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IMMf 'I?1 ?sVl?' ?r<I?"'VT laCltyof NrwYorlc. .leraeirClt.v and Heheke..
111?. I, W.I I ? ?U.?aU.1 a\ ELSEWHERE TWO CTKKT1.
hree Groups of Robbers Under
Leadership of Young Man of
Good Family, Who Calmly
Tells of Crimes.
;hauffeurs aided raids
'ive Have Pleaded Guilty to Se?
ries of Daring Hold-ups in
Shops and Saloons?Doilies
and a Fish Sandwich Sole
Loot of One "Job."'
?With five of th.- mon BTTBStad for ttf
? automobile **a!dg on .?hops and Ml?
cons pleading guilty and the chief of
bandit?, a young man of ?,??'>d i'ain?
gone wrrong through drugs, barlni
'? inncrm..'- - - ..f ths raiders,
District Attorney ?vas r*onfldenl
lerday that the autemoliile i
t N'f-w York had suffered a reversa
?v h irould t urb a icb pra? tl tea.
The live who pleaded guilty t?efore
fudge Foster in General Sessions yen
rdfty are .Joseph Taylor, Charles
?her, Joaepb R, ovonneii. Benjamin
lold and Trank Jerrie. Taylor and
oher pleaded guilty to robbery in the
mud degree, ?0*ConiieH to assault ?n
if Urst degree and Gold and Jferrle to
ittetnpted assault in ihr- ttetweai dag
?"r.'ir mor.*. Patrick Bolger, ?;?*?>rp.- Mi -
tiy, Robert McVetty and ?Charles C.
::,-irk. will p. on triai i..-day charged
rltb robbery In the flrsi degn ? -.
The nosrl tafereatlng fieure in the
?ang is Jus? pli Taylor, whose n il
mine is .-aid to he Joseph Young. Por
laal eisrhteen months, h<? admit i .1.
ha- been the chief ant?? bandit In
his city. He has told his history-a
pry t\hi'-ri ooeupi?-.?, shnoal flfty type
r.tten pag? ?-- to Charles P. Boat?
lirk. of District Attorney Whitman's
ff. Ay a result ?if Tayli.r s gtory
rd ?'f statements made bj aome "f the
ban who pleaded guilty, there ma*
? ball ? dosen more arrests and a
>-?*neral "cleaning up," either official or
Biofflcial, among the i bauffeura of New
Bandit a Model Boy.
;'.. lor is ihlrt) -three years o u ?
mai ii? .1 ils mom i,- ego. 11 up
ringing s as thai of lei hoy.
| ',. n he '.?>?? to a ? "i .. ni.. ??I a ?
nip ani? d in-, .a.i broughl him home.
? sang in Ha
i* i?-r ("hutch, and ?v."- noted for hi-i
|prano vol ? il ? la a college gradu?
to. His father and wife are living.
?rfl nir.th. r dl- 'I *?' ? ? *al .* ? ' I ;
I him some m
He l" trau to spend ihe legacy In a
? inisr man's follies Uli mode of .if.?
acame wild, One nlghl six -ear.- ggoj
. reg Ined con??ciou8n?*Ba on b North
pit r. Knochoul di opa" had i.? en i
i?t i*, his whiskey Ib b Wi t Bids ta?
Ho ?-ni dased when he open? I
?id could nol i < in?ml" r his I
Uhu name. He arandered through the
v,. ?t Bid Btreel :''''i flnallj r? og
?S4?d s house sa one to which s friend
lad taken him months before, li?
sent lu .nul found thi woman whom
id o,- ? . -i thai ?" ? a Ion atlll hi ' ?i
tin re.
Bhs lOOb him i" and i ?" oinm?n?l? -l
-....? i lidi r 1" r (ii
ction he took ii> opium smoking, it
lulled his fac?ulties and he decided ?i ?
Lrould atay there, il' li?c-d with ths
?"iriiiii uni ontha m*". wh?m be
nan-< i in Di?, mean IIme be hg i
been introduced to ihe delights of m??r
; H. told Mr. Bostwlck rester?
he now bad to h.i*. ?? t?v?-rity-iv>
araras ai a daily siioarance.
Ii? way t!i?. )<-:i'lcr and Ihe planner
?mont' ih" automobile bandits, lie did
M?t boBsl of It; be stated M as g tact.
without emotion. Coups wen planned
pj him and carried oui under bis direc*
I ontiininl i.n BSeBBd pagr. thir?! rnliimn.
