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IN ffi? I? Fil
Success of Compromise Bill
Certain Says Wittpenn on
Eve of Legislative Session.
Nugent Boasts He Will Prevent
Passage of Measure in House
?Conference on Reform
Measures Nets Nothing.
Trenton, N. J.. May ."? President
Wilson apparently has won his light
f?.r jury reform in N? vv J. rsey and the
lied ?compromise lull srill pass th<
tnl'ly by B safe majority. This
the statement of Mayor H. Otto
Wittpenn <>f 3erooy City on th?- eve of
to-iii?>rr<>\\ s s; ilon ,,i tin- I.? g
r Wittpenn has shown little en
thuslasm for any <?f the Jury reform
lulls in the ?Legislature, bul he came
to-day and took personal charge
? ?i ths light for tiif enactment of the
liM-asui?- agi? ?-ii ..n at ? conference be?
i v\.. n the I'r. siii. tu and s number ?>f
the slat.- i? .o?. is Mayor Wittpenn
wsi at the i-otii. rence.
compromise bill providers for 11 ? **
sppolntmenl bj the Chsncellor of <>n?
commissioner for each county, who
with the Sheriff shall ?iraw- the grand
an?! petit Jurors. The Supreme Court
Justice would have power to strike oil
names ami the sheriff and the > ominia?
? would supply new ? i
Wittpenn, who spent the greater part
of i ? da) -ii conference with Edward
k Grosscup, chairman of th?* ?Demo?
cratic State Committee, asserted thai
. Dem<**?rratlc member ?.f the Leg?
lalature, with the exception of tin
eleven Smith-Nugent men troto i
and the three from Hudson, would be
in Uns for the compromise bill to?mor?
Nugent Claims 22 House Votes.
The Indicstions to-night were that
Wilson men had won the tirst skir?
mish, although Nugent, who was h? n
?Mug tli.- tiniit for a bill
with h referendum boasted thai lie
controlled twenty-two Assemblymen,
or fo'ir more than are nee ess st) to pre
N ?-nt the compromise proposal from
getting the required thirty-one votes in
the H
Acting ?'ii the suggestion ?>f Witt?
penn, nine of the twelve Denciocratlc
Assemblymen from Hudson held a con?
ference this morning and decided t?>
support the ?compromise measure. This
no..?is the lining up of s nuntbei of
Assemblymen In favor <?f genuine Jury
r? form who bad hitherto supported the
Smith-Nugent ides, as ?smbodeld in the
McDermotl bill, which has s referen?
dum clauss attached t?? it No refer?
? iidum is provided l.y the Compromla?
bill, Which will cniii.- up at a caucus
of ail th.- Dei.rstlc legislators in the
Governor's oflles to-morrow morning.
Governor Fielder wss no! so opti?
mistic as Mayor Wittpenn. He said
he would sign ihe McDermotl bill if it
? i the Legls?st ure He personal?
ly favored the compromise measure!
hut if a referendum bill had p. be
adopted he wanted th?- McDermotl
measure, with slight . banges, be?
l >? ? splalned, tome chsnge in the pr?s?
lystem would result from it.
The ronference "f the Democrats this
sfternoon was :, comparatively tsme
Th?- usual clashes between the
Wilaon supporters ami the Smith?
Nug? tit m? n got no further than sir
rasm. Only thirty of th?- flfty-nlne
Democrats In i"?ih bouses t""k part.
a rote to show i ow sentimenl on jury
reform st?....i was taken before ihe
conferenc? ended ami showed nlnstesn
for th. compromise Mil, nine i??r the
McDermotl Mil and tun n??t v..ting.
The vote was not bin-ding, however.
Nug< nt tigure.? that lie controls
?kv?n rotes m Essex, three in Hud
f-r>n tvv,, in Union, three lti PSSSSlO
und one ?a. h in Warren, Middlesex
and Mi.nnii.uth ???unties. ' Im ?oing
to ran for state com!tteaman at tin*
primaries In Septemtfcr, ami I'm going
to ho elected, too." he ssM. "in show
i tu m fellow s how i stand In i
Row Begins Conference.
Bl tutor l?avis presided Si tins after?
noons coi which began vvm, s
tern when Governor Fielder Insisted
that ii." newspaper men be excluded.
Assemblyman Matthews, ths Wilson
Assemblyman fr??m Kss. x. irented the
newspaper non preseni and this .?-titn-d
?iil'lvmaii Nutting, one of the ma
chine men, to S S|SP at President Wil?
son. Nutting sah! the conference last
Friday excluded the members of the
preKs, "because a man not a resident
of this slate wanted it <l?'n<\" and lu?
did rn?t BSC why th?- i.al I'overnor of
New Jersey was not entitled to the
sain.t.Si'l? i Uioli.
The ?au? us <?f the Democrats to-mor?
row morning will consldw the question
of limiting th.- bills I?? be taken up at
Ibe special session to thoos mged t.y
Governor Fielder in his message These
are ihe mensures relating t?. jury re
torm, a constitutional convention ami
ill?- small hoard ?if l'tcholdeis. Tl ??
