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Vo?- LXXIII..N0 21,275. ';;,,!?',^^^ IVEW-YORK, SATURDAY, MAY 3, 1913.?18 PAGES.
* ? *
In I'ity of New Vork. Jersey < Ity ?nd HnookeB.
Passage by Assembly To-day
Assured and Governor Stands
Ready Thereon to Sign
Prospective Legislation Result
of The Tribune's Expose
?Even School Children
Endangered by Wide?
ly Used Drug.
*faj : With only six t I
in 01 position, the .*-'. ? ate to-night ?
P ?*? blyman Walker's bill : ?
: the lili? it sal?- of <.?. ;l?i,,.. The
was drafted bt turn of The
Trtl ? --tii'.? ,?i the alarmina
Irug habit In S
City. The bill will have tp b
nrtbly, bul thai will
? ;.?*. ? m ?r S .
The vote was 41 to 6. those voting
?-.q^inst the bill being:
Fr?,nk W. Godfrey, of Olean.
Seth G. Hea:o;k. of Ilion.
Charles J. Hewitt, of Locke.
John F. Murtaugh.aof Elmira.
J. Henry Walters, of Syracuse.
Clayton L. Wheeler, of Hancock.
- ( Buffalo, i" ? .
bill viciously, but did not vote '
afttlnsl B? tor Walters,
explanation ??f the
t.ll. and voted for amendments in the
interest of the asthma cure proprietors. ?
Sei tora Wi ? : and ? 'ulleti ad? I
ited the- hill, s- natoi Wat
? co alne habit was wrecking bun-j
: lives annually. Senator Mc
Clelland declared tl.Ulcers of crim?
inal courte and the prosecuting aul
,n N*?-w York liad collaborated on
ihe- bill.
The *?v
Assemblyman i r.?in the
."?th Ass. mbly District, Manhi
forth in ? to the
? by The Tt Ibum on i ??
i ember .'. 1912, of the op? nly ?1
N ? ..
A? ting ?-M in*"-.!m.a."ii tend
: th? ant I-co? ..
ited, and
? -, .I by Judges and , ?
admitted thai laws
* was an almost i
? task to gel
?) ? m. 1*1 ? Ti
I t.. learn ?'? he!her a? tuai pur I
made ? Ith
.it the n poi t ? des? rib? d.
Even Near Schoolbouses.
Aii lion if lea tl
-. .1 t hat tl-..- i i he ?.pen
:, '
in big
adjoining scho
and othei
? ? ? ? i belli"! ''*?- '
. - a matt?
tact, neither "jollce, 11 nor
:-s had reached anything more
than tha mi ?? - 11 e ol the evil.
The lata forbidding tl.?- sal?- ol
alne was found t?> be aim? -1
letter, l.? ' au ?? ?? al? ? m- n, bj ?? ?lnul
ling that he v?, | \ iii im. ? "Ulil i
limi for the felony ??f
selling by taking tin- misdemeanor
penalty for having ti,?- drug In h
< >n a half dozen treel corners In
on h ?.f the - Itj ' - Tenderlo?
reel ? or?
nera in more ordertj localitlea, an in
v-stigator found
,.i,..i to have no! th? allghteai fear
.. t.-e-tt?.it "i |.r??se-i:uUon. li waa
, that it, ?..' : s ? ??? alne
-.11. rs wi rt dellb? rately entl
.-?ti Into the habit of using the
.Iliiii.il ?,n f?urlli p;iK?-. se-? ??nil ?eiliiiiin.
This Morning's News.
t ? hi? I I ;i'l. 1
... it Im pe? ? i
... i
Muir?n? y Lite Plot fSxi.I. -
attacks Rebellious I tenwerata. 3
.'. rs. . I ?? I I??? U-- W USO? .... 3
Trai i iciit in? .m?- Tax, 3
i?r ?Williams for n?-aitii ? MB? ?? . 4
? id,- sped ?Bomb , 5
: Rule, Rays Taft. 9
... 'wills Batate te? Brother.18
a ? n ? ti der Sti ik?- \'"t?-.18
An hltect's Posit I ?n.18
piouta w llson ? Advlee.... l
er Names Hi .?<>?<i> u Man. 4
- sui-e-r "Ungrateful Aut?x*rat"... 4
Defiea Brown t?? Bue for ?Libel.4
tature ta ?djoui n To-day. 4
W ? Iskers in Tariff ?Debate. 5
Blundy Makes New Pl?ss.5
Mellen Defends Neu Haven Deals.... 5
? s. t fut Mexico's Election.7
r. .??? i;?. ognl? i i him sa Republl? , 7
Bxchange Incorporation Bill Killed...II
j in- Panic in Insana ?Sanatoriums .18
Powera Avail Austria. ?
