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y<? JAM 11 N" '2\:S?\. ?, ^?:;^;^^:"^- wtua. NEW-YORK, FRIDAY, APRIL 11? 1918.--SIXTEEN PAGES.
In ( ii? of Kamt *??rk.Jrrar.r( ilv an?! Ilobokra
Former Captain o? Dreadnought
Delaware Demands That 48
Battleship Policy Be Car?
ried Out by 1925.
Monroe Doctrine No Stronger
than the American Fleet?
Franklin Roosevelt Calls
on Navy League to
Educate Public.
Washington, Api : 1?? v, , . ,,<?
?he* thirty-one- battleshlpi and twenty
destroyers thai const!
s 127 vest
mbled for \. -., ?-, - >,
Harbor lasl Ocl. ?
war. Captain John Ho ?d toW
I it to-day at its- session hi ? Cap? :
Hoi..]. v ho ? :.. ? mem
th? Na\ j <;. Board, gave ;. '
en i on n desirable n. \;
ihe time of the review he a
et the dreadnoughl Deles r? pennant
?hip of Ihe fleel |
' Not counting the with
h no confli? t ni
- ni. ?m 1920 Germany ? i ?
isfl forty-one battlcshipi ol
twaattj -ti\f will be itoeadi i I -. snd ?
ha lift?-'n battle 11 uisei -. Pi
will have thirty-eight capital ships, of
which twenty-three will be di
- ii ? '? ? ? II have thirl
of whs h lerenteei will be d
nought?, or dreadno igl l sers. i
"N<" thing short of th? Genera! Board's '
rilicy cf forty eight battleships for the '
United States can even approach ade
?5'iacy. rncl a fleet inadequate is a bur- !
??en without protection. At our present
r Ate of growth we in 19_0 could put out ;
-gainst these armaments thirty ?throe I
Bhipa all told, of which only ?txteen ?/.-?II
be dreadnoughts.
_t no et been de
siong ?ni?*- of ? onsistcnt
ihonghi i" m
?mould ?><** the guarantee of the nation'*?
re, "J.. -11 m ? we 1
:?n? hl '. i ig? i--?'?? S to l ' ti'i
which justify the maintenance and t<v
I ... ? i -.]? n for a
Forty-eight by 1925.
? Take ;i - the ' ?
pol ii ; a buildli ~ ?? that will
. i u. by !'?'
Ant line bntt ? Ith the
nits an'i auxiliaries thi
It Ib hop? I re
bj 19_0, the date or! rJnall? ? ,i lied
! ' ', i . :, : Beard i.:? ?
'Cut off ruthlesily and sell and scrpp ?
all vessels on tho navy list of no mili? I
tary value and all superfluous yards |
??id stations not needrri for the main?
tenance of the fleet, which uselessly '
're absorbing InrgS sums of publ':i
money in their care and upkeep. Pro- i
vide and train enough officers and
men on the act've list and in the re?
serve fully to man this fleet for war.
Provide necessary bases and trsonals, |
and educate the people that no fle*t is
-?dequate for the preservation of pi'''
which has not the readiness ?no
?trength to meat the enemy and say
thou shalt not." Show them its trifling
cost as compa-ed with even the small
?st and successful war?our war with
"We have inherited from our fathers j
no entangling alliances, but we have j
the Monroe Doctrine. As the nations
of Europe and Asia become over- ,
crowded with their ever increasing I
populations, that doctrine promises .o
M s fruitful source of contention and ,
rhallenge. and that doctrine is no j
?.tronger than the American fleet.
?-Thorn i?, th? principie of -.sioitl? < - -
- on; th? principle known <-?*? ihe
n iJo>.r policy, and there Ii our de?
iinati'-'ti i?"? assume military control
of the Panama ?'.-?nal territory ?nd Its
I low %. ter
Ignorance the Fault.
I .!r. no! '
:<-. rn'"i^fy or abandon any of
ihea- pnncipi?-*-'- and only b lach of
? ?Dllpued on fourtli i?ns?, third folumn.
This Mornings News,
Owen Will To B ? ?
(Slants Beaten In Baaeball Opanlna ? ?
r,,r Lov ? ? ... i
Rrosd-vay i 1rs Imperils Bnbws) . a
\ ice Indtctm? nl I *"?? ted 3 t>-da ? 3
s?e,,nri i n. ??tnaiiii Patient Di?BS . 3
Mora . 9
To Hell Napolfon Relics. *?
Losfe Honor Otiesl si Dinner. *?
