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TI.'lVY 1? W * Ft*! * I?*!?! If 'I*" n\TP prKT aw?CTt-r?af ttmw reek. OaemawCaiy aaaSUaktbae,
l 1.1. > t \ 1 I li.T. I IV IV I 4 l'Ai, V ?j?.y 1 MMM1IIIK? TWO I KM?,
Supreme Court Decision Affords
Secretary a Precedent for
Enjoining State of
High Tribunal Held Federal
Government Responsible
for Violation of Inter?
national Obliga?
Wat Win Wim
Jem: :
"Ml? lieu I,, i ?
its the Progrea , forn ir?
la* i : a i'. deral treat
Th. ' - ' onting?
can:- ' ? n th? : gl ,,;" the r. p
of < "'' ernoi Hii am
Usant Progn
?. ? ? i '. ? rats in i
lien li
jit which i
pei^r 1 ? .'-.
Fcbrm: .-. '.?Il
1\ ?:...>
ma ?
??*.f affcci
a> her i i
veil. v ould be v Ithoul
sfa! --. .* umnon ? . - lative
ira,'- ? ? f the < loi ?? i 'tute t.
Waal ?h his p< rsonal
hfflUI : ? '. '.?'.b dt ,' I ?o m i ..;? BU? h .'
' ?
T - ? .' Bi rsui
i with < quai *U'. ?
tiled '.y il., ni. ? h
in Washing
! he rua.'
?. t.- enjoin th? S
. f C ? ?
; ? ? Ihe ?
af the Unit? . 1887 >.
1?? V. S. 47'.?. :n v. h? Id
r ? -: Th it by tin
? -
?clusiVt Butho.
- ' ?
Second?That 1
? ? . ? .
: ?,.',' ? .
St ? - tor THEIH Internatlo
thai foi * i- ? ? ;? ?
1 Bi'.Uiorixed "lo define and :
? ?
Bat lona." < krtl
Third?That lii? Uw of natioi
nat iona 1 gov.
*,,'. \ ? ' ! 1
ng t
g isla i n?!- !
?i .
> ; oits the ->u nit g
Ja] an? se Amt*ata*ad? r
the t lele
ntraci lib
... ...
? , ?
? ? .
, to lease land i
? : ?al pui pose and K?
nal ?
Itlllg th? in
... | . - ? < compelled
? level
at the
pto\ d tatut
f??' t ? . ? ? f 1011 add? d to
' *-'., | ??. right Of J 'pa ri
.?' ou n ?>i- lease and "? ? up) h?
ma- nd shops,
'I'll' ? i v. ;,i git ,a! Ion I* Hi'' '"''
rf g- | ? those CalhTori
Who ;..-r ? ,,! hi art th? ;
Paaa [position. The ?'i
?vtm?*' of tli'- propos--.i statuts would
'n?j. ?? iiy ?<.?.i.!! ,-i japan'a r. ? .'d
ins h ? et Ion making a v?ery gen t ?
.??n for hi i exhibit
tep, ,i! . ..n |um i ion a Ith the.
t?cl ? "? rjallfornta treasury has
been ? ?< -.' ,;? ? ?? ?I mu?? i
?our. . administration, o Ihnl
?Califori , ! ersclf will ?????"' '"
;"r ho n ei I, set
men . , .? of the ? xpositioii.
This Morning'* News*
LOCAL ' a '
?Mo . . Kill Two. Ilui I I our... 1
}>a Sin yer < I r*s t'p.... 1
leurs lief G ' '" ? ? ? . **
(*ra ? t? , ie?i at \? onn n In ? ... a
^'on ? hlK ? '!?.-.la'-. ?
lt-f.. ; . ? '... . . . .m, 1. K? \ Islon :
?rsili ? S? i .,..| ?all? d I '-?-' I?*?* . '
Met ? , .. ro? Mi Morgan... 7
lat? i ?iec. 7
J"'. - r-'lghl Oil 111 Tail.rial ' . . . . ?
tartl- Germ Man Ball* - al T? Bt. ">
??abi? !?, ,1th . .ml. -i;-. *S
?Mr.? -, m Toi r? Get? I'lvorc? M
,1,- ? llungei St; ?i - 14
Hunger Sti ikei M
Heal lb. V......I. ' ?
V, , . . Ofl . . ?
