ?
r.. lead m th grisai) bear" danee.
Half ,i mile : ; thei do? n the road the
? ru et At? boya with pockets full
? - Th? i'. 'it-- ?'.wi of tbea
? lada had b? i : the nif
ir.i-_i.-t?? by letting 1"".?. th? reptil - upon
i .?n. i?m Mia FVeeman aav? l the army.
1 ' a : ? thoas mak? ' ?he i ri? I
???il feigned glee. "Oh, aren't the) cuts!
B?*i then*, hoys."
she t"-ik on? ',. |h< ? i Ig i
- in h?:- hand, and th?- army at
.-???-,) i.-mark
etty ? olor ami tongue, ? hlch
?u.- as Hvelj a.? their own. Misi Pre?
ted thr?e "f the cutest
aa as a cift from the astonished boya
In ?xi-han-i" foi a lian.il'il ?,:
'raii?ts What the fate of the cherished
literature wsa ess only be aormlaed. The
anskea were deposlt?sd on ti:" grasa as
?'?on as th<- hoya ?rere -Bafel] out of sight.
The halt for lunrhoon was mail?' at
?IM.", upon g pH? of rocks which f- It, on.
woman f-aid, like the buslnssa end Of a
?aek. hut were otli'rwis. v.-> v restful.
i:v?ryioriy sampled ererybody else'? aand
wlches, ami a i '?tassnl time was bad
hy all, including the fronts who finished
?.p the boxes ami paper napkins.
The entry ?sans captives In chains) into
-Mount Vernon. WSa made at ..';?', just
when th?* streets were thronged with Sat?
urday shoppers. The "colonel" ?li'l not
paus?? lo conven them, however. Bhe
Tncde straight for the Woman s Club?
house, where the g**-*fl*age convention wa.?
lr session. As th?? army cnt.-rr-d the as?
sembly room a fumiliar i nice from the
platform exclaimed:
Ah! Welcome the aim.*. :'*
"General" Jones Herself.
Ls! it was "Oneral" Rosalie Jones bar
self. She led the applause, then finish?"!
her speech in haste and came down to
ralute her "colon? 1" and the rest of them.
"General" Jones luis just returned from
a tour upstate, white she has argan
ized a series of puff m go pageant*-. These
will l?c held in Juno in Yonker-, New
hurg, Albany. Watertown. Klmira and
Monticello. This is all u part of ihe "Ken
?Tal's" scheme for organizing New York
?State b*f Judicial districts.
The / ?ster of the "Army of the Hudson"
yesterday was as follows: Miss EHssbSth
Preeman. Mrs. .lohn lioldt, Mrs. Magia
Baird, Miss Paula Mill?n, Mrs. Diusi'la
Lehman, Mrs. Janet l'oynton atxi Mr
Bllnor ?Tans. The next "sortie'' will be
ma?I?. April 11
The county convention elected these of
licersi rresident, Mrs. ?'arl ?>st?*rfc?<], of
Yonkers; vir.'-pi'*-i'leM, Mis Leigh H.
I'li-n-h, Of Nr?' Hoclnlle; i cording sec
retary, Mrs. *MspheS Holden, of White
Plains; luaraiwudltig secretary. Mrs. Hs*>
iv.i'e, of Yonk?is: treasurer, Mrs.
It? ? arp?*nt( r, of New Hochelle; auditor,
.\i,ss Helen 1'llnt, of I-*n:hmont.
Complaint in $25,210 Suit Served on
Former Banker in Tombs.
.j...-< ph ?;. n.'i'in, the high financier, who
la under a s?nt.-ii<f of OR? f?*Sf tot Isr
,,,.-. bul ????mains m the Tombs, wsa dis?
turbed wl.il? taking lis daily hiilh in his
anartiant y?*tei*dsii b) ' ?? i?nty Bherlfl
,,-presenting .Sheriff ?Hsrburger. Le?
chOM Ihe inopportune Mm to s.-rve on
Robin the complaint In ;? mit Which
i .ik Hochsprurig has brought against
him for $i',.'.'l" as the rCSUH of reckless
.|ii\in^ ,y Un-fonn? r banker.
