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y* LXXIII..N024,254.
To-cUy, ,-|?udT> pr?, ?rl?d by rsln.
_ To-morrow, cloudy.
1 * *
DDTsT??-? ?.Vi; i ?L'-lsal'T lntllj of >?.|T Vork..Iers??.r( il? ssd Rohok?s.
I till \i \ ?> Yi \ Y?.y I hl-.KMIII.ltl TWO CB~Tf.
"Star-Spangled Banner" Only
Ceremony as Relatives Follow
Seamen Bearing Coffin
from Steamer to Pier.
procession Little Noticed on
Jownej Through Streets and
Camera Men Are Excluded
-Corpse Rests in Library
Mid Art. Treasures.
Witti ?? .-'mi | di.fi.it: thai ;
gitii ' - u t?>
\.*r< ill :: : ? idi n i ? ?
gf J. Pi?
ashui*. from the * team? i ; : ?? late
? egtertla? afternoon. Il i ?
gr-orning amid 111 - *- fear arl treaaurea
\? , ?; ih-- finan? 1er en\ ? <l for li n
? ?ili.ii y m Baal ?"?''?
No lurj
in r
for i
ng of "Thl
. .
i ifti" a i borne !*? "in the i
flown the na
Th" chapel 'v '.- on : tl? k h the
? egtlbul? *? ? en*
iMn.i pierc? ,?|. of th? ?!. .?. II
aas r^.4? hr*?i i\* :i flight of i ta Ira from
the ?stain hallwa*? on ?, deck. Ten
? ? ? - . rf bor? ih" coffin thi
. i the
? Ihe halla
tram?-, ?\in.o thf- me-ml era? i. m?
ily stocij ?-?? atti nl Ion to th
r.i'itv i.
Saii{?rS Land Their Burden,
mtran? i ?*, ?
.... enoui
to hoi 1 ' ' th th< ? "''m and il
But th? : itioi ? lad in
cloth? niggled ? t laa
landed t'ir:i lur?? n on tl ?
>ounK men drawn up ?-n the
l??*?.cr level ??f the pi? r i?> r?.| i
I . in.- coffin, in aingle file,
ird; ?l P. M<
.i . Mori
Herbert 1
? .i|?tain I '? "i ill?- i- ? ??
The Mon
? iii.?i; gtoop Bi tntral
after, be
I "U..I1 . f Honor, a s.'> ei i realh 1
? b) th? iniin!'
Baing ? ? ? u ? " ' ' - ' peni man;
? unen-, .inri .i i umb? i- of fl
Thl - mobil?
? . which ' 'ill
raped in an A - i ? ? i
ranee on h
Ambg n be
Th? meml ' I ? family entered the
Morgan ? the
bearai up ??': th j
i . ? Ith atreet.
The machlnea mov? d ra?
?I i fot ?? ?? ? : olmen a.'ho | ?
their route ;. regular I ... few
paaa? ?
?? v ho lias be< n cla
great Am? ? lean ?? ? being ? on*? eyed,
Only a mall crowd waited in th? i In
?.fin ? '? : ' I
there, embowered ii
in? ral on I
Photographers Barred.
Rig era mad?
r IV '."?.:? ? 1 )
I The ord? -?? : the
itMuroahip line thai no i am? n
b? gUowed on tl ? Fran? ? durii g her !
?r;p up ! ? was enforced? on?
camera b?in~ taken from ? phot'.
? ?, : it? mpted to smuggle
;. - . ? r Tltua and half a
c?o:-.-i' m. ,. maintai
for i
Nol ? mdlng o ihe
finan?- i ?'???
(onlinur-l on I hii.l [>ac<*. ?.?-? ?mil < nliini'i
This Morning's News.
local. Page i
. ?
B E lit t'o. I
: ,...',. - .... i '
Bit,?:.?? Loot Win? ' . ? ;
Waldo Tri? . - i
L? puel ... l j
McGowai ?,'?' | athar Will 3 ;
: ' ? McKlligotl Bill. 3
lorl ? ? . 'I
Hi'?; , i . ?">
Nttlvi ,?.,., 6 ?
Rabbi lubile? ? ? 5
Qaai i ? id? i Boomt ram ' " ' 20
Pfcriury Prob? ni ?amaga ? ?ai ??
Allegi ? ighl .20 !
?Inert-, . i. ? "1. I
Baggie ? i . Ended. ? j
''otrg. | . Ilwell. ?
tmttat boot ? . i:? foi mi ? ? ?
I'ani?! t'rgea Strong .... 5
?ugfcf Ma Qo on F'r? .... ?
nliga? v\m,! i;. ogi ? :i man: ?
?' v t: Uelegat? lei ? . f,
?' H Martin M rater) I tot ,->. *
Wamen Attack Newepaper Office? ???? *?
To tigpori Allen ?? all . *
. Audi? rtc< . 4
'??livlum Bti Ik? i ?????? BJ| l-''' I. '?
fejan .- <; 11gm < Uniound? d. c
?Vaathei . 8
tit w fr,r Wom? II. '
I'-dltorial . ?
