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Claims American Citizenship
and Is Permitted to Land by
Immigration Authorities.
Local Friend Declares Victim
of Combat Was Known
Throughout Havana
as a Bully.
nnibal It? an, victor In ?i fatal dual
n Havana isi Saturday, -dipped into
this port \(.-??-rciav aboard ti.o ?Ward
liner Havana. Claiming American
lenshlp, hs was permittod to land
i--. I'm*- hnmifratton authorities, snd ;?
!?*??. minutes hit.*;* was lunching In Del?
monlco's downtown "restaurant, with no
hand hold out to restrain him.
Mesa't opponent m the d ??) wsj Rti
dolpfc Warren, said to be the son of
? wealthy ?American owner of Cuban
StOSar mills, '?'he ?in?*! was fought at
sunrise on the outskirts of Havana,
with several protnlnml natives as see?
??neis, and before noon Mesa was under
v.iv for the United States, without
Waiting f?T the result of the bullet
?around which his weapon caused. War?
ren 'ii-il iii the hospital the next day.
First reports of the affair pictured
the conditions a.? decidedly unfavora?
ble t?. the victim. This Mesa denied
hoi j jalar flax declaring that it was
s fair fought Held. Moreover, lu- add?
ed, ho had heen force?l into the duel
to preserve his honor.
Appearance in His Favor.
Tlio young man's nppearnnco nnrl
?manner lent credence to his wonls. V.*
'?in short, hut with the strainhtness of
?n SOldler. His ?tari: faro, shaded fur?
ther with a small hlaek mustache, is
handBome after the southern typo, llr
wore inronspicuo-is hlaek clothes and
a derby hat. His excellent Bnglish
?shows lone training in an American
i nvironment.
"It. was a fight over a woman." ho
? said hrlr-fly "Warren j*tru?*k me with
? his cano after pi*?* had dapped him. I
| had no choice hut to challenge him. I
\ (?id not know that his wound was mor
'tal until I had been at sea a day."
Further than that M<-sa refused to
discuss th? affair, nor would he '.oil
where ho vas poing to stay while in
Uiis i-.untry. Though still a free man.
it was apparent that he did not wish to
make his movement? known to the
world. Crn former visits to this coun?
try he put tip at the Ritz-Carlton or
the PlUM. Be had roglstorod at
neither of these hotels tip to a late nour
Mesa's desire to remnln in the back?
ground was exhibited on his trip up
the bay from Quarantine, when he re?
mained secluded in the purser's quar
;?*r.*- In spite of the. efforts of ship new.?
)< porters to approa?*h him. As soon
as the ship wM fa?t to her moorim-s
ho slipped down a gangway used by the
row and departed nnroremoniously for
i the restaurant, loavina: bis valet to col
| led his twelve plr-ro.s of luggago on th?
I pier, where they remained for the .-rst
of the afternoon. It was not until the
valot joined his master at the restau?
rant that Mesa was dlscovcre-d.
Joined by Relative.
The young dueJlist was Joined at th?.
restaurant by a relative, F. i\ Mesa,
? whom he missed at the pier In his
haste to disembark. F. ?'. Mesa ?s
ntrent for the ?'uban Importing Com
.pany, at No. 32 l?roadway. an?! is also
i-onneeted with the Virginia Hear
.?Water Company, at Kleventh avenue
and ?.7th stre-et. The two men later
[disappeared tn the direction of Brook
The telephone rang in the office of
the ship news reporters. In the Munh-i
; pal Ferry Building, late in the after
Boon ajid a vetee di?-larod th.0', Mr.
Vma was visiting friends in Brooklyn.
It also took up the cudgels in hehnlf
<?f the duellist, ?ioelartng that Warren
was known throughout Havana as g
bully, and that he was not an Ameri?
can at all. The voice was thought tn
belong to Mesa's relative, but could not
bo traced.
The customs of-k?tail sal?) later thr**
the same information had been given
to them. An official of the Cuban Con?
sulate, who was a- ih<- pier, denied thai
the ?onsulHto had tiren ask? d to ari?--t
Mesa on his arrival, as it was Intended
10 do, accoriiing to the ftrst reports ot
the du<l. Two Central Offlee men w.-n
iiin-tl about the j.irr for an hour or
more after the Veasel docfced, but said
they had nothing to do with the Mesa
They ?rent away finally without
it vas learned that the young n
father, Tors?. Mesa, became a naturn1
Anv-riean about twenty yi-ar.s ago
and that bis s??n was born in this OOUn?
-. probably in Brooklyn. The father
uns killed three y, ars ago ?,y a la
torer on one of bis Cuban su^ai plan?
Mary Josephine White, of Maryland,
Becomes Assistant Principal.
liar*/ J?oa? pfctae W hit? ?bo ...
h tea? her at i).?- National Parfe Bemlnary?
