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All the Important Provisions of the Demo?
cratic Tariff Bill Correctly Forecast
Long Before Its Introduction.
liven the Republican Members of the Ways and Means
Committee Had to Turn to The Tribune's
Analysis to Learn What the Majority
Intended to Do.
i r rea i
Washington, April ??. < '?.nun.
? day on the drastic tariff re
provided in ihe i?cino'T.iii? bill, l
sentattVB J. Hampton lioor? ? of
aylvante, cofcnpllniented The Trlbi
the accura.-y of its forecast of
meaaure, whleh ami pubhahed i
"tie we.k in advance of the pre?
.on of the Undernood Mil ii
House. Mr. Moor.- was caustic i
. ritii-ism of the secrecy wind. Hie
...-rais ?>f the Wa.-s und Means
mittee sought to maintnin rega
the SBBOnttehl Of ihe bill.
"Until this bill was actually
Sented In the House on Monday."
the Pennaylvanla Republican, "R
sentatlve Payne, r.inking mh
member of the commit! ?a . S IS dSfl
sight of it or totlmatlon <?t' its
?rut?. I lead with inter, st The '
line's forecast and analysis, prinl
weeR ago, and? considering the
thamher sessions of the commltt?M
advance summary was remarkabl;
' rate."
Mr. Moore remarked that it
singular that a Republtean IUBWS]
shoiibi have been the tirst
ihr? cist Of the hill and th?' gei
?me of revision planned by thl
i oettlon party.
"Members of Congress," he contii
? , ?mid obtain no information regar
the probable contents of tbe tariff
although it must now bo said thai
Tribune's story furnished us d?finit?
formation on ;? number of things a'
arhlch we sranted to know i a^i
pated, as The Tribune predicted.
the cuts on the textil-- scrtedules Wi
be radical, and the bill shows thi
? true. 1 was parti. ',!:.r!v Intere
m textiles, and the reductions are
as sweeping ns the Story forecast
i clleve ihai many cotton and wool n
will he crippled or forced to shui d
when ihls new lariff law g...s into
; !"
Mr. Moore will go on the Ways
Meana Commutes ?his week, folios
the approval of the DemocraUc ca?
,,r ins s'-b-inon bj Hi?- minority lea
R.qht on Citrus Fruits.
|*epr?*eentatlve Kahn, of ?'aiifor
,-omiiienie.i favorably on 'i"he T*i
urm's lar He was fami
with the difll ? fronting tfa
eeking advance Information regard
tariff r.ites. "-?ecause he aras vitally
lerested In the citrus fruits echedi
Mr. Kahn recalled t?.-day that 'I
Tribune dispatches bad prcdl'-led ll
the rates on lemons would he cut ti
I birds. This Is Just what was done.
I.Ike Mr. Moor??, Mr. Kahn lotie I
I a Republican member of ? ">
member ? f the House had lit
rhance t<> barn in advance wl
L'es would l,e made affecting
section. "The Tribune correspoi
enls*." said Mr. Kahn, "seemed able
glean meare than a member on the ..i
?Me of the committee room, for es
the ranking Republican member of !
committee was k.-pi In darkness."
Tin- Tril'iin?? forecast furnish?d a
\ati.e Information that the tree
would be comprehensive; that luxuri
would be blghly taxed and neceaaitl
greatly reduc4*d; that the In
?at?* urouM ratir?.. from 1 to -1 pe? 'i
wiih an e_emptlon of Incomes bej?
H.WO, and that the President miu
i.riiig about an eleventh-hour than,
in the duties OB raw wool and SUga
All there predictions have been ft
It has also been confirmed that thr
votes were taken in committee OB ra
wool, with advocates of free raer wo
winning on two ?>??? agkMM, the ?lerne.
favoring an nd valorem duty of 15 p<
cent winning once. Th" Prealdei
Inally took his stand with lh<- frc?*?a
wool Bl?ment and directed the chanti
made In the sugar schedule, which pr?
vided for free sugar until Saturdu
night laut.
Th?? Tribune alao predicted, amnni
other things, that the duty on ric
would he cut in half end that onion
would bent a duty of 2?> cents a bush? 1
These are the rates in the ?Vnderwoin
Other Schedulea Foretold.
The ?sweeping cuts m the chemical
wool, cotton and pottery schedules jus
tify ihe opportune and earlier analysls
of The Tribune, and the same if? !nif
of the advance statement that the rates
.-n tobaccos, wines and other luxuries
would he left practically untoui-h? .1 by
the Democratic revisionista. Then* is
one immaterial ?hange in the toba., o
schedule. The spirits schedule was left
The committee held, us forecast,
that silk goods were luxuries, and aj>
provimattly the present high rates
were approved by Ihe Democratic com?
1'rint paper went un the free list and
there were reductions In other gradea
"1 paner, as forecast.
Although th?- statement seemed In?
consistent a week ago, the hill verifies
The Tribune's statement that flour had
been put on the fr?*e list, while a small
duty was retained on grains.