? da Rouse ?! ?tgalnsl Militants ... gl
Browning Letters Bold In London ... 9i
for u omen. 6
?Church Neva . f
Army and Navy. f
JMitnrial .8 I
Socle! \- . 9 !
OMtttar-jr . ? j
Literary Nnwii and t'l Itle-lstn. . 10 and 11 i
WeatiMr .ii
Shipping .Hi
Iporta .13 and 13
1 ifif.ru ?al mid Market.*?.13, 14 and 19
?teal Ee*nte .16 und 17 '
Bill Practically Confers Right of
Eminent Domain.
[B] T? legraos to 1 ha Tribun? |
Albany, May ?_?. Wlthoul s word of
protest the Aaaemblj pa?joed to-day on?
?.f the worst grab lulls of tin- session.
This was Senator Buaaey's MIL, giving
practically unreatrt? t??i righl or emi?
nent domain i<> ds companies Under
this measure K.,s companies could go
Into ?m. city ami condemn property]
righl and l? ft wherever the) fell In?
clined. Their powers would be no less '
swteeplng than those ?>f the state Itself
This i?iil is consld? red one "f the
moat dangerous whl h the sesalon baa
produced Protests against it ??? re
tilo?! with tin- leaders of both houeea,
but it slipped along to passage without
any dii" ultv
i rhesl effor'.s were made to hold ?t j
In the Assemblj Rules Committee :in?l
lei it die tli?-r?.. i?m appan ntly th?
Rules Committee, from Speaker Bmlth
down, couldn't tee anj reason whj
? public s? rvkre corporations should
tint lia-, e this . > ping i".v. ? i
Guardian Appointed to Enable
Her to Bring Breach of
Promise Action.
M isa Ka tin rin? C?wilie Beiden of So
'??v? si .! hn't i",i. ?. Brooklyn, had a
lian appoint? ?1 In the Buprt
Court yesterday t.. enabl? h??r to sue
i: ? "Ian ? ? .1 ?banking firm
Ol !.. ?'bii'. in ?? Jon? s A ?'... and ?Iip??'
tor of several corporations, for breach
of pr? " l?se Justli ?? i.- hinan appoint?
.?I Augustin Derby, a lawyer, of Rye,
\. v Miss B< Idert Is 1 Ighte? n )
old and Jones Is for! ? -lit
m;.-s Beiden alleged In her :?? tltlon
that Jones promis? d her last July that
he would marry her on hi? return from
a trip to Euro] ?-. H-- t? tut m d
i able
time 1? .1 siin e th? n, 1 lid M - -
i;. Iden, he I I his promis?
Beiden llvi ? at the Brook
Miss Beiden ?i.-hn d last nighl 1 ?
? any comment ?.n li"t action, and
al th?' home ol Mr. Jone? his secretan
.-ai-l h< had never heard ? 'nan
Snarls at One Claimant and
Bounds Into Other's Lap.
Bhep ,i 0 ??. w 1 t he most impoi I
ant w ?in. as j esterday .1! I ? ? n the
Mon Inania coui 1 b? fore Ma)
Marsh In a null over the ownership of
etween Ml
..... IjOth .-?e . l, and Mrs
Fn ds Mi ..'? ,'. oi No ?"7 East ]??'?<?
atr? ? 1.
? p Identified hin th? prop
of Mrs Mori lo the sal 1st
V hil ' !'!? ! 'd
him ' 11
Mrs. Maurer, who has had po ?ession
of Sh? ? ? ? ti month 1,
min rourl on a summon? Issued on the
had i.? en stol? n, th Inanl .?i
Mrs. Maurei dog
fi. m .-..m ' ? 1 ?. im? d him ;
The magi) I led 1 hat '
th? two w"tin n ail .'!>?. ds of '
a table In .m and thai 1
call the ?I?.? by the narrn sin I
? 11.f . Prln e!" shouted Mrs, M 1
?i Jome on, Sh? p!" ? alted oui M re
Moi 1 -
'I'h. 1 eared conl r a 1
m. nt Then h< snarled al Mrs. Maurer
and leaj ed acrosi the table
Morrlssej 's lap.