Ilui laaaarsni said Usai ok April it. tfifi
vas riding his motor?yl?- from * *??)?*
rtptiiiK l<? Hlck-ville, I^.tiK Island, When
Robin ?am? along, iiii\in)s' his automobile
., ki. m and dang?*roi*i ags ad The
iw?? rshlcle? r?sch?*?d sn Intei-t?*?ctlon of
the road at the same mom'nt and the
mobil? sti nek tha ?Motorcycle, smash
u ami Ihrotslng the ridee Is the
grltfe Kr. :it liSl
Hoch ' rung re? < iv??i ssvsrsl Injui lea
that hsrs hainisnantly in-apaciiatui him,
lie alleges, and reduce?j his esrnin?* ?m
p*dty. l*'or his injuries he a.-?k.s |A*M
:ind for his motorcycle |Hft
Lefi \o right, Mrs. Janel Boyiiton Mi DruiHIa Lehman, \l<- Paula Milton. Mlsi Freeman, Mn u??? ? j
Bold) ..-..1 Mr Baird.
Starving and a Consumptive.
He Makes Harp Sound for
One Who Cost Him All.
Johann Eichelborg Left New
York to Win Fortune in New
Orleans, but He Died De?
spairing and Penniless.
Son Orleans April 5.?Johann Ei? hei
borg ilicti in pov**rty to-day and ame
buried b? the elty from his nearly
empt? in im . All thai he i? fl behind
him aras .-i wife, who la areah mentally,
tai k ?>r manuacript muait and a
fold? n tont '? harp, that neighbors
hi. rd in", i??? blj pla; Ing ; a hour be
? fore his d? ath.
i!li '.. II org iii. (i with noi so n ich aa
any to buy ' Im f? o?, ??> n II he bad
eded il Bui he lit pi beeide him tht
thai he pla? <-?i ?\ hen he a ai ?
member of tht Metropolitan orchestra
j in New Tork, .-m.i when, before that,
Frans. Lehar, cotnpoi.i lie operas
paid him to on h? sti at? i: - prod
Johann Eichelborg was himself ai
moal famous, for at the height ?.f his
little succeaa with Lehar and Btrauas
I he decided thai he had within him the
divine flam? of genius aleo. !!?? quit
hla patrons and brought hli young wife
down to X' ?? Orleans. That nraa I
Had Visions of a Fortune.
Eichelborg had money then, iir said
that he Would make a h'-m?.- for himself
in the cltj <.f eternal summer and
garnet ? great fortune from the <>m
poaltlon of songs.
H? : urroundt d i . na? if a Ith every
luxury planoa, violins, mandolins and
the harp ?if wondrous tone that in- had
hmught with him from abroadi He
prospered for a link tlmt In New ?Or
ii-ans, but soon none of th< music pub
iKhr-rs or producers would lake hla
compositions Th**"j said h<- wrote
vr? i. ndld music, hut someboa had loot
tin- spark.
'I'lun, when his fund? were at lowest
ebb, two y.-ars ago, Elchelborg*a youi.-a
Wife Wont insan?-. Slit- was taken from
him tu the Louisiana Retreat Eichel
borg sold his grand piano to piv bet
luxuries at the home, and be evolved
the "masterpiece" that in.- thottght
WOUld put him in affluence again aid
provide treatment In ? private asylum
for i.i-^ wii?.
Ifanuscripti ?.!" more than iu<- bun
dred compositions i.ii?-d up around him.
lor still non.- at tin m would sell; and,
?m? by on?**, h? saw slip from bla home
bis other musical Instrum? nts.
six months ?'iKii h?- fell m of (.,11
sumptlon. it was hast] consumption.
The charity doctor toM him ?<>; told
h?ii there wai no need of fighting the
disease. He said the composer had
-imply worked himself tu ?hath try? ?
to write the DlUSlC fot ti)-- ilusivo mas- :
terptece that u?.uhi retrieve hla fort- !
Wife Leaves the Asylum.
Three dayi ssjo, as be kty dying, his
wife was discharged from the retreat
She was not <-m?-?i mentally, the doc
tori said, but Ihe had hi-- ?.nu- bartulea?,
and it was as Well thai she be with hot
huaband. The doctors ?ii<i no* know
that ih<- man was <i> ing of starvation
'th. itslghbora mj that the dying hus?
band ami th<- \? i ak-inindid wif<- lay
upon the hed for hours last night while
be leaned nvee the ski?- and played tot
bar over and over the composition that
he thought had been his masterpiece,
i>ut which no publisher would accept
The charity organisation will care for
lira. Blcbelborg. and owing to h?-r help- j
i? m condition sin- m,?? be sent to an
as) lum again.