It was BBBBS*ted in Th?- Tribun? s
forecast that among the artieb-s Og Ihe
free list ?mid be found boots and
sh??ea. Umber, shingles and lumber,
steel rail?, hoop and band Iron, cotton
bogging and tica, Iron ore, aaddlea am
aaddlery, leather belting, plough*
thraahlng machinen, farm wagona an?
other agricultural Implementa aowlni
machin?e, eaah refl?tera linotype*;
typewrltero, wir? mu?s, fencing wir-'
numeroua Itema in tho chomlcal sohc?i
i.i?', Including borax, charcoal, anti
t?'\ms ;in?i ti..* conunoner a<-i?is: Ian
and its oubotituteo, salt, tallow, broad
atnffa and other artlclea in everydaj
?is?- in the hOUOi bold ami on ihr farm
'rii.> free list as carried in th?- Ml
?Tontaina theoc ?rti-i.-s. .nul tho bill nisi
ehowa the expooted enta on tnaoamn
and r.?n?s. cattle, chinawaro an.
earthen and giaaa orare?all ratos con
tributlng t?. what thr Tumo, ruts torn
-t tarifT LIU for th?* COMUiner.
As th?? hunt proceoda t*"r "jokero" ii
tl ?? new hill th.- truth >.f 'I'h.' Tribuno':
prediction that tho hill would "worl
both orayo," by impo.<*inK unuouall*
ra?lltal cuta on ?-orn?*- itonis and afford
inp protection to othors, is i?<*-inj
i.roiiBht homo to Interooted m<*nil'frs ...
? 'ongreoa
Acceptance of European Com
petition Especially Gratifying.
Aini :?. -President Wlloon'a m?*s
aaa? i" Congroa? has cauaed .-.r. ex<*ellen
Impression here, not only l.n-ausp re
duct lona in the tariff aril] prove advan
to Italy, whoee exportation t<
t? ?. United Btatea la conetantly Inereaolng
hut because of th? general aatlofaetioi
over the fad thai the United itatea k
i.? accept tii?- comp?tition of Bo
ropean coontrlaa in mait.r-? ?>f commerce
\,i the newepapera publlah thi meooag?
.\.iy. and point out that Italy wil
gain i-'art-.' ularl) m ti." export <>t olla
frulta, cheml alo, medicine**, rotton, wool
allk, ',? ather and rheeae
Bacon Bill Provides for Lega
tions and Embassies.
?Frota Tb? Trtbwai nan
\\.. hington, April p. The first atop ??<
relieve the Prealdent "f the emborra tr
n.. ?.t ..f having hli offora ?>i diplomatic
mlaalom rejected becauae ?.f ti..- inato
quate eompenaatlon paid to men m the
foreign i?ervice was taken to-day by Ben?
ator Bacon? chairman ..t th?- Ktorelgn R< -
latlons Committee^ who Introduced a t.:ii
I th.. situation temporarily and
| for ?!:? ... .|.||' IttOn "1 I"-rm.l
nent legation? .mil emoooolea f..r the
prop dtote re?
authorloing th?*- leaolng ..nd fur?
i. ti.. government ..t temporary
in foreign capitale, lili m? i
iii. dir? ' Bevretarj "f Btate, m the
m.-..n time, t?. Inveotlgate and report to
tii?- Senat? 11. - - coat >.f ?ucqulrlng <>r build?
than four legatloni and .m
:"S ? och year.
. Hi.- Mil will paaa without dlf?
flculty it' ;t i approved by the Democratic
majority, ??? mool ol th?- itopuhiir^ns
? ordlally approve 11 ? ** plan. Th? re may be
I conalderable delay in n.?1 lions?, however?
'n- it is ti.?' intention ..f in.' House leaden
not t-. appoint at pr.s? nt an} commit
other than th.. . Doeeooory for oon
ilderatloa of the tarlfl and routine bum?
Th" sums authorised m tho Bacon hill
-ring and acquiring legatloni un.!
.r.- as follow?-:
Rental 11.1 i yeai and PMM for fur?
nlahing Great Brltala, France, Oonaany
and Ruaata.
Rental WES ? \ 11 and H?.O90 for fur?
niching It;?!- , llezloo, Japan and Ittit/il
Rental $T,"?'i a year and UXON for fur
alahlng-Bpaln, Belgium, Cuba, Argontma
and Th..- Netherlonda
Rental H.OM a > ? ur and JS.'-OO for fur
nlahlng?Bwltserland, Denmark, Sweden,
Portugal, Rumania, Servia and i.uiRaria.
Chill, Colombia, Peru? Panama and Von?
? ZU' l.t.
Rental S.'i.'w. a year and ?'.\<-oo for fur?
nishiiiK- Norway) Oreooe ?uni Montenegro.
.. Nicaragua, <'?>sta Kl?-a, Salvador,
Guatemala, Bolivia, Honduras, Paraguay
ami UTOgu?y and Mor<> ?? o.
Limit of $9 in Measure Intro?
duced by Senator Chilton.
vraahtngton, April :?.?a minimum wage
of $9 a werk, for all women and gllia ein
ployed m work whlcb ?'????? Into Inter?
?tato loti.ii.?r? <? ,-md a prohibition ogaltMM
th?' employment of glria under piteen
? n ?n age are provided for in a bill
Introduced to-day by Senator ?"miton.
