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m m 11
Ballroom at Plaza Crow
Benefit "Masque Chant;
Subscription Dance To-c
Aid the Rolofs Jansen F
Air Home for Boys.
rvr ? ' of tin? Maronite
s hick is in chargi "f
B'akic ? ?au tus chantant'1 o
? ???is held .1! th. !'la/.;i
The ? ntcriiiiiiMi.
i? r the aitsadcas of cardii
? Re and appredstlve a
m. The auec??aa
? . a large eatenl ?in.?
Mrs. William i*i;?n,-,s
?i.?? - rays i hewn s gri al lat
\ ."? '??-. a? i two -i
Mat ac Etl ? : Jon< a,
? itiM by Mi-s Anns i'?.
rsoaiatlon b; Mi-?
I -I a (fro'ij, .i
Oil There \v<r. also two
Rutg? r Planten.
? ahoi t p?a?
??ritt? ti for ti
i ?f v .
f Ireland." and n ?i
I ? . Toae Mel nt y re
? ??? v .
? r.iiv -t|
M --
m -4 Tl ..i..r.i Bros n
Sal?* M I: ; ' Kei i" x
? : Miss Ron
' Daaean
I a ? laoa, Mr*--. ' to
BBStk Ml WarTflSU Kirn,." . Mrs
Mr- I*Tnn?*IS Rurrall ll?
i, .! I ?ilion. Mr.?. Mora
? i Mi? Nleholaa Tonag soi
,i.,-ot. Phillips
4* i bouse -if Mrs. Pi
h We-' ? ?
aid for ti,- bei
? r? ' for
?, e auxili
,.i ,i ?
, who ii.li>*'i i?
: ,ll .
I StiOM Si
Misa .1 ills Et ?
i lai ? .. ?' '
irrlved t?. n
? ' ? .
M l'.iinl. \. ?? ?
- ? ?-? Ith li<--r car. nts. Mr and
Macculloch Mil ei
rd, N. H.
e has
? the eil fro i ml as!
. . - ?Ml boose li
? ir- p| u ' aecb
.?' .. Mi - Si. i h< ;? 1 '?
? rn I
e in 1
V'urk yesti si thm
.... ? |
; - M ? ;??
| ' I'rai
Park ha
it th? ilotel I'll.-?:*.
s :'.: ah ?? -, incl.
?rfll'inli ?i
? - -?it 11 i, rid '
M .?? :;.\? ,.,- i K?tXX
esterda al home,
Il B. Pi ? -
N .1 , ar? al '
; ? t ? ta
M . Mrs H? r,i\ M Tilfor?! Bill
Mia Lias BUllton
e Banford
' ,-.|,-, f, to i< in.iiii tvin w? el
-o? ??? " ?
. ... .
'?. |d 11 ?
At t^e White House.
epted the ofll? a
i of Hi" Bouthsa:. i
? ? ?? al Aasixistton ??
Mi ? Martl
lent ?nd found? i
istion. The parpaas <>f the >?
?i..., ..! children living
the h*o ithei n stat?
. I?, ?"hlf-f .lll'tie.' .??lie;
?.ppsals i? tl"" pi.-.
? ftrnson went tu Biehmoi
? ;ten<J the ?onvriitioii of tl
??Vomen's ? lt*r1otlaa 4oaoeiatl<
an-i tr, ,,<-:>\?.r an u'l'l'
The Cabinet.
aa ' aMaat n i ? ptloa daj i
? i 'la.tion ??-.i*? ' 'lebrai? I to-da
i-*ru sil of th? Cabtnet womea reesri
??in- Bryan ir? ? iv?-.i .1! the Mear wiiisr
' ? , Mil'-- bar husband bi
-?Tri' - t.tarv of Btats
Mr- riarrison r?t*t*?lved lnf?9riBaJ
a,.n. who h?'l int.*n?1eil ke**|i
boose, ;.ssBBanled Mr. B rla
lead to the nnat niara at Takon?
?*"?rk and apenl the afternoon wltk Ora
t?' .),,' n B. ii.i.P-i*-"!,. ?m oM friend
th? rs ??h a prattent
Daiilsls receaved at Blngls Dak
. ? ni. her Mr*? I"rankUa D. Pooaa
? ' .... A-fir-tHtit gscrstsry ?.
tii' Nary' Mrs Ix*o H O'-?*i wan. MM
*8'i??8 Worth Bagley ih?* mothei of Mrs
?toilet* Mm [,firh ?-. l'ilm-r, Mrs. Tea?
Min M Potts and "Mrs. Vn I lam, w IV4M 0*
tat tMa t-- Bac retan DaBlela, and ti??
Daniels, slatsrs <>f the hostaas
Mrs "Franklin k. Lane reestved and hai
???tiPtine: i,?-r Mrs. lessph M<'Kenan, M"
?vorli?., Mr. . ,,.?rr<.* I '?i.-imh? > In?'?. **,,w
"'?s?' Wallace, Mrs 1rs * ?..i.I.->. Mrs.
?>'*ht' 1er, Miss ? lumiPcrliiln hii-1 Mti"i
Msrgarei rt*?-.it??*itr.
Hiss Agaea Wilson, daughter of Ihe
?stratar*. of u?i".i, raraived for bet
"?oth-T. Who in a *??n.i-lnvHl!d. ThBN
"*"*-?? ,-,-v. ral glllS with MtSS WSOB,
?mon?; ?hem M?m? Brlstow, Ml** Rags?
???la snd th?? Misses skrofhseh.
The Diplomatic Corpa.
The Prench Arnhasr?ad??r and .Min?. JUO?
rasne l.a*.. t?-?".???! mrtutleau for a ebb?
?*r "ti April if. snd iiii'.tli'i on April '?
""^".????rniitii Ambaasador and Ct-anaara
?("' Bssiistorff si??l Mr. von BttlOW, Oei
-"?an ntturh', will g?. to Nf*w tork to-moi
?BB rnornin-r, ?n<1 on Hat?ir?1sv Ih*? ?onn
Girls Roseate Dreams of a Career Behind
Footlights Vanish After Talk
with Her Stepfather.
I By C*a ]
'? ' Jon, April 9. M Im i.m-y Big*?
Dodg? ?s under loch and kei I b? r ''
home, .n \n m Seymour atreet W< t, I
to-night, and the roseate dreeuns "f ? '
itage career that ?n?im-o?l her t" leave
iin- h.uis.- of her.mother, Mrs, Lionel
11 ?? '. t- m; orariiy ?it least are sh.it
'?i' d.
