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10 HE AND in
Disappeared in London for Six
Days, but Disliked Publicity
Given to Matter.
Was m Modest Lodging Near
Marble Arch-Had Had No
Time to Get Into
Business World.
!?? : d ':. M r:'. ft Lu. y 1*.. T?..',?-.
Um Lionel ?lu.-st. after
IJ*? from home, re.
? venlng, owing, it wu
stHt.'i. to her .mi-. . th(1 ,i;i,,_
li.it- ?*iv? ? ? the fact of her ?
? ?odge, ?rho is ' ?
ehter of John Bigelo**, ?,t nr .
tim. to Prance, left home with
?' iMt I'roni ilia,
dH.v uni
?her ' ? : a letter from h? I
?t ahe ?iras safe and !
thing -.- i
- ! from her. it waa freely
? ah?1 had i? ft home I?? . um ehe
of ?*? r . onventli
and deatred to make her own
*?? tin I .-? n- ?i waa made In the ? ?
? .
? there, but without re?
suit. Tht n t.. i- parenta offei :
?? ? - th
?St hoi
her m.n?! and . . g
Th? ; itlng ? f th ? offei of
'???.??: of the
r,\?. waa the Aral Intimation thai
i had occurred In the
Hi m. Ltoi i. Quest, h? r atep
' urse, arc an d< lighted to tell
you thai Mlaa Dodge baa been found
.?11 our anxiety la at
? I We hadn't the repiot?\s-t idea1
? ntll late Ihla evei -
? -.. a house ? r from Marble
? ? I ha?i secured lod?->
MIm i i ?- . ? and H m ? ??
noticiad the report In the papera
ce, and Immediately
? ?
11 . perf< '???' v rn.
I on any particular buet
? y? t .
Bhe has not had time, as sh.?1 lias only
?i. ?-..me Mx da
I it;.- r?-a -
tyhy nhe ' nothing .-*'?>nt
Th? pr? ?I the people eon?
real In the matter
? ? |i , it ? imenl to The Trlb
o? deni Mra. i lues! ?raid
.,'.'? ? aa past I
had ? to leave home
and * .1 ' areer f< r herself In the
world. 8h? ng* and talented, but
dla uade h? r from '
. m Thura :.
ib from I
*,?..? thoughl to da In the
1 gi - - '. r chief chnr
? riatic Is lnd< ne mien.'., ;. ? |
thought to bar? ? I the auftrage
', h- ? ah? lefi her borne she
? gliab tail
red blue ault, a .th gray fura and ,1
.. i,at. ..m t.?r clothes, altbouah la
ii?.- height of i isl ion, lach th?
which would aid tti<- pork ? to
tioa by their d? n i ptlon.
IJOl Lord
Wim larrli d lira Dodge in ;
005. nd Tard eald lasl nicht
hut it h.-.d l.? en called oft the ease -it
??, | .. lephone fr?.m Mr. Gus? t,
who Mid th KlH had DSI t, foUfl I !??
Th? poli? ?? sdd? l,
. . thai thej had been unabl to
p any further Information or to asa
?. ..t the ?Iim lb -?
Tee Seen 100 Miles from Where
the Titanic Struck.
J'pi.ftii!i? Iceberg! ;?r.- again ? mena?a
?ra\? :. Xhe Bt? in? r K:
which arrlvsd here :*eststday
from Antwerp, reportsd apeaklng by
? th the ? .iptain of the ateam? r
a ho told of h;?v Ing alighted i' a
k in latitud? ?!-:.".?., longitude l'.i.
. b the Titanic atrw k on
April 19 ia.??t waa in latitude 41:16, lon?
gitude BO-M?leae than <-n?- hundred
from th? floatlag loe ?????n by the
At the hydrographie bureau of 11 a
Departa** at In this citj ? eater?
?aid that, while numerous
? ?,f lee bad been made recently
? .nsatianti? ateamera, the Lndlca
v.? r< thai the Boea erees not
further south than is reasonable h
peel ;.? this anaattn lee had ?"t b* on
reported In alarming quantities, it ?wag
Th?- revenue cutter Miami, alater ship
?.i the Bene? a, which ?tarted mor?- than
go to patrol the path ?.f trans
?? amers, w?]i leave tbla port In
? M.r.i: ! EBSONAL BaOOBl
Aptil 17, 1913
$12 $14 $15
Ir'irn MOW V??HK
Ar? orill'iK to hotel ?J*'l*'~t?,'l
I - ??,-?.. ti-.r.m*. i*ai?? from Other 1'otnt?
au Meaaaary aapessae
aiaallar Ti,,?r-, May ' ead '?' *SiS
? ?ii.ivi.i; t BOTD, i.:\i?t?n "'*.?
