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Disbarment Data Produced
When Kendall Is Asked About
Alleged Bribery Attempt
Thirty Years Ago.
Bank Note Official Went to Italy
to Have Mental Disorder
Treated, Says Lawyer
Makes Much of Ex?
posure Threats.
H T??pmrh tr>T!.e Trihu-?
Albany? April 0.?Thomas Byrne,
clerk Of the Appellate Division. Second
iK-partment, appeared, in answer t:? a
mbpoma, before th? Senate Judiciary
CMamHtee to-night arlth the papers in
disbarment proceedings brought against
senator Stephen ?t. stiiweii several
years ?po. The referee before -whom
the hearings had been lieui died during
their progress, and they ?a ere never
eenllnnnrt. it ?-as stated.
Introduction of the disbarment data
went to confirm indications that the
door for a wider investigation than at j
first planned bad been opened with re- j
gard to the charge of attempted ox-j
tertlon made by ??corse II. Kendall'
against Senator BtHwelL While Ken? ;
rlall was on the stand under cro??- -. v
anilnatlon. Edgar M. Wilson, count>..l
fsjr the BCCUged Senator, asked him
about an alleged attempt by Kendall I
to bribe a Virginia legislator more than
thirty r-cars. ago. The rulea of. pro
eedurc for the Investigation adopted hv I
the Senate restricted the testimony to
facts concerning the truth or f.iisi'.y
of Kendall's; specific charge against'
Stllw-ell. When the Virginia matter
was brought in. however, in an attem* t
la attach the credibility of the njlneipa.
witness against Stilwoll it paved the
way for the? Introduction of testimony ;
run-ernlng Stilwell's record.
Corroborates Kendall.
The first corrobor?t i on of KendaJl.
- ' re?- was had late this afternoon I
when Georsro A. Field, vie?--prc?-ident of
the New York I'ank Note Company,
was called to the stand. Field's testi?
mony, s?, far as It was taken, corrobo?
rated nil that Kendall swore to about
his visits to the ?'apltol. bis talks with
Senat.r Stihvell. and later the lnt?*r
ebange ol telegnuna, the threat to ex>
pooe Btllwell and the telephone eonver
mtlons with Field at n second trie
phone switched in on tho main ?rire.
He Wag a very (prick, keen, precise
1 he crotB-examii.rilir.ii of Kendall
revealed a twofold line of atta?-k pur
poaed by the demac?, The first, ai
ready In lloatod hg the Csot that Btll?
well has Dr. ?h;.r|e<; I.. Bail?*y. an
Albany alienist, attached 1o his Staff, .
was i blunt statement that the lawyer
Intended presently to .prove that K< ti- ?
ilall went to Italy la su year to be
treated for a mental disorder.
The second, on erhtch ? ven ?-t. at? t
str?-??? was laid, ?vus that K? n?lall In
threatening to dinclose BtilBrell'S al
Irsjed extortion unleea be had i?*gisia
Hori in -which Kendall was Interested
reported favorably from committee in
both hous.s. was guilty of a felony, and
c-'uid be send to prlaon.
Ne|th??r lin? of attack BBBBBBd t..mak<)
mu.-h impression on Kendall. He ad?
mitted frankly that he had threatened
Mttwell with eapoaure if i?' didn't prcas
Hi?- bill, and Insisted lime and lim?
again that he did what was right und? i
the circumstances. Jle snid he hadn't,
aaked anybody for immunity, n?. Im?
munity had been propose?! to him an?!
lie didn't want any. He. Bald If he'd In?
curred am- p?nalty by what he did he
was willing to take it, f?B he didn't care
what happened to Mm.
Insinuates Rsvengs.
Btllwell's lawyer tried to make these
admissions and occasional slaps at Stll
"BUsa appear to the committee as
"vituperation" and ?videnees of a "re
^ngf-ful nature." To K-ndaH'H pro?
tests against su'h characterisation !,
"If you're not trying to revenge your
ielf, why are yuu h?"-re?"
"I'm here as a noble a?t," shouted ,
Kendall, rising from the witness <*halr.
"with 4-verythlng to lose and nothing to
Which remark was not particularly
an evldencg of insanity, for ihat is
about where he stands if IiIh case
?"falnst Stilwell doesn't ban? together.
It it hand's together he won't have
gained much, either, beyond Home per?
sonal satisfaction at having been the
instrument through which the inquiry
war started.
Kendall \oie*-d some highly uncom
Himeniary ?.pinions of Ser.aior Stilwell
during th?-* day's session.
"HCs no bitter than a bribe taker
?nd a thief," he said.
"A man who's as well known to you
a? to me as a criminal." he said of Stil
B*eU to that legislator's lawy?T at an?
other time. This particular remark
niis.d sucb a rumpus that it was
?"?TU ken trorn the record by order of
?*?**nator Murtaugh. chairman of the
"!.'.?r"? mm on.- of ihe mildest terms
Kendall BPpMed to StUwell.
"You've called e\<r>br,dy liar atol
thief for the last thirty years, haven't
>''U*"' queried ?Stil well's lawyer.
Ks-ndall didn't get a ?hamo to BB?
???er, for the question was ol>J?'ot"l
at. He did say that he hadn't any
Halles .'txainst ?tilwell, was 'xtiv
?Bt him." and "would be glad to hush
??P the arbole matfr and Rive the man
* chance."
"You ail! i.e gladder hereafter; you
?"?" ihe on?: that WHnts a ?han<e," re?
tort??) Wilson. when upon Kendall
anaahad Mm wiih egxassssve ?ourtesy.
Attsck Overdone.
la on?. s?-n-ie the croan egnmlnntlon
Wt the ?i* f*ii. *r. NSilnon was B?-|
fofonatc in his manner with Kendall.
He left constantly the impression ot
baiting the wftaeas, sneering ?t hhn,
****N****m to read lato tb? i""'"'1 *>Y *m~
plication aoeuaatloas aRainst him and
his ?cmpany and his methods ol doing
buslneea, Kendall resented these bit?
tsrly, and retort.,] -a itii ? hoi tongu?
which left lawyer ;m(j witnosa in
squabbles half the tier.
Wilson constantly sought ?.eke
it appear that a Failure of Kendall to
answer his question! without explain?
ing his position, and g refusal t.. an?
swer some <>f them unleai they were
restated, was ?lue to * mental railing.