Melet . fl
Art i \h.i itltma . 9
ry . ?
Literar; Newt and ? rltlcl m 10,11.12. ??>
Church Net? ? ? 13
. . M
?Shipping. "'r->
'innri'-ial ?ml Market) 18. 17 .'in?! 18
* . . 1"
*??! Baute . .** "rifl 19
Victim of Wine Store Holdup Manages To
Awaken Infant, Whose Cries
Bring His Release.
''.??plain Patrick .1 Cor?*oron, of 'i'**
ftlt I BttTCet staii'.n. M.-\4i lUSt
oboul t?. turn oui ths 10 o'clock squad
nighi nhen ths desk telophon?
He answered the call, and fr<-?m
u?" other end of the connection cams
the voice of a man who was laboring
under excitement anda heavj Germsn
' c? i nt. "t'y e t... n h?M up!" vu ni'
the captain could gel r,"*n the torrent
n ? rda w hlch ? inrts t.. hia ear, and
on!) v 1th th? gn ateat dilUcuIty ?lui he
li-.-irn th<-> number from ??hi. h th- call
Turning from the telephone, he called
i" B? rgi sn| Pot? - s. Reld and Patrol
Bhaj and sfonwsrlng. "rnk? M
"ii the run !.. No. '.?."I Flral avenue,"
- Id "It'B a ? Old-Up."
The policemen found "Pred" Walter
* urn I r glv? p. which Is ihr' Essl
Side ' t h h "' the Wine Growers' As?
I Ion, a ? omnany whi? h has tbirt; -
*-!?')?' h m Neo i "ik mu? l'l"' i; ?
i n Walter was bordering on coltap
bu. luletcd enough to tell
l? ? ? H? ..i thro* nw n enti r?*td
ton at '.' 33 o'clock. AH three
ow rali ???'-- and had soft hats
I don h ox er ia.*ir ??? ? mj
ordered bottl? of champagne. When
r stoop? d t" wrap 11 up one "f the
tin-.." pointed ii i- olx'er si his face and
??i-.lei-, .i * m '.. 1.,: k up.
Under the stimului "f ihe pistol Wal?
lev .<-;???) he kepi backing to s store-j
i ""tu oi ihr rear TVn Ihr hniiclits
??pene-i the ri.j.?r <.f n . ir.?--!. c.r.->?i hita
to step iii.^i.lo ;?iirl ?-hut him in l>> piling
[ heavy i asc?. afainsl the door.
Their loot sos not ?at-R.. f"?- though
dran*n from three sources H un1 i
tolled $55. From Walter'a pockel the?
, at"t +!?', fr .m th?*. . ,-i h reg? 1er ?*?-. ind
fr..m the safe $13
Mrc Vivian Stephens, of No 124 1
list street, < ..?v. into th? itor? to make
i fin. "tase onlj '??'?? mtnut? rtft? r
Walter had been nailed up. WhH? she
ws looking shout to find ??' clerl s
toll mon i'i . ".'cIIom roincoal cam? in
. a nlking up to the i ? .n ?? t ?? r.
? i . ?? r.irr'.i t.- i to take m; s Im ' I;.
;.|. '. .i up ? bottle i? hi? h la; on ih?
counter and ^nii.'-'i oui Bofor? Mi
Stephens had solved th? m* itei of Ihe
missing iirrit Mr?. Walter cam run
nlng i'*,r? the atore ?"r..m it?, floor abo? ?.
\* here ? hi a id her hu ?band II t
Walter, finding thai 'ir could "??
fon c i he door op? n had rem? nib? i < d
thai his .. '" ?' pi In lh< ioom : I
'i."\ r him. and b? i .?pi ing ?n th
Ing he h sded In xva In-?
I child. The sudden awakening a-a uf?
ft. ?m! 1" fi th?? l'.-h- . '?? i *_- a id brin ;
?ir-. -*,x -.1?. ? Into the ? oom. W ben h
heard the continuou lap lap from lb
? I..-I..H ?ht ),-i. toned ')???' n '" find
? ihe couoe si"- and ?Mrs. Stephen
liberated Walter.
Fiocs in Fright After Bu
from "Unloaded" Revolve
Proves Fatal.
Boys Left in Charge of Pho
graph Gallery, in Hobokcn
Suggest Mock Fight to
Amuse Spectators.
v : -. ?
?? Jeaeph Dato, proprietor <?.' a ph?
graph studio, ?i No. ?901 Mam
tree! Hobokin, \x a~ ihoi and ..
thai fit? lost en ning i Samuel I.
getti eight old. of No. '
? ? a- the rei
"r s fi.' ndl -. ? '
l ?..i?, boy had s old is "i'i i
? ? ad had i-.- >?? '. up a r??\oh
n?.t suppo ?? 'i lo i" load? d Thn ? n
and n boy, who were In th*? recepl
i "..m ai th? at -a..". ?. itnessi ?'.
