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Company Offers 8V2-Hour Day
and Compromises on In?
creased Wage Demand.
Operators Insist It Be Abolished
?Conferences Go On?
Waiters May Strike
in Sympathy.
Boston "ipril ?? ?The Sew BaBtand
T. !? nhox ? sad T< I? rrapl i om] say Of?
tO 1 CUl CO! imltt? - ut' tue
? lepbone opiTBtors' union to-nlghl a
? Itlon ? mbraclng i on
? si of the union's d> man?
. during a aeri? of
arranged el the Bo tot
>l . ?ornrn? : es b si i ffort to
-.? it the Un-, at.-ne,) Hike ot lelepl
?-Iris, WSS made ti" Kf ? ,,?? f
continued ? I iur.
\ Bn ; pr*S? Ht' d th. ? are
' to bat a Included en ia?B
m wsgee (the amount ur*4*ertain), bul not
taaadi. ? hlch avenured *?
. tabllsl nenl ol right and
? "? .half hour* ..s the maximum working
? ia> the tmeat of the
"split trick system," and the appointmeni
? ? .-? .?;?? ratora t.?
oniplalni > th? com]
Th. operator! ?? d oui
entire abolition ol the "spill trick, while
i he ? ? IHciaJ** wou dp I only
a iaadjuftm.m. i.a- d< ration ?d
? .1! .?..i;'- demand? h? ? und? rsto?
JUSl before -, ,. ? || ? . ... H*f|x*l
h'i.u-,1 .-? t).. i::eetri aJ Work? n l*i
which has vot.-.i to ""'i In a rtrlke with
? ailed nit" th? con! i
i \ i ? : ? Sew York. * Ice? ?
d? "f th? P.. li telephone ayatem, was
il i,., onference?.
1 ,,pi. ? ,--| isr? and Its ? k nit?
. -Mi.ii - ..; e:, sait I tek Is si
?an Plttaborgl . Phliad?
MOSt Of then? seem t?> '
11 to Boston si a lark and they
arsre BB?ktag th?* ntoat of it. Th. -
ring at fash ?-. la la th? ?
A new element wsa n.j? et?-d into t ?
: ?to? wh?M the Waiters' Union Locsl ?"
bsted whnher Its 7i>" m? i
should m rvi food I i I .-'*? oi ?
? msrgi no; op? rator ' I
?id who are regarded b?
"hello girls' sa ati Dt? br? -
II w.is d? e'de.l t. call nut all union'
N*a it en a! hotels nhelterlni
The Lagtslatnre waa aun g 1 i
risking to - l I sctloi
to da: .fter ; d?bats II
House thai oc? of 1
th-- two i'*..- i om anod In an
to ? ppoinl a joint oommHtaa to eon
tb. situation and mal
? ? -.'t-- 'tient.
M.-.. -4- wen held also to-nlghl by th?
: i, cabla apt!? ? r and btl - - men
? p\.?" the ?ei'piioi.. romponj. who
h.iv promlarfl to nuke In aympathy if
! The T'-lephon' I
? 'i' rat il of the x.i
Mien! Workers' I'nion. and has
moral .-:,i'ort o*' tiv- "Boston Contrai
Labor I'nion, which is coi ??? ' n? "f
the ? boi organlaaUoi ti i
Mrs. Easton. Who Rejuvenates Souls.
Deplora Its Absence.
trs you wearini r ?artel
?our backbone ought to bot Then you'll
ever b? anything mor? thru, on?- ..f t!,,
also n B ??? ?
Wlshll - ? ?o daring! lira
-Miidr? .1 Manby l.;.-t .-, who talked be-1
tot use Uf< aa a Fine Arts Club, at the
'lut' i a tor ? esterda]. Her subjeel wai
aoaality, an.i ahe .-: i.i ti..-'-.- *.i?r, ?4i
og< th. i too !" who hadn't
rton waa la a psssls
tor ant I i ? ran ? ? ?
pleased and oal ? rite.
??..o in Ceatral Pa 1-. she -aid, "and
t's JusI : " ia a., but the
ptopk '! I l . p?.*il it. They -
blous] .It ? ! we took
? Kr:-.t -??-a! ot trouble t" Improve every?
thing but pi
v or. roeana of improving peopK lira
"CaatoB is gtvtas aeasriaB room talks ?arltb
? 'ift??n rntuutsa' physical drill for the
lst?*ncra alter th taik "the object bring
S br>T4k i.p the ruts that habits of I are
i 4,sr" - -1 ? aa worn and o!?i ggt
tlHMigbta bave worn In our fao
? .j and 1 I up a now sei
'taponera to the more hoalthful, bet
? lag artd joyous, f. ? HagS >.l tJ ' MM 1 "
* Next Sunday. April 13,
? the second of a series of
i eight valuable and interest
\ ing vocational articles for
4 women, written by experts,
? will appear in the
! Woman's
j of The
| Sunday
j Tribune
] Miss Gladys Coates
4 I fneJie; ol Millinery _nij
j ?Domestic \rt at leathers
| ( olle?;?-, Pratt Institute and
?I Bamsfd School f?.r Girls, .f
| will contribute tde accond ?>
4 article in the -erles
| "Why Not Try
? Millinery ? ' '
Matrimonial Mixup of Manicurists Wedded
to Same Man in the Same Year
Straightened Out by Decree.
