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:\>tofli*rk ?ribunr.
THI K-.I? \ ?a . M'KII. 11. I!>le.
Owaed nri.l rull,.h-(1 rlalh- by Th? ?."rit.iaiie Assc.latlon. *
n?w ii .-,,;i?,-. -, ie.,1, || ;:? ;. i'- v.d-i.t. Coamt
llamlln, Issnea M Harr?'t. Treasurer. A?Mr?*sa
Ks IM Nssssn etroe --**?? tarts.
RIP ION HATS! -By Mail. T'o'ttje l*Bl
? ;r
i.iv. i mo $ .Til?tall** only, C Btooths., ..$...0"
r?sii\ i .; m.* 4L-:. Daily only, i yssr. Ml
?a ., .; Diindar. i ?" ?* ?'?" Bs? ? ' ' oetlia . i at
UaUj only, l si oath to .-un. lay only, l jreai '-'?'?"
in rlgn su ?" all covatriei in v.-.r x n
-i-? iKe.
Xl :.-.' 1> Ml.Y AM? SI NI'AY
? 'if ? 41? ?ine i adit'l . a ' ?
- M'AY UNI.1 "I"* "11 .
?Ill? 'ia- rionlli . IS
DA 11,1 UN'!.? "!?? ?rar . '??'"?'
i:-1--; <>-,.? ni'.-ith . r*>
I < 'I." veut . 4-11
fork nf la sbI i lasa Mall
I he Income Tax Kxemption of $4,000
Too High.
iv.,i.-44,,! s.ii _.;- of ?Columbia [Tnlrerslty, leul 11 ? * -
force ..r bis authority tn ?rhai "ill be n comniou
? liti' i-ni of it"' l?i*iii<"MT:ui.- in...UK* tax propttsal
v.hon ti.- ?;ii.i in jrtBBtnrday's Tribune thai the |4?000
? \.*iui?ti"ii i\;i< too high. Prof?Bssoc Soager tiu>n_ii!
ihn! !li.* point :it Which luxation libonld l"'".in sluniM
1?' . ?II ill'iilll?'- ?OlIICM llt'l'C l'l'l.'W S'J.I MHl 111- lli.l 11"!
aitompt t>> iix it pri'i-isoly. a km exemption nrould
orrospond t?> the practice <'f for?'l*zn <*otin!r!os which
have hnd oxporienoo with inoonio laxos. Ami 11
than were additional exemptions tar each member
"f the family dependent opon the bxonie, ?i- i4* ill?*
? ?a??-? abroad, m low CTemplJon could iu-??i?i?rl>? be
nloptocl. Tho flat and arbitrary litniro .?1.<><?<>. pro
pnspi] it?, tlio point art which tiio tax iiocin?-. tireapec
tire of whether one or tr?n poisons havo t.. ?.ni^isi
upon tho income, it? not fair.
Tor a lot- oxomptiou thero i?? much i" be saul
Income taxation, with in.-oinos b<?!ow a certain mini
mum untaxod. is in tho naturo of the caso ?las?
taxation, I ?et us make it as little nu possiblo o|.on
to objf-ction on that sooro hy making the ?-lass sub?
ject to it a* large ns possiblo. Tho moro ;;enornl
ibe in?'l?l??ni*e of tin? tax tbo moro persons will bo
ntorosto4l in seeing h<'Tv tin* monoy rniso?! by It Is
sporit. a mi thus one of th?? gains whi<*h should
i*O0M from raisins ;? pari ?.f the federal r??Y??niios
?iirt'otly. instoail of inillr???-tly through the tariff, en?
forefd <'aro in federal expettrdlturea, may be reallxed
Tho old extraragance in "pork barr?is" and p.'ii-i.'ii
muy bo checked it' It la te tin- Interasl of enongb
? ..tor? to <-ho?k It.
Hm we are not likely i" promote ii'O practice of
? a nii.iii'.y effectively if only :i rolaiivoy imflU mini
|.?.|* of persons are made t<> .??.ntribut?- dlrartly i" 'lio
-iipport ..;' the L:?.vi?ni!ii.'iit. This will ho particu?
larly true if large sections ??! Hi?* rountry are pwc
t.i.-;iii.v withou.1 I'Orsoiis having taxable Inconiw
Oiitskle <>r ih.- larger cMea ? M,0fJO Income i? rattier
oxoeptional. ii la desirable that not only as many
. iiizi'ii- .-is possible, but also at many lections "f the
? ountry ns posMible, slum!.! p.. made i?. fc-i ,-i t?ttxl
interest ?n iii?. ?-.,?n??iiii?*m; administration of nffnlrs
\'K.ni-.,- should not i..* allowed t" think thai ex?
