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reso ution will
onsent but the \
i ? dent promptl) i uk d thai It s
.?m of the high? si privilege. A
i .1 ? ion of p irl lamentar) pi
lice the r<
thout a dissenting ote.
The announcement thai Prasid
tariff mess
person to-morroa waa n eived
M -? \\ till ?^iil;. scatt? '
. ti 11. -'..I
Pollowing the routine orgi
?i the Ho??*? th? Spei Uer appoln
\i' ssrs. Underwood Pit ?
notll 'iion ' ommltte
. ? ompan) a almllai *?*. : ate omn
to the White House t" t.-il I
President the Congreaa hsd aasembl
; ? irning %\ Ithtn thlrt? minutas, '
Y?.ni' CO
? in. .. rfoi m. ? and '
? i th? Presid? 'it thai th? Ho
pi? as. .i to i??? ??:'? *? an\ . ommunl?
from him. The Preaident Infon
?? that he wil
in to-morrow afternoon '
Roui m buainess \?<i- resumed ?\.i
Mr. i nderwood drafted the concuri
eaolutlon for ? lion ol l
: s.-ii-it.- Tins \> aa adopt
: ,i v. ithout d
i \ ;.' ,
That Is Why He Will Read H:
Message to Congress.
>, ' . eut Wilt
ew th? of a ? entui
'. - n. "I thiiik that thai is the onl
? t.
... ? .
letting t
. millar cl?
It la
? a-. .....j. ? ? ab? en dli
there n
... . ri ? the only re
... ..ii-.- I ? look? ' leglslatl
Senator Says He Made Nc
Pledge to Labor Men.
v " ;: g to ght to a
i: Btoi denounce
. ;.,? ernor Bull tlve attack
. resolution f?
, i? ;nt" the re-el? ctlon
pron - ' bill, Ira
of - de s tTotn
<-'. of the same kind.
Mr. Broa n'i
Governor, a*ho -
? secret ti
? i ?i hlma? If Inellg el oftlc? M he
? -.a ii .. promise.
"\\ s : idin;*
Be nal
? i- ? | -.- W ,ii.-. Demo iratlc
Then, t' mai king that ouldn't
ante? Its truth. ''?? read a atory from
. ?- ? ? ? lea a
I h !"t ?.f ? men, ? ho
f n Senator browi during
" th.- campaign t?> ask ins suppon t
"full II and he
Th? tely false," said
'"i Hi'.|| was ap
t? on numer. . rail
M'.icl men fron town,
a ho aougl : irt on tl ? bill f.n.-r
Never ? aug
? ?
i<? auppo ecause of s pr< -el? I
ge. 'ri.;- . harge hat made
i t<> th - Governor, and to ; rotect him
this untrue and unfounded rep? 11
purity mvE Mes
All "Turkey Trotted'* Aboar
Ship, and John D.. Jr.. Was
Graceful. Says Wagner.
Evelyn Thaw, in Red Bonnet
and "Prominent" Banker Join
in Afternoon's Whirling
and Merrymaking.
IVag B*ha - .km a .1
i'1-..'iii-i* in t: ? luanagemi m of Reii
? ?? i.: tin* Vlc
t aria Luise from Panama and learned fo
the flrat time of th? wa*. * of inn
it.? ti a? waa knocking his bualneai t
..i a ^. .. - 11. , ai -i itonlahei
a hen he heard flrat <>f the
irfea order, hut a/hen i ??. -
heard . n top of that of th? flgl I agalna
tea da ea" be k r* v% talkative and un
.. dote.
.lohn i?. Rockefeller. ?>a
\ ictoi la !.. a aril me. He ha?
tne ca| ( i q ai t? i Th I hei ? wai
first "fli
?a hi;, i hail tia se Onu offlcer'i
v moat ?. "? ? i j evening th?
? ? -.ii?- main saloon, and a*a al
the 'turki t' and man) of th?
noes. One of the i ?
fai 'i . . an Jon
(?.?zed R??iretiuliy at Guets.
Bo ; ? Ma) ot - g atop
Is h? add? .i aa I t gas? -i r? na ?ti ully
ling at hi"
and highballs
waited t"i ii.<? on h?
up anotl ? ?? I
!;? ctor - p .? ?? eras aim ? ?