I ^.I?looking young uni vus dis?
- 'i late last nighl bj i a o private
detective?, after ahadowlng .? iicns?. in
<ii.ift.--i.ui> nv<Miue, ?n the h?sarl of ill?'
th?-.<tri? ni boarding house district, snd
. omparable t" the streets In the low? i
'i..*- ni Manhattan,
ii was "!.!> after in earnest coi
--.?iti'.ii s Ith her stepfather that Mb
Dodge consented to abandon h?-r int?*ii
ti-'tis of atarring bach of the footlights*.
Tin- famll] n*-''". ;.ii means t_ kegp
vlaitors i-.-a- from the -*iri to?day ?'?ml
gave oui the ?,. ??? that ehe was visit?
ing friends In the country, but it a*as
Ii ,- ?...i deflnltel: la er that the Ii de?
i" ndenl grand?! lughter ol ihe 1st? John
pi 'iiiil?i aurvetllance In
ai uppei room In the - rim looking
"H.i\ ? no fear; we n **f<
I .,(i\? r ? 't go sws aoon."
?aid . member of the bo ? hold
All c'*rts "f nini^rf- At* -?tl ?.it nbnut
i ?i d n eociet) giving ? > motil e for
tho peculiar flicht of Mrs, Quest'a
?liter, bul the generally accepted
Un ..r- i that in- i ? ..-.,! .old
girl ? ? tag? tad. sin- h.is I
nrdenl devotee of matinee? i??r th?* last
and "-n Ing the period "f time ah?
.i cow ' al? 'i under an aaanmed
name ahe had been communicating a ith
several theatrical managers whom she
had met at various i lines.
I >...i_.' hail be? n I i-itm?: 11 l< ""
,i. Bomerset and returned to London
..n April :: She arrived .-.i Charing
Cross st.m?.u tiikius; :m old-fashioned
four-wheeler, snd ahe ?uni h?w maid
drove horn?. Miss iN>Ag started to
_i 11 -__.. t. hut made aome ilpretexl and,
giving tin- maid the slip, sin- drove i"
n garage, where she wenl throutrh the
limn..-:' brought in.m the countr)
She t""k I'.n t ?>!' her w* m Ing api ?
i ?) had th.- ti link"? put "ii i taxicab,
.-? tiding tin other? back.
\ qulel little hotel in Queena B-.
waa her next atop? The clever Ml
I >. ?? i ?_?c - -. giving ?m assumed nami re?
mained ;.t the hotel .-.n night but the
next da] uh< took another taxicab ami
a ?i i t" Shalt- nbur) ? ?* ? nue, It ?va
ii-.' hihi last t? ii_rlit sl IU <>'< lo
Un girl ? im? "in "f the house to
.i letti r, lhai the d? tectives Identified
her snd telephoned Mr. ??m-st. who at
first advised that M waa best to leave
the girl in the hmis. all night, but he
changed his mind and went t" see her.
a tense Intervisw t?...k placo, hut final?
i Mis.*- Dodge egresad to _?'? h'.m?-.
und Mi von Hiiiow win asti foi ''???
many n ? ambassador ail] r? tui i
Washington ?>n Bnnday and will not
d m til late In June, when h<
.? rnstoi It ??? I upend
immer with hei on th? ? tat? N'
von BUlow win be attacl ? Poi
rign Ofl
In Washington Society.
Mrs. Marshall i ? ? . ? ?
R< .- .dn .i snd Mi ?.
? ? ? tslned . ? ?
Court '..-?
tar? of the >- ?
?l.|.|. .1 Su ?..?.: ' ':?
M .*-?-.'.. s iialnr and Ml h _lan
tin. Captain M- Cully. Ii
Ma) Ho? ? ?tii
Mr. ; nd Mrs. ? ?
Mr?. F. Bmlt
Misa m I? i. Tsfl I* In (,
? ? - - of the Navy I
? ? .1 M Meyer i nd th? Ml -- d?
il enteriMlnmeni
? - ?
I Mr* ?il
len * ' Ka j mond wi re dli
or t A dal t hia ? i - i ?
..f M ? 1-. of M ?
who will noon lea ? 11
??ustin 1.?
? th? !
on Ii-.?-:, ..i. -.?.;,s reported Im
! t.'-.l.i.,
ha ? ... So
I.? nOX, Ap II '-' Wilham 1 ? j
Mr- . . McBui - I
en ' !
I 8, W Wood a
? ?i . , ?i. i ? t ' '
i..?*?, .? bull? At I
iir Monda] a vot?
Mra la "?. foi : ? Inter?
? nt? rs
I?r. and Mr? Henrj H Jaoues ?ho
have been In Pari !?? tl
it th ? rtls Hotel
Recitations and Song at the
Irving Place.
?Anna I w ?wing ? on Straw
- ? ex? aptlonaJ ?
and gift mall? snd mui Icsl i ?
cltsl yesterds] afternoon si th- r
ri.i?-.? Tin at-. Her re? Itatloi
tr??n. ti,.- deep drama tie not? ol "The
Tragedia * Death" to the d?licat? -harm
..f the almplest ? ?? i maa i hlldn i atoi lot
?nd ??' rse ? hile In betwe? ' ? .
Helne'a "Pilgrimage t.. Kevlaar" the full
\ slue of it- m. ittc \isii.ii it ??
HggtH to listen t" her, an?) one hop?
hear her again.
Frau R? rtha C Klein, dran I
mo and Royal <>i"*tn ringer, sang th?
?n.,- ? r from '"i ? sad soi i
Brahma Wolf and Ferdinand Hummel.be?
rides eneorsa Paul Iteimere, tin rjerman
tenor Heder tlnger, added furtbei to th?
?*tij">m?*tit "f -a notabl] 11- .<??'i.' -,ft':
noon h.. ainging aonga bj m< nd? I
gehuhert and Dalcrose, and, b] wa
i an "''i Q* rman f"i!-:
??. ?mm
\ ?lrarnati?- vsrslon of "Drengellne, 1
ri hotnss V7. Brondhurst, v. in I.
N.w Tort m the beginning oi lb? eomtns
: , asi.ii by Arthur Hopkins. The Pia; will
i.. useasntsd by a oast ol seventy-live
,., ? ons, .'" sded b) ESdns Ooodrich,
Mine. Marki.r-it. a celebrated Germen
seUeao, will <h> a "melologue," with mu
-de by Chopin ami words by tTjeskl, -<? the
t...!,? nt ta ?>?* gives for th. Volunteer I ? ?
