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T??-da>, fair. T??-m?>rr<?w. nri??tt I. d.
V|?i?leralr ? in?U.
m ?s
T?I>I/1I"* n\ T t 'I/VT* in tltr "* New York.-lerae?/ Cllr ???? Hobeken.
lili I. I/.>!.? V I.-..1 1 II?KUHKIil TWO CKNTS.
Labor Seven Days a Week and
24 Hours at a Stretch Every
Two Weeks, with No Time
for Meals. Unions Charge.
flight of 2,000 Firemen and
Still Tenders in New Jersey
and on Long Island En?
genders Campaign for
Drastic Legislation.
M? D ST? v\.-rk?'l in the vicinity ?if
ftfp y. : r. i < ?'?' b w? i?, and
brenty-f? n hour? si .?? stretch ev**ry
,w,, ate, . ")?? off ? v ' ii for
??cute ? none this through
? ;t in th.? opea
altheug.i tl ? Which
?es i : ' be nH'ii's. .1 in
gl W8g? Of $15 B
aid, .m i the svertagc
mjork ag '? ' twelve hours.
,! ;,l? i?l ;iii
larsBtlgstion of the labor condltlona of
..." stationary Bremen ami Btlllmen
?g-^krjrsd n th? Bl .r.?i.ird ? HI ?'??m
pssjr'a ptantB iwsr this dtp mails by
r,.j ffgt ntsl ? - of the Internstlonsl
rirotiH-rh??'"! of Stationary Firemen
and the American Pederatloii ol L
i?,r x ?' th-- Investigators
w,.r,. presei lbs Nations] Civic
Federation, and will form B vital part
,,f ,, ? ? t t.? I.?' mad.? to th?
He? York Bl ?ry Investigating
Standard Called Worst Offender.
Ahboogh I'th-r industriel arc de?
clared to I" In the matter ol
hours of Isbor Imposed ?in ejnpl?**yes,
ttt fft**g**f***? Oil ? "Tiij'any plants show
-fas a? a? cording to the
*a*restigstkmi Tb? reflnetiea and as?
labhahmenta ol the i ompany at Oreen
pastel, Long Island ( 'ity
and Bayway ?rere choaan for speclsl
inquiry, with ?bat at Hayonne a BUb*
je?t far lass -''i study.
The majontv of the men whose con?
dition Is tb? si d? ?plorabas ar?? tire
men and still tenders. Pour Investi
sjBtors ?i? Isll? d i?y Timothy Healy, in?
ternatior.ai president <'f tb? Btatlonary
firemen, at No. I'll K.ist -T.th stnet.
undertoi'k to gather the deslr-ed m
iormation tot tbat body. T ? ; w?tre
Charle.? Kovslsky, Michael yuinn,
Clare Jei..?-?n and Oeorge Dun-?
At tl.?- sam? time th- : F?<1
er.it."ii of . at'??r, through Hugh
Frayn??, general with h?*ad
rpjBrtera at No 2 Baal 28d stt??? t.
conduct?-?! so Inquiry, with Joseph
Tyikoff and M. Weiss as it? rspreoent?
ativ.s. The facts S>tberad war? final?
ly laid Bley, chair?
man of ti?- ese? itlv? committee of tbi
Nationale:'.. I lion, No ! .Madi?
son avenue.
Th?- reporti of these men show that.
sjssrb* 2.0?0 firemen and Btlllmen em?
ployed by th?- company work in the
fr'"r ! ?. Th? y ai? in two
shifts, a fgy shift and a night shift.
The da;, shift begins wink at 7 o'< lock
in the ? nd works ten hours
or until ,*? ??' lock In the afternoon,
There Ik m time Bl wed "IT f??r m'-als
er rast 'i1' n ghl shift comes on at j
5 o'clock In tbj afttrnoon and works
fourteen hours, Of Until 7 i
next men,:- p
24 Hours of Constant Work.
This continues for seven ?lays each
""?e*~k. Once a week, usually <?n Sun?
day, the day -shift takes the place of the
??"?"?ht shift I lug arc-ek. When
this char-? Is made the ni<n work
**ithout rest for tw?-i.ty-foiir h??urs. ThS
day shift begins at 7 o'clock in the
morni:.- It i ompJet?M its day
work at 5 o'clock that afternoon, but
insttad of being relieved it amtlnues
on duty m,t. T K the n??xt morn?