Amsterdam, v v . April :.. The plant ot ?
tin? Forest Papei stills, <>?? at ?i *l P "? i
Bm?allM I <'<>?. ?Ml d.str??.?i?l 6y fir?- this I
RMtSJng, eumtiiiR a loss of lAO.O??". !t Is,
hollared that the bisse ?m of Ineendtsryl
origin. The mills will be rebuilt- Rj '
Her Smile Wins the Hundreds of Guests at
Event in Honor of Administra?
tion Women.
A mal ingto I If ?
8, doubl of a roi - . es
i,, hind the low? louda thai I ? ?I
the gresl "n el? obk hi eakfa I In honoi
ol Mi i M oodroa W i on and ti,- worn? n
? ,i th? : dmlntatratton II a ?<
a hen lh( Pi ? l w\tt an lv?*d at
i : ...
ai p Int? 'i houi ol I* ':.i" a to ? ?
a > grlng her moai gracie
From ii.?- very ?i?'..r t<> ti??- greal ball?
room, where the breakfaal wi
.Mrs. w .; ., mile ipread Iti wan ith,
and if a line "i car? lingered on any
face it i? aa qui? kl bi u h? d ? >\., ? Mn
Burii son, wife "i ti.?- Post n t<
tiii!. who knows Washington hi-,- a i.k.
a s the lirai "administr?t1 .. | t?
art-ire. Before the camera men had hall
finished t?,, Ir ? napahoti ol Mi W II on,
Mis. Marshall came along In i" i auto?
mobil? . with Mi i.'i" ?In i ?. ?? . of in
diana, al hi i Id? .i tepped ? mlllngl)
before ii"* I? naes. in iapld i*
cam?' Mr** Bryan. Mrs. Uarrlson, Mrs.
Daniels, Mn Lane and Mrs William B,
Wilson, wife ol the BTecrstary ol Labor,
th. youngest >i'p.n tin? ni m the executive
Mis. Wilson la Buffering a ?I ghl Isras
ness. and wsi accompanied b) bei daugh
U r. Ml Ign? VI .1 on, a a in Ihe
.-?m i j .,: ? radlng ? o"-i i mci osl am]
found h? r watch
Screech When Camera Clicks.
\tt. i the gsj ly gown? <i Sonn n a ?
aoatcd about the Bower laden tables there
was a audden atllln? -, a reech, and
?i group pa turi ol th? women, br? al
and ?iii waa tsk?m.
Th?' breskfsi t, In eli gam ? ?Implicit)'
sud diplomatic ai rangement a declared
by the "?''-'. women prissent I b? th? best |
? ..i.., , .?i i lei eul ?rr.iir si Its
? ? i rota Iba ? n
to the ?I? I'.n ture of the gu ta
i ? ? .. and arlth fee sa?
di tal ?? a eaei ab
. .m the
rogramms ?us tin- aba anee "f
n|. ? lark. \? it?- ?>f the Bpt
to I he i., mi- ?i announ.
H.? ni ..'i !? Hi- menu, liga? d bj
h ..i prbmpl i ti.??
' ii?.ii th?- absei.i sin .1 bit W.
? : Indiana s 1." a 1 to i.a? ?? 1.n
loaatmlstrrsi ??! Mr- David Franklin
Houston, wife ol the Beeretarj of Agrl
? ultui? and of Mrs W llliam <'., Red*
rtt .1
II .-, II on, ? " ingei I daugl 1er
th< ii ."ni. ni. ta h- baa i" ' m ? '?hihi.-?i
1 .i|..,1 tin. ni i,.. ? ?. i..1 daya bj a
.....i did nol all ..i tip- Junior
table, ?? i,. 1 ? aht ?? ta I a gue t ?>r
honoi 11. ? i. m \; 11- m . 1 \\ ilaon,
? i ? to Nea ? .-i i. i..- .1 t. a >i ?
1 'I'll, tabh il \? : It h Mr. ?'? II on was
? ?! . \i. ndt d ..i..- -i-- >.f th?
I room, ..i?.1 plat? were laid ....
