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^rt??tok Cribunr?
SATI Kl? \*l. M \\ 1. I'M .
.ished dar ?? rlbuae asao
? Retd, Pn -
Haalln, Secretary; Jame? m . re? Addreea
TrlbtBM Btllldiag, Ne IM Nu? '?? Neu forft
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Or? "i ork.
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DA 11 D A Y ONL1
''? .
12.26 . 4 '"
ir.J at tue l'ostofflce at New
Mr. Wilson Should llave Said Here
What He Said in Neu ark.
- greatl) to i ??? regretted thai President Wilson
felt eoBstralned in limit bis retrenl epeecb-niaking
:nii\iti.-s i?. Hi?- State of N?ew Jersey. LVIosl New
Yorkers would have been glad to bave bim say in
ihis ?it> wbat be said on Tbnrsds] ?-v.-uni- to lb?
srark Altbongfa be was talking on i
New Jersey Issue bis remarks apply with even
?directness to a New ?ork situation.
? ? l>emocratlc leaders In this state who
?h us mucb on trial at tbe present moi Jim"
Smith mu? ".Min" Nugent are across tbe Hudson.
We lniM' Murphy and bis agents at Albany de
.-i- |j repudiating tbe promises of the last Democratic
state platform In order to preserve tbe Tammany
g] gt?-in ?>f party rule ?from the top They would
bars been In everybody's mind if tbe President bad
?come a*cross from Jersey to ddiver this tinielj
warning :
i have lo . ?i"? fac??s ol many s
i have never seen any symptom that :
going ira? es ol ths laws that thej
. a great maj? i
upon their countenances and Infinite patience.
altting now, and this Is the test this
. this is i he ulttmat seal I J idgm? ni.
and If these men srlll not * wl
re the ? nid. and
more honest, more active, more wh?
v.nil - them, with
eyes that see the country as it I-, men who are
cool ami thoughtful and determln? go to
the front and lead to the day of vlct?
Mr. Wilson Is having g little difficulty of bit own
wltb tin? ??.Hnf Smith <>r East Fourteenth Street
over the- appointment of n collector for this j,.nt
by far tbe mosl responsible officer under the Trees
nry Department, But tint is i aide Issue. As In
NtMt Jersey, the boss of the Democratic organisation
itands for reaction ai! along tbe line, for abso?
lutism in party management and f??r tbe frustration
<?f all efforts to mske government more efficient and
more representative of the popular n
It Is a pity that the President was not speaking in
gie Hall and looking Murphy und bis advisers
?-ira i'.'ht in the eye Bguratlvely, if not Uterallj -
when be painted his glowing picture of a future in
"these creatures will bave disappeared like
: ii?. ?lust in iii?? wheels of the chariots of God."
The End of the Stock Fxchange Incorpora?
tion Scheme.
Tbe notion of tho gt te Sem te yesterday proba?
hly Deans tbe end of tbe Stock Exchange Inc ?i
potation s? heme for good and all. The Judiciary
Committee n iversely and the Senate ap?
proved ths report by an ovei voie.
This ?s an act of levelheaded sense. The pro
??il t<? Incorporate the Btock Exchange was ?
battle cry that sounded well In the heat of con?
ly, hut could ii"t stund tbe test of analysis
or reason. No one has ?,,,.? ?pointed out what g
II could ace.pllsb An?l ?'Very Impartial critic has
greed that it would greatly hamper the disci
r y powei - ? ? strolling authority,
A f ltd", dangei -'is reform la well bui
W An Interesting I'.cho of the Fast.
Mr lletllen's admission that he ma<le nunwroui
political contributions In hi? own name whlcb ?or??
?tuned afterward by ths Neu Kork, N?tw Haven
.v. Hartford Railroad Company is g belated sebo
of the paat II ?s alao M'1 sebo whieh someho*s man
pa the ciapp Investigating comm
jiiammo'h sounding board.
ThS vl?'e of that sort of Juggled*??ultMrlptloni to
potttlteai campaign fund?? wan frankly stated by Mr.
Hellen when be said: "B?Bcauss i wai president of
a New Haver company i ha?i been constrained to
"make tbsas dLtsbursementa out of my private fund?-,
"whlcb as a private Individual i never would have
There wss no legi lion to Mr. Mellen's
? ?? ntrlbutlng as an Individual, nor, at that time, to
iii?? railroad's contributing as s corporation. The
Sew Haven president ?plains that tbe directors
roted to esauni ? bis contributions and that an uudit
Ing committee paassd the transaction as "in further?
"anee of the Companys interest and protection <>f
?it?, property.*' Ths mum defence was made of life
insulanos eompanj contributions to campaign funds
in 1806 and 1900, Vet the directing boards, though
artag ths expenditures legitimate and beneficial,
wore unwilling to give then publicity In any a.
