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Situation Said To Be More,
Critical than at Any Time
Since War in the
Balkans Began.
Warship Lands Seven Cannon, a
Million Cartridges and Other
Supplies at Antivari?
Isolated Action by
Austria Unlikely.
!'?> C
i."i?'ion. April ?'.. - Thron?)? the In
Of the rowers to arrive nt any
onceii the situation in the i
- Is more i i-iti? ai to-day than i
' any time Since the Balkan allies took :
hi Instead of the fail of Adrl? I
nople bringing peses m sight 1: rop?
8, in fait. near, r t!,.- rSTfS of a gen? ral i
er tiian ?v?r since th. fini gun v, a?
red. The powere su.-.-.. ,?, ,i m fram?
ng peace irropoaals which were s b?
mitted 10 ihe ? ?i.s. Put th.- ailles ?le- ?
? lined iheiii. and the Bfhtlng con?
iinues. with the possibility ?.f th?. allies
entering Conatantlnopte approaching
nearer to a (?fobabillty every ?lay.
The powers have Iven positive or?
ders t?> Montenegro to cease the bottl?
?ardm?-nt of Bcotar] ami hav- block?
aded the coast of Montenegro, bul the !
? ?mhurdment continu?*?, and then
were insistent rumors t?.-?ia.v that Bcu
:an had fallen before !!)'? combuTred
Montenegrin and s? r\ i. n forces, while
?rorat feature is thai H-issia had no
n tiie blo? hade, and thai s Rus?
sian ship. Hying the Russian flap.
landed at Antlvarl s< ren cannon, s
million t-artrldges and other war bud?
plies as gifts of the Russians t>? the
frnef reports say that the supplies
were brought in -? QreeS ship, but all
iRr> e that there arc immense BjUatltl
tie* of war supplies, Rift? <?f the Rus?
sians to th? Montenegrins, in %*iew Of \
public Opinion in Russia and Fran? ? I
? hardly ccetceivable that? elle?
parties will be landed from an interna- ?
lions] fleet in Montenegro or thai I
Seel will prevent the landing of Ser?
vian reiiiforc?-ni<-t.ts a! San Qlovannl d<
Medua or Durasxo, where ?Servis ? al?
ready assured "f free access to the soa
with the express right t<? import war
- rial Also, it is almos. Imposai
i* ve that Russian and P?en n
?"?Mit- opinion, especially Russian, will
"iis.-nt to laolated action on land by
A'lstrin against Montenegro,
A question on this point to Bir Cd
sard ''rev in the Parliamentary list
?or Monday Indicates the trend of Eng'
iish feeling in th?- iii.itt.-r and the n-a'l
aatloa here of th?- gravity of ins situa
tlon. The opinion in Vienna i^:
"The pi a? e -rorrent ?s fast waning
a stria's liberty of choice is rapidly
narrowing to the smallest conceiva!?'.*.- '
c****apSSS, and h?r action will he imme?
diate ami resolute."
Publie opinion in i'.r.-at Britain and
RuSSlS is strongly In favor of Mon
I'ri'ci?'. The Britten newspapers are
almost unanimous in expressing ad
miratio and sympathy for the brave
mountaineer*. Montenegro has made
the great?Ml sacrinces of any of the
Slues end gained the least, and the
English people do not want to see the
profite of victory laken from li**r. They
? ?nnember th?* Qreeks' declaration early
m the war that the nllh-s should keep
what th? y gained.
?"?"Minje, April ,*>.?The blockade of
th<- Montenegrin seaport ?.f .\nti?.<ti
ttaa iennltely established la-dajr when
eight foreign warships, repies'-n'mg
wn iii'.pean jioweis, formad a semi
?ireular Par before the harbor.
The fleet Is composer] ??f three AUS
trian, two Italian, one British, one ?Jer
man mid one French warship
R-*!8Tfide, April I. - Ko confirmation has
liTn received here of the report that the
Turkish fortress of BeutSfi had fallen '"
th? Mentefs-ayrin and Bet r?an bes l?gers
Th? allied iiiinii* outside UM ? it>' sum
BaasMd the Turkish e?>mtnander to sur
r*-ader so a? t?> avoid further aseiem
i'l?i'jli?|.<.<l, hut UM <>tl??ii.aii leader i.pll??!
?hat li?- intended Is Hp!it lo th? las! SX?
Sity, TlM homhardinetit was there?
upon reoiien? d. and h i?en?*u?l assault by
Montenegrin and Servian troops was
M <ler??J.
v; contrary to expectations
' Put opean powern have promptly mei
?h?- ?,i,j... tions of the Balkaa alites to the
'"-ins ..f ni?'li.?tion (sriglhalri propo?d by
oncssslons etea1a*ned lo si mr?
