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Cornered by Whitman, Lawyer
Is Forced to Go Back on
His Friends.
Hussey, Thompson, Murtha and
Sweeney To Be Involved When
Handler of Sipp Bribe
Faces Grand Jury.
Edward .1. Newell. the lawyer who
handled the Sipp "'--.V-nce fund" raised
by polie- officials who feared the ho
t?lkeeper's disclosures, will he B wtt>
li.yai before th< grand .1ury to-morrow,
end. on the basis of his evidence. Dis?
trict Attorney Whitman will ask for
a iioth? r indictment against Inspector
.lames r. Hussey. and for a blanket
Indictment of Hussey. Thompson. Miir
iha and Sweeney, r.n a charge of con?
Th?- ijuo-tion of allowing Newell 1o
go before the grand jury was not de
? ided until yesterday. beCMSe M?*.
Whatman had strong gTound for be?
lie?, ing that the lawyer had been try?
ing to ease himself out of the situa?
tion wjth a "confession' that left OUI
the most .mportant connecting links
with the tour inspectors named above.
Investigators assigned to the .lob of
shadowing Nearell i*eported to the Dis?
trict Attorney that the lawyer went to
Rockville Centre, Long island, laat ""*ri?
?lay. for a . ?.nier?n< e with Hussey, and
that he met Huase-y aa-aln last Sunday.
Ob Monday, Newell turned In to Whit?
?nar ,i typewritten "confession" which,
he sahl. covered evajy point oi his
?lealing* with the police officiais in the
Hipp can
Newell "Goes Back" on Friendo.
The ' > ?nfi ision" did not mention
Huaaay, however, so the Dlatrlcl At?
torney summoned Newell to his office
again on Tueaday. There he was con?
fronted by ?..orge A. Bipp, ihe man to
whom Newell had previous!* re
. all the details of tl-.?" '"fund" raised by
ihe poli-? Al the end of s warm *?
iloB In Mr. Whitman's orticc the Dis?
trict Attorney told Newell he b
him t" come up to his home Tueaday
night at 7;"'?.
"I ??ill ii"t go up there." Newell said
at hr.-i. i n when Mr. Whitman demon?
trated i" him thai be w??nid probably
?ave himeell a loi oi trouble by doing
the lav ?? er changed hi mind.
.M thai session the Distrt?r*1 Attorney
? Newell knot tl si hla visits to Hue?
aey had been i ? i?? ? rr? <i t.. him. xc-weii
had repeated his Inalatent stntements
that Hussey h?'?'i nothing to do with
the cas?, when, Mr Whitman asked:
"Th?-n whv did you confiar with ilu
turlce liefere turning In thli alleged
Newell Mu?? stuiiij^ci. and finally, see?
ing that hla movement** were r." secret.
literally threw up bis hands, and said
had no cholea but ? to go bs :k on
his friends."
"It's either that or sun Ide for me."
New? ii declared, and he ended by mak?
ing an affidavit, whi'h Is the first full
cenfeaadon he has fftven to the Distrlci
Mt'.nu-y. The affidavit follows:
"I desire to add the follWBrlng to ?hr
statements already made by in?' to ?the
District Attorney Of New York County.
< ?n or abou? iIt- _'?!h day of Decem?
ber. li?12. George A. Sipp called at my
house in the morning. Informing me of
!he ree??ipt of nuhp?nas for himself to
sppear before M ag? si ral o Harlow, mid
for his sen. Howard Bipp, to appeal at
Police Headquartcre.
Met in Brooklyn Restaurant.
' I have set forth In full in 1h<* state,
ments to which I refer the manner and
means by which Qsorge A. Sipp and
his son. Howard Hipp, avoided obeying
the said siibp?r.ds. and have explained
how the funds were raised and ?up
Phed Georg?? A. Sipp for hla suppon
during the time he. wae away frcrn the
City of New York, and by reference T
deaire to mako the said statement a
part hereof.
"On or about December 21?, 1912, I
telephoned Captain Hussey. He told
me he had some Information for me.
We made an appointriv-nt !.. meet that
evening at Silsb?-'s restaurant. In
Hrooklyn. 1 hnd already o_ j, previous
occasion, ejiher Ihe Krhlay or the
fJaturday l?-for'*. conferee! with ?'aptain
Hussey relative to ? it orge A. Sipp.
"During my eonfl rene- with Hussey
?>n the 21?! h 1 Informed him that George
A. Sipp was becoming restless, and
asked him why the money was not
forth?*oming. as had bven agreed upon,
and I furthT asked him If ha would
- see to 1t that the money should be
forthcoming at once.
"About that time he left the table,
?aylng he would telephone. He csme
t.aek to the table and said, as I ri-m"m
i>er. 'I will .see to it that the money for
?ipp is given you to-morrow,' afler
Bdiich we left the restaurant together
and came over to Manhattan la the
lubffffay. Captain Hussey leaving the
?ubB'ay train at the Grand Central ?ta
"T received the money, namely Jf?-n,
as is set forth in niv statement, and In
accordancn with Captain Hussey'.??
promise, on the following day. Decem
/k_* &rt?fam^AJtf'
sf^? ?spring Furnishings
wflfy You'll save money by
Mj^j? getting them here.