An unusually lar-re calendar of mat
rimonlal ?-me?., even t?>r "hargaii
vVl daeada* ." as the ?lay has bOCOTU
known because the anoontea^gd easvi
heard on thai day are t|u<M*_Jy di po ?
of, (confronted Justice Qlegerlch :
terdsd He hi ard all the casea he coul '.
and icnt several t<> other justices t,
hear, most of then to JtisUoe fjlnvetjan
Th? r? came before Justice Qavega**
Mrs. Miirguerite B. Back, for a separa
ti??!, from George D. Back, son of A,
Allait Bach, owner of a woollen manu?
facturing plant m IT?)? ?.i. ii'-?. The de?
fendant wag the manager of ih?* New
York office of ins father'a compan ,
The .-?nip:., were married In It m ?s and
?i*. s son. "for five years, Mrs. Back
aaid, they lived happily together ai No
7;?', Rlversld? Drive, when there devel?
oped dlfferencra. Back decided to ii'*?
apart from his grife, promising to sup?
port her and the child. He did not "?
so and bis wife does not know hli pt -
<nt whoroabouts. Justice <;.-i\i*itaii
granted the separation and aurai
Mrs. Bach the custody of her child and
?40 .1 week alimony.
Hi?, Ruth ii- MacKentle, of Mo 220
Audubon avenue, sought a divorce from
Roderi? k C. MacKensie, The Its
Kenalca were marr1??d In 1910, foll?*w?
itisT an ?-lop?ment to -i.-i ? v ?'ity. The
wlf? mentioned several women with
ahora she said her husband miscon
ducted hmi 'it'll. 1011 and 1012. When
Mrs MacKenzic ;..;.i the court she ??>,.
onlj twenty yosra old Justice Qlegerlcb
stopped th? triai and i"i?l her lawyer
that lie must have n guardian appoint?
ed tor the young wonidi; before
??oiiid sue,
"This is the ntosl ?:. ? that 1
heard.' said Justice Qlegsricb, I
after listening to the testlmon; "t Joel j
I Moon, a? s sritneea for hie aisti - In
Mauds Bsrber, I? bet aull sgaini
! Prank Barb? r. M. had told th
:...urt that r;:.ri..-r took him a-ton*** whei
..lir-.i on .1 et rtaln j oung a ornan
? Glegerlch asked Motan: "I>
\..\i m? n 11 to tell me your brother-in
: iv took .'.?'i! s Ith him a hen h? s ? n
. n .1 . srou o*. Moon replied
"It'a gospel truth." A decree will fol
Justice Glegerlch also listened t.. th?
peculiar mix-up "t two raankmrlsta am.
their husband, both women belni m r
ried t.. the same man The women wer?
Mi Margaret Van Tassel :?n?i Mm
Rose Van Tassel They both marri?il
Walter Van Tai -- : In 1907. LVeith? i
knea of the other until the) worked
together al adjoining tabler?. Then th?-?
- -ame confiding and discovered ihei
i the same husband. Mrs. Roi Van
Tsssel said ahe wai married to him !n
1907. The aame day Van 1
'.ft her saying he w is ?'?in?; to hunl a
flat. Bui he nevei came back, lira
Margaret Van Mass?! s.iiii she i.ame
,i Mrs. Van Ta.-?-. I in August, 1907, al
Bl l'ai. Ick'a Cath? dral, and thai he d?
serted her and th? lr baby. Bhe br< ught
?uil f< r ?ii*.orce which .J
O leger Ich promised to cant ii.?*.. The
other wife ha no) announced her plan
of m Hon.
The most exciting ca J ...-t li e
(llegerlch ?. aterda* nan thai ol Will?
lam \V Wallace, who BSked for ? dl?
oi ? from Mrs, i.'ina W. Wallace
alleging thai hie br< th?r ThtMna
Walluce, |r., Hoped witii hla wlf?r Dur?
ng tii>- hearing Mi 1 h? ma i Wal
la? ?-. mother of the plaintiff and the ? ???
respondent, fell In a fil In the court?
r..oni and *'. as i!, a tat.' Of ' '.rua '
half hour, Thi ei ? ? rd th? papera
I In the ' aae on Thomas?
Eludes Keepers for Fourth Tim
?Also Holds Juvenile Rec?
ord as Flat Robber.
i;,.; mond Be? ? ?? - years "id. th
"golden haired, angel faced" burgls
who plied up a re ,ird of flftesi
ment house robberies in the Rldgowoo
??????lion of Brooklj n b? for? the i oil
captured him, eacaped early yoatords
mornlng from the New fork Juvenil
Asylum, ai ?Dobbs Fetty. Up to ?-??r;
this morning be had n< ; been foun?i.
The l.r.vs genlua f"i escape Is be
ginning to rival his ability to get Int?
I Jail aTcsterdny'a escapade
( fourth .1? ?' aa than eighteen month
Ob mm occaalon he ?vas fourni on ?'
?treri corner in foaJtora dad only ii
bis nisti.t dress and ?? rain -at. and try
lug t.. persuade s i.ixi'-ai, drlv? r toi ?u
him to New York. Me got ou! -?! th*
asylum once by twisting bedclothes ?...
gether ami sliding down to freedom
! it pr? IS att? mi ' "u In No?
Prove Themselves Fastest ir
Swimming Tank Contests.
The Barnard College hinlori defeat i
the three other lsssra yesterday after
n th? Thompson Building tan]
rii. j?niora won v> points, tin- sophomorei
16, the aeniori 7 si men I Mas
Hadaelli 'Is, eairrled "if lirai
? dashes, making the leiiKt!