This Morning s News*
M oman Lu .. l
gats In i.tni.ai ra .11
'-.ut,, Baadli ? I 'i oili.- i |
Newell ?'orniil.-'. ? .,..,? ion.... -I
'!'? ? total Tango Ii Hers. 2 I
?iM? striK?-1 ? i ion i i >ov. n ? lergy. Il
QayBor ??hlde ""ftaeens Rmlty Mea.... 2
1*1 ?" i[..i Out Pupils sulk?-. 3,
Tariff Mill Analyzed. 4 |
Bargain I... -. In Divorce Court. 6
Teachers CoBdemn H.I Mai . lagea.. 9
? 'olonel Retires. o
M Admitted ?luilt.16
??I'iiiiii Rln*-*a Strong-Arm King Held.If
1 ?? toi m Cabaa Doel Hers.16
Trompe in? en Bat?alo Btrlkero. ... l
Wilson Wont Coerce California. i
Will (in.- i ?tata io Mi - la.ton. a
Ti)bun?*'s Tai iff loi.ia-t (*orreet.... 4
I'Tno.-rati. CsBCBa Obeys Underwood. 4
BtllweH's i:?(?iiii in is.-n?.. ?
Low? Tu o" Balldinga Vryai. 3
VVilaon Btnaabea Another l'i??<???.i?-nt .. 5
?i ?-? i?. n m I4i?is i ai 'mera Co operate. . . ?
Hi?. Trisa i" Pacify "Hello Olrla".... ?
Pope Reported la Ne Immsdiats Danger 3
Kmereon Permanently Injured. ? 3
Belgian Klag Won*' Btop sink??. 3
Hisa Dodge Locked Up ai Home..... o
N'?*a? for Women. I
1 litorlal . ?
?Se i?>ty . ?"?
Music . 9
Theatrical . 9
?'l-lniary . ?
ta .10 ?*"*' n
"?hipping .? ?**
Weather .ll
Arm*- und Navy.xl
Ht.in.ial and .Marki?t?,-12. 13 and 14
steal t?tate.14 *** l?
?roops Fire on Unruly Crowd
and Fatally Wound a
Woman ? Man and
Boy Hurt.
Three Thousand Soldiers on
Duty Unable to Prevent Riot?
ing and More Likely To Be
Called -Company Makes
Arbitration Offer.
!; :'r-li" kpt : 8 Tr.?a with fix? .1
bayoneta held no terror ? atrlk
ln| . arm? a ol the International Rail?
i wij rjorapanj and Ihelr ay m path
to-day, and th? i lotoua seen? ? a hlch
? ? 'i the "i enlnf d ij a of the sink.
?verra not onlj as nu nerous, but
of n more serious nature. All eff?
to r. sum.? !raf':. *. ere bio? ked und all
the cars arere withdrawn from service
;.t nightfall, after an Intermittent
operation ol I? *-.- tl an !" n hours.
< toc? m tii?. afternoon the troopi.
uaed their riflea A aroman and ?
were wounded and a bo) received a
thrust from ., i on? I .man ;
will probabl) ?. .
K. G. ?'onnntf. pi
t<-rnationa1 Rallwai Company, eon
f< i red a Ith ths Mayor, bul nelth? i
rial would divulge what paased be*
tween them.
Ms i ihrmam
'" night with Presid? nl Wl
I?. Ilahon and ? ? tstives ol
th.- Striking ??innen, .it which, it *
said, he laid before them terms <>n whi? ii
the railway would submit to arbitration.
Tho company'! offer will )><* considered
by tiif executive committal ol the
striken to-morrow, it li understood
*h<* company is willing I te .?ii
the strikers and submit tii<-ir demand
to arbitration Lut s 111 i i mise
the union.
May Csll More Troops.
The fa? t thai th?* calling of
troops was un?irr serious consideration
t<>-niclit by '"??th civil and military Offl?
clal was taken i.s an Indication that
,i peaceful settlemenl ?aras still .? re?
mote possibility. With over ?300 rt
?.f str? tear tra? h t.. patrol, the _,00 '
men now here, under command <?:
Brigadier General Samuel M. Welch,
had to be spread out too thin to mak?
? :???.? , . ing force, ? ten irai
\\ ? . ii has ordered out ;.!! th" in? ?
under hla command, and if more troui s
are to be brought here th? order must
ued i>y Governor Suteer.