Th? reu ?n Mag Btrate Mai -'. ordered
Ihe collie turned over to Mi- Mor?
Mysterious Cards. Mailed in
Brooklyn, Bear Cryptic Advice.
The follow Ing rnyst I
tlon, print? d 1 ? arda of good quality,
na?? circulated through the mail? from
. . n -, eat? ;
wins \ 1001. Mili?. \ pool \m>
I III. I ?MM. Oil Ns HIM Mill III.
??i ?n?: 1 1-1 i.v : 1 iiiNK :
I or M.i?, r Willi un K \\ ill. ox
1 .;r ? <.nlri.|l.r Uillliim \. I'rriiilrri; i-t
I ..r Kislrl.l AlloriK-v ?. N, M Ml in.m
1 ..r Hssaegh Pwsldial Ueargc M<- linn?
lor I'ns I lliiiiril ni Mil. run n
Mi la? 11.,? viiiiin-1
Iiiint .??I THINK rHBI MfOl'LU
II w 1. 1111. -I ? ??M? < l I' 01
t 01 I If.'.'? \ I'....l.
Manj pe? ?? ni ?' sal? d their in ad
,,v? r tin' matter, bul no .?.mIsfa? ton
ex* lanatlon
One Bite Principle of No Avail
to ?Cruel Husband.
I ?. -[.it.- the font? 1 tlon that 'a single
faint" does nol ? ntltle a wife to sue
her husband for a separation on the
ground of cruelty, lha Appellate Wvl
- Ion affirmed the d< ? 1 ??? ol epai atlon
yewterday which Mrs. <v<iiia (lllmore
ui.iaiiKii against William n. Qllmore,
Cutti'-riv .m n tor. 1
Mi? ? lilmore alleged thai h? r hui ?
band had tr?eated 1 ei ? ruelly ever since
th.ir marriage, In England, In I?02.
Hi- conduct becamt particularly In?
liiiman in 1911, the eife Bald, when ?.i1
more told her he was tired of living
witii in 1. Ths "faint" mention? d In the
took place In th? same year, when
th.. actor told i"* a*lfa about another
woman. QUmor? denied th? charges of
Counsel for Qllmore said In bis ?wku
ni? nt ?m th?' appal "Since when ?l???-?
1 single faint entitle 1 wife t<> charge
that faint ??s an ael ??f cruelty? Ehren
1 d"K Ig i-ntiii'-ii to on? bitte."
- ? -
angostura bitters originated II t.
an old Wend; an effective Spring tonic
Ex-President Makes a Stirring
Plea for "Votes for Women"
at the Metropolitan
Opera House.
Pageant Proves Brilliant Spec?
tacle with Its Barefoot Danc?
ers and "Beauties"?
$5,000 Is Raised for
Was II ? ilonel Roos? veil making hla
fl' I speech f..r woman auftrage or tras
h th.- ban fool girla dan? Ing In the
? ?n?- or both of th? m two attractions
II mus? have i.? en that brought oui tl
the Met! polltan ? ?p? ra House last
night probably the biggest and mo
brill anl audience thai ever gath? r? d
m tin.-- count**) for the pu
Colonel K?'?i---.-\ ell played up nobly. He
talk? il al oui our cause" and how
Michigan was ' tolei from is" s nat
I as If hi .1 : ? nl bis life cam?
paigning fnv votes for women from
? boxi - ?m corner 11 waa a gri il
relief to the g.I ?Progresslr? ? in th?
a bo were noti?~eably n ti ?fl?
n? ; ?/oui abo il iheir I? ad? i 'a maiden, ef?
fort in the ? iffrage ; ?
Colonel Studies His Notes.
"I san All ?? ' '.u ; enter thl after?
noon." one Moosette waa heard whis?
pering ? s the ? olonel rose, "and *ln'
said ? wa Ireadfull worried tboul
Th? nei ?? ?? is,
too, for h? tu
while Dr. Anna Howard Mian waa
making the Introdu? torj * ;?? ?? ch, in I
fr< r-uently consulted Mrs in .
N ' .ni m ho .-?'! tx side him In the line
. ?
in? hiding the ??.. i?y hi?