. ? r? aras no "tet
: ;.? .im not av< .. i.??t- ' II
a dance license, and ral
ti ti ?? wrath "i t... - r tea I? r
dd, he had determined t.. cut dancing
off tl ? -' ' ii '
But And) a Buatai by'i
t of ail th? "tea
g full blaal Th? r? waa little
? M>rahip iii.?iiitaiii.-.i over the dancera
. folk were dipping it
eart'a ? ontent \ pi omlaent
the floor vas ICvelyn Thaw, In
.. little red bonnet and a plain black
? ? is. Another waa : "promlm
i?.?', n banker and bi >ker.
?v. . od) baa I ? is?
pring da I ? -?aid. "l m* self
! a*. ?? oft? n gol ut? to lav? ahli
tween th? ??> atei a d th? wup course, to
ratoS Ol a : ;..g Bptl ' '??'?? ' ' I
of a 1 ? - floor
gray-hair? d grandmother, mother
ghti n Mayoi 0.?:? nor would
com? ' ? i th? sa affaira I
wo .i aee that the class "f people in
gajlgtng la them art not as low1 us ho
to thinli.'
At one of th? a party ol
women sat. Induatrloui ewlng buttoni
on Bllppera that had popped "ft
i in the strenuous meaaurea ol the dances,
said thai were the "College Point
' Sew it i g C ih ' and ' Ml their nam? ? wi ira
Faith, Hope and Charity. ?One of them
aald she ami Mrs I . M l'a ii> ami that
sh?' was ihr- president <>i the club,
?.r th? ala hum.lancing icademlea,
casinos cafes and roatauranti that have
been undei Inveatlgatlon i y Jam?
, chl? f of the Mayor'a i?
of L4cenaea, and bis oorpi <>f forty In?
? i?., ii ami aaM yesterday that
ISO of tl ? m bereaft? p would I ? dan? ? ?
for various reaaoaa.
Bome of them have quiet) had theli
revoked or renewals denied l
aa a result <>f the ' gotnga on" In them,
bit the
Carnegie Hall
Open from
fe 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily
77iis is the
Last Week
The Most Unusual and
Interesting Entertainment in New York
Artistic photographic contributions from
Amateur photographers all over the world
?a fascinating and unique demonstration
of the work of the camera in many lands.
Pictures of people?pictures of wonderful
scenery?pictures of the arctic?pictures of
the tropics?pictures of animals?pictures of
babies?every conceivable kind of picture,
everyone possessing something distinctive?
all shown in beautiful pictorial enlargements.
Novel Motion Pictures
Every afternoon and evening?as part of the
regular program?there is a motion picture
entertainment. A reries of motion picture
stories of teal life?filled with interest and
the unexpected. This week two special
pictures?"A Kodak Honeymoon'*?show?
ing the unusual and diverting part a camera
played on a honeymoon. And the Boy
Scouts will be mightily interested in watch?
ing many of their comrades acting for the
camera man in "Camp Brownie.'" A pict?
ure for young people, filled with the sort of
adventure the young enjoy.
Illustrated Travel Talks
Delivered by
Dr. Wm. Torrence Stuchell
A series of afternoon and evening illustrated travel
talks, delivered by Dr. Stuchell. one of the best
known travel lecturers in the country. This week
the following lectures will be given: "The Kodak
in Many Lands"?"Photography and Play"?"Out
in the Open with the Kodak"?"The Kodak at
Home"?and "Young America and the Kodak."
The pictures used to illustrate these travel talks
are selected from photographs taken by amateurs
in every part of the globe.
Lectures and Motion Pictures Daily, 3 and 8 p. m.
' wbili a otl ? iav< been * *toi o il
... bava not ask.-.) foi rem ?rala, their j
j pi iprietori fearing th? dan? 11 \*o*M not,
t be ne/w res
Frequented by Younq G"*ls.
