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Official Reports Agree That
Condition Is Not Grave, but
Heart Needs Constant
Temperature Rises Slightly?
Normal Routine Resumed at
Vatican?Sisters and Niece
at Bedside?Thousands
Watch Windows.
Rome, April 8.?All offlclal reports
retarding th.* condition of Pope Ptua
\ agree that hla condition ?s not
?{rave and thai there is no Immediate
danger. Anxiety, howerer, continu?**
,.ii account <>f thi* weakness ol tho
pontiff :md the action of his heart
Which lo In need of constant stimula
The attending phyalclans found that
th?* coadltloa <>f th.* Pope hH.) Im
proved daring the ni-ru. ami tins Im?
provement was maintained throughout
tii?-* day, although the temperature
?I a alight in.-r.-as.? this after?
1 weahnem la being m-ato?! by
th?- regular administration of ckhk
i? at-ti nj. in milk, but the lach of
nourishment contributes tu tin- do?
pression from which tin- Pope suffers.
Tii?- relapse is following the samo
,t.,irs' as tho original attach of Influ?
enza? ??>ugli being present, with Irrl
tatf-.ii of tho bronchial tabea and <iif
fi? ulty in r-spiration. Which has lad
lo the report in OOflM ?ases that tho
Top?? la afflicted arith asthma. This.
liowe.cr. is riTfin?-oiis. Th?? condition
or albuminuria, which usually accom?
panies Influenza, is ais?? present, Indi?
latlng an Inflammation of tho kidneys
?.; greater or leaaer degree, hut it is
that iiiii-- is of a transitory Char
s? t-1'.
Relatives at the Bedside.
Professor Marchlafava visited the
Pope only twice today, morning and
venlng, and expressed eatlafactlon al
lurae tho illness is taking. Tho
Pope's sisfis and ni?" o spent niti?-h
timo at th? ?"--dsido. and when not
tivro ?rere kept constantly Informed
by telephone as t<> tho progress <>f
i \ enta
Phe Popo h:.s expreoaed terror al
what the newopap rs are capable of In?
venting ?'concerning his relapsa He is
being WOtChod In turn hy his valet and
his secretaries, Monsignors Breoaon
and Peoclnl and the chemlol monk
Preodoclmo Is also In close attendance
When ?limn? th<- affin.... >n !.o t, It
? Beet .-i a thumb rstorni of extroor?
?iinarv violence?, th?. Pops remarked
that his .?reranism WOO so sensitivo to
atmospheric changes that he hod be?
come a kind of a barometer and ther?
Pilgrims Brave the Rain.
Th." aspect of th?- Immense square in
front of St. Pater's ?..-?lav recalled tho
I durinsc th" illness of l'"pe Leo
XIII hut Instead of a burning July sun.
a- in Ittt, th'-r? vas a downpour of
This <li?l hot prevent thousands of
pilgrims from gathering ami j-razing
with grave anxiety ?t the three win?
un?s ?.f the room on th" third floor <>f
Um Apootolic Palace where tho Popo
He* <.r from directing sympathetic
? i r.t the little house in th?* square
below, vh<to the sisten of tho Popo
a modeot apartnaont ?>n tin* top
The pope's temp?rature rose slightly
this evening, bul tho difference from
that ?>f th? afternoon woo hardly per
<-|.til.]. .
Professor Marchlafava m a statement
lo-nlght uipitaw tl himself as highly in?
dignant at tin- exaggerated reports ihat
bod been circulated. Ho ??if solemn
-Ssuran. < s that tho Pope's illness was
runnIntr a perfectly normal COUroo, and
I no ' 'implications arose he would
laarontee that th?- Pontiff would he
t*onvaleocent within a week. i>r. Mar
cblsfava opoke with th?- greatest ap
parent sincerity.
Normal Routine at Vatican.
Perfect aim prevailed ?it the Vatican
this evening and tho normal routln?*
leemingly had boon resumed. Pr.
.Via.' i retired for a considerable time to
hla "un room praviana to going to tho
Mtcroom adjoining ?hat occupied by
the Pope f?.r the night. It was an
tounoed that the patient whh enjoying
a pern eful si' ep.
Proftaaof Marefclaf-cva'e examination
? ! th" Pope this morning was of a mont
Mnute "hara.-ter. He declared after?
tsard that there was a noticeable Im?
provement In tho Pontiffs general eon?
dflion, but stated that tin- nlaps?- bO
niff? red yesterday did not yet appear to
be on the declina
Professor Marohlaf.iva said that His
Bolinean waa suffering only from a re
lap? of influenza, which, like all re
Iqpaes, was tflMt*ri a certain amount
"f anxiety owing tO th?* exalted posi
of the pittiont and his gnat age.
The nnoffldal roporti win? h had boon
?pread ao t?. the Popo '??'ing affected
?'ith nephritis or Inflammation of th?
kidneys were, said the professor, abso?
lutely unfounded.
Pontiff in Need of Rest.