; ? ? ,i.l- ; l .? n
the ii
? ?i. ? ... Mr. F
veil - way from H
in. i ? ly used them to si
dlence .? hen making an Impoi
He >i".k.- alon I* nnd
phaals, with that tl
Its out In fa ?
ii?.m n used to I .
Th? ? olonel bt-ga tly by
? ?
i.. .i ditto t.? m bal "Mi - -''
Hi?, title t ?? .. i?*-? nl mind? -i col
gave the i . der?had
did ditto ??? i d? :? II
tlon of ti
In this ' the [
fOOlisI ???111
u omi n m anol hei
Fanntics in Every Cause.
? i : . i reform which atti
? t
To crltl ? II reform be?
. aui things 1
? mor? wi
ii?- made hla aid, "pri
maril i ? > m< n." and In red ti?
men thai ????? wo - ; i ? i win for woman
and I ' oon
"You men ??t* tit-- K?st," li<- said, "we
will can th? ? I . ? I t? We
ha ?'? woman ?*? iffrage in ? i. - - Pa? iti.
Mi. mtaln I t< nd r
don't think the Easl will permanently
; be hind Ch llixal Ion la spreading.
?| | de ? ni and s? I re pect
1 ? ? - light to
-., ? tiv? pari in i ecu ring the
?; .,i ha r ol th? d i nl
y, if-1 ?-!???' i?,' . 111/.. ii who are denied
th? right.
Equality Not Identity.
"i?quail!i ol light d?24*-an'l in? an
ill. ntlti of fun? Hon. There la no!
Identitj of fun tlon hel ??? en m? n In
civil and mllll ti > Ilia And If you ? an
draw un in"- of Int? lllgence and con
,; ,,-t ?,\m..,m both men and women on
, Hin i aide, I'd like to *????? it. A lin?
of ,,,mim t ? ould have more worn? n
on the lighl aide lhan men.
?| n. v? i- *.i -? ?.n til?? atump *.? hit I
. m i make i.l ofl ihe atump. i don'l
Hunk votes for women would cure all
??ut i know from observation
in the W< ateni i late?, thai It'a a k?"?.i
thing. In do Inatance have I reen H
produce damage and In many can? ? I
bava -'"'H i' work i" "?tin. nl In 9? lal
?in?; clvl? conditions.
? \v,. he I ' thai wom?*n would
negleci th? Ii honwa ii they voted. A
? |. .,,-,, :t waa argu? 'i thai If la -
ing n?. n vnt.-ii they wouM n? gl< ? I th? Ii
work Any man a bo thinks nou thsl
voting would make ?iim negte? I
I, , ?m,, i m think thi asuna ? f hla wlf?
r,ut if you bear any man sajrlni thai hla
?if,. | ? - . to rots, tell Mm that la
s reflet tlon <"? him, and to go home an I
?jo tii*? duty!"
P.iys Tribute to Women.
, ?oion? i Roo : ? ? ? Il paid :| high i*ompll*
I1;,i,t t,, women Ilka Jane A-ddams, Mn
| Nathan and Mra ri"i?n>?- Kelly, i>
whom, he aadd, b? had always turned
when he ?ant? ?! Ughl on |.i<>i>i?in-, .?f
[child labor, ?lininlgra?oii <?r the mlnlmuni
??We n??-.i auch women in <?nr coming
constitutional eonvenUon," he said. MWa
m),, t|,, m end r?onaull v. ith thetn in the
lobby al - ch "*ath?w1ngo? why not have
them sitting v\iiii us, i. by sM.-"
?"There Is sno-ther aroman In irhen i
I have strong admiration Ids Tsrbell; but
I curiously, aha objecta t.? woman auffrag?
i |,:iVi. read bei wrWnga with the Kr.-at
,.-.? |.n?lit, an?l 1 ttnnot IMadeiStand why,
n sha i i" la?" :> ""? how to \"t?- sh?- Isn't
, ,?,.,,.,, ,,t t? vota herself "
That talaad ?< laitgh, 'i"1 aol aa Mg a
one aa ttama ?? torn ndnutea later. ?'??i?>t,-i
i:,?,s,-v.it ??IM tolling the at*?dl(M*ca bow
ami by whom Michigan waa "stolM from
us "
??I aaw I'laiiti'i-'. 'Vote Against W?oinan
? onllime-el on i?e<oiiii i?n*i?, fourth e-oluinn.
Legislative Leaders Decide to
Put Through Drastic Anti
Alien Land Bill Without
Further Delay.