^^iZj*?-^ iJoioo Suitf?, 98c
f\ /ai ] Balb-iggan & Liale
/ ?*rwf? I Madras Union Sait
?**y |\ J 79c, worth Sl?CO
jr\ r l2 piece Underwear
/ [/ U Baltwifgan 49c e??i.
/ 1, M Lisle Tlweid. 49c r??-b
af ItV ' 0C* *,Ut' Sh0rt ^,eeVt!1
I * I I.on-; and Knee Drawers
Mercerized Pajamas $1.35, worth $2.00
$2.00 N?gligea Shirtt at $1.19
an? Silk Socks, accordion weave, 29c.
Woman Awaiting Trial on Charge of Poison?
ing Rear Admiral Is Sole Beneficiary,
Except for $600 Left to Nephew.
Plymouth. Muss., April k?I? n will
?Mgneti at Brooklin?. on November M. li?
near Admiral Josoph G. Katon pave all
but INI of his ?state to his widow, now
in Jail awaiting trial on the charge that
she killed lilin by putting arsenic la his
The admirals frequently expreooed
fondneos for Dorothy Alnsworth, tho
younger of his two stepdaughters, n1
farther ir*<n.oato.i by a provision In th*
will that sho was to bo th.- principal
beneficiary hi th" even! that th? teautor
suivi Vf .I bis wife.
Tho document, wi.xh was offered for
prob.it? to-day. li expected to ii?-.'"-'- prom
inently In the trial of Mrs. Eaton Tho
latfr K named as eaocutrl* witliout
bonds. Tho value of tb< ?rstato, which la
ouppoosd to consist mainly of the ho m? \
and faim at Nor?ell and ltf<- ?ns'ironcc
[policies, li not stated Joseph Parker
V'arnum, n nephew, receive? $?>'*.. on?*
balf "f which li to b? used for Um ere?
tion of ?tonet at th* gravai of the ad?
miral and his Bist wifs at DfUCUt mid for
the perpetual care ol the lot. Th? mai
Of tho estate gOM t.. thr widow WltbOQt
Had Mrs. Baton died before her hus?
band. Mrs. June Keyes, h?T elder dough?
ter t"' an earlier marriage? would have
'..Hvi'ii pyott, the balance ot the ?suto.
\sith the exception of the Vornum legacy
m d trust going to i "orothy.
At the time of theJnqueol theft w<
reports that Admiral liat?n had mad. a
md will. Dorothy Alnsworth said hor
stepfather had Intimated to her that ho
ha.i made hor th? principa1 beneficiary.
No such win has been found
ber 30, and gave the amount Which
agreed upon to t;o<.r*?o ,\ Btpp ?i
eitv Of Newark OB the SOUIC dav
tween 11 p. m. and midnight.*'
Newell added to this affidavit
terday, when in conference o/ith
Whitman, to tho effect thai when I
aey left th?- table In tho restaurai
g.? to the telephone bo, Newell, un
stood that Husee* telephoned
As tO the return trip t.. Manhrv
when Husooy loft the subway tral
the i;i-.?i),] Central, th>- District Atto
has an nom from Waloh which d
?iii.- into that, to the effect thai *
S\? (T"> calif d at Walsh'.- bom? on
light ..i December _t he told Walsl
had )US1 lefi HUOOey at the ?'.rand '
tral Station
Huasey's Indictment under Bee
Ji4" of tii?* p.-iini law, which mak*
a felony to bribe a proapoctlve witi
in an endeavor to dioouode him i
: ? opondlng to ?". subpeei . Is lo?
upon a- .. ? ' rtoin developm? nl I
Newell'a teatlmonj when the lawyt
? i before Ihe grand Jury to-n
Tho blanket Indi? tment for i ons
acy of Huooey, Thoropoon, Murths
Sweeney, under Bection 580 of
i ? nal law, Is n furth? r d< v? lopot
whl h li now ? >-1 ? ? ? t ? ? i from New?
evidence. That section makes it
misdemeanor "to commit any ad
Jurtoua to th?- public health, pti
morals or t.> trade and commerce,
the p rv? rslon or obstruction of ] u
or (.f the du? administration of
t-Tom on? of the lawyers repr?
Ing one "f the four police offtci
named above, all oi whom an i
Iunder graft Indictments, it was loan
yesterday that the defence In .ont?
! plation is un attach on the -date's n
s, l.i.'. d "ii the er.?und thai
bribe giver la an accomplice of ? br
taker ind therefore nol ? compel
idstrici Attorn. ? \\ hitman's
?ponse ^?? i 11 be a reference to the opl
lona of the Appellate Division hold!
that giving brib? s und taking bril
ore two separate Crimea, and that t
giver of a bribe is nol an no i
i - une of taking ? brlh .
Butler and Maids Also Vigilai
?Bride's Wealth Estimated
at $15,000,000.
I t? ??graph t" Tho Tribu? i
Hackensack, N. J . April I. With
policeman In plain clothes to kei
newspaper reportera and photogri
phers from entering her eatate <
Knlckerboeker Road, and the butterai
maids Inotructed to answer ou tel?
