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t JU
Court in Half Mourning This
-Week?Lady Crews to En?
tertain Their Majesties.
Prepaiations fo. Big Versailles
Frtc Proceed Apace ?Lady
Maxwell and Lady Di;?na
Mannen Invalids.
- i.? h.I-.h. April .". Tli? K ins '?'??''
'. n lutvt .-. piirtii i. i".
lug ..h iVidrt?
? i the ?joui :
hg ? In ."l
i" -i larj ' numb? r ul r? . let.-. In
le? 'v. th.-\ m. going "'
; Lord and Lud Croo ? on V. ril 'Jl.
? '_>Hi the King
l?lig do of i
1 ighl ?
.h London, i Du ko of i
?.-. ul :? -i Tu. ?.:i ? nad.t i < ?ua ? t i
Hi? h : lh? Irirh < ?nurds, I m?!
it n lh? I:"? ??'? Quurda and i ??
? William s?\. inuur lh? ? "olds I
i ? fds.
1*1 . third courl ol th?
plu. ? on Ma) 7, and aft r lh i
ii..-H ? ;? rmun* ih? Ir nu j< -:.- - t
l? ml ihe Derb] und O ? i.
. ont Th? fi rt ind HI lh i-uui lit ?, ill
l"- !i. Id ?mi June '?' and 10, i
IT'.I. the: a II go lo the Vscol n
Kai Ij in Jul) tht King and Queen
\i.-t? the Henle? rogntta, and later will
m.:l? .. king tour of the I. nca rail
(itt: 11 i.ii .. ntr?.
Snef Rest n Aim
Their ma? istios ha so an ng? d \>>
a",t< ml ? in .-'.indo** n Purk und Goo l
?s.?."i re ? i i'"i the latt >r th > ???ul
bo guoats ol the Duki of Richmond und
i" rdon, and In August th? : will enjoj
,-? 11 ,? i i-. -i ..ii board the roj ul : acht
; r< gatta a i ? k ul Cowea.
it has i" ' h offi? ..iii? unnou
a ? i.<ii by ?lu- Prin? ?? of Vfali - '?? Can?
ada in iii<- near future is no) in con?
templation. Though it is hoped he will
\i.-it the Dominion, it ka nol llkelj lobe
this or n? \t year. The statement, ,??? .
thai the King and Queen are '?'? visit
Canada shortI] is offlciallj descrlb
As long ago as July. 1911. the Duk<
at Connaught, speaking at the Domin?
ion pay (liiiin-r In London, said II wai
liLs majesty's one wish that Hi? E*rince
.?f Wales should make himself ac
guainted with all )..?t",s of the empire.
The tiuk' hoped it would be his good ?
lurk, as Governor General of Canada.
td'welCome him to the Dominion.
Town Beginning to Fill.
Soeiot? people arc gradually return-!
lag to London tor tho season. A num- !
bar of promlnenl hostesses have come
frgm the .-"nth of Prance this week.
Thr Duke and Duchesa of ?Sutherland j
ate apendlng their last few weeks at
Stafford House before leaving it for
good ai the nui of June. There is per
? ut talk that the duchess Intends
giving ?me big farewell ball, before bar
irture, on a acal? that will make it
at-tmorable In society -Minais. At the
Mid of tho I.ond'.n season \\ is pTOD?
? that th? duke and duchess will
:.. m Canada wb?era the duke is ?on
^?antl? buying new tracts of land.
?"?The nuke (.f llarlborough, Lady
Batsman, Mrs. Alnr-nr F'aget. Admiral
snd lira Hea.tty and .Mrs. Harry Hig
trins arc among thos?-- who are pro
longlng their stay on thfl Riviera.
Considerable anxiety nal been felt
M* latte regarding the health of Lady
Diana Mannera, daughter of the Duke
*?uid Duchess of Rutland, site baa been
Buffering from r-ongestlon of the lungs,
i.ut is bow making a alow recovery.
"Lady Rodd'S great fancy dress ball
. | the Rritish Kmhassy in Rome has
.?? been definitely fixed !?.r Wednee
i..; April P. the day the court goes
nu.. half mourning for King George of
i.i-Mio. This ball baa been the talk of
Home for the last two months. It baa
"MM n twice postponed, but when it
. ?.inf.- will form a magnificent dlrnax
'." an unusually brilliant season in the
'laliaii capital.
Noblemen to Wear Pearls.
' Many English notabllltlea will be
?.resent, and wonderful tales are being
Ntl of the beauty of the costumes and
in magnificence of th? jewels that
util he worti In the various proc?s?
ions. Two princesses who are to ap?
pear in the Persian group are to wear
if'pes ?if superb pearls that will reach
"Vom the head to the ground. Many
*?{ the yotmg Roman noblemen art? to
Spear some of their mothers' famous
jewels, and on April 14 there is to l?e
i aeriea Of tableaux-vivants at the
Argent! Theatre, when all the charac?
ters who have appeared at Lady Rodd'a
i.all will he seen In ptiblio The money
raised by tho entertainment is to be
?irvoted to charity.