Clause for Limited Leases In -
sertt'd Progressives Warned
That Act Will Lead to Test
of Japanese Right to
Bs t
??'? ' ' : i?.- detei -
natloi lo put ? ?
' "' Prt l?l? r and
? : . SecreU Bryan, and pa?*?
in act pi lapai and other
i in? I'.gl .
hold ?. ? land l?> pui
! foi n.. r? than ihre? lean
it . ? ,.? i certa In thai tl ? bill would
t.. night, although thi malority
leadei imple I e for debate.
As amended, the Webb bill, while
omitting th? i ''m llglblc t.. < iti
.-? n -i -.]?.' no ?? allows ail?-ti^ t.? lease
agi Ii uli u nd I r a ?period nol to
exceed Ihre? ) eai Thi i i onsld? i
able ol a concession from th? language
; <>i the lit. i drafl and Is t? gard? d
?, n 11, r > won bj net '?< i..r' I'.i ;. an from
the ultra-radical ? scluslon eh men!
headed I ? loi ernor Johnson.
I >. mi.? tali.- opposition v. ?as pur? ly
. tactical. Th? mlnorltj i onfes ed its
sympathy with the ends sought and
freely criticised th? bill, nul as loo
drastic, but as t.... w.-;iU. Where th?
minoi Iti dlffi .? .i ? ?' .'i Its hudgment
..f (In in ans wil ' I" employ. Tlii:?
attll ide found Its ? *cpr< ? lion in a .
lutlon offered b) Senator Curtln, and
def? at? d i v ? rot? of 1?? eyes t?> '-?'?
i um ??. Th? administration majority foi
?the i.ii! was solid, with a single <-x.?i?
ti.,ii in opposition were eight oui of
ten Democrats, one ?Progressive, and
Benetor Wright ol ?San 1 Hi go, the Ion?
Tail Republican In the rhamb? r.
?Senator Ctirtln'i resolution proposed
that "Un- i.pi? of th? State ??f Call
' fi.tma ?l? fer t?? th? vv li hes of tin- l'?-*'
Idenl ?.f Hi? Unit? ?i Btat? i and this
! Legislature will not al this session pass
i th? bills a?iv i ' ?i egs ? ?
Calls for New Treaty.
The condition s H In? luded that it bo
? ; 11.1. ? r.-1.i the people of th? state d? -
?dud substantially the en.is sought In
th? administration measure, and "thai
th? I'm stdenl of th? Iinlted States Im
n-i|ii...?(?.d t.? endeavor to secure such
11, ,,tv or other agn emenl from an
nation prot?rstlng agalnsl th? passage
, f billa nndei i pnsldi ?ration as a .n ef?
fectually m-! <?tiii?n?di the end and pur?
pora hen In ment loned,
The chief ?argumenta advanced
1 agabuH tii" bill and In support ?.f the
! t'nrtin rc.sulutinii w?-r.
"That th.- bill ttrtu discourteous to
I the President of the United States end
(tii.- Imperial government ??f Japan.
? "Thai th? ? n'ls it sought night better
I nn?i more permanently bs attained by
federal "Mgotlnttoiia.
"That thOOfl opposed t?> it niiiiht ,ri
I voke the referendum, thus itahlbltlng
?effective action ander its provlslona f?r
a year an.) s??v?mi months, dttrtng whl?\i
?japansae advised <>f tho Intentions ??f
Ithe sun?' might sequin all ths land
! they w-n- alii*' t<? i?uy without lot Off
"In l.M'7 ami IIMI." urir.'d S?nat..r
Curtln, "we ha?i th?? ?mm? condl'Uoni
( ?nllnurtl on ??.?.nil pugr, slitb column.
?U? PLO?
I _
"Outside Manager" Tells Hov
Slayer Cleverly Concocted
Scheme in Death House
That Fooled Sulzer.
Condemned Man Sent Instruc
tioni from Sing Sing to Wit?
nesses and Involved Sipp,
Who Figures in Harlem
Police Graft Scandals.
? i of how ' Happy Jack" Mut?
Immun d In the death house al
Hing Sing, concocted and got before th?
public ?i tal? of perjured teatimony s?
onstru? ted that t i '."\ ernoi
? ai .1 Mulraney'? own coun
.... i wen h.I* ink? d ?raa told In Judg?