Republicans **** ? n siso hold s conference
Govern? FleWer, In a s?.? ???. h to sev
ernl hnndred persona In ths ?Assembly
chamber to-night mads s closing piss
for the ? -mi' tnn-nt of an honest Jury
reform bill He rtdtouled the Idea ??f a
referendum mensura bisca usa he said,
when tas p?-"l?l<- ??!??< t?-d a I >em?>? rat i ?
Legislature they decided they wanted
Jury r'-form. and it was the duty of the
I ?eim ? tats to give it to them.
Governor Fielder ?Mid that for a long
inn?? IS his <?wn county of Hudson
petit Jurtes srsrs such that it wag |m?
l,, ft t a v?-i?ii?t against c? r
lain corporations. What the Sheriff
i.-ally did. 1 '? sms 1" s?-l?-< t
gran?! JllriM to indi? t or not to indi? t
an he pleas? d,
"You can t g?-t ?i s'.uare deal in the
? l'urts." th?? Oovernor added, ' unh
our grand and petit Jurors arc hone?!
drawn. The Democrats should I"' ?
La?t i?n"s t.. talk ??f ? ref? nndum."
Under no ?r dnrtstances, tli" Go
rrnor said, v ?ild h?' sign a bill tli
did n??t provide f??r the recall <?f wii
<?v.-r had anything to do ?>ith drawl
both ?-land and petit j'iri???.
.Martin j. Devlin, Prooecutor
Mercer County, declared i>" know
K?and juries that could have been It
proiad upon m th?' state prlaon.
Dr. John I), ??ill. th? Hull Moo
leader here, prealded at tin? meetli
ii. ?.mi i here was no polltl? s m I
question <?f Jury r. form.
VVasnington, Ma) .7 President Wilt
night to i., .o n ??m pai t) las
en In Sea Jera? j thai h* had achtel
.1 \ letoi ?- n. con ne? tton srith th? lui ? i
form programme. Th.- Pretrtdenl had i
d ,.ii ,i specific plan for Jury refor
hut maintained on his stumping trip hi
?reel* that the power of th? sheriffs
draw Juries should be restrt? ted, if I
taken awa) altogether.
'Mi.- President sent this telegram lo ?'??'
? mo? Fielder to-night :
?]''ti.? results "f to-day's conferen
. ? ? ?. m?- \? i;. much Ma) I not ? sort
th.? sincere hops thai w.? ma) non i
srerh for tins plan t>> the end "
One of His Pupils Brought froi
Jail to Testify.
i: || t. ??. hn ?s ?-ail I., I . ?
n thief school in his poolroom, in Rtvffi
t..?, street, whencs came moal <?f tl
tunk thieves of the lower Eas1 BM
was convicted <?f grand larcen) rest?
day In.Judge Bwann's pan of Genei
Rad? i has a ?"?. W and IS ce
store ?.n Neu L'trecht avenue, Brookl)
and is reputed ??> be worth in th?? neig
horhoud of J'-'.i?" IPs Witt I.
h) sterl? al ? hen the ? erdlct -?.? ;??
noun? ? ?!
of Rader'i ? now s.ii?i
be in Blng siii^ and three in th?> Tumi
?'hail.?- P Bostwtck, Assistant Dlstrl
Atton ? I? d ?r? ??-. ?tin? one of tl
t.? t,-snf\ sgalnst Radei
?Vcrordlng in th?? police. Rader start?
out as a pi> kpocket ten years aen. Th?
credit him with having had a shar??
most ??: n ?? thefts fr??tn trucks in tt
Bested Bast Bide streets in tin? la
two or thtee years They say that fro
tin- youths who frequented his poolroo
Rader selected ti.?- moal promising at
tau-rht them not ??nlv how t?> Steal fro
trucks, l?ui also how they <<?uld ?lisar
suspicion if they wen apprehended I
i? said t.? have refused any who bad be?
ted Of n ?tun., as their crimlni
would prevent their ready-ma?
stories from exdttna sympathy.
Rader was convicted ??f stealing a tru?
and contents, worth about tl.fiOO, froi
the Burns Express ? ompany on Mur. h i
ii? Was remanded until Frida) for sei
"Happy Jack" Must Die for Kill
ing "Paddy the Priest."
Unices ii. ptt* in- \\ 11 s t.? work i"
new direction, "Happy lack" Mulrane
will tile ill le?-s tlian twi? weeks f"f til
inunler of 1'atriik M<Hr??-n. known a
"Padd] iii.? Priest ' Judge R
after a painstaking Investigation ?
"Happy Jack's" evidence, yesterday d?
nlcd his motion f??r a new trial. Qeori
J-" Bplnney, clerk ?>f the court, sent
telegram to Blng --?? 11 ? *--. so ? tat m -.i-.n.e
i i.??t t.?- i. f; in s ispease,
in announcing his decision Judge R<
salsky said that the motion mad.- i.
