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Never ?n East Side Precinct
Here Seethed More Briskly
ai Election Time.
Will Mrs. 'B:}Jlp. Drop Out? ?
Mot Ti'l the LmIo? Gun's Fired
--St- Over Mrs. Hortoi'i
"Dynamite Boiv.b
. ?
? .,
Of the / . ttlona
I ?
? ?
part? of th<
? i -,, . ...
t ther?
? ?: ? -
. .
? ? . -, i and ii
, i a Ut? ?fatth. ". T aV ?
? general, has be?
, o ? mptuoua n
? .. VI ? \\ 1111am t ani
. Bto?? : \- -. York with a
I :? iiiid" r
Mi H a
,, ?
,. ; ?
lier pros. Id?
?. . - ...
and would give
? uppoi i i" M'-- Btoi
Hi a. Bryan has a along ed
1 ? . . ''I...' ?. s ilt- of
? others Idrt Horton ama termed the
great ? candidat? I Urs. Btorj
?naervatlv? Mrs. Horton and
Hi . Btory are ? n?-w \\ ii
rd, ahile M:-s. Bryan took quarters at
Ken Kht'itt Ho ? ? led to
?Ml herself nrlthoul bien of trum
? - ..*k?.i all fully -? Ii ts l. or
rellmlnarles en-ployed
by I tWS
Win II a.-l?f?l v nal he would <.'> s
? -? ? bei own cl on? ? s suing, Mrs.
lid, ??it!, a st*..." Southern dra*.?.!.
I sm In to stay. !
late, standing on my own record
; ndei
? licumstsnce will I tel
M ? groat
?Kih In i'n" South, '??? i - \ i:
? .. 4g following, n"i oi - ?
U able and ??enservatl*!
I think it tlm? resident general
OUld be chosen from that ? tkMl It is
l?oliit?d oui that Mrs. Henning, Mrs. Fair?
banks Mis. McLean and Mrs Scott each
asm the North, and it la itr<xi th_t
.?"?- the dan.:- - o the s<"nh should
a .*.-? their inning.
" ?rill ?? ? 'Intel.*.- iiotiiitir? lo asy. She
- ? ? only women on h< i ll< ket if
?elect? i ts afllrnied by men:
would pull with th? ticket pul up by
. Mr- I lortOS or Ml
Btral candidates
sill begin to-morrow, thai I gi I Influx
Daughters ma- not awsmp the otli- e
lira llriiry I.. Mann, (??iirinan of the
.**? ? ? ? rsdentialt
iiaii en Saturday. When the delegatei
I hey will reeelve ihcir Lad-,? .4.
The memb I 1 'ontinental Hau
mm?* and the press committee *-?-. I m-? *
to-tnerrow. son??- excitement is expected
. i the meeting of the press coma-ttesi as
' ll Undsrsteed thSie *>*? ill be a dctp-rnnn?*!
I fforl to muzzle th<? ptem Whisk Mrs.
Saniu-?1 .\ Asoman, ??f Pittsburgh, chair?
man of th? ?-"tniiiitt. ? ? res cannot l-c
"Dynamite Bomb" Exposed.
oiii 1 .?M - ent?
Iqus !? 11 "i Mts. story Is s ?
- rids and of the same
s h?, h 1 ..mi" Is ?' ttentlon 11
aiircd ??dition ..f what is known a? "the
dynamite bomb Cor blowing up th.
-?native faction, of which Mrs Stoi.. is
'?? leader.
This so called bomb la a circular which,
il asserted, was Bent 0 ll Irotn the
headquarters at National Met
atal Hall under date "f Merck '? '.o
? ejy woman regiStersd a* a nuri.i
the society. In tlM olti'ial BBTSloi.f
th? ordei wae anoi ? ?pe, beei mg
the . oat of arms of the Daughters of the
American Revolutloi end ? if-sdd ?
io Mrs. il? m I. M m 1" ?
:t-elf point?d to tu* flou rtdltion
of Um sock t-. and s k? .1 It the r?
? nt ariehed ii to ' satlnue It .
1..at the aroman who cihild carrj ut m.
a.iminlsti-ation as it bad been ooad
lohn Milk r ii"i -
ion. Th?
1 -, indorse a? : i sndlds? .. .. nrg?
t?> juin ii?1 m bringing at ? ? . lion.'
Then felloe th? signatures ?? thirteen
nlnenl ? nbera most of whom 1rs
; Mrs Horton 1 slate
Hut it ix sei so mu? h th? tr th 11
ins :: i.-i ' Btoi obje t to. it
:s the relui o sed whli
? th! eat whlcb : - ..
blew to "IJherty," the beadllghl <.f tin
.v mi. .a.-, onatlt
: I . at:
1 ht caid ih'
? ftpaa the pr?sent administration warrant
: ai'piova' '
gatlon iu th" ? ontinents ongress m th?
,niercst of Mrs John Miller Hon...- ..
friend a-nd a ; idmln
? ttion ? vVUI
:.. foil? wing s
.\oii : A
sons to s hois
lei'iie*- 1? ?:??'??? ?.