Hal? eesttttOtl Of h'.stiliti-s in
knn P? nlnsula.
| , ,.,,,,. ?-r?santed to ti.e Bulat?rfan
|n ??? m? nt lo-?l;?v th? pot/en !>?")?" ?
t* ? ? Tliia'ian rronttet should b?
' ! i ? a line drawn fr?*m Mldte Oh
? ' Btaea r-e?. to |*ases on the ?????gsan
tobte! would give Bulgaria both
hankr? of the HVOT Marit/.a j,.i accordance
rrlth her demands. It ' ajso aUggestad
?hat all Mnanela! ?pi? sli-.n*,, such as 111?
indesstolty, shottM se tefl to the d< elsion
??f ? ?.??? hni' ai eommlssies In i??''* ?"
i-.? Bulgarian govf***nm?HH to?i.?v hand?
'1 to the diplomatic r.-pi - s?-nt??l |V?S Of
i.iiiiii'Hii pow.i Ms (?ply t" the
"?iiimtmi?iiti'u? mads ?o ?t on March tt
< enf-eriiiriK the supK'-st'd hases ?if P?-*?-'?
M ween Turkey and the Ralkati ellle*
Th. reply, which is ?hat of all the allied
halkan nations, a<< epts Oil?, conditions
?f mediation proposed by the Pnropean
ftowers, SUbjSCt, howi-ver, !?? r?s?i vallons
which pre?*tl<:ally npudlate th- * Off? at
Th?- reply la sontsln? ?i in tic foUowlng
i ir.-t- in in? d-?finite del? i mlnetlon ol
,,n.i,.i .,? ti..- movilice of Thrace
'." ?in? iiii||.a?.?l in th?- condition: f.eni'i
?ii'U by il??- powers shell s* torn " **s *
ami not a? a ?letinltiv? lue
ad Th? lslaii'lH In ?M l?Vaema S? a
Mia II b? ee?ed l?y Turkey to Uta Balkan
Tbtrd?*-TSe alUsa coB84d?i they ah<wld
I'm upper picture shoxya ihe wreck of Croxley Station, twenty miles from the Euston terminal of the London and
North-Western Railv, iy. The low? picture ihowa whsl was lefi of Sattnderton Station on the Gresl I eatral
Railway after ?he militants had applied the torch. Furthei outrager* ??? ih< ?ami nature pre expected
i.-..nit ; tai il?
i,!i..t\ bel rid Hit frontier! propose?
for tii" fuun-" Stat. ..: A ?.. ila, trustini
the? ??ill be In conformlt* a Ith ti os.
? London
a Balkan allies d< mand f.<: i
a ,r Indemnity muai pted In pi In
. Iple, the I It ol Hxlng thi am.
left to a commission, which is t" stud]
ilnanclal questions and on whleh tht
Balkan alllt a ? 111 i ? repr? st nti
fifth The Balkan alld agr? ? thai th?
"1" | ata.lis of Wai sha II
\" ? ondlttona ha* s bt ? n i ?
received and admitted bj the i
pos ara
Grandstands on Scottish Race?
courses Burned?Liver?
pool "Pillarboxed."
By ( ? 'i
London, April ;.. The sun"i
are i 01 ? isly ca? i j Ing oui theli
thfi at to Imi. a reign ol t? m r In
Great Britain Last night thej burned
t?i the ground the grandstand of the
Ayr racetrack, Inflicting ? losa ol 115.?
000, ami parti*' burned the grandstand
al Kelso. They amaehed Fifteen Win?
dows at t*ate Labor Bxchnng? Gl
"piUarboxed" Liverpool "it telegraph
? i Llantarnum, M rnmouthshtre
and dn-stroyed dower beda si Kttn
P rk, Newcastle
To-da? Chatsworth House Haddon
Hall and man? otht r famous n ?
are 11 Ing guarded da) and night, ? bile
the special precautions taken In all
? ma and art galleries, many <>f
?vliiHi at ?I," ,,,l ,,i ,].,. .?.,, , ,,,.,,.,,_
Until the suffragette outragea cease,
remain unrelaxed
It i those ?>f last night the out
Mrs. I'ani h ir ' ?? ss sen?
fenced Include the blowing up ol Ox
ted railway station, damagi to pict?
ures si Manchester, the wreck of a
railroad car neai Btockporl and the
i. irnlng of a i ountry housi al Choi lej
Mrs. P khursl ha carried <
threat to eel no food a hile undei Im
prlsoi n.'-nt li la undei stood thi I no
attempt ha bt en made Bn fa - lo ad?
minister nutriment by fore? Bhi ha
not yel been n moved i" the ? omen's
penitential ? al Aylt abui i. though II b
i'i ii? v? ?i thai In order to ctrcumv? ni
the picketing plant al Hollowaj Jail
this measure will be pul Into effeel to?