Joseph A. Shay. Mulratiey's counsel, wa
denied, as it appeared that Nichols
Jacobaon, a pal" <?f "Happy jack's,
and ?.tiifs had entered Into a conspira?
t?? defeat Justlc? Mrs Emma DavMao
an?l Mrs Elisabeth Patrick, Who early I
the Inquiry gave testimony proving a
n Mulraney .uni accusing anothe
? murder, t. stilled > estei .?a?, i be
ihey had done so after being drille?] i,
Nietn,ias Jacobson, who was ill " ?
tiur.s from Mulraney.
,i. Robert Rubin, Aaslstanl i?:?-tii?t \t
is pr? paring a i epoi t ??f th?. pro
ceedlnga, which the District Attorney wil
send to Qovernor Butter, The rep..it aril
show that the only neu evidence ad
?? Mulraney*! gulll ? ren moi
ertaln than that brought forth .it hi
Robberies Reported After Ten
ants Are Rescued.
Several thrininK rescues wer?- made a
.. fire sari) y?**sterday which started ?"
the third floor of No. 4i:, Bast l.'.th street
After tii*- blase ?as extinguished it wa
thai thieves had entere?! some ??f tu
apartments snd had taken Jewelry am
money, 'me woman sprain??) her ankli
jumping down a flight of Stairs
.Mrs Louis Mu isberg, seventy-four yean
old. an Invalid, was brought to the stree
b) Patrolman Brennen, ol the Mh stree
station, after considerable difficulty Ii
groping ins srai down three Rights o
stairs through th?- smoke-flUed halls.
the lu?- --'.it ???i m th? room occupied
t Miss Eugenie lionet, a formet open
Singer, wiin had fallen asleep ?hile read
in? b) candle light Bhe ?as awakene?
by the Btnel ot smoke and found heraeli
... loped hi Bamee. Her piercing screami
aroused the twent) families In the house
After Policeman Reege? turned in si
alarm he r??s?ueil the op??ra singer, win
neonaclous s'ben he reached her
Diamond Broker Wounded in
Store by Lone Thief.
San I'lan'-lsco. May '< Herman Saxe, a
diamond broker, was shot and seriously
wounded to-da) b) a robber win? ob?
tained 1450 Iti gold, 11,16."? in curren?)- and
diamond-? valued at J4.<0i.
Baas was ai??ne ?n ins store when ?
man enter?-?! and a?k>?l to SOS a ?liamoinl
ring As th?. 'mk. i reached Into a ease
for a tray, the man Stepped into tlip of
liee at the ?lui ??f the '"'.inter, opened the
door In Baxe'i desk and took th?? proprle
t ?? ? ?? olver In m it Th? ti? \t morn? nt
--.?. \? i?;i to the floor with a bullet
around over his in-art.
Saxe was found a few m"m??nts later
and las ? i anos for recovery.
Owners of Friedmann Cure Fear Pro?
test by Property'Holders.
Th?? Bianei Interesta, which bought the
tuben ulosis iem???ly ?>f In. Pttedrlch
Ftatiz Pri.'.lmann. ar? havini: a hanl
time rinding a home for the Institut?? ?o
he ?stati?.-h.-d In this city for th.? <!ls
trit'Uli??n Of the serum
The location nf this Institute has been
kept a secret, but it ieak.-?i out raster
day that Loots K.'tnpn.r, a i?al estate
tot ai i"th street ami Broadway, had
undertaken to Bad suitable quarters lor
Eisner In his netghboriMoA sn exclusive
rtment bouss ssctlon The ooeroey is
due to 'he f? ar that propt-rt? ?iwners may
Borough Barbers Go On Strike, But Lathered "Cop,"
Whose Nap in Chair Is Interrupted, Puts
the Rioters to Flight.
Pik?- the plague thi t walketh at noon
?l.iv. a Lathers' stiike lias fallen upon
the Borough o1 Brooklyn. From Bushwltsh
i?? Hay Ridge haggard men k?? sboul with
ths telltsU blemish encroaching upon
their ?rlsages lik?- s ii.'M" is f.incus. Ilalf
shaved men slink sboul ii.?- alleys, avoid?
ink' the Unlit of ?lav.
it will i??- forty-eight hours this sfter?
noon sin? ?? one thousand journeymen bar?
bera with deatenlng shoote declared
themselves In favor >.f s strike through?
oui ths length ami the breadth of ths
borough. Ths demand is for shorter
hours fur all ?inly net ?edited members >.f
Hi?- barber's guild. The meeting which
started the trouble true held at the i-?i??r
Lyceum un?i?-i- ih<- sosplcee of Local ? -Tt
of the Industrial Workers of the World
it whs Inevitable thai scenes of srlM
confusion si.?mu? folio? tit?- barbers'
stand. Barbers who persisted in pdllshlng
. hins in defiance <?f the embargo sreraj
set upon ?n several localities, in one in
stam-e the strikers caught a tartar.
Patrolman Charles Orr, ?>f the Clymsr
street station, was snjoytng s q ilsrl shavs
lud.-d barber shop la -VVIUlamsburg
wh-n in- nap ?as srd?i?ni> Interrupted
by a squad of bowling strikers. Basotb
ered with creamy lather, On leaped from
the ?hair and droVS the liutii? down the
sil. et
lu certain quarters reports got about
thai the strikers were threatening men
wh?> ha?! tak?n their places, it was esti?
mated that fully three thousand m?-n ha?l
joined the strike, and Large orders wet?
anlhipaled by dialers in safi-ty razor??.