Kendall was ?Mo t., answer question*?
by the Attorney General and his own
lawyer, Edward P, Lyon, without the
Slightest trouble.
Wilson ais,, sought to make much of
Kendall's light with th?- Stock Ex
ehaage, dragging it into the testimony,
although Attorney ?Se?era] Carmody
and Beaator Murtaugh warned him
that |( was ? collateral Issue, ii?
grilled Kendall at length about Ihli
without much apparent result
Kendall declared the methods em?
ployed by th?* stuck Exchange v.r..
"driving the steel engraving Industry
ont r.f h-i-inc???." When Wilson re-1
fcrrerl tO "the large number of <?
gravera" In Now fork, Ken?Jall said:
"Ton i? crasy, man."
"To'i think it's me that'a looneyr*
queried Wilson.
"i do, ves." was Kendall's reply.
"Well, it's for the committee t.? de?
, cide which <>ne of us is mistaken," re?
torted Wilson.
Still Some Business.
Kendall'a lawyer w..s able lo put on
the **eoord testimony that the New
York Bank Kote Cotnpsnj In the last
two years had made $125,000,000 <?f
bonds for New York City, which leemi -1
!.. be perfectly satlsfsrtory, and g--'.
these contracts over the opposition <f
the Stock Exchange, which refused to
liai the bonds.
II?- siso brought out the fs< t that
Kendalls company ?eras only one of;
twelve discriminated against bj th?
Stock Exchange, .wo that the lull fa?
vored by Kendall, in connection s'lth
which Stihvcll IS charged with h.r
sought to extort $8.600, WOUld have
beneflted eleven other concerna bssidei !
K< ndall'a
Oovernor Puizer expressed himself
strongly to-day !.. .?use the Btilwell
lawyers had i?r. Bailey, the alienist
sitting with them wat. hing Kendall.;
Ho interpreted thla ss equivalent to
intimidation of a witness.
Bronx Committee Wants No
Records Commissioner.
The Bronx County Committee, so or?
panizal!.m f..n.i?vi ?. ? t1 < advocacy of
The Rroiix SS B county, by an overwh<1m
Ing vote at the "i?J oourthousc building,
Third n\( DIM S_d Utth I tr? l '. The I':-." I
went on record h.st ntcht a.- opposing Ihe
bill recently latrodoced si .\'.i.a:iy b)
Benator Stephen J. suiv,. ;i, ol Th? Bronx,
providing for 11 appointm? nl of a com? /
mlssloner of records ?>f The Bruna t.?
auperlntend th<* copying snd transfi r el
all real est^t? r-.*.-..r.is end maps In the
oAoe of the Register >.f tbe Count
New York sff? ' | property ly ng In the
new County oi ii.?- Bronx,
i e bill s*sa described -s "Inlqultou '
"unjust." "?dangerous." "a breach of faith
with th?? peopi? " and "a weapon in th?*
mds of thi < ? > unes of Hint , >-. '
n.. nt for The Bronx." J. Fairfax M?*
ighlln moved thai action be suspended
.. ai opposition t.. the bill by the Brsi *
i.innty Committee "be prejudlcta1 to th
Senator's Interests" and serve t?> sntago?
i. h the "public mind toward him."
.Mr. BIcl_u*ablln'a motion waa defeated
however, and of the thirty uxembei :.
? nt about twsaty-llve voted for th? reso?
Unions Oppose Paying Advo?
cates' Expense Accounts.
Albsny, April I.?The propriety of Nee
York State paying tbe expensea of repre
aentatlvea of .''*rr atetes who sppesred I
before legislative committee In sdvocscy
of in? r?->i< v.Walker Workmen'a Compen
?ration hid was r.iis?-<i In a eomplslnt Sled
with ?'overnor Sulser to-day I.y John T. !
IfoDonoOgh, In behalf of th? New York j
State Federation Of Labor, which I? op- I
posed to the m^asur?-, because of its cas?
ualty Insurance provision. The bill wai
Indorsed by SupsiIntendant Bmmstt of the i
stat?3 insurance Department
Mr. IfeDOOOUgh BSJTS the fll-s of the
Htate ?'ontroiier ?how the payment by the
stat" ins?maos Department of $s?o for
travelling expenses for t. t Diekensoa
one of the compsnsstton eommlssiooara ot
New Jersey: .'? B. stlnnanet s compensa?
ti..n commission? r of Michigan; T. I
I.rake, a eompensatlon commissioner ?.f
Massachusetts, and for thr travelllnc cx
panaas arid sonrisas of H. B. Bradbury, a
Hew Yf.rk City lawyer.
The?.: gentb-n.en all Spoke Sgalnst tho
Murtauxh-laekfton Mil. which Is favor?*?!
by the Federation of Labor, saya th? com?
s - ?
Will Urge Election and Primary Leg?
islation to Meet Pledges.
Albany. April :? The necessity of eases?
Ing slectlon and primary legislation toi
meet the j.latf??rm pledges <.f the Demo
??rath- party will be emphaSBBSd In a --pe?
dal message Qovernor? Balssr if* prepar?
lag tr send IS th? Legislature to-morrow.
Friends of th.- Bxseutlvs say he does
i,..t baUeve UM j'<n<1lng bills on this sub?
ject BSeet the part;? platform pledges.
Session To-day in Columbia To Be
Followed by Trip to Washington.
'!i,.. aevsnth snnual convention ?>f the
lntercoll**giat? Civic League Is to be held
;i; Columbia University to-day '?nd In
Washington to-morrow. Between two
hundred und three hundred reptreseuta
tiveM from college orgsnisstlons era ex?
,... t. .i t.. t.e pre? m.
The programme Include* a luncheon In
k.ii! Hei?, v.ii. ;?? en addrssa wil In ma-i? I
l,v Dr. M?*h das Murray Hutl? r. Follow - j
log th? luncheon and business masting j
there arlM be n discussion of the metboda
of eonduetlag s?">d geveeameat aluss in
ooHeges ?n?i unlvsrattlea
All. i dlm.e: at the Holland House Uns
avenlng the delegates will entrain fsr,
Wsshlngtoa, where thsj aill meet Chief j
Justice ?White and Ambassador Hryc.
early ts-seerrow. They win attend ses
?loris of Ceagress and the Supreaae Court
rresldcnl Wilson win receive them In th.
v\hite House early in the afternoon.