I >.nr? one ? 1.1- . thai thoa seated Un 1 e
overlook ..n ..r the t.. 1 -i? \i
M.mh. ??. T B? ?11 ai ml ". - of een
m.?1.mi.?. ,1 id. '?? ntre "i the table
right sal Mi Wilson and al her
\ 1 ft Mra Mai hall, while on ? Ithet side,
ordlni i?? pr.Ienc?r s 11. ? eated
the \?..m.: Hi. > 'ablm 1
Ul aboul ?ii.- ballroom bung American
? 1,.i foi Hi.- let "ii?- ?? 1.1. h followed
th?? brmkfaal 1 screen wal hong al -
. d of th< i..... , Mi Abbie Baker mad?
.. 1 : Ilk "ii th'- hfartory nf th.- White
11..-.:. ,1 1,.1 ti, tees, th.- ? ihm. liver 1
ami 1.1,' I brae.
Washington Relic There.
Man? Intereetlng f?Baturee wer? Intro-1
. ,1 1. mi 1 :- 1: a ? r. -. i hall man, t.,
.,, ?ii,. successful msnagemenl of the
affair is due. A greeting adorne
hack of Hi-- list of guests, in whirl
toi,I the history of the breakfast
its inception !<*? Ihe hour of MS
??,? Kuests. In It Mrs. Ayres refer?
the ala. rily with which the wome
? epted the verbal tnvitat.OMS in the
ttssy were given. A silver drinklni
carried hy ?leorge Washington it
K?*?olutioii was placed at ihe rig
Mr?. **Ff*-M*aa.
A Bet of ruies printed on the in?>f,n
du-eil much merriment between cot
They ran !ik? ti is:
"Bach takle is in ehsr-ga of a pr?s
b**a*teas; foil t***urt?*-*y should be aeo
"U??pj.??,.?? fear autographs Hie no'
petted at 'Ii" Honor Table: th"
WOUld h<- too ISXlng to be const.l?*i
.nmplii.il tit ?>n this onasion."
"\o tsssta will he ?spec tad
guests baughlngty Sdded: "No toast?
Ik- ],: ri.iitt'-il."
An aul?.graph copy of the tar-all
reglst?*r bearlns the ataflistsre of
Woman prcsefJl was presented to
Following the talk b) Mrs. Flak? i
Wilson snd th? women <>f iho Csl
stood In tin? With Mrs. Bcotl and
Ayr? to whom all of the guests '
"Fresh Air" Suffragette, Th
Years Old, Takes First, "Hik
'i' roung? it fresh sir suffragette, i
riot Stunt, ti Hint, h d? !?'?> .st. aged t
yeara and Borne months, bended s v
for women parade on i-'itth avenu?
A? Im fitted the granddaught?
?llxabeth Cady Itsnton, aha walk*
..? >? who r? it aha bsd a rtdsston, hoJdli
?ni .g, pennant firmly In her tiny ha
Th. pre id Mr v. ho accompanied
? dared ah? ner?*i -*ould hsre rnsde
walk if it hadn't been tot tut frssh
lif- ?'t Bhoreham, Long island, wlwra
in? spent m..-t of i.i three yemta,
, .i.:.i.- ?ras to adrsfllsa it e Mg phi
luled '?? Ml I ?t It BtsrtSd from
,,?? ? ,,? the Women' Polll
L'nlcn, m '--'th street, .?t:?i ?? en! up r
?crea I2d tr? I ..?"i don n Bk
wa) Th? women among whom a
Mi i: Mrtngston Hunt, atlas Mao
Brsnnon Mi- E?eanor li*vlng and .\
Nora BI itch ?i? Fort--t. wore tha "a>e
parade hats they ?ill wear On Msy :
nsd no Iwible - a?*epl once, wl
a inlformed -i?***son, who asid he wsa i
of th? t'.ftli av. noe poll emeu. tt;e.|
? tt.. m ? if thai thorooghfsre. i
be waa one man agslnsl twehr? wean
and h? did i ol i un i aad
Woman Stuffed Loot In
Child's Pocket, Detective Sa>
I a ?roman who ?Id alie ? ?s Mrs J
t> ? M? Is a If? of I" B steig, ?? ph)
, Ian, -' ? was ?
i? i- i rsterds) aft? rnoon ??n ?? chai
.pllftlng ah? au li .iving
BrsdWS) ?lepnrtment store Mrs. M;i
? ''.ni:.. the >.,,r, ,|. :. tr.. v. ho made t
? ? ..i i the womsn bsd tak? n a s
and a pair of allh Btocklng
at r-.. and stuffed them into tha cc
?.,, k. t ..t" b tu e.-. .-.n-i.;,i child who ?i
Th? i ? '? l \ ?h. m?nt
t being arn sti d, bsM t
i ' 11? r -laught.r Mildred Th? ? w?
to the Mere? I 11 station. B?
iolomon futfi-h.-.i tw? ?,8ii foe Mi
Meta ' ? bad b? en locked up
short lime Bhe will t ?? arraign?
