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Maid Finds It in House Area
way When Opening Door
for Milkman in Early
Fuse Burned to Within Two
Inches of Concussion Cap
When Discovered ? Its
Explosion Would Have
Wrecked Block.
Whal th.? polios believe t?. t* r,n
other attempt at vengeance on Abra?
ham Brown, better known to the (.'**
mer Second avenue rambling rrater?
nity ss "Rachaer Brown, also knov n
as'; Braun, former friend and
rr.-T.ork? t of ?liri.ipi.?'* Webber, "Jack"
and >'?? si 13 " Roaenf? Id, was ??i-=
covered early yesterday morning i>v
the Unding ol two sti.-ks of dynamite
a foot -ana a half long lying in the
areaway O? his li?me at No. 1*_'7 Morn
Ingslde avenue.
To ?one of th.? dynamite sticks was
attached a fuse which connected with
a concussion cap Imbedded in tho dyna?
mite about two Inches from th?? end.
Th?? fuse had burned within two inches
from th*? pud of the sti? k. The dam?
app which would have resulted had it
tgploded is only problematical. The
?nplodlng pow? r of tho dynamite was
realized when it had been examined by
pr. Kennardi and experts al tho Bu?
reau of Combustibl? s,
it was the ?belief thai had it ex?
ploded it would have blown up the en?
tire house of Brown and dune consider?
able damage t<? the row of three
private dwellings on either side. In
1 the next block, to the south of 104th
(??r.- t. Is the home of the Protestant
Half-Orphan Asylum, housing several
hundred children.
bomb was found by Brown's
took, Caroline Pavlna, \\h?> went to
the front baaement <i??or about ;
0:30 o'clock for the milkman. It eras
lyin-- ?ttom of a flight of stairs
in a small areaway. Brown commun I? :
the Bui if Combust
tain Humann, <?r the West 100th ,
unable to learn
mm equence from Brown. He
\ Ing any ? n? nies, and ?
tin a l.v any ?>ne should want
|0 I ri to his pi Later in til
however, ho apparently refn
lemory, and after a l??ng talk with ;
l ? ectoi Faurol al l'";i e Hi adquai -
tit out Up t?i
? ? hour last night they had not r? -
pO| lice li?-a?li|l'.irters.
not th.- first expei I? ?
?: has had In th? bomb mysteries
of the r? itular Black H nd
In April. 1911, a bomb was ex? '
ploded un-ler the bas.-nient steps ?.f t ;
ng In \\"e-t 4Mb street Th?
on wreck?ed the fronl ??f the build?
nd did (?"?si?), ?rabie ?damage to the
Interior. Th. police said part of the
building had been occupied by "Ra
| alibiing hulls..
Homb outrages were quite the ordinary
irence about this time, both in th>
Tinderloln district and in the vicinity
Of Lenox avenue and llftb stre.-t.
It was reported about this time that
?nbling war had broken out among
?'irmer gamblers ?f the ?second avenue
:ict. which was caused hy a split
among them in the gambling business.
Tha reason for the bitter feeling was
? n competition.
Abraham Brown was much sought
for after the murder ol H< rman Rosen
thai. His presen'.- before District At?
torney Whitman was wanted, in the
bODS that he would bo able to reveal
much that would assist in the prosecu?
tion of the four gunmen that were eon
\ ?>?ted of the inurcl? i.
The polite are Paning to the belief
that the dynamiters are affiliated with
a gang of gunmen that can be hired to
up a place, or f?>r a < onsid?-ralion
kill a man whose knowledge of wrong?
doings Is considered dangerous to
No Information whatever could b<
had at the Brown roshlenco yeatarday
afternoon. A maid answering the door
beU Bald no one was home who might
he pern. When asked regarding the
finding of the bomb in the bas, mint
areaway she was palled away from the
- by a man of middle age, a s ant
head of hair, dress.d in brown, who.
with come force, slammed the front
An attempt to ?communicate bj
'Phone brought the answer that "it was
t a wrong number, that no Hrown liv? s
Inspector I'aurot, at Police Head?
Quart.-rs, would not discuss the mat?
ter. Th?? p.dice b.-lieve there Is a ?oil
on between this bomb trad the at?
tempt mad? ?m the i lubhouse of Ni'-h
olas Hayes, in Eaat iH?th street
Central Employe Is Dragged
Twenty Feet to Death.