Mrs. Bishop Will Wear Black
for Mrs. Pankhurst.
Chicago, April ?? Dress? ?] < at i. ? in
i ii k. Mra i. Bracket! Blahop an?
nounced .-i a luncheon <.f the Woman's
Party yesterday ahe ?-."..?'i Weai m
Ing until Mra Bmmellne Pankhurst, the
English suffragette, la released from
prison, nrhere :ii? has |ut( begun s three
year sentence.
Mi - Bishop entei tain d Mn Pankhun t
on her last visit t" i*hl< i go
Ingenious and Simple System
Invented by an Italian.
I By Pabli ??? 11 i Ti Iban* '
Paris, April ?". the Mlnlstn of Pub?
lic Work-, which recentlj awarded t?.
an Italian Inventor a Brsi i-riz?- ol fl,
? h m? for in?- i??r-t>'t system ?.f sutomatl?
??otlplitiKS for slat" ruilroa.ls. avoiding
th? age of n>f' ehdleaa screw, tooth
Wheel Hearings, sprihga or other del?
icate mechanism, and capable ?>f auto
mattcally coupling tip again and "f un?
coupling wlthoul 11 necessity ?.f a
shunter going between the cara or of
bringing ti? ? train to a standstill, has
put tho neu coupling ayatera <m trial ?>n
certain lines after i"int* aur<*essfully
tistt-d in the government wtstktdiopa
The.new device is remarkably in
gefllOttS and simple, and, in the opinion
of experts, revolutionises ths ut-ethoda
?.f coupling hitherto in n*??"'.
Visits Ostia as Guest of Mayor
of Eternal City.
Rom?. April . B< ar ' timbrai H
|.; peary to-day visited the rillage of
' , p;,, >;N|, ,|l mlk-l ft ?'Ml I!?"l|- .1 H ?
luest of Mayor Nathan. He inspected tbs
, ?, nvetiona urtfth gr? .?t Interest. Ostia,
?a hi. h la now m? tot* a ?rillage, si sue
time ??iitulnt-d slgtrty thousand inhabt
tant?. It was fotni'ird by A neue Martins
as the port of Home,
British Home Secretary Takes 1 en Days
Off Her Sentence, Same Being Condi?
tional on Her Good Behavior.
\ i i .: M:
Jai ksoii, Mi? n
h? r ? anwalgn to -ha?
/??i i- ?? ? ? ?
i.? s phj. Ii Ian "i h-1 os ?
i .a,, rson coi that I
made ?? i ? Hum? itecreta BealnaM
McKenna, In takl | ten - : "ff hei
daughter's svntenei to b? in eal
nary measure of favoi and
. ided, Hu refoi?. ?-?ti? ntlj lo ..??.. I I
on ?'?? ?
!" M
.Mis i .
.la? from the Hecretai ? Btate in V\ u h
? ? Informing ht i thai he i
ti if I. .1 th? \ui"i I? an i : 11, i... - - i.. ? t..
laki up I ? cas? ?1 Mil /? II?? Bin? i ot
Th' i ; i ?, i thai Mi - la." raoti ha dt
! ir? d hci tell itlslled with the o
ilon mad? !?-. tl ' Ii......
a ? om< of the ml
,-.:? ttt Ml ? Lillian Bcotl Troj lh. I
San 1 nit" lg< H? . ?< 1". ha i" ? n
? , ? Misa
.......,... f.
n \| Pf
I let
? -? '
i ? firm support she has ' ad from
: m-ti and women of
position, who ; ther ' tr
? ? who
fon IM"
. ? ? Ina ? Isoni
?| blame the t ; ? ? ; ? ? hai ge
..f attitude m i Is one ol those
? . ? idenfl. overcome
not] ii"iu .m Kngll h i ?1 -"ii In a
IP? 11-, i" il ..i in ?? hi? a tbej
mov? it ? ??n Indi? lil isl,
m Amei i. an rills. ? ., and
M i ". ? ;.Itltudi i h 1? ' n
hot and cold, si.Id b? dl r?*gard<?d and
ih. rampalxn rontlnued, . -?? ti a ill
establish ? precedent f"t all future treat? i
? ..? ?.m? lean prl in n ; ?,
: ?