????untlng te ths ato< kho ders, the pollcj bottlers or ths
The law has fortunately put mi end to these dr
cuitom cmmcUom between a corporation's treaaury
and the wax died of ? political party. Mr. Ifdlen's
??- tlmoay sdds one mors Interesting detail to the
itory ?'f the "overflowing barrel" In national poll
But the most Interesting reflection it awakens
- that tii<- bidden wells whlcb need to k?eep that
barrel flowing over bave now all been sealed up.
The Balky Balkans.
No?- compUcattfons ?arise daily In the Balkan r??
-. Montenegro baa given the powers trouble In
? dosen different ?raya. Servia, Bulgaria ami Qreses
bave bagua to hank among themedvea over the
itition of sji'iiis which are not yet securely won
for any ??f tiu'in. And now mischief srlaes In Al?
bania, where that plcturssqus hero, Basad Pacha,
:- playing the msrplot's pan ?with versatility and
rbe other day be prodahned himself King ??f in
depeadsnt Albania, with ins capital al Scutari. Now,
Boding the powers slow to recognise his dignity, be
rsprodalms himself prince ?>r something ?>f the son
"f I tributary Albania under Turkish BUaeraJnty,
Aid to iiinrrnw SOSM new and quite different plan
be broached.
I bore is r.';is.,ii t?. suppose that much Of this
trouble is the result of those secret IntrlgutM which
'luikey kno?s s.i well how to <'>ii<lu?'t. Upon the
poliCJ of Setting OBS power against another that em
??ir?? I,.- fuiiv depended f?or many yeera, sad
in the x?r?'i?-nt tHMtfnqr there \& stiii opportunity i
I fot ils use'. We shall liarelly look f?>r B r??n?-\v;il ??f ?
tin? suggestion ?<f ? fea months nir.i that aha ahould !
Ubanla Bnd .Mji? ??loni;? OUtligfal to An-tria
Hungary In consideration of that ?power'* guarant?
! "f lli?? lnl.'!*ril> ?.(' the rest Of 111 ? - ??in- >i i?*, th?tJUgb
e?ve?n thai ?s not altogether Impoasible, partknlarly
if the allies fall Into dlsstraslons ?tnong themselves
*i ?-i it i*- difficult t.) !i\??nl the i'?'*)vi<'ti??ii thai env :
t.;urassinent, trouble and prrave danger of i?*?*id?e8pread,
war would tie or would liave been averted by the
simple expedient of leaving the Balkan prohleni to
t..? settled bt the Balkan Dations, -nui pol trying to
manipulate it In the Interest of greed*/ outside
The Day of the Parade.
This i? suffragists' day hereabouts and they h?T?
th.* Inter???! and attention of the whole town. Their
annual parade baa -frown from a verj *-in.?ii expert?
iin-iit t<? it large ?nd Impressive pageant. Forty
thousand marchers ?re expetrted out this after?
noon, and ? - Ta < 11. - -^ ?. thousands of belleTera ?nd dis?
believers and fence Bitten will line Fifth ?venue
"for to admire ?nd for t" Bee."
The most crotchety of hardened beatben will be
bappy In the reflection thai ?1 leasl the paradera
are n<?t putting nltro-glycerlne In 11 ? * - lubwaj or
pulling down Brooklyn Bridge. The orderly, good
sense of the American Buffraglst la Bometbing thai
lier nevereal critic must admit ?nd i ?t*;? i-?*.
.\??i- are severe critica and barde.l opponents
nearly us numerous as they once were. Vv'e think
ii evident thai the rasi maj-ority of Americans.
i:.? ii and women, have an entirely open mind on the?
a large number of earnest .mm?! Intelligent women
nee great benefits to be bad from woman suffrage.
A large number <>t' equally earnest and Intelligent
I women see great evils. Debate is Joined betw??en
ilit? two faiths, ?nd the American people itand
ready t?> bear the case for ?nd ?gainst. There Is ???
widespread desire to detrtde the luffrage qu?sstlon
without prejudice or bias, after ? ft'?'?? ?nd .'?ini>i?'?
Bslon, and to the best Interest of tin* nation. ?
it is in this spirit thai the whole city wishes the
paraders of the day the ?best of weather ?nd the best
, of In? k. j
I lie Anti-CoCaillC Law Passed.
Many Bborteominga <?f the Le-L'if-tiniiire. ut the Bee*
S...II ?liMt ending era atoned for by the passage of
.Til?? Tribune's :? m i <???? aine? get. Thli humanitarian
measure, Intended t<> itop i degrading trafile In ?i
?nd body killing ?Inn:, has encountered the
I specious opposition wblcb usually dogs the lieel*
I of ?m effort i?? check or relieve misery at the ex
of tin* vulturea who thr?'?? upon it To ov?**i
.-?mi?- thai opposition has ?been a long, uphill tight.
The Tribune baa devoted all it? en?ergleg to
Ing Hi?* Legislature realise the need of the itricteai
regulation of the Bale of cocaine, it la bappj to
-? ?? Its dit? : !? .. -t'-.l crusade succeed, and it will re
Jolce in ih?? great g? the new law will cei
tainly ?l<? In protecting the ;.r, the feeble ?nd the
unfortunate from exploitation at the? banda of ' dope
: aellera whose er?'?-?! makes them merciless fomenten?
ffterlng ?nd crime.