?teiyi of all lett? ?vered,
Tne not? :? s bel
and Mi -? Bi ] sn blttsrl* ohje? I to.
. man; ? ha; ten - k) Ml OtUMlsd '
dlsapproral. ? ?thera Ml a? the
1. lag is. and b 1 w? ng ma II a
loi the admlnlsi ? knpn th? gi
. n . , .
Whli? thi srg
?i prlng
. . 1,. th? Ispths of trm
, ? table bouejui;- oi bal
' -hi id ?J1 ind n. ..- lit'? 1 ni "''i
c*.-?e)sia?.c In ?'aSaalngton ?treets and
drawing rocms ???*_ for a year; In fact.
. the lasi Congress oi the Dsughtcn
of um American Reroluti
Progran mes r r tin* mi 1 ?ill
sued !" niotTov Presiden! tVilsoii
win ?Mr.tr his oddrsss of welcome to tin*
Deughten I ?f after ihe rur-oti
Monde . and a lltti? ??'? 1 - ? a*e? rt lai I
o! PUt? Will ,??"' '-: '
??at i? v,u __ gxproaslou oi _? od wk
?IER \\?) SIST
M ISM I'? ?IM'IA Wit 1.1.
Suffraciettes at Wits' End for
Handsome Men for Pageant.
| Needed to Match the 48 Vc
nuses Who Will Represent
the States of the Union.
W II?.'.- L..? .. I.? .
t Would
N ? w
YorU ?-in ? Well, it is. '
? t- ' lni t>. find
ii... m? tropo
So far onl oi He
? " ? ? ' \ ,111.-. the
? ?
. M?1 :.? | \ . ? I -j- ...
longer | ? ?
?tic air. Porth
. - 'l fr...,, m der I
i The pre?
h ma?
U and ii i
??.'!? of
? ? :
?',?aek ?-,*...;- In thi
It is up to et
... ..-ut t.. pro? j. .? beau I II
... ? .?????
fall? ' ?? ?? ?
"W? ta a . '
to fal
I Ther?
tienen suffragists t.. match the spirits ???
t.*?- forty-elcht atates ol the I nton. Th?
i.: ? ? oat b aub ou oo .?'?. i \*. it i be th?
!.:!..?? . ?.-' .??. ?.n exti .
share of ?.I looks :s !'? rmitted New
York Btat? . !?? ? ? feel
MU? ol?an i .
; th? !.* e aloi it hei parti
?till ? ? da
if s., prod . . th? <-?.'?
i na
l ?
Tl committ? ? ? ?f the pad?
? ??; rard Manal Mrs
- ? Mi Jamei U ? Laldlaw
and Mi i Raj moi d Broa ? the
?Bromen who will 'Justlfc?
"Trutl " Libert] and other i
? s are Ml '? I|ll Uni ? ? Mrs.
Alfred N??;.m '?!?- krthv Bei *tra.
.\. f Toa i i ' ? Mrs ? ! larlee I Mum i I
?on, Mi? i-'ior.i Ti ?es Mrs Paul W< 11
LIU Dan Mn Jol n Boldt, Mr*
Marie Kaii.i. Ms 0? ore? B ii r, Mn
i . | ifartin. |fn Moi tag**,? ? ?
i a? '? and Ml Iren? Wi
But Bulk of Brewer's Estate
Goes to His Children.
ol Joseph Liebtnaai
partn? ??' S lebhr>ann Bona' Bn
? o died Mai cl H nae fil d
? . . :-...ni - the folios :
? ;. ?? man Hoapltal. of Bro?
?? (it*); llelip-? < l| pi ..n A i ? ? okl?
Si,.??.; ? ;? i man i loapltal N*< i f '? ??
? ? - al Hospital M. 00; Hebr?
ha a i m S? a foi k 5- ft
? Culture, S~ "?? Hon
. and Infirm Hebi
H ic I f'*
The estai U ?valued
?al ? - ah ?????i
With th< : Itabl
iueal ?'? Includli ' ? aatato
hold! ?? - onipan
. ?avid, and lo
i. Bt? ? ? d lira.
i a I
Suffragists. Undismayed. Start
Third Fight for Ballot.
i ?? fS. i.
Detroil " Ths Ek* is I
meeting to ' ?den
Its third It
was. ... di tO O
I m ike s ? ontifi o -
t. ?>. montl until Novetnb? i
111?] v. hen ?t ii ? m.!.
will be tak. r. The work srlll
, Th?- i ?. si appi ? ? ?? will
be throudl a Intttatire and refer?
? ndum Ian trot ? th? tal ??? stlt*J?
tlon .it Mond ? ? ectioi Ths a emi n
th? '?-s. '\.-y i -it !.?- ? tors, ? annot
ml the work will ???
undet tak? ? ?. The Lefistetur?
a in bt. no vote on tl a? ol
u. am? ndment nail U**m I
Miss Baigrie Plans to Form One
at Chatham Square Library.
A club for Cl Is about ??? ?
? d al 'i.-- ' 'hatham B?*i**a**?***Poblic
Ubrai ? Mh * Al -??? '?? ??? 111 rarlar j
. . - ?omi n '
...... that
Ihe <?. '
-. .. \ i- ? ?