Tiryu, :?'. Alies Lm\ni Act..-. I
nmt Cspsissa 't heal ? ?
?*uffi?t*. , < lapltol i o-dsj ... 3
""''l?-',' edul? I'o'inK'd. 4
Buffalo - din strike. ?*?
?naai Tsi ? t.. Tin?.?-.uie. *
mm Hlghwa Law Ci Itl? lasd. *?
??"?' so afaib Billa ?Jtt*. . 5
lid .\i?'aiu--i Europe . *
i'ra. Pankhan ? rot Iblj Kad. 3
8 snd ?
? VA Oll..!l . 9
and Mai i 10. n ?""* 'a
?Maspina .*?*
-"???I Uute .
N>*1 ?,
part) i" ptt
' ' li toi ale ell,,
Supreme Court JusticeAttacked
by Appendicitis?Physician
Predicts Speedy Recovery.
r ?"? halan, of ih? Su.
i ?!?? m ? ?.
"i Charl? l". M n ph;
Tammai Hall, was op
I* at i:.-veil Hosplt . ?
Dr. Charlea N*.
? of X". I'.'T W< : ..' i ??:??'
Although the i ..-? waa an emerg
.. ?!..?: .No 771 '
Mr. Cohalan'a i?h* ai? a t,
raid th? pet ition had I?? ? n ent
and that In i xp? i?t** I to
. Mr,
? ia i 7
? lily, a
the i..
" I
:">> s
1 ' ' ?1 . !?
?led him to .
i th? ? . .
.; \. J
V to
that it v of
an in
' l : ?
h m bula m >? al '_' ?
Hi" aft? ri.n. lu I ond wa ca? ltd
Reptiles Emerge fiom It. to Bat
tie Aged !VIan.
?? ' onn.. Apr,; li, I.
? ;i ? i . . .....
lin soul i iei n n, whili
?>ut t looked
like .? ?bad black ?wake In front ol a
Wh? n i. ?.?'. ? b; th? tail !..
Il length '? g lake.
^ "in at him. T? o a ound :
rind had I
? ? ? ?.
I ..... ' ? : .
hot. ' ' B Ytt .nu kill? o
? .. ? ? ? i ? i ' -i., night, 'i ??
??? tile s a ' ' feet
loi I
American Shot by Cuban Who
Escapes on Ship for New York.
II.i ?. ana, ni ??. -?: idol] h Wai : i
aon "f J< i Warren, a i romin? ni .v m? r
i- an : ug; . plant? ;. dl< ?1 In a hospital
?? to-nigh! rrom a pistol wound in
i he a bdomen which he i ?? clvcd In n
duel ? ?tcrda* u iib Hannibal
ol ihc lot? Torso Mesa, and a
member of a wealth) Cuban family.
m- n bad n ,, ntly
had a? - eral ph.i t*i? a I en? ountei a, and
a. i. i. ?ei',',1 to In for i ? ?man ?
' ? ill Me. ., . Il.ll
b ng? tl Wai : ' n. n iii' li. according to
? * -11 -;i t i ' od< . ' "iii'i i' d the ' i.
\\ irren
Xhe ?in? i ii a l thirl flvi
Warren fell ul the On I Are. M? ss wai
not harmed, Warren was taken to a
ii.,?|iita i. ii here h< mad" a atat? menl I?
the police that he had acddentally ahoi
?igiii .n ulule handling a revolver, im
mediat' I, ufter I he du? i M? a i all? <l f"i*
N< u Via k on Hi" st? am? r Havana,
\i, ? g ..., onda at' rep 11< d i?> hav?
i,. , ,, n,. ? S|" akei ? f Hi?- Hou ? of
Represent es, < !ol? nel threat? - Per
rara ami a major "i i he ? 'uban ai my,
bu! the utmosl retleen? e la In Ing main?
lained on all aid? ? gat dlni ih? al?
The ? ?treme i ange h i m in. h the duel
? , fought . said ''? ha.n ar?
ranged for ' i"- i?ui i. .-t minimising
11 , danger, lui! M? i I an export shot
,ii .-?ii range? and Wurrcn waa no! ac?
? llMl.lll.ll I" ll! ' al III
Tin I 'ob. n gOV? Mini' i : ,* til?.tig
.,,,. uircs i" ?? ? in ? th? a' real snd ? x?
tradition of Mesa on hi arrival In
St u Vox i.. H" ii ill be ' barged ? Ith
,i, ,, jol i. '". Warren i h? i on di? ?