The Letfa ??i Adonis.
We utterly refuse to believe the report that tin
sixty male f last nigbt'a auffrag? pageant
WOUld n?'l exhibit their hare? I
regrettable meagrenesa of outline. A caae of plain
i slander.
Masculine egi ran pretty low In tiip nineteenth
century. Fifty years of pantaloons ac?romplt?bed a
deadly work Bui football ?nd golf ?nd tent la ?nd
the? one-step hav?? worked wonders.
l.e-x.k at the Vale? seniors, fur example. They were <
nol afraid t'? gppear In chapel dreejsed In kni?-k??r
I bockers to the last leg ?So it would run generally.I
r?egs are once more legi ?nd It must bav? been
' sln-e?r tri'vle-sty that covered tin- kt.- ?.f thl
auffrag? Adonlaaa.
Observing the X i tal Spark.
s?.ii.iirious mu? Interesting lore tonehli -?
. sfuils, if we have any. ???nus In with the month <?f |
May. in Montclalr an excellent witness reporta a
winged form departing from ? man's ii|>-4 at th*?
:iii.in??tii ?if death. In the laboratoriea of the JohnsI
Hopkins Medical ?School the vital apark baa been
restored after l?verai hours ot apparent <l??.ith. the
|subj?*-ct being Croxen during the? Interval, Chickens
anej other iinitiiiiis ??.??.?? used in these experimenta
We defy anybody not t<> !>?? Interested In the??
strange reports along the iw>r?i?-r land ?-f life. Th?
Montcialr case has conntlaaa parallels man* ?>f
tin-in are carefully Bet down in the Psychical Re* ?
aearcb records (There Is, t????. tha ribald tai?'??f the;
"Blue Room" by Mr. ivennetb Or?bame, wherein s
I trusting tutor saw mysterious shadows and be?
lieved!) Ami tin* suspended animation ?>f the? .lohn??
Hopkins chickens is really not ao very strange In
tin-s?* Ingenious days,
l*.nt posaeaalng s keen ?nd not Inexpllcabla Interest I
In life, here ?nd hereafter, wo are? glad to snatch at
even these ?'usual and elualve hi;its. ?Who know*
when lomtHhlng will really turn op! And In the
: mean time w? can always speculate on the poaslblll
; ties ?if ?inh new item. What a boon, for example,
me rar? souls bora oui of their time to be
fi-oxen Ilk? : ho chlckena nn?i kept In cold Btorage
! until the? time? grew riin'r and more til for their
I attention!
The Recognition of China,
i: is gratifying from tbe j?n<'ti<\'ii as well as the
I sentimental point ?>f view to have the i nlted State?
?hi- flrsl nation formall- to r?.gnise tbe ne*a ?jov?
leirninental order in China. The natural lympath*
between tepublici makes it appropriate, ami the ap?
preciation wblcb the ad is likely to ineet in China
augurs well f??r Hi?? future relation?, political and
??'iiiiin?'!'i'ial, <?f Ilit? two ?'?mill tics.
Frota a in?"?- altruistic point <?f rtew there i- par
haps stii! more ?aus?? f,.r gratificatkin in tin? aug
gestion "t' confirmed itabillty of tin? reptibttean gor
ernment in China ami ??f the likelil.i ??r it-- roc
eaai Thus far tin? goveriunenl has Fasen merely
?provisional, *.*.lth<?iit a conatitutioo, ami t??r ao-nsa
?areeka the apparenl InabUlty ?>f the? Natkaaal As
sembJy lo agre? upon orderly procedure with its
work ha-? created an unfavorable Impression. Th?
? Assi'iuhiy la charged with th?? two duties of drafting
land adopting .?? constitution ?ml ???' eletiing a Praal
dent of th?* republic, it has done neither yet, ?uni
down i" a ?hi.? or two a-'?? bad not even btren able t<>
agree upon tbe e?i?vti??ii of a presiding offlrer for it*?
; iiini'e? iiiiiii?t??iis i?<ni-.*-. Now, in?w??*.er. thai dectlon
i has l??-e?n inii?l" ami Hi?' pPOtHMI t of ??nlcily ami elli
??ient |?rocedtir?* with the two task- nami'il ?mil the
general work ?>f national l?gislation s??etnv. aufJki'ml
I .'?.?-ut?-?! tu warrant ri"<?;*nitioii.
This iiii|)r?>v?'in?Mii in the aspect ??f affairs i? iloubly
gratifying, parti] liecaose ??f what ii means for
Chins and partly bscauae <?f ii^ purport t?? the
world The dissolution or diMii?'iiii??'rim'iit of China,I
for half a doten rhal jxiwors to scramble for, would
be a catastrophe, liven tbe intervention of foreign
powers to restore order nnd t?> irn*n?sp ? coherent
government ufioa tbe eonntry would lea-i te tusas?
trous complications, rbe recognition whlcb has now
been given by iids country gives welcoms promise
that the danger of auch troubla is passing away
and that we may look upon the Chinees Republic
as an ?established fact
The Intellectual contest between the Hon
R Brown and the Hoa William Bulser app?
bave reached ths flahwlfc ?t
our wiiioay Preddenl is the first In msnj a weary
year whose figure does not awear at the title (,r the
Pn aid? -.' al irai bt the Bylph.
