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Walker Measure to Root Out
Evil Should Not Die in Legis?
lative Jam, They Protest.
William Jay Schieffelin Anx-j
ious That New York Be
Abreast of All Other States
in Regulating the Traffic.
The till introduced bj Assemblyman
jame? J Walker to remad) condltl?
the cocaine1 traffic a.?- revealed b) The
me, will not di>- in tho jam of legis
? t t ? ? nd oi the si salon if tha
protests of judges, district attorneys and
-ffeoiesals druggist? avail
Mr William Jav Bchleffelin, who not
only personally urged the- passage of the
pin but was active In crystallising the
support of the New York Board ?d Trade
%nd Transportation for it. said yesterday
that he- lould see no legitimate I tl
?why the measure should be opposed i>
either doctora conctrrned In the use of t? *
I >i <!? uggli rned In its I? gltl<
mate .-alo
The opposition to ti ? Walker bill bj
dual men." raid Mr, 8? hleffelln,
himself a ? hoi? . i I
on a misapprehension. Th? qusntil
In? "huh the bill would permit Is
ia-ger '.nan ?my pr.u tuioiu i Ol
would nerd during the ei .
?ad the proposed supervision would In no
way Interfere with l?gitim?t? physl
1 c emploi > d -.v h? ?? th re
?...: reason I ....
Oppos tion Hid Itself,
I .? ? ? i ' . 1 Mr.
1 I .-frelin ?.va.? th? onl:
vhyaciaii- m Neu York state against
the bill when it was IU I Introduced, but
he apposition did not materialise into
<ren objections a? thp public bearing i- !
'ore the Assemblj I 'ode i ? !.
? ary.
D ?ctora e ho did not
litado made | said thai if the pro
ame law the
would em| owered to examine th?
of a physician's oAc? on b a
lung expedition, but as the opi
, Int never became open th?
of th" measure were unable to
??r those who \olord it privately.
lai A L'elchanty. Assist., ni Dis)
Attorney of New York, who drafted the
.and who nom long experience In
prosecuting cocaine venden aimed it?
provisions specifically at the unethical
.-j1<? and prest ription of th? di*ui ,
I i . terday thai - latter
would no! hemp? ?
cocaine and would act only .?
v? ho profit by the g to
. ?
.Mr. Bchleffelin empeaais .
that all the reputable manutuct irei
vvhole?>al?- druggists, a: Well a.- I '
v.ho handle cocaine medlciaali) wen
the Walkei bill enact? -i
He auggeated that doctoi * ? a
to handle much smaller qua I
ol ?.-.. aine- would find it eewrespondtngl*)
easier lo comply with the la?.
"Th?- manufacturers of
. _- ! s t ^ who -a?-:;': In rt are willing to
nub> . i th. ni ex
? in order to prevent th?
d ig said Mi B i " : i The
,jo toi ? -how themselvea un?
selfish and co-operate In thi
Demands Little Bookkeeping.
The hill arouM ' whole? .
illd retail. tO ke?-p tar ;
tine that
throui ? than ?n* Preaent las i
ids. Th? ' ? '1 "' ?
whik calling for detailed in?
atlon as to both ? urchase and dispo?
sition ed th" drug, would ll
amount to r-tl at -
? the Blight quantlt) of cocaine
required by a i
<r err throi.'. , * during I
of a year.
In a letter to Assemblyman Jam?
v. alkei. when the i for a
hranrg before the Assambl
Mr gchloffella showed that
ths 1.'.:. If ?*naoted into law, WOUld put
New Toik S'.ate in the lead In tho pre?
vention of the improper us' of cocaine.
Mi Bchieffelln's lette**, ?iat.?i Februar]
Il rrad.
i mu-h regret that owing to my ab
srn ' due to attending s trustee's1 mean?
ing at Tuske*ce?> Institute, Tu keg
Ais, i will not be able t-. attend th<
,r>- ? g on the hill Introdu? ?1 b) . ou re
tlng the sale of cocaine.
V ill you be kind enough to inform th?
eommittep that I think the bill in the |
mon effective measure yet propos?-.) and
that i earnestly hope it win be enae*ted!
into law, in whi'h casi oui state sill i ?? '
in the lead wjth rrcard to \.\te prevention!
?mi rapt i u ? of i ?" i ' ?
Jude? Bwent General St latin, ha*.
written t.? Senator Roberl K Wagner.
