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Means Freight Monopoly for
N. Y. Central, Former Dock
Commissioner Says.
Scheme Urged by Railroad and
Board of Estimate Would
Destroy riverside Park,
Is Assertion.
omktna nndo pood hta pr< i
to Rj ne?) ,,r tit**
: for the , ? ? t <.r Wet ?
trat ? ? ' irked out l>y the X?*.v
Yor',- ? ?? lion he nppearod yester?
><oay he fur o t ho Board of Eatlmi I
Icompanled by representativea of other
testing ?.i'iif's. The foruaer Commis
? er rif l loci anted a brlet atat?
? Ins that In the abi
which 'ho report % It waa Im?
I possible to ?": an Intelligent Idea
jadvai :-? the brief be mid in part:
"It is only t.?<*> plain hot ween the
of the termina] commlttee'a report
neither the committee no* the Central
, takes the report a?rions] oh ai
lt. nil questions Involved aro but Inci
' dental and subord nated to tli i
1 whether monopoly In Manhattan freight
servios la to be ended i r confirmed.
"As a private cltlsen, i now have
privilege of *??? Itlng t.-> hear what the
tcreat commiBrcial an i other Interests
r'inoernort have to sajf SbOOt this plan
, and horofiftor of deciding when at: .
1 can most effectively Intervene."
Gaynor Frown Causes Silence.
Those *7.-v,i. appeared before the I
vero protesten almost to a ma:
riurinp th?. early part of the h<
vhil*> President Mltchel of tho Board of
Alderm.n was In the .hair, every Ml
made by tho opposition was greeted wil i
applause and stamping of feet Thing?
<-hftn.K> ,i s ht i. Mas r Gaynoi ti
chair. Hi
< no who applauded would bf* pot out Ten
nilnntop laior a mai, In the fronl
brought his hau I [ether witlh a re?
sounding smack. Tho Mayor said noth.
Inc. 1 ti !?*ok,.?". mir
f. 1er slunk out "f the room si If be
I'harlop 1.. ?-rale, represents?
Y?-' End Association, waa t1'*- first
sp. ik< i H< outlli i d the dev? :
tho ?
Par',; and ass? rted t t New York
t ? . ? -,-:l WOUld
I pel ty value* T
ot faith, be maintained, as tho city had
l<-,i the , hange
lu thp chara "ter the nelghl .rhoo.i
v. ?m herised. Pi opi rty owners,
t?. Mr. Cl I their
Inter? ata in th?? aectlon li
| Taik Commissioner Btover
?? ?? ? rupted t- ? ral times,
and the debate finally became so acri?
: rtioua that Chairman Mitrhei ihn I
? ed to call In a p<
| Would Destroy Park.
1 w restored Mr
?'Your plan. Mr. Mltchel, would ahso
? ilde Pai k. which waa
.,?,..1 for a
for bj : wan ti.?
standlt ?.' that 11 wi emaln a i
front | ark. ". ? rail- !
r?>a.l ; : Par!
v. v that your 1 ; adopt
a plan thl t Will 1 11 In ' ', and
completion of R Park, preserving
ils landscape roar.
Ju:- ? n. for the ?"itlzens
i i loi of the te i
minai commute? g t :
rath ny."
..-?. ,
Inued, "baa
; proposed Impi t ?
too ?- to tak.- ?
titu'i?- that ti i all the right*
In tho premie? i that the city must
ho conten? to accept the best bargain that
?at, i ? n
TI e i of the tw? n!
yard f"-.'tn 1X71 . afreet t.. It7tb
a pnr ntlon.
Civic Bodies Protest.
Controller P'
i ..?? a a bett? r ; Ian
tlar* *?.?>. the ? will ace?
? -
Turk li a ho thought
|.. arranged i ? have t.'.-- Cei tral .-.?cks
brought in I at l"1 *\ Itt i
?'. II Wood?
ed tl
?. aek, north ?
Central, for
tari of ?? "i
Mr. Mil ml
League to End 1
It was
?Vuli si i ? et ? tther pn t< i.lza
tlona i ground League,
Che Park 1 d th..
N,.r'!i Ma I
The ; ? i i wl : be '.'?!<] to-morrow.
Federal Grand Jury at Boston
Hears Witnesses.
Bo '
?tlgatlon to-day <>f ti-..- el
i amuggllnj y l?? r?, thl
? i: the got ? : i to have
>.. < n defrauded of man] ti i inda of
doliera. s. -. ? ral ? uatom
ir.',. I ?. i. ?,
It la i bj .i i is f
frequent!) dined ren al o Palled ai n?