Little ???"?i don it du for the police i?> raid and
seise tie headquarters of the militant suffragdtea
m London when each one of the Spartan Moth?ers*
band carriel headquartera ander her nen spring
1 lionnet.
it would lie ungracious to carp ai ths honors
u'lii'h are ?being paid t" the remains and rnetnorj cl
Barbara Prietchle Y.-t it would be gratifying to
?i- toi historic accuracy t?. know the fart?, of
the Incident whlcb Mrs. k. i>. k. \ Bouthwortb In?
I spired tVhittter to make unmortaL
Ths sanding of oil] and slippery ?.len pave?
win be a good thing, n would be a still bet?
ter thing to applj t??.- same process to them when
ib. ; an . oat? -i a Itb i a
If thlngt gel much a*orse th< British dun will run
upstairs anil lock himself in his room and
good cry. win. h teaches us thai old John Knos la
-??rely missed, u alive ha would i??' ths man ??f the
hour, for it was bs who wr..i<- that First Blast of
the Trumpet Agalnd the Monstrous Regimen! "f
Women" whlcb s contributor to the May "Atlantl? '
-usly exhumed \ wonderful self ?restraint
? i old John. Merely ?-aped the regiment of women
"monstriferous, madde, foolish, and phrenetlke,' and
let it fro at that But those w.re ?itilet time* 1".up?
land suffered only from the whims of Bloody Mary.
To-day we inm-s- ,.m John would speak plainly.
? ? ?
Not one wi.ni ?sgalnd the proposed milking class
foi North Plalnfleld ?jcbool children Prlvatel- how
e\ er, n a s eep s i' b the i
? ? ?
Sah.itn in-' ? . pplled a hat
>. ulptu ? rnli tig at the World
? i e not forgott? n hoa tbe i
? ? ?
poor M. Chabaa hu? his "Morn
-? ; tembei " Hall?
? ? ?
" ' ' ? ? reportei
Mi n I Bruc? r that Prof?
? '.'.????
: ? ? ed vendoi
.v..-,'., a recollect, he
to I it 1
'?:?!." I
Mr. Brut ?? mad?
nn<! t!i?- report
berg failed 1 i nut
rieless, It is nu i
all dlscei
: ? . ? ? ? . . ok how
magnlflci nt thai effect it a
? ? ,- ? that
? . ?
M | n t er Im a la test
posthun ? nsect? and
\\. bad i red a ths
light, though we wer? the 'it-' to hold them ?
slble for I ? -
? ? ?
s . :. ; '
pnthi. Ward! ' But tht ut to be a
n ? r<? amiable account of Ne?
. t. ?_-. n. rating In an
. i ? mood |ust i .."?, th?
Caitfoi ara < mitt? ?!
? . ?
Sp?raklng of th? awful,
awful aul ? ? hoa n fre ihlni he a ft w
? ? ? km ii.in ths 'i
. ? ?
i low science g th? | '
"The Country ?'..-nil.-man. are ar<- mad? acq
with tn? new i:i? .n n- Starting Woodp? her. Remark?
able, quite! Bui It appears that i till has
much to ?i" f??r ths farmer Countrj gentlemen are
?,.it healthy, and ths pap? admits II Strange,
for lm-,.- we nol seen countrj gentlemen devour all
the lifs-glvlng druga advertised In t?.'- rellgioua
press, and have we not found them po ??eased of
?lecreti utterly unknown la toaml We have. We
know ? delightful country gentleman who, when
-peetered arlth Insomnj gol dura It," art ms and
...n min s an entire minee pie, aftw which curative
measure he llea down to pleasant dreams.
Sin loves company, and lang ?? ein it is
proper enough for Mi Bllwood Hendrick t.. declare
the English language leada s dissolute wt-\"
knd to berate her for "welcoming any \M.r.i that
comea her way," but has be con Idered her ?partners
In crime? Jud Id h m prowl the Qranda Boulevards,
v.itb an ??' ?? open for linguist!? scandals such, by
blu? ! aa "High Ufa Tailor" and "Mies Llfe'Taiior,"
and that maderly announcement In s toa room
window "FIVS O'clock at All Hour?? Name of a
name how it la ridicule! it I?. h.