Alfred Marcus, twenty-four yean old,
ot No, tr_' Baal 17:m street, s checker
employed by the few Tort Central
Itallroad. while at tempting t?i board a
White Plains loeal <>f the Near Fork
'??ntral at the Meln.se station. l(K2d
street and Park nveene, last night,
ailsatd in? footing, slipped and fell
'tis clOthlni ?aught ?m the railing ??f
the platform ??f the ?ar ami he was
dragged s distance of twenty f<-?-t, head
downward, before th?' tram was
brought to a siainistiii.
When picked Dp the man was dead
His bend tiad been ?rushed and his face
badly mutilated. There was a delay of
t??'veral minutes, after whi? h trafti?' was
Moandai-lla, If*. Va , May I .lust an
befare the tin?* ssl f?.i their axa?
'?'Jiioti thin ?venina for morder, the ssn?
''"' of John Medley, u negro, was com
''i'it??i i? ??fe idiprisoi.-m. and John
?j'x. white, whs -fronted s reprievs until
"??I? w hy Governor Mattiel?!
! With Little Son and Babe in Arms She Renews Appeal
to Navy Department to Pardon Husband
Imprisoned as a Deserter.
[Fr-MT-i 1 he l'rll.iiii 1: ;-...-!
Washington, stay -. -Ae?toinpanled bj
h? t four?y?Bar?old son and carrying in h??r
anna a baby burn sin??-? abe was here in
March, Mrs William Blundy, wife ?>f the
deserting seaman now In the naval i>iis??n
.?i Portsmouth, S, H. serving ;? sentence
of two and a half years, returned i<>
Washington to-day i" r * ?,.w her appeal
ti? th? Navj Department f?w a pardon for
he-r husband.
Unable t.? see the Acting B-scretsrj ??f
th?- Navy, Franklin i>. Rijoeevelt, the
woman sal ??n the stslra just outside Mr.
Kin.si-vi its nitii ?? f.ir several hours, weep?
nip Mtterl*. AI times ti e baby cried
Instil? .
BetTetar* Daniela Investigated the <a-A
when the woman called sl hla office In
.Mat?!?, bul d--i Ided that he could not
reetMnmend a partlon, although he agreed
tu .m arrangemenl made b* Secretar)
Meyei in February thai si"- should re?
ceive all th?- pay due Blundj each month,
with th? exception ol ft, which wai ??'
dered deducted "or prison expensea
Mrs Dlundy ?'?iti'i'iaiiii ?I to-day that
si.. im i had difficulty In collecting i:?-r
husband's pay, bul the Navj Itepartment
officials declared there had been n?> un
ntrcnsarj delay ? n sending the money to
h?-r in Mount \ ei non.
Thomas's Attack on Mann's
Beard and Its Wearer's De?
fence Relieve Long Debate.
Republicans Unable to Force
Any Changes in Cotton. Agri?
cultural or Other Schedules
?Wool Up To-day.
IProt-i Th? Ttibuna Bur? ti
Washington, Ma) . Post|.Ing until
to-morroa the warfare over the great
stumbling block, Be hedule K. the H
spent twelve hours to-day In fruttleaa de?|
bate ?m ib.- Underwood tarlfl bill, ep-l
provina ol the agricultural, spirituous
liquors, cotton and flax and Jute and h< mp
schedules. The grind on wool ?ill ?
at ii ?>?? !??. k to-morrow,
Partisan oratory, as heated aa if it;
might have aomc effect, ?.is the ord r
of the? day. Victor Murdock al one atagel
?.f the inoceedlnga denounced all the de?
i ate a ? "a aham and pi etei end sug?
ii ly i nd of the a|
Republicana made a concerted but li?
an entire i
? ? ? -? tlofi ? ??; th? cotton aooda
Mr. Gardner presented i
un??, prepared In au
?- t of the Taft tarlfl board
It proposed a reduction ??i approximatel
? Ird from the ?Paj ne rat?.- with sn ?
equitable sdjustm? i.t "f th? rat? i ai -l ?
<.-1 tain amount of prote? tion foi ti
can Induetr*
Thi*ee Hours Wasted.