Major General ??roan. wbo iia<i ii>
tended to return t?> Albany this morn?
ing, remained here to keep In ?
touch with the situation it la under
. that a report covering tin- exist?
Ing conditions ?srill i>?- sent i?> Gctrern? r
Kul.er at once by General Welch. This
report will undoubtedly be accompa?
nied by recommendations from General
?>i'.\a!i, commanding officer <>f tin
State National < luard.
Garnirai O'Ryan will no! admit that
any orders have been i*-s?i?*(i t.. .._+?. r
:? _ini. ms of the i tats guard to I
readiness, contending thai the ?rgani
/..iiioiiM are always proper*d,
The general saw service In Buffalo
strikes Mais an?, and he appreciates
the danger. He has been In telephone
communication with cities i" tbe < ?<si
?mil vus n?'\v v..rk. and it Is presumed
he *nit*m'r4i Informal warnings t<-> com?
mandi rs "f troops t-? be i eady.
The most serious disorders <>f tl??> day !
..??.iirr. fl in Main street, almosl ?With?
in thr* bualneoa aeetton? and in Niagara
street, near the International Bridge,
No effort was ma?!?: to move can until
iiw afternoon. Onlj a few cars had left
th?- ? Sold ?~i ring barns on the
down Main street, between curba lined
with soldiers, when the crowd began
to Boaambla
Riot.ra Overcome Soldiers.
.\ crowd of rioters broke through th?
military ini?,;-: ?1 - o'clock and piled
heavy timbers and atones In fronl ?>t a.
downbound car. All the soldiers with?
in half a ?loi'? n blocks *? ' n i oncen
trated ??t the point, i?"t ii"- crowd oi
sumed ouch groal proportkma thai they
were totally Inadequate to iiaii.n?' u.
The staii?-<i car :<"<! taro cars following
close behind It were bombarded with
rocks and badly damaged. Al the sight
of the threatening crowd the strike-,
breaking crews raised th?slr bands.
above their heads ?n'l doaerted tii?n*,
Two hours later trouble broke in
Niagara atreel and led t?. bloodshed
Half a block from th?- International
Bridge Hi?- Niagara atreetcar linea paar* j
; under an overhead railroad bridge, A j
band of riotera carrying heavy timbers I
rushed on the bridge as a ';?i was ap
proachlng and irled to drop .. railroad
,ii, mi it, but mined. Tht rioters were
! preparing to drop more obstructions on
! ti,,. tracks, when a ?detail from the 65th
[ Regiment ordered them to halt They
leered al the soldiers. Another warn?
ing waa given while th?- a?idiera
levelled their riflea. The booting and
jeering continued and another place <?f
timber ????iS thrown ov?er the side of the
??????ivi" came the command. A dosen
rifle? blaaed? A '???> ??nd a woman fell.
The crowd, which had rapidly as
ouaned large proportion* broke at the
sound <>f tii?- riflea and bogan (<> ? ims.
tin- atreetcar that ha.i just paased
under the bridge. The soldiers f?.i
lowed with iix. ?i bayoneta and drove
the throng lo the curba. More than
one felt the butt of a rifle during the
tunlinur.1 ?n ?erond p???". aSSSBti ?olmnn.
lilock in Mam street due to creen motorman running I ?car int.? an automobile. Strike sympathizers
jeering the strike breakers.
U'l ..? -i Rplii b Tii. \!, ? i an i'r> h ?
T TRY ?0
State Must Fellow Its Own Will
as to the Proposed Law
Against the Japanese.
Question of Constitutionality
Will Be Raised at Once, and
Japan Will Be Asked to
Await the Outcome.
v\ li In ton, April P- Wh
Pi ? i Ident d< pi?
enactment >>f dis? rim Ina tor: '? gh:
Bgalnsl ill?- Japanese in California, he
?'as told R i ? ' i live l'a.;?! a t?rd?
Ing lo the latter, that h? a 111 not Intel
? '? with tii- s..\. :-. ifn right ?? "f th?
state, altl o '. ??' not Jo moot
the L< have been sdvtsed that
treat? o ga\ a Ith Japan should
be i. | ..... .1
The de? n Pn di nl ?\ llson no!
to 'rj to i'l'" k tii'1 prop? ;
i. ti.. m ? i- tar* ol Slat? lo
.tur?' ;
11 "ti. irrcasing the mi I*r< Ident
W ils?'!.
' ' nal indu? n? e exeri ,
i ?: ? - id? nl i.?""??". ' .t in stopping oh
... ? tlonable legislation sgalnsl th? Jap?
rhool ? iiil.it ? n. snd i o th? ad?