'it??' strikers demand s twelve-hour work?
ing day, from I a. m, t?? I p. m On Sat
urdayi they are ailUng ??? work fron: I
a. m. t.? II p. in., and on Sundays from
I a. m. mi noon. They insist that ?m one
whole day ??f each week they stiaii not n?
obliged to sinn?? any one but themselves.
The h nil? is receive i~ ? wsek on an
|av? rage.
Fire Commissioner Says It
Would Demoralize the Force.
Measure Now Before Governor
Declared Against the Inter?
est of Department.
Joseph Johnson, Fir? Csmmlssioner or
this city, un. oui .? statement yesterday
? ttlj condemning ths two-platoon bill
for the Pue Department, which passed
th?. Legislature just ended and Is await?
Ins action by the I ;<?\ ? rnoi
Th.- CommttMlonei points out that every
tu.- commissioner snd every chief ol the
department sin?*** consolidation, ? ? I
opposed this legislation, com ? i Pat
its enactment would mean demorsllsatlon
of tin- uniformed force snd it.?* loss or
prestige a- the lines! tii>- lighting organ)
satlon m the countr] The measure, be
declares, ?s dlametrlcallj opposed I
best Interests "f the Fire ?Department, the
.t large and tii' members ??f the
"Neither battles nor fire? i-. ??? fought
upon limited in. - f ????.? . says Mi
Johnson. "Men cannot be accorded i i
: it-lit t" go ..ff n ity wh.-n duty presses,
or in ask relief therefrom when engaged
in a hand-to-hand contre!; .-r t.. request
leaves of absence b) reason >.f having
i.?-. n detained when the time comes 'or
their platoon lo go out ol at
great y red icing the efficiency and the
morale of the department snd Introdt
added complications snd dlfll allies into i
Its mai .i--' msnl i
Division of Responaibility.
i 'oiiiii ;islon? i i.. n on dar? I - o
'unfortunate division of i- ponslbllity"
undei the two-platoon lystem, s it ?
house and ?.ne sel ol ? ppsrat ? ? "i ? i iti I
slternately by two sets <?f officers ind
Rremen, and the confu? ni ? t.. r? suit
The tu ' essai y II ? n foire, h? -
would mean s large percentage ?-f green
and m?!i,on?.i men distributed amoi i I
. .?iiitaiii?"- it is, lo- sdda .m axiom "f
..id otii.-.-i s thai ?: takes v. e years
.?.m thorough -? lo I? .?i n ids duty
undei present conditions, when he serves
.it nil Pin. S, ? ?Cepl w h? n "ti v.i' ati'.ll
Under the two-ptato01? system it ?
tak-' from ? Ighl p. ten j ears
Another obJ?8Ctlon lais.-.i b) the Com?
mlsslonei is thai the pre*.i legislation
v>...,:id ti mi o. rhang? entirely t i ? ?- char?
a. ter of the uniformad fon ?? The
vie- is now regarded .?s ? profession and
not s trad.. The two-platoon system,
? Oil. Wl.llld HI Ik'' Of
ion. .i lal ?a union, and he adds:
? The aim of ths rasl msjoi Itj ol lbs
lireineii Is, and should be, t" perform lbs
grastest possible measure ?>r faithful and
nota:.1.- s.r.;.. .Uni to Obtain the I??!ll'l1
lustl) flowing therefrom. When this am
hilinn Is I?.w.u.I the ...listant effoits
for fewer hours of duty and leas service
th,- high standing of the New fort Flis
Department grill ?be s thing of th? past."
Tried and Abandoned.
Mr. Johnson lells f,f th?? last ma?!?* of
the proposed system in the third battalion
In th?. winter of IM i -'*??"? and iih abandon?
ment H? "Jointe oui thai salaries are
baaed on the smounl >.f servies rendered,
and if ths servtee wer? cul In half, or
iiieasiira.lv redue.-.l. a |.i'oiiortlonate ?I?*
. i.ase in sslarfes would result in B lowsr?
Ing of the pension schedule
The conditions ol servies In ths uni
formed force," Mr. Johnson conclus??),
"are as f.nr and as reasonable a? it is
pOSglMe lo make tlKiii In a l.ody B?BCSS
s.-iiih organised and conducted on ? miu
i tary hasin. an?i the high standard >?f ?-ih
etency now obtaining therein should be
: inaintaln.il at all hsssrd? "
Charles Carlson Crushed to
Death Under Aeroplane.
Akron, '?hi??, Mm | Charles < 'arlsoii, of
MlHraukee, m aviator at a local fl?l?l near
Akron, was almost Instantly kin.-d ti.is
morning, when he was crashed beneath
the engins of his sereplaas after falling
SbOUt two hill,died feet
Carlson had been employed hers sboul
IWO months and had mad.- son,.- long
fitjihts lit the pork the last few ?lavs. He
? as -.went ? .four rears old.