Mi i *nd< i\?. i?, d consented
hours' debate, after which th? aubstitute
wenl the unhappy waj of all other Re?
publican motioi i
The ' e farci? al Ii the af?
ternoon,' when Mr Th mas, ? Kentuck*
Democrat, assailed everything In general
He referred to the mlnoiit* leader, Mi
Main, as "the be whiskered gentl?
from nil? ?to." characterised Mr Pordne:
a? "a hairless ?.1er," and Inveigh? i
sar*caatteally against Victor Murdo?
"i he gentleman v. ? o spoi is :
l??< ks around the He
? I loose wai - pp.I I
. ? icull rai sch? d'?le, and the oui '.
l-r. ak of Mr Thomas ap] arei
? ' al of Republican I
am? ndments offei ? d
Mr Thomas thai Mr Maim
talktt-d too mi - h and Ind ilg?Ml In ' mixed ?
sn? vapid not Inam? ? PI I
minority leader, lie aald, I nd taken up ;
? es ?.f the Congi n?
? ? ; .v beei i ittllnfl aroui
Bewhiskered: Not BewruaWied.
Mr, Mauin ? us aonte** hal angi
limed : "The g< mi- man ref? rs ti
hair .?n my face and i hat
man from Kansas He - I '
,.m bewhlskered. I am, but l am not b?? .
v. hiskied."
When ?he House gol down to business
it approved without ohange the agricult- ,
ural achedule, d< | t< ' ? earnest
!.. . ? ..-.,. the '
olivea \mendi ? -i b) Rep
the Mlddl? W. t, proiM-MliiR I
i rote? tlve dutlca on term i r? du? ti . were i
vol ?d clown as fast as pr? ? ? nt?sd
.-?. | . ?! le II, win? a and ilquot - went
thioui*!. in rapid-fire order. The rat.-s are
the aame as th.erried In the Payn?
bill, and minority membera had litt!?
except thai the I ?emo
had to admll thai some pat ts of the l'a ne ?
bill wet?- gc-od ?nd a-orthy ol re-enact?
ment ______^____
Wife, Real Estate Dealer, Po?
lice and Firemen Rush to
Rescue of Sign Painter.
David Coyne, a sinn painter, waabuaU*
d*?coratlng the'side <>f a building at the
corner <>c rift h avenue and Mb itreet
Brooklyn! v-st-rday aftentoon when the
'bo'aun'a chair" In which h? waa dang?
ling fifty feet in the air slipped from Its
tingo, ?"mu? feu backward, missing
a wild grab at a cornice above him, and
hung bead downward by one toot, which
had become caught In goy ropes.
Kv?iy Mme the painter triad to reach
the halt hitch of rope around his toe
the changed poMtloo of his f????t teoaened
the ?-oil. For t'-n minutes or so he- made
cautious attempt? to awing far fmoogh t"
(.tie aide to CatCh the? le?p eif a Btgfl '">:? rd,
but the foire ol hi*? weak luagai was
su?11?-i?-nt to l?K).*en the i"i'< He then <!??
e-id.?ii that ?""if one would see him sooner
or later, and be comfortably relax?-.i t.
Walt f??i" h? It?.
s. ?'. Saut??r. a real estate dealer, aad
Coyne's wir?? ?tecovered him ?t almost
th? aame moment While Mrs. Corn*
)?atie?l from a window a how ail?! trl???l t0
haul the pointer up hand ?.?.?-r hand
Haut' r se-ut in it ?-all lor the? poll?*? anel
n hunting for a ladder. Tin- police In
torn conveyed the newa of the painter's
predlcamenl t?> the Pire i??-i>artm?-iii. and
about the time the real estae man had!
i, i up i ladder and r< I? sa? ?! ? !o) ne the
police and Branten arrived. Coyne thank?-?]
lus raseuera, rigged up his aeal agate. I
lighted a cigarette end reaumed painting. J
Children See Their Father Make
Murder Attempt.
I in 'i. i.tgrapfe f? 'i h?- THbuaa i
l'at.-ison. N. J., May 2 -WJlliam Mulli?
gan, who had been separated from hin
Wife for nine month*?, returrml t<? his
home, No. t Hancock avenue, this after?
noon, atid shot Mrs Mulligan and him? I
?elf He was tak.-n to St. joseph'a Hos
l?t.il with tWO bullets In hi? head and
di. ?I th? '?