? ? ? ? ? ' ?.,-!.- Ii m thai
i any one ,; .
in th?. relay mee the sophomore team,
Anna Jamison, Panny llenkwell and
Marjorie Hillas, Bnlshed first The junior!,
nd sad the w alora third.
it- the as-yard dash Bleaaor Hadsell
carried ?.ft the laurels, making the dis?
? ? ? oi ds, a record swim
foi Barnard. Pann? MarkweU, 'i-*. waa
second Evelyn llaring, If?, third.
Th. dlvei wot? grmeted v-ith ?i.ilRhie?!
and "Aha from the baloony
Sophie Andrewa '11 won; Marguerlt? Al
and ESdns Henry w.-re aecond snd
? ? ? ? ely
in th? Bl?*anor Hadsell
hurtled through ib<- tank ?unid the
rirli .-- of In r claasma tea a nd
? In firs! far ahead of the others
orle lulls ! Mary
? llor, 'Is, third.
The backward d..-1 -vas the last event,
the m.'!"! ? v...'.. EClcoaor Minis, i:
an arm' length _ii>*ad "t Na?
la, 'i . who waa ck/sely followed
? ii .. Jamison, '11
i Occupies Entire Block Front in
Long Island City.
i*....- i?. EUhnan have imsed for the
BrunsB kk?Bslke-? iollsndei ? ?empany the
entire block in Long Island ''Ity bounded
by Review avenue, Piss and Marsh strse*
?ii.i the ixuis island Railroad, comprisiag
about ? i Irty-aeva n "*ity lot*-, together irith
I the Impaovamenta thereon, Including ??
large main factory building dl-ridsd
thr?e -.---ti??T -. a powerhouse and bolle
bouse, dry kllna sad lamber atoraga abe?
fin pr.'if garage, petal and varnish atoraga
bidldlBg. etc., to the Weber r?an.. ?<,i?i
pany. whli-h Is owned by the Aeolian Com?
Thi- plant which WBS built in 1*107 at
i , ?,.-?? of shout *."".. la one <>f the
n?OSl Complet* and up to .Int. factories
neHr New York, and will h?; used by the
pressai tenants for the maaufsclure of
pianos an?! pianolas. Walter Ki?l?lle, who
designed and constructed the pi.nd orip;
ii.ally for th?? r.rutiswlek-nalke-t^ollf il-:
i '? ?riipany. rBBTBBSnted them In ihe tram -
action. The lease. whl'ii is for a term of
tea years, carrier? with It th? option to
pill cha es
Ex President Comes from Yale for
Dinner in His Honor.
Kx-President Tail was the ?-nest o:
honor last nl.*ht at a dinner ?riven by tin
I'niverHty ?bib, I'lfiii h venu.- and "it!.
a tree! a reeepUon preceded th? dlnoer,
wjib'u waa sttaaadsd bj m?ambera of ? ??
'nib and a few gt|< I
it iva.*- the first ti'ii. .-.i,.. Mr. Tail bas
t.lkfll his SCSI a- a prOf-IT It Vale 0B??
rcrstty that he came to thla city. Ftotv
the station the m rrasldoni went '?> the
? of hi.* I I'"th?. II- in; \\ Tat!.
Not Worrying Over Protests?
Would Boycott Men hunts.
Only 'Cause' Wants Votes.
? ?
teat If t
. he i ffrsi lei
have theli ?
BIstcl ? ? ?? ?
Oui is res
tit] Mi Blsl
? ? ..f M.ui.i Indlffer. ? I hsd
....... . ? ?.
1 th? Mayor i.-, i Commies) ?
I ? ?
whsl It n tool ? SO
Personally, i don't think thai ordl?
nanoe aughl ever to a pa ? ? Sftei
our parade. Fifth avenu? d ougl
-.?|| Ing to take the bitter erltl I
lion In
the ? Ity for IM da] a In tl
t to
?-.. .... ,.1 M
) I ? ,
-.: t., ehop, ? ?- I? d Ml
I stand rea
tee thai ? >.nen
or theli huel andi will ? em back to 1
.. to i hop aome time d i .
?.-?.. k follow! i | the parade
In Blue and Red and Pink and
Stripes, Fourteen Fairv
"Suffi" Entertain.
u.,., to I nos i., i i "\- h looked I ? t
? .- Pert li rden ?a-ith thi fo ?
teen *? ollng In ti lime- i
i i ? :-. ? i : .. ? i and
Hi. deua ex machina who called the
pajama baHel forth from their tents ivas
s wicked hermit Forth tbej rares shriek
lag at midnight -pink ones, Mue enes, r?*?i
and white atrtped ones all kieklns
t!.f-ir toea an<l ?-hnekinr; at th>- to,.
All wor? ??- tii- custom ol ra? |
the cutest of lacey boudoir caps, falllns
in bewitehiag filmy rufllei >".?-i r??i ?
brown braMi or floating golden tn
\ii w.<r.' Mach ;-iik atocklnga, to i
campers do. When they found it wa
,i wieked I I H only Ihe kind old
farmer with a telegram from Han.
th?- pink pa hu ? nd the blu ..
and ti.? red and whlti striped pajamae
-..ii.r-d in an fail h ? ? amp? ? do. ye
know, .it mtdnlgl I
There wai a loi ol uffi -.-? ? efore
Ihsy got through, for tl ..? s. Il lo
play arith the punch, "How the VoteWss
Won.' tvsa the ; - - d< r?i Istsn? ?? on
the Mil.