? ? great .etlon ro al to I ?? Pl?< '-5 ,
wai the nunr|)er of oung pii|s ******
in.' them Many of t
. .1 a Ith by Inveatii al ? ?- ;,,"i '^ '"'
li ? tl during the ':-;'- '"? ?
how ti eli ? wild i "' *** ????B
luring the d ana the)
? ?. ? al ii'"* i '.- to -? ? ?? ' ?'"?? " '
,,,.i m put In their una.' In ****** "*>-,:'
Mi Wallao called at * ct<
tl May? :? it
...i a talk wit . teal tnnl Corpon l
Crowell. who drei U " ***i '
., ?? ..i-.. Ml i He < tow ta to aee ,
iy, an.i 1 IB said. "
, ihat In di tog placei
the ni'is.ii.tioTi ?.f I la bureau no da...
a.-all be permitted b? ? r I P w ??' ?*
This will not
. ? . . ? ..? |
limit th?
ti .. to th? ? ? '
and I a m . o? tog '?? the Ms
are sold at on
? gl
\:- out * : ?
where ingoing ? geh i on, M wai
\i?.,. del trmlnati
them i ? be gets I
,\, ,.: , lim la.t.-l
privil? ' | at they hav?
They a. ?
mdei ? f the Burea
Li? eneea b n a si I
it wai o? ? ? ?
d in them 1 11 r < " ? ? I
,.ni sf-eklng to am I ? stat itoi
oti ?? a r? la- nti to ha ? ? ?
a Itho ? ? pecial .... cond
bill aim? a t.. stop dai cii dl plac?
.. v. ? ' I
'?? port i on tl e placea a?l
cumulai ig ma e*. idence will h*
in the effort t.. obtain I
two billa b* ih Legislature. II I
t< mpl : fan t
. bol i "ii ol ' ?? i The
.i ti,.- erased?
ay, but all parts ": th?
larl rlcl Held b? Ing Coi
w aal ington, ?ipril I Bens
Bhai i? Williams, "f Ml sisslpi
to-da ' . ' a a" m < "hu? cl
...... .
. . .. ?
I? i't ti.. ?
"I waa with an aft?
party in ? Ihun wh<
? anting that
i ? ...i. hing and that th-? din? ? it I?
and we left imm? (
tor Wlllti ma ?- e de] ted I
o'elocl ? ? ? ere not 'ejected
by in, police, it. fact, i don't knoi wh.u I
happi n.d in the resl int afl
"?it. but there was no
? her? "
Two Policemen Rescue Man from
"Mob" -Held on Boy's Charge.
' '? ?ho Bald hi was William I
', n i.ron,??ti r. of Montreal, t- i
phoni 'i to the I i r? ??? polli ?
Don hot night and d? ?? . ?? ?
i" Ing atta? ked l . ...
would be killed, and ? mded that
patrol wagoi
Two polio
true ,n t.?ut. i
ten! ng till ? ? bad
? > Qeorg? Bud .., ..f
Ko >? Weal -it h i ?
? ? ?.rnei ? t th? wa?
through i-- roa I ai , got?
? ' | the man in?.. ., patrol wag ? ?
' ' the man wa cl irg? d a It ??
lonloti ult ai gned la
th? Weal Bli ?? ? ,rnl g
'bkct Oui ?i:
Whitman Allows Only Brief I
tervals Between Trials of
Indicted Officials.
Week Later. April 17. Robi
son's Case Will Be Called,
with Murtha. Duffy and
Sweeney Next.
i ' -; let ?.ttorns) w hitmsi -?? i" -''|
notice ! - |pot! ion; "f III? '
?fltetala chargt*d with grafting tti
:hi ai.?ilie;iti..n t'.ii lal'siii.ii from >*-iii
I'. >t-|e?*t til?- juris ,lo|- ; i.e.ii Will
I I .1.1 . I.el..re .Ill-It--- Ht
' I] HU?! dSJ Le V. Ill lll.il .' t... I
of thel ?? i'.-tn. tiisla .?- i" i"?*
April ?7. Thorns Etoblnson. pstrolma
- ..tt'ii.:,' " Ton] 1
proprletoi of the i.itti. v. nl ?. .? Hai I?
? ml
Ipril ' ;. John J. "tin
dl? t- ' f"i m sftlng ?m John Tot
..t the ? tolontsl Hot? I, ?--?th ti -
? ?
\\t ,i a Pet? i .i. i",i.