"A few of th?
The; at "? Id It -? ? ?' to
en on?
Lgi 10
|?Jhat I ? ' "
11 , ...-?? niki t.. ? ? ? Ifl -
. , lo teach her
land o 11
altan I ?? ?
roll ? ? ."'hints
to i *??'? '.".
. ; ?,..
I eo vered tl aro er pet* Is
ral cilu Bhei
tlnjn ? Be
... ......
tory, i
? 'nine ?
leather dust
? i .
I Bended I
? id M
horseback i I
Will Be Sung ?it BelMCO Thea?
tre Benefit To-day.
ff rag* ras
the T.t -1 lime In tbe
Bels ': ??"
Hymn ft
.... igfj
? I : .
Claire Kun si
? ?
Mr ll| ? II
i I on?-?, but I .??-.. ? -n 1
> ,,' .
??? ? ? .
, ? ,, ?
s thin aften
. >penlng i ??? .
... . . .. ?
Ha ' Brad parta
they played when th pla? aa? produced
In Nei 1*01 Ban Bernhardt
? .- ?
Pur Awa Pi
Maura ret Howe, Prestdtml W niece
. .. ani a' th? i
??'? i ? >? uinut? Portraits
R. ?r.. Jane ? on and Mi i \>i non
? draurn by Ja ;
' | and -"'.i ai auction. Mi .
r-1.. ? i u ip one ? ? e
i...... i
Boston Operators and Company
Reach an Agreement.
Botftoi Ai-? Il N T i thru itei ed str k<
? ? t. . phon? op? atoi I sab
ton wat avei t??i bj a compro rea? ed
o-dai aftei
A>nf? f th?
COtnptUi' .-u d tl
1 'ol ' ..... I
neceas.tinga 1 i \
I a ill i?. i,< ;?i to-morrow.
I ?atead of tn?
?????' ..-.:.. ??.. ? . nJofj ,,c ?
i.. mded th? am ? en ent i ? I? fc the
. . ompan* >.f s
.??... s m? ni - , u . i.,
ment . ? :?? MS at ti" ? nd et th?
? ?. .. ear, fid ann lall, fi ? ? .t ,.,;
th? third to the end "f the ninth
0 at t end of the tenth and i ach
su, ? ???< dlni yea i.
The . Ban ?.f
d? mandi I t be ? ompul?
: : ? ? eichte?
luontl ? incheon period i
"will ;
n ? . ? ol hollda | -
Bum nd Saturday aft?rt**9ons ?.*r that i
requirement? ol ? ?
T eat i on? ? Ions an . ffacth s '
.; ?
"Vi i l:avi ??.'? ': i opei atoi ? de lai ed
,t the <??<? I ? . ;?ii?i
... i. not ' ntradlct? d b compan
..i-. I-: K. Hall. ?1? ?-?r? ildent ?.! ?
o? m ? i r>- - ? ' aaJ : "Tl ? . .?J.? u t!n?,iii p
Both ride ?tat? ?! ?hal th? esult ws?
.) ? argel ?..!. a? i ?? otbet ? ol th?
Ma '? Kltsgeralil
ai d ? ? si.--. Boa I of O . Kation ai d
? ?
Mi <? ?i tin, Vernon Castle have \niun
te? re.I to dSDCS Bl IhS ?"t.tertHiiim. i,t t., i?.
"ih by the Vacation Barings rpnd ?it
; ? ? ? irai d Cei t?.,i Pals s ai ?W?dnee?
Uay ? \,ril !?;. The ?-ommltt. ?
? pt???! t: ? off? i. and the
? Uni w ? ? 11 :. ? i ? and flrls who an
.?in.m will ses how
the much dl cuaeed dances can i?e j.re
seatcd m s proper an'i rafln?d manner.
Englishman Guest of Zoe Ander
sen Norria at Feast on
East Side.
Bunny Hug Party in Next Room
Furnishes Lilting Tunes.
Which Drown Out
Sonorous Snorer.
/."'? Ami. i- . Soi . suthorsss o i
-, d book, ? ntertatned N
Post? t i ist night at the ? 'al? Boul?
ss th? c test of bonoi of "<"? R ?--'
I ?dg< ' luh. Arda :. you ? '??? -'^ knee
111*( no-. e;,|..-i?,t He i'
? ' Englishman, with whit? spats
about .-i?, weel
vtitj s mission, snd ??
till. He cam? ss the Interni liona
Commis, ??? th? Btitisli P? derattoi
fo th? Ipation of s? sated worn
. n. Qlrls snd White Slsve Victima
t? at . of I s '.m- His mission wsi
,., i.t the United Stetes help Londos
< r.; th ol Its troubles 11 ?
. ..me pledged t" ralae thai amall .sum ol
and t" take it back with Lin' t?
the Hghi going oi then sgalnsi
Ihi i? hit? ilav? snd th? sw? si shoi
problem. H? csmi aur? there was thai
mon. ! big sround loos?
r, thai - . t.. fight th'
ian e probl i 'his ? ounto.