.-.i )? ?nest Olea, M'i . fe <? ? i., -t tv?
?rears, will beconte assistant principe! ?-i"
the Oraban Bel.i. on Riverside Driv?
?.o juns I. i?i Howard D, Miner, the
pi im |pe ;. mad? ; be announ? emeni
Th?- Oraban School, established m
1:? the sMeSt l-riv.it. MhOOl lor ?oils in
Hi?- city, and in the ninety-eight years ui
> slstsnes there have i>.. n hu? t; ?..
rhaages in the B-anagement Mise ?Whits
ii,?s bad expeileuce la girls' ?*?? i?<>?>im la
gesten. tVitlsad, lia., sad fa Washing?
ton, ghs oonee.frora a fanit) ?>i teach?
- y, and two of li? r Unelea the Dis i oil.
?oie toi- mi-, ? ... i of si Paul'l
Beboei, at Caaeord, \ H. ,\ third uncle
Il ai th? ii< a-1 of the Colt Bel sol, s<
."?fjnlrh, iJ. rmany
Parad ins; down Broad iheir iwaj ; ? ?Vail street.
"Aren't They the Duffers?" Is
Way Miss Mary Donnelly
Sizes Up "Cops."
Misa Mary Do i the four don?
keys abo are playing m "Jossph snd
ii..4 Brstbrsn" at the Centurv Theatre
| t <";.? OTC1 mi tie I'.ila f l?e|..irl
y<*sterday. They .li.l ;. >*ruffi*age pa sda
?"iftIi avenu.- fron :;?!li Bl ??' lo
Wsshlngton Square and a " I 1
to Wail t>!r??f>t .'iitiroly with"'!! the
fora ? Il v ?.f a police permit.
it cannot be denl? <1 thai the i
n -???
Bbs had Hi?* word of sn stta hi il
i'itv Hail, who told her, \\ h? i ahe '-,
that she wius Ma'-, DoBllSlI}
man's frisad snd, ?ure, she never had t'> '
, permit whsi ?ha para I, that she
? .-':i ir?. aheii'l arid try ill:;
an "fu. er demanded to tee hsi permil '
\\ ll.-llt-V.-l Miss 1 l.,-,l . i
?" t1 .- way sho p.il;> ?it
??holy donkeyi ?*%? ??.i.? certa ; have won I
ti e disapproval ??ft B et* i"- lha
Prevention ..i Crueltj t" Animals. How?
the mslancholv donkeyi ?
ded, and lha "? opi nnsd.
Maybe Utsy thoucbl like sn lntoxl?*ated
roter who viewed i1 from the
pat emenl at 14th s. i ex
Mi.-s Donnelly was poking the doi ?
and muttering wlldl* : "Hurry up cr
they'll run us in- the) ,'? nin Ul
"Ah, th' poor bsstl - BSid thl
"Sur?*, 'twould be a cilvei "fl? ?t that
could run thirn.''
They -vi-er?? perfectly g<*od donkeys, es?
that thi-y had ?'? to p ?' I'.'ir
fur coal.? 1n r*oM storage, but had l?sfl
them out for ninth anil dusl 10 ? "i
Their coats didn't mailer though, because
xvret thcin they wore coslumsa designsd|
sad made by a i" ftfa STsaue mod
Mme. LaTSll?, sorrotBij "f Misa i?..n
nslly's Fifth a ? nsss won
Suffrage tisague Mn : rs B I -.
lin??r, ? rolved the cr? rs on I
ih??r basils, and sHogeth?** those leak?
w? r - ? (.m*- Btyls 08 I ? I
SVSBUS drawlntr a little eori I ? h ?at
four young and prntt' suffragettes, snd
with Miss itoi n? llj and ? r sui
ragetti b marching behind.
'fho partid?, had several reasons f"i- | ??
DM WSS Hint "Our Man- u
? -rih and Hla Brethren" bad besa or
lbs boardB Ion? enough arid that lti
o womfn "Mary and her Bisters''
t to i?o scon. a!>*o. th.?? parad? ? is
i ort t se Misa Donnelly'a no? leas
and th?? donee ;t win hold nssl sat irdsy
ninht at No. 18 Wesl - Bui the
?? waa t?. show up i ?? per?
? litt? ai partial that s ?i.'*
womei the voie. ,
Each of Hi.? donksys was a party,
Bop"?short for Itepii llcsi wsfl chasts
|y garbed in <")1?1 Qloties and yellow Mif
BOgB, will, I purple flannel i le
phantffl Inn resting upon hin t
? Prog1 wore Bags and a i.< sd?
iirf-s-i nf bandannas ''Bosh,' mesi ng
Socialist, waa in brilllanl tea. i> m"
' n.i s hobble akin of stars snd atrip?**,
but hi? head ?\ns "an naturel."