Iravaaanoe ;^ .,? imj consequence t" ?i beeauae \e*r
IMiys i'.," i-i!!- Willi ?i wider distribution <>t
ill?* i;i\ i.ov.-r riitcN jrenerally wouii i.e f? -:i??i.1?? and
ibt' whole scheme would lie fairer tnd mon? in .-..ii
?\ with the general practice of taxing Incomes,
.bout ill?- practice "i' taxiii;: them i" make np
. ol?. i,.,,. ,,-4 in revenue resulting from tariff reduc
lion*? liiere i~ no room for partisan dispute. I'resl
denl Tuft's administration atarted it l'y taxln*; i*or*
poi.-iiion in.a.in..-, ih?- only kimi ??f |-*?cometi thai
i-ould tii? u ?"- tn\?*'l under the law, and by propos*
in?* ?'""? ni'^iii- Hi?* amendment of tin* Constitution
t,. open lin? way Tor !h<- !:ix:ili?'n "f in?livi?pinl in
'"11104 Bin the Wilson idmlnlstration'a use of 111 ? -
|,owt'? ,-oiif.'ii-. .i i.? ih.* amendment ^-in l?e trrltl
. ?soil no! ?ni i..\ Republican*! but l'y fair-minded
people generally nrho <l?*s?ri? that Hi?* new tax ^h.-ip
i,?? equitable .'?'"i ahi I serra the beat int.'r'"-is ,,f ni,.
Titanic and Olympic.
The ?i?*?ii?*;i!ion of -ho lantern lower .,i, the near
Weanten's Institute aexl Tueadaj will be at) appr?
prlsio ?-onirxMnoriition of th?? anniTenary of the
.?-?iikin'; of th.- -^inslnkable** Titanic. The ???lifi?-?? Bill I
be nsofni ns uoii ?i- ornamental, and thut win be a I
m rnniindet <>f the englntjen and otiior workers on
iho doomod ship who stayed r?t t hoir poets of BUty
until ?loath overtook them.
Rut in same respecte a ?-tir. moi*?- impreeslre and
i.-iltiaM.* monit'iiio of th.? ?.?r?*?! tCBgedf hi found In
the oon?.<v*t of the l"St ship, tho Olyinpl. . it1ii??)i
has lupr nrrivoil in ilii? r???rt. Sinoo iho l?,?-^ of th?
'ntanif !hts vessol has h?pon lnrj;oly rol.iillf in a way
whi.'h would in an] ??as?* hnvo been noteworthy, but
wMoh was th?* moro so beCBUBe the ^v.,rk was dOM
as a dlro.-t r?*siili of th- awful lo-4,,n of the Titanic,
ami most of all. perhaps, because ?' chiefly ?-?omprtaed
s'inio of tho very thin_s wbl?*h n-putod expert antlior
irif??a -at fir?! ?Pfirir???! to be nxxxto hnpoaatble
if ih?* bnpoaaible tmppened la the swift aluklng <>f
ihi* *'iin'-1nkai?l<'" Titanic, it has niiain been schlered
1n th?. rofonstrurtioii of the Olyinpl?
Where the California .Shoe Pinches.
ii i? iln* imturaiizaiioii law. anil Dot that regarfj
mg i*?*?i estate liii?**.. iiiai i-iv**v offrace to Japan In I
? allfornia. 11 aroold be sbeurd i<? objert t" ? mere
pr??hii?iiioii ?.i lan?l ownership by aliena, s??'iim that
inaii.v itat?BS and uationa, Including hoth the I'nlteil
Ktatea and Japan, exerelae that right. Velther our,
uoiiTiinn'iii n??r Janana i*?otsM loglcnlly object to
California's <i<?iii^ what !li?*y both ?I".
lint iii?* real pinching of the shoo occurs In 111 ? ?
i-\.-Iiimoii , f th?* Japanese from dtlxenshlp; for that
?v t;iiii.uiiouiii io a lioi-lanuion thai they sluill not
Im? allow...i to qualify thenuelvea for land own?-r
shl|*. ??Hi? t altean! ara <i?*i>;?rro?i from ?equlring land !
as ??fil ??s the Japanese. But the*f can overaomei
the prohibition by declaring ih?*ir Intention to be ;
? oui?' .-iii/.'iis The Japanese are net permitted to]
l...in.- .-ili/.?*iis. s,, their ?li-i|iliilitioa!i<?n for l.i 11 > i
awning Is made perpHiud an?i liraniedwhle
If there be fault found nrltb fJnllfornli <>r with the
i uited Mntes la ?sh, matter, i?*t it i>?* ?m the rlghl
The People and the Canal lolls.
