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rp In < il.? of New 1 ork. .lerser 4 il y and Holiokei
Pi / ? i,v ?i- f * |?|?|< 'i; i?YI." B^B^T?.!!^ IaCM?ofN?>w???T*a,"??)e?*a-fCiirBaai
.V*1?I.?T. ' IMV I ?* l'.il? V li-ll M Stil II Ht I TU <?< I NT*
Old Baptist Congregations De?
cide to Combine, with Dr.
Cornelius Woelfkin
as Pastor.
Dr. Charles F. Aked Resigned
from the Fifth Ave. Charge
I Few Years Ago Owing
to Friction with His
:i In Will 57ih -?; ? ?
?j.'Ui street, with which John D. Ro
)? \ fkln, past
be mini*- j
ih< "mi '
lurt/h, which Is tl
??!" lilt' II...
ne church
? - . add Ihe
'HI. -i,! o?
tin "tie igr? gation.
aii'l th'' I'm*'"
?" ' The
'i" Calvary Baptist Cl ur? h
? ? ? ? . ? ?l The i
the ? ?
? ? .
In fact, li
2, when both
ul<] take pi
Plan Once Abandoned.
Wit Woelfkil to
Church the plan
Altl - an
? um
bot h
- ' i -. First at!-! ; ? un- !
ant publl? Ity v.in. ii th? Fifth A ? -
Dr. < "liarles P. - I Ion.
Dr. R Ma Arthur, ? ho
Churth i
? !: "I thll
? ? Fiftl
Church 1 -
it will till.
Ided li
; hink .
li : a bl y lessen?
i.-.l. Still unol i
ata ?? be found
. _' ? ?
Fifth Avenu*; CHurc'i Too Small.
twtv, 7k?.l and th? i ong
I ;? .. ? ? i.- Chun h A
:h? ?
he said,
. i rat! five
At ?
'" Ij'lilil .. ?
........ *rh?.
i ?.mmu..i .... it..ni amge, fourth rolases
This Morning's Nxtws.
Tut?. !..
. rjl ta i. ? led.
11, ll Rogen
'??' i t. I '
1 ,.? luir?n?) ? ?
pa "
... 1
. 9
Tariff ?
*'nde ,......,) Kxplains Tai iff B
i |100,.""' ? ?
??Said '. .., i N lasara
?'all ii . . ..,,,,,, ta i ,:,,i.liii?'iit ?
' i*a .
.n m < Bpitol ? ? ? ?:
Hol Big Kxplosion
. ... .'? ' 'on
, foi I'm '
????a f,,i W , ? ,.. ?.
K-*!t',? j?) .
"W !<-! v .
Mu?,. ' W'.W.W.'.W.....
?Vu, -i .
|"- '?' '?<! l.lel M.i
l-*-?l t?suta .
io snd
ii, 12 sad
Men Trample Women in Frenzy to Escape
from Blazing Trolley Stalled on Palisades
? One May Die.
A Nortl r.' rgi i trolley i ar, i.nd
from th? Weal Hhore Railroad ferrj at
Wcfhawken, loaded with paasengera.
'. ugh) in-? last night aa 11 waa aaoend
be Palisadea, and In 11.?- ruah thai
followed nevera I >'t t it*- paasengera were
? ?l ii?i\\ n and I't^i't's Jumped
_:? ihr ' ;if *.?. nduwa to es? ape be?
? ? t i ? * u "ii... n in I? .o ring ft?.m m win
*i ?\ rleared 11?.- treat 1? and landed <>n
- not ?? Road im teen feel below. She
was s?? hadlj Injured thai at Ihe North
Hospital >' - d ah? will
? ??fin r pa as? ni;' ra w en
mure or .1 and injured by
g from Ihe ? ar.
arg? ol Motorman
ind i Ed
i. rry Blip with .?
??ii of i."tu? a .n ?l bound to) en
from Manhattan, :?t"l while ascending
Are from aotne un
kti"\* n . auae and a ailed
Many Tr.imoled in Panic.
The a hob r*?nr < f Ihe i u aeera d lo
... flr? al on? ??. and th****? a aa n
il rlcki ti men and women
foi th? """i i ; nd a indowa I a
ai ?'!?? th? \\. akei and
trampled on tiro? >v'i" were thrown
doa ; i.