He bei ? ' i h to London I
- and, lit?, a Ise le -
,,i im' nip H?* said Issl
nigl I tlM . flOOd ? alii?* a!
. ?
\\ ell. an: wa. , b? a ss th? guest oi
hono ' ' Ight si fee's part; in lh<
Bo ird. In Hm nesi room then
ig phi 11. ibsi
Ut aigglei t.. : lilting tui
? ..lad ?.Th? Cltj Hall Cr leader Will Qel
Von : Don't Watch Out
?.cross the t si Arde it a gin
mak? 'h" smoke from ??> i
through h'r no ?
? ?'ante,i it t.. vt the nest tab!?
.-at B man v.ltli a face that lo..l.-*d lik'- a
llambui i ??? ak Zoo eald II ' ib *???? ?
lio id of ?rige h?
a Heidelberg ?tudenl and jr."!
? right '.and neighbor was Mme
orlgny. '?' bo, be san. we
lutlful itsnist .?? Be?
th? ' ? ' ? ^ni and ti..* .-.if' ii'iil
. ed a lai g-si g pleca on (i,.
ind att? ntlon
that whole thing
? - lid i .?-! flunk
? ? ? lid a ?
1 She \4 ill pis' r
ran tli s*e will list
\*?.? rose s ? ?
t ad hie an? ? a said
reg . ? il
t? his ? ii.- main idea v ? mal
BVel \4 ho ?'-a* !?; lag t" Boll ti.?
i"-"i.i.ni In the tinted
l a .:
? Mi Rock? ;? ll ' i held
? ? i*o ?..ni make ..*
face Ii
it 1 ? nlug at the
rienci I<oi ..??? | a
?? . ...
Its i ?
I ana? that I
? * ...
. ?1rs? -
ed wit
don't think on
. ? i ? ores ol
glrla thai life here la t constant struggle
? ? ? ? . |t 111 . .4 '
vt tu .in id? b a a thai all t, ?
policemen In Nos fork take grsfl fr?.m
Ihi ' -"i.- ?! do? ? - Phi "tlr r '
... was the! In England no poll?
- ? Itj '...'.i.i t., ke gi aft. Th- :i
? a loi "i figur?
1 Ingland, md ion mu in
g done there In Jual
it v a- I . . ? ? .,.,..;- of
;? sda, ol ? ?? ? ? rganii
ih? HiItrsh !'? d? ?i on f"' the
and BO foi I
Two of th? . ? ....... v. ,
sou sleep by this lims end * .rdeen
, hli pei orsl Ion .? pe oration that
Pal H ??'?" .??i hare i ?? |ed -th?
Bonorous snoi e of on? of th? si? ? ? t wg
..r..i? r, .i ,,;,t !,? the grand Bnals "f three
kinds Of ragtime at oik e frosn t',?* buni ?
hug part) next door, and Ard?
Wife of Importer Convicted for
Cruelty to Child.
?legrepl --? I ..< ; i iboas '
.... \ .i . April id. Mrs. Louis
i of Ko H Park avenue, who
tried on five < barges of i t .-it
to bei eight year-old adopted deughtei
? ;. i h id ss I rid i It) t'-'ia*. sn the
first t r? it guilty >.n the fonttli and
the fifth Kufi dismissed for look of sel?
den? Thi decision ?.it, sanenn<?ed b)
Jostle? Thomas P ? '<??-.t? 11?> who bold
?i Mam.. m *. '?' bell .nt.i April \i
lene? The co irl stated, as,, thai
the , hii.j ahould not be allow? it..
?- foot? mother. Porm?rr Juds;??
ii i. .i mplc ceunoel for the
I ! Sp| I
' ost. Ho hsd . on I? ted hi? de
clsion um Sunday, hut had withheld on?
noun? Ing ii owing to the lllnsss of Mr.?.
Maurer. Th? d?fendent and her husband
Alfi 'i Maurer, s N w York exporter and
Import? t. of No M Molden Luh, sat
faring the court while the decision um.*
n ad. Xelthei layed an) ?-motion.
Th < oui t explained m ? ? bei g?
Burglars Get Headgear Valued
at S300 in Busy Street.
Pel - an iiat- ol li:' Vt I | IStSS
sl I'-d si MSI stars BtoN n from
. .id.-, of th? aHUInary n s*s
MtlM Webb, a! No -.7 l-ilth av. nil'*.
1 aitfi , ". !o. I loot nn* t ??
? omugh/er? ??as thronged arlth p?s?
and ? > ' Iclei. The hats srsre
rh ? i ' ohesni i ol Mme. Webb
sl dinner. The hat-, ?-?.er. i*eposlhg on
is??-lestais In rlea of passersby The
burglars -t.,ir the hate through the side
". th? window, which was ssnasbed, in
lid? ",' a nt'irm door
?m discovering her loos Mme. Wsbb
.-'? hysteii<?l and attracted a crowd
b her i risa Hh? i* oi the ?.pinion, as
ai.- II,?. poli.p, that mor?- than one per?
? was concerned in the theft fih??
he would n?-.t tw? Busprlaed if there
s ??? a women back of i?, nwin** to the
lad of the -? I? i tlon of the * telen Ix .?'i
i ? tore is m t| <- bualast port of
Fifth avenu?. a atone'a throw tretn tl s
Waldorf-Astoria, and with a fixed ?., ?