Bhevlln, who
i?- Hr. lu?an, a dress?
maker, o rk, are charged with
?sharln? In the
Nicholas Schramm end his wife, lira
Lena Bradley Schramm who were
ht ought from N< w ! ted t.,
t?.*tlfy to-morrow, a*, wel na i i
four ?.tiier New ?fork wlti -
w sshlngton, ?tVprll i of
UM i nir. ?
um?:,,' i of the condition of all national
banks of the i nil d Statt ;
of busiucD-* ou Prlday, April i
Former Dock i loner, who assailed
fork Central ?plan? si a
hearing y? aterdaj
Expected More Disclosures and
Urges "Criminals" to Tell.
Ma* or O iln takea occa Ion to
New York I aa the I
fori*e in tl ? *? hole a .... , ?
., ten t..111. ' i In I
and thai ? Ing th?m out.
He e* elation* thai have
been mad? i
. ?
Ken K Albert
It Granite Com?
Broads 61 1 nhattai
I .-im glad to r<
the police. ' ? force
In t! e n th? <!? tectlvc
branch of It I?
. ?
on th?
graft drlv?
'All the revela! iv? beei
hom the ,
; ' out ?>( buslnesa. I cxp?
revelatlona I
loft th?s.- crin
? .
ham . - ihr. ati na
? ?? ? -
Counsel Say They Advised Him
Not to Take Stand in Trial.
Earn P. nd H. ? ? K Lim?
it ho d? fend? d "Hapj ' Mul?
trial for the murder of Pat?
rick M? in. ? ? told J Rosal
terday at a hesring io determine whether
Mulrane) aha 11 ? ? ? trial or die
?t, that th? y i.
waa ' Harlem al
M 01
i: ert Ru
riel .niney, had i
? hat if he ui d< rtook
have t.,
would be
lid probst ' ? -
down under croi :
? laratlon
"I. John M
t to pul wil
land i ?!?? not wish to
to the
jury m
Mulrat py told hi ;
- ? ? . the
lohn Dow Hm He
. ? ? . || . ? ?
d onlj t., ? . ? charge II I
? . ? I
? : ?owning at llbert Mu??
r.'in?". n? ver told in - ouna? i
Ible for "Thi '
death, sltl ed his own inno
Tl - Re?. Ism? ? of SI Jsm? i "a
I thst 1
?i Dowllni
had told hit i truth In I
President Says He Sold Stock
Before Passing Dividend.
' | of j
the fnlon Bag and Paper < 'on .
of ti ?? cl an ? lined I
? ? ? nal n..- com? an ? foi
sted I, at wer t?>
,i ?i ? i wheth? ny of
Ui. ?" dli ? ftora had dh pos? d of
previo lo paaslng
nd, Presiden! Bai ret?
aald ti ?t In Beptembei. itiZ, he aold
? -, of ri. '? i red and tot ??! ,-,-. s ol
n ato? k to m? ei hla obligations,
n.- .-. ?? would not pledge him ? 1
? '., a i eduction In I he aal u
of oflli lala The presidenl rec ilvea l
. \ |l >? ; i. -,.:???.
? end the .- ? tat $10,00
agenu nt i * the I ellef j
that ? ? i," great dlaaa l i faction
with I " ?*omp in) '- affaira are
i -,n i,i d ti,.,i t!,. it:,.ti\?- i,? hind n,?? i? -
. was not m tbe Interests
Member of "Oh! Oh! Delphine" Co.
Sued "'Naughty Marietta" Actor.
Octavie Bra ; ?. sn s? In sa appearing in
?Oh! ? th! Delphine," In the New Amster
.-h. ,,i'.. aron s point In her s tit
,,,, ,i i ?.. aterday before Jus?
tice Van Bleien, In Long Island Cltj Het
..,,i j.- George ?'. Burke, an ectot
Bha i con apondent an actre i
-_, oWl ??- P? ?-'?? ? WhO Was a m. nd" i'
,,f ti,. ? Na ight) Marietta" company, ?>'
, Burke \\aa a1-.. .-. member.
imong i ' bo testified
i.-i.ia- for Misa Broske wsa Aubtey Mit?
managet ol ' ?
"Naughty Marietta" company, (leorge
<; smith. .. theatrical manager, aald be
f..,in.i Burke end "Peggy" living sa man
? n.- m .. boarding house In W? m
li. . I Maid,..11.in. last \UKiist.
Burke pul in no defence and an Interlecu?
ion o? cree wai granted?
Stenographer Gives Evidence
of His Ability as a High
IS SUED FOR $100.000
Anthony N. Brady and T. F.
Wood. Jr., Want Him to Re?
turn Securities Given Him
in Railroad Deal.