Win stop Bolmonl I ? .u
I'hsv Tr Btifl? --ill .?^
* . V . ' ):?.?? b to City*! OVill . 16
i.ive Rail r. Idg? '."???' Porll ? M
'??lir?- Faim ?ti <''ntral Pb t*
Thirsty Niglit Toiler U'c-il'l Bs Ut ? II
. \a x i" m ? ... i
Buffalo Strike Kettlsmsnl Halted .... 3
i 'sni?-is ??> Bmpty Swlvi i < !haii ?. 3
W ilson to Bar Tamilian;-. *
DtusrOcrats Wrangle Over Bugor. *>
I'efioral l'arm Leans Cl Re.J. i
??- spin with Btllwell Baj il>i j
Sulser Urges Direct Primariei s
Hems Role foi ? ?tiea ? Lan ? *r'
lood Previ ntion Ui aed ....... I
i ' A K. ? '. na . Stirs i Ispltal ?>
a's Itscovei kssui sd. i
r* B Mii'iei.. , ? i ' sppsora . i
?uffrsgetts Money Tals ,. 2
Bolgh n Menace Oros . 2
Rassis Justifie? ii- Poll? . 2
. 6
: Lai . 8
ety . s
Uusi? . ?
Obituary . 9
. IB and 21
?hipping .'. Il
Reatber . u
?ad Mark? ' 12. 13 snd n
rtenl |i . .14 and IS
?\ m- sad Kavj. H
To A_k Independence if Sugar Is
Freed of Duty.
Honolulu, T. it.. AprU |0 . .The SUr
Bulletin" says to-day that a petition
I ' ?? ' arad, ? daring thai
"* bereas, Hawaii ii , ommer? laUy un
to < Klst UlMlt . f:-, a sugai
"ll,A : hura w from the "i
?-"id resume Ita pre*? ... ? itai i of In?
dependence u .i . ? --,. , ..
'? I 'ongr?
"The ?S';:i Bulletin" saya th? petition
la being earnestly aupported b: leading
. ion.
Summer Home in New Hamp?
shire, Office in Vermont.
??\ Ind or, Vt.? April 1<?. -E. v.". Smith
of th,- Whit? House ? xeeutlv< o
11 e force ? ame h?re to-day looklna
- house i.? i"- used for Mi.- ? ?
Pi dent Wl n tak? up
immer resid? nee si Harlakenden
House, In tin- adjoining Sew Ilamp?
t? wn of ?'? rnish.
An. sited ass
Ion In the centr? of the
? ilch v -is oni ' the homi ? I .
w. Stoughton, L'nlt? d Statca y ?
to Rui I
Mr. S - -? .i - . ompanied by s
-u*. ..f ;i telegraph compan).
who made i?!.ins for wir' service for
ondei ?a ho a II] a? com) any
I th.- I'- j
Steadily Grows Weaker, with
Little Hope of Recovery.
Wi Bead Fis April 1". -
. . . *
inti? chang to-da* He I st< adlly
| nd little ho] ? ol hla
and set .-nil of his h ill
onstant sttendan? e I
?.u Mr, Fiai
The pa tient ha - ei onscious
par? i ? ihe last f?
He is old, and
. . ? . his re?u i .
Fine Building, Bell and All. I
Dropped on Old Island.
i'. ? keisburg, Va , ?\j>rl1 1?' H toric
lo a i
800-pound i ,;'. e hi? ?i a as depo
? isi.'uiii i 11 Ohio II ? ring
- ? fl.I..
I few d
i :??
; on ?i d? -
It v.ill m til- futurs
play ' ' " ??'her
build Dg 1 .' when d ? omc
'?' -i :i the except.t
Rcligio ??' Un? i' nal
ave casi
ng ta
First the City Has Had Since
the Indians Left.
i ?oa on, A i r I 10.- The first ??? oil h nt
Bo*i. -i haa seen aln? ? tl Indlam
;<"? pla? ? to-da; along i hi i all- !
: he Sonti. Cove. Pi
ri i of raili ".ni - ;
ea t< ok par! --n.il the >
. ' ? . ,.| l.rii.tn.- : ? .
? i ii Hi-- network of ti
and s** Itching ' Ihe train ard
Th?- wolf, a large gi.ninn ' bound
dge, (?'H". ?<< a
Lynn man, ?gnawed his wsy out of a
il the train dre* Into
the s?r.tii Station. He was the Urs! one
off th? train. Dashing through th? ?
Hon imp? ded a thousand home
I commuters and then ha?i a . ?'-.ir
through Dew? y Bquar?, dos n At?
lantic avenue to Dovei street, where hs
again entered ? P?rds.