K-.-s than a block away. I
In any
??a t h ering
y**^ **?*-?????????????"*?-?????** urea may DC
distinguished by greater ele?
gance. The tine American cor?
set that makes Paris look t?
her laurel
Found wham all good
cortelt am wold. $3.50 to $15 00
? ? . i if Brea C?
The Woman
About Town
ii:?.i BLEB OF PUBLIC M ;.v At an
d i ? land a woman a as. potloed
ptckh t up t?.. different morning pai
cini ti roudh ???II the peg? --'..i Snail]
putting '?"?' i ?' penny ami walking ufl" |
with a paper. When the boy was asked
i. i ian; i ? apl? ... * i dim I ?.. d< ?
tiding upon ;??'- pal ?' d "Ob,
no! Cut *?!i'. .."- i i hat muh? i? ?g sv?r?
day. Bul you ki ow ?? ? ;?? op i
life ha\ ? ?.. ; Mini tor a tjn v. d<
?-'i IS i - ?>: MANV. At Ml
a: nawspa '??? m th? t* st It -r tha
nawaboys ma: oft n ?."* seen playing at]
leapfrog and thi can b? h? ?:'.i calllnt
t.? on?* ari.ither while K ' Ing Ihell
in a moat j.v.ia'. and pis ful mood. They
?til i heir papera, ?no!
w.v'i s OF lili: WORLD \ Brookl: n
vornan * I -? rhen
i friend cam? In and aakad for the .?<i
dre i ?.i i dressmaker that had been tec?
onunendtd When tt bad been iteen and
rlend df/partcd the aroman said: "You
l ; it? ? n*.e ths addret a, too foi
m* ?! a ??o?>?i dr? sai lakei "< ?. i
dn t send you to n< ? ! Bbc I. i i ?
rape de < nil a! Bui i want? ?' to (et
? ith th it eman for i thli u he
. .i ?j md l ho,-, h- : ?..? ?a ?rill | ? ? tchi d
. ? ai?? ?ra*j telling hou on? ?? ?
; u hen s rs I ??'? cl? rks m i ? ??
, ,,. i,.,,. ,. ?,.. ?-",' : fui .
the notion count? r and p
i..,;. r v. h< n a . latomei ?? iked I
What !?????<.* W?Mlld I?'
oui u est 1.1 a three-yesr-old ? .? i
?i:.ii. Itatlngfy aftaw??*rad ' We hav?
i., sutil .; ? dltlon of Bhake i" ar< ' ',:';t
thai * ?? ildn t : ? suitable t?r an h .? yo ;?..,
hlld " "Well, b .t i.? could grow up to
I ABI LOI r* -in the booh shop "Wed.
..? ? oughtsf marked ?town to ?ma cent.
v ... pg tin - too!
* 11? ?S' Three worn? n wei
woman wliohad I tried
I . ..... . . tiai cad to ?
. . . . i don't t!.:?'>* '
,,.. ? one who
??Why. Joli .?????
t ? re'ro not critlcii
are m< rely t-'iktm: i r ove
Richmond Hotel Overrun with
Crowds Anxious to See the
President s Daughter.
i. " i .\r
\\.i-, i " ? President da |
ti r, la the ? ? ntr? oi I ' ?' unong I
Utes to I * ? ? ?? Woi
. ... ? lation i 'onv< ntton. I
,::..' .he hotel? ?
- . all per?
Ing to rss * ?;:? ,?t
nd tods oi rds of idmttl
to Bt Paul's C ?'? i foi Bat .r '?
, , ? m ??? alii
'What the \- odatltm Means to the Cot
teg? ??irl
The mBasons of th? ......
were crowd??! with ?delegates aid otbei
? ? lation work? I ? and church woii*?*n.
Mis? Oraos n Dodge, ?if Mew York, pree
Ideni <>f th? Nati? nal Boturd .< ?-.i Mis
Mabel Pratt] "t' Mew fork, general Bee?
ret read annual r? pot l?
?\ , ... ? ntlon ?:? ' Ided lo
: ...i .. .-i. i i ..r b ?- - ? n t -* 11 ? Tl chs
.?it. ? the 1*1 ? onv? ntlon.
., ... Ban Prand i dur?
ing the Panama-Pa? lfl< I spa Itton
Listen to Principal Whose Re?
moval They Resented.
T .< two i.'jridri d ? hldren of 11? i ms>
ford Bchml, In Blmsford W?>stch<Bst?*r,
who struck Wedneaday and engaged 11. a
??tills deme-aatration twenuee th? Board
of Bdu? .?fin I ad seh t? d A h Kilns ;??
succeed William * Qteaaon a*- prtnalpal
returned to their desks yeaterday. Mr
? Hi aaon app? .?if?i !?> the boj - .?? d
gull tin- strii.r and t?. behave, an.i they
finally ) lelded
Mr. Qleeaon I ad b? i n | r-ii Ipal foi the
laal five years and was greatly t le
i".' the el lldr? n rhe boerd m? mbers
the? bellev?.ti r re? ilts will i.e oh?
tali ? o I .i i ??" im incipal.