Phone rails with "Nothing doing, ' Mr
Oraham B. Bahooch and William 1
Downey? who*? engagemenl waa < i
craalvely announood in The Tribune
WOOk ago, Rot through a wedding ror<
osony early last evening and escape
t.. New York. Th? bride's fortune :
sotimatod at tlfc0dt,M0.
Up to the moment that the tral
bearing tho young ?anadian athlei
and bis wealthy wife l? ft the rallroo
station the vigilan?-?, of polie?-, h i,r] at
t'-ndants never relaxed. This depart
ore took place soon after Pother In
a? lus. of st. ?'orillas Komiin Cathofl
Church, of BngieWOOd, bad arrived a
the house to perform the oereraonj
The hottial linio ?>f the wedding wa
oomewhere between 6 and t o'clock.
a few intimate friends and relative
made up the wedding party, the Hab
cock automobile meeting the Neu Tori
giu-Bts at the Engtowood depot. A ared
ding supper was .?orv?.] shortly afte
7 o'clock al the Babcock home.
Most of th?* brlde'l fortuno was in
horited from ber father, who was ,
Mr. Myers, of St. Louta, a partner ir
the firm of Liggett ??;? Myera. tobaco
m't' bants.
Mr. Downey is about thirty years
Old. !!'? met Mrs. BabCQCk win]. .<h?
was upending the summer at the Thou?
sand Islands, whore bo ?x.elled ns an
<*ar.?-man. Mr. and Mrs. Downey will
spend their honeymoon In Hermuda.
Said To Be Shattered and a Di?
vorce Impending.
n? Telegraph to Th? Trfbsa* i
n?-w Haven, (?onn., April I -The report
printed thr.-e weeko ago to tho ?-ifo.-t that
"Lefty" Plynn, the rah football star,
bad left his young wife and would aeeh
etthor divorce or annulment of his mar
rlag? WOl corrobor?t' ?1 by a <?]??- per?
si.nai fuon.i and classmate of Plynn,
who !"ai.i to-ntght thai the attdot?- was
now travelling In 1 to l\. and would remain
abroad tlil CiOae up..a th.- time for tho
i.- ?lnnlng ..f hi? aull
rlynn'a parents aro nu. i>- to give his
age sa ?? reason for the annulment. He
attempted t?. return t?. Vale and continue
hi? BtiHllei after hla elopement In Novem?
ber, b n ii ? facults r? fused to admit
htm. lu case h<* t?curea ..,, mmuiinent
his Yalo friend? expert Plynn to re-enter
the untversit) next fall and resume his
athletic career at soon as ho regains hi??
eligiblltt j.
4 i.i.ili.u?.! from Mr.l gtSt)*.
ti"n. frequently under hla personal
Chief of Three Gangs.
Then- wer.* thro* main division! oi
loos, organisations, h<- said, among ths
robbers, Membera of sll three an dob
under arrest The gangs were no!
clearly defined r*TeqUenti) membera
of on? gang operated with those be
kuigin:; to another. All, however, IB? -
aanlsed Taylor as their cl let.
Soin-- of the mon daring robbi ?
which members of thes? ganga were n -
aponsible i"r wer? ai s Douglas shoe
st?r?* at 1 it ii street end Broaulway; at
Poppers a- Bons' grocer) shop. In ?Vest
17th street; thai of messengers ol the
Silk Finishing, i 'ompan:, ol Bet!
et; that of a restaurant at No ??"?'-'
liast ?th street. II,, h0
Neu man ,.t 113d atreel and I Ighth
avenue and Ihe robber* of .-. aaloon In
?-.Wst 17th rtred and another In W
?_'-'>tii streel The lasl two robberlei
look place "n ?fan lary !*5, snd H i
them that Bolgi r th? two M< Vcti
and Clark -?.vil* be put on tnn: to d ?
The pro. . m]s of ..ii He l-ol'l ? re - of
which Mr. Rostwl. k has b? ? n told will
not ? ? ? ' .1 >...i?m. Ai o? i pi?? ? the
robbers n"t sboul fl.2tX?. bul m? I
iii.- raids were made on aaloona In oui
ol the was corn? rs, where th? ba?l t
iti robbing Newman. Ta? ?or said, I ?
rnn up iig.iin-t ,.n obata? ;? au? h SI
confront the ktsenesi of hold-up m? n -'t
any moment. Foi tl i. no.nth- he had
ahadow??d Newman, being moved to ?to
so by a sign which hung In th? vi Urn -
saloon, w in h announ ed that chl
would i>.- caahed there. Anj
la- D4 r w h?, hung up such i
that, Taylor thougl ? tn ist ka? p .? good
dral .,f raah about the place.
Fish Sandwich Sole Loot.
During hh ten montha' iitu ? ? II. m- ??