?..??km," hint t?. have tu- W Iket ; 11 a?,
vaiK ed t<> .? final rot?
"Thia Mil." Judge Bwann writes, "ai
ded by the sena*?? < odea ?'?? -?unitt? ??.
is approved b\ the r".??iieal profession "I
New York County, it i>? epproved, s,n'
erally ppr-akinR. bj ever] one except the
ratent medlcins venden and some or
their custom
Jndce Bwann ?.?so ?ams advanced a
-re ?irafted bj him to permit a ??'".irt
to use us itseret'on .-is to whether two
or mor? codefendanta shall _<? to trial
tog ther ..r separately. Congestion in th<
Tombs -in?! ...| the Q-rnsr-l Be-stons cal?
endar Is growing, H'd Judge Sv?.ann be*
lleves that in? [.?n would sfford Imm?diat?
relief. In the Tombs yesterday wan
priaonera rhar.ed to Genera] Begatong, as
against Id u J ? ai | ???.
Young Man, Worn Out by
Studies, Kills Himself.
Worn oui with getting an education and
Irving lo suppl) In-. Bister With one at the
? lime Morrta Kupptr, the twenty*
?i ?Jon .-?" Kar; Kupper, lai
' - ed ai ins bum? un lbs third
Boot of N.. ? ., i ?n h.m. itr, et, i t'.?ii n
?ftern. gnd put i gaa I be In hla
moutl . w hi n 1
' ?" wn >ui i!..-; ital, ... i i? lummom of
olmau Williams, of the ..ih .-?
? nd iht ??? ng m.m ?i? .-oi
Moi - > . .? it id? nt si thi ?
Atad? ni] of Ai li end B
night lu woi ?.- d for a I to ? nabi? b ?
i snetrs to attend ; I ?? Noi mal
?Jth ?t ? '. and Park ,,s, nue, H i
? - - Platbush
- ? - - ? . ? :
Juiir. Pour months Ig M - ..?ri a
I, \* hlch l:i
? ted owing off.
? ? s oi
rlab that he was
nothing but ill o ind cougb
^ eaterdaj aftei noon, v, hi n
and sister, <-.?m- bach to th? Util? ?a
? ?
Hard ban D ? l shnn. i*-ft *? ? ? n M ?
Kuppel ?? ? t i?n?- - h;, sterlr-rtl that she
lo i.? remo*? ? I to Bellt ru? '??. i >j
' . ma< s Ten mil ?? ati tin laugh
tei attempt? t of the wlndo?
previ i led nipt
? n of her cou It ?lie?
? . hold hi r untl th< ?
lance el I to Uk< bi i lil
? 11
Says "Buffalo Bill" and "Pan-nee
Bill" Owe Him 82.000.
nk Winch, (??:? I - itant
?gent Buffalo 1 West
.... Qreal
I '...til th<
a'tic : ? - taid t prom Im wl
I Llvi
Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill."
Whi n out of thi Ir bui I
ting wai ? "
P. Cody, ol
nee Bit ? M
Ion W. Lllll , of Pawnee. Okla The
i iklahoma \\ llltam x
Wh testil '?l Into a con*
i: . ? a 'in t? ? "Bills" .it a housi pari
N v. He sa were three <
i of the work i
Major Llilie 1 was writ?
- ? ? ?how l ..?'?n and th ?
id not entet greemi
? payment of ro; ih *A In? h. B _.
I . : tona ??- Co.,
: -
? ?
Wlni ??' ' f conl
? ?
Valu" of Marsh Bstltt* Jump; fioin
S900.000 to S5.000.?00 in 3J Years.
t Um 1 ??''?'
long a rangli over ; rhethei
the estai ? Ralph M
Bliould be divided Mr list h i" Id
Biderablc propertj In Bergen County, N J
\\ n. ii h? died, ? late wa val
ued at $;*?'.'"" 11 went to hii sons, .lohn
William, and daughter, Mra Cath*
. ? m? Blbh It '-1 the es? uti r,
persistentl? fougl t ai i l I ? de of the
p.,,;,. 11. .,? ?i divlal? n "f the pro-.. ,
and the valu? '?' f ? ? ? ??? h -. :?
to mon than 15.?
No-a th< pro] ert; Ii bt Ing Bold at d gp?
plication >? ?< ' :'s" yesterdsy t."foii?