T! .? ? hlldren who strut h i,...... as m'a h
?.u?-e and iMaaeder m and about the
a boo house that th. hundred m mor.'
who ???m Bned at thdi d? tk ? ?? lid d<
i"? work. '..!?*?? the ^mk. is march? d
through tin village in companlea about
Ing end bawllni 'ni.-, hooted and yelled
i" front '?f i ? in.me of William Buns? i
the chairman "i ti e board, and
did conalderable dumasc, atones being
tii: ..v. ii and *.?. indnw s broken
; Bridal Bouquet Made in It Wine First
.... wouldn't chtjoae .? lexical dashing
down Plfth avenue aa the bast plac? in
which t'> arrang? .? brida bouquet, would
. ' ou? Tel that i.- a bai one ? nterpi
I did ? - t< rday, with tbe te.suit that
ii?' ?Aun first i" i/.' al th? i'!"" ?-i B1 on
n orna iw?41 Pea Da* at tl e arand
' ?;i".' Pele? ' i >n. ,,t tl.nteets was
for the h. : i,. |.,.,.,., ! An the
morning, at | hop at Pifth avenue
?nd Mth -u., t Mas Bchllng labored on
His; enti" u tns , ,, ,,,. droam, au of
felling fan- bloeaoms, Rim] ferna ami
?"?obweb la., .ijj; ;1: i,,. irai about t?.
Start ?\ ti; || ,,,,- (|.,. tnt)m wl,:?'h .?;?. i,, .i
.'<? lo! a BtUptd bOl f' Il "'i tOP
lovelj creation ."'I smashed 't. N'o
mother! fo Mh\ an?i hi?
<?t" th?
time t?, roaki
a-'Main luai nathered 'ii? srrofula ..f
?we*tpea8 and ferna and hopped into the
1 taxi.
j On tha wtta down the avenue thai la?
j '"""-'i. and when they reached the Flower
anon tnev l*,?r?- proudl) m their ?irtn.s
that whhh -a,i8 destinsd to win Brat prise,
?dorai: it's never too i?te, if you can ?
utfor.l a taxi.
?'oiun.buv Ohio, April !?.- Bsprsssnt?
ative Rupert's bin to prohibit ?ttttltga
hetween white-? and 1,larks ami bottfMi
Whites and HilnseS u- defeat?'! la th?J
Houie to-daj.
Employers Convinced That the Public Schools
Can Solve Industrial Troubles.
Query: If Sixteen girl white goods work
c.s air BS1 t tO school for tlio romainde
of the present t?rrm at lbs c?pense o
their bosBBs !iow man] strikes will tha
avert nsxi
Education Is th? sti i ebrooker t.. whom
to which, enlightened employers en
. termlned to sppi si II usa I to b?
that capital irished to keep labor Ignorant
But now capital, or a*- much of it as Ii
contained In ?our srblte ?oods Brasa ol
this city, bas de Ided tin.s the axtstim
social uraest is because workers are igno.
rani \.?ding to Miss Ussls B. Rector
.1 of public S'h. oi l, ..t Pitt am
Rlvingtoi streets, ??*it!i win ?.?-..|.?--rnti?j:
t< : -; t rl - from thess four aims SIS U
? Kate? In trad? ? . tradt
si Ithmi tic, ? :. si?*al cult ? rie and
othe ' rent bei I ? fort ->-i..-..i ?"-es. then
employers feel thai labor trpuWss uiiue
because the worl materials
and break ma? bin? ry through )?? i
and because, In short, under present con
dltioni there Is do relstlon bete
dustry snd Us educational system That
Bounds compll? .; -i. bul m -.- i:-1 tor sain
lbs plan ai.o'it th..- g is ..t ; existed on
paper ret. if it ^proved i? esa she
s.-,,.!, .h?? . ould say m,;, h m about
Ml .- Rector ?how? - 1 '. Ti Ibui s re?
portsr a Isttei aba "?eeelved from Dudley
D. si? ii r, of the firm of D. _. Sicher -
' e arho ?riete also In behalf "f th? I
other Anna, tbo Wolf Company, M. Martin
.v ? '.. and ?? E !*???? on Mr. t?
it es ?f the I i ? he I to
teei Id I M Ii
rtool in two clssa ol oigin
.-.,. ? ., is to go to ol on? we*?l;
and then work n th? ? on? w< ek,
i ? ..:.? ii ?
,r,*iri ''.i-i had twelve weeks of ? icat
'i | el
? gala " ges a the1 ? ; hool
The firms -?? ?uld do thli becaua? they rec?