The minimum wage would apply to all
women employed in transportation, t.i.?
graph "ml similar int?-i>tat?? aervlee and
in manufacturing establishment?, the pro
doota < f rrhlch aro ahtppod in int?ntate
? iiinrn? i? <
Ti.<- iiimoi-? *...?? .'oii.iniRsion rooontly
roeonnnondod t.. Proaldenl ITIlaoo th>*
adoption "f ? I'd' ral law to IncreOOe th?;
minimum wane- of woenen workora
Columbia Students Fight Dock De?
partment Encroachment.
Columbia OtUdontO aro keeping up tho
tight iiKainst t!?- 1.111 In tho Assembly for
in. tranofor of pan of RtvoroMa Part to
th<- Department ?>f Dooka "The ?'oium
Ma Spectator*' is leading tho tight, a let?
tor t?. "Tin* sp<*<*tator'' yeoterday. signed
t.\ a graduate atudent iri econ?mica ?ays
in part:
"while we cannot be sur?-- that th?? pur
..f the nui is had. we have oven
reaaon ??> auapaet it. Columbia mudents
should hr th- Hint to protom against any
plan which may endanger Riverolde 1'i.rl?,
..nd even though it may not be in danger
they should for?e th.- L-oglalatum <o an?
plafn th?- purpone of thla pet-uliur, pro?
posal." ?
Democratic Caucus Follows His
Wishes on Tariff Bill and
Committee Assignments.
Rates Taken Up Item by Item
and Every Proposed Change
Voted Down-Sugar Sched?
ule Not Reached.
rvaaa The lYibuae Bui
Washington. April ". The (Jaden.d
faction m the House proved Its master
of the situation lo-tlay. when, on three
distinct -M*csstonSi the Democratic caucua
st....ii BQuareiy behind the siajortt. lead? r
and his programme oi tarin revision and
committee ssslgnments. The caucua ap?
proved th' I'n.lerivr.,.,1 |.|. a foi a revision
of the tariff under a blanket bill, and
also ihe decision <>f the chairman >.t the
Ways and .Means Committee t" ?!? I , ti..
.;,.ti,,n ..i th.- ataadlBg coromltt?se "?
the House until the tariff is oui ??! the
!>>mo. rats arhO insisted 'hat the hitter
proesdure amounted i" th.* aieldtng of ??
. lub over the tank and lib' by the Waya
and Me.ms Committee, or eteeriag com?
ralttee, ??*?*???? bow?..1 out
Mr. Underarood'i ahow "t atrength also
dissuaded Repri eatatlve Thomin
? islahoma Insurgent ? i"1 pm 1
take from the \\ .,.. . ,,n.i Mean 1
power to appoint ..th.- eommitteea all
Thompson did n 1 pr?--- hi-- iiioti"' aft?
Mr. Underwood hoi |ovtt?*d him t.. do ao
The cBueua decided t" take up the tarin
ail! Item b) lt"in 1.ml.-r- tl,.- m- -munit??
rule, and B*hen adjouniment BBS taken
until to-morr?n the party council had
approved aitbout amendment tie ch? mi?
ca! schedule. Numerous amendmenh
offered'! by I'emn-r.it- Who WBBted high?
er or lower rat't'. i it all were defeated
on riva 1 oee ? '.?tes
Agree to Committee Programme.
Before takln?"*; Up the tariff bill the cad
CIS Bdoptod tbe alai? of the W iya
Means Committee for organising the
House committee! scl all) neceaasry t>.
transact th?- busineaa "f th? extra a?
Ways and Means, RBl? -. A' 0
llileage and Enrolled Bills.
Aware ol report! mat rai loui ?
desired tie- immediste appointment oi ?
c ?mm ? ? i ..i.'.- t.,i t" th? n ;
withholding committee bertha nut.
tariff bill I*....I been p., -..i Mi I'ndei
wood amillngly luid tlw ?
perf?wtly Billing thai ??? i ei ber houkl
offer a re I lllni !??? th? appoii I
ment "f ..i; commltt? ea it tl time
A mwii.-.i of alienee ensued, .....
Deanocral rseJlssd tb< mplied challeni
| m Mr. IJBderw?M .-.-? ?tl n. Mr. .-.,
?lees, of Virginia, tlnall) ottered i
lution calling ror ti" Imnwdiate naming
"f all commltt? es, T? n mlnutei d
developed thai the fadere.I programme
"t delay had tbe \-.,t. ?, _nd Mi Ha ladei
t?. Ithdn a bl resol itton.
Mi. Thompson, whose net
at the ? suena yesterds) " ?: ? ? ?
?? i'..rieri in Tie Tri! me t en an
in?*ed '?.at th?- \\a- and M? an
? nitte.- ought to b.* deprived .?' the ;
of naming >?!her Ifous? i '?
asserted that the Waya and M<
mitt? < had its hand ? i il arlth
matters, and he though! ? a high time
to ha\ .- a distinct
;. .
?i would i- glad t.. i .
ma a offer a i ? ? ..i,,':.,ti t.. t ', .t . *, ? ? t. in
ord< r to f ,-t '
atiavel) replied Mr. i nderwood. Chairman
Palmer offered to r' ? ognlr? i hi ' .-a n
tieman from Oklahoma,' bul Mi Tl
? iiook i.: - he id and anotb? r rel
a ant gUmnv nur-.