Bag From 7 until ? o'clock in the af
t'-rnoon It la Idle At ."? ??.lock the
?en begin th? Ir work as th.? night shift
??'??! after their ten hours off th?y work
'o??lnuf?l on ??????,nil i>ag-e, ?ixth ?oluiiin.
This Morning s Sews.
Standard OU Men "\\ ??rkr-d T.ikp I>oj-s" 1
?"eace i>i?ifCat,. iUrf, for Conference, l
^'fe Loyal to Conrlcl Asks i?iv<?i i
''"'?"' Hsi : t Wot ??ti Gangs. ? i
Bra* Moom Bolt ; Blata. 3
?^???Trag?si?, Joyoua Orer Parada. 3
ttMl Arthur Bon . 4
Isle "Km. k?r" Fashion Bpraads. 4
Indian? pa?., ., (?.fy. 4
?"?ark Elephant Take? a Hath. 4
Jersey Daaaeesatl IS CCSSfar A?-ain... 5
''-port of Trlbaa? 1'K-sh Air l'und_7
<hlld Athletfs 'Swear (iff. 8
Uh!t'ri-1' ; Newsboys' H?.ine. .. ?
???..??o Violeta tor Prim? Ds-ans. 8
A?tor HeuM in ?."I..?.m.14
"?"-"n-an Appraisal Mad? Baader.14 j
*** *i Whitman? ?Hn.ni'.T".14 '
A,Jto Kill? silk Manufacturer. 1
rtumor or 1'iot.st from Tokio. 8
urn as a Cancer Remedy. 8
??v. Batgeld .ttacks Benator Knn., 4
Tariff \v,,rr ,? Democratic Bsnatars.. 5
?OTP Ir,,-,,,,,, Tax \v?i,t Hurl 1'oJi? v
no'der? . 5
????* l-oss-s of 1912. 3
"???Ubllearis UoUag AMOO?. 5
?>n?.on Mob rights Polk* . 3
******?iro Kva? uat-.? s.utari. 3
rtnch Preparelinaaa Justitie.j. 3
?Jblt jary .
??O'torlal . . fl
-Wu .. ' " ' "
'.? . .8 and 8
"**? f,?r Women. g
'???ti'dal ana Markets.10 and 11
8h|l'Mng .. .,
v.- ?.11
**?ther . ia
it**? taut? ........Ill
Reading from left to right: The linn. Neil Primrose, -mi of Lord Rosebery; II. S. lYrri-. ('. De Bniyne, Henry Vivian, Moret?n Frewen, Sir George Eioustoun Rcid
Earl Stanhope, the Hon. Sir Arthur Lawley, Alphone Van VVerbeke, Sir Herbert Eustace Maxwell. Lord Weardale, Arthur Shirley Benti and James Allen Baker.
Deserted, She Says. Though She
Was Faithful During His Sev?
eral Terms in Prison.
Clara C. Spencer, in Action
Against Pennsylvania Rail?
road Police Inspector,
Pleads Her Own Case.
" Lehman hss swarded alimony
to Mrs. Cara C Bpencei In hsr suit
against Qeorge P. Bpencer. Ths case
Is one of th>' nmst peculiar thai has
cotne before the Bupreme Courl in ?
long time
Bpencer is chief i 11 s j.. ? t ?. r <?f police
<.?i tin? Pennsylvania Railroad, with an
(?nice in tiV Pennsylvania station. Hg
has servad severs] terms in prison, but
through his ?.vif?? s appeals t?> ex-Co-. -
(?rnor Htitzh-a of N>v; Ymk and <",.'v
??n.iT K??rt of Sew Jersey he iras r? -
stared to ?itlsenahtp. Bine* then l-e
has followed the straight path. Tt*M
devotion of Mrs. S|.? D? ? i flgurod
Bttrongly In ? on before Justice
Mis. Bpenoer's sttorney gav?
cas? before it was submitted to the
court und ?-he then msde her appeal !u
person, she said she married Bpencer
in 1?S87. They iiv?d togeth? r l
more than b year, when Bpen<*er, under
the aliases of Frederick Bhekson and
"T'ed'" Bpencer, was sentenced in the
Court ?if General Sessions lo tls year*
SI I ? -ht month.-- on a plea oi
rglary In the Becond degr?s.