? spensli ?lit:-' of
Imp? rtsi
??I luppose,1 Mbn i:< ? tor
wrote to m? ?use I have doi i
deal of InveoOgaUhg along this line.
save gOn? ?. grant deal into the tectortei
and I kaow ti'o KirlH. and 1 am BOS
*rlnc?*d that much of the industrial uni.?
com??? because Of the ignorance of fu.
elgn-born. uqnc|ioc4?*4 workers. The;
don't know how to tak? ?an- oi ma
cblnery, and they don't know about th?
rnateriaia th? jr work In. and th? ) d<
Btroy thin^:-. in short, the) n ed educe
lion to make them eOteient employ<n_ i
cno factory wla to ? went dm
strike last e*t the thirteen Kirl*. wb)
went out were f'relni, born slrls who had
never been to at. American school Tie
Xii'.ticati horn. American schooled gtrU
*i lyed a* wo
"The ? "It) Superli t> ndent uf -
has adyocatid th?? education ?a' fa?*tor?
? - .o several of his rep
in diffl?*?iit to trj .-'it thee? plans srhei
you ha-. B th? tai n.r ers pi m li sgeii
the money it will cost Bol I
<s to he son? now? If ? is don. -will ?
no money, ihre ? tin i boot. Of .our.
i fha'.i have to hav? spi rial risss?
Hum?ill- >.:<! en birla bul that wont
menu any COOt to the taxpaj
?And when at?- the girls COttlfa -
"Thai i don't know, i must *-*<-?
, ., -??::? ,.f th.- BOO* d ??' Bdll ItiOl
Miss r:. "to: Mas reminded that Um i
v i - laM ',.?' f? e the boo**d on W? dm i
? ignt by Dr Wlntbrop ? at
gator of Industrial < ondltlo
the board adopted it Nevertheless, ghe
I, there sroa itlll Bom? red tape to I
R< ae Schi ,
: ? of wo king girls, win n ai
opintoi last night didn't -?
thuslaatlc ovei ae of th- I
man :: til ?
si n t??- n gtrti ??ut "i a r?m
?reren I - n?? said, v ..
how, th?- Whltl Qoods Workers'
was fixing up s j'lan whereby the e ?
h ?*.??? blghl m hoot, with tea? sn
paid '-ni of a fund auppttod by their. ?
pennlea she thoughl they would pre*
tint to bel r bel olden to th? Il b
Or How the I ravelling Man Who "Hated" Hash and
Croquettes Was Fed as Economically and More
Pleasantly on Dishes Made from Recipes
m "1 hi? Cook Bool?: of I .^ft-Ovlsr!?;.,,
' ' I tin aid th<
I Travel rig "Cheer ut>.'
? ? m again
In this noua b? I e beei reading
The Tribuns and have loun.i that Th?
Cook Book "f i.?ft-?rtettf (Harpers) gi et
four hundred K""?! reripcs for i*eoktn|
left-overa Borne of them, to be sore, are
for croqusttee hul tiier?* ara so i
other good Idees that i I in sk??. th?.-"*
about rroqu? ttes snd heal
Ti.at nlghl she gave the 1 a M in
* .
? ii old roast pork .ni ill
i.-it-over gravy with a HttJ
\4 .it Idlng *
Let n '"-ii for a f ?**?*? minutes in ? ft
pan, Add the m ?? st I rougi , I ui
: silos tii" sauce to hod. B? i re a ith
-, ,,; . .
: foui Baldwin ??,?:??- wltl ? ? ? ? |
the .kin. Cut int.. ellees half an Inch
thick and rook in hoi bacon fat until
"ft and well bl"V.lietl Drain on ?oft
pap? t ? 'r the ?pork ma) be slicod
served < "id and the spptes used as ol
I bordsr. I
t ml lab ? *av? him.
from , ? - '
Beaaon on? ., Me i
..ik-.' ?.M wit'i pai *?!> i. a little ;
1 ai M "M' n. Add on?"* cup ol
??li.'k? ;.. or ;i ;'. rtUr? Ol '
. Whtb I ol ..iiti. beah
? gH- . "I tl
1 it ? . 'i ' . d r to ? mist
? .? ' ? of t ? ? -
Ulf? . I .
1 ty minutes In a hot i
Th? Trav? Hing Man
. i f Induced ' ??'?:-' . I rot! ei to
? . Tl ? Tl
' the ti
and receive ' Th? Cook B
("?ver?? ? bound m washable ? ;*:
mall *" cent
Postal Card Departments
All communications land they are welcome'1 should be m.ide by post.it as far
as it ?a possible.
Recipes 1 csted and
Found Good
ad see s ?: ' "
. - ? ?
i H '.nca? ii-m.-nu me t,ae* uni*?.*
u ne slated
This ?in ,,i ? ?? IS ' *' ?" ? "''''j
. min irj questlona aabi Itted ????-?
%\ m b?r reelpee
A.I.I-.v< Cullnai-i Editer, Sou v
Ko t.'.? Xsasau atreet
Tl i? ?? ? artll not be
manua rtpt ?u.'ii i? noi ?? ? ?anled b?
atampa ?? ; r? tut n Kli di] i ? ?tami i wl'.*i
v h on onl ? i ? :. ' ? ? .. ? si
that nain.? and ?? Idreaa aecoi ittm. ,
., little butter and flout ?auca II a sauce-l
pan and eoob until it bubble? Add three
. upfula of green i"-a??. a little paraley and
half s dosen small white pt? kled o? i
that have been browned In !'>>', butter bo?
ron the M.i .i Ib a.iii.'.i. Let them boll \\
With ?.alt' S pint "f -A-.il then covi r and
simmer hall an houi Remove the para- ?
ley and add an egg ? .?!".- beat? n arlth hair
laptMnful of sugar and s scant table
i.nful of butt? i' Tea - th? setae? pan
until all the Ingredients are blended thor |
ought) and then turn Ipto .? covered vi ?-. j
?bte dish.