Rosal - it of i len? ?ral B
? lay by Mi hui...s Jacol s?ni
Jacobeou was "outside manager" ol
Mulraney's campaign He r.Ived thi
? i instru? tlons, Inter] reted thi n
and . arrl' .1 them out.
it was also brougbl oui b) Jacobeon
thai George v Slpp, a principal wit?
less in th? police ?graft cases, was re
. lied upon by Mulraney t.? furnish him
with funds wher. the exe u quer be?
?cam? low. "Happy Ja,-k" Informed
.i i ? boon thai he had Instructed Blpp,
I whom h" knew well, to give $100 to
i "the man from < 'hlcago." Ja? obson
| was i" be "the man from Chicago."
Nu necessity for the $100 arose and
Jaiiiis.m did mu put Mulraney's faith
to th? teat.
Buell's Part as Slayer.
William Buell, whom Mulraney ac?
cused nf the murder ??f Patrick Mc?
Breen, "?* which Mulraney was con?
! vlcted, had an Important part In the
! jdnt. II" was t.. "stand for" tin- a. -
j cuaatlon of murder. Buell veeterdaj
read a letter which be ?gol from Mul
I i'.iii?--. .-..un after the accusation was
brought against him by "Happy Ja?-k,"
two weeks ?>r more ago, Th? letter was
written to Buell's wife, and In some
1 what vague language, which pawed the
warden's office al ???im; Blng, gave
I directions as to the part Buell was in
? play Buell, however, was unwilling to
"stand fur" the murd? r charge, and his
? linr'K?' Of frmit was responsible foff tin
revelations made by Jacobaon yeater?
! day.
"'Happy* used to writs down letters
two off thr? " times ? we? ??." mid
I Jacobaon, "?or he'd send down ? whole
I booh elgh< or t?'M ?pages and tell whs
I ? :|.| sit |y this and win? should study
that He would writs ths things likv?
they w ? r<- lin- ri i| truth and would
aay: *Flnd oui the party's name vho
beard this or who heard that.' Then
I l".| an and llnd BOOM ?.in- 1<> sIku an
| affidavit t> Ih" thiiiKs 'Happy' hid
Iwrote In his letter. He'd always havs
Ittew stories mads up by ths Ihn? i
; went up to >?'??? him again.
"I'd take 'Happy's' letter to noms
, one, ami if they would stand for it id
?drill them in It and get ih'iu to .lign
an affidavit t.? it. TImm affidavits wag
|to go to Mr. Shay, Mulraney's lawyer,
but Mr. Rubin t Assistant Distri.-t At
torney) g??t th?m iirst.
"I got on?' fallow, John Miller, WbO
was to ?wear he heard a fellow COHM
Into h galoOB ?n" ask: How's all the
boys M 106?I ?tr.-et? How's Jack
Mulmneyf I "?vas to he the one that
. ana wared him that jai k wan going t.?
Idle, an' ha was t<> say: *!f the tiuih
would of rom?' ? ut he would he free.'
i Miller went down to Mr. Shay's Office
I -
( ontlnurd on flfth page, third column.
Chicago Chauffeur Convictec
and Sent to Prison.
Chi<*ago, May 8.-?Lawrence Und?
??'...?i.-i. a <!i.iiit't?-ur. who In Itlt) rai
.v?r and killed Joseph Welse, waa to?
day fourni guilty of mnnl.r by a Jur:
an?i sentenced ;?> f? urttwn ymxttf im
prisonment The evidence ahow?Bd h<
waa driving about thlrty-flve miles ai
iimir when tl??' car *>tru<~k \v?is<-.
Is the tlrsi . n\ Ictkm for mur
der by automobile in ?Cook County, al?
though til.-!-.- hatte ."-?'' several con
vlctlona for m tJislniighter.
Pour aiji'-mobii" ownexa wetra ?m th?
Belt Line Gets Permits foi
Storage Batteries.
"Alas, j oor i ?obbin, I knew hin
s.-tii?. da) " ' he dim future a
ex? ?? al Ing i >r the n n i ibwaj, wll
throw up a crumbling skull on hit
steam shovel, and the f?>reman on th?
j??i? wiii grasp n with these nemorabl?
words, it will be the skull of the last
tar horse, ion** since taken to his
fathers, f"r by the middle of tins van
month storage batter) - ara will in? run
nlng from the Battery t.? .''.itii atreel
? over th.- route non t.,k- n by the faith?
fni ateeda which haul th? Belt Una as?
i-r? as.