JT\OES It cost you money to
*** renew your mortgage
every three years ?
Have you ever thought what
might happen to you if the re?
newal period came during a
panic and you could not renew
your mortgage at all 7 Would
you lose your home ?
We make mortgage loans of
$10,000 or less to home own
ers in Greater New York for
10 years and you can pay them
off a little at a time.
They arc pretty near "panic
TiTlE guarantee
^P1'*"1 ? ? $ o,00u,u(X
Surplusiall earned) 11,000,OOC
176 B.vay ,N. Y 175 R-iwn SI.. B'klyn
4*50 Fulton St.. Jamaira.
City Rent Payers in Poorer
Homes, Says Tenants" Union.
Favors Bill Reducing Rate on
Buildings and Increasing It
on Unimproved Property.
[By Tel?i
Albsny, April :' Advocating the
li i ' ?**''iid ip bill, .;.. ,, mi ii 1 the 1.1V on
butldinga b? I '1 net ?eal ? year and
lng ?nimi.? i !i."P'? I* 1 ear li?*,i\ I? r
taxation, Alexander Lai? or the Near
Yoi-k city Tenants' Union to?day told
the Semite ones Committee thai "*ut
payei s In the ?'it.* Wer? ii. ??,, ? . , ??
than the raoak? ya m Broi \ r*ai ?..
"Tiie city pii-s the monkeyi b'.i tie
n-sodern In ??,.-?.- ,. M|<*, ? jni y
hsvs palms In fronl of then hoot snd
I ird? 1 - "ii the root, while sil 1
11 ?? humsn being? In the rity, sft? r
g ons-third ot t la Ii rent.
Set ;.ie four bare Wsll? and the 1 !.
of contrs(*ttng aim?, t 1 ? er* nos n .ih
Mr, Laa asid that tin
would carry !???? str iggle fea k ap :
leurs and/bett? r housing condltloi a Into
th.- campaign before the city electtoa
next f_i| ii,. %-aid thai the union in
'.? 1 di d ? Ithi r to ?.at up ;? candidate ol
own for Mayor or t.. support one who
pledgsa himself t>? |.,?rr renta hu.i b-t
ter houslog condltloi and lo I
......?n thi removal ? rhal ? u ..
"lang block" on the lower Bas! Side
Benjamin C. Marsh, .-? ? ? I the
fork City Congestion Commission,
told the . f.iniiiitt. ? thai the bill ? 1
deep people In Nss fork Cltj who a-srs
leai m?? it
"The most pron?
this bill," he aald, ' ar< the r-..i est?t?
Intir?'?*-?? In New Jersa If M
..-?. a Isa it ??m stop t ? ish ?t j
men who hare their bui loi
York to build hOBSBS In Neva Je S?
ti,??,' men will stay right In N'as Work
City. By redodag the taxation on
1,roved property It en.-..,!'-??*. - bul
m New Yorjc. Ai the Mine time It will
., due? reals, r? lisvs 1 oagBstl-m sad d
courage th? holdiag of ualmprored p-op?
Xhe I'll. ?ii ''"""? Idas that th? ;
. idopti*d bj .? rsfsrsndum
. , t the i tt'.r. nss! fa
iMiH bitterly opposed by real o?..'. 11 ?
terssta, ;?i"i their rspreasutatlrsi sub
- ?? i Mr. Marsh t" a rapid nr? of ajuss?
while as was spoaklng.
New Haven Officials Demand
and Get Separate Trials.
Bridgeport, Coaa., April :? The trial of
Vj.e-i'i-iM.leiit H?*nry .1 Horn, Ruperln
lu.lent Benjamin R. Pollock, C. N. Wood
ward, former ; :;.' net? ,i,|. at ot the Shore
i.ine division, snd Laut*4*--H*e J. Cannait
?iiirine.r of BM?nteaa.-. of the N?aa
Haven, srhoss Hi:,--'?'d crlmlaal n'?Eii>''*n.-'
i?. aatd lo have tsussd the i-?tm errntm h*
WsotpOfl lat-t OatOfeer, ?ame to a audden
huit in the gupsrtor Court this alternooa
?when JudK?) Oardasr ?ireene granted the
defendants' motion for separate trlu.lt!.
Although this motion vra? reitarded at
th? turning point in the preliminary pr..
e? edins-n, the ratat?. i?a.*? evidently unpre?
pared for BBBB a ?urn of affair.", and
BtBts'S Attorney BtllSS Judson _Hk. ?! for I
a eontinidHii.e until the May torn to gire
him time lor further oi-*nelo*erat!oa of ?he j
casa, Alter a <onferenee between nhn|
and Homar s. Cuaamlnajs, attoanoy foi
the defence, the bitter "n bletantly
auref-?!" to ??ontlmie the CBSS.
Meeting Will Be Held Wednesday at
Natural History Museum.
? ine? tin?-? In the Interest of the eam
palgn for ? ?vi..- cleaallaeaa lastltoted by
the New Torh DspartiaeBt of Health v. ill
b? hsH in the auditorium of the Amsri
Caa MaaSBMB <'t Natural History. 77th
.Mnet ami ?'entrai Part. West, on
Wednesday erenlan. The e* eaahm win
sise mark the opening "f ih<- new Hail ?>f
1'nbll?: lb .?-HI*
Henry l'alrli. Id Ofborn, BfBSldent Of the
museum, arlll preetdt. and addreassa arttl
be given by Health Commlssloosr Lederle,
*,;.-?<. Bdwaird it Hearltt, btssMsbI of the
Wontan'i Monkrtpad Lsago?. and Profes?
sor c. i:. A. Wli?dow, surator of the bsw
depautmont of pubhe health In the nm
ssBm. roil??in??' ilir* addrsssea, model-?
and vi? ?*H deallBi with the relation ?<f in
-?.t* to tho dt*BU>mhntflOO of dlseai-e ?all!
he phot?.??
Rescued in East River, Says He Fell
Off Manhattan Bridge.
pater Uesleman, a Maman, r?-,-,,.-,'1
loseph llarelanto, twenty-?-.^-?., rears old,
m xmboret. ot So. M Mstross bvsbbs,
Hrooklvn, Whs SBld be Ml Into the Bast
niver ysaterday whlla walking ,,?,,.,- ih,
Manhattaa Hri-i"""* ******** *** *****
t.. the .?oiivinewr Hospital, a prisoner,
charged ?<i.r? ntt?*n.pt*"l BUM*.