Elisabeth M<**_owai) was the prsttj girl
who i.eM the ribbons with h?*r rode
Myra ?cordes, Dorothj Lea and Katherine
Moni?. Some of IhOM who man h?il w?t??
it. Ellen Knlghl who wrote .-. poem
shout ?he donkeyi that th? suffraglsU
i . lad as i turned into Wall strsol
Mis. FTancia Loag, Anna Paulson snd
Ada LaVhlle.
in Wail street, opposite the Bub-Treai
nry, the donksya were halted and the
?- iffrsg? tt?H h- d a ? ? ting, s Ith **fl
psndsr Jack" McChte t"- stsr apnakirr
With twelve pollcsnien from th? old Blip
siatiiiii on guard, the ci*owd, month m?
? ? , .,?. ,| Hi? tlorik.ij s ? il h
r?-.-1? et, and . ven listened to the
Again Chosen President of .State
Board of Charities.
At the annual meeting ?if the State
Board of Charities, held yesterday sfter?
mi.m in the i ' Ited ? 'hai Itlea Bulldli g,
w,: am Rhlnelander Stewart was ra?
li ni of the I ?"? rd. Dr.
Stephen Smith declined re-election si
vl?**e-presldent, aj in- thoughl the duties
tu., arduous In riew of his advsneed
years. He la more than hlnety yearsold.
i. ? ndai?. ".I "??' ' "linn.
.. of Albsnj. ?vas ?i?-? ted aa hi?;
Among it"' pisna approved foi new
bulldlnga wer? tliose "i the Lona Island
?.. Hospital i. s o? dispon? '
? - granted ;?> the bspartmenl "i '
Health i Untca for Be.I ChUdren si N<>. I
1.1? Last |21a1 ?li'-.-i and No I'.l S'-.-imd |
I also to the Basl Bide ? Uni? !
...r,y y. ? roua an?! Mental i H? ? ?
Bt Moritz, one "f tbe most tsshlonabla
mountain t?-s..ri:-. In Bwltserlsnd, yearly
r.ttrocta thoi ? indi "f Amerksn rti tora
i?, the mar,, hot.-i.--. Possibly Du- hotel
mosl favored i>. American rlsltor? 1b the
Hotel ?in i.i'. managed b* B, B. Diet
!.. Im. WOO for y?ais lias mini? .i BPOCisl
t .,i . st? ring t" the last? i of 4nw ,:
ami pud's himself "ii Bsnrinf tbeli fovor?
He .1, ? 'vi. ni.,-. rj ?it sa) "'h? i h.,
To Be Held on D;iv of Funeral?
Prelates Will Attend.
London, .prll 1??. v memorl
vit e for .1. Plerpont Vtoi (an II to I ??
hi Id .a vV? etmlnster Abbcj on n? *!
M.., ,!,?-? -h,. ,ia> of th- fun? ral In N? ?
York. The .\i- h bishop ?-f ? 'antw -
bury, the Dean of Westminster and
Right Rev. sir \\ Carpen?
:> r will be pre.-. : t
No in-. Itationa ?? id ? ??
a oil. ?. will i-?- open t" th? ? a ho ? I .
to at' ?
Exchange to Dcl.iy Mond.iv
Opening for Mor-ran Funeral.
I unan I mo t to
gin busin? ml ? ??? Moi a..
Ili -, i
Th? ? ? ' f tl Internat loi
cantil? Mai ? -,
gsnls? I at the ? I M
...... ? . . ? .
da) Th? follow:
?Th.- bosrd ?
I Slei il? Msi Ine ? 'ompsny hsa
learni I witl ..... t?.
death of Mr, -ti
in see the men isnt i u -.f the ? ? ?? I
st,.t. ted to 1
a more lini nt ice - ! ? irorW'i
shlpptng Industi y I -i t.. the foi
til,s . ifl r ??
"Possei 8? .1 of a ? omm
Ity, ?i ??? Ith ilie
::..'..!' ? ? ? | - * in'
Mr. M i il?
high? st pol t :.? i lie >- orW ol ? ? ?
-, and fut
of 11,- ..f th.. . ??lilil? \ and,
ondl).i' the exercise of an exha
i unremittli I sppHcstloti t-. the
end t-. i.?- ait,ib ? ?
"The boa***] ? -.'? i d ? to the tamil]
Mr Morgan the assuranc? If Its stneen ?
sj mpath,
sin?--- ?the death of Mr. M.,r_an fVall
Street baa txeer wondering who win auo
... i ?lim nu Hi.- various directorate .-a
which he wervt ' It ha - b? ? n tab? n for
granted that In mo 1 Instan?*? hti '-.-i
?a ?h t? pi ? but In i ?me esses
i,,, ?...??? ?? cat | if snot h i -!
ib.? Morgan partner! be ele? t- ?i to till the
vai sney caused b ?.- i I
Hartford Conn -pril " M
rece'iv? -l ? lettsi from i P Morgan, Ji ,
this afternoon, m which he declined the
tend? r ol i'" Hi at i '? npan; ? '????
