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iYrtt) flork ?ritmnr.
tvi:iiM>ii\v. M'i.ll ?. i tu:?
<>??.! - : and : '
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*t Barr?U, Tr? uurei A '
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M :.' i - DAI
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i.- '.'.! On?, mi ? ? 60
i one \ ,?? .4 M
l Mentid
Nol Jefferson?an, but Full o? Human
The matter "f President Wilson's addr?
,-.?:?. ? entirely overshadowed bj Its
manner. Onlj unan with an unusual -*' i ?
dramatic values could have made tbe little mes
v' Meta i,?' delivered t,. the two houset
im i ? i -1 ? > i i ?, t eveni Phe Presiden! waa put In the
? award Position of offering some grace!
nlltles <m the ?nhjed ol tariff r?vision th.* daj after
tin? country bad bad pul In Its banda the com]
details of an ' administration' tariff bi
Generalization! should precede particular!
the abetra?ctiona of the speech ?would have been an
obvious :ititi?-iiiiiii\ iiH.l it nol '".ii r"i' the h
?.f ?jpniii*- which converted the belated comm u
iinn int?. ?i rneens of emphasizing the Presid
personality and of striking what be f?
<-ali?'(i i? new hutnan not?-* in the off]
between th?* Executive and C ?ngresi
Tim heat thine which Mr. Wilson h ,i| to *-a> wa!
not in the measage Itself II was in the forewor?
whi^h lio remarked that ho uns eager t<> verifj
bimseif tin? Impression "thai the Prealdenl of the
?Tnited natas u t person, nol a mere depar i
"of the government, hailing Congress from
'isolated Island of Jealous power, sending mew
? not gpeaklng naturally and with his own voice I
"t o is a human being trying to ?"-?operate with
"human beluga in ?< common *???' ?
rha' Ingratiating explanation leaves the ultra
Jeffersonlana raging in rain. II takes th- stini
of the chargea of Senator John shan1 Williams
i ho president Is mine to revive "the speech
the throne" ami Ihe other "flummeries" of an era In
whleta the public mind still thoueht of h Presldenl
?,- m least "half h kin-'." N-.lm.h expects Mr W
...n '.. receive ji counter address from Congr?
would he a tirr-urno time kll big ceremonial of no
advantage to anybody. But those who realize the
sceaalty of bringing the Presldenl und the Cabinet
Into 'i<*h ?nrltb i If ?i rational budget
?yetem la to be I and other Important
latlon Is t?- be shaped so si to draw the executive
? I legislative departments together Instead <'f
tin?.' them m loggerheads over trifles and te hnical?
iii.???. hop?- thai ent < itabllahed yesti
will be firmly maintained throughoul this sdmlnls
trntlon. 'Team work" is urgently needed a1 Wash
gton ?nui the countrj ?rill be eren
the -hail?- of Jefferson la angnlshed becat
Democratic successor li tha Presidency im* found it
?..nil while t" revive i prerogative which
? n personal comfort preferred to tal.
Senators by Direct Note Now.
The amendment to 'he foiiera! Oo ? pro
riding for the dir<-<t eieetion i.f Etenatora became ef?
fective yesterday, ?'hon i"\)nm*<-?i>*u* casi i}:>- thirl
- \Mi aflh*mative vote. The amendment ? >
i-efore the legislaturas less than eleven months, and.
onalderlng the larajet number of states no?
aaiy to ratify. qu''*kor work was made taWi || ?
with any other article ever npuondod to 'ho ?"?
It In curious how nearslglib-d the polltlclai
Wnsliinf-ton offtm ?re 'Hie BOUSS and FrtiiV" * ?
a year quarrelling over tin? form .,f iho Beventeentl
Amendment, and when the House yielded It*- conten
'.lou there were many prophets who predi t**d thai
i-fltlf.ffliion would be liiiiH.ssli.le, sin." the Bouthern
States would never allow their elections of Senator!
to he put tinder the supervision of the get
??ninient. Hut the Southern "Iforee B!.;" scare never
materialized. North Carolina, Tennessee., Arl
?"?klahoma and lexas ratified the amemlmei
\"lri*1n1a, Florida and I?r>n1s1ana never even had a
??hnnee to vote on It The only state t" reject il a I ?