Leak on Bourse Discloses)
Billion Franc Plan.
i- ?? ibl? to 11" Ti .im"
Pnri \|,rii ... Through a leak ? n
the Bourse II hai been le.-d th il I
"Trench I.?mmenl plana a loan of
l iHHi.tMHi.ii?;u 11 an?.""' ' ' '"" vVi,n
?nu? . M? nditurt - a- -""n ..s pea?
signed m Ihe Balkan* The govern
men1 s' heme is i" gei ah. ad "i a latg
accumulation "f domestic, Russian sud
particularly American, financing proj
,, ,s Btored up during the Imposai I?
marke! for Invt tmt m i aused by the
Strong pressurt haa been broughl u>
bear on th< French benki i ? '" hi IP the j
aovernmenl f l- Brsl ?? ">" maricet.
?i,ii,. ;,t the same time ev< rj .'"? mp< .
da, keen made to ket p the plina
,.s their |.u?.ii'-ati?.n niiiv-lil ?iidni
Ver the pamlng of ths three-year arm]
MTvlce laa and appropriation bill.
One Great Power Declines to
Recognize Chinese Republic.
u i hington, Api II ?'? Al leaal i
,, now? alreadj h la de? lined to
,',,,. | ?it, a Btsti ? IB .gnhdni Ihe "? ?
t'hlneac BcpuWic al this | .. .,, ,i -
((j ,.,..,..,,? ,,, . ?pet ' som? .a Ihe oth i
powera to take a aimitai attitude
So protsal ha?' ,""" lodged agalnal the
course i" bt <-lk,'M ,,v ,h' United States, I
bul there ****** ;,t *otn* r,,|,lt'" capital"
m much doubl i,i: '" ",r wtt?" ****
:.?n rollo? the att?mpi ..f the eons ti tu
,.,,, neaembly lo ?iganlas s complete and
?table ??..v. ">'''? "' "" A|"? v ,,1;" *****
,,? ?owe* deem II prodenl to with
hold formal tototjs?. rot the pre ? it
al leaal , . , ,
Th? ai..rasco <?< ; i .? . pval
candidate fol " '' "'"?"??' otflr?
When ?t ass ? ***** ?*? Vuan Bhlh
ic?r? --l?. lion i" " '" '" ured.
#ith reports "?* >",M'-""1 support for
,1,1s new candidat? n'"'": ?sutherti Ch?as,
, beiisved to **??? hH^ for ths bt I
tation ahown ?4? *"*. "r ">* ****** ,n
dealing with thM"'K""nof rf.ognltlu.i.
Seven Eminent Frenchmen
Turn Down Offer.
. Bj ? ibl? ?.. 1 i Trlbi ?
Pai Is, \ pi d '? Presiden) Poincar? is
having as mu? h difficulty In timiini*- a
Buitabl? . 'n 'i"i for the '?ouvre Mu?
s?um ? Pr? Id? ?:' w ii-"ti i ' in obtain?
ing a m I ?n d? i and diplomats. H.
I'njal? t. s lu? ni 1er the disappearance
..i the .Moici Lisa," was pul In cha.
. i i he Lout re I.t ganlse the sen lee
then has bi i ome Ihe head of the Be
. n i Police I '? pat linciil.
The pool of ' urator of the Louvr -,
n..v. vacated by M. Pujalel and which
, ih .i .a a "M of hi neiallaaimo of all
the muacrums of Kran.?., has become I
one ol *'i'h extraordinary responsibll?
It? ih.-1. with Inad? 'lint-? remun? ru-i
i n.ii, and n cently ?hv est? d of lbs fot ?
mer privilege of s r?sidence In Ihe
i,ouvre Palace for Ihe curator and his
fatnltj ,111 to dsj going beggus*.
ii p.is i... o off? i'-.i to such eminent
?in-nHsts- a?-* Heron <h' VIII? fosse. M
Pettier, Amir'- Michel, BaJomon Ral
nach, i.?otine B?fn?Mlte, Henry Mai Si
and M. Balnaere, bul all seven have
sucresslvely declined. However, the
nui' in dees not ?I? ?pair < v. lit I
.iiiv of finding ih? right man.
? a
Senhor Mueller Coming to Pro?
mote Better Relations.
Washington. April I Bonhor U??iro
Mueller, r*brels**i Affairs Minister of
la.i/ii. will v lit the UhltSd t*tnt?H late
?ma Bsonth er ? srlj In May In an r-ftort
,,, p],,,.,. .??. i-. I,ill?ai'- ol Ih" IWS nations
.m a more rrtendl] batie.