In order to Itentlon from poll? ?? graft and Is
agents, the gunmen Mayot Gaynor*i administration Just
? ? busily ?'n??uir?-.i m raising ? hullabaloo sbout th??
tange tss trol .Ibsj Ki I - - bei Presa
What shsll ws aa) of th ? ? ess of bun
Nsu v..tk win. used reaV beefsteaks to <i??ad? n Um es?
ploaion when tin \ ? i.i. ? i tbe safs In ?? meat market?
leaks ara reported a told losa Syracuse n??raid
\. m fork has loel her laurels as tbe champion i ? ?? > -
itai . 11 v nf tlMSs great I sited Btates," observes Ths
N'ew-Vi.iK Tribuns Not at ,-?ir Boston Transcrlpl
Oaynor gposi iiri.i on tr?uii? te encabare! New "imk
Baltimore Sun
Nea Tort bas s band?eme new IIM.OSI borne foi the
blind 'till?? imwi-wi. la i"i those v\in? can't, ad ti>?.s.- ?
s (.n won't s. ?? i ?t-tioit in.. Presa
a Newark preschet aeys tbe missionaries wl
going te Aals ought t?> bs pul t" wort la Nsa fork. I
It WOUld 1" "f H" USS A? ? or.lliiK |.. |)i?- v.-ll..v\ pfSOS
?.r the t?oam, we calculate thai it would strain i
if salvation te reclaim Nee fork Hotsston i*.? -t
it i? rathei .-? pity thai Mayor Oaynor did not display
tbe same ?n?ii:-. m itatnptag out graft la ths Police
Department that be has In stsmphig out turkey-trotting
In Broadwaj rastsuranta Bocbester Democrat um?i
1 'liHiiii'-ii
New forh'a plan to distribute ;? portion of it* popo
latlOO among Other Cltleg may I"' nil i it;lit for New
York, imt boa about the <-ltl?>? lint i. ., du portieu- I
lar? -Baltimore American
i i-.iii The Boston n> :aM
N?rw v?.rk la all agog o\et ti.? charred hull nt a
aehooner dog up ? block'i length In from th<- water?
rroni Think what Boston eouM Had at the tK.it??in of
I?oi.k Square.
Morgans Came from Ulster and So
Did Many Others, It Seems.
: t? tha Editor of Th- Trtbune
Slr: ThoiiKh the family to WblCh
lata J. l'i-rpont M?-rrgan iMtoagad la
usually de?f>i'ribeel as Welsh, I baVS very
? doubt thai it was ? >*ran? h of lbs
' (TMulrgalas, 01 Morgans, ot Ulster, who
a branca of tha i|"Iin,,|ii" family.
The?r- is not a Magie r.-?-<?r?i m salK
ah? wing that Mllea M<t?rgan, tha Imml*
Brant ancestor, liad any i-oimectton *'-'?h
Wales rila Welsh origin is Mmpla bup*
; ..-.i;...-, Nor is tha |?>-rsotial BaSM I
( aurnama of Mi ??* fo ind anywhere in
: Wai.s. u ii!*? gensialogists confess. <?n
th?? Other hatal. -Miles'- U a Well known
personal nams In ens or two an
' Irish latiuU.-s. "O'llart's I'.-.llKrr.-s"
This name?. Mylaa, fortnerly Meiler and
tiion Mvi.T, i?? a ????11 known nams In sev?
eral Irian famillea -?artknilarly In ?that
,,f tha Jordana" or worda to that tt?act
? i hava not tha volumaa by ma)
Pelagius, or Morgan, ths fain
.?i.!,, living at Etoms about ?NO A. I?., ia
41 ???-<? r 11 ?. -< i by English hlstoiiani as Welsh
"true Welshman and monk ofBangor
Pelaglua Wa an Irishman and Bangor
?A.,-, an Irish university. His Dame, Mor?
gan, ' : an dated bj him Into ? Ifsek,
cording t?> th?- cuatom of tha time, meant
I In Irish ''mariner,'' which is th? meaning
I of tin* ?iri'i-k appellation.
There an- a great many f.-m.ni..s of Co?
lonial desoenl descrltxed "n no gro nds as
English in <>rl?*in ?arho ar?- almost in ?
taka bly Irish, si I Rogei I ?
Taft, Hayes, Adams, Martin, Butler,
? Hinten, ? 'ai lej. Hamlltoi Corbli i !un
ningbam, Tuttle, Drummond, Clailln, !>???
anil Innumerable other families, i take
names claimed a.?< English only, since
, Irish and ftcotch nam?*s ar? alike. What
aenee in there In poisoning th?* weUs of
. ? its lures?
\". whlngtoa ???miara K?w Fork, May :.
It** Principals of the U. S. A. Will
Continuo in the Country's Service.
. To th- Editor of Tha Tribuna
of March H
rial on "Mora *.', orh tot i
, v .,. in pressed by th?
? . .
? ' ? ncy of the
? iaa ? truel
this . ? ?
? kept m m
? .
for it Is
n of tha Unit I I
? ?
to tl
the i
g SO ' ' aras
ce depart -
\ . ?
their ? " ? ?
' War
th n
<.f ths ? anal la I ? II th? tense that
the ? ? organisation will he?
- for
publll ??:'.'
the? work hers o eontt
J \v?rk ?>f leea magnltuds In tunny
te of the eo and <r militar*'
engtneera will ahoar In the i ital
? I ey are del I abil?
111 ? ? ? . ? htch hs .??