? .i Ion Is ' ompelled lo sa ?? I d?
\ ? i.. i 111 .. ? 11 I s
Litt le doubt rem i im that il"- i nact?
ment .if the alien land law a ill result In
,-. rlou lut? it- itlonal < ompliralIons and
pr,? -,. i. ; train the rclal ?? ? m et n the
i mi? .1 Btat? i and Japan, 'i he .i 1p
\ m i.-. h ador hu Igoi oual]
urged that, In the opinion ol hii gov
. i lu,, m, i ., propoi ? 'i Ian i lolates the
treat ol i911, although Californians
. ..m. st this orgument.
R< pi ? sen tat r <? It. k? r s ..s at the
|\ hite House this for noon, and said li ?
..uthorlsed l?> I'l . Id? nl w Hi on t"
nnnotince the non Interference policy of
the administration, 'i he decision i"i
loar? .1 an hour'i conf? rei r? '..? m ?. n
President Wilson and Sccretarj i.i-.ni.
'i h? President ? tu ihoa n Ihe follow
Ing telegram from ?' B, Banford, of I ? ?
i 'alifornia Legislature:
MPi api? <). -handing ? nactment ol
alien land law. If Legislature refu es,
people v. ill resort lo Initiative. Benti
ment five t" one m favor of aii. n land
lass. Government should not interfere
with "m lot al affairs Hands ofl at
Washington. Japs own KJ,OfW screw
land; lease HM>.?tlOU aeres. More In
formation : oon "
President Wilson has not sbandoned
hope thai Ihe Ulli s III not i? pa i d,
bul has taken the ..itltude that '.-?t:.t.?
i Iglits" must i"- recognl ted Tin ? on
stltutlonaltty of the laa a III t- tested
in the I t.it?-?l t?tat? oui ti ai ? --"i. .. i
possible if ihe mes u ? pass?e, and
Japan ??? III he Informed I hat n<><i li
,an be done until tl
litigat Ion Is knoa n
ut? i.in.
.f iii.
Tokio, Apt ii I ' .Id? ' ?'? ? In ItatkMi
? i m Japan on Ing t" the
.,, i, .i;,i,;,.i? ? <? proposed legislation In th?
of Pallfornls fVimmerclal men sr?
i,,,, utenlni to boj eott the Panama? j
i',,, i- i.\|... iii.m ..i Han Prsnclsco unless
ii,, ,,.,|,. i inn. Li?- billa ..i. withdrawn
?|-i,,. Japan? se I torelgn < _Bc? Is optl?
mlstlc i?"'1 l"'1'' *'v "??', ? ,1'1''1'111 solu?
tion ?rill b? found.
'I'll,- . v i-utis??? . i.i.i'i.iti... ol the National
Liberal l'art* pe *aot\ .i n solution to-day
ig the governments of Japan and th?*
unit?*?*. States to prevent the passage ?>t
th- Callfomls land ownei-shlp bill, ?.ssji.k
(() ,.,,. ?..ii.. i > n'- ? i ?i '?? m have on the
Interest! of ti?" two nations and <>n thru*
r, tati"H*'
I ii. oh to 'i i" Ti iban? I
?an Prancisco, April '?. Th? announce?
ment of President Wilson's determination
n?.t t.. int? rt't?? Wl?h ?'" California log?
trying '<> enact an snU-attei, land
probabl] mesa? th? -i- edy enact?
, lent of a naeasur? which will den) th?
right to own o? leaos real est?t? i.. <\ii?
tornls t" the Jop?nos*
The law 1*lil prebablj tat-..- the form ol
i statute m ?'?'*'?" ****** *m ** .,1!'"
reference lo tin Japanese, but ?rhiehi
will ipeciflcall] dew the right of own?
ersMp <?f r*al i?"i'"?' <? : " ?ll""< who
have not declared their latent t?, beeoiw
citizens of tl"' ******** ,S,M"' '" "' aU
;,,!,,,, ._* rflalble to naturallaatloa.
I lnu ,',, . April '? It h odMallj ...,
,?,.'?....i that ***** *** ********** the
Chlm *-? r? publl?
First Degree Manslaughter for
Killing Mrs. J. T. Belford.