Neigh Dora Bay Mulligan had been drink? j
Ing. His children, two glrla three and I
five yeara <>i?l. aitneaed the attempt on
thi-ir mother's llf? ami the suicide of |
their father. Mrs. Mulligan if n<?t fatally
1 ?nlinncd from tlr?t pn?f.
and mad?- a statement like thai an"
Hun h<- got ?scared and i couldn't Und
him. i ami seen him since
"Then i was to Und some one 10
swear th.it two fellows called John
Dowling (who before he died conf?
in.?? part m tin- murder and accused
Mulraney) ?un <?f a saloon and told him
?f he squealed he would get ? roaked. I
couldn't lind no one t?. swear to tha*.,
so ! swore to something like that mj -
Jacobaon r< a.: ,-, long ' :.it' in- nt" li?
bad k<<\ trova Muir?n? * ?.n a ? Isll ! i ?
the death house, This document ? ? u
talned almost word for word the earlier
testimony given In Mulraney's behalf
by relatives and fn. nds. . Ma?? '
tin Pay of the murder snd prot Ing in
alibi f??r Multan. \. Thla, Jacob on
Said, he had taken tirs! to Mr-. I .
Patrick, related t?> Mulranej !.. mar?
riage, bUl sh?' refused t., "Study" it.
saying she wasn't "going to gel I
i?if i ? rjury." Then, Jacobaon said be
took ?t w. Mr?. Elisabeth Patrl? k. who
"studied ' it. made an suida*? ii .uni i
tided for Mulraney,
Tlo- !?< .i'ii - ami Utilit) <?f Mulrai
scheme aere apparent when Jacobaon?
explained thai his storl?
were "almosl true "
Il was tria- thai Jai ObfOII .'lei
' Willy" Reillj had taken M . :
hum?- drunk, bul l| way. on October I
the d.i. after the murder, and nol on
? ?.-toi., i .".. ,.s th. \ t? st.ti. ?I. \vi . u
witnesses lold of seeing Dowling tnd
Martin Pay ; id a ihird man neai
scene of the shooting, .1 -i .1
was uue, imt the third 1 ian n?? - nol
"Frank" or "O'Brien" or "Morrison,"
as ?1 wai Mulrnne) himself .mi the
witnesses bad t<> do, therefore, was lo
remember th?- one detail m which their
story varied from the truth, and
tip- -rest fly upon their memor) Bomel
..1 t he ?.v -t n? - ms w ei >? persuaded b?
Jacobaon thai what the) told .??? the
Buell read the lung end sum.-what in?
volved letter which Mulrane) wrote to
i..- deliv? 1 ? ?i in Buell m th.- Tombs.
rii'- letter, a Itfa ? iplanatlon . - m
pai : as follows.
"I want 1 " ? t" go downtown (the
Tombo) and see that pan-, down then
1 im? Hi Ti 11 11 ? m i" refuse i" an
anything mi tin- ground <?f Incriminai
mi? ami degrading hlmaelf. Tl
ti;.- ia .\ and they ant ku?? him ??
single ?lav or make him answer any?
"Ni.w don't forgel t.. see him Imme?
diately, T? n inn? tin mat ter a hat 1
said "i was ?aid. h< . an d? p- nd on
m. Kobod -an con.1 a ii- (my
: ? Tell him th? ret on I
pulled down (Informed) on that other
part) (Martin Pay) wai t. ?i h?
would corns ?ait of hi- hiding place
wrnre th" ?ops gut him lii'i.
"That patiy downtown (Buell) who
I want yog t<? Nt, can put tin-, al">\ ??
[.art in his letter t?? th.- paper . That j
party biding now (Martin Pay), tell
him nobody Will g?> against him."
There will be another bearing Mon?
day. J. Roberi Rubin, Assistant Hih
tri? t Attorney, wants lo hear what the
witnesses who testified along the lln?M
suggested by Mulraney in his lottert
have t" say for themselves.