\ir rund and French Day Nursery, al th?
Century Theatre on the evening
April li
Misa Bailie Usher wUl head the MU at
the Palace Theatre noxt w.?-k. app?
in a aeries of songs, each chsrscteriatl? ol
it ?tlfT?-rt-nt period In the hlntor) ?,t thi
country. Bhe appears in ?t\ different ro
turnee, ranglns from the mod? rn ball
?_?. g n to the a?;?- ?>f crinoline
May irwin. Staring the remslndei of h
sngsgstnent m "Widow i>- Proxj." ?m
rdns "nr' "f but old aonga ever) Monda?
muht N?-xt Monda] In will aim "The
h rn-i*.'
The Kes Y.iri< eontlngent of tin* h.nt
n,until Collegs Alumni ?.r.- planning t"
attend th?- Lyceum Theatre In s body i?>
wr 11 B. w ai n- r m "The Qhosi
Breaker " The function win be in honor
,.f Charlea \\ (loddard, ;? liartmouth
graduate, ?ii", *aiii> Paul Dickey, wrote
th.- ton, atreet thriller.
The ?Hants an?! the Boatos Braves,
WOP Opea th?* National l.'-afm- i.?.<>- at the
Polo Qrounda tn-dav. have accepted ti..
Invithti.m ..f Robert Milliard uml the Cri?
terion Theatre management i" wltneaa t.,
nlght'i performance "i "Thi Argyle
Cast sad ->?ill .??ill'-, the boxea,
Lgrila Lopsuhoars was tin guast ..r ai i -
i-"i"i Hi.(i-.- at a dinner given In her honor
um night. The secaste? v-..?*- Was i--?i?.?..
kowa'a tsrenty fir-1 blrthdsy. In the ?'..it.
Ware Minn Ku??hm<>ie, .Misa Lillian U-?-,
Mlee Quaenle Vaaaer ami Mise i'i-x^v
wood, ?>r "Tke i_??iy of the guppar."
Engagement Announced to J. D.
C. Bradley, of Boston.
i. . .. ?
I lost I ll I? ?? M
g? i -?: So Arlington I
I s?ment of her
. ?? " - Hel? n Sear?. I"
; ??? ? ameran Brad f Bol
Bos toi i a m?
toi the ?
th? ?????::
???''. oth? I
ted tu tli.
Mr Bradli s a
i mem bei ?
' lyb ti - IP.! rard ? lub i n. si
Harvard Clob rrfc
Newport Widow Several Years His
Junior To Be New Yorker's Brido
i : ; t pi
? ? ' .'?-?? port
?e Mr?. Mai ' I ?
.1,.I ? ' -
N. '4 1 ?" . ., ? , r(.||
? .
i:,v . : .
- I ? '
eddlai Ruth i
Mi ?. list 11
ll w.Iwsi
the Inca
R ? ,- . i.
pen moi y, whl h a ai followed bj
the horn? I
tl i irtland av,
. maid of
Wilde, Mis? laouli
1 r?h i.ii.l
Harold Motl Robert
Mi w... ds ' Hi and
Mi William || Woodward, of W? ?".
Ion an :?'?', B
U itl .,i,i. Imm?diat? relativ, i :?... ni
Miss H i: lughl? f ? Hilan
.1. ni Ini It' iff. i " a,nia led i"
Ke Achelia
home of th? paren! Mr.
? I ?
?| ' . R? i'. .i Howard M.
i lu?) Ti m.' B ool i 11 J i .
'i,., bi Ide, i? i " i? In moui nini fin her
er. Mi III? hard I' n
v. bom i he mad? her bom?. I
attendant Mi ? istli Ji nkli ttruff
Brett ?. .. ? ?
thm tali ? ? .",
Kathleen *\ - b t? di i| bt< i ??'
Mr .i .i Mi ? ,; Webst?
Na tit ? ?iini'"i svei us Brookl* n and
John Ctewdreji Oriei son of Mr. and Mti
? Orl? of Oo ihen, *. v , were n,:.,
n. .i i.isi ??? ' nu | !?? tan Re? i n Bi flair
1er it a ?i*- .i i ..m. cea?amoni. to
' which onlj i Hath ea a '.?i i i"?> p? i
? id i, rtdi wer? bidden. Mira I ?o? I W ? bi ti
,, i i t> i' maid ..i honor snd tleoi%t
broth? i bss1 man Tise
brldegroom wsa graduated from Cornell
.n 190.
i. r? rsrsph l o Th.
,. iphls, Api H '? Mil a Edil h
i;,,,t i,-, dsught? i <'f ll* ''?? Mr. snd Mrs
,;.,,, i,. ??;,- mai i i. .i ni noon to
,.,., |- n,e Church of ""? Redeemer, Brj n
,, .,, , pens '" I?ieutenaai Edward
?Ihlpi -n W llllng, I" H M. C . sob ut Mr
and Mn Oeorga \v llllng, of Chestnul
inn Th>- bride was given away by her
brother, Edward Peace Bawls, and ?vus
.?tended '?? !l'' Matar, Misa Lo?las
', , m. ?v Ming had in- broth?,
,- . w ,h,i _ r.. a l ? -t man Onl;
the iminedtate families ettetjded the?
,?,?,. and wedding '";"'-' "?l*J ol?
10w?d at C.'icntj *n? h""" "r -*?
1 Former Railroad President Left
??More than $50.000."
'' "?1"'-'"l;id:1?a,'>" *ot ? .'?
in? will "' ???' '.,.,,? Railroad ....
??I the I'.-iin"? i* .. , ?,i| wmi ...i,,,,,,,,]
wl,., ,|li-.l v<-">< ..,,., ,.. |.,.m, . ,,. ,
t,, probate a? ? ,,. abt?te wa ? ?? t..
end ...... i* *??l
ti,.- M< ('res ??'"' ,,, , names sr< men?
The servaBis. .. :,. ,,, be kc|.t m con?
Honed In <;"' Ztnett i,
f.,.t n- long M "Tt
Interborough Association So
Declares in Letter to Board
of Education.
Will Let Girl Workers Attend
School at Regular Wages
for Ten Weeks?Fight
Over Principal.
Th? lnt<. -. . lation ?.f W ora
? " T? sgalnsl the con ? almenl of
mai r. ? men ? .,,, teach In the i
..-i nation from th
' ?
? t" Mi-- Board "f Education .-.. ati
v' G C. Sf. . han, tu ?