Jefferson Msrkel couri to?ds*
\t f ? addn m .**? - "i ?! ,,\ enue a ?e
..i.i th? woman who had ees
?? ited .?.. not th? Mr M< i/. wl .? llr?
C. J. Charged with Trespass b;
"Larry" Mulligan.
? '??itiei. ia j BulHrsn, when he appear?
I ? Magtstrata Ls-ry In th.* W? H Bid
court ?.?Lu?a, to complain against th
four Italian who be asra prevented hli
*rom entering the ?ffic.-s or the C -i Bol
Uran Advert?a! ng Agency, No. IH Wat
ffth street, last **Tida) afternoon, ara
.fronted by "harry'' Mulligan, hal
brother of "Big Tim" Bulltest*, who i"
'ied -.nntei charge of n. apsa
M iglstrat? Levy sai?l h<
would hear the first case tu-m.>?-r??\. nigh
..? > o'clock in the meta'a night court
I'omellua .' Bullhrsn, who sayi he
cousin of "Big Tun," a a ? ih? nomina
rounder In 1908 ol the advertising ngenci
ah ich do? billboard advertising He con
i ' ?:? d Hi m hi was rlect? d president al n
meeting las) Thursday and thai his oftV?
? .. u 'up' d the foll?n un; da) b) Prank
?>. Smith Lan.' Mulligan, Who had
him Hi el? ? ted -?T. tarj and treasurei,
. ding Harr) Appl? btium, "Big
Tim's" Mcretary, told Magistrate ( ..*v \
that he wanted it mad. clear thai Cor
nellus .1 Sui Ivan was do kin to Ttmoth)
l< Bullivan
William it. Rllison, aonnsel for i'on
.:'? unan Bullivan' "committee ?>f per
nn and ? atate." which I conducting th?*
"Hlg rVllow'a" affair? ?luring hi- Illness
said yesterdaj thai ?v J. Bui H van wa?
i llred n,?m the presldenc) .,i the corn
pan) In I '? -??m'', r. 1810, for B "Viirl.'l. of
i' a "t'-" and that th? au.iiiois of the es
im. had asked the toim.-t- pr?Vstd?'nt
foi an accounting Kmsnuel j, Biumen
atlel, "Big Tim's" counsel before h? waa
.??nt u? a sanatorium, aaM ?' .1. Sullivan
transferred llie i.^n shares of stock com?
I'll Ing i'll "f his holdings in the ?oni
p.'tn, to his ? lient on .lnl\ ?a, l'ip).
. ,^a^BBr^^^^7^^^^na^Hk'\JBttB''V
~' .-' f ? "'' ?; *L_p-*--___?*?Vl/* V -a.1,
^ , I Hundreds of Pictorial Enlaigements
?asT / at^ySa'ssssaaas- ^^*" Open Tuesday Afternoon, Apr. I
,T ^M VyJ^^f^^ 1st, and daily thereafter (except 1
\^***o9rJ Sunday) from 2 to 10 P- m- B
^ (Lectures at 3 and 8 p. m?) I
Goddess, Invoked at Greek
Games, Gives Victory to
Class of '15.
Simplified Costumes Aid in Dis?
playing: Grace and Agility
of Contestants in Discus
and Hurdle Events.
"Whan you're In Orroaca da as Um
Greeks do" tras Un- prevalent not.' of th"
"Qreeh fjRiRcs" yeoterdey afternoon in
Columbia Qjainosluai, The cccaLston
?rae the yearly sopnpmor?s-freshman eoaa*
! teal ?n th? sports of ancient O rasca.
IToaks of study ;in?i of practica wen
spent by both daaaes to prepare for the
first iiiti aprlng avant This year the
pr?paration was eapeelalljr elaborate; us
the prooeeds arers to be devoted to the
tlCt*?0,OM building fund, add ticket were
old for the first time In the history of
"tirofk games." The gymnasium was
crowded with enthusiastic onlookere. .\
special atada setting iras alao ? deviation
ir. m the usual. Twenty Ionic columna
were backed by the Mue waten of ? bay,
Which, though painted, lookod realiatic.
lu iront ??as .-? White altar. ..t Which
were two prlaetcases scatterlna Incense
and pouring II attena. Mm. Jeannette
Thurber, president of the National Con?
servatory of Monte, arranged the Greek
This rear the gamea were dedicated to
Demeter, .-arth mother, goddeas of the
hai vest."