. . As. i.i. ?Ui Kifth A.?iii--. Ntm
- ? n >
Pennsylvania R. R.
Miss ftadge, who alarmed her mother and her friends bj disappearing from her Loncion home, re?
turned lasi ? ening. She had been living in lodgings near Marble Arch, Hyde Park.
T ? mand of
!::'' v '? Gamhl?. to loin the s.
assum? ih? rigii :
si th? Re? ? . ? , . ted to rep?
Halifax In tB-o *
M. and Mme. Poincare Din
Our Embassy in Paris.
Paria, April ?? r. - tl. firm tin
m my ? ? ara ih? i't- aid? ni of the F*i
Republic snd din?*?*] at
Am?*Tl<*an Embaas?, to-night 7i
Ih? ?4*:.? ati. r- id litlon to ih? i'?
and Mme Polncar?*, 7v?r?> m. i>?.
Minister ?.f Foreign Affairs M
thou, thi I'r. ?*,.;. i M Klota Mir,
of the Int? ? nd their wiv.
I ' ' fi and Russian amba
Th.. dinner was followed bj a rr
tion, ?et 7vni.|i ih. Ministers of War
Marine, MM Rtienne and Raudin,
11* Sly, ;.tnl m.in;, high Mai. offl?
7i ? ? ? : r. :
Declared "Not Guilty" of M
dering the Man Accused o
Wrecking: His Home.
St Pa ,:. K] -, I 'I :,. ...? ?? , .
? f, Mor Oi
the i f Mini <. ?
elyirg < murder "f ? '1* d< .\ i
iit.i*. nlleg-i-d wracker of the o?a
retnrned a verdicl "f nol guilty i
Prof? ,.r ' .
. ad, and ?lr?.;
beck into his - hi i\. s.,,,r, .,
- ? ?? ,r-,litm
? ? - -' ....k hands a ?
n..i tba :?? a ?..*?? i i ?
??'ii,? | t.? i- .. i
ut it.. ?.,-.- i...:i,e to night," waa ..n p
f. WOUld sa ? a- Ii- 4.,,, t, ,]
? ? ? Ing was h?
nviHiif-l i.\ 1rs v. te snd ttl. ght
ll?- had lift sees hia daughter sit
rest tl - I th? Bhooting
Dai ling, ?'. laundry Irlvi . ?
lfm . nein tloni ? irll ' ?11 '
l 4 ..,)t "f the rit* s
..f the time. After * ? .>????
?.. ? s ear M
? ?le?n ' * sway fi
. ? ? .j t?. ?
... i . ,-,.i ;,'i lu repli? I that s
would i."t '?ni'' and K.-i'i h.-i m f....
thr?estenti c the life of bei Iwaband.
Ibl S ?.*:...: ' '?' r-sSSI ?! I" i
hitaband ? ii..!k!i i" ante hlm warn Da
i'.l* t?, BtB) SWa* Later she r- ?
?.?mire atory ?" Professor Olson
pl*of?assor Olson return??*! rrom s it
M March 5 Mrs. Olson v.;?-* In Moni
ride . ?? Udtlng, and !ia?i Intended retur
!ng thai ?'.a>. n waa late ut nlghl i
v.-,s hair 'l'./'.fii.- wben he heard n aoui
'm th<* yard. He went to a wIikIob ai
.'.?>w a figure approaching ih" hai*h d?x
?. cording to his l?%sUmony. He tooS ti
r-volv.i SOd wail.-.l As !h?- d"or open?
. ored !???" ahots >!i th hu I I
through Has tghl lung "r Darling
?i :.. trial Ii at?-i -.7 '>????? Mi
told h?-r atory in?... ?j-aglnnlng i" ? t.
At H.f sad "f ii**r t-?sUmony ?b? collapee
?.- s
Money for Flood Relief Pour
Into New York Office.
Monsy r?M.sf of the suffsrei
ft.mi lbs w.-Ht-ni n<*s!Mli r*oatlnn?*d I
pour Into the ?Mlfioa ?.i it"? B?Bd *'r"H
yeat? ?day. Tea thousand aoBara, si
proximatcly. wan r?-< elv.-d, m?kln?* th
. entrtl iiti?n>J Is ihai one aoun
alono inn"? than ? M"."""