\\o must itronglj ?-ibbbbtU from iu-t ?>n?' statemeni
?iii<*ii was ma?de bj Mr, ?Vllliain Morgan ihuater in
dtueumtag the Penai i"iis fueatlou. ii?* was quite
ii*:lit in l<-lliii_ Hi?' I'i-"sl.\l?*rian l'nioii that a grant
moral issu?? was iniolviil and that a^ | l.i-t mnorl
ihis .-<.im11\ ought !<? re/tot it t?> The Hague for
MiMtlemont I'.ui bo wan Kurdy in ??rror in raying
ihat "the people have renralned siii-nt'- cont-?Frnlng it.
si-idoiii in ??iir time hare expraMkNM <?f popular
i.pinloTi I?*** n mor?? BUmetOUB, iii?>ro .'onorally dlatrlb- j
tiii?d. more emphatic or niore uenriy unnnln*syua than ?
on this matter. -Itarougn ei??- pros?., from the plat?]
I form ami Hi?- pulpit, and In ever? Poaalbls way, the
people ?>f i.i?* iiiin-il'stai.-- bate nade it dear t imi
the. want m. Juggling with phrases ami "?? ?-??mi??**?
imkring tin- national faith. Tbej want the e_f|dl< '"
?pledges of thin count!, fulfilled in accordance with
jtheir plain meaning hii'I ?with the onqtM'stloBsWe
1 iimifi'-tamliir,- which prevailed "h all sides when lbs
! pledges were made.
It i- foe tli?' gorernmi m i Washington i?? be*d tit*
popular will nmI to lindfcatc Hi?' caul faitli "I il'?'
; nation or goffer tin* ponseqtieiil reproach.
Make Them al I Ionic !
The return t" th.- Republican part.- of man*. ?'?*?
voted i'i?' Proe-rpsslre ticket hurt rail ?- normal snd
t.. i.i? expeetod. What ha- happened in Michigan,
I where the Progressives ??him- ??ut ;? bad third the
other ? 1 ; i >. after carrying the state by a large major
ity last \.)\?-ii)i(i'i-, corresponds with what baa bap?
pened elsewhere on a cms lier *-i-.-ii<'. it sgrees with
the general onwUHngncsa <<f those who ini?-mi?*?i t<>
rote for Colonel Roosevelt i" e?roll si member* ""
tin- new party, The Progressive ?roten regarded
their ?i?-|i;ii-iui-?- fron their ..i?) port*? sa onlj tenipo
Bul th.- partial recover) ??: the Republican partj
should m-! i"' !'?-riniti.-?i t?. discourage effort* to make
ii more popular ami progressive ?v? its attitude. Men
' win. left tl"- party once on ?pi?"*'lona nf principle ?? ill
I lea tip it all th" more readily again ii nothing Is done
t.. make i; more acceptable i" tbein.
Th.. future of the Republican narij ?ill do( i ?'
! made secure by drifting and waiting for the natural
tendent*** ..t" ill?- progressive elemenl t?? return i" the
fold i" produce Ita effect. The partj should invite
their return and ?l?? Its best i" keep Ihera In when
they .1.? return.
Accession*? stich aa recenl elt?ctloiiti reveal do itol
signify r.-a' strength The weakness: ?? Hie party
before last rammer"! convention eras thai it-* two
\\in_-- were s?, far apart that it am? rlrtually tu..
I parttos in one Thai wr-akm-ss will continue in spite i
..T ejection Bgures until an actual "get together move
int-iit** for harmonising differences anil adopting a
policy en which union is possible ha*- become effec
Mr. Noyes and Nonsense.
Young Mr. Noyes, the English pool oith .-? bonk
I account teg? led oui on a platform bj Mr. ?\ndren
?Carnegie tin- other nigbl ami aei up lo expound
pence. Hi- rentrai i.i a Memed t" be that, bsvlng
: !"-t tin- |.irj ?nit ?-f nrarfare, we bed better sbolish
j arsrfare sltogi ther.
To Illustrate hi- poini Mr. Xoj- - "i'i of the Rrltisli
I statesman who. whan word came >?f boa British
i si.Mit-rs lia.I thrown tli.-ir lives a?ay f..r an Ideal h,
' h flcacrl battle, exclaimed "That'a "ha' I .-all
'damned nonsense.' Booh "glorious nonsense" baa
|m> place in modern warfare, a?l?l<*<i Mi- Xoyot?. ami
, therefore awaj a Ith warter*" '
Th.- professional patinera liave bad little* enmigli
Ifood t.- feed "ii of bite, ami no one will l*egrn?lg.'
them any couiforl they can And in Mr Voyen's plea,
i still, ?t asen*** Bttiug to remark that hi -....i- ...n
tain even more kluda "i nonsense Iban nre nstial In
, ancli arguments.