Me.;,,wan via.? SttSBdlBg to 1,1- dull-,
on bond the Oj?*atST SlOOP ?Vatrus, mOOTSd
to the Manhattan aB-rttotragaof the briaga,
-,-ien be beard ? nylaah and saw Msr
efauits i? the water. At that polai ln?
footpath of UM Manba.tan Bridge Is
,,i>r..it i^) f-et i-rom ti"- n^atar. MoGom-sa
throw a iwpa ta ths ataW V ^?dau*
oaeded m p?'"ms i'"1' lat" u" '""?,'
$1,785,000,000 Loss Yearly
Because Products Are Not
Sold to Best Advantage.
Representative Sumnera Tells
Conference That High
Prices Forecast Com?
ing of Hunger. .
? 'in.-avo, April ?. if fermera could se-i
their products to the i-<-<t advantage th
would be richer m the aggregate I
1' ?*""''"'/.-ich -ear. according to a
psper prepared by Benjamin F, Voakum
chairman of. the hoard of directors of
the ''"risco lines, and read here to-day at
ihe farm credits ??.nfer.-nce. which ut
tackling th?- high coal of living problem.
Mr. Yonkurn's paper Rave BgurSS Which
ahOWSd th.if |tl.Sas,S?N worth ?.f fruit
and vegetables rotted In the BeMa i-Yfy
year; thrr? was $H9,9tt,tH loss from
co n talks, r;.<-, i!.?\ snd other grain
? ?raw burned in the n, i,j, and |l,tts,
"'? additional which ths farmera could
recel re it by co-opera tlon tbey kne~
when snd where to s?.n theii products 10
the best advantage, bringing u.e total
loa up t?, $1.;*.; ,n'.....i
Hat ton W, Huronera .. newly el* ted
member >>f Congresa from I ?alias, Tex,
predicted thai the high prices ol to-day
?? ? ? "the Blaster ihadow of comlnug
hungei easl over th- land.'' Tic re wi.
ii'i ayatem, he asserted, for earning over
th. '?'irpius of bountiful yesra to car?
foi th? lean j. 11 a,
! 1'erybod? at the conference waxed an?
thusiaatlr, snd there was such a wealth
of opinion clamoring for expression that
the t\*.. session?- provided by the pfo?
gramme "ere amplified by .. B<assion icdo
Speeches dorn on the programme were
delivered by Harry Prstl Judson, presi?
dent <u the University of Chicago! ?' W
Thompson, of Minneapolis; Represents
Bumnei of Texas, and j. n. Vug*
' 'kansa snd W, J Bplllman, ol d -
Department of Agriculture al Washing?
.'?:r I oakui. i- 111 si a aanatorlum,
? m an sddresa prepared by him.
i.oui: \V. mil. president of the Oreat
- ? rthen Rallwi ? * j -t.-i was lo bat ?
discussed the r.'.itt?.!. of railroad- to t'"*
marketing of farm products, ?but era
tsln? -i ??? .-'i Paul Impromptu sd
-? ni.-id?* by M. B. Ifoberly, president
? ?: ti. Farmers' Union of Arkansas, and
Oeorge McKerrow, auperintendenl of
*rs' ?n.* titules of Wlscoi
In his reniar'nN Mr. M..i i I aid I
m general farmera were nol business
? . . - ?
.1 bu Inesa men, ' Int? i kcted Mr.
\l K?HTOW,
1!.- .j an sverred that, compared
men of tl Ules, th?
farmera ?<>-iid nol organise, flnsnes *n?i
manage ? - operative ?cheme Genei
he s'i d< Ibej had nol the < ipltal,
business ability snd Information re?
? ' He menl lowed .-? number of
? ru' organisations '?huh ha-i fai <*d
'ii:?* w isconsln msn ai:?in s rose
i e t?rmet o m ? I ? ?? he d? l.n
i..? only ? ?n bul i ave organl I ?
do bu .i ? m \tkr un- ..t- n o..' He ?.. .
the organlzatloni ol dalrj ?- i ' sll men
R? pr?s? ntat ? ? i Summ n aid that
ti ? n? .???- ritles of iii?- !-.*'>i.i? . hanged the
...... ,,f government mual change, and
tlii? ?!. riiittfr of tarn, cr?dita ?a-? .?
l?gitimai roncern of th?- natloi -l got
eminent With ti-? rash from Mm farm
to tiir dtlei which f..?lot*. ?! ?h- Intro?
duction <>f rapid trans!! the margin be?
? ?.. n farm production snd general con?
lumptton '.??. i ? come dangerously narrow
Mi Thompson asid farmera were nol
effective!) organised, because thej wer?
unwllllns to pay enough mono) to ?.Main
able m?nagera Further, M la nol enough
that thej ahould put their money Into
.m organization they must put th.-ut?
velvet Into it.
Staple Crops Lower than for the
Last Five Years.
?Washington. April I, - PfefUMia were get?
ting lees for their Maplo ?Tops on April 1
last than on thai date any other tlni.i dur?
ing the. ISSt fl\e y?';?rA, as IgUred ??Ut hv
tlio fiureau of Statistic?! of tin- Depart?
BM nt Of Agriculture,
Plfosg of stapl?- crop? averaged _. ft per
ecnt lower on April 1 thlH year than on
Ilk?? data of lid-, :t.7 pf-r cent lower than
in mi, i?: per sent lower than In lido and
1*1 per .-? nt lower tl.Hii In 1Mb Tin- av?-r
sge "t prices Increased three-tenths <>f i
psr cent during March, against an a\
enge Intrsssa <>i* LI psr esnl during
March <>f th.* h.st Uve reara.
Corn on April i averaged ??'?'? ~ cents s
bushel, ssalnst Til lust rear? *'?'?' the year
before an?! as.- In ISIO; wheat averaged 7".? i
< .-lits*. SgSlnal tSA, fO.S ati?l HN I In the
ti.r.-e preceding years; oats averaged '* -
...ils, against 12.1, tt.l hi..) is.7: rye ever?
,..?-???.i a_i ??? ..is. sgalnsl *?? i. ?S.1 and ?SS;
potatoes avtraged ;?-'>..". cents, against UT!.