Forty six RMS have heen killed while
Hying in air machines sine? the beginning
of Ihe year. In January. sleeSH were
killed, all in Europe, while in April there
were twenty ?... ,t || peg , , ,,t ,,f the vi. -
lima were foreigner? Blnca ISO! there
have been MI tivtatora killed, not Includ?
ing spectator? struck i?> falling seroptanes.
400 New York Delegates Will Attend
Buffalo Meeting.
About four hun.li.d delegates from New
York <'ity will leaVS Saturday night to
attend the i-onveiitioii of the I ?rder Mriih
Aliaham. win? h will SMOt |g th? l-.lin
?iiiiil Musi?' Hall. Buffalo, Saturday
morning anil continue four days
There will he about ?m?- thousand dele?
gates from sli ovet the eountry si ths
Convention. The order Is on?- Of the <?I?l?*st
Jewish ongsnlsatlons in the United States
and has a membership of 7."..??". with -????
loupes Mayor Louli Puhrman ..f Buffalo
win w?-;.-nine th.. del?*a;ates, and Orand
Mast.-r Samuel l?..rf, of New York ?'ity,
win i.-ad tie ?annual report
During tii.- last two vears the member?
ship "f the order has Increased over 0,'JU'
Gathering of Executive Council
Opens at Briarcliff Manor.
Th.. spring meeting ??r the executive
council of the American Bankers' Asso?
ciation began its three days' setssion at !
Briarcliff Manor, S. v. y.st.r.i.iy. The
day was taken up with committee meet?
ings th?- reports of which win !>?? pre
st-iit??! at to-day's meeting, The presi?
dent ??f th? association, Charles 11. Hut? I
ting, of st Louis, is ill at hi? home, and
Arthur ReynoMs, of Dos Motneo, Iowa?
the lust \ in -pf'Sid? ni Will i?? t In his'
OnS "f the mOSl important ??iie-itioiis to
be ? onsldered is that ol Rnanrial I?
latioti and banking and rurrenc) ref?**rra
?.u the plan propoaed by Mr Reynolds
The aim is t?> ii.|u:fv the commercial
credit of hank?, m order t?i pr?vida a
mon? flexible currency. The bankers do
not desire mon- money so much as the
? t,, liquify credits, Th? y a Ish t?i
,o operate with Ihs committees In i
i ?. to secure s proper bill. Ths sxscu
ttve count n and it? eommitt? es are <
Interested In the Income tas.-.especially
the provistos which makes ? bank a
collector of duties foe ths government
without compensation The bankers
maintain the) cannot propertly Interpret
th>- law, and that it would penalise them
II the) did not propel ly Inti i p?t it.
Whether m not Pr?sident v\ ion Is ?-or?
re tly Informed as t?? the actual agri?
cultural condltloni seemed to be a ques?
tion In the minds ?if the members ?>i the
agricultural and roeethmal sducaUon
rommlttee ii- was qu< t?-.i as having said
"The farmers <>f ?i?.- United stat. s bave
never been protected t??r the eery reason
that th? ) never needed t?> be protected "
Ths committee wa? ??f the opinion that
f..r several ?..-.us there had been s tariff
protection on .?i? the staple grains, su? h
as wheat, oats, barley, st? snd as ? ?
? sil of these products had sold at a
mu? h high? i ;??? la Ihe I lotted Btati -
than in ? 11 .i.i.i
Other matters which are considered im
portant t?. ths bankers ar.- u>?? prop
..n ..f tbe ? ? nstltutlon of the
i Itttlon as ?" th.? methods of handling
i n.- a ?o k i.? be dot ? ? ?i ih?- i ? p"i t to
t.- submitted to da) b) Ihe bills <>f hi l
.-?- : ilttee, ??? n . i. has ? bai ?.- ??! f..t -
elgn bills ??i lading
McLoughlin Identified Two as
Cigar Store Conspirators.
i Iward M Loughttn, wh.? Identified
?ii Winters and Charles Andrews as
two men he had heard In Philadelphia
plotting the robbery of a cigar store at
?..I mi.-. ? ? ?. Eighth .? sn ? ?. i :? adi ?i
tu pei hu ?? | ?-s?. 1.1., i t.. fore .'
i;, alsk) Winter? and Andrews were
discharged rever**.! weeks ago ? ? r. motion
of Charles f. Bo twlck, Assistant District
Attorns) McLoughlln i? said lo havs
been Inspired by hoi.f reward when he
? n? .i th? m a?- the robbers
in court yeeterda) McLoughlln Insl ted
he In.] he.'ird the nun planning the ro?i
bery, nut that n was in .? nth street pool?
room and not m Philadelphia, lit? re.u
name, he said, i? Frank h. Paplo, an?l
he said that he had served ?lateen yean
in the army.
M? Loughlln ?.?s remanded until Friday
.iini^e Roaalk] win laveatlgats his caso,
Young Couple and Two Men
Found Dead Near Newburg.