Presuming on hi- iwet's lieeus**, m \. - per?
forma tin- Ingenious feal of asstiining false prenil-r??
arguing absunil* thereon ami reaching ??' wrong con
??in-i'.ii. To begin with, ihe old Aghting spirli -tin
lives in modern nrarfare, despite i-- coinplete trans
formation. We are learning t>. avoid throwing away
Ii-?-- in epidemics, ami that is new. s.-i.-niiiir in
vention baa ?'mi?-?! bsnd-to-bsnd fighting ami baa
increased th?- necessity <>f organisation in regiment
.nil crew. Thai la new. Bui the demand for Indi
?idiial courage ami <?<>..Im--?, ami fighting -kill was
never greater. "Glorious nonsense*1 never won ean
palgns, anyway, it ha- always been ami alwaya will
be th.;. cannj tiiriit*T that preval?a in tin- long
Bul even if Mr. Xoyess absurd statements --??ii*-,
true, they make a *.r bash for American dlssrms
ment We to-day fight fire ? it li greater skill. ?Mr.
N'oyes would probably say that tin* fire-fighting spirit
..r the rohmtecr firemen bad been lost among atenm!
tin- eugiMS, water t??wi'rs ami a Ugh pressure sya |
n-in'i Hut we BtJU '-.nrrr tiro fosurauc?. S<? shooldj
i? be with the "ia- possible war Insurance prepared '
oes? for self-defence.
Mr. l-toyea may ho a middling %.i i. mu in- Is
a mighty poor puclfler.
The Allies Against the Powert.
Th?- cockles <.f every hero worsbipper'a heart must
be wsrmed by the spectacle of Montenegro'a de>
fiance ?,.f Europe in defence of ber own aovereign
rights. Th?- disproportion between the two la so
enormoua thai admiration could scaifee-y be with
held from the little state, no matter what tin
; im-rii- of tin* case. Bui it -<> bspt-etu that the i.r?*
i in,ml? ram.f legal ami nn.ral right i- as great ""
i Montenegro's side as that <<f physics! force i- oa
n ?- inspiring, too, ?" -???? the other three Bs kan
alia-- loyally standing bj their comrade They have
jail throe fought ?an their own canspolgns ami an?
j weary ami longing f"i peace, but they anbesits
tlngly align themselves with Montenegro ami pro?
pose to back ber up in ber campaign, 'if it takes all
summer." Thus four of tin* smallest states in r.n
rope are arrayed against four or ti\.- or t*j of ihe
largest But tin* little ones ar?- right ami tin*? I.I-:
??ii?-- sre a ;-"Ti_
?in tin- face ?m' h. from th?- purely physical point
<>f view, the outcome "f such a contest should not
I?-, doubtful. Mm there an- other |i?.iiit- ..i rien*.
Tin- whole campaign <'f coercion against Monte?
negro ?- an Austro'IIungaiian *-<-in-im- for aelflsh
gain, it may be tkmbted whether all tl.ther
great powers are Killing t?. pull llapsbuig rbestnuta
out ?>f the fire at -" great a ?"-t a- might in this
case !'?? involved. 11 may ai-?, i.?- doubted wnethw
Austria Hungary herself i?. prepared t?? ?-iii:a_?* in a
campaign Which would strain almost if m.t ipiit?*
t.? ihe breaking point the loyalty <>f more than a
third "f her own population.
Pity the Barefoot Bm !
.\.i\\ ?"in?- tin- Mih-alixiinl <-.\pi-n- ami Mltliei* j
thron Hi?- notion of sturdy country youth oui of tin-1
window. "Country s?-iio..t children generally are
lesa healthy than children in the ?-ity achoots," -ay** I
Dr. Hong, who has been looking int.. rural educa?
lh.mil condition* of Mintx'sota for tho national |lu- '
ri'/iii of liilui-ation.
\\ii>'.- \\?'ii. 10 per ?-?'lit of th.- countrj children!
?iiink tea anil coffee; i11 per cent have poor teeth;
m. rudiments <?f hygiene ?rr taught, ami rentUatlou
of th?. little red sehoolhouae is <?f the poorest Thus
there issues forth? on the word of tin* eipert. no
husky, whistling, barefoot boy, hut a pale, sickly,
headachy dyspeptic a rery, rery long ?way after
All tin- saiiii-. v.?- suapaei thai countrj b?oys "iiu
continus t?> eonse to Iowa and make it Kit up aatfj
hike nstiee protty muck as they hive Won dotag ail j
riiio-o years. There are r-erioln qualltle? thai nourish
| In Hi?* open [dames, despite bod teeth and bad tea'?!.
ling and bad food. ?Steady? Bnharrai*aed nor?'- are
: on?* large Item, and a prettj arlde and human out?
look make* another. Vour eiruntrj boj maj '" :|"
: pi*??? iii?ial a?. ;.,.M please, bill li?' Is I r?*al fiOBmopoll
' fan 111..i11_-?.i.- of ?our.kney.
??f eourae, ?i is Moallj th<* brlghtesi and >iunli?'st
of ??'?uiitry boya, the pick Of H"- rlllage, thai fi-|l!