A great event of the London season
will, of course, be the Versailles ftte
*t the Albert Hall in Juri^. Lady
Raget has arranged an extraordinarily
interesting collection of people for her
Louis XIV Court. King Louis will be
represented by Count Blston, Queen
Marie Theresa by Lady Dudley, and
the Dauphin by Prim e Raul of St-rvla.
while others taking part in? lude Lady
Cr-swe, Lord Anglesey, Lord Tltchfleld
(who will represent the Karl of Port?
land of that ?lay. who was ambassador
from King Charle? II to the French
court at that time), Prince Alexander
of Ratf-nberg, Lady Diana Mannen
l4t?Jy Islington, Lady Deeboroogh,
L.-.'i> Helen Vincent, Mrs. Cecil Blng
Lain, Lady Ingcstr?-. Misa Muriel \\'il
issu Misa Bridge! Colebrook, Mrs
?gfjliam B. Leeda, Miaa Sybil Baaaooo,
t..?r<i Alexander Thjmae, Su- Richard
Button, sir Herbert Tree, Captain
Ltorge Monckton, Bernard Torke, Mr.
Heath, Comte de Ganay, ?Jouttc ue
Gramont, Counl Alfrcd Potocki, Bar?
oness E. de Rothschild, Lord and Lad)
Castlereaah, I-'. Howard and Captain
Albert J'. --
i ,.!> Maxwell, wife o? Sii John Max
-, oil. i? making .1 splei did re? 0*1 '>
? , 1 ;... m Hint ^s and will shortlj
mot ?? int" her ne? house, So 7 ? Sroi
mu..i- Square. On May 13 she will
;, danc? for bet daught? r, Phllae
Mi swell.
The Windsor ?ball, follow ing the pn c
rji m of lasl year, will be held ?mi the
Ural evening of the fashionable house?
hold brigad? ra? e meeting al Han -
! thornc Hill. It promis? a to be b sue
cess. Among the patronesse- Bre Prln
Alexander of Teck, the Du? ?
i of Teck, Winifred Lady Airan, Lady
Roaabeile Bingham, Lady FJeciea, Lady
Bt. Leonarda and Lady Cheylesmore.
.Mrs. Lewla Harcourt, who spent
Eastertide in Paris, haa returned t..
Berkeley Square. In consequence ol
h? r being pla?*ed In moui ning b; the
death of her uncle, J. Plerponl Morgan,
she will be unable t'> attend any Imme?
diate social functions,
The Earl and Countess of Oranard
have l'-i't their town house for Castle
Forbes, Ireland.
Cornwallis-West Case Makes
No Progress in London.
' c ? ble
i.?'n?i.'n. April 5, Although th< tat?
utory period has long since elans? I, no
further steps have yel been taken
cording t<? !tV court recorda In th?
Cornwallia-Wesl divorce case. Thla
situation lias ?given rise t?. many ru?
mora in society circles, where l( ?
; expected that Mrs. West's petition ?
lab olute divorce would have been filed
I long before this.
Mi*. Cornwallis-West has nol bee 1 lr
? England sine? ihr- courl proceedingi on
March .".. bul bas beei In M. .ut?? Carlo
and the S'.iith <.f ?France, where h?- now
la Boms of hia frienda just returned
t'> ?London from the Rlvlers uro retail
i? .,* accounts of a hip* run nf luck h?'
lias had at th?- tables at Monte Carlo,
the ii?l<- running so Btrongly In his
favor ihnt it was Impossible for him to
Th? real reason i?>r the delay In tin
divorce proceedings, however, is sai.i to
He In Um psurticubuly ?rarm friendshli
between .Mr. Weal and an actress well
known on the London atage, it la Bald
tii.it there -re ?family feara that if th?
decree nisi la pi-onouitced now then
mi^ht iif* undeairable complica) oui
".'?'? Mr. West's future matrimonial In?
I -
?Scott Expedition Hero Sough,
Death on Stumps of Legs.
Lon'ion, April ."?. Captain Lawrenc?
?Oatee, of the Inniskllllng Dragoona
who died with Captain i:<>??'-rt i\ gcoti
on his Antarctic expedition, had loei
ii??i!i in?- feet 1 rom froatbite before h?
stumbled out of the tenl to his d? at!
on tho istumps of ins lega, according t.
a tetter to Captain Watson, the agen
of th?. Impeirlal Service Guild -it Wei
lington. New **>ealand, who says h<
I makes ihe revelation ?>n the authority
'of Command? r Evans.
Previous l*epOTtS as lu ? 'aplain * 1st?'