Didn't Know of Conviction.
Mr* Bpencer Bald h"r husband had
been convicted in I?8J3 of grand lir
leiiv in the second degi-e? serving two
years, but she did nol know this wh n
she married him.
when Bpencer was released from i -
s?" "lid term la prison he again liv?-d
with hi- wife. But In the following
year he was convicted In Peterson,
X. J., under the name ?>f Charlea Wii
.-?.n and was sentenced ?to sei
y??arH. !!?? returned to hi? Wife In
1897. in I89? he was convicted of hav?
ing burglar t <>1> In his snd
was sentenced t<? Dine months In the
tentlar) Bpen? ? i i... ? i hardly re?
gained his liberty when be was
s? ntenced In Tr< nton to b t? i m of
seven years, ll<- was paroled In I!???...
All this time Mrs. Bpencer rema ned
loyal to her husband 'liny lived m
Newark from l ; m t-l t.? 1911, ami during
that tin?- she said he abused her and
frequent])" drew a revolver, threaten?
Ing to i ui her. s-1. n'<r became a spe?
cial officer m the employ of the Penn?
sylvania Railroad in 1904. Three
years later he wss captain of the fore
for the New York division, having I'll
men under him. H>- became an lnspe? -
tor in 1910. Mis 3pencer said shs ob?
tabled th?? jotj v.i'h the railroad for her
husband through th?- Rev. Aloysius m.
Fish, of Trenton.
in ii?ii Mrs. Bpencer sJleged her
husband deserted her, When she called
on him at his office In*the Pennsylvania
station he struck her over the head
with a waste paper basket and hit hot
on the arm with a blackjack. II.? to|?l
her when he i? ft her that he do longer
loved her.
in her application for alimony Mrs.
Spencer sai'i while her husband was in
piison she *rapported herself hy sing*
ing. l?ut that now hot voire was gone
ami she could not ? am her living.
Spin? ? r said in his d.-fen?-?? that he
never married the plaintiff. 11.- regret*
ted the necessity ? f present in?* all the
facts that eame lief.'i?- the roiirt. He
made no dental of the ?tory of his
career as pictured hy hi*, wife.
Spen'ir also SltSged that -?.hile he
was In th? Trenton prls.m Mrs S[>en
cer married one John Walsh, and wh??n
Bpencer gol out ??f prison he went t<?
live with Mrs. Bpencer and Walsh.
Justice i.< hiiiiin, in awarding sllmony
t<? Mis. BpenC?Sr, said that on the trial
of the peparatl'in suit there was r? ?
SOtTuSblS probability ahe would I.?- able
to prove ?he was Sjxiuer'a legal wife.
Poet's Tavern Will Give Way U
Yankees' Ball Field.
Quoth i ' ? raven MN? vet more'"
Ami itiis time It's the old Kings
bridge Tavern, where Edgar Allan Poi
used to wait for his manuscripts i?
come tack iiom h< artless editora li
New York, thai >s ..bout t.. go. Foi
mor?- than one hundn -i year? it ha?
stood at what Is . ??< Z2lth streel am
: ? nlghl its last ?gu?sal
out through ihe open door an?
this morning s gang of Italian labor?
rho n ill build the nc ??? amerl u
la ague I'ark all ii ?und lt. ni"V ? 111.
No hlstOI i' ..I : ??? Il t\ bas v el (-..It:,
forward with an iffer to Luv it. am]
William Ht any, who ha preelded ovei
for the last I eai
feels thai he can ?!" better In
modern structure. The t.ar hasn'1 beer
pa) ing for Itaelf as a ell lat?
to when P? drou ned his
polntn ? ? H rn d lop.
Bo mu? b do? i ?
for the national glortea.
Six Men and Women Flee $15,
000 Machine as Gasolene Ex?
plosion Reduces It to Scrap.
'I've,, automobiles, one Valuad at 115.