Permission ?aras granted t?. the Bell
Line Railwa) Corporation yesterday by
the Public Service Commission t.? r ?
place Its horse-drawn vehicles with
.IT?, driven b) atorage batteri'is. s.-v
eral of these cars have been tried and
found satisfactory, ir was m?,?i1 et the
offices of the company yesterday after?
noon that ail tin? horsecars on Its Unes
would ba withdrawn by about May l.Y
?t ? Tiibane.l
Albany, May l PI a Senate t.?-niK.it
passed Assembl; nan Bilversteln's IjIn
compelling the sbollshmeni ?>f tmrsej earn
in Urs! class cities. II baa been amend?*??!
so tia- Public s?r\t .- Commission may
have control over securit? : issued feir tins
purpi -.-i.-.
Corona Man Claims Limb Found
in Road by Farmer.
A i ie-legged man hobbled Into the
?police station at Sunburst, ?Queens, ?>n
crutches yesterday and ..*k?-ii the lleu
tenanl al th? ' *<k if be had hla other
leg*, Th?* lieuterinl ?a-* about i<? ?all
f??r help, whei he remembered that
E**rederi< i< Pi-<-i a farmer, h id broughl
a wooden le*j to the station the day be*
fore, which he found on Trotting
Course i.an?-.
"la th.it >..ms."' asked the lieutenant
"You bet you," aatd the man, who
gave hla name aa )3<Borge Brooks, of
N?>. ?'?-.' Cambridge avenue, ?Corona. "I'll
!ia\.? t<? strap it mi tighter the next
tuna i K" riding "ii thai mar?- of mine."
; Woman Worth $500,000 Weds
! Man Who Sold Her Footwear.
[Hy T. lost/rip-, t., TbS Ti-itnitiP 1
Boston, May I, James Murray, e?f
Kingston, el? rk in a l'l> mouth ilrva-muls
store, who has not taken a \a?ati??ii In
l??ii years, Is ?>n his honeymoon t?>-?lay
with his bride, who was Miss Sarah
Klla Seamans, a BrtX klltu? Ii? ir?MB Mis.
Murray, who la twenty-two years oleier
than her husband, inherit???! $500,000
?from h?*r father, James M. Seamans.
Mrs Murray ha*, a Stimmer home at
[Duzbury. On one of h?ef automobile
ri?i?s last summer alteara** th?? South
Sitare she paaeod through i'lymouth
and stopped in S st,?r??. Murray wait?-.!
Ml her. The- admiration was mutual.
The ref-ult was that Mr. Murray "Talked
up to tin* manager i<j-"it Tfartnaoday and
said, "I would like a vacation."
District Attorney Alarms De?
fence by Story of How Murtha
Came to His Home Seek?
ing Immunity.
Prosecution Forces Dougherty
and Schmittberger to Make
Damaging* Admissions-De?
tective Thomas Angers
Accused by Evidence.
in unexpected :n?i dramatic fashion.
District Attorney Whitman -rested lbs
case of the State asainst ox-Inspectors
I'? runs Sweeney, Jam.-.s p. Thompson,
John J. Murtha an i Tames ES. Kuaoey
yesterday afternoon. Two hours lhter,
when ? recess was tak?m prior t?? goin*-*.
on with a nlgM SUSSlon, the District
Attorney declared be was < ?>rtain that
the jury would fin 1 all f-.ur fruilty of
the ?rime charged-?conspiring to k?-"p
Qeotrg? A. Sipp, t|i<? Harlem r, sort
keeper, out of the Jurisdiction of the
court when he ?ras undw a man?! Jury
District Attorney Whitman's climax
was a ?u?-; rise ?,,, the defence, and
when Conn ?Men.- pennejr called <>ut
'Oflicer Thomaa." InspSCtOff ' Murtha
half roue from his ?hair, and his co
defendants Rdgeted In their sasUe.
Quickly Thomas was sworn, and
fOff the fir?t time in the cas.-, District
Attorney Whitman roas to do ths ox
amlnirif? himself. Thomas, who is bet?
ter known as "Al" Thomas. deacrlhwJ
himself as a tirst grad? .Motive, at
tached to District Attorney Whitman's
Thomas's story, and he was corros?
on ;'-i In its essentials i?v District /at?
torney Whitman, was that [nspectof
Murtha, ?m March is, net him <ui?1 told
him h?. wanted t.? confess and wanted
Immunity from Mr. Whitman. Abm?
h.iin s. Qllhert, counael fur Murtha.
tiled ? wry legal artifice at 1:1s dlspogjl
to prevent Thorns it ?ry from s:?ttinK
?n ti.,. -record, ?but Justice Seaburr
overruled all his objections,
Whitman Silences Lawyer.