ICondition When he ih-liberately ? 0111
milled SUkide told only half the truth
artAtes Captain Watson.
Pilot of Liner Responsible fo
Collision with Cruiser.
!iOn?i.,ri. April l- Th? Couri of Appeal
1 t..-ii,i'. dismiss.*! the appeal brought b
the White star Btesmshlp Line sgaini
Um <le?"i.sl<>n ?.f tli?. Admiralty ?'.nu
which found "ii Derembei IS laal that tti
pilot of the liner <il\m|.i<- was !>> Mam
for th?* eoliision uith ti:? British cruise
if?wii?' off Hie Isle <'f WI?Th| 01. Sept? b
bar .". tSil.
The ?'our! "f Apju-iils confirmed tli
lower court's ludgmenl thai th? Olympl
had been rightl* ii?-i?l responslbl? for "'i
rolllslon, ut... h sii.- ...alii have avoid?
almos! up to th?. last moment.
German Steamer Goes Ashore Nea
West Hinder Lightship.
-"lushing, N'-"" rtandi. April ' *"?
,.,, ,\ ,,f th. Qernian at? am ?r tVlesan
wa? rescued to-day b) 1 'cross ??"??'"'
M....1II-r after ihe vessel had Bone sal*'?'
near th? West Hinder lightship wl.ii?*'.
her a*ay from i-f mt n to Chill. ?
The Wiegand asked foi ... v?stante f"*>
0?teud l?y wlrck-aa *a*aa**rapby.
COI VI ESS OF I ?i hl.l N
Ragtime and Corneous Dresses
Attract Audience:?.
"Bough? and P;?id Fo, and
Forbes Robertson in Reper?
tory Draw Biggest Hou :?
London, \i i II 5, Tht i now. it
app**ari Ju ' Iwo ?. ??? ? ?
audit n?*ci la tht London m h I
< me i. racl .in. and th? othei i gi i 1
. ?ill? ' 11.. : i ..f ?ii ? regard
penac Tht Empire, ??. hich rough! '
again il ragtim? ..:?? r all the other '
Buccumbt tl, is about to produce u rag?
time re? ue. h ..- anno meed I liai ? ? i
Mr hata and costumt i ai i to bi In rag?
< ni the other hand, the i -ondon < >i - ra
House, which is about !?? reopen ?is ,.
tuns i? hall pure and aimple, makea one
"i the ? hit f i gurea oi Its annoui ?
menta tht fa? I tha I the memlx i
the chorua will wear between l???O and
700 different dresses, special!} d? Igned
for the production, <.i which fifty-four
have been prepared al o coal of $11,
iHHi. w ni, ;, particular t lew ??> Infl u nc?
ing tin faahiona of the near I iture.
Those who have seen the scenario ol I
th" revue say n la to a large extent ..
reproduction of Hi?- show given in Nea
fork al I he Wlnti r ? ?arden thia ? a
in ..el' i to ^i\'? tb' .-'udlence an op
portunil i of Inapecl ins the dn
? loae ,ii hand a platform haa bet n built
from the ? ntre "f the stage <l"?\ n to
the middle of th ? orcht str? i talbi. I
r?ut of ii" pel I--1 man? i will take place |
on ihis platform, Thua Lo idon . ? - ,u
to be slowl] working up to the Neu '?
York sinni of tending barefool glrb
through tli" audlen? e.
W liii?- "i'i" halla' art thus at arching
f..r waya i" at)ract audlencea, the
legitimate houses do not yet seent to
have found 'he propt r tiiiiit.- Bir Her?
bert Tree'a experiment with "The
Happj [aland" has alreadj prov? 'i ,i
failure and will be m Ithdrawn on
Wednesday, after a ran ..i a little more
than a Im tnlght. Sir l!< rbt 1*1 -a ill fol?
low it with ;i revival of "Tin- School for
Rev?vala anil American playa aeem t<.
i.?, th?- mool popular tilings with Lon?
don audlencea nowadaya. Forbes Rob?
ertson, with hu? repertorj ..f well
known plays, la .l'an? the biggeal busl-1
ness in London to-day, and Allan
Ayneewortb onmi nexl with Oeorge
Broadhurat's "Bought and Paid ""or."
Laborers Mav Be Dead in Furka Pass
in the Alps.
p..,,!,, \prii "?. Two hund? i :.,...
..no engtm ? 11 a tnrklna on I '?>?? Kui ka i ,
rcivm ii" Mps wet I >? st'i'i.?
by tin- fall "I' an av..'.ai" I" i ? i ! '? '..?
,i?i>.>. I., Bon.f ii" a. a.. .? ported t"
have died from exposure and grava anx?
,. u u i. ?t uii.iii. i h .?ill be possible n,
ii"- remalndt i
A si" u of eoM \? ? ail" i ael m lo-da
| ibrougbool Italy. Baow f?U darlag lbs
night on Vesuvius,
Coal Miners Say Non-Union
Workers Must Go.