., wound roe? -?"' ??"? :i ???*?*? ??? lli'
... ,,?? ,i m thii dt: last yea
, harg? of blgam) preferr? d b M
n i: Warren, of Havana, tin.-.
v.,, i. ?!. i... had mai i la i Ctoi
|..ti a must? Uetht ' ? ?'?? I all la Id,
Conn un August ' Hi wsi held f?.i
extradition, although >'. rontemted that
the < ul..,.iris had li"d bun fr??:i, Ill'
. mu,il.illl,Uli
Michael Sullivan Walks Into
Magistrate Marsh's Court
and Says He Killed
Eugene Smith.
Received Word That He Would
Be Shot on Sight hy Hench?
men of Victim, Who
Belonged to Tam?
many Club.
Made ?!? spi rate L?j fear "f tin ? n?
geance of gang frlendi of his victii.i,
Michael Sullivan chose > ?-st.ru.r. to
?i ? hatge "i murder, .?u?i a
Into the Tomba . oui : about noon md
tted to Magistrat? Marsh thai h<
killed Eugene Smith el Park Roe
Koos? . ? i: atreei earl? Satut da*.
Sullivan'i ne might ha ?
m.m.' ?) unsol* i .j Indefinit? ': ? x. .?'?? ,
i"i apparent!}
no witness? k> i u .. the '">i. ?
. learn, t?. the a? tuai mur I? r ??:
Smith. James Lorn bard I, who o i
Ing In th? ? nit: of R.I
: and Park Row n ion th? n.'ip' *r
happen? 'i, '"?'I the poll? ?? of h< n ?"?,* .-.
revolver shot and of I ring eeen thre
:..? n running. He ?. ai unable to
?. ? . m? p.
Word i... i ?;??:.? !??! ih that :;
i. gem Smith v. ho e m know n to the
rang of tii- i 'berry Hill ?!.-' ? ? .i
th< man
? ; ill. n in- nd. Heai
i ' ..
a im ii wer? m it? ii? -i. V
that e ws ara
d that he-won e ehot
Self-Defence H.s Ex?uie
'?". Magistrat! .'-iai ?; -\ i?" ? as ? l
?urt room
? ?
at Pai :. R
s.ii m .i.-, morning." The mi ?-, il
i ; ? i ? i i,..
' '? ? ? ?."? ? i !?
? 'i killed Smith elf-defei
He ard thai Smith ??? ?> ...
ri sigl I
- ? ? he
walking oi Pai ' ? i ? .. ont
..il. ?j hii attent Ion i" Smith. II?
? ?? i.- ?i. be said, In I Irai I . meet th
? : . ? :.
i ? ? .:.,;...
? pull ;i gun" Sullivan fir- ?:. The : .
I Sm Smith " i..
;i I..:' end .: had ? : ?? ?
,i "hold-up ' man.
'I'le- i '.?! ?.le r advised ?
? ? ?
? : 1 le WS
the Tomba s Ithout ball. A I
ase a? as set for t?>-in?.i r??*\ n ?
- .- . ... t wen t j
So, ):?
? '?m I. t .i.- itree! H? g - ! ?? i ?
Cottoi . .
... ' K' .
O.i HlS Wsy to -i Bill.
I ,?.-. i,.- Smith li\.?i at So. 181*2
Broadwu . Rrooklyn. He was kill? <i
n hile "ti in.-. *? ? ? ? to a bsr.l1 nt Tamm
Hall II? had ? i drink i
..l??tii; Park Ko**? w Ith s? ? ral ??'
form? r acquaint nc? He I id lived In
the ? ?h< tr Hill illi trlct ? it ?
time sgo and a i aetiv? in poll! ?? in
the dint
The Anger pi Int i ol I
? . i, takei afti r the I od ? n is i em*? ? I
t.. Hi. morgui. whl? h led to th? m
. riminal r?f*cord Lieii | Within
th.- la it three i was am sted
i in-.. tint? - on ? ' issaull and
robb? i li' sras dli hargi 'l In th?
? ollce courts on two <>i t1" i hnrg? -. and
on the tiiir?) sent? n? i > ? - suai t nd? ? b
jui tice Beabury? -N" revolver wi
found when Ihe bodj a'as searched at
th.- ?>:?!?. :tr< et i'"ii' < station.