?'?00. ?wara de troyod by Bre yanter-aay
in illff.-r?-i.t [.arts of \V< ? I
< ''?inly.
H Scott J toi of tins ? ifv, re
? eiitly bought a new machine and >????
t..rii v h<* , . ? era ridlni
-.?.itii an expeti chaufTeui Near Mounl
H , . - . n.. ?? .. ? .-..?. Mill Rlvei
Road, abov? Ha il Ing -01 - n idi on, the
. ? ? red. Johnston : I
wife, follow..! by th? f? ir, Jump? .1
ns i ? ? ??> ploded the gMoii i"
'I !.. . ' ? ? ??? *:..-.? .1 v. as the
(?15.000 machine of Man u Bt< rn, of
N... .".7 Wall street, Manhattan,
wa? driving, and was accompagdod by
two other men and threi aromen, Neai
VUIard i'ark in i lobbs Perry there
i a bach Bra, snd in s moment the ma
?tune was aflame The sis occupants
leaped ir.un ths ? ar Jn*-1 bef? re tb?- gaa?
... exploded.
Nothing '?ut scrap was lefl of althar
ma? nine.
Cornell Nevvlywed Promptly
"Fired'' by Courtney.
Ithaca, N. v.. May -I (Setting mar?
rled is on.? way for a worthy Cornell
oarsman t?> lose his j??i? In Coach Court?
i ran s. ii a ,i? leai ned to-day.
i;. i. Pollard wen1 t?? Fulton, bis
home town, last week and inarri.il .i
school chum. When he returned ha
weni to the boathouae t?? sac what ihc
"old man" would s.v.
"Well, von here'.'" was what I'oirt
ney did say. "Be ar not be <?n ban?!
when tb?- boys ?'.m?' in <>r they might
throw you In the Inlel " That w.h tho
way h<* K??t his discharge,
Pollard was owing at No. .'i In the
junior 'varsity boal and rowed last
year at Poughkeepale in the freshm in
Fifty Monkeys Escape and Take
In the Sights.
U was riot the usual run of atti.i' ?
tlons thnl enlivened thlngB at Conej
Island yeeterday and provktod amuse?
m? nt f?.r the crowd "f 125,000 that ln
vad.d thro reaort Bam Qumpert, who
us??i to be connected with old Droan?
lam) l.eloi?- it was burned down, In
getting ready to opon ? Hi?ie ahow mi
the Bite <'f he <?1'1 resort. l-'?.r aovcn?
Mols ? oiisinii.iu nts of freaks bave
been arriving from all quartan ?>f the
globe, billed to Qumpert <m s.-itur
daj .".'?<? nkevs arrived and were
bous.-d in cagea under a big tent
Tired of the long bob voyage, ?m?- of
tb<- most acb-i't of tb?- monkeys, known
as "H<iudln?," for??-il the lock ?.f a
casa, a I fifty nsonkayi skipped out
and iiui'ie for the ontalde world and
freedom. In tWO minutes fifty ?iniians
w?-re cavortliiK all ov?-r ?'oney Island,
a? ?ompani.-d by a ?hatt? rltifr ?md a
scolding that Ihrtah-rx-il to urous?? a
s? andal.
After eeveral houra' hard w..rk,
Ounpart and his assistants ?-orrallcd
ail but nlnatoaa of the monkey?, ?who
;?r?- still "??ting Coney Inland."
Canadians Come by Rail and the
Caronia Brings In British and
Flemish Emissaries.
Lord Weardale Declares Mission
Has No Motive Other than
Recognition of Friendly
Relations of Powers.
i '? I? gat? - fron England, Belgium,
C? ads and \u trolls conrerged upon
Sen v..r?v yesterday t?. take part In i
? ? of onferencea lasting the better
part ?if this month Th.?.-?>? confer? ? I
will have ?"i th.-n object th?? arrange*
? ? It '?f a | l?.--raii..:.. In ? . lebratiOll "f
i he ' ry of peace beta ??? ?> ? Ireel
Britain and the i sited Slat? ? it. ;
glum has .? pari in these pixwssdlnga
use the treat) ? ruling the War "f
ill] sraa Blgned in the city ot Obeni
u;\ ?'hiistmas I'v. 1114
Th.. Cunar 1er i'.iron?a brought OVST
th.- English, Flemish and Australian 1
representatives?, Ian-ding thssn at i ? ?
o'clock in the morning. Th?- Canadian4!
arrived by rail -it the <;r.ind Central
Terminal two hour ami a half earlier.