? ?>! foi graftlni erent Hsrl?
: orta.
\ pr i > ? Hare? peel
,i" led :??? grafting on 1* elv? i
i inri, n eeorts, and Indi? ted ui
(or Ii
; . i
A Hipp asa) '
. .-. ,,- Patrolmi
Eugene r. fc'o?
Quick Verdicts Expected.
Robl ? Oil e
.-...- i con? I'
| not viewed a
... pial ?.-???
I I !.. -.,,1-le.l . .: ??!
..II the . . - ,.? '; Il
? H...,- ?Mil rollO? lie
Prom ?ii.- dates ?
Mr. Whitman outlined ? '? It wi
? ?rident Ihsl !??? do? - not
uf the grafl now li t< mplatl
much tune i hi i ?Ii Itiel
torn? I h? ?.:?. not ' ?"?" ?'
f h court .i '
?. 11*3 ? h CS -? HS ?M
1 I ? - ? ??' 1.
in id.- ' ..m a of anot ' da ?
. ,i; das fo ?
.? ?
He ? UI i. . ? ?? I i.rr
? ?
\ ? ' . ? I || -IIS ? ...
? ; ?i * ??' April -l ifJ
H ,.| It Is 1 |ht that I T
win probabl t ?
r tbs DufJ
I . : ? but. If I
event aro ' ' I
;..r gn "
? e
Hurt i .?i .i\ .??! hits --if ??f th
. ? ?. ' i
d to th? i ?
WI?i!ti??.. Had AM the Trumpi.
Murtl . . : on ,\h
nd I
th?* trumps, a
. i not ?'.?' any
in.r ? ' m.
Thomp ? ? i ? ? ?
Iles m ? ? Hsi lei ? ifl
i:i .ift' r the
? . nt
r the sune
?? i.i lied upon t ? ..;
.... mlnal
to th?
? .. \Vm!-I
? ?
tprll >, with *?'-..-??
.?.??i |,i ?i ant, Ri ?.< rta "i i ontlmied Ii
1.1.-m : : ? .m \\ ..lit., boa tar, broxi
? ?? .... i.i yeai -idaj that tin
i.,, Uoi ' am ? stlon
again poeipoti< d snd II Wslsh'i ondltlon
ui ti:..ii it In would ' I i-- call?<i upon le
u- ttfy m,til sv. ley'a csss I ? II?
srhsn hu evident?* will be takM In open
Edward .1 Newell who waa si|>?.'?? law
ter, tog4Hher with Btpp ?>" bis aon How?
ard, ? ?nii-r't ?i n m, Mi W i Itrnan
d . . .ii.i 'a. lit ovei th? ? ?. Idi i.'- in con
n< ctlon *??? mi the "slli n? >? fand" i I l
'.. ? ,? Blpp ss ' ??? om lh? n-ltni
In the I'-.- '. \. well ?ill be cslled
Bhortlj ' Is und? rstoo?!, t" (
'., foi ? ? ? and lur slong thsl line,
si'ii ii ? lea to pi.IIug tl a basis fi
iii.ii? ?m. >ni '.r : .lier lawjrei wtio wai
one of tie- "go-betweens" for the poll a
off), ?al- m*.".-.- 'i in II at tram action.
Unanimous Consent Given to
Anti-Turkey Trot Measures.
| B ''"'?' '?'??! to 1 .'
Albany, iprll 1 s?-?.:?!.??- Polio? I snd
?ssssmblyman Caughlan, chairman "f the
Cities Commlttse "f His low?sr Ho ;
ii.,iiiii..i the llaynor "antl?turkei ?...i
Mils to-nlghl The m?*ai iras tssra hansTasd
t.. im- i? ?iiiiii..i a b] Ai listant ( loi
: ...n i '.Kins. I M.i ;..|.iri.l.
AHl.o.JK'l thS tll.ie f.ii I
..f hiiis ?i. in.- Asssmbly bad exptr?*d Mr.
m. ? h'l.ii i.-K was abta to ;?-( unanlmoua
eorsssnl foi the r t?itr...i.?.ri.>r- in- unanl
rnoti oonssnl Ih-rj wert *sdsaiH*sd t.. th?
srdgi of third reading Is Um Oat ?