The ehiel toftea ol dtocosaJon b? tween
?*. nh .1 .\,u. It? i sod ft? ?? lai Bryan will
-ettlemenl ?- !'" s'"' ,,:""" '"""
controvert?) and ' ?'?'' ,|: ' !' '
.*?. nhor mu.ii.i ma] alriv? bj April M
vvh.n lie l'Mii-.Vl..?ri..'i. Bod**} of the
inite.1 stat-s win ?-?iv. .. Isrs? dinner at
Now Y..?!; ni bono. ". S? "tan- Urjan.
Who pr-.i-al.lv will farther announce the
administration's South Mtd frental Am<,r'
lean poUe?ss<
American Efficiency System:
Causes Strike in France.
Plan Evolved Here Already
Working in Germany, but
Socialists Condemn It.
By Csbl? " Th? Trtbaaa !
PsWlS; April 5.?The continued strike
at th?- Renault automobile works and
iiio att?'iri|it ?if tiio goTSriunent to In?
troduce ths system m tu?- navy yards
have precipitated ?i campaafn against
Hi-- Taylor sdentlfls factory organisa
tlona nu im- part ?.f ail th.- labor union
elements in Fran??-. Louis Renault has
brought t?a- system from America in an
effort to aave tii" French automobile
industry from German and Italian cottt?
petitlon an.i the American automobile
Th?- results sre sxcelleat, End If.
Renaull refuses to compromise th" 1
strike, becauae he thinks the adoption
..' th? s' st?-m la imperative.
Bociallst literary campaigners arc d?
nounclng Taylortam as ., means nf i
election of laborers, eliminating the
unfit, and as ruinous i., health and '
longevity. The atatemente mad" upon
the aubject ar<- all grossis exaggerated. !
Russian manufacturers sre studying :
id" system here -and art untavorabl}
Impressed. They believe u will never
work well with Russian labor. Several
1 ' are planning a fourney to
America to make further investiga?
tions, Italian manufacturers, on the
other hand, are verj favorably Im
preased and are hopeful of being able
i" adopt ru at? m againal <;? rman in
dustr*.. which i? already ualng it auc
i*-. ."m. K Win low Taylor, the origina?
tor ' ? : tille management." lefl the
? >.r H.. Mldvale Bteel Company In
ixvi ,,, devote his time to the r?organisa*
? ? taetuiing eatal liahmenta "i
n a m ar "efflcti ncy" h ?
I!.. Installed las system In the plants "t
the Bel ? Steel Company, thi? ?'ramp
Shipbuilding Company and the Mldvale
st . i I'ompany Hi also attempted :,>
establish his system in the machine shops
of tia Brooklyn navy yard, bul it did nut
? erttr. 'in-..
H.- ,- the Inventor of the Taylor-Whit*.
ti tatti ? modem high ip? ad
tools and the author of "The Prinrtplea
"i Scientific Management." "Shop Man?
agement" and of various p?pete t"'1*
lished l" ti. '? ? ' Be I ? "f Ms*
..ii Inginet rs, of ? bieh be la a for?
mi i pr?ts '!? at.
Incident of the Zeppelin IV
Causes More Cordial Feeling.
: B] <?;,>. . n Th" Trlh.iri?? 1
Par! . April fc?The traaahml and In?
toluntary "Invasion" ?.f Stench terrl
i i y by the Zeppelin IV has ?ion" mors
' th.- atmoaphi 11 and Improve
th" relations of Prance and Germany
tii.ui ?n. incidi-n? sin.-" the mutual
decorations lire years ago of the gruv?--?
ol French and Qermatt aoldiets killed
at Resonvllls and Mars-la-Tour in the
war ..f |s7". Ths co irteous attitude of
tin Fren? h militan authorities at
Lun?ville, ao apontaneously responded
to b) the Oerman presa, makes a strik
Inc '"iitr.i??! to Ihe outburst "f ||g
months ago of th< Strasburg lingo
"Post,'' demanding that all French
avlatora dying near German fortresses
should i'.- lin <i at with rapid dring
The diplomatic effect .- admirable,
and la largely due t?> tin- l.road and
dignified patriotism ?.f Presiden! Poin
cor?, which waa Instantaneously pul
a to efferl ?'\ the Minlatei of Foreign
Affairs, M. Pich?n, and the Itinlstei "f
War. M. Etienne, and which is enthual
a-ii.aih approved by public t?-''iinjr in
tin. d? 'pertinente aa well a- in Paris
its. If.
Hall to Visit French Observa?
tories Before Returning.
Paria, April I The wireless telegraph
experiments which have proceeded for
three week between the luff-l T'.wrr
station and Arlington, V? have been sus?
pended for th.- present. Thej are con
stdrred ea hr.\inu l..-..|i successful n pre?
liminaries t.. ihi more eatended work t<>
bt lat?n up in Novembei and December
of this yeai Those months are regarded
as '"?? moat favorable for auch experi?
menta In long dietanec arlrolasa aork.