Tl - i '?? ? in,m I.. :.. << <
oui leaving his son In charg? of t
About the time th? propriei
? ? \|." . ?<-<l li?l<k ill?4 i UBtOtnOrS . ?11
In. Th'- two lads saw ths sn-ord a
i '. " g ited th ha re a
fun." i'.t.. took the sword and th
i ,. .,'h.t.- i,,.- (?nin.i th?? revolver.
I...I. i tte ens ppod th? re? olver I a o
three times to show "11 xva* nol loa
cd" snd it?rn he flourished it abo
th?- head of the other lad, again pu
mm th?- trigger. This time there agi
followed by a i)a*-li and Da
f? il t.. the il""; ?"I'll a bullet around
his head Lonxotts d**oppod ths r
volver and hurried from the pla-?. fc
.. ?,?,. .j i,- Hi?- three men, bul he bu
? ?? - - ? l ?--* J m rlddinis' thtni.
The shooting was r?*?p?*arted to the i
i... and Doto a ob ruohi ?i to Bl afarj
Hospital, ion the surgeons were unah
to ., . hi | |H 11- ila ?i about an hoi
aft?r being admitted to the InatJtutioi
The poll? ? bob! "ut b gi nerol alan
for Lronxetl , boi they ? ip< ct thi
when I??- r?*covora from his fright I
-.?. m giv? h ?"? If up They bfli^ic tl
cntii eiy o? i Id? ntal, and *
. . . are hockt<i up by the tine
m itn? Bses and the bo: ? ho aere In IB
Providence Hotel Also Make;
His Patients Vacate.
Pro d< ti ' Api ii II.?Dr. I'i tadrk I
l-t. ::'. I"r . iJm.iiin ?SI Informed 10
? . managemenl of the hots
.. : ? . h< had bo? n i act h lag patM nt
lim! hs would H"1 be allowed to ua
:, t..r profoi tono! pu*-paoea Bl:
who had taken rooma swaitini
the turtle germ treatuneni nere sake?!
?.i vat-ate ih'm. Including two mer
brought irom New Iota bj Dr. i?. m
nan. <>f thai i ItJ Prit ni" ?"<??
tectlvca w< re posted si ths door? U
pri ?dit "ih?r patl nta from ontoring.
i ii PYiedmann treated flft-ren tuber,
culoali patients al si. Joseph's Hos?
..?tai to-daj. He left here to-night
fur Washington, i" appear i" f*?r. th?
Washington At-ademy of Bclence io
morroa and to attend the Gridlrog
?'li.ii dinner.
? ton, ??prll 11.- The city ,,r Be? ton
v.ill n"i InviU Dr. I'li-'jii.-n F. Pt?-nI?
roana to dem?nstrate hts tubercuiosl
.,, in? h?rT< until a favorable rrpoii on
1,1 treat???? ni ha i bei 11 received from ths
I'nlted State? medical authorlllea ... th?.
\'M ?/ork Board of Health This decision
. ,, i...,i to-day st s conference l>. -
i?.?..i Mayor iiizk? raid. i?r Bdwln A.
Locke, chief phvslclan al th?- Boston ?''?..
4iiiii|.ti\i-= Hospital, snd Ixtdward l m?.
;-'..i.i? ..i th? in>?eT>it?ii trusteea
'it.. Mayor's ?.ni?.- ha? been fl<?>'U?t n-iih
recuesta from iul*ercuk*sle sufferers thai
l>r I ii'ilinaiiii I?.- a: ??"i to c??m?> h?r?
His Doctors Mom Optimistic
Over His Condition.
?,? ?BI Palm n'- ?* i' i A|i 'i
ondltton of llenr ' ' i
aider? to-night
ina. The i
a ppen nl ? ? . ., than
ihe; had bei a Bin M I . ffi '? i
a :"'.ir . tail 1 u<
Mr Plagl? ha beea
v eek i 11 ii ? ' ill
?. : fiomt ? " ? i ' ?
Secretary Brings on Horae and
Vardaman's Plume Droops.
r. . .
H aabingtoQ, April 11 - Th**
?.f gtatie ?a-p oui an Important .
? r information to a larga n*imb< f
i,"* gpapei men gg ht red In hig ? HI
toda H- announc? ?j tuai in : i
"in. ? ii. sin t .?-?!?' L-, .i ng '. v
arrived her?*.
."?Thll? noi d
Mi. l'r- an In 11 nated thai a'hci Res
lia?! become acclimated he n*ouM mak?
, . ? ;,..-. . . : *-,,. -? ".- ? hi h has
come under Mr. Bryan'g observatli <> in
the effete Baal \<><<k ?ik- an ordini
plktr- a ?".'? t?-. l ghol itraifl ? ray or
.,? 'r i! " hurdl? a
Ti,?- Hi m task Mi. Bryan will n R? x
.,i m taki thi i "i" ' II ' ?' ? f S< na?
i?.-- Vardaman, a*ho hay bf*en bragg ?
.,?? i hOI ? 0 Mr- i ? Ippl '
a iii? h he i- antly brought on.
Th" WaBhinclon Riding and II ?nt
? ?b governora, on hearing ihe newa
t his - - enlni iniin- dlat? i debat? ?l
hanging oui ? handaom? i?'jr?-<' f..i g
(", ? and a half fin ?"nn r"' t < I?. n :?>
all < ?.m- ra rldd? n b? long hair? .i K' b?
llcnv.n OS nf r?.