.-.nui ,an, w i" ti ??? en in his pi II i i
, ,,' nu ?le : i ooting and as to hl
,. .....n for f? m Ing his 11 r? - ? hen he m< I
Smith wai ?? m? ml? r ol th? i km t
town Tammanj Club. It-- ?.--?is well
known i" man: of Its members.
? ?],,,,,' i',,ii ', foi mi i Sh< tin and ex?
,, _tl? ? m< mb< i "' the club, said be
kn< ? Smith hut slightl*,
Unwittingly Violates New Traf?
fic Rules at Capital.
Washlngtoi. April ,;- Pri sldei I Wl!?
.,?, unwitting!) violated to-day the
.,, ? traffl? r? gulatlons which provide
,],..,; person hall not erees the streeti
fv epl al '""'' '?' ?
u I, 0Uf *.- alklng t ii- Presid? ni and
a^ ,,,. , x .i.ii.n- , m ... roes Pennayl
,,,,.. diagonall: toward the
White H"" ' ? v policeman imilingi
informed than of tfieh ???
Gets Stones Moved from School
Yard by Nature Study.
u ?. *| ? tas, i
Hagergtown. Md\, April ?;.? .When the
pi, j, League ,,{ this ' "' obtained from
tne t-chool i"-'"*'1 ponnloolon to park Iba
,.|(iill)(ls Burroundlng the VTintei street
W!< , nool, Albert C. Peffennerger,
th? rlncipot becaaae mm i, int< reatad.
.ne part of the loi?were twelve cart?
.,,,1 tiw appropriation was
moved, l'11
The princip?' *** '"' "" ' **** *s tar
, ?md told the elghl hundred boys
? . scll)?,i to tn "'-'r markemau
' ( p Th,.v had Kr<a* ?Port, mi.i t li?
ston?? wer? rotan rod quk kl and with?
i.ut coat.
Legislative Circles Flurried at
Breaking of Precedent Es?
tablished by Thomas
If Senators Desire to Hear
Tariff Pronouncement They
Must Drop in Informally?
Back to George Wash
ington's Custom.
Washington. April ?: F?-r th. ; rst
? m< In more ihsn a hundred years .?
Pi - ?id? :,- of th? United si-u.-s v. ill i.i
person present snd rei I ?
in lio ilongreaa "'i Tu? da , F-Teatdeiit
has inf.'i'ii'.e.i it' pr?s? ntatli??
rilo-1 ?.i and the Houae an?) ?Senate
that b" v i.l |.ad
g? i, th? il"." , hamb i
king a pi ? ? : ? ? r.'ii -ii.-.i b
found? : "i i >? ne :...? Thorm J? fl
.-"ii. nia. initiated the plan "f sending
, ?? i... a nger.
il?*org< \\ a hington and John Ad imi
i' ' i- a .- -.,m,-.! :; : ';-., , .,? til ! da
th? Repu ?.? ;.. ? Isll th? halla "i ?'?? i
? . !? ad th? lr no asagi -. Wh
J .',? - ? ime I'i? eld? i''. in 1801, '???
i -I the bra. ii?.-. and fi oni
? ml day to this a White House ...
g< r or mi . ? i?! ? ? ? .r. t., th?
I'i? aid? n ha i dell ? I ? ? I
In v. i .lin?'."
.\l: Wilson ,i". - that
n.."' It the Houi
r< i . 'o - i?-, from th? I
: :? gii : ttli e fir? let
: ? ? m plun i - thai
I let I addt msell
II rid ? ntall f"
il ira ai Inform ?llj i Isll the H<
? bu n ? Ihe ? loi
I ' ? ' .... ...
? li
rig I ? ?
Sen.-ite May Hold Aloof.
? ?? ? ntircly en?
? ? ? ? ? . ? ?
'Ion ? ? . h ?
. ed to or?
... i ..? ? ?..,..-..
... I to inform
I .
.ii. meat ? ? I
President on will tell
i ?? not II it lot
ltees"! a meassg?
nsmil i M thai 1, ? ?? su? b
i,. ge In
n.. icngcr.