.Mr. 'Gilbert even w? nt t" th>- ??-trem?;
of ralhm; Dtatrtct Attorney Whitman
as i is own wltneas, In an i-rTort t?. shou
I Thomaa was vtyiatinr c? Mm
P ' : ; Aftnrn? y t?d.i Mr. i*||h. r*
:?tul th.. Jurors Ira mal forward In their
Beate, their banda tu their < I r??. to catch
every word 'hi: all Thomaa tMttfled
tu was ti"t lu ?"ii. Ids nee. What Mr.
Gilbert had in mind. Mr. Whitman ex?
plained, was .-. confidential talk he an.i
Murtha, at Murtha!a request, had in a
room oft tha ?artttnees's stud] in his
"What l sai?l alth Murths In thai
litt!?- ro'ini." said tl ? ? im t.. i Utornej
? i have !<? -pt sacred. And i Intend t..
d.. so. u:. . .-.nt. to i.i.. ?? what
it v? as- "
"No." snswered Mr. ?'inert qukidjr,
"I don't S ?sh t?? hear it."
Wh'-n Thomaa, who also told ho?v
Murtha admitted ho had contributed *-?>
the K,\ liefen.- fun?!, raised by th.
i i defendants and Captain Walsh,
l.ft the stand, all four inspectors gtOW>
I al him
Inapector Sweeney, who the ??t. ta 't?
was tl;?- Chief ? ?.inspirator In f.\:
I |.!??t to keep Blpp .way from New Vor!;
; St..te, turned around i" his ?hair to
; look aft! r Thomas as he ].ft th, , ?o'irt
' room, and m the dotectlTe reached lam
I door Sweeney thrnat forward ids thin,
1 -pallid f ?'. and, o\ ralng his mouth m
i t.i each tins In his tnen spelled hatred,
lie snorted afteff Um retreating form of
After Thomas's story had bteeema
public propert) policemen were openly
d.-. taring thai he would be back n?un?i
IiiK the lav.-iiHtit lu uniform befolg
forty-d?ghl hours.
"Wall," sail one man com i ?
with the ways of the l'ollic l?<?.irt
rnent, "'1 Waldo does not Und Mme?
thing "i? which he can hang ? cnargi
[agalnsl Thomaa tot his loyalty to Dig?
trlct Attorney Whitman it will be tho
; nisi i.m., i ? has tailed."
No Address by Defence.
When Mr. Whitman announced thut
the people r s'?<i there was s hurried
consultation between the lauu-n for
| th.. defence. Then John it. stan hfieid
1 mad? the usual motions to illsmi:??.
i which Justice B?sabury ?leni? d.
The ,|, f.n. e tool- a t'irn at surpris-s
! by not making an opening address t?>
' lb- Jury, and dated the jt.is.. ution by
! t!a- chara, t. r . f the case it presented.
Kirst tht-y called ?'hi.-t* ln?|n-cior
! s. hmlttiiiTK? r. snd followed him with
I i >.-? nt v CommlSSlonrr Dougherl . who
' t? stltf d (M ?lir.-i t examination to III?
re.-eiviiiK* Of th? affidavits on whi--ti
Igtpp was arrested la Atlantic City,
But on cross-examination the prose
CtttlOn scored ??ne of its hingest points
m th?- who'.?- trial, when, under tha
?sarclilng ?tt ?'f Assistant Dlstri. t u
tornejr Prank A. Moss's ?niestiont,
Dougherty was forced to admit that b-j
i knew when h?- read the affldavita thut
i Blpp'a chargea of graft against the ia~
? lice would probably be rendir?.! w.-rtaV
less us a result of these ''faked"
charges, and Mr. Moss wrung a teefl
i admission to the same ? flUu Creel
Si hmlttberger.
i if even ?greater importance was th?
statement literally dragged out of th?
Second Deputy Police ?'??minlssloneq,
that he believed he told CommissioNM
| Waldo Uiat these accusations agaln?,|?

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