- . i u
Appetizing Odors of Cooked
Food Fail to Move Her
London, April 12. ?Every '*fT.?rt !iai
befn made by th?- priaon authoritl?
HollOWSy Jail t?? tempi Mi-. I'.?;i'.
hurat'g appetite with attractlv? i.?..i.
bul ehe lias throughout her Imprison?
m?nt resolutely declined to tak?* any
nourishment whatever in trtsw ?>r ..-r
determinatloa the usual pri >.n die! has
never been offered to her.
At flrat roast meati. tat orj rho .*,
Bucculenl gteakg, tender roasi chicken
?rail cooked vegetables aw) gimi'.ir
fooda were pul ?before her, bul m rain
'iii?n eg her strength declined a dial
more gUited t?. an invalid wa* pro* : ltd.
Chicken broth, -ggs cooked In variow
tempting forma <??. t.ir?j puddlngi
n.? irlihing Jellies and t an?. : il ?i
foods weri offered, bul still all in vain.
in gpit? ??f tht in?.?-! attractive cook?
in?;, which arag gpcclally undertak ??
anrl in gpltS of the appetising o'lm? Of
iii?-- food placed iiffoii- her, lira. Punk?
hurst remained hungry, yet unyielding,
v,.-.. .-.?ff??-', .?-?a, ilk aii'i beef ted
have been off?tred h?w to drink, bul h
will touch nothing bul water.
Picks Up Drifting Frying Pan
Shoals Vessel and Crew.
WeahlQg*0* ^i1"1 !' Wown ,.rr hei
itstion. with steering gear broken the
i*r* ins Pan ihoala lightship floundered
helple riy shout Is high esaa ?rr the North
Carolina coasi to-day ror twelve hours
r,r more htforr nhr ?vas |.lckr-l up I," tl.r
revenue cult? Bemlnole. When the rut?
tut hev? Is ritW th? crew ?-r roorteea
-boaid bad given up hope of attracting
uristance sad "',r '"?""* '" ***** ,:" :'
",..'.,> into r-""* *i'i' ?***"**? ******>
w,,inl?gtnn. X .-? Ajril h. Th, ,,?
.?ue eutlsr ********* *rr,vr'' hrrf~ '?
, . i.oiinc towed th- Frying pan light?
?\ 1 Zuthpnrt. Th- llgbUbtp .IP
The xZ* ****** "? ".'?"-,
,,, n rl.i' OC tWO
her .'talion m ? n-*
Mr:-?. Charles Smiths Five
Babies All Thriving.
Ithaca, N 1*. April 11.- A 'iuini??t of
mfant waa born rocentl] t.. lin
rjhsrii smith, of Dsnby, s few mite
south of here.
Mra Bmlth has ""-ritten to h?*r
nephew, Rotierl Wafer, a prominent
lth ? .. streei rails a* olllclal, thai th?
. || and i.? slthj snd the i-h. ?
clan ? xpects th?m to live.
i- i rssid ihe hirth of quintuple! hi
!?<?. n .rd< ?i in Ihl country only
Ihre? limes
Morgan Liner El Alba Makes
Galveston in Nick of Time.
I grsi ? riibuss
Galveston, April M. Th? Morgan
Line steamship I i Alba, bound from
Set V"iK to Oslveston, arrived in
i ..rt tin-- sft? i-noon "n Bn , Th? bin i?
? in ? " ' r< .1 in the main foes ard
i "i-i when ih" shit) waa a hundred mil?
?.'it. -111.1 gii : |.. .| v g | n .n to n ikt
? ort.
??n arrival the Albs anchored across
. ha? n-1 ?t.-in the pier snd tug ? a I to
xi"tk t.. assis! m extinguishing thf
flames, The Bre was gol under control
after . thousand gallons of s iter h "1
i-. - n poured i"
Tht \ Iba i rough) -i coi *?" of gen? i
men handim \x hi? h haa I - ?ri da maged
.. a considera bl? - U ill,
Niece of N?-*\v York Deaconess
Inherits English Estate.
i ? ? mi
Detroit, A|.? ii it \ l >. troll
phone "i'' r.it..r. Misa atarle i on Bl
? i?" i ,i granddaughter "f ? '? ?m n t a |l
on Bi ". kdoi I ol B iris in
nol lfl< 'i ih." :i ?- h? In '??
ll Kng tat? "f h? i un? lo, i?"1 ? ? I
. tanlfoi ?!. Sh? a n i of Hlld? -
garde ? on Bn* "?-_."?? ? f, . .:? g. ? ?
..i Ing |i. . ? Ii.m r ..f f.. \ ..n Bru
dorl fortun? to hsi II ?.*? .-r?. In
Her father, Ih? ekl? I
? i n. d Harriel Itan
> > er cf
i i ?- '. ? ? ?
? .i four yoM i
sgo he a .. omp< ll-*d i.ma la l*?*?
. mplo in- "?