PootgUard, a- .?;. ' ? ? I t t-> ti.-- I--"! -a
his fathi i m h? n It er? from Neu
York i-a burla] i.- \t Monday
Ex Emploj'e Takes Stand in
Trial of "'Banker."
Misa Edith <'.us.-. pretty snd timid snd
. in- u bai ?i; icon? erted by the gl
Ralph m Jscoby, her former employer,
(..id judge Martin ? e terdaj m the i nlted
Bt ? Dtatricl < tourl hoa Jacoby .-?.ti
ducted i.. ..lieg ' g**l i I? h qulch game,
-a la. ii. h irai ? barged, netted him
11. talc wa i -i- ? crlptlon --f tin- routlni
i, Jsi ? b ??' al No. I i Uali
from ahicti he advertised widely his sbll?
?' t,. i.i1.1,?ii new 004porate enterprl ? -
a i..i io dispo e rapldl] -.t thHi loch and
honda ??a.- trouble with thsee sseertlona,
iia- government charged, ersa that the;
.-.,.? never aubetantlated by deeds, snd
na- waa aggravated by Jacoby'* habit ?>t
? an edi anee f? e ..f (BOO to * .i?? foi
11 Ja? "i.- wa ., bank? r, ai In dec?a i ? ?i
himself i.? i-.-. M?- i ...a ihe sei pi
noticed n during the linn ab? wa- ??(,,
? . ,i b] him, from ? ictobei. |?J07, t..
.v til, i'?!.'. Th? oui. ?i. |... itor? ihe knee
,- ;,., t ere willing to Inti um their funda ??
him a ere hi- ? Ife an.i i nther
Ai Intervala during the examination o!
>i i Lisa the .i.i. a-!.int .iiiiii...i grunts
ol protest: ** otbera hi.- opinion ..: the
testlmonj took the formol growls of "She
doesn't know a thing about II
x l.n l;.mher ?.i letti i ? ere Intro?
?.i b) ib- i ros.-.-iiiioii after being
Id? ntlfii .i by form? r i llanta >.r Ja? oh].
non -Ann? --?..?. foi tin government Mi??
< arm Identlned a ' pi i onal" lettet ami a
circulai ??- empli "f the adrertlilng her
i"i m-1 emploj er us? ?i
Police Say Louis Ley Ruled
"Dope Fiends" by Strength.
Pistol and Knife.
With the arrest snd orrslgnmenl
? Loud Ley, known t., opium an?l
? dealers a th? most darini u
resoureeful "strong arm" man In Ihe
I trade, another criminal Miieci >.f Ihe il
iflli In opium -? id co? ?? ??? wsa re?
I i......i. al th- asms lime ?howlns thai
f the cltj
Ignorant of ? ? .. hat ? I ? ? m
????il ? . .. rwoi I?.
I..,ins i.. ? was arrei ?? d
M xt r pi
waa directed
ir I R ?.??..? .1 and In ? hl? h he
i i . .
mportanl is I?
? ? custom
dl ivered that Di *? ? ?
lein, ol I Henry at
I . ,
a Facturins >-'.
Importint Coq in the Ring.
, ? -, that I?
pari m the combln itlon ol ?
osad of Dr,
hi. brotl ? :...;. ?t. In,
and Ii ? i '? Bui
let t ? a i t h non n until a
? ? ? J -a in?
ble t? ? the In?
? .: ? ira.m dm I? y
In I
i il? pa I
? the ? Hieltst? .n
the terril wl I? h til.sbl
? ?usln.
If a ig i.piiim f.r . o
.,1 tin??.? ?:
, .? -, -, ? ? ? without
tton n
lai.. t-, <iii\e il r fi n
a. . .- ?. ?
It? .1 m the und' t w.irl.l nil Ing l
. ........ v adher?
\ | ? ? ?
drug aelllni ? ? .
t. dis : tlon by forre
? -( the competltor'a auppll?
made the trick ai
? ? lall) sa ti. knew
... ....
d had "? ? i *.. ... ?
?? tr ..I. i | i ui ?..it ol ? Wltl
. i ?-.,.' n .
poll? e.
Had the Bulk, Gun and Knife.
lion far I i '? sett*. By wen! the ? h ?
n,m* men would not divulge si pressnl
lnap?*ctor Murpb] mid lhal !?*??? frs
<? i. ntlj played the pari of t guard <" Ihe
, si.m agent abo mad? Ihe rounds
with the contraband drug Lej waa armed
?Ith a |.v.,|'.| ini,I ?i knife, and as h.-?
statur? and strength w?rre uncommon, in
mis anipl) able t.? ink.- rare of say oo?
p'di'tit ii,..t migh! havi trlod t.? "butt" In.
i.. -.?..s held In I "" bail bj John \.