Ti,. Msrelianta As-." tath.n uns Instru
mental In ?aiviiiK aim a?! a teath of -.<?*
- Off? '"It Is*. WhUS fr?.I!i tie fill
??octety, which had i>re\'i'e?>'.,. wired $].ii"
nlr??'-? lo th?? ??"veriiot of Ihai s'at?. cam
'."i.nc'ii. Tin* Traffic ("lab <>f Ksw Tforl
f.,nlr.hiil'??l r<'": tbs "fSHlth Thlr.l ItlBS
Presbytsrian Church, of BitKaUyn, lici
through 11 ?? Corn Bxt-hsngs Bank, 12.2 0*1
??t,e,-i..t. I1...M. 1100 ? -iiHii?? Rs?Mnsoi
gmltb, S11.? ? : through the w.-mair? ri,i
of (tidgewiMd, N .i. tnt; the Onelcli
?Count-1 (Tbaptei <>f the Rsd titean, Uli U
Mro.'klvn ? '.tUCpU r, $228 >'8
ABn?ron?**ntsn1 srsa asBde yesterda* '?
th? Molion 1'Kiunn KxlilMlors' ASSOdB?
UoB of a Lin-iit i-? .??l..rin.in ? to be b?
Saturday Bight, IbS j.r?.?-?-??-.ls of w'.h-r,
will I??- added lo 111?- relief fund
Airs William K DrB8?sr, s-.-r. tau ..;
the item Tora tsrtsaieh of ths Rod ?'rosa.
...i|v?,l . ii...iir.-i*,ltiR nitjsHam'1-s fi.,ii.
wotttatm in ths ?oinI? d dlstrteta ?..4-,.,.
tlay. Btatlflg thai ths work 04 n'.al.ili
tating IbS ?nuai'.ated |"-a-iis and eltips was
{.ri.jrr.'Mslng SIKItaagftlily Foin?? r V|. ? -
rr".-idrn! Fair! aiik.*>, <.n> mSSSBgl toM,
had voliinli*rri*d hi* servir? s as a Ited
Cross worker.
Boy Probably Mortally Injun
bv Bullet as Mob Clashes
with Imported Hands.
His Auto Twice Hit?Tntctic
Officials Declino to Attend
Conference Tie Up
Apain Complete.
Buffalo v
by Juallce Brown, ni II
ln-nif ht . ? ?
il,. ? HI ...
the nal -
.... ...
? i ? - in a
... ii.. 74th ? ? ?
U. rompan!? I l ' ' v ?
. U >
;il \-:. .? W? ?
mm ireei
n lln?f wm ninth? :
of l
Aft? r 7 ?>. 1 ?? ? ??"
mad? to move I or Inl?
? IV? A ft?*T tl '
n .tit* m|
of n.? Inl
e traffic l atrlke
. hip and | i tnortall
., . laah ?????? " I ? i ? and poll?
,,,.,? . .;. .1 itrtk? n .? .i a) mp?
. , . burn?
when a n?.!??'??? ?*rowd tor? down an "???'
ii?.;t,l troltej w.r? In the down! wn ae?
Uon, incident ' ato.throwina "??r
l, uni? t.. i:*- .I ? -1..11..I In :?
? '
Polir?? Chier Attack-H.
i-., . e wai .i'
tacked '. ? " n Broad a
?}->veral I ? ??-.-? two of ?
?truck the toi si I? ii the chle
mat rid na, I ' ' :"-' ' '
?i u. n. Th? poli? ? * 'tl
Ivara, dlepemed l
\ - . fforta to brlna the
.il d l!? . ?":? lal of tl ? ??? . '
to dlacuaa arbitration
ni? ii?.|? of a ape?
,,f the tif- it?, which aasln to i l|
? pra in ally complet?.
The atrlke I? ad? rs ei "? Ming
? . v ?., -aibmll their Writ i i to at M
'I'h? company officia' tool th?
? ... thai the) bad aoffi? ienl
. operate their cara, and mad? repeated de
on the Bberlil and the Ma? oi tba
; troops !"? called ?"it Poll? prote tlon
.,., lared, ara lota I. Inadequate
' '|-|,.. oaly ce-ncesalon the eompanj wai
| willlaa '" make waa contained la tin*
?tat? ?' ei t green ont b) E Q i onm tta
"President Connett? dealrea to announci
through th? pr. ?? i" any aad ;iii ol tin
form? ' emploj ? - ol tta Int? -national
Rallwaj ? 'ompanj thai be a I I b?