, - . ? ? o . -?.
Woman ; Heirloom* to Go ?t
Auction--Saves Her Watcb.
?-111" Hai burg? r, through ii?
Bt .'oi . '.. s n I i"t.' ? ?? ? da ??
m th<- rotunda of I ?? puiMj i uurt?
??Se . ' . . ,. , i ii g-~ .( .
"?i ring and a ring ? ? ?
? ? tfgm?ni for (_"??
Ri si.n
tain ?; ig*il t Mrs. Ca? ' '
N ? '.. i , ? ',-.
m in the I
Fobi 'i- ' ' ' enty-fiv?
but it s of Mr.
I :."!? - ; ?
o on ? : n \n f. 1 h horg? ?
?? : ..- . t- ? he |< ?-?
\ er sii a.- ??"? !
**_4j0 ? get utIon, >-'-'? . icrl
ti ? a ml a , .'. per < ?in
of the pro? ecdg of ths sale,
Mi i. Je atoo ha . .? wat? h bul
i" i,t\ Sheriff Frank J Burns, who at?
M . !? -.? ? ll . did H"' ?? ' "1 ?- 1"
. ? i i Lynch, of 1 he < i< ? 'ourt,
sgrced with Mi- Johna that :; wet s
1 ? ..Mi ihould i. - ?? empt.
? s
Triicsdalc Charge of Political
Bargain Bears Fruit.
? "i ; ? *i '?. -, Willil
B hro ihe engineer : ? Id responsible
i'- |ui for ths Laekawonna
<i k hers oi luly 4, a\ hieb ? ->-t thli ti -
??,, 4 r Indteted t'.-'ia. ..n a
. .,' _??- "f man?is ighter In th? - ? ".-..i
'i I ' gram] |ury*a - * on rssull from th?
? i.-it-,*? recent!; n i .? by w ll T?-i>. ?,
??-?le presid? ut if ih? road, In a lett?:
lo Governor Bulger thol Dip former In?
dietmsnl had been dismissed as the rs
t ..f a poUticsl bargain, Bovtn-noi Bui?
? ??? ?. ,| -m m\, itlgation ind Disti I
Ait?,11" ? . Is ids \ si?"?. ?i had the i.?
I. opt It?*"i
'i n? gi and ?? i di i nol tait- up th?
charge of s ooiitirsi deal Tuts in- estlga
. ??ill go forward, Rtowell asid lo?
nig in th? foi "! ol lohn I.
Republic Set Up in Mexican
Town Met Untimely End.
i ? : '
, i a!,. 1 i iiiliiidliua. ,M?*x?. ... tpi il
ii i-.ir Um t.-eii houi i tl" ? an. ?:? ? liv?
ing m the town "f C?*r-*negnlta, neai hers
foughl a bod] .?' federal troops to-dsy in
at,'? i that ths boa?i snd integrit] of a
xa_a they had formad las! nlghi salghi
:.?/? hit ths ti' a lepubli? *.*?.? Bnalt.
burl .i m buBsti i*:v. i> the Polk ? - hi. r
irrest? i snd ssnl to ?Thihuah is
i . |.. ,,|,', of Ihe i 'i> aogolts ran? h ?*:?<
i,.; ,,,\, ,i of Ihe mannsr in which the gov?
. ?mi'iit -?a "i>?i.-it-*'i snd late last night
;, ,,.... 11? ? tion nos d< i ld?*d on, Pancho
, |||g wsa ? ISCtl 1 '". "> ISlOnsJ I i. ? :.|?i|l
,,; i,,. i;. puhil ? of i blhuanua
v f,? 4 ,,f the revolution .?.?. i.r.i h,.?
iia.. and ?.i ? s ? re sent The i iu
geng met the ii"'?i'.n with veltays when
n,?? tried '.'?'' 'he pl?tre After thli
teen houi ol r? Istan? s the ? 'ablnat sub?
initi..1 t,. the appeals of the people thai
I'lttli'T blii'i'l*'"''! '"' ktetto?, aii'l BUT
rendered AH wer? es?KUted
"Piesiden! VUlg mat oui robbing ?
train of Ih? Me_l?*an N?srthw?*astara Roll?
rood at the ?i"r ,,f *hr attach and ?-s
e.?(,. d being coi i" ad snd ahot.
\ illa i" 'k iy? bora oi silver bunion, vsl?
d-.1 ut i.;.'..???!. n" irt-rs?n??? bring ??fieri.I
!>' |h? ?mull ft-dtWOJ K'Kiru Tht? hnlllun
as on the ??a., to the atats opltal fat
aengera ware nol nwtastsd
\o i?onnoi?n*eur omlls angostura
BITTERS in |.'in?-hes nn?I fan-1 '.unit.
Ad? i
philTp m?sica
aims fraud!
Ambition to Become Financie
Power Led Son of Hair Im?
porter Into Draft
Kiting Campaign.
Youth Confesses to Swindle
Amounting to $600.000 ?
Story involves Several
Not Hitherto Men?
tioned in Case.
' i"1 II ? ? | ; ? nient i?f lhc L'nit?