.;, , and ?J7.4; rotten ;iv?-r god 11.1 ?-?-nts s
pound. ;.,'..!nHt 1-..1, lit and 14.1, and bul
1er averaged 27.6 eei ts, sgslnst M.1, .-.'
snd ?I
nil hOSJS, heel, \efil, sheop and lambs
pries were better ih". ? n April I in nil
.in?I IS11. but in the in*" - of hogs, aheep
and lamba not up U> tic- average* t..r lilt
Hoga ??n April . averaged |7SI a i?*)
liMiind. beef cattle % ?A veal calves Hft
sheep MS7 und lam!.*- *?'?.??'?.
Its Next Senator To Be Chosen
by Direct Vote.
Washington, Aprti f?. RatMeettoa of the
constitutional amendment providing tor
.?h... I ?lection of t lilted States Senators
?..III have Its first effect on the S??natorlal
aituaHon in Ossrala, it '"-?s ssM bars lo?
lay? Senator BOON was renonnnatf-d at
.. direct primary last year, and Would
have b?en re-elected by the BtatS LOglS?
tature In June. The ehangS In the ? -,,.,.
-niiition win tar?e the calling <>f ? gaa
erni ?-lection when the LeglslatuM sassm
1.1..?., ami Benator Baeea'i asme win *.???
aubmltted to th? people for direct ap?
The t'rorgia situation i? saigas, because
Of the slimmer .-e*.?lon of tlio legislature.
Although nondnatad at a popular primary
Is* \ear. gaaatas Bason is now asrvtag
und. r an uppolntment b> tl.?- Govornor,
hl? term having expired ?ui March 1. As
tlie new BSSSadmeat takes away from
the Legislature th?- p?.wr to eleel a .^.-n
Star. H may direct the ?iovenior to ag.uu
make an appointment until B Ipectal .-!?*?
tion asa be held.
Albany, April *' Oomaae Nlnfr ta
preparing s bill for th*? election .?f i nlt.-d
States genatora from New *i ork by direct
vote, tn.i.i the proposed meaaure, the
Rueceasor to United State? Benator hllbn
itoot would 1" choaen In IM4.
Breaks Down Another Prece?
dent by Holding Conference
with Senators in Building.
Democrats Like Neither His Call
Nor His Efforts to Dictate
Their Course on the
Tariff Measure.
ff'reni Tbl Tribune Rur-a*.; |
?TsshlagtOB, April P. President WilSOB
hod another ree.-. d> tit to-day by go
1'iar !? the Capitol to confer with th-?
Dean? nitle members Sf the BoBBtS
naaaea CoaunHtaa on the tariff, and In
'id' ntally to BBggSSt to them that the bill
latt-odot-ed In the House SbOUld br paBSSd
I Without material amendment.
The Beaatora took neither the visit of
J " '? l':' ?deat nor i?i? roargestlOB kindly.
Outwardly they were on their best be-!
havtor, bal lawardlj they raged, and be?
hind the closed doors of the *r*reMdeBt"s
room-whi?-h bad 1,. an left anooeoplod by
Mr, Wiis.r,,. pride? easois. ssospt for th??
oaavoMaMc v.-n? at the eia?,e of aeastoBa
of Congress, sin..- the Haie of Prastdsat |
Lincoln- ?lay t-'ld bin? the ?-ourse of his
tariff bill ras stranrn with obstaclsa In
the upper non?;., and thai they purposed |
to change II In whatever respects they
j deemed wise.
Ai I o'clock, rann?- time sft? r the Benate
bad adjourn, d. l'r> B"dCBt Wilson, wear
lng .1 gray sack BUll and [,ir,?t, (?flora ,
bat. socompanted by hi aeerstsry and |
.it aervtoe rusa, appeared at the I
.^'l.at' Wing "f tile bspttOl and IMS *S
' tMted t.. the |':e,?dents room by the
Sergeant a* Arms ami the Beeretary of
i the Senate Senator ?mi'- Jaanes, who
O'-eijit,,! tiie r-rrater part Of the sofa in
th' corner ..f tie beavllj gtld?*d r?>ont.
?las tier' to meet him, and .?oon after
bl:? arrival th" Other I'.-.nocrati.- mTiiliT*.
of th'- Flnaace Committee, with the ex?
ception <>f Senator Bhlvely, Mho 1,;,,) been
holdlag a meeting doarnstalrs, filod in.
Behind Closed Doora.
' 'a- " -I ta- Pre lid? nl iuit : :e,rai d :
blS ? .,lit.-ten- ? * '.. a ? i.-iii? r. I
stegorj with the H ? . . on
tha tariff, which both he and Secretar)
Bryan urged, and urged in vain, ahould
i.pen to the i- '?' Boon aft?*r
i ival ti a 'i' ora wen dosed sad * ?? re?
malned rl asd for sn ion- and a half,
while ten of the Democrats on the i-'i
? ? i ?..iiunltt? .* t,.!,i Mr. Wilson, In a
round labh eonvi . that rocka and
dang? Is la In the waj <.f hla
tariff bill, sa i thai th? ??? teareS ? ?
a duM liav? lo m?nate ?-?srtaln itema
?? ' ? th?*-] regard?*d as nr.*?.-|. ntin, . ?\- .
? ? ? ? ? a I. a . ?. a . i
\..t ireinp- conteol with ? ddng I i<
? ? ?, -.. ? i ., *os?*d aad
. .... '? .i doors r*ould lbs 1
,.e t evidSBtl] DtsB'slled "i. tha Beaatora
to k?fep m lent ss to what had o ?corred b??
nin.I them, I? i' -i g Min m ?cl sa the nob'
?poke mas Ib p? rforn ed thh futictlon
. '
"f 4.?pp,-..e v?*..i thbik su ?' ? *? national
1 ... srrlve*,'' Ui V. II :, .
I ?_-. w!??n the newspaper roen
. .,* ? ?.i around ' Im T a ? ?-?Bfersni ?*.
., ? ???-.? . aad ' ?
i t., c.jine t.i th? Cspltol trenne tl?
i, ta aril ? ? sd
>?. ? . lier ,.: n..' . ?!? ? k>n had 11 en
rsa? ?e-i t-? split ths tariff bill roto pana
t.. avoid f a dangei si wre-*klog it la the
Si n.it., th? r ...i.? ? n?fused lo a--.