\ i i!?? ,
...... i
rt in s ??!.'.. ti . ? ?
ed upon i i'
i ? ? i d him tl the < 'on
? ri- - id? ' ? '
. . . | rnmtlt? ; I . ? I ? aill
,i certain mi aaag? a ht? h he t i
i ? i. ? ? ? i. t i n : ' ?? oi
This ' ? l'mon o ? a ill be rt
in the S'.- n." . !',.
id.Tit M ,! Ml " II ?I'I" -M m ! ? ? hal.l
? -,., ? ed to tii?* rostrum, *? ?
id hil !_'??" i' "Id !..
It i.? n? I beli' ? ?? i ih Pr< id? m
vi in ugg? * ' . foi n m "f
the .*-' uat? and House, although sn at
temp! will be made to carrj out such ?
ramme it* the Pr< .-??I? til ina
n hen tii" n"', itl? aiii.n ? "iiin.itf.. , .ii ;
to-morrow. Indi? Idual m< mbera of tho
Renate will i" s! Ills rtj to i li th?
House chamber during the novel rera?
montai, bul ti>' proap?f?ets are thai i
tai If] I? glslatlon "i lg|nat? a in the Houi ??
thai i"?lv alone * ill be s? i? ? t? ?i ;?.<- the
pla<. i..i the aid" .n .?n ? of th? FSxecu?
III r.
Wdshinqton Cl.aqr.ned.
in th? Journal of Wllllnm lia? |ay,M
who -an ervlee in Ihe Bcnat? during
Washington a daj. fn-quent i? ference i*?
i,-,nie <ii presid? nl Wa? hlngton'a ? Islti
... (he house of t 'ongi ess. It ih re? Ited
thai Washington onec left the ??tenate
, hamb? i In a huff b? su -?? I hal honor?
nble bf*dj ' < ferr? d t.mmltt? i
!:-,.,n *,? nil the ?Cherokee Indian- upon
which th? I'l'v-i'lcnt wanted imm?diate
Marta: aa i thai Washington tired of
Ihe long debates and th?* proposal to
rrf, |- the tie ity i.mmitte? "Ho
?? Ithdrew a Ith a disc? ntenti ?i ah."
?? rote ai.n taj. "ami had M been an;
other man than the on? i s Iah t" re?
gard as lbs greatest trharactw In thu
...,,|.|,i i ?? ..ubi hate said a Ith aullen
i m ih? following Aloud..'., ihe "Jour?
,;!,i of William Aia.ia?' continues,
Presiden! Waanlngttn. rainrned t?. the
,*>. nai. In i""' r t-anper. An In itnnce
1S eitel a her? *? ?-'?in?vt,,n s? lually of
fered sn amandin? nl t" the treat). and
Mini.*?', in i.is di?t- reluctantly a aserta
that "he iu '?" ?"*?1 ?" l?""??*d on the neck
of Ih, s. nal .
I, ,?, und? n I.I lhat i'i? si?i<*nt wil
?on .joe?, n't Intend Hint this .shall bs
his ia*i iivi' '" ?**?*? ?*nats snd !!?" e,
While h< maj read no other B-?4?*SBagea
to iti.- ssaimblr** It-glslatora, u Is lbs
ml. iitioii of lb' i:.4?"itivo to go i? tii,.
Ctapltol m?'?"- "? lesa frequently to tram
cult wiiii the ***** r* and lbs it<.*s?
dent'a Kami al tin benata snd of the
building has b<?*i> nfuinislicl in a?
cord ncc ii ith -Mr- Wilson.?? taste.
Raleigh. N- ''? April I r-"*t ltd
$?.'r,f,o ,?.,? da mags In this aeetloB to-d..
Th.- atrawberry etem will not t?e a total
l??*ss, bowsver.
? King Nicholas Persists in Attack
j on Scutari and Bulgaria.
Servia and Greece
Support Him.
Warships. Representing' 235,
000,000 Souls. Start Coerc?
ing a Population About
One-Half of That of
The Bronx.
Li d ipril 7. Monti n< gro refm
' i" tx frightened by :li< threati of th?