As | matter of fact, i^pular election Ol 8
. ,,iild no lonsrer he staved off, Tin* country suited
It, because 1t Is in harmony tritt the spirit of the
timen. It Is one of those thlnK* which the j.nt.li.
r-iehtly Wllevea will be useful in the establishmenl
of a more popular form of government.
The Brutal Game of Golf.
?? are thousands of Republican duffera all
??ver this broad land who ?.vil! regret not having
voted for the Hon. "Tom'' Marshall when they read
his rlm-ine wor.l? upon golf. Says ihls cour;,'.
? hainpioti of the halfled end bo|. i ilfers from
Maine to California: "f will play golf no more an
- the gam la debrutalised "
\ haughty an?i BMgntBcant defiance the whole
rorld iiii'.st concede what Joy and relief II would
bring to sorrowing millions if all the perp?
duffers could stiffen their backbones and burl a
xiuillar tiimat in the filming teeth "?
\ brutal game It Is, Indeed, fog those who can
? play it. Muscle, turf, temper, family, h
ends ami ? hope of tin- hereafter are
? ?ii its altar l'..r those Who <-*iit j.iay it the thlU""
- preposterously simple fou look casuall*. i
lazy little white ball. Hip i club up. ttl|. a chita d< ? n
,,! throUgb and the ball || still sailing as you imii
. halar.tiy step down, mnarklng ?.n iho poaalbllity
of having overdriven the 28fi^yard green. Por such
i.-ky suu!- the thoosand separate and dlattnci way.
? ?f bungling at which th<- duffw is past master
?re U" existence ?rhatevei
\n?l the ???-vil of it Is thai as vim begin so jrou
must end. Vo'i play golf oc yon d<> not. Happj Is
the child bora with i golf spoon la hi> hands; terrl
i.le the fata of those whom the fatei overlook, lie
may try and try ami try. until Ids gonl turn- to
r.-.-ir his vocabulary sinks to the level ol i
loajgshoreman'a and only the highballs of the Dine
teenth bole cas quenck his mteerj Bol be tries
flfli vain.
y,\e hope thai Mr Marahall's ultimatum ne-an- ?
declaration of Independence for all th?--.. countless
ilemned. An Asaoelatioa ?>f Those Who Have Hworn
?iff would be a wonder-working miracle, fet we
cannot belp doubting. Heaven knows horn ?joanyl
million llmea we have beard other? gwear ot ?
bai '? gworn .-it - for tbe matter ?if iiiat- j
?ill in I
I? would poi surprise us In tbe leaal to learn
to-morroB thai Mr. Marshall bad in'fii tetm brutallj
putting In hi*- back yard, with tbe emphatic word?
i?f big ultimatum still muttering warm <di hi- i pa j
The Trial at Albany.
The meml i ? Senate ?* ? ! '"?? hub l**elj \
; kind i?. Senator Stilwell if tliey applj the t??ebnical .
rulw of evidence in hi- tria He gboukl welye
ii.> soil of bearing Allds re? elv<*d, tbe common
Henne variety whose aim la to -??! at tbe troth
When iii.. AI Ida bearing was over it was Bald Ibni
be never could bave hi-en convicted in g court ol
law. yel every ?.nc knew I ha I be was guilty, and
ai,.i- knew h s., well thai he did aoi wall for big
I| ? him, hut r.'siun.'il nt i.ii'iv n
would in*..' I'?'?-:, h disgrace t" the state if the
jumi-liiii.-iii ,?:' this bribe taker bad i.n prevented
by ;i !'?' iini'-ai spiril in the Senate.
The Senators may give the mau now aci used Ibe
"in under a bleb Allds would proba
lily have escaped, under which crooks do frequently
? ,n our courts. Bui the*, b 111 do so know
at Ha-i w.di'i gel benefll nf II tberafielve?
! when the*, g. trial before the potril? for failing
: i" uphold Hi" honor of tbe state, i he i.pie won'1
judge of their faithfulness according lo Ibe rol?
; of a '-oiii-l of law.
\t I .is! ;i Rice ?n Simili.