At -i o'clock the freabman class, in
Soaring Oreeh i?,i"~. marched In past
the White altar antl aronri?! thd gym?
ni lum. Their costumes were hartnoai*
? - eorn ?-oior and Hue and white being
mattered through the procession, Bright
red i'"t.|.?.-^ adorned the corn color boo
turnea pt the dancers, who carried iiwcn
i.iisk'-is heaped With the Sowera. The
athletes won short srhite running tunica.
The freabman entrance Chorus was sung
to Gounod's "Sing Smile, Bleep." The
wor.is ???r-. by Edith Grossman.
The wphomores marched In neal SU
dancen ta gnon prectiled the da - uafl
Waved "(irlanda before, th?? altar. Tha
? clad In tray and raw, chanted
Reginald ?-i* Kov?n's "Receaslonel," arith
word* by Margarei Pollltaar, 'IS,
The priiateaasa. Hatea Harttey Jenkrna,
president of the eiaas of It, and Carol
i...;.-ii/ pr?sident St 'M, etad In dull
orangi robes aolemnly took their place??
al the alter, and the sophomore i > r^- ^ t -
dent-priestess tteclaimed the InvoMtlon
t?> Demeter *- she iixht?'?J tha altar fire
and Mattered Ineenae apon n
Tha fust event of tha programme was
lh<? ?-oiiieMi in ehorua and <I.i-t ??. The
freshmen offered thfff ?lur,??' r;r?--t. it
waa to th<> i?,st PafsepbaaiOj bemoaning
her fate, sear? hi tip for ROT an?! finally
rejoicing al the aoond ?>f ? now spring
The sophomore dancers wore drcoaed in
tiarmonloua rotof* anl their tlam-e waa
more ?i.i ? thai ?.f the trt
men Al : it I.f Pvm?phOne they
Implored Sous to return their playmate,
an?i r.-ioi'i n th? promise irlth "exqui?
sit ?? happiness" a? the ?-.-irtii Mossoratd
.. a more Ti.,- danee of 'is u.i-- com
poa?fd bj Gertrud? St - ayler, tue mnate
b) K'Hh Salon an.I the '?unis by Mary
Poweli. The popr-omores' dance tras by
Klizaheth Palmer, with Riueic by ruy
Levl and words by Alma Herzr. I,i
MifYerent faculty groups jnijK?*d each
event. Professors Mrann. Muzze.y Hn<j
Van Hook d?ci?J<d ?n favor of the Koplio
more's entrance march. Mis? Reegh
Professors Toung an?i Perry considered
the frenhman dai. the b*>nt. and Profea
sors Crmnpton, Brown ai_l Ward favored
the younger class, too. in judging the
The ?ontest in iyri<-s off.red two serioua
lyrics anil on<- comic ?me from BROh ?lass
The freabman ???-re again defeated here.
as all three honors were won by th?- R,
ernry sop"**"*asoroe. J>?-aji Virginia c
Olkterateevo, Protaaeera Rubbard and
Baldwin awardad th.- drat place to n.hoda
Engine, second to i-'re<u?. Kirchwey, and
third to Margaret ?'.?rr ami Hatea Jen.
kins. Th?- rteton were crowned with
laurel wr.'aths a:- th? y knelt befon the
preaidlng peieateoa
Suddenly, out ran tin- athletes, dressed
as Groak boya The SnM event was- ?iiseus
hurling. The SOPbOOSOrea pain??! th?
la m-I wreath in this, also. Marjorie fullas
??as crowned Brat victor, isaix-i Tottaa
second, and Lola Martin third.
Th?' frcebmen'a hopea s<?ar?'d up again
\?ith the <-ont?-st in hurdling for torm.
Katharine Williams. '13. gaincl llrat
; > 1 ;t ? -1 ?. however, although Pauline tJubner.
16. and Gladys Pearson, K won second
and thini placea.