.Mis- ?.nna Eckert, twenty-two yean
n:... 110 13th atreet, w.-st N?w
York, w.is the yo ing \ oman who : ? i
.'- .?
i her spine .-iiiii broke both her torearina
mu? her I? ft hand. She waa ?ii-" "u
and bruised about th?' bead and body.
?md it is belli v? .i Hi? \\;is internall) in?
Lou la Bchepper, forty?seven yeva
old, of No. ?M3 10th atreet, West So*
V..IK. *-\;in ills?, badly bunrod. H? wa
bruised about tin- thigh when he leaped
from Ihe esr with clothing aflame. II?
was taken t?? th?? hospital.
Adam Meyers, forty-five, "t No, -'?'?I
13th atreet, West New fork, bad hi?
faei and hands badly cut, sod \m wai
also burned about the right arm. He
a-aa one <<f the Brat t" k?i wm at ?*
window, ii. arai taken i" the bo P
Several Badly Cut.
Charlea Ahlers, thirty-nine year? aid,
? t No. 415) nuil itreet, w est Neu 1 ork,
is aleo in the hospital with his left l?"'*
und hand bad!? i 'it and bruised. Ho
u.i s ?ii--?> slightly burned about tli<- rao
.m?i head.
Bruno Lehman, twenty-aeven, or No.
."??i!? 10th Btreet, Weal New Tork, -- i1'
Ihe hospital, H? wa i cut ghoul Ihe
head and fa? c and burned on Uw '? I;
a number of other paasengera were
in lured or bui ned during tii" rush ? '
g? i ti?.m the <.... bul they * rm to
their hornea ??n a not h? t ? ar.
The r'ii!- of ti." . .u a? ???>.' dam?
?.-?.??I before thi flamea were ext o?
guiahi d.
Vote on Suffrage Amendr
Close, with Bad Country Ro
Factor Against Them.
Candidates for Supreme C<
Get Only 2,000 Out of th
First 12,000 Ballots
' ?
? ? : turns i
' ? ? ' ' at? tin?!
" ? fa will be
last fall. '
m favor of th,- woi
The polla "i ?Detroit did nol i :
The con Aden ? aglsts
aran I toward midnight, a
?':?-'?' ' ? : l!i..!
had i.n light n ;,,.,.,
? ' ? ? II clalt
Ni? t- ? ?: .1 the headquar
of the ? '..:;-. 1 he ;,,tt, i
.. hai? :;?????*? m;i
? ? III I I. !?
I- ? . -morro?
? :- i ::'? ?.;,]*? t., tell
Thoui mda ??? otei ???. er? i
vote .? ..f
'" take ? are ?if thi
.\'. !? '.'!i .;iil..?s w.?re ban,
i, .,i. r lo-dtty, and k| took
Hie ?, its five or
vot? The alow thin!;
? ? ,i fifteen "i i wenty mlnut
! !'u m in ii the far-tor
. i ni..)!- lai? riii"-.' men could i
ridled. Thla worked t" th? sd
th? \? omen, f"r I ??troit win
heai :: - frage, as It did I
? ? ii i, ,i. th.- \ ..t. being une li light
for i uffrage In th? ru
;., i,, overc? m.- i " 111.it's sdvet
-, ote will '"' small? r.
Th< ? ?Detroit r? ihe nig
showed abrnil the aame ra?
again i ndm? ni as t
. arl) ' ount. i liua Indicating thai
v. iii hold thi ougho it the dty. In s?.i
. .in i-iii had gained ??!
In ,.i,, . .,.-? 'I h? probabllH
.,- 11*.troll will Eli ? .''""it tii" asai
? did m Novemb?
Ijihi.. 'i h? n at "i th? state s III hs
o fun gain ol "? I 800 lo cart
th? smendn
? i,, the state 11? kal ''"? Hull sfocn
, andldatea are making ??> sorrj sho?
Ing, th? lr two ';" dldat? a for the s
, ,, ?,,. Court g< ttiti?; onl) 2,000 of tl
e, t i?_?.?h:i> ballots count?**! Clrcu
i gt Alfred .1. M irphy leads with n
. i i??, i, ?? tii?- vote ?.f Justlcs sfoor.
the highest Repi blk an. Ths otha
11.m... rat, Judge r? rmon, has lest ma
the low? ?? '?' i ",'1" ??" *'""" ?? " s" ' '?