Sli i liornas Lipton has at last done the i Igbt and
.jinny thing. UN uneoml ' tiallenge with i
7."?? fool i tlj 'lu' ni"' ?? which he
bave made at i? -
I p.pT tb< lib's OB II lilt? ,''? i:il"?li "I lli''
.?????.I o?' gift there i- ? ?? b" Wbk'fa ill?'
challenge can non i.raded. And once ace? ted
there can l?e little doubt thai the challenge 7vin
, be in-1 by - def? n I? i lei] tbe same
tbe challenger. To pli g At>
Shamrock wonld be to In?
\ ite th< en the world around
*. i .? such un unequal rontesl went th?ta
for Hi?* "b and chwrg
for th?
Thus Sir ? . ? likely i" gain il."tai I
1er lack of tad and tbe yacht
? the ? tter of tbe law bad fle
I ' bting will be tbe gainer.
? dy has many ?.??"?'i nen craft and
?:ii"?l for tli.nlng season 'i i <? pro?
? nation?! n. In IAM will belp the
The ?'ml of the 1 ? ' del la tbe teal '? atore
. ' '? ? -'in?? means
' !
\ " Dumm) " Who Did.
11 ? ? 44. ? Ing II li thai ?-"ii,"tiin?i 1s ti .
? .?r ilil- Indi. Id .- b :.' I? being
sii.'ti by financiers In the names of ? ? ? week
. Ililong of a?rai Itiea I (
tlifir nllegations are true, be a e', ; week <*lerk
with : ii name, their "ilummy,"
\\.? bav? for these H
youths B-ho nr.? millionaire on paper pownsors of
rast foil ? ? ? ?. hut compelled t" skimp
:.- "movlef ?
nnd tlien. But the?, r oppori inities.
Illlonalye, wanted lo
i - n millionaire, The "water, water all
[ around, bul not r dro] -?? Hon took x-n
sesslon ol blm ?ni<l he raise usi in???
any on 'ii of "dummy"
wealth, i !? the refusal n gda g
what ahall we say**1 m ide a high financier of blm,
for !?? la now being sued by II ??? "dummy'
! be la H'l?'u?-i] to 1 n for flOO.OilO, and no odj j
knowa whose raontry n Is,
In lime we predlcl ha will have g "dommy" of
? : >? higher*
No Oslerizinj Dr Osier.
Sir William Osier, M. I?., revlaltg this countryI
wltbooi fear of chloroform or a though! "f either I
voluntary nr Involuntary euthanasia and without i
reproach for ever having ? ??? n is??d Ihe foollafa pro
iio-a! which irlH' lu* - Rttriboted and?
probably always -will attribute to blm
11 ?'??--? . tntlon of one ol Anl bonj
Ilope's fanciful Inventl been one of tbe umm
tently mlslnteroreted remarks <>f our time.
Happily i' h - donc blm no barm, nor. probably
any >>?p- else. ? ?ri;*.ui> we shall ****:j??>.? i to s<m him
with tbe buoyant"?, Ihe effective
energy and Ihe both subjective and objective viini
Ity wblch ni" fitting In one who during u youth of
threescore years and four Ims exemplified the
Idea "f pbyalcal and mental bealtb, and who is
i j. ? .m being laid opon lb? sip.if nt
i ? aettMl?
WonktaM it i"* i fine turn of fate if "Oalerlzlng"
should come to mean ti t prolongation "f abounding
7iiiiiity and unimpaired efficiency and usefulness
.-,? of g long life?
Two Navies.
The iiisi erle of expert critica art.? I? m
???'iii?* London Times" ?in ill?* navies ?'f the world is
I devoted t?? the United States and Japan, and Inci?
dentally tbe (South American states Tlie iuxtapoel
lion Is not flattering i" American naval pride,
though, ol com-? not i leanl lo Indicate that
t Um hm navies ?amen! stand next in each other In
rank. Our own Is .-till third, while Japan's i- prob
gbly seventh, Nevertbelesa, as ih?* writer observes,
\\.- nave permitted oorselves i?. i..- deptMed from
*-??' ?.n?I place i?? third, and are surely and swiftly
foorth pla ?? with arbo khams g ha?
further de
it i- n n.- thai Japan al to na , ? et! I be work
ol naval construction. That, however, Ig onlj by
? way of prepgration for resumption <>t ii on g -'?il?*
I which n.:i\ b turtle Ihe wtwld. AI presenl -die Ig
bending ?til ber energies and devoting all available
lilding of great shipyards, foundries
and what ii'-: for the constroction and equipment ??t
ships at borne
Japan nevei bulli g flrsl rlasa modern warship
until 1005, and eren tbeu and in later yearg niosi ??>;
the material bad to be Imported. Mow, however,
she produces her own steel, makes ber own ?jung "f
the l*tr'.'??i i*n libre ?m I. iii'l.'.-il. builds and equipa
battleships nithoui drawing noon .my other country.