Predertck Lewis, g chauffeur, who
operated the automobile which ran
down and killed Mrs. John H. Helford.
sixty years old. at St. John's Place and
Seventh avenue, Brooklyn, on the night
Of Psbruary !?, was convicted of man
Blaughter in the first ?logree yesterday
by ?i jury before Justiee ih.rretson, in
ihe Supreme I !ourt,
Mrs. Belford aras on her ?"""?ty home
iron church with her bueband when
ihe machine struck her, nmi she was
instantly killed. Her husband barely
en aped a similar Cate. He testified at
ihe trial yesterday thai \A automobile
was running at the rate of thirty miles
an hour.
Mr. Belford la a atep-b**other of the
Re John i- Belford, pastor of the Ro?
man Catholic Churcb of the Nativity,
iti Brooklyn
Youth Steals Girl's Shoe ?is She
Ascends Subway Stops.
Reims Graf, fifteei of No.
*>??7 K? 11 -n?<?. t Tii. Hi ..ti\. v... .
. n; the aubwa) tab i al the 1 Mb
? ? ? ? ? ? tlon ? ?? i da? a ben abe fell
? g si h? r f? "' .n -i ;? alia? d thai h? r
i ... had i" ? ?! atol? n. Bhs turned and
rying dos n
: *-i ?fling hi r allpper in hi i
pockel to tl
cali i: Hi? tn.in but ho 1 n--i.
I ?? ?? ? sere n i Ich the
man ? ?
irs old and b ore i dirk
ray mil and
lud ' ti -i
of this ' lippei ' to report ???
thi pol . n fort] ? igbl houi ?,
Attempt to Sell Them Sugar for
Dril/; Revealed.
H n i '; an la? o, \|i.! I?, i light hun?
dred pound ol '.'.I.it.? rrystala In four
trunk?, seised Is i nlghi In .< hotel here'
and aupposed lo be iToraine, provtad un?
.?. r anal? : ? t.. da? lo b? ? i tnlllzed
sugar ? sne.
A il the Bugat i pul up m .In._ - I
b?.tii.-s. i? Bring Hi?- name ..r a :
Montreal manufacturing i hemh I and
iiiixii-..) "f'orulne hydrochloride, large
lall lull. * t ?llalli -. "
The ob ner ? Id? ntlj plann? ?i to mi
i. "n the rravinga of drug us-r*.
i d - -it.i Arlington, a-ho la und? r arrest,
..iiiini.4 having .* t? ??' ?i ib" trunks whirs
ib.* were found, but dentea he Is the
OB nrr.
Bill to Restrict Trafile Advnnced
After Debate. ,
iii] ... ... .,,, i
?.Iban*. a ii ii I After a brii k dli !
.??n ?ii- Bo; Ian bill, Intend? ?I to
liinii the traille In ?*o?r*alne, inorphine
end other habll foi mlng di ugs, a-s ad
i am ed ko the order ol final pal age
in id" Hi nate to-night This bill,
i? In. h B'BS drafted |,\ ?harl. a R, j
i.,. ; o( \. w \'.?rk, i'i..\ ??i. ? for an
elabornte ayst?*m of prescription blanka
i.. be n"? ?l hy physkrtans, i nd sn <-<?.iai
i\ elaborate aystcm of records of pre?
rriptlona . 111 ? ? ? i and drags sold b) the
druggl '
The bill waa oppoaed bj Benator
Whitney, ? druggurt, ami other Bob
.,.,,! Mi. Whitney said it a as Im -
practical and thai Its provlaiooa would
never be ?-nf"i-'.?i. Benator Herrick
though! ? should appl* I" li' ???in and'
: imllkr d.-rivation*-, BI S t\\ as i.
caine and morphine, it was Hnalty ad?
\ an.-, i i b> the < 'ommlttee of the \\'boi.*p
with the nnderatanding thai its pro?
visions would be fought oarer thorough?
I? on iii?- ord' i of final passage.
The Ho?, lau bill is one <>r the rneag
urea IntnaltKBd as g result ..r Th.-*
Triiiim.-'-? crusade againsi the uncon?
trailed traffic m cocaine and other habit
forming dangeroui drugs.
George Wa-shiiigton Admits He ]
"Done It" and Is Fined.
George ?rVashlagtoB, srbo i"?.k.-.i gulta
inilik?- t'i. IIIUSfJakBM on.-, a man about
fonts..n.- ? ears, who gars ins a?drass
U NO, l"'' 'I'l'li'l avenue was .11 r.iimi. d
m Esses Market i-ourt rssterdajr after?
noon on ??? < hargs of ?eatterlaifl n fus.,
f...!., ..st. sad garbage ??in?-. Magistrats
Harria Imposta s Baa of M, which the
in-ill |.i?i?i.