The iniiiii' n :,ii ownership ?if *;tr <
,.,jivs.iv i :"i'"sit.?"i appar? ntly hi
,.,,,.. ,i b) a vote 'f I to I. I ?wing t
,i,,. multiple ?i ?' ol ballots, definite rs
, . action will nol be kn'? vt
? until vei late.
-? - ?
''Ham an' " Ridiculously Cheap
in Famine-Plagued China.
;.,,., i Burea? ,
Washington, April '? ***** nre ihr? ?
cent.'?/?? n, tw? Ivs i<>r ihr? a cants, .?
i. i ol famlns pkigusd < iri?<?. Tlili
Btartltng marksl nsws i?.,'ii??i theWsi
in |. i ?m. nt i" <!? and ?as iri.ni,.
; t.,,,,,,,,!nl an iiililf'l toontm lor r?BC?
ognltlon .if Hi- r?-pni'ii?'. Major len?
sral Wood, Cbk f ol BtaSt, bslleves U ?t
: bata Should ."in<* ?>ff t* ?ny ?.uiiii'.iy
J which '??n ptoaitOS StVt* at oiit-.jiiurkr
I .,f a i ? lit ? ai ii.
Name of John Bigelow s Grand?
daughter, Miss Lucy B.
Dodge, Mentioned.
London, April I. T i Dai!; citt?
aen" ... a t -:.it ,i re* ?,,i ?,;,m i,,.. ,, ,,-.
t"i- Information the
when ? ??; ;i roui \ :..?'. ' the
ddaughteT ? |
.Minis;? r i.? I 'r.nif* . ? ?
man lag? i Britlal Cabinet min?
ister. '
' ? ??? '?:?i. to ' ? per th?
diaapp? ared last T She
from No. 11 .*??. mour treat
'.r S ;nJ
i. Tl ? lad aid to b the
? .i ; t ? m,? and had long ? ?
? ... IdleiH ' ?? >i' uptM ii? r
In so? i? ty and had oft?
? ? r- - - ? - - j a desire to < n
.*- King the oppoi nit 1
: !)?? ]<-ft h? I' hi.til
by .? maid, t.. ? mbai i. i pon ;i''
II? r
? hili prof? aalng no un?
. | : i ? turallj .?i
: '
?u?. n ? ing i" ti"'! i? ? . abalan
11 ?
Ti... add) - glvei the i d< i. ?
' i. ... Qui ? rol ei of H
Aahb* St. ..?-:? thei ol *
how? . ? i ' net miniatei I ?Ion? '
i,..-- man.. ,? Mi - Flora Big
Dodge, daughter of John Bigelow, who
?A;.- ;lt ..fl< tilll? AtU'll .11' MinlStOr 'II
Parla, At thi time "f t'." man -?,
Mi i lodge had one daught? r, I i
15, Dod i
Car Dashed Through Park
Fence After Skidding.
\ party "f flv? men. one <<f whom
will probably die, were Injured eariy
?his morning when theli automobil'
travelling al ???? high rat, of apeed along
Windaor Place, Bro? tlyn, akidded at
ti,, Intersection ??' that thoroughfare
\?iiii Coney Island avenue ?nul dashed
through ii"' high i""i i'?ii'?' v.in.'i
marka th?* southern boundarj ?if Pro
].? 11 Pai i-., 'i'" moment i m ?>f the i ir
was ao ?'reat It lore Its wa) through
th<- fence Into the park, \shere It
crashed Into a tree and overturned
Daniel Campbell, i f No. 177 Kenl
atreet, Oreenpolnt, was on Hi?' front aeat
,,f id, car *Mtii i ?i Edward Dugan, of
X,,. | | ?m ,,l:i A | . :;<:?? RO? k\ ill?- < ?'ii
1er, v. ho a aa di h Ing. Aa tii?- automo?
bile amaahed through the fen? e a ? ?
, |, j, ,,f the ii?'.i* ' Iron gi i'i?- atruck
Campbell on the ii??i<i i auslng a ? om?
pound fracture >>f Ihe kuii and lltei
all) acalplng kirn.