What the Pontiff needed above all
?*..is rest, ?'.ntinued the eminent physi?
cian, and the twenty-four hour* be had
?pent in bed comph-tcly isolated from
any affairs had already produced a
?salutary OffOCt All the symptoms of a
dangerous rharaeter which had been
Ti'titloned in unauthorized reports
v-ere either Imaginary or grossly ex?
While oflhial reports state that the
melioration in tho condition of the
Pop? continue*, it le reported in other
Ittarten that the Pontiff le sufforing
from dim? ulty ?f respiration, thirst
??d prostration.
JEverythlng la being prepared at the
Vatican to give the Pope a long period
of rest, ah pilgrimages have been su
pended during this month, .?ml tl
American piighnage whicb b-fi Ne
York on April :,, under th?* spirilu
direction of the Right Rev. Joscj
Schrembs. Bishop of Toledo, will n
be received by His Holiness.
The offl.-ial Vatican newspaper, tl
"Oaeeriatore Roomim." says m i
evening edition to-day:
"We are glad to he able to give tl
assurance that ?fter h,s relapse <
Monday evening ,no condition of tl
Tope is constantly and notably amello
London, April io.-.\ Home dlanati
m 'Th.- Chronlcle*- says thai one "f u
ropes physicians has expreeaed n
opinion that his holiness will rally f?
a time, but that his general condltlo
renders it unlikely that he will last oi
the present month, and that Ihe en
may conic suddenly from hear! faillir,
London, April &.?A Central Nee
dispatch from Koine sa; h Ihe Pope su:
fered from a fainting lit lasting tw
hours this afternoon, and that it wa
rumored in the b.hl.ies of the Italia
Chamber of Deputies that the Pootl
was in extremis
Professor Marchiafava, however, por
Unties to assert that Hie l'ope ?s n
worse and that there are no ground
for anxiety.
Dr. John B. Murphy Discusse
the Pope's Illness.
T? legraph t.? I :?? i'rlboi ?
igo, April !? Dr. John it Murph*
a noted Burgeon, who is w.n known i
Rome end at th.- Vatican d< i tan -\ i"-'i i
thai ih. trestmenl resorted t.. in the , \*\
"f r..p.- i*ius lndieat?*d an eztremlt) ?.
heart failure and t ? ? ?..>?;:- . vh.r M r>n. H
s;? id :
"The injections ef ,,.,,,11,,. referred t
in tin dispatches are, "f course, used t,
.baden pain, and alnce BUCb biJectlonssB
freouent it Is OOly fair t.. assume 1h.i
there must be much pate. The i*rie**ence
t" Mrepanthua1 Indi'ate that there ?s ne
CeSStty for fr?v|iient r?-.ourse to li?.n
stimulants I should think tliHt the us.
of caffetee lnj?*ctl?-t*_ alao must Indlcat?
a very Berioua ctmdltlon of th. heart s|'" '
both drugs are powerful heart stimulants
The us.- of tbeobromlne, srhlch is i
nerve aedatlve.? points the neceasity f"i
quieting ihe patient by aj"Uncit*l meana
!{< f. tt nee to ?hitter water' Mali BtCS mer.
ly th<- adniinislr.itlon ef .4?.ni?- saliti
wat-r. it can "ni*- i>. nid that the gen?
eral character ?if the treatment Indicate! t
condition of extrem? Beriousn?*ss."
Mexico Finds China "Too Un?
settled*' for Recognition.
Mexico city, April 9, Senn, de la
Barra, th? Minister of Foreign Affair,
announced to-day that Mexico would
mu recogni-..- the republic of ?'bina be?
cause "conditions tin n- are !".. unset?
Three Battleships to Replace
Departing War Craft.
[Proa Ha- Ir I ?;? . t; .-. ,.u.|
"Washington, April ': a idgnlncant hint
that the I'resl.ient i? far rr..m BStiafled
arlth oondltlona In Mexico and thai be be
lievea there la a possibility of further
serious disturban. . s Is given in an an?
nouncement b) the Nsvy Department i"
day that thr.. large battleships win b?
sent to M-xban waters t<> repu.-.- the
Vermont, the <i?,.r-.-la ?ti..| tlie Virginia.
Brfcleta are to depart for target practice
witiiin th?- next two weeka
if Preaidenl vYUaoa f? it an*, security in
the pr. s> ut -?nation battle hips *.?<>; ?1
not be dispatched to relieve ih<- three
warships now In Mexican unt'-is An ad
dltlonal consld'ration, however. Is (he ex?
isting f'ar thai a general msurr. rtlon
n,a;, develop in th?? l.atiii-Amcrtcan .?cm
trisa at any tune, as ri-ports indi'at?- COB?
Blderable revolutionary acinit- .
Th<? Minnesota ate! the Idaho, which
are now on ihelr way !" laeagtie Island
Navy Yard for do, king, will proceed i"
the Mexican coast aViout April II The
< ?mne'-tlcut will follOB a fOW da y h later.