A hurry ? all I"' ti ?> poli? ? Stations
brought a squad of rmed of?
vim t. Infor?**? ?i '"' railroad men,
made ?< prisoner "?~ the beast aftei an
hour's careful man?uvring.
- ?
, Court Grants Short Separation.
Hoping Couple Make Up.
Bupreme Court Justice Merschauser,
; ?n White Plaint yesterdaj gave Thom?
as H? Kennedy and Mx wife, Anna, of
. . avenue, Nan !?<>' belle, a chan ?
to iry ..- i the "abei n Uic
heart grow fonder" Ides bj giving the
husband ;? limited separation '..
months Instead of the dlvor? e he
Th.hi hoped lbs couple wou'J
pat? h up their differences and livo
- happll) together. if ti.i* was Im]
i ridge Mom haust r .*.'ii?l ii?- would
grant the husband .i d?tcrec ??f divorce
,,i in? end of the *-ix month ..
The couple are w< 11 to do, and hav?
iv .i prett: girls, now In the i tod ?-.
the father. Kennedy charges his ? fe
with getting drunk i nd says thai <-?uc
time shi was arrested. He .il-*-"
?he left homi flv? moi ths befoj
on a gun s nd during ths I
,i ha i?; wae boi u !?? her a hich di? ti,
Mi.-. K? mi? i'. ? i-' ? a ge" - ,; ?-? nial
.,i .ni the allegations and charges her
husband " Ith ? ruel and Inhuman tr? at?
ment and i .>. i hla actioni dro? ? bar
from lioinr.
|_on?_o*i April ?J The Pekl
.-, ,.t el "Ths Dally Telegrspl r?
thai an ma ? ? ' ? attsmpt wt ?
,, ,,,|, .,, um - Il ? il I.i Yiicn
\ ,, prtyiidetit ol the republic.
One hundred esectitlona follow-*?! th? at?
i. m pi tfeneral ? in Vu tins, tin? i
.'.. ... - among tl.I??? ipl?
P. F. McGowan's Will Reveals
a Note of Sadness Re?
garding Acts of His
Only Child.
Women Aides Are Made Chief
Beneficiaries in Document
To Be Filed To-day
Had Premonition
of Death.
Th? ? : ..' Patrie! Krane i M? -
pi .,, m ol ti,- Board
ol AMermi . . ? 111 be filed In thi Burro?
tal - < 'oui i !"-?i.?: ? * st? coi
?ist? m Israe ,..'. 11 o hii in! rcsl In
th? An ? P ?>'.,,. ... i ?,... ? ,
trcel M i. .'?-1 ' ' i
si " lefi i vsluabl? i oil? el Ion of po n
Ings. i.ki snd ? Ins He die?
April t? in o ratio In the
X? ? fork Poly? Hi I? Ho pital. Hi hn i
I i ? iioni! Ion .?:' death and mad? ' ?
s ?n "i .v.ii || .-. i.. fore h? un ?
'i' ' '?'..,:.. neflcisi I? K
V. snd Ann,. Msumi. '? rs. >*? ho
-.'??? employ?*, b ths Arm In 'ii"
iii.iiiiit. ? omci wearii |
'l ... ? i?. . Ive all tlie el ?<>
the con ?a n outi
Th? " , a m." .i rJnei in tlu*
wilt, ii i- m i be . * ? elation ol ? he
-??troe m? M? i ?? -? ?'?! i ad to b?
? suse ol . . if his son.
" ? ? ?? c? ? Th?
ittci "i.i ?>f i r*i roof In
? ?
Art Objects in Trust for So??.
M r. .Mc<
: ? for hia
?on, nan ln| John D
truste? ii dir? eta thai Path? r
!;? :, hold ti' ? oil? ' lion '
M?-' ...*?..?? until
? i ,. msclf in i
*i mann? r a* to be "?> >?t th? and ?
??n Ing ' of ii The | ? ' ?
?ol? idf of th of 1
'i. ' lo ? nllnf?,
books and i hli u, H l'athoi I.
a *
Mr. McQo
? .i al public au? Moi T
? ?? ? i th? i ..it 'i Stat? ' ' i
? ? ? i I?
his Is i ye estai In iru t with tl
Ti Com pa lh? i ?
t.. re
un nu ,????? .,*
.... ... diti'jii I
i nit? ?i State Msi I? ? ? ? Al
.- he will receiv? th? princi] il
ol the trusl fund.