! ilu'ir boj Into town, Ami there Is no doubl Iba! our
????iiiitn side lias |.i...|i .1,.|.|,?!<?<! ..!' uiii.'li of ils l'Osi
M.I. Perhaps the ftguirs of the i*duratli*_nl el
perts m" ?i.-foii-iPi" Hi.-i-.'1'..i-.-. treating as thej d?i
? f tin- a\??rage t-ountry child.
?Even -... we aver that -u.-i? n re|*ori I? rerj Ihr
i from iriiiiiL' th.- m hol.- itorj "f w 1ml life lu the i ?un
I try ran ?l" f..r a barefooi i"-?.
1 l-'i.'\\ *- in Hi' now i.-ii i': ?HI ' It I n. ? ' il?
BtUff? 'I S ill: ; il dUSl
ttovet-nor l'i Ider will call a ape lal *??? ?al >n of 'll0
Neu .i*i-e legislature on Maj '?' to enacl .t
the reform mea urea which he Inherlteil I om Mi
Wilson and which Mr fVilson lnh?ertt-?d from Ids
.?l ' - ?soi President Wilson ? ;ii eon ? ?m to
moke ??tump -pi..in- m behalf of the cause, and
' thus ill? mod? -i ? i"i> " state a 111 dl port II ? II In the
? .?? light of lb? stag?
The 11 ...... i ntii don ko? is in a |*ei petual ?tat? of
aha ;<??.! \.-i [.i.;i?ai aurpiIse thi ? ...
Bj ? ?.niiii:-.-i?.n?! w.ii.i"?- 'earl* ? lo er ihe re**
parted faillir.- of th.- lobster crop will be r. ?gi ird? '1
as ,-i Messing undiftguiaed Thi I thi ol?sters
alone the ( lr< ?l W hltc W bj Ihe !??-?? 11 ?elon for
i".st-l h m. "gussllng."
'I'll. . miking militant malea ,.f B il u u sn not
i afraid to "staggi r h imanil at ai
denl Wilson la ,ii least half a hu? k ?
? ..i ..f President Yuan. Hs met bis Conor? ib
person, while hi- colleague "f Catha? lldn'l
The ilmosl ? re-elertlor of H"r' Hlnii U '.
? . i jo's Hoard of AI I? nni n ahoa I thai Ihe I ?? i
. ral tide I ?trono, and thai r? form and proa
, res?.itlnue t.. i><- the -?l"(*;nn ..f an ? ten :?i Bnd
- l iemocrs? ?- liouaton l'irat.
"Hinkj Dink" is, a ? oui "ti i!?'- aklrmlsh
i line. Aa John W, Daniel once said of the d I
racho, "filnky i>i:.u can always aaj of Da?
hi-., ra? ? ? "all li a ha? mi II I'm -"?
I "l". 8. ?. I ?and oi Ca ?
. :.. ? i, .,i ?
I, the D f Pi
! much Toi "? i ' ??? ? ? T. H -?t-'l the
? ? onlj t" be Im s'|i?.M ? . ?-? a
l .uni ui iroum? m Urins h war. Lei
? . acheck? lb? ng pro?
.. ? ? nd give It I ? ? 'i
Keep H ni' v i ?? one rise can red ? ' c
' ? lhem ?I..
? ? ?
Mr*. Martin c.
ell' I -?? ? .... ,
all '
r?l. ? ind pile drivers and ;'
mann?*" i ??? rs to us that what
Hollo? . la i ? ' Iter or tv
the Red Dog Hotel a< <?i
, Kenii.i souls knoB bos i" tempi the app? Ute
? th.. moni guest l*h? food be
fon . ? ? between th< ey<
llj i.,,. binj for i'" lr hip ? irk In
! erfu ton4M \ ? i II ?-?.-it It, ai iu'11 iii??? ii."
? " maid? i lug Ihe | | am
non-eoni'.?'-?i I - hat t telephon? ghl
..ut on strike? ? ?? ? ; yonder In Bu ton th q ?estion :
..ii?-. .4. and i ??' to rated tl
roggeatlng ths ? ompria-nlae
? ige ll-.i'i'- thought -Hi- retici
? ? '??.'. i d< r ivould i' '"? ti--'
Bad Indeed is i '? pug] ? ., -i ... toi 11 Psg?