Kewburg, S, v.. May "? PVuir persons
were found dead on ths West Shun? tracks
to-day not far fin n bei a
\ young Italian eoupls who had been
. a ? 11-, i- weeks ?. re killed at Marl
borough, an unknown tnan was found dead
DOrth of ?'ornwsll. snd south of ?hat place
ths mangled body ??r an Italian lahorer
" a? '.< und.
Labor Commissioner's Plan to Exempt
Certain Ones Protested.
A protest aualnBt ths proposal of the
Mate i 'oinmlssloner of I??h.?r to exempt
from rompetitlvs examination the twsnt]
rdghl i ??s nuns raesntl] created by ths
law r-torganlatng the I-abor Departasent
was ma??.? ysatarday at s bearing on the
matter hv <? nuiul.-r of n-pr.-s? ntatlves of
organlsatlona, win? ha?-ke?i up th.? civil
Bervtoe Reform Association In its stand
against tin? move.
flamUS* H. ?Uilway. ?hail man of th?.
sxscutlvs conniittes of tin? association,
n...?I.? ih?' principal addrsss at ths heal**
log, which was ii. i.i before ths Civil .??.'i
vl??e Commission, .?t N?? 2V0 Mroadway.
ii, contended that competitive examina
tiotis brought ""t those who WON < Itl
clent and provided an opening for good
nun holding minor positions In the civil
Pel \ he to secure bettCf otus op tllelr
Among th?? positions which th.- Com*
mleatoner asks, shall be exempted ar.?
two Becretarlea, ons assistant .nsel, one
caretaker, ten special Inspectors two chief
f.,,-toi\ inspectors and two conBdentlal
Investigators ??f the rlepartmenl its.-if.
_ -_o -
.?Maten Island, for.the BOCOOd tlm?? this
rear, was Invaded ysstsrday i?y Indians,
tins time from lbs Buffalo BHVPawnes
BUI show. In ehargs of Mr. DonaMaon,
the historian of the show, th.? pally
boarded s tug at the Battery. The] at
riv.-.l at Fort Wads wort Ii and climbed up
ti ,. long hill t?? ?tie sit.- of the Indian
memorial nu'tiunieii?. which was unv.il.-.1
on Washington's Birthday by President
Taft. The red men SXprsased their ap?
proval In srunts.
H. L Pratt Says All Have One
Day Off a Week When They
Shift from Day to Night.
None Exposed to Elements and
14-Hour "Trick" Was Volun?
tary, He Declares?"Pop?
pycock," Answers Healy.
"The Stan.I,ud Oil ?'otnpanv ?I??? s n t
?fork two thouaand "f it? smptoyM seven
days s week snd tw?tnty-four hours on a
stret'-h SVl rv two weeks. it dOSS not
compel its men to work with no (severing
between them ami th?' snow- <>r sun, ?uni
it pays them an average wan.' ??f $i7.'."?
for six days of wurk BSCh wi-.k SS ''?
men or sttllmsn "
So Mjr? ii i. Pian ,.' tie piatt <?ii
w'oiks. uid. h is part "t ti.e ?Standard "?i
Company's plan! in Men York. In ensar-rr
to charges made by Investlgstors of I ?
A met i. an I", d. i ati.in of Palior and the
Int. i national Hi <.t h.-t hood of Stuti
I'lr.iiH-ii, in reports to those tv?<> organ?
?atlons, whi?h w?sre ma?ie pubHc >?
siv. iv- in Th?- 'i'i Ibun? yesterday.
Mr, Pratt admit'???! that ??art of P. t
ports ot th?- labor Invaatlgators eras
i?-. t f..r example, that the m? i
fourteen hours a daj on th.. nlghl shlfl
and ten hOUl - "ii th. d.i shift
'Put tiie men ?-hose that s eduls <>f
shifts of their own a'.-'.: .? ?I? < h.r? ?I.
in place "f tw?Its h? i ?! i and - I
Ami they do not u ti< twentj fout bo?irs
.,- i str? ich, m Ii ?? I? -? -t 'i hej wot I
... each
' i ?o? s ih.it n?. an Ihej irorh *
two hours a week on an average, ot m
hour? > re? y two
v en ? ? snge fi om 11 a da) to ths ?
nlghl siift ' ' Mr Pratl was saktrd
? v. s. that is ?t p. .1. s that." h
.ii....i. "thete af only rlghty?four men
Who work tlmse Muffs a- tlr? men ..- I
stlllmen in the New v..rk plants Thers
bout tv... thon and men sltogi I
employed in ti;<- plants, hut ?>niv sboat 4
? nt of th? number er? sffei ted i
? ? know i ow many lh< re ar>- ii
Neu .i.i v. \ eiitabllahments wl
similarly roneern-rd.
"it Is all srrong, too. the statement thai
? ?? ? i them, i. n ? ??
act I t ?.
would ?? -k- ! ? pla-ces too hoi for the
mem to work In them If the) were Thrir
av . Ian- pg .- j- J!T , . ?? ,.| if
Timo t hi 11- a'.- presiden) of the I I I
i atlooal Brothei nai I Fir?
m. t ? ,. i-. ..f the inv.- '
Ilona exclaimed "Poppycock!1 when ktf,
Pratt'? denial ws rated to him.