? !" ii is .. qu? -tt'.n for ?' ?? H.>.;???," l ?
rt ? | lo th? -, ons t?'it to him.
Ii would i.o' : - lng t.. s- tiatoi
howe? er, If Um d? ? Isl m t.. drl? e l
?Ion tl.ronirh in h su.cl?- measure ?rere
adherid to Member of the Finance ?
? .. ? .l'i not approving
V. .-re in,-un? ?! to h? Ilei '? II COIlId
Isa done, < 'sp. ? l.iliv as tie m.-a,lire is (.?
b m "ib ? il ?a* 'i ?? . a, mlitee may ?'? elde.
\\ it'i tia - rt bul mil lailnating > x
plsnatlon, the Pre ?Ideal lefl the Cspltol,
entered his automobile, sad arias whlri?*d
a B a v.
Senators Find Flawe.
T.ie B? sste, *"?<?'' pt foe the short aeaaioa :
?l*/en over I i routine business, seule?!
Itself down t., scrutinize the tarift bill lu
ill to da*. T ?? i '.in.,, rail.- member?? :
,,f the Flnai.'ommlttie held their firs!
?-. .ssi'.n snd found s? versl Haws, from their
point of view, which "??in i?- ? ltniin.it. ?I
? hi i th. measure r> xehet them. ? me of
these is the Imposition of a Id per cen?
duty on wheat, v. it h flour on the fre.- list. ,
This, by several of the l>?moernt.s. la r?-- i
gsrded as a typb-ai example of "srientlfic'' |
revision. The it' ?v Is taken that If flour,
the manufactured product of wheat, in 40
be placed in th" free list, wheat ahould
not be taxed. Thl y prefer not t.? take
the ehan??'* on the imposition of a OOun?
tenalllnt* duty.
There are numerous example?, of till?
klii'l of revision In II,? bin. The tariff <>n
textile? bill been reduced and the rat??
M coal t:?r dyes, Which are extensively
used in the industry, left practically un?
changed. The rats on these dyes eras ap
proved by the IIoi.se caUCUS !"-<lay. Straw
braid, used In the tiianuf.i. t STS of straw i
batS, la l>ut at a high rate, while the bat- i
carry a lOW rate
ItepublbatiM In the Senate have decided
that it win be liiadvtsable and uuavatllBg
t.? try to bio.k the pasaage or th.. win. m
tariff bill Th.-y will cOnfllM their eft'..ri?
to g discussion of the measure, allowing it
to come to a VOtS When this- has bSSB COB
eluded. Senaiors Cununlns, La i-nii.-tt.
and other? are already at work s?*i utinlz
|Hg th?* bill and plckln?- out th. defect.-, lo
which they will call attention when the
debate In on.
Trustees of Public Buildings Suspend
All Work on Burned Wing.
Albany, April fc?The Stat" Trustees ?,f
cubile Buildings have ordered th.- auspsa I
atOB of all work lor th.- rss-OBStlUCtlOB I
..f tie l.uriie.l s.-.-lion of the I'apltol. Tho
oontraets eanoelled lactads that of Chi.
lanan ? Preaeott, who have beea dotng|
the bulk of the wrk on a percentage
basis. Sine* | h.-y h-?K.'ili thS work, in
lfll, Ihey ha\e been paid Jl.-H.al'*.
Tie- trustees, consisting of Governor
Sulzer. l.l.-iit? naiil-i ?o\ ern-r ? II] mi mid
Bpoahsr Bmlta, "f tie- AaasmMy. sated
on a r?port submitted by lohn A. 11 ? ii |
BSSSy, Stato Ihnentlve Auditor, who ?-?
BBMBOBded tbi' 'h'* state adv?*?*!t.se fur
bids for OOmplStlBg the work utid??r COB
Governor Sulzer Won't Interfere for
Murderer of Patrick Burns.
Albany, April :?-? wiiiiam i?mi;ie?, ?,iiH.,
Hari' Miller, alias "Big l>iU." ?onvlei-d
of kllliiiK l'atri'k Huina. a New York sa
Irx.nkeeper, on June T. IBIS, must ?lie in
the ele.-tri.- ehair st BlUg Slntr prison it?
the week of April 11
Ooaamor suizet* aanounoed to-day that
be bad decided not to interfere with the
deitli sentence.
"The Top Notch of Scotch"
FRANCIS DRAZ _ CO. Sole Agent?.. United State?.
Senate Measure Places Licenses |
in Hands of License Bureau, i
[By Telegraph to The IMbuaej I
Albany, April P.-Senator Pollock, of
New v.irk ?*ity. to-night introduce,} nl
new bill for the licensing of news-stands
there which is Intended to meet some ob
j.-.-'io-is raised by Mayor Gaynor to a
bill recent!*/ Introduced by Asssmblysaaa
The POllOCk "ill OrOVidSS for the ISSU?
insr of thes?. li. .>n?-os by the Bureau ?if |
Ueenssa The LeVy i.iii provided for
th?lr Ifswsni- by th?- Hoard of Alder-|
ni.-n. Tld?; lattT meaaun "'as intended!
to me.- iii- situation existing on streets
?here Borough President tfcAneny*a men
m ahesrlig 08 obstructlona had don-*
swsy ??th news?standa rrblch eesupled
ni''h<*s Inside stoop lines snd the like.
Indictment Against Lacka
wanna Engineer Reopened.
??'.ruiitr. n v April I. - Bupr? me 1 ?Surt
just!? ?* Benton sranted an order to Dis?
tii?t Attorney Clsude V. ?-?toweii to-day
empowering him to roop<-n the Indictment
against William Behroeder, the engineer
1 aid r> iponsible by the coroner* fury and
the Public Btnrvi??>* Commission for the
wreck ?.n the Delaware, Lackairanna A
Western Railroad here last July, In which
thirty-nil;.- llvea aere loot
The original Indlctm? nt vus dismissed
?asi November al 'he request of former
District attorney Smith, who stat??l that
;.,. ta ?nd nut ?rsrranl a conviction
Recently W, H. Truesdale, prest?).-nt of
th?- Lackawanna, complslned to Governor
Bulser that the fjiiur.* t.. prosecute
Behroeder prevented justice,
?- . e
So Thomas R. Marshall Declares
in Praising Game.