Joseph A. Shay, counsel for Mul?
raney, said yesterda) be was still Mul?
raney's couneel and would nol <i?-.?-ert
his Citent Mr. Shay made public ???-?
terday a 1.11 ? r he wrote i?? Qovernor
sui/.'-r last Pebruary, when he 1,1 t
beard <?t' Mulraney's story, in that
letter Mr. ?Shay said he bad not hi?
vestlgated Mulraney's story, but
though! it merited Investigation.
Screams Unheard by Deaf
Daughter?Son, Assistant Fire
Chief, Brings Department.
Along toward supper lime last nicht
I'.ibort Si-utt called f??r htS pipe. a:. be
lay In bed ?it his horn?', Nn. i'S Johtist'.n
avenu.-. K.-aniy. N. .1. He filled it
with ?uta?'???, took a few puffs .nul fell
i-'i\?- minutes later be woks up.
screaming with agony. Mis? daughter,
Mrn Rosins Campbell, was preparing
supper in th?- kitchen, but. being rfeaf,
did not b>tar hi.- crtoa. Bcotl managed
in squirm oui <?i his bed f??r tin- Ural
time in two yearn, but fainted on the
door. Neighbors attracted i?y bis
screams found him there and turned m
an alarm
Th?- Ktarny Pire Department, with
Assistant Chief John dcott, son ol Ihe
?il<1 man. at its li-ad. r. iSpondl ?1. yui. k
work was made of tin- llame??, but I?r
John \V. H.-iil said Mr Scott'.-; burn?
were serious. Re was taken t?i th.
<;? rmaii Hospital, Newark
Mr S??'tt was *MNNWCt?Bd with the
Marshall Thread Mill? fof many yean
and hehl the post of assistant .-up. rln
tendenl Ihre?- years ago, when a bro?
ken hip forced hi"? lO retire. He had
been confined to his bed f?.r tin- lust
two year.s.
Mew Haven's President Deni
Any Personal Benefit from
Deals in Road's Stock.
Note Transactions Explain'
and John L. Billard D?clar?e
Not to Have Received
More than Was Right.
Boston. Ma* \'i unqualified defei
i "f his stewardship was mad? i?\ ?lut
| --'ini;! i Mellen, pn -idenl >.f th.- N
1 **. .ik. Mew Hav? n .\ Hartford (tallro
1 i "apam. before th.- Intent?t? 1 'ommei
Commisst? n i.?-?lay While replying r.-.
Ily to questions by C?ommissloner Char
I Proutj .nal ? ti, r: ? s i-'. ? 'hoate, jr., I
ii ? i. Mi Mell? i,
??m.nut to cross?examlnatkMi by oths
lie appeared as ?i voluntary arttness, i
testimony was nol given under oath a
n aas explained tn him thai th.- Inform
ti??n ?riven by him would nol render hi
immune in ?my prosecution th" f?-?iei
? ment mlghl undertake
Mr. Mell? a ?i. ni? i ih.it a. had profit
)?? raonally t?> the extent of IM2.000 b) se
Ing $:."?>..'.nth ..( stuck uf th.- N.
Haven rompan) r.' which h.- had gis
hit notes, n? mid that *fiS,.i :
mone) in question s/aa paid Into the l<
publican n.iti.mai campaign fund it? IH
that ??:..'-.! went t.. ths Uh.iiie Island H
publican "-?'.it.- Central Committee, oth
sums io th.- Republican organisation
N? -v "i m h and < ntit ? ?ti? nt. and th?' t
malnder for pl.t leases ami otlter aeq?
Sold To Be Listed.
'"nn- t.,, k aas treasur] stock," M
?.ml. "and had tO he IM. ! .
th.- sic. i; (?xchance* m order to bs s<>
? ? ? i- .i-:.' in ord? i i- i? t n it an
sold t-. m?- an.i i gave nr. note t.. ??
company, which held the stock a- colls
intil sold.
\n ' worn soM at the be
obtalnabli prit ? i, ami tin- entire or?
? -1 'i together with th.- dividends, pel
la M company's treasury. The compan
? ?! spproximat? ? D< S.000 mere tit.?
the pi !.. .it v. : !? Ii ti,. ItOCh WS ; SOl
' ? .