The nrst hin -wiabh i the Pol.!om
iiiisDloii. i- tu .ii.|..,i,,t ,.XI,a deput) , -.in
mlsslonsra Instead of In paeiort whenevei
Its maj .*?-? it -i ., detail <<f Inspectoi ;
. t.?.! ' ul off entln ly, bul the sxtrs d? p?
?mml km? ra and Insp? ? tora cannot
*ed ? Ii.-?!??en. i;,, iiiimhiT ?if Inspsetora
showed by law. Complaints agslnsi
th. polloa xtndmt the present etssi-tei muat
. ' r fi rrsd t?. and |nvi stlgstsd b* ths .i.
? '"''"'"" lt*seM Under Ihla hin these
complaints rnsv] !.?? lnv?Mtlgatsd by u,,.
. <l?l.tll|ev
The ???? omi bill require* a1! : ublli dai.
halla t.. ?... NceMe<l wtveth? th. i , ,..
fifty :.. ir,,,,,,,, ,?? . ,,. TlM., doei .
rect tha regular i,.,i.i;. -as their dance
ha-ha .... not ,.,,.-,, u, ih? genera, puhiiV
ih? third hill prorldea thsl all i,?? ,.
"??">?*< halla must close ai I and n? r
open inf.,re noon
'"??Haken. N7 V Apr.i 7.-Tin? H?,-,?,?
ol the -?.it-- 1 .-till in the ?r?i> of wlnb - !
mili two Inch? ..i know on ihe "(round
si d the tin ? motneti r dos n t.i ? ti,^
? old snap, II la t> sn d, hau Kr:. \ th? .u,,,. I
?ota anj MsHj clieirita. |
I "m nu,,,J fr??, ,*,?? ?ugr.
palgn fund, and waa frlendl] to
political party,
'?' olved. b) the B??ate, the Ho
of Delegat? i concurring, thai the K
?lull Bank N?>t, < ompany, of N,u v"
be and il la hereby authoi lied and ?
poa en id to Institut? suits in the na
of the CotnmonweeJtb of \ Irglnla,
the benefit and at the coal ?if said ce
pan]. against B. Brow n Allan. I
Audit..: and 11, i;. Revele). late Tre
!?? i upon their offlclal bonds us si
to .rei ii" amount "i ;
judgment recovered In favor ?
> ? raus tu?' Board "i -*~'; kl
Fund < '?.iiiiiiisM.il,' ra in th?- ? !lrc
? !ourl of the dty of Richmond, on I
12th day of January, 1884, for UXM
.,'-?. ? and co
Virginia Pays Judgment.
Th? Virginia Leglslatui e,
i an a?t t?. pay th? judgment <
talm 'i. 1394X10, a hi? ii wvered all I
profit .nsel fi ta .'lui othei i
To-nlglit Mr W llaon made public t
airead] ref? m >i to, signed "? ?1
|o \. .? Bureau, bj Arthur I ?a
IIi. n m ?Ihtcago un?
? of April Th?
il a rit? in
I i corresponden)
Th? \ ? I ted Pre s .?' the ' '?? gii nl
bon? r? gime, and ?
. r t .. the ?tat? d? bt had ju :> ms
the pi
\\ in!, th, dets
, ? . perfected th? lett?
li. Kendall ? i Rlclimo
' r th? d< fun? l Ken?
Note Compel ? ioi .-? t>?l th
r il j? tor Han ' :
..ti,-1 leglsl ttoi ? iu order to
raci i"i- hi companj
ilil this Infor i i re to
..r . i? ? to ou in your lat? unplea
... the same < iry." ?'
|l . .1 ?-hall l>. pl<
Of It."
I.. . . "tl tl
en I J
i . ? riven? ?i th
I i brought u" lau ? ei ? I
him and ? that I State * ou
H itor Mu
n of the ci
? m the pi"'
. . ? m ?? ? KemJ
If h? ha I to furn he'd III
lr. Lyo
ibably a ill I
. t at I ' '
Stilwell Consults Smith.
Senator Stil
? . ? d
w Uliam T. Byrni I '" a?
dltio h? ?' '"" w "
? : mi r clei
rules and proei dure.