Joseph I" Kellj ..f So !**? \
The Bronx Is no! such .1 "dum?
my" ai ter h?. li.- used to b 1 at? nog
rapher, bul to-daj he occuplea the ?.?:.i
manding position ol defendant ? ? ? ;?n si??
: m.imut b] Antln.tr. S*. Brad
Thomas r VA"?*od. Jr., t" 1 ompe him i'<
1 turn >? .ni Itles \ a m-,i ..i I 100 ?
? 1 ilvslenl in 1 a^ii. K. II)
and nol
Kellj '?? ? Hi- . fflce of
1'OUn** A \\ al 11,1 . II, H., ?
???inn.- ? ? Brad) and Alder M v
an iiiirial t,. ink? over tjSe Dayton Powe
and 1.miiili . - 1 ? ?? pur? im*'
of .'*"i. ??' ol "?. ferred si... I.. ROC ?- coi
in atork and '??'?.t b ?ndi I
I turn foi ?' ? -? ?. ? ? ities r- |?
I Young were to pay a floating. Idebt?
; of t?t,' p a it reel >ar line 1 nd ndd
?i., ilu- power plan! mu? distributing ays?
t? m of the ? Mi,.' com pan 3 K
[the ',.1 ti.,, t ss "dummy" for the two Sea
? ?, ora financien ha! the lim?
h? srss 1 st?nographe] at $25 a s eck.
: The situation s 1- exp Ined
f : "tu *i "inn; t.. Bi ady, a hlrh 1 ? ad In
j part
l Ihouffhl
bul under a dlff?
I \\ ?? . an il., n hav? the * ?
14?ver to us and put th.
i pany snd ari Ite b lett? r to 1
lim ?.f ,.ii ? ?? ' ?
? ?
? - -
'I'd., rontrset I? thi ?I
? gem? m ?.' ?. t- 'i and turned
t.. K? II) * ?. wortl
died .n .1 ? n In-lsa Ml ion '?
W'a- ' ?
trael >*
?, t2,100.?X?? . ontra t to ese? le, d ?nd? 'i
lai ? llowed 1 y
Brad). VVai 1 er ata! P. M. Tall
C the Pay ton
the 1 ? ? relative to th? ? ? 1 I Th.
? ?
ted With the ? 1
kept ontui
ent until th?
that th? lion s tx had no! ?
a Burplu 1 of al
In the I Is of 1
, . . rmand? ?
ira? t.'r. I am 1
! ? ' ? '
my ?
as assit
?m Injunction and
held b) K<
Brady and Warnet ?" M H
' ?
longing i" th. i - ' lhat he had
hypo! ? '
of 123.000 from the ?
..f !!
brok? r to dispos?
Postal Authorities Say Jacobv
Made $250,000 by Swindle.
Ra p*s Ma . ? '
at N'.. ??. \\ .11 street, who wa ra
A| viI l". "'?... b; ; oat fl
be pul on trial 1
?-..:?? rged wll
ilia t., d? ;
\ ?,.,'.? .,f Ja? "t.
been brought fn ...
to !??-!? for tl
. all of his business
? ! snd liis "ell? ? ?ere
?.v? i- the B hole 1 ?>i.t.r ? ? |
t !?..? Indi, t m. 1.1 la
vertised thsl hi : ? : ...rat??
. terprls? "f all kui'K. pi epare theli
nal attend '?? th? aale "f ?
r .1 it ?. lie i. manded an sdi sne?
,?..'..'?. I H .... .. a,,-.
.nui the preparation and distrfbutton "f
tura snd ehsi??? lo N psi
.. i.t f.a the
Tl ?? ? omplalnts . harge thai Ja? ob
never made a real effort 1
.?.it .,! the bsrgalB. He woi
th? tu pi Int? d his total ei
? .in 1; a mu.ill psri ..f ins fea *?
II was ailes? d, he won 1 <i" no! 1
putting "" hi li ate ell? ni with ih?
formation that he was unable I ?
atocka or bonds In th? 1 rl ular ? nter? ]
Tl,. postal su 'i mat? d
..... i.? made a1 esst 1 ?0,01 0 within lbs ?
1.1 ? fes 1 ? .n.?
Leehan Indicted Quickly for
Killing Lakewood Woman.
|B] . ?.