Ptofea ..i Asaph Rail, of ths Washing?
ton Naval Observatory, after risMlng
?everal French obgenratorles eith Com?
mander Henry II. Hough, iia- American'
military attach?, sill return tothe United
Man Said To 3c Wanted Here
for $10,500 Embezzlement.
Tl.. District Attornst area inns rued
yesterdaj tw.it ? man known ?s Joseph*
Schwarte had been arreated In Parla, l?a
Is ail- gi -1 i" have stolen W.M0 from R. i-\
Lang, a commission broker, ol No B
Br.Iway, whtls la Mr. ?sng'a employ.
The prisoner has sol been full) Identified
j. t, and until he I ? ?tradition pr.I
i -.ill be h? id up
Bcha ai ta la aid to havt i.n led into
th.- iii.fi by tila rxtravagani mahnet ..t
living Al Ihe Urne be dlaappearsd an
actreag ais.i raalstaed, atad rapoHa esses
t.. th.- 11? .ii?-.- that Bob warts and thi" yoong
Woman Were seeing Burope together.
Engine and Oars Fall 150 Feet Into
an Arm of the Congo.
Boma, Belgian Congo, April r. Three
trainmen and twenty "passengers were
killed to-daj when an entire train, with
in? locomotive, plunged through a railroad
betagt crossing an arm of the Conga at
a height <>f 110 f>- ?? from the ? ater.
None on board th*? train Was -uwd.
Tslent for all socisls, concerta and
entertainments will be found on page
4, psrt 5.?Advt. *
Pre?en "Immortal ' win? hus shown liltn
-? t aS a. tor by his Interpr?tation In
8 Paris theatre of his l w n t'yrano de
Appears Before an Audience of!
Workmen and Interprets
Cyrano to Them.
: it-, Cabl? m Tb Ti i
Paris. AI > r i I ... -Kdmon'l Rostand, j
author of "Cyram? de Bergerac," made I
his dehnt to-nlKht as an actor before an j
immens?* public Of ? arpe?it??rs. joiners
and furniture makers at the Th.'?tn ?in I
i-'aui'oiirg Saint Antoine, In the heart of
i the workmen's quarter, m Rostand I
recited "Lea !'? ren?es" and other selec?
tions from "LeS MusariliS'-s." and im
personated v. itii prodigious energy and ?
dramatic power portions of the char
[acter <>f Cyrano and of the Aiglon.
Tin- workmen, with their wives, i
daughters and sweethearts, filled th?.*
i house i" o- .rdowing. and applauded M.
Rostand with tremendous enthusiasm,
crowding around him afterward, shak-1
I ing his hands and ?I?-mantling his auto?
graph. They frantically cheered him
aa he left the theatre.
Rostand himself, pale with emotion,
aeemed bsdly frightened at his wonder- J
ful popular suci-.-ss at the theatre of |
the ?proletariat, where the publie be- j
tweeb the a.-ts eat oranges and while j
|lm? s of wives of ?arpentt-i's without
any fais, moth-sty suckled their babies
during the performs we.
! Americans in Capital Urge Re?
tention of Ambassador.
1 ana Hur. is. !
"*?*ashlngton April 7. PiesMent Wilson i
h ?'',.() to-day the .1? legation r ?press?t j
inr the American colony at Mexico City
which cam?' lo Washington to ma. the
retention of r?enry Lane Wilson fat an-r
bessadoi and 'he teeognltten of tire
i in.it.? adtnlnlstration by ths USlted
Th.- il.legation la lh?
on the gscrstsry of Btat? and m< mbers
ol th? "tenate Committee on Foreign Re
tettena tiii*. ?reeh it la compoaad "i
. ;. m .. W. ? look ? hairniai Murt?n W .
Wilson, citarles p. d-* ??anahi. H vFalker,
CbarlM k gasgsr :?mi P. ii. Tacka ?erry.
who cite the foUosrtng leason? foi their
"The experience and knowtedgs Am*
bessador Wilson ha? gained In the period
of ov-'i three rears, with which be bas
discharged the duties ol Ambesssdor in
M< xi> ". a period which rovers all the
revolutionary IreubltM from the time of
Qeneral Portlrto 'haz up i.? the present:
ins bJMwteds? of t'c* country end us
political conditions; of the Io?*atl?n of
Americana and American Interests?, with
their r.?-.'.!? and possible requirements,
and of th? means by which such aceda
and requirements can best be eared forj
in.?, personal atrquaintance with the gov?
ernment officials ai d leading men Of the
COUnl ' his well known .1???-. pt ?Ulli*v to
thein. and the c?rofidenc< erhlch lh*?y have
in lus Integrit) bihI Impartiality all I ??
constitute spc i.ii and Invaluabt? qualifica?
tions ol Ambasaadoi Wilson which cannot
ipp? ? ? in t.. -1 n v n.-". rnan, however rem
patent, who ?nicht 1?. s'-ni to auecsod him,
and |i' > AmbaSSadot Wilson power for
th. rfflclenl and satisfactory discharge ol
1rs duties auch sa a new man could not
possibly pos . ??