"i N?ib in -i, h? notl ? 'i thai on lh< I *
.?rid 15th of ?>?*ry month Newman
Journeyed to Harlem carrying n
satchel i? was s natural assumption
thai th? bag contalried money, On
March ir. Taylor and Lober B'aylald
N.-wtnm They bad an automobile
? ?lose h- f.c their "g< taWB) " *
got awaj with the bag, onli to find
fait its . ..ni. nts consisted of a numb? i
of soil'-d dollt?*S ami a tthh sandwich
Later the) learned H aras Neurman
hoblt* to earn hla doilies up to Harlem
itwlci ?. month to be la-adet*ed The
unfortunate bandits <li?l n?.! even bave
the far' a- roe the Fot ? Les i ?
,.-. r which they had pis nned to mal i
their eat ape
They never attempted ? robbery
?without an automobil?*, if necessary
they stole on?. ?'.eneralh, howevi-r.
they managed to get ? chauffeur to
Join their raiikh. Th?-?<e r?BCrultS WSTS
not only from the publk garages
in some inatances ihe\ were employed
in private families. According to Toy.
jor's ?lory more than one wealthy
u*otnan is driven about the straeta in
her lim'.usiii?* b] a thug who th.- night
before may have robbed and attempted
murder with hin employer's car.
Break at Wilson, Ark., Will
Flood Three Counties.
Memphis, April I -Af*rt ,. .?n?. ol lor?
rentlal ralna and ?? atrong Bind, one levtae
e?ve sray befon the 'i.i waten ol the
Mississippi to-day, and si half a dosen
other point? a desperate light Ii bring
waged to bold the turbolen't arater aithln
hounds, with odda favoring the arater.
Admittedly the leveei an sreakenlng
The ?val'-r, air. a.lv i.t .m unpriced, ni.-.1
heigh! h- pounding agalasi the .'ikes
with Increasing force, pad whether th?
< rnhankni'til.-- can lonper fffffUiataad the
IHeSSIlia Is prol.p-tnath ill
The lovee u?*ar Wilson. Ark . went ..-it
hit" tills evening, Bald tu lie dlM 10 the
desertion Of oil" li'iclr. .1 and fifty n^gro
?ni...r< n t?*-day. Ai a lat<- liour tO*Blgh1
Ihe gap was al.oill Ml fSSl in width, SBd
the hrok.-n ends! "t the |..\ee v . re ctnnih
hng fast.
As a result of the bleak, paris of Ml
eiaa*ppii Polnsettla, Crosa sad Crittenden
counties win be deeded, Bad aith th
?arater oondag through tia- rmtrsasu ,(i
Orave'a Bayou, about g per oent, et .
.... afTSfl "f the St. ("ranch Pastn, aill be
good? d. '1'if greater pan of tbla sn a li
timber land
t npi- c. .i, m. .i rainfall ?as reportsd
throughout the Central Mississippi Vail? ,
sad alsag strsama tributary t?. the Ml
si.-slppl Hiver At l.lttl. Rock the pre
clpltation for ?lichte, n hours ending at ;
p. m. to-.ia.\ a sa IM in' bee,
Th?- main pipe line which conves;. nat?
ural gits from ih< Caddo, Iwe. n?!.| t.,
? little Rock in?.* burst, and a majority uf
'i.itti. Hoik hornea bib aithenl light ...
fuel. "
The r;i ? Bttppt] of Memphis was cut off
to-.i.i\ *.?, I.. .. the levee ?it me gas plant m
I th.* flood...i Beetles si ?< eortbttra suburb
' collapsed.
1101IEA ?0
"Turkey Trotters" Try to Trip
It Merrily with Aid of
China Beverage.
Mayor's Non-Alcoholic Decree
Honored at One Establish?
ment?Supper Club Will
Appeal to Court.
Tii- non?alcoboUe "turkej trot' became
a roaMtv ysotanday. When the usual elion?
? '? . : too dancen Becked int.. tin? Ore?n
It....in at Koisenw-eb'T's. at I 0*? lock
???t.-...,' afternoon, to disport them?
elv? between cocktaila In their usual
eon revelry, then hoarts were
d by ?lnding carda 00 tho tahlos
hearing tho following announcement:
in compliance with the srtshes of His
ii'. ..i th? Mayor, no iplrltoous Honors
,;i ;.. served during the aft.rm.oi. t..,
For a momenl there a coni t?srna I
for i; aeemed equivalent ?>> caillai ..ff th?
dance enttn ly. But ? ne bi one tbe
?I..... r- gathered thetnselrea together and
ordered several cupe of strong tea api? ?
until al loot, ?lombtoed ssith the tow ? of
tin orchestra, tiio tea had its effect Be*
f..-.- long the floor area filled with dm
;.ii?i ti.?' m it t-. tota ers1 t-.. t?.i?k'.. ss.i ? in
fun airing.
This change In the programme followed
.?i in the day i y John WTegn? t
ont ..f the proprletoi i Mayor ..t
thi ??is- li
"i look srlth m. ana pr? -? nted t., th?
?? .'.it ','. .-._?.. " .n ?iii'
. ommuntcatlon announ? Ing our d? ?
Ip hla ?cru idi agal I i dam ? to
ib?' . at? m "i g itting " it llquot .?i the
. that th? re could be no ;?"
etion to them IVe tl Ink this ssui
I .? ? ispiM re of th? m ? ru
Mi ? ;.i\ - ? ? \; . ? d II de?