Stoppage of Exports Urged to
?Support the Demands for
Pram bise Reform
? .
Kou th \
Into ti.? un
thei ? ? ? . ..
i . . i
ben hip ol I"- ........ .
' ? ' il ? lo give the ownei
.!' April
t inlon
' ? . i :. ? bal tun. The strike
:; i been ha i d< d In b)
,, Um Rbondda Valle)
lu |dl ... lo- threaten? i ? m i
?. ..i tempi - .?i - b< n?; made t?
. h< r ilo* .Min- ? ? - - .iIon, ti"
ipoi t v. ortt? i and the
? i ; i ? Itli a lea "f ;?
unit? ?i ti Ik? v in'-ii " ould tl? up all the
Industries ol the countr) ? me >>i I b<
principal purposes ??i the movement
ould I..- t.? a Bist H.-- B? Igian ? "i rt
men in their atrike Bxed for April u.
t.. Infor ? .i- mand i"i franchis? i<?
". h.
'i be min? 11 si e In sgre? mom as to
th? desirability >.i : lopping coal expoi i ??
i ..nuil i.. Belgium. < ither
trad? are expected i" i. the move?
m. m for t) in'; up i "iniii'-i cc w Ith i'-'
n In order to help i lelgian ?? orkroen.
j it i:? likely thai commerce aith Qer?
r m.m;, also will i.-- ; ' t lousl) affected, I
I as much ?'I' the export- to <;. niiaiiy
i brutish Belgian ports. it Is I
planned to stop all commerce with Bel
gium, regardlei - of the ultimate ?l?-.?- j
tination "i shipments. The Seamen's I
i m. o meeta in Lond? n April 12 t.. !
di- i.i.- upon i in ir ' ourse ..i acl ion
Both the put.ii'- and tii?- Socialists of
Belgium arc continuing preparations
for -i g? n? ral sti Ike The pi oprletora J
..i man) large i hops hi Bi iisa? I- which
are i<? remain op? n dui Ing the su ike
arc buying revolvers for their staffs
Other shops will cloae all over Belgium.
Large purchases of ??d lamps. ?. i i ami j
?:?ti?ll?.s an- being mad?- in \ i? \v ol Hi?'!
strike <?i gas and -?lectrice! wotrkera. |
Pi-bbably most of the large factories of
South Belgium win cloae,
Purchases at grocers' shops are su
i i. ,-it th.it prl? -1 ol ail goods are i<> be
rained, and this will entail hardships I
for ill?- poor. The "Brussels Oasette'"
atat?i thai in tin- Charteret district the
Socialists are in s position to maJntal i
la strike for four <>i ii\?. weeks. Baron
de Broquevllle, the Premier, and m.
Woeste a leading member of il" Cath?
olic part-.. ar? dally in receipt of letters
threatening death. Petitions asking
the King to pre*ent the atrike sre be?
ing circul?t? d.
Thinks Nightclothcs and Sheets
Too Easily Inflammable.
i it? Cat?*? t?. Th? TrMma? I
i...n.ion. April ."?. .'?n Joim COchrane
bas asked the Royal Ranltar) Institute
l" juin him in a ? rusa?h* -(gainai si' > p. j
,,.? between *slieets tarVesring night
! clothe? Just .*? nightcap he said, was
i all that was r? ?? i ll i I? ?I, I'ol' tli- mm .
might i"- burned down an) "tight, and
?in ? a.?-?- oaf lire it is aii\aiilaK'?iU.s to |
hase u minimum ol clothes, lo escupe in.
I _,_
Former New Yorker Heads
British Fight on Tuberculosis.
George Bernard Shaw Discovers
Nobody Likes To Be Grouped
in the "Middle Classes."
i...!..;.." .M;-1. m .-'? While tie- paopl? of
the I'nitrd Htatra are irelghtng in the bal
,,i:. ,? the ' laltn i "? i * r* K Pried
the ?;. ' man lia? i? i lologtat, thai consump?
tion . an i-- ' ured b] :?.- turtle ? i
peopl.?rent H : I are giving I
to ?? .il. ..; i \ km for hv -real <? 01 k In
eombatina the a ??? o\ I ft? ' a ill
plagu? a thia ' ounti ! Mi ?st?*r, v ho
I baa gii ? n per.all? and ecured ai.
Ins arealth American friends large sum
to h- '.. i- n. ? oli m InslItutl? na for th
care of ; om umptl*. ? ha plan ? d th?
system of national and local committees
through which fnmis applied from the
working of the Insurance act ??ill be used
l to Ii ? ings of the |"m.i- ma
I,,, ii. . ? \\ ? mnsumptlv? The son
of ii..' Vmerlrnn multi-millionaire and au?