The real hero of the ? i ? ? : ewsver, ;
na Alfonso de Lauro, rho si.I up with I
flfty gitia an i aang a pretty aong about
scmmei time, Thla sraa In the ehorua <>f
m . ? .'?."'. ?mi la
'! t. pragramme ended ?with the dashing
?It ill .if the "Mute 20 . i\> ?
Mr--. Belmont l.aji a large dlnnei part]
before the entertainment, and her goosti
Titi*-.i the i.?.\. i afterward Among Ihosi
v>)iu won ^?. 11 t-i her were Mrs Hermann
Oelrlcha Mra E ll. Qarjr? Mrs. Jan?
Bpoyor? Mrs. Lewis Nixon, Roben Qravea
Mra. MeCraady, Mrs. c. C. ?'.vier. Mrs.
A Atesandsr, gydaey smith. Howard
Taylor. Mra. Wiiiiiiin Douglas, Mr-. Clar?
ence Dtasmora, Mr.*-. Hamilton Pish, Mrs
.1 W.% ??erar.l. .1 It. Da l_..i.ai. Mr?
Mo ? iTayUs Campbell? Mr?. Kitshs Dyer
Annex to Be Opened in Fifth
Avenue to Fight Suffrage.
'i h? .niti-.--.if-sge snnes" ?in ne
opened Thurada] morning ".. lb? ground
floor ut x>>. IM fifth avenue, between
Mth sad 9th attests, by the Ken Torh
BtatC ASSOetatiOn OppOSSd to Woman
guffrag? The sanea will be operated in
conjunetloa srlth Ihe main oflta ()f the
association, which i? ?.n th?- third loor
.it Ko ? w? -t Mth -inat
Members ol th? sssodsttoa'a i tecutivi
rommlttee --ill r ; ? i-t ? turna directing th?
snnes, ssalsted b] i corpa of rolunteei
The arm? \ la decorated In Mack, white
?nd ress, the sfldal aaU?suffn_ge eolon
Badgi . buttsn and antl?suaTrage litera?
:??? will :.? dlatrlbutsd
Horrid Operator Made Frights
and Frumps of Suffragists.
- - -
Beauty of Speakers at "Votes"
Meeting Transformed Into
Ugliness in Picture.
? al talking mc* of a
meeting pul on at the Colonial Theatre
l.-.st Monday evening la to bi taheB off
th? board N la to h,- ;t.u i; oui "i ? a
I -ten,', ?it the deatl ? ' eonunand Ol !
ti.- BUffragl ti s bo poi ed for it
Bh, what '
?, th? uffi sgisti ?.,-. ii mak? them
Tin* audi'dn.- that night made a fea
remarks t.- that i it. et s heu It saw the
picture . fand? ? Die audlenc? ?; e aol
t :! sbout expressing oploloas, and II
ied to be the gen? ? ;? i** opinion I
wonu -i were i."t j*?..>.i loo
n, an) woman can Imagine how th?
ortgii al .i th? i" sk? ? '.n thai picture,
?? ho a ei ?? there, ; Itting up In bos? - si
woman will know how they felt. R?mern?
i., ring th? rialon ea? h saa In the mtrroi
b? for.- 4|1(. , t ...it for th? thsstn. II
,. rtelii ) '" aa i ruel herd i" - ?? thsm?
. caricatured and bo tnallgnud
\, ,i. th? i th? reft?*? tlon upon the "c u
TI r ,.|i,. . for? ? of the National Wom?
an Buffrage I Biwler s
: mov?? ?? ; " - ? i ? '
m hli h ? 1.1? rtaln? d ? Ighl boa ? ties on
.loi. . night, t.ad ban I: uni? ck? d Ihe
door of hi adquart? ra th? n< ?1 morning
!.. fore the I? leph?*ne '?? II ra? i-' a lid i
??Thi i Mr . Arthur F. Town i nd of
the W om? n a Political Union Oh, Mi
i.. n ett, thai it Ightful pirture! To think
ii.at ?? ? huuld pul ? a ..; ant I
m? ; ropaga I boards! "?Vhj
it mal i.. ;. .i horror ??' -i mj f u ?
. m arell, ? a f? mj -? If. but
i resent the libel ? n Mr John Itoi
?? ho ?. ally io..k? .1 ren nice, ??hen i h?
In tl froi t roa roi tl it pi '
Ihi . i ? ? t ....... l ave that aa
mi thing .* ippn ased s Ithoul d?lai I"
\ .......... -, lurst Mi Frai
- wltb
"VI a It 1?1 -.n thai ???? ti re ' '**?
? ! ? .1. ? : ?:? ,
m., look lift-, i kern.
r- legra i to Ed aon ?????? hat th? i*erord
or whal
Kind I put Mi Bjorl
: le I
? Ne ? r ahall [forget .tlo
h-m that 1
? . ?*..rk Aa th. dtff?
? ip to * i ? ?? - ? rent
and up tin the looked ah l I ?
My! 1 don't wondi r thi
Inking thai
thai "
Other prol I
... . .
r th?
., -? ?? In th?
? ?
g :bat
t ?? ....-,.? . ?
. . 4 ? .'
\ Is to se? si
? ? ...
Says He Contracted to Pay
$1,000,000 for Vaccine.