Shield ?, ( iiit'-d Slste ? ? 'ommii ?loi
a , hni %e <i( ha-. Ina i on plr< d t" sell
amugaled opium and <??>?-.in... Di llllch
.teiti and the "tii'-r member? ,.f the ...'?
ar. under Indictments, and l'art K Whit?
1 . ? . \ | || t I I.de.| Slat. - At toi m?.
expect* t.? bring the ess??? i" tr-...i soon
Inspectoi Murph) i aid ? ?tarda) thai
? ii.|. p.. aould be produced si Ihe trial
si.,.? im, hon murder t ?anil and oth? r
rrimes have been i loeel] Ii lerwoven v. ith
the i'.li it 'it.lilt,I ami .-?.eiiir I traille m i,
city, aa well a m mosl "i Ihe Ini gi cltl?*a
.,f Hi? Baal
U. S. Attorney Guest ?at Metal
Trades' Annual Dinner.
The n.ni' nal .M.iai Trad? ' \ ??? ?.iti.,n
ended the hrst day <.f its fifteenth annual
conv?*ntlon with a dlnnei laal nlgl I al
the il.,t..i .\st,,, ti,,. ,.e.-ei. ,,r i :,., I? ?
W. ?filler, united suit.-. Attorney si
imi annpoll . the man who prooecuted the
great dynamite trial, was a line cllmsa
Th?. diners had olraodj applsuded with
great cordisltt) w. L Msckenslo?Klngl
former ? "..lia? Ils n Minlstei of Commerce
snd i.ai...i. and the Rsv Dr. 01 ~ Oltes,
?if l'a s| I .'-;, III?,?.
Mi Mili, i ??a- iieartll) applsuded when
m apeaklng ot the ui.?i ol ti" tblrty-olghl
? . lui ii iron workers, he ealled Nucclea
and i-'n/.paii-i? >k, of lbs Chicago Psders?
tlon ??i Labor, whom be hold rospooalble
for ti'- i-dsratlpa'a resotutlon deaotmclng
(he dynamite .?.nii'-ti.itiH, ?;. rnenace t"
peace and n.,.?l order, a menace t>? so?
. '
?"i'h. ?ton toi.i i.? Mcatanlgal si la?
dial, BO? 'II- Mas -lni|.l\ mal VSlloUa, " lie
aid "snd n araa tmni as?true aa II sros
tun v .11.. is. Tluie was lint a . I. -tail in
McMnnlgnl'fl story which ihr aovernnienl
was imi sMc t?> ?-??iti'iioi-H'
in ihr sftsrnsoa lbs delegatea hsld ?
buatnsaa mestlng Bonry D Sharps, the
pri Idem ihren .. Imrpoon "i two Into
the "Industrial Wot?ert >.f Iba Woran, sod
th.ii pralBSd this organisation r>.i its
frank disavowal of all rospectability, a
thing to which Hi. Amsiicoa ITsdaratloa
..f Labor -?-till mads 'hum. he said, bul
witiiout nnirii eembtance of right
District Attorney Uncovers
Damaging Evidence in
Opposing Retrial.
Fearing Gun Play by Convicted
Man's Gang, Court Orders
Police to Protect
Pinkerton Man.
_lo d< 11 Bal 'ni.i a.*.? Plnkei I.I
who la known .?-1 "Bait? ." wsi called
aa .1 wit .-iiia,. i.-. .1. Roth ?
Rubin, th. .v- listan) i Ustrii i Attoi ne
op,._ 'I I.i; p Jack" Muh.in. > '
lion i'oi ;, n -a ??:lal, made before J i
Rosalss Baltsman is a new wltnelw
lb- was not call -i al Mull trial fur
the murder of i'..tn?i? McBreen Th? lei
iitn?iii> h? -a?.-? ?? ''-;.' ? ? - th? mo *
damaging for Mulranej which hai yet
t., -, Introduced,
\\ hen he had tor* Jud -
Rossi ' ? I ??.1 gusrdi ut th? ? ?
i.n dooi ? to pr?t enl i
"Happ* lack's" who might
loom from following "Salty" out and
an caking vengeance upon him. hi Ru
Mid tii..i ?r m a? ni.-'i a-- ---..i ?? hi would
that Baits raw in -?n oui ?if th?
quletl) and ataj ed an a) until the i
had blown ovei
Baltsmsr m< ??? M
s loi?- be \?a*. wo king on i fon
.-. i/eral wi -i< - b? fon McBreei * ahot
Mulranej wai In ?? position lo _i\-' him
Information snd artthoui dh
Idi ? il ' Baltsman becam l I with
, Happ) Jscb He i ?ad hla
I - .-por ta i-- i he Plnkei ton
BlthO Igh III' ll : lib,'-, t ?;a far dlffl
from th? M< Bi een n k in
the head Muir?n? hopea -. i n< a
t lal
? ?n Hi. da \i Bi ??? n a si ?m-ii
n ? ' M ilrani -. who t...?! him ti i
? blackjack? -i -. potlti? Ian, who wai ?