... ? ball mai "f ' he Par?
ii. mentai ? < "-i mitt? An pit the fa? ' thai
he all ? on tht opj ? tlon aide of the Hous?
? a Commo ?? . , i. . t i... broken bi -
im pol il - I . "-i friend
agreed thai P Idorf A itoi arai "the man
f"i il". J ib, ' ar.l th? -.???! I. "f i-i i ?
pain -.'..-i- nut ai'.a. part] co slderatlons
In addition to In m?diat? st? ps t" i at?
for patienta incapablt of providing proper
medical ;?t"i hospital care foi themsel i
Waldoif \ t. plan In? lude* an exhaus?
live system of government aided research
work and the provision of special Schol?
arship It has been found i bal the pres
? ippmi i lotion fi"in ii"- . late fui ?
h ..?!? ?; : ? to meel the cost, bul II
ti o ighl that there ?? 111 be mi dlflli ult) In
? ? : p im? ntai granl
The Earliest Whistler,te.
The passing I th? Metropolitan M i
'???mi... ..f \. u \..,u. i,( Whist 1er* i po I
<?f his fi It ml T ? odoi Durel Is regard? d
by Brill I is but flttlna i -:
:? ;....... ,i. i
? ? ? : ? .'t
?'..!'. i '. ?
M i.a ?? ' ? one ol the nisi ?>( the
i ? *.. . -\ . tier" ?
. and I.-- baa lived to arltness all the
????!?. ? ? | . ?? . ' ihink?
le "ii the
'.???-.. Beau \ ? I
\ptil, I8RI, ind this ? ? ? ? others,
?? d m in- ? oil? ? . .
i i?ii,-t loa ther ?> n
mor? one ol Ph? IT?
kin" . i .. :? \ - mptx ii.. i,"?\ m
Wllsi ? mi. Philadelphis
bo| t the same tlm? Both
pi re?
mo ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ,, ? nil
? ? Pari .-;,:? ....
St. U et lent I trait to thf Whist?
... ... ... y. .
liegen! tree! ? ? ? M. 1 ? n-1 Is
II -
? i hi I? ft a i Ink don
' ' to l lund.
The Mi tropolitan M ist um a
the wl lengl ? of 'The
? ?" .1 i o; i ., ? ? Hichrist, now
.,.-., ? rope,
i -i m i>..., and exhll t? d al the
Middle Class Ignored.
?;..?-. B? . i:.i Su,.?, has made
? er "i m- remarh ibl? .. .
I I" ? t.! :
meml er of th? i Idd e cli - The ?lis
????v. ? . ?., plexes a goo i
man) peopli bul nobo i h ? ? ta ken II
himsell ". hei - ? : to - ? pshaw"
t., Bhaw. Because it .- lie in th Eng
h.i... a ........ fron tin Ei (land of
l ?It ;,. ni and lames Paj n. Bxei 5 bod?
iu'ii.'i"^ the "middle class,' king tht
? .....' ,ii.,?.- it t? . lia tli ipoi
below ii. Where the B Itl h hour?
? ..i". louaneaa si all he and
- he all" i to I ?' than tie J ai, .
"Bo it la all a world ol make-believe."
Si..i?> We i,.. , turned ..?:. bai ka
upon tie- f uth ai?i tri ad alon In troo
Ing Iran tit
Tht British Mus? am .nd tli ? Bod
i.ihiai ? iia?'? pui chased a ".it 11 prol .. bl
the lasl . ?.in - ri.i in. hit. -s ol Bra
mu ? which a ill ? ont? il i the nuil k it it
consists ?r m letters, .>i which thirty-two
art holograph ettet ol Bra mus. All
at" in Latin and ai arltu n In ?< ?-??-.n.
? i. gant and do* Ii I bs id, wltboul ? rs -
mi . .m .... i ectlom - in ?-.. pi r "i quarto
or foolscap als*, Tht etti ? were ad
dre ? ?i i" i:. Bi beta, the i ankei of Brae
inns. who lived at Antwerp The) wen
?a i itt. n ! '"in ? ai ''"i - plaCt -. and, a I
though they deal malnl) ??.'ii buainesa
mat lei a, th?-.? re? i in i ume cas? lA Eng
land, aa Bcheta . *.ti?< t*.i tor Erasmus the
i ? n "'"? which he drea from thia countrj
,,i?i otbei d? "? Th? re sre, hid? ? d, ft ???
Of lii" l"tl"i I ?? hi. h .:.t i ??' . to "H"
than buainesa and llnancl il ubject .