Laskswood, n .1 . April I Pour hours
;ift<r it convened to-da; the grand Jury
found -?n unit, im?-ut sgalnsi Joseph *<??>- !
rlarity, allai William .1. Leehan, for the;
M. Carolin? Turnei M..ri
arity was si once srrsigned, and, tram*
bllns with .-tii.ti.di. fairly 4h,,,,,..,] --a^,,,
guilt) '
The prisoner v...s grestl] encouraged
? trller In ti"* la) 1 lb? si rlvsl ..f Ms
wife snd son, Bi sd 1 Mi - Leel sn si
on? ?? i? '-ni to Hi- Jail, snd i*tosscutor Neu -
?nan cona??nt<*d to her vialting her hua
band, Mia lacehan, ?Aim is :, ?mail,
thin, pals v.i,iii;.ii asid before aha ??>.nt in
1" .- .??? II." !,l.lll
"1 ha? ?? , "in" t" atsnd i.\ my husband
i kaos ?,? iv lnnoc4*nl snd thai hi did nol
? I,. this iivifu! thing iii. 1 ara charging him
with, w'?? m?? going to figbl sa hsrd as
<;. 11 t.? ? :.-.n l.ini."
Subway Contractors Directed to Rate
Waterproofers as Bricklayers.
.- Public s.T'!.-?? '""intni-a ?..n adopt? I
? rda) a resol itlon dlrsi ting aubwa)
contractors to ps? 1 ? r*r?svslllng rate ol
syei t.. the men ? ngag. il
? 'n In i? iii'- bi 1? k m saphalt foi
th?? Bat?arpr?-ioflBg ol the aubwsj atrucl
it has be? n 1 ?? pi 11 ? ni ractoi ?
'??'-; ?? . ? id? of !.r ' ailed "wat< 1
for d< Ing ti.i work, snd Ibes?
mattrprootert are nol i?ald sa high wages
a.- bri? kiayei.s ttaiiniiiiiiil.
"Non-Alcoholic Turkey Trc
to Divert Golden Stream
Started by Mayor.
! No Liquor Could Be Bought
Dance' Hall Floor, but. o
Course, a Drink Might Be
Had Downstairs.
Aft? r i undei ing for thre? daj - on I
? i. i danct " situation, and partlculg
i on the fa? t thai hia place n mg
| closed it hile hla business rival** i
I reaping ? harvest aa .1 resrull of Maj
? (a) nor'a pn - - agent u'ork, I ;''"1
Ri, tor im j ? aterdgy upon ?i pi
whereby he thinks he, too, can coi
m foi ,. hare of tho golden ) leid .1
at the same tlm? n mam in the k?.
: 1 1 . of the < 'rusader at ' ?lty Hall
IPs plan, m abort, is a "denatured 1
dan? '." "i in other words, "? non-i
I. oholic t.iik. ? i',.t " li all ??un?* al.'i
. in ill?- foll?n Ing way:
Mr 1;.. tor runa a n ttauranl 1
doca not have !ii;> bedrooms sa .-? si
and. therefore, has no in,t<!
: has g da?e? lie? ne?. bul
' do? him no K.1 i" these perilo
.1- far -, ?' "i"- time-tango?
for Chief Wallace, of the Mayor*? ti
1. . t. ? -i him lasl ?v e
and gentl* told him 'hat it he dull
.?it oui in- afternoon dances his dan
? v ouid i-' i ' oked. Bo rath
Ithan lose th?- ri?"ht ..r having dancli
at night he pulled down hla curtalna 1
' ? !.I ' ?
Hurl <o See Others Keep On.
? ? I .--.', 1
b :.: others keep on goii
by virtu? e facl thai their h<>t
? : them be? opd th.* r<
th? Mayor uni II he g? ta hia Lilis pass?
? . ? .he same 1
....... , .
c ? ? . ?. 80 *n
? ? 1 hollc dan?'
u hi?'! '
i. h B. < i'Mal
\. ggest t< x 1 ? v
said Mr '?Mail? "thai we be allow?
? ? ?? ? noon dai
th? ui thai 'ill ha*,
re nothing
\i r. than 1 ' to coi
? ? ? ? ! ? .' ?
? '
? . nable in the
.... ?? think l
that I
Oat m ? ? ed
No Liquor on D.ince HjII Floor.
. i.-.. .1. ???. ?
?d-r a drink th? 1
n to thai The 1 1
Of dill tO ? "I ,. Off th?
? lei ? ? t ? 1 i.
1 1 have r? malned <i"
? 1 sit, that section ??
ded in ' ? ?
tors' A ?
: " ? fight y est?
? rtn <?(" a ? ?
? am pa ign It , rt of s bill now be
? .
er. 'i ii'
: point of si ? m the ?tr I
? ?: the Ma 1 I
11 ? Bureau of Llcei
: the ir ???n.f any di ?
ut linn He ha
'. inging I!. ?;?,?? I ... ;
in the pr< ? -n? v. ar on d in? log that Ih
lldn'l know a here be *??...
going !'> luid li? ?l
Th? prop? ? . ? . ndment piw .,!??
that the 1 ?? >\s? r t?. r< -. "kl- licet ?