? It is a fais.?,.I if Mr. Pn ??
that the men ?i ? nol work s lwenty?four
hour shift.?? Mr. Healy de? lared "He
? ? t, A mt be, thai ths mm have g day
nft once'a week when they shift from
the day t<? th- nlghl shift? How <*.m ??*?
gel it whan ihr ?..rk- go on seven .lav?
? ..< h week aid they have to have men to
run them? Who does the work wh |< |
men are taking thrir day off? Thers may
be individual (?asfM when a man ?.-.ts off
on ths seventh day, bul the real work on,
ten hours in the ?lav shift, fourteen Iwui
at nhrht. twenty-four hours w Inn lli?>
ge from ot,.. to the other and thirty*
eight hour? out of forty-elghl ahen that
< hangs romes Th? y were ?loin* it only
Ihre? m ' Bgo, t.? mj positiv?
?\ir Pratt ss thi men ?hose the len
and fourteen hour divisions <,f the d i*
too. does i > ' DO yOU s'il man
would ' iioose t.. work fourteen hours at a
stretch at lb? hardest kind of Isbor, shov?
ellli g coal snd hsulli ? h?
w,i made to choox 11 .it waj :,v his em?
ploj er- ?
"And he sa- - t ? ire nol Inclosed
s,. if they wet,, n would '??? too hoi
foi ti)?> men? How gboul the times when
th.- snow, sleet and ran; are blowing In
under ths r?."f ot the shed? Besides H""
stills ate not all covered, a? hi say
There see mere than etghty?four men
vvoiki^- under (hose I ?it d.tl.'l: -. loo. in
fact, i Kinos on>- plan) wii.-h employ?
four hundred, There ere never less than
twelve hundred of these men at sie .
turn's. Ami though some ?*? I I17S9, ths
ma lor!? | gel |U S S a k.
"The truth of th.- m.?ti.-r Is, Mr. ?Prat!
knows ths conditions an- what they srs
and dofs not want Puni int.rf.r. d with.
win n we tried to see what could be ?lone
for Ihe men. t.? get them better wages
ami more human? houra the company
dlschargod every man In Its employ abo
gras any WSJ a.tPe. and I have proof "f
it Mr Pratt probably didn't think w?
would k.? Into lbs Investigation a* th?.r
??iiKiii? .is we have, but w?. mean to try
i.? niak- ufe easier for those men '
Former Police Head Says It
Makes Criminals of Boys.
In .sp.-akln? of pottos conditions and
nun.- before the Presbyterian Ministerial
Asso.-iatioii ysstsrdsy in ths Presbyterian
Building; ~<i street and Fifth avenu.-,
District attorney Cropeey, ?.f Brooklyn,
who mrve.i for a tun.? ?\a Polloe Commis?
sioner under Mayor Qsynor, ssld erims
aiii.uiK young m. n is . biefly due to tiie
stories the) read of crimes as featured in
tin- newspapers and t?> the sagled ??f so
i-i.tv to surround children with proper
sat. ?guarda
Mr Uropeey said thsl In ins wide expa?
rlance with i rime he had obseresd that
the majorit} ??f modern crimlnslg grere
young imn, many only soya
Augustin McNally, s newspaper re?
porter, ssJd thai be bad i.n s church
winke: fifteen yeara snd bad laarnatl that
a msjorit] .?f m? n who nu t?? church ser?
vir.s do so because th.-lr wi\.-h insist
upon having them *?> a? sscorta
_??? m
Annual Parade of $250,000 Equip?
ment Wins Applause.
The annual parade and review of the j
sutomobMea trucks snd sragoas <>f it. h
Mu.y g i ?.. - city delivery department
repnaaenlliig an eojulpmenl raised al
$^i?i?i, w;lH held vesdrday. In line were
foitv-one rlKs, thirty-three ?leitrle and
nine ffSBOkns trink?, neveuty-llve single,
WSgOng und Hin'- four-in-hands
It WSS plain thai thS bOTSSS receive?!
th?? ?are that ."tins "Ul> from Obeying
Nathan BtTSUa si . who has laid down
the rule that no Mii'V driver may ?arry
or use ;i whip on thS animal-?. Atta,-lie?l
to th.? attraettve ?mi wsll sssds delivery
wagons ??f th?- Maey store, ths horses
made a ?splendid inip'ession ami evoked
applause a? the) psSSSd in review.
Trade Mark.
Half a CfuUi.-j
May Sale
Bed Coverings
A full line ol Blanket?-? itliUble i?>r Stimmer Hum?,
at reduc-ed prices. ?
Single Bed size. $4.fX) to 8.50. .
3fj Beds, $4.50 t?? 10.50 per pair.
Double Beds, $5.00 10 ?1.50 pet pair.
Comfortables?Specially Priced
Figured ?Silkoline, both Bide?, filled with pure white
cotton, $1.75 each; regular price $2.00.
Dotted Figured Mus'in Silk Mull borders, filled with
pure white cotton, SJ75 each; regular price $3 ;"
Persian Figured Nainsook both ?-??le-?, filled with
I..niil?-' Wool, S4.m each; regular price st 50
Figured Mull ?entre, plain Silk Mull border and back,
at $5 00; regular price, $6.50.