Campbell's brother, Roben and ?Cap?
lain Charles Frank and Lieutenanl
Christopher O't lonnor, ?>i the Nth Regi
ment, N. <?- N? v ? ***** ??" otbttr
m, mi'? '. of ? i ? party. Th? y were re
vived in ,|1'' '"rk :,ni1 refused to ?" to
;. hospital
Also Was in the Wrong Flat?
Police Think Him a Burglar.
?fh-j police ihlnk thsl in ih.. irreal of
vu- Caret?. ???*??? ytmr* 0,d- "f NV- ;'?",,
Thompson ?*-<?'-?? ""'? ????*? *** ******
Unli ,,i s 'll1"" ,hMt v !" '* '"' li"'1" *?
.'i'..-.,- ?>f Hal robbera that has 1er?
tln- K-'"'
rorteed ihs lower Basl iUU r,? ,i? ,.,,.
two months
i ?epti Ki?-""' ' ' N"' ??'- Thompson
atreet can* horn? ?< - o'clock yester?
. .,,,,,-,...?.ii ?nd ?"?"?",| Vito appro?
;i;i(;nK)iisK",),is1....i'i:a.,.).;. .,,,,?.,
i vit,, sud putting his bead oui
v.-l/.ftl ? I?"'
\ ,. ,,?. wlndo? ahouted f? i the poUea
,iltI,l!lllilI1 j.*..'m?=?" "?'??.?..,.,. ?,,o re
, ? haled Vito to thi Macdougal
I -IH.IIll'?'- "' ,
?SIr.t atatlon. wbars he wa. found to
' ?..1 suppHod with skeleton ,?,,.
-,? -,?> ????? *** arra,Kn*'l "> the
^?e-riiRA BITTERS I? n.N -JajfciOUa
ANGOSTURA , M|)d Jf M|f? _Adv.
gave* t<> ?"'1"
Makes Public Letter Chan
Arrest of Kendall for A
legecl Attempt at Brib?
ery in Virginia.
Kendall Declares That He \
Exonerated in Magistrate
Court in Richmond, and
Accuses Business Rival
o? Similar Crime.
it' ?'? lei ?. ? , ? .',.,
?.Ibany, - v t - * i ? , it. foi ? Oaoi g?
K? ndall, pr? *?'i- r.i "i iii<? N< ? 7
Bank Note Compau: . i ould t< I f?
dai 'i th? ,..-,!, m; ...r the inqulr*
, 'I'" ?"**?: I. I I ' .1 ,; |i| |al ? ,,,,111111!. ??
??1 ? i'harg that Seii.it, i .*-!
Stllv ?-ii bad ti ed to extort |5.500 i
him, the n? ??? i-'i,, n,,m
'?.mi i :',.i .*?? .:.. ,i n.I.,
?" t'.iiiiui!!.?.. gnd At tome* < len?
? '.iitii'"!.'. ..util' , :. thai
had that minute i ? eii ? ?i Important
'"' mation ould hav? .,?
portan! be irli g ..ti the case H? a ..;,
?m adjournment to dlscusi this mai
>? it(, |
'I'lii- un..i mation, n Iranapii.
i;, tii. form ..' a lett? ?- i hlch alk i
I many years i go had b
i-'i in Virginia charg? .i a Ith t
' ' ? tors there swiv
and his I? ? I - I ??, I) ? i. ? .1 on thi*
t be most i on? rete thin? l ?
it baa
.... _. , ? ?
.i.in who .?.
email him.
K? nd . to-nlghl ??. ? ; .1 ? .
ing ' thi ettei ? .
; n- bad dl
with At toi ? .. -ill fn m
Ith 1
It. K
1. , ? ? ??, had
; ted of a
Impro r action ii
guilty of pi
Mr. Kendall'* Sto. ,
In 1881, Mr. K?, nd ?
' ? liDOUl ' II "
i-?ii ? : 1 . 1. He
.1 . ' Hi? prlntil
1 ? ?. I len, Fi 1
\ , ? Hi ?? ttaVgrsm 1 ? ?dir
you." Tins, he said, li" look to raei
that they did nol
??? i;..
???'.? . .
op? i,, ,1 t.. ? tliir?! or on
hall th? bid of th? ?.m? : 1 tank So
1 unrip t he \vtit ? ?an swai
WS - 111.ni' to I,.III. .Ml'.