? ? .i ruad i aid h wo ....
acknowledge our communleatlon In ..
mal reply In th? near futur* 'i .? ? ? ird
ssin i .- on ii.. tablei . s. ? \ day, and
hereafl r? i the dan? ?
Supper Club Will F.ght.
half way In thl nn?
i rom ??? "t''.. t ?!?
' ? ? i tawyi
i H ? . . | to i
t the wa
treatlni inring club, .?i ??
ft..... .,r
? ? . ;
Bin each night
. | ? ? ? ,-?. ?
? ... .? t,i . i ..
?? t . ? rntni Rut th?
. ?. ? ... ? ? ,
of all piar? whei I .
i ?id, ? been a ? l I
? ?
it? aid ii.? -.,!. of ;
? .
... ?..? ..,. ?-,
.? " ? ? | hli to rest
..t..i t.. da) i - I the folios Ing
' ? ? refei it.? tho i
? ' ? niseloner v tl Ing unloai
Juatice Gaynor'? Decision.
; din? m : ? ? g as a
not hi nu In violation ol the i .ss s,. ,.
nor h
. . .
g that It t Irksome lo have to r?*p?>;it.
deride that < ' i no right
to |i vade nnj one'a house or place of
business without a warrant from .. mag
icept It ult ? f . "? o|ri(- <-rltn
i.i-it ?.r ?.n a ?-.-ui tor help ogalnst rtolence
and tho ltk?*."
Atrntn i.o i-.-iid. The votan of this ettj
has. r..?ir timos in Bueeeoslon rated out
?.flicbil .?.niri.l of the 'lt\ wbb'b rvrmtttr.i
and aometlmea encouraged auch police
i.ss |i ?? he , and th? ? ? III do It ?in;?lu
it is not for them t?. adjudge ans man t..
i., good or bad, i lit for the i ou la '
Mr ? ear* ild ropl? "f thla deeiskm
..i tb. Mayot had be?.. aont to tt..- mem?
b. i ..r the club, and th? s ss- ,i.? ?. ???- t>>
ha s?- tl "">:?'" a ni.1.1. ?!
I ...!b?-i, but milder, prote t came from
thi Ne- ?fork Hotel Amuoclatlow Thla
w.-.s presented bj Charlea .t Campbell, at?
torn' for th? organisation, who called on
the Mayor and i?>int.ii out t?. him that
although he said In a letter i?. .\ stant
Corporation Counsel McOoidrick, In
barg? ..t ti ? Mayot i reform billa al Al
bany, that h? did nol want to work any
change In regard (?> b?tela having more
than lift' rooms which r? nl ?"it ballrooms
for private dancing? oo au? b provision
lout been expressly mode In th? billa
in reply t.. Mr. Campbell- protect, tho
Mayor aald that such was hla ?io?-irr, and
the lawyer left the onto* to draft a pro
.i ion t" in.*" n m Um bills making thla
point ??'? at
Red Cross Total to Date - Merchants'
Association $70,7.r?4.
Tho |-o.| CrOW filial for th- Hood Mjf
.... collected through the two oAcea
ol ti,. ... i.? t>- reaehed ji.i'?: lost nighi
Thla Inriodea tho (UMM II * blch boa i" en
turn?.! over by Mayor I'.aM.oi. Tfce Met?
<h,mis a,-.-?.. ii.tiMii announced that It
fund mm amounted t.. HI M
? ;. n. ral I*. Bi?nwell Booth, ..f Ihe
Salvation Arms. Cabled to Hi ss Y..rk >.??
terdaj U.**? tor tb? Buffer? In Ohio and
Indians Accompany Ing ti?. gift ss.,.. .,
n.. .-.i?.- i., which be commended the ?r
fort ??' lo .trad? i ? i"> ..r>* helping
the oifllcti .1 m the ti.led distil? I
Ma*.?a Oeycor aeiected anotker Repub?
lican '?> BUOCeed B I1' inoer.it in office >?s
t Mi.r Hi appointed Una t F ESUert.
..f KO. ? m ? Bl M'ith str. . t ;, ,, ,,,, ,,,!?.,
of the .?..aid of ?Education t?. ancosa*
Patrieh i IfeOowaa, format president
?.f tii Board of Aldermen Mr ESllert
has long i.? ? n activa In oducatlooal mal
t.th and baa boon prooldenl ?>f the ioo_i
m ho?.i aoari of Washington Hoigktg
Regards Speculating in Land
Greater Evil than Wall
Street Gambling.
Assured It Would Follow, Mayor
Chides Chamber of Com?
merce for Kicking at
Transit Plan.
Mayor Qaynor faced the Qupena <'ham
her of Commerce restsrday afternoon in
ihe sun parlor of the Waldorf and pro
eeeded to relieve his mind concerning r.-ai
??state apscuiatora. Aa at least a third of
tin- membership of the chamber is com?
posed ?if real ?state men. the Mayor's
?indi, ace found the following remarks pe?
culiarly Interesting:
"I have always regarded speculating in
lead as an evil. I think It is a Kreatcr evil
than the Bpemilatlng in Wall Street. You
simply make .lohn the Butcher pay a Ii?k
ger pile.- when he comes to buy n lot and
POt a house on It. That la all you do fOT j
th" world. And it is well that now sad
tien you may be reminded of if BO that
-?our sptrita may ??"i groa, too haughty,!