Tic fact thai afi. r the arrest of 1 x
T'r. ??.hut atadero both Bentnral "Huerta
and Qeneral Ih.?/. indicated the neutral
ground Of the \m .can Embaa**) .1? ihe
only place which would he aatlsfactors to
th m .1- a place for conference, thereby
giving expression to their confidence In
n good fnith :?i"i fslrnesa >>r our Ambas?
aadorj initier, th? f;..-t thai during thai
?outer, n.e between .'..-?;. r.ih Huerta nial
Dlas the Ami'iissioioi exercised hi a..i
? .tu.. - in a m?'*1' ?iipioiiiMt; and effliienl
manner to Induce ih? Ivvo 0posing ???tier
ala to make mutual i.cSeslens and i.?
compose their differences in ths lnt?*resl
of peace, of humanity and of ihe welfare
of ticir < outittv and, Anally, tho fact thai
|th? ine'llatlon of OUr Ambiesiilnr proved
mi e?*Aca?ttoua anil ?if such beneflt t" t>oti?
fOrelsn ana Mexican Interest? a i" gain
th? unqualified approval and ?*onSde?"*c?
of all coii'-'ilud th?s?- facts undoubtedl*
p?a?-.. Arebaasador vVlls**?i m s anlqu* '??
altlon to proie.-t .mi i-otiserve American
lives and propert) end to foster cordial
int.111atiot1.il lehitions hetiSaen the two
count! i. s "
! "God Be with Us" on His Auto
To Be Lit Up Electrically.
M- CaMS i" 'I'll.- Trlhun?. I
j Berlin, April ?"' l"hs Kaiser has
[adopted ?? new waj ol displayInff thai
I royal standard <>n his automobiles at'
i right. A flag "ii u hi. ?1 is ?nihlazoncil
Iih? ?rsrda "Qod Be With Va," painted
OH transparent Klass, will he cle?
lil.-ally lllumlnap.tl when his majesty Is
in ihe oar ta? that It will he re?-??gnlzed
from a long distance.
Liverpool. April .The Iransailantic
rat? war bet ?seen Kiirop? an.| (.'anuda is
,,,a expeeted to affeel British rate-, .,.?
cording to an official statement Issued by
th?. ?hlpptns < 'uipini'-? h"i?
.-a ??
Hong Kong. China, April 3.-In a Sharp
encounter with a band <*f piiate.? on last
West Klvnr lo-dav a, foree of ?'hi?ese
f-oldlers and ?uatoms officers .-?hot one
and captured six pirates. Th? remainder
of the band fled. An immense quantity of
l-iaS. was recovered.
Wilmart Became Forger on Gi?
gantic Scale to Buy Her Pearls.
$8,000,000 in Spurious Shares
Negotiated by Banks-Oattght
Only by Mere Chance.
i From Tl.r Tnl.urc'.i Correspondent. 1 -?
Paris Marsh ?.-From th? beginning o'
th?? w?irld the fall of man has ever been
BSenbod to the influence of some woman.
KeStOr Wilmart. whose cane is now the
one topic between Brussels and Parts an?1
Paris and Rome, says he might be a re?
spected and prosperous mercantile mag
tiat?- if fats had not crosse?! hit? path In
the gins- -.f Mil". Claire || Yi-rny, *
dainty HUI" dancer.
"I met Claire/' he ouyt, "one night after
Iba had danced before the court. She
smiled upon me. That smile has cost m?
my lihertv ? made her an allowame. i
??"lid not marry her, of cours?-. Hoou t-h
let me know her penchant for pink pea*-':*
1 ravaged the market to satisfy her. Thai
woman araatSd to swim in pearls. So 1
am undone.''
Wilmart was arrested at Rheims recent?
ly after successfully evading the world's
police since Octohtr. Hs was managing
?llrector of the t?hetit-Termenzcn Railway
It was dlsoovered that large block* ?if
f.irg.il shares of the company had beep
placed on Ihe market, and Wilmart, aftc
explaining indignantly to the authorities
that any Irregalarltles is the company'*
affairs eould he Sue only to clerical er?
rors. Bad the country
Belgian Banks Victimized.
investigation showed that frauds SB a
large acale had been petfpstrnted. within
ten yeara forged shares to the amount et
i ,..,.., had been negotiated by large
banks, asaoag which ware the Katledal
Sank, the Union de Credit the Rain'ie
da Bruxellea and ths Caisse d'rcpasgn*.