'? he wua loki then ? ould b? m
I tr'.'ii, ? ' ontra? t, bul I?? v.? 1
1 ah? sd '?? Ith Ihe a
?Ti. |..i.- , I. "I 1?.
told trial Hi" troubli l d of tl
1, . 1 ? Vmerican Bai
1 'ompan* bud sir? adj ad ? .1 m ed Mi
I, lie >'."'?' ?? fOr I'* ' '?I"
.?. in,!,,- Ma hon? 1 I ?? Kepubll? a
put ; ? 1 ? 1 'I thai ii.? 1
is, re oth? i' ' onsldei .'?.!- a hit li s?
. ount? 'i foi th? ??- ? ???i,', i?
? n oui l'i I ? ?
'Aftei mj return to N? Fork I wi
mi..: m? .i le. people said t" repr? -? 1
; li.. American Bank Note Coinpan : hi
,f 1 se: fool m 1." hmond again 1 a, ?ul
i?. arrest? d. 1 ? onferred a it h an ?
toi ne? there b? lett? r. He sssur? ? m
that it wns probabl) true Aa soon a
t lie e.i! ft pond? le ? ?l it II '? !??? S.ll?l .'It
Lorncj . eaa? d I, In pui auanc? ,,t an ai
rangement with him, Lmm?*dlately pu
.m mj hat and si '.? <?'' lock made m
appearance In Ihe magistrate's ?'uiu
and demand? d thai ?' there were sn
popera in which niv name was conn?*cl
, ,i the) be awn ed then and there Th
Judge aald thai th? re a'?*re no pi? "?!
of snj sttempta on my pari t" hai
bribed sn] hodj ? bu1 lhal 1 he proof
were u,..i tin American ?Bank Not.
. lompanj had adi aw 1 ?i ihs mon? y t'
pa- .\i..in,in-.? capitation tax, s hl? h I
g] n hea'i m Virginia, r.-r Ihe priviteg?
..f ? oting "
Leqialature Annulled Contract.
After ins discharge bj the magli
Mat.*. Mt. Kendall weni on, be went
t,, New fork t" ese? ute th?' ? ontra? 1
for th- bonda il?* ??ompleted s ork os
?<:;4NH? worth of th.ntract and ,1,
IP, ;,.,! ihr bonda About thai time. h<
declared, Usions callad a Bp?E*rlsl aea
bIob of the Leglslsturs and annulled
ti.tntra? t. s hlch then aras glvi n to
the a ni?-t i, .m Bank Note Company.
K.iniaii foughl on and a suosequenl
I Legislature, he averred, passed mi a. 1
permitting his compan) to sn.- the
(Sinking i-'i'"'1 I*"*'1'* "r ?'"iiunifsiMiieis.
,i?. body tiiHi bad the swarding ?>f
th? contra? 1 ?'? '? ?''"'?? aa rolloara
from a hat be *??"i mat a 1.1...11 ..f .-,
legislativa .il """'"it"" which la?
v. ?tlgated Un -?' ' <"'t,ai ' "natta n
? y,,,,, , ommlttee la of oplnloa tha?
Ihe ai ti at ihe bont? ?" rttfuaiiii ta
1, reive Iba i">"'?-" ' oupotas and 1 srtlfi
, gua print**! and engravad 1.? tl 1
K.n.laii c*ompany e*? In attempting; t.?
annul the wnttra?*. ;'*"1 awat? .t to
another company ars wltlwul sha-loa
of lustili. atii'ii.
?it Mas a current i"i'"'? I?****"*?. \t n..t
g ,,ir-u-eded i""1 ****** f:i"'' thai the
Am? lirai. Bank Not? CtnMpXeUy had
SUl?B? I'll'??! *:>?<**> 10 M'- ?M**'"'?" ? '???"?
?...,. in.-I .... ?r.ond I"??*" ?*l'*h ,u""??u- I
'principal figures in
the stilwell inquiry
top, Gci ?! ge 11. Kendall, a ho made
tli<- charges; Scnatoi S J Slilwell;
and at the bottom, .1. F. Murtaugh,
chairman o? the < ommittee.
Bnei Ex Senator. Charging
Cruel. Inhuman Treatment.
i ? on '? . Lilii-in
? >..tii II?.m ne ill- ?I auit for dlvoi i
m i : ouni t? gain?t ex?
i Btuti ? loi m
rig cruel and Inhuman
Mi -. Uourni ?:?