Decide on Blanket Bill.
Tt,e decision to d? bate th? tarnt bill In
Its entirety ?k eejutisi? I
..Kamst a schedule bj ?-? h? dul?
and Mr. I tid? t wood
..ii;' I) i" a plea roi part;, harmon) ??
anlted In the determination b] the H
I?. mocrsis to pul the taiifl bill t??
as a aingi? -a a ure
The compai si Ivelj alow i i ogi ..
t.'-?ia'. with Schedule A Indicates I at the
caucui sill extend through lo-morros
and probably the next da ?
Althoogh th? * ugai h< dul?
reached to-day, Mr. Brousssrd, ?.i Le
ana, spensd Ih>? on the * . . ? pro
posed sad the ''frei ugai within three
years" alogsn and blui tl told hi
league.?, that the 1 '? mo? i ate pat ! ? WSJ
about to wrecli tbe . i.,-1 Industi "f his
s-tiit?. end to ?-onliscat.- millions in capital.
Mr. Mets, of N<w v..ik. urged that the
Hi pec cent .liit\ 00 IndlgO 1"- I tre k.-n out
for the beaefM of the textile Industries,
whos.- liiatiufactdr??: were affected by
heavy ? uts In textile revision. This WBI
heat--n M !'? MS.
Reprsseatatlva L'Engle, of Florids, an?
nounced that h< would ?.p.at the aug?
gestion arlth every achedule, thai tl
should he an Internal revenue ta\ . . ,
to the amount "f th? dut) assessed
against factories t.t all kinds thai employ
foreign labor, ohlldren under alxteen
years old. or women, 01 that fail.-d tu
pay a living wage to employ?s This wa
passed over.
Several Important Appoint?
ments Soon To Be Made.
f Kr?n. Tie Tribu? I II ii. .-,,,
ftinshlngton, April I Several Important
anPolntmenta will be annount*ed within ?i
(?pa days by lb? President.
.loin. <?. Oaborn, e_-Ctovernoi of IVyo?
ming. un "original Wilson man" and oloaa
peraenal Mead <?i P/Ullam .1 Bryan, hai
been sel ?? t'-d !?i .si;.-.-.-. .i KuntlBgton BYII
bos as Analsten! beeretarj ot Btate, and
Henry <'. Ure. klnri.ii?... ,,| Lexington.
K>., a son of General Joseph ''. Breckla?
ridge and a Prtnoeton grad?ate, has been
Chosen for Assistant bV?? i t.u of W.n to
sueeeed Robert Bhan Oliver. Desha
llrecklnridgc. ? brother, is a Candidat?
for the office of Collector of Internal
Revenas in tbe Lexington district The
Brecklnrldgea sra listed sa ''original "?Vil?
son lren."
Another BslectlOfl to be snnounced ?... u,
in that of Robert vTootsy, of Virginia, !?>
be auditor <>f the Interior Department
W, W, Warwick, of Ohio, w h i ? .. . ,
Bated by PiuatdeBl Taft f??i tsststsni
Controller ?.t the Tieasuiy, hi being .-...,
sidered for Controller to succeed it i
Tracew??ll. who has ask.-d to be relieved
a? soon an possible.
Plans have heen Hie.) loi Installing
a roof garden oa th?- M street sing <?*
ths Ib.tel McAlpIn, on the oast ?.pp- ,,:
Broadway, between %'-<? and -.'th streets
This garden will bo < onstru. t. d of stuc,.,,
having large riiie-h bay windows on the
slden. and will cost got-jeW t?. arsel W. II.
Kenn. Jr., In the architect.
Roots Bill to Repeal Exemption
Will Be Opposed.
Washington, April k Benator Roofs
amendment to the Panama ?'anal act
which ?ouid remove the oxeinption ><(
American ships from toll payment, will
be brought up before the lateroeeonlc
Canala Committee ?luring th?* prosont ooo
.*i"i,. Benator O'Gonnoo, ehalnnoo of the
.-on.mitt.-", aald to-.i.-.v he eapectod to ?all
.. meetlna next week.
The Root am. n.-nt Will l"% disposed
..i probebl? before th.* tariff bin ?
brought "V. i from th" * i ? ? ? i - ? Benator
O'Oorman declared h? woo loot as muck
oppooed to th.- bill a*, he ever -vas. and
expreaaed the belief thai M would foil
t.. t,.- i. ported '" tu.' Benote bj a ?rote
clone t.. that bj win? h II o*on defeated at
t lie i.- i leralon- H) t.. '?'?.
Governor Vetoes Bill Readmit?
ting It to Missouri.
j-.fi. r-on City, Mo?, April I i "?? ?: o
M..?..i retoed to-day the bill permitting
ti... Standard <>?i Compon] t.. continue
buaine s in Mlooourl in aplte >.t th.* ouater
decree ol the ?tate Bupreme Court, pro?
i it paid ni?ii" tii. lieenae i" re
* ol ..th"- for. Ign ?-..rpoi .ilion:-.