.-ii an) Ume rega I
,.,,. and working i ? nditlona aft? i thai
bare returned t" srork and resumed Um
reculai opetatlon ol tbe <-?rs. '
Mayor's Call Ignored.
y ly0t boula i' Fuhrmann to nlahi In?
vited atrlke leaders police offidala and
,,.,.,, Mntati*-? i ol the compan) to partiel?
pate in a eonfsrew ?? al hb olBc? Il tha
appointed hour no repreaenUtlr? ol the
compel.- appesred and the meeUng waa
,,! irn??l
_ ore- ,,f the compan* i eat ? sei a put
, ,,f commission to-day, ?m.i t'.o com?
iggood ?' atatemenl in which il a u
^?i(i that more than f??nr hundred
had been dsmsaed by moba alnce the
ntrike befsn. The entire pollo fof-cS asa
be?? on duty almos! continuo
guada) night. ***** *********' **blot R???n
.? ?wo hundred addltl< nal men.
ma-or?- i.?
' ifaioi Oeneral John P. 0 it. an rriesd
bare to-aldbt to Inrestlfata atrlke cndi
Appointment Declined Because
Salary Is Too Small.
Waak?nglon. ****** s ? ??""-???i R Dartea
<lf ?Ttaronain, **** a**1.' '??? *********
v. istsnl Becratai i of iVai on
!?"^smltftb.l?-??^ ofth,
ar> OtJoJ**_,m Iin,ne has <">?*? n lu-utioiiert
**l 'VVi.i a diplomatic poai an.i also
J^GoSnewhlP ** -*? ***m***A** *+
Great Britain Drifting A?
from Dual Alliance in Ef
fort to Maintain Peace.
of the i
? ? lr.ni all pointe ?>f ?
Ihr situ?t loi ...
The i-aso ma
? ' :
If thr othei
? ?
. ? I
I i n t i - A ti a 11
nil ;
? nil thi? luit In
? ..i i". ? Hi to SUpp4)l ?
..,?.-.? foi the a
I? mpl :ii|s' lO mail,t.- in '
.,:..; ? r lu dsni
; . ..
and i? la till attempting I
g In hi
_? m -?
Mexican and American Towi
of Naco had Clo.se Shave.
linn -a v- ? . Soi ora and
*. i ? - n
: . . . ? '.
. :
? ? . \
t., have raused I ?
? . ? ? ick. The > aploslon ? i
.? '
Met : tdvaaeii atat? troo|
?i- '.? . .?>. Snct Bonora, Gel
\erait fought for I r?
T.-d.i f. Bul t\rli
? v., ... \? ouadlag foui t..- " 11....
.-. :,'i ? boider ?Iro| an
on? a? n,\ teamat? r. one
B tie tedt
??. ti,. town, i.ut aren no!
by th? tutloi
rating tiv? oi the fed?*ral | ? ? ? - wer
two Inserir?n negi I i :i"tn ti?
ti I nit? 1 Slat. ? ?
ni.-lie.i rorps . lei <
in ? t ? ' ?? ?? ? r
ho i n .1 h- ro, at?.i fourteen Mound*
atragglt-ra from both Bid? ? ? ad th
. '., 1 d. I>t!lii III ? ' I
on both ? id? - 11 ? ? ; ' total i : dxty?flv?
think "recognition woi\
?Huerta Officials Confident ol
Great Britain and Russia.
u .. ihlngton, April A ?<? Met II at Oreal
Britain snd Rusa I ied thi
Huerta I ernmenl wsb expreased to-daj
o. ;i r. ? ? ?si th. ||< alean
i tfnee to the f here am
?bai tin . ountrh s i ,?? ? | had made it
i ? en ti .t nes rnlntst? n h? ing m at
v.?.ni i i>, : . ata.
Miguel Coearrublss, ?h.. has bssn al
: 1..II..Lui. *.?as tranafsi-rad ts si petsrs?
bnig and IMriossna? ?'.?rvaj.ii y Rosas la
ion his v.,i? ftonri st. Petersburg t.. Lob?
? ??:
.in,l.i has i. ? ..;?:,:, ad Luig P Ver
,,,., ? ? ? from If si?...