, ? :i M ? ;illil"iil .1 l-onsl ' ??
?:? :. lik.
t.. i..in h. r In enten nd
ing i" talk i" her. Although the?
pied 'ii" same apai mi' m ? m
hington, sie' aa ? - i.' r hu iband lias
i.. .. iid purj
! I. I . Si
. |n i- i: and tcrroi ' ..i h? - hu ?
band, .nul that durin - Am ml 1011, he
ordei. .1 ?i'i''- .l'm. m . ?, ?
? i , rig 'i' ii' 'i li' i ill it Bhe tele] !
| "Theodore," a Strenuous Tune,
Named for Ex President.
i ; ? . '. pk une. \
Philad? i| lui. Aii il 7. Theodore
Roosq*. ? ii ka no* m ii.?; Methodist
Kplaeopal II>*mnal The hymn la called
'Th. odor?," a nd a : i s rit l? n m IttXi
b) Benjamin I i '"i" .nul. with m i
by Peter ? ' Lutkin.
Tli.s fa? ; waa brought i.i light to?
da) ??i il., meeting of the Methodist
min lab ra m Weslej Hall. The Rev.
Carl F i'i i. ... ..i \.u Y..I'k .h hta ad?
dreaa i" the mlnletai i t"i.i i h? m of iiis
Mi I'll- ?? -?;ii.! he ? rote Mi Lui ?? n,
asking him a hj the ii\ mn had Im en
..ill...i "Th. ?odor?. " mi.i th.. repij atated
thai ii waa named after Theodora
Rooee*. ?'li ? ??ti a<*? iiimi of i he mualc
being so Btrenuous and the word
patriotic. .
Death of Warren in Cuba Starts I
Ugly Rumors.
ii. i?, .m?. April 7. Th.- duel bet ?s ?en
Rudolph Warren, *"r. of Jera Warren,
;i | romlnenl American sugar planter,
and Hannibal Mesa, a member of .i
wealthj ? 'ni'.iii t'lniii: . m hi? li r? Bulb <l
in ih.' .|. .Hi of Warren, haa i auaed
much tenalon on account ?if certain ac?
cusatlona <?( unfair conditions, Allega?
liona are made that Warren area delib?
erate!) sacrificed to the superior mark?
manahlp <>( ins opponent
As ?i i ??nit i.f th<- controversj ii i*-*
reported to-night thai live duels aro
Impending, the principals Including the1
former Bpt ak? r of ths Hou a of Roi r -
Bsatatives, Colonel Orestes Perrasa,
and Major Bangully, the opposing sec?
onds, .iti'i various members o? Con?
Tin- aecret pouce ere ihadowing ..il
auspected comb?tante for the pui ?....-?.
<>t proy eating the duels,
Delightful enmat*
reaebed In Southern Railway. Double
dall) st-rvloa Write for parileulara. N. v
*<m ?*. 'j'-i ru mi i renne Advt.
Radical Reductions Made in the Tariff, Which
Congress Meets to Consider, Fairly
Stagger Rank and File.
Senate and House Will Be Polite Hosts to an Unwel
come Guest When He Presents His Message in
Person To-day?Long Fight Expected
Over the Revision Measure.
The Sixty-third Congress met in its first session at noon yestet
day. The Democratic tariff bill was made public ; the House or?
ganized, and the Senate was increased by one member, Lawrence Y.
Sherman, Republican, taking the oath as Senator from Illinois.
Speaker Clark was re-elected. James R. Mann was chosen
minority leader, with Representative A. P. Gardner, of Massachu?
setts, a progressive Republican and one of those who led a success?
ful tight on Cannonism, as deputy leader.
President Wilson informed the joint -ommittees of the two
houses that he would deliver his message in person to-day.
The Democrats control the House by a majority of more than
140, and the Senate by a majority of at least 6. The House now con?
sists of 43.5 members, an increase from 39b in the last Congress.
There are 150 new faces. There is. of course, no increase in the
membership of the Senate.
Despite the determined effort of the Democratic leaders to pro?
cure harmony on the tariff bill, mutterings were heard on all sides,
and the prospect of a hard fight and a long session looms large.