T.. t.?.. en 11 ' t n?. ..?? 1he pale t" n
.m?! th- do Ins of ' ? transa? Uon I ha
OUI of in> nw
' unds ?edlng i
th? aggregate th? ol 1103,000. The?
id mad? nol for my ow
any era) fol m) i i om
advai lag? itel be? au ??? i ws
? the N- a ?'lav? n Ral ? sd
\ ? t ,t time, WM, ? ??? ponte conti Ibi
. n i and u ? .. customer
ami nol .-? a h ? ontrlbuttotu ha??
'? made sin ? I i-.. t??.- Net
ii a ?? or, m (ai a
. . an) bod) ? i
??n the closing up "f the ?ale of that
i' appearing that an unexpect?
? ? a-i i.n realised, m ? ?lu ? ?? t'-i -
who ha ; nt ? >: my ? ontrlbu
i these | i ought props
t-> make ma tiim allowance. I n?"\.-r per
onall) i- - ?-:-.. d ..r retained ona ?Jolts
n? n profit oi a-i i ntaga "
Explains Note Transactions.
.-*. d \ .u k>ua not? trans
?.? ii 4 that in ever) i ?
11 aven ? omitan) had been paid '
d the only una:.-? tl at had eo
t?> him personall) a is t-. relmburss hin
?..r exp? ntracted In tl cut-duct ??
uatnesa Ths I
sani. were morel) temporary voucher
fur mone) uaed In ths railroad's behalf.
An apparent profil "t J_.r???."??' t.. j<u.:
i. Billard, ot Merid? n. ? 'oi n., foi his pai
m th?- Requisition of ti"- Boston a. Mali
i.- the Ni? Haven wa-- dwell upon b]
Mr. Mellen, who -.'i-i th? commlssion'i
.ntant David i. Brown, had testlfle?
about tie- transaction on ths assumptlo
thai the i.k value <?t certain sscuritlsi
represented th?lr r?ai value, when theii
a? i ua I val?a n ss much lesa 11? addi t
that when tha transaction should bs ?eoti
eluded Mr. Billard would not bars re
an more than thai t" n hi? h hii
ui.i ? enera] would my h> moa entitled.
Mr. Mellen explained tha purchase ??i
the Worcester, Nashua a. Rochester stock
tur the B Mala? Railroad, saying
it w.ii .i.nie at th.- request of badin
TUttle, thill prcsl.lctit of the Honton &
Sont "f the Mew Haven directors
who purchased ths W?orceeter, Naahua d
Rochester stock <?n money advanced b)
the New Haven .?n their notes ever mad?:
a dollar of praAta be d? - la I'd.
ah tha New Haven's trolley pecase tl sa
Mr, M? Wen said. Wi.uid In IMJ pay the
Nea Haven t j?er c?-nt of their cost.
Upholds Pullman Contract.
Mr. Mellen declared thai the contract
under which tha New Haven turned ovar
its p.ni..r atul sleeping car service t" the
I'l.lltiian ? itnpuii> OSS 'h.- bast contract
tii.it any railroad compaa) ever made
with tii.- Pullman ?son? ? rn.
Admitting that th.- ooel uf the eon?
structlon of two subsidiary roads, ths
New fork, Westclwster &- Boston ami ths
Hampden Railroad, had be-m greater
than e\p.-.-t. d, ha liuristed that both
arould prove good Investments and ulti?
mately return a profit
'I'h. pawn?-nt "f M1MM p, Oakleigh
Thorns ami Marsden J. Perry was made,
Mr. Mellen ?aid, by direction of j. p.
Morgan, win? arbitrated the amount of
compensation f??r ihm ne and Parry after
tn?. N?\v Haven offldala fearing a i?>sh in
th? IM pa?i.-, terminated their eontrael
with th?- Millhrooh oompany, which was
organissd by Thorns ami Perry to eon?
StriMt the West, h.-st.-r road.
Edward i'- RobMno, general <*ounsei of
the N?sw Haven road, was sisnflned re?
gardlng tha Intsroorporate rvlattOM <>f
th.- New Haven suhsldlarlea His sspla?
nation was thai the laws <>r Cooatsotteut
?jpan .mi.plii ?iti-'l. find that in order for
in.- N.-w- Haven t<> avoid the payment of
taxes contrary tu th?- spirit and intent of
tl.? Statutes the formation of the Htib
siuiai i? s was aseessary,
? '.iniini sinner Prouty a.ske,i ir tin? ac?
quisition ??f the Most.m d Mains by lbs
New lia\eii had not ban In SVadS tbS
law. Mi. RobMnS <l?''lar?-?l the ti-?ui*tac
ii.ms ha?i been proper and legal and were
to overcome t?-''buk?al dlflbsoltlso that
mlghl ilivallil.it" the merger.