Chi ago,Aprllt. VIce-PresidentTho ?
it. Marshall praises th.* honesty of or
Iged baseball In .1 letter received to?
:. by B. B. Johnson, [.resident of the
American League. After acknowledging
th? r>- *. ;;.t Of SI ngVS ? d SOS Ml pa*-?.
1 the \ U ??? President ea* -
"l sm deeph. Interested In basehsll be?
cause It 1. ?> fascinating tame, 1.ause II
-.- the great Aaaerlean sport, and because
it Beta au example to the business and
professional met of America which I ??
'valuable ss the preachments of the p-.h
Botana namely, thai no aoocesa la lastng
.-?r permanently ?valuable which doea not
rei ;it from playing the game on the
"The dirt accumulated upon the base?
ball diamond la ?Lan v Democrat ?-an-1
not aay thai for sil other dtamonda m
Sudden Jump from City Has
U. S. Officials Worrying.
By leaving thla dty on Monday Dr.
Medrtcfa Prana Priedmann rsnsrd mu?-ti
emba? 1 assmsiit t.< the government sur
geons. His sudden departure Cor f'rovi
den?M wa regarded sa sa set of dis?
Among tl.bjsctlona t-> Dr. Pried?
mann'a leaving the city wsa ita ill effect
??n the patients Th?* uncertainty as t?>
when u.. doctor would return bad mused
s degree of unrest among the Beton pe
tlents who were ?.n the test lists and \?..,-.
a cause of much comment among physt*
? i.-uiH wii.i knew of their condition
I'p to la>f night 00 ?'?.mrtiunii-Htion from
the turtle getan discoverer had i..-en re?
ceived by cither of the government sur
ggOBSj and they were in a quandary as to
what . outs?? t-. pursue. It may be that I
unless some eatlsfactory arrangement can
lie had with I?r. FYiedmanij th** govern?
ment tests will be abandoned.
Wlilb- 1 >r. Priedmann ha?l not communt
eated with those In ehargc of the Beton
tests, he bad communleated ?riththeHos?
?.mil f.?r Joint DiSSSSSa (Which Is not
under government au pet vision), saying he
would return next Monday tO conduct S
clink thorn
Man Whose Story Broke Up
"Arson Trust" Sentenced.
Bamuel ?.old. whose confession <?f deal-'
lugs w itii the "srson trust" aupplemented
that mad.- by "I_zy th?- Painter" and
started the proSSCUtlog ? hi? h has result?
ed m breaking up th<- "arson trust.'' was
aentsaeed to four months la the pealten? |
tlary yesterday by Judge CTaia in Oeneral
Beaelons upon Ids pica of gaOty t<? ?rs-.u
m the ascond ?ie-ft-.-e.
Morris OonWStSln. who hired "Izzy the t
painter" to make g Sre for iiim, pleaded
-,'iiilty to arson in the third degree yea- j
erday l??-for?- Justice IsabSSy In the Trim- i
in;.I Mranch of the Supreme Court and
WSS remande?! until Wednesday for sen-.
Mayor Gaynor will sp.-ak at th.* annual
dinner of the Pally NOWSgOgSr ASSOCla?
lion Wednesday evening, April n% at the
Wsldorf-Astorta. Amoag others urhowOI
apaah ora u- "- ?l,;1,'km'in- **r***m?M of
?ho Blackmaa-Rooa sgeaey; Pr-ofessvr
Paul I? ChertogtSBi ?'f th?? graduate
,!t.; ?f business administration, Har?
vard inlv-r-tiy. :ind Miss Inez Mllhol
i ,'nd. Pending daal steps in the soaasll?
dation of t"f' lullv ^t**tt**pti Associa?
lion? the national DalHea and the United
newspapers Into one association, officers
,o,i members of the throe organizations
Hrc co-OPSfatlng to make this dlnn?*r aj
tltanr April I.?Osorgs w. Blake, of
New fork, wkS ?SUS designated by tlo\
ernor Balssr to make an investigation of
the slate Prison Department, practically
lias ?ompleted his inquiry and r. ill make
? report to tbe Qovsraor soon.
and Health Retorts.
A registry containing informs?
tion regarding class of cases trested
at the best American institutions.
Working along the most scientific
lines, the interests and comforts of
patients are thoroughly safe?
guarded under the most approved
methods and sanitary conditions.
Book:.is or circulars of the fsilowtas
?an!t_rhi;n_ and health r ?-aorta in.?;, t.?
obtained t?y calling, writinit cr telephon
liiir to Tribuna Information Bureau. __')
Tribun? nulld.nc. New Vork. Ttlephoi.?
300O Be?vn-.an.
m ri.i.if. Moaais coi vrv. n. .1.
A b autlfull? located Sanitarium t..r the
tar* and treatment o* N'ervour, Dlaeasae.
Drug end Liquor ii.-ti-.it ?: it ion ..:??! InvalMIam
from miy cawae. Separata l)Uildin?r?, an-l
?rounds, for pr..;.<?:? aes?Satlon, thue jvoldlnc
K- nial aaaoclatloaa id al f..r rrtt ?.ni
t'l-up- ration. Limouatna with attends. ...
?tut fur p.itlints.
Sanitarium r-:'or". 81 B'.H-r.
NEWARK ?inn r. HRKMKV-. ?>???. nr.nr.
T?*:e-,.: ?m?- 4-I..T Mat I?"
The Oi\cns Banitaritun at Stan,
for?i, Conn.? f'-r the treatment ?>?
Nervous and .Mild Mental Dissasee
and al? oholic and ?J? ..--? patient? is 6?i
minutes from New Vork. and over
fifty train? ? a'*li way dalljr.
Addresa Dr. OIVEirS, or phone IS,
?Stamford, Conn.
On I he Oreen.
I Tor treatment of nerrooa pattaats?eleohoti?]
| aid dru* ad?_li*tloU A?J.'.r.?-s Dr. Kiln in
K.rrett Smith, T?l?phona ?'.tin So. Nerwelk,
i ?*r Dr. i. I.. I .,gl?-..ii. |*l B. 37th WL, K. V
| Telephone _ai.*> Plaza. _
The oal . '" ? ? ?-. i;i Auirni* ? foi I l
identifie treattnant of Artr-ma Br..ti<
and Catar h bi v .?p.?t inhalation,
I_ita Sanlor Pbyalclaii to the New Tel
Throat N'ooa and I.un-? Hoepltal; Vli i -
Physi. las to the St M .Ik'? Hoepltal and
? Hospital.