Vice-? "ham ellor U i ? Ji City, for
a , ;,)?...-? ? ?.?? of M*?,0W to Jol n Marsh,
i.,.w bedi Iddi n, as ex? utoi a feet It wat
c,< by ? '? in el foi thi ?rother and
The vli ? -. bai rvi r] <\.. |.
? -, mil tin repi i ? ol tn? Ml? of all
.,.. rty la ? ibn Ittei
Ir-1 FOUNDED 1856-ZZZT_B53
There is no monotony about
the Spring Suits and Over?
coats we are showing?nothing
but ?Freshness, newness, and the
inspiration of 1913?
Every variety of hard or soft
finished fabric, in all the color?
ings and designs discriminating
men will favor this season, cut
in the most refined styles and
tailored up to our usual high
standard of workmanship.
Spring Sack Suits.$18 to $42
Spring Overcoats .$16 to $42
?stor Place &aFourth?venue
(fT~~~' ' "_ -?- *
$ O
o #
you can.
^^1 This Week at Aeolian Hall
Admission Free
A varied and delightful program of wusic?songs, costume
dances, etc.---given informally in the different beautiful
Salons and Chambers of .Aeolian Hall, every hour every
day from Eleven until Five ?All are Welcome
A? far as we know, no musical event of so interesting and unusual a character has
ever before been attempted in New York.
The wonderful success of the recent series of Pianola Concerts, at which Mmes. Alda
and Momer, Messrs. Bonci, Amato and De ?^egurola were the soloists, and our inability to
meet the overwhelming demand for admission to these events, has led us to devote a whole
week at Aeolian Hall to music, so presented that everyone may enjoy it.
Beginning in the Mezzanine Foyer, at Eleven every morning, will be given the
beautiful "Savonara" or Japanese Feast of the Cherry Blossoms, sung and danced by three
daintv, graceful artists in Japanese costume. 1 hereafter, everv hour, exactly on the hour,
equaliv attractive features will be repeated in the Concert Auditorium, and other parto
o? .Aeolian Hall.
.A delightful spirit of informalitv will characterize the whole. You may come and
leave at your pleasure. ?At Twelve, you will be ushered into the dimly lighted Concert
Hall, where Mr. Dion W. Kennedy will give a recital of appropriate music on
the Aeolian Concert Organ, recognized as the finest ?concert pipe-organ in the world. At
One, will be given Chamber music in the Musician's Club Room; at Two, beautiful
character dancing by two artists in the Green Room, etc.
Remember, that there are absolutely no formalities no tickets nor admission cards
will be needed. We extend a sincere invitation to every music-lover, to come to Aeolian
Hall anv day this week, at whatever hour suits your convenience and stay just as long as
?23? 0
The Daily Program
Feast of ihe Cherry Blossoms
Japanese aSong Cycle
and Dances
Oman Recital
Dion ? . Kennedy at the
?Aeolian Concert
Chamber M:.
The Vi rber Grand Pian?
ola Piano, the Victor
Victrola and the Solo
Orchestrelle ensemble
and solo
7 he Dance of the Roses
Feast of the Cherry Blossoms
Japanese .^ong Cycle
and Dances
Organ Reala!
Dion W. Kennedy at the
Aeolian Concert
Spring Idyll
a^pring Dance and
The Aeolian Company
27 West 42nd St. Opposite Library
Actor Went to Ludlow Becauii
Watch Was Slow.
Edmoi .in ? . ?
known on the staj Vise (1
Dcput .-'?i. i iff "Jake" Blei The offloei
got a civil ordi ol rresl :
H s y es on 8a I
had fall? -i I rsi ded h
Justl Brooklyn, to Mrs
? 'athi rii Hay? wl obtain??
tkwi Hayei ? im? i" \nv !
d y. ,md went to the Hot " and Hi
? until one
midnight, is the las mil the
ng of i - on Bun
too it three i fore thi
Ing of M< ndi by the act wat
??'une oui I a taxi
? ab, in n in i i i,, n,..
Ji rae) l It fi n Tl it ?? < r- the
* ladom ol l '? pul ? Biet asserted Itaelf
I a be t ter I 11 <*
I that 11 '?'??- two minuti ist
Bund iv. He i and toll
him of his i Hayi
is known sa a husky" man, .. . ted
an- it required ome forcible persuasion
on thi part ol th? deput) aherifl befori
Hayei ?? ? axed to ;.mi anj '. ?m to
'sil. He obtained ? M .rid atipulat
ed bj Juatli ?? K< llj and a aa i
? rday.