Franrl? Patrick A, Mc< Ion
vi n. rail; knov ? I : nk Mel low an.
haa had om< ? sp? rl< n< i ? ilial \-1 re
.. ta itcful ;?? hia father. W hi ? Mi
I of I Hoard
? Idcrm? n. s sa acting as Mayor in
? ; or McClellan, In
July, I'."?''. Prank wss arrest?*d, in com
, ,i.* s Ith ;i iri. nd, for i nt ox I lion and
..y bltlns ihe hand of the policeman
who arrested him. He waa srralgncd
,. , ? . u hitman lh? pi ?
i '.- ira t Attoi n ? ho fin? 'I hfm end
in1- compsnlon ?**eh S5. Kone of Me?
?Ion.m .4 fi.tn I; -i" sred In ourl In
? ha '
Gives Business to Bistsrs.
Mr. ?' .'??'?' rcfci i will to
, - .-..[. i ,,,
ted hin hl ?usines He
lea? es lo Ihem practl? all everyi ^?<-i
owned b th? firm "r P. P. M O? -? sn
g, ????
Although ti?r' i mgiuU b ise? In 'ins
i-, qui i are In Ihemselt es of a alna
thai ? snnot be s? i n sti ly ? i tlmatsd ..t
, d, t,,,,,. n .- i., que ' Ii made mu. h
.,,,,,, . luable by Hit --o?"!?? Ill ?.f the
business n hlch th? i lab rs h :,"i II Mr,
M? i i"v an v-'': aole propi ? '"t of thi
Mr. M? I'".'?' an ?' * tha? h<
nteresl "f the sisters should be meas?
ni-?,; by the length of ?jervlcs of each,
?o iiii.i .Miss Katie a. who was em
ii... <-<i by ihe M? i lowan Bi m foi
leen years, receives six>tenths, snd
,i . Anna Mauine, who was not .'is
,,,,_? ?-., the testator s busin? so, r.
Mi. McOowsn'B will cancels all debts
owed to him bj his broth? B llism
m, ? lowan, and s?i eg to his n? phi ? .
Edward J. M'?.<>>? .?n. 13,000. The tea?
tator leaves fSOO to the Rev. John i ?.
Roa? h and 11,000 to the Rev. i'. .i B i
ii-,.m He fives $500 to ths Bocletj of
si. Vlncenl de Paul, nn*|aa s "sp?
benefactio! BB>?aHI to Bt. Ann's Roman
Catholic Church, of which ho was b
communiai and from arhlch bs waa
buried. Mr. M< Oowan makes toro
other 11.000 ?liequeots for church pur
Says Architect and Surveyors
Combined to Swindle Him.
. it. ' ibli ? ? Tnbui
i.uii.i->?;, April !('.-Tiif wrangle
.,,,.,, ? b I "i'1 '"' ;' "'"r ?he bill for
rebuilding ,h Bofton Park mansion to
,,. ?i, pride, who su vi? lan
??., iid hoa ,;"w !"******* li" !"',nt :it
which l???r?l ''" ' ' ]t ?rctising ths
.,,.,?.i?eci ii Parquharson, and the sur?
, ' vom Evill * Morte, with fraud snd
(ulluBlon to expand ths bUl from |0v.?
ihm? to flOU.OOO.
, ,?.,| De? lea obUin? .1 ;.it order
intdav i" insude th?-- srchlte? i snd ths
; ' ,,f .urvei'on as ?o-defenaant-. m
??Tau? -^^hnlJdar..
loc/psr esse et I ?lass-stofpsrsd bottlsa
Ad vt
IN Fil M?
?Open Baseball Season with j
Crushing Defeat and at
Hands of the Lowlv
i Boston Team.
Shivering Thousands Look 01
in Mute Surprise as the
Biavcs Pile Up Eight
Runs to None for
New York Team.
i ? ? ' ;. . ? '. Gia n U 111 le vei
l?celes In T? cas trail Inj 01 S I I
? h indi ol ' imfa
Boston Brav? .ning game ?.
tiir sea ion wi eno ?h to unnen ?* th?
'? ? i ? to the "fans," and It Is ?? a*on
?j-1 that iii<- pop dation of I ?baerva
tvui ?;.? m aoroe ol the I", si hot
piti did nol Buffer a de? Id? d In i
i 'nd? r ; In depressi
I? ..?J* u -:-.. . .1 biting wind and loomini
il In fr. dsti d and bleach?
hamplona ol thi Sa tioi
Lea| hered In am ? ??? al th?