No iiumedlat'* change in th?? status Of
Mexico with leepeei to reen?,nltlnn by the
United Btates la contempl?t?*?? The poll?**?
of Prebb-nt WtlSOB is to watt and wat'h
devlopm? nt.s in Ihe northern part of the
republic. Meanwhile, the Departm?*m of
State is making an lnv?**tigatlOfl "f
? harp?-.? preferred against AmbsBBBdOl
The Hecretary of Btate deeHnes t" con?
firm a ?-eport that fteflor DOB Leon de La
Harr?, former Mexican Ambassador I" the
United Btates ?rid highly "*?*tspscted by the
Tafl admit.IMratlon-as, Indeed, by all
who knew him here-Is coming to "Wash?
ington to conf.r with President Wilson
and .Secretary Bryan on r.eogmtlon.
There Is reason to believe that such is the
case, and because of the confidence m
Which he has been held by govcrnm? nt
offldala It I? not Improbable that there
?till be interesting d?*velopments.
Big Liner on First Trip in Six
Months Lands 1,553
After -?n .- bsonre "{ nut "aootba from
this port, during Which lime she has ben
almost etmstaatly ueder the baauner of
I,,, billbleis at Belfast, the U'lM? Star
liner Olympic arrived yestenlay lioni
She has an inner skin now that will
make her practically Immune from ?lam
age by ?olllsion. and Is heavier l.v the
weight Of some ag,tll additional rlvsta
end IJM totis of BOW platen. As .soon aa
th. big reeeel araa taken to the yards of
Mailand <*? Wolff, a fore, of .:.''?> m?*n
was put to srork, ami four hours later
gar forward funne', had bOOB rSSSOVOd
and the boiler Jbslow ? bolsted through
ihe funnel apace. The work was kept K??
ln* dav and nigh!, and ih?- general over?
hauling coat si.r?oo.?jtx>.
Th.* Olympic brought 1,551 passenger?,
which is a Mg list for westarard travel
at tb.s BBSSTin Many of thOSS OS board
declared that the Olympic was much mon
4i,,,.lv than before her Overhauling and
Showed a ?reat decrease in vibration
when gohiK at tin- full spe?-?l Of H knots.
Reichstag Applauds Cutting
Speeches of Socialists.
Il.-rlln. April '?.-There was an unprece
0? nt.-.l seen-? In Ih?? lOichslag this
afternoon. When practically the whole
1 ..use ronmlly applauded two of the .So?
cialist DWpUtlea ?luting the course of in
clslve ipeecbee. They aeverel* rebuked
the sovernment'a military delegate to the
Bun-Wath. who bad made sneering refer?
ences to a Clerical opeakie.
King of Belgians Has No Consti?
tutional Power to Prevent
Country-Wide Movement.
Committee Has Received 11,
000 Offers of Provisional
Homes in France, Hol?
land and Germany.
Brussels, April 9. The last nop? of the
Socialista of Intervention b) ti." Kins to
prevent th? jresl general rtrik? called to
enforce the granting by the government
?>f msnbood auftrage nou qppeais to have
.lis;.|>|.eared M li point? .1 ...it that euch
action in the existing circumstances would
be unconstttutkmal and would be regard?
? ?i by the < flerlcala ? :.ip d'etat.
That the government -?ill n">\ accept ..
compromise ia also t?ghlj improbable,
judging ri .?in th?' active militar] prepara
liona which are golni on The ordera for
Ihe departure ..r ? large body ..f troops for
? amp have i?? en ? ounti rmanded, and the
aoldiera will be distributed among the
various Industrial c ntn i i" aafeguard the
_?' -?nd riectrh plants, ti?, railroads, tun?
neta .uni in idgei i..,. ?. for i - >.f
gendarme* also have I.Irafted and will
'." i ;.:t."i ai plai ? s regard? <i l.y the
govei . ? danger pointa
'n... :-.. ?talk t . are extrentWy optimistic
f -.'Kin .- : tion 'iii. \ M] that
eontributlona t?-? the st.ii>? fund are pour?
ing m from m.m., outride sources, and
they n???- estimate th.it th. can maintain
tribe f>.r a least four w* ? k- ana per?
haps Mx
Rumors of s ministerial crisis snd plot?
against prominent Clericata bave been in
circulation, hat theao rumors are generally
regarded ss men i n i nda< loua.
Many Cross Frontiers.
The fi.\-t active move in preparation for
the ati i., waa mad? to-day t'y the sriM
Ing ?ut <.f tin- country ?>f man) children
of the ::?"<..i 100,. w..ii?. : s a ho "ill
toola 01 Monds]. \i" H i I,
at tl..' bidding of tin s... la Hat pat 11
iii-. \?"" led that the train sei * Ice
v. ill .. as? "i tu gri atl) uni- d? ?! ..it' r
Sunday, snd the wlvea and dsughters "f
1 ? -i.f *? ?.. kmen with the llttli ? ?
..1 their own f..mili? ?.r those ?.f i,
bora are crooning 1 I ?'?. - \. ;
train, plating th. non-rombatsnts, .?
.*.? " . m afet) m neutral ? t..t?. ? ? ?