Another temporary guest it l -1
wa Harry Zinn, who pi ? - - first
? loltH at the Hotel McAlpin Hi waa
. ted ' ?? the - omplaint ol Mia Anna
Oreen that h> bad promised to marry
!?. i a?.i then rel m ad ih? la aul i Im
for IS 000 foi all? gi o" brea
Attaches of Supreme Court Make
Addition to Growing Collection.
, man Eds erd E M? Call or t i?
Public .-'? r\*lc< ' ' >mi n a 11 d an
oth< r ? - terda to hl
Ing colli ? lion T ? r ?t- I -. ? ? at n ?
from th? attachai of the Bupremc Court,
from who bei
his present ofBc? i?. making th;* pros
i station : rene? ?.f all thi at?
tach! ? -iium told
old friend. _Sd' MeCail." thai Hie
only thmc he an?! I a ??? Uten had
against I Im ws thai be i lould It av?
hla poet
Chalnnaa M< i '. n waa ? Wllj ???'??> '? !
when be ran? ta repli ' ??juiu lalkj
to you from now until tO-WOCTOW tno:t?-j
tag," he fe-id. and not _a; lial? i tec!.''
Placards in Hotels and Restaurants Will Herald Pres?
ence of Benzoate of Soda in Pastry?Lederle
Forming a Food Code.
Health CommlMloner Lederle plan?
di . ': refornu In t ho makim; of i
othar foodal ilfi which ? iterloui
He hopea t>. acquaint tl
imer with tto? Interior ot
. ? ...
Bom? baker? In this clt; ?r? u mi ..??
than th< ai prov? -i quaatil "i
? .f ?..??a In thcli paati ? ind th< Health
L'ommlaslonei li going ?., warn th? pub
?? ? ? ? ? ??
i ontplc . ? ' playtfd m
.i:.'i hot? ' dlaini i.m a ? h paa?
lhr5<? ROticea -in- not shmvu
? i -?? deli?.?. l's u ni ... i.
quired to Insert ? lin* or two in the bill
<>f faro ? Kplalnlni thai b? nsoati
01 :-..in<- ..Hi? i material wai ei in the
pr? paratlon of th? pai try? j
nee regulation? are '?rinn in?-nr
;??! Into a cod< "f food standar.Is
Health Commissioner la formu?
l?t! ig
At pr? ant," sain Commissioner I?e?l
?.-1? "thi re i-?? litt1?- opi'oituiiity
for th? ultimata consumer to know what
: ? !? Many bakers use ben*
. n i.it iffa but th? ? ?. -
hoi label their plei ? > dhar manufactura?
to thai effect Bj the new aystem ??:
placarding or having the true facts Bel
forth "i? th? mi-?us th. consumer will
know ?tat he ?s getting for hla inonai
Certain kinda of coloring matter are
Included In th? reetrictiona. Injreetig
lion baa shown that nmi h nuaslionahl? 1
material la being employed in pU BUlngsl
an?i in th? manufacture of candy.
T. G. White Leaves Income o
$80,000 for Maintenance.
n. i inik University baa been mad
Substituts trUSte? Of an ?state left h
'? sodore O. White and ^al ie-i at sbou
I?"."? ". the Incoen? from which Is to b
? ?h<- maintenant*? or ? clubhoua
fui social "i educational work amoni
\ounj* men and hoys on the WSSI lid?
The universlt) council plans to sxscut
the trUSt thiou-h the dlvlalOH of pulll?
affairs, of wi>i?h Professor Jeremiah II
Jenka la dli ector
The unit .'.ip will ?stabil ii i i entre
on the Weal Side * her" men snd toy?
may be In itrut ted In the right
dutlei ??' ? i" hi ? md em ouraged t<
Interest in the problem? ?t mu
tip ?pai government. This work will In*
.? ? '..- organl al Ion of clubs foi the
? ?,.:'. .1 m ,:'i ! dl:-. U si?.h of I ? Util ?I
.. ? \ii instruction *??.? 11 be attict
I) non-partisan .?ml devoted solely to
i !.. .. gas of good governmi
Improvement <?f living conditions in the
A ?iiiouri. einent Is also made of ? gift
of loim T Underwood <>f I?'"11 foi th?
establishment of music courses In th<?