? i ii, ;? prof??sslon wh?"re i- Hmr sil he knev
was .. virtue, he la entering ? prof? ? Ion
s ? run?- t.. t. ii anj thing except, ? I
What a s;i f?*t *- ' ?' ? .irtts "III 1"*. nul wl ll ?'
to King '??..i".' and his merri mea I
?-tiii.e?** this story of Mr P gi " ;t I'bcI? H
a candid sinner was Uncl? Rnatv lis got rs
ii?*ioTi in a revival meeting, thought better of I
daylight and wenl bach next ? mini and ? ? i. i to
the faithful " Pean Mo ,\h done made -. fool o'
myaeff! Ah sin gwlne aerbc d< l?awd Kh \
serbe de debble Thai night Uncls 'Rs tu ?iie'i
Regarding i ? ? ?- taking off .???. on evidence of divine
wrath, the ii'-tiit-.ii .-oui?! not Hunk ..f Maaphemlna
Provltlenee b, burying such a monster of Iniqult*
In ii.?* dark] gravajrard, and their refu al
i th<? mu?.-: "i the plantation ronaiderable anxiety,
i So. summoning lh< iiaik?. praachsr, the dark) elders
and the dark deacons, i ? *?- divulged s plan that
i strink tii'-ni fi"-? m? -.- srlth horror "You knos the
I field \<ii?-t" those tin? big in ?'.iit.-tmelon
i grow, it la ;i lovelj spoi i ??tu going t?, burj I a? le
'Raatus in th? middle of that 11? thin an hour
all (lin' a as moi tal of i 'ncl? I ..i.i io \
real hi the dark] graveyard,
London papers pleaae nol ? --r
Preaidenl Wilson mean to ?rim in foreign ho
fi.f dut] and tm, i'.,,i m,.!, m ;,i,ie t,. walk
.-.i.t in then!
h i nos several reara since Mi John T M? '
Cutcheon fixed the average dallj baseball mortaltt]
among granduiothiMrs n? 7,000 The present Bgun
all but stagg?*rs bumantt] 1,413.219 Inoffenslvi old
ladles butchered to make s Men fork half ?holiday!
Although B.nun Pr?sidant MeAnen: arould havi (
i.s 'nuil Un- ?iHiriit ..r building there Is fortunstelj
no ti??'<i of limiting their depth No* thai the Coil
landl street rata**omhi havs shown i * ? ? v?. delightful
an underground existence can be, we favor Ihe c>
tension "f Un* ritj downward mil? bj mile, until
people can racogntas the ?hin?- >? Republic merel
i.? taking ti"- "i"??ii-.i.
? ? ?
s..n> you missed M Raoul Derolfou'i lecture on
the divorce famine la I'Van?.-. He traces thai phe? ?
nomenon to the careful dlvtatiMi ? ?! labor In the
l'i'm ii family: "The husband acrenms rerj much,
the a it? dora nlL" R 1. H
Commlsslonei Waldo "i Nea fork, haa i".?.i? <i dos i
ii-- i .,ii.-. pension II t with nun Irbom ha could not _<-t
sff Hi' fore? ..h ".Ian,.*'" i;.iiii;iii- speaking, ?Valdo
aeena t.. be ..i,"nt th.- nmnleat thing in the ?>.. ,.i
I polh?? hesil that Ntm fork haa had In nan,? ? long
\t-.ir Phils lelphla toojuln i
Mayor Oa*rnoi i.ik?-?? n da) ?iff whsnevsi la wanl ta
t .iR.-t th?? worrlf-N <.f 1.1?? a.lti.inir'ti;?ti?ifi. The peopls of
N?w V?.tk arouM no ?Imibt aj.|?i-i>. nil?- i! if Ihr? .-,,ii|,|
?*? i ;.?ah\ from i!??- i? ?.nies of thai sdmlalslratlon ai
?..isiiy as that Phlladi Iphts Pn a
That in- law, m ni"-t rsspsets saesUent, fsthtddiog
! ."11,14, |],ms piStOl MtOtblg*< ?Il -NeVV Votk I'll? need,
Kane .unoniiiii?m i? prstty generall] aer?..i, i"it Mayor
Qs] nor appaara to be r??i t la v? tetng .. i-aaolutkBi adopt
? .I by iba ai.i. rni'-n which arould ki\<- "Immnnltj t" non
r?sl?1eri?a, ??oj?.iirii??r?? or IravsOsn**? linli?<lins bnrglars,
??. th? Ma\,.r poini? oat ' flpilnghslfl Republlcaa
Tl IE PEOP1 A?S COU ?MN *?&& ''"'
A ?Male Honst' and Female Sen
Are Proposed by a Buffragist.
Sow t ha
? ?
. ? ., ;, ?je '??-?
? . . .[11. ut ut
the qua
? l! tin-, rhang?
. .,- .
th? n menti
v.- ....-? ' - '
?The Traillad and Capable Should I
Picked by the ?State It Is tJrgsd.
To the Edil
Hi i 1
, ? i ? the mutilai
lumber if me I i ind la
i . ta ? ? - t gettti
\ n train? i and rapabl? not *
But n we n? ? 'i a '? lined and il
l! 'I p| k '.'
ut.iiii..ii. .i .-,.-? : .i.. ' uaerui
inn...? . i ? - .b
..n dam ig? any la?