And when her Fuera a pal ?nt?. commlMltm, soin??
monthg brace, -in- will bare, of her own ?-?.nstni?*-.
: lion, th" :.-n .-i-i and most powerful battleship nil.?at
i under any Bag
We do not look fore claafa betw?*B*n our taavj and
I .i;i].:iij'-s. ot any other country's I'm the heal pog
-?i.i?- safeguard aga-nst ??'"h ? eataatrophe w?.ui?i
be for us to maintain a navy so efficient that a clash
vith it would be ?'ortain t?i be <lls?tstr?*iis tu th.
.?ther power.
Another Cycle of Cathay.
Time was when tha half sueerlag. half*banterlng
"all?e saume Moli.an mntr would have been the in
Btlnctivi.mmi'iit upon China's adoption of any ol
tbe ?raya and laws ?,f the Weatern world Sow
thai ? ?mu11-.*, becomes a republic and opena the Ural
session of a repr?sentative Congress In a rashlon
that commands the most serloua respect of the
There is no exaggeration in regarding yester?
?lay- ?...linen,,, at Peking ai marking tbe begla
Ding Of a new "cycle of < 'jitliny " To what evleilt
it may mark the opening ?if a BOW era for th.- rest
?.f the world is a question worthj of ronalderatlon
Th?- simple drcumatance that these hundreds ol
representative Chinese were devoid of queues ami
dowered silk jackets, but were sin.m and garbed
lik?' Americans or Englishmen, was profoundly
significant <>f the parsing awaj or the old order
ami nt the entry of this strange nation of three
iiun<ii?',i mini?os mi?, the practical world-life <>(" the
twentieth century,
nur own I Congress, tbe senior republican parlia
men! Of tbe world, may well send greetings t?. this.
Its youngest disciple, with good ?riabes for Its proa
polity in the ten thousand yours which are propbe
-io?l for ii by its ,,wn Chief Of State.
Washington idama ami Wilson no? stand iparl
n a Presidential < !h.?s ?>f th?Mr own.
Suffragette Insurance niR\ develop Into .? arg?
annex t?, the '?r' Bra cyclone and casualt) Insur?
ance business
We tremble to think what ?rouM have happened
to Prceddant Wilson yesterday if th?-* Hon "?'"?
had held over bate this Ctmgresa. "Joe"
: ?t io.-i!>t lmv* tried to exprese ?liai ha th ?ughi
Jefferaon "Ught t.. have thought undei auch trying
clrcumatan ea
Senator sm,, 1 uants t.. paai some legislation
?hieb ?rll revolutionise honsekofpmg and "rob the
garbage can of millions of ?loiiars annuall] " The
ge nn la evidently a worae enenu of eoclet"
?liar tho Rr<''> |er '
Tho European powera won't re gn thi Chinea?
? tii ii ??,mitins tha rxi'tinc treat!? But
1 I ?? 1 ? la confirmation by an unrecognised goi
? '.? am F kfoCombs of thia cit anm
positiv? 'i.,' be baa nol re onaidered hia recon
t hla aeceptan a of th? i ml as
to I'r.-i; -
ige inanagera but
? '. n keg m? an
? laynor attomi.- e ai
ild one of the ? omlng km* 1
1 i.: ? leganerate into 1 drifting mai
We have I ess - than Mlaa
; tietta Bi >? nlng herself ?that ton
the pronoui and verj ahock
cline nol to say ths blink Wofull ?? nta 'o
"The rranscrlpi Sot? nd Querh olumn,
? ? lemand foi atiafactorj i-- ma
.-.i alls fortl guarded res|
the N. and Q mai 1 am a I Id goti
over tl ' ? re B tonlani omita
'? ? 'i.?*! a lee admire ? | y the moi
soul satisfying SI ','K?? poem : arei
i.i\ in-? - a more snllght? ? ed immi n I
... ntlll appreciated, ?re make bold 1
?i ??:,?? ? .