Qeorga pleaded guilty, following in tii??
fOOtStSpa Of his Iminorlal BBBMSBBS by
aaylBg: ' i cbb'I t?-n s be, Iu.Ik.'. i .iono|
it, im!, rer ?bbbot, {?sagra, i dkha't kaow
11 ?ana wruiib'.''
Lawyer Would Prevent Mis
Bi?jelow. Tubercular Sufferer,
from Drawing Income.
Problem Arises from Tcstamcn
t : 11 v Disposition of Mrs. Ellen
M. Hennessy, Who Left
$1.104,374 Estate.
Bun ogata ? 'ohalan s III be i ? le
upon i" mot r.. s to ?i??? id? beta sen tii
ol the ia\s that cov? r th
n nt.us disposition "i" Mr i ?lit
m Hi m;, si j. a in> di? i In 1900 lea*, in
? it? v slued at si l?n :iTl. and th
? ? if ?t-?- of Kptheiin? B. Btgelow, i
granddaughter of Mrs Hennessy, wh
suffi t Ing from ? tubercular oflll?
: ...n
The sppll? otlon I i ads b* Mrs
Rlli n Mai | Parker, .. daui ht? o
Mrs il? i.i,.- y, and an ??>? i utrix un
der her will, t.. t.?? 1st the allei ? I clali
.' her brother, Forbes .1. Henn?s y,
lawyer end formerlj nn Assistant r>is
Iricl .ttoi n. . thai the a? cumulate?
ti. t in. "i.f one>thlrd of th? i I
nary ? state i hould i. paid to him In
?t. mi ..i t.. Miss Blgeloa. his nie? ?
Miss Blgelow's mother Is dead sn?
her father, Captain Mortimer O. Big?
lo? . r B. A., Is stationed In the Phil
Ippine lOlanda Miss Blgelow's shan
??i the i. stduary eatate i s::o:; l.'.*-. th?
it.. ..m,, t.. i.. paid lo h? r, acrordlni
?.. the ? III of h? r grandmother, shlk
he remains under the control and su
i.. r\ ? iion of the executors, "i ss nom
her uncle, Korbes J. Hennessy, Is one
Miss Blgelow Is noat with hei aunt
Mrs. Alllene it. Pfeif, ? sister of hei
fath? r and s If? ol Dr h m In II M? IT,
superintendent ot th? Poxburough
Htate 11??> pltal for it" I rlat? Mi ???
Parker has received ? letter from hoi
brother, Hennessy, In which he claims
one-half of the Income set sside by
their mother for her grandchild here?
after belongs to him under his moth?
? t's will, be? ?ni.?v it waa so provided
in case Mi-- Blgelow passed out of
ins control and Jurisdiction, and h<
held that she non Is ."it of ins control
while with her aunt In Poxborough,
Masa Henneaoj sold he would hold
his .?.ist. r reoponotble for anj pa;
ments ?>f tins Income for Misa Blge?
The papers shoa thai the girl Is
suffering from latent tuberculool? and
that she needs constant medical care.
It ssas also sai'l that tlio country
would ?i" ii?'i' much more good than
the city.
Howard B. Bowns, general guardian
..f Miss Blgelow, lias written a letter
to the executors referring t?. the non?
payment of her Income and adding that
id?, physicians have announced that
i ho only hope the airi lias <>i overcom?
ing her tubercular affliction la by lead?
ing an outdoor life and following tho
advice of her physicians. Booms wrote:
"Surely those "t you who are her bi?.?..i
relatives and who In tho event ?>* her
death ssi.iii.i inherit h'-p eatate cannot
possibly contemplate any act which
I would ohorten her days ?in.i thereby
make > ??n the benefldiariea by hor
?Lath, i shudder ??t tho vtnry .nought
of attributing such motives, t.. you.
Yet. if \..ii pendot in withholding from
this child th?'* Income t?> whieh she Is
entitled the Inference however abhor?
rent, will beccsne irresistible."
The other executor, besides Hennaaay
and Mr-.. Parkar, is Michael Coleman,
\sh.i \sith Mrs. Parker <l?><\s not fa sm?
th.' cutting ..ff of the Income ?.f Miss
Fiffel Tower Communicates
with Upper Alsatian Capital.