M aa : | \?'i.'. 7. The
cratic tarlfl bill, with ;
? eping i? 'i i? Ilona in
in pre? 11? all) ???? ? i -? ii' dule
Payne law, waa introduced i
d Ho to-day b]
1'ii'i? ru 00 I. ' li.iinii
tli" Waya and Means Committee
in man? r? ap eta the fn i
i laggi rfhg 'i i" Dem?crata
? i I m tiff views. N<> better HI
i".'i of this .?.m lie found tl
that the i ?? h." rats of tb N
land Btatea mel in eonfer?
? i mine ?'? ii.it
ol th? awe?
ti?.iis in ti..- wool and cotton Bch?
and th? free listing of I?
snd ah?
K ? wool .nul wooll? na
li 'it the hardest blow "f alL
wool is free, ami the a ? rag
red wool ex?
:.. i h r
The ' ?] tut r? Be
\ lew that foodstuffa and <
Ing ahall i" non-dutiable, or neai i
and that 11 e ao-< all- .1 luxuriea
eat rates consistent
ti... idea ol producing needed re? i
Sugai a iff? is :. cut of ?ml f 28
.?. ?,t. but il la pro* ided that this ai
shall k.i the free list ;(t the sal
ti??ll "ft TlllS IS 11"'
factor* t" un mbera <>t the Senate
Ho lae a if repn ?? i I augar produ
s tai. a
Free List Cuts Revenus.
Th? fre? !:.-i alone ?a i?-' a out n
than sj|iMH..HK> m revenue, which
..f th?- amount i" be aupplied
.m? t..- Ti,. gr iduat? 'I Inc?
I. \. le*i 1. il "11 :ill li- I 'tl. "111. I ..1
?4,000, la i"ii forward an the lifesa
i.? i!:?' D? mocratlc I irllt n ? lalonl
and la i minted on t" raise more t
?"loo.ooo.ouo t.. ..f?st-t ti,.- revenues
under the radical revision proposed
?mi th.- theory that they ar?* luxui
ami m".xi revenue producers, the Dei
? rats have left unchanged the dutti ?
wines, liQUora and tobaccos. There
..ti.' minor ? hange on s?ra*> tobacco, 'I
silk schedi le is substantially that
11.?- existing tariff laa
An examination of the bill conflti
the essential features of The Tribun
synopsis and forecaat carried m th?
dispatches on April I Th?' bill, as w
predicted, is moat radical in some
?ts rates and most conservative ai
near-prote? Ii?iiii*-t in "tints.
Wim!, siiunr and III?' frei- list at?? t
I ??? ? of contention over which Dem
crata win begin their wrangling win
the part) caucus convenea to-morro
Tin- Underwood bill is regarded as a
administration measure. Boms "t" it
rat.- uii?' changed at th?- eleven!
hour at th?- suggestion or i" directto
..i th.- President, but this fa. ; win n?
check th'- growing tendency ?if numer
..us 11.'iii"?.ia's '?? combal th..?." sehsd
ules which tua;, wreck their hOOM in
Free List Covers Pages.
ih?' in ? ii^t cpvi rs page sfti r i ag
? if th>* Ii.'tno? ratic bill, it placea ??:
tin- non-dutlabta ii>t such articles i
lumber, hews Umber, shingles am
laths, wool, borax, charcoal, coop?rai
sodas, aulphur, tanning material, ?Heel
Iron ore, beef, veal, mutton, pork,
bacon and hams, Sour, lard, dairy
products, nah, fresh or smoked..u
anil shoes, ???it?.n ties and bagging,
typewriters, sewing machinas, farm im?
pleraents, typesettlag ma hlnsa, bm-ad
atuffa wood pulp, printing paper,
leather, coal, win- fencing, nails, ?ait,
twin?, bran snd ?>ther so-called nRri
cultural products ami Implements,
Thos?- ara classod b) tin- Dsmocrats
as necessities, .uni through the analysis I
<o -Ini.r.l on r.M.rll, ,??, all h .-..luiiin. '
Washington, April T. With the attl?
i ids ? f ? ii" who i*? obliged to play li??st
: guest, ;li" s-nat?. to?