? n a ble thro ..: a writ of < ? rt 1
orari, so that If a He? nse Is revoked <>t
.. renewal refused the reason for such
ut..; r exit Ung laws must be
given. Under the present law the loser
of a licet ? 1. no 1 Ighl of an spp? al
t.. the ? "in ts.
'i he other main i>?.ini in the sm< nd
men! is thai making il a ml id? m? anoi
t.. hold a dance In the atat? armories,
n in? h ha? '? n.? ?lam ? hall ll< enses,
Wants to Introduce New Dance.
?v leitet . ut 1?. the Mayor * ea
by the .-'? t- en < Hub, an organla . -
lion of photo-pla*. producing companv
. 1 p. sling foi pel mi-- Ion to In -
11, du? ?? h n? ?? dan? ?? al the clu6'a cont?
int 1 .', Ten a.. < larden. The n< si
??.-t .i..-. rlpi Ion of |usi h 1,.,1 the dan? ? ?
mighl be w ? - ? ?.r.. ej 1.1 .11 the f?.ll?.\\ Ing
m. .11.?;, ..1 tin \i 1,,,1 - favorite phi ?
li can n--\-i h< p.- '.< Ilnd fator \\Ith
thtMte .' I ?? at ? |>l.' tO i 11 < 1111?- ? - 111
.iv ..ni- 01 _l? - 1 uta', .nal.i.- . rlticlsm
of it ran coi.nl) from those whus?
?? 1 matter has degenerated to g con
dltlon "i hopel? sa plssltude, It is not
a tango ". .? fandnngo; ratl er, ms
it be nid, n ? xpressea through the
po? n ? ..( motion the more cheering
pi ps ol the philoaoph) >.f ?-.plctetus. '
Would Amend Law to Name
Additional Magistrates.
Mayor Oaynor resteras}] , learl) Indi
ted ihut be was it, favor >.f the ?.?.i.i
berg bill, whl 1, emenda the Inferior
court law, giving t.? tbe Mayor power t,>
appoint additional magistrates, in speak?
ing at the publie hearing held i.v the
Ma.m Aaoemblyman Goldberg statt.-.i to
A!... H please fOUr honor th.- a'.
parent opposition In the newspapers
"Never mind tbe newspapers," Inter?
rupted the Mayor Tea certainly Know
that 1 am ',"t opposed to it ?What'a tho
n-.-.,! wasting words? There are two neu
msglsti it? needed here now, and sn ;?<i
dltlonal magia trate is 1.1 ? < 1 in Brook?
Ivi, '
?leoi.- ? T. K. ? latent *-> eiatar) ,.r
1 he Civil Servie? 1 ef? rm \- ... ation, op?
posed the bill m? in;-, a eit) official Ih
rtghl to give a rehearing mid reinstate
?? .1. ii.is--, d man at any liiiit- .Miliin two
year* I
?Passaic Girls Must Make Their Own Gowns and Rowers
Will Be Barred, Board of Education Decrees?Dress
Suits May Be Frowned on, Too.
PBSSBlc, N -i . April I. M"o florBl pr?aa>
cntstiona 01 expenalve dresses foi glrta
will !'<? sllowed m futur.- high icbool or
grsmmsr grsds gTaSdUBtloiis note. This
mtaa d?*cld?*d on last night si a rnsetlng of
tii- Bosrd ..f "Sdacatton IsstlBg until esrlj
thla morning. Nona of ths dresaea mast
coat over $5, snd they nassl bs B?<ls up
by me pupila themselvsa uadsi ths iai??r
! vlaloxn of the teacher? Prises for Hi" ??*?*?'"
prettlesl dreasea Bill be swarded
Commlsaloner Mason R. Strong broufbt
tii?? natter befbrs lbs board. Hs ssld
tu? re hod bcsn naors or 1?b iBbBpplB4Ma
among the graduatea becsase of contrasta
In drssa Hi suggssted Ibsi ths grsdu- !
.-, i, 4 i,. requested to a-je-d nol inors than .
?., ,.., th? Ir goarna snd tbsl the girls b? ,
?uk? i to make th? m thtMBSslv? - ? smp? ?
li | for swarda of |10 sad M?
i ? ,,.i .i. Wall favored lbs Idea sad
laid ?t v."i!i.i i.- wdl to excluda bouqu??ts. j
He told of Intssncea where parents par
chssed bouqueta arltb borrowed money be?
cause tbejr did doI w.-iiit their ehlldrei to
r. el unhspp). 1
The plan met with approval on all atdea
Cltj Superintendent Ulysses Q. Wheelei
said that about forty i^iris in the gram?
mar graduating <liasses srere already mak
Inff their Own dreSSSS, and that several
gtrla ii. th?' high school aatator ?lass ware
doing likewise He d?-sirel to have all
itowera excluded from the high achool
auditorium at graduation exercises.