*** "' ' I V" .'
' ' ? ' pI le ved by the a
?' ?.. -,.. foundation to
?? " ? irge numl i r of women
rere married id .-???? ?
ing their mania ?
The communication In pari ?va* as fol?
"The ? - - ? ? . .. of the Inter
borough Aso? laUon of W om< n T? ..?
? - .. iin_ rjlsci ? .1 ihe I
tain teachei th. ? . vice
d? i the bylaa which
i- .| iir? . marri?
?nd arishi to ret ?in h< i posit o*
. i: marriage t.. th?
i -. thoritlea The commltt? d?
plorea the ... tlon ol those tea? hera and
*? gi "i. t ..? , lampl? 11 teed befor? i
of an Impresale-nabla nur by fallara to
; th?* relinga of aupe riera
Few Married Teachers.
"The eeanintttee bsiievea also thai ?h??
report In the presa elabtdag that an ap
? - .ble pat antags of the tea. hli i
have diaregardsd the requirement! of thla
- la arlthool fo indatlon in fa l and
la unworil ? of
by f nufacturei rhtt
" a n u m* ? r ol
tteen yea
; .
emplo ? ? ire In need of
? ? \l
vi... tin & ? I
It ?
? : '
? | ?
. ? i '
Frlclmar Appointment Reacted.
M < .el cited
? '? | ? ? ?
f 34 to 17. Dr. Ira
? ,i ? . ? . ? . ? . .?
. f Fold ma i
held pr?
f th?
,1 t., Patrick F "
pointed ?>> ;
comn the
Man' I P. Uschi
lotion and
Us? hman's
1.-, .!? ' . i - - >l
? ? ? an
r. Elliot . ' ry. bj
? n trat ' HI via
tritt, and that ot O? L**rsnl \
1,,.,.. innioa and
Audience Not Large, but Per?
formance Is Up to Standard.
pet i.-' i.' l ?
pn ? -.i la . night at the at? tro
Opera I ti perl
up to thi I it.
.o. willy Buera Ii not Un Idea
In ugh hi*? n.ii.nation la
am but Mi L"i the mosl
lyrle w.iii- ' ihst N ? a I orl hai *??? n ?-i
i.... ; ' .1 Mme, ? lad I ? - i '.- i snd
Braun'*, i'- I ? ' I nd?
\ foi thi lh ekm? aer of Mi i lorit
and o?- i '.. ? -i of Mr. fl where can be
found thrii . -,- * .i word, I ???
nhould i- said for the Kothner >?( Mi
K.? i.ii..i ..i. Ingei
who ni.i.i.- ol the eharactei ?? genuine tm
... aUon, '.. Me Ingini II .I ? i
Mi - I...I.-. . ond?? I? d
Graduates of Maynooth Have Fif
tconth Annual Dinner.
| t,| I-. !i\ ?? |>l - ' i.' mini - ..! 1 I..
Roman Catholic Communion, gradu lei nt
thi Uaynooth College, Ireland asacmbled
,. tii- Hot? I ?_stai ,:| ' night i... th? It
fifteenth annual dtnm : 1 lie pi leal rep
,,... ,.t.-.1 th. hundred memo? i? ol th
Maynooth Union of the United Btab
the prestdent of which la Mon Ignoi
? tiari? Ue* '? esd?, ol the llolj ? Irosa
.\i.?-|ioi Mooni |. of thla city, the lb
i, | ,. . i...,-. , of 81 tools, and th- Rev.
11. nnli i ' .... ? i. ??' Bord? ntown, N .1 . ad?
.. ,| n.- don i.-ii ? Mo m.-.
st,,,-.,. ,,, n,, i-,,,,. ami i'i I.?* >-rv t".i?t...i
n,, rolles? \ nil In? m? etlna wa? held
in the ait- m. _
A. N. Picrson ;- "Killarney Queens '
Win S2f)0 Prize.
Raw ' row a! .? s**eal heap <-i rosea, coi
erlag two hundred aguare toot ?>r .-i>_'??.
that i "n. of lb? eights visitera si lbs
int. rnatlonal Plow? r Show, at the ?ir.m.i
rentrai Pal* i **** "?*'>? ?-*?*
roai tu. nt] bt ? hundn ?I Klllsrn? y ?
? m... ,. ?. ,-. , ? i,ii.ii..i : j \ N l*"Taon
of Cromwell, Con?., snd thaj ?-a.ri..i ?.ff
the HU prise offered bj the ??mertcan
i:. S...I. ty i??r the best i ahlbli ?'?* ? ut
.rerins thai amount <>f apara
?Commander, Who Started as Private 25 Years j
! Ago, May Be Succeeded by J. May hew
Wainwright, Former State Senator.
! < ..;? ?o? Tii.'ni.i.a W Hnaton, 12th In*
? - ? lit iv. v ?; n v. ??ii.nipi' ?ted tiren
tj n?. "ti I".-l.riiar> 8 last.
tins sanounced that hs ??ll r-tir?? ftoBi
- "? imand n??\t week He im.i Intended to
r..|ii. a i-tlr.ineiit ?>n Manli I, bot dM
nol lik.- t., latvre the -eglmeat until after
the annuel Inspection, wMeh en?ed last
Cblooel Huston, who is a Bpanieh War
?? teran, \ ,.'i sn ssoelleat r.rd o aer
rloe ii.? j..:ri.-?i the regtmenl a*: ??' prl
rsti in Company i? on Februarj? n>, laM:
promoted t.rporal >?" Pebruorj 17.
? rgl Ont, "I I ?e.'llll"*r I, \*W. Se.
; "tal li.iit.-niuit. mi <?ei.,t,er M, IM
ii-'it.-natit. ..n l>r.-.?inb?*r i?. tant', eaptaln,
oi lum li '?'??' major, on April '-'.
I.- .tenant .-.'i.t.r-1. 00 l'el.ruary L'7. ''-";
snd colonel la Ma eh, IM1
Colon, i Huston la asid t<> se the enli
..ft;.-? t- in the ntgtmsBt who rose fn it from
pi at? i" colonel. \\ nil?? th? r? aiment
wss m the United st.it-1 sai rio in INI
? .,, - ? ., ved "?Hi it as a captain
in the Southern camps and M MataBsas,
? iii.ii. lie perform? 'l nil dotj with th?
r?gira? it Including Bet*Mee st Buffalo for
th?? aupprsasdofl of riots then m lOal 'in*?
in Bra iklj n i'i iv<:,. Ha ?"--'i * also presi?
dent ?.r the asamlnlng beard for on,
of tin. int Brtgnd? for asversl years.