Berlin, April h?, v Btrassburg ?li??
i'.ii'h t.. the "Voashacbe Zeitung" -??ft
? ? ommunication between
Eiffel Tower, in ??Brig, and private
houses In Ckdmar, capital of Upper
i AJsace, bas be? n dlsco"*er? ?1.
i bell? ???'! that a aystem of es*
plonage baa been established by thii
' m- ans.
The Old Pilgrim in Collision
with a Lightship.
Norfolk, Va., April 9. The 8io??p
yacht Pilgrim, owned bs John a.
Royal, of Boston, and bull! originally
as an Am.-n.a's Cup defender, was
'ii.,?,id into Norfolk to-day, crippled by
colliaion with th?* Tall-of-the-Horae
ahos lightship.
??ni;, for the prompt srrival of the
motor tur Boiicitor, the Pilgrim, Cap?
tain Bpurling said to-day, might have
BUnk with h??r crew Of twenty mon.
The Pilgrim was bound from Portland,
Me., to Beaufort, N. ?'.
Sudden "Blind Baggage" Wak?
ening Makes Hobo Jump.
Rharou, Penn^ April ?? ? ?roused sud?
denly from his si"cp, rharlea Johmon
leaped from a Pennsylvanls passenger
?train running forty miks an hour last
nicht, and rolled to the bottom of a
acventy-?lve-fooi embankment unln?
jured, except for n slight cut on the
Johnson, v ho comes from Heaver
Palls, and James Qarty aero Mealing
a ride on the "blind baggage.*- Johnson
fell asleep A Jerk of the irain awoke
him mid before (?arty < oold i revenl
blm h- ii.'ip.ed. fJarty Inforrned the
.luctor, the train Mas stopped and
Johnson was pl<-k?>l up.
His Portrait All but Went on
Panama Bonds.
Washington, April '.'. New I?emo
cratlc officials of the Treasury Depart
III? tl! almost SU?. Ceded lo-,|.iy III COB
ferring the Brat governmental honor
?i.tord.-d to Colonel Qoorge W, QoethaM
In recognition of his success In building
the Panama ?'anal.
They had decld?*d to ordw the en?
graving of his portrait upon Panama
?anal i.on.is. when in the alck of time
il was ?lis. i.\ er?*d that the law forbids
placing il.e picture of any Bring person
on the ??urtciify or government bonds.
Tin- portrall was to have been placed
upon new .??io.isH? r.gister.'.i Panama
Canal bonds of 1961, B denomination
which the Treasury Department d?*
clded to-day to issue for the snke of
convenience. Prerioualy the denomina?
tions have i.n only -Si.?as? or less.
Physicians Advise Lancet for
First Lady of Canada.
London. April ???Tha DocbSSS of ?""on
naagbt, whs, aritb tha Daks of <'on
BBBght Gor?wnor Q?nersl ??f ?'a?ada, ar?
rived in London on March 30, hau been
?advised by her physicians to undergo an
operation to prevent recurrence of the
acute attacks from which she suffered In
The duchssa was atrtekea with periton?
itis OB January S at Ottawa, ami was re?
in, ivrd to Montreal. After her con
aalssccnre ahs came to I-ondon to receive
ti..itm?nt fiotn BpSClsHgta
ANGOSTURA BITTERS world's famous
Ionic, delicioua llnvoriiig. all desserts.?
Dental Offices in Avenue A
Robbed of More than $3,000
?Police Seek Flashily
Dressed Blonde.
Mysterious Woman with
Changeable Hair Paid Several
Visits to Dentist, Each Time
Accompanied by a Dif?
ferent Man.
Qeorge s Dougherty, .*?>'..nd Deputy
Polios Commissioner, captain Phnrot,
th?; linger print expert, and halt' a
docen mon from th?* Detective Bureau
???r?' trying to solve the mjrstory sur?
roundiag n bold burglary perpetratc?i
; ?omo time between th?* hour?? of _ an?i
I :? o'clock yesterday nrtornlng, when the
i ?lfntai ofii<-??s ,jf r?r. Chartes B?hmer,
lot No. 25 Avenue A, tren entinad an.i
I Jewelry and <.tii"r vatuabtea rained at
more than .S.!.?mki w-*r.' taken.
The burglars, according to a story
: told to the police by Dr. Adolph Arn
stein, Dr. Betunara1 assistant, wore old?
j a*} m their work bjr a mysterious blond
? woman of striking appearance This
woman, Baohlly dressed, tirst callad at
i th--- dental parlors about tin-..?* weeks
? ???-?'. ?" compank d b s ? oung man.