Kan -.. ?'lty, Mo April k "Nothing
remalna t.. keep ti.. Standard in Miss?.un
except th. t..t. Supr?me ?'o.irt, which
i i under . ?.i.-i.i. ration .. i" tltlon i"i re
_ hearing of It? >"i ter di-cree." eaid Frank
i l'.ii-. ? ? .,,.,. . r 11. ? i n. i f..r th- company,
[when Informed "f flovernor Major's reto.
! The bul H..- passed principally beeauae "f
m? nts that ii th- Stand nil on r? ount?
I ad the ntti- town of Bugar Creek, a few
1 n ii. ' aal .?(" Kani ii City, would l??- put
: ...it ?.f existen?*? The Standard hax ??
large reflm . ? lh< re.
F.ars It Transfers Franchise
i Granting Power from P. S. 0.
to Aldermen.
? '..i poratlon ? "ouna? i w.n on ? ?
?ttldylng With i*r-.?t rare th.
provlalona of Ihe Cullen-1-evy home rule
bill, no* before Govern?*? Bulxer for rig
? ? to ee If In any way it abridged
the powera of t;" i: ?rd of Bitlmate and
tho piil - ....<-. mmlaalon He hod i
Mayor and later
an lie? 'all of th?*
11. v i pre] ared te ?.-'-' to
igalnal tl e bill if it
? ? , ? r *
"i am y oppo?d to the Mil,'
? i'i regard la tl ??
ig with franehleea we do
?. .i ' The', v., vjf.
not ?>'?'? l \'. ?<? York How can we t ?? 11 v
'I'll" ' ' ppal.I t br
t.. the
though till a inject t<> the
of t el ird of I II .t.- There
- ? : it thia act ohall
'?- ol a t With
-.>. hi? ? ? i conflict i. thla ap
r to the P ;!>:?.? Bet vice
? ?? i.. ?? "
lu chah ol i .n ter
commltt? ?? of ihe ? Itloen ' i n, rho
for th? M ?
? |. . ? f New York
.t that the bill
t-> the ?'if- ? ol
I , t interfere wit , |. .
grant of powere
... "la ta expr?
id? i itoje? i to the general la-?..?
? ??? . ?? ? i- ?!* th?* rapid
? and Ih? l*ubll Service ?
Mr M was
t. ? ? ' ? Il m ? ., t.
It Will Go to Court with Opposi?
tion of McRcyno.ds.
v> .? gtoi \- ? attorney ??>
I tb : ? a
the 1 in Pa
Padfl. m. ?. ? r i ? . ?
led t?. him '. ' s Lor? tt,
-....u ..f in.- I'nloi ?.. Be board
?????? ...
to th? i ? ' Bta.; t at
BC l_oula, Mt l_>vetl haa advlaed Ihi \'
-.'?.'!:. | . .
ti.?*- plan "i. the ground that it done not
II.'.. of the Supreme Coon it
tl ?t tb" i'i.i.m Padl i-.- it
?? ?? aorth ol South? m Pacific atoch
.n th? handa ol .? truetee for o limit..i
tu.i.. recelvlna "benell lor) certificate??*"
: for r 'i he atoek would i ? ? ?lir-tran? h i i
1 ? in. Union Pa? .n.- v*.,ii d
mit ted to, i"i> i HO : Lai ?? i.,. i,.
.tl 'i.;.' ral ht 11? \ | that th,
.? "'?- ? "-.i ? ..i, ? t., tt,.,> arrangi
Haut ..- appUed t.. in. original at ggeatlon
that the Southern l'a. m. hoMli fa I dl
liibuted i"" i.?t.i among the atockholdero
? f u,- Union Pacific He ?i? ? u i? .i t.. in
dl at? vh.it would i"- the governmont'a
i ? coae the i ourt at S :
I should uphold the ohm
Loulovllle, Aptn I in confoipilt* with
the d< -1 ' ? "i the Bupreme ? '?.urt, tin
Southern Padflc atock held bj the Union
Pacific wai not voted t., .i.,, at the an
n;. .tin;; ..| : tockholdera .u Ihe
; South? rn Pacific company. The names of
I Kobert H Lovetl and ?.th'-rs conaplcuoua
m the old board do nol appear In the list
..i dir? - toi - ? lected todai, Th? ee were
[_, F. Lotee, Ogden Mill??, t?. 1, Bpence,
William Bproule, S. P Bwenoon, 1. N
Wall... ?. i ilia Kruttechnltt, C. M B
\\ alt? i P. mi. ?-. n- nrj w POreat, Robert
?... et. J n Harding, ? Ibarlea W. iiark
neaa, n B Huntington and I. b\, Jarvte.
I Gross Revenues Gain, but Ex?
penses Cause Deficit.