Polo ? ;. ound ? ? it? ? ften
oik of tl ? moat ?i? rial a d? feats thi
hat ?? sui !?? In? d I.n Tha?
>????'. .* Stalling bo ild I old the white?
wash brush ;i nd proceed to
bitter pill foi
Ihe m<-ti who .iii primed I snothci
it Is nol " it th? hi ? ' hittini
... a game In wl
run, i?ut th
-'?",'?'11 '. ib ?'? lie ?
tcrd can tl I to the : - I I it
thine possible It wa
fault of t! II , pi
pltcl r of no small ? -?? III Hub
tl \|.i .
? | the budding lion? ? :
N. > Vori bittet pltilcsa
falling on Chief Mi :
r -v ., ? tried to hit Mi
hall and fall? -l .il?l havi
to J ? ' of t rocking hoi - si
Ped?.-? the Canoe of It AH.
.*-.,. .,-,. would hav? auspceted Perdue
mean dial ha
: hoai ?? : ? rnooi 11
atty ir,* ,nj?*?i ilx ?
nunti nd had the affront
I - to two hit
? ? iitor and ? laii Vr
; ? rung pro
larni tops that no
? ? : wil ii irai, rnal r< gardi
?? ... sr< ? !i<i<v. -
? fsvoi ? .?n on Hi?u
adrnb*? i would ha* ?? I-? en
i i ? ol the n.
till? .1 up on th. '?.;?? fi ? r train
pip, expecting i
.?f thi least <
tin d g I d th? y
had t" v. ti ill til. tr pent-up cnthu
ti, on ?. ngl? h Bun ?? It h tv .i
t la four! frame and ? h I b;
? . m utnsl
Hi? ?
got lar BS
first ntrcpid Bui
expected from
... of hi - ? ' ? experience In
.. i rompant*? to tor s ??? ? ond
* ??. I .- the t? ?urfi^
> ? on? sp n < ?*. ? ted i i ?? ? igi ii?. sn? i of
.. .. the d? ? ?I -? ent wl? i
m< ? ?l ?>*. i lotou s| plause a 11 i - -1 _
i s < rtded ?' iMi no
other plaj er penetrating i fai Into
the Un? . of 11 ? - - en? m?
Ji ff T.? who ' ? gi '???' -?! o?
the openh ; irt? d ? n to give
H?ji> .i ?'1'tt bsgtl?. ind for tin?.
Inning i o? a*eni a tiu n ? at i ? ?
in Bhafer'a nea Bimpl? ?. Than aud?
d? ni- the apitball bagan t.. eongtaal In
; t. while ths Braves *-<?up!if the
srpath and assumed s belligerent at?
titude totall) unbeoomgng men <?f such
i urabls i ositlon.
Surely Stalllnga ?i?-?? not exps I to
Bot ton ai a perfaet trangar and
hatter lime worn 11?. * < i ? t ? ? -? i -? ?- with
h? art I? is disregard foi 'o-tm ? but In
i= under au pension, and If he . not
careful th Sons and Daiajhten ol tii**
i-, olution will i" lnv<nilgatini Ids
??ii?-'-. it ?.i-? itcarcel" to-be believed,
bul when Maranville broke t ii*-* les by
walking '?? Brat vv >??' ""?' ***** ?" tl1"
fourth Inning the Braves raally began
lo act ai 11 thay ?cared something about
v inning the gama it Is not all all sur?
i t itini thst the Qlanta a? customed to
otnethinff else, should !>?? somewhat
t.iKoii back by such Impartlnenc*. But
the ? Isitora ? ent right ah?.? i and ?
not ti"* lea * overawed. After **t**oring
two runa on a pass and two hits In the
rourth train?'. Rarldett, finding Me?
i<,, ;,, ,, ..ii Brat In tti<~ fifth Inning,
I .-,i a U'i'.?i run Into t'i?' left Bald
, ? ttlng t?<> more. Tb? n
?ataran*? Ills "i" nad ''"' ttEth s Ith a
,]?,uiiw i?. left, and ? hile Teareau pulled
,,;ii ol the Inning without -? man acor
, ts) to see thai he a as
losing i iU effactlvenaas, and UcGraw
i. ,,,-, in as a pinch bitter, Cran
dall i?.IM lh' ******
eight men s--?? to Brat bast -, u
iiu- last three uiniii?-*-? Tearaau pitched,
,,,,, , | them icorlng. Thrac hits.