., powers. King Nicholas rightly
regard I ?? Int? i entlon of the i>"v
>i ach ol i ? i trail ty, and bold
? . int? t natiom ' fl? 11, under th?
land of the British admiral, ? h h
:? t.?.?,'. making ;i more or less nui" .
d? monstratiofl off Anth arL It le a s? ,
w ?? -i.in- ib? Europ? m pon'ers, sud map ol hin little country, showing
S? its '. which i- tii?- bom of contention, and Antivari. the port
blockaded '>;? tht warship of I p-oweni, Montenegro has l?'ii 28
miles of -?-..'???.i '. lu r area is aboul equal "<>? twice thai ol Manhat?
tan Island and Long Island rotnbin ii. .'nu: lier population number**
_'",n.iiiiii. i(i?, ?t half tii?' population of The Bronx.
j.r.' n of trem?ndoui gra^ It; full
tcrribli i ??? ii** to the maint? nan? ??
pene? Iween the great powers.
1 ? ? . ? ? t ????. 10,000 B\ n iat
front b? !..r?- >. uteri, ;is well i
Mont? negi In ?, .*? n?.J, also u formula
train <>f iServlan siege | ?us which h?
been brought around bj i -i from I
lonl 11 und land? d und? r tht .sin-n. i
.i'?i'?? k ' "n ? i. 'i':.i arm) is not
? ? ova of .m assault.
\\ it.it makea the matter moi? -.
is tii.- \ i;.ii m fac?
em? i?,' ?) 'ii- i Monten? "tro'i thi ?
I.., . .: . id? I i" itand b King Sit h
l.i. Th .' Ii the m- un. | "i Hi? rei
now sent bj th? to the t' i >
: ubmltt? ?i l' the ;.its II? re Is tl
t*al|i m ' Louse: ' The till? < oni Id
they : hould i no lx or? hand ti"'' d??1
tii i ,T.i for Albania, trustli
th.it the) ? in i.?- in . onformit* ? Ii
those v !n.ih th? ! propo: ? ?! In London
Tin ft ontl i pro|.i fot Albon
b) tii" ;iHi? ? al thi Loi !"?
excluded Scutari, therefore the rcpl
?.f the alii? means thai i icy v 111 dra
ip id? !? Idc ??? '?'?;- Moi t? negro ii "?
slstan? ?? to outside pressun . i.i.i"i
maj thus find ii- rseU f.i? ed not u
-, itii .?M exhnust?-d arm? of Monten?
grins, 30.000 only' mjh i it.?; ?.ut ol ??"?
m".. Lui ..<? ih? * Ictoi tous h"-1 ?f 8er
vlans, Greek? and even Bulgarians,
This Is the grav? prospect threat? i
ing tii' harmony of the concert, it > ???
t. mi? probabl only so far as the bio? k
?ulo of the narrow strip of Montenegro
const is concerned, but behind the ?ii
tided .in.i half-hearted accomplices t'
thi-? polk?) are two resolute and sagt
?taten, Auatrla and Montenegro. Tin
n als seem abeurdlj unequal, bul Aus
tria Is ii"i so strong as she looks u
this matter Bhe has a ^ast Blav popu
!..ti. n, e hlch la already filled e Ith fu<
t-'.iii- hatred of the policy pro ailing ii
Sin?*?? tin- beginning of this affair '-?>?
Austrian ?lav of?oers have deeerted ?
Servia, and itio Austrian governme tl
lia? found ii aeceaaai*) i<> send mo?ii ? ?I
h? r Slav regiments t?? toe notrthern
poets "f tin* i mu? Mooarehy. The war
parly Is mill streng in Vienne and le
fut? triumph m i?i seeming \ i? lory m
ti.uiin.-is <?r' tit?- concert. The war
party iaea in the mternatkma] flert aa?
sembled in tii?- Adriatic an arm:.".!
gathered t?> carrj out Austria's poll -r
agalnat th.' Balkan powers and to draw
all Kurope back ml'? its old pro-Turk
a ?Jlspatch t?> Th?* Dail) Chronicle'
( nniimiril on ?eioo?l pngt, third column.
'Historic Chateau Not Purchased
by W. K. Vanderbilt.
j Parii a, : ? '?' Mdtii mya thai
' n? n;a Al- nier, the ? h?""I it?
m i ..t' the historic ? !hateau
, ?- , ah ich a a* ?- ? ?i? l ?>u
Saturd i- " ? oui I Btanli la i de (
?.::;. t i 'iii?.
i i :.. en r? port? .1 tha :
of ' . . bateau waa W. K. Vanderbilt,
! hut tii was at one? d< nk d by Air.
i \ ander oil t' - ?? ? r? tan
I Young- Man Saw friend Drown
as He Rescued Sweetheart.