Colonel Must'.;, nus badly ?njur.-d by be
Ing um "v.-r by a trolley ear ;? little over
I ear age
if the ?i.f-ires ..f Brigadi? r Geae si
Qeotge n Dyer, commanding th? lal
Brigade, <>r which the 12th Is a part an
?m n? .i .ait. ??Lieutenant ' 'oiVmi I ?*?
Mayhea Wslnwright, a former state Ben
\? m i... chosen eolon? - Wl ???
the officers of the IMh Bill meet the
wlshea of the brigade pommandei can
no! i"- Kin.?m deflnltel] until a forriu?
meeting la held to discusa tl"- m " i
Iros i .-i-- of the i nited
*l ?? DlHtriet ? .mit foi the Bouthcrn
? \. u "..irk from Uli t?> 1901.
? d ? nornlns si his home, So,
: i, Weal lath atrw I from paralysis
Broom, who v..m in ins eighty?
i- ?? hors m Wsst Mswbury
nty, Mass., rebruary -i. UM Ile ?sa?
tered Ambers! < ?.iiog*? in \*H%, ami n.c
.wing fear lolnsd th? ???phomor?* r\an*
jut iiarvani, fron which he was graduated
In 1?-'^ eeeand In his etaasi flint nun t*?in?i
ay. ?? ?tiiat?-. uffrward Judgf of the
(Jutted Stat?>n District Court, an?l third
m.?n josoph ii. Cheats?, ?lodge Brown
Is*Kf*eedsd T'i'Ik'-' w. O, Chonte on th?*.
1 bench
Lea*lug Harvard Judge Hr-.wn studied
i it*.- for a year In the office of John .'.
of Tiav. rhlll, ai -l n. IK! entered
Harvard Law Bebool In II S be re
? ?*??' *. ..ru citj . -?? !.. ? he a.? -
admitted to thi bar, He served for a
i-, clerh In the oflu-?* ?.f th?* firm .??:
i. ?.-.- ? Hall A V inderposL In UN he - n?
tered Into eopartnerahip wltl Kelaon
Bmlth, and s il i ama lunlor
men I a Una of Bogardus d Brown
I The linn becaim Btanle* i
ludgi Brown wrote 'ir -
than two thouaa I ca itralty
-? emi ?i.
led to illtlei ar aa poo?
? Judge Brown ?ai tauoh Interested in
nom) snd botany, and aeveral of his
liapera were publlahed by the Bmlthaonlan
Inatltutlon. From ISOO t<
;- ? id? til - f th? T? UTS? i tanii si i ".-it>
?.f Sew York. He waa one? thi found?
of ti.. Ken Tor. k Botanli at Oai
? ? ?? ' ? ntlilc
An. ?; .. bia .<??.? a a I ra of th?
-?at..-? sad i anada published In
on artife Lir n i. Brltt
\ derisloa b? Judge Brown, whleh t.i
. .t..; ?sas l.'ii; l'-'i ?1'iv-n in Mm
and Qaynor caw In "-". Ha held
ordei t. to another ?li?
ti|.-t ? I ? - :. ili?-'l v\lt!l Uli i."
t Srst '
? it an offen ? against the govern* I
been commute?-.
Jlld .... :h?r ..f ?I,?. N ? \
\..ii U?*ographlcal sad Htatortaal ao Is? !
? ? ? M ?: i .-.t.. the ? '?? itury '
i the To i ?? Bota
? i -i the *-"ri_ ?if th-* Amer- j
- ? le a i trustee of th?
? II ? iln try Hla *.?. ir? an I
aurvlve him. TI ? fui eral
i Bal irda aft?ernoon si 1 0 ?
i. in All Boul -' i i.Hartan ? 'hurcb,
i ..-.t?'.. ..\. i .. and ""'h atr? ? I Burl il
.- ill i- -i. W.I lawn -
? - n?."-. N .i April | Ui
' ? troke ?->i spo
? < ??,????? r lu la the Sot tor ol
the Burlington County Bar .asoctatlon,
i i aftefi ">n. He waa seventy-nine
old. He wa . ? i sts "i Prince
.8 Judgt - of th?* 1st l'l
y\ ion, Hitla ' I?
enrolling Burlington Count, resident!
? ? . t.. draft during the Wn- ,,f n,
il. ra terested in i isnj puitit-* and
' ? ? ' nd an active ?worker
.In the Kptecopel Church H<* leaves three
? Be?,. Norman I ? **ts, rector .?f
'. ol tii- Incarnation, Pbll ? .
p i:?iw.ir<i n i.?".is >.f the banking
i ? ? ??*?". Phi
1 and ii-.?.n i ? ' '?? "? la, a la
Hoi r, toa n. IV. .i . Apri; ?? Edwai i ??
v..?*-! .iir.i m hie home In Prospect strset
tl ? renlng He had been eoi I
t.. home for the last two roar
ViiRt was born In Morrlstosm on Ma] It
It-It, and ha.i spsnl all his life here
After leaving school he entered busineaa
with hi-- father, editor ami proprietor of
"The True Democratli Bannar," of win- a
,, i hi was part owner at the tun?*
..- i.? .Lath
[ill Triesiesh "*- 'l"* Trihsaa.1
ti .i i..?n ? Island, Amu I
llenrj Tappan (>>i ?..* Bv? \.... . old. died
.,,.,, to-day from heart disease Mr
Tsppsn bad lost cot?e from s_n Antonia
Tea ?nil Ivro carloads of n?'i" ponies,
wttti i? in* espseted lo sell for lbs coming
international polo championship He had
i,,. ponl.est sf this pin?-?-, nt the
ijfesdoa Brooh Hotel. He was taken III
tin; morning. Before ? doctor could ne
called he waa dead Mr. Tappan *-*a?.
known to everi polo man It*, tins rontttry
ii. i..,- -- a wife.