Cniverslt) College Bine? the Kebruarj
meeting of the routnii thi university
baa received other n.f - amounting lo
lio? ?.-": The budget fee thi yaat
i provldsa for sn expenditure of
I - ?. of whli h I2??7,f'?ij ?-i tur in?
Sir Cecil Spring-Rice Shuns
Politics for Athletics.
?ir Cecil Arthur Bprihg?Rlca Ota now
i British Ambassador, vindicated his title ;
t.. diplomac) bj successfully eluding ail i
t?pica bul athletics at an Interview with
the i. wspapei men .it L*nrran?sa < ?"dk.i.
Ihouao. m Want 10th .street, yesterday I
? morning. Ho took Km bull boldly by the j
Iborna, too for ha ;?.,.,j his \is.iors ha.i no!
aooner seated themselves In Mr. Godkln'sl
library than h? began ?rlvtn? B list of th*
? ? hi . ouldn'i liisi-L'bs.
? i eouldn'l speak with you about canal
? ha aald, "or the Hay-Paune?rfOte I
treat) or Scutari, 01 world peace, or Um
?Krupp?, but 1 might?yen, 1 might?speak !
???th : <.u about afra Paakhurst uut. no,
1 raall) couMn t. coma 10 think ei ?t. for
I've a Rises Who's S >??.ffi anlst. and 1
(ht get I it" trwubls th.*re. But I woul 1
?like to tell yea boa mueh 1 sdmirs your
ethletici ' ooms here from Stockholm'?
le ha* I? en BnVOy oxti aonllnai > and
mlniater ptoalpotentlary to Iweden ?sun.
UM "and I "as much Impressed with |
the rletortsa of *<>"! splendid American
team 1 am sors tout methods of trato? I
insr and the ?lisiipline of >our team will I
>. .1 standard foi t'110 trams the other na
. nd to futur- Rames.'' j
?sir Cedl Wtei baseball, and it teems |
t he a ?ii i"-, omi ?? "f?an ' da
ing hla ata) In tins country, H? axt xlao
kept In touch n Ith to? Ing in this ? ountn ?
having been an oarsman at Oaford. He
accompanied Mr, Bi ce to th? station
i/esterda) morning t., ?rtah him goodby
"ii ins v..\,,^?.. sround th? ?reirid Mr
i f.r trill tak. up h i duties In Washing
ton to-daj.
The Evelyn's Decks Went Into
Furnace Whin Her Bunkers
Were Emptied.
Captain Prederiejo Alessl ??f Um atea hi
ahlp Evelyn, who burned up part of his
I to get I to Bei muela, arri\ .-?i
here yeaterdai from the island on Um
Royal Mall Unei Orotava and hgetonad
t,. Ni w Bedford, -Mas-, where the Ev> !> n
i.- expected to arrive to-morrow.
i The akipper'a llf? was threatened by
some Bt Portugu?s? whalers when the
Evelyn ran out ?of coal, and b? thought it
sdvlsabM t.. come here on th.- OrotavaI
and let th" mat. lake her t ? N. w Bed- I
'ih-? Evelyn, which t- a ateamahip of Mol
tons. i.-. owned by Captain Alessl, She lett
? sp? \ ? rde on March H with S3 men for |
the whaling abipa al New Bedford. ??<?
.ling t?> th?- >'hi?.pei. th? ehli f engineer I
?lid not know ins business and consumed I
so much rtoal that th. bunker? were ai- ?
most depleted when within two da> 3'
11- smlng of Bern : ?
l: alialng that h.? would soon ha\e to
drift at the mere} of wind and arrant,
? aptaln Ales?i set hi-- mea to ??ippini; up
the d?-k* and every lit of wooden littin^S
that ? ould b?? spared These, with all the
lifeboats, wer.? . gned to th- furnace
and i, ? -?.'I' steam t?) propel t\<<
Ieel within Bignalllng distance of tii?? Bei
muda?. The Portugu?s? whalers wer. sn?
_!<? becau a their bunka ha?t been burned
i ta the furnace, ami all feared that the
slow paaaag? would prevent their getting
-..I. "ii ti... whaling ships. Which were
scheduled t.> leave tien Bedford on or
tefore April 10.