: . in .m '. ? .-i un
Ituatlon. \\ e s III be unable to ?
d? ..in i..?, i, i i bti m
What '?? ? done about .... >. ea
?I... ibl It ' Mu? i all eich ?.-n. take au?
.?ii_ii'-<- ' m . i \* ? rial irn
.. ii.h! .i fee "i.i ?somet? ma) inn.
'.I 1..1. .in.l tltUI r. ? ,\. ul I . ..|-i
well im.un..n. ?i sromen ? ii" at
"lim-?--." but arho are not trained t.i me?
.II...I...-II condition - m the care ..f the I?
? ? i i...i-,, .uni m public Institution
Mon ...n SO) "..ni ?vIi.iIht 1.1 n.
i...ii. ?i "nurse In Ida i ommunlt
i prep .'.ii for all i mei gencli In th? Irk
i ..um'.' \\ iiinn ahall thi nui expert
n. lit "ii s" that v ' ' m i deride whether o
toi ... i ?;.i ' nough to "nurse In .."
family? IVbj nal ;? i. the Utati m \et
*?... k o. test snd nral i. and label i
?"i ? ?> thai a ?? ..in ?i i. tor ti-..
ab? i ? hen ae ? ? - -? -. t ,. ? 'noi ?
re i.? tin.- i.i. :. >\ ir nol i .?
qu? i our ? ' pre ? ntatlt ca at A
iroti i-'i- the Mil proposing to l<
lut-*? I tin* "nun es' i. i ; IIOUTZAHN
\. i ?. ork, April I Itl :
To tl ? Editor ol The Tribune
s'n A srord "f sppre? lation lo Kosril
man Hol Im.n m? opinion, uni i
lj ti" i" il '-.n toonl t In mod?im m ? s?
i -.'i- rd. S \.\ii i:i. PRIKDM ?NX
?'-" ?M Bainl rtdge ireet Phllnd? Iphla
April ; ist.
So Far tioiu Being an Extravagance,
It Is Expected To Be Sell Supporting.
To Ihe Editor of The Tribun??.
Mi in 1SSI Governor Hugh? ? sign? d
the bill pru-ddtns >"< ?* "state faun for
aromen rnUdemeansnta over Ihlrtj rears
of ..i;." snd appointed ? commission t<>
-??i" i a mi. Afi. i .i period of eight en
mootha >?r i., ,,., mm <>f (anna tl.all
alte m. aenti .1 by the i ommlesion to the
'?? ernor for his .istderntlos iras this
?'?nu ,-it Valatia With his spprovsl ibej
propelly wea pnirbssri) at i cost sf lit.?
TI . . ? ? ?
of I tat? * - it..
:. ? ? to n
?I for the
if tin?
i:. ?-?
I. Two ?col
so farmhou
? ?
I .
. ?cht ? ?
room, I
now J
? ? - ? '
B aubalantlal
Rhuuld hold |.i foi I ?
it t t hat ral mate to
? me term of couimlt
1 would i"* M1 dnila pei
? ,-,1 m t
? ? -i ?\ ith - le? '. ? being the j
I of lighting i
The ' "? large i nough
ont) to tali I bed, ehali table
.-.,.,-i Th? of the ?
nt. th? rest of Ibe build?
wood? n Hoot ' I
. ommon to
Ti. .ti ? '? ovsrsd wit
. tiled roofs, th?
. nnnld? ? -i 'v t re n ?? ?' abl? thsn
i ing i?-? im
HOI! With I I ? -'?'I- ,; tO *br '
.. of bn lid
it i- . onftdi ntlj ??*i- ? ted that the 1
n be i ?ctleall aell
i tin-..t.- f.-r Um twenty-seven build ,
KSSi.nst.-...| of | ? ?
Hated - ?.RAH " BMI Htk >N, I
? .ii, t..i n'umen'a Prison U o 1st ion ,
.m.i i?.;. n T Hopper Home
To I ? ICdll.I 'l ' ' Tl II
?,????.. ?, ?
\ ?. : i. .ii. fui ran ? libel i mi. common i
n. .???m-\ il.iii.iii.l-- t liai In ti"- i ul M
? i...- n.ugh! i.? " hui up or put up."
?;i.? 'i:..i ri. \ i 'RICK
Ne* \ "i k April *?, IS] :
The Playground League Beei Danger i
in tbe Plan.
To the tidltoi ol i' ? r ibum
S)l Ths i'i-"i.i agr. ? m? nl tx t\? i en
Ihe _itj and ti?. Sen York ? '< i trat Rail
road i.'i n.- ? nlargem? nt of lb? railroa?
In Manhattan on the Hudson River from
?>?' ' t i" sPin ? ?,, Uuj vii. Including i
a? as all through and t\-.. frelghl
'rd.' "i ? hlch eat? nda alona aom?
twent) blocks, eompela Immediate atten
Uon i "in ..ii public aptrtt? -i ?m -, tu and
all int. i.- it?.; m eiste .iii.i human progrcM ?