The Individual losses ranged from t*O.0"?)
. t , v... .??
| Tjie prominent part played in Belgian
i SOOlSty iiv Wilmart added to the sonsa
i tion caused by the dlscorery of the frauds
and the sews of ala flight wilmart kept
B hirsc racing stahl?, and a famous stud.
II" own??l several chateaux, a theatre, a
aawaasagsr, an?i aheetly before his flight
entertained leadera of Belgian aoetety at
a ihoottng party.
The hue and cry after Wilmart led t<
reporta of his presence In many distant
parts of the world, and ir was generally
supposed that he was hl'ling in Mexl?*?*.
After wandering about for several week-*
Wllm.iit settled ?lown quietly under th''
nan-," of Imhois at Laon. in the depart?
ment of Aisne, a few miles ffom th?- Bel?
gian frontier. Th" police by the merest
ehaaee discovered his identity, and the
lo'-al magistrate requested him to call at
the police station. Wilmart fled to
Rheims. Where lie was arrested Only a
f, a doliera w< re found apea nun. wti
mart's fondtKss for the sccletv of ballet
gtrla was what finally led to his dieonv
I Industrial Problem in New
? South Wales Causes Alarm.
Bydney, April '-. - -The industrial prob
a m m New Betath Wales is caastag prave
i onceen, the strike <>f coal miner? hi the
fltawarra and South ?*oa?t districts b- -
iag unaettled The situation Is li'v-cmirti
seriously complicated, moreover, -un^e the
Newcastle n:in-rs are showing great dis?
?should a itrlke b?. declared commeref
through ahlpplng, WotaM be considerably
hampered and perhaps ?iemoralized, owir.k
i" the fSet that all Mir ocean liners "*t*"*ng
Kween the aast coast af Australia and
other parta of tat world depend upon
?Sew? sstle for their eaal supply.
\t Brsksa mil, the great silver mining
.. ib? strike declared a wash* ago
(continues Tranaporiatlon haa '"?sed and
th? citj i elated Patntne priesa la
; .' eommodltlea rteh ?ule and a serio?)?
I .a 'i i tion exista
Germany Scouts Suggestion of
International Conference.
it.win. xp:ii : OSkiei a?reles is <ier
niany scoul th" aUggSStlSn made yester
?la\- b] II" "Krankfurt-r Zeitung'" for
the holding ..f an international Confer
, ?n... to evolve a t>lan for the restriction
?>! armameata winch, it was hinted.
should be called by the United states it
eras pointed .>nt to-day that Germany is
n.?y facing the ?SSCWasjSa ?>i B bill .-ailing
f.,?- a Mg mcrsaea la Ita ailHtarj fessas
m.) that n?. government firmly Idtenda
.. enact it Into a law and is utterly die
incllned to eonsider proposals for I
anna meat.
The Oamtaa Foreign OAea regard? Us
proposal f."- an international conference
as merely Biiother move in the campaign
waged i., thei "Frankfurter Geltung
I iiraliiM ?he nen military bill, and says
that the auajgeetten ?s not entitled ?? anv
?: mpath) in Oermany.
To Be Built in Canada Through
the Rockies.
Winnipeg, Man. April 8.-The CMhV
illan l'a.Hi?- Railway announced to-day
that it would begin construction shortly
of the longest tunnel get, The tunnel win
be built through Kiekln-t Mors. Pass, in
IBS Rocky Mountains, will be silteen
miles loasj and ?ill cost |14,0i>I,i?0O it
trill take seven? rears, it la estimated, t?i
I.?ill.I it Th.- great hole through th?
in.iutitam will he four miles loiiSer than
the famous Simpl?n tuum I 11 rough the
Railroad ?.fib ?als assert that thS con?
struction of this tunnel will eliminate
many miles al dangerous mio? she-Is.
? ? ? ?
Petition Sent to Wilson for Re?
tention of Sugar Tariff.
San .Ttiim. Porto rtl?*-\ April .v?"fh
I Porto l.ioo t'omtnerre Association has ?.ent
.. eahta BMasaga t<? President Wilson, in
which it i: declared that the rrm?>\*l ot
tlM sugar tariff ?ill mean disaster to that
industry In th?- (??land of Porto Rico, ami
will leave thousands without employment
and tiftect financial conditions materially
President Wilson is requested to alisa
a commission representing Porto ftteo te
be heard before Anal action Is tak?e>

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