A tug went out to tne Evelyn on April
M and t??wed her into t?t. George's. Ber?
muda. The tu? owner, on seeing the dc
pkwabl? condition of the ship am] those
aboard, waved hla right of sahase and
?,r.?iit?d the job to charity, The whalers
and th? CTei ? f th? Kve!;. n were assisted
b> the ?overnment nPftVi.tl.? ami the vessel
was sent on her way with repl^ni?-!,?.?!
When I first went through
the Gorham Store I asked the
manager what class of his
goods liad tilt* biggest sale.
He unhesitatingly replied:
"Knives, forks and spoons."
Everybody must have knives,
forks and spoons. Von may
??et al?n?? without silver serv?
ing- trays and silver dishes and
the like, hut knives and forks
you must have.
Later on I found out just
what the Gorham Co. stands
for in this wonderful industry
of knife, fork and spoon
making- and selling. It is the
premier of the industry.
When ?Jabez Gorham went
on his trips from Providence
to Boston selling jewel ry nine-:
ty-seven years ago, his cus?
tomers kept asking" him to
bring them spoons, knives and
forks. He finally did. That
was the founding of Gorham's
as silversmiths. You can find
some of those lirst spoons in
use yet.
Knife and fork making is a
very old art. These were the
first things man began to make
for himself when he ceased to
be savage and became civilized.
It is a far cry from those first
crude implements to their Gor?
ham counterparts of to-day.
The knife, fork and spoon
are the basis of family silver.
They are the beginning.
It will be a revelation, a
well as an education, to you to
see the wealth of beauty, qual?
ity and variety Gorham's has
achieved in knife, fork and
Spoon making'. Why not go
and see it all for yourself'
Yon will find a range of pat?
terns and design, to delight
any taste -over thirty in all.
Just to mention a few:
There is the Chantilly." a
wonderfully popular design,
perhaps the most-fancied spec?
imen of the Louis XV. period.
Then there are the "Baro?
nial." "Mythologique" and
"Old French." offering a wide
variety of pattern and prices.
Or if you prefer the Colo?
nial Period, there are the
"Plymouth" and the "Old Do?
minion." the first correspond?
ing with Gorham's popular
dinnerware of that name, the
last the latest development of
the always popular bead pat?
tern. It also matches dinner
Both were designed by the
head of the great Gorham de?
signing staff, who for twenty
years was the associate of the
famous Alma Tadema.
Here is an idea of the range
of prices of the principal
Tea Bpoons n-cr dosen)
$8.50 $7.7."? $8.00 $8 7?"' Bft.Ott $8.23
8.50 10.00 i??.;.?i 11.00 11.SO 12.00
12.50 lK.00 14 <ttt 15.00 1S.S0 li. ?hi
18.50 17 ?mi 17..Y? ivx> 18.50 30.00
21 <*> -..t*t _?;.*M?
D??ss"rt Ppoi.ns <per dr.?;prii.
SI7?m? 118.00 $10.00 110..VI 120.00
21 Oil ?_? i Si ? ?_"_' ? i ? ? 'J _?.' * ? l'.'I V >
24.00 -j?; ?x? -js.ih? 28.50 30.00
;?;;<a<t 35.00 .".7??? 38.00
Table Bpoons fpor dosen),
sj". < ?, ? $20.00 $20.50 $27.oo $28 m?
?j; ) .v ? 30.00 31.00 '.vj.tft ."..:.in?
.".4.??? 35.00 ,".ii?i? 37.011 88.00
10.00 II i*? iJ.tst i^.tsi Attvt
Deaserl PorM M,nr- 6V?sen),
110.50 $17.00 ((18.00 $10.00 $10.50
20.00 21.00 21.50 22.01? --'??>
2.3.50 24.00 24.50 20.00 27.00
28.00 'jy.-^i 30.00 32.00 ;i.':.ix)
'X'itnt ;;7.?ni 38.00
Table Porks (por dotan),
$24.50 $20.00 $20.50 $27 tMt $28.00
28.50 20.5?? 30.00 .".1 00 :'.'.* 00
y.y.txi 34.00 35.00 ::?;?n? 37.00
38.00 4<i.t*t 15.00 52.00 58.00
Nearly 100 individual and
serving pieces to match in
most patterns.
And hack of every piece, no
matter of what design, is the
verdict of Gorham's trained
Staff of designers.
Fifth Ave. and 36th St.
17-19 Maiden Lane.

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