;. - ? ' ? '?? ' ?? S I
Baratoga Bprtnga. S, v. A|.rii ?. _i>y
the Bill Of ?'rank Hath..it, :idi,: it t? d tO
prohat.- tO?day, hl"i ?hiUKhl.'r. Kh-ren?-.?
1-ondn I lui!."tu. ?fSta tbs .nth-.- SStBte,
"t sistiiii? of ths fatiniv aoass, in North
Braadaray, ?ralBsd al tSSJamt, ths Orand
I'll!..n llolel. 7ahi?d nt ?. .' d I0.|
... . ' ;.. n ! ai Bar .'?"? ??'>'' l'*-'iii-. value
I unknown The i?e**aonal ii**i ? i ?? is ee
ttmated .it saora than P. The real
Betsia bore is en? nimbi -r. d foi BBtffa.
l>ttfra tsstaassBtary arara lagssad to
Kl la y. fSoiithiMl.?. '?' ? IssBBgBi g ?-ister
Of the ?l?totletit. j
Crimean Trophy Loaded Near
Dudley Castle Comes Near to !
Destroying Historic Ruin.
'Vetes for Women and Damn
the Consequences!" Is the
Ncn- Slogan. Spelled
Right Out.
I.-" '? ? ? .! !l 'I !.. ? : :im- '
? ige i"tu?nur- a dozen i
telegraph ?i?l telephone wires ?rere
ibj Lit eolnahire, duiii g
the early hour t? rday, .'?m! \
larbox oui a -?? - .; red at I Iford,
?ei and Bournemouth, Hampshire
? ?ne of ih? :v .. ' ? im? an guna ben?
Ihe keep of i ludl? ? i 'a il e, w< ghing
tun. waa llred al midnight,
nn.l a red ?ame . hot high abovi th?
"...-; damage cau ? .1
th? breaking of some
keeper'! house in
? ?!? ii*- painted on tl
"Vote?i foi a'omen and dumn the ron-|
and in honor ol Mi
Pankhural !"
The ? ? p of Dudl?
:h centur). a h? n the 01 Ig
jhold a aa buill bj .1 Saxon prince.
? in? .-... ?iiint of the ??*? plosion aa] h that .
.. party ..f worn?
?i .1
the bis gun. It v ? H
and w it ii oth< rs had '?? t n pli
in Hi? ?aatle -is ;i m< menta.
i . ? ? ? ?! Mrs. Pank?
? nighi found thai altho
he haa been flv? da) a ?aritbo ii
ahe is ahowlng onl) alighl effeel
? ? .. i Ion. Bo i ir aa i ould be
will be able to endure her fast for
? da: i more.
The reserve strength of Mr?. Pank?
... .... |
? ? f w hu. believe thai
Ml f Ol
Ing. R? |r?Tt.-? of her condition ..r? mad ?
to th? Home i iffli ? .... i .. , ?-..?.n
? i ? olla| . ? Hi? will
l on it' ? n ?
The ? aposure of th? ...
P et itball ai mind ??i the ? i of I
Ihe cup fina K\ ril 19, ' tro ed I
ghoul tii? ? ountr .
n i ?
...... _. . ...
and ? . irel ry will be
mad? ? nd hi Ing to luatlce
I? ? ? pi inning tiii.-- and
itrai ? ? ttr nal
* i. - ? Mr Pan
ting ? ? to commit
: Sh?
". su-.. t and i ??
It I* und? ral.1
?l I !.. I ? - | t|?
I, m hi? h ? r . I? I ?? la
call?" l pr?t ? nth ? Juatic?
M ? ? . ? v
1 to ( isl'1? en tii.??,rli - m i? ?
..... ,,i?- -
i , .-?? .| fmm H
.... ? . ? 'of
Sh? ? ' ???? i that for
? ? , ? ... ... ible t.. .-..ii
. i her hunger atrike from th? prison
Spe? i ?i precaution ire to Ih ta ? ??
i,, pr< -. ? nl anj attempt t.> moleel I
., d Que? m i >n th? oceaalon .?f
th? ? . ' - to Woolwich '?
Militants Were Anxious to
Make International Issue of
Forcible Feeding.
i . ? ? - MIm /? le i ?mi rann.
.,t hi. i ? n ni from
ii...i it 9
i ie ? ill re? elve med
u? Htmeni Mi I ? ? ?* grave
tn\I ? i dltlon and
u -n not permit hei ii ? ? ??