New Aeolian Hull. Hi \?. I.M ???
Por the irea? ?' In ?aaea of i he
I stomach. Treattnant la rondu ??-.: undar - a
moa* modem metliodi of n iedl< al ???i?-n?.-?\
Roaldent phyetclan and trained nuri-s lu
nstant attendance Itluatratad iV'.k'?'
ne 1102 Bryan?
' on Delaware &. Lact-awanna Railway
Tf aeekina a place for Health or ??eat
iiin rot fall t.. write or ass Tribune
i Bureau for literature and a line, larra
picture sbowlnf the wonderlnl acento
in il.?- Plan ef Leas a?i-?????.
. ? . ? .,...? ?. i ,.
mnn.rn inn. r.???? ???" phyalrlana as
nureea. 1 or Rookl. I .i d Rate? addr? ??
W. H. H??-*-. M. n_ _
AN XII-.OI I II i i UK | ill!
I a? Or. \ .?.i_l. m. ? ??. ii..r...ii..
1?H0 I'lirk I'Iikt. Mr....?.Imi. N. V.
f in- Booklet tell ?
i t>t the in atmanl >.: ? ,
Hr?.?n'i MllU-ln-lhel'Ine?. \>w .Icr.rr.
Mtl'll> ?JV. M'',(?IMH. Ml! 1
Mental I nervoo die? iaea; v itus, ? .. ?.in;?- ft
??Icctrlrity. DANIEL T. MILLSPAt'OH, Mi'
N. V. Offlee. 1T0 V ?* it Wed ?Sal, 11 a. i"
TELFAIR Sanitarium, .?XWVuWiW ...
for bottom llaeseaa, au-ohoiiam and eras eS
dlctlona luxation Ida?1; eojeiipmra*. <-? .upi?-??.
Idealreat '.>e. 1" okjet W. C *_ahwoftli, M D
DOTCHElTj^&?& ...
Quiet, rasped MUTOoadlna ?rentes?*??;
homo ......ir., eldarlj ;.?? ??>'? leaderl ir..j(..,,
"W00DSC0?RT" ~,;:-:i'y. ?r
ts?ium?how.e. Modera: Irapreef; alevater
Ti??i ?.ir?*, nervona l.r.-.akd. ?n. R.*nt rheuma
T?l. ?>r write, IT WADSWORTH
> It N ? I. L. N.V.
|ia ?-very facility known
to me.llrai e-lin?-!? for th.- <-ur? of Invalida.
Investigation ?le?.lr*-?i. M.-.l-rata rate*
V\ rit?? for brooi.ure.___
Private .-??!.atorl'ini, aituat?*'l at th?? gateway of
Unriot.ir?*, f-*i serveoi or deblHtata?] patleeta.
Comfortable roonu Ideal pla ? for re. ui ar -<ir
Kor Barrosa aa4 in"-n?_. Stoaaa?eo, u. -otMllo an?
drus habit; i..,..u;-t .lohn ?I. I>??ii?>hu?-. >t. I?.
IT..?liten..-. K. I.. ..rtir??. 114 Weatmlnater at.
Patient Wanted, Private Home
by man aivl wil.- .both nura.-n; I .-st rar??; epe
? ?al foo.lM; l?\?clenl?* aurroui.?ili?_t.. tonn- <*om
tott* no other patiente; four ?.-?.< pi.>al.-lan
att?-ndin(. 'Phone 723 l*ro??pa??t. Brooklyn.
Open rontli louely for Sftjr-aetree >^ar?i.in
?1. r win.' f..inii> manasement. For H"?1.!*.
!:? xt and Ke?*r?-atloi ?Vrlte for Booklet N.
1)11. i.O. SAHI.KK ?..\NIT\KII M.
KINGSTON tlN-llt PM'N. N. V.
A private ?antt?liSUl for nervoua ??ii?l fulf?
il, ?al aieordare. I'.atlis, masaagr, ?loctrlciiy,
etc Booklet mailed.
Op<-n t-? all phy>lciana an-1 aurgeona for
me?ll?*?l. ?ur-rloal and maternity <;?????. Writ?.
<.r 'phone 4 ??? AMOS (?? SQUIRS. M. D..
Oaalntns-on-Hu?**MMi. N. Y.
Wiitcrtoun, I ii. I.Mrl.l ( <>.. ? nun.
A TrKat. tnatlttttlOU with h-.ni* .?n\ lr^?nm??nt?.
chronic raaee, rran'1 InvaJISl?m ?nd tiio?*- .e-i?:.-?
"reet cure/' < hurle?. Uarrni .latkaon. M, I).
I'I.ainhki.i? manitokii M.ndsMi.K.A.
Cnronto ?..?..? ..f ?rartoua I. nde, IncluSlna
nenroua caaaa, Rle?*anl t..?- '..?ua?-; _u a.-iea
In lawn. Booklet I'll.m?- *-4
.lii.lii? II. ( oule.i. >I II.
a n 11 a r I ii m II ?
Sanitariums and
Health Resorts
i Appear? Sunday?, Tuesday^and Thurs?
days in the New.York Tnbun?? Only.
Judge Commits Pistol Toter,
Saying "Think It Over."
Micha?-! Katz. of No. 41 First avenue.
who ???a srrested ?-arlv \?-at?*rday morn?
ing and lat?*r arrals**ed in the Harlem
jxillr.? court, charife?! with ?arrying .i
,-. nr?-al???l ireepOO, wae a?lvli?>d In- M.'dii?
tr.it>- ('.?rriKan to 'thliik It ov?fT. ' w h. n
srreated by Patrolman H?rineeke at UN
Mr?*et and 'I'lilrd av?*nii<* ihr m;ui luid an
unlos?led re*#olver In hi** l.ainj.
At the .?latlon bouae a?rerai l?*ttei> an?i
8 number of cauntxtlgoe were found In
l.ls pockets. In on*- of th?- letter* he
wrote: "1 know how npt people arc to
condemn the a?t of u ??uleide as uowunlh.
hut ia It not more . ?.wardly to live on at
the expense of othrrH*" The court coni
mltted Katz without bail tow the sctlsB 01
the iiian-J Jury.

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