,i..i M i laugh " ;'-"l u ?i;
that U
I ?
II wa n !*-? i dal!' l? I? g m to tl
? tlon thi
13.500 I
i, on a bill i*. la
! 111. ti.
mono] o f prlnl - ? i
Bank Not
Btilwell had . t a $'J " lid to
Ki ndull for Ibe dra
thi.- i.
n formall) denied fo
hi, . lient til-- ... . ? 'i -? nator fron
Attori i ral Cat ra
to pr ' UP ,l"
Kendall telegram. Th? se will be pre
?? .i to-morrow morning.
Phrase Need.*" Amending. BtXJt
Dr. Guilt'oy. Who Sees Physi?
cal Harm in Dance Craze.
1 .? ?.-?. bod) ' ? doin It," i- a phi ase t it
al ??nid be amended, to Dr
w Uli .m li Guilfoy, regiatrar "f the I1
partment of Health The dan
that i. ii seemed I
" .1 ' the fe? f the great bulk
of the p< ? adding t rial con?
stltutlo ' ". ill !'.iii<>?\ "tea ti ota, '
but that th? ? ?ill go i igbt along
? it bou I an) nei vous bi i akdon n.
tnd this city, d?
' ? steely ner?
lilac? ai a arholi. he thlnl "< if
thai ? nei i on* nei an said
the registra . id? ri? ? d dsil) by
tin number of ? eople a bo ? annot k? p
theli feet atlll, *\ la? a* ln| theti '
a bo i h< ??. gum Inc? - santl)
T? a trotting and ta . certain
i" ha a li affecta on the conetltu?
tioni ??: th" ?? a ho become addict? ?i .?>
the hai.il But aa i ha tea lorlt) ol tl a
i" opts be* an I the time to trol or to
tango the bad r< - nil a III not be app i
ant ii. thi clt) at large it is our. ,
limited numb? r u ho ? an afford th? time
to lake up : m h ti .i.
l'r. Qullfo) sxplali ? d ' i,.h "tea I o
ting and th? u ??? "i "ti i oi oth? r stun
ulanti a ould InJ ire the digestion. II
would h. inn i . ., meoli, and
tl ?? h-" "i itimulani would help to Im
Pair thi .?, . -ti.,t, h.| ,, i,.,,i i? ,n
? ?plained to liim that >? hi n und? i ; ie
hi pnotli influen?a of th dan? ? thi' lea i
'" tl.. trouble? ..i iu.. - ...i i,. ...H Ing In
the "let |o) be uncoiulned" puraull
whan the) Mould i I
"' aras told ?. aterda* I <? d? dared
' that al .. hotel neat this clt) then wa.t a
dun? Ing . la ., for pel ?ona lift) years old
?""i over, m. m i,i. i, an it,, latest mi i
t'r' * especiallj tiir trol ? - taught." :
1,"' fsglati h ; elleve ? the tango?i l ,
? ,mI Isa trottera" d.i - Met d ten
thouaand i.,, -n,. old time "spiel- ]
log "" 'he Bow? r\. he thought lis I no
?"'"''' '" '* ?? ra? kina li mien? I? a the .?
rorms of dancln
an uto .. ii, rw ,, ,, . ,,? killed Kat?
" "''"' Takenaka at Plftli avenue and
1,1,1 ?treat >, ,i, -da 1 aki nabs wi ?
l,Mv ??thi fonts old and aa sap? rl In
i.a siring broken shins and brl? ??'? bra?
,|'1"' '"il1' ? iid th. ma. bins a/as owned
b) gamut i Painberg, of Mo BI Mortbi rn
' ? '? ?? lii" Bronx, and .paratod l?j Kd?
ward 'riioiri|,son of the same address.
Two nomgg ?,.,,. |? ||,. ,.,, Ti.. bod)
waa takeg In tba Bast II I ' i latlon
Former Democratic State Chair?
man Pleased with Airship
Trip Over Berlin.
'''?finge) ' I "?."* 1111 ?-? t .*-?. lunier Ii.inoi-rati'
Btate .h,m mail, caste bach from abmai
laM night on the lliiiiil..iirg-.\m?'i ???ti,
liner Amerika.