?I' the BSJ IllK is."
The Mayor had bSSB referring to the
? omplalats of s..tn?? Queena people who
ihoughl the i ' rough should have sobara]!
In i...,i of <?;.?.. af 'I road?, in th?- new tran
: it dlspensatloo.
"I understand." aald he, "that some of
*.. i an dlssatl | iu are bo*
t.. have aubsraya, underground roads, In
ad roads. l*OU ha\>- no
right to be diai ??? (led a Ith ihem The
travel ?>n ?ins" overhe?ad rosda is mcr.
nt than In lbs uiadergrouad roada
M'.r. tlian Hint, ?our territory would not
Ihe expense of tl 1 he diff?res ?? In
, ihe ''?"?f of . arrylng bets overhead
; oadi ai d the underground road i Is i
ihsn sa i" to i. ? ou i ? ople that pa ? t., -. ?
St mean-, S?d ? spfi'lab*
i - .,-. . . , orafl? Ida and ao "t. <>ut
ilote thai -.,.?! .ir?* -rpeculstlBg la i have
no* much aj mpathy arlth j ?
Firs* Got 'Em Feeling Good.
i. ? befon th? Mayor tou? lied upoai *
: he evoked tl"- .good nature "f his
a> ing at th<- O n
I did : ? : would be ' tiled .pon
,. , ss I got here it
?ray ? ? I - I | I l lion Into t
gotni ?? s lui eon
. \ t.. i .t Aiii . ..m. later"*- -and I
ulna? principally aboul that
a I Still ?Ml
??M a Loul Wlndm r then
.? ? ? t. don't |'OU '.' ( "I g 14
... pera are io ?..
g to the ssme a slklni
club, snd verj are to
wsci -i did not
lub until i
. ? ? : an.i I BU|
? r .,-? . arlth
few da.
. , i L-r?.?t hesdlln? "f ten tho ?
i oui Weal from the
Mob w? all knoa t* it it b ,? I
1 a ? Of I ' ??? BO t hC
,'UiriK mat. h, Mr. \\ It,,I
mull? ? ?? a .only leaa
?. f ? ? ... r,?. ?.? hen th? r< fr? ?hi - - *
w< ? er ed, the Ma It wa
ate n. , orned beef sai - il the
put tina "n i"P oi ?
re ?'Ui >in?: hla 1.1 mpld In ?heir
, ?? ter he
eras I m aa asa
. mei ? ' ? ; id, ? off? e, ? ske
ream and a hlgl i rail | ; I
Too Much Jollification.
? \. ?? ? rm in m ok? of th? ? ubaraj
si ?! rapl I Iran II roada arlth rel renci to
n ? Hoi nigk ol v h ? a," ' ? sr?mt on, fol?
lowing hla intr".iu. tloti "VI a an noia
ittona all over the city snout
i signing "ff opera! ng contract* for
? ' ? n built. I wrote a m m .*.
lettei i ? ?!??. *?' ho Im It? d nt? to snotbei
? ?{ these Jolilflcatlens, bul ! thought it was
time f.,r thai thing to ? ltd. i reta! ?? d
him thai th?- Bubwa l et butlt
"Sot a?. your rlei ' -i roads over in
\..ur borough bull! *utd ara had better
? | these celebratlona and all thla praise,
.?i Battery, arhieh ever yon wish, of wi.it
w. have dona si I pr.i to make the
'? (ruction cot tr,. t . ?? I go to work and
do ?h? con-4tru.-tl..n. and then If we a | ?
all alive after thai is all dene I nm win
!uk t?. have a g.??.?! dinner with anyhody
(laughter) -i don't care who imiten m.?
i bol I ?l" not Want to go to any nvr? until
I that Ums nrrli.
Mayor Gaynor did not lesa an oppor
tunltj t.. pay his respecta to th.* ???.-.w
bed newspaper proprietors 1 deliberately
BSJT low bred and corrupt newspaper
proprietors*' who opposed bin when it
came to aubways.
The chamber elected these ofllcsrs:
Robert w tllgbis, of Janaalea, president.
John HL Trail, of Klmhurst. vi,-, pt.si
<b nt . LOUla Wiinitnuller. W.!-i<le, vb . -
l>i. si.l. nt . William .1 Hamilton, of ?-.?
ron i. Ireasarer, " d Bdward a Mac?
i ' "mu?. of Plushlag; Loula Wlndmullsr
and ?""abarles <: Meyer, of Bayalde; Robert
B tUSttn, "f Jumaba, an?l lvlward
Roche, director?.
Brother of Army Officer Said to
Have Retained Counsel.
< ?.lierai John V Fur. v. I. g A ?re
tiredi. bai retained the linn of O'Brien,
It..ardman ?V Platt t" i?present him m
procssdlags i" conteet the win of hi?
brother, ihe lab John Robert Kurey.