\'i are sta* ing at ihs Plass Hotel, the
guests "i the American conference
? ir? .it Hi Italo ? ? 1 over Lord Wear
Captaln Blr Arthur Lewie]*, Earl
Stanhope, Blr H**rber! Eustace Max
. i. the Hon. Charles Tn?-*mas M
the Hon Sell Primrose, Arthur Shirley
r.. mi. .inn? s Allen Baker, Mo* ?
Frewen, Henry Vivian and H. s. Per?
il as her representatlvafl t'? the con?
N m ;.' ? She has a mu< h Larg? r com?
mittee at home Interested in the ?i"
. motion of the celebration
Lord w.ard.?].-. -\h?. h?a?is the ?I? I?'
gatlon, was for many years ?i member
<f the House of Commons a?? the ii??n.
riiinp Btanhope, ?i" is a des**endsn(
Of ?'hat.1! im and Pitt ati'l an mule ot I
the Karl ?.f Btsnhope. He has been fos I
many years prominently sssoclated i
srlth the nternatt?"t*sa] arbitration!
movemenl ami is president ??f the In
terpsj llam? ntary Union
21 Parliaments Represented.
Tins body, r? resenting twenty-one
parliaments an.I having .I.'?"? t?> .''..?-m?
m? ?ni?? i-, passed a resolution at it.?*
lit conference in Europe a month ago
expressing <??r?ii i sympathy with the
object "f the proposed celebration
"That represents s large body <>f
public opinion,'' said Lord Weerdale
Th.- interview took place in the after
in ? m at th?? Plaaa, it was Busjfjajsjtsd
that a ? imul or two obscured the
heaven "f peace between the two eoun*
trles for the time hetng, Lord W'eartfals
wished t" imphasize nol ?>niv th? fad
that his mission and that of his usso
, lates had ulily th?- rem?it?st hearln?
? h the Question <?f Panama Canal toils,
hut alvo that the object of tin? poaCS
celebration was not to Mnd Orsat
Britain and th.? United ?tate?? logotlier
t<> the exclusion <?f other nation*?, hut
to sh??w to the world the beneficent ef?
f.i ts of )h ;?' ?? in the hop?-- thut other
nations would follow this Anglo? Saxon
"l'elhap.?? yoU ?"?ill allow me to say
Shout that," BSJd he. In reply to the
-rugg? sti"ii,involving the canal tolls dis?
pute, "that certainly in coming lure ????
have no hidden moth?} whatever. W?>
have com?? with the particular purpos.i
which has been ipawlfled namely, to
arrange with th?? Cansdhsn ami Ameri?
can committees the method of CSlsbrat?
Ing the one hundred year.s "f pea? ?? bs?
(ween English "sseaMni psoplaa,
To Cement Relations.
Hut even more particularly we flesiru
to ??mphasizc this fact that far from
"Ming exclusive in this nenHe we invito
all the world to come in and do like?
wise. We an? not here for th? purpose
of ?lifferentlatint- l.??tweeii MM power
ami amither. We ar.? p.rfe.tly con
Brious that th?? Dotted ?-?'tateH has been
built up not by tme ?r two races but
by many race?, which have happily
? onilniird on t-x-ood page, tlttb colonia.
Machine Runs Him Down as He
Stands at Fixed Post.
Patrolman Eugene Burns, attached
t?. the Wist 125th street station, was
run down by an aul mobile while on
Used post near the Viaduct ??t 133d
street and Riverside Drive late last
night He "a* token to the .1 Hood
Wrighl Hospital In b dying condltl? n.
The "tb' et ha?! just st? pped oui <>f
the waj of a southbound automobile
v hen a i.iriH'?- touring ear. going In the
opposite direction, struck him. In ti.?'