As pri aid nt of iin- ? rtty Playground ;
i.' ague, chairman of Playground Com
mltti. "f i i.n . ? "i.u.i \i. \tare \ ? ? la
Uon and member of various playgrounu
commltt? ? ? of "iii'-i orgsnlastlona, i am
particular!) concerned at an) threatened
diminution ?>r pao thai might and ahpuld
ln m M- i- used for playgreunds, asps?
dally outdoor apees* aith Ideal aurround?
Inga mil sa eslst st RiversMs Parti and
? '-."I i! ;iI?iiik tin- river to ?pugtSfl
Duyvll ? '
The feu fresh sir placea In \'?-v\ York art
i.?m. nt..i.i.. Inadequate. The posblbiUUea
along thai river front are therefore i??
precious t<> sa ssertUoad (??? any but ,.iis?i
i?it?*h vital ends Tin- ?*itv, ,ven riaC-tr
the greateal
! vo, : ,
a space Is l
Mbttlv, \- .,
t.. r<-ai:*- that
ri.- a ???
woul .
Ti ? thai
t'.IIK* .
of tl ? ? l cat
of the New Toi .
'ill- rns the whole of |
t the dt ' ?
i:nr?.; . i know the ? ai"?* of b
promote it. Mai v
red 1 r I tstepa I ?'.
lis should ? f w but leed the
?tur demo? -a ;. la moving toward I ?
lnral of eO.Ua] ?>?'?? -- " ' * It, Sn-1
when we think of the i f the -?? ??
of .?-ir f living In Nae
ments wa realise that? ?r-- >nstserstlss
of humanity urnl elvIUsatlOS deaseaSa tl ?
lute a indoi ment of this pr
M ?.BEL r M t?MBIB
President ?'ity Pfasvround Laagas
New v??rk, Arm ?. i I
To ti--- Edito* '?' T -
I r*be i ? im hm grai tat bi Iks ItsM - '
tersos to M - - rgi H ."? I? Usa?
widow of n former Oovernor of the Matt
granted without i.er km-n* lodge Wa
widoars who ata) ai home md wat?** the
?tature are the reaponslbls al?sai
m? same la not "Alet ? i- jrssn
(Widow of G ? -- ?i Beeile of New ?Terser?)
Jera ? ritj Vpi II ?>. tSI \
In ? pf the east
? In t th I Bg o"
... ?,,.
. ? i hue of s i.. ? ? '. .
the ? ? - that In the thiek chastsd
underlets? .1 m.i- ? i hi peychology ?
Philosoph) of 11.?-- underwe* d ?'?wa -
tj pit ... '.i- i ? ? rote flgii
..-. he aat ther? rround?
s of es laalaei . ... -1 In mating ?"
cil os s hieb : ? ated on one ?? i
tin. with ?a circus u> town snd a shw '
?'..? to ttonti ? i.. rani
"Mir i. is quits a salon Nu ?ei
? itt? i ? ii
? \-? i... t iean lettuce
.in-i weak tea 1 d rat i se
iin.is i...??>i beef an i ..i m? ?.-''
burgh r-- '
Thla episode or lia dupl
da) i" n.un ? of ' hsrlea ?'
Tffwnatnd. at lbs ?Aauartuia. In H-tt|*r>
Psrk: The teleplione m .i little rear I
jingles, v ii\?'.-i'-'i . .tendant a atad k
u.iii. ? door rises reluctantly, louKitu?
" ir, and wslka -.-.?'i id lb? I
?i snswen '?-??? ' {??
l.?'i. n .? tin- Aquarian Bars, us n
... , Mr ii i. here sad a Mr. Hela sad
.. Mr. Seal All ktinli? at ? m Aw, u'a ?
joke! Ring off! "I rei ? aal ? *** aasers'
?m i .. day? he esp?ala al yestarts?
the) cat.mi a.-K tar Ut ****** j '
Mr Bala oi Mr. Trout ? <. Mr. Btsrgesa ar
\h. Basi Bvsrjf April i the lelephaa?
rompan] ? wta ?"? ?spsrnter ?_s?ern bsrs is
? i., nothing hut answer such raOa.
Bsaineni Profsssor And as you sae.JLyi
d< ar - ouns lady, tl.?* electrona or **?
partli*.?** which are expelled from tn
nt..m i. their klnsUc energ? bj in.pi'-"?'
in . .m the Kiisri.ni molecule?, ?aIiI?*!' '?"
i. m n i. ...i.i when Ihelr velocity I? ?*'
duced MuUlclentl) arc eventually ****'
l".V ? .1 Up ...
in-.ti foung t?ad> Oh. i ase; hu* ?n*1,
fearful!) rough luck "ii the electron?

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