? it th? eat -, u i"
t thai t happen *?> hen
evei a gresl undertaking of thl ... t.?r
iltaw Will Ii"t
an- thing b ' . tii?*
I m industrial army, but it ** m
i rather pain by the transfer to other duttei
| throughout our country of a multitude of
1 -n? n of high charaetsr and ability.
, Hotel Ti\?.n. An?'.m, r.itiai Zotae, April
10. 13?.
; A Physician Thinks the Criticism of
Dr. Friedmann Unjustified.
To the ESdttoi "f Ths Tribune.
Sir: Why tills fuss ..-..i tie- I - ' r i. - ? 1 -
I mann treatment being placed mi a husi
. laiaf i- it nut ni.nut time,that thai
? m,'iii-iii.- i..- lift.-.i ft..m the
[slough of finaneiai despond ?because of its
enormously unnecessary charitable work'
Thers his been quits a mimiier of Oer?
'man propriet?r} treatments put over on
I tbe American i.pie, and of d?sclded merit
which have n.-.-n knd ;it>- patented. Feara
,-i_-.. .i certain m?edl?*al man yet living in?
' '. .-ut. -i . certain line of Instruments peed?
! lar t" the treatment ?>f the diseases of
? ;. Ths manufacturer made IJM.ew
out of them, ths Inventor nothing, and
finally ths Instrumenta ?et Into disreputi
?.use, unprotected by s patent, ithej
; \v. re badl) ? opted bj afa? torera
' i bold that if the Btsner-M? ideleoo i '
I pany positively refused to give away the
, ti'-atm.-iit to anybody tbe resdl ?would b?
-Hie ?rsry best for the whols community,
as then philanthropic Indh Iduala an
, ganisationa would n ake it thdr b is
I to proride inn.is for the treatment of th.
\ medicd man haa a great dad to do
solving medical problems; why, then
should he bs troubled to Und o it i oa
N. It V..:k. April 80, ltll.
A Plan Is Announced to Make Them
Neat and Co rteous.
To the rMlmr of The Tribune.
Blr: The public will probaMy be pleased
to lnirti that the recent notation against
ths pra?etl?ees of certain public porters In
the City of New York has resulted la ?>
definite plan f'.r i*?:, luring this Ml
ut and reliable.
I N- w fork Public Porters' .*>?
Stion, Ir.-orpm .'
? ? i nlng for the llrst tin
-risible to their full vdue for b ig
Intrust? d I '
ta i
? ?
? ? the rights and pridlagi
This is. Intteed, n definite and
nt eg ' ' rrent opinion
? ? .
? d probl.
men are tr> Ins to secure tl
the ind the 1 ?rand
er I
[g?ra I a protect ? only fron,
i theft, but
. | . . ...
? ?> ? ? Itlr.ll "!? .|
? I
York Clt
The Philippine Society Does Not Seek
Retaining of Colony.
tor of Ths Tributas
sir. i have read I ?? srtii i ?
printed In .'. \ ^r.i
ths formation of th? Philip?
I found the
t following lln?Bs: "Ths personnel of l
' I ? "? I -? m ?. !.? i. :, ,. f
in favor ?if the retenu |
! Phlllpi ln?as." In ths s une article the
' ?Ml of th.. ex.
? ?mi . Manu -i i.
? ant it-... ?
'i i ? un let-signed la ths p? mon a
? and wl lie II Is a fa. i that I ha i
be a member of ths so? k I
the sxscuUvs committee, i do not
retention of the Philippines in- th?
united Bt ? . atrary, my
on In tiiis country is to work for
Imn* dl its Indei si denes of ths Phil?
as, or within the earll. ;
time. Inasmuch us i cannot dkvw my.
| '-olf to t.onnscted with any society
aiming against PhUlpplns Independen e,
1 would a iid advise
ma whether or not ?.ou have been author-]
Ittetlvely Informed thai me Phllti ph
elety proposes to oppos? Philippine ind*^.
pendeaca I may a?i?I that the Filip|no
people will oppose any work of the *%%?
Ipplns Bodsty ones they Iss?w that the
?society Is anti-independence, for It mutt
he HUdSldOOd that the Filipino?? ?am not
rii-.-iv.. "t! a BP-OpsratlSn In the Melds of
religion, philanthropy, sdoestloa and
commerce" from opponents of thtir na?
tional freedom.
Resident Commissioner fr? m the Philip?
House of Representatives, '?"?'.-???hington.
I?. ?'.. May 1, MS,
[Mr. Quezon's? ?juestlon If? answer^ \a
. .?lowing latter.?Ed )
To the K'Htor of The Trihtine
Sit: la the artiele entitled "Taft Heads
New Philippine Society" one of the nead
llnes run-, "t'ri?e Keeping of Colony.**
Th.- I'hiiipplne 8<icl?-ty has be<?n toraSd
mi sntfardy non-partlsaa Masa ,-.s .;,?