In a hoeplta si -i that h< wou ? hav? In
tut of town A few da
i >?.?.*. iir._ on whose conf? alon and accuse
i on supported by othe ? ? Mu
rano was convicted Bpeaklng ol Hap
Ja? k and in- troubl i loa : ng .-.- ?! "I le
a a . wltl me, end ? a don? ? fello?
Th? next da! Muh i ?
I ?? | from a n? - ? ? I
of Sir Bree i ?.? ?? ind a? Phe I
?,.?? died whom we doi
My Ood, wasn't that a f<
i ? a . \' .:-.?; ? ., ? ? ? a aatd
Pinkerton man, "thai when h wsa young
he ,a>t bit .a the hesd snd since then
hi got crasy wh<
? . a ' , ? a in- .
?? owed "?? ?*??' ?."! when he ?'ouldn'l
t I dom m m? '
Lat? i Muli an? ssked I ? ?
? . . . ? ould get out ??f tos n, Baltimsn
aatd When Baltsman ???'>? him %- Mul
. ried "For Ood'a sake lo-.k a? the
i m In! ? 'Hit v?"i give m< i I
? If you wer? In mj plac?
hsve no last
Seeks $139,000 from L. BtrftM
?? Sons. Importers.
The _"?. ? rnment brought a nd a
tloa yestsrday agali I the 111 m ?.f i,
-.--? ,*. .--.?? mportei a of china
\.. i : Warren *?!? eel 1
one for th?- recover) of 1139.11 ?. ?l?
. ?? ernm? nt t ? th.
\ slue of Lltnog
t . ounti ?? bj i. H trau I aal
en ti r? than
? h.null- ??
Th? ilnt it the alleged
dulenl Imp? tal de
Ja nuai I HI ". snd ? :
when tlo- il r m brought In ? Ii i ?!.
a ? i ilmngei ind entered whlti
? liiiii? i
The governm?
fin of i. HI rau ?t
i. ? ??eking Ihe i ? ?
i ,.r $'.?..;?;;: fi.?in tin ?-.??. ?
irged fais? and fraudulenl
? ? of mi ' '.
alleged thai th? d? f? idanta deduct? -i
>>f i he r.I ? a ., .im i
abli I p- ? ? :. ? a . ? h< .? Isel
rlalnwd ;,?. ii, \ i ti_r paid to Sigmund
Masa lh? ? pun laali i~?-nt In Frai
w lib.i a \i \\ inj. . in? i for th.* Arm
of i. Btrau i ft Soi ild last night
"I ?i: I ? Ii t Attorn.?-? vYI ?. so far ? s ?
? an b arn. in ought t? ' (Inst action for th
purpose ?.f tr?. ing ?.m. , i,,.?.. Inter?
pretation "f ii"- phrase true home value'
and t.. make It ret? oacth ? i undei ;
he has brought u.md ? I Ion not ?
for i Ilk? pui ,-.*'. but for the additional
purpose of trying to prove that i. Straus
????? .o .- la ii.uf.i? tui ' I - .? Well a | Im
?" t. is, and for the purpose "f geitinc s
nea construction ?,| the meaning of the
??.??ii_? 'Manufacturer' snd 'manufacture
"The atlegstlons of ihe government's
' omplalnt sr? absol itelj fi '*?? ind un
Jii-iiil. -I. and would nevei have been made
,f Mi Wk ? oi .m', bod) ? Ise a ho
ponslble had i? ? d i ? lulred to swear t..
their truthfulness The) are nol sworn,
t... loi.I. therefore, are made ??iiii Im
punit) l'or man) yeai past tin re hs*?
been controverslea between the govern?
ment and the rhlna Importai with re
gard to matt? n of paytm nt of duties,
\ slustlons, etc., and ? .-t i ? no exception
m ever) es e the ;?'?>ernmenl bas been
d< i.-.ii.-! The protected manufa lui :
smarting under these defeats, setuall)
were i-1 entlj -able t.. get the District At?
torne) t.. abuse ins power through the
laaue of aubpoens? i Improperly In tin* hops
..r -wcuiing unlawful access t.? the pri?
vat.- books snd pap ra of ?? number <>f im?
porters, In everj Instance where he -.*.?*
opposed he either voluntsrily reconsld?
ered hla sctlon "i the court vacated bia
i uhp?nsa.