"Then yon dM two ill?gal things," said
Mr. Prouty. Vou acquired the property
u, unlatluii "f the law. ami then you
avadad tbS law In order to make the deal
Mr. Robblas dsnlsd thi?? and protest? d
??Kamst th?- coinnil??sloner's manner of
putting the quesUoos.
Th?- hearing will DS resumed to-morrow,
when Mr. RobbtaS will he crops-exatnliied
b) I...als l> Brandete, who has been
active In the Investigation.
Th.- strata <>f th?- Ifigutry has told s.
v-rely on the accotintiint. Mr. Hrown,
who. after having heen <>n tho staml
much <?f the hud ten day?, vva.?< absent to
ilay boenms of illness.
President ??f the New Haven Road, on the stand in Boston vesterday.
Water Storage Bill Passed Over i
Senator's Protest.
Albany, Mas - Denounced bj lenator
Thon,.i- as "the rankest mwest, """long**
est th m I've ever seen In tii?* Senate,"
... (Vslters'a bill giving water ator?
egi corporations power of ?eminent do?
main ivaa paa ? i '?? the Senate to-niaht
i.-. ;. i/oti of -'.' t" ' Thla la a companion
bill to one creating theae water atorage
i,.-[orations which eras Jammed through
the Assembly yesterday.
i?- ;. ? i nta of these billa say they would
turn Hier all the valuable water power?
of the atate t?. the water power trust.
Bx-Senator Harve* Ferris, who headed
a legislative committee a coupla of years
.lu-.? to Investigate thia aubject, has been
lobbying for these lia for w.-.?k?.
"The atate will hand over t<> the Inter?
eithoi t mon? ?? and without pries the
property of the i.pie if you ras? this
Mil ' laid Senator Thomas, "Ws might
.?>< well look it in the face "
?STnlters said the whole scheme waa de
p??rident on permission from tlie conserva?
tion commission and argued that the
Legislature must have ronfldence in it?
creatur?t th?* commission.
Son of Financier Denies Charge
of Non-Support.
Raymond Kelmont, .?-.on of Au-ru't
rtelinotit, win? was .secretly married to
Miss Ktht-1 Lindner, who was known on
the etage aa Ethel i.oraine, nieti bte
answer yesterday in the Supreme Cnurt
to the separation suit which Mrs. Bel
mont has brought ?m the (-round of
rum-support and abandonment.
Helmont sale! that he ha*? at all times
been ready to provide for his wife, "a?
Ju*-ttie requires, having regard to the
circumstances of the respectiva par
' ties."
Belmont saiel that he was not a re-?l
, dent of N'eu- Tora* ?'ounty. but Nassau
| County, Long Island, living at Hemp
I stead. He dented that he had failed or
refuged to provide for Mr-'. Helmont.
Refuses to Strain Voices by
Singing with Larger Chorus.
? By T-l?.(-raph to The Tribun*. 1
Passaio, N". J., May 'J. -The decision
some time ago by members of the First
Baptist <'hiir?*h that a choir be organ?
ized to supplement the e?uartet which
has supplied the? music for many years
at the services seems to have made a
wide breach among the church mem?
bers. Front rcjtorts the members of
the quartet took a firm position agalnat
singing with a chorus. The music com?
mittee is badly at ???ids as a result.
?'barbs F. M?-?'ore!, barytone of the
rjuartet. resigned g short time ago.
I/Ciin ?arson is th? latest to resign.
Mrs. R, W. 1'he-lps, the seiprane?, will
not return to the? ?juurtet, and It is re?
ported that Mrs. Russell A? ki-rman,
contralto, has resigned.
Mrs. W. Fred.-ri.- Bathfjat?, the or?
ganist, said to-day that definite ae-tion
is expe-i teil to e-tl'l the e ??ntroveTsv next
week. It was rumored that even Mrs.