?.f provisional horn? abroad hav? arrived
this meek .?i t';? rat? of 1,000 ?huh. and
th.' directing ."iiiniitt-. ..r the atriki ha
received 11 00? off? ? II . f..r. ?,.
i ranc?, l.ooo from Holland and : .
from ?;?iman;
Trad? teed In all klnda of pre?
sei red f.la b?ai ind l our ..i'l
il? of Illuminating olla and candles
have trlpl? d.
Th. atriki
be <>f ????;.? > ?r;. t.. ?? t.. tii.- world a
t..i .i it aui reed i it will demonati it? 11
pra? tlcabil t? <.f the ? ti .k. ., . >
w? .n. Prei loua attempti at polltl? al,
h. .i irom .. unon
have Invariably ended In failure, notabl)
in Bpaln and Krai md tl
i .-? n .'. rt? rail) li? ?.i that Ui? political
sti Ike is Impossible.
Planned with Great Skill
The Belgian movement apt> ara t., havi
l.. :?? ? i., nned n Ith > ?.ti aordlnai -
. ,ir> . th? ? "i kei ore determined and
..t faith In ( II? of th? it- ? <
?urces at th? d i.n
ble, both m mon? j ;"?.i km-i and thi
have tix- practical though unon. lal
port of the Liberata, none the k i ...
oroua from b< Ing Indirect. The h- prictor
ot the i.i*-- ral neu ipap? i. Iba "Pi Ut
Bleu," has promised i.ill) !.. pa)
'??> ;? week int.. th? :tiik<- fund as long
aa the mov? m? nt la ita
Man) Belglana believe that thla atrike
will prove a turning point In 11?*? hi
..i B< Iglum; 'hat n will i< i ult In polltl? ?i
changes ol Incalculable Importance, and
-..n..- even pr< diet ?. r? rolut. the aep
a ration ?f the ?Walloon ;?n?i Flemish proi
ui'?? ? or ?? d) nastl crlsli
The government, faced with thla aerioui
problem, meaning economic cataatrophe
for an Industrlsl country like Belgium,
h,.s occupied Itself chiefly In making sr?
rangementi to reprsi dli order, ?? hlch the
Bodallota deride, ??s they an determined
that it:?- atrike ahail be peaceful. The
Boriallat i hi? I ' ?mile Vandi i v? d< and
Bdouard Ana-eel? afllrm that an) violence
which tna-* o?;'-'n' will kx provoked by th?
gov? rnment, and not b) tin tn.
How the Movement Started.
The primary i oui a "i tbe movement
was the defeat ol the Liberal and Bo?
daltat coalition la the parllam? ntory <*i?-. -
liona of i"i-'. The Bocioltat Congress, ape
clally aummoned on June 10 of that yaai
decided t?. make 'is- of a general *-tjik.- if
. thei tot one of obtaining manhood
auftrage failed. Before resorting to that
measure a general auffrag? bill eras in?
troduced Into parliament bj tbe Social*
Ista and aupported by the Lib?rala All
consideration of thii "as refused by tbe
Clerical majority, and a general atrike
?Aas voted for April 14
Btepa ewe token <m all "odea to try to
aettle matters The burgomasters of tbe
nim. principal i ltl< ? ?tot? r. eelv? ?! b) the
Premier, who, while doctoring thai no
government worthy <>f th?* nom? would
allow Itnelf t.? be Intimidated b) Um
threats ol tbe mob, *--ani that if th. men?
. ,,i ;, general atrike was removed be
would be disposed ?" talk The Socialist
National Committee thereupon eaaoallad
its |>r? vl'.m- decision, and Belgium
breathed anew.
Tii? governmi nt, however, mode i."
move at ??!1 i*"'1 *** ieeianot Congreaa
,? g/gutx i again ?rated tho general atrik.-.
,ui?) on ?-Umday eoal minea will be do?
aerted, forn?cea ehol down and factories
and workshops abandonod. Big dtloa will
h? without light ? atreeteara, aad th?
port <;i Antwerp without iio.-k laborera.
The countr) ta i" complete gloom, and
, i. |, ., Dial ?v.-i | |'?'is?,n is lik.-lv t.
?offer In eom? ?rar, ?whatever p? aitloa bt
,?? sh?* mas oocupy?
Mons. Belgium, April t. All fmployei
of tbe great electric plant at Patangas,
foui uni?'** '."'i' Moos, have been x.?.?????-?i
to poor* "'"lk "" J,"nU,'>- '****** *****
entail the complete atoppage pi all Indus?
tries is thl? diotrlct v.iii.-b .i.'|.?-n.i on the
plan, for motlv? ?-?wer._
Aeroplane Overturned by Wind
at Height of 120 Feet.
(,o!M'nklrcl.cn. ****** Al'[o,?. A <;"'
man aviator. LlebtO, WOS klll.-d UKday
while n.akii.K ? tll.h. in a tnono.ilan,
\ mal <>f wind ">""",KM| ???* ?achino,
?__? r.Ki.?*.! t?> th? tt***t?i from a*
wiii?*h craanwi
height of Ifl 1***_
, ->m ___tk eonaUtntod the :n?ih
,.,r??.'?V->*'-;'*7-_i ?"-?