JAM .-'Li? i: Ml ihn ounces ot Bou
two ounces of butter, lard, or darttted
dripping? on? ?k??. two ounces of sugar,
half a teaspoonfttl of baking powder.
Have ready two butterod soup pine.? Put
half "f tin* mixture into ss?ch, spreading
It .?..?ni" ?rith ? knife, and hak?- it gutek?
ly ?n a moderate oven. Turn out the
cakes on s Move and let them gat cold,
Bpread one with jam. put the other on top ,
m' it. brown ?Ids upward. Cut thi cake
?nth i sharp knlfa Into en-tit triangular
??te-?*? ." d sprinkle sifted sngai on them
m rmelade, lemon curd or honey mey
be u sd Inatedd of jam. Hone] should
be thickened by having s ?ttie rtoui
Htirrc! Into ;t. for, by us, ir, :t is ??, thin I
thai it soaks into the ioke
\i;t rniATBL BALAD Mash two
rolls of neufohatal ch?saas with two tebto
apoonfuls of finely chopped stuffed . lives.
Melaten with cream, saaaen with -salt
an?i cayenne and form int., balle. Man
nata with Preneh dreastng. Berve <>n i?t
tuee leavea an?i garnkth ?rith strip?, of
fither ved or ireen peppei*?. arranged in
star shape.?S. L C.
HI..V KH1.KHV JAM CA1UL?Mix halt
a cupful of butter with a scant BUBCUI of
BUgar, Add IWO CUptfUta Of flour, three
''Ka*, ana l?*<aapoonful of soda und ihre?
trtl'le.spoonfulH oi sour cream, one t?a
Bfdbnful of cinnamon, nutine?- and cl?.\e,
and lastly h i upful of hlaokhorij Jem,
Rake in squaie tin.? ami put together with
Icing -S. S. '
Useful Household 1 ips
?a ??... '.? | r? .?,?'? g 1 "ps
if fo'in i a\s'isbi?. for it? purpes? MOres?
"Votttil lleuaahold Tina i'?t'?ru-.-.?>n'." Kern?
tet , ?l'aune. No. 154 Nassau ?tr???i.
ir.oNiM-, DAT.? If an iron riaie i. seed
u:i<???r the irons ?a?5 eh.? lid I ?? dm S I *
the heat) any kind of meat which re?
quires slow bo ling ? led br
meeel; covering the meat with b ?
?rater, lighting th.* gas under the '
till tl s wat< bbHa then turning oi lb?
gas and patting the kettle .-i.-.--.. ?.> t'->-?
plate on which the Irons sre heal -
imaoi win continue td boll, eith?ni f r
the:- h.-at ? :.? ? |?t that Which CDllBSS '
the tas under the Irons; cotrned beel beef
?-tci?. part Of B ham. ?an nil t I
t: tins are) without extra - i arith?
out watching \ large ptec?
should be ?-it m tiv... and ham i r corned
href ?* III take i ' ours
!.. cook ttwraughly. The kettle bImuM be
'.ark;.* .,< , ,. .-, [a ..,,,.,, opa ? 10 ?
and bold the in at. The k? ttle ala ? '1
b ? cov? i ? !. K ll O.
?.*. .r .mil I? at Of Clothing n?a l
by k< doset t
d ss sun m ..?at should have Its "N?n
hanger The ? ? i?--a i thing srouM b? t?1
have ? rer* garmenl well i soed
and bruahed b? fore putting ll In the
cios.t Th.- brushing, espcrcially, Is im?
portant? ss dust beoomee lngraln?Bd In the
garmenl If sllowed t.> Btaj too long
Daily Bjj of Fare.
lamb's 1i\rr and ha. .?n With WS
toast, eoCee
Ll VCHEON Fish salad
with endue .?i eocsrole Roquefori eheoai
?i\ ? ? t ? ;. rrnsn bread, I? ??
i i.vm.k - fo'i.Hoiiime, breadH vesl,cuj*
1st, oyster plant, stewed toenatoea i>m?*n
ipongSi coffee.
Group of White Birch To Be Placed
iu Central Park.
Pork Commissioner stmer bos ci?*'1'
the Bu?*fragtsts i? iiui.-si.ii! to plant sgn
?.f white I'lr.i? trees on the lawn hi Ob?b?
tial Park, MOT L?ist ltd .str??t
The trSS I'laiitinii, ? hi.'li is 10 '" '?
mem?rate Ihr passai??- "f tlie Miffrai?c l?HI
h\ the Ncv? York Legislature? oiM take
place on April If.
Mra Samti?-I Kin-dim is chairman Of
the "arbor ?i?? committee. c?Mnmlgsl??s>
. ?? stov.-i has promlaad to staks ihsspooas
of tllC 'l.lj.

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