I . r Trl'.;un?
i'hlladi l| hla, M" II ,;- S? '''tif,' in ' est
friend sink !?"? th? las; time when un?
able '" < ?.n?? '" at. overturned skiff ?n
tin Del .u.U. i.v. i'i- any longer to-day,
William Rrunt, of X" -'-'l-". North 3d
ptn et, --'i:-, d !" !""*' n his lifesai msr
hold upon hla bseetii,...ii in ord? r to
?.i ,,? John V enhelm? r, s lu? a ;ia
droa n? d.
h aras n battle rx tatet n the friend?
ship of th? ni" men and Brunt'a loi
for Ethel i:? nn.'ti. m. m j. .,i ? old,
of So, 3242 Bmerald ir.-t. The trio
bad been boating on th" river, follow*
tag a .la*, 'a out Ing, i?hen the m Ind i p?
(iied fie craft
Puts Joke on Pocantico Humor?
ist by Building Own Plant.
Hip Van Winkle may have bom ,-r
! luck] man, but i?** had nothing on
1 John i '. Rockefeller. This ! ear, wh< rt
,,., fj -,, ?coree that th" pi ?i? i have
i lam? ???! up nearly 1<W per ? ent, the oil
man cornea along vviiii bis onn plant.
? , apable ?'i' turning out a ton .? da).
Air. Rot ki felh r baa in ?-.i at Po in ?
?I,,, nuis for fifteen years, bul b<: h it
alvraya bought his lee. This year It
has been Jumped from 10 to 7<? cent i a
hundred and Mr. Ho? kefeller ?an man?
ufacture a t'.u at a COSt Of S-', H -l.-.ir
?,.11 in? Of >l- :? dai. He will niak?* li's
Ice troni water drawn from his trem
He, Rockefeller has alaraya boughl
i,ls ice from Offorge Ferguson, batter
know'n aa "th?* P?xantlt*o Hills hutnot*
ist.?? who has all i'oi'oid*, ior making
the oil Idng lau?!). Air. KoikelVikr
will continuo to tgUgh this year, bul
ih? j"k-' ?..in- to bs on Kerguson. I
Girl Dashed to Death in Crowd?
ed Princeton Roadway by
Racing Car, Caught When
Patrolman Blocks Bridge.
Joseph T. Moran, Brooklyn
Man. Released, but Chauf?
feur Is Held for Man?
slaughter ? Jersey
Speed Maniac Slain.
Automobiles and motorcycles In N'en
Jersey were responsible ? t< da* for
the death of s young '.v.man and ?
man and for tii* serious Injury ?.f f? ir
other in- n. The a? i ktents .irred In
Princeton Areola, Egg Hacbor
All ih. injured and the man e ho t is
d flgun .1 in m? tor? y< I" accld? nl t,
Tii?-- *;iti was killed when e ra< ipk b
mobile struck ii. n she was ws
>' ashington i:. ad. Pi In? eton, fra? t?
ming hi r skull and breaking on? of I i r
Ii \g.
Ma] ! ' . ? - ,,i,i, th?-*
tutor ??f < :hristoph< ; Dur? ea, -i ? on*
1rs "i . ?' So, -** Park street Prlace
ton, was walking on Washington Road,
." ' ? tnpanied b m ?- i :?.. ? Lloyd, s
i rtend, win n she m? t hei ?l? ath.
Tii?- two girls were strolling m the
?Jii' i tloq -.t ?'atriegle Lake, as were
?Ml hundred other pen - rhen
th?.- automobile, drl en by Irvln a.
Hoffman, of Brooklyn, came racing
?i?."n the su. ..tii stretch - f road in the
dire? ti"ti of N- a York.
Owner Was Speeding Home.
In tii" ? it* beeide the
Joeepti T. Mot an i i. e*pt the
Atlantic Basin 11 ? ? i * ?Worke, ??f Brook?
lyn. Moran, the i a'nei "?' the 'at-, was
? n Ins ws home, at LVo. 1'_"_m
Pa? Hi- street, Brookls n.
Waahington Road is ?? popular walk
for persons living in Princeton, i -,
dally >.?i Bunda* afternoon, ami the
roadway was crowd?ed when *
ppei i. Thei ?? o ere m ?
friends of the two : o ung women in the
? rowd, and when the automoMk going
at i. ckless i.I b .ng the
strollers ? warning
from man> i.? none?