,., pied aith ??>? orr"! '?"ll ,Vu pass-is i
i., the ninth, netted few mor?* rum f0r I
,?.. ,,. ,.|f cranttalTa deliver]
Chilling Bla.ts but Ample Crowd.
in spits of the chilling blasts there
?-.i- ?-ii amplS crowd on liand t?> ?-!'.-?
:??? tram a ?ordi.il ?.vekon.?*. The low?
er section of tin grandstand was
packed, although the upper H?r wa?
? .?nlinii-<1 ?n tenth p_S*. tlrtl ? oluirvo
Joseph W. Martin, o? Memphi:
Was to Have Sailed on La
Franrc. ??nt Did M0'
Win, Then in Evening Dress
Hi:, Other Olothei Pound
Intact? FiKjiitl-j fjnnjr
Foul Play.
:?; ? .
' !.. ? of M mphl . T? m
by th
Wi ?
Mr Mai
? .. ? .
Line steal ?a F
? ?il Kattird
ccn oui \ ? lub, .m*
ifter 11 o'cl? i
? i ? vpr11 if
... ii opcr? hat
Front ? ? i'i he vanl
oui If I? hind him.
?U th? t lu l'a
? |0SQ l.i tl: AUl.I lllb, 111 .< In-'
? i ! 11 ?.: ? ? 11 : i
his trunl
???i ilins
' . Iiarj i,.,
return**! I
He In
!..i I'? ?
patched 1
. . ? | down thi
not "ti th" vei l.?
: ? ? !.. had recel
? .11,' .'ll.it l"li of tl ?
Tl..ii.-, ,- the l
that he hod a 1 ...
hi ? ? ? : . i ? h< i ? Hi?* Automo
bile ? 'nil and thai he did not r? tun
r-v.-ii to . ' rng? I ' lothea, si
hi. oth? i ? ?lita i" m?, m Hi" tin?. ????
? liii' h In*- friend; her? to th? kx llel Ih
i,,. hss i" ? ? viel in ol "'? ul plaj.
Tii' frl? ndi s '?'i ** '?i"1" b
arei - Cai tain Prior and .) Lockn i 'i
Anderson, .. I s hoi e fiai In i '. :
M-, Martin ara ta* -.::?-*. 11 ? iu.ni'- n
i angi ment ? ? he I? i i th? m on i h
steps of the A iitomobile < !lub lo Un?
in their company mi Frida) i ??
,n)i ti oro thai ho ir he t.? ? not - n
-?? en.
He mentioned befoii h? left 'imt hi
was keeping <n appolntmeni with ??
lady friend, but gave no Indication "i
j the address. The i? II? f that he lis
? ,,.. attacked b > ufllan i ; held n
[those who knew hint In ?London, for '??.
was known .? sin ab temioui m n nd
us one ? ii?? ra?ri ly ever kei
j hours.
The po i iggage he
left m the fiat, but without
,-inv i lea '" hi i v in i ?.i-i? i, He a ?*
known lo ;< In England on Importuni
I'm up uii bus '???* whl? h he h
tar toril* ' omplt i''i. 'i' itark
i?, Captain Prtor wo? that he * ? i *-> i. *-* *j io
. as blm nexi da . befdr? n
Baturttaj ?
The foll?n n?c official d? acription h la
l.r-i h Issih d "Age, n : h? Igbt, ?'? . i
ly Inches; fall hair, turning gray; blue
ryes, clean-shaven face; rather atout
build. Wim awa: In ? ? ening
with opera bat and gold watcfa a id
B '???'* apt* '?
M? iii|.in- April ia Joseph Wilbtrfi
Msstln, of K? mi I Is, : a membi r ol
firm of Martin .< PhiUipa cottoi brokers,
of MVmpi?!-. Hi Bailed two mi - ..?-o
for Hond?n on ?? buaine?j mli loi . ?-.
necte?-|arith the asta ??>.' .'?m?* larj? tracta
of land In a-kai ?? iIIit re ? . ived ?
? irtt?*- from blm to-day, and he a i? In
ti., bes] of : irlts sad health when ?
asa ?ritten i
i LOW [il ira?D
Design of Uninvited Contestant
Wins Competition Yielding
Reward Close to $209000.
Successful Aspirant Is a Har?
vard Mai and a Member of
fanons Mwsachttseta
... ? Mu- i.i.iti?
.; * i
| ,,1,'-, . ? lerda when the Cow
i:...;- ?j , hoa ? .u> l-ow? II ii- hi
of the prop? i il building. 1 ? ??
Mi i.'.iMii were sell.i ir ?m
, . . ....? ?,- twonl -??.\" com
II.t ? s, P? shod . PTanh
'-?,111, Day and John Lawn i ct Mauran
L-ommittce which made th?