?ame articie later mates in the SsntSUea
"Partisanship and aectariaalsm win have
no p see in the ?organisation." ?'ur ga
? .- to further a correct aaderstaadag
?tnnirK* the people of b?ith countries o| f?
ma concerdng the Meads by tg
couraglag discussion on every side rf
Tin- art1<-!<? ??ay?? also. "The PTsonti?!
of the oiii..:- ..i the society i mads as
ur tin? i- m favor of retaining the PIUBp.
whereas w have aaa i ember d
oui executive committee Manuel i.. yu?.
son, who h the representative in ?'on
r Um PhlttPdnS Islands and who
is leading the movement for Ind?
of the i-lanils.
s. en t .: of the Phllli : I
Kew fork, April M, .01*
To the Editor of The Tribuns
Sir OlM tnan's goasa is probably as
K.I a? another's at this time on th*
I coming municipal eleottoa. This ora i?
I tmsed ..n thirty year??' activity In political
>rr New Vork ?'ity and What I have
! heard talked about In different r,??so<;ta
Uoi - There are only two members of th?
| present administration who, t-?is<?d on
their reoorda COUld be elected Mayor -
I 1 -?strict Attorney ?'harles g. WhltnMS
and John I'urroy Mltehe!. None of th?
prissent borough president.?? oould bs re
???.!. PR1 OR? 38IVR
I Kew rorh, May l, MS.
11 in ti ese - ?
dum creates a rl| tar from
Vienna, "bul
: ?
? ?.?. ntfr It arreste
ttentlon. Roberta Brae ? drama
Tl " Bmall Bouro ' has
e i it?-r who '?> irs ?'? ?tri'.1' ..?
to D'Ai He loi' i i
: snob fin i
of aristi.. ratio si
wife, a
ata her
it", th?? author
hi-? Inspiration. His : ? .1 sad -
? is not worth "
. ?
broken our best
I '. r M . ? ? .
on it Boston Trans? ript.
g ma
father In New Eng .
?tbie matrimonial
<-.-!\-.-.i In reply a nee
with th* be
Tew ink .i Vf. bs Joel <
? M
.. i r. . ? _ ? t. Wl11
" ?
sa.ni>' famllj. Lo?
0% h?W father, nee that hS
|Ot a heap
? Ilk.-s. eat I her hint
.,' d apple
? '.<?.
erhether are last
? ?
! that the mother would ma
? ?
ighter ?
the right kind oi .?.*?*>ife."
"Do you think tl *- '
? e j el low i ?
peril' ii
have ?A,o k ?: : 0 *?'?
it Washington Oar
Outsiders Barred from Two
Days' College Celebration.
Poughl ' - rhe lift*.? ???
. until-. ? . ? the founding of 1
I y Mat in? .v V'sssar i - being 11
i :..t.?,i by ti.,? i,. end
alumna- It I' Stli? tl} a ? oliOgS affair,
Ente - i roh lb ted,
ai i only the alumtus, of whom ,
numbei havs returned, nr-celvs ti u.-?-.
Ail gather?**j this morning at tha
of Rockefeller Hall for -?oltoga alnglng,
!..i by Dorothy Bmlth, of Mew fork Ctt>
\t *" o'clock r-eald? n( Taylor dell*
Ian address f.orn ths veranda "f tils
speaking of Matthea ?/aaaar'a Ufe
1 and ins wo* a foi the Ural worn in'
? America.
There la an exhibition In the? library ?if
i and ooh beai In? on th?
lory of the college and of the per onal
rellca "f V'sssar In the fouader's suite? lu
the main building
An Important featur? of Interest to tha
returning slums ? sar la the atu
?i. tits' building bow being erects?! it i
mi ati'?n\ lu.u.'i i;ltt to the '"11.?*,'?* and
win accommodate the vartoui i....u.i. end
. otnmltteea nf the Btud? a lation
and "tiu-i coll? - organisations, be
I a Idlng s lai; ?? auditorium
a pageant "t lettera was given tala
.h .m Bimeei inn This had i.? n '
... ranged b) a i""?t i ommRtee of the fa
ult) and ? . I? ?t Misa Hen i--t 11
i. ?.. 'i ?.. of "? okah ?i?.a Japan, eaa the
d? nt chairman Associated with her In
i a?- arork were Elisabeth Hughes, m*-:i
Williams Ell iah Hi m I? tnnetta
i -angbaai, Margal i t ? 'n-*eb* i ?oui ? s.-a
m.m ru?-!,. Brtgga and Katherine v in
Tha pageant repi ei entitd the vartoua
forma of llteratun epic, atory, play,
lyric and essay. Thee? who took part is
eluded Ruth Btanle* Brown, Louise Boya?
toa, UlUua Wh?1er, Ruth Klaaey, Blas?
i.< in Johaaon, Jeaa M.n.iorf, Ruth Read.