Bt laO-ll ipl ' - I ? : '
man of St !?.ut-. ?lire? te.l h'? ..*??
v..tI to dB] ?o at ; ' for
thin to ?? trail Ot Ftii
' ,.-.:. from l 1" Btra? I
??ith ." ? one i"r ?i ? ? ' ' a
. , ? ? i ?? Pried? '
?hould at! ? ' ? aed! !
on ti.i mark? i
v.,!. it,-! to have a pi
. ....ti art \? it', l n Pried
.-.-.inn.? r?-?.ai rights to ih? ' ." ' be ??"'! '"
? ? ? .. !? gl .1 ? ..'lira, i Till.?
lobei ? IfU ??.?! n
I >r F V I 'ric?invit;i. ted l?
i '.. tui?reiiloala and applied foi
intents in ti,?? United state- i" same,
si .1 Albert \'..n Ilnffman, a ?itlsen of
the tiiteri ?-tat.-., desires In seqfllre the
and prtvll?*area "f tlUa patent Mr
Von Huffman will pay, tiiiit-, .?a-.s after
such dl ??? ov-iv is r.'i'i?ni/' i bj the Med
leal f'uugisaa Of n.-rlln and Vienna un un
,.i,.-,,i ?t.- cure for lobereukMls, the ..uni of]
I. and -i\t' days thereafter Mr j
Von lloffman apr-es t., pay th? mm of
5'.,, r..,
.? -: !?? DR r P PRIKDMANN
IrYovidenc? April f?.?Mor.- than one
hundred ronsumptlves. ranging from
ti,., ? in in ,pi?-n? stagea to bedridden
suffersra wirro grouped on the groBBds
of th? state Tiii,.-rcui.e-is lanltarlum
when i>! i ri.-dinntiti srrived at Wallum
?" -da- tO ? "lidlK! i. CHolC Th?*V
? * the 'ornian bacteriologist with
?i.a i.? doctor planned t.. tr.-..t asarj
Inmate of th? a taltau him
?i? ? a
Apartment Houses To Be Erect?
ed on Plot Bought.
trnold, Bjrnea ? Baumara hav? asid !
i" George P. Johason ?v ton twentj k*ta'
"- the weel s|.i, or s. xn nth avenue, ICO
fed aouth of \\ est? heetor svenui . T! ?
The POxdsle Realty ?.pany, ol which
a statkm.m is pr?sident, has given
ni pari pa ?tii.nt five bv.? ??tor: build?
ings, at ih.- pouthaaai t*orner "t Mln
f'.Kl Plac? Sad 1T :?I street. OB a plot 1_'"\
??' al ti.- bttUdtaga No i..i:
t.. i-.i Miuf.it.i p?a.-.. on ? plot Ham
?'I. all Hve t.irv ?tr,i.ii.re. . . .m |,|.-|.-,|
by the Po&dale Realty Compaaj aboul
. o ii.- transa? tlon loi a
aboul Mff,0M
The Poxdale Realti ' oanpanj will .-,.,-,
tip < le.-tloli of tl?. |VS live ; torj
S| al In.? lit bOttSSa oil a plot on S.v.d,..,
Federal Jurist Back from Sanatorium j
After Operation.
J< '?-a ? '.all?.- M IlOUgh, Of the rM , ,i j
il Itet Pistil, t Court, paid a \ I it ?,..,, ,-' |
day to the pederal Buildlag after a long
..i... mee caused by llln? aa Ha app? arod to
ba m good b< alth, though ruB quit ,
lo reiiirn to the atreououa work ol ittlnS
Tin- .indue via., taken .-udd.nl? ill early
m .l?nu?.rv during court hour?, n,. mrma
compeiicd lo UBderga gg op. .. , ,
? atiutorluiii. in RoclMSter, MI nit
Hints That May Be of Assistance to Those Who Are
Planning to Transfer Their Household Gods to
a New Abode on May 1st or Thereabouts.
Comea now ths time of year when the
en of th? real estate agent i** beard In
the land, and many aro persuaded to
change thnr abode. To rash as srs
facing the problem "i whether to pack
the household gods In excelsior of wrap
them m blankets the following hints from
a much moved person published In
'Horn? Sott?.-." ma] b? ?-t ssMstaaee:
House moving la hk?- miii other con?
UngentHes, aaya 11 ? * - srrlter? it toses hair"
iis terrors If undertaken in a Hircrfni
frame ?>f mind, coupled sdth plenty of
, raeti? al fon thought
A? so n a - the date la Used and the
workmen er? bu y In the new h?
preparationi forth? traaMl ol -m? agood
Id be ' omtm no ?I and II I Juai the ?
iratlom that an ?'.?< to be veri try?
ing !.. Hi. ?'..mil- In gen? ral. In her
-um t] ?-- be ?? ? a-1- in tin... wit h ..il her
? i pot I? i* ? ? el? an, ?? the ? i
.11 i ., -? ? ? onv? : ? -i to the aea
plch si 'i pan el ode, m my a hou ?
. i-iii t.. dismantle the house and maku
ii thorough!) uncomfortable to list U
reek before there le any neceseltj to
!.. .|
I sdmii thai il.era la a good deal to be
i that it i*? nol v.1 .? to Ii av.
ever) thing to tl ? la H d y or two, i.ui
? ?' preliminary srrangements can and
hould i ? to carried oui thai othi r n -
ol the family pai t] an I srdly ? -
i.ting | lace.
*- ? reliable ti and
... a ill be r? qulri -i. I ?
? ? att? ntlon should i.? b< ?torn ed on the
content ? box roon Bv?rry re?
. ? |,- , i... turned out the cot
.? ? h i,. ?
can ? rhlch
f c to the owner ran !??