I ?
Hire boat Klag
tum fru?
? boatum overturneoat
1 :t 01 ? ? ?? .i?"I?t int
? ? ?
1 ' . Ul too pre dent top re are glad
'ti.-Tf n... ne mora asaca than there nt
? ? ?
f>r?,f*s. ? Pheli 1 of Fais rho ?rrlt?
Ingly of h?*.i 1 i?-ii 1 and Realtt) In Fiction.'
the genius to discuss those extraordli ???? da?
acrlptiona of villas farmstead! cottages r thi aee,
etc.. ?ith ? in- h our loathed bul eat -
temporariei are no? enlivened With what de
what nicety, what exquisite precision he srould d*?
fine Mini elucidate the distinction bet?*een s rsallst'a
statement and a 1 1 tatemen! for Instance In
the following examples
Real [?".statement Villa Bulgaria aumpl
: -i abed; 158 r??.ms. no mosqultoee pictures?! is
ami exclusiva nelghborl.1 Justly termed the sv.it
xertand of t- I.; -'? minutes to CK: Hi
Realist's Statement of thi Same
. ? ?
Salmon si $2 a pound 1 - a fui thai n mil d?
there are setting to be too many of us on land and
not enough of ua In th? a at? ?
Here's lo spunk; Montenegro ihe Pankh 1 I of
1 atlona
. , .
"In twelve eaa lessons aaya a captivating a.l
menl "ws guarantee to convince you that you
?.?.?ii save mono] by purchasing an automobile." De
lightful, tiii^': ?is.? instructive, tt la nol onlj the
material wants of humanlt) thai scream for aatls?
faction There are mental ?'anta. Man) s chap will
1,1 (,'...,,i money, al a pinch, !?> Iik\?? his mind
altered Witness that algniflcanl insertion In 'Tho
i.?,ti.ii.t, Times" "Young gentleman about i" mam
desires services of man of experience ?rho ?rill dis?
ade into fr?im su? 1, s step '
Pleased to heai that the Rumanians have not for?
gotten their careful bringing up, Prom motives of
chivalrj they are calling their Crown Princesa "the
Vampir? and lottin?- it g<> at thai
Although secretar) ol .1 prison .?s ociation, Mr.
i? r. Lswla still in?- sunshine la his soul, and
asarchag the Jailbirds' llteran output for ecurcea <>f
inn?,? out in? rrliinnt Thus it vas that lie Came UPOU
tins Rom ?,f intramural phlloaopby: "One aatlafac?
ih,11 OUI folks BOW ha\?' Is that tln\ fcOOW WhSTS
we at?, nights." Ami eeaas to think of it. being
secretar) of a prlaoa sssoclatlou la b) n?' means as
- ing as tt sounda who but Mr, Lewis sops
auch multitudes living according to their convic?
tions? R. 1. 11
i-'iuii. Th? byrsi use Journal
Those vice "",miiileer**na have accomplished at least on,
?.hi..?? The] have ahows t'mt mrnif imnsorallt*- <**-if<ta
evtstda New Tori?
Prom Tbe Philadelphia Prsaa
When Secretary McAdoo waata to ascapa fr?,in the
? eekera be goes over t?. Now fork, v.her?? h?. knotrg
it, whiek to 1,1,1?. Possibly thi? muy aurtsaei
sooner 01 utter the advtoaMlity "f the govsrnmeni mak?
ing provision f?.r SuJtabla hiding I'larrs in or mar the
.capital. They olearl> are li?*.*omliig a Mm.utit'
K?ik- '?' 1 Run in the Baa
propos of the st
ago I heai
- ? IV, th?? no!
How thi I W W. '.< i.?* :; Alms
Their Privi!*.
Sli Oaring I
? , ?
asaeml I .n wi
at l.uti.- 1 ,'
? ?
-I ,.st . ? ? ?-,
llf lit.
? t he 1
parts of tli fr< to tl
otlng r?
rere I
In nearly <
? ? ? ?