? Hair Company, who wan arrest
? -1 s Ith his father. Antonio, and hi
younger brothers, Arthur and <:r..r;,-i
In \. .- Orleans for fr,i?i?i.s aggregatln
more than |T?00,?OOf>, made g full ;oa
n yesterday to Dlstrici Attorne
Whitman. He flx**d the amount <'r hi
fraudulent deahnga at 'about ?fOOO.OOl
and Implicated several other person
Kd *.?. iii probabl? be a wltneg n? ?
wirk \>rff,rr the cram) Jury, ami PG\
-iat Indictment! against persons ?tith
erto unnamed are expected.
Philip, a iv, is i" . m- ?elghl < t
tried to -i",..t himself with an auto
'niatir pistol ?h.ii detectiveg found tit
family aboard a veaael in New or
leone. His gtorj to the Dlstri? i Attovr
n? - ?-esterda explained hi stilt Uli
it. v .1 moil, mad and sbs? ased ?? III
the notion of lx i oming a ?;
Ir-- i.' hei .\ni"!.'... ?. ho is m til1
i ??") , evenl -two : ? erg old an?
... di ? ', from i tato, il
. .m??? ii ? fi ?? ?? N'a plea, hii
and rt up n th? imi ortlng and i *
up tht ? '?? ? ? ? ke i Into I '?? fil m
niiii h he? .mi' \ ', .-. . ana s It!
' a I The tlrii
deal) m ? ? ironl, ?"i and '<:?
man hall, 'i he M u been?
i, Bg Ridgi b.r.o |cl? n.
a Philip attained manh.i h?- gf ?
! gjnbitio la H" f. i' Imbw ?i s Ith th
1 Am? r|< n ?. ? and ? haf? 'i a' i1
fathers' mot i itivi buslnt -
?. In .hui' ?" ; r i'li.'.i;
finan? iai pro
which *.*- i -'"ii m -J
land h m* in ? ? frutal rank o
? , : ? . ? ' .:'.">
Plan ol Budding Financier.
? ?, m ,n?. ?./ anr Ing at hi
end i 11 : * i,- ?v iii corner the humai
hair m.?i ?-"' ..i,':. f - and, ?t* wo >;<
.???...!.. To ii??* letter ? a?
he perauaded his fstber thai the lull
? : ?? t ? -a had ?-; on :
? ',ni| ,ur x\ ,i< v an anted. ' i
r.Mj. th? i nlted Btati Hai
? ,.iiii .,ii \ .i- . ?: I nit? d. U \* I
, , ,| .. "'??-jOO.OOO ind th'* stock i.i
on the - ?"??. The name ?>f the ora
...n. itself ehowg 'i:.- ir?*P'? ?,.' rhii...'.
?i ambition snd deairei a 11? fur?
: h? ' . i."" " "i a mann? : i? .-> accept le
i., i i., family bj hi : changed in?"!' '
lift ii lefl tii. house m Ba i. ukr
and took ?,? quartera m iii" Knicker?
bockei Motel 11 j frienda were :hosr
a ho frequented Broadway caf?a rather
than th< frit nda ? f his fath? r. Hia
t.i :? in ? othini .irid amus? tnenli lie??
m. . , ilalte.
Bul i''-' - -iirh! ?if hia Ideal.
i* wa nt aa ar; for him to h:i\.* cash
lo cai out hi plans. ? ?n a l?gitim?t
neither ihe United Btates Hslr
Com pan nor A. M. .<.? <r< Song gup?
pli? J the - .?.-n -i lit ..''?' I nough. Philip
s rough) gchemes to supply It. in gome
of th? ie, II Is slleg? d, his fath? r end
brothers were involved Philip made
no attempt to den; this yesterday, al?
? ?. . ? he ??? ;? : on lodged thai he ?as
the priOM mover.
Philip knew ih? hair busineaa il>*
bad i" en brought up In It. Man ol
th. otherg m 'h" nos found? ?i ? om?
pan) ?'? ? ' ? iii.i ? . leg :<ti?.i an) of
the business. Und? r Philip's ?i
"bran? h offices were establish? ?i in
London snd In Parut In each "branch
office" Philip had men who kite* of ?na
m??n. making plant an.i helped hlra.
The "bran? h ?>ti?. m he said ? ? at? day,
*.*er<* "fakes' .-iiiii \*.?r?' used to fur?
nish him a Ith ? i ifc
i ii, n began a gomawbal complicated
s\.'i,in "i kiting foreign billa oi ex?
change ami hypothecating apparently
valuable Invoices. As a mattei <?f fact,
t ho a.I' billed in the Im "t' i - ?* ei ?
barber ghop clipping) snd their only
.. i?.-,? ?,i obtsm thi i spital v? h i h
.? , t.nif r the lian mari.? I Snd
g- i,,i ihe gto k of th? i Inlt? ?i Btat? ?
Haii Company soaring.