,- , ? ??? approv? i
?? I. < I'Bri? n. ? --Supreme
?. i ? ' ii i i*. '
Or? it, -??.-? 'onlrollcr; !?'.. ClIC
iii du
-., : 'oui th? u ?? Board,
gr| Mr. Lowell waa
;.,,- , .... ii. i of ill": ? Int Ited to com
, ,,, : ;?? , .. ? ontest. He ? n?
l ncrol competltltm, howevei.
,n,i v o ic "i the i'ii '??? let? traen
lb? '.nil?* titors i?? ;i' i
lit ion along with the
? m archltc? ts snd firms, i itei
,,,..,, .. twelve on n | to sharp
i ,,,?:,. ??' ..m-, lion, * ligible bj \ Irt
Invital '"ii from the bom i.
Co-nn?** ??T?on to be $:00,COO.
\ .rding to th? i? i us of the ? om?
ilr. Lowell -will receive at
si.i.sM'. which n 111 be deda :--d
omml m lop of ??' i" r c? m on
I the o ? bulldini snd .-ill Satures
1, v., lu of furniture and lighting.
This will bring Mr. Ltrwcll'a compon
? flgui'? 'm th? vl Initj ".
: S_'i|.|,ill...
TI . su? .--.i-' di ligo will i ? ex?
i tbitcd ?n th? rooms "f the conrthouoa
I, No i l.j Broadway. al I o'clock
to-morron afternoon to tho members
,. un presa The unsuccessful designa
v, hi noi be ihen Bhown.
The j n.? of swards Bays "f th? plan
, .; Mr Lowell:
to an unusual de
_i., Hi ? xa? '.it,-, ondll Ions of the pro
.?ramme. n presents sn exterior of
- ...i, dlgnit ? rest. II gives
,, |_, .,.,- ol ireal srchiti ttural sbillty
he pari of Its author, it promiaaa
., public monument In every way
-,. orthy ??;" the City <>f Nee Tork."
Hr, Lowell haa an ofllce at ?Mo, 225
Fifth avenue and lives ai the Rits Carl?
t.,,i. ii.* baa -m office in Boston, si No.
18 W?*s! Btreel Mr. Lowell wsa born in
Boston in IbTO, Hia fath?sr ?vas Ed
v ,,,i .i Lowell, who was ;i ?rst tousin
of James Russell LowelL Ouy Lowell
graduate ol Harvard University in
class ol :? '. of th? Massai hum tts
Itute of T? hnology, 1804, and of
'.,. Boole des Beaux-Arta ??aria
,;. . archits? I of the foliosIng
i m dings; The Mus? um ol l".n<- Arts,
i r and Count! i !oai I
n,,., Portland M?, se*? eral buikllna -
for Harvard I '"'?'? ? Br< n 1 'ntv?srolty,
Andovei Academ; snd Simmons Col
and Emerson Hall, !(?? hsis built
i,. [enees for C. K. ?;. Billlnga the
Hugh J. I (rant, Pan! i>. < ?ravath,
Clan |: i c??. 1:??.. Payne Whitney.
snd Harry Payna Whitnoy, and also laid
out the lardehs for lit?-* laio J. P Mor
and Andrew Carnogta lie do
.i and laid oui the grounds and
,?,,1, -.,!--, - for ths Piping Roch ?'iu'.>,
I i..., ii.-t Valley, l.?.n?jr Istadd. Hots
. hisninn. and hia boat, the Cima,
,.i?. of the iii?-?? boats to tn;<?.
,,.?? ;ri the iJerrnan ra< es ?i' kiH In
Prof. Marchiafava Issues Op
mistic Statement?Complet
Absence of Fever, with Som<
Return of Strength.
Reports That Pontiff Is Si
fering from Nephritis De?
nied by Dr. Amici-Papal
Secretary Able to
Leave Vatican.
Horn?*- April 11.-The Pope slept d'.