Believes Transatlantic Flight Is
I By ?' lMe to The Tril utu. |
i.don. April Id?"The Dally Mali"]
received the following ?able message
from ?ileiiii CurtteS, at llatntnop. !s.
|M.rt. N. V.. on Wednesday:
I was greatly pleased to hear the
announcement of s ?10,?WO prize f??:* a
transatlantic flight. I nave no ?loui.t
an effort will be made t<> accomplisb
a trip within the spe? ni? d time. As i
builder of waterplanes our company
would undertake !he lnaiiufa.-ture of a
machine for the purpose.
"Personally. I am not suHi? -iently
familiar with navigation at sea to un
dertake the trip, but, with the expert?
. need navipalor and the assist.une .,f
shipa t.. replenish ih<- fuel and g fly.
Ing boni which We at lb-- present stage
ot th?- art are abb* tu produce, then is
no rea -on why th? prise should not he
?? oil."
Promise Bulgaria New Boundary
Line and Greece JEgc&n Isl?
ands-Nicholas May Resign.
London, Apui 10 The great powers ?\??i
make certain conceas lona t.. the Balkan
alli?e in an sndeavov to bring abo il
peace, The? have sgreed ?>i. the reply
that I to be made to the objectiona \\ lilt. II
the allies offered to ihe basea for media"
lion sa prop.. -.??! i,> lbs poa w ?*.
The com*esaion to Bulgaria h secept?
aii.-<- of her proposal thai the ti .tiler of
ihr t ?it..mau empire aball be a Btralghl
line between Knot and Midi?. Instead "f
following the course nf n,.- Brgsne and
M,i It/a liiers. as the powers tu-t BUg?
While ressitrlng the status ?.f the **"gean
i lands for future determination by the
powers, they seek to placate Orsees by
i-uiiu- a-- iiraiic e.? that a majorit.? of them
v. ill be ? <-.b .1 t.. le i
The powers ai?, reserve th?- question Of
a wsr Indemnity for settlement b) a
iiiicti'iai commission to me. t in Pari
Tie ? inslsi on Rxlag tii'-tn. ?ives the i.o'iii- !
dart? if Albania.
King Ni'indas of Montenegro ha
nltelj ,n rang? ?l pi..,: foi bl sbdii stlon
if t.Hhould i.ployed bj t?>. i.u...
peali p..weis Hfc'aili.l III lltl!?- 1.1111: ? i ? ? ? 11
lo previ it n from obtainins the terri?
nee? -.i . i ..i iti Indi
p,.ii,?. .m n to mi,u rnation ob
tai.! m ofil? mi Montenegrin rlrcl? - In
iaindon -..t.t.1.1 y
i ?? arrangement foi Ihla action were
made bj King Nlchoiaa In consultation
\>- ith King Peter ?u Bervla, the ngr<
ineiit being that King? Nieholaa should
ind ? Ith in.- family quit ;
rountr? Montenegro would then effect!
? n w Ith Hei \ la, while King Niel
and his famll) would I? given ..n appro?
priate pro> ii..n i rom the rlvll II i and
.ill reserv? lb? ? Ighl of su? ? ? h Ion to
the H? ' i... Montenegi In throne.
a dbqwtch ir.'ti. Vienna t" "The r*hron
Ihai King Ml? holsi d1 Monti
gro ? lUnded bj the poa ? i m to
w hi lh< ' h? a ."iid .-?. ' ept financial i
?-. tin- amount >.f fi?? .1 f? .?? ?aai
? ?? ?? 1 ,.'i ...i.i!?i..i,..i Mri| ...
? ? ? 1 .it 1...1 roi 1
gil '1,4- |. all . I.ihn to S. ut 1 1
\ 1 ?: ... ti ?? <l. pat '' Sdd . S III Ol
to th? ; "f moi.* t. 1 tit., .,: ,| will
. ,. ?1. ?pai.- n, an?- compeni ?tl
lOWld It , 0 a Id ?'II tie- : a 111.? _U?
ti .1 1 11 at the sill? a, ?*? ii" ha? nnaaced
Montenegro ain**i tbs beginning ol the
wai wll refus? i?, sdvan? 1 sny ntoi e
ui..i,. ? ? rvi.i win decline to ra 1
..i, mon i oop and Ore? I . refuse
i., lend tr?n 1.
Meanwhile, the powera aie end? ?vot
t.. m.in.. Turkej ??ici Bulgaria to ogre?
n. a virtual true? pending negottaUooa
foi p. . ?
Powers Plan to Close Up San
Giovanni di Medua.
Cologne, April !? Tue answer ef th.?
! ' ..p. .,n p..w>-rs to the note ptt > "'? 'I
ih'. Haiit,-',1 stat?*s on April .. regarding I
lb? terms "f mediation proposed on Msrch
i'i by lbs powiis win i,.- ,,f auch n nature,
a . ordteg t" a.. Inspired telegram to " Phe
Cologne Gssette" 'rom Berlin, mt t.. xc-l
eel? in?' 11.nelualon "i pi... betw? en
the Balksn aiiie- end Tai kej
The yreni powers, 1 ? dl< patch also
?n? , sppareatly have sgreed upon th..