Got Loans from Brokers.
it: preparation for hia Btrxtra deals
Philip obtained ? subatantlal loan tr.?m
broket who agreed to pool th?' United
Btates Hal Companj etock which
they held ss collateral, The brokers,
however, Philip geld yesterday, began
g garlea ?f wssh salea '.?in?h ?ir?>\? the
stock up i" $10 ? ?hare snd resulted
lu un investigation bj the Ken York
4 'm i. Association.
All this ? iiiharrif-soil Ihr Iniiltling
liiiani i?T. He found that hlg kiting
scheme was expensive, The mainte?
nance of the "branch ofllcea" ?.i?. a
ce?nslderable Item? cable tolls mounted
up, and th?irs were other expenses
Which a?l?l?*?l to the w-iry natural to
a WOUld-be millionaire Who knew that
he must hare hia eapltal In h.m.i with?
in g r?*.v month*? or "go broke." j
it was his tit m ? on? letton that nnce
he had schtoved his end bp would iiav
both fortune and unblemished ?reputa?
tton. With the money -cainr.i \,} *g|g
schemes bS intended to make -rood his
Continu-*-, on third pagr, Mventh -olumB
From Top, George A. Sipp, Ed?
ward J. Newcll, Thomas W.
Walsh and Eugene Fox.
? An Assistant District Attorney
Connected with Story of
Some "Fixer," Cases.
Deputy Police Commissioner
Discredits Story, but Admits
It Has Long Been of
Common Report.
Prom Hi? resppssran i of "Diamond
Lottie" Btanton ami Jtgicphlns Palmer
In th'' police Investigation- thia time
?s witn? aea before the grand Jury?Il
developed yesterda* thai ii:. general
Inqulr? grsl which
Third Dspul Commissioner Ni i berger
ng "n evei ilnce his an?
point mi nt had taken i i ? ? ullar twist.
According t" the gtory which leaked
oui "i" Police Headquarterg, and which
\<as reported t" ti*?" D ??! 't Attorney^
office, Newberger I id gstgned men
, ? pi g| :,? <!.. ?!. " i iot two women,
?> !>,. had :1 t appeal ed in th,' * les Kraft
Inquiry si aboul the lime thai lira.
Mi ? Good? made h ?r m ngatlonal
i harga .
Th ras to I he ? ttot t thai New -
berger*a man learned thai the sianton
and Palmer women had been heard to
gay thai ih? \ had paid money t?i an
.v .< latanl i >l trlci Attonej t<? "fl\"
? ggalnsl tbejnselves, snd thai the
poll? e mad? a b -; efforl t.. get the
??..turn t" i ibstantlat? guch a charge
; j aniila Its.
w p. >i Mr. Whltm i ned <?* th"
he lummon? d : hi I a ?? ??? omen be
for? the grand Jury, bul thej denied ever
having made an) such stai menu and
u, ?t io il"' i? ngth -a' i w? Bring that
ihe.? bad never even hcani ?i Hnpge?ied
i,v .,,,? one i;i their ? lr*)le of the un?
derworld it"-1' ?u Assistanl District
Ait. rnej had been bribed or ' Raed."
Nev/burger Discredits "Fixinq."
A, police Headquarters Third LDspa
*.. (?Tewberger, while admitting that
lie had beard rumors ??f ihe bribing of
an sssistanl district attorney, declared
that SSitlMT Of th" WOtnM had *ub
??ntlatsi. tin story, snd n?i?i?*d that
?n hi.? ?ntire Investigation to date he
f otitln?i?*?l o?1 ?"*4on?l rag*1, third i-aiumn.
Inquiry by Federal Grand Jury
Begun in New York Under
Criminal Section of the
Anti-Trust Law.
.? t
Attorr.ey General McReynold,
Supersedes Wickersham'a
Civil Action to Dissolve )
$.35,000,000 Con
cern as a Trust.
Thp first adion of ihe WiL-on admin?.
lotrattoO to enfor e the prox isions of;
ths Bherma.? law was .lisrloscd vester?.
da . When it was learned that a fed?*'.?'
grand lury hero had begun an tavOOtl
gatfon of the L'nitod I'ruit Coaapatiy
v. irrt ;i ?. i?\?. t.. indfetoBonl ogolnot osoot
of ih" iTominfiit offM**!?* ,ind directors
of that ompany under the rnminal
sectiona of th mili-trust law.
Sin'-" \V. .-in. sd*-- important witnesses
havs been examinad before the grand
Jury bj William B. <'regg, Bpoetal Ao
? ista?it Attorney ?.?neral. acting und^r
direct instructions Iron Attorn?.-:- Qen?
eral Mcl"teyi*ro1ds. Although ihe action
'?'?I not orig?nate with the prcs??n?. ad?
ministration, but xx?oo prepared in Ha
foundation by foros??? Attorney ?General
U K-lcrsham. a radical departure -ans
lakeri from ths original plans whan Mr.
Wi.kcrshnms Intontlofl to bring OO
equity action for the ?lissolui'.on of the
all??Red trust was BUp?B**SsBt_BSl by a d"
? islon to resort to criminal proracutkm.