"Tl ? rtoi of H? llowa) Jaail reporl
? . . it Ion ?i health ol M /.? I ?
to be unite satlsfa? tor). no*
en mi ? ? ? 'I""
put by JonI W arood t? Itesln ild M
K? nna the Home 8 iry. In tlie 11
of ? '?mu?. I
Kill- Urlfl .-.,?< , ..-,i!..,
Hin.i? Department, \\ ... answered on be?
i alf ?.t Ifr McKenna, tdmitti .1 thai I ? ?
\ ?. ?i.. .i n a oma n a ai h* Ina foi clbl* ted. (
Certain of ti.? tii.>r? militan! frlenda of
Mia Bmeraon, Including a number ?f
Americana, \\i? were dlapleased ;?t Mrs
Emeraon'a abandoning ii? campaign to
fora Int? i v.t.ti.iii by the American Em?
baas)', planned :.. take away n.? daughter
In ?n automobile without ii?r i
knowledge, ao thai the) might -:? I aa
nter aa without ii.? mother*a moderat?
ing ii.t!
The milltanta placed ? rela) of picketa
to watch fot Mlaa Emeraon'i relaaae, bul
the) ar? re foreatalled by her unexpectedly
;. .,s. . i . Hum? Be? r? t:u\ having
announced thai ahe would be aet at iu>
??rtv tii-m?ri"-.?
Mi ?. i. n? i ?-?in had been Informed ?r the
data of hei daughtei - releaae by the
American Embassy, and ersa un band at
the appointed time. She took her daugh?
ter imm?diat? to a ho pital, where th?
i b] al. Lana Dialed i.?i
The m.ir<- radical among the Americana
ii.M the belt? f that the ease offered ?.
chance to m.?k" the question <>f forcible
feeding an International matter, while the
milltanta generell] welcomed II aa ..n
? .t;-.?! opportonty for -?ottm;; tho rcaanl
government n.t?? bol water. The more
moderate members ?r th* Vgoasen'a s... lal
and Politics] i nti.ii. Incltadlag th?ir n.t
torney, aopported Mrs. Bmeraon and aoma
Of I? r An.?r!.-.m frisada in tli.lr opinion
thai th?* [loin-! Secretary made an
extrae dlnary concasalon to an American
Buffragi tta
Mia Kmerson, arbo was t.?.k?-u from the
ii.il in .-m automobile ambulance, wsa
c aerad b) i larga number ol aaffragsttea
?ho hH.i gstharad la momentary expects?
tiou of the r?"l?a>e of Mr*?, kliuni.-luie
I'ankluiraf ,
^Briapcliff Jodgc
Rriai-olilT Mannr ' ' NT?.., V?-b C^
Briarcliff Manor
New York
Opens May 3rd
qTHE LODGE offers such luxurv of
*? comfort as is found in the perfectly
appointed home. Cuisine and service are
Bookings are now being made at the
New York office, 12 East 48th Street,
Telephone 7070 Murray Hill; or a
representative will call if you desire.
lull Particulars, Terms and Road Map
Mailed on Request
BRIARCUFF LODGE - BriarclilT Manor, N. Y.
Rr.\Clli:i)BVMOTORfron,Nr7i RRACHHD BY TRAIN over
\_1. .._. 'I _...... t It. , . ... . . ?. m? m ?
N ?>rk a Ion g .1 ?oiitrs: I Broadway
i . ,'v dtli?iough. 2 SSW Ms*! BBBEf
Rofldtria Doblis ferr) or Whit.- Plains
to Brun hit Moior .1 I'roin Ne?
|rrsr7 Nva.?i Jerry !u rarrv!o7vn,
tlimt c to Scarborough.
mam line of New York Ce.niral to
S arborough Station; also from
lerrninus of 6th snd Ofli Avenue
"I'' a! 155th Street Station !o
Briar? liif Manor Station.
^URevilloii fr?res
'ov.tf* irts
Early Damage Caused by Moth
Moth larvae are being deposited early this year, .in<i
may remain unsuspected in garments or hangings
until they develop into the hungry grub?then tin;
damage ?s done. Send all furs, fur pieces, Rue-.
<? .. to our ?'"1.1 Storage anil prevent the introduc?
ir n ? .f moth into your house.
i if'li'i for .-ill necessary repairs and remodeling to
furs should ?be placed n?ow Lo secure Summer prices.