.-ar were G?eorge H Duval, ..f No. IB]
Centra] i'ark Weal and Prad Dilman,
of N... 38 West 73d street, both in the
manufacturing buelneea
The police say the accldenl v?.a> un?
avoidable and due t.. the narrow- r<?a.i
vv.iv In that part ?'f tl"' I?riv.? Where
tin- policeman was stationed Then
v.. r.. no .?trests. The policeman has ?
frs ? f i left l?Bg Internal Injuries and
., ? oaalbl? frai tur?? of the skulL
Contracts Placed for Warships
Larger than Our Largest.
Tokio, May 1 Con troc ts have been
placed for the .?instruction in Japanese
>ar<is of tbnc Drea4noughta They
will be ? tor shljis to the Puao, the
diaplBceneni of which ii HtOOO t.'tis.
Thei-r ar? no tattt?Mbfp4 v?t In rr?mrnf?*
I..I. in f.,. united sta'.-s navy of n.000
Tl S two tal ' e Arkansas an?!
tb- Wyoming; ..?? M ??? -i ? r
Dreailnoughl Penneylvanla, tti?- <?>n
?.i.,n of whl? . it 1 sgtn, will
i..- of .ii.:??? tona
Machine Emulates Carrie Na?
tion After Rider Drops Off.
Unfortunately for John Tanner, of
N<?. 827 Jackson avenue, and lus m<>
ton v. le. Bai t 161 t street end t
Third ? i ' i. ??? m The Bronx. Unfortu?
nately alao for the owner of the saloon
at No. &2U2 Third avenue, which stands
facing 161st stre?t, through which Tan?
nor waa coming at a forty-mil? an houri
clip yeaterday, when be lost control ??f
bis machine t?.?? lata to turn into the
avenue There wot nothing to do but
K" Straight alu.nl.
Tannei didn't like the proepetct so
he sini off and let the cycle go it alone.
it crashed through the plate glass
window of the saloon, and up on t?> the
bar, muaslng things up generally ami
mu. h.
Tanner damaged himself somewhat
when ha dropped fropi his mai bine, in?
juring bis wrist and knee. Patrolman
Duffy, of the Horrlaania police station,
sent for an ambulance, which took
Tanii. r to i.? banon Hospital.
Rockaway's Samson Rights
Cart to Free Driver.
Avast: Balay I With a hoave?ho,
ni? she K". '
With even leas exertion than that
David Benaon, Peputj state ?jam - ;
Warden, .n Par Etockaway, Long tal- j
ami, lift?..i a baker's eragon, said to
weigh ?right hundred pounda, from its
Mil?-, wiier?- it lay iu Broadway, Law
ren?-?-, yeeterday afternoon, and put it
on its whoela again. But, then. Mr.
Benaon stands t> t? st 7 inches In hl;
stocking i'?-?t ami tips the acales at NO
pounds himself.
ii?- was .ut autotnotriUng with Lieu?
tenant Janus Wheelwright of tii?' Par
(..ikaway police station, yest.-rda v,
w b.-ii n runaway horaa turneil from
Lawrence avenue into Broadway about
a hundred yards it. front of them ami
came up agalnat i ti?'?*, brogklng tho
shafls and overturning the wagon.
Henpon coul'ln'f see any ?m?? In the
driver's seat, BO b? hurriedly righted
the wagon. Th?i?*, between the hIh-Iv?-s,
wli?r.? ple-i and roll.? should have been,
was tho driver. He was taken to Bt
Joseph's Hospital, at lar Itookawav,
Where It was said that his right leg
was broken.
Chkago, May t "j.-i< k" J?abnaots, the
negro shampeoa [""gflirt, win !><? ptaead <>n
trial In the United Stales ? *..urt to-nior
r??w, charged with violating ths Maun
"white slavery" act aVvon Indictments
Lav.- i.e.-n returned agalnet Johnoon, ths
last baring been voted leas than >i sreeh
Bretton Wood? Hotels. While Mts . N* II
Ths Ml lleaaant, The Mt Waehington.
RooklngOnce,24l ?th av. T?BLMad.Bq.tZ30.
James Mitchell, of Paterson,
Caught Under Car Mear
Monroe, N. Y.
Two of Them Brooklyn Men?
Wheel Caught in Rut as
Driver Turned Out for
Another Motor.
[B ?- les me.]