Thus L-utber, the monka, political .?t
fajra and the ? mplre and ! Ii glish an
' qualntan? ? ; .- ?? lonall) to ch >i <m.
and m one letter Brasmui.nplains ..?
in. hoatlUt] "i a pen mi a bo did him an
m turn im having tared to repl) to
1,Ulli. I
Tin. i slli ctl.i leti -i i i mil' ii? i"'- i
longed to Pierre r*ran;ola Xavier de Ram
(ISOt-'SS), rector of Ixiuvaln, snd more
. ???. ? 1111 ? t?i Linn - n .. ... i. '??!?.i m. from I
whom ii ".'s purch ta d b) th? British i
Museum and the Bodleian Libran Joint?
ly, the hitter taking nln ? letters of the
->-i lea. w nil the exceptlo i of the libra
rtea of Basis and Copeiihigen ft" Ubaary
contains so large a coUdetlos "' *** ?**?
t> ra of Erasmus aa thl i>
France, with 600 Army Aero?
planes, Will Build More.
Pi April I Tba ?a.vi aerial prepara?
tions made b) German) bs*fl itetermlned
the decision nf ||lt. |.-,,inh Cabinet Coun?
cil i" bring forward <.n tba reassembling
..i Parliament, on Ils) I, ;l ''"' lu a,l<'
greatly i" rrgnce's an tkxoi Bvaa th?
outlines ?n ti?. ,?.,s ,,,, ,,v.ir.- have I.n
kepi secret, but ?t is general?? agreed that
the conditions of war "" ***** "'"' s,'il
have i.n -?. ,"tiilll(;,.,i i.? the progress
mad? m ii.. navigation *t !l"' ;ur thai
Branca mual |,ui i,,ni, fggah exe**tlona in
tins nil", -tl? 111.
i i.ii.'-'- ah ,i,|. .,,...- ala hund? i d
?aeroplan .--. b*g |a _rn_Pn' '" ?Uriglble
?ball.a capakj, of ?rSfV*** explosives
'on battleships, ,,, ,,.n,iu, shipyards and
other objectlv? pyiala.
Wilson, Taft, Roosevelt and Others Contribute to Work
Describing Formation of Panama Republic and the
Organization of the Zone.
i;-, t'able la Tha Tribuac 1
London, April ... The controversy
over the organisation of the Panama
Republic is likely i<? be revi? ed to soute
4r\toi?t by ;i publication thai is i?> be
brought out in the fall, when the Brat
boat ?'" s through th? canal. The book
is t.? be a hlator) of the canal and of
its construction. A? far as possible it
\ ill K?. into th?' ?i'-iaiis of ill?' fornaaUon
<?!' the Panama Republic and ih^ organ?
Ixatlon "f the i anal x<?m
W s Dorland ami ira Bennett are
th?-- aponaora for th?. i.u. while John
Haya Hammond, General Rupert Blue,
Rear Admiral Andrea's, Franklin K.
Lane and .1 Hampton Moore are asso?
ciate edlto-a. Both ex-Presldenl Taft
.uni President i?/ilaon have taken great
?ut. rest In the production of the i?????...
Mr. Taft, white Prestd? nt placed al
th? ?iisp.,?;ii of the editors all the
(official corrcspondenci between th<*
I United Btatca, Prance, Colombia and
Panama with regard to Uie new repub? j
li? and canal The only r't-?.' isu of I
President Taft was i hat the book
should be unbiased In its statt menta.
In an effort t?. attain impartiality,
the editors seciired from Colonel Room -
veil an article <?n the toirmatJoa ?.f
Panama, anil the BLcqulaltion "f Um
?'anal /.?.lio by th<* United States, nits
ill?, ptivltege Of reading amJ publishing
at hast pail of ? private o??n*?*s|M>n
dence on thai nabject which Colonel
Roooeveli took away from the White
lions?* with bina. Therj stoq sill b?
srtictes b) William Nefansi Cromwell
ami M. Bunao-Vsrilla, Colombian and
Panaman Ministers in W*urhlna*t?*?n,
Colonel ?:<? tha!s will write tli?- Intro.
?in. ii?.n Presitlenl Wilson has promised
tu contribt . ? a chapter.
Mr norland is now at Piccadilly
Hot?i. where he las been for th.. last
tu?, weeks secrsring taf?**rawtlon on the
effect of th?' ?anal ?.n British shlpf*<la*g
Interesta. Prom here bs goes t" Pian??-.
?termany ami various countries ?.f
South America ami Japan to obtain
data ami statistics of Um same kind.
The bOOh also V ill lie a ? ?.tup?ete p ,, ,?
of ill?* amasing ena*toesring f?sats per?
formed in the construction of the .anal.
Ocean Liner Meets Terrific Gale
in Midocean and Fights Two
Days and Nights. ?
!:? . M? M Th TllbUBS I
London. April ?. Ships arriving at
Knglish ports Uns week report th.
North Atlanta still storm SWSf**t
Three days after Easter the Red Btai
liner Zeeland encountered Iromendom
. b In n Idocean and finally was for?*?*?
!.. heave to f>>r live hours and make r<*
pair*-- ?'n Thursda) the ship roll?**?