Tha relay ra?'?- took away all hop??
from ?he fresiirii'-n. who saw IfalbaiRn
Williams, Marterte iiiiia.-. Fanny Mark
well ami Helen Qlllaandeaa run to "rtcterj
for the sophomores,
?lug.- hoops ?ton n.-xt run about a na
row apnoe by the two tauana. This ?n
won i.? l.'.s loam. Catharine Pri?e, Freds.
Kirchwey, Rotea Qtlteandeau and Alma
Ig the torch race Diinetcor again ft
rorod the conquering sophomores. Mar?
ion?- Millas, Katharine William-, Panny
Merkwell and Catharine Fries proved ex
pari bearers of tha lambeau. Mus
Yiinek. Iftes DoWd and Mr. \\ fliama
judged the athiettea.
The torch race ended th- formal eventi.
with the aeon ''I for the S'iphomores and
Ifty lor th?- unfortunato fr-'shnn-n.
Mis. Alfr?-<1 Mey.r, Mrs. OeOTge Walk?;
Jehkfne, Mrs Boardmaa Uarrlmaa and
Mis. Andrew CgrRagte wer.- among the
enthnsJnette onlooker?? The committees
MS ?Edna Astiuck. chuinnan; M.v.orle
Mill;..-. Hhtelte Kraus?-, Kay Larri, Ltiej
Morgenthau, Btlanbeth Palmer; Ml M;?r
iori.- Bteaon, ehairaaan; Dorothy fTlnadd.
Pauline Gubner, ftehnti Jacoby, i!?rtrjd?i
Bchuyter, Carol w.iss; ?x-otiido ff?den
.(??ni.iir. .-x-ofii. io Oarol Lorona, Kath
arln. 1 "..v and Kmma Balgp.
The names wen ""UMfvteed Mi??
Mar? Porter Beebe, dlreetor of physical
< duration at Harnard. Th?.- Ml dancers
and sinar? rs were
Dancer* Helen Bloom, Dorette Kezan
die. Evelyn Raring, Marie Kellner, Mir?
iam Mirsky, Beatrice Rtttenbcrg, Emma
s i pp. Gertrude Sehuyter, Helen smith
and Lillian Ihftve. Ch?ma?Bertha ai
brecht. i".r..ti.y Blonde!, Itettlna Bueae*
core. Marlon Connelly, Helen Kruger,
Dorothy Fraaar, Mai? H - moi
Hub r id. Margaret Law Mari? Nathan
son. Eva Parole, i;iad>s Pennon, Ethel
Regla, Helen Roaenateln, 0 ?trade Rosa,
Edith Rowland, Ruth Balom, Mm
Blaaon, Juliette Bteiathel, Louis. Talbol
Edna Thompoon. Evelyn van Du
Helen ?Weither and Rote ?Weshborn.
The Ml ? ?. i, ? r ?- ?ere: BUaubeth Pain..
Helen La? hroan, Kathei ine Foa, J??ai
Kd I th Stiles, Alma Herxfeld Anna Jordan
Harper, Thors Pernetrc-n, l/tnnca Pau?
l-an. M..r> i.ray. Eleanor R ;- and Edna
A ?truck, i '1 ?! ,s batell? Kraus? . H
Krskine, Helen Bleet, Lucj Morsentha i
Helen Blumenthal, Bvea Nelson, Rai
Levl. Sarah Butler, Phyllis ilmllev. M.,
garet hitvor, Dorothy Bklnkcr, Gcrti ide
Bain. I^? its.- Walker, Lucl? Howe, Rar
garet Parr, Ruth Kvana, Lillian J??
and l?lil'i Hardj I? K
Lane Bryant,
25 West 38th Street,
Nejflijrees and House Gowns
A very large assortment oi individus! ityles, silk, Swi-s. nlbatrns-.
and crepe de chine, slightly ihopworn. Vatnci up to 550.00.
4.85 8.75 11.75 14.75
Boudoir Caps and Matinees
Fluff* modela '"i breakfasl or afternoon's fest I ??lue? up t-? ?M.-.'-O.
.75 1.45 2.45 4.75
Separate Waists and Petticoats
l.mgctic ind rrepe de chiner fashionable trimming*. Value*? up to $14.7'
1.95 2.85 4.75 7.75
Infants' Outfits Complete Lsyetteg, tmr.??*rv rciitusites at moderate price.
?Xhti-Dork ^??^?^?Iribttne
Full announcements appear in the advertising col?
umns of this issue of The Tribune. Head Them.