Middle town, N. T., May 4.?Jamos
Mitchell, b prominent silk manufactu?
rer of Paterno**-, s. J., ?mi Instantly
killed, William Miller, of Brooklyn,
was seriously injured and Andrew S.
Dodds anil II. D, Harris, of Paterson,
and a. \v. Henrichs, ?>f BrooUyn, were
?;it and bruised m an automobile acci?
dent this morning a mile east of Mou?
rn., ? ?range County.
The party of Bvs left I'.iterson early
;n the day to motor to Rosco?*. Sullivan
?'otiiits, for a few (lavs' t r>?' : t fishing.
Mr. Mitchell was driving his six-pas
senger car, which he had "*4ir**aas-i i
lees than a ??'ek ago. WkvSSJ near
Monroe an automobile driven by w.
M. Weygant, of Centra] Valley, came
i.l behind him an?l Mr. Mitchell turned
? to !??t it pass. A front wh??el of
Mttchelrs '?ir tan into a d? ep rut In
th.- r??ni and the driver loot control ?>f
the ma? hin??. The car ran down I eix
: ? em si kment Into a ditch, turning
.i\? r tu a ?-.
When the ???r tirst turned over Mr.
Mitchell was ?aught under it end
killed, his .- i? ? 111 being crushed und his
left arm fractured. His body -.-as re-?
i as the car continued down 'he
bank. Milter was pinned under the
car when It finally Stopped, an?! his
i back was badly burn"! from the ex?
haust, In addition t" being badly cut
and bi uised.
Dodds, Harris and Henri? Is were
thrown clear of the car and srere
quickly on their feet. Their first act
??a- to rescue Miller from under the
i .it-. He did not recover cons? tousneesl
for an hour. Then they gave th?ir nt-1
tentloii t?i Mitchell, whom they found
?bad on the bank.
I ir. 0. I. Van Keiiran ami Coroner
S. I!. Heaton, Of Monroe, W?ire called
and the injured men and Mr. Mitchell'.) !
bod) were taken t?? Monroe, from j
which place the injured returned to j
their homes this sfternoon. Benator
w.1 McKee, ?>f Paterson, attorney
for Mr. Mitchell, was Informed <?f the
fatality snd went t?? Monroe this ??ft?-r
iioon to make srrangensents for send
in? the body t" i'at.rs?>n.
[Py TMesm?** to Tin- Tribun? *
Peterson. Ii. J., May 4. -James
Mitchell was junior member <>f tbel
silk tirm of Katterman ??.- Mitchell,I
uiii? h has a plant at N'o. .'!?n> Btralght
street snd another at Pott Jervis. He I
ii\??i at No. 890 Seventeenth avenue
and was w?'althy. Andrew S. I >.?.l?].s
lives ?it ?No. 581 Bent 29th street.
Mr. Mitchell haves a wife and ono
daughter. He was forty-seven years'
old and was secretary of tb? CltlSens1
Trust Company Hank ami a member
of the executive committee of the
Ansertean silk Manufacturers' Asso?
ciation. He was an nik and belonged
to several other so? 'it-tie--, lie had bSSU
a iinmineiit ligure in the 1'aterson silk
trad?- for twenty-live years.
Nine Going Through the Do?
mestic Science Course.
[thaOO-, May 4.?Male students ha\e
entered the domestic sclonoe course
thl? year for the first time in the Cor?
nell State College of Agriculture. Miss
Hi??wnell. the Instructor, said to-day
that nine have registered and spend
the usual hours In the "kitchen,"
kneading dough and doing oth??r work
with the women. They an? becoming
n,"-l proficient, according to Miss
Among the men cooks are Watson,
of the 'varsity baseball team, and C.
L. Whitney, of Hochester, a member
of the gleo club.
Whole Police Force Roused by
Killing of Two Comrades
and One Gunman by
Unknown Assassin.
Waldo Puts Every Available
Plainclothes Man to Work
to Run Down Slayer
and Wipe Out
the Gangs.
Aroused by the shooting late Satur?
day night of two patrolmen, William
H??an.?y, who was Instantly killed, and
rilarles J. Tear??, ?ho died early last
evening, the Police Department started
yester.lay an unprecedente?! campaign
to rid the city of lawless gangs. Act?
ing under direct orders from Commis -
.'ioner Waldo all Italians doing ?Jetee
tive duty In the department were as?
signed to the case.