Bathajate irouM resign.
a.? ??ne? e?f the rnenaban of the gaatrtet
expressed it, they would spoil their
voices veiling with a large rhurus, and
therefore decided t<? "strike."
Giant Woman Opens Fight by
Hurling Rock and Beating
Off Six Policemen.
f By Talsgiapb to The Tribun-, I
Burlington, N*. J , May ?.--Leading a
handful of men strikers in a violent at
taik upon poliee and deputi? s under
Sheriff Jordan, Polish women this
morning provoked the worst riot of th?
iron mills strike. Headed by a giant
woman, who opened the fight by hurl?
ing a rock at a deputy and beat off half
a elozen polk'e-men ordered by the
Sheriff to arr?-st her, the rioters tempo?
rarily overpowered the thirty guard.?
and Ubatated their Amazon b-ade r after
I the police had dragged her and two
other prisoners through a fighting mob
Fortunately, the greater part ?if th?
Fast Burlington strikers w?*r?? with
! strike pickets at the Devlin works, a
? mile away, and the police, after lostaf
I their prisoners, managed wit!, elrawn
' ?dubs and pistols to disperse the hun
j dred rioters. Dozens of strikers v. ?re
' knocked down by the riot sii'-k:-! of
! deputies. Swinging a spade* hand!?
i over her head, one woman rushed at
? the officers and knocked down a police?
man before ehe was disarmed.
In the next half hour the minds of
the police were disabused of any doubt
as to the female of the species? I'nlish
I striker species, at least?being more
j deadly than the male. Calling their
men cowards, who at first refuse,] t,,
Join them, the women finally aroused
I the strikers to violence that resulted In
' a prolonged fight with the poliee.
Will Contain a Choice Selection of Brilliant
Features by Some of the Cleverest Writers
of the Day, Interesting and Entertaining
New Stories, Special Articles and Editorials
That Are Timely and Pictures That Speak
for Themselves. Here Are a Few of the
Good Things:?
More Than a Score of Japanese
Are Now American Citizens
A distinguished example is Masuji MivaJcaara,
lawyer, antlie?r atiel editor, win? gives here his
views "it tin- controversy caused by Califor?
nia'?, proposed anti-Japanese ait.
Theodore Roosevelt's Own
Story of His Eventful Life.
In thi? fourth instalment of this exceedingly
interesting serie*? of recollections Mr. R<?< .?e
\elt narrate? s?*me of his thrilling experiences
as | hunter ?>f big game.
Coney Island?1913 Model Is
Being Cranked Up for Joy Riders
There a.?* to be many new laagh provoking
feature-, in tin- national playground. duriii?>;
the coming rammer. Many ol them arc de
icribed in this entertaining article.
Whole Year Is Now Bluefish
Season for Fulton Market
This artille has the tatif* of the sea in its \i\ii|
inscription of the men an?! "smacks" tli.it ko
after this the gamest of all deep water figh,
In the Magazine Section
Wits Versus the Law
By Edward Huntington Williams, M. D.
Ane'tlicr illuminating article about th? methods
of controlling the criminal insane, by eme arho
lived ani?n? then f?OT year-.
The Kaiser's New "Wolf of the
Sea" Is an Amazing lighting Craft
It is he!?eve?l tbat in the novel Destroyer just
evolved the ?.team engine is entirely eliminate?*,
and its hitting p.>u?-r greatly increase???
Countess Marie Larisch Gives Her
V ersion of the Tragedy of Meyerling
In lier own mtOfJ of tlie? in? ??lent?, tattling to
the tragic death O? (town Prince Kud??!pli e.f
Austria the narrator ataba at august persons.
In the Magazine Section
The Knockers at the Door By Louis upaky
This ?lever Jcwi-.li unter has been represent?!
in our Sntiel.ty Magazine before. His latest i>
the tragic, or near tragic, tale of a Remus of
the Yiddish ?Irania who was spurned and ncg
In the Woman's Pages
Frocks for the Graduation
They must be simple and need not be expen?
sive. Many new materials to select from.
In the Woman's Pages
The Day of the Blouse
It is now sanctioneei by fashion and is made
-iti many bewitching st-le*-, which ate fully de?

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