'ill.. Board <>r Education muy take ac?
tion regarding the attire of the youm? m?*ti
at the high s.-hooi graduation. There
have i .n l?verai stormy meetings of the
boya before the commencement exercioea
In tho past n.s to Whther full dr?*-.? suit"
ahould !"? srora .-.t tti.* exercises. Last
w-ai's ?lass adopted dark btUC suits, hut
the preceding ?lass could not ogres and
the graduate! -Ante various atylea
An organization Of leading women ha.*
obtained the unanlmoua consent ?>f the
board t., organin ? achool children'a aav?
Ing fun?! Robert D. Kent, president of
the Merchants1 Bank, has niven |lta to
siart the fund
Court Asked for Injunction
straining Mrs. W. K. Ku
from Disposing of $25.00
Justice Lehman Orders
fondant to Give $1.000 Bo
to Protect Claim of Mai\
Ann Coogan.
Mies Mary Ann < ing t<*
?*.:?? - i due
and t>
? - nd, Wil
Kurts, a bt
n, ?? an In In
thl ' ? ?? .mi
for a i ...... . -,;. i..
from * n nr?. in aun
? of
her I
Kurt ? mined, Mlaa ?'?
? ' ? ! . ' ?'.',.'. ??
... . ....
? for her m ne
r Mai \ ? ? Am s?. Bon
Only look ?;?
. ? .....
I f I d id not e hi ? ? i l. '
, . for ua
!",'klllK tO IHlll
' ? ?n. it
' i for pal ???
burdens. 1 wlal
i the aecret . : rich quid
I ? | I ?. ,\. ? a ? ? ?
? . freed of debt i II ., Ha
? ?
? le of living i
an li... n ? ? ?n all ? ? i
I tief? e to tri
had n
\ ..t. ? .1 IK', of th?
K -t/. told me n hat a hard m
?' having," ah?
lured ai
that 1 would irel
Unie M ...i 100 In th? -..v.' gs ba at
n.- u.,-,. .i ?,,. '.. loan her I
: ? i.ims ..n ' ? . '?
? it wo tld be us s..
-...nh hi r .,s m th? bai ?i i dr? at out tl
? ?'.,. ? ? her er
. > i, luma ... 'aslonsll). ?n
i ?? ,t aori foi h< '?? Itoogan add?
i | a bad l< nl her mlatresa $i4'i ?
her t" keep h? i fut nlture and %
t., pa] foi '
? 'onnsi i f"f Mrs I irti told the coui
i ,,i Mli ? ?? ? I nd otnp? i til?- ?i?
aragea or tiw mona
.! i.. 11 ' ?atid ' ' i ? ?.*. i i" i"t h?
u hile i a a aa all?? I ' thai th
...nrt could not help the creditor ?>f
mm, **. n?. dli 'I hop? '? Insolvent, no
prevent his ?ridos from applying he
mon? - i to aupporl h? i
Just!? a Lehman aald the i lalntlfl hai
llttli hope o( collecting anything
the monej abe advanced for 11?.?- Insuranc,
premiums, amounting t., it?','1 Ha ordere?
Mrs K iris to give a bond of |1,0M t<
pi ..t.- t n..- . I .mi of Mlaa . loogan t"t- thti
Auto Driver Sought by Police
for Fatal Accident in Queens.
Bamuel Malarnl, eight reara old, wan
att ui k and fnl i In |ur< .1 j eaterday
afternoon al Osone Park, Queens, by an
mu,,m..!.n.-, tti. driver of a hl? h fled. The
number of the machine ??is not obtained
hut the police have -. good description ?>f
the auto and expect to apprehend tb ?
drlvi i
The boj llvi - ..i \?>. IMS Lan n avenu?.
i none Pat ? Ha waa cro Ing Bt oadway
nt Hatch avenue, when he waa knocked
,;,,u n His skull WS?! fTai tUTSd He was
taken to Bt Mat \ Hoapltal, In Jamaica,
Salesman, Thought To Be Badly
Hurt. Surprises the Surgcona.
Arthur P. Carmlchael, forty reara old.
a -al.-Miiaii. Who WIM nm ?i?>\\ n by :ui
automobile ;?s be waa crossing Fifth avs?
mi?' at ttth. street yesterday, and was
taken t" Bt \ lne?mt'a Hospital In the be?
llet thai he was badlj Injured, was found
t>, i.. Buffering i? ..tii oontualona and a la?