..' ? at?*ndlng tin ii mu ii Mock
ode of th? Montenegrin cos I down to the
..t th.- Hi. ? r I ?rni, m Aloan; 1. t"
prevent the landing of rclnf?-?rcementa or
munitions "i arai at ban Qlovannl ?1
M? d . ,
VI? 111?.1. V I'I H I The fa. t thai S'l I I.I
baa ceased aending relnforcementa to
Alii,una is tak-n to Indicate thai the
united efforts "i th? powers are beginning
to have an . fi>- t
Canadian Statesmen Angered
by First Closure Resolution.
Ottawa, April ??. The iBtrOdBCtlOfl of Ihe
iii 1 closure resolution ever preaented in
th.- Canadian ""???-Uamenl to-day was fol?
low?-.] by S' ' lies of greet 'oiilu-aui Bvefl
Sir Wilfrid l.iiulei. !h" ?*\- IVhiii.-i . be?
came viuMv aiiK-t? d
wie n Prender Borden concluded hla
speech on the closure resolution, which
wa Introduced for ths purpose (>f limit
in- .lis. ussion on ths naval Mil, tftalater
iia/'-n rose to move the question, hoping
thereby t<> ctH off amendments, but Mr
Wilfrid, already on hla feet- was 1. ,,?.
?.i/... 1 i,, the speaker. Thereupon another
tjonservatlvs uaamber, ristag to a point of
? .id 1 -, ' it? .1 1 ules permit Uw, th.. House to
decide srbether la such ?a-,. ?1 would
heat- SBJ Mie. Ile BMVed that Minister
Hasen be showed t?> speak. The motion
was earn? ?I, and Mr HSBBS BBOVSd the
pre? ions qu? stioii
This crostsd a disorderly scene. Sir
Wilfrid's followers sprang I" ih.lr feet
with Cries ?'f "Shame''' There wa*< a
babel of demanda for "fair play/' and
epithets were freely baadtsd
ftaally ex-Minister PBgSlsy, Liberal,
gaining the floor, moved fltanei sd)eura
11,. ?,t. This prevail?'?! and th" tumult was
In Ma speech Mr. Morden said thai ?le?
hnt.- in Parliament ' must be preserved
un.l.r such t ..ridillons as Hhall not permit
it to dageiieiale into Beaaaa ami sbatiue*
tlon." Since th?' foundation of Parlia?
ment, in hTbT, he said, business had been
lraiisacli.il by ?closure by ?onsen!." Th?
?Opposition in thta iBstancs was not win?
ing t., ?on*-, nt. Mr. Hord?n cited many
authorities defending ctuBurs, m.IK In? in
ib.* ?ritlsh pa asadera Gladstone and Aa
Membrane at Back of Nose Torn
Away by Forcible Feeding
at Holloway Jail.
i _
i Suffragettes Entirely Destroy
Empty Passenger Car, and
Bomb Found on Another
Train in London.
I R. Cable to The Trlhtin?* J
Umdon, April 10.?Misa Zoiie Einer?
S?,n. thr- American suffragette, who WOi
releaoed from Holloway Jail on Tues
day night, was taken to a nuretng
home yesterday. Her doctors say it
will be at least ?i week before she "fan
see an] one except her mother. Even
her cloaoat friomis were not admitted
yeaterday. Tho girl has ouffered a
complete nervous and physical break?
do* n.
In ? "in r..st with i ho Bnglleh suffra?
gettes, wi.o tvere releaoed on an aver?
age of five daya after the beginning ?f
a hunger strii?.?-. Mlaa Bincroon was
kepi In Holloway Jail and forcibly f. ?I
f?.'- eight ireeka She wai Brat fed
through th?- nos.-, and ornen on a? -
count of th<* amallneaa of tho nasal
IgO H"- in'nil.ran?- at tho DOCh
of the nose was t??rn away by tt.0
forcible feeding oho was- f.-d through
ih<- mouth? Phyoictana say siio ?oriil
never recover from her treatmenl at
Holloway JalL
Anqry -it Home Office.
English auftragt ttea nn?i Americans
in London deeply recent th?* action of
the Homo Office In differentiating be?
tween English and American citlxena
and keeping Miss Emeroon In jail and
forcibl) feeding her f?>r eight ?reeks,
do im!'' tii" prote t.- of th?- doctors .un?
th?1 petitions "f tiian- srcl | known
ntembera of soclet . win!" ihe English
prlsonera arrested at th.- name time,
..tu?.m,- whom was Bylvls Pankhurst,
or? r?- rcleaacd in I. ?- than a > ?. k.
Buff raget tea ami others nay that if
the Home Offlc? desired to ma ko an ? \
omple of tins kind they should nol
!..- ? , ho en an American.