'loffman sntit*?J'-<? ? .?i
tor? down t he t oed whei
aralkinj Both gl kl:
-.?i up m and Hi- n :? .??? ? d :?? I ?
if th? ? d Misa Dut .i '?? - ?
fra' ti'.n ?.i" :.ti'l t???. late, b...w? ? :
? I tu.i- him -' ? r ii
bloi.ipii tely '!? moliahing
lamp al the side of the wind shield
'I'll.- gtt i.-- bod* ? .i- ?i.ir!' d t'? ? i
side of tii-* t".??i where it lay motion*
- -. ?*-? eral pereoi .1 in bor?
-, ?? as they saa the rt ling
through the ail I this frightened tin?.
in.in Rt ti.?- w ' ?'? I, w ho pul "il ni"i ?
s?.. - .? . 111 ? i rush u "ii Id- way. The
\- i - .? ?? ' lit it! a ? loud
of dual before an) attempt ?. ? *? 11.J be
mad? to stop II
Companion Hyster.cal.
Mi<.? Lloyd, weeping terlci
rushed t?> the side of the Injured girl
and tii' d to re\ I e her. Bk nd i
. oming from the s ounds in M
i nt ?. ,i ? i-- ;.i. m ?] h? r left leg waa
? I si kward and . ? .-?
Pom.lys ? alii d pi !
n .|iiir?-il mil* ;? i. i -. to ?h'lW
tii.it the girl luid been insl .i;'! k I,
Her skull ??? .< - badly crushed. While, x
,u-.- crowd of men and eromei vi i
their m llgnation at the m in?*
n?r m which the men In tin ?? i
had driven off after killing Mise Dur?
ya. a man telephon? .! !?? the 1'"'
giving the license number <>f th?
rhine ind a deecrlptlon of t ? i ? -
Within fi'?' minutes the police of .nl
surrounding towns and hamlets . i
???M t?. keep a sharp ?""k"'.t f"t
. .?r.
Ai.?.ut furt1' minuti i aft' r the
,i nt Patrolman Robinson, of the Sott
Brunsarlek r*olice force, w.?s watching
f.?r the li.-.iiii dealing automobile -it lia
Albany street bridge in that town. Hi
could ? ?until.uni a "-ride vlea ?>:' the
River Road, ;? favorite speodway for
automobllistf, and flgtered that
??i-.i> machine would pass that ws ".i
i's 'up l" N' \\ York.
Starts to Head Off Car.
Robinson's pattern s e as tlnall; re?
?.'. arded ? hi rt h? se * ? mat hin? an?
swering the deecrlptlon ?>f Moran's rar
, um? booming along I he road. Ri
in-?' Hi'' in ? n*-?' number, Robtnaon was
? ire of big game. He Impreaeed into
pen ii" Hi'- passing automobile ?>f An?
drew Weingart an?! started t" bead ff
the graj ear?
To do 'tii*' hi had '?<> rlrst ?"??ss the
bridge t?> reach the rood. Hoffman
teem? ?i i., m 'tit trouble and mad? s
desperate effort t-? gel past the bridge
before Robinson could reach It. The
[??ili'-'lllan vas tOO <|iii? 1<. hOWtlveT, atl'l
blocked th? waj across the narrow
bridge, so Morah's ear va*- forced t??
low m?. RoWneon then k?1' out and
told the men in the k a* cor they w?crs
under arrest, ?liargf?! with the killing
of Mlsg Duryoo.
Moran, who seemed in Kimi fear,
tul?) Robtnaon be ?ii'i n?1' Kn.iw Mise
Duryea had been badly Injured, and bad
therefore kept ?>n his aray. n?* and
Hoffman grere taksn to PsMee Hi-a<i
quarters, t<> await tho arrival of Chief
of Police Wiii?'> to ,.f Prtoestosj.
Four buadred Princeton "?tinicnt??
prort in araltlap for Moran and ii.iff
nian whan tboj arrived al th?* ?Mayor's
oOce for srralgaanent. Moran wag
plainly rmrvono, bal hn?i arranged i?e
fore for counasli being repreeented at
the bosrtag bg John If. Hackus.
Hoffman, Wbo made no statement

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