? -? i without form
? a.ii apt ?king, the r*on.
urrenl resolution, originating In tii?-.
proi Iding that i '?mgiesa aball
' sit ?ni a bod ii- ..i r!'.*i
-??:.'.- tai Iff m. a
Whan senators Kern and Gailinger
[announced that th< Presid i.t "would
ersori a communii ;.;',?? in
C ngn M il I " ? Ioj :. ;"-!.,? rro re
, t..rial backs. Tl
?i.f the D id beet
opt? the doora ..f the i ,
, s Ith an expr >ut the
I glum i'ii'cm in th.* cloak root*
?post lit Wl
i y'it restraint, put ., damper <.n 'lue
| ?I'm* of hoai
I When th.- i.,.. - .? ?i ar.
in ,,, ir,.!.i ? ,t
, ' -it oui "t" It, ..?el ,! pi'"', klcd . Imply
I f.I I!'.,' Joint Hie. 'lili?'.
Lodge Quotes History.
? ? -r I ...?.:. ? :,, d ?.
cuss the pn i"'.-- ?! rit of i ' 'h.' : Ex?
?| iiav i-,,, int? um h "f opposing lb ?
? tes..inn..ti." be aaid, with ..;i air >.f
! polite formaliti. 'bul It Li atari, an In?
! '? resting rei'ersli n t" a m?-il.->? ;
doing businees thai pr?ri'alled mora
i than a t*?*ntur ?- ? i i ? anno! i ?
I it,m from making -?orne obasrvattona
upon it. The form a*as borrowed from
land. ? i?? i ? i be K log or ???i? an
opens the Parliament ami an sdcii
is mad" m reply.
"Tins m. t hod wai i he aubj? si
much animadversion ..n the pari of
ihu Anti-KrueralL* t*. who look? d gpofj
II a* an attempt lo mtroduc? into
this country monat-chial cuatotns. Of
course, tin* danger >>i .? reversion to
m.?nat? hiai prai ii- '? a is ii"t obvious to
,i, ??
Senator Loilge t ?<i<l t>? the ?li.-in
Iteiiioiiais in.. Istten of Th.,ma? .!??:
I.-isi.il. ..ne to tii?* I'!', sidiiit of lbs
.-'.-nat.. dated i>?, eini" i il. i*m? 1. and
i in? ..iher to Dr. Benjamin Rush, dated
Deceinbsi -?? lbs sams ^v.ir. in the
first ??'tier ih?* aposti" of I?.*m..tracy
s.ild h?. did not I.illoW the ?asi,.ni ? t
by ins ptetVceeeors, Washington and
Adams. In the nit.:-.?is of .eiitioinv "f
lima and to relieve ?'?mm ess iron, ssa?
..aiiassin?'!!'. In the *-?? ? olid he ? S*
plained mote freel) thai hs ?lid It to
obviate the ''bhaa-aly < ? ?nui? t" that ui
tended the fTanalng >>f a reply.
Senat..!' Lodge mtttnated thai ie
? en in?? the messai*" waa on!) ona-half
the rale and u... laplylng t<> II ?a.?
much ih>* more intei t ?-tin,,' l'ait of the
custocn thai pravslled In Um huh? of
I Wsahlngton and Adams.
Senator Williams, one of the I ??mo?
or..tie (?Batten was ?nor.* sapHclt. "i
,,.)y much legist thai th>* Pr?sidant
has t lues, n in lal<" this routs. ," ho
sai.i "Thv Pederalisl ciMtom of ir.ak
iiit *,|.t"'t h? s from the tbrt-tse Is not
going to allot a<i?.Tsel\ tin* 1? ?iisla
UVS interests Of th.* AtiHMieai: ji.-opl- ,
but th" ??.million *, nae uiideriuiiK ihe
,i!>arulonnien' ?,f th I practice la so ob?
vious that it iii.-i? ii" ?-xi'l'tialioii. I
hoi??*. i?,r one, thai this will be the
onl) branch of a petf?*?ctl} simple and
perfectly i.pui.iuan method Hhich
Jeff? raon Inirodia sd
Admits Preaident's Rtqht.
Senator i'...' .m. another Senate ? i |ert
dropped the admission that he wag in
. line.i to share the \ i.-w of hla ?oi
leagttS from Mississippi. but added, |k?
Utely, that it was the ?.onstitull.ii.il
right of ihe Pr?sident to come to the
Csi ?t.?i if it? wathsd
Senator Btbne, also <x? ?*tdingly ??o
llte, called attontiuii lo tin* fat**, thar.
the Senate rules pruhibiied Imimaei?

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