'i'ii?> suffragettee .ttnue their cam?
paign of destruction. An empty pas?
senger car on ?? train proceeding from
Waterloo t" Kingaton-on-the-Thamra |
entirely deatroyed by tir.* last
? Th<- other cars of th*-* train were
till?.i with passengers, wit?, wrr.- great?
u alarm?'?i ami Indignant at th?' danger
i.> which thej were exposed. Among
th.- debris .. can later, such sa aras
n.?-. .1 by ihe women m a recent bomb
. itrage. was found. Just before the
train n a? bed Kingston a loud explosion
... .in red.
Bomb Found in Tram.
A bomb with which the suffragettea
ap|M .r t.. nave attempted t.. arrecil an?
other tram was discovered at Queen's
Road, Botterons station, on th?* arrival
..! in-- ...l?i p. in. train fr?>tn Kingston
on Tuesday, evening. Th?' tram ami
crowded with passengero, ami tho ?iis
rovery ,s,,s b*v* a? quid as pooolbla
Th.* rai!'.', i y police at Waterloo. bOW?
ever, at once placed Ihe matter In the
handa of Scotland ford. The bomb,
a'hlch ?-?.n. i ted of a aqnara canifltor,
packed orltb explootves and arropped
In paper, wai found by ? porter In on
??mi ty compartment, where it might
have exploded and wrecked the coach
it any point on 'ho journey from
Kingston. On IhO **>x was paintrd:
"Moro i" Come Votes for Women
.;i\?? us Ihe Vote."
In ill.' House of ?'.?mirions yeotCT?
day tii?- Home Secretary *-ai?i that of
fourteen aromen euffragtet priaonera,
nine were refualng f?>"?i and thai Bvo
were i>?-iii-,r forcibly fed. He toi.i Kelr
Hardie that Mrs Pankhurot was not
taking food, but^ws nol being forcibly
fed, Th? medical officer ?>f the prison
had not advised her release an.i ber
doctor boa nol been allowed t?> ose
her, In eplte ol Mr. McKonna'i re?
<|iii..si However, grave fours aro en
tertnlned os t.. Mrs Pankhnrst'fl con?
dition. Her solicitor last niRht re
marked that In rieu of tho Homo 0<B?
??i'i's atatement that aflaa Eolio Emer
soti was quito well ?when reloaoed from
Holloway Jail. When as a matter of
fact ?I'?' Waa taken away in an ani
bulonce, the official reporto concerning
Mrs. Pankhurst WOUld not allay the
fears entertained by supporters of the
a onion's <-;iuse.
it is stated that tho government is
? . noidering the IWOlhllllf of proceed
Ing ogolnat the Women's ?social and
Political Union in oonnoctlon with the
present campaign ?if militancy. Law
ofllcera of the crown are oonoultlng
legal preddenta with a view of a_?-er
talnlng bow far the law empowers the
authorities to attach the funds of or
ganlsationa of this cbaraotor, and it is
believed that as soon as the govern?
mont If satisfit'?! rtioponllnf Its powers
in the matter, that a dellnlte move will
be mode against the unirn.
Hitherto UM authorities have had
difficulty in obtaining legal proof ?if
?I0 connection between the union and
the oatrogea If it can he established
in law that the union primarily exists
for the purpose of carry ing on a war?
fare against property, then it is con?
tend.-.1 that the government can take
moaouroo to OUPProOO it and all per?
sons contributing funds are liable to
pro. ecdings for conspiracy.
The militant suffragettes are again
active around Nottingham. A hay
StOCh belonging to a widow was de?
stroyed by tire yesterday. Suffragette
literature wits left near by.
In view of the recent threats of the
suffragette.?, a close guard la being
kept ?m Nottingham Castle and other
public buildings.
The suffragettes declare they are not
rooponolblo It* an anonymous letter
threatening with ?ieath Sir Charles
Montagu Lush, the Judge who sen?
tenced Mrs. Emmaline Pankhurst to
Westchester School Children Bombard Home of .Board's
Chairman and March Through Elmsford Shouting,
"We Want Gleason," Who Is Deposed.
More than two hundred of the three
I hundred children in the Klmsford School, I
Bear Tarry tow a, n. y.. went on strike |
yeetefday because the Hoard of l'duca- |
tion at a meeting held on Tuesday nixlit I
?at ihe home of William ""BBBssbneyer?
chairman, deposed William .1. ?lleason.
the principal, and engaged ?'. M. Kline
In his pla< e. Nearly one hundred of the
children marched to ihe BUBBetaSSyer
home during the meeting to express their
disapproval, and when they were not al?
lowed in they broke several windows in
tiie house and jeered and hooted the
Then they broke into the s.hoolhouse
and rang the hell until exhausted. Yes?
terday morning, when the SCbOOl opcii'd.
the children gathered In front of the
building and pave Mr. (?leason to iind-r
stend that they bmmM net return to
school until he was re-engaged. Then
they 1.uiiied in ?ompanies. and marched
through the village streets chanting, "We
want I'leuson!"
The truant ofttccr wisely went to New
York yesl.-rday and the children were
unmolested. The Aqueduct pottce had to
disperse them, and Cbanrsaaa Hunseimey
? r says he intends to ask warrants for at
least a 1l07.cn children to-day. It was .
said that the woman sufTragists of Klms
ford Were opposed to ??leason. but Ihe]
Board "f Bducatton denied it.