Atlantic ?'lt.*. April I John Mulltn",
?,?, I.-,-. n. .1 tu: i ii'im ?.tin?-:? in N< ?
leraey City, Brooklyn .-? n<i elsewhere,
died hi the Hol? i Cbeaisss '?- day. Ilia
home waa at Mo 184 Montgomery street. I
Jaree) ?it- He ?was stxty-slgbl yeara
old ??n.i bad been twice married, his <>.r
ond ---if?- dying sboui s yaei ;??;" Two
?ens aurvlve him Mr Mollina at one
tun?* was a member of Iba lersoj ?'ity
Board of i'n.an.-i?. Ha was Intsrsstsd Inl
ra? Ing sad owned the horse Badge
Miss SOPHIE srt.lNO. who foi more
I than twent] ? ? an taoght a?ehool In Man?
i ft.man. died yesterday la Dr. ?'omh?*a s
sanatorium In Corona. Queena Bbe had
h???>ii in th?- aanatoriam alas rears .mihs
s.iiinr ?a-, about Bfly one rears old.
t-OLIN CAMPBELL Simpson, fifty
six ysars <>i?i. ?ii"?i on Bunds nlghl In
hi* !.. .in? . \'<>. 7! Park str.-,-t, \|.,i,t,-].u-.
N i from perltonltla He bad been II
three days, Mr. Campbell was for -?a--?
? ? of th.. ?'onsolldated
. ;., ' ?...,i.;ir. of \? ? 'i ork li?- a i
i : ..f the Engineer! ' < 'lub, tl '? -
tlonal Democratic ?'in:. <>t Sea Fork an?l
n i tthlei.. ? lui. and 81 Lnke'a Ep -?? ??
p-ii Church of MontclaJi He lea?
? if<* and two daughters
City and Religious and Fraternal Or?
ders Represented at Funeral.
The fuserai of pntrtek F, Mel I et ?
presMsaat of tbs Hoard of aJasnara dur?
ing tlir? adniltilt?rstlon eg Mayor M?*CleI?
laa, who died laM Bnnday foUoarlng ?n
operation, Mas held In St ?inn's EUnaaa
CathoNe Church y?rsterdaj
Th? fuii.'r.i! procesatoB, rnrora I
quarter "f .. mil? long ? is M by three
hundred representatives "f ?octal, fra?
ternal and religloua brganlsatlooa I
of the organisations a*ei th? \:->-n. Ar
caniim, t?-t:??r.ri >.t Hianor, Loyal Aa.,<
tion, i'ri?-ii.iiy Sun.? of st Patrick, Pen?
?-* Club, Manhattan Club, Catholic
? ib sad Ameffcsa-Irlsh Illatorlcal s..
<i. ty, of a c| Mi M. ?-...??.at, wss
Amona th"-'? who atten<J?*d thi ?en
were Police ? 'ommlssloner ,\., ?lo, P*lre
i. 'om mission, r Jo i isloner
Thompson, ..f the Water Supp Depturt?
? ? \ kl? t ? ?! Walsh and tloyi ? , Ed
a .ii.i r: M? ''..;i si d .1"'"!: Fox.
W. W. Borden, Mult i Millionaire, Ex?
pires on Way to China.
1 ! il lg? tprll I William Pi Bo ?
th?? twenty-flve*y*ear-old multi-million?
? is the temptations of a
Ufa of luxury t-i lie.-..tu?* s missionary,
died lo d . ? si Cairo, Egypt from aptnaJ
Bgitta according to
? me. ii.* took
leg --at Print eton -t d
i he lists a
Mood) Blbli Institute, In thii
?? ii,i,. t- He . h..-- ?
and s as on his wa j t ?,.
o ??! took him \ brother, John Borden,
? .. ? \f. t? d n. atari goon for a hum -
? ? lltion h i h Arctic li .??'J to
till l for i ' ?
Jean Schwartz. Song Writer, Weds
Miss Dolly. Dancer.
Jesn Schwartx, . writ? ?putar
tongs, and Roxsika Dolly, a dancer.
na nil. < 'onn . yeater?
daj where they wars tnarried :i' :.'>'in ? ?>
Magistrate Stephen l> Radford H
i.-..\ . ..n.- -,..- ,,-..i ?'snacl i ?oily, tl,"
brid? ? ere a Itnesi
Ml ? ? ??.?s lorn In Buds
and app< I ' '? oad"?a*, iwei t: I
d?. s ;," i- on!) ?
teen this ? -ou m rj from Hun
< 'lie .,t Selllt .,' 1
tig a Ring v round Roes," I
. ; nrhii 'i he haa n.>?' ? coi | lished i
. i:' It. - .. wrote "Bedel?a" and j
i ?.
Author and Editor of "The Crisis"
Honor Guest of New York Negroes. \
in. u Burghardt Du Bols, author
, ? "Tl ? -???; of Block Folk sad . < ! 11.. r
I ? ??a- til. gut .1 at a ?"ni
plimei ? , ? 'i iner last nlghl .?t the Will?
oughb? Mansion, Willoughb) avenue ;
i: ooklj i . by reprea it..; ? as of
. ? : v n Vork. Dr. J'u Bols de-1
., '..? - . IP.*
?i:,,, ? preju el oftei ; rof?*ssed b)
?V..-I1 "f i!.? high? il Id? ..i- and .-natives
who would -luink at M'?i.ti'-' "i any kind, ?
bul their follow??-! in tu. Urna ran earn j
t, inss i') t1'.? 1'iit'i end."
Otl poke wsra Us Rev. Will?
iiiiii .\i Moffi Andr? Trldon, E1Tofessof -loci
E Rplngarn of Columbia; Jaaaes r. Mor?
toa,' Charlea W taderson sad W. \
Hunter, laternatlonal aecratarj of tli?a
*i iii? Men.- Christisn Aasoslstlra.
10 th? \tX I :*..n M'ls'lim Of
? ii iiuiori and lha M?KropolM in Ma
ill of Art.
Flower Shew, Kes Graad Caatial rala?*?
K.'-i.ik Bxblblttoa, cmtneyit Mssl? lint:. J to
m p, n
Dinner of Ihe [n?er<*oll??glau Civic i.?ar.?j?
ii .n?m.i llouse, '. p, m.
tddreee '?? Wstrtci Attornsy Charlea
w iiiin.i-i ..- dins of the Bast Old? bus)
? ? ? men, Cafl Boulai ird, " r>- mi
Pinner ,,f lia Miiiiini tSSO? Utimi of Trlnl!;.
s-h..,,',. ii?tei MarUnl?rae, ' i> aa.
lilnnor i?i WmiSm i.""l-, |l Waldorf A?
t.-rla. ? p at.
M...iln- ,.f ill- .Militar. i.r,1??r of For??lfn
War?. V. ?I..- tf Astoria, I n m.