?Louise Ki*oeger, Hetty tresnan. Marjar)
\\?i...im, Bophla White, Mary Howe, Nsncj
Muni... 11.1 m.-.? Marks, Elisabeth Under,
Melanie Averyi Grace Howard, Helen
Brainard, Elliabeth Coat*?woriu, Julia
[Brooks, Elisabeth Hdloway, Edna Btnlth,
Mai I? Btewai 0 and
Percy MacKi is m his
works tins evening, after which a ??
ti.ui was held In I ?? parlors of the m un
huill?n.: TbS annual li.-i.l meet Will I ?;
held t. ? i???.. : : i .. and In tbs ?
un,- the seniora will Ki\e Mm i lia) ?
??ti i.'-.?? grasa before Rockefdlei I
? - ?
Hull House Actors to Take Tea
with Countess.
? hlcago, May :. Membara ot the Hull
House Players, dl of them arorfclng boys
and Rlrls, | est. i U.i > u .i-pt.-.l .in InVlU
lion to take tea with th.? Countess of
Warwick, Warwick Castle Ei (land, Bun?
I day, July n. This orgadsation ?\ n sail
from New York early lu June.
Louis Alter, the ?character man, is a
m tker; Btuai I Bdl? i. ? bo :
Isads, ,s 'h'- proprietoi .-' a lunch.na,
ami Trank Ksonsjh, who plays old men,
is employed in a brewer*! Other m? mhen
nf th.- company are stenographers, clsrks
.?i lot lu-rs.
Joseph ii. Choate will preslds at the
dli not i" bs given by the American ? am?
niitt.e im- the Celebration of the One
Hundredth Andversan of Peace Among |
English Speaking P?soplss next Friday at
Hi. Hotel AatOf in honor of the -flatting |
foreign guests and members <?f the In?
ternational ? i'iit.-ience
Alton it Parkei ?ho h ebairmaa ?>f
tin? dinner committee, will deliver in?
aiidr. aa nf welcome opening the Interna?
tional conference In ths Qoverm?r's Room
.il th.- Cltl Hall ?m M??n?l.i> at 11 o'clock
Unijii'ii bave b?aen Invited ami are sa?
i.ecl.ll ti. p. Uli, dpi lie.
Ths Pinch BcbooJ will produoa "Ths Ar?
rowmakar," i ?? Mar? Aasftla, t?. sight, d
ths Asrial Theatre The proeeeda are loi
i.- devot?-.i tu ths rapport of th.- PinchI
Bchool Daj Nursery and Neighborhood !
House, which is a work sntlrel) supported
i?\ tin- aiuiiui.e and undergraduates ?>i the
Associated Clubs to Get To?
gether in St. Louis.
ByTelea to t
Bt. ; oui - lia - ?.....: tat. ? ???*"
\atil t'iiiv?rsit> from .-I! i'.i la of th*
L'nltsd Btatea a III ?soma t-? Bt i ?
Maj 0 to .?;???:.: tl - -
? meeting of tha A*reoctated Han i I Ct\\\\\
on ii?- folloa Ing two daj i
The priiicipal feature I th* i
aill i ?? the dim er to lie ?s? ?
ght In ti-..? Hotel Jeff? - a i-1'
l^owell, preaddenl of Harvard; Ma '??"?
eral i.? cmard u oo?, 11 an ? fga ?**r'
Houston, Bet retal y of Agi
I .?ekle- of ? ?klaiiom.?. and Pot ? ll?ttga>
toa, Harvard's head iu,.t a ?
There aill bs ?n automol
to s meet Inn, In tha fool ? i ?f ? '"
' '..ai K Mu uni. m,?,, ami .,
du?. .i b) Un i ui.iii.s Hast) I ?
Tha music has beep wi
.' ?> I.?lu. t..| of tlie? St. La
phon* ? ?r.-ii.'stia. end ?
Eugens H. Angert s Bt [?outs Harvara
man, ami his sistST. M;.?..?* J. ? v
..??it. a rlvei tun win also be ci
Give $.*i.068.f)9 to Mayor's Committee,
Whose Total Is $140.t;0.?.31.
M.u.H rjayaov i-ecetved yeeterd i
, ii.-. u fot MM M from 1M,li^
Krohinan. treasurer ,?f the theatre ?I**0"
11.?ri of ths Ma"*ot**a < .?utmiit.*?- for lh??aw
.a -ruff? ? ? n from the ??m?? Booda
Atmim- tha largest tjoatiibutora **?'"'?
i; i-v ah.?*., B F K'-iti? and I
BooUog ??tlh'oa. wi?,. gave ?H.?M1 ,h^
Marcua i..h-w theaties, which (?a?'" ?'*
anil ths employes of tbe Marcua
theatre? who mntr?boted tt>i #? *h'
total of th.? Mavu h fand is B*M-B*
Chicago, May I A man urbe asid ?*??
? | i louai I'l'-ri " Joseph ds ? ?henn?*"
.iio.i hieaHegl?nc? to l*i*an?*e a?**- ***
naturalised ?"?fore Judge l'arpenta? If
.la II?? .-.ml he- ?am?? t?> Ulla COUntTJ -^
-rears age sad found it pUaasnter t<*-*?
a eltiaen here- than it ?-??uni in ?Fraaea

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