'I I.' ' I .-. in .". M n hallan I i. il. ,.., I
i ompa i . m IMS eai n- <i gi m ? e? ? nuea ?>f
(0, .m m t- a ?>? of ??.''.'..IN "\"i mi,
The Income after t p. run i ..nd tax?e
am lunt? d n- ? ' OtM, MM, bul Inter? i and
other rharaea aere ??.i?;v*::i.. which left a
?1. tl. It of *. I..'.:?..'. a:. ? oiiil.ai'.'d With a Bur
plua "i IMQ ib. prevloua year The In?
rea >? i. the company'? fixed charge? waa
largely dm t.. the Item "balance <.r int? i
. ?.
i'. -, it. ti.. loaa m aurplue, PreaMant
IVII inn ? I'.sU took an optlmlatlc v|?a ..r
tl.m, a i ? condition, He aald In part:
?"rii. nl \ elcaJ condition ..r the prop? 11 ?
I'i excellent No ? ffoi I haa been apared t"
keep it perfectly maintained in all de
tm< nt?. .sin.-, the clooe of th? (local
? .i tin dir? i lore have approved a plan
for Ihe readjustment of the d.-lit of th?
cotnpanj It la exp? cted that It? eue?
'fui culmination can ? ?? announced in the
\ n. ar futur?."
\ Normal College Teacher Wins Suit
Against Henry P. Reed.
Mis*- Il.l. n manor? a t.>a?*her at N'.irtn.ii
? ..?i. t.. i....\.i..i a IMM vordlet in the
Bupreme Court yeaterday agalnat Henry
I' Reed whoa? automobile, driven by hla
?if., kno.'ke.l down and Injiu??,)' ihA
The accident t???.k place near -Jamaica
Loin,' il.m.i, while th. tea.her wai eon
ducting a number >.f her pupila on a iriu
thr.iu-<h Long Inland. Miss Tanner suf
f? red n compound fnieture of the aiikln
and numeroua briilnea.
Ex-Representative J. T. Mc
Cleary Analyzes Tariff Bill
for The Tribune.
i Party in Power, He Says, Hai
, Abandoned Its Time-Honored
Policy of Tariff for
Revenue Only.
The following article was arltten fe
The Tribun, b) Jame T. Mc< Meare, for
mer member ol Congresa from Mlnnssota
who bus devoted mucli atudy to the tarii
?piestioti .-?tid i-? a *lrm be|r,?.er (n protSC
"The tariff Mil Introduced into Congres
on Monday Is professedly framed to keei
ihe campaign promisee of the DomocratI
part?-. liven a casual examination <>f th
bill show-- that m its method It i^ mi
aiiati'lonm.-ni of Democratic prin'-lpb*. I
?loes not take "ne atop I'OMir.l that Whl? 1
for e|4?h(v ?.ear? tl,e | 'i-niii,-r.'i t |c party l'a
a,i\... atOd a*- the Id? hi tariff Th?. Ml
makea no move toward .? tariff for rave
nue only.
"Th-. pending bill is the first p'??;">?->
??-? , ? .:??;' '., ? IOCS the recent BlfoptlOl
.?i th.. Blxteenth amendment t" the Con
?tltuttoBi whereby Congresa i< given ?? ;
ihortu '- levy an Intioma i?\. One se.*
ti..n of the |,|l| proit'l.'- for the levying?
such a tax ii-.- Committee on Ways sit?
.MeSti;- SStlmatSS 'hat the r. ?.etiu? fron
the proi.o:-e?l incoin.- tax Bill amount it
round numbera t" BM,MMN a ?car. Thli
the?- have Utilised to pISCS OH ?he free I)
many artlelei heretofore on the dutlabl?
list, thereby cutting ??ff sns-fourtb "f th?
. t.ow rats?.,i by 'i itlee on Importa
in Other WOrdS, IbS pending !>lll give;
evidence thai th? Democratic pan?. |i
?headed as i,ev??r before toward ah-?,,lut.
free ti ide, and that it ?rill move in tha
direction J - I I fast as it .-an figure oir
mhi1? to t.io.id' a ti..ti?.nal revenue* other
*.. : ? than by the tariff Already piropo
*.)',* art betag mad?- for rawing .?-till mor?
revenue through inc.,me end Inheritane?
taxes, with ihe view of placlBg still othe
on the ttee Hi I
No "Tariff for Revenue Only."
"For eight! reai with varying degiew
?>f courage, t1"- D?mocratie part)
r,oin,,..l it4<.|f in faior of 'a tariff foi
revenue oi Thai wss Its platforn
promise In tbe national campaign laa
? ar r la bill d'.e- n'?t ev?n hint at tlsl
g <.f lhat promise. A ??riff foi
reveBBe only is one laid ou articles th?
like .,f ?hi- h th' , .,-,? fr- :? ?
i .t produce. 1'nder h protecttvs tari"
law t!...4e tilicas ?ire OU the free ||st. It
tie ahn.lar rear 1113 almost M.Ooe.OOO.
? erorth <>f such artlcl? su... imi
IntO tliln ."iintr> absolut? 1> tr.n of duty
luch articles con lltuted II per real ol
our total Importation ?t- plarii | I
artlcl. on lha dutiable list snd r?rnv?vlni
the dut) from all imports ? ..?v dutiable,
? \ ?i.? luxurii ? ' th? i " o ... rats i mild
have st\eii u? wha| they premised "a
"Over 1200,000,000 of the artlcl? nos
dutiable are 'luxuries,' which an dutlabl?'
inder any system. H? pta? Ii k duties on
the articlea noa free and leaving iuxu
? I? ??' on the dut abh Hi t, the Den ?
i I.,..' raised ?n Ihe r'-i?n'ii* noa
rured through Ih? i torn h - snd si ?
lower rate of dul i h? ? ??? o ild I ive had
ample r? ? enue with? I
?? ? sad the suld ''?' a done it with
? ,u. r rat? of dul titan dob prevail
Moreover the) could then late reeerved
th.- Income t.>\ for er-terg? But II
p ?? ore --i.:i I ?VanI thai , ??!. th?.