1 t.. port and the deck a*as oftei
1 Huge seas followed in <iui<-i
. ession all day, and at night th?
passengers were unable to sleep, a
.it an angle almost con
tantl "f ta deffreea, furniture an?
glass were thrown about like puffballi
So ..n- waa able i" walk without hold
Ing or to som? ;
? next la) was e* en s oree. Abou
the sh,;, ran Into a Buccesaion a
cyclonl? squalls, and tvaves pounde
th? port side, ?>n?- sea amashlng th
thick plat?*gla?a windows on the prom
.?????I-, flooding th?. cabina, tearin
the casing ol the engine rooi
oil and twisting the pressur
p - . ? the -t".?m steering ?? ar Th
-? .? i.m fr.-in fort) to forty-live fei
Twclvi seamen crossing the forwai
| main d.i. a > re torn from the handlln?
thej had been grasping and throw
I igainsi st.am winches. Bis ver.- i
? .i and t">. " ere operaU d on <
arrival at Antwerp
Captain Moll?! was Anally forced I
stop the liner In midocean and make r?
[paira Por Uve hours only one ?m-fir
|u..s running al minimum speed ?n m
d? r to keep steer-as"! wa),
Strange to ssy, no Brat class cab.
,- .i isengiits were seasick, as almost a
i m era veterans of trsti I
Captain Holler was blghl) compl
! m. m. ?l ??n ins i. anagemenl of the sin
Her offlcera ray the storm was n
j worst of the season. Hud not the Zs
land i.n well loaded it would h?'
lbeen very much more terrifying, us i
5Mould ha*- rolled still mon
iron Bteam pipes on the mam rjei
' wer?' twisted and hen!. A sleel p|a
cut s three-Inch steel stsnchlon iik?^
i knife. All the waves hit the sh
Sheam, none I.e.id on. until the capta
?It? r??l h?r course.
After two days and two nights t
sturm calmed down, and the weath
a as better on Baturda).
1 French Justice Much Cheap*
than the American Brand.
! Paris. MarCll B In ...i.tiast to t
! large sums <>f raoney often espended
the stai.? m America t<> i.riii? notorte
I Crlmlrial? tu justice is the \.r\- sin
sum it hits cost I'aiis to effect the e<
Ivlctlon ??i- a.-.|inttni ?a twenty-two m
, .m.i u.iiii. n. th.- automobile bandits, a
?'ere charged aith a long -?tries of no
? !. i ? ami robbei lea
Tins case cost tii" Preach governm?
? aactly ti.SM <?f Pus RAM ?rent for I
. apensea of the actual ii Lai, <-.. m fe
h ?tu. ss?.?' allowances, com of serving si
pu n.?s. ct... ahile the real was spent
th.* preliminary Investigation by I
|uds?*.?wbo sifts th.- . viiieti?*?* obtained
the polio and decidea if a niai is fut
| ii?*d.
? if the iiin?t?eu men and tine?, non
plied on trial fuur ?ere condemned
death, four ?r?sre acquitted and fourt?
r?*cetV?d various Pirns ..|' nnprjBOfUIMI
W. K. Said To Be Purchaser
Castellane Residence.
Pans. April .'.. The historic eht'ltcau
?hen. a-..hin t ?longing to Counl Stank
?p. castellan.-, brother ?>r Count Boni
Castellane, was purchase,! to-day
...l.??m b) ? Parisian lawy.-r. who, h
believed, was acting on i??*half of
American, whose name bas n??t h
made publie.
Acetu.liliK tO thS Pi'cneh law the ?sj
of the nan proprietor must be discle
within three ?lavs after th?. ijisngs
oarnerahlp ?>f a property.
? '???in? Stanislas ?i.*?|ulr..?l the ajakl
ihroiiKh his wir.-. Nathalie Tmtry, \
whs tin- daughter of a Cuban militons
It was 00n-tru?'ti?l in 1M.? and whs c
riscated lor d? ht hy Piiiiii.-ols I, Kin?
?Tranes it afterward pass?.! through
hands <?f several royal owners.
This evening*? newspapers at'lnn t
th.- boy?* of Hie ?liiiteMU is W. K. V
derbilt, hut this is denied by Mr. Nan?
hilt'a s.'crctary.
Visit of British Sovereigns to
\ Berlin for Nuptials Is Regard
ed as Politically Significant.
[My CaM? to 1 ' ?? T-- BM
I.onrion. April ."?. ? BOOM political ?ig
niflcance la attached to tho forthcoming
I Visit "f th" Kin;,' and Queon to Gar
1 many, at the Invitation of the ifslssr.
, t?. att'-nd the wedding <>f Prince Km?'
Auguatua of Cumberland, and the
; Kaiser's only (laughter, the Princeag
; Louise, on May 21 Tbt ?redding will
make a complete reconciliation between
1 iii<- long estranged houses of <-?u' Ipfe
and Hohonsollsrn.