?ng the evemn? an?l iui ret ting qmr
at midnight
Rome, April 10.??The .linns'* for t
better In the condition of Pope Pius
?\as absolutely certain to-da* ,in?l i
amelloratiofl ta d marked to-night th
II no coropllcattou Intarvana t
apeedy recover! of Hi* Holinesa
normal health aeema pracUcally a
Tl*e|e *>;,3 .1 Dm, ? ttMCt
fever t..-djy and signs thai the l'oi?
atrength la beginning to rettarn, ai
the reappearance ol chaerfulnaaa In I
patient are alt Indications that evi
tl a retapas of Influcnsa vim ii the Po
Buffered <>ii April s has been aaasten
In fa? t. ihr. Pontiff va1* again ab
t.. hear mass this morning an?i to tal
communion? He even sat up In b?
while hearing a report from tin 1'ap
Secretary of State? Cardinal Merry d
Yai. Hi?? HoUneas also grant? ?i a long
rsatlon than usual to hi
an?i niece, who, although dressed et
tirely In mourning baeauM of Ihi ?
cent death of an elder aister of tl
Top?-, ahowed unmistakable sign
lief at the sppan at Improvement in tl
Pi ;??? 1 health.
Pope's listara Relieved.
After \ Isitlng th? ir brother Ibe Pol 1
, . rs, t lth th^ir mus?? a! V? i" tlan
1 ??? ntf Mid:
"Sow we breathe again. Wh?
Pa- e Buffered ? I fe da? ?
terrible. When he la ill we fbel 1
,i> we are ?i*. mg. When hi
we aie in a seventh heaven, W* II? ? I
hi" iife.M '
Dr, Andrew Amin denlas me I eg
: phatatally the paralatent reports thi
[ \.].r pop? is Buffering frem nephrttl
|*ad reiterated ,'in*i **** ??W?? traub
[la a relapee from his rerrnt attack ?
j Influen?a.
Professor Marchiafava, the Paps
:.,ti. made th--* following ?ta!?
ment to-nigh?:
?The pope la much better. If that
are no compll?cationa ha will bare as
tirely recovered in a f-"1' dej
Pope'a constitution is robust) f?
1 never wasted his strength. The heni
and other organa h.i\r done 'heir du*.
and are performing their function
? normall*.
"The Pontiff ha 1 omptetely raeos
ercd frem the original attach of Inflo
.n/.a. Even convaleacence vas ovo*
and perhaps the r.lapse wgg due to tb
r. peated changea in the teaaperatm
1 th.**-?- laat few ?Ja**', during wklch lb
pope gave *- sral audlencea?
No New Complication.
"The present illness is merely a rs
curreihee of the dlaeam N'o neu .-i-i
pll<*ation has supervened and no alarm
big aymptom baa bean peasant. Caff
t.1 in. aymptonas, however, which remah
nul which we must elimina'?*, ate i?i
. !il- it t.? Influenza ;?nd to the ana ,
the patient.
"The Holy ?father haaalways been en
erp-etie and B hard worker and suifc;
a hen und.*! reetraint la bed, bnt n?
hope that all symptonu of his pre ..n
? trouble will soon disappear and that hi
! will regain his customary vigor an
- harming good humor. PtnbnMy if tN
advice <>f the me?*ttcal attendant.; i<
followed, which 1 asa sute ?-.-ni be ?;,.
caae, the attach will not leave any III
effects or cause any chance In his mod
of lite
"If inf-tcaci of the P.jpe BOSM pri-<-:>
j in the ordin?r, ?walks of life had
Buffered from .1 similar attach it wouM
i;.a even have been deatgnated 'lii
Ii i>- entirely false that ?he Pop??
Is afflicted with heart disease. Tulle
tin*, regarding his conditlim have no'
been Isaued becau.si.- this is ihjnc only
in ? aaea ??f great gra\ It]. Nor is it |tssr?
tlflaMi to Issue such bulletins whan th?
illness ?s .-1 :?_. 111 in the ?ase of a patient
holding exalted office.
a f?w nsoniha ag.. Emperor Francis
Joseph suffered from an attack of In?
nuensa, and nobody thought it nece**?
leary t?> publtsh bulletigs of in* candi?
I lion, which would have been absurd
The Pope ?certainly needs b parted
o? rest. II?? must take great care, but
I can affirm that within a few days??
perhapa two or three if nothing uu
foreaeen occura, he win be able to re?
sume, ?.t least in part, the ordinary oc
cupatlona of his high ministry."
Statement *o the Cardinal?.
The caul.uals v., o called at the Vatl-i
can t-?-ua\ to mal.o inquiries received
the following statement:
The condition of the Popes he?lth
ii clines to amelioration. TJie doctora
in attendance gave assurances to-day
that the Holy Father is on the road
to recovery. His illness consists onlv
of a relapse of influenza, much re?
tembllng other cases Which have oc?
curred lately. Since yesterday t:.
fever has disappeared and the heart
and kidneys arc acting satisfactory "
Another evidence that apprehension
is no longer felt Is to be found in th?*
fact that Cardinal Merry del Val, the

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