In IrringtOfl the lilph s.-hool cla?3
marched Into the meeting of the Board j
three years' imprisonment, reported to
have been received by him.
The secretary of the Women's So-cial
and Political 1'nion. the militant suf
fragettes' organization, said yesterdav;
"Human llf?* Is sacred to Hi?, as BHMfe
s., now as before the sentence on Mrs.
1'ankhurst." (
Witness Drops Forgery Charge
Against Hardenburg.
(Hy ?"alile to The Tribun" 1
London. April ItX?8eflpr Arana, of
Putumayo, occupied the witin-.ss chair
for the whole day at yest.-rday's sit?
ting ?>f tho t'omiuons committee? in?
quiring into the rubber atrocities. He
was closely rroaa eisnilned <>n his ?
statement and made some important
gdmlmions and withdrawals. Por in- j
stau.", when preened to state what
steps he had taken to prove that the
allegation?- were exaggerated h<? was
compelled to admit that ho had not
attempted to disprove anything,
The most striking withdrawal was a
charge of forgery against Mr. Harden?
buri*. a man who first told the world of
the atrocities. There was something
dramatic in this, for Hardenburg was
present, and Swift MacNeUI, after put?
ting a f.w- questions, said to the wit?
ness, 'And now turn around and see
who is here." Arana did so. and was
confronted by Hardenburg, who rose
from his seat behind the witness chair.
"1 am very pleased to see him here.''
said Arana in Spanish, 'for now we
?shall h?? ahln to go Into details."
of Mueettoa on Tuaaday muht and pre
I sentod a petition a.skitu*; tor tho retention
of i-\ j. Heirce as principal. There i*- a
split In tho board, three in? ni!?ei-.i ?le
mondlng that Bobrco shall go, whHo two
are for him. The H. v Dr. Daniel l>. Rue?
sell, paotor <>f imi.'ii QeuM Bhepard -s
Church, eooM out publicly yaaterday in
favor of BOires, saying he was the nest
priii.--ip.il the school has had. and tint
his work was very satisfactory.
The children ON arrangitiK to hol.l an
Indignation masting, ? which thoir pa?
rents will join, and a BtSOOg dSOBOOi will
I ?? made for Helrce's r.t.ntion. BaeTOO
refuses to resign, and it is said that
when the school election is bold, in Mi .
those members now Oppootng him will bo
defeated and a new board will retain turn.
Nearly every MUM knows
what it is to have tired
aching feet. Regt is the
only remedy.
Weak ?inkle? tad aching
arches are relieved and
restr-d by theCowAHDShoe
for Nurses. It holds the
arch in place, ?supports the
ankle and easesf out .?Irani.
The flexible sole and rub?
ber heel lift, make the
Ftcp light, fiprint-y and
noi-c1 <?>?.*
264-274 Greenwich St., N. V.
?nua w.hb?n mm;-..
Mail Orders Filled I Send tor CaUlofua
(?ReviUon Fr?res
?-? ??_?-?? ?Ut?
Perfected Methods of Fur
Our system has the following advantages:
Prompt Service.
Thorough cleaning of all garments.
Separate cover for each garment.
Ample space, avoiding crowding.
?Morage rooms above ground,
l n i form low temperature. *
Moderate charges. ? **? ' ?
Reliable insurance.
Remodelling ordered when furs arc stored is exe?
cuted at minimum cfst.
Call 3761 Greeley
19 ?Vest 34th Street. New Yotk
On May First?
Owing to the rush of removal
orders received during April
and May, it is requested that
subscribers desiring to make
any changes in telephone
equipment, notify our nearest
Commercial Office, in writing,
as far in advance as possible.
m Avnarr a s. aaaox bbooklt t
Atdrtu txkpktu? B*. Aiiettt Ttirptuttt ?V?.
It f>?7 Htra-tt ?orU-wH HM H Wtllo?*?hby Stritt Main IHM
in orebat- Stnat Or-h_/_ no? *% vmth Vm? souih im?
II Wttt Hc-iac-afltrmt fin-im MOM MnNoaitn* AfMM Hc-lford 1_M*
S CMt ath Sti-Mt Mftda-.ii Ha. WM in riatbuk ATcnae n.tbaih mu
UI WmI nth MrMt Marrar nfllltatt 3S Hutttotitt Si. WU____t*-u_ UM?
t ?_-,?, mil Hirt?! Plfual-SO JAMAICA
IS E-fi&M-.-!-* wn\r*^u?t}tm ?-1-nltahMatiAT.iiu. JaaMkalMa
Mat fcftftt ISOtn SIMM Mll-OM 110W _,, ???_!??/(_ _. ?__
M7 B?Saao at ??--?*-. ijmo WW?M**Ax*A ************ riatain? mm
-AI? "OOCK A WAT- BU?_?11 A C?nlr_l ATM. F-r Rock-. -"-ft- 1MI?
TOMPaiaiVILLB 444 Tof-pilM At?*. TcmpklMTllle IMM
wnar aow anteara?-.?caiua.u at wm tinghto? i?w

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