The visit ?if Hi?. Kiup and Queen will
? "f a purel) private - baractt -
? owing t?i th?^ presenl state of un
t.iinty and anxiety in Europa trlsha of
stato or "f otii'-iai charactsr sra In
I The fact that the German Empei ??
? had Invited the King and Qnssn as
1 near relatives to sttend in- daughter ;
wedding, gave ri? to ? report that
the King an<i Queen would carry out
temporary state visits t?> f.?r? i^n ..,:...
t tai.--, which has been a custom for most
; ? i -?>? - n Igna to pa? a i .-.."ii afl r
j their a? cession as p aslble. Jn tins
wa* the state visits of the King and
Quet n t.. Pa -, B lin, Vienna and
Bt Petersburg are predi, ted, but ofll? ti
contradiction has hen promptly forth
? "ining.
The "? ddlng a III be an si sm
. well as oi Inti
f'ik" of Cumberland, s,.n ..f ti,.
? Km? of Hanover, Print ? of I
, Britain, has never -fin n his cooseni to
j Pruasla'a annexation ?>f Hanover i
i uns reason he wss excluded fron
? tin-on" ..f Brunswick, and In 1008,
the Regent of Brunswick died, hi
sgala excluded, ?is he still adhered >
tn< intagonletic attitude.
The Kaiser repeatedly endeavored to
affect a reconciliation between thi
bouses, luir hi.s fiT,?rts? ??ero una-,.
tgalnst the Duke's hostility, After ths
tragic death of the Duke'a ? k I
??'. h?. waa kHlsd In an sutomobile s ri?
dent last May, the T?.ik?v.s oppositl ?
. weak? ned, and subsequently bla onl!
surviving son. Prtatoe Brnest, vlatted
Ithe Berlin court nith the resull thai
.he Is about to man? the Kaiser's oui*
? daughtt r.
Frail British Craft Moored in
Heart of Paris.
Parla March t*. Ths people of Pa ?
i ..m t.i-da? witness a rara thing. ? Ibrstgs
Inaval vessel moored la the haart of th"ir
Inland ?-it v Tins is the British aurvaf
! shin Kos.-, inst starttnt,' 00 a royagS thst
I ??ill tak" her completely serom Praaee
before she reacbea the waten of the
, Mediterranean.
I Th" ROSS is Rnin~r ?>Mf to do siirvi-aii'
; .m iba rivers of Gambia. Bhs is ??f t"?
alight ?irait t.. face the **prin? galea ?a
the May of His? a", so tho British Nav"
Department saked the Praach govam
j ment if aha could make am of tho Inland
i nraterwaya of Prance.
After much conslderatloo ti1e Maniai v
[of Public Works devised a comMnattss
of cans?a with ih?-" rsojuhats depth drsftsi
I .mi ?m Itlnerao and gave psiaalaslim fat
?the Rose'a passage through Pram*?
? v?ss?.i >aii"<i from Southampton t? Ha re,
i where siu- entered the Belne; from Ps J
aha arlM /,'.< b) various canela Is I
Rhone, coming out ??> ths si a again at
Ti." Rose la commanded by Captait
Geoffrey Btmpeon, >>f the royal navy?
Chinese, It Is Charged, Paid
More than $1,000 for Entry.
Melbourne April .'.. Charges thai Am>
trahan customs oSAeott won bandad mts
Hong Kong amoggleia let ths seoalaji as
tbS ali?-n i' siri'-tiiin act \?<m<- ina'l" t??-?l?*v
by tin- crows prsoacutor, when the trie!
of a number of eustoaas edsei ra a Chinese
Interpreter and eafernl Csdaaas rasldsnta
,,,, a ,??iiyj.ii-M.'y charge vas bagas aera
:t was alleged by ?h<% prosecution ti'1*1
a company bad boss formed, with bead*
quartera In n?'?'K Kong, t?i tnid? ha i'liin
os,> naturalisation certifies tea, Crsisss
Mala wsrs bought, it was ehargsd, nrssi
returning Cluusss, who had as hsrthsf
use for thSSS, an?l IhSM SSfftMsutSS wt?re
turned over to Chlaasa daetrtag t<? satas
Australia. ?? sssss caaes, It srsa ?!?
lagod, th>- SBSSS ?oititl.-at? s WSTS BBSs
over and ??vor. as taat as they ?;oui?i be
returned t<? Hong Kong. Ths ssanpeuy?
tiu> crown prom outer ssssrtsd, had ,,tv
tattiod the "??nnlva. ol Australian SBB>
nuns oBcerSb thus (baking the illegal t-n
try of chhisss ?nm?uit or dstastlsn. I
it vas uhaigad that th?* ail?g-?d ctm
splratorn. received a prolit of more tl)j?n
$1.'."."' .ni each i-?rtlllcate issued

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