.- ? i .. .i . r ti ii ? o.eoii worth
of Importa none were placed on 'he dutl
able p.? .,.4 a delib?rate move toward '.<
tariff 1 revenu? onlj The f? ?*? Iten
ren oved from ihe free i at t . the dutl i ?
? ' an r> so transferred for entirely ??*
? i ? re laid on the
. i n ths exli ting law, In ? mi
eaeea at the une ratet but In BKat rssca
at lower i t? i though there ar- a few
..??.?. of Increase! In rates. The pn en1
dutlea v.r. laid lo pi-oduce both revenue
and protection The peaidlng Mil ?ill ad
mllledl) ra: ? ;? . . ind afford let i
protictlon it drafted along ths llnta
of a ptot. . (?\.- tarn] law, b- - -t . . tl ?
?lull' - laid on competing arti 1.1
Whether or not the rates sre sdequstel)
protect I v< wit i.e i? ..ne.) later by expert
rhs Invention or th? t.-rm ?com?
petitive tariff for the t.<>ii.*v embodl?ad In
Ihl Mil i? another confession thai the
! ?etiio. rafi'- platform promise of *a tariff
for revenue only la t., be Indefinitely post?
poii.-d, if pot abai do? d
"In form the principal chance In Ilu?
tariff is the aUbstitUtlon Of sd -..lor. in
duties for ?p..-in.- ,idtie.. \.i valorem
dutlea ha?.,- h.a., eon?1emned by every
it.-s'.di-nt n'i every Secretar) ?.f the
Treat m r, t- gardl? ? of party, with the
Ingle . v ?-pilon of Rob? n Walkt r, I
iar> of the Treasur) In troika adminis?
tration and father "f the tariff... t >.r ist.;
Crudities and Contradictions.
"The hill .?.malt's man) cruditisa and
? ontradlctlons that Bill no doubt i"- point
. .i ..ut during ib? ?i- bate In i 'ongi
auch, for example, -is placing flout ?>n the
fre.. list while retaining a duty on wheat
th.- put post i" log apparentl) lo hold tbe
sllegiance "t the fermera and ?.t hit the
S Ick? d liiaiHlfa? tur?is.
"Th.. country has never ?>ef.,i, been ao
well prepared t.. axperimenl with Demo?
cratic fkrlff theoriea Por aev? ral ? ? at
the '."" m.-- a m. n ol ih? . "uii'i ? have
i". n moving with Kn-.it . on.. i ratlsm
Ths . ?iiintri has not been undergoing any
fever <?f ap? culation, Ths '-r..ps bsve been
.-ti. -Ill-ill. .1 All the fundamental b.l-lia
oondltlon are aouad snd atreng if ths
i >?ni?,. i at i. part) has Ihe ability lo tire
i?1 ?? ?4.i tariff, snd win revise the > ur*
renej laws along llnei whose wisdom has
I been demoBstrated b) long and varied
j ? sp H' nee, sad dill su.i In n storing
lour m-n i,am matin,, n win have demon?
Mi ated it- right t<? contlaued sow? r And
buMuesa men, regardless ?>r party attti?_.
llol.H, ?ain.-a.tly ? hi, jl mu. . ?
'The PrestdeBl has rightly ?helar? d th.
tari? t.. be the moe. imp?t tant of ail
PSndtng national question The hill now
before Congrem is uu.i.irstood to b.- the
i"itit pro.iij, t of th.. President and n?pro.
sf-ntatlve meinbi rs of Ixith houses <>f i'on
gress. It Im detlnitelv an administration
Bod party ncasurc The whole power of
the executive oflhe In lo be Used to pas.t
It sub: tantlally UllllhSBgSd What.-v.-r
inny be the final form of the tarlfr law,
If under It the ,-nuntry prospers, the l?re?
Ident and his party Bill deservedly have
the ? re.lit. if uniler I! the country, able
and ?ag.-r to mine mightily forward,
should MiifTer. the people will rightfully
I'la.-e the rseponMbllllf on the President
and his party
Attorney for Negro Seeks to Prevent His Extradition
to South Carolina.
Thlladolphlg April I, Reportad otter?
aueeM of Qovernor <"oie neaae or south I
?"aroiina. were odvonoed an reoootta m1
habeas ? orpuf? proecedtnifs before Judpe
Kerpuson. in Cjuart? r Sessions ''oiirt to?
day, why Joseph i ?rant, otherwipe known
as Frederick Brown, a n.-Rro, eharsed
with killing two wlut" in? n. should not l?
turn.*.l OVer to otll.lals of that state on
Th?* murder- Charged OgalBOt ?"?rant.
who wai arreoted at his barber shot. tuero,
occurred eeven yean ago at Bdgefleld,
B, ?". He Is said to have confpssed tin
killlngo, ooflorting thoj were ?n da
Oovernor Tener, <>( Penneylvanl
arad Oovernor Bleae? i requtattlon, .-md
cou noel tor Grant pettttooed for ? wrll si
habfOB ?orpus.