? d In their idveri la
?? ? 1
? to "he
fuddii " tha 1.
? ? ? , :
party ar,
of n.. bel
1 1. pi. Bei tstion that I
1 ii?. a Issue s ? is I
Indu ?trial R'oi ol "*i 01 Id ar?
tl .n a to di
. the . v 1,. qu? . ol thi
. 1 .h- ta Naturally, 1 1 shod
not oi.j,, ? t., 1
not m? p, be fooled then,
in a i.- ? nt ' ht..1 lal
-.?? lal* 1 " 1...lie Hi raid " VI. ? B
frank snd
tha of!
atlon "' Hin? 11
11. 1 apei 1
1 i.-iahi,- at a tli ? Bhei : t as unpopular
to taka such a stand
look?*d it si 1 1
arorkl ? ? plain that
j it ronaMeied th? ?an 1 ?
fight -. aham? I
? ? i loi
' ? ' 'lid
n- position t.- ? .: ? beei abun?
', Justin? d, Thsl the *fn
I . , ...
W "i Id loaf? t.. graft 01
?w II .
well hum, ?, "
Il Mould h. v.ell for '
OUr da 1. n.v,-.|,apeis | , i. lit? I" :
ihla in mind ?? ban ?t"-1- r**i tbe ten I
! "?"h BtOril s- f,. ,.. tl,, ;
. a 1 n. 1- . ?id iiieii ?1. counts of the oui
1 rsjaoua lolatlon th 'freedom of '
*-i" -. 1. clai . of 1 h. ? fonatltuti ?n " \
: l??unaful : ? .. ? pul
posas." ., ?, i?.m,. ,,f m,. Ii d . ti lal Work
1 ra "f thi World loaf. 1- i" graft on tha
(Miara of wal\ ineanitn- 1 idl? als* ?.n
talnlj expri Mira and clear la -1" l; "'' ?'"
lag, and, under the i-lr- limStBI " "*? ' '
liitir t., ba mmld
it la tin.- um! i?'."" Iowa ?j<matablaaand
\lllii(fe p,,lt,amen iiho .ami"! '"' ' ?*"P ? '
to ui constitution!
? ? f tha si
? .
? -.tin?; d!
poUtlcal blm
? :
? . tlon pi
for the ?lall]
No Real Extravagance in Its Cor
? action It Is Asserted.
? srsa auri the artlcl
-. : for "aban
? :
7 |
? ,
? ,1 VI,.-,.
thi t '??*::. " - ' BtBl
? ?. whlc
? ?
? ."? kep
In H ? :?gard to th
? -
. and ..s
The ?111,1,1
n old I ml
-, ? ii., had ai
? ?
both \\ '? ? '
? : la lh.it il
? n
? ?
With I
?? :i al 7 Blatte is
held lip, He . led !.,:
II la I-.--:.i up a.- ? la piobabl) on?
shy A ?
?i .,
llhll. !iee,| |ol
houae .m Blacks?.: ?
.7' th.- . ..it.i . s ,. 7 iiatle the
. ould not ,. rfoi ill the
th. opportunlt) to
i. are so coat I) i" ihe com?
two : '
\\ on . n toi .? hl h ?....?
women ha? s begged an I
..a m dangar.
kl) n, Api ii s. ?
Ail of Them Are, Says a Ma? Donald,
of Gramercy Park.
To-1. i ?. . 'i'h" Tributas
?? ?h nj that tha s.,,- -
ask to .luid.- trish
bj labelling th m t'latsr Ii uh <>r
10 i ? ? ' n K ih.it . \,.,\ i',,,,
Irishman Is a s.-,.t.-in?-,,, .lMll
thereby Anglo-Saxon, whether his aams
. ' N. Ill oi \I : i ? 1 ?..iiti.il or Snooks or
BUggtns, arould do wsll to raad the Duke
"f Arg) Is'g ?m. h "n the Celtic clana
m tin* March "W Ind oi Msgaslne, ' 11.,,
? ??n. i
II I to In ?nd rather than to Scot?
land that ?c must look lor the ?'??tabllsli
?.f B? ota : - Irish, and -
: : ?: th? I ft ? ? tai - and tt
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