? ? -? .d " ; t into a aacl ind aenl oil
i.i- i ?-i aon or to a n is- Ion.
i.-.- roo - In turn be aubjeeted
t.. thli clearing I ? I ? llmlnatlon of
rubbish, and It Is I :i !_i to ;
the flooi Into whl h all
? n be throwi y
t he end of t he d ...
'. dlsp?.i of tl ? ?nti ? ? f tl abeet
should b?. searehed In ease any valuab
h_n h?"*n Inadvertently placed them.
rr op? room can be -.par?--?! all the boni?
ami cherished iwnameats un ht taha
there and personally parked? It is ii?*tt?
to let the professional men pack th
household chins snd glass, a th.->- er
then responMble for breakage and Iota
Booka abouM b? beat? i dusted an
packed ?'i caaea lined with ehseta "i pspsi
Bit -ii illver ornamenta and auperfluou
table appotntmeata and pletares ?-an h
placed between the fol i of blankets an
Tin- 'Ulla:;.- and blinda tOf th'- ri? v
hou ?. . .-,?? h. mad h- foi ? baa i from car?
fully taken measurements? and if ii""
leum ami ???'.ru ?-.iri>? t are iik.-?i then
-h.mi.i be laid before the move tak*
t.;.-.?-?* [f in?* weather ?:- dry then U rs
why th. cleaned snd beaten osa
pets -?iioiiid nol sise be laid. Loosi
und draperies should be dispatched t.i il.'
.i :? ? da) sefor? ti.' move
Beta th? m ?"i? ..f the ?say and th. -
arrlvi horn? fresh and r<*a.i* for use
On th?- ???.???utfid ?lay the family must bt
esrl. astir, th?1 bad linen neatly folded
ati?l tl<*?l up Itt ?I'lPt s-h?<t<=, ami th<* rnti
tenta <>f the hous? placed anrestrlctsdly
at tho disposal "i* ths asen. ?One rasp?n?
person t-i;..u'.i ,.??. t.. th.- new bouse
before the arri.ai ..f th* srsl van. as thai
be Instruct? ?i where the
Isrge pi?-- ? ? ire '<< be i laced.
with Judicious management one all
room snd i couple of bedr - i?l be
quite habitabl? bj nightfall, provided, of
, ? ?? oM or new hone i -~t ? ?t
, no great distan, e fi ? ? ? ? I M? als
ar?* B ttle dlfllcult at t ?
and ll I | to pack a unper
Inlng ta ? eci settle . a ...?!
tongue "r pi?-, .th'i a aubetaatl ii cake, the
? that the '
;!??: ? ? fa mil) - try t?>
Is soon as 1
:? it th.- <.!?! hOU e .? thorough search
for "left-b? hlada -'i" .;?! be made
i : ; ?
i'.?. '.(.--. - r?*'-irt ???! I
agent without delay.
The "Cook Book of Left-Overs" Makes Suggestions
Which Help ihe Housewife to Meet This
as Well as Many Other Problems.
f t | ? t . if every bouse
? who has to tempi
? ? it ? an
tlclni ai a. Th?
B ?oh of Left
i h?r m-.-t this enter) i i
the many othera which confront i
? ? - busy round gee f- ? *-?. ipi?
Oranqe Baskets.
W!. pulp of prang? ah ;
ad in si I pi? the Jules
? ith a hi ndle ball a-i Inch a I
.. ?-t?. ?? ? ; i carel - ? ? pulp
? ? .. ... ..,?.?
..n.i they
\ ?
to nt: invalid in tin- WS F
take the Juli of a
strain it. add two su|
? . Hi .i"--: Idd two tea
?iflllK ?if ? ? ?
api onful
??> lb...-.- ilce wll i tt
til II
:<> hard.*" I bowl
then i sal with ? i ?? ??? tu the
i thici
-,.-..| ?' In tl ?? --:nr.c-- hSgfret alt -r
. . ?: \. . ' .
Ptm ? ? ? tw? 'sthsn
- , ? ? ..-?. ...
Postal Card Departments
All communicationa und they are welcome^ should be made by po?t,il ,.? far
as it it poasible.
Recipes 1 ested and
lound Good
tu nni
i ? ? .1 mout..- ? !? ? ? - ?**?r
?a:*?. ?-tat. I
.'. , . ? . ....
. .. v ' ' I
w II. I... ? .. ...
A.l ;?? ? ?
Ko ; M ' -i- el
iup nim* ??? r* ??.' tot
msnusertpi which II
.i. I ? ? I Ltnpa irlti
n ? rsqulrtns an soswei t>v i?-tt?-r
\a.t..? ? n . nl ..i ? - la ??- ' p..' . '
? .- Item.
MEAT PIE ? *'it two po inda -f >? .
veal, lamb or beef Into pieces two
?er with I i tai I of
-? water, A'l.i one .-"..i '..-..?>i onion
???it lit?, ?.tu- tese] oonful of minced eel? -
"i a teaspoonful <>f minced parsley, boll
alow!) tor on? hour, then atld ow '?-.
spoonful <-f .*ait snd .? dash <>t pepper
Moist 'i two tables).nfula Hour with
iwesl milk and atlr well Into the ejrav)
then turn ail inte ? granite or earthen
aklni --i h sifi one pial flour, on? half
i. ispoonful k?'.; snd t\\?? teas].
..?.m. powder '.i-i., a mixing bowl Then
.ni. t?.. tableai.nfula "i good lard
ii Moisten with one cupful ol aweet milk
and llghtl] mix. and roll Into ?> ahap?