"Oovernor Bleaae, In public uttei
said ??tant i attorney, "baa announced to
the world thai be will oof prote I ai
negro accueed ol killing a white man
Public s. ntiiii? nt na ? bei p oo ai caned -\
tiu'se otatementa that ?? negro i ?
have ? fair trial ai guaranteed under i >e
? lonotltutlon. '
.Fu.!-'" Kergu o ded ilon.
Important Forthcoming Public Sales 7^v
under the management of
The American Art Association
On Free View 9 A. M. until 6 P. M.
At the American Art (ialleries
Madison Square South. New York
Valuable Paintings
Of the Barbizon, Modern Dutch
Contemporaneous French, Early English, and
French, American and Ancient Schools.
Including an Important Portrait of Geni. Knox, by Gilbert Stuart
Several Important Barye Bronzes
And a Number of Etched Portraits
and Autograph Letters of the Barbizon Masters
and Other ?Celebrities
Which are to be disposed of without reserve or
restriction by crderof the foil wing Estate?,
Private Owners and others in interest:
Stanley P. Gifford, Esq.
Est-tes of the late
Charles Clark and Sue
McLure Clark
Iit f>r?l*r of
ii,- Maaiaaippl ?Teltej ttnai *n
I ?.<?? >.l??r. -I. t^.til?.
estate of the late
H. Victor Newcornb
Kstate of the late
Peter Hassinger
From the private collection
of Hir 111.
Edwin Thome
Mr. W. Beach Day. Cardo/a & Nathan. Mtyt.
On Monday and Tuesday Evenings iVexl
\pril 14th and I.Sth. at &? o'clock
In the Grand Ball Room of The Pla/a
Fifth Avenue, 58th to 59th Street.
\?1nil??>."n h? ?-uni lo h?? h.id frrr of il.?- uinii?,. N
? ? Profits? ly Illustr?t? d Catalog. ? -
The Very Interesting
Mr. Walter Manchester
Miss Ida M. Manchester
... Berkeley. ( ilifornta.
Consisting of
?\ntiquc and Modern Chinese
and Japanese Porcelain-?,
...i an.t Mo-ern Satauma Van Pina
Olli snd Ivary - irrlni
\niii'i.. I'hln? *?? mivI .Ihi-.h!---- Bronn
.,. ,i ? iu.ini . and Knife Handla?.
Hnuff Bottl?*s Objects In Jad? sad
Rare Cabinet Specimens
Mia? ? Metal \n ork, Old '""
? . ? ? md Jai ..:???? i ? ?'? Il s ?? i Km?
i.roid.tt.-.. Ran i.?|....i. ?.* .-..'iii Prints,
m. ?:iifui '?pan???- Ktenells, Old Delft
, European
imlea, a d
Etching! and Prints by Kem
hrandt. D?rer. Van Leyden, Mer
yon. Haig and other Masters,
Water Colors and Drawings by
Turner, Constable, Girton,
Guardi. Prout, Van De Velde
and others and a few
ln.li.il.iii; .in l;\:miplr |>? Ten i er?,
lh<* \<>..<>_<-r. it I roil ?nil I lanar I'l?-? <?
l>> Hi? IIitiii. .nul mi I MM??.rln ill W...U
l>> I run?. *?ii>?I.t?.
lo I..- ?.,,1,1
it? unr?-?t rl? t?-?l l'iilili.- -vile
On Wednesday & Thursday
Afternoons, April 16th & 17th,
at 2:30 o'clock
And Thursday Evening
April 17th, at 8:15 o'clock
M H..
American Art Galleries ?
The Furnishings
and l:mbellishmenl>
of a Private Residence
consisting of
Antique and Modern
\rtistk Furniture
of foreign Hn.| llnn'e.ilr mnU??
Oriental and European
line Clocks and Clock Sets
Fine China and (ilass
A large quintity of
English and Domestic Silver
Steinway Baby (irand Piano
Oriental Rugs
Etchings and Engra\ings
Miniatures and Cabinet Objecb
Bronzes, Enamels and many
other articles of interest
hi .iiir??.i... i. ,i r,,i, ,, nul*
By order ol Kxccutors
Un Kriday and *>.?:?:. J.?
and Monday Af.ernoon?.
April 18th. 19th and 21st
at 2:30 o'clock
Al Hi.
American Art Galleries
A Valuable Private Library
To be sold by order of Executors
Will be placed on Exhibition beginning
Thursday, April 17th, and sold on
Tuesday Afternoon, April 22d, at 2:30 o'clock.
? Gatelafma of n,. pj??t? ttirr?? aaUs ?HI b mailed ".? ?ppllcatiM
The Sales will be conducted by
MR. THOMAS E. KIRBY, assisted by MR. BERNET, of
*?ftV .?? **.?
H I H.I i;ii| Mireel. MariUon N|. Houth, *\r?v *i?.rk

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