Woman Leads Burqlar Band.
a week later she again called at i?r.
B?hmer. ofRces i?it tins timo bar hair
?? oo dork ami she had with her another
young man. For tho third tiuv, oboOl
? ss-..?!; ggo, the woman came t.. th
oflleo to haw her teeth attended. A
third man was with h?*r this lim?-, and
her hair waa still of the brunette type.
The police are now Inclined to believe
this woman of th?' changeable hair
may be rcoponolblc for tho series of
robbertoo recently in the lower Boot
Bide. Thry believe, oteo, that sshoti
they find hor. ?-I <? nul he nblo to put
them on tho trail of the gang that has
been burglarising pawaohopa and ?-?Bar
"Cherchai Is femme!" .s the cry.
Tho burglary *n\t not diocovered until
o o'clock yeotetrda) morning, when Dr.
Arnotein orrtvod t?> opea the ? "
which is on tha qseond n??.r. As soon
as be "?Mit t.. opea the street door Dr.
Arnst.'in know ihr- lock liad beefl tam?
pered a tth.
'ri,.' door to :h>' oAce >.n the second
loor had also beO_ forced. Th?> hoovy
safe, naually standing by th.- window?*
in tho front. <>r operating o(llci., had
been draggod tu the roar ?,f the rccp
tion room.
Th.- door of th-- safe h.?<! been Mown
from its hint-os by nitro glycerin? and
in.- inn,!- comportmenta pno'i upon
and rifled.
Safe Blown and Rifled.
'l'.. Jeaden the noise ?..' the explosion
th?. burglar, had wrapped "no of the j
office carpets about the safe The third '
room of the suit.- was olao m il lorder,
th.? burglar-] evident., having taken ail
the time they needed t" make a thor?
ough search of the place
im both th.' Avenue A nn?] the M
..t tide, the dental ofllcee have ?arco
plate class windowo. Then are siv.-i.s
l..i the.-.- windows, but the?..- wore not
i. uso giving a irr- view to tlio oilln s
i,>r anybody paooing <?n tho oppoatte
ilrjc o? rhe street As if tins would no?
bo oiiohkIi t.? soar.- Off unv ordinary
band of btirRlars. tsvo electric lamps ,.f
?loteen candlepoerer each were biirn
|ng, tine of these was dttOCtty o\rr
th" mfe.
Dr, Arnstoln mad?* a hurried inven?
tory of the damai*;.- dOM bf tho burg?
lars and than he .*all?*d ui) tl.-' police
of the ;.th etreet station. Ueutonant
Allen, oho <?? the linger prinl experta
was ?--t't-.t around. He mad?* a earefol
examination of th.- safo, as the n suit
of which he -aid the burglars had
probably s\?.rko?i with gloved banda
Much Gold Leaf in Safe.
There were Jewnlrjr, gold leal gad
other valuahl? s to tin- amount <>f
st??.<xM> in the saf<-. Th.- greater part
(.r this whs overlooked by tho burn
?ais. or otOO they could BOt open 0M
of the innor compartment*
Dr. Arnstein said that apOB the o<*
.asloti of tho young woman's lirst
visit the a*ko.l to havo hot- tOOth re
pairo?i. He examined thorn and said
they wore in excellent condition. Bho
thon oakOd to haVO thorn ?-leaned, and
tins eras done.
YVhon she appeared the OSCOnd time,
T)r. Arnstoln was surprisod at tho ??? -
Clded ?harnee in the color of the wom?
an's hair, but said nothing. rp??n this
o.easion, ho said, ho noticed the man
who accompanied the woman walking
about the office, as though making an
Inspection. Hi paid particular atten?
tion to the ynf?\ and when Dr. Arn?
stein aske?! him what he was doinir
the man said he was a dental student
and therefore interest? d In things
about the ofll? .
The rooms of B. Templeber?., a
tailor, on th?* .second floor, an?! those
of James Fisher, an architect, and J.
Cantor, who conduct? a dental labora?
tory, on the third floor, were also en?
tend and rifled.
Wilson Promises Filipinos Early
Consideration of Subject.
Washlngto/i. April 9.?DesOgOOM Harn
?haw and Quezon, of the Philippine!.
asked President Wilson to-day to siso
attention early to Philippine independence.
The President expressed the hope that
Independence would bo attained as soon
a? possible and promise to give the sub
Jcct early consideratloa.

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