Both policemen were shot after the
murder of John Rlzzo, alias "Kid" Mor
pan, alias ?Ralph," who, according t?>
the police, had been Involved in several
shooting affrays and has served a term
In the Elmira reformatory. The three
murders were committed at a pool and
billiard room at No. 237 Mulberry
The drastic action of the Police Com?
missioner is due to the many gang
shootings of almost nightly occurrence
recently. The "gang men" have been
??peratlng In open defiance of the po?
Celled to His Death,
The shooting, It Is believed, was
started by several men. It was about
midnight when Rlzzo was called out
of the poolroom on Mulberry street on
the pretenc?! of me?-tlng a friend. No
sooner had he reached the street than
shots were fired, which proved fatal.
Attracted by the shots, Hcaney an?l
Tear.?, less than a block away, ran to
i the scene and to their death. A man
! was seen to run Into a tenement house
: at No. 2M Mttlb-erry street, from which
Matillo LorttO was taken to DOMoa
headquarters. He dented the triplo
j murder, hut admitted that he had been
shot by Rlzzo at Prim-.- and Mulberry
streets in December. At the time he
? refused to tell who shot him, saying
, that he would take care of the case
Lorito was held for forty-eight hours
by Coroner Felnberg and remand??d to
the Tombs as a susriclous person In
connection with the shooting of tne
? two patrolmen.
Ralph S.trretto. twenty-seven years
[old, of No. 2M Mulberry street, was
' also held by the Coroner as a mat?'
rial witness. He was taken to tho
House of Detention. The police ar?
of the belief that both know mor?
: about the affair than they are willing
tO tell.
While the poll?'?* are inclined to the
belief that LOfltO was actually impli
1 catad In th?- murdar ot ail three, they
?ATS trying to locate an Italian known
to them only a* "Joe, the Wop." He,
th?.y believe, is directly responsible fcr
the killings.
Rizzo Known to Police.
William Ifpanny was a probationary
patrolman, twenty-six years ??Id. it 1
lived at No. 717 Prospect Place, BrOOfe?
lyn. Patrolman T?are was thirty-six
yean old and lived at No. IkI.'J (Jreen
Wten. street. He Joined UM fore- .u
190L With him when lu died at St.
Vincent's Hospital were his widowed
[mother and hfs brother, Ktrv Captain
Robert Teara. In command of Kugln??
Company 4.">, on DadgWlck avenue, Tho
Rlsso was thirty-five years old and
was ??ut on .*'J.iKH) bail In ? ??nn.-ct.on
with an attempt In April to shoot Isi?
dore Str?'ir, a tailor, of No. ?300 Metro?
politan avenue, Brooklyn. At the time
Klzzo figured in a sensational ?hase
on the auhway tracks between Spring
and (.'anal streets, where h?v n.td ran
In an attempt to escape arrest. Rtgao
was engaged to protect strike br?ak
Th?: Hev. Father Cil!, of St. Pat?
rick's church, at Mulberry and Prince
streets, saw the shooting from the rec?
tory window. He admlnist? red the Mal
rites to Rlzzo and Heaticy.
Policeman Beaten by Bridge
Gang Lands Prisoner.
In trying to arrest a number ?>f the
"Hridge Twisters" gang, at B9th street
and Iraronfl avenue, on the approach to
tin- Williamsburg Hridge, last night.
Patrolman Alexander Robinson waa
set rp?>n and beaten by twenty men.
His prisoner would have escaped had
not the policeman fired three shots Into
the air, one above the running mni'.i
Robinson has been re??iving com?
plaints from women and girls abo'it
the young men who infest the bridgo
approach. The patrolman told thtj
"Bridge Twisters" last night to move
on. When they refused he grabbed
hold of Leo Henz and started for the
station house with him.
Sudilenly Renz whistled, and instant?
ly the members of his gang rushe?!
Kobinson. knocking him 0*8 his f?-?-t,
but the policeman tu Id to his prisoner.
While he lay on the sidewalk Robin?
son was kicked almost Into insensibil?
ity and Benz finally broke away. He

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