Bed Spreads?Specially Priced
Light weight Summer Bed Spreads, including tin
Imported ind Domestic Dimity Crochet tnd -.erial
Single Bed Size, $1 -,;. IJ5, 1.50 and
M Bed, SI 35, 1.50, 1.75 tnd 3.50
Double Bed, $1.75, 2.00 an?I 4.00.
This sale also includes Table I.Mien?, ?'.?i! Lincas
Lingerie and Corsets, Ladies' Outer Garment**, Neck?
wear, 1 f<>-i<r\. Infants' Wear, etc.
?Tames McCutcheon & Co.,
5th Ave., 33d & 34th Sts.
IM Kin " THE RED-MAN" tat? ?ikk.inm i?i\?, rmsr ???i.l.i
*?v?iii\ o*.*-"* o?? i KDEB nit; rast. I n?i< M ? i?
M ?KBRJ OP TH? ?? | ' ' Hi IDC?
We've different degrees of
stylt for men of ?afferent
For young men, or nun who
feel young
The smartest styles: eoats
with soft lapels; coats with
soft fronts; snug fitting eoats.
Smart patterns, too; none
too conspicuous, of course, but
many striking.
Sizes, IH to 12 ehest.
For older men. or men born
Quieter and more dignified
styles and patterns.
Sizes 85 to 54 ehest.
Boys' suits of strong, ser?
viceable woolens.
Boys' wash suits that don't
Everything hoys wear from
2-? ?_> years up.
Roans Per Company,
Three Broadway Stores
at at at
Warren St. 13th St. 34th St.
?aa*??' T?ir<*nun?.iiii*iiia ???**?????
______ OM.Y I l)A\H MORE.
Admission OC? ? Cfl-. st 20th St IT?h st.
t.. l-Jv.-r?. thin--. -??,'? ? "?u?* Kin run. ?? ilnlv.
Hi:.-?Ki:\ Kl? BEATS NIOHT PRICCI, 75?-,.
|i 11 SO; Bos Beats. *,?? M. Chlldraa, half price
ll.ilf l'rli? lo AH Munir.? K*tfj?t Saturday.
1 -1
Lingley Executed in Record Time in
Sing Sing Chair.
William I.iMKlcy v.ai cx????\it??<l yesterday
In tin' SJnii Mlkg prison elettrl?' chair for
th?> nnird'T of I'utrlck Hums on February
II, lf?12. In a Hronx saloon during a hold
up att??in|?t l?y IJnglty. IHR exe?ution
was ti.?? ?inii'k.'st In Sing Sing annals.
The Hi??' slmi'k ??f tSB saconds* duration
CSUSSd ?hath. Thon a Mcond brief con?
tint \N,IM KUfn.
Th?? murderer was ?aim. He look?'d
alunit tli?- death chamber with a smile
until after bs liad l>>???n strapped in the
??hair. Hs eloasd his eyes then and his
Upe meved, apparantly in prayer, until
the C*""T**1lt was turned on.
NI? ???IHK-. Il,l?l\?. fHMTU?;
tmrin**. v,,..
#3??-|iY vi |. M KAN
? "*? -i.i. mi i
KM? Kl Hill?) kill. 1????? ?n?|??t>?
1 IIP -1 NolllM I.IKI i?rKM
I \-l 1 ?I?.HT? I PT : MIT?
\M? CO v\ .
II VUlllV ' ?
. ? ? ?. use
'JIaL IfaLStVV?lliHAe^^-Z
LIBERTY , ,'v, -1
RE M.....W '.'?' * ""'
?asviaa yj-Je Jssk.
MRTROPOl H?** ?"'? 9 - ?', h?,
Met? FRIIU1 \I I I I'M'??** ?< '"
mo i. M.iir.K Wan *??"? N,m "
M? M?.II
?" COHAN'S WArfe**11
Wonderful Pr.no ?QUO VAD-*
ramie Photo* V*-"**
nuMDiiT ;:.:, ;;;;;:.:....'???'"
PALACE '"""-''::-^-'
v? Even P?*?**??"? " ' _*__? ?,r
In lonjiin?
tion w M Ii .? _^^^^^^
B?? Vaudevill? ^
??... HM'. *'{M0ScV>_
?.I S(. and l.e\in-;t?.n *'' -??j?jT
. Bl. 12- * ?
SI .r,O^J\
I COLONIAL !%*:?%*; 5|
_ ?-T?
RAKLtRI ||o.i?.r|H..I?n????. _??--?<fi
I B?..? *. 82d s. i
II. I. KK1 Ill's 12.-? pi., nr. ' Ks? 2]mg**\\
HA M N BBaTEIN-H. V? r7*ro? *7tP"l
Ev.50.7V.l1 I'l? Y '?'" rVo.v * ai
TH AV. ,K,?st (ofM
P.illv M it? -.? '?-' .'. ?i3tf&
IH ALI A 7uro ,in,?<i ^"V*^-*"*'
TONIOHT at I IS. "I- ????

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