? wseltby oontnseter and politician. The
win, which named John kforrlssey ?".ray.
the D?mocratie leader of ths Ith fttsssm
bly District, HrooKiyn, us the soi.- bone?
flctsry, win .tome up for probata on Mon?
dai before Surrogate Ketchan*
Oeneral Pnrey Is tin? only Barvtritig
brotlui- of tin- testator ,'itid lived with
htm at Ills li?me. No Ii? Eighth avenue,
Breoklyn, until four years age.
Notice ,,r objections to the win have
airead] been nie-i b) Robert l-'urey, u
nephew "f tha teatator ?a .iih'K?**- that
the win. which leaves an astete valued
lit between $.,..<>,I.llll Utld | 1.0(10,000 (tl
Mr Gray, was not the laet teatamenl <>f
in- uncle ii? also charges thai undue
Influence wn.?? used when hla uncle mad??
bit; will.
Albany, \ptii :>. Rspasssntatlvea of th*
Conaottdatsd Bgehaage ?>f New vork city
appeared bsfOTI th.* BsaatS Taxation
Commltt? ' to-day Is favor ?>f Benator
Heffernan'a bin arhkh arould repeal ihe
atoek transfer tax law, They contended
thai th, pr?sent tas on sabs and trans*
i? i "f atoek either should be sbolishsd
or confined to transf?ra mad.' at the oi
ilV*? .?f the corporstiona affsctsd
1 _? di i? sallo i, in' hut. ?d M. EL de Ag?ero,
pr? M.i? m iif ihe Consolidsted Exehaage;
"?.''bu I? itud.I. H ?' Ailain**, Jr, and
? '? 8. Webster ? '
PASTORS 111 mm
Make Riot of Noise at Mas;
Meeting Called by Mayor to
End Silk War.
Resolution for Conference Be
tween Employers, Workers
and Aldermen Only Re?
sult of Gathering.
[By 'i'-*ir?-r,iph to Tbe Trlbaae '
F'atotvon, X. J., April 9t?The audl
tortura of tho new hi*<h school bulldlni
arao packed to th<* doon to-niKht arbet
tho pubij.* mas.-: meeting to dlocuo*
trays and moans f..r th.> ?ettlement Ol
tho .strtk.* of the 29,000 ?*-iik ?rorken
was callad to order by Thomas Qulgley
chairman <>f tho Board of Aldermen
Tho CTOWd in tho hall was for thr
moot part made up of striken, and
there wore several hundred unable to
got in who .trained their ears a' the
entranne of tho big building to ho.1t
What th.-y COUld Of tho sp?*a.kinff.
Mayor McBrlde opened th.- meeting
..ta] called for fair play on both olden
ii" -a.is not popular v. it ii some <>f thi
audience, ssbo denounced his attitude
on th.? strike by shooting thoir diaap?
proval while i.<- was spooking At
titn?- tho interruptions of son.t tin
epeokers becami m loud and persistent
that those ..n the platform had to r<
tire without ?nlohlng their remarka
The labor loaders and a tr?...?! part ..f
tho audience took strong exception to
the resolution presented by tho <*om
initt'.f clergymen ?>f th?* city charg?
ing that tho striken bad been domi?
n?t, d by outokk agltaton (Haywood
nid other memben of th?- Industrial
Worken of th" World), ami that thoy
-houi'i settle their own troubloo with?
out Interference from <? itside. Phther
st.-in. >.f tho Rireroide Catholic Church,
arho spoke tir.-t fur the clergymen,wie
compelled to sit doom before bo bad
ompleted hie remarks.
Hsywood Not There.
William p. Haywood and oth? r mem?
b. rs ..f :b. Industrial VI ork? re "t i'..
>*-'<?i !?i iia.i diocreetl) n mo m d i
: : - ... ib.- meeting, it was evident they
hod ?? h\x following among th.- strikers,
and all that waa needed wai tbrir pres?
cribe to itari a ii"'.
.dolpfi t..nig, chairman of ihe
commltta, ss ho ?'? . ? on - et? -i and
locked up with Efaywood last week;
Louie Magro t. ..t ti.?- ribbon aree
utii"n, and other labor leaden wen
quick t.. declare that the striken wen
n?>t dominated by th. Industrial W< ?
.. the World, but ss en a llllng
thn ?onganlsatlon should assist them m
winning the i-tni.-* Leaglg and Magnet
ram? to the I til a henever the dl
i roval of '!"? audlen? ?? I ? up? t"" loud?
? ..? ? d ..mi bu? ? '?!? ?I m maintaining a
l^ r OhOW Of "r ;
Samuel McCullom appeared f"r tho
manufacturen but men ly read
? a. men! sign? <i bj t1'
reiterating their stand that thej ???
not ' onfer n Ith tii" ftr.: ;....|
or as represented bj 'i'" indu ?