The ground, on whl? h ths a.-tion is
; ;' .'i sre allesjed unfair tactkca em
ployed by the United Frull Coospony
Bgolnol Its compftltorsi restraint of
trade an?! an attempt to iP.on.oP"hze th
traffli in Central and Bouth Atnet
produce, principsll) bananas, '."o-.nuts
and sugar.
Two Directors Teit'fy.
The ?rand .iui: sdjourned ? r? = ? ?rday
until Tueoday, after having exagnteed
eighteen \\ ? t r ? <? i" *- ? :-. Two ol inem,
Will..'in Nawaoaae snd W !"?? ? er!**
Bchermerbora. are dire? tors oi th?:
L'nitod J'niit ("tompany, and, having
????.i-.i!??i beftsrs tho groas] \ ?. might
be rt?gardod as immune from ptoat . -
lion. .Mr. WOWOOBM is ibe manager ? f
ih-? West Indian department and Mr.
Seherin'rh"in manager of lr?rt ?tsyA
and Boutfa AmoriCOO ?lepanm. m of t'as
i? omponi.
.lam*? Pi fjHorgio prssideni of lha
Atlantic FTuil Company, tho chief com*
1 petitor ?>f ih" ttatted, was s s It?
and the other Oft? an men ?
Ismined weri employes ol independent
Icompanies ami fonter employes of ?ht
Unit? 'l PI nil < ompan; .
The grand Jury will resuma Its wor?c
? ?n TtM0?_ay, bul i? to nol expected that
indi? im. m h ?? iii be rol irned before 'he
' ml <'f Ih?1 following '??
i l'ndor ih?-* criminal aecUon of ti?.?.
Bherman laxx- on) one found guilt] of
x olation of ihe statute can be punished
1 by imprisonment not sa<*e?sdlng one
y-fOT or b flu?- of ?**"? (WO Df both.
; . officer i of tho United Pr it*. Corn
pony, which is ? Saw Jersey cor pora?
?on xxi?i us principal offices In Boston.
: i. \miiev. \v. Preoton, "f Booton,
prcarident; Minor C. Keith of New
[York, vi?*e-preoldont; Brodle) W,
Palmer, of Boston, secretary and gen
leral counsel, and ChStrtaa A. Hm-i'i'-d,
of Boston, treasurer. Ail ?.f theos roeo
sre atoo ? i ? r? tors of the ???rporation
I The dtsetctofa not called before ihs
frond jury, and who probably a ill tvt
lbs subprptiueil, are John S. Bart'.ett, of
T.\nn. Mass.: Crawford H. EUiO, of
! New ??rleans: Reginald Foster. ?>f M ?:?
ehester Mas.-.. Ftatt? Is B Hart of
TMllton. Mosa; Kenneth K. Mi Laren, -?f
I .Tris???- Cit) : Ivig?. ne W ? ?ng, <*f 1 rook ?
, line, Mass : William ***. Bpauldlag of
Boverly, Mass.: H?-inJ ? ?. I nderw? 1
..;' Behnont, 'toss : Bheppard Bch<n*m<sr?
1 1 "in and Hugh <>? l*US I? I?.
Acquired Many Companies.
The Unitod Knut CooBpan? was in-.
I corpora ted ?m March ?"><?. Is*.'!' foe tho
[purpose of f"r_wli , expot-tting. imp?t t
j ing and distributing H?pital fruits and
' produ? to. Its capital Btock Is ?*.';.??.<ih?\
iiiiki. n ;icqulrod the properties sad
buoiness of the following compooaws
i The I!??si.m .'nut. th" Am.-t-i'an Fruit,
the agHiaker Cltj Fruit, ths Buckinasi
Fruit, ihe Bonos V'ru't. th.- Domini ran
Fruit, the Sama Knut, the Bn* il- r
Banana, theCotonhlon [_ind,the irop
[ical Trading ami 'I t anspart i 'ompan. .
Ltd.; lbs New Orleans Bellas Mail ami
[rentrai Ameihan BteomohlpCompany,
Ltd . and other??, for orhioh II raid |U.?
' _i:?,.">??<t in ?ash.
It ?.ix ns the .utiro lapital BtO? K "f ths
| I'*Ti;it DtopotCh ?'ompan.?. xxhi.-h taroo
Icreated os a dtotributing agent of Hi?
. orporation for th?* UoltOd Btates and
?'anada. It OtoO OWOI nian> railroads
in l'entrai Am? ri? a.
Jn August, 1912; Minor C. Keith re
lunted to N?-rw York from ?Juatcmala
and Coala Rira with tho announcement
Hint in- had boon succtsBsful In coiiooti
doting all the rallroosto in central
The lotal aereage ..wned by the ?.em?
pan? m Control America and the West
Indira and dexoted to cultivation of
fruit and sugar exec? ds MM?00 a?res.
it also owns OJUBsJOt double that acre?
age Of unimproxed land?.
Has Many Traffic Lines.
Residen its steamship line pi; mg be?
tween this lountry. ?'entrai America
and the West Indies?, the company oxxm
all the ?capital stock of the Tropical
rruit Steamship Company, Ltd., incor-.
pora ted under the laws of ??reat Brit?
ain. All of the atxamshipa owned by

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