As the vessel oaten up th<- bay from
Quarantine a reporter Baked*a ttarwmrd if i
titeare w??* sny psaw*?n of premlnei****a on
t*oard and rec4?lv?*d ihis snsirer.
"Sure. There Ip om i show you. le i
.1 bj 'i:?- i'"ii rail, that ?tout gontic
man with the high bat."
"V, bO i he""
"\h: i'- it posslbls '"H do not Imiyw?!
Thai Is Mr <>'?'oniiors t?f thr- Tiimmany
?i.ill dub. He ? .'t- alwaya In the Kit/. ?
dan?Bsa "i. the deck, apsnila his mone)
like It la wster. Hs'a ? Bood ?port. Us
wi up with "Seppalln In M.*riiri. Ask I
sure enough, William i Connera had
been up In tii?* /?^ppftin air-rnr? and
though! it araa great, and if be ?an so
will ha ? dp '
over Lake Brie during th? forthcoming
Parry reh'bration, ?jf Which hg is chair?
"Tea sir,' said Mr. <'onii'i.-. "i aren! ur>
S mile and ;? half and sailed about twel ?
mllea over Berlin. There arera only six
paaaengera, Including my wife und Mis?
Margaret Jordan, my stster-tn?law, t
didn't know t was tip in the air at all
Taba It from me there ?a ill b?_- an airyhti,
croaa tbe Atlantic in Itll.
"I haven't anything to say about poi
ItiCS except this: Wilson ii a cran! mai
T?a- Democratic party will ha\e to stick
to it*-, platform and artab? good.*1
G. C. Bergdoll, Sentenced for
Assault as Outcome of Collision.
Norristown. IVnn . April 7- ??rovf-r i'
Bergdoll, motorisl and avuitor and ton
? r -, saltby parents, was to-day sent t
Hi?* eouat) jail for thr? s months and tin? ?
HJg on a cbarga of assault, giowing ??.
of a OOlliSlOfI "f ai.tonioi.il.'.- in \?
??i.? of th" drivera
Bergdoll bei often been in troubb
I .? 11, i.-.- of Philadelphia and suburbs
-.,?? !.. .;.?: . of ?.I.- all--;. .) rechle*a
driving Recently he wa refused a re?
? ij aul ? nee, and .i.
Bed Um potto authorities by driving a..
automobil" WlthOttt a IloeOSS, BO ?he ?...
III? charged. Bergdott's counsel tefl a;
1. Al?man & (i?n.
We : men's Ready-to-wear Gowns
and Tailor-made Suits
are being; shown in a comprehensive
assortment oil reproductions of the latest
Paris models, made o? the fine Silk and
Wool fabrics now in vogue and showing
superior workmanship and finish. The
prices range from . $58.00 upward
Inspection \s cordially invited.
Tai.or-made Suits for /Hisses and Small
Women; Women's Biouses, Neckwear,
Curs?is a~d Go-onia- Ties; lien's and
Women's Silk Umbrellas and Leather
S. ?liman $c (C?.
arc showing, In the Women's Knit Under?
wear Department, the new KNICKER COM?
BINATION, made in Jersey silk, in white and
colors. This 3s an original production from
workrooms in the establishment, and is de?
signed especially to conform to the present
fashion in dress.
Plie Masses' and G?rls' Departments
are shown in the dainty cottons which are to
be the vogue, including Tosca Crepe, French
Voile and Novelty Fabrics. These are vari?
ously trimmed with the fashionable laces,
hand-embroideries and the smart colored
trimming? reflecting the Oriental influence.
?GIRLS' DRESSES for Spring and Summer
wear are displayed in all the new washable
materials; also GIRLS' COATS AND REEF
lT?:S In the new styles and fabrics.
The Infants' Wear Department
lias ready for inspection an extensive assort?
or Serge, Shepherd Check, Eponge, Pongee
and Pique, in the season's most attractive
AHER1CAN-MADE MATS are also being
shown, in a diversity of charming designs.
included are Straw Hats trimmed with ribbon
and flowers, and Lingerie Hats and Bonnets,
embroidered and 3ace-trimmed.
Jifll? Awrotr, Mts) ?ut? 35tii Bixittf. Krw tyrl.

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