"it ?s Impossible that m) i llents should
land su? m -nal,! Hi,- rircumi tana ? ol
thla malicious pursuit b) s protected com?
bination if the American Potters' Asso?
ciation, ??? Mi Burgess, or Mr ?Wise, or
an-, one else wishes t.. test the proprlet)
of the defendant's ? onducl on ti rtn ol
perfect ? quellt) before tb ? laa end ? Ith?
oui the strong .um of the government,
they might sos me or my dienta for libel
an.i i hits, enable us t?? disclose the Inlqul?
t ? a hi- h bad been Instigated by the
Potters' Association Meantime, all of
the Importers have to submit t<? the Indlg?
nit\ ami outrage of bavtag thsmsi>hrea
branded thioughout the entire oountrj as
gulltj of wroiiKs again I the government,
when the government Itself comes Into
court absolutely without any proofs, and
with only the unsworn sss? rtloa of th.? |
District Attorney.
'i'h'- Bsptaasde Hotel, "r Berlin, has
again Innre seed its sccomnsodatlon b)
2 for 25 els.
MAKKHS Or rr.'.V ? BE
]Vi_- n.rii. litiK' men men
of m!! sizes.
Spring ?>iiiI-*?..
No matter whal your sizei
or proportion kali, extra tall,
short, stout, short stoul
we're ready for you.
Suits of ihe best of import?
ed and domestic woolens.
Patterns exclusive with *'s*
Suits all liuii^" in ?jjass eabi
1 nets to facilitate prompt ser?
K\n'\ suit guaranteed sat?
isfactory or "your money
Spring suits. >-is to S4-S.
Cut to your ord( P.
Imported fabrics for Cii>
ioiu sliirts.
Ami |MJamas.
RouRRfl I'm Company,
Three Broadway Stores
at a? at
Warren St. 13th St. 34th St.
I,,.in l*.,i> i*r.. ?? Ni.it t u. Rnall?
. ?ns. i ? ? M l'affila? - ?
?i ? ? ,. . ii.
raalgbl - Ksenlgftklader. '? Ito
I i. - linili.il'.r. ?
??m ll(i!?.i???...i? ' n.II
Dram ? ? It?>l
??nl. ? > I . I*..|i. I*rii.-?. Hut?. r;l?
?I . ? .
\, vi Moa Rabear*?
'. .. l'sl
l? . .1 - ? i run.. "
11., >4. |?op. l*rlee Mai. ?I is'? I l??te.
? . a
i imi. - i>.>n Passante *?..--?
? ?
II \ i.|.\i \ s - ? ti KI ?
v pi. I pi. 11
1 ?
I Ii ? ?'
I ? . ? ? ' *.
11. I I ? ? I ' ?
nidia ai \siini\ m i i \n m
III?. I Kl ?It I Mllltll ? Mil.
I.4.TMI.I. K ??OC t? DUC . v 4.
i ;-. si? l os - ?'s 1.' ?'. * ' ' M Ir? M II .1. 10 Il.,lf
prU-s altern'n . Boi ? ?"? ??, ? . ? \ " t t P.M.
m:\-.n i i. '...i. i ' 'i i i- ? , '
... .... t ? 4 4. . i
? i World HlalS !?? hlsti Vail? ? Ticket
' : ? 11
i ?A * \ .'. ? tr-il
I ??I to ? ? :_ 1 . ?
I \-l 1(1 I |T.%1. I HIS ?I lallN
I ?II- Ml! \l? I IM?.
< .."t fit Hill. St ?I M"?i<li.? I
I ?II MM XI? \ It.i?? i ??
I in..Hi. Mill. S,,l M.,mint l,t.. m H ::??>.
. ,? ?. ? ... ? i at Hall lie an? ?. .??? >?r
i. m il? U Doi.' '
IVI?. MU i" l*?*2 .. i ' n. Al.
Kl s'li ', .i. ?? II? i..' m ? 1 HIS A?*l
Nr.. ?. srk'a ? l.i??.?'.t
'? "'?* \ ,,n?i.-\ ill- whanr. 11
uta \.??.
the addition o( Inclosed apartment? and
i.,.n.- privat? bathn The Kaplanade ?*
n..j.,i a Hi.- rendesvous of American vls
i'ii, Esplanade ii"t?'. Ilamburc,
wii.-i. thouaanda of Americana annually
.i ,?. la the proparty of Ihe asme proprte
tors a m.- KMplanade >.f Ht i lln, and
e,|ilall\ ?liirll Cl ISB
?Court Uphoiris Justice Oppcnheimer's
Criticism of Lawyer.
Juatice i.t-iiii'iin dismissed ysstsrds) th?
...ti"" for *fi .'.??? damages for slander
win. Ii Km.iiiiiel I S Hart. ?, lawy.'r.
brought against Justice Bolomon Oppm?
ii.iiii.i. "f Hi?- siMi. District Municipal
? '.nut.