. ration of ti?. for? head
Jerome i tai I . a ho on na ? gai ose ..t
Broadwa) and UOtli afreet, was apeeding]
up the avenue when Carmlchael waa
truck on the aide and thrown aeveral
i-eL '
Man Trying to Work New Game
Worries Mr. Ferguson.
??Who arsnta a half page advertisement
it. The ?itv it'-?-.ni.' Iba elty dally, for
One of the aharp young men who
go around town trying to ?vt aonrie "easy
money" from the i narsry baa t? iv on a
ri?-\v Idea ii" i- trying t" as i advert! |
; ? . i:.-.- i:-1 o d" t" t.i'-ii arho
i,n\. dealinga with lb? i I
it is nol known whether he baa "stung"
01 ?? T not, bul he was aoi al
hoodwli k i Mr Murray, ths manager of
a ipoii ig |.la atore In Warren street,
whom he tried the gams yesterilay.
Ths compa ipplk a to obs of t'10
departmenta sad the man -aid he had
been aenl by ? il ?bat da
? m.
He told Mr. '?'
? . ? moi ? ? ? ? ? : ' year 1
- The Ra rd" and that M had at last
? :. .-I'l-'l t.. tiik- sd ? ? ' -
I the publication
but the prices a
?ippart atl] . i ''"
..... to pal
t of I
Mi M irray a
, i . nrovid
? ? t.ik.u by
ird " H? show? .i iii-- visitor to
and t ' i v.i !?"??? -
. ? ? The EU ord, ' sod
about It
i- . ? ? first ? liai but Mi
?m? p?
have I vl limif ? i by the ?w. ?
? ? . the Mayor and Bill
t Hum's movements.
i-T.?-?'-?Ai-1 CLEOPATRA
< un i > ??i N?. \ i hin <?i ? in ii it??
III?, I III \K I Mllltll V HIT.
\.liiii.?i.ni 1.1 oc. JP Cfi*. 8? tl
i ....Millie aCDC __ DUC : |l.$t.M
? - ata J- ' ' i Ii i ii met 10 half
!.. ? ... l a '?? t . P.M.
Mil VNi II TI< l? ET ' IKFI? Kl l
. '
1 l.-ll |l?.l ?J -
N V- Central !
i -.* i \v?si i s n'r Id ?
i?.. eight Helateffalagev,
I Uorlts. !.. ? ? 1
i hura. Pep. in. ? m ?t. ? a>. itn?ti
'.iii PagUarrl. N I?
? -
liiur? ? 4 Koealaaklnder. Farrai i:
I ri. - I i.iiii|iii.-,i..r
.... 11 .,...- i i. ? ?
??ni 11 u?c .I.-TI4.1 ?> ' titan;
? . ?
vu. - r..|.. prleea. Iluft.?r*|.. r
I -?? ? . i
\?*\t XI.?il. t 8.1.' Boheme. \
. ? I p. ?
Mr.I. , > ? \i.ui... i trnato,
Rl :??. . , ' II
Carnegie Music Hall
Or^n linm t?o I,, Irn B ni . witti il!tistr4tr?I l?r.
tar-, nn.l mot,.a- pi BBW .it ?BNS an I ?..-lit p m. I
(*<>mr,tim.-nttir\ Ticket ? at any
KoJ.ik Dett?ert,
I?KFDU XN" *tta - * ? Mata
r.in. Matinee To-day. ?.'...- to si..mi
Ana* * f H ?''.
? WH I 4 ?a? 2:1.1 ' Peg ??? M, ?l..?rt.- !
?mi i: 4.TKK
<?'-? SEW >? IHK,
11 -,. i. 1 i.
?? 1. ,*. Hill.-- Ts t
1 ? 1.- ? ' C'l I!.,: > Ollfoll;
i ?i-l h'laher, Berl Klt-aSlblaon, Ths
nu n Kan II) I .. Hall? t i 'laaatau? . K.n.f -
man Krothrri ..i..| 'III \.*k m i;i >s
it V. KKITII'H K.H.. Kllnora .?; Kam will
IIMIilM ?in ? .. i.. , , ,v co., .m
uniun oy. Kil> ,v rantweii, as.
ii. i. KP. I rii'g'i p??i
P.ni nillAl " Pl ' ' ' Carter,
tlULUrllNL jaa .1 Morton
II. I. Kill tl?? ' Mat iMllt
HARI FM*>t"'rn s " '*' '" ln "?"ether ft The
BELA5CO Vv.-'U;; w'.V^r'
republic a ' K ,; ^;::
;r- COHAN'S THK: &.??,CIS
A-sT?l?.. B'aay. 45 81 Ev? a 13 MtaWad.