W'.-rkors of tii?- World, !":' would mo. t
their employn Indlvlduallj t?> dli
their grievance. McCullom had dit
n.-nits m getting in-- '.'"i' f -' itemei I
befon the audlenn above th. catcalls
and din which greeted his announce?
ment . f tb" emploi ? ?'?*' attitude.
rrh>* committee of the clergy sugi
cd a legislative Investigation of condi?
tions t.. lind the .-an-" of th" ?trike, but
tin- did not appeal t?. the labor - i
ni'iit, as it . onelden I It ti o remote
The Legislature doet not ? ?nvene igaln
until Ma; t
Alderman's Plan Adopted.
N?. moro definite proposition for the]
settlement f th.- strike developed at
Um meeting A resolution presented by
Alderman t'ulgley, cajhng -or a con.
f< r-n.-e al the City Hall on Monday ?,f
B committee fron the strikers and the
manufacturera and from the Board of
Aldermen, ?'ach committee to com-ist of
li\c mambetl, was finally adopted. It
is consider? d tlouhtful If the employers
will consent to meet the strikers' rep
l*SSentetlvea in this Way, and the dead
iock is expected to continua.
(ontlnued from fir?! pace.
melee, and one man received a hayon, t
thrust in the hand.
Woman Fatally Wounded.
The wound'd in this disturbance
WON Mrs. Ida LofnV h. twenty-!-?,
yean old. shot in the hack and fataby
injured: Harold Mima, sixteen years
old. h?llet wound in right arm, n't
serious, and Thomas Amesden. twen
ty-two years old, hayoneted in right
There were several other exohang'-s
of idiots, betareen soldiers and raters
Without serious re.sults
Traffic on all lines in the e|t* mraj
dlacontilioad at ?i o'clock, and th?;
thou nuls of cltl/.'Mis who had had to
walk to their work in the morning
wan? compelled f? walk home after
the ?lose of husimss, or. ns many did.
pay the drivers of motor trip ks an'
other vehicles t?, ?airy them.
Ready for Buffalo Strike Duty
Should Call Come.
Compan) eomniand?*ra in the 7" Regi?
ment wet?- busy yesterday afternoon and
gbl loitinp their men ready for
p?aibM sh?k?? ?sty in Bug-Jo. Th*
sp'-M mos! of the sftSTBOOB and ev?-n,i,.*
rsarrangiBg tue rsglmsntal se*?atpBaea'
which ha* i."? asen ssiaka ateca iba
manceuvrea in Conniactlcut last t-ummr-r
The work was- ?lone ?iu?etly and v. itho-.i?
ti.?- flurry which usually aornmpanlea
,,-. for a ' ' Ul) .,f ti'
;;..??! in late in tin- evening and
v.??nt over th?-ir own equipment, ps?
their kite and cleaning their aids aim?,
Colonel Appleton remained In th? sna*
oiy ail night, and moel ol the oaB*?era
earns In during the evening to eel the
? - ? ? -. In spit- o- t
? ?teten ibet?tr..|
? be I .?! f ??*!'?? I BO, ..r.b-r.*? fr-'ei A!
i.an-. to prepare and thai h'- tree?, rauch
orden w-omli be lasa? d
? \\. .,--.? ale ays n dy for ?
: ?
the i ?aal '????
issu? d. T..i la my aigl ? m d it? si th
..m;. , i my atay i ?
? do
lit'.. ? , . K I '
the Nal
. I-; if.I sal '? ei ti?
... v ,. L...... ,.r i- .\,...v York to
? tritt--'- .lit- at 1 -l " ?? ? -? -, In
pfebaMe any ? tetx sed? -- Id I
l I received a tele| ? ?
| ? leneral ? tamllton,
Ich could
? ? ?
I in the
. - ?
? th it if it : ? ?
I New
tiret ?n thi
tion ' i s., far I
at-v ? sent and I do not snti? I?
? ?
... - \pril g, The Bud
ralla I ??.?..-? ? ?
flov? rnor Bui ?? r, tdjui I ?3ea?
- -? i.
b..r . 'ommls loner, end P J '
the st.it. Board <>f ArMti I Medt
Doan r. tiirn.-?i t-. day from
I'-ilT-.a? and ? Kpla i l ' I I '
\t - | ? ??nd
no troops to M'ifTalo un'? ted DT
th.. local afutttaritfaa
From New York
March 12 to April 12
By Sea to New Orleans?thence rail.
Five glorious days at sea surrounded by
congenial people and enjrying t e many
comforts thai have made famous the
| Southern Pacific Steamships
New York to New Orleans
i Then w.stward through the irrst tr.ter
esluig and picturesque part of the L nited
States, past the Aztec ruins and ancient
missions into gl:rious California by the
Southern Pacific-Sunset Route
hew Orleans, Lot Angelet, San Francisco
Rock Ballast Roadbed. Electric Block
Signals, Oil Burning Locomotives,
??iupei.or Service all the way.
Prospective settlers and tourists
?-.moot afford to miss this splen?
did opportunity.
Steamers Sail Wednesdays and Saturdays
,i, >., furtner Information, [ilwnr, writ? or rnli
366 Bru.dway USO Broadw?j
lor Vr-nWltii *<trr?j| O.r. -7th bir??t
1 Bro.ds._r
At Hf>wllo_ Or eon
I'tione. I'rviiklin 3V?.,

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