Probation centrrene??, undsr the ?u?pir*s of
th? t-r.if- Probation Comroli Ion, < Itj ira.ii.
s IS p
i., ainslon "" "The Bmaaclpatlea of ?:,,
? , .it 11 - mrrtirg nt
? i . .-iBi-'iivn' Progressive Pluh of th? Ist h
Asser .'???? a) w'eat t l"tli
> '.'I P. 1...
Public i?-tur.-.? .i the Board or Education,
s 15 p m Maahsttaa r.i.iii. School ST,
..,i,i Third m?!"! 'Mi dea ? ?
i ,.,,,'(? i ' na II? ?* IT-ife- -.a W lilla.n
. lark Pea-knam; Public Srhool U .?..? ii?,
?s-.- ? SSiH . l'a;,, rlsllsm si Horn?
,n ? IbrOSd " l'i David Si4\tll" Mil//....
|.,,i l i ??? ?ti?.a sad ?s..
s-irhuisf aveaue. "Hsimlot," William li
F*l?n?lng I'ui'i'-- s>i,.,oi .v.. ?.-.,. gyg Kit.?
.^Tti. ?ir?-1 "Browsing." i?r. J. i run?.. i
st a? i h PUblk School St, !!?,4??r Rn.! Ko I
?-, "BU ,t and Ps* cholos?," l>r I
, irlas I Hern??; Public a. i.i inn. i;t?.11, 1
Mre?t vi?n of Fifth SM?tii*?, ??Tlir.'iirjli th?.
??Und "' Jevs." Bveretl E. Th"nip?on.|
|.,; - 119. IS3d ?tr.ri and Eight !?
, .,,,,? "Sea ? ma'.i.-'-? of Our Shore*."
i;, Waldo Hitter; I'ui.n. Seboal 100,
?,..,,|. stre*i area! of ?.materdsn? ..???na-.
"Natural l'ef?*"''? Against Iliaca*?-." Dr.
Thomai ? Storey it.?'rut.* Hail. Na 21?
East xt<.\ir. street, "OpalB," i.oui?. P Berry!
i .,!,,,.? i a : 14th etreei and rtocond ?\??
, '?',.. "Dlckena" ?lari.-. il. ??o?-un. Publie
[jhrsn N ' "'-' ,;i1'' w'' ,?"'<*<",? "Ti.?
Prartlfal Soclologlste of Engian?!.'' l>r
1'iul Klsppsr; St. l.uk? ? HhII. H.i.l.on
a?i?et HO.nh of >'hrlstt.ph?r ure.t. "Ms*
llngulvbed Nan??? Is <?r?.??k Hlatory." .VI
h. ?t !.. M-rahon. I
Municipal Art Society Discusses
Plans for Co-operation
? on of artl Ik orgsalasttoui hi
the furtberan.t plans foi tbe heautifl
? ifi.ni ..r the rttj sas < "i last sigh)
at a masting held ander the ausgleee o
liio Municipal Art Boetet]
The *A?.rk ?ion.-- i,-. tin city*a ar* fo
defies araa eonaidered fr'.u. the points of
i law "f tin* different srganlsatlom M
were sm?ie by Mrs A Bferte
Hepburn, president of the ?'ity Htstor:
Hub; Dr, Qeorge F, Kans, pr? m.?.nt el
Us \r,i .rican .**?- enl? snd Hli t<.n- rr. ?
ervation Kociety; Charlea i?an.-. <?i?.:?ni
prestdsnt <>f th? Boclet) ol ntustintara
Mr?*, .(am.- Madison Bass, preatosnt si
tbe American Playgoers; Mrs. Elisabeth
Qosrdy>Bsker, ihaliaaan of the ari uaia?
mtttee of tbe New York City Pederattoi
of PTomen'i Clabs; wniiam Aleiptaroi
Boring; ..r ti.? Architectural Lssgna si
?V?ea rork; M?>nr> s. Plenring aeerst-U*]
of the Society of ittaattatsis ; Hownfri
Oreenley, of Lb? Boelsti ?>f Bsaas Arta
Architects, snd Austin I.ord.
The effective work In civic beautlBcatleti
?i"ii<- under the direction of Borough Prc*1'
.j? nt MeAneaj nas tbe sreafeel of favor
able comment bj Mr, ?_ot*d? ppsaktag on
"Municipal interests snd Tesan Pisa?
Will Raze New Opera Site Mon
day, His Promise.
Hammerstetn asM yesterday he
expected t-. begtu work In imiling doom
ding* ??n thi -it-- of hi*? now opera
!i".i-j?. at Lexington avenue an?! Mdstreet
M... mi mon
A i I? gel ?.i.?-M.-i- i. ; ? ??-. remorad lo
m- full) a -.) ilrlag title i-, th. property.*'
aald M Hammerstein, "and i ahallbsgli
pulling down th?> hiilMlng?. as .-.??'?n ae *?
gel tbe title, which i aspect ?III \,r to
morrow, i shall tt>**?i br-g\u --?ork Moa
day iii'.rninR. arid I afesll oi>?-n mv open?
? ffovembsr 10 at s r/doet*. 1 hav?*
??le-n-d to-dar my first osntttSOt m?h a
nett artlPt t'??r rny company. Wo is Mar
esa Kellannann. baryton?*, who win, I
hav? no hesitation la ?aying. maki a.
pensatmti srhos he appear* '
Young Woman Thrown from
Horse Now Out of Danger.
M .'.- m '? B m Till s ho was -hrwwii
from her horse on Tuasda ifternooa h
Central Park snd arai d to h?*
dying from ;?. fractured aku*_, recovered
consclousnei esrij yesterday ators-Bsj Ii
tin- Presbyterian HtMpital, An esanriaa
abowed thai there was so fractur?
and that the . ..in-.is-i.iii ,.f the brain
which the accident ? sua d ?wa - *
ous. She la expi t- d to dli arged
from th-* '" pital Is 1
Testerdas afternoon th? oung woi .in.
parents. Mr and Mm MMdletoa b\ i-tur
nii. risltsd bet ind eeversl Inttmsts
frionris canal aad wi re received Bhs will
S? l-rt ..\<-,l .1,1?,i; |0 ! .-: 1.,.. at Ms
... .....
:. - iiw \it . ?? \> ??? 1
i,- ic< Chin 1 H
I ; j . I , ?
daughter of M-. end lira Hear?
7.. iiuei ? ithwi
1; .i? -
. WEED On A| ?
. - -. M ? ? ? ?
I? n ,,,.- -, '<?.????:
Noil.-??? ?>f mari-laee?. nnd deatfee ?nn?t ..?.