Call 3761 Greeley
19 West 34th Street, New York
Effervescence in Lisbon Culmi?
nates in Shooting.
Lisbon, April I Joa? Casimiro, a bu.l
fight? r, la for I ment tl ere of the
Portugueae royallets. Ella appearance In
the bull i - i night lual aft. r
!. had beet a? tultt? 'I by a court martial
?.r. a ?-hur?. irchial cm
waa tl ? ?
'i be ten tho? and l itera In ih? am?
-? I . Im fiirl
oualy, ling to theli i'?.lit;.*.ni aympa*
. ? left tl ? ring.
\vi ?n ihe people mad th? exli
tween th* n.><??chista and R?
Heat bi -'?. " ' 'id? the ?!.-.
' labon carries
., ? .i. araa much sho..tini; and
many pereona wen wounded The troopa
0( the t--:'1 riaon w? r? call? d out i? the
. ? ; . ? ici ' edi .1 n
. the field
British Government's Majority
for Measure Is 196.
i..? don, .\j"il v \ bill t.. abolish
ral rotlng al elections In the Britiah
Islea w.ts Introduced In the House <>f
Commona b) the government to-day snd
ad Ita Ural resdlng by ;. \..te of
. asalnal W7, ? majority ?>f i?*. J<>
teph \ Pease, president ?i the Board of
Education, who presented the measure,
explained thai it would appl) to tin*
I'nite.i Kingdom Ihe principle of "one
n. in. ??lie \ntp'' it ??.;!*. h?- BUld, I? 1 ??
form ?*' the franchise which mat long
?.\ srdu?
Th?- bill providea that the panait) for
Infringement *-i*.-- it be ?. Ina of II,.
i '.- . ? ears' imprisonment and die?I
franchlaemenl for seven yesi ?
Three Lawsuits Against Hus?
band, One Against Lawyer.
i. .?..?,-,-;- ont i
i.on?Inn. A j.ril :?. Mrs, ?.'Ti;? Km
7\ |.-u. formerly Mary Mass-m HbbbU, of
f* W V'.rh. \7 ho aras r> ' entlv 11|.*.-?ss
ful in i suit against h??r hnsloiii.l f.,r
restitution of (??niUR'ii! ri-ihis, ;md tho?i
in ;i libel s?*tlon sgalnat .? London go?
llcitor In . "nue. lion 7viih ths dlv?*M-6S
;?!-o.?>..:?? -,*?-. and Sfho ItrOB hits :i suit
for full divorce pendu,?- against bat
hitaband, has ,.i-.. aued hrr Mirt-aa-J
t',,r poaseHSion ??( a rsluabls aH of
? i.,.,t?t,\. ?j i-s and varioiM ob*?acta o?
art, arhlch th* ?Bararlc-ka haul hi thofg
London i*?*sldenc?* and cotintr? plaves at
Maxley, Korfolk Ths case Is sal toy
he.irit.i eartj next t< rin
Foresees His Early Return to
Throne of Portugal.
LiaboB April I. i-'.-miT Kincr ifgna?ri
of i'i.r: ik;:il Asolaras: "i foroaec that I
aball aooa retura t.? the innm? ,.f I'ortu
e,;il." in .in InterrlSB publiahad to-?gay lo
?he monarehiat asnrapapor "?'.?rreii."
which does not flisctooa bis Bharaabouta.
Manuel oBtllnaa ;. programme of m>.*i-?i
.nomlc i ef.it ma arhtoh be intend??
t.? Introduce ?*,h?-n he retorne. Ha ?!< -
s.-rih?'.? the eOBdltlOB of l'ortucal us a)**
plorabia, alBrmitig that actual ?i?ispolaang
huir repla?as! parlisBMHitary aslf-goyaf ?
ment and ?s oontrotllng tha courts ?>f
j'l-tiee. while neglecting th* couBtry*a
agriculture, commerce and Induetry and
augmenting tha hexes to su. h an extent
;,> t.. form 120,000 Portugotse to <tn
grata during i ll 1
Tha Interview i.s one ?.!' many i t : el i o ^ -
tiens th.it th?> monarchic! t?:irty in Por -
ugal is rel? ctlcM In its .i>-tivity.
DREICER collection of
Pearls in breadth and
in quality, is beyond
comparison in New York.
The house of DREICER
founded 1869, has sold or
improved many of the really
superb and important Pearl
Necklaces in this country.

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