??i/... ,,t the baking ?h*1' la) II ?"> lop <?'
in.. n\.-at and gravy aad baas mtil .. light
. \i...ut twenty mlnutea la long
. Il'lllls'll
i u
Kin BARB ? ONBER> i: Boll tog? thei
lin-.-.- pounda "i rhubarb, i ul i""1 email
,,!,. . ; ti.re. poundi of granulat? -i augar,
pound ol ?topped raisins, two
orange . obopped mod?r?t? I] Sna, snd
pound of ah? lied English walnots, cul Into
Imajl p|i ?. i Boil lowl) until the luiee
lelUea MM ,:- ,: u
AND APPLE rii.i.lN?; Make a batter
oi ..;,. . ?-. oi ? - '" fi ol augsr, or* half
cupful ??' ihoi i- ii?'?; a i m h -. ?alt, two
and two third mpfula of Hour two tea?
poonfula ?-t baking powder, on? oupful
..i ->? --.i milk. Bake In three layer Una
.,? ?! make nillni .?.? t">!"? ''??"I *********
tot shout Bve min ut? ? the <"?? ? ?""l
led h.i .ranga ?**'" grated
apples and on?* cupful of rugar. Ipraad
shlle warm i- tw?a n the a*--1* A ''""'
olatc froetina may be assd with Ihiecake.
II, i: i?
Useful Household Tips
, aertmeal ?Ul pv Sea beasshslf^tlpa
It fo.Jii 1 ..?lUilil?. t..I ll: I?'" OOU* A.'-lr?.?
"Usr-ful II ??. ri?.|,i rtpl t ??part ment, *****'
tsrti rnbuM tie IM Nasssu ?areet
i" RBPLACE A iianoi.i: Whss ..
handli ...,,. . ?h ., knife? '"rk or h,,,-,,n
book, reset H with ?retina n*ax? the kind
''"' (St esallng lettera Has! lbs handle
f.nd of the kni 1 Ich el
?ling snu a
the cavity of th? handle, and when the
?cavlt) la full Inser? the knife Immediate
and bold it !!rtn ?upl? ol mi'
until the wax eel
taken, if ?'.. ? .-? |,,.,|, riot
to i??t fl ni*? ..m.* ass ? < rriluls
very || ? MKS I ' M.
a \-*\. POR STRING \ large ball of
ronnnoB white twine bau accumulated Ii
the kitchen i1 irlng "'i'1 ntonaanU while
waltlag for ths famll* to coma ts meals
i kidtted or it ,?, large -".'t >-i??tii which
? the bottom of my airs dtah?d""alnar;
:t prevents th?? alcklag of my delicate
chin.? u i shoot bo the ? ?ter s kleb drains
from th- dish??-?. i: J. B
? LIKEN, Th? ni"*-' aatisfSctoc] a - tors
move Iroi ?
?.i t.iih a t loch of salt, .,.??? .
eral smounl of lemon |ui? .> upon II stui
hold the spot ..ver the si?jut <>f the bolltng
teakettle \ t< .-??..-.. ? ? *
the cloth, I . I '?!'- out, oven a
? sal tig th?m. Th. old Ides ol
letting the aunahli a -i" i ?* sorb
.ti n.-?. b it i? hen It does th? re .
often apota at??! atalna ?m. the cloth fi -
tin- i??o o! three daya ..f oui door , N .
sure, which .ir.- -guita a ??? tlnat? to r? ,
moi a sa t ?' Pry to n rao* ?
tains "I all d's.-npiieti i,.for, the si
hss mads its first trip to the laundr*
,,?? the stain appeal a f,? d.i
aft. i th. M ill- S| I- ?i MKS w i-, h
IN'?: Ths Icing on a -..v.? ?,,11 ,?,. , e,,,^
or bardsa if -i teaspooafBl .?f cream la
added to ths whlh i of eggs ..tier ih.
..r.- beat? n m m
Daily Bill of Fite.
BREAKPAJT Rh il irb s Itl n ?
lamb crogusttes. popoi ? coftee
i.i NCHEON naked rice .n d ehe?
wimie ubcat bread, spi-ci tomatoea, tea.
DINNER Baked Spanish maehen
noodles with bia?'k butter, boiled onions,
?i.i nd. hoi. salad With agg garnish custard
pi.- ?? n h m?rrlngus, coffee
Assembly Failed to Commend
Suffrage Defeat.
Albany, April fi tasaaaolynaaii Cnvtlllsr
Irie.l in Introduce a rSBOtUtlOB to-d.iv
that ti,. Legislature of ths Btate ..f Sen
i <>rk sends Its conaratula thins to t),,
H tat. of Michigan for it-- a i4,- 'adgmeat
n, defeating the woman auftrage amend
ment, thereoy hslplus to protecl ?romaa?
hood 't ?.meritii ??"'! the Institution! of
lr? ? rro\ el limen'
The resolution was r.*ad for the Infor?
niaii'iii ..r the Assembly, but the unsnl
ni"i..- consenl n., ( a*-, ai ?>? tor ItB iniroduc
tlon was refuitd.
The Woman
About Town
woman who la employed In .. - ? ?jtjir ?
triifi how ?ho got in fifteen minut?e la'?*
one morning and la algnlng the tune bei
noticed that the persoi in i ahead algaed
"9 a.m." Not being versed In wain patu?
lea-, aba atgned tin ? ....-t tune or ar?
rivai, i'pon going int.. bar ov.ii deport-?
ment aha aasnttoaed th?? ineidenl to on.,
Of the men. 'nil. ' asM h?-, ' fO-fll
?h? harai why, that'll mai?' everyl
else late, ?mi its Menday atoralng, t..?