/A?-? IUB ft, Sat . 3 18 Pof*. Mat. To.luy
?.ra??.! ?>l?. H-M St.J Av.,Mi toll. Ml Totlu?,
Id? II Mil? ? Mil I?Il \ IHK \\IIIi\m?
i in: QIRL PR? ?M M< >S r.MAit riti-:."
park ,; INA CLAIR' r ;;?;:,?.
i . . i,. _-.>..a. ,?. .',".? Mai.. Us. l>.m., I-..I.I Harry
D'l) mi? i??.i.".?;??., righa ?v Poll?/ Prim A\
, \ -?tails Johnaon a. h Hin \- Is
TU AMI aTway, Hew "f?M*k"a ? i.i.??i.-.i
111 Hits jstl, St. \iiiulrvl
Ilia Show, it
iau'v Mi it ?SO, toe, ! Hlg Act?. '
Over in Honnie Scotland,
?where the eye for color and tin
skill for weaving are bandet
down for generations, yoi
expect to find wondcrfu
Add some practical Yankee
ingenuity and you have
That's what happened whei
we developed these "Scotcl
How to et instruct a rougl
Scotch cheviot and make il
Twas a trick no one ha?
ever done he fore.
We thought we knew how
and sure enough we did!
Had a cloth specially wovei
on our ideas thought out ii
Xew York and worked out ii
So this Spring, for the firs
time, we have these "Scotd
Mist" cheviots made in'<
smart, practical raincoats.
Most attractive "misty
A distinct break-away fron
the everyday "Mackintosh."
Medium and light weight
browns and grays and even
pattern exclusively ours fo
Some cut "regular." som
with raglan shoulder.
*:,o. ?82 and $85.
Everything men and hoy
Rooem Pee t Com pax v,
Three Broadway Stores
at at at
Warren St. 13th St. 34th Si
M \\ VnRKf* IKMUM, THK\i i:v *??'
PIIPIRC I ? . ?. <
"-mrint Matli ?? c -u
Ih.i I Melil??I ;,?| M,,ts. I...I?. .f, -.,.
KM? UK KHI M KM*. H'.i?. iii.l ,Hlh >l.
? Till -I SHHINK I.IKI. ( um Horn
L 11. turn n4M r At*
M l : I
B.. - ? ?
?? \ H bit? *?ln,.- Ilr:?iii? Thill lhrllla
fr-nii Itt-ir, in ?>><._ I?. I ml "
? . H
, ?
The Poor Little Rich Girl
III It-UN Mil \Tltl. lomu \ft . r V
Beueth ?t II..n.?> for Blind i.iri?
What Happened to Mary
with ?II.IN | \\ \\IHI\*.,'
? ? <=t\k ? in., iddh ii ?? rxi es
? MON EVK nttill II WED. 4
-IS I'Kit I ?MOI \\< i
? . i .? ?
? 1? ?? of R< ? i.-.? v for All
Pi ? I mai N Bt?H >-? R? **
..i H..N . ?fflct?, II :.T. .\ THK \ RK
II IMUS, w i i Bl Pop Hal
"JftL tV?Lsif*yftti^uC
'I i.?* I ??I ? ?til In Miim.mI ? iniii.lv.
LltJlliRIY | ir,, Mat. i.,.,i.,,. | 10.
GAIETY l; ' ?" *i Kv**. '
UHICI I Populai Mai To
lor i.i?.iii?iii_ Psrpawaa ?i..i?.
"STOP THIEF'.i\ : .
1 s ? '
Matt To lay ?t ??
Nixr-risI Mat. T?.-?la>.
M..iii??'??i?*r? .* Maaa.
I I?:.- -Uni?.
m? i.? !? uf ti** i
< .IIH.-ICI." Mall. Similar Aft.. M0*_M_??_L
IN a ?voMirr.kri ft MDCITAL rR?>?.R*M
saut, now ut Boi Ufl ??? ' '? ?.??'??? rlna I
(?mi??_t> Hall. TVKfi. AIT.. Apr. 1Mb. ?? *?
Atan UK NX
lull, Tl r.i. aVT.? Aft. i.*in. ? -
Tk.'i? T."?- i" *-' al Hall Ms? w ..:-<>i'i H-Jf^i
Innu ?i TranasrMalon, 111 ? Mtli ab o*
lili April l?th. Atlinlaaloii, i.'.?
AMIIKRSTMVS. I Lulu 'B'",'_'?%
Bv.00.TtV.fi l ? tv | Ulaa-r?Co.rWalr"*?"?"*-"
Matinee? 25 * 5?J<*. | A I? Bit? ATI*

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