Cut out this list and earn* it with you. It will sa\e
you many weary steps, many hours and much annoy -
anec. Questions will lie gladly answered if addressed
to Woman's Dept., Room 910, Tribune Building.
imt\ll\*?? * vrilAt ?, Rreotctln CS1I st?
i? ml m to :i ?,ii>- ??? host? i ? snd an
derweat alas "f women's afternoon
gonna sad danllns rrocks There will
al.?? l.l* 11 Mil.? .if .? OII1.MI? llli.l. l . ? ?? ?
.?n?l ?lash dresses.
Al.fllAN. H.. S CO., .".tii BY?.. .".Ith :i'l,| ISih
?'- a ? 14.. .ti;.,- ?.unions Msrvei .,-i.s
and t'r.in h band ?embroidered rabea o?
ii'.T batiste, ?ilk p?ltlreata, ron' am?
arrapa and perla mad? gowna foi ?ft?f
, on ..n,i ?tri .-i ?. sar,
lll.IMilllMlli.il.KK-. ::.i Bve and MM h at.
\r. .irr. riii* (plondld opportunities, In
?. .?m sis? ivrHinn rags, Mabala and
Rerapl ?. si greatlj r,.t??.-.-.t pi ?.. ?
H>V*4Tlfc*~1?li * te., ..n, ??.? ?nd Blih at.
lia?, a large ..--..iti,,. nt ,,r touring
i?.i travelling ?-"at?, outer garments for
train mid ?hors and ?h? i?t?st English
III,i If? In ..i i? ii.al ,1= -u-n
?RFI.MllT-MlK.liEl.-IOOl'Kltco., ?tl, sv.
liPtw?.|'Il 18th mid l!?tli ?t* An- i,,?|,|mit
.i p|*4K*lal ?al? at nmmir farnltar?, re*
rrtgeretor? ?f ??H ??l??'.* and Mtal ?uu?
in?r il.u.r covering*.
IIAV1I AM) S CO.. N... 11 Baal tlHlh ?ml
No 111 K.i?l ilTlli ?t.?. Ar.- ?.?I!|i,-. ,4
riuslv? alvl iinfnu? novcltMs f?r .\.-,|
?tins? alft* It? l''r> n.li l.t.iiiKo?. . 1,,,-kr,
i*.-.-?. in--.?, ?it pottery, l*at< d? Yerta and
i ii;iin, glaas,
'.li:i KKI.. A., ft ill.. N.? ::?i Ith
In.it. attention ?? I heir completa fn?*Hl#
itea t,?r the prepef >.n>- dn>i storage at
fur? in tiiPir dry, rold ??it venita ?a ''"
premia??; als? i? th? fact thai fara tag
he repaired and re model I ?*d daring ''''
intimer month? ai a ?ubstantlsl /:?i",t
.,, t
MM: UK. INT. No 28 *A?i ?Mill Bt I?
?Ulna ihl la teal Imported moSela treat
European designers In Bfternoon, ?*?*a
Ip? ind (?Hoi*. .1 k .?? >i?.
?Ml. B. H-. S to.. Herald s.ju.u-,* -Ar*
!? iturlns r?shlon?bl< c?.?1 i for if'*1
li.i.ii .ai ind crep? de rlilne neglige*-?
'i . ' .. haaatlt) of .i" *--. lines lm
port?*d from Ireland and ? astaM? Sar
plaj .?i blouse?.
I'll I.. Import**-, N.? lis w.si i7t:i ?t.-l*
showing iin.n.ri i! ni>.<l<*lt? from I?**''1*
European d ?signera of ..ft.-moon, ?v?i
Ing mill tailored jji.wii?
SI'KIIN HHOX.. \V??-t '.Mil and ?2d -!s. -A***
showing lh? n?wes! modela In worn???*
?tr.-...?.?? for an ?cdastons. For Mund*-*'
?.mi Tuesday thrr?? will In? a ?al? of ?2
ontlr?4 roll?<-tlon of dr???y and t?llor?a
hat?, ires? ?Ilk? ati'l " ?">ri?*iit?l ?nd
Vmrrlrnn rug>. (
HOI MIAN BHOS.. two "t?rr-. No MM
Rroadwa* an,I \... :',:>r* Broadway. *
Pleating, staking and niching.
A summary of the special otf'erings of the leading
stores will be published every Sunday and Monday
in The New-York Tribune under the above heading.

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