Oo back and alga the aaroe as tl
ahead.' Bo bai I aha want But th?
at the booh grhansd ith, ars've
up. Bui dkm t do ii atraen. W ? 11
make a regular politician ??'
K***mV to calm qumbtrmm
mm writ.-.-, to ssk which ?i'y la the i u
ii. ..utit'ii!. To a it- mp1 t.. ansa
question would be hke itkring sp a I
net*a tu t.
"ALL tfl NOT < H ?I.I >."?"Do I
jt f. eut t-. be a atai board?
the i.i? ? : ouag man ark .?->t sal] |
cream for his ? offee, bul ?-??? ?
"f eVci ythlng el -? Ifi si thai
s al '. es sa thei j ?
? p ;,,| [Of
' get.thei rai e B it tha? lai d
throwing thai awful daaa*l I
sie, and t?. tak? a lusab ?
won t. When l ?-.m aland i? no I
"ii to another putee- ?-est Urne H waa h
gtddj young ?fldoa whs bombardi ;
with attentions. Maybe i won
t.? get married snd b? rM ol I i
fellow! instead of envying th? loi ? |
*-tar boerdsi we must pity Mm
s ?? ? a aeen aome ata
Joyed their raise Immeassty.
ternoon on Fifth avenue -
i ound womai
dog, and directly behind
pound dantael atrti Ii ? to bold
' ontra il the) ?? . . t?sr, '
i.nil if we could oi seared our
the proper |
. i the Bweet ladies I
? ih" dining ' ? ?nd
? ? i ? ?. .in!.) i ourtiig .|iiaiitn .
lugai ?hi" the
? : ?.. the ??? g? I
? read on tl ...
.. wanted
Gardens for Little Peoj
for John-?
enoug to ] ,'rln
; '?ml. Tl ? Motbi
' agaii
il?.?*, r ??:.?? Is rut
and ? ?
triumphant Jims
over pom H ? We
. ? i
arhat la what i
mala tl
variet) ? .
hardy, ir?
tin? e, four or I
ao th ?
byv i
s ;..
?Aith, and wh<
bloomed gorgeou
bo) did t;
I Uli hi
and plant? I a i
? -
Children !?->? t they
c nteoted
. : little
vMtii ti.?* soil la i" lim
la you i these
ill bi i-i.i fre? l loo
tlagbtMTd i ? r old
a.n s aa a I
?aid bell? v.- in \ .
.m ..; i
? a that parent ? ? ?? i
i ompell d to have It va -,
tr.it- K mo ' . ' .:?-.?
fer with the Board ol ?
THY ill IS. Iff T? " ' f -1 1
Ing well-known fal ?
lo prepur? .
i ?Issolve 4 oun? es pat
w ut? i. I'h.' dosi I ' ?
. aeh meal 'i lili Is I n
and do
r< duced t" ? her? you *?
is qol (tabby, no* la I
s..|i!.'i.| <|... ? th? a
i- r< duced '?? I
FOR i.wi'Ki i ??? OK OlUNl ?
:. li_il...- and m
?ul us us? ov< :?? h . ?I mdrii '
olllness ax well .?? maW? h
? ? iff]
.. ; - : ? growl
th acatp and ha ?
? ??'i. ,
1 ?*, B TONIC H . ?
.1 in and mi!.?..' .1. you ??? i
i .I-....I-,?. hi. ounce ..r rryet ',
?..t. i ??ii- or two di
, ?.. , v.,? da) la all i1 I
?., ngth? n youi ? ?
i.i ?._'?.! ,- .i :.? , .;
i .m ..,- iiiu-n . -i ?- ?? -t -
?h,i mi h irla . ? I? in tk. .- i
,...,, brilliant snd run
w. ?;;,."
...I ...?1 ? ?i i-v.h '...-i ittt'ul .
Ml Und ii ven etrengthenins "' ***,
iptiain.-.i. dull ind Ured ? >? - ? ! ?
granulat? .1 > . e-llde
wrinkle.? ur? whl? h - an Im mad U
,, .er) little esp? nee II l* unlit.? en
< ..m ?lnlng .-H?? Or miiIiuhI fat. a* U ii?-""'
??row - hull oi mak.
tl.i.i.v Jusl dissolve .?.mce ?-' aims
/...m. whl? i. you <? ?u tel fi m ?ny hi
gist, m one-hall pint i i?l?l ?
two teaspoonfubj of glycarlni ntn
m tand for one da) '? r"" '*'? m !
Idea spplj a thlch coat of tl ? ??>"'.
lellyand leave un over night Th
tn. skin anil allowi nil the b!?vjd ??*?
to be used in conctructlni* new I
Th.-n wash it out .?r tin? porei end
tage thoroughly with more "f I
it makes tin skin noft and velvety. '*
it i.-s un?"y.?all?-ii In reducing larg
A MAQ1C MAIIt KlM"N l-u *****
?mil ?.i.i paste with powdered d***f**t
.iti.l water t.? cover the hair) ?-irta? .
api?i\. nil after I or I minut?e rub oo.
wash the akin and ih- hairs will ??? to***
This treatment l- harmleas and erlll t'< ?
discolor tu? i kin Anj druggl ' fen atMV
ply delatone, bul be eure von gel " ***? *\\
original package to insure purity ers

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