Il.ii I ' OmpltUnSd Iliat for CaUOSS over
wrhleh lie hsd no oontrol ii>* was delsyad
in srrivina on time t.. try s ease bsfors
Justice Oppenhslmer, whereupon th? 1st*
tei anld i" i Li is ill. ut
ij t another sttomey; your sttornsy
abandoned v.m The attorn?) la
treating the court ?\itii contempt and da?
I.. ? ins its procedure."
Juatice Lehman decided Hint the m*
marka ?li.i nut refieci on the Integrity of
Ha, : being di llvered by Justice Oppen?
heim.! t., Iniillt.it.- tin- Work ol his .'ou?t
? ?.
Cardinal ?Iota M. Parlay ?rtll apsnd Um
Bummsr at tos Bsashora, Hs kaa just !
concluded g-rrnnssinenta for ?obbIih b rot? '
t.'ia' ..i Hollywood park, Long Branch.]
i; s Uiiii.i.i ,t Co wsrs Um broksrs,
EMPIRE J %!: ;
li??l Higtrta?l.a?t Mat. Snlunl??.
? m ? - Bark? (As the Old
\' . 111 ? ?'n -is a It .'? ' In 1 ha v II1H70'.
KMIKII?IOIMK. Wwnr and ?t_ Ht.
lili. RJ \*>him-*. ?,n:i Cawttieea
LYCEUM " Mat-i'To-da ?*? Bat. i
I ? . ,;,,.? |ir,.nl(#r ?:'-[*?
H.B. WARNER ?,',!! ???P
UMnniwI. Mata w. : &? Ral . - M
?*i ?lili?* gtove l?rai?u? That Thrill?
ir-iiii Eeglnnina te Cad." '.if?.
CRITERION _ '..,''
??>'-. |
The Poor Utile Rich Girl
III I???IN IHKMIII.. I hi?. \ll?-rn....n, .,
ii.n.nt ?if ii.iiii.- tut Miad O?rte.
What Happened to Mary
ix il Ii III.IV g \\ \Mill ur.
?APRIL 14- \
-IS PI It! ?M? M \N? I H
I . r th-? M<*d. iv
;'?-?'. ?
? ? ' ? ritR
>i ' ' i
Jki r%t*$tof**Um? i
. i :.- ? '
Mat? W
ii,- i:i?.t \?. ..r.i in Maoiral ?oi.if.i?.
iii_!i'n_ Itarpaaen ?ml?.
? ?
Mal m?-?' ?i ?inrii...?.
' i ? ". ? _ ? ?
i . i ?m.
II Uli I i IV. ? M, II,.ri ?
Joseph ;:,:;;
century theatre
? Vfgn M? ll??srt
l.r in,I <i;i ||a *?l ?? \? ' I.. Si Ml ?i?-.
??HIIVlil? i Ulli -llXltlt (Ml I MM?.
l?ain*< a I- :?'? . . r
I . T-.-!.. II- ,v ?
I'.H.i Flatter, ?<? 11 ? ?
' , '?? ? . ? . ....... Kaut
II. I Mil II - . |
t iiiiinM tin
juniun cy.
It I M I I II -
Ii. I U! I I II -
UADI CM.? "' ?II?'?-A rhf
| flnnLLrn ii,,?s,. i;.,,?..-*
i iin.-iii.- Hall, sun?11? Alt., \i?ni i
in \ \t ii\l?l i;i l I RECITAI ntnuitAV?
lull. TI l>. M ... \|?r I.MI?. ?? ?
C-araeate batE. H ES. \t ... \i?r l.vl?. ?i ?
Attk, I.I FN V
T'k? i? 7-..- - - *'i m Hall M i Bur??*?
.i:. \\>-i ."-Ttii st
OF IM- *s\CnK '" ? m i i m Aim,
Ui UL3IUN .,,.,, g ,,, ,? ,. M stx
?uni. ,i.- Mall. U.-.I. Ii... ISffH 1<?. at ?}**>
?in h?'?,:i.? el 10. t'liorii?. ,.f .;????. MaMS
Pop i-i'.-.-M.fi.so. Mat, s.imp ,v ii"1;
??o?.linn Hull. , ruin?. Kvr.. al ?:!*?
I;--. Hal
.1?. .|-.i^>
ftflc ?.. $i ..i? M?'. 1 ? ? 1 I ? ? N ?THARI.TOV
??I, i i min a..*.- ax* n-.n".
H A M M h It* I'M VS. I.inn i;i.?n<-i*?*
r? .... 7... *i I? | '?:?>' r*? '" Walal?? ???
M.,tiu.?.??.. >_. | .v 13 H?l? *j US?
\ m ii ?i. it rr_n_si*?aaloB, IttC Wtkat. t'"K,
mi iprtl 12th Admlaalaa, 39a

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