?i.. .ni.i...nif'i k? ?un mu???* una BdOeeaa
. * ? " ** ?;
i'atlln. - i
1 -? ph K ' *"? M
.- >i. - ? Ut v
'-.ail ?.- n? *? ... Maif.r'
Prance?! M ' Mai ?
1 , II h-.-i-f. 1? - ?
DROWN ''. Wedneedsi ? M?n
.?,.?? .,, .... reetde? '
..... Brown ..-? ? - *' '
, [ ,1 itrli ? <
- ..?.?
.,, ?. ah ,_,. |||< ? - ?. >t ?'.ti n- ?ai
I*...|rtli ave In., nn- ' -,
CATUN?Oe Saaday. Mareh IS, t'*i*>. at he
So ??-'?' P?H?! eve., Trap -j H p
???. J il m 1 i\r!!?\ 1:. 1 *
ral ?erv|r?>? ?II
- 1 ?-'11 at KSirho me, ' N. J ,
rar ?HI be attach--?! to the l> t A W tra
lf_vlng Hoi ?ok ?n ?t I P ri ati-J r?>-;r-..m
irrtvi .? tl ' ken at B 39
?-A?.Ti.N ?ttoAtolr. ta >pr.i r ISU. Jases*
g Dal too ?.' hie home we '" Petsaw at*
iiisMV.PN At gterthsen ion- i? ??
... 1 le-.av April ?. "M*. '"-v-elia. --if? c
th? 's?? Oi-Ain Deanlngton ifenaarb
Brooklyn) Funeral ?ervle-a Thui-dey after
sees, April 10, at t'M ovi<~. k. a* bee late
rralrios ?
t'F.kry Katherine Murer, belevei ?MS '
Charlea D Ferry, M h?r ! ?.m* at ^'lmn-.lt
K. .t.. en Airii J Funeral rrivat? Kladl)
PORO Os Tiwedaj meralag? ^i'ri1 *? ,:'1
I'nni-?. Kgriom, mU ' ?'?'? t. For
in..; 1, .. ?? - ? . ? 1. I, MB tat B '
M-ii-v .a Biselo? r v-.i m N T funeral
fron-, it-? reetdence ? ? I ?** *?- BS?ls I
?..rn So, H ?\4arna **?? Moon? \-n.un. N
V? n ? . ? ral"! Awl 10. 1SI I a? -
. tack, v-ii-im papera please east
OOODEVE In Brooktrs. N* Y. an April *
ISU, '?m?-?? 0<Mdevs, a"" el th?. late .tar.?*
an 1 Ellea A Oeede<*e. ?Vuaerat ?-?nt.*??-. a
s.> tit Oat? ave
, .-. , - a April 1". a- - I '
.,1 \'f?.'-.-K "n April "?. I01.-? H-:r- .;.
?t hti .iaiiRlit-T'i liini??, *?Yai^-'
HOU.T -OS Tosaisy, Sgrtl I ISU, Cliarl** I
ll.illv, tho l.olovi"! .?.?ri ot Mr? A S. M?rrt'*
wed aeray. Fuaeral ?.or.u*?a ThvrsSS)
\; .il J?'?. at Ills late r^al i?n.-->. No. MB Pu
naa a*ra.? Breekh n. a? i? p in
north nn Tusada**, \prt: ?. 101.1, Snln?*
T'twln. *?*r.?nd eon .)f L-; Ndgori t. an''
- mn It North, t:i hla I'Jth *?ar Fuiier?
a#rv1(*i*.?i at Noatraad Attntp? Metlxviltt Kplf
..??I church, Noetrand a\??. and Q'!tn?.-y et
Hrooklyn. <-'ii Tl.urii.la>. April 10, at 2 ?* p .
Itl'tfTOW SudlUnlr. at l-akMririt. N J . o
tprll ? ISU. t?atK?!a M nt? Randolph ?
YiiiW?. ?if?? of th? I?.'? ? harl?a Hin S
Barnice privat?.
?.\ii\V ?... ?r- i ? al her lat? reaid'n-:?. N-*
i r.H.-t BStli il Mary \ Bne-a run?ra
i ?ce rhuradaj mornlns, at u e-uy-.k, ai
th?? i-hnp,?i of th.? UnKarait- il?!?**?. i*i?ih:
terlan ?liur.-h. .-i?ju??d'i'-t a%*. anl l*l?t at
i.i.iii. 'ak- RroaSvay *iub?vay ??pr????* t<-,
tUM et. .m i Ihea SqtMWtKt a-t ???? in??i
inont l ri-,ai?.
STSWAROBOM laidaatr, at tha riom?a?eai
PSaeread. M !.. ?*n April ??. |tH3, Mar?*a-r?'
??'iin^rfc Btearsedsea. in h*- 9".I yoar Ser
vl ??? at th? Howieetead, on Frlda>. Aprt:
11. on arrival of train l*aving N?.t*7 TorU
f..ot of I?lh??rtv at , at -..;j> Int?rrn*n
Northwc-ad remetery, rhtu-toiphia. on Sat
ur-lay. -?t ronvpnlen?*? of the family n??t?
on.lt flowers.
WB8T- Marv ?ooka Wett. w!fa of tha lat?
William (Jordon Weet aged *-J yoar? K-.
..era! aerikea at Its? ltiltal-.. Conn, t.t*
t in.. Thm-dsy, April l<?. ini?rment ?-;r??n
-? ...| i 'amatory, r*ridaj.
tntlOHT?-Al Traehlaglea D ?', Tu???ia>
\prii ** mn Sarah /ana, -?-tfe of .t. ho?
.-ir?l \Vrl?ht Vunrral a?rvl.e a? her tat?
hem*. Ma n Kast r.iat a?., x.w Yo?k nt:
Krnla-. Ap'il II. H a. m- Interment pri
S33d St Bv Harl?m Train and bv Trollaj
Ofhce, -'?' Eait -3d PL, N. T.
FRANK T.. CAMPRKLI^. 211-8 Waat 31?
8? Chanela, Pr*"/ste Room?. Privat? Arabu
lancea. Tal. 1324 Chelae?. _
or ne es.
M \TN OFn?'E -No. 154 h'a.isau rtraet.
UPTOWN OFFI?'?*'?No. I_?i4 Broadw??-. ?,
an. Amen.-an Plutrl? i ?TeUaraph offio*
HARLEM OFFICE?-No. 157 Kaa? 13?t*-.
air. ?t. No. 2K3 Waat U?t? atreel aad No
219 VTnai 135th etree?.

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